A Few Hours of Sunlight (1971) - full transcript

Nathalie Silvener, a married woman, falls for Gilles, a depressed and brilliant Parisian journalist who is already in a relationship with a model.

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Hi, Gilles!

Did you see my doctor?
- Yes.

What did he say?
- You ought to know. You called him.

Yeah, you got me worried.

He said he's worse off than you.

Still got your American girl?
- Yes, why?

No reason.
Looks as if she's settling down.

Any problems with her?
- I no longer touch her.


Well, then what do you do?

I'm all mixed-up.

Take a vacation.
Go to your sister's in Limoges.

What for?

Do you...?


Oh, nothing.

Are you interested?

That way you don't have to talk to me.

I haven't been myself lately.

Don't mind me.

What's up?
- I don't know.

Because of me?
- Of course not.

Long time no see.

You're thinner, no?

You could have phoned.

Going out?
- I always have a moment for you.

Is it true what they say?
- What?

You're near a nervous break-down.

I had one myself three years ago.

It lasted months.

Then one day, in Capri, I remember...

I woke up just as before.

The trouble is everybody's had it.

Glad to see you. Is it yours?

What's wrong? Love problems?

Limoges in a few minutes.


Tell me, why are you up so early?

And why lie in the grass?

There's dew, in the morning.
You forgot it.

Milk? - Just coffee.

Hello, my dear brother-in-law.

Had a good sleep?
- Not really.

I slept like a priest.

Do priests sleeps well?
- They used to.

You used to sleep well, too.
Like a log, as you always said.

Now, you sleep poorly, you're bored.

I don't know what to do.

I'm not bored.

Tonight I'll go to bed early.
- We're going to the Rouargues tonight.

Not me!

You promised.
- So what?

Gilles! I'm so glad to see you!

We often talk about you.

May I introduce you?

You remember them?
- Of course!

I knew you as a boy.
You're getting along, I heard?

Mr. Pontier, our general counselor.

Are you with us for a while?

You came for a breath of fresh air?

You know my husband?
- Yes, of course.

I haven't seen you
since your father died.

Three or four years ago.
- Six!

Six years!
- How time flies, in the country!

I'll get a glass of champagne.

Excuse me.

I'm glad to meet you.

I know you work for France-Presse.

Foreign policy interests me very much.

Nowadays, all problems are
on a world scale.

Here is Nathalie Silvener!

I had craw-fin in mind.
But, you can't find them here anymore.

And imported craw-fish isn't the same.

They come from
Czechoslovakia or Poland.

Don't they eat them there?
- They can't afford them.

So I stuck to foi gras.

Please, excuse me.

You never get tired of foi gras.

They say goose-liver comes from Austria.

Why do we have to import it?
We have plenty of poultry.

Excuse me, I don't feel well.
- What's wrong?

I'll wait in the car.
- What's the matter?

Your hooks are too big.

It's on purpose.

Try it yourself instead of sneering.

Look who's coming!

It's Nathalie Silvener.

Hello, ma'am. - Hello.
Odile told me I'd find you here.

The fishing's good?
- Well, today..

They're not very co-operative.
- Would you be?

Would you like a porto-flip?

They still make them?
- Of course!

I'll mix you one. Excuse me.

You left us very quickly last night.
- Not very polite!

Everybody talked about you.

I wanted to know how you were.
- Does my health interest you?

Your illness? Not really.

I came to see you.


You live in Limoges?

Doesn't it show?

You were passing by?


Anyway, I haven't much time.

What do you do?


You're my sister's friend?
- No, I hardly know her.

In fact, she was surprised to see me.

Here you are.

It takes a little time...

but it's worth it.

Everyone hurries today.

I hope there's enough.

Tell me know you like it.


Delicious. - Isn't it?

It's marvelous here.

What a lovely house!
I wish I lived in the country.

Excuse me, but I must go.


I thank you very much.

Not at all. It's a pleasure.

You drank it too fast.

- I'll go with you.

Have you seen the Limoges museums?

I'll take you there tomorrow. Okay?


Tomorrow, around 3 o'clock.

I'm sorry.

It doesn't matter.

But you knew it.
- What did I know?

That this would happen.

Then, why did you accept it at all?

I think I'll accept a lot from you.

You're right, I knew it...
At least, I expected it.

I didn't want to see you.

I was scared.

I've been like this for months.

I don't understand.

I have the impression...

I no longer exist.

What shall we do? Go home?

Have you often been here?

Forgive me!

I'm sorry...
- Don't worry.

We'll have time for me.

Let's go.
Fran?ois must be wondering where I am.

My husband.

I know nothing about you.

What did I know about you an hour ago?


I'd like...

I can't make you out.

It's quite simple.

Why are you laughing?

For nothing. I'm happy.

Repeat it.

Tell me you're happy.

I'm happy.

I think I'll accept a lot from you.

Nobody home?

Who's there?

Why didn't you call since that day?

Is this your room?

May I call you?

Of course.

How old were you when you left?
- Thirteen.

I didn't know
you wanted to see me again.

I love you. I already told you.

You never did.

I loved you at first sight.

You don't believe me?

You're wrong. Good-bye!
- Where are you going?

I told you what I wanted.
Now, I'm going.

Stay here.

Sit down.

You can stay. They're in town.

Take your scarf off!

What are you thinking?

Take your scarf off!

Take your coat off!



No, I came only to say I love you.

Let me go!

What horrible weather!

Where is your car?

In front of the gate.

I completely forgot your sister.

What shall we do?
- What do you want to do?

Well just go down?
- yes, never explain anything.

Getting dressed?

Thank you.

Good morning.

Good morning, lady.

Stay for dinner!

It's very nice of you but I must go.

Have a drink. A porto-flip.

No, thank you.

It's raining less.

Yes, but it's still cloudy
with west winds.

Summer's going to be lousy.

There's no more real summers.

Awful weather for
the Cassignacs garden party.

Are you going?
- Yes, of course.

You, too?
- Of course.

I was afraid Gilles wouldn't go
but now...

Now that's he's better.

You'll come?

Till tomorrow, at the Cassignacs.
I'll be glad to see you again.

See you tomorrow.
- I can't.

Red Cross meeting.

You're a respectable lady.

Don't laugh at me.


You're O.K.?
- Yes, fine.

What are you thinking of?

I'm all mixed-up.
Yesterday, today, it's all the same.

Don't you like that?
- I wonder.

Hello, Fran?ois.
- Hello, Odile. How are you?

You know my brother?

Gilles, here is Mr. Silvener.

We had dinner together
at the Rouargues.

You work in a press-agency, I hear.

What do you work on?
- Scandinavia.

Nothing much happens there.

I saw the Congolese president
recently on TV.

He said: "Isn't it strange?

When we were at war,
everybody talked about us.

Now we're at peace, and not a word!"
You think it's normal?

We were happier in old times

when we only knew
what happened around us.

Now, because of you
people have no opinion.

They're told what they think.
- No. What they must know.

How do you find my husband?
- Very polite.

Did you talk?
- He talked.

Mrs. Cassignac, Gilles Lantier.

Thank you, Nathalie.

I'm very glad to meet you.

You should come more often.
It's typical here.

I knew your grand-father very well.
You don't resemble him.

His tough luck!

So, you're a journalist?

I should have known.
- What?

I'm not the only one.

What do you mean?

That lad seems to adore you.

I should hope so. He's my brother.

In Egypt, these wooden statuettes
were put in graves

so they could do the task
in place of the dead in the afterlife.

Look! Here, they're ploughing.

There, they make bread and beer.

I must return.



An important promotion in the agency.
- Marvelous!

I'll be away a few days.
Then, I'll come back.

What would you do if I didn't?

I'd come after you.

Jean told me you were coming back.

Aren't you glad to see me?
- Of course I am.

Welcome home!

I did necessary cleaning!

I missed you.

Things seem to turn out well for me,

knock on wood!

Everybody's after me.
I worked all day long at Vogue's.

Aren't you glad?

Yeah, very glad.

Lots of good news all at once.
It's wonderful!

Why are you sad?

I met another woman there.

She helped me a lot.

She helped me get well.

I'm returning tomorrow.

What did you say?

I met another woman.

I'm returning tomorrow.

Who's she?

You don't know her.
I met her by chance.

What will you do?

I don't know. She's married.
I don't know what to do.

You love her?

I do.

Then, why...

Why did you, last night...?

I know. I shouldn't have.

Did I do something wrong?

Not at all.

Where shall I...?

Can I stay here for a while?
- As long as you like.

You'll start in September.

You know your job
but that's not enough.

You have six weeks
to become a specialist.

Well, enjoy your last leisure days.


Drink up your beer!

It's lukewarm.

Albert? - Yes?

Get me a number in Limoges.
- Yes, sir.

Right away!

What shall I tell her?
- You're asking me?

I feel like going back tonight.

I think...
- You think or you're sure?

Shall I tell her?

Wait a while.


It's you?

You're alright?
- No, there's a storm.

I can't stand them.

A storm? - Listen...

Call me back later.
It's dangerous calling during storms.

I'm coming back tonight.

Meet me at the station?

I can't.

We have friends for dinner.


I love you.
I can't live without you.

You hear me?

I love you, too.

Afraid of storms?
- Me? Not at all!

Feeling well?

Tell me one thing.

How many lovers have you had?

None, except you.

And before?

Before what?
- Before your marriage?

I was studying in Paris
at the Sorbonne.

First I lived Rue des Acacias.

Then, Avenue des Gobelins.

I lived... - How many?




I went to Limoges now and then,

on vacation.

My aunt lives here.

That's where...
- Did you like it with them?


As much as with me?

I love you.

That's the difference.

Was the pleasure the same?

I forgot.

Are you jealous?

My life was sheltered up to know.

A little boring, but smooth.

So happy, in one way.

I always knew ahead of time
what to do.

All was set for always.

Something like you had to happen.
- Do you regret it?

No. I may later, who knows?

You don't trust me?

Why do you say that?
- I have that impression.

No. You scared me a little, that's all.

Are you cold?
- No, it's quite warm.

I wish it could last forever.

Summer will pass by.

Of course.

Is Mr. Lantier better?

You understood?

I was longing for it.
- So was I.

I see only you.
I'm so happy to have you here.

Do you like my friends?
- They're charming. They like you.

Do you hear them?

You know Gilles Lantier?

Fancy finding you here!
- Why? It's my bathroom.

You're neglecting you guests.
- They have all they need.

But, I'll go and see.

Country parties don't bore you?
- Not at all.

Plan on staying for a while?
- Eight to 10 days.

You know...
I'm very close to my sister.

Yes, I know.

Nathalie loves you,

to my great regret.

Did she tell you?

Why do you regret?

Nathalie loves you.

What are you waiting for?
What will you do?

She decided to wait.
- She decided nothing.

She's not sure of you.

You should take her away

or leave as soon as possible.

I'll wait for you in Paris.

I'll come.

I took it over two years ago.

Better that way.

Everything has to be changed.

No flowers, no changed?

It's not my type.
- I know.

Am I kicking anyone out?

It was over, anyway.

Someone for you.

A lady.

Here, I discovered your weakness.

Your fear of storms.

You called from here?

I had something to tell you.

How did it go? - What?
- With your husband.

What do you care?

I told him, that's all.
Then, I left.

He knows you're with me?
- Of course.

Are you tired?

I was so afraid you wouldn't come.

I told you I would.

You'll never leave me?
- On whom does it depend?

When I think how I was
when I met her...

She's terrific.
- You think so?

She's much better than you.
In all respects.

Surprisingly enough,
she seems to love you.


Try to not make her suffer.

Keep her as she is.

Don't be too selfish.

Try to be a man.

Is that all?
- No. But try to.

What's so funny?
- Nothing.

About me?
- Not at all.

I'm in Paris.
I'm making the best of it.

Come and sit down.
- A good idea!

Will you marry me?

No way!

He's the man who made me suffer.

Good food, there.
A fine American Chablis.

The lady from Limoges?

Does she like Paris?
- She knows Paris.

A nice fellow.
- Yes. Very nice.

Tell me you're alright.

Well, if you want.

It's for you!

Last night's American.

By the way,
he proposed to me all night long.

But no big vase, here.

I don't know Limoges very well.
I stayed there

only a couple of days.

An interesting town.
- I'm sure of it.

Were you born there?
- No. My husband lives there.

You have children?

Sometimes you have to mind
somebody else's feelings.

Feelings are a delicate matter.

As Stendhal said:
"The heart must break or bake."

It was Chamfort, I think.

I believe Chamfort said it.

I'm sorry. I think it was Stendhal.

In "La Chartreuse de Parme", I think.

I'll check.
Let's not argue over it.

I'm glad you know an educated lady.

For a change.

Thank you.

How were the others?
- I only heard about them.

You're right. It was Chamfort.

Can I tell you something?
- Anything you want.

Sometimes you're marvelous.
Most of the time.

Sincere, warm, alive.

Sometimes you're different.

Using too much of your charm.

Ready to accept anything.

I saw you differently.
- How did you see me?

I don't know.
I didn't think of it.

You were tired.

Nothing else mattered.

And are you perfect?

But I always go all the way.

I thought you loved me for it.

Still afraid of me?

She's beautiful, they say,
and wears pearls.

Not that it matters.

Is she jealous?

You look good.

Last time, I saw you,
you weren't terrific.

How's the work at the agency?
- Quite well.

If you're happy

why did you come to me?

To talk about her.
- Supposing it interests me.

You know what's wrong?

You don't know how to get rid of her.


I know you well.

On the contrary.
I need her. All the time.

Night and day.

You say so.
- It's the truth.

If it was, you wouldn't stay here
a minute longer.

You're right.

Guess who's here? My brother!

Hi, Pierre. - Hello, Gilles.
- When did you arrive?

This morning. I wanted to see Nathalie.
Her letters aren't enough.

More flowers?
- Shall I throw them out?

The American?
- We were talking about him.

He's a very rich man.
- Who told you that?

He calls me when you're out.

Pierre invited me for dinner but...

Go ahead. It's alright.
- You don't mind? - Not at all!

Nothing to drink!
- That's Nathalie.

She's always a guest. Everywhere.

She seems to be happy?
- You think so?

Did she say anything about it?
- No. She never talks about such things.

I'm glad I was mistaken.

Anyway, Limoges is empty without her.

I'll come over as much as possible.

So long! Everything's in the kitchen.

So long!

Coming? - Yes, let's go.

Goodnight, darling!

And Nathalie?

She works in a travel agency.
She didn't want to stay idle.

I don't see you anymore.
- I get home late. We don't go out much.

Real family life. - Nearly!

Is she divorcing?

We don't mention it.

How much?

Shall I drop you?

You're going?

Where are we?
- At the Picadilly, rue Victor Mass?.

What happened?

How should I know?

Don't forget to pay for the room.

Well, I got drunk.

I called everywhere to find you.

Jean told me it was a habit of yours

and not to worry.

Anyone can get drunk, now and then.

You could have called and
told me not to worry.

It would spoil the pleasure?


The coffee is ready.

Just warm it up.

I'm going to work.

Till tonight!

My aunt's dying.

I'm going to Limoges to my brother's.


No use asking me to the station.

You've plenty to do, I guess.

It's time to get off.
- You'll come back?

Would you want me to?
- Don't be silly!

Good evening. May I?

I nearly missed it.

I'd like to go with you,

find back the stream, our room...

In Paris, we never see each other.

I know.

I'm going back to work.

I love you.

So do I.

Hi, Pierre. It's Gilles.

She's just arrived. Hold on.


Did you have a nice trip?

Very nice.

I wanted to talk to you.
I miss you already.

How's your aunt?

She's going to die, I'm afraid.

I've been working. I stayed home.

I don't feel like going out.

I said: Do as you like.

You sound tired.

No, I'm fine.
Thanks for calling.

A kiss to you. Goodbye!
- And to you, too.

It's nice to see you again.

You look great.

And Nathalie?
- In Limoges, for a few days.

Making the best of it?

Nathalie's back?
- No, still in Limoges.

See you tonight? - Tonight?

Not tonight.
When Nathalie's back. - Okay.

Right after the funeral?
- Yes. Limoges was anything but funny.

They threw stones at you?
- Not even that.

Nothing surprises them anymore.

What happened in Paris?
- Not much.

What did you do?

I worked a lot.
I drank a little too much.

I bought records.

What's the matter?
- Nothing.

Please, treat me as a friend

not as a wife.

Will you?

Fran?ois tried to hold me back.

He said: Stay, or go forever.

Everybody wanted me to stay.
My brother, all my friends...

None of them likes you.

Nothing holds me there.

Everything seemed strange.
My house, my furniture, my dresses.

I didn't dare touch anything.
They weren't mine.

Even your sister wanted me to stay.
She talked about you.

Maybe I'm wrong. I don't know.
Anyway, it's too late.

I'm not proud of what I did.

Give me a cigarette.

I don't like driving.

Why didn't we take the train?

I'll drop you at your office?

Please do!

You're just back?
- Yes. Mondays are better.

Your car's parked.
- How's Deauville? - Gloomy!

Let's go for a drink.
- What time is it?

It's past eight.

Have you 5 minutes?

What are Baoules?
- An Ivory Coast tribe.


Want a drink?
- A Scotch.

I haven't been here for a while.
- You know how it is.

You forgot your friends
when you're happy.

Yes and no.

She gave me so much.

She gave up everything for me.

Sometimes it burdens me.

More than you asked for?


She expects too much from me.
And I deceive her.

You're like many others.

But I really love her.

Sometimes I want to be alone.

You no longer need her?

That's it!

The agency was closed today.
So I took a nap.

Good-bye, Jean.

I've some errands to do.
I must go.

Is it you, Gilles?

What's the matter?

No, she isn't here.

If she comes tonight?

I'll let you know at once.

She left him.

She may be at her brother's

Thanks, Odile.

No, I'll be here.

She took a room in a hotel.
She locked the door

and took some sleeping pills.

A neighbor heard her moaning.

We're doing all we can.

The dose was very strong.
- Can I see her?

Tell me!

You knew

I loved you.

But, it's too late.

Tell me!

I would have done anything for you.

I could have died

Long before you


Had I known why

You do this tonight.

My love,

My hope...

Tell me!

No, I didn't know

That love was you.

Tell me!

You must understand

I was lost...

In forbidden land

I was blind

That's all.


Tell me we're still in love

And we're still happy.

And I see her and I lose her
and I endure my grief

like a little sun in cold water.

English subs transcribed & synced by:
marooned2, 2015