A Father's Fight (2021) - full transcript

Bo is a former promising boxer who married his high school sweetheart Kacie. After high school, Bo followed the path of his father, choosing addiction over his marriage, family, and boxing career. After years of bouncing between jobs and towns, he is left with nothing. Kacie has left him, taking the kids, and he has been fired from his most recent employment. Bo's long time boxing trainer, Sal, informs him that his old high school rival, Dylan (who was also trained by Sal) wants to do one last exhibition fight in their home town as he closes his impressive professional boxing career. Dylan wants to fight Bo one last time as a charity bout for their town. Sal convinces Bo to fight one more time and uses the opportunity to not only train him physically, but to teach him how to fight for what truly matters: his marriage, his family, and his faith. "Fight" is a story of redemption and a challenge for all of us to consider what is worth fighting for.

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♪ Blacktop is shining

♪ Blow my back fighting

♪ I gotta get to
where I'm going ♪

♪ Lord knows I'm trying

♪ Dirt road flying

♪ I caught to sky crying

♪ If home is where I'm going

♪ Lord knows I'm trying

♪ Ooh

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh

♪ Ooh

♪ Ooh

♪ Ooh ooh ooh

♪ I'll be the last
one standing ♪

♪ Knock me down, I'm landing

♪ Life can't take
this fight from me ♪

♪ Lord knows it's trying

♪ You think you know,
you don't know me ♪

♪ It's not the end of my story

♪ Life won't take
the fight from me ♪

♪ Lord knows it's trying

♪ Life won't take
the fight from me ♪

♪ Lord knows it's trying

♪ Lord knows it's trying

♪ Lord knows it's trying

Let's go, baby girl.

Strike one.

Let's go, Shannon.

Strike two.

It's all right.

Let's go, baby doll.

Let's go, baby.

Strike three.

That's horrible.

Come on, man.

That's my baby girl out there.

You just sat her down
because of that call.

You know what?

Are you even watching
the same game?

Play ball.

Play ball.


How about you learn how to ump?

How 'bout that?

And then maybe we'll
play some ball.

It's not that big of a deal.

It's just a game.

Just go there and
sit with your wife.

Go on over and sit down.

Don't walk away from me
when I'm talking to you, man.

You know I'm right.

Everybody here knows I'm right.

Say what?

You got something to say?

Come over here and say because
we can settle this right now.

Bo, we're done here.


Hey, hey.

Don't do this, Bo.

Don't do this.

Come on, man.


I just wanted to
watch my girl play.

I'm gonna have
to take you in, Bo.

I know.

But right now you're
embarrassing Shannon.

Don't do this.

And I just want to
watch my girl play.

embarrassing Kacie as well

and pretty much embarrassment
to this whole town.

I have to take you in.

Come on, man.

Give me your hands.

Give me your hands.

Come on.

I wasn't gonna
do anything, man.

It just pisses me off
that he can't make a good-

- Bo, stop, stop.

Just stop.

Look, whether you would have
done anything or not just stop.

It wouldn't have been a
fair fight for you anyways.

Not with you.

You'd have attacked that ump,

knocked him flat on his
back with one swing.

♪ I always looked for God

♪ But I found the devil

♪ In every place I was

♪ And all the time I spent

♪ I always looked for God

♪ But I found a bottle

♪ To make my great escape

♪ And turn and walk away

♪ Ooh

♪ Ooh

♪ Lift your head

♪ Live instead

♪ Ooh

♪ Ooh

♪ Rest your feet

♪ Lay on he

♪ My father looked for God

♪ But he found the bottle

♪ I watched the castle fall

♪ I tried to catch it all

♪ My father looked for God

♪ But he found the devil

♪ He made his great escape

♪ He turned and walked away


These are overdue.

We missed this one last week.

They're gonna shut
off our water.

What do you want me to do here?

I mean, do we have
money to move?

What do you want me to do?

You know what?

I just got home, Kacie.

What do you want from me?

Tell you what, you figure
it out 'cause I don't know.

You figure it out.

Are you kidding?

Get out of here.



It's okay, it's
okay, it's okay.

You okay?


Hey buddy, come here.

Come here.

Are you okay?

You okay?


It's okay.

You all right?

It was a little
scary, wasn't it?


It's okay.

We don't like Daddy
very much, do we?

Oh, buddy.

We do.

We love Daddy.

He just is kind of
having a bad day.

A little bit of a rough time.


But we still love him.

Okay, all right.

I'm sorry.

Hey Bo, the man.

What's up, buddy?

How's it going, man?

Good to see you, buddy.

How you doing?

I've been better, man.

That's what I've heard.

And I've heard you've had a
rough few weeks here lately.

Yeah, you could say that.

Just picking up a little
something for the road.

That'll do the trick.

Looks like
this is gonna do it for ya.

Well, let's hoping it does.

What's going on?

Kacie's been all over my
back ever since I got out so.

Oh man.

I'm sorry.

Well, you're
welcome here anytime.

You come see us, all right?

Yeah, won't you come on over

and we'll grab some drinks
tomorrow when I get off.

Yeah, that sounds good, man.

What's the damage here?

32.95, buddy.

Let's see here.

I'm a little short.

Uh oh.

You spot me?

Yeah, I got you.

Are you sure?

Yeah, don't worry 'bout it.

- All right.
- All right, boys.

I appreciate it.

All right,
well, good to see you.

Good seeing you guys again.

You come back anytime.

Gonna relieve some stress.

All right.

All right,
catch you guys later.

Lawson has him in the corner.

He has 15 seconds to
glory here, folks.

Lawson's really punishing him.

Lewis is barely standing.

He's on the ropes.

Two jabs from Lawson as we're
coming down to the finish.

Hard right hook to
Lewis and there it is.

That's the final bell.

He has done it.

Folks, this is your champion.

Bo Lawson is your champion.

You all right, Bo?



Small towns, they talk a lot.

I heard you just got
back this morning.

I'm just coming to check on you.

Hey, you can't have
this stuff in here.

Certainly not in my gym.

Yeah, that's my bad, Sal.

Yeah, you're bad.

You don't need that junk anyhow.

Not now.

Not after just getting
home again, Bo.

We good?

Can I get back to this?

Yeah, but you might
wanna work on that swing.

Looking a bit sloppy.

Yeah well, guess we
can't all be perfect

like your boy Dylan.

It's not about
being perfect, Bo.

It's about figuring out
what matters most to you.

What's really worth
all this to you.

Come on.

Listen, I'll tell you what.

Why don't you come
back tomorrow?

Let's have a chat.

And leave that with me.

Let's take another caller.

You're on Sports Talk 900 AM.

What do you got for us?

Yeah, thank you.

Now we got these two hometown
kids Lawson and Wright.

One of them is gonna make it.

I can just feel it, but who
do you think it's gonna be?

Oh, that's a great question.

It seems to be on
everyone's mind.

Everybody's asking
that question.

After the last golden
gloves championship,

Lawson's current
skillset seems to point

to the highest ceiling,
but the kid comes

from a pretty rough background.

My bet's on Wright.



Hey, champ.

Where's Mommy?

I don't know.

Come on, Kacie.

It is way too early
to be doing all this.

What are you doing
with all your stuff?


Why are you packing?

Bo, don't.


I mean, how many times
are you gonna do this?


You just gonna threaten to leave

every time we get an argument.

I mean, we both know
you're not going anywhere.


'Cause you need me so
quit playing these games

'cause we're gonna
get through this

just like we always do.

You got to give me
some time to think.


I mean, you know I'm
gonna figure all this out.

I always do.

I mean, at least can I have
one cup of coffee first

before I start dealing
with all your crap?


That bill.

I'll tell you what.

I'll call work.

I bet they can get me in this
weekend for some extra hours.

And that should take care
of all this nonsense.

You're not listening to
anything I just said?

Yeah, I hear you.

It's the same thing with
you every single time.

You won't figure it out.

You can't.

Not this time.

You know what?

You're being ridiculous.

I mean, why are you
being so dramatic?


Stop with the packing.

Let's put it back
in the drawers.

Come here, come here.


I'm sorry.


But come on, baby,
you know we can-

- Get through anything.



That's real mature, Kacie.

That's real mature.

Bo, I'm leaving.

No, you're not going.

Yeah, I am.

You are out of your mind
if you think this family

can pick you up
every time you fall.

I love you, but I
can't keep doing this.

I can't.


You know, this is just
like that time in Kent.

You made all these big promises.

Said we'd finally
pay off the car.

And then what happened?

They repoed our car.

They repoed our car.

They took.

They took me and our children.

You weren't there, but
they pulled our children

out of our car.

Now where were you?

You were out at the bar.

Drunk as your daddy doing God
knows what with God knows who.

You know, there have been
so many times like that.

But do you remember when?

Do you remember when
Shannon found you

passed out on the porch?

Blood everywhere
from you bashing

that dumb brain of
yours in on the patio.

And she came running in
screaming Daddy's dead.

Daddy's dead.

Do you have any idea how my
heart stopped at that moment?

Do you have any idea
how my heart stopped?


I thought, this is it.

He's finally overdone it.

He's gonna end up
hauled off in a hearse

like his daddy was
a few years ago.

Kacie, Kacie, Kacie, Kacie.

Look, I'm sorry.


You're right.

Okay, is that what
you wanna hear?

You're right about all that.

Don't leave.

Don't do this please.


Last night at the gym, I had
a really good talk with Sal.

He kind of put me in
my place a little bit,

but he also had some really
good things to say to me, too.

He really wants to help out.

Mentioned that maybe
I can come in there

and start training
with him again.

I don't know.

Maybe I can talk to him
about all this stuff

I got going on in
my head, Kacie.

Think it'll be good for me.

Yeah, I know I
can quit drinking.


Just please.

Just stay.

Please, Kacie.



You know what?

This is insane.

And there he is again.

You know what?

Your home it's with
me and the kids.

Lucky me.

This right here.

This is your home, Kacie.

You're not leaving.

Get out of my face.

You need to just
stay right here.


We'll figure this out together.

You gotta stay.



I hope Sal can help you.

I hope something can
help you because this.

This stuff.

It is killing me and
it is killing you

and I hope you find the
help you need, but I'm done.

No, Kace.

No, I'm done.


Lawson's looking tired.

Can he repeat?

Will lightening strike twice?

It's coming down to the wire.

You're looking awful
dapper today there, Bo.

Yeah, well I must
look a lot better

than what I feel right now.

Kacie left me last night.

I just.

I don't know what to do.

You know, I tried talking to her

and I told her why
she needed to stay,

but man she was not
hearing me at all.

She had her mind made up.

I mean, her bags were packed
by the time I even woke up.

So I mean, what am
I gonna say to her?

Definitely wasn't talking
any sense into that woman.

That's for sure.

I realize I made mistakes.

I mean God, guys.

I've made a lot of
mistakes in my life,

but man, she didn't have
to throw that up in my face

every single time we
get in an argument.

I mean, that gets old.

And then she goes off on me

and takes the kids
and she leaves.

What am I supposed to do?

You know what?

That's how she
feels, she can go.

I don't need her.

I was fine before I met Kacie

and I'll be fine long
after she leaves, too.

I guarantee you that.

Don't feel sorry for me.

No, this is a good thing

because I don't have to
follow her rules anymore.

You know, I can do what
I want when I want.


I don't have to get her
permission to do anything anymore.

I don't have to answer to her.

If I want to go
out with the guys,

I'll do that anytime I want to.

Come home anytime I want to

because God forbid I ever
came home late around her

or maybe had one too many.

Not now.

I don't have to
worry about it now

because I don't have to hear
that woman's smart mouth.


This is gonna be good.

Man, I'm gonna have a lot
more time to come in here

and hang out with you guys.

You know, I can
start training again.

Start looking
good, feeling good,

'cause I'm sure there's some
woman out that'll want me

because clearly Kacie
doesn't 'cause she just left.

So screw her.

Why'd she leave me, man?


Does she not love me?

Come here.

God, Sal, why can't she
just give me another chance?

We're gonna get through this.


What if you just give her some
time and then circle back?


She's done, man.

What do you not
understand about this?

She's not.

She's not coming back.

She's done.

I've known that woman
for a long time.

For 15 years.

And there was
something different

about the way she
said it this time.

I mean, she's threatened
it a lot over the years,

but not like this.

She's not coming back, man.

I'll tell you what.

Why don't you have a seat?

Have a seat.

Come on.

When I asked you to come
into talk the other day,

believe it or not
it wasn't about

trying to fix your marriage.

Wanna talk to you about this.

Dylan Wright.

He's hosting a charity event.

Give back to the
community and all.

He just shot me an
email to drop a line.

Say hello after all these years

and you're not
gonna believe this.

He's wondering if you'd be
interested in fighting him.

If you're still into
that kind of thing.

You know.

I'm 34 years old, man.

Not 18.

There's no way I'm doing that.


He wants to fight his
old high school rival

and he's looking to give back

for all that this town's
given him over the years.

That's pretty big of him.

Look, Bo.

This fight, this whole thing,
it could be good for you.

It looks to me like you could
use a distraction or two now.


You know something
to work towards.

Something to get your
mind off all this mess.

Look here.

My dad, he ran this here
gym for a lot of years

and my granddad before him.

And when I took over,
you and Dylan were two

of the first boxes
I ever trained.

And to this day two of the
most promising fighters

that ever stepped foot in here.

Bo, I could train you.

It could be like old times.

We can get you there.

It's going to take some work,

but we can get you
where you need to be.

♪ Hold on to the fact
that we can't go back ♪

♪ Should've done it like this

♪ But we did it like that

♪ Thought I knew everything
didn't know myself ♪

♪ Thought that you could help

♪ Didn't know what to do

♪ Didn't do real well

♪ Trying to kill this space

♪ Trying to fill the empty
in the meanest place ♪

♪ You see it on my face

♪ I'm trying hard but there's
only so much we can take ♪

♪ I guess it took
breaking to know ♪

♪ Two broken halves
don't make a whole ♪

♪ I guess it took
breaking to know ♪

♪ Two broken halves
don't make a whole ♪

♪ Whole

♪ Whole

I had to do it.

I didn't have a choice anymore.

I mean, what was I
supposed to do, right?

Kace, I don't think
anyone in this entire town

would blame you for leaving him.

I mean you just, you can't
beat yourself up over this.

Hey, buddy.


No, no, no, let
me help you, okay.

What's up?

Mommy, I'm hungry.

Do you have a snack?


I don't know, bud, hang on.

No, I don't.


Have a granola on me, buddy.

Thank you.

So cute.

I mean, look at.

Look at him.

Every time I look at him,

it's actually it's
physically painful

because all I see is Bo,
but I had to do it, right.

Like I had to do it for him
and for Shannon and for me.

I even had to do it for Bo.

I feel like.

I feel like I'm failing
in every aspect.

I feel like I'm
failing as a mother.

I couldn't even remember
a snack for the kids.

I was failing my family.

And the worst part
is I'm sitting here

and I'm just I'm angry.

I'm mad because.

I'm mad because all I'm
thinking is, is he okay?

What is he doing?

Is he all right?

And I.

Why am I worrying
about him right now?

I don't know.

I'm sorry.

You don't need
to be sorry, Kacie.

You don't need to be sorry.

You're doing the right thing.

You just gotta dig
deep this time.

Girl, how many times
has he done this?

The I'm home and then I'm gone.

I'm arrested and then
I'm suddenly sober.

I mean, that's exhausting.

You don't deserve that.

I am tired.

I'm so tired.

You're doing the right thing.


You hearing me?

I hear you.

I hear you.

You're doing the right thing
and you're gonna be okay.


♪ You got something

♪ Behind your eyes

♪ Way you're talking

♪ It's a cheap disguise

♪ We were made

♪ To chase a lie

♪ But you got saved
on a moonless night ♪

♪ Get free tonight

♪ I set it all on fire

♪ Oh

♪ Oh

♪ Oh

♪ Oh

Oh yeah, she said that.

Mm hm.

All right, you guys go
pick out books to take home.


Yeah, unbelievable.

Oh hey, I gotta go.

I'll call you back.


Hey girl.

- Hey.
- You doing okay?

Mm, not really.

I almost called him last week.

Did you?


But I wanted to.

Like really, really badly.

I just.

Oh, I don't know how to
do life without Bo in it.

He's all I know.

No, he's not all you know.

This crap that he keeps
putting you through

is all that you know.

Remember that.

You've gotta.

It's just part of
me keeps wondering

if that guy is still in there.

The one that we all
knew growing up.


People change I guess.

That Bo, he ain't here no more.

But that Bo, he was a fighter.

He knew what mattered and
how to keep his head up.


You need a break.

Seriously, when's the last
time that you've slept?

You need to rest and
clear your mind, girl.

I don't know.

I'm just.

I'm just trying to make sure
the kids are taken care of.


I know.

I tell you what.

Why don't I take
Luke and Shannon?

Just for a couple of days.

You go to your mama's.

Take some time.

Get sleep.

You've earned it.


What's the matter, Bo?

Hit you back this time?

You know what?

Give me a towel and a water.

I don't want to hear
anything from you, Duke,

unless you can come over
and do what I'm doing.

You're here awful late.

Thought you had to get
up with the roosters.


Well, yeah, I did.

I went into work the other day.

They ended up laying
off all the new guys so.

Well, you know,
that's good old Bo.

What am I doing with my life?

Kacie leaves and
she takes the kids.

Now I can't even keep a job.

Tell you what.

You know any good
country artists?

Feel free to give
them my life story

because be their next
big country song.

Well, if your truck don't
start when you go home,

you might be onto something.

I needed her, man.

I never really showed her
that I did, but I did.

Didn't even give her
really any choice

but to leave me right?

And if there is a God out
there or up there whatever,

I have a feeling that he's
having a pretty good laugh at me

fumbling around my
life right about now.

You're wrong right there.

I don't think God
laughs when we hurt, Bo.

You know.

The thing is, I thought I
could keep a job this time.

You know, pay the bills.

What's the use of even
trying anymore, man?

I can't ever win.

Just constantly
being knocked down.

It's not just about winning.

If you think it's
all about winning,

you got the wrong idea in life.

It's about taking the right
steps and doing the right thing.

And Bo Lawson, that's
what you're doing.

Life's always gonna have
this come at you hard stuff.

Come at you hard then dodge
and weave and come back at you.

It's not about that.

It's about not giving
up on the fight.

Not ever.

Now listen.

Your boy Dylan Wright
came in this morning.

Look man, I don't
wanna talk about this.

Now hear me out.

He wants to fight you and
he's up the ante this time.

5K for you to fight him.


All right.

That upfront or
do I have to win?


All you gotta do is show up

and remind this town
who Bo Lawson really is.

I don't know, man.

What do you mean you
don't know about it?

This is your opportunity
to get back on your feet.

Besides, 5K.

That's five months rent.

How can you turn that down?

All right.

Okay, I'll do it.

I mean, it's not like I got a
job to get back to you, right?

What else do I got to lose?

That's what I'm talking about.

You go home.

You rest up 'cause we got a
big day tomorrow.


Cock a doodle do.

Come on, Bo, you're
burning daylight.

Come on, Bo.

You gotta take this serious, Bo.

Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

Come on, Bo.

Come on, Bo.

Don't let Dylan outwork you now.

What are we doing?

Taking a break or what?

You know, Bo, we
are training here.

Part of your training is
learning about what matters most,

not just keeping off the
ropes and bobbing and weaving.

Now listen.

Your two kids are in there.

I want you to spend the
morning reading to your girl

and loving on that boy of yours.

They both admire
you so much, Bo.

So go on.

Give them something to admire.

Well you can read, right?

Yeah, a little bit.

A little bit.

Well good.

I'll tell you what.

Meet you back at
the gym at 11:15.

What, I gotta run all
the way back or what?

You didn't think
you're gonna get away

that easy now did you?

I'll tell you what.

Here you go.

Have a water on me.

I'll see you in a bit.


It was good, man.

Actually, it was
real good to see 'em.

I needed that, Sal.

Thanks, man.

Appreciate it.

Spill the beans.

Tell us about it.

I mean the kids
were fine, man.

Honestly, they seem
perfectly normal.

Kids are tough.

A lot tougher than I am.

That's for sure.

Must take after their mom, huh?

You know, I've put them
through a lot here lately.

For whatever reason,
they just, I don't know.

They just keep a
smile on their face.

I don't know what
it is about my kids,

but they're just
they know what it is

that makes them happy I guess.

Ain't that the truth?

See, kids got a way
of keeping it simple.

They don't forget what they
love and why they love it.

They don't make no
fuss or mess of life.

Just is what it is to a kid.


I mean, we had a
good time, you know.

Read a couple books and
you know Shannon, man.

She was so excited to tell
me all about her game.

I mean, she ended up
hitting a home run.

In the park home run, but
we'll take it.

Darn right we'll take it.

I missed that game.

It hit me hard.

It hit me really hard, Sal.

I'm not gonna lie, man.

But then Luke, he comes over

and he just immediately
starts making me laugh.

That kid, man, he
is something else.

He's like a little
comedian, man.

He told me some really good
knock-knock jokes, by the way.

He's something else, man.

And he looks a lot like her.

A lot like Kacie.

You know, when I
was in Desert Storm.

You remember those years?

I remember.

I was away from this here
town for quite some time.

When I left, I worried
about a lot of things.

Some stuff that mattered
and some that didn't.

It all faded to the background
when I was out there.

Ready to go to war.

The sand.

The heat.

The guns firing.

Eardrums are ringing.

Heart just a racing.

It's like I got out there and
I suddenly couldn't remember

why I was even there
in the first place.

It all came to a head one
day when our squad task

was to assault an
oil well controlled

by the Republican guard.

So we were moving into position.

We took fire that night.

I watched a man
I learned to love

darn near bleed out in my arms.

It occurred to me
that next morning

as I was showering off the dirt
and the grime and the blood.

Ah, there was so much blood.

You see, I had to know
what I was fighting for.

There was no way I
was gonna win that war

if I didn't know what
I was fighting for.

You listening to me, Bo?

Yes, of course, Sal.

Yeah, I just.

Honestly, man, I don't
know how you did it.

What were you fighting for?

Look, fellas.

When life is going well,
things are all right yeah,

but when life gets real,

you got to have faith.

That's what got me through.

And I tried hard
those times overseas

to remember what it
was that my grandma

and grandpa used to say to me.

God is still God,

even when there's hurting.

And I reminded myself to pray.

Not to have any
bitterness of war or pain

of losing someone or
something get in the way

of what really
mattered most to me.

I had a wife and three kids
waiting at home for me.

Depending on me.

I had to dig deep.

Had to dig deep getting
through those years

to remember what I was
staying strong for.

And not only that, but God
he was bigger than all of it.

Then all of that.

So when you're in
the trenches of life,

whether it's out there
in that boxing ring

or in a battlefield
with a gun in your hands

and bombs bursting all
around you, you gotta know.

You gotta know what it is.

You gotta know who it
is you're fighting for.

That's the fight, Bo.

That there.

That's the fight.

♪ Mm

♪ Mm

♪ Every time I take
one step forward ♪

♪ Seems like I fall
two steps back ♪

♪ Every time I get
my wheels moving ♪

♪ Feels like they're
coming off the tracks ♪

♪ There are times
where I'd be lying ♪

♪ If I said I did it all right

♪ No regrets

♪ Never say die

♪ Gonna give it
all in this fight ♪

♪ This is my time

♪ Won't quit

♪ I'll just be good

♪ This is my time

♪ Won't stop 'til
the battle's won ♪

♪ When this day
tries to break me ♪

♪ You'll see what I'm made of

♪ Sure as the sun will rise

♪ This is my time

♪ Right now my
heart is beating ♪

♪ To the sound of
a battle drum ♪

♪ My pain is my survival

♪ Won't back down
from what's to come ♪

♪ There are times
where I'd be lying ♪

♪ If I said I did it all right

♪ No regrets

♪ Never say die

♪ Gonna give it all

♪ This is my time

♪ Won't quit

♪ I'll just be good

♪ This is my time

♪ Won't stop 'til
the battle's won ♪

♪ When this day
tries to break me ♪

♪ You'll see what I'm made of

♪ Sure as the sun will rise

♪ This is my time

♪ This

♪ Is

♪ My

♪ This is my time

♪ This

♪ Is

♪ My

♪ This is my time

♪ This is my time

♪ Won't quit

♪ I'll just be good

♪ This is my time

♪ Won't stop 'til
the battle's won ♪

♪ When this day
tries to break me ♪

♪ You'll see what I'm made of

♪ Sure as the sun will rise

♪ This is my time

♪ Woo

♪ Sure as the sun will rise

♪ This is my time

Is that Bo Lawson
grocery shopping?

What are you doing
grocery shopping?

How's it going, Tammy Lynn?

Yeah, I know.

Kacie always did
this kind of thing,

but you know, I gotta do
things for myself now.

Well, I heard that
you are gonna be a part

of this really big fight.

I mean, this is a big deal, Bo.

I heard about
Dylan and you know,

you are were really
good in high school,

but he's taken this
to a whole new level.


I mean, he like looks huge.

Shredded, right?

And it looks like maybe,

maybe you're doing a
little bit of training.

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

- A little bit.
- Getting bulky.

That's awesome.

So, the whole town is
talking about this, Bo.

You know that, right?

I mean, this.

This is probably
the biggest thing

that's ever happened
around here.

I mean, you have
to be so excited.

You know, yeah,
I'm getting excited.

Maybe not as excited
as some people are,

but yeah, I'm getting there.

You know, honestly it's
not even the best part.


I mean, being with
Sal and in the gym

and all that, that's been great.

I mean, I really have loved it.

Hold on just a second.

I'm not done shopping yet.


Kind of taken over here.

But, and I know this is gonna
sound crazy coming from me.

Mm hm.

But the best part is
I'm finally learning

how to just kind
of deal with life

and seeing the kids
a little more often.

And I know you
know all the stuff

that I've been battling
over the years.

Oh yeah.

I'm finally learning
how to fight it,

but kind of fight
it the right way.

You know?

I just wish Kacie
would talk to me.

She just go drop off the
kids, go pick them up.

She won't even come outside.

She won't say anything to me.

Bo, she misses you.

She just, I mean, she's
still really hurt.

I know.

I'm sorry, Tammy.

I really am sorry.

You don't need
to say sorry to me.

I know.

You need to say sorry to her.

I know I'm sorry.

Hey Bo, how's it going, man?

Hey, what's up, Donny?

You hanging in there?

Yeah, man.

I'm doing all right.

How are you?

I'm good, I'm good.

It's good to see you.

Yeah, good seeing you, too.

Am I seeing you tonight?

Yeah, you bet, man.


All right, take care.

You got some
big plans tonight?

You know what?

I might as well go
ahead and tell you

because as soon as
Janice finds out,

the whole town's
gonna know anyway.

That was my sponsor.

I've been doing AA.




I mean, Bo all through
high school you talked about

how it never worked for your
daddy or your daddy's daddy.

It was just a bunch of losers.

You know, sat around
and complained.

Yeah, I know.

I know what I said, but
I mean that's my sponsor.

And you know, I'm
telling you the truth.

I'm doing things different.

I mean, here.

If you don't believe
me, check this out.

I worked really hard to get this

and you know I really wanna
show Kacie that I'm trying.

It's taken me a long
time to figure out

how much I've screwed up.

I hate that I've done
all this to Kacie.

It's just.

I've never even known
how to be sorry before,

much less admit it
and say it to her.

But now, I think I do.

You know, I've been put first.

Putting first things first.

You know, been
getting my head right,

getting my heart right.

I'll see you at
the fight, okay?

Hold on.

Hold on a minute.

Come here.

I know you're gonna see
Kacie later on tonight.


Can you please just put
a good word in for me?



Hey, could you give her this?



Thank you.

Hey, Duke.

Yes, sir.

I'm gonna head out early.

Can you lock up?

I got it, boss.

Be good.

See you tomorrow.

Why don't you
learn how to drive?

Get off my truck, buddy.

What's going on out here?

I said get your
hands off my truck.

Not in my parking lot.

We're not gonna have this.

Man, you better
teach him how to drive.

He just almost hit me.

Hey, I said I didn't see you.

Oh yeah, you didn't see me.

Take care of him.

Tell you something.

I hope he can box better
than he can drive.


Bo, we're not gonna have-

- Get off me, Sal.



I'm sorry, man.


Oh God.

I haven't been to the
grocery, so I don't have any

of that sugary, hazelnut
creamer you like.

Oh, that's fine.

This will have to do.

All right, do you wanna be
Hawaii or space princess?

Hawaii, please.

Okay, you tell me
what's going on with you.

Well, I mean, since you
asked, I saw Bo at the store.

Okay and.

Well, he was adulting.

I mean, he was grocery shopping

and he just, he seemed better.

What am I supposed
to say to that?

I mean, really?

I don't know, Kace.

I'm sorry.

I think that he's changed
or maybe he's changing,

but there's just something
really different.

You don't honestly
think I'm gonna fall

for that crap, do you?

You know, you of all people know

how good he is at
turning on the charm

and tricking everyone into
thinking he's doing okay.


No, I'm not saying you're
gonna fall for it, girl.

You know I know, but
just hear me out here.

I think that if you saw him
that you would see it, too.

He shared something with me.

He shared that he's
been going to AA

and that he's 30 days sober.

Yeah, there's no way.

He would always
laugh at those places

and you know what he would say.

I mean, there's no way.

I know.

We all heard him say
over and over again,

but I just want you to consider
the fact that he is changing

and I saw it and he wanted
me to give you something.

I kept it real safe right
here next to my heart.

In your bra, of course.

But this is serious.

All right, let me see.

This is a coin from
his first meeting.

It means everything.

One month.

Maybe to prove it to you.

Why don't you give him a call?

I've been looking
all over town for you.

This is the last
place I checked.

Really hoping I
wouldn't find you here.

I'm sorry, Sal.

You know, I didn't
mean any of that.

You know that, right?

It's just hard, man.

I been sitting here
and I've been thinking.

Well, that could
be a good thing

or that can be a bad thing,

but if you're mixing it
with that fella right there,

it's bound to be a bad thing.

What if I can't win?

What if I can't fight anymore?

I mean, what if this is the
only thing I'm good for?

Ma'am, can I get two waters?

Listen, Bo.

This is the easy way out.

This here.

Given up when life gets tough.

The path of least resistance,

but it's certainly not the path

to getting your Kacie
back or your two kids.

You just can't give up
when times get tough.

I know, Sal, and I hear you.

I do.

You know how hard
I've been trying.

I just.

I don't know anymore, man.

Look, bud, you're
gonna have to figure out

which Bo you're gonna be.

You gonna be this here Bo.

Angry, old, bitter drunk.

Drinking yourself to
death at this bar.

Or you gonna be a man that
realizes there's actually stuff

in life worth caring
about, worth fighting for

and only you can decide.

Yeah, I know.

And I will.

I just.

Darn straight you will.

I'm talking right now, Bo.

Make up your mind.

Look it.

You stay right here at this bar.

I'll leave you be.

You won't see or hear
from me ever again

if that's the way you want it.

Or you can man up and fight.

Really stand up for what
matters most to you.

As tough as it gets,
you gotta choose, Bo.

You can't do both.

You certainly can't be both.

Only you can decide.

So you gotta figure it out
what's worth fighting for.

And we're
back with Sports Talk 900 AM.

The big story of the day.

Bo Lawson blows it.

He had a shot at a
second championship

and frankly it just
looked like he gave up.

♪ Ba ba ba ba ba ba

♪ Dun dun dun dun dun dun

♪ Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

♪ Dun dun dun dun dun

Morning, sunshine.

You ready to get going?

Something smells good.

You cooking me breakfast?

Oh, this here?

This is for me.

What you think I was
gonna give you this

four days before bout?

Come on.

Get real.

All right, well, you
said let's get going.

Where we going, to the gym?

Well, we're gonna
get some work in,

but we're not going to the gym.

I'm bringing you to church.

Come on, Sal.

You know I don't do church.

Man, I haven't been in
church since I was a kid.

You know the last
time I went to church,

mom took me and my brother.

We got back that night
and dad laid into us hard.

I knew right then and there

that going to church
meant all that,

then I didn't want
any part of it,

so sorry, Sal, I don't
do the church thing.

It's okay, Bo.

I'll tell you what.

I'll go with you.

It's gonna be part
of our training.

Like the final countdown
before the big match.

What am I gonna wear?

Clothes I slept in?

I mean, I don't have
any good clothes.

I don't have a suit or
anything good to wear.

I'm gonna show up looking
like the town drunk.

You're not the town drunk.

Not anymore, Bo.

And you can wear
whatever you got

as far as clothes on your
back 'cause it doesn't matter.

Not at my church.

You go just like that
because the people there,

they don't care about all that.

You're sure?

I don't wanna go
looking like this.

I'm gonna feel like an idiot.

Oh yeah.

Looking like an idiot, huh?

Come on.

Yeah, good point.

The heck you got on?

Listen, we're going to church.

You, me.

It's gonna be fine.

♪ Heal me, Lord

♪ My heart is sick

♪ You didn't come for the well

I'm gonna introduce
you to the pastor.

♪ You came for the broken

Hey, Tyler.

Hey, how are you?

Good, good.

Wanna introduce
you to my friend.

Bo Lawson.

Bo Lawson.

Hey, nice to meet you.

I know this guy.

You got a big fight
coming up, right?

♪ My heart's not well

♪ I am lost in myself

Depends on the day.

Hey, nice meeting you.

I'm gonna take this real quick.

Hey, Kacie.

No, yeah, no, I can.

I can meet.

Text you on my way.

♪ So here I am broken

Hey, how are you
all this afternoon?

Is this the first date?


No, not exactly.

Well, what
can I get for you guys?

I'll have the chicken ranch
pizza and a Coke please.


You know what?

That sounds good.

Okay, I'll be right back.

Thank you.

Do you really think you
oughta be eating pizza

a couple days before
the big fight?

I don't see Sal here,
so I think I'll be fine

as long as you don't tell.

You look good.

Here's your drinks.


And your pizza
will be right out.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

So, how are the kids doing?

I've been seeing them a
little more here lately,

but man, I miss those
guys like crazy.

I wish I could see
'em a little more.



I mean, you know, Luke.

He's always such
a little daredevil

and Shannon is doing
really well in school.

I miss you.

I mean, they're always
asking about you.

When can we see daddy again,

even just after you've
dropped them off.


Look, I just have
to say this upfront.

I know you don't
like my apologies

'cause they don't
mean anything to you.

Not anymore.

Not after everything
that I've done.

I own my mistakes.

I really am starting to
see how all these things

that I've let take over my life,

the drinking and the partying
and all my anger issues.

All those things have
slowly been killing me.

And it has put a lot of stress
in between the two of us

and I know it's been
killing you, too.

I don't want to do
that to us anymore.

I love you, Kacie.

I've always loved you.

I don't wanna think
about what my life

would be like without
you and the kids.

And these last couple of months
I've had to live that life

and I can tell you right
now I don't want it.

I have been an absolute jerk
to you and a horrible husband.

I just want the chance
for us to try again.

Well, I.

I don't know.

Kacie, I know I've hurt
you and I am so sorry.

If I could take it back,
I would, but I can't.

The only thing that
I can tell you is

that I promise that I
will change going forward.

I want you to come back home,

but hey, whatever you decide,
I want you to know right now

that I will never go
back to the way I was.

I'm really doing things
different, Kacie.

I realize that this seems
just like the time before

and probably the
time before that

and the time before that,
but I really am changing.

I'm doing things different now.

I'm working really
hard on myself

and I'm not talking
about just in the gym

and working out on the outside.

I'm talking about
on the inside, too.

That's good.

Hey, are you Bo Lawson?


What's up, buddy?

Can I take a picture with you?

Well sure.

You wanna take our picture?

Yeah, yeah.

All right, come here.

Get your fist up.

Look mean.

I want you to say
beat Dylan Wright.

Beat Dylan Wright.

All right.

You look mean.

You're good.

All right, there you go, buddy.

All right.

Cute kid.

I'm sure you've
been hearing a lot

about this fight coming up.


It's pretty crazy, but pretty
nice of Dylan to do it, too.

You know, y'all
fighting and boxing

is really start to
feel like the old days.

Well, I'm not the Bo
that you used to know.

I still make mistakes
and I still mess up

and God knows I've only
shown you how low I can go,

but I really want to show you

how I can pick myself
up, do things right.

All right, guys.

Here's your pizza.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

You know.

Dylan's gonna give him
$5,000 to do this fight.

Yeah, I don't even have to win.

I can lose.

I mean, don't get me wrong.

I'm going to try my hardest,

but we both know us two old
dudes aren't 18 anymore either.

You can say that.

All right, settle down.

I mean, it's not that funny.

I mean, you know
your same age, right?



Kacie, I would love it if
you showed up at the fight.

It would mean the world to me.

Just think about it.

Mr. Wright, what has
helped you all these years

and after living in
the big city life,

what would bring you back
to your old hometown?

Well listen, I
love this place.

I always have.

You know, this is where
it all started for me

just down the
street in Sal's gym.

And you guys, you've put up
with my crazy high school antics

and you've followed my
whole boxing career.

I just felt like
the least I could do

was come back home
and say thank you.

Mr. Lawson, you've been out

of the picture for
quite some time.

What did it take to get you
back in the boxing ring?

What made you want to get
your boxing gloves back on

and face off over
here with Mr. Wright?

I can tell you the
money sure helped.

I wanna give props to this
guy right here for, you know,

giving back to the community
and you know me personally.

I just wanna say
thank you for that,

but also wanna make myself
clear come tomorrow night,

I'm still gonna try to mess
up that pretty little face.

Now, all jokes aside.

This guy right here,
my trainer Sal,

he's a great trainer.

I mean, but he's
an even better man.

And he's been pushing me hard,

not just in the gym, but
you know, in life too.

You know, for me,
it's showing up,

even when I don't
really want to.

You know, it's not giving up

and not feeling
sorry for myself.

Plus, I wanna show
this town and my family

and even the haters out there

that I still got some
gas in this tank.

And I think I can do this.

Plus, I wanna prove
to my wife and my kids

that dad still
remembers what it is

that's worth fighting for.

Mr. Wright.

Lawson, Mr. Wright.

Mr. Wright, do you feel
like this is an even matchup?

Are you excited to be facing
your own high school rival

at the event tomorrow?


You know, I'm just really
excited to be here.

I really look forward
to helping the town

take some positive steps forward

and you know I can't wait to see

what old Bo has planned
for me tomorrow.

I can guarantee you one thing.

It's gonna be a good time.

Hey, buddy.

I missed you.

Hey, sweetie.

Oh, go on inside.

I'll be right there, okay.

Just gonna talk to your daddy.

Take off your shoes.



How were they?

Were they good for you?

Our kids?

Are they ever bad?



No, they were good.

You know, we had a
great time last night.

You know how they were
begging me to get ice cream?


Well, I finally caved
and I took 'em, man.

It was a little
on the late side,

but then we went back and
watched one of their movies,

which kind of
boring but you know,

they were excited about it

probably because they
were hopped up on sugar.


All right well, thanks
for bringing them back.

Hey, hey, hey.

Hold on a minute.

I got something for you.

What is this?

What did you do?

Come on, Kacie.

I didn't do anything.

It's not like that.

I mean, can't a guy get his
favorite girl some flowers?

Yeah, sure.

But since when do you the
grand gesture gentleman thing?

I mean, this isn't
use so why really?

I know, Kacie.

Believe me or not,
I am trying here.

I had to stop and get gas
in the truck on the way over

and you know these were sitting
on the counter for sale.

I don't know.

Just thought who would
want something like this?


Who deserves
something like this?

Oh, perfect timing.


You know, it is perfect.

Kind of reminds me
of when we were kids.

Oh, well.

Thank you.

I mean, they are.

They are lovely.

Yeah, well.

I just, you know.

Bo, I don't.

Hey, you don't
have to say anything.

I'm just trying to be nice.


I know that I have
said a lot of things

and I've done a lot of things.

I've made a lot of promises
to you over the years

that really hasn't meant
anything up until this point.

So now I need to show
you that I'm changing.

Balls in your court, Kacie.

You realize that, right?

What do you want?

I mean, what do you want?

I can tell you what I want.

I want you to want to
give me another chance.

It's up to you, Kacie.

I just want you to
give me a chance

so I can show you that I'm
doing things different.

Bo, win or lose out there,
you've come a long way.

You've learned to
fight for what matters.

Man, great pep
talk there, Sal.

What do you expect
me to lose or what?

Look, bud.

I'm proud of you.

I know this isn't the pep talk

that maybe you were expecting
or that you're used to,

but I've been praying for
you for quite some time.

I think it's about
time I pray with ya.

I'll tell you, bud.

When I was overseas,

when times got tough,
lots of uncertainty,

when we were wondering who

or what we'd encounter
for days or weeks,

I'd always hold
my hopes up high,

knowing that I could turn to God

because see, God would
know what today holds

and what tomorrow holds as well.

What I'm trying to say is no
matter what happens out there,

you can still be at peace

with what you got
going on in your life.

So I know it might
seem a little weird,

but will you pray with me, Bo?

Sure, but I don't
know how to pray.

Look, man.

You didn't know how to
box before you met me.

Don't you worry about it.

I'll pray for you.

Dear God, we thank
you for this man,

for the life of Bo and the
man that he has become today.

We thank you for
your guidance, Lord,

and your strength and
for watching over Bo

with all the big
things and small.

We thank you for
your love for Bo

and for fighting for Bo.

We thank you for your strength.

And we ask for your guidance
tonight and your strength

and for Bo to remember
all his training,

but more than
anything to remember

what's worth
fighting for in life.

And by the way, God, we
wouldn't be mad at you

if Bo won tonight.




Come here.

I'm proud of you.

You've come a long way.

Go show this town
who Bo Lawson is.

You got it.

Hey Sal, can
you do me a favor?

Can you check my phone?

What, you got a
hot date or something?

Yeah, I asked Kacie to come.

Look Bo, now it's really good
that you thinking that but-

- It's time to head out, guys.

You ready?

Let's do this.

And folks,
nobody thought we would be here

middle of round four,
Lawson still on his feet.

Both fighters trading jabs
and Wright's on the attack.

He's pushing Lawson
back, landing blows.

Lawson returns.

Oh, a big shot by Wright.

That shook Lawson up and
Wright's on the attack.

Come on, Bo.

Work that jab.

Work that jab.

Stick and move.

A move by Lawson.

Gets out of the corner and
Lawson's on the attack.

Lefts and rights to
the head of Wright.

Folks, I cannot believe that
Lawson is still in this fight.

Wright lands a couple of shots
and Lawson's still returning.

Folks, this is a testament
to Sal Burton's training

that Bo Lawson can go 10 years
without a competitive fight

and here he is going toe to
toe with the world champion.

Throwing that huge
right from the champ.

You just can't deny the
toughness of Bo Lawson.

He's still in this fight.

Folks, four rounds in and
there's still not a clear winner.

Unless something big happens,

this one could be
going to the card.

Both fighters still hanging
in, sizing each other up.

And Wright's on the attack

in the closing
seconds of round four.

I can't believe I'm saying it

that Bo Lawson has
made it this far.

No one expected this out of him.

Two jabs and a combo by Lawson.

Both fighters seem
to still have.

Let's go, Bo.

You gotta protect.

Coming into the
final seconds of round four,

Lawson is down on points.

He needs a big finish
to stay in this fight.

And he's on the attack.

Hard body shots by Lawson forced
the champ into the corner.

And it's a flurry
of shots by Lawson.

Wright can only
hope for the bell.

And it's a huge hook by
Lawson and the champ is down.

The champ is down.

Referee Eddie Plummer tries
to get Lawson in the corner.

I can't believe what I just saw.

Trainer Sal Burton
has got to be proud

of the performance this
once promising fighter

is putting on tonight.

Wright is back on his
feet with relative ease

and Lawson goes right
back on the attack.

Wright is saved by the bell.

He has got to be happy
walking back to his corner.

Folks, I don't know what would
have happened to the champ

if that round had
gone on any longer.

You don't need that.

Take that out of here.

You can do all the
sitting you want tomorrow.

How you feeling?

You got one more round.

You gotta dig deep, Bo.


Man, she's not here, man.

Kacie's not here.

Listen, you gotta focus, Bo.

Look it over there.

Dylan can't even believe
you're still standing.

One more round.

You fought too hard to quit now.

All right?

You gotta keep the left up.

You gotta keep the jab.

You gotta keep working.

Work on the footwork.

Watch his right.

He's coming across
with that right.

You gotta protect.

One more round.

You can do this.

You got it.

You got it.

Now, go get him.

Come on.

And with that,

we begin the fifth
and final round.

Who would have believed Bo
Lawson would go five rounds

with the champion of the world.

You gotta believe Wright
wants to put this one away.

He does not want this
one to go to the cards.

Be looking for Wright
to go for the knockdown.

Protect, Bo.

Both fighters trading shots

in the middle of the ring.

The champ has to do something
here and he lands a big shot.

And here he comes.

This is the Dylan Wright
we all expected tonight.

Only you can decide.

So you gotta figure it out
what's worth fighting for.

This is a
night for the unbelievable.

I just cannot believe
what I am seeing.

Bo Lawson just took
Dylan Wright's best shot

and he's back on his feet.

Referee Eddie Plummer
checks Lawson's gloves

and gives him the go ahead.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this fight isn't over yet.

Lawson has to make a push here

if he wants a
chance at a victory.

In the closing
seconds of the fight,

Lawson is making his move
landing blow after blow,

a series of unanswered
shots by Lawson.

The champ doesn't seem
to know what hit him.

All he can do is protect.

Lawson is landing
punches at will.

Lefts and rights back the
champion to the corner.

He's got him on the ropes.

Lawson is really giving
Wright some punishment now.

Can Wright stay on his feet?

It's all Lawson in the
final seconds of the fight.

And there's the bell.

Could it be too little
too late from Bo Lawson?

Folks, I have no
idea how the judges

are going to score this one.

We're going to have to
wait on the deliberation.

Both fighters are
in their corners

and both sides have to be proud
of their fighters tonight.

Referee Eddie Plummer makes
his way to the judges.

Folks, this has been
a fight to remember.

Lawson gave us a glimpse
tonight of what could have been.

It was great to see
him back in the ring

as no one expected this
to go the distance.

As Plummer gets the scores,

we'll turn it over
to Chuck Gibson

in the middle of the
ring with the call.

Ladies and gentlemen, we
have a split decision tonight.

Your still undefeated champion.

The winner of tonight's
bout, Dylan Wright.

You poured your heart and
soul into this, Bo Lawson.

I'm so proud of you.

Keep remembering what
you're fighting for.

♪ Mm

♪ Mm

♪ Every time I take
one step forward ♪

♪ Seems like I fall
two steps back ♪

♪ Every time I get
my wheels moving ♪

♪ Feels like they're
coming off the tracks ♪

♪ There are times
where I'd be lying ♪

♪ If I said I did it all right

♪ No regrets

♪ Never say die

♪ Gonna give it
all in this fight ♪

♪ This is my time

♪ Won't quit

♪ I'll just be good

♪ This is my time

♪ Won't stop 'til
the battle's won ♪

♪ When this day
tries to break me ♪

♪ You'll see what I'm made of

♪ Sure as the sun will rise

♪ This is my time

♪ Right now my
heart is beating ♪

♪ To the sound of
a battle drum ♪

♪ My pain is my survival

♪ Won't back down
from what's to come ♪

♪ There are times
where I'd be lying ♪

♪ If I said I did it all right

♪ No regrets

♪ Never say die

♪ Gonna give it all

♪ This is my time

♪ Won't quit

♪ I'll just be good

♪ This is my time

♪ Won't stop 'til
the battle's won ♪

♪ When this day
tries to break me ♪

♪ You'll see what I'm made of

♪ Sure as the sun will rise

♪ This is my time

♪ This

♪ Is

♪ My

♪ This is my time

♪ This

♪ Is

♪ My

♪ This is my time

♪ This is my time

♪ Won't quit

♪ I'll just be good

♪ This is my time

♪ Won't stop 'til
the battle's won ♪

♪ When this day
tries to break me ♪

♪ You'll see what I'm made of

♪ Sure as the sun will rise

♪ This is my time

♪ Woo

♪ Sure as the sun will rise

♪ This is my time