A Fiend's Love (2019) - full transcript

A resentful entity continues to come back to the Saha World in search of his lost love while battling against the secret guardians of the world. He fails his plan of trying to stay in this ...

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when the soul

is too broken or confused,

it becomes a target of
the fundamental darkness,

the innate devil
force of the universe.

The soul is given
a diluted power

and identity until the
advent of its downfall.

This downfall is
brought by Taven,

the warden of this dark world.

There is no right or wrong
in the eyes of Taven,

only consequences.

This is the battle of the evil

versus the darkness.

Holly, Holly?

Come here baby.

Come here.

Come here, come here.


We found him again.

So he finally arrived?


It took a lot of work,

but sources have confirmed.

He's active in our area.

What can I do?

You are the chosen one.

I am?


Are you sure they
made the right decision?

Never doubt the
decision of the COJ.

I know you're ready.

Don't worry.

We'll be staying close by.


I now bestow you
the symbol of honor.

You're now officially Taven.

So, you are the chosen one.


Do you know what
you're up against?

Please, guide me.

The fundamental darkness

is what you're fighting against.

What does that mean?

Call upon the ultimate
evil to counter it.

The ultimate



It is what's called

turn poison into medicine.

What's left in you?

Only Taven.

Why wouldn't you
stop this evil cycle?

Everything needs a balance.

Without the evil,
what's the good?

It's an easy excuse

for avoiding
challenging yourself.

No, it's not an excuse,

when you can realize
how much power you have.

No, it's not your power.

It's an illusion, lent to you.


Try this, then.

Let me show you
the essence of Taven.

You stopped fighting.


To protect someone,

and passion.

I will keep coming back.

Rose, are you okay?

Something is not right.

I feel a much more
powerful force

than the source has indicated.

I'm worried about Romona.

A more powerful force?

How is that possible?

There is something
foreign in him.

A borrowed energy
to boost himself.

A borrowed energy.

You can borrow and
transfer factions

into actual energy
in the form of force.


Hey, Ian.

Just come back from work?

I thought you were
practicing with your friend?

I was about to leave.

So how was teaching?

It was fine, just a
couple of new students.

Hey, you're drinking
my juice again.

Here, have some juice,

and get some rest.

Yeah, I should.



That guy is poor.

We're going to die anyway.

Let's get out of here
and get some drinks.



Why wasting efforts

protecting those?


They're like my family.

They accept me for who I am.

But they may not
even appreciate you.

It's okay.

I don't mind.

Follow me,

and I'll spare you.


You are the devil.

What do you
expect from me then?

If I put up a good fight,

spare my friends.

It won't be easy.

It's not time yet.

Are you quitting?

Any more?

Hate me or fear me,

you'll feel better.

Something different about
the way you played tonight.

So when will you agree to
record an album together?

I don't know.

It feels like you're
under surveillance

when you're playing for
a recording machine.

Knowing you all these years,

this is the weirdest
thing about you.

Do you have
anything that I can

wipe this?

Dammit, where's my...

What about this?

Who are you?

I just wanted to observe you

before I speak to you.

Hi, my name is Rose.

I'm Ian.

Ian, what I'm
about to tell you

might sound a little crazy,

but it's definitely the truth.

Wait a minute.


You're the chosen one, Ian.

Am I on TV?

I'm on TV, right?

Am I?

No, you're not.

You have been chosen
as the new Taven

to counter the manifestation

of the fundamental darkness.

I'm sorry.

Rose, right?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I understand your response,

but this is dead serious.

I want you to help us
fight against Viro.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

I think you're talking
to the wrong guy.

All right, I'm a musician, okay?

You will be,

if you allow me to bestow to you

the essence of Taven.

No thanks.

If you'll excuse me, I
have to go now, okay?

Best luck to you, Rose.

You will
be tested, Ian.

Are you Ian?

I need to talk to you.

You try to disrespect me?

Please, just let me go.

Wait, wait.

Let's talk, all right?

What do you wanna talk about?

I think you guys are
looking for the wrong person.

I'm not into mob or
anything like that.

Because of you,
our friend is dead.

And there's payback time.


No, please.

I didn't cause anyone's death.

You got the wrong guy.

Oh, I'm gonna die.

I'm gonna die.



can fly.

Hey, what are you doing here?

Do you wanna,

wanna join me?

Actually, will you allow
me to walk you home?

What do you want from me?

I didn't do anything.

Who killed their buddies?


Oh no.

He's gonna come after me next.

Who you talking about?

Please, let me go.

He's gonna come for me.

Who is he?

I don't know, a freak.

He appears and disappears
out of nowhere.

I want you to
go after someone.

What, kill him?

And if you don't
complete this,

I'm gonna come after you.

Can you describe the
look of this person

you are trying to run away from?

I don't know.

Long hair,

no eyebrows.

Heavy eyeliner.

Slim, but fast and powerful.

Who are you?

Private detective.

I've been searching
for this man for years.

Good luck with that.

He is like a ghost.

Well, you're probably right.

What the hell are
you talking about?

According to my study,

he's no human.

Some sort of
mythological entity.


You better pray for your sins.


What do you mean?

Where you going, man?

Come on, help me out.

I can't guarantee,

but you need to seek asylum

from a member of the COJ.


The Coalition of Justice.

They're the ones that
fight against this guy.


How am I supposed to find them?

That, I don't know.

Good luck, buddy.

What, wait, can
I come with you?

Sorry, man, I work alone.

Oh, come on, man.

Don't leave me out
here like this?

Have I made myself clear?

Yes, yes, yes.

Just calm down, okay?


What you think you're doing?

Fuck you, you freak.

What did you do to my friends?

They deserve what they got.

I'm gonna kill you.

Come on, come on.

Foolish human.

Shut up.

Time to die.

Wait, wait.

Please don't kill me.

Just give me one more chance.

Drink up.

It'll help you calm down.

I suppose you encountered
something unusual.

What's going on?

Who are these people that are
telling me strange things,

and attacking me?

You are the chosen one.


Why are you saying the
same thing as that woman?

You have been chosen
to be the Taven,

the one who will counter
the fundamental darkness.

The fundamental darkness,

the negative force that
lies deep within our lives.

It has existed since the
beginning of the Saha world.

Viro is the manifestation

of this negative force,

so that it can cause the

corrosion of society.

Everyone can realize
or be connected

to this fundamental darkness

in the way that you have.

Most people battle
it internally,

through their consciousness.

You're chosen because there
is a deep karma in you.

A poison you must cultivate

in order to turn into medicine.

And Taven is the expedient means

by which you can
accomplish this.

The poison inside of me?

Battling against
Viro is ultimately

battling against
your own weakness,

your own self-doubt.

You have to win
over your own fear

before you can win
over your enemy.

Why are you so
familiar with this?

I was once a Taven.


that mysterious woman,

she's a Taven, too?

No, she's a messenger.

In the network of the
Coalition of Justice, or COJ.

We have messengers who are
candidates to be Taven,

when the time is right for them.

But I was
never a messenger.

This is a part
I can't explain.

I have a feeling there is
something unprecedented here.

What should I do?

Accept Rosie in.

She needs your help.

I think you are the keeper

sent to help them
overcome this crisis.

I've been waiting
for a successor.

This is now yours.

How do you manage
to wait for me

here every day to walk me home?

I have my way.

I can travel really fast.

sounds so weird.

Sometimes you really sound
like a freak, you know?



Also it's funny how
sometimes I feel

like you're just
standing next to me.

You're funny.

I'm joking.

The truth is I care.

I just wanna be able
to see you every day.


What do you have over there?

You've been carrying
it all night.

This thing?

This is actually for you.

I wanted to return
you a new one.

May I?

Thank you.

I like you.

Come on, run me home.


Are you okay?

Is everything okay?


leave her alone.

It's not up to you to decide.

She's innocent.

Don't do this to her.

Wait a minute.

Am I missing something?

Let's end this now.

Fight me.

Wait, wait!



just go.

Come on,
come to me.



What secret do you have for me?

Oh, yes, I have
a big secret for you.

Are you excited?

I guess so.

Do you want
to know the secret

of becoming powerful?

Yes, very much.

Good, but it's not fair

if only I am

telling a secret.

Do you want me to
tell you a secret, too?

Actually, no.

I just want you to promise
me something.

I feel so lonely.

Will you be my friend


I will be your friend forever.


Okay, come closer to me.

I want to feel you.

Taven calling out!

Fuck, this is stupid.


What are you doing?

Well, you know, trying
to give you some signals.

I know.

It was fun watching
you for a while.

Very funny.

So, why do you want to see me?

I wanna help you.

I wanna understand more
about Viro, Taven, and...

Her name is Romona.

She was the Taven one year ago,

who fought against Viro.

What happened to her?

She gave herself too deep

into the real power
of the original Taven.

And now it is holding her soul,

as hostage.

You mean Taven
did this to her?


Original Taven is not a saint.

It is a vehicle, turning
poison into medicine.

Thus, it is still
venomous itself.

So this is
what I'm in for,

to help awaken another Taven?

The thing is,

I only know that you will have

the ability to communicate

with the original Taven.

But I don't know how to
instruct you to do that.

I suppose I'll find out.

Please, Ian.

I'm counting on you to save her.

Where can I find her?

She's in a deeper sleep.

I kept her in a compartment
at this location

where all destructions
can be avoided.

I can't really get
near by her anymore

because of the dark force
that has been building

up around her by
the original Taven.

Only a soul that
carried the same

energy force as Taven
can approach her now,

and the possessor
of that soul is you.

Hey, buddy.

Yeah, let's do it.

Let's record something nice.

And we'll talk about
it when you come over.

Okay, see you.

You've gone weak.

Aren't you tired of
being in this evil cycle?

Why not quit?

It will never end,

as long as civilization is here.

I am the shadow
of your existence.

Why are you here, really?


I want you to be the catalyst

to draw them all
to the final fight.

Are you declaring
war this time?


I'm gonna kill both of them,

and seal the deal with the COJ.

You will be
cursed for eternity,

by both the COJ and
your own creator.

It doesn't matter anymore.

I'm already cursed for
something forbidden.

Why don't you just
surrender to your doom?

You're forgetting about
a character in us humans,


I suppose.

What do I know about dignity?

I'm just your darkest fear.

My return gift for you.

Too bad.

I won't get to see
the end of your story.



Rose, in time
we shall meet again

under the world of
tranquility, Alice.

Where are you, Alice?

Long time no see.

Alice, what happened to you?

I'm fine.

In fact, I feel great.

Come back, Alice!

Don't fall for this!

Stop this evil cycle!

What are you talking about?

I'm not involved in
some sort of evil cycle.

Yes, you are.

You're derailed.

Step out from this illusion.

It's not too late!

It's not an illusion, Rose.

This is real power,

power so real that you
can't even imagine.

What power?

This power.


Why don't you join me?

Come on, we can
create our own empire.


Then this is
where we will part.

If you choose to walk away,

you will be my enemy.

So be it.

Isn't life full
of unexpectations?

Watch me reap my triumph.

She's turning into Davada.

Shut up.

You don't know anything.

Help me understand!


Give me a chance
to earn your trust.

I wanna help you.

Let me join this fight.

Are you sure you're
ready for this?

I have been, for years.

Even at the risk of

your life?
- Yes.

Ceremony Vanity.

That is where and when
everything will be decided.

I will be there.

Be careful.

Something will try to stop you.

Too hard.

So swollen.

Why can't life
be more peaceful?

Why do you say that?

Why do people judge
each other so badly

before understanding first?

I don't know.

Perhaps due to instincts.

Or maybe bad memories.

I don't think he
understands you the way I do.

You mean Ian?

He's never like
that to anyone.

He seems to hate you so much.

I'm sorry.

It's all because of me.


It's not your fault.

I hope you accept me one day.

I'll need to talk to him.

I don't want you
two to be like this.

Stay still.

I'm going to try to
make you feel better.

Close your eyes.

Oh, my God!

Come here.

Who are you, really?

What do you mean?

I knew from the beginning

that you are not
who you say you are.

Who do you think I am then?

A ghost, I don't know.

You're too precise.

There's no complexity in you.



I have something
to give to you.


Where did you get this?

It's a special thing.

Only made from your hometown.

When it glows even brighter,

it means I'm thinking
about you a lot.

And when it happens,

would you hold it and
think about me, too?

I will feel it.

You are playing with fire.

And you can't
control it anymore.


cannot confuse


Taven will defeat you.


It is a futile cycle.

Ceremony Vanity.

Are you ready, Taven?


The battleground
is over there.

Be careful.

Detective Leone.

You must get going now.


No time to explain.

Do as I say.

Call me when you leave.

Stay here, you're safe.

I'll be right back.



Hey, so I'm outside.

What's all the commotion?




Rose, that son of a
bitch killed my friend!

I told her to stay home, Rose.

How could I?

I thought it would
be safe for her.

Stay strong.

It is the way he is
trying to defeat you.

You must keep going.

I'll see
you in a minute.

Stay alert.

The ceremony has begun.

Who are you?

I'm Leone,

and I'll be hosting the show
on behalf of Rose tonight.

It's Rose.

She tricked me.

What's the matter, Davada?

Feeling stupid?

You'll pay for this,

you stupid human.

What now, Alice?

Why don't you come
out and surrender?






Now you know who
you're up against.


Are you scared?

I won't kill you now.

I like to keep some of
my adversaries around.

You are crazy!


but I love the feeling.

Sorry, Rose.

I hope I bought you enough time.

Finally, you're here.

Stay strong, Taven.

Dammit, Taven.

Why don't you just die?

I can't, not
before I defeat you.

Let me go.

I found a way to stay
in the Saha world.

I don't wanna leave again.

No, you must pay retribution

for your negative causes first.

Remember the essence of Taven?

Here it is again.

I hate the essence of Taven.

What's going on?

Chloe, Chloe,

can you hear me?

Hear me please, Chloe.

Will you hear me?

I need you.

I need you, Chloe.

Get up, Taven!

Fight me.

I feel weak, so weak.

Have I fallen?

Have I failed true faith?

I'm trying so hard,

but maybe I'm just
not strong enough.

Wake up, Ian.

It's not over.

What's this?

Stop this now!

Don't kill anymore.

Pay for your sin, Viro.

Rest assure,

I'm not Viro anymore.

Before I'm forever condemned

I just wanna say

that I was once alive
in this world,

living with someone
that I loved very much.

My name was Tiga.

And Luna was the
love of my life.

I once existed in
this world of Saha.

We laughed,

and we lived our
lives to the fullest.

And all I wanted to do

was to keep her close to me,

to protect her from harm.

And to offer everything
I had to make her happy.

But she became ill,

and died,

of a mysterious cause.

And I was devastated.

I asked myself why,

why should a good
person like her

deserve such tragedy?

It's not fair.

I lost hope, and I began
to hate this world.

I had gone mad and
murdered the doctor

who tried to cure her,

and I carved his heart out.

But I wasn't happier.

A dead heart could
not bring back

the love of my life.

At that moment it approached,

the fundamental darkness.

I sold my soul to it,

and vowed to bring calamities

to wherever it designated me to,

with the ultimate evil.

But she came back
as Chloe to find me.

Trying to awaken me,

to nirvana and love.

I will follow her trail,

and find her.

And I'll ask for
her forgiveness.

Thank you, Taven.

That was the
last I've learned about

what happened from Rose.

A broken soul got a second
chance to pursue his love.

It was one of the strangest
cases I've encountered.

And the mystery
continues to affect me,

as if it hasn't ended yet.