A Few Days in September (2006) - full transcript

September the 1st, 2001. Elliot, an American C.I.A. agent holding top secret information on the immediate future of the world, disappears. His sole aim was to meet his daughter Orlando, whom he abandoned ten years before. Irène, a French agent who used to work with him, and David, his adoptive son, will help him and lead the girl to her father. Chased by William Pound, a strangely poetic psycho, they will defy the dangers of international espionage from Paris to Venice and finally get to Elliot on September the 11th 2001.

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Don't you remember me?

No. Should I?

Our paths crossed many years ago.

- you want something?
- A cup of coffee.

I was told that many years ago
you were left with grandmother,

i did not know that for so long.

Here is my home.

in 10 years you lived in 3 countries

and wanted to travel all the world.

For 10 I collected memories and
now I want to forget everything.


I have a letter from Elliot.

- So what?
- He wants to see you.

- Why?
- I don't know.

In the evening in Paris.

What is this?

One of the toys he left me.

You will not need him.

From where do you know Elliot?

10 years ago we worked together.

Is there M. Elloit?

He warned he would be late.

He asked to wait for him
in the suite.

3rd floor.

Be careful.

- With what?
- With the gun.

It is not mine,
a friend lent it to me.

I promised not to use it.

Then why did you load it?

I was warned that you are
still by the same.

Wanted to scare you.

Go on, scare.

Only Elliot could choose
such a foolish name.

When Elliot or Mulligan

was leaving France,
he had no son.

He married my mother when I was 13.

Ah so...

Then meet your sister.

- My sister?
- Yes, your sister.

Before leaving for States
your dad had a family.

Are you sure?

- Why did not he tell me?
- I don't know.


Is M. Mulligan at home?

Perhaps he registered as Elliot.

I was told that 2 women will come

and an American.

"They are not expecting me
at this party,

"I wanted to make a surprise".

OK. I shall warn them.

If you'll warn them,

it would not be a surprise.

Elliot just left in a taxi.

How's that?

He was watching in the opposite house.

- You know him?
- No.

A lucky one.

- You did not remember?
- No.

William Pound.

used to work with your dad.

He appears when
a dirty job is needed.

Good evening,
William Pound speaking.

Yes, I just killed somebody.

Do not be so sad.

He was just a concierge.

The only thing that worries me

is that I lost again.

I had a feeling,

that I betrayed myself.

Yes, I know.

They are arriving.

- What is it?
- A turtle.

- What's her name?
- It's him, his name is Tortue.

- What shall we do?
- It's 3 in the night. We shall sleep.

Good night.

Hello, Mlle Montano.

I hope during the night
you did not do anything foolish.

We did not want to disturb your guests.

We are trying to find
your friend - M. Elliot.

You are his friend too?

He is already working
for us several years.

That means?

We represent a goup of banks.

M. Elliot is consulting us
about investments.

He did not know anything
about finances before.

He is not an economist.

But he can get information

regarding to finances.

His advices are valuable.

I like stories with happy endings.

The problem is

that M. Elliot disappeared
few weeks ago

and his last advices

concerned serious sums
of money invested in,

let us say, in certain sectors.

I have not seen Elliot for 10 years.

We know it.

We also know,

that 6 days ago he sent you a letter.

Yes, but he did not come.

He knows I love animals,

so he made an ass out of me.

Our headquarters are in Riyadh,

but our European office is in Venice.

If you hear something new - call us.

Even if you don't let us know.

Perhaps we'll have an offer for you.

Goodbye, madam.

What do you think about it?

Well, easy.

No, I did not think about my father.

Frankly, I did not think about anything.

Yes, concierge -
a man with keyes and a candle.

pervert and so on.

I had not anything fallic in mind

or anything concerning sex.

Well, allright.

Thank you, doctor,
I feel myself better now.

See you soon.

She would not bite you.


Irene, this is William Pound.

- How are you?
- Great.

- And you?
- Fine.

5 years ago I heard that you died.

And ressurrected few months ago.

Elliot called you?

Called somebody
who stole his cellphone.

And what did he say?

Wanted to see me,

but so that you won't find out.

It is lovely that he called you.

I did not know that you communicate.

May I offer you a coffee?

No, for some time I don't
have breakfast with rats.

- Tell me, what is going on?
- Sure.

Your father disappeared
about a month ago.

A bunch of people
are trying to find him,

but he wants to meet
you and your brother,

but so, that the others
don't find out.

But why did he disappear I don't know.

- Who called?
- William Pound.

You saw him in the hotel.

Once he considered himself
a spiritual son of your father.

- But whom considered him my dad?
- Who he really was.

Your brother is a sweetheart.

What do we do?

Wal a bit, then have a dinner.

- I think the guy is dangerous.
- He's searching your dad, not us.

10 years ago you worked with my dad?

Yes, but for other people.

And what do you do now?

Still working for the government,
but in the office.

Government now has German cars?

In Europe.

And what did my father do
besides raising him?


He said it was not his decision

to return to States
and change the name.

Take me with him or leave me here

it is also a choise?

But him?

Let us ask to bring him a sandwich.

A bottle of Corton-Charlemagne.

And please a bottle of Volnay'98?

You told you don't speak French.

For you, monseiur.

Zucchini-mynte consomme and Volnay'98.

Not the soup.

Thank you.

Thank you.

She is being followed.

Any news from M. Elliot?


- Are you following me?
- Yes, but not we alone.

I know.

Called M. Elliot,
he wants to meet you

and the children.

Can we count on you?

We are interested in several details

of your cooperation with M. Elliot.

What details?

When was the last time you met him?

2 months ago.

He had to arrive in Venice on August.

We had to meet in Washington,

but he changed the place to Venice.

It's a pity, he didn't come.

Are you angry? We have nothing to hide.

Why did he change the place?

It was a responsible period
for him in the States.

Why responsible?

We did not change the place.

Our cooperation relies

on getting information from him.

- I still don't understand...
- Came to Venice.

- I will.
- With kids.

With kids.

- I thought it was not him calling.
- Somebody called from him.

I agree go to cafe.

Ah so? Why?

Let's say, I like to look
a rat in the eyes,

than feel his breath in the spine.


Where do you want to meet?

Why don't you come up?

- Elliot's kids are there?
- Sorry.

I prefer to meet in another place.

- Remember cafe "Raymonde"?
- Yes.

- In an hour, OK?
- Thanks.

- A call for you!
- Thank you.

This is Irene,
I'll be in 15 minutes.

Very nice.

Call me to my cellphone.

I need to be sure that
you are in "Raymonde".



Good evening, Doctor,
this is William Pound.

No, I did not kill anybody,

I just lost one more time.

Let's say, I trusted the intuition

and got fooled.

Have to watch out.

If he wants he'll find us.

- Why?
- What - why?

If he finds us anyway?

If they want to find Elliot,
they'll find him.

It is a question of time and means,

but I don't know about either.

I recall an argument with my brother.

We were on vacation in Qimper.

I can't recall the reason
of the argument,

but I clearly remember the shame I felt.

The same feeling came back tome,

when I finished my first assignment
with Elliot.

He was reading Homer!

He passionately loves poems.

I confessed, I haven't read,
and I know nothing about it.

In Qimper.

Yes, Qimper!


Father - P?re.

Yes, Homer!

Bravo! That's it: M?re - mother!

I am a fool!

It is obvious.

Thank you, Doctor.

My friends have no passports.

- I'll give you $ 500.
- 800.


Then you pay for croissants.

You really knew nothing about David?

No, I only knew that your father
has changed his name.

And how do you like it?

Like his father - a poet.

- And, by the way, geese.
- What - geese?

I don't raise ducks,
I raise geese.

- Why without us?
- I don't know them well.

- You came with kids?
- Yes.

If you can call them kids.

M. Elliot just called.

He said he wants to change
the date of the meeting.

It will take place in 3 days.

If you remain in Venice,

we have a company apartment.

Thank you.

Can you call Elliot?

No, he calls us.

He tried to meet you but could not.

Why did he change the date again?

We don't know.

We said that Pound
did not came with you,

but he said that he postponed
the meeting not because of him.

- Will you remain?
- I don't know.

Kids wanted to ride a boat
and go to the beach.

Do not play with us,

Stuff your -
monsieur, mademoiselle, madame.

Make it clear.
What is the reason for the meeting?

M. Elliot was giving us advices
for some years,

where to invest.

M. Elloit got a half percent
of the income,

which grow bigger due to his advices.

As an employee of American agency,

he had a circle of friends,

helping him to forecast the scams

of the federal government.

M. Elliot worked with us
time after time.

His share consisted of

several hundreds of thousands
of dollars.

Now he offers us to withdraw
all the money,

that had been invested

in the territory of the United States.

He thinks his share would be
30 million dollars.

And he wants them to be shared
between his children.

You spoke about Elliot,

as of former US special agent.

We know, that half a year ago

he started to work for
the US government again.

If not this, we would never

started to follow
such an absurd advice.

American government
would not allow their agent...

That is why he wants
the money for his children.

And we are talking about 30 millions.

M. Elliot is a big boy,

and he understands the risks.

What may signify such a big money?

He thinks that the dollar

will fall about 20%.

What may cause this?

The murder of a president

or a new war.

- What do you do?
- We wait.

- You missed.

- And you?
- I don't know.

Have to think.

- Where to?
- Take a leak.

Either Caparros or De Carvalho?

Igor Zyberski?

Where they have to meet?

In Venice.

Yes, we should check it.

Don't forget about my accounts.

- With whom did you talk?
- With a minister I know.

Playing spy games again?

Asked to feed the turtle.

We'll meet at home.

You are not changing.

But you are changing for the better.

Everyting is changing, my dear.

- But Elliot?
- What - Elliot?

I was told you met him
in Berlin on June

and in Hamburg on July.

- Impossible to hide anything from you.
- What were those meetings about?

These were not meetings,
I was a courrier.

Any ideas about it?

Frankly - no.

But I know a person,

who might have recordings
of an important meeting.

How much does it cost?

I don't know if he wants to sell,
especially to French.

You are such a bastards.

I'm not French.
I'll pay what he asks.

Call me.

Irene Montano met Igor Zyberski.

- Where?
- In Venice.

- Where is your brother?
- Upstairs.

- Fighting again?
- No.

Can't stand this game any more.

You loved anybody?

Let's say - yes and no.

- And for real?
- For real?

For real - no.


Me too.

And do not want?

- One more?
- Wont be too much?


A bit more and I'll end up

leaving you in the street
dead drunk.

Yes? We'll see.

- You bet?
- On what?

On a night with him.

- You should ask him.
- I'm drunk, not stupid.

If we ask him I'll lose my chance.

Not sure if drunk,
but there'll be no chance.

There I think.

No, my mistake.

Should be there.

Our road leads to distant shores

and elusive dreams.

Our road leads to distant shores

and elusive dreams.

Igor Zyberski.

I spoke with my friend.

He is ready to sell you
the recording for $ 10 000.

Didn't you forget to tell him
all French are bastards?

No, when he heard with whom you live,

he understood that
it won't be you who pays.

- You heard the recording?
- No.

What is it about?

Strong. Very.

Could not understand all, but strong.

Will you bring it to me?

- Remember "Vini da Schiari"?
- Yes.

- At 9 o'clock.
- OK.

- Look how nice.
- You shure?

Look at them!

Do you like?


I can carry 2 more bags.

I'll get you in a moment.

You are not so strong!

We adviced you to stay in shadows.

I'm doing it.

Why did you met Igor Zyberski?

He's an old acquaintance of mine.

M. Elliot called us.

He'll be in Venice tomorrow evening.

What you have done
would not cancel the meeting?

Ask him to call me.

- Sorry, I'm late.
- They should be sorry.

What happened?

Are you fighting?

It is not teeth.
You should not brush it every day.

Brushing teeth irritates me,

but cleaning a gun - pacifies.

Irene loves Elliot.

Elliot loves William Blake.

Good evening, Doctor.

Yes, I know, it's already late,

but I need to talk to you.

Everything is OK.

I think I'm well.

I think I could kill my dad,

and now without a doubt.

Yes, I promise to call you.

Good night, Doctor.


Where is he?

- Where is he?
- The gun is not loaded.

Will you talk with father?

I asked you a question.

Answer me.

I swear on the head of your Tortue.

- Good evening.
- Here are the children.

My companion went to the airport
to get Elliot.

We'll have to wait.

Yes, I promised to call you.

Yes I know, but...

No, I do not understand you, Doctor.

You told me yourself that
Elliot looks like father,

it is important - to kill the dad.

It is symbolic.

What does it change?

Believe me, you're wrong.

Believe me, craving for action

sometimes is a sign of

a good mental health.

Call the doctor.

This is your fault, Mlle Montano.

We have to know, why you ordered

to transfer all our assets
from America.

We are not sure,
should we follow your advice.

- Are you a doctor?
- A surgeon!

I came to kill, but not you.

I want to know where are the fuses.


He is here, I'll take care of him.

It is a pity we could not have
a cup of coffee in Paris.

You arrived yesterday?

Hardly managed.

Zyberski asked me to stand in for him.

He even begged.


- Will you follow his advice?
- Yes.

Do your group guard
the interests of Saudi Arabia?

Not only.

We are guarding interests
of certain persons

in Saudi Arabia,
Europe, and also America.

- What was on the disc?
- The proof.

Of what?

Of the event what will soon take place.

What are you going to do?

I don't know yet.

In New York thousands of people
are being evacuated...

from twin skyscrapers...
Streets are full of people running...

as far as possible from
the World Trade Center...