A Father's Revenge (1988) - full transcript

German terrorists kidnap the crew of an aeroplane as they leave the airport. The terrorists demand the release of two of their colleagues, who are to be extradited to the USA. The father of one of the stewardesses decides he can no longer wait for diplomacy, and so flies out to Germany. There, frustration leads him to hire a former SAS counter-terrorism expert. Together they hunt down the terrorists.

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So, how's 26-B?

He's all right. He's just had too much to drink.

Are we landing soon?

Right now.

-You handled him well. -Yeah.

And it's only my sixth month.

-That's all? -Yep.

Oh, so you're on reserve? You're taking over for Judy Shaw?

I'm very excited. I've never been to Europe.

What's Frankfurt like?

It's ain't Paris, but it will be great.

My fiance's waiting for me at the hotel.

-I saw the ring. It's a rock! -[CAPTAIN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY]

Yeah, he likes to make sure that men can see it from ten aisles away.

-Jealous. -Very.


MAN: Come on!

Come on, Come on. Pass the ball.


MAN: Time! Time!

All right. All right. That's looking better out there.

Looking better. Anderson, come here.

What's your problem, Anderson? You can't beat this kid unless you foul him?

Hey, the ref didn't call it.

I don't care whether he called it or not. I saw it. I don't like it.

Come on, coach. It's only scrimmage.

Look, we play by the rules here, or we don't play. Sit down.

-You're benching me? -Sit!

-Evans! -Yeah, coach.

Let's see what you can do with this kid.

All right, fellas, on your feet.

-Come on, guys. -Let's go.

Move the ball around. Move the ball around.

Play together. Stay together. Let's go. Get out of here. Come on.

Come on. Move around.


-Hi, sweetheart. -Hey.

Not going so well, huh?

Lot better than it was. We were down by 16.

Come on, let's go.

How's that new defense coming along?

Aw, man. I tell you, it's a murder to lose your big man mid-season.

I know.

Actually, most of the kids are doing pretty well. Except for, you-know-who.

The kid's got the worst temper. Every time he makes a mistake, he fouls someone.

Well, don't be so tough on him. He just learned that new system a couple of days ago.

-[GRUNTS] -Besides, he sort of has this stubborn quality.

-Kind of like somebody I know. -Right.

What's that supposed to mean?

[CHUCKLING] You know what it means.

Mike has a friend, you wanna meet him?

No, I'm not the blind date type.

Oh, come on, Karen, it's your first night in Europe.

What's he like?

Short, balding, slightly married.


No, I'm just kidding. He's great. You'll love him.

I'm in Europe.

MAN 1: Where are you coming from?


-And you? -Atatuerk.

-Do you like traveling? -KAREN: I love it.

Yes, traveling is like nuts. It could be very addictive.

-Ohhh! -Oh, wait a minute.

MAN 2: Will have to do better than that, John.

JOHN: Give us a break, will you?

-VICKI: Why don't you just ask her out for a drink? -Vicki!


It's a strange way to go.

Hey, driver. Why did we come off the highway?

DRIVER: Detour.

MAN: I didn't see a detour.

-DRIVER: Yes, there was one. -VICKI: No, there wasn't.

MAN: Come on, get out!

Get out!

Stay right there.

Everybody out, out! Come out!

Everybody out. Move!

You go over there.

-Come on! -Get in there.

-Get up, get over there. -[WOMEN YELL]



Come on! Get in the jeep.

There was no need to shoot that girl.

We need them alive.

Now there's one less American.

Get in the jeep!


-WOMAN: Let's go, people! -[CROWD CHEERING]

Come on. We're getting close, getting close.

Come on, honey. Put him back in.

Time! Ref, time.

Time, give me a minute.

Hartman, sit down.

Anderson, come here.

You think you can play it straight this time?

-Yes, sir. -You sure?

You bet.

Go get them.

You happy now?

You know what?


I love you.


Yeah. The minibus was empty. It's over there.

Don't know yet, how many hostages they took.

But there's one less.

She was obviously trying to run.

Oh, that poor kid.

Yeah. The October Group is back in town.

Wolfgang wants Luber and Druck.

You see, he's back.

We'll be hearing from him.

You knew him, didn't you?

Slightly. We went to the university together.

He was always organizing.

Very impatient.

He got tired of demonstrating. You know he is from a wealthy family.

His father was a high-ranking Nazi.

He suffered a lot from that.

I'm going to get him this time, Frank.

Does this mean all the Americans here are in danger now?

No. They got what they wanted.

I'm going to get him this time.

Get in, get in, move!

-Get in, get in. -Move! Quickly.

Come on, come on.

You stay here.

Against the wall.

Hands up. Come on.

Coats off.

-Coats off! -Get your hands off me!

Against the wall.

Hey, you come with us. Come on.

JOHN: Hey, where are you taking her?

MAN: Don't play hero, lover boy.

Come on.

Don't be frightened.



Hold on, please.

Hello. Sorry.

-MAN: Mrs. Hobart? -Yeah.

Mrs. Hobart. Hi, this is Michael Melon with USA Cable News.

I know this is a difficult time for you,

but do you have a statement?

What about? Yesterday's win?

-Who is this? -MICHAEL: Mrs. Hobart...


MICHAEL: Haven't you been contacted?

Who is this?

MICHAEL: Mrs. Hobart, your daughter Karen has been taken hostage in West Germany.


I'm sorry. Am I talking to the right Mrs. Hobart?

-Your daughter is a stewardess... -Who is this?

What are you talking about?



-Oh! -What's the matter?

Karen's been kidnapped. I just got a phone call.

-Quick, quick. Hurry! -Kidnapped?



Read only what is written.

Nothing more.

You understand?

Don't be scared.

Start to read!

MAN ON PHONE: Well, we are working closely with the Germans.

There's not much our government can do by itself.

Can you tell us, are the hostages still in Frankfurt?

MAN: Yes. As far as we know.

Mr. Brooks.

We've been getting more information from the press.

BROOKS: Well, the press has the luxury of being able to speculate, and we don't.

We have to deal with the facts.

Now, you have my number.

The duty officer will always know where to find me.

Day or night.

-Okay? -Ho-hold on a second.

Mr. Brooks. Let me... let me ask you a question. Uh...

Maybe you could clarify something for me. What...

What is the American position on negotiation with terrorists?

I mean, after this Iran-Contra thing.

BROOKS: We will meet any time, anywhere with anyone,

to discuss the hostage situation.

And... and then, will you be negotiating?

BROOKS: We will discuss the situation.

But, we will not give into their demands.

All right, thanks.

Will they negotiate?

They won't negotiate.

But they... they will have discussions.

See, they-they-they won't give into the terrorist's demands,

but they'll discuss them.

German authorities believe last night's murder and kidnapping,

is a work of the October Group,

the same group that took responsibility

for the murder of army major Owen Jessup several months ago in Frankfurt.

This morning, a videotape with the terrorist's demands

was delivered to the news media.

-Paul... -My name is Karen Hobart.

I'm being held as a hostage by the October Group.

The United States has demanded the extradition of two soldiers of the October Group

held under arrest by the German government.

To be released to Libya by Thursday, at midnight.

If this demand is not met,

the hostages will be executed.

West German government spokesman have confirmed that

two terrorists, Manfred Luber and Franz Druck,

are in custody for the murder of Major Jessup.

American Embassy officials

have refused to confirm or deny

whether efforts are being made to extradite these terrorists United States for trial.

I couldn't sleep either, I needed something to do.

PAUL: What time is it in Frankfurt?

It's morning there. Let's see, it's seven hours later,


69 hours left.

Oh, sweetheart.



MAN: Mr. Hobart. Paul Hobart?

Yes, this is Paul Hobart. Who is this?

MAN: My name is Max... [STATIC]

I'm having trouble hearing. You'll have to speak up.

MAX: Oh, okay. I'm a reporter with the Tribune. I'm calling...

It's an American reporter calling from Frankfurt.

No, no, it's all right. You didn't wake us up.

REPORTER: The police haven't heard from Wolfgang Donner, again.

-Say that again. -MAX: Donner, the leader of the October Group.

-The police haven't heard from him. -We haven't heard that.

-Are you sure? -MAX: Positive.

The cops know it's him.

Well, obviously you're getting better information there than we are here.

Yeah, I've got a whole file on Wolfgang Donner.

-Wolfgang Donner? -MAX: Yeah. Oh, yeah.

I wonder why Mr. Brooks didn't know that.

He probably did, probably some secret negotiations

going on that we don't even know about.

-Ah, this is my wife, Barbara. -MAX: Hi.


MAX: Is Karen your only child?


MAX: Uh, Mrs. Hobart, I know it's a tough time,

but can you give me a statement?

A statement?

MAX: Yeah, just a few words.

BARBARA: We really hope that Karen is freed.

MAX: Good. Okay, now, why don't you take down my name?

-It's Max Greenwald. -Max?

-Greenwa... -MAX: G-R-E-E-N-W-A-L-D.


Max Greenwald.

Hi, sweetheart.

What you doing out here? You're gonna catch a cold.

Just trying to get away from the phones, you know.

Where did these come from?

A little lady down the street, the one that never talks to anybody.

She just left. She was really sweet.


I don't want any yellow ribbons around this house, you understand?

No yellow ribbons!

We're not gonna be this week's hostage story.

Next time the telephone rings, it'll probably be Donahue, right?

Or maybe Nightline?

Why don't we... we can dig out Karen's old baby pictures and sell them to People magazine?

Come on, sweetheart, please calm down.

This is no good. This is no good.

We're getting everything second hand here.

We've got to go there. We've got to go to Frankfurt.

-And do what? -I don't know.

Anything. All I know is that we're running out of time.

And that's where Karen is.

That's where Karen is.


41 hours.

All the security...

Where the hell were they when they took Karen?

Where is this guy who's supposed to meet us? What is his name?

-Patterson? From State Department? -Yeah.

BARBARA: Maybe this is him now.

Mr. and Mrs. Hobart?

-Yeah. -My name is Dan Marsh.

I'm with the State Department.

Sorry, I'm late.

It's all right. Is there any news?

Not yet. But you'll have to speak with Mr. Patterson.

Oh, no wait. I thought Mr. Patterson was coming to pick us up.

Mr. Brooks in Washington said that he'll be the one meeting us.

I know, I know.

We had another problem.

Someone tried to escape from East Berlin this morning

and was shot.

Mr. Patterson will speak with you as soon as you reach his offices this afternoon.


SCHILLING: Wolfgang's brother, Albert.

PATTERSON: Is he still working in the bookstore near the university?

SCHILLING: He bought it from the owner six months ago.

He's becoming really lucky.

I'd love to go in there and beat it out of him.

What about the girl?


Her family has no idea where she is. Her stepfather said,

it's like she disappeared off the face of the Earth.

And he hopes she stays there.

So what is Washington planning to do?

Sell Wolfgang arms to get the hostages back?

Very funny.


I've begun to explore other options.

Outside channels?

Why not?

I have no ego.


Hello, Albert.



-Hi. -Hi, my name is Hobart.

We have a reservation.

Mr. Hobart?


How long will you be staying?

I don't know.

-Well, I'll just put down a week and I hope that will be enough. -Yeah, me too.

This gentleman with the beard in the back is waiting for you.

Mr. Hobart.

-Max Greenwald. How are you doing? -Hi.

I'm Barbara.

How do you do? It's a pleasure to meet you.

-How was your flight? -It was pretty long.

Yeah. Look, why don't you two get squared away, then we could talk.

No, let's... let's talk right now, Mr. Greenwald.

Yeah, I had a feeling you'd say that. I have a table in the bar.


Thank you.

MAX: Wolfgang Donner.

He doesn't look like a terrorist.

None of them do.

What does this October Group want anyway?

They want their comrades released.

Taking Karen and the others is a device to make that happen.

They also want all American military out of Germany.

They're pro P.L.O., pro IRA.

It's all here.

I'm lending you my file so you can understand what they're all about.

Let me ask you a question, Mr. Greenwald.


All right, Max.

What's your best guess?

Does the American Government have some kind of a,

a secret plan?

An agenda?

Of course. The government always

has an agenda we don't know about.

Look, I'm pretty certain that Washington is determined

to extradite Luber and Druck.

-Well, what can we do? -You can raise hell.

Freak out. Demand information.

Go see Patterson at the consulate.

You know, we're gonna meet Mr. Patterson

when he gets back from Berlin.

-He's back. -He is?

The flunky who picked you up at the airport

dropped Patterson off at the police station

before he came to pick you up.

Look, Patterson's probably just trying to get something concrete

to tell you before he sees you.

By the way, even though his office is at the consulate,

he's with the CIA.

Please don't take this the wrong way.

You've been very helpful.

What do you want from us?

What's in it for you?

Okay, look, I'm an investigative reporter

and a good one too.

In fact, I'm too good for this place.

I should be in Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow,

but like everything else,

my business is very political and it's full of nepotism.

I need a great story to get noticed and you're it.


I want to do your story.

An inside point of view of the parents of a hostage.

Look, I know what you're thinking. Now...

Please, listen, whatever you tell me,

I swear to you, I will not jeopardize Karen's safety.

Look, why don't you think it over, okay?

I'll give you my card.

Give me a call.

Take care of those. Don't lose them.


Yeah, that's-that's okay.

Incidentally, I used to play varsity basketball.

I have a pretty good jump shot.

I saw Klaus Schilling interrogating

Wolfgang's brother Albert, this morning.

Yeah, well personally, I don't think he knows anything.

He just happens to be unfortunate enough to have Wolfgang as a brother.

That's a problem.

Listen, Schilling wants to bring in outside help.

I like the idea.

It gives us deniability if something goes wrong.

Yes sir, I understand our first priority is

to get Luber and Druck back to the States to stand trial.

No, buts... That is our first priority.

The Hobart's are here.

What do you want me to tell them?

To go home.

Yes, sir. I'll try.

Okay. Yeah, I'll keep in touch.

-Good. -Bye.

...and if the German government decides

not to release the terrorists, we can't force them to.

They must be doing something to free the hostages.

Well, there are high level talks taking place as we speak.

I'm telling you everything I know.

Are you really?

Excuse me?

Well, your assistant told us you couldn't meet us

at the airport because you were still in Berlin,

but we know for a fact that

when he picked us up, you were already back.

Now, who told you that?

A reporter.

PATTERSON: Max Greenwald?

Is that something he gave you?

Yes. It's a file on the October Group.

As a matter of fact, in there, it talks about his lawyer, Bauer,

who represented the terrorists at the trial.

I know what you're thinking, but, please,

please don't get involved in personal diplomacy.

You'll do more harm than good.


as soon as I know something, I'll let you know.

Well, then, can we speak to the German authorities?

I don't know what they can tell you that I haven't.

Well, you haven't told us much of anything.

Uh, Max mentioned this Captain Schilling.

He's a specialist on terrorism...

Well, you won't be able to see him.

PAUL: Why not?

Well, sometimes he works undercover.

He's hard to get ahold of in the best of times.

[SIGHS] Well, you could try.

Is there any chance the German government

might release these two terrorists,

the ones that Wolfgang wants back,

Luber and Druck?

Negotiating will only allow this to happen again.

So, the German government's not going to make any deal?

A deal?

I'm not interested in a deal.

But, I'm not the German government.

You'd have to speak to Chancellor Kohl.

Well, could you get us in to see him?

Could I what?


I'm sorry. No.

They don't give a damn about Karen.

They don't care whether she lives or dies.

But Mr. Patterson said

there were some high level talks going on.

Talks? Talks with whom? They just told us

they haven't had any contact with this October Group!

But, Paul, there has to be...

Why does there have to be? Because it makes sense to us?

Because that's what they tell us? Let me ask you a question.

How do those poor hostages in Beirut

stay there year after year?

Because nothing, probably nothing is even going on.

I don't believe that...

Mr. Hobart, this is the Hessischer Rundfunk.

Would you give us an interview?

I'm sorry. No. Come on.

Wait a minute, wait a minute, Why, "no"?

-Let's talk to them. -No, Paul!

Look, maybe Karen will see it.

She'll know that we're here.

Maybe she'll feel stronger. It'll help a little bit.

I think we have to follow Mr. Patterson's advice.

Look, I'm not thinking about Patterson now.

I'm thinking about Karen.

But I don't want to jeopardize her situation.

Oh, damn it, they're filming us. Come on.

All right, all right. They're filming us. Let's do it.

No, Paul. Let's just walk away. Come on.

No, I'm going to talk to them.

I don't want you to talk to them.

I'm going to talk to them. Do you understand?

Damn you!

Mr. Hobart, You heard some news about Karen?

Uh, well, actually, no. We haven't heard anything new

about my daughter but I would like

to take this opportunity to make a statement, if possible.

Yes, of course.

Sit down.

Are we treating you well?

Are you getting enough to eat?

We let you go to the toilet when you ask.

So, you're not being abused.

Kept in a pit,

-like animals. -Yes.

It's not comfortable, but this isn't personal.

You are just a means to an end.

Do you see where Germany is?

Now, if there is a war,

Germany will be the first target of the Soviet Union

because your country has turned ours

into one big nuclear missile base.

Our government agreed to it, because our fathers,

the ones who are running this government,

are the same people who ran Hitler's government.

Nothing has really changed.

The aim is still the same.

Maximize profits at the expense of the working class.


The people are powerless.

And it's futile to demonstrate.

Nobody listens.

So, we have to use violence and force a polarization

inside society that will ultimately

make the population more radical.

That's why we want you,

especially you, to understand us.

Do you miss your family?

My family?

Yes. Your mother and your father.

...to the people who've got my daughter.

If you can see this, if you can hear my voice,

would you please just let my daughter Karen go?

You can take me in her place.

Please let her go.




All right. I'll be right down.

-Who was that? -Max. He's downstairs.

The embassy in Bonn released a statement to the press.

-What was it? -I don't know.

We'll find out. Come on.

-Well, can't you wait for me? -I'll meet you downstairs.

MAN: Mr. Hobart?

Excuse me. Do I know you?

-I believe I can help you. -Excuse me?

I can help you get your daughter back alive.

What the hell are you talking about? Who are you anyway?

Protection and security systems.

All right. What's it all mean?

When you get tired of waiting for your daughter

to be released through official channels,

call me. Good day.

-You could have waited for me, you know. -MAX: Paul!

Max. What's up, Max? What's going on?

The United States has formally requested the extradition of

Franz Druck and Manfred Luber for the murder of Major Jessup.

In agreement with Great Britain and the United States,

the West German government will not negotiate

with the terrorists. We demand the immediate

and unconditional release of all the hostages.

-I'm really sorry. -I can't believe this.

There's Patterson.

You knew damn well there wouldn't be any negotiations.

Why didn't you tell us this in the first place?


we're trying to get Karen out, to save all the hostages.

You mean, you're doing something?

But you just can't tell us, right?

I've told you everything I can.

Look, you're driving yourselves crazy here.

There's nothing you can do.

Maybe you'd be better off at home with your friends and relatives.

Wait a minute. You're telling us to get on a plane and go back.

They're going to shoot my daughter in 12 hours.

Are you crazy?

You must be a very busy man, Mr. Patterson.

Thank you very much for your advice.

Really, thank you.

MAX: What happened?

What happened? I'm so sick of these people.

Listen, Max, I was thinking last night.

I went through your file.

I was reading about the trial.

Luber and Druck were defended by a guy named Bauer.

He always represents this October Group

in whatever legal problems they have.

Maybe, we can get a message to Wolfgang through this guy.

But Paul, Patterson warned us not to do that.

-We've got to do something. -I don't think you have anything to lose.

Why don't you give it a shot, okay? Come on, I'll take you. I'll go with you.

No, no. He's not gonna talk to us if you're there.

That's true.

-Do you know where he is? -Yeah, come on.

What can I do for you?

We understand that you represent the two men

from the October Group, Luber and Druck.


Just tell him why we're here.

We want to get a message to the people holding Karen.

Mrs. Hobart, I have no contact with these people.

If I did, I would have notified the authorities.

Not to do so would be a violation of German law

and the ethics of my profession.

[SCOFFS] Come on, Bauer. Cut the crap.

Look, you're a lawyer. You represent these people

whenever they get into trouble.

There must be some way you can get a message to these people.

I must ask you to leave now.


All right.

All right, we're going.

My wife and I. We don't have much money.

But we'll sell our house. We'll sell everything we've got.

All we want is to get our daughter back safe.

So, please, if you can help us.

Please, please help us.

I want a cigarette.

No, you're not going to start smoking again.

You haven't had a cigarette in two years.

Remember how hard it was for you to quit?

-Because I remember. -Don't try and control me.

I only want one cigarette.

Oh, Barbara. It always starts with one cigarette.

Listen. This morning in the hotel,

this guy came up to me, he said...

He said he can help get Karen back.


Who is he?

I don't know. He sounded British.

You mean he just came up to you and handed you his card?

Yeah, I think we should talk to him.

But, who is he?

I told you, I don't know who he is.

Have you got any better ideas? Have you got any ideas at all?

Because I don't.


If the government can't find these people,

what makes you think you can?

It's my specialty.

What do you mean? You've done this before?


-More than once? -Yes.

All right. How do you go about doing it?

Each case is different.

How much?

My fee is $35,000.


We could get a second mortgage on the house.

But what could you do now? It's 8:00.

Nothing. I wouldn't start until tomorrow.

-But there's a deadline. -The deadline is midnight.

He'll extend it. They always do.

How can you be so sure?

72 hours is not enough time,

even if the government were negotiating.

Donner knows that. He'll extend it.

Well... let me know.


HARDY: What I wouldn't give for a steak and chips.

JESSICA: Make mine a bath. Nice and bubbly.

And a bed to sleep in.

KAREN: That would be heaven.

What do you like, John?

Some orange juice.

And a bottle of champagne and a slow dance with you.

HARDY: What about you, Jeff?

-RAINES: Me? -HARDY: Yeah.

I tell you what I'd like to bloody well know.

Somebody out there is doing something about her.

I wonder who's doing anything about us.

MAX: Okay, I, uh, made a few calls.

This guy is for real.

Last year, there was a British jet on a tarmac in Belfast.

48 people on board held hostage by four members of the IRA.

They called in an anti-terrorist team.

It's called an SAS team.

Vickers was their leader.

They stormed the jet, killed all four,

rescued the passengers without a single casualty.

Year before that, he lead an operation in Tunisia.

The year before that, there was an operation in Burkina Faso.

Last year, he left the agency, went into business for himself.

You would be his ideal clients.

We're gonna hire him.

We haven't even discussed this. We may be jeopardizing...

-Can I... Okay. -Just a minute, just a minute.

We maybe jeopardizing Karen's life.

Why don't I wait outside, and you can discuss this, okay?

-Yeah. Thanks. -Yeah.

I just think that hiring a mercenary

may make the situation more dangerous.

[SIGHS] Look, at least we'd be doing something.

I can't sit around and do nothing anymore.

Look, Barbara, even if this guy fails,

at least we'll know we tried everything possible

to save Karen's life.

What are we going to do? Sit around the rest of our lives

and look at each other and say, "What if?"

What if the government is doing something?

The government! The government is Patterson.

The government doesn't give a damn about us.

The government wants us to go home.

The government wants us to go anyplace but here.

They told us they're not even going to negotiate.

But they could be doing something.

I hope to hell they are,

but I'm not going to count on it.

I don't want to take Karen home in a coffin.

Well, I don't either.

What the hell are we sitting here arguing about?

Don't shout at me.

Look, far as I'm concerned,

a decision has to be made right now.

Down payment. I'm good for the rest.

[SIGHS] Here's my wife's wedding ring.

It's got to be worth something. I paid $3000 for it 24 years ago.

I just hope you can do what you say you can do.

I'll do my best.

All right? There's just one condition.

I go along with you.

Absolutely not.

I'm not gonna sit on the sidelines.

We're talking about my daughter.

Either I go or we have no deal.


Wait a minute.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Talk to me.

I'm sorry.

This thing is driving me nuts.

Vickers, this is my kid.

You've gotta take me with you.

-You'd be in the way -I won't get in the way.

Look, I'm not in the best of shape

but I'm strong and I can take orders.

I spent a couple of years in the army.

I'm not looking after you.

You don't have to look after me. I'll take care of myself.

Come on.

This is my daughter.

It's my only child.



Did he take the ring as a down payment?

Yeah, the ring, gave him most of our cash,

gave him a copy of the telex to the bank.

I hate to see you smoking again.


Sit down for a second, will you? I've got to talk to you.

Listen, on the way over there,

to meet with Vickers, I was thinking, you know.

everything we've got in the world,

we're giving to this guy. Now, what's to stop him from

just taking the money and running?

The money is not important.

All right, more importantly,

I think you were right.

He might endanger Karen's life.

Look, Barbara,

I'm gonna go along with this guy on this operation.

You're joking, of course.

Look, if you think about it, it makes sense.

It's not even worth a discussion, Paul.

If I'm there, I can look out for Karen in case something goes wrong.

Are you crazy?

I love you, Paul. Do you think I want to lose you too?

I'm not gonna do anything stupid.

I'm just gonna go along with them.

Who's "them"?

Well, he's got a couple of guys working for him.

They are mercenaries.

They're professional soldiers.

You're not even an amateur.

You're a high school basketball coach from Indiana.

I used to be in the Army.

That was 25 years ago.

You never even left the base except to play basketball games.

All right, Barbara, all right.

Don't worry about me, okay?

I can take care of myself.

You're not going anywhere.

Come on. Don't be stupid.

Give me the bag. Vickers is waiting for me.

Use your head, Paul.

You don't have to prove anything.

I'm not trying to prove anything.

But they've got Karen, damn it.

I'm going to sit around in some lousy hotel room and wait

while other people decide what happens to my daughter.

She's my daughter too.

Listen to yourself. You're not thinking about Karen.

You're thinking about you.

You're feeling helpless and impotent

and it's making you react like a boy, not a man.

Give me the bag.

Don't do this.

Don't do this to us.

-Good morning. -[SPEAKS GERMAN]

Do you speak English?


Thank you.


Ah, um, good morning.

I was wondering if you had an English version of Steppenwolf.

-Yes, sir, Come. Let's have a look. -Thank you.

Thank you.

Yes. Here we are.

Oh, I thought we had it. You are lucky.

This is a big favorite with the students.

Have you read Narcissus and Goldmund?



You don't want to make any noise. You don't want to get hurt.

You want to do exactly what I tell you, don't you?

-Yeah. -I thought so.

-Is this about my brother? I haven't... -Shh, shh, shh. Save it.

Come on. On your feet. Very quick, straight out the back. Go, go. That's it.

-Albert? Albert! -[CAR ENGINE REVVING]


We're going to offer him for your daughter.

I haven't seen Wolfgang.

I have nothing to do with him.

We don't even speak anymore.

That may be so, but we're going to test the limits of brotherly love


What are you going to do?

We'll start by sending Wolfgang a gift of one of your fingers.

ALBERT: You are crazy!

And if that doesn't convince him we're serious, then we'll send him an ear,

-or maybe your tongue. -No.

You can't hold me responsible for my brother.

If there is anything you want to tell us about your brother, this

would be a very good moment to do it.


No! No!



Now you listen to me,

and you listen very carefully because I want you to understand me.

-I understand you very well. -No.

No, you don't.

You came to me because no one else would do anything.

Well, this is what I do.

And this is the way that I do it.

Because this is what Donner understands.

Maybe he doesn't have any contact with his brother at all.

It doesn't matter.

Sometimes the innocent suffer, like your daughter.

And if his finger's the price for getting her back, that's a bargain.

There's got to be another way.

Not with a man like Donner. He deals in terror. That's what he knows.

That's what he respects.

Anything else is a waste of time.

And time

is something we're short of.

All right, we cut off his finger.

And we ship it to Wolfgang.

Suppose he cuts off one of Karen's fingers.

Do you want me to stop?

Do you want me to stop?


ALBERT: No! No! No!


Please... Please, don't do this.

Please don't do this, please.

Help me! Stop him!

No. No!

Stop it!




I really thought you were gonna cut his finger off.

I sent his ring as a token.

Well, why didn't you just tell me what you're gonna do in the first place?

I mean, I thought we agreed I was gonna be part of this operation.

You're here.

All right. How do we get the ring and the note to Wolfgang?

Through Bauer, the lawyer.

I've already been to see him.

He couldn't risk dealing with you.

My message will be delivered along with instructions on how to contact us.

Do you like the beer?

Yeah, they got great beer here.

-V-I-C-K-E-R-S. -That's right.

-Thanks for your time. -Mrs. Hobart.

-How did your husband find this man? -He found us.

Paul didn't feel like anything was being done to free Karen.

-Did Max Greenwald have anything to do... -Absolutely not.

I mean, we told him about it, but he made a call to London for us.

And he found out that Vickers was once a member of the British Intelligence Agency.

Look, I'm feeling very crazy right now, and I had to tell somebody.

I'm glad you did. Look, I'll get on this right away.

All right.

Oh, my God.

I feel like I'm betraying my husband.

-No, you haven't. You did what you thought... -I have.

I have. I know I have. I just don't know what else to do.

I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to Paul.

Barber was dead set against using a mercenary

but Paul had already made up his mind.

-He grabbed the phone and was dialing... -Go on. It's very exciting.

I thought you spooks had a magic dust that made you invisible.

This story's going to get you noticed.

Get you back to the States, is that the game plan?

What do you want?

-Oh, this was a terrific article on Helmut Kohl's new diet. -Thanks.

Exactly what did you tell the Hobarts about Peter Vickers?

Just what I could find out.

Come on. You guys must have a file on him. You have a file on everyone.

-Maybe even you. -I should hope so.

What have you got? That I got busted in '69 for smoking pot?

Gonna pull my passport? Do you mind?

Help the situation, Max. Sit on this information about Vickers.

Vickers is with you.

Absolutely not. Cooperate with us, Max.

-I'll make it up to you. -Yeah? I'm listening.

Well, after this is all over, maybe I can provide you with some background information.

Yeah, okay. I want to be there.

Okay. You listening?

I'll sit on this, but I want you to call me and I want to be there.

Okay? That or nothing.


You will call me, right? You won't forget we had this conversation.

We never did.

[ON RECORDER] Help the situation, Max. Sit on this information about Vickers.

-Vickers is with you. -Absolutely not.

VICKERS: They're watching us from somewhere.

PAUL: Why don't we just give him Albert along with some money?

You don't have any more money. You're giving it to me.

Very funny, Vickers. I never realized you had a sense of humor.

VICKERS: People like Wolfgang don't kidnap hostages for money.

They rob banks and armored cars.

VICKERS: Karen for Albert.

She is a hostage until Luber and Druck are out of Germany.

Then you can look forward to getting your brother back a piece at a time.

And the price just went up.

Now I want all the hostages.

Let me know when you decide to trade.

What was that all about?

Why would he give up all of the hostages if he wouldn't trade Karen for Albert?

Wolfgang showed up.

Albert is important to him.






Luber and Druck have been moved to an American air base.

What are you going to do about Albert?

I won't allow my personal feelings to interfere.

I know how you feel.

It's a hard decision, but it's the right one.

The deadline has arrived and our demands have not been met.

The government is not convinced of our resolve.


I want you to understand this isn't personal.

RAINES: And this rationale is supposed to excuse what you're doing?

Our struggle needs no justification. Short one is it.

RAINES: No, I refuse. Everybody refuse.

-Neither will I. -I won't draw.

We're not playing your game. None of us. Get out!

Then it's my choice?



Me? I'm not going out there. I'm not going.

I'm not going out there! I'm not going!



You want to be a hero, you're gonna be one.

Take him instead.

And Karen.

RAINES: No! No, wait. No!

No, please let me make one...


No, please let me make one phone call.

Please don't kill me. Be reasonable.

Say goodbye to your family. This is your last chance.

I beg you. Please don't kill me.

-Please... -I said, say goodbye.

Sandra, darling, I love you.

Jason, Simon, I love you both.

Don't forget me.

The Lord is my shepherd.

I shall not want...


Why do we need all of this firepower?

To be prepared for every possibility.

What's this stuff?

C-4 plastic explosive.

You can't detonate without a charge.

This is some kind of hand grenade?

Starflash grenade. It's designed to be non-lethal.

It's used to stun the target if he's barricaded himself in or taking hostages

Some bag of tricks.

Yeah, except for my Uzi, they're nearly all American made.

Well, it's nice to know we still make some things right in the United States.


But this is my favorite.

Browning nine millimeter high power semi-automatic.

13 rounds to a clip.

Easy in, easy out.

Very reliable.

You try it.

No, I don't think so.


Get him in.

Come quick!

You. Sit.

There's Patterson.

He's with the American consulate.

The guy he's talking to there, that's Schilling. He's a German expert on terrorism.

-You know them? -No.

PAUL: Well, what's she saying?

Wolfgang just sent over another video.

Sandra, darling, I love you.

Jason, Simon, I love you both.

Don't forget me.

The Lord is my shepherd.

-I shall not want... -[GUNSHOT]

Read this.

Today's action is a proof that our demands must be taken seriously.

KAREN: Manfred Luber and Franz Druck must be flown to Libya by tomorrow midnight

or the hostages will be executed.

Please give them what they want or we'll all be killed.

Come on. Talk to us. You must know something.

I don't know anything.

VICKERS: Don't waste your breath on him.

Don't let him do this. Ahhh! There's a girl my brother brought by!

Go on.

She may know how to get in touch with Wolfgang.

Her name?

-Come on, tell us her name! -Von Linder.

Marta von Linder.

I have her address at my store.

Why didn't you tell us this before?


He's my brother.

I could kill you.

There's no need.



PAUL: Barbara.

They killed a hostage.

I know. I saw.

Where are you?

I can't tell you that.

Paul, you have to tell me. I'm your wife.

I have to know where you are. It's making me crazy.

I think we're getting close.

You know where Karen is?

No, not yet.

I can't say anything more right now.

I told Patterson.

Why did you do that? You shouldn't have done that.

I told him because I was... I'm so upset.

Look, don't tell anybody anything.

Not even that we spoke.

[SIGHS] I'll be in touch.

Paul, don't hang up.

Why don't you call Max? He'll be good company.

I can't talk to him. He's driving me crazy.

He's calling every five minutes and asking me where you are.

I'll call you as soon as I know something. I've really got to go.


Please come back, Paul. We need each other.

I can't.


Don't hang up.

She told Patterson.

It doesn't matter.

Let's go.




VICKERS: Don't make a sound.



-What's your name? -Doris Halbach.

Who lives here?

My friend Marta. But she's not here.

We'll wait.



I'll ask you once again.

When did you last see Wolfgang?

Marta, you have to tell them if you know.


-I'll ask you once again. When? -Wait.

Let me talk to her.


My daughter is one of the hostages, Karen Hobart.

Obviously, I don't want to see anything happen to her.

I don't want to see you get hurt either,

but I want you to understand that I will do anything

to make sure that she gets out of there safely.

and you can help us, Marta.

If you have any information, if you know anything,

if you feel anything at all,

please help us.

Your Karen is nothing, a nobody.


You ready to die for this,

this cause?

You threaten, but lack courage to do anything.

And that is why we will triumph. Because we're not cowards.

We have more courage.

My daughter's life is at stake, and I... I have barely 30 hours to do something about it.

So let's just cut out all this Joan of Arc crap, and let's get down to business.

Business? [SCOFFS]

Your daughter is dead.

You say that I don't,

that we don't have your courage.

All right.

Let's test your courage.

Oh, and I know you're brave,

I believe you're ready to die rather than help us.

But you know something, Marta, it's easy to die.

How brave are you with your girlfriend's life?

No. No!

How brave...

How brave are you now?

-You're not going to kill her. -I'm not killing her, Marta, you're killing her!

You're killing her.

See... See, see how she suffers.

She's suffering because of you and I'll see how brave you are.

Are you still feeling brave? Are you still feeling brave?


-Pigs! All of you. Let her go! -Not before you tell us what we've to know!

-I'm a messenger. A courier. That's all. Let her go. -All of it!

I pick up envelopes and a woman named Ingrid, she drops them off.

-Where? Tell us where! -[CRYING] At the cafe Richter.


What kind of man are you?


MAN: Pull over. Right here.


What's going on?


Marta! Marta!



-[WOMAN SPEAKING GERMAN] -I'm sorry. I don't speak German.

It's not her. It's the wrong girl. We've lost her.

Eli, go back up the street. Check everything. Tell Andrew to bring the car,

if anyone picks her up, call into the car. Stay here!

Stay here? Why me stay?




-She may still be in the area. She's wearing a blond wig. -[SIREN BLARING]

If anyone should spot her, they should just follow.

-I don't want her arrested under any circumstances. Understand? -MAN: All right. We'll follow.

-I don't want Wolfgang to panic and kill all the hostages. -What happened?

Call Patterson. Get the people out of here. Get them out of here!

What happened?




Marta led them to us. She's dead.

-They shot her. They shot her! Right off from the motor bike. -Who shot her?

-Calm down. -I think that man. And others were with him.

-Who, police? -I don't know who they were.

-Were you followed? -Yes, by her father.

Her father? Was that man with him?

-I don't know. I don't think so. -You don't think so. You panicked!

I had to come back to warn you.

You shouldn't have come back here unless it was absolutely safe, you idiot.

Damn it. Everything is ruined. Everything we've worked so hard for.

-Come on, come on, come on, come on. -VICKERS: Yes?

-Vickers. -Where are you?

I'm in a phone booth. I'm... I'm on the Tolness Bridge.

Yeah. Ingrid's just going into a warehouse.

-Just wait there, we're on the way. -All right.

-But you got two minutes. I'm kicking the door in. -Just wait there.

Then get the hell here.

It's over.

They want to get the hostages, they're gonna get them.

We're going to go downstairs, bring them up here, put them against the wall,

stick the camera in their faces and we're gonna execute them.

-Let's go. -Execute all of them?


-I mean, we just can't do it. -You made a commitment.

-And we're in it together. -Right?

-Right! -Right.

Let's go.

-All right everybody, get up. -Come on, come on. Get up. Come on, come on.

-WOMAN: Is something wrong? -No, nothing is wrong.

-Get up. -WOMAN: No.

We're not gonna kill you. We're just gonna move you to another location.

Everybody move close together. Stay close. That's good.

-You're gonna kill us, you rotten lousy swine! I know it. -We're not gonna kill you.

-Oh, yes you are. -I just want to send another message.

I don't get them into the frame, wait.

Check the building. You, on your feet, legs up first.

Don't make a sound.

-Remove yourself. -Okay.

-There's a door. -Hang on to Albert.

Look after this, you might need it.

Good luck.

I want you all to say names very clearly, right into the camera.

You understand?

Dick Hardy. [SHIVERING]

Karen Hobart.

John Campbell.

Jessica King.



Shoot them!


-[GUN COCKING] -Don't move.


-KAREN: No. -WOLFGANG: Hold on to the rail.

Come on.

-PAUL: Wolfgang! -KAREN: Daddy.

Now let her go or I'll kill your brother.

Wolfgang, please. Please! Let her go!

Do as he says.

-Come on. -Let her go, Wolfgang.

-I swear I'll kill him. -Believe him, Wolfgang.

-No trade, teacher. -Daddy, help!

-No trade! -This is your last chance, Wolfgang.

-Let her go or I swear I'll blow his head off. -Get in.

-Daddy, help! -I said get in!

-Please, let her go! -He won't hurt you, Albert. He wants me.

-Move. -You bastard! No!




Yeah, it's all right.

-It's all right. -BARBARA: Karen!

Is he dead?

Oh, sweetheart! Oh, thank God you're alive.

-Is he dead? -Yes, he's dead.

There was no need.

The brother's dead, too. It's all over.

This was a setup wasn't it? This whole thing was a setup. You used me.

You got what you wanted.

We got what we wanted.

What about Albert?