A Fiancé for Christmas (2021) - full transcript

Perpetually single Sawyer makes a fake wedding registry to burn off some Christmas loneliness. Her friends find it and think she's become secretly engaged. Too embarrassed to tell the truth, she instead finds a "fiancé" for the holidays.

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tater tot, I love you,

but you have the worst timing
to need snuggles.



I just can't resist
your golden deliciousness.


I have to go help bring babies
into the world.


no, you're not getting
a brother. Stop asking.


[knock on door]

sawyer, got a minute?

Always for you, bill.

You've had a busy month.

Yes, I have seen a lot
more patients thanks to you,

and then we hired Jules,
the epitome of efficiency.

And you've extended
your office hours.

True, but you know I don't have
much else going on, so why not?

That's what I wanna talk
to you about.

[door closes]

oh, no, are you and bonnie
trying to set me up again?

Because I cannot take
another blind date.

The last one... [sighs]
was a dumpster fire.

no, no, we wouldn't dare.

-I came to tell you

bonnie and I have decided
it's time.

I'm announcing my retirement
at the end of this year.

Wow. I wasn't expecting that.

Yeah, me neither, but bonnie's
ready to do the things

we haven't done
because of my work.

So now I need to decide
who'll take over my practice.

Oh. Right.

Well, if we're voting,
I vote for me.

you're an amazing doctor,

top of your field
in high-risk pregnancies.

Your patients adore you.

I couldn't be more proud.


See, the thing is
this clinic has been my baby

for over 40 years,
and now that I'm retiring,

it's my legacy, and I worry
about turning it over

to someone who's
already chasing burnout,

because this is just gonna make
the job harder.

And it would break my heart
if all that went away.

I need someone who has
a work-life balance.

Oh, I've got balance.

I'm headed to lunch
with Gemma and Camille later.

And when was the last time
you took lunch?

We need something
outside of work

to help rebuild us
on the hard days,

or they'll all become hard days
and then impossible days.

I would've sunk
without my family.

I-I'm sorry.

I-I wasn't thinking.

I know you miss your dad,

and your mom's away on that
sabbatical for the university.



So... [sighs] I'll be
considering candidates

and announce the new boss
at my retirement party.

[door opens]

oh. That reminds me.

Bonnie decided to turn
our office Christmas party

into my retirement party.

You totally deserve that.

So take these next few weeks
to make your best case.

Maybe join a bowling league.

Ew. Rented shoes?



I miss you, dad.

So the base doctor was worried
about hypertension?


well, you've come to the best.

[door opens]

-speak of the devil.
-[door closes]

probably not a good idea
to call your new boss the devil.

Hi, Hillary. So good news.

The blood work I had you do
is normal.

-oh, I'm sorry.

Should we wait for your husband,
um, kyle, right?

Oh. That'd be quite the wait.
He's deployed right now.

Oh, wow. Will he be here
for this little guy's entrance?

We never know,
but it's not likely.

Mm, I'm sorry. So hard.

But my big brother lives
in Heber city,

and he's gonna be coming
for this last month.

And my mom's gonna fly out
as soon as the baby comes,

so that's gonna make things
much easier

and the holidays
way less lonely.

Okay, let's have you lie back.

[chair whirs]

so have you noticed
any specific triggers

for your blood pressure?

Uh...Tying my shoe,

trying to sit up,
running out of rocky road,

being married to a soldier.

No offense if you're married
to one.

Sawyer's married to her job.

Neither of us are married.

Oh. I just assumed that
smart, pretty ladies like you

would've been snatched up.

That's fair.

Well, my dad set the bar
pretty high,

plus my cat can be super picky,

He hasn't given anyone
his blessing yet,

so still single.

Well, my brother's single
and loves cats.

-Oh, shocked he's single.
-Tell me he loves musicals,

and I've just found
the man of my dreams.

He actually played Jean Valjean
in a production of "les mis."

-I could set you guys up.
-Uh, I'm more team Javert.

No one's team Javert,

especially after
Russell Crowe's performance.

Plus, you know,
doctor, patient...it's messy.

he's not your patient.

-And I'm so busy all the time.
-Too busy for coffee?

Yeah, 'cause I'm gonna be
interviewing nurses

for a job that just opened up.

well, he's going to be in town

until this baby arrives,
so if you change your mind...

Your ultrasound looks good.

The baby's the perfect size.
Good fluid levels.

We just need to monitor you
for headaches, abdominal pain,

and keep an eye
on your blood pressure.

So just take it easy, okay?

Let your brother do
all of the holiday shopping,

decorating, wrapping.

Small problem there.
He avoids Christmas.

Loves cats but avoids Christmas?


Well, then, Hillary,
just listen to your body.

If you start feeling anxious,

sit down, and you gotta
focus on your breathing.

Everything can wait
until your body says okay, okay?


I wanna see you back here
in one week,

but call in the meantime
if anything comes up.

[door opens]

-[door closes]
-I really like her.

She's okay.


♪ hark
the herald angels sing... ♪

a birthday toast to Gemma.

May you finally show your age.

Uh...Thanks, I think?

Also, a toast to our Camille.

Cheers on getting engaged

Hopefully third time's a charm.

Feel free to rewrap
my last gift.

-I already regifted it.
-Of course you did.

Hey, a toast to sawyer for being
the best maid of honor

that a girl could ask for.
-Oh, it's my turn this time?

Oh. Well, cheers to that.

-you know what?

Someday it's gonna be my turn
for you.

Speaking of, any men
in your life at the moment?

[crunches] one.


Wait. That's just in time
for your marathon of misery

being the only single person
at holiday parties.

You've really gotta shorten
that title, but...

-What's his name?

[crunching] tater tot.


You cannot take your cat
to the parties.

So the marathon of misery's
still on then.

That's what she's telling us.

Yes, but Dr. Timothy...
he's retiring,

and he's looking for someone
to take over his practice.

So it might be
a very merry Christmas to me.

And to us,
'cause you're clearly rich,

and you're gonna buy us lunch.

Yeah, but then you won't have
any sort of a social life.

I'm out to lunch right now.

Yeah, we are taken, so...

And you're not really my type.

A rich doctor is not your type?

And yet you've married
two of them.

-Look how that turned out.

Ah! Ah!

It is time for an intervention.

-I wanna marry these chips.


[groans] I thought you were
buying me dinner.

I said, "wanna grab dinner?"

I just need to find a gift
for yet another wedding.

It's got to be tough
being so well loved.

You get invited to
people's most important events.

I know I sound bitter.

It's just, I'm here getting
something for Sarah,

my cousin's daughter.

So I get left in the dust
by my peers,

and now I'm being lapped
by their kids.

I just wanna know when someone's
gonna buy me a vacuum.

Well, first you have to date,

and that would require you
to work less,

but that's your new plan, right?

-Work-life balance?
-It has to be,

so I can convince Dr. Timothy
I'm the right choice.

So just work that hard
at dating.

It becomes a relationship,
then an engagement,

then a registry.

Bing, bang, boom.
You get a vacuum.

I've dated, okay?
The good ones are taken.

And I don't think that
I should have to settle

just to get my turn
to use the scan gun.

If you want your turn
with the scan gun,

I'm gonna get you that turn.

I'm not marrying you, Jules.

like you'd be so lucky.

I was just gonna say,
just make a registry.

For what, my never-gonna-be-
a-bridal shower?

You get to scan everything
you want

and release that bitterness.

Trust me,
it'll be very cathartic.

I can't, 'cause little detail...
I'm not engaged.

Semantics. It'll be therapeutic.

No sane person would do that.

Email address.

[scoffs] use my spam one.

Okay, dreamysawyer.

[chuckles] what...
what's your fiancé's name?

Oh, gosh, this is a dumb idea.

No, this is a good idea.

And we've made it private

No one will ever see it,
so who cares?

Just give me the name
of your last boyfriend.

Mm, been a while,
and it was fiancé.

Whoa! Details.

Joshua who thought his career
was more important than mine.

-The end.

let's do this.

My fiancé's name
is Joshua Gotaway?

As in the one who got away.

I'm the one who got away.








could you set her up
for induction tomorrow?

-Yeah, I'll take care of it.
-Great. Thanks, Naomi.

[door closes]

hi, Dr. Ames.

so good to see you again.

-I'll be right in.
-Sawyer, my spies report

you've been here late
every night this week.

They are...


[chuckles] have you ever heard
of the saying,

"work to live.
Don't live to work"?

I love my work.

And that's admirable,
but it's also not everything,

and you deserve to have

Excuse me, Dr. Timothy?

There's a Dr. Marcus Robinson
here for you

regarding an interview.

Please, show him to my office.

And I'd better not find out
that you came in this weekend.

Do something fun.

Well, you couldn't pay me
to be here.

But only because I have plans,

'cause otherwise
I would be here every minute,

because this is
the best place ever!


And how have you been sleeping?

-Just a little something

you can hang
over the baby's head forever.

-okay, Jules is no longer

allowed to give
parenting advice. [laughs]

[knock on door]

sorry. I got stuck
on a phone call.

Can I help you?

That's my brother Landon.
Come in. I'm decent.

Oh, well, that's debatable.



oh! Are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah. Yep, I'm good.

-I'm great.
-[under breath] great-looking.

Landon James, this is Dr. Ames.
Oh, fun. Your names rhyme.

-Nice to meet you.

And this is Jules, my nurse.

So, Landon, what do you do that
lets you take a whole month off?

I might need to switch careers.

He's a vet.

Oh. Um...

Thank you for your service.

she means veterinarian.

Oh! [laughs] I just assumed
with her husband being...

Soldiers. [laughs]

that's okay.
I-I own a clinic in Heber,

so the other doctors
can cover for me.

It's the perks of being
the boss.

So I wanna check your iron
and sugar levels again

and run a hypertension panel,

but I still want you
to take it easy, okay?

So when do you think
she'll get her lab results back?

I can put a rush on them,
and I'll call tomorrow.

-You work every weekend?
-Oh, no, just on call.

I try to find
a work-life balance.

-Since when?
-Since tomorrow.

You know what might help
with that?

Getting coffee with Landon.

Wow, uh,
you didn't just say that.

I feel anxious when I'm napping
with you around, Landon.

I feel like I should be
keeping you company,

but if you were his company,
then I could nap anxiety-free.

A good doctor would help out.

Okay, you guys are ganging up
on me now?

On us.

So...You don't wanna get coffee?


He would love to. Say 11:00?

Apparently I'm free tomorrow.
I'm not an ax murderer,

if that's what
you're worried about.

I wasn't until you felt the need
to assure me that you're not.

He has cats.
How dangerous can he be?

I'm gonna kill you, Hillary.

Kill? So just a murderer,
not an ax murderer.

I feel much safer now.

I promise
he's a really great guy.

Tomorrow sounds great.

[telephone ringing in distance]

shall I come over after work

and help you pick out
a coffee outfit?

Oh, I have my Christmas kickoff
dinner with the girls.

Yeah, call me after,
and we'll pick it.

That's silly!
It's just coffee.

[scoffs] at your age,
it's never just coffee.

At my age?

[laughter in distance]

you guys,
how come I'm the only one

who can't know
where we're eating dinner?

Doesn't a blindfold
imply this is a surprise?

We promise,
you're absolutely gonna love it.

So help me if this is
a blind date,

I am never
speaking to you again.


All right, ready?


All: Surprise!

-what is going on?


oh, Sarah!

This, um,
this party is for you?

No, it's for you.

I found your registry
when I went to update mine.

My registry.

I hadn't heard
you were getting engaged.

So I called Gemma,
who was shocked.

We called Camille,
who was stunned.

you weren't telling people yet,

but we just couldn't wait
to celebrate you.

We are so happy for you.

-Double wedding...half the price.
-This cannot be happening.

-We know what you're thinking.
-I doubt that.

"this can't be happening,
not without my mom."

well...Come on out, Margaret!


-Aah! [laughs]

Goodness! When the girls emailed
me to tell me about the party,

well, first, I was floored.

And then I realized
you were probably waiting

to tell me about Joshua
in person,

and so I rushed home
to be with you!

[laughs] oh!

You didn't even tell me
you were seeing someone.

Can you believe his name
is Joshua as well?

Oh, I know, right?

Sawyer, this isn't something
that you hide.

Why didn't you tell us?

Because, you guys,
I'm not really...

-[music playing]

oh! You finally get to use
your wedding song!

[voice breaking]
I think I'm gonna cry.


here's your cake.

You told me the only man
in your life was tater tot.

-Yeah, no more secrets.
-Oh, don't listen to them.

-We're all thrilled for you.
-Yeah, we love you.

This is the happiest news
of my life. [laughs]

listen, you deserve
the absolute best.

Well, I wanna hear
all the details.

-Tell us how you met.
-How did he ask you?

-Wait. What does he do for work?
-Where's your ring?

Okay, I don't have one because...

it all just happened so fast.


well, when do I get to meet him?

[mouth full] mmm. Sorry.


[mumbles] mm-hmm.

Dr. Ames. I'm on my way.

-[all groan]
-you guys, good news.

Good news!
A baby is on his way,

and I have to get
to the hospital.

Um, mom, can I borrow your car?

Of course. [laughs] oh, I'll
bring the gifts to your house.

Oh, you guys didn't need
to get me gifts.

-You should take 'em back.
-Will you stop it?

After all the gifts
you've gotten everybody else?

We are literally dying
to spoil you.

Love you guys!

[cheers and applause]

[door closes]

Jules, hi. Yeah, I'm just
calling to let you know

that we are no longer speaking

because of that registry
you made me make

that no one was ever gonna see?

Yeah. Oh, yeah, someone saw it.

We are so in a fight.

[cellphone beeps]


I brought sugar cookies
to say sorry.

You brought dough.

I have to do it all?


-okay, come in.
-[whispers] yes.

And they played my wedding song

I've been saving
for my real wedding,

not some misguided
fake registry

suggested by my...Friend.

I thought we moved past this.

Besides, it is not my fault,
okay? I called the store.

They explained
their registry system glitched,

and they fixed it quickly.

They sent an email
to let everyone know

they needed to log in and reset
their registry privacy settings.

Well, dreamysawyer doesn't check
that email account.

[mouth full] you know,
I don't know how to fix this.

I just couldn't tell them
the truth

because they were
all so happy for me.

Can we talk about how
I wasn't even invited? Huh?

Are you ashamed of me?

It was a surprise shower.

-I didn't give them names.

But yes.
And now I've made things so bad,

and when bill finds out, he'll
never trust me with his clinic.

How could he?
I'm a big, fat liar.

Could Joshua break up with you
before anyone meets him?

There is no Joshua.

Just have a fake fight
with Joshua

and tell everyone
he dumped you.

Why can't I be the dumper, hmm?

You'll get more pity
as the dumpee.

-Oh, yeah, good point.

Man. I can't even keep
a fake boyfriend.


I wanna marry this dough.

You've...you've had enough.


"good king wenceslas"]

♪ angels we have heard on high ♪

-merry Christmas. Ooh.
-♪ sweetly singing o'er... ♪

would you like a hot chocolate
with a whipped cream Santa hat?

Normally yes,
but I overindulged last night.

-So I think I'll get

an unsweetened
almond milk steamer

with sugar-free vanilla,
no whip.

That sounds underwhelming.

But the good news is
it's overpriced.


Two ho-ho-ho hot chocolates
with Santa hats, please.

-But now I have to exercise.
-Well, in that case,

we'll also each have
two Christmas cookies.

Whoa. That is way too
extravagant for our first date.

-You know what?

You're right.
No Santa hat for her.

Too extravagant.

He's kidding. Double Santa hat.

Here you go.

Thank you.

-All righty.
-Thank you.

-Thank you.
-Ooh. Thank you.

-Merry Christmas.
-Both: Merry Christmas.



Are you...Back?

I'm just passing through, but I
got a job in new york city,

so I figured I'd see the fam
on my way.

But wow. You look great.

Thank you. You look the same...

Which is great,

'cause you looked great before.

It's...It's been a long time.

Yeah. Feels like yesterday,
though, huh?

Oh, sorry. I'm sorry.
I didn't introduce you.

Oh, actually,
I heard the exciting news.

You must be her fiancé, Joshua.

-You're a lucky guy.

Uh, sweetie,
I know you wanted to wait

to tell everyone together,

but, um, my friends
all surprised me last night

with a bridal shower

after discovering our...
our wedding registry.

I...Well, it sounds like
it's, uh...

[clears throat]
like it couldn't be helped.

It's so crazy.
We're both Joshuas.

So crazy.

But your last name, though.
It's kind of unique.

-"gote-way." it's "gote-way."


Uh, it's...It's Czech.


Anyway, um, we should get going,

because we have
a catering tasting.


It was nice to meet you, Joshua.
Don't let this one go,

'cause trust me,
you'll regret it.

Well...Good luck in new york,

It's good to see you.

Nice to meet you. Take care.

I suppose you'd like
an explanation,


Oh, it's okay. You can tell me
at our catering tasting.



Josh was headed to California
for his MBA,

and I wanted to stay close
to my parents.

Well, it makes sense.

It's always nice to be close
to family.

Yeah, and I'd always wanted to
go to the u of u for med school.

-Oh, great program.
-And when Josh said

he'd make enough money
for both of us,

and I didn't need to go
to med school,

that's when I definitely knew
we weren't on the same page.

So I guess we both know how
that conversation ended.

And in his defense,
his mother was a homemaker,

but in my family,
my dad supported my mom 100%

when she went back
for her PhD in anthropology.

So do you have any regrets
after seeing him?

I don't know.

I mean, I never thought
I'd be single this long.

-And, uh...

In my lonely moments,

I sometimes wonder if
Josh is the one who got away.


-Jo... [laughs] Joshua Gotaway.
-Jules picked it.


So what are you gonna do
about your fiancé?

Okay, well, my original plan
was to have him dump me

before anyone could meet him,
and then...

Let everyone feel sorry
for me...

And then return their gifts.


Now I don't know what
I'm gonna do.

Well, I have done
community theater before.

I can do a very convincing
public breakup if you want...

In song, even.



but, um, a publicly sung breakup
would mean

that I would have to move,
and, you know,

that just is so much work.


-[cellphone rings]

-[continues ringing]
-it's my mom.

Excuse me. Sorry.

Hi, mom.

Of course Josh's mom called you.

Uh, I was going to tell you
that Joshua is in town,

but we just...
we wanted a little time.

Sure, yeah. Um...Lunch.

Your house. That's great.

Okay. All right.



So your mom found out
your fiancé's in town, huh?

Ugh. This is out of control.

I have to tell her truth.
She'll help me fix this.

But she's gonna be
so disappointed,

and there's no worse feeling
than that. [crunches]

would you like some support?

[mouth full]
you don't have to do that.

Well, it might help to explain
that I'm Landon,

that Josh assumed wrong,

plus you look like
you could use a friend.

A friend.

And your snowman cookie?

Ah, I don't know.
It's pretty good.

How about a bite?

Oh, wow.

You've got skills.

[mouth full]
is that a problem?

Come on.
Let's go disappoint your mom.


[mouth full] I'm gonna need
some more cookies.


whenever you're ready,
you just...

you call me, mom, okay?


you didn't need to get me
a stocking, Margaret.

Of course I did! [laughs]

well, shall we eat?

Uh, mom, we really need
to tell you something.

Oh. Okay.

-Can we just...


Mom, this is not easy
for me to say,

and I hope you know I never,
ever wanna disappoint you,

and believe me when I tell you
this was not planned.

I did not mean for this
to happen.

This is so unlike me, and you
taught me better than this.

It's just that...

I know
what you're trying to say.

You do?

And I'm thrilled for you.

-You are?

Wait, what?

Yes, a baby is a miracle
no matter what.

A baby?

Well, yeah. That's what you're
trying to tell me, right?

You're pregnant.

No, not pregnant, mnh-mnh.

But I saw the baby items
on the registry,

and you just said to me that...
-no, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no baby, no.

-No, no baby. No.

So I'm not gonna be a grandma?

Because I'm happy that you found
someone who loves you for you,

but I was even happier
to be a grandma,

and you're getting up there
in years,

and I was just worried
that it would never happen,

and... [sniffles]
I just wanna be a grandma!

What...what she means, mom,

We're not pregnant...Yet.

We're planning ahead,
which is why the items

are on the registry
in the first place.

Actually, we're hoping
for a honeymoon baby.



I'm so happy to hear that.

A grandbaby. [laughs]

I'm gonna be a grandma. [laughs]

-one day.

Oh! In that case,
I have something to show you.

Come on.

-[mouths words]
-come on!

Mom, I really need
to tell you something else.

Hope you love it.


Holy night.

I wanted to make it good
for both a boy or a girl.

Mom...When did you do
all of this?

When I saw the registry.

Being a grandma is the reward
for surviving parenthood...

In every culture.

-I was a perfect child.
-You were an only child.

There was no point of reference.

Do you love it?

You shouldn't have.

You really shouldn't have.

Of course I should have.

Oh, what was it
that you wanted to tell me?


I...Know that you're gonna be
the best grandma ever!

-Ha ha ha!


Best Christmas yet. [laughs]

[exhales deeply]

I'm sorry. I-I...
[sighs] I panicked.

I don't handle crying well.

That is very apparent.

Well, now you know my kryptonite
if you ever need to use it.


I really need a milkshake
right now... [crying]

...And maybe some fries.
[continues crying]


I'm only half kidding
about the fries.

I'll find you some fries.

Oh, gosh, what am I gonna do?

I feel like I'm in quicksand,
and the more I try to get out,

the deeper in I go. [sighs]

don't fight it. That's the rule
of quicksand, right?

So just suffocate?


you might be on to something.

Or...I was thinking maybe

we could just go along with it
while I'm here.

Then when I leave
after Hillary's baby's born,

I can call off the engagement.

They'll all hate me,
and you can return the gifts.

I just...I think it's
the easiest way for everyone.

Why would you do that for me?

Well, I'm part to blame
for the current state of things,

plus your mom...she's probably
telling everybody she knows

that we're aiming
for a honeymoon baby.

Yeah, thanks for that.

So let me help you out.
Plus I'm a catch.

I'm a gentleman,
I'm a quiet eater,

and animals love me, so...

Sawyer ames...

Will you be my fake fiancée?

Since I can't think
of another option.

[sighs] what every guy wants
to hear after they propose.

[both chuckle]

yes. Yes, I will.

-[cellphone chimes]


Oh, gosh. Word's gotten out
my fiancé is in town.

My boss wants to have us over
for Sunday brunch tomorrow.

Mm. Okay. We're doing this.

We gotta get
our stories straight.

How did we meet?

-Ew, no.

Pet adoption fair.

-That's better.


So once I agreed
to adopt two cats,

she agreed to give me
her phone number.

Well, you know,
anything to save 'em all.

Well, I didn't tell bill
that I knew about the engagement

until after the bridal shower
because I was afraid

he'd slip and say something.

[chuckles] so I'm doling out
my best wisdom to sawyer

about getting a life
outside of work,

and all the while,
she's secretly engaged.

Well, she is
an excellent secret keeper.

So I assume you're going to be
her plus-one

for the Christmas eve party?

-Uh, Christmas eve. Um...

Mmm! This is delicious, bonnie.

Oh, thank you.

Uh, do you like to cook, Joshua?

I do. I'm actually pretty good,
so long as you don't mind

it all tasting like towels
you forgot in the wash.

-Oh. [chuckles]

well, these strawberry scones
taste nothing like towels,

but you should try one.

Oh, I mean, these smell amazing,

but I'm actually allergic
to strawberries.

[gasps] allergic?
I'm...I'm sorry. I didn't know.

No, it's okay.
My throat just closes up,

and I stop breathing, so...

That seems like something
your fiancée should know about,

especially being a doctor.

I would think that allergies
is a first date conversation.

What have you guys been
talking about?


Wow. This guy...
doctor first, romantic second.

Oh, no, she...she knew.

-It just...it slipped her mind.

That, or she's trying to off me
before she has to say "I do."


death by scone. [laughs]

it's not glamorous
but, uh, gets the job done.

I got to say,

this feels like it's moving
a little fast, sawyer.

Well, when you see
what you want, you can't wait.

Sawyer: Mm.

And you figure it out
as you go, right, hon?

Mm. That is what we are doing.

They're doing just fine.

Just make sure you discuss
the life-threatening things

on the way home, okay?


[indistinct conversations]



[laughter and screams]

[cheers and laughter]

I've been wanting to come
to these ice castles for years.

-I just never had the time.
-You never made the time.


I'm glad that you can get her
out of the office,

'cause we can't.
-Speaking of making time,

it took us a week
to get on your schedule.

I guess you're pretty in demand
at the moment.

Well, everyone wants
to make sure

that I'm good enough
for their sawyer.

[chuckles] yeah.

-That's not what we were doing.

It's...it's okay. Fire away.

-So what do you do for work?
-I'm a veterinarian.

Where did you go to school?

-Colorado state university.
-In case you were wondering,

they have the best vet school
in the nation.

I wasn't wondering, but now
I'm a little intimidated.

-I get it now.

You found an animal lover

so you could get
tater tot's blessing.

-Is tater tot picky?
-[laughs] yeah.

-Pickier than sawyer.

So this engagement really is
a Christmas miracle.

Uh-oh, Oliver,
what have I gotten myself into?

Okay, no, don't listen to him.

We're not picky.

I'm...So relieved?



-oh, okay.
-He's light on his feet.

I'm good. I got it.

-I'm okay. I'm okay.

-I'm fine.
-Let that be a lesson to you.


You two are actually perfect
for each other.

-Just like us.

Sawyer, I can see why
your romance

is as whirlwind
as mine and johnny's.


-Oh. Hey.


-Mm. Yep.

-still fireworks.


she got me!

I'm getting her!
I'm getting her!


Well, tonight was fun.

-I am so sorry about that kiss.

I should've leaned to the right,
'cause it's...

No, I'm sorry. I'm a much better
kisser when I know it's coming.

-It wasn't that bad.


Oh, you're a good kisser, too,

from what I can tell
from the .6 seconds of contact.

-I'm definitely good.
-Oh, definitely?

Definitely. You'll see.

I mean...

Trust me.

[both chuckle]

it's snowing.


I'd better get home
before it sticks.

Thank you...For all of this.


I know the human body
inside and out,

yet I cannot read these
to save my life. What?

Well, I think the whosawhatsit
goes in the thingamabobber.

Okay, yeah, but we don't have
any more whosawhatsits.

[sighs] okay, Hillary,
have you considered

just letting the baby
sleep with you?

Yeah, maybe just prop
some pillows up

to keep 'em from falling off?

Oh, you two are gonna make
great parents someday.

[laughs] Landon certainly has
my mother convinced of that.

Whoa! You've talked about kids?

Yeah, when he told her
that I was...

-oh! Jeez.

I lost another whatchamacallit.

Can you go to the kitchen
and grab a bowl

so I can corral these parts?
-Of course.

I don't...

[lowered voice]
hey, so here's the thing.

I didn't tell Hillary
about our arrangement.

What do you mean?

[raises voice]
can you make some wassail?

Ew, I hate wassail.

[lowered voice]
everybody hates wassail,

but it takes a long time
to make.

Hillary: Really? Wassail?

Yeah! I'd love it!

Hillary: Okay!

[lowered voice]
so I didn't tell Hillary

that people think
I'm your fiancé Joshua.

-Why not?
-I started to explain it

to her one night,
and she just started crying.

When I asked her what was wrong,

she said she's so relieved
that I have you.

-You have me...

it's been weighing on her

that I was giving up my life
to be here,

and now it's like she did me
a favor by introducing us.

Since we're dating,
it's not such a sacrifice,

and I-I just couldn't tell her.

She was crying.

Oh, gosh. Kryptonite tears.

Look, I know you're just
as concerned as I am

about her anxiety levels,
and trust me

when I say that it's...it's
helpful for her and the baby

if we just tell her
that we're dating...

As Landon and sawyer.

Or team ames-James,
as she calls us.

Oh, gosh.

Just when you think t can't get
any more complicated.

Yeah. Look, she only leaves
the house to go to the office.

So as long as we keep things
from her there,

she should be
blissfully ignorant, okay?


[imitates crying] oh, gosh.

Hillary: Forget the crib!
Let's make cookies instead!

[gasps] cookies! Yeah.

Cookies are my love language!
Come on.


Girl on tv:
Can you tell me the story now?

I can't wait till Christmas eve
without grandpa being here.

Have you set a wedding date yet?

Not yet.


but you're thinking sooner
rather than later, right?

We're just enjoying
being engaged for now.


Watch the movie.
It's a good part.

Woman: You're growing
up too fast, Millie.

You know, pygmies don't have
long engagements.

-I think that's so smart.

It's just
an academic observation.

Woman: Christmas...
Christmas isn't about

what's happening around us.

It's about what's happening


So I had some wedding ideas.

So I was thinking for a theme,
you might like "starry night,"

like your favorite painting.

You could have your ceremony
at night under the stars.



Oh, wow.

You really put a lot of thought
into this.

[laughs] I know.


In china's uyghur culture,
the groom...

he takes three arrows, and he
shoots them at his future bride.

Of course,
they don't have arrowheads.

And then he takes them,
and he breaks them

to ensure their love
will last forever.

Yeah, that's not happening,

In France, they drink champagne
out of a toilet

to give them strength
before the wedding.

Okay, anthropologists probably
shouldn't be wedding planners.

Well, you've certainly done
a great job

keeping Landon out of my hair.
-I'm standing right here.

And it definitely makes
girl talk a lot harder

with you right there.
Hey, we're almost done here.

Can you pull the car around,
save me a few steps?

No. I know what you're doing.

Whatever the patient needs.

-Thank you.

-[door opens]

-[door closes]
-so he's pretty great, huh?

He's really great.


-[telephone ringing]



I've been calling you.

Hi...Dr. Timothy.

Sorry. I'm sorry. Uh, yeah.

I-I stopped by to see if sawyer
was free for lunch, but, uh,

they said she's with a patient,

I'll just see her tonight.

Should might as well say hi
as long as you're here.

Follow me.

we could not stop laughing.

Landon is so fun.

I don't know how he stayed
single so long.

That's not my story to tell,

but I'm sure that there are
so many women

who are kicking themselves
for letting him go.

I would hate myself
if I did that.

Oh, really?

-[knock on door]
-Dr. Timothy: Dr. Ames?

May I see you for a minute?

We'll see you back here
next week, Hillary.


Bye, Hillary.

Bill, is everything okay?


-hi, sweetie.
-What are you doing here?

-He wants to take you to lunch.

Oh! Ugh! I wish I could,
but, uh...

I have another patient
right now, so, uh,

how about instead, I, uh,

walk to your car while we...
Canoodle? [chuckles]

be back in a minute, boss!

This is getting so crazy.

[dog barking in distance]

again, thank you so much
for coming.

-Of course.
-I feel bad stealing you away

from Margaret's game night.

Ellie got a fever, and we felt
like we couldn't have

our elderly neighbor
come babysit, you know?

-Yeah, if it were anything

other than my office
Christmas party, we'd skip it.

Hey, it's no problem, okay?

We told my mom that
we'd make it up to her.

All right, um, Ellie's already
in bed. She's asleep.

-Gracie goes down about 8:00.

And we'll be back about...
Half 11? Like midnight?

Okay, stop worrying.
We got this. Go have fun.

Okay. All right.
Listen, my darling,

go and brush your teeth. Mwah.

You listen to
your auntie sawyer. Mwah.

And you go to potty before bed.
And you're not mine.

-It's okay.
-[laughs] sorry.

But I will go potty before bed,
I promise.

Good to hear it. All right.

All right, bye.
Mommy loves you. Be good.

-Have fun. Don't worry.
-Daddy loves you, too.

-Thank you.

So, grace...

What do you wanna play?
-[door closes]

tea party.

You can be the jester,
and you can be the queen.

Oh, my gosh.
This is my favorite game.

-Who's gonna be the princess?

And my mom said life's not fair.

And I said,
well, that's not fair.

Well, sounds like you handled it

as well as could be expected
at 5.

I made pb&j with the crusts
cut off,

just like you like 'em.

Thanks for the lovely spread,
auntie sawyer.

-You are very welcome.

Well, these look amazing.
I will...

she takes after
her auntie sawyer.

-Well, I'm gonna have one.


Okay. No, I'm fine.

This is gross,
but birth is fine?

No, I-I gotta go.

-She's not okay.

-I just need a moment.


...Your mom called,
told me to make you this.

Passion fruit and onion tea
that she discovered

from the dominion republic?

[sniffs] ew. Oh, yeah.

[sigh] you should leave
before you catch this plague.

You don't wanna get
Hillary sick.

You know what's funny?

Is that you caught
the girls' cold,

but grace sneezed all over me.

I think you're a featherweight.

Or...You're superman.


I think I like
your explanation better.

Look, you don't need to stay,

I've been taking care of myself
for years.

I'm good.
Go take care of Hillary.

No. Hillary's fine.
She's hanging out with friends.

Besides, what kind of
fake fiancé would I be

if I didn't take care of you

when you had
the featherweight plague?



-Don't make me laugh, you jerk.

-I'm sorry.

look, I am not going anywhere
till your mom comes back.

So just let me take care of you.

[tater tot purrs]

oh, hi, buddy.
Where have you been?

Yeah, there you...
oh, yep, there you are.

So...How does
the food network sound?

-I love that channel.
-I think you mentioned that.

-I did?

Sarah and drew's Christmas party
during trivia.

-[tv playing indistinctly]
-you know what "sous vide" was

because you always watched
"iron chef America"

with your dad
during his chemo treatments.

You remembered.

Of course. Oh! I love this show.

Is this okay?

[tater tot purring]

it's perfect.

[knock on door]

you seem like
you're feeling better.

-Joshua take good care of you?
-He really did. It was nice.

I want you to know I'm done
interviewing candidates

to take over the practice,
and I've made my decision.


Sawyer, you care deeply,

and you work hard with intention
and true integrity.

And you found that thing
outside of work

to help rebuild you.

I'm proud to hand off
this clinic to you.

I don't know what to say.

Say you'll convince Joshua
to join us at the party,

and invite your mom,
Gemma, and Camille

for the announcement.

They'll be proud.

[deep voice] get in my stomach!

[normal voice] oh, hello,
Dr. Timothy. Sorry.

I haven't eaten in two hours.

Don't let me get in the way.

[mouths words]

thanks for getting this.
How much do I owe you?

-For a lunch special?

You ordered two and a soup.
For me? You shouldn't have.

Of course I should.

[door closes]

[sighs] so what was that
all about?

He said I'm getting
the practice.

-but it's not right.

He only said it
because he thinks I'm engaged.

That's not true.

You're one of the best doctors
he's ever worked with.

He says that all the time.

[sighs] I need to tell him.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
The engagement may not be real,

but Landon seems like
the real deal.

He's really amazing.

And you seem pretty happy.

-Annoyingly so.
-So keep dating Landon,

and maybe there won't be
anything to tell.

We're not really dating.
He's just, like, helping me out.

I bet your wontons
he's not just helping you out.

And I bet your hot and sour soup

he's just a nice guy
with time to kill.

There's only one way
to settle this.

Ask him on a proper date.

If he says yes, he likes you.

If he says no, it's 'cause
you're not performing

in front of your friends.

Well, he'll say yes
because he's a nice guy.

Okay, fine. Ask him on a date,
then kiss him.

That'll tell you if it's real.

No, that'll make it awkward.

You're just looking for excuses.
The wontons are mine.

Fine. I'll ask him,

and then you'll owe me
your soup.


[cellphone chimes]

hey, Landon, comma,
wanna grab dinner tomorrow?

Just the two of us,
question mark?

[chimes, messaging bloops]

[squeals softly]

-[messaging bloops]

"would love to."


[messaging bloops]

"but only if you let me treat."


forgotten what it feels like

to eat without an audience.

Yeah, we've had a lot
of group dinners lately,

and all of them calling you

should I say "Landon"
before every sentence

to make up for it?

Yeah? So, Landon,
what made you wanna be a vet?

Well, sawyer,
when I was a teenager,

I rescued a baby squirrel,
and when he got better,

of course, I-I released him.

he would occasionally come back
and say hi.

That's when I knew I wanted
to work with animals,

and I'm...I'm really satisfied
with my career.

That's amazing.

-Squirrels scare me.

Nut-storing rats with
really poufy tails? Horrifying.

[chuckles] you've got
some really weird fears.

Hey, guys,
can I take your order?

Yes, Janine, thank you.

What do you have that sawyer
won't steal half of?

You say steal. I say testing
for quality assurance.

You're welcome.

Let's...Do your pot pie.

Okay. And for the lady?

Um, I would love
your Salisbury steak.

[groans] said no one ever.

Ha! Nobody steals my food.

Oh, and he definitely needs

a slice of your s'mores pie,

-You got it.

It's like you've known me

Can I ask you
a personal question?

-Yeah, sure.
-I know why things

didn't work out
with you and Josh,

but how is that
you're still single?

Aside from your irrational fear
of squirrels

and your love
for Salisbury steak?

Well, um, I was really busy
with med school,

and then when my dad
passed away,

I just...I couldn't open
my heart again

for a really long time.

And when I was finally ready,
the few first dates I did have

never really seemed to turn
into second dates.

I guess I don't make
the best first impression.

Well...You can be
a bit intimidating.


a pretty complete package,

and guys need to feel needed.

I guess when you've spent years
taking care of yourself, it's...

Hard to let someone else
take care of you.

Apparently, I haven't learned
to, uh, let my guard down.

You've been pretty open with me.

Well, sure, but I mean,
you came into my life

at a very vulnerable moment
when I was forced

to ask for help,
and then you didn't run away.

I'm no dummy.

I saw a chance to spend time
with you, and I took it.

When do you want
your s'mores pie?

She'll wanna start
with my dessert.


it's like you've known me

-Feels nice.

Just the two of us.

I had a great time,
but how can I not?

Food and your company...
my two favorite things.

Oh, but Hillary...she won't
like being number three.

Well, you didn't let me finish.
My two favorite things

next to my most favorite thing...
my sister.


[both chuckle]

well, I better get going.

I've got a c-section
scheduled first thing.


But, um, thanks for dinner.

Thanks for asking me.

It worked great.
I asked. You paid.

Maybe I've been dating
all wrong.

Or maybe you've been dating
the wrong guys.

-Good night.
-Good night.

You wanted to see me.

What's this?

[gasps] I knew it.
So is he a good kisser?

-[typing on keyboard]
-oh! I love being right!


-rookie move.

-well, this is my first time

playing this game,
so technically, I am a rookie.

She's ruthless.
She's the crocodile,

and you are...
[cellphone chimes]

...The slowest antelope
at the watering hole, Landon.

Landon? Who's Landon?


Landin' on a spot
you might want.

-What game are we playing again?


we're playing game over! Oh!

Oh, okay.
I-I think I figured this out.

Should we trim the tree now?

Whoa! Hold on.

You're not gonna give me
a chance to beat you?

Sure. I can win again,
and then we can trim the tree.

-you're a great sport, Joshua.

You're a great everything.

How is it that, uh, that you've
stayed single so long?

Well, actually, um...
I'm divorced.

It only lasted a few years.
In fairness to her,

I was...Finishing up vet school,

proving myself at a clinic,
and I just...

Didn't give our marriage
the attention it deserved.

I know how hard that time is.

Well, I'm sure you...
you gave it your best.

I did. I really did.
Just wasn't enough.

And she left on Christmas eve,

so now this time of year,
it's...it's hard

'cause it just reminds me
of my failures

and her saying
over and over again

that I'm the biggest mistake
of her life,

and...She will always regret it.

I guarantee her biggest regret
is leaving you.

I'm gonna get us some more

Anyone want more eggnog?

No? Just me.

[footsteps depart]

I asked Hillary how it's
possible that you're so amazing

and still single,

and she said that
it wasn't her story to tell.

I should've asked you sooner.
I'm sorry.

No. No, I-I...I don't think

I was ready to talk about it
until now.

Guess a thing like that

could make you pretty protective
of your heart, huh?

[chuckles] I guess that's why
I keep saving cats.

They'll always need me,
and they won't leave me

if I'm working late.
-How many cats are you up to?

Oof. What number doesn't
make you wanna run?

I'm not going anywhere.

Gonna have to move quicker
if you want privacy.

-[clears throat]
-man, you're slow.

I gave you a solid 30 seconds.

Next time,
you give us a full minute.

Well, here's the rest
of your minute.



I died of mortification.

Do you know what?

I think I'm finally ready
to start celebrating.

Let's trim the tree.

Are you sure?

Yeah. This has been
the best Christmas I've had

in a long time.

You've got to have more
ornaments than anyone I know.

[laughs] well, next near
a whole bunch

will be put
on the newlywed tree.

-We're taking your ornaments?
-Oh, no, just mine.

We have a family tradition
of getting a new one each year

because when my parents
first got married,

they had none.

We made ours the first year.

-Yeah. You're holding one.

The idea being
when I got married,

I would take my own
to my tree.

That way, it wouldn't be bare,

and since I still celebrate
Christmas here,

here they stay.

Yeah, whole bunch of 'em.


Hey, Joshua, she found you
just in time.

My tree can't take any more.

[gasps] do you want
your ornament for this year?

[chuckles] here it is.

And here I thought
it would be a souvenir

from your trip, but look, honey,
it's, uh,

"baby's first Christmas" one.

Subtle, mom.

Ooh, it doesn't have a year.

oh, Joshua,
I got your parents a gift, too.

Are they back
from their unplugged retreat?

I-I would so love to video chat
so we could all meet.


-Uh, yeah, we...we can't.

Well, my...my mom caught my dad
with his cellphone.

-Mm, on the...
-So she extended their stay.

Yeah, and who knows
how long it'll take

to break him of that addiction?
Right? Your dad. [laughs]

do you know I just read a study
on smartphone usage

within industrialized countries
and its marital effects,

and your mom...she's right.

Oh, yeah. But you know,
it's a bummer that

it's taking this long
to get together, you know?

-Why? We're family.

We have plenty of time.

[all chuckle]

oh, look, I'm out of popcorn.

You know what? I'm going to take
a full minute and get more.


I am so sorry you had to lie
to her again.

Me, too.

-But we're in too deep now.

Hey, we're almost
across the finish line.


Then what?

I don't know.
But first things first,

if you still need a date
to your Christmas eve party,

I'd love to be your plus-one.

Camille: You guys,
I think this is the one.

Please stop saying that.

You've literally deemed
the last nine dresses that way.

No, this one has pockets.

Camille, my lunch break
is almost over.

Camille: Hey, listen, it is
your duty as my maid of honor

to stay until I find the dress.

Change faster!

[sighs] do you think they have
a toilet in here?


I think...

This is the one.


Yeah. It's breathtaking.

What's wrong? Are you crying?

-Are those happy tears?

[voice breaking] I'm so happy.
I love him so much.

But I'm happy because
you're finally in love, too.

Sawyer? I found your dress.


Oh, no, I'm not shopping
for dresses yet, mnh-mnh.

And thanks to me,
you'll never have to,

because this is perfect for you.
-That is stunning.

You guys, today is
about Camille, not me.

I have obviously found my dress,
so try that on.

It's so pretty. Just try it on.


and then I'm going back to work.





Whoa! That's close.
What's going on?


I don't want you to see
where I am

because I don't want you
to get the wrong idea.

Oh, well, now you piqued
my curiosity, and I must see.


We're here for Camille,

and the girls wanted me
to try on a dress.

It is not what you think.

[gasps] I-I...I think you're
the most beautiful bride

I've ever seen.

There's no way that
you're this perfect.

I demand to know your biggest
flaw right this instant.

Actually, I have to help Hillary
with the nursery.

Can I get a dinner raincheck?

That's your flaw? Sister first?

That's unbelievable. But yes.

Raincheck. Uh, you're still
planning on meeting me

at Dr. Timothy's
retirement party tomorrow night?

Yes, yes, absolutely.

Uh, wear that dress.

Sawyer, will you get out here?

The suspense is killing us!

Go. Wow them.
I'll call you later.

All right. Love you...

[gasps] ...To call me later.
Love you to call me later.

[chuckles nervously] bye.

[sighs] I cannot believe
that I just did that.

Hang on. So you just
blurted out, "love you"?

Kind of, but I covered quickly,

so I don't think
it was a big deal.

How did you cover? Show me.

Okay. Love you...

To call me later.
Love you to call me later. Bye!


so it's bad?

He thinks I love him.

Because you do,
which is amazing.

I can't love him.
I barely know him.

We're just pretending.
I cannot love him.

-But you do.
-I was fine being single.

I am good at taking care
of myself.

I just...Didn't realize how nice
it is to have someone else

take care of me.
-What are you gonna do?


He's leaving in, like,
a week or two.

He only lives
a couple hours away.

And how are we gonna do that?

His life is there.
My life is here.

So he makes his life here,
or you make your life there.

And I'm just about to get
what I have worked so hard for.

And what am I even saying?

I may have just screwed things
up with him permanently.

Who knows if he'll even show up
to the party tomorrow night?


[jazz piano playing]

♪ o Christmas tree ♪

♪ o Christmas tree,
how lovely are thy branches ♪

♪ o Christmas tree... ♪

I haven't heard from Landon

-...Yesterday's thing.

Probably because he's still
processing the call with you

in a wedding dress
where you said,

"love you. Call me later."

-I didn't cover at all, did I?

-It's good effort, though.
-Do you think he'll show?


Hi, girls! Jules,
you look absolutely stunning.

Oh, and my sawyer, so beautiful.

Well, I get my beauty
from you, mom.

[laughs] it's true.
Where's Joshua?

-He's coming.
-Ooh! [chuckles]

ooh! Excuse me.
I'll be right back.


I hope he's coming.

I promise I will dance with you
if he doesn't show.

[gasps] he's here. Okay.

Fine! You know what? I didn't
wanna dance with you anyway.

-You are gorgeous.

I didn't think you were coming.


Well, you know,

Because I didn't call.

Well, yeah, but I mean,
I get it,

'cause I said
that I was in love with you.

No, no, my...my phone fell
in a bucket of paint

when I was painting the nursery.

The good news is I went out,
and I got a new phone,

so if you would put your number
in there...

Have you considered the cloud?

-Oh, hi!

Joshua, I'm so glad
you could make it.

Bonnie, you look lovely,
and congrats, Dr. Timothy.

It's not just a big night
for me.

It's a big night for sawyer,

Stop. I'm blushing.

Ah, well,
wait until the toast later.

Oh, good, because then we can
roast marshmallows

off the heat
coming from my cheeks.


we'll see you later.

-I love it when you blush.

Oh, I hate it. I can never hide
when I'm angry or anxious

or embarrassed or...

Singer: ♪ o Christmas tree,
o Christmas tree ♪

-or this. [chuckles]
-I think it's adorable.


-Nice to see you.
-You, too, lan...Joshua.

-Right. You look lovely.
-Thank you.

He's saying that to all
the girls except for me

'cause I got "gorgeous."

territorial much? Jeez.
Why don't you just lick him

like you do with
the last doughnut in the box?

-Don't think I won't.
-[song ends, applause]

she's all yours.

Let's slow things down a little.

-[band playing slow-tempo song]
-care to dance?


♪ is this just a dream? ♪

♪ or can I believe? ♪

so my nephew will be here soon.

That's pretty exciting
for Hillary.

-Wish her husband could be here.
-Yeah, she does, too.

But hopefully he'll get
to come home soon.

And you'll be headed
home soon, too.


I wish you could stay.

Singer: ♪ ...Seems so alive ♪

didn't expect to say that
when this first started.

Well, I didn't expect
to fall in love...

With this town.

Fall in love with this town.

-You're messing with me.

You love this town?

Well, I haven't known it
that long,

but...What's not to love?

microphone feedback whines]

[amplified voice] is this
thing on? Oh. Good. It is.

Uh, please, everyone, be seated.

[indistinct conversations]

welcome, dear friends,

and merry Christmas eve
to you all.

Thank you for joining us tonight
to honor my husband,

Dr. Bill timothy.

Now first of all,
I think we can all agree

that his greatest accomplishment
was convincing me to marry him.

[laughter and applause]

but not too far behind that
is his impressive career.

Uh, in his 43 years
in obstetrics,

he has welcome 12,149 babies
into this world...

[guests gasp]

...With the most recent,
arriving yesterday...twins.

And I know how hard it will be
for him to leave this behind

and enjoy his next phase
of life.

And especially hard to leave
behind is his colleague...

Dr. Sawyer ames.

Sawyer, stand up, please.

Yeah, sawyer! Whoo!

[under breath] that's my boss.

[applause continues]

now a couple of his first babies
would like to say a few words,

so come on up,
Ainsley and billy,

named for my bill.


Hillary, are you okay? You're
not supposed to be going out.

I felt fine. I just had
to exchange something

at house to home.

-It couldn't wait?
-While I was at the desk,

I overheard someone ask
for a copy

of sawyer ames'
wedding registry.

Are you sure
it wasn't Sarah ames?

Because my cousin's daughter
is getting...

I'm positive that it was sawyer.
I asked them for a copy of it.

Dr. Timothy:
...Privilege of announcing

who will take over my clinic,
and that is a doctor who has

a profound love of learning,
deep integrity...

You're engaged to a Joshua,
and you're dating my brother?

-Oh, oh, okay.

We need you to sit down, okay,
and stay calm.

I promise
there's an explanation,

but right now we need you
to focus on your breathing

and bring
your blood pressure down.

I am not going to stay calm.

I came here to tell my brother
that you're a liar

and that he deserves better.
-I am a liar,

but I'm not engaged, okay?
You just have to trust me.

Like I can trust
anything you say.

I'm going to be
switching doctors

first thing tomorrow! Oh!

-...Someone I completely trust.


I think my water just broke.

I present my successor,
Dr. Sawyer ames.



Landon! Landon! Hillary's here!
Her water just broke!

We need to get her
to the hospital!

-[guests gasps]
-I'm coming.

[guests murmuring]

Hillary, Hillary,
is this happening?

-[exhales deeply]
-do you need help, sweetie?

Uh, thanks, mom.
I think we've got it.

-Yes, I got you.

Landon? Why do you keep
calling him Landon?

Long story! Can't explain now!

[door closes]

[telephone ringing in distance]

[indistinct p.A. Announcement]

I'm sorry I ruined your party,

This is a way better party.

And I'm sorry I accused you of
trying to two-time my brother.

-That was all my fault.
-And my fault.

-And a little my fault.
-That's true.


this last month would have been
impossible without all of you.

You're a soldier's wife. You do
impossible things every day.

That's true, too.
I'll be right back.

You're amazing, sis.
He's perfect.

I'll give you guys
a few minutes.

So...People are waiting for you.

Okay. [sighs]

-I'm not sure what to say.
-Just tell them the truth.

They love you,
and they want you to be happy,

and look at you.
You're so happy.

I am.

Now be so brave.

Wish me luck.

[whispers] luck. [chuckles]

sawyer, is the baby okay?

He's perfect.

That's good news.

So I know things got weird
when I ran out,

and, um, I wanted to explain.

You mean why you called Joshua


Well, his sister
also called him that.

Maybe he goes
by his middle name?

No, his name is Landon.
It's not Joshua.

Why can't you call your fiancé
by his real name?

-Well, Landon is not my fiancé.
-But Joshua is?

I know this is getting
really confusing.

-Start at the beginning.
-[inhales deeply]

I was shopping at house to home,

um, feeling sorry for myself
that I'm not having

all of those happy occasions
that warrant a registry,

when my friend suggested
that it would be cathartic

to make one and put on it,
you know,

all of the things that I could
ever possibly want.

It was private, and no one was
ever meant to see it.

But, um, the system glitched.

-And we found it.
-You found it.

And when you all surprised me,

I was just too embarrassed
to tell the truth.

Even to me?

Well, mom, I tried, but you had
converted your guest room

into a baby nursery.

So anyway, um...
Landon and I were on a date

when we ran into my ex, Josh,

who just...well, he assumed
that Landon

was my fiancé that everyone
had been talking about.

I panicked and said
that Landon was Joshua Gotaway.

You made a registry
with a fake fiancé

called Joshua Gotaway.

So I begged Landon
to go along with it,

and then when his sister's baby

he would just go back
to his life and dump me,

and then...
You know, no one would ever know

that it was all pretend.

-You should've just told us.
-We would've understood.

Well, I wanted to, and then...

Well, I didn't want to
because the truth is...

I was having the best time that
I've had in a really long time.

Well, it didn't seem like
you were pretending.

I mean...You...you fooled me.

Well, I didn't have to
pretend much because...

Landon is a really great guy.

He genuinely makes me laugh.
He won't let me get away

with any of my usual
relationship sabotage.

He drops everything to care
for his sister or for me.

I mean, he saves cats.
He...he shares his food,

and I think...

I think I'm in love with him,
as crazy as that sounds.


-You're in love with him?
-You're in love with him.

But that doesn't excuse
my lying.

No, it doesn't.

I know you must wonder
if you can trust anymore, bill.

You're right,
and I won't give my clinic

to someone I can't trust.



Joshua was the biggest mistake
of my life.

I regret lying,

but I don't regret where
it led me with Landon.

I'm still sorry,
and I hope you can forgive me.

Well, this is...
this is all a little crazy.

I mean, it's a lot crazy,
and I...

I need time to process this.

I feel confused and...

And even a little tricked.

I'm sorry.
It's gonna blow over, I promise.

Yeah. Someday I'll forgive you.

mm. You guys.

-[knock on door]
-come in.

How's the birthday boy doing?

He's perfect.

He is, and you did so great.

Um, Landon,
can I talk to you for a sec?

Uh, yeah.
Hillary, will you be all right?

Of course. You two take
as long as you want,

and Jules is here.

Truth be told,
I'm having a really hard time

not stealing that sweet,
sweet baby and running away.

What a crazy day, huh?

A good crazy for me.
How about you?

Rough, but, um,
everybody knows the truth.

What'd you tell them?

I told them
that it just happened,

and, uh, every time I tried
to fix it,

something made it impossible,

and that it was all just
a huge mistake.

But, um, before I could finish,
bill walked out,

so, um, everything I was afraid
of happening happened, and, uh,

it was all for nothing.

The good news is we don't have
to pretend anymore.


Right, yeah. Um...

No more pretending,
so that's a...

That's a huge relief.

Now that the baby's here
and my mom's on her way,

I'm going home, so...

Good timing.

But, Landon...


Can't thank you enough.

Of course.

Sorry it didn't work out...

For you and your job.

That's...My own fault.

I guess that, uh, honesty
is the best policy.


Goodbye, sawyer.

[door closes]

[sniffles] and then he said,

"well, the good news is we don't
have to pretend anymore,"

and I didn't know what to say,
so I just...I left.

It was not pretend.

I don't know what happened
between the party,

where I thought he was saying
he loved me

and the hallway where it felt
like he couldn't get away

from me fast enough.


you want me to stay tonight?

[sniffles] would you?

You think Santa
will find me here?

-Of course.
-Then I'll stay.


-Scootch over.

[exhales deeply]

["o come, all ye faithful"
playing on stereo]

I'm sorry I walked out
on you last night.

I was hurt and...
I just needed my space.

I get it.

Well, I understand how hard
it must have been

to tell me about Landon,

especially when I took us all
down the grandchild road.

Yeah, well, Landon didn't
help that much.

tears are his weakness.

Remember that.
It will come in handy.

Landon and I...
we're not together now.

-I guess we never really were.

Well, that's not what it looked
like to the rest of us.

I mean, what happened?

I'm not sure. I was telling
Landon how it went,

and...All of a sudden
he became distant.

Well, what did you say to him?

Well, I said I told you all
it just happened

and that it was a huge mistake,
and I...

wait. You said "mistake"
to Landon?

-On Christmas eve?

those are the exact words...

-Oh, no!
-...His ex-wife said to him.

No, no, no!
How could I be so stupid?

Well, did you tell Landon
he wasn't a mistake?

[sighs] no. In fact,
I finished by saying

I lost my job,
so it was all for nothing,

because I am
a horrible, insensitive,

selfish human being.
-No, you're not.

Little oblivious, but, sweetie,
you're not those other things.

He deserves to hear the truth.

People probably wonder if I'm
capable of telling the truth

at this point.

No, this is not over.

You...you just need to, um,
carve him a love spoon

like the traditions
of our welsh ancestors,

and then he'll know
your true feelings.

Aside from the fact that
I can't whittle,

a love spoon won't fix this.

Look, mom, I know
you're trying to help,

but it's too late.

If we were meant to be,
it would be.

Listen, little miss Doris day,

sometimes you have to make
"meant to be" happen.

It's too late.

And if bill doesn't fire me,

I'll be so busy trying
to prove myself

that I won't have time
for a relationship anyway.

Well, except for ours, I hope.

Always. Always for ours, mom.

Only, uh, five more days

till the healthy
eating resolution starts.

Time to get my fries on. Lunch?

I've got that meeting
with bill and bonnie.

Oh, that's right. Okay.
Good luck.

And I'll bring you
something back.

[knock on door]

-hi, bonnie.
-Hi, sawyer.

Hi, bill.
Thank you for meeting with me.

Bonnie: Of course.

I'm sorry for giving you
the cold shoulder

these past few days.

-I let you down.
-Yes, you did.

There aren't words
for how sorry I am,

and I don't take my actions

I feel it's only right
to withdraw myself

as a candidate
for your practice.

You deserve someone
that you can trust completely.

And while I know
that's no longer me,

I hope it will be again

Well, I appreciate the thought
you've given the situation.

I've been thinking, too,
and I know this whole mess

is the exception to
an otherwise impeccable record.

That is very gracious of you.
Thank you.

I remember the excitement of
being newly in love with bonnie.

I did some crazy things, too.

Oh, the stories
I could tell you.


I think my response
the other night

was more about
my fatherly feelings toward you

and feeling hurt
that you would lie to me.

I get it, and I hope that
one day you can forgive me.

That day is today.

Well, I promise nothing like
that will ever happen again,

and I would be very grateful
if you could assure

the new boss of that and maybe
encourage them to keep me on.

I'm sorry. I can't do that.

Bill? What can I do
to convince you?

I have worked so hard
to get here,

and I know I made
a huge mistake, but...

Sawyer, you're a superb doctor

who got tangled
in an embarrassing lie,

but that shouldn't undo
all of your years of hard work.



this is...This is real?

Oh! Thank you!


so much!


you deserve this.

Thank you, everyone.

Back to work.



I'm so proud of you.

And on top of that, you found
a man who knows you're a catch

and won't let you go.

Landon is no Joshua.

Oh, we aren't together anymore.

Oh, but you were perfect
for each other.

Yeah, I guess...
He didn't think so.

Oh, sawyer, I'm sorry.

But the silver lining is

I found out you were right,

Don't live to work.
Work to live.

Hard way to learn it,
but still a good lesson.

Well, I know your daddy
would be so proud of you.

-thank you, mom.

Oh, baby.

Okay. How does this sound,
tater tot?

"dear Landon, it's clear
you don't wanna talk to me,

but I hope you'll read this
just the same.

I wanted to clear something up."
-[computer chimes]


[clicks mouse]

"Dr. Landon James
will be on site to offer

complimentary veterinary
consults on any adopted pet."

you're getting a little brother.


[dogs yelping]

he's a really good boy. We're
gonna miss him around here,

but these fine people over here,

they can help you fill out
the paperwork, okay?

Good boy. Good boy, you.

So he's...he's been answering
to "Lincoln."

hey, Lincoln. Yeah.

[cat meowing]

aw. You're a sweetie.

I wonder how you would get along
with my tater tot.



What are you doing here?

Uh...My clinic works
with the rescue.

What are you doing here?

I'm thinking about getting
another cat.

Tater tot could use a buddy.

Well, most cats do better
with partners, so...

Good advice. Thanks.

[dog barking in distance]

well, I guess I'll keep looking
for the perfect companion...

For tater tot.

The perfect companion
for tater tot.

Tell him I say hi.

[barking continues, cat meows]

he's a purr factory.

yeah. He's such a cutie.

He's a bit older.
His family moved to a new place

that doesn't allow pets,
so they dropped him off here.

[meowing loudly]

excuse me.

Black cats and older cats are
the last ones people adopt,

so this little guy
might have a hard time

finding someone to love him.

He's such a sweetheart.

I can't believe someone
would let him go.

Well, maybe they realized it was
a mistake to bring him home

in the first place,
and they regret it.

Well, if that happened,
I bet it was a misunderstanding.

No. He heard 'em crystal clear.

Or maybe they picked
the absolute worst words

to tell him what had happened,
and they didn't realize it.

And they didn't get a chance
to explain that

Joshua was a mistake,

but Landon...
I really liked him.

And then I hurt him,

and I am truly sorry for that.

And I miss him...

Even if he was just pretending.

Come on, little buddy.

You're coming home with me
for a fresh start.

I promise I will never
leave you,

and you'll never be hurt again.

[cat meowing,
dog barking in distance]

look, if you're handing out
fresh starts,

I'd like one, too.


This time, I'll be Landon.

And I'll be sawyer.

You were sawyer last time.

Well, I thought I did
a pretty good job.

Hi, sawyer. I'm Landon.
I'm a vet.

Thank you for your service.

I'm...I'm just gonna say it.

-I love cats.
-How many do you have?

What number doesn't
make you run?

I'm not going anywhere.

-[cat meows]

You squished churro. [laughs]

let's look at you, buddy.

Yep. Oh, you're gonna be
just fine.


So there's tater tot and churro.

What fried food are we gonna
name the next one? Wonton?

Okay, you have no idea
how perfect that is.

Oh, okay,
but for future reference,

I am naming our actual children.

Let's go home, churro. Yeah?

Come on, buddy.