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The Fever tells the story of Justino, a 45-year-old member of the indigenous Desana people, who works as a security guard at the Manaus cargo port. Since the death of his wife, his main company is his youngest daughter who he lives with on the outskirts of town. A nurse at a local health clinic, Vanessa is accepted to study medicine in Brasília, and plans to leave shortly. As the days go by, Justino is overcome by a strong fever. During the day, he fights to stay awake at work. During the night, a mysterious creature follows his footsteps. Meanwhile, a visit from his brother makes him remember the life he left deep in the jungle twenty years prior. Between the oppression of the city and the distance of his native village, Justino is no longer able to endure an existence without a sense of belonging.

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Alpha 05, QAP?


Do you know where my things are?

I brought a lot of fruit to sell.

Pineapples, bananas, palm fruit...

When I arrived here,

in the port of the big city,

I went down to the riverside
and I felt weak.

I started shivering all over my body.

I started feeling hungry

and my whole body was aching.

I felt so lonely.
It wasn't good being here alone.

I started to feel weak.

Do you speak Tukano?

I want to help you.

I´d like to know where my things are.

Ivani was supposed to pick me up.

He lives in Dom Pedro I.

He didn't find me
and he doesn't know I'm here.

Ivani? Is that a person?

All my fruit was left at the dock.

Palm fruit, pineapples...

Thank you very much
for helping me find my things.

Thank you very much for helping me.

Did you understand her?

It's another language.

Did she just get here?

Yesterday, with arrhythmia.
But she's stable now.

She's cold.
It's the air-conditioning.

What did the social worker say?

She was admitted
with no documents,

speaking a language nobody knows.
I thought you might understand.

Is that all? Nothing else?

It seems she got to the market
by herself, in a dugout.

How can an old lady like that
paddle herself to Manaus?

We don't know what to do.

She can't stay here in ER anymore.


You must be the Indian.

I'm Wanderlei,
replacing Edson on the night shift.

- How are you?
- Fine.

It's my first steady job
here in Manaus.

Do you know the job?

I've done the training,
but I knew the job already.

Ours is channel 4.

Have you been here long?

Nearly twenty years.

Working at the port?


When I first got here

I worked in construction,
building the factories.

Then they took me on as a watchman.

The factory went bankrupt

and I got this job at the port.

I see.

I come from Manicoré, Rio Madeira.

- Do you know it?
- I've heard of it.

Why did you leave? No jobs?


I worked on a farm.

Watching over the animals?

Watching over the men.

I was a foreman.


I got fed up with it.

I quit and came here.

I don't like to be stuck in one place.

- Shall we go?
- Yeah.


Hi, uncle. Home from work?


What happened to your hand?

I'm staying home for a week.

You're not going to work?

Let me see.

It's sprained.

It's true.

Just touching it hurts.

You grew up eating only soft meat!

That's what happens when you only
buy food at the supermarket.

You end up like this, with weak bones.

If you had to work the fields,
you'd cry.

"A wasp stung me!
It's too hot!

"There are bees and ants..."

Always the same thing!

You'd run away.

I'm going to cook.

He thinks he can fool me.

That's what he's like.

Look what Everton brought.
It's his Christmas present.

I'll plug it in.

The wind's nice.

Son, come here.


That's dangerous.

I have to buy some cement to fix it.

With a crack that big,
the rain could bring everything down.

If you wait a bit, I'll help you.

I don't want to end up like Miss Hilda,

her house washed away by the rain,

with her stuck inside
hanging on to the fridge.

When I built this house

it was poor quality cement.

Did you forget the chicken?


Josué, come and eat!

That kid pretends he can't hear.

I'll dish it out for him.

If you hadn't come,
I´d have eaten all yours.

Come and sit
on your granddad's lap.

Let's eat.

Take your time.

I'll tell you a story.

A long time ago, a hunter
and his family were eating, like us.

Even though they had a lot of food,

he decided to go hunting.

"Don't go, we have lots of food,"
his wife said.

"I'll go, anyway," he said.
And off he went.

When he got to the woods
he saw a group of monkeys.

Just as he aimed his blowpipe
at one of them,

it started raining.

So he decided to wait

for the rain to stop.

He stood under a big tree,
holding his blowpipe close to his chest.

All of a sudden he fell asleep.

That's when the monkeys took him
to their world of enchanted beings.

There was no way back home.

At nightfall
a peccary came along, crying.

"Ouch! Ouch!

"My tooth hurts!"

the peccary sobbed.

His cheek was swollen like this.

The monkeys didn't know what to do.

"What's the matter?"
the man asked.

"He's got a toothache,"
the monkeys said.

"Let me take a look.
Can you open your mouth?"

When the peccary opened his mouth,

the man saw a bit of tucumã fruit
stuck in his teeth.

To the human's eyes,
this was the cause of the toothache.

He got a small knife
and plucked the piece of fruit out.

The pain vanished immediately.

A few hours later...

another peccary came along, crying.

"Ouch! Ouch!
I've been bitten by a snake!

"Ouch! Ouch!
I've been bitten by a snake!"

His foot was all swollen.

To the human's eyes,
the peccary had walked into a trap.

His foot was tangled up.

The man cut the rope with his knife
and the swelling went down right away.

At that moment
the man became precious

to the monkeys.

The monkeys said:

"Let's make manioc beer
and have a party."

At midnight

the night monkey arrived
with his wife.

He came in dancing
and then he saw the human.

"What are you doing here?"
the night monkey asked.

"They brought me here,"
said the man.

"And now I don't know
how to go home."

"I'll take you home,”
said the monkey.

It's the exam results.

Are they good?

I got in.

To study medicine?

Yes, at Brasília University.

In Brasília?

- Will you live there?
- That's the only way.

For how long?

Five years.

Five years?

Aren't you supposed to come every day

until she gets better?

They told me that,

but I can't always come.

And she's too young to come alone.

Can't anyone else bring her?

Her mother's traveling
and left her with me.

She said she'd come for her, but...

Breathe. It's almost over.


Isn't there a health centre
closer to your home?

This is the closest.

Try to come tomorrow.

If you can't get here early,
ask for me.

Thank you, Doctor.

You're welcome, my love.
Be nice to your grandfather.

He's not my grandfather.

Let's go, Karen.

Thank you.


I've lost a patient.

- What?
- I've lost him!

We put him on a drip,
he was seen by the doctor,

we put him in observation
and now he's disappeared.

- Have you asked Venâncio?
- Yes, he hasn't seen him.

I need a cigarette,
let's go outside for a minute.

- I can't now.
- Just for a minute.

- When are you leaving?
- Inscription is next week.

- But I'm not sure about it.
- Why?

I don't know anyone there.

You'll meet people.

What if I don't like it?

Sweetie, you won't know until you go.

What about my father?

I don't want to leave him alone.

Be more independent.

I used to think like that.

But my mother's still there, well.

I miss her sometimes,
but that's life.

If you don't like it, come back.

- What if I don't want to come back?
- You're complicated!

If I had an opportunity like that,

I wouldn't hesitate for a second.
I'd leap at it!

Go, girl! It'll be good.

There's someone coming.

False alarm.

Pay attention, huh?

Your boyfriend must be devastated.

I haven't told him yet.

I didn't think I'd get in.

Alpha 05, QAP?


They want to see you
at human resources. Do you copy?


Yes, human resources, get over there.


Hot today, isn't it?

It's cool in here.

I've been asked to talk to you

because you've been
a little distracted,

a bit unfocused, in your work.

Has something happened?
A personal problem?


No financial problems?

Nothing in particular.

I see here in your file

that you took some time off
a while ago

when your wife passed away.

Is it related to that?

She was sick
and wanted to see her family.

Our village is a long way.

I could refer you to our psychologist.

You could talk to her.

There's no need.

I was told that you were nodding off
in the operational area.

You know that we care
about our employees' safety.

But you have to play your part too.

Imagine if you had
an accident at work,

what it could cost the company.

It won't cost anything.

I'll remind you how things work here.

This is your first warning.

Just a warning.

If it happens again,

we'll have to suspend you.

After that you could be dismissed
for misconduct.

Then you'd get no redundancy pay.

Looking at your file,
it's not a large amount anyway.

You only started contributing
when you came to work at the port.

I've been working since I was a kid.

But it's only what's on the books
that counts,

not how long you've been alive.

Maybe you'd be entitled to benefits
related to your condition.

I mean your indigenous origin.

Is there anything else?
I have to get back to work.

I need you to sign this.

The warning.

Sign the two copies, please.

The nights here are long, huh?

The days too.

There's stuff going on
during the day.

The night's fucking lonely.

Quiet, dark...

Is it this amount of cargo
all year round?

What's in the containers?

Most are loaded with parts.

Parts for what?

TVs, air-conditioners,

fans, cars...

All for the industrial zone.

I see.

And where does it all come from?

Even from China, so they say.

That's why I saw some men
with squinty eyes coming out of a ship.

I thought they were your relatives.

- See you tomorrow, Indian.
- See you.

Since the first attacks,
the people are on high alert.

The situation was confirmed
last night

when a resident sighted
a large animal in the street.

What did it look like?

It was big and black,
with spots and no neck.

It was really weird...


Do you have any cement?

Yes, 25 reais.


Thank you.


So we must take care
of the earth He created,

of the birds, the snakes
and all living creatures.

We must take care of them all.

Thus will we have food to eat

and we will live well.

The Lord gave us everything.

- How are you?
- All right, brother. And you?

Thus says the Lord:
"All you ask of me, I shall give you."

Thus says the Bible.

These are His words.

God knows of our existence,
that we are indigenous.

Desano, Tuyuka, Tukano...

From diverse ethnic groups.

We are all His children.

Through our ways of thinking
and our ways of acting

we will worship Him.

All together now.

We thank you, Lord.

With the same joy and praise
let us thank Him.

Let us stand and sing
with the same joy.

New days are coming

These days we must be happy

God's time is coming

These days we must be happy

We all must be happy

This is why we shall all rejoice

Let us welcome Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is kind

He brings good things to the people...

Hi, Dad, everything OK at work?

Are you OK?

You're really hot.

You have a fever.

I'll take a shower to cool down.

Take some medicine, Dad.

No, thanks. It thins the blood.

Everyone takes Dipyrone.

Is that the bitter one?

Yes, this.

- I'll drink a bit.
- You have to drink it all.


Have some soup to make you sweat.

Do you know what you'll live on
when you're there?

I can send you some of my wages
every month.

There's a scholarship.

And I can find a part-time job.

I haven't made my mind up yet.

If it's important, you have to go.

Are you feeling better?

I don't know if it's fever,
it may be something else.

Like what?

I could try to explain,
but you wouldn't understand.

You can stay home for a few days.

I can get you a doctor's note.

I can´t ask for time off right now.

Anyway, the job isn't tiring.

I just have to lurk about.

Like a hunter with no prey.

What are you talking about?


I'm going to sleep.


Breathe deeply, Justino.

And again.

Do you live in Manaus
or in the interior?

In the city.

How long have you had this fever?

I'm not sure. It's been a few days.

Do you have any other symptoms?

- Have you been tested for malaria?
- It's not malaria.

How do you know? It could be malaria.

What about your diet?

Normal. I eat food.

What kind of food?

The kind you find in the supermarket.


You can get dressed.

The fever comes and goes.

Like it's got a timetable.

I'll prescribe you an antipyretic.

But only take it when you're feverish.

I´m also asking
for some tests to be done.

Come back when you get the results.

Thank you, Doctor.

You're welcome. Have a good day.

Come in.

- What did he say?
- He wants some tests done.

Show me the prescription.

Let's take care of it. Sit down.

It's harder standing up.
Are you afraid of the needle?

It's not good, taking blood away.

It's only a drop.
I promise it won't hurt.

Hold your arm out.


Just a minute.

Is that you?

I'll wait for you there.

I haven't forgotten.

I'll come straight from work.

My son will take you
tomorrow morning.

He knows where to get the documents.
Everything will be fine.

I'm listening, go ahead.

I have to go.

I'm at work, I really need to go.

Have you seen the New Year schedule?

They've switched our shifts.

You're doing the night shift?

Yes, they rescheduled me.

Isn't there a party?

At the farm where I used to work,
the boss was strict,

but at the end of the year
he'd kill an ox...

and have a barbecue for all the workers.

Good times.

No fireworks, though.

We'd fire our shotguns.

Are you a good shot?

I don't like handling guns.

Have you ever needed to shoot one?

Only hunting.

At the farm I used to sleep
with mine in my arms.

There are lots of Indians
around there.

Real ones.

With arrows and sticks.

There are none like that
around here anymore.

They´re all tame now.

Leaving already?

- Hi, brother.
- It´s been a long time.

- Sister-in-law, how are you?
- Fine.

Are you well?

Have some water.

You live well, brother.

Look at this drink here.

You can afford everything you need.

Back there, with a can of flour
all you can afford

is a bit of rice, sugar and milk.

At least you can make your own flour
and hunt.

Here you buy your food.
If you have no money, you don't eat.

But it's not like the old days.
It's harder now.

Some days you find prey,
other times you don't.

There are only small animals now.

Big ones are hard to find.

And the youngsters don't want
to hunt or fish anymore.

Her nephew only wants to work
from Monday to Friday.

He spends all Saturday
playing soccer.

He doesn't want to help
with the collective actions.

In four moons
the bacaba fruit will be ripe.

We'll make manioc beer
and dance at the Dabacuri festival.

You could come with me,

to welcome our relatives.

I can't go, brother.

You're not coming?

You really have turned white!

No, I haven't, I'm just getting old.

We both are.
Especially me, your older brother.

If you came,
we could fish for traíra.

Smoked traíra is so good.

Then you'll come?

I can't.

There's lots of honey
near the house now.

You could help me gather it.

It's really sweet.

You could bring your daughter
so she can try it.

Vanessa has big news.

Tell them.

Is she pregnant?

Is the father an Indian?


Tell them, they'll be proud.

I'm going to med school.

Are you?

You'll end up prescribing medicine,
like the whites!

She leaves in a couple of days.

Where to?

The capital.


By herself?

Don't you have a boyfriend?

She doesn't have time.

She's always rushing
from one job to another.

When I was your age,

I had lots of men running after me.

She was a real seductress!

They who marry early
get to grow up with their children.

What about you?

I'll be fine.

Eat a bit more, Dad.

I'm not hungry.

Brother, you can hang
the hammock there and rest.


Did you get the documents?

It took a while, but I got them.

Are you feeling better?

The doctor asked for a blood test,
but they couldn't find anything.

What were they looking for?

They don't even know
how to look into dreams.

They don't know anything.

They have big eyes,

but they can only see
what's in front of them.

You could come to the village

and get looked after by the shaman.

The people at work won't let me.

While you're recovering

you could help me in the fields.

You'd feel better.

But there's Everton, the children...

Bring everyone, then.

Yes, it'd be good.

- Uncle, hi.
- Nephew.

- A good trip?
- Yes.

- How are you?
- Good.

Me too.

- You've grown!
- It's been a while.

You've really grown,
you're a man already.

Last time I saw you,
you were a kid.

Auntie, how about you?

You've come to see us,
my nephew.

My nephew!

It's been a long time
since I saw you both.

Let's eat.

They brought some smoked jaraqui
for you to try.

Is all of that for me?

Only the tail will be left for you.

I fished it and she smoked it.

We brought it for you all.

Let's eat.

It's been well cooked.

You know how to.

Help yourselves.
Don't choke on the bones.

- Are you feeling better?
- I'm OK.

In the Santa Etelvina neighborhood,

the first animal to be attacked
was a domestic pig in a backyard...

Can you serve me a piece?

Serve your dad.

That's our neighborhood, uncle.

We were too late.

The pig was lying on the ground,
bleeding and dying.

What sort of animal did it?

Isn´t that Marilene´s sister-in-law?

It looks like her.

Where's that?

Up there, near the soccer field.

The pig was distracted
and the animal attacked from behind.

Tore all its hide off!

The poor thing.

This keeps happening,

but the origin of the attacks
hasn't been confirmed.

Some think it's a jaguar,
others say a pack of dogs.

I wouldn't rule out the possibility
that the attacks were done by dogs.

Exotic invading species

can adapt so well to a new ecosystem

that they dominate the environment

and end up
eliminating the native species.

In nature reserves
domestic dogs have attacked species

that are a lot bigger than them.

If we don't take measures,

our biodiversity will be reduced

to just a few species.

An Amazonian journalist
died yesterday in a car crash...

Could it be a dog?

Sometimes it isn't the animal itself.

What do you mean?

It could be something else,
but in the form of a dog.

I don't get it.

These forest animals,
like the paca, agouti, parrot, opossum

They're all people in their world.

They talk like us,

they live in homes like we do,
work the fields,

they have parties and manioc beer,
just like us.

Like a diver.

When he's at home,
he's a regular person.

When he goes out to dive,

he puts on his equipment
so he can swim with the fish.

In the water he's just like them.

If you go in the water
in the form of a person,

of course you're going
to scare the fish.

That's how it is in their world,
as your father is explaining.

When this animal eats the pig,

it's its skin that will feed
on the force of the pig.

This one wandering around here,
I don't know...

It's not like the other animals
in the forest.

I don't want to face it
in my backyard.

Can you imagine it
eating here with us?

I'd hit it on the snout with a pan!

I wanted to ask you something.

Bring your father
to be blessed at the village.

It's not difficult for you,
you have a salary and money.

Bring your father

and stay to help with the land.

What do you think?

I would, but Josué has school
and I have a job.

I can't go right now.

Then I'll ask you something else.

Take your father
to go and live with you.

That's difficult. It's a small house.

My father has his way of living
and I have mine.

It wouldn't work.

You don't understand each other

because you only speak
the white people's language now.

Niece, do you want a baked banana?

No, thank you.



It's me.

Are you OK?

Let me do it.

In the woods,

I don't know where,

I was walking among the trees.

It was just me, alone.

I was wearing my uniform

and had a machete with me.

All of a sudden

it got dark.

A moonless night, black.

Then the ground began to shine
like asphalt.

It wasn't forest anymore.

It was a city.

But there were lots of trees.

I don't know
what happened afterwards,

but it went silent.

A painful solitude.

I went into the forest
along the asphalt path.

Following the sound of a beat.

And then?

I kept following that sound.

The closer I got, the louder it was.

Then, in my path,

I saw an animal's body lying there.

But the body was empty,
no organs, just skin,

and a heart still beating.

That's a dangerous dream.

With each beat,
the animal's head would turn one way

and then the other.

One way, then the other.

It was then that the heart rose up
and looked at me.

It kept moving in the air,
looking at me.

I got scared and left.

In the middle of the path
I looked back.

And instead of the animal's skin,

there was a human figure.

Standing and looking at me.

That was when I woke up,

with my heart pounding.

That's what happened.

Alpha 05, QAP?

Alpha 05?


The cameras have detected
suspicious movement in sector 3.

Sector 3. Do you copy?

Copy that.


Are you feeling all right?

Have you packed your things?

Take care of yourself.

Don't forget to send me news.

If the fever comes back,
go to the health center.

I know you won't go!

Have a nice trip, sweetheart.

This is why I've come to talk to you

Why I've come to talk to you

Live with strength and courage

With strength and courage

You must go looking
for what you desire

You must go looking

This is why I've come to talk to you

Why I've come to talk to you

By the blood of our ancestors

This world is stained

This is why I've come to talk to you

Why I've come to talk to you

Like our ancestors,
we must be strong

This is why I've come to talk to you

Why I've come to talk to you

Like them,
live with strength and courage

This is why I've come to talk to you

Why I've come to talk to you...

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