A Father's Nightmare (2018) - full transcript

A vindictive and psychotic new roommate attempts to convince an innocent college freshman to take her own life by slowly destroying the freshman through the means of drugs, paranoia, and manipulation.

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Where are you?

Hey, baby.

There you are.

Stand up.

How much do you love me?
You can prove it to me now.

Vanessa, no, no, no!!!

♪ Your life"s blood flows ♪

♪ Through my veins

♪ For all time
we will remain ♪

♪ Like a vice
that will not bend ♪

♪ You and me
until the end ♪

I heard you singing.

It"s prettier every time.

It "s my mother" s lullaby.

Do you really think
I"m well enough

to go back out there
in the world?

Two young men died, Vanessa.

Nearly a third.

Nothing will ever change
that fact.

But your brain was sick then.

It"s not sick now, right?


Shall we?


It"s going to be difficult
adjusting to life

in the outside world

but you have to concentrate
on your health.

Remember, I"m here
if you need anything.


Thanks for letting me
out early, doc.

Lisa, come on!

Better get a move on!

Hey, come on. Let"s go.

Hey, don"t you wanna see Katie?

Come on.

I"m not going anymore.

Honey, we agreed
you"d give it a try.

They already held your
scholarship for a whole semester.

This is your shot, kiddo.

Come on.

I don"t care about
gymnastics anymore.

Do anything for me, baby.

How much do you love me?

I"ve never been able
to watch those.

Excuse me?

Horror movies.

I can"t watch "em.
I"m a total wimp.

I love them.

That dude kinda looks like me.

You"re right.

Have you ever been strangled?

Time"s up, Lisa Carmichael.

Just make sure you mail those
by the end of the month.



Hi, Jim.

Hey. What can I do for you?


I need to ask for
a little favour, Jim.


Can I call you Jimmy?


So I"ve been feeling
a little out of place,

starting the semester
in January and all,

and I feel like everybody
knows everybody

and I hardly know
where I"m going.

Do you think maybe
you could show me around?

I"d be happy to.

You"re very sweet, Jimmy.

Also, I know a bunch
of the gymnastics girls

are switching rooms
this semester.

Do you think maybe you could
put me in a room

with my girlfriend Lisa?

I"d really owe you.

I"ll see what I can do.

You should be darn proud
of this scholarship,

you know that.

Darn proud?

Yes. All the hard work you put
in, you and your mother.


It doesn"t mean
anything without her.

Your mother would never want you
to give up on your dreams,

especially because of her.

Okay, I "m in the car, aren" t I? Do
we have to keep on talking about this?

Seriously, dad.


Honey, I know I haven"t been
there enough for you

these past few months...

So I guess we do have
to keep on talking about it.

When they told me your mother
only had a few months left

I couldn "t... I couldn" t
believe it.

I thought if anybody
could beat it,

it would be her.

She was always so strong.

Dad, I felt like
I lost you both.

I know, honey.

I"m sorry.

But you didn"t,
and you never will.

You hear me?

[laughing, chattering


Hi. You must be Lisa.

I"m Vanessa.

Uh... where"s Katie?

Who"s Katie?

My-My roommate?

Katie Williams?

Uh, I"m your roommate.

According to the office.

Oh, I took that bed.

I hope that"s ok.

Uh... yeah.


Wow, did you pack
the whole house in this?

Oh, well you"re not Katie.

Nope. Sorry to disappoint.

I"m Vanessa, the roommate.

Matt Carmichael. The dad.

I"m sorry, have we met before?

Uh, no.

I"m from Oregon.


Wow, Lisa. Check it out.

I mean, there"s four walls,
a window, and a ceiling.

I mean, I like it.

Ok, you know what, Dad?

I think I"m gonna walk
you out, ok?

Let"s go.


I can"t stay with her.

Ok, we"ll see how
it goes, alright?

Dad, I-I don"t wanna
just see how it goes.

- Please, I wanna go home.
- Lisa.

Katie and I had this
all planned out.

- It just doesn"t feel right.
- Look, you throw this away,

you"ll regret it for the
rest of your life.

You know who"d understand? Mom!

Ok, you know what I"m gonna do?

I"m gonna pick you up on Friday

and we"re gonna have
a fun weekend.

Why are you doing this?

Because this is the right thing
for you, Lisa.

You gotta trust me with this.

And you know how much
I love you, right?

Dad, I don"t wanna go.


It"s ok.


At least we have
our own bathroom.

I thought we were gonna
have to share

with a bunch of random skanks.


Lucky us.

What are those?


What kind?

Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus,
Vitamin A, Omega-3s.

Gymnastics is
pretty hardcore, huh?

How do you know I do gymnastics?

Um, your bag?

Oh. Right.

So um, what are you here for,

I am an undecided freshman.

Wait, how old are you?


And you-you"re a freshman?

I"ve been travelling around
and having fun.


Well, I gotta get to practise,

but I"ll see
you around, I guess.

"All gymnasts fear injury.

"Confidence is our armor.

"Self-doubt is fatal.

"Most gymnasts are

"They believe certain items
can protect them.

But they won "t."

♪ "Cause you got
that something ♪

♪ "Cause you got
that something ♪

Oh my gosh, Lisa!


- Katie!
- Hi.

It is so good to see you. I was
worried you weren"t gonna come.

What happened with our room?

I-I thought we were
gonna be together.

I don"t know.
I just found out.

That sucks.

Yeah, I know.

Hey, are you ok, Lisa?


I don"t know, this is all
just... a lot, you know?

I don"t know if I can do this.

Listen, we"ll do it
together, ok?


Oh my god, you will not believe
the roommate they gave me.

We should complain.

What loser did
they stick you with?




Sorry, Sasha.

I"m not complaining.

So is that good, or...

I mean, it"s what they told us.

We"re unpacked now
and everything.

Right. Right.

Sounds like you guys
are all set then.

I mean, we didn"t really
have a choice...

Yeah, you said that, Katie.

Ok, is your roommate
really that heinous?

Let me think.

She"s 25, a freshman,

probably thinks texting"s
a sport.

Other than that...


Uh, hi.

Wait, you mean texting
isn"t a sport?

Wow, it is so exciting in here.

Do you wanna go get some grub?


Um, you know what?

I was actually gonna
go with them.

Ok, yeah.

I guess I"ll just see you back
in the room then.





You know what, Vanessa?

You should come with us.


We should all eat together.
Why not?

Travelling with a band?
That sounds like fun.

It was amazing.

We got at least four years

before we get to do anything
exciting, right?


Is it like being in prison here?

Is that why the food sucks?

We are.

Gymnastic prison.

30 hours a week plus classes.

Lucky they give us time to eat.

I"m sure you guys could skip
once in a while.

What"s the worst thing
that could happen?

You have no idea.

When you"re trying
to keep up with Lisa,

full scholarship,
four years all paid for.

That"s how good she is.

As long as she doesn"t
crash and burn.

Hey. What"s wrong?

Nothing. I "m... I" m fine.

What"s wrong with Sasha?

Someone needs to slap
that bitch.

Yeah, no, you"re right.

She"s... she just got bitter

because I was the one that got
the scholarship.

Got it.


Yeah, what was she saying
about you crashing and burning?

Oh, my God!

Well, technically if my GPA
drops below 3.5

or if I don"t perform up
to expectation

then they could take
my scholarship away.

You know what?
Sasha would probably celebrate.

I mean, Katie seems ok.

Though it wouldn"t hurt

if she actually stood up for you
once in a while.

Really? I don"t know, I like
Katie, I think she"s cool.

We actually...

We started doing gymnastics
together in fourth grade.

I was trying to get the office
to let us switch rooms

so that we could be together.

You know, I"m sorry,
this is not your fault at all.

No, there"s no need
to apologize.

I like honesty.

Life"s too short for fake BS.


You know, Vanessa...

I lost my mom last summer.


So that"s...

that"s why I came to school
later than everyone else.

I"m so sorry, Lisa.

I lost my mom, too.


No, I was little.

I had to go live
with my grandmother.

Why didn"t your dad take you in?

Because he"s a selfish prick.

He didn"t want me.

It "s ok, I" ve worked it out
in therapy.

Her last couple of weeks,

I would bring her breakfast
every single day,

and one day...

I went to bring the tray in.

I thought that she was sleeping,

and-and my arm brushed
against her.

She was so cold.

Here, you need a hug.

Come here.

It"s ok. Shh.

I"m sorry.

When you lose your mom there"s
a hole that never fills up.

You"re hurting.

We"re friends now.

Hey, come here.


You"re wasting your potential.

She wasn"t even that bad.

I know.

Kennedy Connor, you"re up.


Now that"s what I wanna see
from the rest of you.

Alright, Lisa Carmichael.

Show us what you got.

Come on, let"s go.

Come on!

Nicely done.


Cynthia was impressed with you.

Really? How could you tell?

Yeah, it was obvious.

I bet you"ll get
in some line-ups.

Kate, don"t jinx me.

I"m serious.

Hey, look, are you still mad
about the whole room thing?

Because I don"t like it either.

I mean, Sasha is a total
neat freak. OCD.

No, I mean, it"s not your fault.

Besides, I like Vanessa.

She "s... She" s cool.

- Good.
- Yeah.

- You wanna hang out later?
- Yeah, of course.

Alright, I"ll text you
after my last class, ok?

Ok, bye.

See ya.

Are you stalking me?

Ok, were you sitting there
a minute ago?

No, I appeared out of thin air.

Shakespeare died 400 years ago

and yet we"re still obsessing
over him.

Why do you think that is?


So where do you go next?

Uh, history.

No way, me too.


History of Civil War
and Reconstruction.


Well, maybe we can study

Or you could do all the work
and I could copy you.

So how was your first week?

Alright, I guess.


I"ll take it.

It"s better than
"It"s terrible, Dad".

Competition"s fierce.

And so are you.

I don"t know, Dad.

Some of the other girls
are really, really good.

Like, Kennedy is
totally killing it.

Hang in there, honey.

Remember what your
mom always said.

You"re not competing against
the other girls,

you"re just doing the best
that you can do.

Yeah, well it sounded a lot
better coming from her.


Dad, do you remember
when she used to videotape

all my routines
so that I could see

what I was doing wrong
and then fix it?

Of course. I still watch them.


Oh, sorry, I gotta take this.

Now, remember, I"m picking you
up bright and early tomorrow.

Ok, yeah.

All right. I love you.


I could video your practises,
you know.

I didn"t even realize
you were there.

Um, thanks but that"s ok.

I"m actually very good.

I"ve done other sports,
even gymnastics.

You should think about it.

What"re you doing?

This is gonna be my next tattoo.

Do you want me to draw one
on you?

No, they-they distract
the judges.

Only if they can see them.

Yeah, sure.

Why not, right?

Katie was supposed
to text me to hang out,

but um... she still hasn"t.

She"s probably too busy
kissing Sasha"s ass.

You know, you"re so much
more mature

than the other girls your age.

Do you mean that?

That"s why I like you.


What do you think?

She"s beautiful.

Vanessa, my mom was a ballerina.

No way.


Yeah, I love it.

That"s so crazy.

It just... seemed
fitting somehow.


My mom was always there.

Every practise,
every competition.

She helped me prepare,
even after she got sick.

Being a ballerina, she got it.

She got having to be perfect
all the time.

The jealousy.

The backstabbing.

Well, doesn"t your dad
understand you?

Well, he wouldn"t have made me
come if he did.

Wait, he made you come here?

Yeah, I mean, he figured that
it was the best thing for me.


He teaches high school
earth science

so he"s all about that,
mind over matter, you know?

Well, he probably wanted to get
you out of the house

so he could get laid again.

Ok, that is gross.

It"s true.
He has sex.

Ok, don"t say that to me
ever again.


Well, if you haven"t
realized this yet,

I have no filter.

Yeah, I know, Vanessa.
You"re crazy.


You know, I kind of like it
without everyone here.

It"s peaceful.

Well, we can"t all go running
home to daddy.

Katie, right? Sasha?

May I?

Oh, hey, Vanessa. Sure.

I"m guessing quinoa
is the secret

to being a future Olympian?

Yeah, right.

Uh, college is our last hurrah.

We peaked at 16.

But not Lisa, right?

What, was she bragging about
how much better she is than us?

No. I mean, she said you guys
were good,

just not scholarship level.

I could have misunderstood.

Well, Lisa is lucky to be here.


She was in a bad accident
last year.

Lost her edge.

She was having panic attacks,

That could have been us.

Yeah, ok, but we don"t go around
talking a big game, do we?

Well, it"s a good thing
she has her head on right.

I mean, most people, when they
lose someone important to them,

they try and hurt themselves.

I "m sorry, it" s none
of my business.

Did she?

I don"t know.

Lisa"s a really private person.

She wouldn"t always
tell me everything.

She was pretty messed up,

That"s why she missed
first semester.

It got really bad.

Vanessa"s really cool, actually.

She lost her mom, too,

so she kinda knows what
I"ve been going through.


Which is nice.

She"s also a January start

so we"re kinda lost together in
a way I guess you could say.

She"s actually gonna start
video taping my routines.

- What?
- Whoa, hey.

If I didn"t know any better
I would say that

this college thing is going
pretty well for you.

Ok dad, it"s only been a week
so you don"t have to say

"I told you so" just yet.

Me? Have I ever said
"I told you so"?


Alright, alright, alright.

Anyways, it"s kinda been
nice because,

I don"t know, Katie has been
acting kinda weird.

She"s kind of ignoring me.

That doesn"t sound like Katie.

Yeah well, I mean, I get it.

She"s rooming with Sasha
and Sasha hates me.

Lisa, I"ve been thinking, um...
you know, uh,

maybe on Sunday
we could go see Zofia.


Yeah, if you want.

I haven"t seen her
since the funeral.

Yeah well, you know,
we don"t have to.

It was just a-

No, no, Dad-Dad, I want to.

She um, she makes me
feel closer to Mom.

Yeah, no, I"d love to see Zofia.

So what do you feel
like doing now?

We just did it.

We can do it again.



Hey, Jimmy?


I"m gonna need you to push
my deadline on my tuition.

Your folks didn"t send you
the money?


The narcissists went on a safari
and I can"t get a hold of them.

A safari?

As in Africa?

Rich girl, hmm?

Oooh, what are these?

Uh, Addys.

Good if you got ADD.

Two kinds of amphetamines
I like.


They"re fun.

Where were we?

Right here.

She"s so much like Anna.

Yeah, she is.

Your mother was such an angel.

Yeah, I know.

She was my best friend.

Did I ever tell you that?

Yeah, we just talked about that.

Remember, Zofia?


They gave me some pills and-

Maybe it"s time to rest, Zofia.


I said maybe it"s time to rest.

Oh, right. Right.


I made some terrible mistakes.

You need to hold on
to who you are, Lisa.

Don"t you ever let
that slip away.

Lisa"s doing the best she can.

And she"s doing great.

We should go.


Oh, you are so pretty.

You"ll come back and see me,
won"t you?

Yeah, of course, Zofia.

Dad, it makes me sad thinking
of her in that place.

It"s the best assisted-living
home in the state.

Your mom made sure of that.

It was a good day for her.

She"s where she needs to be.

Hey, dad?

Did-Did you and mom ever worry
that I"d get like that?

Like after my accident
in the gym?

Honey, Zofia had
paranoid schizophrenia.

You had anxiety
after a terrible accident.

It"s apples and oranges.

What about the summer when
I couldn"t get out of bed?

You had a traumatic year.

You were bound to get depressed.

We both were.

It"s gonna take time, honey.

It"s gonna take time for us to
put the pieces back together.

Yeah, yeah.

If that"s even possible.

♪ Your life"s blood
flows through my veins ♪

♪ For all time, we will remain

♪ Like a vice
that will not bend ♪

♪ You and me
until the end ♪

That"s beautiful.

How was your weekend?

It was ok.

I watched Katie
and Sasha practise.


I know they"re snotty bitches

but they"re actually
really amazing.

Better than me?

No, not at all.

I mean, maybe a little
less shaky on the beam, but...

Wait, shaky?

What do you mean,
shaky on the beam?

Oh my god.

Forget I even said anything,

When I"m playing the guitar
I just get in my own head

and I say weird stuff.

Yeah, ok.



How was your weekend?

Vanessa said she saw you guys.

Yeah, yeah, we uh,
hung out a little.

So, what?

Do you have time for everybody
but me?

What"re you talking about?

Ok, let"s go, Katie.

I"m glad you decided to
join us for the weekend, Vanessa.

Can"t have you stuck on campus.

Yeah, Vanessa.

Why would you want to hang
out with a bunch of young,

hot dudes when you can kick
it at Matt Carmichael"s house?

Oh my, oh my.

So have you always
lived in Melverne?

Uh, since Lisa was born.

Do you have um,
family or friends

in Washington, Vanessa?

Just you two.

Oh, my mother loved
to dance, too.

Don"t show too much interest
in those photographs.

I"m liable to haul out
our home videos.

I love home videos,
Mr. Carmichael.

Hey, dad, no.

I know what you"re thinking.

They"re nice.

They love each other.

They"re making me feel
very welcome here.

But can"t I have just one night

where I feel good,
and part of a family?

Um, hello?

Uh, it "s-it" s me, Vanessa.

I was-I"m sorry,
is everything ok?

Uh, yeah.

I was just uh, I just got
a phone call.


Sorry to interrupt.

I pretend she"s my mom.

Like her soul got captured

Can I see that?


The music"s actually
from Swan Lake.

It was her favourite.

Favourite ballet.

That"s the scrunchie from it.

She actually gave me
that scrunchie from the show

and promised that it would
bring me good luck.

I used to wear it
every competition

but now I just keep it
under my pillow

and I have to touch it
for good luck.

Do you ever wonder what
it was like for your mom?

What do you mean?

What it"s like to die.

To drift away from all the pain
and pressure.

I used to think that I"d never
be able to live without her.

She"s waiting for you up there.

Mine, too.

Wouldn"t it be so great if
we could go see them now?

Yeah, it would be.

So great.

Goodnight, Vanessa.

I tried to stay quiet
about this but...


What is it?

They were talking so bad
about you.

I knew it. I knew it.

Vanessa, what were they saying?

That you"d fall apart if Cynthia
put you in a line-up.

What? Why?

They"re the ones who said it,
not me.

I don"t know.

Well, why would I?

Sasha said something

about you being scared
of having another accident.

No, I"m not.

Sasha"s such a bitter bitch.

She just had to tell you
about my accident, didn"t she?

Katie did.


No, Katie doesn"t talk bad
about me.

Does she?

I mean, not
as bad as Sasha, but...

Vanessa, what-what exactly
did-did Katie say?

Lisa, I really don"t wanna
do this, ok?

I like all of you guys.

Tell me, please.

Katie doesn"t think
you should be here.

What? Are you kidding me?

She was the one that told me
to come.

Yeah, well now she thinks
you"re gonna crack

because you don"t have your mom
and you"re gonna flip out again.

I could help you.

We can prove them wrong.


You ok?

Yeah. I"m ok.

Come here.

Girls can be so mean.

Yeah, they can be.

Laney, my old coach, actually
gave me this after my accident.

I guess it was a way of helping
build up confidence, you know?

Before going back in the gym.

That should be good.

It"s cool, huh?

Alright, and... action.


Was that a little wobbly?

You did the exact same thing

when the coach was shaking
her head.


She was shaking her head?


Never mind.

Uh, forget I said anything.

You wanna take it from the top?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Was that a little wobbly?

You did the exact same thing

when the coach was shaking
her head.

Come on, Lisa!

They were
talking so bad about you.

Katie doesn"t think
you should be here.

She"s a disaster.

I don "t know what" s going on
with you, Lisa,

but fix it before
the Inter-squad.

I"m about to start
making decisions.

Vanessa, are you sure
you haven"t seen it?

Yes, I"m sure.

You"re gonna be late.

I had it under my pillow.

I have to touch it
for good luck.

Are you seriously gonna miss
your first meet

over a hair scrunchie?

You"re right.

You got this.

Next up, Lisa Carmichael.

Come on, Lisa.
You can do it.

What a surprise.

Good thing it"s
only Inter-squad.

Come on, Lisa.

Lisa! Hey, honey.

Wanna grab something to eat?
We can-we can talk?

I just wanna crawl
into bed, Dad.

Our history papers,

they"re due on Friday and
we haven"t finished them.

Excuse me, I"m trying
to have a conversation

with my daughter here.

Hey, you don"t have to be rude
to her, Dad.

She"s the one trying to help.

Come on, Vanessa. Let"s go.

I"m sorry my dad was so rude,
I could die.

Would you?

Kill yourself?

No. Suicide"s way too selfish.

Well, I guess.

I mean, what about the ones
that mess up really bad

and they kill themselves to save
their parents the shame?

I wouldn"t call that selfish,
would you?

Vanessa, what"re you
talking about?

I"m just saying,

they"re the ones who let
their parents down.

If they die they spare everyone
the humiliation,

and there"s nothing selfish
about that.

Well, wouldn"t you remember
if you knocked it on the floor?

Well, I had it out to show
Vanessa, so maybe?

Can"t you just glue her back on
or something?

Honey, I haven"t found her yet.

Hey, Mr. Carmichael.

Lisa has to go to practise now
so... bye bye.

Do you wanna be here, Lisa?

To be honest, I didn"t really
at first but now I do.

Well, you"re not showing it.

You started off strong.

I had you pegged
for two line-ups.

I can get back on track, coach.

I can and I will.





Hey, look.

Lisa, can we talk, please?

Why, Katie?

Are you tired of talking
behind my back?


Lisa, come on.

You just need some
more practise.

You really should stop going
home on weekends.

My dad"s all alone, Vanessa.

That"s not on you.

He"s the one who forced you
to come here,

do you remember?

Yeah, no, you"re right.

I"ll tell him not to pick me
up this weekend.



Why didn"t you tell me
you were coming?

Well, I left you a few messages.

I didn"t get any.



Well, I"m here now.

I figured if you"re too busy
to come home

you could at least have
Sunday brunch with me.

Of course.

We"re going for brunch, ok?



I mean, we were
just getting started, but...


How much time do you need,

Two hours?



We"ll make it dinner.


Well, we actually have to study
the footage.

Yeah, you know what, Dad?

I-I really can"t afford
the time.

I"m sorry you had to drive
all the way out here.

You didn"t know I was coming.

We"ll try it another time.



Bye. Love you.



Is it that bad, Matt?

Laney, thanks for seeing me
on such short notice.

I haven"t stopped caring
about Lisa

just because I don"t
coach her anymore.

Grab a seat?

College is stressful, Matt.

Especially for freshmen.

They"re away from home
for the first time

without their support system,

and student athletes
have to juggle their practise

with their classes.

No, it"s more than that, Laney.

The girl controls Lisa.

Look, I all but forced her
to go.

She didn"t wanna do it.

She was so vulnerable and...

you know, what if I made
a terrible mistake?

Look, Matt, maybe you could have
used a lighter touch,

but you thought that sticking
with the gymnastics

would be what was best for her.

We both did.

Laney, would you come
see her with me?

Oh, still got that fighting
spirit, I see.

Laney, you came to see me!

I missed you.

I missed you, too.

How are you?

I"m good.

Vanessa, this is Laney,
my old coach.

Vanessa and I already
know each other.

What? You do?

How"re you doing, Vanessa?

I"m good.

It"s great to see you.

Vanessa was one of my volunteers
at regionals last summer.


Let me know if you want to be
our videographer

again this summer.

I will.

I"m getting better.

Yeah, she is.

She"s videotaping
all my routines.

That"s great.


I miss you so much,

I can "t believe you" re here,

Look, I don"t know
why she didn"t mention it.

She probably didn"t remember
you guys.

There were lots
of other gymnasts there.

Plenty of others dads.

No. No, Laney,
this means something.

What does it mean, Matt?

I don"t know.
I don"t know.

I don"t have a clue.

Well, you asked
for my perspective.

I think Lisa"s stressed.

But she"s coping.

I"ve spoken with her about
not over-exerting herself.

And as for Vanessa I believe
that she is supportive of Lisa.

She obviously cares about her,

she"s spending her own
time helping her.

She doesn"t let her
out of her sight.

Matt, listen.

Lisa has left the nest.

What she needs now
is to spread her wings

and you need to let her do that.

Two whole pounds.


Is it really noticeable?

Do you want me to lie?

You know, a lot of athletes keep
their weight down with drugs.

Vanessa, we"re not allowed
to use drugs.

Ok, why don"t you tell that to
every other human being here.

What are these?



They help you focus.

They"re also really great
for metabolism.

Vanessa, no one takes these.

I don "t know what you" re
talking about.

Sasha does.

Don"t tell her I told you.


She can get kicked out, Vanessa.

Yeah, well, so could you
the way you"re going.




Ok, one week.

Just to see what it does.

One week.


We have Kennedy,





and Lisa.

Well done, girls.

You have all worked really hard,
it"s paying off.

Now, we are going
to work harder.

Dad, I"m not rambling,
I"m just excited.

I didn"t even think I"d get on
one line-up and now I"m on two?

Cynthia says I might even
start on bars.

Oh, how"s everything at home?

Everything"s fine.

Look, you"re talking
awfully fast.

I"m just super stoked.

I thought you"d be.

Is that a tattoo?

It"s a temporary tattoo, dad.

Just friggin" relax already!

Next up, from the black team,
Lisa Carmichael!

Just think about your mom
when you"re out there.


You"re practically vibrating.

Your pupils are dilated.

Lisa, are you on something?

I just did fantastic out there
and you"re really accusing me-

I"m not accusing you...

You"re the one who forced me
to come here, Dad!

Calm down.
You"re making a scene.

I"m the one making a scene?
Are you kidding me?

Ok, ok, sleepy head,
it"s time for a nap, ok?


If all you"re gonna do
is embarrass me

then don"t come at all!

You need to take the edge off.

No more pills. No.


Lisa, you have to sleep.

Besides, they"re Benzos.

They"re not even on
the prohibited substance list.



When are you gonna start
listening to me?

Don "t worry, I" ll wake you up
before English.

Wakey wakey, sleepy head.

What time is it?

You missed English.


You fell asleep at your desk
and I had to put you to bed.

What about my essay?

I finished it.

You finished it?

I mean, it was either that
or she was gonna dock you

for being late.


Pull yourself together.


Vanessa, why do you care
about me so much?

Because you"re like the little
sister I never had.

What"s wrong?

I"m getting these really
fluttery feelings in my chest.

You"re fine.

Do you think I"m having
a heart attack?


Are you sure?

Ok, here.

Give me your hand.

These will help you relax.

Just don"t take them
until after practise

or you"ll crash too soon.

You"re fine, I promise.

It"s normal.


I hope it was ok to call,
Mr. Carmichael.

No, no. You did the right thing
by telling me.

- Thanks, Katie.
- Sure thing.

- Call me any time.
- Okay, I will.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Hi Jimmy.

You have to make some kind
of payment.

I can"t keep pushing
this deadline for you.

Yeah, you can.


I"d be so grateful.

How grateful?

Grateful enough to maybe invite
my innocent little roomie Lisa

over to your house
for a private party?

You can invite some friends
and it could get interesting.

You know I like interesting.

You got my candy?

Hey, I made it.

Ooh, cash outs.

You moved Vanessa into my
daughter "s room, didn"t you?

I have no idea what
you"re talking about, man.

One phone call and I can
have you expelled and arrested.

Oh yeah?
For what?

I don"t know, passing
out prescription pills

to undergrads?

What do you think?

Look, man.

Vanessa wanted the switch
with Lisa"s room.

I don"t know why.

So fix it.

Move Lisa into a new room.

I can"t, at this point.

Lisa would have to make
the request herself.

Do you have access to student
transcripts here?



Go to work.

Go! Go to work!

Wakey wakey, sleepy head.

- Where"s Lisa?
- She"s busy.

You"re giving my daughter pills,
aren"t you?

That"s ridiculous.

What the hell do you want
with her?

You really have no idea
how to care for a daughter

without a wife, do you?

Is that why you sent her away?


You know, changing rooms
isn"t a crime

but sexual assault
could ruin your career.


What"re you doing here?

Get your stuff.

You"re coming home this weekend.

But I-

No buts. Get your stuff.


Your penne pasta.

Thank you.

Spaghetti and meatballs for you.

Ah, terrific.

- Thank you.
- Bonappetit.Enjoy.

Wow. Look at this, right?

- It looks awesome.
- I know.

Dad, I loved our Saturday nights
here with mom.

It made things feel normal
almost, you know?

I miss it.

Yeah, me too.

It was a nice tradition.


You know, honey, it doesn"t
have to stop

just because mom"s not here.


No, you"re right.

I just-I don"t know.
I wish I felt better.

Upset stomach?

Yeah, no, I haven"t
felt great all day.

I don "t-I don" t know
what it is.



Oh my gosh.

Lisa, honey... hey...

uh, honey.

Yeah, Vanessa,
what"s wrong with me?

My-My chest is fluttering
more than ever and...

And my... my head feels
like it"s gonna explode.

I don "t know what" s going on,
I feel so dizzy.

What-What"s wrong with me?

You need your pills.

You have to come back now
or it"ll get worse.

Take the number 60 bus.
It comes right here.




Do you feel better?


I don"t have to drink
that, right?

No, silly.

We"re not vampires.

Give me your hand.

♪ Your life"s blood flows
through my veins ♪

♪ For all time
we will remain ♪

♪ Like a vice
that will not bend ♪

♪ You and me
until the end ♪

You and me until the end.


What is wrong with you?

Time to get this basket case
out of the line-up

and be done with it.

They say you have to think
about them in,

like, different levels
of intoxication.

Vanessa, are you sure
about this? Seriously.

Yes, you"re in college.

It"s about time you have
some real fun.

You are so uptight.

Parties are fun.

Frank just never shows
his drunk.

It"s insane.

What is that?

It"ll help you loosen up.


Fine. Fine.


♪ In the club all my bad

♪ Gotta gun to my tum
Gonna blast withya ♪

♪ Better run when I come
I"m a psycho ♪

♪ Break in your house
Take your spouse I"m a psycho ♪

♪ Do it like Bonnie
and Clyde

♪ Getaway driver
waiting outside ♪

♪ Throw the money in
the back and I"m gone ♪

♪ Call me Al Capone when
I"m sitting on the throne ♪

♪ This is what
it sound like ♪

♪ This is what it sound like
I"m a bad girl ♪

♪ I"m a, I"m a bad girl
I"m a bad girl ♪

♪ I"m a I"m a bad girl
I"m a bad girl ♪

♪ I "m a I" m a bad girl ♪

She"s actually
crazy. Like nuts, dude, nuts.

Vanessa, I feel terrible.

I don "t know how I" m gonna
practise today.

You just need a little

Hey. It"s her.

Hey, party girl.


Nice video.

What"re you talking about?

Give me this.

You look good.

You guys are having fun.

What is it, Vanessa?

It"s you.

So when"s the next party?

It"s good.


Who posted this?

I don"t know.

You don"t know?

Which one of you idiots
posted this?

We just saw it online.

I don"t know who posted it.




Ignore them.

She felt bullied, Matt.

That"s probably why
she took off on you.

You forced her to go home just
like you forced her to go there.

I don"t sugar coat,
you know that.

Why do you think I keep
coming to you?

Do I even wanna know
what that is?

Vanessa"s transcripts.

Oh, come on.

You know that"s confidential.

How on earth did you...

Never mind how, Laney.

Look, Lisa"s not stupid.

If I can show her concrete proof

that Vanessa isn"t
who she says she is

then maybe she"ll believe me.

Ok. Let"s take a look.

GED granted in Oregon...

Hold on.

Looks like she went to school
here in Ridgewood

- for a couple of months.
- Exactly.

And she told me she didn"t know
anyone in Washington.

A 40-something man asking
questions about

a young woman who is not his
daughter won"t get you far.

We"re going together.

Thank you and we"ll see you
next class.

You two? Stay.

She failed us both for cheating.

My GPA is totally screwed
and I don"t even care.

No, not after the video.

It"s totally my fault, Lisa.

I should have stayed sober
the other night.


No, I"m doing a great job at
destroying my life on my own.


Look at me.

I"m gonna find out which one
of Jim"s stupid friends

took that video

and I"m gonna destroy him.

Or I could just destroy myself.

That"s another solution.

One my mother chose.


Your mom committed suicide?

You never told me that, Vanessa.

You never asked.

- I"m sorry.
- You should be!

I"m so selfish, ok?
I"m sorry!

- You are!
- I know! I know, ok?!

I hate myself!

Ok? Just stop!
I wanna die!

Hey, come here.

She would understand.

Your mom.

You needed to be
with her right now.

I know. I know.

She wouldn"t be mad at you
for doing it.


What is it you wish to know
about Vanessa?

Well, is there anything
you can tell us?

That"s a rather vague request.

You say Vanessa is currently
enrolled at SWU.

Are you one of her instructors?

Look, I apologize
if I was vague, Mrs. Overburton.

I am a teacher but not at SWU.

Vanessa is my daughter"s

I see.

Vanessa exercises an unhealthy
amount of control over Lisa.

We"re both very concerned.

I coached Lisa in high school.


There was a situation.

What kind of situation?

A male student she was
involved with

attempted to take his own life.

His mother was convinced
that Vanessa played a role.

Did she?

I really don"t know.

Can you put me in contact
with this boy"s mother,

the one that tried
to kill himself?

- No, I"m not...
- Please, Mrs. Overburton.

Lisa lost her mother and
I "m-I" m doing the best I can

but I desperately need help and
it sounds like this boy"s mother

knows exactly what
I"m going through.


Hey, Jim.


So listen, I"m gonna need
another extension.

- My parents are still not back.
- I can"t.

Of course you can.


Vanessa, I can"t.

If they trace this back to me
I could lose my job.

Well, you"ll lose it
a lot faster

if they see a video of you
giving drugs to a minor.

What"re you talking about?

Ooh, this doesn"t look
too professional, does it?

You wouldn"t do that.

Is that a challenge?

Please, it"s one more time.

They"re not even gonna notice.

You"re crazy.

Hey, I didn"t mean that.

Hey, Vanessa, look at me.


Come on.

I didn"t mean that.

Ok. Ok?







Come on.


Are you ok?

Is there something
you wanna tell me, Lisa?

Ok, well, there"s been
rumours circulating

and in light of this video...

you"re to report for
drug testing 8:00 am sharp

tomorrow morning.


Mrs. Stewart?

Matt. Call me Maddy.

Thanks for coming to see me,

I couldn"t live with myself
if I didn"t.

♪ Like a vice that
will not bend ♪

♪ You and me
until the end ♪

You should really tell your dad.

Before the school does.

And before he sees that video.

I can"t.

I don"t know what to say.

My son, Chris, was a little
depressed when he met Vanessa.

His girlfriend had just
broken up with him.

He was grappling with his
father"s drinking problem

and our divorce,
which I was, too.

At first I thought Vanessa
would be a good thing for him,

you know?

Pull him out of his head.

But that didn"t last very long.

It started with little things.

She"d convince him
to skip track practise.

Soon it was alcohol and drugs.

Vanessa became obsessed
with Chris.

She had to be with him
every moment.

Right up until the minute
when she convinced him

to slit his wrists.

My god.

Is he...

Oh, he"s good.

Look, I know exactly
what you"re doing.

You"re trying to find something
to show your daughter.

Some kind of proof to break
her from the spell she"s under.

Take it from me.

Don"t wait for a smoking gun.

Vanessa gets into kids" heads.

Your daughter probably
won"t believe you

no matter what you can prove.

Take her as far away from
Vanessa as you possibly can.

By force if necessary.

It"s what I wish I had done.

Sometimes it"s easier
if you write things down.


Tell him how sorry you are.

How you would rather die
than disappoint him.

♪ Your life"s blood flows
through my veins ♪

♪ For all time
we will remain ♪

Tell him you love him.

♪ Like a vice
that will not bend ♪

♪ You and me
until the end ♪

Why would Vanessa do all this?

I had the same questions.

I needed answers,
so I did some digging.

Everything is in here.

Luckily I don"t need it anymore.

It"s all yours.

Vanessa"s mom killed herself so
maybe it all stems from that.

She was a ballerina.

What was her name?

Sonja Rudland.

What is it?


Katie, it"s Matt.
Are you at the dorm?

- Yeah.
- Look, I don"t have time to explain,

but I need you
to go to Lisa"s room

and you need to get her for me.

Lisa! Lisa! Answer!

Your dad"s on the phone,
he says it"s an emergency!



I-I can hear them,
Mr. Carmichael,

but they won"t answer.

Katie, find someone with a key.

I"m on my way.

It"s time to go.

So what did you find out?

Laney, look.
It"s worse than I thought.

I think I know what to do
but I"m gonna need your help.

911, what"s your emergency?


We"re gonna show them
how amazing you are

What... What"s going on, Vanessa?

Just trust me, Lisa.

We"re going to show everyone
you belong on the team.

So, so pretty.

So you don"t get cold.

You got this.

And action.

Be careful.

Be careful.

You wouldn"t want to fall.

You"re so special.

Your dad"s gonna love this.

- Lisa!
- Stop!

You"re just in time
for the show.

I wouldn"t come too close
if I were you.

Stay on that line, ok, honey?

Just stay on that line.

Focus on that, alright?

Shut up!

Don"t you move!

No, please.
Please, let her down.

She"s all you talk about.

Let her down.

- I"m your daughter, too!
- I know you are! Shh.

I know you are, and I love you.

I love you.

No. You don"t.

You don"t know a thing about me.

Look, I thought
about you every day.

Shut up!

- It"s ok, honey.
- Now it"s time you watch.

You wanna see this?

Ha ha ha!

Amanda, please.


What did you call me?

What did you call me?

That"s your name.

Amanda is dead!

You let her die!

Look, you have every right
to be angry

and I can"t imagine how much
you suffered, Amanda,

but you don"t know
the full story.

Lisa got everything.

You had the perfect wife, you had the perfect
house, you had the perfect daughter.

What did I have?
I had nothing!

Your grandmother,
she took you away from me.

- She changed your name!
- Can you stop?

- I never gave up hope.
- Lying to me!

- Stop!
- I"ve carried this with me,

everywhere I went,
ever since the day

your grandmother took you away.

But I never gave up hope.


It"s true, Amanda.

How are you here?

You"re dead.

I tried to kill us, Amanda.

I-I was sick.

I couldn"t be your mommy.

Amanda, let her go. Please.

This has nothing to do
with Lisa.

Amanda please.


No, no!

No, please. Don"t!


No, no, no!

Come on!

Cut the rope!

Oh god, look at me!

Breathe! Breathe!

No, no, no, no!

Lisa look at me!
Breathe, breathe, breathe!

Look at me! Look at me!
I"m here! I got you!

Just breathe, breathe.
Look at me.

It "s ok, it" s ok.

You ok? You ok?
Look at me.

You"re ok.
You"re ok.

I got you.

You "re ok. You" re ok.

I got you.

I got you. I got you.
I got you.

♪ Your life"s blood
flows through my veins ♪

♪ For all time
we will remain ♪

You"re ok, Lisa.
You"re ok.

You "re ok, hon. You" re ok.

I spoke to Cynthia.

She says you can rejoin
the team if you"d like.

Listen, kiddo.

I should have told you about
Amanda a long time ago

and I"m sorry if it had-

- Why didn"t you, dad?
- I didn"t know how.

I didn"t know what
to say to you.

And I wanted to protect you.

I wanted to protect you
from everything.

Dad, what"s going to happen
to her?

I don"t know.

Amanda has a long road
ahead of her.

Well, I hope she gets the help
she needs,

but I"m never going to see her
ever again.

But I know you have to.

A letter for you.

"Dearest Amanda, I am so sorry

"for how everything turned out.

"And I want you to know
that I"m here for you.

"When you"re ready,
I"d like to come visit

"and see if we can start again.

"Your dad, always."