A Feeling of Home (2019) - full transcript

Web entrepreneur Abby hides her Texas roots to convince a backer she's from New England, a task complicated by a trip home and an unexpected reunion with Ryan, her high school sweetheart.

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You ready, Abby?


And action!

How many of you know that the
traditional New England clambake

began with Native
American tribes?

Years before the Europeans
got here

they were cooking their
lobsters, corn and mussels

in sand pits along the beach.

Of course, they were using beach
stones to retain the heat

and it took all day.

But if you haven't got
that kind of time

and you can't make it
to the beach

then this is an excellent way
to bring the beach to you.

Well, she certainly knows
her stuff.

That's why her followers have
doubled in the past six months.

As always, the table setting is
just as important as the food.

In this case go traditional.

A blue striped table cloth and napkins
with seashell accents...

this meal can get
a little messy,

if you do it right, so don't
forget the bibs.

The key is the authenticity
she projects.

She's bigger than a web series,
don't you think?

Where did you find her?

We met in college.

New England, of course?



The simplest things can make
the biggest impact.

Buckets for the shells or a
fishing net for a tablecloth.

And if you don't have it then
ask a friend because they might.

And after all,
what are friends for?

As we say in New England, fun
doesn't have to be expensive.

Imagination is free.

Recipes and instructions for our
accessories are on our website.

For now, this is Abby Porter,

and you've been watching
New England My Way.

I'll see you next time.

And we're out.

Nice work, Jacob.

Can you get some inserts of the
food while it's still steaming?

I need this online by 5:00.


Abby Porter, Michael Carrington.

Of Carrington Enterprises.

The biggest chain of home-goods
stores in New England.

Like the rads say, 'If it's New
England, it's Carrington'.

It's nice to meet you.

And your enterprises.

It's quite the set-up
you have here.

My mother loans us her kitchen

and Jacob handles the video,
sound and lights,

and Gina handles
everything else.

Publicity and management,
all on a shoe string.

For now.

But we have big, big plans,

and we're hoping you might
be a part of them.

I'm always on the lookout
for new talent

and you, Abby, you
show real promise.

I mean, everything
looks delicious.

It's a family recipe.

An old New England
family recipe, yes?

New England My Way.

Great name by the way.

Love it.

It's authentic
and that's exactly

what we're looking for,

Well if that's what
you're after look no further.

Her roots go deep into
the Connecticut soil.

Abby, you and Carrington's
might be the perfect fit.

Forty-seven stores, six states,
exclusive to our New England community.

Together we could create
a whole line

of home products for
our target market.

Sauce pans, sheets,
dish towels...

You hear that?

A full line.

Your face, your name, in stores
all through the north east.

Abby Porter is New England.

You see, it is that kind
of honesty

that our customers
will relate to.

Mr. Carrington,
I'm actually from-

So where do we go from here?

Well, my board and I will be
looking closely

at your upcoming webisodes
so make them personal

because it's like I say,
if we go into business together

people aren't buying
your product,

they're buying you, Abby.


From New England?

But you're not from New England.

Now, of course.

But not originally.

I know that, mom.

Mr. Carrington doesn't.

Are there more albums?

No, that's everything
I could find.

And most of the photos of you
as a child

have a cactus or a longhorn
cattle in them.

I was hoping there might be
one of a lighthouse

or a lobster boat,

something I might be able
to Photoshop myself into.

I know this timing is terrible

but I got a phone call earlier
from Janet Miller's mother.

Do you remember Janet?

Yeah, we were cheerleaders
together at Langston.


Well, she wanted us to know that your
father fell off his horse yesterday.

Oh no!

Is he ok?

Oh no, he's fine.

He just hurt his shoulder,

but he's gonna have
to take it easy

for the next week or two and

you know your father.

Right. That is not
going to happen.

Is there any chance that you
might be able to fly out

and help him for
maybe a week or two?


It can be so awkward
between me and dad.

What makes you think he even
wants me there?

You know he loves you.

But nothing I do pleases him.

He finds some fault
in everything.

I think that's
just in your head.

But if you believe that
look at it like

a chance to mend fences.

Can you go?

If he needs me,
you know I'm there.

That's my Texas girl.

If only I was your
New England girl.

You know I might have
a few more photo albums

in the guest bedroom closet.

- I'll go look.
- Ok.



We need to talk.

Well, Texas, I'm back.

I hope we're both ready
for this.

Abby, that's you already.

Hey, Dad.

I didn't expect you
until suppertime.


You didn't have
to drop everything

and come all this way.

I'll be good as new in no time.

I heard a few weeks.

What's a few weeks?

Come on, let's get your bags.

- Ok.
- Ok.

So, how's your mama doing
these days?

She's off to a wedding
in London.


What a crazy pair we made.

You know, they don't build towns
big enough for her.

Or small enough for me.

It's like you, I guess.

You're definitely
your mama's daughter.

I'm your daughter, too, Dad.

I miss you.


I've just been so busy
with my new web series.

You got your own life.

I get that, yeah.

Have you seen my show?

I- I look in on it.

I saw one, it was entirely
on blenders.

I tell you one thing, you
don't do anything halfway.


So, tell me what needs doing
around here

and consider it done.

Dressed like that?

I don't think so.

Well, this was
just for the plane.

I brought plenty of clothes.

No really, it's ok.

I hired a new ranch manager
a few weeks back.

He's good.

Gets most everything done.

At least until I can get out
of this contraption.

I'm here to pick up the slack,

so whatever he can't do
you can count on me.

Speak of the devil.

New manager?

New to some.

Maybe not so much to you.

Someone I know?



Dad, who is it?

Well, well, well.


Look who's back home
on the range.


What a surprise.

So your dad didn't tell you?

Just about to.

How 'bout I give you two
a chance to catch up?

Well, he didn't tell me
you were comin', either.

Well, how could I stay away?

After his accident and all,

so he needs an extra hand
and I'm here to help out.


Oh boy.

You're here to help out?

For as long as I can be
helpful, yes.

Ok, so a short visit, then?

What's so funny?

Look, don't get me wrong,
you look...

you look great, but you're
dressed for a garden party.

Well, I just got here.

I haven't had a chance
to change yet.

Well, you've changed plenty
since high school.

Not much, really.

If you say so.

Is this gonna be a problem?

Us having to work together
for the next two weeks?

Not for me.

What happened between us
was years ago.

I mean, who even remembers?

Well, good.

Good then.

Well, if you're here to help
you can start right now.

We gotta get all this stuff out
of the truck and into the barn.

Yeah. Ok.

In a minute.

You're stuck on that
yellow rose, ain't ya?

No. I haven't seen these
in a while.

Ooh, they're pretty.

Did you plant these?


So I'm just off the phone
with Carrington.

No, what now?

See how negative you are?

Always expecting the worst.

Just tell me.

He wants a full bio on you
to pass on to his board.

One that doesn't mention Texas,
I assume.

Don't worry, I've got
this handled.

I'm thinking you were born
in Greenwich.

Look, he's buying New England,
we need to give him New England.

Even if we have to stretch
the truth a little.

I really don't
feel good about this.


You'll feel good
about the cheques.

I really can't do this
right now.

Bad time?

Well, my dad's being sweet
but... a little standoffish.

His new ranch manager is
my old high school boyfriend

and I'm kind of stuck
at the moment.

Hey, I gotta go.

Oh, I-

I was getting to that.


I was.


New England will have to wait.

I really appreciate
the extra hours, Ryan.

Feelin' pretty helpless
with this arm in a sling.

Well, it's nice that Abby's here
to help carry some of the load.


It's great that she's tryin'
and all but,

I mean, we both know
she's more into

arts and crafts than ranches.

Yeah, she may surprise you.

I gave up on that dream
long ago.

Yeah, well...

She may surprise us both.


Sorry, I'm late.

Just jet lag and all.

Hey Dad, I'm impressed
you picked up bagels.

Where'd you find that?

Kitchen counter.

Those are suet rings
for the hens.


You plan to work in those?


These boots?

What's wrong with them?

I'd be willing to bet those
boots cost more than my truck.

You might be right but I'm good.

I'm ready for anything.

What's the plan?

What can I do?

Well, those are two
very different questions.

I'm gonna check on that heifer
that was calving last night.

I'm afraid the mother
might abandon it.

Well, I can do that.

You need to be taking it easy.

Abby, I said I was gonna check
on the heifer,

not carry it to the pasture.

As a matter of fact, Ryan,

why don't you remind Abby
how to clean the chicken coop?

Hens lay better
on fresh shavings.

Ok, I think I can still handle
the chickens.

Just to be safe, let Ryan show
you how we do it these days.

Word is you're a tastemaker.

That's a new one for me.

I recommend things.

Appliances, bedding, wine.

There's money in that?

I'm working on it.

Alright, well I recommend
you let me take care

of these ladies.

Wouldn't want you to ruin
them fancy boots.

I'm the one that was brought up
on a ranch, remember?

You're the one who lived
in town.

Yeah, well, I got my master's
in ranch management.

I'm impressed.

You're really into this
ranching thing, huh?


What do your parents think
about that?

They're all for it.

They retired to Scottsdale,
left me the house.

That beautiful old farmhouse?

Yeah, I'm fixin' it up.

Living there for now.

Got plans to move?

Alright, now you're
just stallin'.

No, I'm not.

Just tryin' to get to know you,
that's all.

Get on in there.

Come on, you gonna clean
this coop

or are you gonna clean the coop?

I'm gonna clean the coop.

Ok, maybe you're right.

I didn't dress for this.

There's an easy fix for that.

I'll take one of everything.

Don't joke with me
'cause I'll sell it to you.



You work here?

Worse, I own the place.

Hey, Ryan.

It is so great to see you.

Let me take a good look.

So stylish.

That's actually why we're here.

She needs to get some
more practical outfits.

I'm gonna go get some coffee
at Sam's,

but y'all shoot up a flare
when you're done.

You and Ryan again?

Something I should know about?

We're just working together
for a few days,

helping my dad
while his arm heals.

Not even a little bit
of chemistry?

No chemistry.

None of the earth sciences.

So, now can we talk about some
real jeans and work boots?

You got it.

But I wanna hear the whole story
while you try things on.

There's no story.

Is there anything left
on the shelves?

I just bought the basics.

I'm guessing you worked up
an appetite

on this little shopping spree.

Wanna grab a burger
on the way back?

I have a better idea.

You know, a drive-through burger
would have been easier.

This is easy.

It's a classic French omelette.

What's the difference between a
French and an American omelette?

An American omelette is folded.

The French roll theirs.

Pretty sure my taste buds
wouldn't know the difference.

Just try it.

I added some chilis.

Just for a little extra kick.

French fusion.

Leave it to you
to complicate eggs.

I'm not complicating them,
I'm elevating them.

You like it?

Where did all this come from?

The girl I used to know
was all tacos and take-out.

I still love all of that, I just
like exploring other foods.

Word around town is that
you were dating a shortstop

for the Mets.

Very old news.

We broke up.

He used the wrong salad fork?

What about you?

After I left I heard you
and Cheryl Packer were a thing.

Homecoming queen.

Well, we went to one movie

and then she left me
for the quarterback.

Besides, I don't have much time
for dating anyway.

My dad doesn't work you
that hard, does he?

I'm fixing up my folks'
place in my spare time,

getting ready to sell.

I need a down payment if I'm
gonna buy a ranch of my own.

Any chance that's for me?

It is now.

French, huh?

You know that?

Yeah, it's the way your mother
used to fix these.

Not half bad.


Nice touch.

You like it?

How's the chicken coop comin'?

You get that done yet?

I had to make a run into town,

Abby came along
to keep me company.

But I'm getting right to it.

I hope so.

Plenty more to do
when that's done.


You could pitch in whenever
you want, you know.

I like watching you work.

It's something
I've never seen before.

Besides, I am busy.

Something interesting
on that phone?

Just checking out your website.

Ivy league education,
summers in Maine.


A few guest appearances on some
tv shows I ain't never heard of.

They're big in New England.


I'll take your word for it.

You know, there's no mention
in here of Texas.

There wasn't much room
in my bio.

Enough to say you were born
in Greenwich?

Now see, I thought that
miraculous event

happened right here in Langston,
am I wrong?

It's Greenwich.

It's probably an autocorrect.

Of course,
Langston to Greenwich.

That's a weird leap.

I'm sure you'll fix it.


Hey, good work.

Wish my dad would say that.

Nothing I ever did on this ranch
was good enough for him.

His words?

A kid can tell.

You know, it was clear
he always wanted a son.

Or at least a tomboy.

Instead he got a lifestyle


I just got a call that the feed
order is ready for pick-up

so I need you to drive
into town.

Could you take my truck
and gas her up on the way?

No problem. You bet.

I was talkin' to Ryan.

It's a stick.

I can do it, Dad.

Yeah, the clutch,
it's a bit tricky.

I drove it when I was a kid,

Well, I do now.

Maybe Ryan should ride along
just to be safe.

Whatever you say, boss.

You don't trust me?

I trust ya.

I just don't want what happened
to the tractor

to happen to my truck.

What did I tell you?

He'll never change no matter
how much I wish he would.

Let's drive that truck.

I can't believe he hasn't
upgraded this old thing.

It's ok. Just take it easy.

And breathe.

Engine off.

Alright, now push in the clutch
all the way.

Start the engine.

Now, when you let out the clutch

you're gonna wanna give it
a little gas.


Who has a stick shift
anything anymore?

What did I do now?

You flooded it.

It's alright, just
give it a minute.

I mean, it's not like
we're tying up traffic.

Back east there'd be a long line
of cars

honking their horns at us.

Out here it's just miles and
miles of... miles and miles.

It's so beautiful.

It's so quiet.

Is this why you decided to go
to college in Dallas

and not back east?

Oh, come on.

I never woulda fit in at Yale.

Well, I was there.

Or was that part of the problem?


Nah, that had nothing
to do with it.

I wanted to study
ranch management,

and you would be shocked
to learn

how few courses Yale has
in ranch management.

Still, it would have been nice.

Yeah. We were too different.

I didn't wanna admit it
at the time.

Easier to blame me for leaving,
was it?

No, no.

No, you weren't cut out
for this life

just like I wasn't cut out
for that life.

Simple as that.

So where did that leave us?

Stuck on the side of the road,

Try it again.

The engine.


Yeah, the engine.

- Obviously.
- Obviously.

Ok, what am I doing?

- Just push in the clutch.
- Ok.

Start 'er up.

Put it in gear.

We're back in business.

Some-something important?


Do you mind if I make
a quick stop on the way?

Sure, just tell me how
to get there

and I'll try and get us there.

Alright, you're gonna hang
a left here.

Left. Ok, great.

Alright, now as you
get up there,

you wanna keep going.

Clutch in. Brake.

Brake hard.

Your parents old house.

Mine now.

Your grandparents
built it, right?



I gotta leave the key under
the mat for a showing later.

It's a shame to have to sell.

Yeah, well, if I wanna afford
my own ranch...

Even with that, it'll be miles
out of town, prices these days.

Isn't that the Blakely's
pasture across the way?

You have a good memory.

He's let it go for so long and
he's getting up there in years.

I wonder how much
that would cost.

It's out of my budget.

I gotta sell, like it or not.

Any bites yet?

Not even a nibble.

You need a fresh coat of paint
on the verandah.

You need a really bright colour
to make that porch swing pop,

patterned pillows,
maybe a window box

with some geraniums.

They love the sun.

Can I see the inside?

Pretty much like you remember,
I guess.

Come on.

You've been working on this?

Not that I doubt you.

Yeah, plumbing, electric,
that sort of thing.

Well, you need to make
an impression

with what potential buyers
can actually see.

Have you thought
about staging it?

Staging it?

You could get more
than you're asking, I bet.

A few easy changes can make
a big difference.

Like an area rug
or some lighting.

There's some good furniture
stores in Marshall.

Can't take a whole day off
for that.

We'll check out what
the hardware store has.

Gotta pick up that feed anyway.

Hardware store?

What are we going to find
at a hardware store?

Hey, can you have one
of your guys load this

into Wes Porter's truck?

It's parked around back.

Thanks, man.


What do you think?

I think this is not the hardware
store that I remember.

When did they get
home furnishings?

Hey, we keep up with the times.

Ooh, these Adirondacks would be
perfect on your verandah.

In Texas?

For what?


And shucking oysters?

This would be perfect
in your entryway.

It could also drain
my bank account.

We're not buying,
we're borrowing.

You can do that?

It doesn't hurt to ask.

Leave it to me.

It's what I do, remember?

How about "Icy Lemon"
for the kitchen?

Or "Cookie Dough"?

Ooh, I like this one.

"Ginger Wasabi".

Is this too confusing for you?

No, but it's making me hungry.

Ok, we'll take two gallons
of the "Ginger Wasabi".

It's over here.

And here I thought you two made
a run for the border.

Sorry, it took a while.

Looks like there's
more than feed

in the bed of my truck there.

Chairs, flowers.

Nice rug.

Abby's helping me pick out
stuff for the house.


'Cause meanwhile two longhorns
got loose

and went into the neighbour's
field again.

I'll get on it, boss.

Just like I thought.

That calf's been abandoned
by its mother.

We're gonna have to feed it
by hand for a while.

Abby, you think you can rope
him in and give him a bottle?


Leave it to me.


You good?

Roping was never my strong suit.

Just remember to keep
your index finger

pointed down the shaft of
the rope towards the hondo.


It's the loop the rope
goes through.


Yeah, it's coming back to me.


It's not, is it?

Not even a little.

And then...?


Get your rope... you're gonna
wanna really twist your wrist.


And as you start
to swing it, right?

And let the rope kinda move
in your hand.

Twist your wrist and swing it.

There you go!
Swing it.

When you let it go,
follow through.

It's just like throwin' a ball.
It's all in the wrist.

You got it?

Yeah. I got it.


Ok. Good luck.

How hard can it be?

Come here, buddy.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Just gonna get you fed.

Come here.

You ok?

Let's go.

There you go.

Find those longhorns yet?

Back where they belong.

I see you made a friend
while I was gone.

You don't give up easy, do you?

Careful, that is
dangerously close

to a full-on compliment.

We'll have none of that here
at the Porter Ranch.

Consider me warned.

So I loaded all that household
stuff into my truck,

wondered if you could
come by later

and help me figure out
what to do with it.


If you can get some time off.

I think I can swing it.

I'll even make dinner.

Am I taking my life in my hands?

What's life without a little
risk every now and then?

How did I ever let that one go?

You're right about
these geraniums.

They really do brighten
the place.

Just wait 'til
I'm finished here.

Just a few more touches and
then we'll tackle the inside.

Ooh, I bet I could do a whole
episode on porch swings.

We spent a few good hours
in that one, if I recall.

That seems like so long ago.

To me it seems like yesterday.

Wine with dinner?

I wouldn't say no.

It's it's local.

I thought you might like it.

I don't remember there being
grape vineyards in Langston,

much less some wineries.

There's a few varieties

that like the sun
and the soil out here.

We got it all these days.

Stick around, I'll show you.

This is really, really good.

Well, don't sound so surprised,
you might hurt my feelings.

What's in this barbecue sauce?

It's my grandpa's old recipe,
with a few tweaks of my own.

You approve?

I love it.

That is high praise coming
from the famous Abby Porter.

Not famous yet.

And frankly at this point
it could go either way.

Don't be so modest.

You've built a good life
for yourself.

A busy life.

All work all the time.

Well, some things never change.

High school, class president
and honour roll, cheerleading,

fashion club...

I had forgotten fashion club!

No one had ever
even heard of that.

Not until you started it.

And 4H.

Well that's only
because my dad wanted me to.

I tried my best
but I was hopeless.

Well, you didn't wanna raise
livestock so much as dress them.

I always wanted to make
my Dad proud.

Never could.

Even now, it's like he wants
to connect with me

but he doesn't know how.

Maybe I can help you
change that.

What do you say?

I say that would be a miracle.

I propose a toast.

To miracles.

Well, somebody's up
before the chickens.

I figured it wasn't a bad idea
to get an early start.

Even Dad's still asleep.

How about some
French press coffee?

Is everything French with you?

Not everything.

If you play your cards right
I might even whip up

some German pancakes
to go along with it.


Between the ranch and the house
these next couple days

are gonna be busy enough.

Ok, let's get to it.

Go on.

Shoulder ok, Dad?

Oh yeah, better by the day.

Don't you worry about me.


Yes sir.

I need you in the north field
to check on the troughs.

I'll get on it straight away.


And you know, after that I need
you to help me patch up

that last stretch
of fence out back.

Dad, what if I go check
the troughs.

That way Ryan can stay and help
you fix the fence

and make sure that
you don't overdo it.

No, honey.

It's a good idea, Wes.

At least let me give it a try.

We can get to the fence
that much quicker.

It's been a while
since I've ridden a horse.

I'm sure it's like
riding a bike.

No, it's like riding a horse.

Saddle her up.

You sure about this?

A chance to impress my father?


Wait, Abby!

North field!

Oh yeah, north.
I got it.

You think we'll ever
see her again?

Anybody's guess.

She's not one to give up,

Pretty special kid,
don't you think?

You tell her that?

I really miss this.

Who knew?


Radio silence.

What are you doing out there?

Well, right now I'm
on the back of a horse

looking at some of the most
beautiful land you've ever seen.

How about you?

Well, while you're playing Texas
Ranger we're shooting inserts

for that show you wanted to do
about seashell wind chimes.

These are all starting
to look the same to me.

We spent the whole morning
collecting shells

and driftwood off the beach.

This is what it's coming to,


At least if Carrington doesn't
see something new online soon.

What can I tell him?

How about the truth?

Other than that.

Tell him... I don't know.

Tell-tell him I'll have
something new in a day or two.

I'll think of something.

You better, because we've done

just about everything here
we can do without you.


Ready, buddy?

Let's go. Good boy.

Let's figure this out.

What would Dad do?

Wait a minute, what would I do?

How's it going, Dad?

I'm so tired of fightin'
with this thing!

Your truck?

No, this arm.

I never felt so useless
in my entire life.

Well, you've got
one problem solved.

I fixed the trough
in the north field

and a couple more
for good measure.

Here's the proof.
Take a look.

Take a look?

Well, that oughta work.

You know, for now anyway.

That's quick thinkin' on your...

I got the wrong wrench.

I need my toolbox.

You ordered gelato
instead of ice cream.

I was so full of myself.

No, you had your own style,
that's for sure.

And you turned it into a pretty
perfect lifestyle.

Not so perfect.

There's this guy.

He owns a big chain of
home-goods stores

all over the north east.

He's interested in the show.

He could get my merchandise
in all of his outlets.

How is that not great news?

You read my bio.

He thinks I'm as New England
as my show.

And this guy is all
about authenticity.

The Greenwich thing.

My manager blurted it out
and I got stuck with it.

What're you gonna do?

My mom sent me notes about
her childhood back there.

Tapping maple trees,
beach parties...

how can I borrow her memories

without feeling like
a total fraud?

So you reinvented yourself.

That's a Texas tradition.

You know, you may have
more Texas in you

than you'd like to admit.

Do not let that get around.

You know, you might even pass
for a local tonight

at the barbecue.

Last Friday of the month,
Fletcher's Barn.

Is that still a thing?

Oh, it's still a thing.

Maybe you'd like to go with me.

Maybe I would.

You're overdressed
for a barbecue.

You're underdressed
for a dinner party.

You can't live in jeans.

I don't see why not.

I do.

Hey, Ryan.

Here you go.

Spice things up a little.

You know we always
count on you for this.

Hey, I was hoping
to see you two.

Ryan, tell me you brought
that barbecue sauce of yours.

Just dropped it off,
enough for the crowd.

Save me some?

I'm having some friends in
from Dallas next week

and I need to make
a good impression.

I'll make sure he holds back
a jar for you.

And Abby, what'd you bring?

Clams on the half shell?

Oysters Rockefeller?

A salad.

Kale, bok choy,
dandelion greens.

With chia seed croutons?

You watch my show?

Never miss it.

It's so good.

Hey, you think you could
help me with some decorations

for the dance at the county fair
next week?

You'll be there, right?

I haven't been to a county fair
in years.



Never thought we'd see Abby
back this way again.

Yeah, she's helping out her dad
for a couple weeks.

Right. I heard
about the arm.

Looks like she's
enjoying herself.

Pickin' up where you left off?

When we left off
we weren't speaking.

And now?

We're speaking.

I remember this.

The smell of sage brush.

I hadn't noticed it.

I guess you don't appreciate
something until you lose it.

I do miss these nights, though.

The wide open sky.

You always did have
two sides to you,

city and country.

I know, city may have won out

but you've got some country
in you, too.

Hey, everyone loves
your barbecue sauce.

And you're trying
to make extra money.

How about selling it?

Yeah, I'll hop right on that.

No joke.

You should think about it.

There's no question the demand
is there.

I don't even know
where to start.

I can help.

Ryan, that's what I do.

I find new products
and promote them.

You could make this a thing.

A brand.

You can make money off of this.

Growing up

I spent a lot of time right here
on this old family porch

with family and friends,
curled up with a good book

and a glass of mint lemonade.

Yes, right here where I grew up.

On the old family porch.

In Greenwich, Connecticut.

Can we-can we just take
a minute here?

Are you not getting it?

No, I'm getting it.

I just don't get it.

Do you really think someone's
gonna buy this is New England?

If you come in close
and don't show too much, maybe.

I don't know what else
I'm supposed to do.

I have to give this guy

so he can show
his executive board.

Yeah, you don't give up easy,
that's for sure.

I know I can be overly

It gets me into trouble.

Do you really think there's
something special

in that barbecue sauce?

Like, something commercial?

You'll never know until you try.

I could help.

If you want, no pressure.

I mean it.

It's a bit obvious, isn't it?

Well, you have to settle
on something.

You need a label.

What about a yellow rose?

A yellow rose.

That sure says Texas.



I hate to interrupt
your work there,

but did you get
today's list done?

Already ahead of you, Dad.

The cows have been fed
and milked.

And the herd's been moved
from the pasture.

Well, that just leaves the west
gate that needs fixin'.

And Ryan, I need you to bring
the tractor in from the pasture.

- Yes sir.
- Ok.

I can do that.

Dad, I can drive the tractor.

You've been doing too much
around here lately

and I appreciate it but...

how about we get the gate
fixed, first.

And then we can discuss it?


Then we can discuss it.

Did you hear that?

He appreciates me.

And we can discuss it.

Two for two.


Yeah, keep holding it up for me.

Do you think he meant that?

That we can discuss me
driving the tractor?

Well, I told you
we'd wear him down.

Here's what I think.

He loves this ranch and he
just wants you to love it, too.

But I do.

I always did, just... maybe
not the way he wanted me to.

Give it a try.


Not quite. Not quite.

Let me try something.

What? What're you doing?

The lunch I packed.

Caprese salad.

Sounds delicious,

but I don't see how a packed
lunch is gonna help us.

Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil.


Olive oil.

You travel with your
own olive oil?

Who does that?

Someone who doesn't like
soggy tomatoes.

I did a whole show
about that once.





- Voila.
- Ok, alright.

- That's...
- Yep.

That's a new one for me.

That's my job and I love it.

Helpful hacks for making
life easier.

Ryan, I know your heart
is in Texas.

Langston is beautiful.

You know, part of my heart
is here, too,

but... it's so quiet.

Don't you ever feel
restless here?

What, do you think there's
nothing to do around here?

You might be surprised.

Oh yeah?

Surprise me.

Ok, that sounds like
a challenge.

It is.

You remember the old
Garrett place?

The old goat ranch?

Sure, but I've seen it,
you know?

You might find
it's been built up a bit.

Come on.


We specialize in
Cabernet Sauvignon

but we have several popular
varietals these days.

Carmen, I'm speechless.

Which doesn't happen often.

I remember you from school.

You were a couple years
behind me

but everyone knew
what a talker you were.

And now here's the best part
of our tour.

And what's that?

The tasting.

Over the past couple years
we've expanded to sales

all across the state
and we just keep growing.

You're amazing.

Look who's talking,
Miss Internet Star.

This is just my little home-spun
thing by comparison.

Not at all.

And that bottling room
in the back?

Everything's done on premises.

We keep our staff hopping,
that's for sure.

I bet you could bottle all sorts
of things

if someone needed to do that.


What? I'm just saying.

I hate to run but my buyers
from Austin have just pulled in.

Welcome home, Abby,

and I hope to see you both
at the fair this weekend.

You will.

You gotta admit, a lotta change
happening around here.

Plenty of change.

In fact, it's inspiring.

Ryan, what's the big mystery?

Hang on, we're almost there.

Almost where?

You gotta see this yourself.

See what?

Wait, is something wrong?

Is it-is it Abby?

It's Abby.

Like a pro.

Hey Dad!

Well I'll be.

Hey Dad.

Did you need something.

Just to tell you...
good work today.

Not half bad.

No, better.

Not bad at all.

You get some rest now.

You too, Dad.

Thanks, sweetie.

Smells like barbecue.

Looks like barbecue.

I appreciate the interest y'all,

but could you give me
a little stirring space?

A little elbow room?

Yeah. Absolutely.

You really think this old
recipe might be worth something?

We'll put a few bottles out
for sale at the fair tonight

and see what happens.

I mean, if we like the reaction
then I'll call my publicist,

see if we can get it
on a national market.

That's awful ambitious.

Abby's got me thinkin' big.

Careful, Ryan.

Next she'll have you packin' up
and movin' east.

You gotta tell me
what you think, Wes.

Honest opinion.

Like a mouthful of Texas.

That's good!

We could use that
in the advertising.

What advertising?

I might be jumping
the gun a little,

again, but that's
a good line, Dad.

You're a natural at sales.


But for now I should-I should
probably stick to ranchin'.

What's going on out there?

You need a hand?

Nothing I can't handle.

Well, when you're finished
with this,

Carmen said that she'd loan us
her packing room

for our first run.

A few hundred bottles.

How much is this costing us?

Well, the labels are
from my laptop

and the bottles only cost
a few cents a piece.

As far as start-up goes
this is pocket change.

It's my manager.


Abby, hi!

Mr. Carrington's here and
he'd like to speak with you.

Video call so he can see you.

In Greenwich.

Here, in Greenwich.

Any way we can postpone?

Like I said he's right here.

Abby! Abby!


Hey, Mr. Carrington!

How are you?


Hope I'm not intruding
on family time.

I'm picturing cocktails
by the water?

That's a good guess.

Just back from a whole day
of croquet.

Just about to mix up a pitcher
of Cape Cods.

Croquet and Cape Cods.

Does it get any more authentic
than that?

See, this is why we are excited
about you.

So I like the piece you did
on the porch,

but all we saw was the porch.

We need more
Connecticut scenery.

More local colour.

More scope.

Abby, there's chickens
all over the place!

Didn't you check the pen
this mornin'?

I'm on the phone, Dad.

I'm sorry, did someone
say chickens?

Bridgeport Bantams.

Connecticut's finest.

Bridgeport what?

And apparently they're
all over the croquet lawn.

I hate to run but...

Before you go, when will
we see those new episodes?

Very, very soon.

Remember, New England scope.

I know exactly what you
wanna see, Mr. Carrington.

Don't let me down.

Don't let us down.

Thanks for the assist.

Yeah, no problem.

What was that all about?

Does that fella not know
where you are?

It's a long story, Dad.

And honestly I do not want
to go into it.

Bye. Bye.

Can I try?
Let's see here.


What's the sauce?

Yellow Rose.

It's made right here
in Langston.

It's like a mouthful of Texas.

Well I'll take two bottles.


Thank you.

You enjoy that!

Will do!

Tell your friends.

What did I tell you?

We had 40 cases.

Now this is all we have left.

Well, if these sales
are any indication

I shoulda listened
to you sooner.

You can make it up to me.

When we sell out you can
show me around the fair.

You got a deal.

This is one of our
newest varietals.

I hope you enjoy it.

- Hey, Carmen.
- Hey.


You know, I I never
properly thanked you

for all your help with the house
and encouragement.

Yellow Rose.

Well, when I find a great
product I need to share it

with the world
because it's what I do.

There you are, Abby!

Can you believe the dance floor?

I used all the ideas you sent.

I know.

All of them.

At once.

Well, they were all so good
I couldn't decide,

and it all turned out
so, so well.

You did a wonderful job, Janet.

Thanks, but this was all you.

I followed your suggestions
to the letter.

It's really great.


But don't let it go to waste.

Try it out, you two.

Once around the dance floor,
twice if you enjoy it.

Well, you do owe me a dance.

How do you figure?

You left town
before senior prom.

I was gonna ask you.

But you left me high and dry.

You're right.

I owe you one.

Two if you enjoy it.

Is this what it was like?


I wouldn't know.

You didn't go?

The girl I wanted to go with
was back east by then.

Well, it's better late
than never.

You know, growing up here
I never felt like I really fit in.

But now I do.

Maybe this world just needed
to catch up with you.

I have a confession to make.

When I said I had everything
I wanted right here in Langston,

it wasn't quite true.

What was missing?

I'm lookin' at her.

We're making progress.

The place hasn't looked
this good in,

well, maybe ever.

Hey, Ralph.

Come to check out the upgrades?

It's lookin' good,
that's for sure.

Wouldn't even recognize it
as the same place

if it wasn't my listing.

You took it off the market,
didn't you?

He did.

But a buyer from Houston
was passin' through

when the sign was still up,
house caught her eye,

says it's exactly what
she's been lookin' for.

Well, it's not ready to show

and right now I'm not
even sure I wanna sell.

She said she doesn't need
to see anything more

than she can see
from the street.

She's itchin' to buy.

All cash, quick close.

Can I get back to you on that?

Think fast.

I can't promise she'll wait.

Alright, you'll have
an answer soon.

Yep, she's quite
a charmer, Ryan.

You two make quite the team.

Did you taste it?

I tasted it, and it's terrific.

But it's still barbecue sauce.

Yellow Rose.

The world's best.

What's next?

Beef jerky?

It's New England My Way, Abby.

Not A Taste of Texas.

Not a bad name, though, if we
ever wanna expand the brand.

Good as it is, this is not
the message

we need to be sending
Carrington right now.

New Englanders barbecue, too.

Please, just show it to him.

I'll see what I can do but
I'm not making any promises.

Thanks, Gina.

I think this could be big.

You owe me.

My manager's going to pitch
Yellow Rose to Carrington.

So hold a good thought.

A linen tablecloth.

Fancy napkin folds.

Took a few tries.

Artichokes, mushrooms,
acorn squash, quinoa.

I found this little website
with all these great recipes.

New England something.

People should know about it.

You even nailed the garnish.

Carmen's wine.

It was the only logical choice.

I agree.

Here's to big decisions.

And making the right ones.

What if Yellow Rose takes off?

Well, that's a big "if".

The property I got my eye on
ain't gonna be around forever.

It's a tough decision.

It is.

But I'm glad you came home.

Me too.

Mornin', Abby!

Hey, Dad!

Where's the sling?

I woke up this morning
and I felt like

hey, I don't need it anymore.

Look at that.

Are you sure that's ok?

Oh yeah.

I always was a fast healer
so I'm back in the saddle.

Dad, wait.

Don't you think a doctor
should look at that?

I know my body a lot better
than he does.

I've been living in it
all my life and I'm fine.

Sweetie, I-I know you got work
waitin' for ya back home.

There's no need for you to stick
around here anymore.

You don't need me?

Well, you can stay
as long as you want.

But, you see, I'm fine.

I'm gonna go check
on the new calf.


This is early for you.

I'm trying to put out
a prairie fire

that started with
your barbecue sauce.

Did Carrington taste it?

Did he like it?

He loved it, but he wondered
where you found that

in Greenwich.

I mean, Yellow Rose?


What did you tell him?

I didn't have to tell
him anything.

One of your fans posted
on your website

that you were in Langston.

Carrington started digging...

How deep did he dig?

All the way to Texas.


So it's out there.

Honestly, I'm relieved.

We should have just levelled
with him from the start.

I admit some part of this
may have been my fault.

Some part?

Ok, now isn't the time
to point fingers.

I still think we can fix this
but not long distance.

This is a face-to-face problem.

You need to get here.

How soon?

In a language you'll understand
these days?


Is Ryan coming in today?

Well, he should be.

I haven't heard from him yet.

Is something wrong?

Gina needs me in Connecticut.

Ryan needs me here.

Everybody needs ya.

Not everybody.

Why would you say that?

Because everything is coming
apart and I'm just confused

and I don't even know
what to say.


Everything I've ever done
I did to make you proud, Dad.

Somehow it's never been enough.

Is that what you really think?

I mean... all these years?

Let me show you somethin'.

Come on.

All these old photos?

You think I don't
appreciate you?


You-you came all this way
to help out even though I know

you're not much happier here
than your mama was.

What do you mean?

When we married I asked
your mama to move here

hoping she'd take to ranchin'.

Just like I hoped
you would, too.

But you are your own person,
you see?

And I saw that.

I always thought you were
disappointed in me.

Oh, no.

I mean it was clear
from the start

you were never gonna be
a rancher.

But honey, if you thought
for one second

I was ever disappointed
in you...

well, we got ourselves a
Texas-sized misunderstanding

on our hands.

It's my fault, 'cause I had
never been, you know,

the... the kind of fella
who could, you know,

talk about his feelin's
and such.

I need to show you this.

All these old photos.

All these clippings.


Even I haven't seen
some of these.

I've been keepin' 'em for years.

Showing them off to anyone
who would listen.

Honey, I have always been
so very, very proud of you.

You have?


You were cut out for big things
in this world.

When you were a little girl
you took after your mama.

You decorated your room like-

like it was a palace and then
you dressed like a princess.

You see, that you got
from your mama.

But you're stubborn, like me.

Ambitious, too.

You go after what you want.

Darlin', you're a combination
of your mama and me

and as far as I'm concerned
that makes you perfect.

I love you so very much, honey.

I love you, too, Dad.

Wes said you needed to see me.

Everything is falling apart
back east.

I have to go home and pull it
all back together.

So you're leavin'.

Tomorrow morning.

We both knew I had to

At first, sure.

But, I don't know,
I thought we were...

We were what?

I don't know.

For some reason I thought
we had a new understanding.

This is my job, Ryan.

This is my life.

And that life isn't here.

Got it. Yeah.

This is the same conversation
we had years ago.

What am I supposed to do?

I have to get back there
as soon as I can.

What do you want?

Honestly, I'm not
even sure anymore.

Well, that's too bad.

Because I'm very sure of us

and I was hopin' you were, too.

Sure of me, at least.

I'm in a really tough position.

I don't have a choice.

You always have a choice, Abby.

You just have to have
the courage to make it.

Me, I've decided to sell
the house.

The offer was too good
to pass up.

It was more than I was asking,
thanks to you.

Ralph's bringing the papers
by tomorrow.

I can finally make
that down payment

on some land outside of town.

I'll be just fine.

That's something
I never doubted.

So this is it.

Well, we had a good run.


Like the first time,

I wish you nothing but
the best in the world.

We can't leave it this way!

Sure we can.

Truth is I should have moved on
a long time ago

and I truly thought I had.

But these last couple weeks
I let my guard down

and I fell in love with you
all over again.


That's not it.

I never stopped loving you.


Goodbye, Abby.

You've reached Gina Mosley

Leave a message and
I'll get back to you.

Gina, I've been trying
to reach you.

Where are you?

Call me.

I hate to see you go, Abby.

Me too, Dad.

But I have to.

How'd you leave things
with Ryan?

Not good.

I thought you two had
a real chance this time.

My show's in New England.

I thought the internet
was everywhere these days.

It is, but New England
is only in New England.

I'm gonna miss you.

I'm gonna miss you, too, honey.

Looks like we have a visitor.


What in the world...

It's not just me.

So, this is Texas.

Is this why I couldn't reach you
at the studio?

Mr. Carrington.

Hi, Abby.

I'm so confused.

I told you he loved
the Yellow Rose.

And I do.

And, ok, he was a
little disappointed

you weren't as authentically
New England as you'd let on-


As... I let on.

My bad, I admit it.

I'm a terrible person.

But I still like your style.

And I think you have
a wealth of knowledge

and I would hate to see
that go to waste.

Your Taste of Texas idea?

He loves it.

He wants to expand his company.

We're always looking
for the chance

to take our brand national
if it's authentic.

It's authentic.

This is where I come from.

These are my roots.

My real roots.

This is my barn, my cows,
my chickens...

and this is my dad.

Wes Porter.


You the fellow who's been givin'
my little girl all the trouble?

Well, I think it's the other
way around,

but I'm not here to argue.

Fair enough.

We could have done
all of this on the phone.

What're you guys doing here?

We're here to shoot the pilot.

Jacob's got the equipment
and you've got the location.

And I've got the money.

Don't you just love
the sound of that?

Jacob, go find some good angles.

Think scope.

Right, Mr. Carrington?

We want scope.

Well, what're you waiting for?

Go change!

I love this.

- This is fantastic.
- It's perfect, isn't it?

The lot.

This is exactly what
we're looking for.


And action!

Don't adjust your screens.

"New England My Way" is moving.

We're live streaming today
all the way from my home town,

Langston, Texas.

This is where I was
born and raised.

This is the land
that I know best.

Better than the beaches
of Cape Cod

or the maple forests of Vermont.

And together we're going
to explore it all.

Hey, hello.


It's Janet Miller.

There's something
you need to see.

Ok, yeah.

I'm kind of in the middle
of something here.

Just need your signature
on these pages

and we'll get things rollin'.


Can I call you back?

You could but it might be
too late.

Are you near your computer?

A friend reminded me recently
just how amazing

this part of the country is.

How much it has to offer.

Well, it turns out my heart
is here in more ways than one,

and sometimes you just have
to follow it.

The sky goes on forever here.

The air is filled with the smell
of wild flowers and sage brush.

There's just nothing like it.

That's Abby Porter, isn't it?

What's she talking about,
her heart?

I don't know but I need
to find out.

It got me so excited
that I wanted to share it

with all of you.

So it's time to
get reacquainted,

and in my mind there's
no better way to do that

than over barbecue.

Ribs and lobster.

New England, meet Texas.

Texas surf 'n' turf.

Woah, Ryan.
The contract.

Just leave it on the table and
lock up when you're done, ok?

And we're out.

That was brilliant.

So easy, so natural, and that
sauce is a product I can sell.

So do we have a deal?

As long as we agree to
all be entirely truthful

from this point on.

Cross my Texas heart.

I didn't tell you that my grandfather
was from Texas, did I?


He's not, I just wanted to make
sure I didn't say it.

I think we both better keep
our eye on this one.

This lemonade is terrific,
by the way.

It's bottled just down the road.

Fresh local lemons.

Might make a show on its own,
you think?

That I will leave up
to your daughter.

Yeah, smart man.

We haven't had this much
traffic here in years.

Can we-can we talk a minute?

Is that the old boyfriend?


And I'm hoping the new one.

I I was watching your show
just now,

Yellow Rose and all.

What's going on?

My plans changed.

I'm not going anywhere.

What about New England your way?

The great thing about a website
is you can run it from anywhere.

My dad reminded me of that.

So the deal's off?

No, it's on.

And better than ever.

We're re-branding.

A Taste of Texas.

And we'll shoot it right here
in Langston.

So you're staying?


And Yellow Rose is the first
product we're promoting,

so I hope you haven't signed
the papers on the house yet.

Not yet.

I don't wanna make promises
I can't keep,

but with time this could
amount to something.

Maybe even buy that land
across the road.

But I have one more idea.

Oh no, should I-should I duck?

What if your ranch
was more than a ranch?

What if it was a destination?

A guest ranch where people
from all over

can come and see all
the wonderful things

that you and I love about
this place.

The old west meets the new east.

What do you think?

I think I'd need
a great designer.

Lucky for you I happen
to know someone.

Lucky for me.

Now this feels like home.