A Few Days with Me (1988) - full transcript

Martial's mother owns a chain of supermarkets. He had spent some years in a mental hospital because of pervasive indolence. Hoping that an active task may improve his condition, he is sent to inspect one of the supermarkets. The manager had taken a large loan of money belonging to the firm. When exposed he expects to lose his job. Instead friendship develops between him and Martial who remitted the debt. A sexual relation begins between Francine and Martial, without jealousy from her boyfriend Fernand. Suddenly Martial disappears. He was called to his mother's sickbed. Francine took a job as a waitress. It is not clear if she understood that the owner of the bar would force her to do sexual services for some customers. To save Francine Fernand kills the owner. The only witness is Martial who says 'Run! Do you want to spend ten years in prison!' If he takes the murder on him, he will just return to the luxury hospital he recently came from. Only Francine saw a glimpse of Fernand and understood what really happened. The double sacrifice radically changed her emotions: she came to feel for Fernand as for an older brother and they parted.

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The first three months,
he didn't open his mouth.

Nobody has heard his voice.

There were monosyllables, yes… no…

Thanks… Hi…

But since 15 days ago,
we're having conversations!

So Doctor, he's cured?

Was he ever really sick?

I mean, sick as you mean it…

But he needs to get out one day!

He's my son, I need him.

Of course,
but it's up to him to decide when.

You know, it's not easy for me,

alone and in charge of the business…

When he wants it,
Martial can be very efficient.

He's good with numbers.

He does have a knack with numbers…

For him, everything is signs, codes…

I thought for a moment
that the wedding could snap him out of it.

But he quickly lost interest in it.

Maybe it was my fault?

I liked Lucie very much.

Outside of the business side, I mean.

That also counts, right?

About that, Doctor…

After a year, she had an affair.

And Martial encouraged it…


In a way, it was a relief for him.

He's this way.


This dress is nice.

-Is it new?
-No, you've seen it before.

I'm wondering
if you shouldn't have picked him up?

It was her who didn't want it.

I bought wine, I got a Chateau-Margot.

And a Leoville-Barton, from the same year.

This way love.

-You know, you look great after all.

You'll see, a lot of things have changed.

Lucie got a nose job.

Ah. She's happy about it?

She is.

And Paul?


He's like me,
he doesn't see the difference.

We're happy to see you, sir.

Me too, Albert.

-How do you find it?

-It's fine.
-I ordered three crates.

Good idea.

We're eating early because
we have a board meeting at 2 o'clock.

-Martial, do you mind coming?
-Not at all.

On the contrary.

But where is Felix?

I didn't tell you, he died.

How old was he?

12 years, 8 months.

Not bad for a cat.

Especially if you multiply by five, right?

No, sorry. It's five for dogs,
three for horses…

For cats, it's seven.

So he was…
let's say 13 multiplied by seven…


91 years old!

Indeed, that's not bad!

Tell me, Paul, how is it with Lucie?

-What do you mean good?

Good, very good, good enough, excellent?

Let's say, very good.
After you left, it was difficult…

And after?

After that, very good.

With ups and downs.

You know her character!

You don't get it Paul, I mean physically.

I mean coitus.

-Come on.

From my side…

It's not about you, rather the two of you.

The intensity, the frequency,
the satisfaction.

Listen… yes I think so.

Yes? Because it's very important.

For Lucie and for you.

And for me too. Well, for everyone.

Ah. Mister Travail, hello.


In the clothes and novelties sector,
there is a slight drop.

Nothing to worry about.

Two and a half percent on appliances.

Alimentation is stable, as always.

There's even a slight increase,
one and a half percent.

Are you following, Martial?

I don't want to bother you with stats
your first day back.

Yes. Alimentation is stable.

For this financial year,

even with some expenses…

A margin of 7,5 million,
so 1,6% of the revenue.

I think we can thank Mr. Bassompierre
for the clarity of his report.

But George, I noticed a few cities where…

our yields are lower.
Clermont-Ferrand, Roanne…


Bourg-en-Bresse, Limoges…

These are cities
we haven't visited for a year.

You know, Suzanne, we were overloaded.

As for me, I was busy with the
negotiations with Holland's group.

I can imagine.

But I think we must now
quickly resume our inspections.

These contacts with our province's
director are very important.

Martial, I was thinking…

that you could maybe…

Take care of it? Absolutely.

It could be a relief for us.

You could start with Limoges.

Why not.

When will you leave?

Whenever you want.

Now. The next train
if Paul takes me to the station.

Of course.

It's perfect.

Five cities, five days.

You'll be back on Saturday.

A one-off day of promotions.

Today at Super P, large selection and
and exceptional prices.

Flash sale for 2 minutes 20% off

on top brand bathrobes, swimsuits
in seasonal colors

and cozy terry towels,
all at Super P prices.

Sir, not this way. Over there.

Yes, sorry. I'm…

In the hygiene department,
Pampers for your little ones.

Stay nice and dry with Pampers.

Super P. The supermarket that takes care
of our customers, big and small.

did you see a gentleman in a black suit?

Yes, he went that way.

Hello, Mr. Pasquier.


Do you recognize me?

-I know… it's been a while…

They told me you'd come,
but I didn't expect you so soon!

Please forgive me but I was at a ceramics
exhibition opening day and…

you always have to give a speech…

As you can see,
you've come on our great rebates day!

I saw.

Last year, we reorganized
with what I call, a thematic way.

This way, our clients have better access,

I would say… a better commercial offer.

But I think your time is limited,
do you want to see the books?


Miss Marie.

-The books for Mr. Pasquier.
-Right away, sir.

It's like the old days.

It's like the old days,
when your father led the inspection.

I knew him well, you know.

Between us, a bad temper but a great man.

I think that I was for him,
a trustworthy collaborator…

And even… let's say it… a friend.

I can still hear him,
"Raoul, you are a fighter." Yes, I fought.

Then he died.

So I stayed here in Limoges.

And besides, I like it.

Mr. Fonfrin.

This way.

Here, it's quiet.

We won't disturb you.

There's a minibar if you want
to drink something, with whiskey, gin…

No, thank you.

If you need any
clarification, I'm at your disposal.

Don't hesitate to ask.

Well… I'll leave you.

Don't hesitate at all to ask!

Irene, it's me.

He's going over the books.

Yes. Already.

No, he seems…

Listen, it's not like he was in an asylum.


-Is everything fine?

To be honest,
the opposite would surprise me.

But, here, there are two numbers that…


Here and there.

Here? And there?

Yes, indeed…

Ah, maybe here…

it doesn't account for--

Mr. Fonfrin,
may I have the inventory book?

You don't have it?

Miss Marie, the inventory,
you didn't give it to him?

But you said…

Absolutely not. Go fetch it!

Yes, sir.

By the way, my wife and I
would like to have you over for dinner.

It's nothing fancy, but everybody says
her cooking is excellent.

We'll have some friends,
something intimate and quiet.

Sorry, I have a plane at 9:00.

I understand, other cities to visit.

Too bad… my wife will be sad.

Tell her I'm sorry.

Mister Fonfrin.

I don't know if it's up to date,
I didn't have time…

Very good, thank you.

All right.

I'll leave you.

And again, don't hesitate to ask.

I don't know if it's on
purpose or if he's really unstable,

but right now, he's a pain in the ass.

this little prick has a plane to catch.

So he won't be coming for supper.

Well, all the better.

So, what do we do with the Maillottes?

Keep them…

I'm sorry, I would've loved to take you,
but my wife has the car.

I hope you're satisfied.


-If you have questions…
-I won't hesitate.

Have a good trip.
My wife will be sad, really.

I'm sure of it.

Say hello to your mother for me!

We're stuck

because of the ceramic exhibition opening.

But don't worry, I'll turn right

and you'll catch your plane.

In 10 minutes, we're there.

Sir, could we turn back, please?

Turn back?


Well I know it's hard to believe…

And yet it's true I swear.

Is this Mrs. Fonfrin's house?


Mr. Pasquier? But…

-Didn't you have…

My taxi was stuck in traffic…

-And you missed your plane.
-There you go.

So I took the liberty to…

Of course, please come in. Irene!

Mr. Pasquier got stuck in traffic.

Oh… But lucky us!

I'm thrilledto have you for dinner.

Dinner? I don't know if I can…

Yes, you can, you must!

Francine! Add a plate!

We were about to eat…

This is Mrs. Maillotte.

Mr. Maillotte,
principal private Secretary.

Mr. Pasquier.

I'm very glad to meet you!

Our friend Fonfrin was just saying how

diligently you were inspecting
your province's stores.


And Regine, my sister.

I believe you knew each other…

A long time ago.



But that's the Jacobin tradition,
I suppose.

Here, it's always bare bones.

Mrs. Fonfrin, things are
changing, aren't they? Yesterday…

You don't listen… It's all about Paris!

Do you mean…

I mean, Province prevails!

You're talking nonsense.
It's exactly the opposite!

We're living a decentralization.

These are just words. In fact…

Things are slowly changing.

Nevermind, she's being stubborn.

For example, I love opera…

We can watch it on the TV.

That's different!

For me, opera is a living thing.

Listen, Irene, not everybody has to be
a purist about it.

I know that today,
it has become a trend, a "must."

Not for me, Raoul, you know it.

I've always loved the great voices.

My sister thinks she's Joan of Arc.

Oh please…

In any case,
there is not enough culture here.

Personally, I hated the old majority.

And God knows
I've campaigned against them.

For the theatre and culture,
the previous administration was good!

I'll stop you right there, Mrs. Fonfrin.

But we can't give money to people

who think you're a fascist
for all of eternity!

For me, the notion of left or
right is so outdated.

I know I make you smile, Regine,
the family's little leftist.

But I've always been a socialist,
and I support economic liberalism.

But the tendency is the norm, of course.

And thankfully so!

But today, it's the end of the ideologies
and systems,

and that's important!

Yes, but it's true that…

But are we adult enough politically?

We should reach a national consensus.

Don't split France in half.

I'm sorry, dear Regine,
but without consensus, no Limousin,

no Hexagone and no Europe. It's clear!

Pardon me, Mrs. Maillotte, I interrupted

You wanted to say something?


I don't remember.

She always has trouble
with abstract discussions.

She's not the only one.

But, you haven't eaten anything.

-You don't like the dessert?

Do you want a fruit, perhaps?

No, thank you, really.

I'm afraid that
our provincial discussions bother you.

You mean he's bored to death!

No, not at all, on the contrary.

This string of old commonplaces
was very interesting.

You see, telling truths is an art!

The speed of the reply, the voices' tone…

It becomes a kind of comforting music.

It's like a trip abroad
where you don't understand the language,

we look at the faces.

It's perfectly true!

Do you remember our trip
in Czech Republic?

That dinner that was so boring
since we couldn't understand a word.

This night in our room,
we remade the scene…

with the details of every nose, ears,
the skin texture, the eye…

So revealing…

How did the two of you meet?

It's an old story.

In Paris, in law school.

A reactionary bastion where your sister
played the role of "La Pasionaria."

Under her care, even right-winged students

stopped redacting pamphlets
about permanent revolution.

Yes, we talked about that at the time.

You had your way with words.

No, it was simpler. I slept with them.


Yes, with them, but not with me.

It was different with you.

I felt like you were just passing through,

that nothing interested you.

Well, let's go to the living room!

But it's already past eleven!

I'm sorry…

We need to go, honey.

Me too, I need to go.

You need to find a hotel, I suppose?

With the exhibition,
I'm afraid everything's booked.


But maybe…

You could sleep here.

There is the blue room.

But of course, I didn't think of it.

Please forgive me.


I'm sorry…

You're kidding, my home is your home.

He's imposing…

Francine, Francine.

Prepare the bed in the blue room.

You said 10 o'clock, it's already…

I know but you'll stay a little longer!

And also get two bath towels.


Thank you very much.


-What time is your plane?
-11 o'clock.

Sadly, I can't take you.

I have a meeting
at 10 o'clock with the staff delegates.

But our usual taxi will drive you.

-Do you want another toast?
-No, thank you.

I have to leave you now.

I'm always at the store before the staff.

It's a principle I always respect.

I'll go with you.

I would like to leave with a
copy of the cashbook, if possible.

A copy, of course.

I'll get my jacket and bag and join you.

Bassompierre told me
he was a slacker but now, he's vicious.

You have nothing to worry about.



Cashbook since when?

The last six months.

Mrs. Fonfrin, thank you
for your warm hospitality as expected.

All the pleasure was mine.

There you go.

I realize that certain things are unclear.

I was thinking about working on it
this Sunday.


-I don't really trust my store manager.

Yes, one day, I'll have to fire him.

Well, you have everything.
So if you have any questions,

don't hesitate to ask.

Goodbye, dear friend.

You like Limoges?

The center is still nice.



Yes. That's me.



Hi. Where are you calling from?

You haven't left? What happened?

Nothing. I'm in town,
in an apartment I rented.

I would like to have a dinner tonight.

Yes. A dinner.

I'm having some friends over
and I need you.

I would like to hire the young girl
who worked at your place.

What's her name again?

Francine, yes.

Yes, but it's not possible.

I don't recommend her at all.

Firstly, she doesn't really know her job.

She's an amateur.

And it's a girl who…

But she seemed very nice.

From your point of view, maybe.

I have to watch her constantly,

I can tell you she's not exactly a gem.

-It's him. The door…
-Him who?

Hello. Sorry… anyway,
my husband and I are busy tonight.


Yes, I understand, but…

She'll say no, I know her.

She is very stubborn.

I will pay her very well.

Listen. It's what I want.

Do whatever is necessary.

I'm counting on you.

Fine. Where does she need to go?

At what time?

You're welcome.

Who was it?

Who do you think it was!

It was him. He didn't leave at all.

He rented an apartment.

You know, the huge one in town.

Oh, no. No…

He's having a dinner
and we're not even invited!

I'm wondering if…

-Good evening.
-Good evening.

Please come in.

Thank you for making yourself available.

I hope it didn't interfere
with your plans.

No, no. Where is the kitchen?

Oh, yes. This way.

There you go.

I know, it's almost empty but the place
has been unoccupied for a year.

And what should I do exactly?

Don't worry. I already ordered.

And where is it taking place?

Over here.

-You're only two?

-And what time will your guest arrive?
-She's here…

-She's hiding?

It's you.



Would you like to have dinner with me?

You like champagne?

What is it, what do you want?

Who do you think I am?

You think you can just ring me up for sex?

There must be an agency in town,
specializing in those things.

You don't understand.

Oh, yes. You didn't find anyone,
so here's the maid!

I have nothing against them.

But I'm not one of them.

I know.
I only want to have dinner with you.

You wanted to. And I count for nothing?

You didn't ask my opinion.

You're right.

But I couldn't find a better way
to meet you.

To know you.

Just have one drink.
Then you can leave if you want.

Please sit down.

Okay, five minutes.

You don't like it?

Yes, it's very good.

It's Brut.

And you, you don't drink?


Does she know, Mrs. Fonfrin?


That I was the guest.

Of course not.

Do you know what the Fonfrins call you?

The family's idiot?

No. The crazy one.

They're not the only ones.

I'll go now.


You just arrived.
You're not in a hurry, right?

No, but…


You're the first person I've wanted
to talk to in so many years.

-You rented all this for…

You don't have to eat.

Who's the cook?


Okay, might as well.

I won't let you eat all that alone!

And I'm hungry.

I'm sorry that the decor is a bit basic
but I didn't have time to…

-You're not eating?
-Yes, yes.

How long have you been with the Fonfrins?

Four months.

One day, I was broke.

I was in your store
and I stole two silk panties.

Because silk or cotton, if they catch
you, it's the same price, so…

-So why bother?

So I got caught

and they took me to Fonfrin's office.

What did he say?

He gave me a lecture.

He said that it was very bad
and if everyone did what I did…

Then he said it was okay, he forgave me.

And that he could give me a job.

He offered me a job.

At his home, as a maid.

Did he try to take advantage of you?


Well, yes, a little bit.

But she was very suspicious.

So the poor man, he didn't insist.

I was fine with it.

But after that, she was after me.

She put money out on purpose to catch me!


How much are you making?

And you?

Honestly, I don't know exactly.

You mean, you earn so much
that you don't even know how much.

That's it.

To be honest, I don't really earn it.

Can you do something for me?

What is it?

Could you let your hair down?

Who could he have invited?
He doesn't know anyone here!

I don't know,
maybe he's got friends in the region?

Ask your sister.

Anyway, the Maillottes aren't there.

Do you know what's funny in the end?
It's that…


Go ahead, a little more…

Is it okay?

It's fine.

What was I saying?

You were saying, what's funny in the end…

Oh, yes.

I don't know. Stop!

I mean, I thought that
it was meant to be a boring night.

In the end, it's not bad.

You keep your jacket on?

It's a principle of yours?

When we don't know each other,
it's not easy.

But you've got charm.

-Are you married?
-Kind of…

Kind of, what does that mean?

It means that it started as a business
arrangement and then quickly ended…

Fizzling out?

But with women, you're--

When it comes to that, don't worry.

I'm not worried. Besides, I don't care.

Geez… I have to go.

I'm drunk…

I would like to call you a cab
but I don't know the number.


I can take you home on foot if you want.

I prefer to sleep here
but I'm afraid that…

That I'd rape you?

No, but…

Someone is waiting for you?

Yes. Well, no. It's not that…

I mean…

The lights are off and no one has left.
Don't you think it's strange?


Maybe his guests have already gone
before we came.

It's probably that.

With him, they must've been so bored.

You're right. It's surely that.

You didn't sleep?


Come sleep with me.

Good morning.

What are you doing?

I'm going to work.


I start at nine, I'm already late.


No, what?

You won't go back there.

Are you kidding or what?
Who's going to feed me?

Listen… I'll stay longer than planned.

Anyway, I've rented this place
for three months.

It was the minimum at the agency.

If you want, you can stay here.
It'll be your home.

And the Fonfrins?

We're not talking about them.
They're nothing, they're at my service.

And you, why do you care?

Nothing, but…

You'll have everything you need.

Money, of course, for you to arrange
the apartment the way you want it.

-In short, you want to buy me off.

So what is it? Is this a game?

If you want to call it that.

It's good for me but for you too.

We'll have some fun,
what do you have to lose?

You'll be free. I have no intention
to keep you prisoner here.

I should go there to tell her.

Don't worry, let's tell her
you quit on the phone!

She's gonna be furious, that cow.

Hello, it's me. Me, Francine.

No, actually, I wanted to tell you
that I'm not coming.

No, I'm not sick.

I'm leaving you, I'm not coming back.

That's my business.

You have your reasons, I have mine.

Those eight days are on me.

I told my husband you were a little bitch!

That's it, goodbye.


Did you hear what she said at the end?

It's business.

Let's have some coffee.

That felt good but it made me hungry!

It's not bad here.

I'm warning you,
I won't dress like Mrs. Fonfrin!

I hope not.


You're doing good.

I haven't driven in almost a year.

What kind of car?

A crappy R5.

The light was red.

I saw.

We drove to the sea
but the car broke down on the way back.

The gearing broke down.

It was your friend's car?

What friend?

You must have a friend. A boyfriend?

Yes. But anyway, he doesn't have a car.

What does he do?

He's on welfare.

And you care about him?

When I had nothing,
I was lucky to have him.

-What's his name?

I would like to meet him.

Are you kidding?

No, why? I would like to know him.

We could have him over for dinner.

You're really weird.

-Where does this table go?

-And this one?

Those ones go…

Here, for the moment.



Who's calling?

Oh, sorry. Please hold,
I'll pass him to you.

Martial, it's your mother.

Hello. How are you?

Me, very good.

A friend, yes.


Why do you ask if you know it?

It's big.

I don't know, about 50 square meters.
But it's gonna be hard to furnish it.

I don't know… for a while…

Very good, I told you.

You can reassure the diabolic Dr. Appert!

No. And to be honest,
it's your sanity that worries me.

Where do I put it?

Wait a second.

Could you help this man?

Over there…

Know what? I told you everything.

Or just hire a private detective.

But it's not worth it, you already have
the Fonfrins at hand.

And the other cities?

The other cities, you will have to wait.

But Martial, you said
you were doing the inspections.

I'm counting on you, you can't do that!

I have to go,
they're delivering the parasol.

I'll call you back.

A parasol…

What can we do?

I'm worried more about how much
he's spending with his credit card…

Don't forget, Suzanne,
that he also has the signature.

But I can't go get him.

I don't recommend that at all.

There must be another way.

-Hello Mr. and Mrs. Pasquier.

Follow me.

You're not eating the claws?
They're the best.

You can eat with your hands, you know.

And Fernand,
you're sure he's going to come?

He had some things to do.

He'll join us for dessert.

Once, I found something nice
in a tea salon, which was also a gallery.

It was an old dyke who owned the place.

It was nice.

On the walls, she had a lot of paintings…

by a great painter.

Antique? Contemporary?

Give me some names.

-Van Gogh?
-No, not this one.

I like him, though.

The one who paints blue birds.


Yes, that's it, I liked it.

She went bankrupt and sold the place.

And then I worked in a theater
near Gare de l'Est.

The movies were like Deep Throat…

A bit monotone, you know.

Embalmed salmon with a nest of zucchinis.


Embalmed, it's like a cemetery!

But you also went out?

Yes! When you're not too ugly,

you can always find groups
to have fun with.

Yes please.

But when you don't have a job
and your depressed,

you don't really want to dance!

So I came back here.

At least I know this place.
I was born here, my family is here.

From the table over there.

It's the sister-in-law, Regine.

At the left.

What does she say? Give it to me.

"You have all my sympathies."

What does that mean, "all my sympathies"?

She should mind her own business,
that slut.

You don't seem to like her.

She's worst than her sister.

At least
with Fonfrin, she knows her place.

This one calls herself a leftist,

like she's "with the people,"
always sorry to be served at the table.

She's a mess.

-You know what's funny?

She's dating a cop!


Yes, he's the chief commissioner,
I know him.

He was after my sister for a car incident.

I'm meeting friends…

Martial, Fernand. Fernand, Martial.

-I'm very happy to… please sit down.

-Did you have dinner?

Tell him if you haven't eaten.

Order something… please.

Thank you.

I don't know… sauerkraut.

We don't have that.

But we could suggest a marinated slaw
minced with coriander.

It's the same thing.

-I'll have it.
-Yes, sir.

-You don't want a beer?
-No, it's fine.

What time is the movie?


And the movie is…

The Ninja Strikes Back.

Ah… karate.

He's already seen it five times.

Yes, but I haven't seen it in two years.

-Have you seen it?
-No, not this one.

Do you like karate movies?

I love it!

No, not the scene on the stairs
but at the bottom.

When the other guy attacks him
with a mawashi.

A mawashi? You sure?
It's not a punch with the hand?

-He does have a black belt!
-No, no, he's right.

You know karate? Did you practice it?

A little bit.

Yeah, because after the mawashi,
there was a shuto.

I don't get it, show me.


The mawashi is like this.

And shuto is like this.

-Now I'll stop or I'll kill you.

But do it for real.

-For real…
-No, thank you.

Why not? You know karate.

I'm not a punching bag.

Really? Too bad!

Well, are you coming?

-Where are we going?
-To The Terminus.

You were scared, no?



It's my round, come!

-Come on.
-Let's drink…

Hey, it's my sister!


So Martial, my sister Georgette, and her…


What are you drinking?

I don't know, the same thing.

Ah, Robert!
Another round of brandy for everyone.

Do you know
how much the defense budget is?

We must have an army in case of war!

-How many are you in your family?

Five girls and two boys.

And you're an only child, of course.

It was thanks to her.

Excuse me,

are you traveling? What for?

A business trip.

For whom?

The Pasquier Supermarket, that's him.

Excuse me.

What material is that?

I don't know.

It's natural silk, right?

So Mister…


How's it going? You're happy?

Business is good.

Great, because these days,
it goes up and down, you never know.

What is this thing?

A hat. You like it?

Take it. It's for you.

We're not sisters.

We are friends!

-Right, Francine?
-Yes, yes.

I couldn't get away.
I don't know what came over that guy.

Did you recover the stock?

-Which one?
-The one I told you about.

-It's important!
-Yes, don't worry.

What is Fernand saying?

You're annoying me now!

Max, please!

Tell her to shut up.

That's what I'm doing!

It's not easy at this point.

-She's drunk.
-I can tell.

Will you stop drinking!

Excuse her, Mr. Martial.

Mr. Martial.

Hey, Rocky! Rocky!


So you bought the Manzano shop?

I'm not crazy, just shares.

He knows his stuff.

-Hey, Rocky. Did you see my feathers?

Excuse me, but I'm… a bit awestruck.

I'm losing it… so I'm recovering.


And her dress!

If I can give my opinion…

If we want it, we'll let you know.

She's terrible.
Do you see how she talks to me?

Pardon me, gentlemen.
You're the lucky ones.

Get out of here!

Get off me!

-Watch it!
-Stop it!

Stop, stop. You know he's drunk, right?

Go away. Don't you see
that you're bothering them!

Rocky is good. He's clever.

Yes, seems like it.

Do you find him nice?

-What does he do?

He's not from here.

Wasn't he a fairground worker?

He was selling stuff…cassettes, stereos…

He took shares everywhere…

So he's a trafficker.

Stop fucking around!

He's taking a beating!

Are you happy now? You won?

If you don't mind, I have to go back
with Fernand tonight.

It's not a problem.

So you don't care.

-Another one?

Yes, the same, it's on me this time.

I have an idea, let's invite the Fonfrins.

For the housewarming party.

Not just them, of course.
You can invite whoever you want.

Okay, great.

What's so funny?

I'll tell you later. Let's go.

Already? We're not going to…

Goodnight, Fernand, it was a pleasure.
See you soon.

Thank you for tonight.

-No, Fernand!

So other than the Fonfrins,
who are we inviting?

I don't know, the Maillottes?

I don't know them.

Your sister and Max.

And the sister-in-law,
with her police boyfriend.

-There's a thing that surprises me.

Normally, when a guy just looks at her,

anyone, I'd hit him.
But with you, I don't know…

I'm not jealous.

-I'll take it as a compliment.
-I meant it as one.

Excuse me, madam, punch, I serve in …

The glass bowl in the kitchen
that's in the box.

Got it, madam.

They will be here in 20 minutes.

You know how difficult this is?

I know, but how can we get out of it?

-I don't think I could…
-You have to hold out.



Wasn't there a dinner?

A dinner?

But… what day is it?


I'm sorry! I completely forgot!

No problem, another time then!

No, no, please come in.

There must be a corner shop
that's still open.

I'm stupid, I forgot that there's tuna
and beer in the kitchen.

Come in!

Come on, it's no big deal.

It would be our pleasure. Honey!


Guess who's here for dinner.

Well, then.

It's a little joke!

Very funny.

Yes, very funny.

Good evening.

Good evening.

I'm happy to have you here!

It was important for us.

It's a pleasure.

You've completely redecorated. It's…

really… really…

It's original.

You like it? Really?

Francine did it all!

You can congratulate her.

It's very interesting.

It's summery!

It's wonderful to bring…

some sun to these old houses
that crumble under tradition.


-Can you take care of the punch?
-Of course.

Hand me your coat.
I really like your dress.

I was just talking about it
the other day with Martial.

We were saying, "She has taste,
but it's a little sad."

"She should take risks."
And you did, bravo!

Thank you. You know,
this dress is at least five years old.

Try this for me.

It's strong, what is it?

My own recipe, tequila, gin,
pepper, curacao.

And most important, potato alcohol.

They say that
it can provoke hallucinations. Madam.

No, I don't know if I…

Do you want to offend me?


And this…

This is one of my oldest friends,
Roger Delafrenière.

Mr. and Mrs. Fonfrin from the supermarket.

You look familiar. We've surely met before
through mutual friends.

Where do you live?

Excuse Roger, he had a terrible accident.

He was hunting
on the estate grounds of his castle

and he suddenly fell.

He was hurt
by his horse and half-eaten by his dogs.

Please, honey, stop with this story.

No, please continue.

One of the dogs was ferocious
and sliced his jugular vein.

It's horrible, stop…

-He lost his voice.

His scarf is hiding a terrible scar.

Let me tell you that I'm sincerely sorry.

Good evening.

So Raoul, Irene, Max, Georgette.

Georgette is my sister, you know her.

Yes, indeed.

-Good evening.
-Good evening.

-Good evening.

-Good evening.

Mr. Martial.

Oh, it's Fernand!

Yes, Fernand! What are you doing here?

I'm Roger Delafrenière.

I have a castle, I go hunting.
Fox-hunting… By foot…

I knew it was him!

Of course, it's Fernand.

You're funny tonight!

But I wasn't that dupe, I never
heard about any hunting accident.

I know everything around here,
from the smallest house to the castles.

It's not lumpfish caviar.

Careful! One minute on your lips,
it'll stay on your hips.

Leave it, darling. I'll get it.

What is our "lord" doing these days?

Yes, for the moment…

It's tough for everyone, so…

And with Francine, it's still working?

Very good, thanks.

I mean, everyone leads the life they want.

Oh, blasted Francine.

Holy Francine.

We're not the first, I see!

No. Here are our friends, the Maillottes.

It's so funny, they look ridiculous.

You told me it was a costume party!

It's true. But honey, you didn't call them
to tell them that in the end…

Sorry, I completely forgot.

We told ourselves afterward that
costume parties were outdated.

It's true that these cheap costumes
are a bit ridiculous.

Well… we're happy to have entertained you.

But you should know
when you've gone too far.

Could we have our coats, please?

Come on.

Be a good sport, Maillotte.
You have a sense of humor!

Look at our host as an example.

Come on, after this long walk
in the Sherwood forest, you need a drink!

Come on.

Drink this! Bottom's up.


You should try!

So, we're not dancing?

Of course!

Fernand, turn up the volume, please.

They said the second floor.
It must be here.

Where the noise is coming from.

-Kiss me.
-Oh, no, stop it.

Good evening, Commissioner, madam,
please come in.

Oh! Look who's here.

-Hello, Commissioner!
-Hello, friend!

Good evening!
We didn't expect you to come.

We've met before, no?

Yeah, over stupid things.

The past is the past!

Let's dance, Commissioner!

I'd love to, but I need
to make an important call first.

-Of course. This way.
-Thank you.

-You won't be bothered here.
-Thank you.

-You know who he's calling?

His wife.

I see, which could cause some trouble.

None, we commit crimes every night!

Wow, you're very flexible!

Yes, well, I'm soaking wet!

We change!

Hey, Mrs. Fonfrin is having fun!

And Mrs. Fonfrin says, screw you!

Just because your maid invited you,
you don't have to be vulgar!

Raoul, tell her to shut her mouth
and get sodomized by her cop.

She's a bit drunk.

You mean completely drunk?

Things are picking up!

Yes, it's a relief.

We're changing!

So we completely agree!

Tell me, Mr. Fonfrin,
you have 12 cashier machines, no?


Because while checking your documents,

I noticed that there is one missing.

Yes, it's possible. I have an employee
who took a few days off.

You also mentioned one of your managers
you didn't trust.

-Yes, indeed.

He's a man who… drinks.

-I had to fire him this morning.

I mean, yesterday. What's important now
is to find someone to replace him.

It takes a while with all the tests, CVs…

Don't worry, I've got your man!



Mr. Fonfrin has a problem
as he just let one of his employees go,

and he told me he'd be happy
if you were to accept his job offer of…

store manager.

Mr. Fonfrin, if you trust me,
I'm sure I'll be able to…


Anyway, this man is reliable!

I don't doubt it.

-And when would I start?
-Tomorrow morning.

-At eight o'clock.
-I'll be there.

Yes, I'll need to explain a few details…

It's her, she broke my necklace!

Ma'am, I didn't break anything!
What is she saying?

Do you take me for an idiot?
I'm not some floozy!

What did you say to me?

Calm down. You're acting a fool.

Don't touch me, you bastard!


She's losing it!

She lost it. Sometimes, the human-machine…

She was falling, so I tried to catch her,
and the necklace…

Of course, dear.

It's fine. We'll find her pearls.

Georgette, you were perfect, keep dancing.

All that for false pearls.

Excuse me, Regine,

it's not fake,
it's your grandmother's necklace.

Come on.


-Martial, can I call you Martial?
-Of course.

Do you want to hear a confession?

Why not.

The discrepancies that you found
with the cashiers,

it's because of me.


-Look, there's another one.

Yes. I did a little borrowing but I was
planning to pay it back, of course.

Of course. Another one!

What a mess.

And it's been 20 years that
I've been married to this crook.

I loved him.

I quit everything for him,
I was a talented painter.

You're still young.
You can start a new life.

Without the kids,
I would leave him right now.

But your kids are grown up,
they don't live with you anymore.

That's true. You're right.

But it's too late… It's too late…

53, 54, 55…

And three more, that's 58.

Honey, we have 58 pearls,
how many do you have?


So, 80, that's all of them!

I'll need to apologize to your sister.

I'm so sorry.

She's on fire!

My hair!

No, not the water!

The wig! Get it off her!

-Good thinking!
-Very good.

Bravo, Commissioner.

-Get vinegar, hurry!

-No, ammonia!
-But there is none!

Maybe it was wax from a candle.

It's the best hypothesis.

Impossible, the victim's head

would have to be at the table's height
for that to happen.

Yes, but that doesn't explain
how it could've happened.

Here he comes!

She's okay, just a little shocked.

And her hair?

They had to shave her, all of it.

But the scalp is all right!

They don't know
how fast it will grow back, but…

We just need to be patient.

-She'll need a wig…
-Which is made from asbestos!

It's raining!

Oh, well, I don't have an umbrella…

Children, it's gonna be a downpour!

I'll leave you now.

Come on, my friends. You'll get soaked.

Let's go, I've got to get up
at 6 o'clock tomorrow.

Thank you!

See you tomorrow, Mr. Fonfrin!

We're can't stand here all night.

-Well, let's go then!
-Come on.

Thanks for the party, it was wonderful!


Hello. Did you sleep well?

Yes. And you?

Not long enough.

Put the empty bottles in the crate there.

You know,
I could have called someone to help.

No, it's not hard. I prefer it.

This thing got torched too.

It was quite a success last night, right?

Yeah, yeah.

Fernand was perfect.

Yeah, he surprised me.

He should be working now.

Under the high authority of Mr. Fonfrin.

It's good for Fernand, no?

Yes, you were great.

How you decorated the place is nice.

Yes, but to live in…

If you asked me, I would've
shown you the Loges neighborhood.

There are small houses with gardens!

But for you, maybe it's better here.
I have to go.


I can't always have fun.
One day, you'll leave, and what will I do?

Wait, there's coffee.

I need to find work. With the Fonfrins,
it's over, thank goodness!

Now I'll find something else.

I hope it's strong enough. Here.

-The car keys.
-You're not taking it?

You know… looking for work in a Mercedes!

See you tonight.


Hello, Fernand?

How's it going? Are you happy?

Yes, I was sure of it.
Tell me, have you seen Francine?

No, no, no… Do you think…

She was supposed to see her parents,
I was wondering if…

No, don't worry.

All right, Fernand.
I'll call you tomorrow.

-Martial? It's Regine.

Yes. I recognized your voice.

Last night was spectacular.


-Francine was superb.

I can't wait to find out what's next.

What do you mean?

Well, you and Francine.

Excuse me, but it's none of your business.

You'll think I'm being indiscreet, but…

I'll bother you, are you alone?


-The opposite would surprise me!

I just happened to run into Francine
at a bistro, she wasn't alone and…


On the way to Paris, at The Blue Star.

I hope you don't take it the wrong way,
but when I saw her, I thought maybe…

You haven't slept?


Looking for work is even harder
than working.

And… did you find anything?

Yeah, maybe.
But it's not like I'm in high demand.

One didn't care, the other wasn't there.

You don't know what it's like.
You have to wait, and wait…

Until now.

Yeah. At the end, I was a tad depressed.

So what?

So nothing.

Why do you lie to me?

Why didn't you tell me that you were at
a bar for three hours?

I saw you.

I know. I saw you too.

I ran into Regine. I told her to call you.


Just like that, to see how you'd react.

I was thinking, will he come in or not?
And you didn't come in.

I know it's not because you were afraid.

But really… why?

I didn't want to.

Because I'm with Rocky,
I think that I'm free.

Let's say I was jealous.


You're not jealous.

It's not your style.

I work hard to make you jealous
and you just don't care.

It's hot.

I drank too much.

It's your fault. I never drank before.

Were you a monster with your wife?



With you, it's worst than being alone.

What about Fernand… who loves you?



He loves me…

I thought about
what you told me this morning.

I even walked around Les Loges.

Hello. Yes.



Is it serious?

Where is he?

I'll take the first plane.


"due to a serious matter,
I have to go back to Paris right away.

"Maybe it's better for you and me.

"You can keep the flat
as long as you want.

"If you need anything, call me on
the number written down on the envelope.

"Thank you for spending
these few days with me."

Thank you.

-How is she?
-Better. She's waiting for you.

My dear…


It's nice of you to come so quickly.

Don't be silly.

I didn't want them to call you
in the middle of the night, but…

Stop it.

I had quite a fright, you know.

I wanted to turn off the TV…

and suddenly, there was a pain in my arm.

You know,
it went up and spread to my shoulder.

Now, how are you?


They gave me a lot of meds…

Don't worry.

It's nothing.

I was tired for a while.

The business is worrying me so much…
and there's you…

I'm not reproaching you but…

I thought I'd never see you again.

Don't talk too much, it'll tire you.

I'm here,
I'll take care of everything now.

I'll clear some things up,
you don't have to worry.

Clear things up? What do you mean?


Have a rest.

You're drinking coffee?


Are you sure it's safe?

It's decaf.

-He's here?
-Five minutes ago.

How did he seem?



You thought he'd be crazy?

I mean, how he's taking it?

He looked worried.

You're here, Doctor.

Hello Martial.

I didn't know
you were also a cardiologist!

Let's say that because of you,
I've gotten close to your mother.

How did you find her?

Good. I'm wondering…
Please, I need to call the office.

I'm sure your return
will help her recovery.


Hello. Mr. Travail, please.

It's even a miraculous recovery.

Maybe it was just an alarm…

Sometimes, alarms are…

-The most important thing is I'm here.

Hello. Mr. Travail?

It's me. Yes, I'm back.

Very good. Thank you.

Mr. Travail, I'll need
the management statistics for this year.

Yes, on all our franchises.

And for Limoges,
the complete state of the cashiers.

I know. I know.

Is Mr. Bassonpierre there?

Good. No, you don't need to inform him.

The time has come.
See you soon, Mr. Travail.

Where is Lucie?

In the washroom.

It'll only be a moment.

You know, Lucie, I've been thinking a lot

about us.


I can't always go backward

and perpetuate old habits of tenderness
that fizzle out after a while.

In any case,
that's not enough for a woman.

A silent couple is a dead couple.

So I made a decision.

We're getting a divorce.

Can you repeat that?

We are divorcing.

I think it's better for you, for me,
for Paul.

Is this a joke?

I've never been so serious.

Why so sudden?

It's a big decision.

-We have to…
-Consult a lawyer, of course.

But on the financial side,
you won't regret anything.

I even think you'll congratulate yourself.

Very well. If this is what you want.

Great, I'll leave you.
I need to go to the office.

Did you talk to your mother?

You know, in her condition, poor thing…

Oh, yes… poor her…

Not only are you acting like a bastard
but you're also an idiot!

She was never sick.
She's as healthy as a horse.

It's her and that crook who invented
this farce to make you return.

You're teaching me things.
I'm glad you're here.

-Hello, Martial.

Sadly, I have to leave just as you arrive,
I'm leaving for Amsterdam in two hours.

Yes, I heard.

I'm not sure
whether you're aware of its importance,

but we have a big stake
with the Holland group.

I'm sure of it.

-With Fonfrin, did it go well?
-Very well.

You had fun, you did well.

-See you later.
-Have a good trip.

Thank you.

I asked you for Limoges
because I noticed a few discrepancies.

I would like to see for the year…
Yes, check that, Mr. Travail.

There's a discrepancy
in sequential numbers in April.

And there, look, another.

I need the same documents
on all the other cities.

-With the daily reports?


One moment.


Mr. Bassonpierre.

Thank you.

Hello, George.

Yes, thank you.

How is it going there?


You don't know the latest news
about my son?

He's decided to divorce.

Lucie left to stay with Paul at a hotel.


For three days now, night and day,

he's been with Travail
checking all the accounting books.

I don't know.

So Mr. Travail, out of all our franchises,
there's only five,

which you say is already not bad,
that have this anomaly.

And the total amount is…

Four million.

So, with the repayment of
Mr. Fonfrin in Limoges,

in the global number…

how much is missing?

About 2 million and 600 hundred.

It's not bad.

It's not bad.

You're an honest man, Mr. Travail.

But it was Mr. Bassonpierre who hired you.

Denunciation is never fun.

You must be exhausted
and your wife must be angry.

I think we deserve a bit of sleep.

-It's been a while.

-Did you sleep well?
-Nine hours.

And you, no tachycardia?

Please, don't bring that up again.

If you think that it was funny…

You left me with no choice.
To each his own.

There weren't any calls for me?

No, none.

Do you know where I can reach Paul?

Prince-de-Galles hotel.

But you won't be able to avoid Lucie.

How well do you know Bassompierre?

He's a friend.

He used to be your lover, right?


George was very patient, very delicate…

A woman can't always say no.

And you know, at my age…

I fear that your relationship
will suffer in the future.

And why is that?

Because he's a crook who has stolen
from you, and not just this year,

to the tidy sum of 2,5 million Francs.
Revalued, of course.

It's abuse of trust

and misappropriation of funds,
Mr. Bassompierre.

So you understand you have to go

and we've prepared this resignation

And this 6-page document
where you sell all your company shares.

You just need to sign it.

I can't deny your remarks,

but don't forget
what I've brought to this company.

That is why we're proposing this option,

which prevents you from getting a lawsuit
and don't forget,

five years in prison.

I would like to know… or rather meet…

the fly that bit you.

With Mr. Bassompierre, we're
losing not only a friend

but also a great manager.

But his decision is irrevocable
and we need to replace him quickly.

Considering his experience,
I think that Paul would be a great choice,

along with the help of Mr. Travail.

I need to go now, our new partners
from Holland are in Paris.

And I have a meeting
with them in half an hour.

It will be my last contribution.

I've decided to leave the company
and let you divide up my shares.

But I will keep complete control
of Limoges' franchise.

Paul and Mr. Travail can answer
all your questions.

No, no, no…

I'll open with 250.

Take this!

I fold.





Mr. Martial!

-You are…
-Don't worry. Continue.

Hello, Mr. Pasquier.


I wasn't expecting you.

I thought that my fate would arrive
in a phone call.

You know…
there is nothing to say in my defense.

You're trimming the fat.

There comes a time
when you have to pay the price.

You have power over little people,
like a puppeteer,

it's your favorite sport, no?

But I've had enough.
Don't count on me to beg.

I have nothing to lose.

In fact, do what you want.

I don't care.

Mr. Fonfrin, I don't care at all
about this cashier scandal.

Let's forget it, it's in the past.

I'm very happy that we met

and I thank you.

Wait. I beg your pardon?

I don't…

It's simple, I want to live here.

You know the region very well.

I'm going to need you
and your recommendations.

If what you're saying is…


So… Then…

I am…

I am at a loss for words.

How can I avoid the cliches to express my…

Then don't say anything.

How is Fernand?

he did fantastic work for a few days.

Then, he started coasting.

He was here, but not really.

Now he hasn't shown up at all in two days.


Hello, Mr. Fonfrin. Come in.

Sorry about work. These days, I'm…

-Are we disturbing?
-No, not at all.

It's a pleasure.

I thought we'd never meet again.

Have a seat.

-Have you seen Francine?

She left… with Rocky.

You know, the guy we saw at the…

She works in one of his bars.

Now, I don't know, what, why…

I'm going to say something cliche,
Fernand, but one's loss…

Thank you, I know.

It's easy to say to others.

I can't stop thinking about
how she's sleeping

with this bastard
who's gonna put her on the street.

Excuse me… I can't…

Don't worry, Mr. Fonfrin,
I'll be back to the store.

Tomorrow, I promise.

It's often these guys, tough
on the outside and fragile on the inside.

I'll take care of him, count on me.

You know, only time can heal some wounds.

It's funny how we can be wrong.
When I saw you, I thought it was for me.

It's just there.

Is it far from here, Les Loges?

It's on the other side, why?

Well, well…


So, you're back.

As you can see.

Always for Mr. Fonfrin…

-What are you drinking?
-A coffee.

I saw the sister-in-law yesterday.

-Check for table seven.

So your serious matter in Paris,
is it all right?

Yes, it was not so serious in the end.

When you disappeared without notice,

it was everyone for himself.

Anyway, I moved on.

-So you left Fernand?

It wasn't easy, you know.

I was bored. Did you see him?

He must think I'm a slut.

Francine, two croque-monsieur.


So, what do you think of this place?
It's not bad.

-A Perrier, please.

It's a lot of work, 12 hours a day.

And Rocky is severe…

-He's not there?
-He's coming.

Why? Will you invite him to dinner too?

I saw that the apartment has turned
into a game room.

I didn't know what to do with it,
so I gave them the keys.

Here they are.

Hello, how are you?

-Hello, how are you?

Do you know each other?

Sure, how are you?


-Are you staying for long?
-I don't know.

It depends.

-A lonesome, please.

We can see each other if you want.


-Would you like anything?
-No, thanks.


Tonight? I don't know if…

You have to ask for permission?


At what time?

I don't know, nine o'clock?

Nine o'clock? Okay.

There you go, a 300-square meter garden.

There was no room for negotiation,
but the notary is a friend,

so I got the price down by a third.

I did well to take out my option,
wouldn't you say?

It's a big sturdy house.

Like our fathers used to love.

We can imagine children playing here.

Anyway, it's an excellent investment.

Mr. Pasquier.

Can we talk for a minute?

-Come in.
-Thank you.


I came because Francine
and I had an honest talk.

I know that it's gonna bother you
but she's not coming tonight.

She lives with me now.

And I'm not Fernand. You understand?

Of course, you can see her at the cafe,
you're always welcome there.


If you had talked to me first, it would've
been different.

We could've fought for it.

For what?

Ah yes… for what…

No, I was kidding.

Well, see you soon, I hope.

We're good, no?

What was he doing here? Can you tell me?

What was he doing here!

What did you say to each other!

-Tell me!
-Stop, you're crazy!

What are you doing here?

You love messing with people's lives
with your money, huh?

Is that your thing? Does it make you hard?

Fernand, stop. What's wrong with you?

Leave me!

He won't get away with it, this asshole!

My children.

Do you know why he came?

To tell me she doesn't want
to see me anymore. There you go.

Look at the condition you're in…

Come with me, we'll clean it up.

Do you feel better?


Come on.

How could you think that Martial
could be friends with that punk?

-I know.

-So Fernand, ready to go?

I'm sorry for what I said.

I don't know what to do anymore.

I know I've lost Francine. But this guy…

I just can't.

I'm sorry but my wife is waiting.
I bought basketball tickets.

It's the quarterfinals of the Europe cup.
It's gonna be a great game.

We've got a good team, right, Fernand?

Yes, I think so.

You should come with us.

That will cheer us up!

No thanks.

All right.

Let's go, Fernand.

I'll call you.

Another, please.

No, Mr. Martial, we're exhausted now!

-Yes, one last one.
-We have to go.

Anyway, it's closing time.

Right, Robert, you're closing?


Come on.

You're abandoning me.

We are giving you a lift.

Nothing else is open?


The Privé is open but it's shabby.

There you go. It's here.

You're not coming?

-No, really…

Thank you.

That's my friend, Marilyn.

Will you get her a drink?

Another one.

We get along well.

You can come with us if you want.



Good evening.

Shall we dance?

I'm sorry… where is the restroom?

It's this way.


I'm fine.


You made quite a mess.

And him? He didn't?

I have to go now.

Thanks for your help.

Don't worry, I'll stay until he wakes up.

You don't have anything to say to him?

Nothing, don't tell him I came.

He came over, it was fun,
but I don't know him.

He needs to leave this city.

But you helped him.


To imagine him like a total wreck
in this rat hole, what a shame.



He won't eat?


He asked me only for mineral water
and cassettes.

He keeps listening to the same one.

We can't leave him like this.

I don't know what to do.

-What about his doctor?
-It's not medical…

Your wig is nice, it's a warm color.


You two talked, no?

It's me who talked.

He only asked how Fernand is.

Ah, Fernand!

Of course. It's a transfer.

Please, Irene,
don't use words you don't know.

You don't have the exclusivity
of psychic decryption.

Maybe it's a kind of homosexuality…

Please, honey,
let's talk about something else.

That has nothing to do with it.
He just likes Fernand a lot, that's all.

That's a good thing.

-And where he is?
-I don't know. He disappeared.

Don't worry, I tell you.

I'm sure he's fishing,
like when his father died.

He left for eight days.

Do you know that he's a fly fisher?

A what?

Flies. Artificial bait to catch fish.

Fernand's specialty is the
four-winged English fly to catch trout.

But starting in April, of course.

It seems like nothing, but…
he makes good money with that.

Well, there's still a lot
of honest jobs out there…

which are disappearing, unfortunately.


But there will always be people
who go fishing.



I don't hear anything.

Yes, the music!

The music stopped.



Are you alright?

Do you need anything?

Coffee and water.
Can I offer you something?

Could you sit down?

Yes, indeed.

Bad weather…

So you're still here?

I can't live without you.

Did you see the guy about the motorbike?

-No, I didn't see him yet.

What if I asked you to live with me,
not for a few days, but for real.

What does that mean, for real?

It means for life.

As much as you want, wherever you want.

You're crazy.

No, I'm not.


Listen, Martial,
why are you saying this now?

Because I'm sure now.

Maybe you are not.

Anyway, it's too late.

Why is it too late?

What about Rocky?

He loves money as far as I know.

Oh, yeah?
So how much would you pay for me?

What do you think I'm worth? Ten, 20, 30?

Do you think you can buy everything?


I'm just trying to put myself
in his shoes, that's all.

I don't have time, Riton.

It's just outside. Just one minute.

Come on, make an effort
and take a look at it.

He doesn't love you.

How do you know that?

It's a feeling.

And you don't love him either.

It's your decision, there is no hurry.

But if you want, it's simple.

We get up and we go out the door together.

Rocky won't just let me go like that.

He'll find me wherever I am.

I can kill him too.

Don't be stupid.


-Can you watch the counter?

I don't have much time, Richard.

How much is the motorbike?

Not even 5,000 Francs.

It's a great deal for a great bike.

Are you alright?

Don't scare me like that.
You are terrible, Martial!

Are you okay?


We are all there.

-Surrounded by good people.
-That's what friendship is for!

Mr. Martial, it's my birthday,
champagne for everyone!

-How can I say no!
-How old are you?



And the best, huh.

In any case, it doesn't show
that you're 42 years old!

You're really stirring emotions,
you're radiant!

Yes, yes, I'm being honest.

You'll be married soon!

-Why not?

But it's true, we were wondering with Max.

This one is on me!

In a place like this,
you can be with the people!

And its mutations as well!

Yes, all right.

I don't like terrorists,

but they are coherent
with their convictions!

I never said that the commissioner
was incapable,

I just said he needed better employees.

-Thank you.
-Don't be offended.

I heard right. There are
certain phrases that for me, provoke…

a visceral reaction.

Yes, but…
we don't always mean what we say!

My sister made fun of me.

But seeing her again
was the best solution.

A catharsis.

Look how they're having fun.

No, because it was a few years ago…

And after that, I never saw her again.
Except the other day

when I arrived at the party…
with Régine, the sister-in-law.

And she made a funny face.

Mr. Maillotte! Are you alright?

It is very good. Well, it was very good.

-We're thirsty!
-I'll go fetch some.

-This one is on me!

…should've boxed him
in the corner, that's all.


You're crazy!

Leave him.

There's nothing you can do.

I couldn't miss him…

It needed to happen.

Did anyone see you?

I don't think so.

What are you going to do?

I don't know.

Give it to me.

Listen, nobody saw you.

Go home, stay there, don't move.

My home?

I'll take care of it.
Hurry, there's no time!

Do you want 10 years in jail?


Don't be scared.

It's terrible but it's over.

It was Fernand, I saw him! I saw Fernand!

Nobody saw him.

I was the one who killed him. It was me.

That's what you have to say.

I can't…

Yes, you can.

My God, Martial… What have you done?

My God…

I'm sorry.

The investigation was a simple formality.

Everyone's testimony
confirmed Martial's claims.

He killed Rocky, his rival,
and this crime of passion was evident.

He was on the front pages
of the local paper

but Regine refused to write the article.

Mr. Fonfrin spoke from his heart.

"Yes, a man was dead.

But he saw in this crime
the end of a particular destiny."

Francine gave her statement.

Her testimony stated two facts.

She arrived too late and saw nothing.

She had nothing more to say.

Mrs. Pasquier was barely listening
to the doctor's remarks.

Martial's history will help his case
for an insanity plea,

but she knew what it meant.

He will be committed
to a mental institution.

When she saw Francine,
she recognized her by instinct.

She thought she was beautiful.

It was for her.

She wanted to talk to her
but she stayed silent.

Francine went back to living with Fernand
for some time.

Enough time to convince him
not to surrender himself to the police.

Slowly, Fernand started to believe
the lie that Martial created.

Until the day he decided to leave town.

Francine looked at him, like a brother,
probably for the last time.

They would both need to live
with this secret.



But yes, it is cold. Let's walk

Do you have a light, please?

Thank you.

-You're not cold like that?
-No, I'm fine.

In my country, it's almost 25 degrees
at this time and people go swimming.