A Faraway Land (2021) - full transcript

In the Faroe Islands, a married woman meets a reporter filming a documentary on overseas Filipino workers, which soon sparks a complicated love story.

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Shall I introduce myself first?


I have been living here for six years.

I said, "Not the pharaohs of Egypt!"

I mean the Faroe Islands.

It's safer here
compared to the Philippines.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

What else?

Okay, I'm married to a white man,
a Faroese.

He's nice.

The Faroes are getting popular now
because of the TV show KMJS.

They said you can find "forever love"
in the Faroe Islands.

There are almost 300 Filipinas here
married to Faroese.

I'm the 82nd, so it might be true.

Based on my experience,
each of us have different stories.

Unfortunately, the media
only features the bad ones.

But there are lots of love stories here.

For example, my story
will be a happily ever after.

Well, kind of.

Dear Abby. Just kidding.

Generally speaking,
the Faroese are good people.

There are moments
they have a superiority complex.

My husband always says that
when Filipinos get together,

it just means 20 people
talking at the same time!

Well, he's right!

Mrs. Lovely says these
flowers are from her husband.

Like that's true!
She really pisses me off!

So unbelievable.

We all know she bought them herself!

She can't fool me.

She's delusional.

That's her handwriting.

And Faroese men aren't romantic.

Boy, you're grouchy today.

Did you start your period?

You sure have a lot to say.
And don't be sexist.

Tell me then, when was the last time
Sigmund gave you flowers?

When I told him to.

See? I knew it.

At least he knows who's boss.

Nico Mercado? You're here!

Is that camera on?

Mrs. Lovely, I was just kidding!

I recorded the evidence.
I can pass it on to the news channels.

Hello, Grandma! I'm here in the Faroes.

I hope I can come home for Christmas!

Are you Mrs. Majhoy Gar… Gardalid?

It's Majhoy Garðalíð. Pronounced Garaloy.

Sorry, it looks like a "D".

I'm Majhoy, this is Wendy and Cora.

I'm Nico Mercado.

I was the one who messaged you.

You must be hungry.

Wow, don't tell me we're eating at Koks?

It's expensive there.

So you know Koks,
our Michelin star restaurant?

It's two stars.

You'll starve there. The plates are big
but the servings are small.

Don't worry about the food.

We're going somewhere even better.

A three-star restaurant? Where?

Have you eaten whale meat?


Why not?


We're here!


Yes we are.

This one is for you.

This is for her.

Not for her.

Hello, my lovely fans!

We celebrated our anniversary
and hubby gave me flowers.

Did everyone see my post?

We're here at my moneymaker,
Asian Food Truck,

to welcome Nico Mercado

who will feature my life story.

Your life story? Isn't he doing Majhoy's?

I'm not allowed to tell a joke now?

Here comes the real owner,

with none other than
Filipino reporter Nico Mercado.

I'll record this, okay?

What's this for anyway?

It's a documentary.

Is it going to be another
"Wives Wanted" story?

Women looking for husbands
are going to message us again.

And what can we do?

I block them all.

This documentary is about

successful overseas Filipino workers
in the Arctic Circle.

In Greenland,
I spoke to Cheri Chy, a nurse.

In Iceland, it was Maru Hama
who works with special needs students.

Here, I'll feature Majhoy.

That's great! May I touch you
so your greatness can rub off on me?

Sure, do it while you can.

May I have an autograph so I can sell it?

I promise I won't forget any of you
after I become famous.

Well, that would be unusual.

Let's eat first, Nico.

Yes! I was worried
I'd really have to eat whale.

Instead it's spring rolls and noodles!

Slow down, boy, you might choke.

My mother-in-law's favorites are
the rolls and fried shrimp.

It was their idea that I go into business.

Majhoy's cooking made her rich.

I'm not rich yet, but I will be soon.


Nico, are you sure
you want this film to be about me?

How many Filipinos in the Faroes
have a catering business,

a restaurant and a food truck?

My husband might as well be a stockholder.

He buys noodles and barbecue for take-out
like it's going to run out.

So, are you all married?

Depends on who's asking.

Stop flirting! You have seven kids!


You must be happily married!

Why so quiet all of a sudden?
Cat got your tongues?

I guess you can say we're happy.

How did you and your husband fall in love?

Can you live on love?

Nico should have a picture
taken at Múlafossur.

Let's go before it gets dark.

-Let's take a photo over here.

You see, it's lovely.

I'll take a group photo.

Hold on!

Come here, you should join us.

There you go!

Make sure to tag me.

I want this on the vlog.

Can I see?

Majhoy, you look pretty here.

You two look cute together.

Don't be ridiculous.

-Where is your hotel?
-In Torshavn.

Then you can take him there, Majhoy.

But I have to drive the food truck home
and pick up Lena.

Nico might be tired and want to rest.

No, that's okay.

You better get used to me,
because I'll be following you around.

It's Cathy and Larry!

It's your day off today, Cathy?

Taking a stroll?

Did you see them holding hands?

She was never affectionate
with her Faroese ex-husband.

Her husband isn't as cute as Larry.

And they have her kid with them.
Do you think the dad knows?

She even had time
to flirt with another guy.

Do you live here?

Is Shrek your neighbor?

Wait. Don't go in yet. I'll go first.

Do you have to go Number 1?

Just because.

Maybe Number 2. Must be the runs.

I'll just take a walk.

It's teatime.

You shouldn't have bothered.
You're spoiling me.

Whenever we have visitors,
we're expected to serve tea or coffee.

They call it drekkamunn.


Let me prepare your seat.

Wow! A gentleman.

No, I was waiter in a past life.

So when can I meet your family?

I'd like to interview them.

Sigmund is a fisherman.

He'll be back at the end of the week.

I hope I'm still here.

This smells great!

And looks fancy!

We should try to be posh.
The pinky should be like this.

Shall we start, Mrs. Majhoy?

Mrs.? Really?


There you go.

Seriously, what I want
for this documentary

is the truth
especially in your daily life.

Are you really living a fairytale?

Are you really happy? Whatever is real.

Are you sure?

I might bore your viewers.

I'm sure many people are interested
in knowing the real Majhoy Gardalid.

Garðalíð… It's pronounced Garaloy.

There's a letter "D" in it, right?
It's weird.


So it's Garaled.

That letter "Ð" is called "Edd".
It's silent.

So Gardahled.


If it's silent,
then why bother putting it there?

Maybe it's decorative.

I used to read it that way, too.

Once, at the airport,
they were paging a "Mary Joy Garaloy."

I was just ignoring it.

Then someone looked at my passport

and said, "You're Mary Joy Garaloy."

And I replied, "Who, me?"

That's what I want to find out.

Who is Majhoy Garðalíð?

I don't know.

Then let's find out
through this documentary.

So if your house is messy,
then it's messy.

It is what it is. Okay?

God, if my Grandmother sees that mess,
she's going to kill me.

Well, that's a problem.

You can't do that to Filipinas here,
especially coming unannounced.

If you do, they won't let you in

before they finish
scrubbing the bathroom floor.

For example
I saw Cora sulking the other day

because when she got home from work,

she was tired and the house was a mess,

and her husband
was just watching football.

She felt like she was a maid
on 24/7 service without pay,

and even tired,
it still comes with "sexual pleasure."

Is it like that for you and Sigmund, too?

He does help,
you just have to let him know.

Unlike in the Philippines,
where they would just ignore you.

Seems like they have heavier balls there.

By the way, where is your kitchen?

Over there, let me clean these.

I'll do it.

No, I'll take care of it.

Hey, don't bother. I'll do it.

I'll wash these.

Nico, let me do it.

No. I have to redeem
the Filipino men's pride.

I'll prove I don't have heavy balls.


Let me do this.

The dishwasher is under the sink.

This one?


I'm just going to break this.

We wash the dishes by hand in Philippines.

I told you I'll handle the dish washing.

Is this calamansi?

Why is it so pale? Is it scared?

Hey, I worked hard to grow that.

Only potatoes,
turnips and rhubarb grow here.

I see what you mean,

but what do you need
all this calamansi for?

If Lena gets sick,
I'll use that to make a calamansi juice.

Whenever I had a fever when I was a kid,

my grandmother
would make hot calamansi juice.

For me, calamansi is love.

Sorry about all the stopovers.

I'll just drop Lena off
at my mother-in-law's house.

I have a joke. Can she speak Tagalog?

No. She only speaks English and Faroese.

This will be quite a challenge.

Hi, po tito!

No response.

You scared her. You're too corny.

Good enough.

Majhoy, I just taught your child Tagalog.

Hope she's not annoyed by that joke?

Hey, you're teaching her crazy stuff.

She seems nice.

She's very nice.

I didn't expect that.

She likes me more than my husband.

Isn't it too late
to open the restaurant today?

It's only 4:30.
I can still accept takeaway orders.

What time are we meeting tomorrow?

I'll pick you up at 8:00 a.m.

We'll drop Lena off at her school,
then go to the fish factory.

Not to the restaurant first?

No, we should go to
the fish factory first. That's my day job.

I use it to pay for my personal spending.
And it funds the restaurant.

Are you a robot?

No, I'm Superwoman.

Yes, you are.

See you at the lobby at eight o'clock.

-Thank you.

Who's calling?

Nico, it's 8:30.

It's 8:30 a.m.?

Sorry, I overslept.

Lena will be late.
I'll drop her off first.

Okay, good. Can you pick me up after?

Okay, get ready fast.

I don't want to be late
for the fish factory.

We have the best quality
fish and seafood here.

If you're not too picky, there's always
work to be found in fish factories.

This is how most Filipinos
earn their living here.

May I ask you beautiful ladies
what brought you here?

What did you find in the Faroes
that we don't have back home?

The love of my life, of course!

How did you meet?

Online. That's how most of us did.

So, does that prove
what some Faroese are saying?

That Filipino's are just eBay wives?

That's old news.

They'll ask,
"How much did you pay for your wife?"

Don't be so judgmental.

The Faroese are looking for wives.

Right, girls?

We're available.

There's not much difference
with meeting at dating sites.

Besides, not 100% of us met online

Majhoy and Sigmund
actually met here and not online.

And Sigmund really courted Majhoy.

Majhoy didn't even like him at first.

Why didn't you like Sigmund?

It's not that I didn't like him.

It's just that
my grandmother thought I was too young.

I would send my salary as a nanny
to support my family in the Philippines.

I guess they were worried
that would end if I got married.

Does Sigmund provide
financial help for your family?

His money is his. My money is mine.

"Your money is yours" sounds right.

But shouldn't his money
be your family income?

That's not how it is here.

If you need money,
you go to the bank and get a loan.

Not from your family.

They're not obliged to help you that way.

And I don't want that either.

When Sigmund was still courting me,

he found out I needed to send money
to the Philippines

to treat my sick grandfather.

So he slipped 4,000 kroners into my bag.

He said it was a surprise.

He knew I would never accept it.

I called him to come
and meet me ASAP after I saw it.

When I met him that day,
I slapped the money in his face.

Don't you think you overreacted?

Did you even ask him why he did it?

He said he wanted to help,

because he knows
I don't get much money as a nanny.

See? He was only trying to help
and he got smacked for it.

I didn't want to give him the idea
that my family is only after his money.

What if he tells everyone
that I am an easy-to-get Filipina?

That I can easily be influenced by money?

I don't ever want him
to think that I'm for sale.

And if he did want to buy me,
that much money is not enough.

I think you misunderstood him.

He's just concerned for you
and your family.

I forgot Lena!

I have to bring her to Omma's house!

Please carry on with this work.

All right? I have to go. Thank you.


I was starving the whole day.

You didn't even have breakfast.
I'm sorry I forgot to feed you.

Aren't you feeling tired?

I didn't see you eat all day.

Somehow I got used to it.

Got used to it?

Join me. Here's half of my serving.

You have to finish it all.

But that's all for you. This is too much.

Finish that.

I got tired just watching you work.

Is this your daily routine?

Today is nothing.

When the food truck
is invited to a festival

and I have to cater a wedding
at the same time,

I'll be cooking
for at least 40 hours straight.

How do you say "unstoppable" in Faroese?

That's you.

Even your Faroese is excellent.

It has to be.

Meaning you're very Faroese now?

Will you ever go back to our country?

To live there?


You don't like it there anymore?

I'll probably grow old and die here.

I was supposed to go this Christmas.

Our Christmas back home is so different.

The Christmas lanterns
are up as early as October.

I asked my grandmother
to buy me a lantern,

so I'll be the only one dressing
like Catriona Gray here.

Catriona Gray?

The lanterns she wears from Pampanga.


And you know it's December

when you start hearing those
pushy Christmas carolers.

Thank you for the cheap gifts!

How much do you give them?

One peso.

You're too stingy.

A lot of them have to share that one peso.

If they call others.

Then that thank you song
will annoy me repeatedly.

You have a point.

What about the garbage collectors
with their white envelopes?

It's not just them.

We get them from the electric company,
delivery guys,

even the security guys.

Well, those are the things I don't miss.

You know it's Christmas when you see…

cheese balls in groceries.

You're right…

Now I'm missing
my grandmother's purple yam recipe.

She would top that with cheese on top.

My arms would get numb
from stirring the pot.

Lena was still a baby
last time my grandma was here.

Now, Lena is so talkative.

She'd love to meet Lena again.

I wish this pandemic was over,
so they can see each other again.

Why are you sad?

Because I miss everything.

But you don't want to go back home?

You'd rather spend Christmas here,
in the dark?

I would go home for that purple yam.

So just for yam and not your Grandmother?

For my grandmother, too.
You're too cheeky!

-Wait, did you record that?
-Yes, I did.

Let's erase it!

Now, I'm the interviewer here.
And this is my camera.

Hold on, I can edit it out.

I was thinking…

Why don't you take the car?
You can pick us up tomorrow.

I can manage with a cab.

Don't waste money on cab fare.

I left the keys in the car.

What? Are you sure the car is still there?

We don't use locks here.

Lock are useless
because nobody steals anything.

You're yawning so much.

Go to bed. I'll pick you up tomorrow.

I was supposed to go this Christmas.

Our Christmas back home is so different.

The Christmas lanterns
are up as early as October.

I asked my grandmother
to buy me a lantern,

so I'll be the only one dressing
like Catriona Gray here.

Our Christmas back home is so different.

The Christmas lanterns
are up as early as October.

I asked my grandmother
to buy me a lantern,

so I'll be the only one dressing
like Catriona Gray here.

Mom, if it's money you want,
then I don't have any to give you.

Your little brother is sick.

Why are you asking me for money?

Why don't you ask my stepfather?

10,000 pesos should be enough.

You know what your problem is?

You only remember me
when you need something.

But you never thought
of my welfare when you left.

I admit. I'm a bad mother.

But don't punish your siblings
for my mistake.

Don't bother Grandma with this.

You'll just give her a heart attack.

I'll wire you the money.

But this is the last time.
I'm sick and tired of this.

Thank you my…

I didn't grow up feeling cared for.

My mom took me for granted.

After she left us
and started her other family,

she totally forgot about me.

Although my grandma loved me as her own,

I still felt neglected.

I felt I don't belong.

My hope is that Lena will grow up
knowing that we're forever by her side.

Don't tell me it's my mom again.
She's so annoying.

Which is your favorite of
Jose Mari Chan's Christmas songs?

I knew it!

I knew it!

"It wouldn't be Christmas
without Jose Mari Chan."

Partly correct.

Where do we go tomorrow?

The kindergarten, the fish factory…

"The restaurant and the market."

Should I pack my own food?

I'm sorry! I promise, we'll eat on time.

"I'm sorry! I promise, we'll eat on time."

Here, you can buy directly
from the farmer.

The only thing they buy from the store

is what they can't grow
or make themselves.

Skerpikjøt. That's a delicacy here.

Isn't that rotten? The color is off.

It's raest.

Rust? It's rusty?

Raest means fermented.

Only the Faroese air to cure the meat.

Isn't it delicious?

It's different here. They eat mold.

You think it's mold, really?

It was fermented, isn't that mold?
Fancy mold.

Don't be silly.
This goes really well with beer.

And what is that?

It's stomach fat and cheese. Garnatálg.

To be honest,
it smells like feet and it's very oily.

But you have to experience
their ræstan fisk og garnatálg.

Stomach fat, smelly feet and oil.

I'll take care of it. I promise you,

I'll make you love it.

The Faroes remind me
of our Batanes Islands.

Yes, if it snowed there.

Where in the Philippines are you from?


Where do you live?

Hey, that's rude.
Just the first interview.

And you're already rude.

Kidding aside, I am from Cabanatuan.

So you're from Albay.

Yes. That's why you're such a good cook.

It's quite a journey
from Albay to the Faroes.

Did you think that your whole life
would change this much?

I never imagined I would end up here.

When Sigmund proposed,
I couldn't believe it.

I asked, "Is this real?
A foreigner is in love with me?"

So you hit the jackpot?


That's what Filipinos think
when one marries a foreigner.

It's a jackpot
because life is really good here.

In the Philippines, you might work hard,
but it will still amount to nothing.

If I had married a Filipino,
I'd probably have 10 children by now.

But it's not easy being with a foreigner.
They're different.

In what sense?

I'll tell you a story.

Here they start kindergarten early.

Once I saw Lena alone in the playground.
No one was looking after her.

Another kid gave her
bloody scratches on her face.

My poor daughter!

I cried! I posted it all on Facebook.

The kindergarten asked us
to come because of it.

They said if there's a problem,
we should have spoken to them

and not post on Facebook.

You did right.
I'm sure Sigmund was pissed.

No. Sigmund took their side instead!

He even said,
"It's only normal that kids fight.

They even said,

That's what I told him.

How are you and Sigmund?

We're best friends.

A best friend who doesn't listen?
How's that?


Majhoy! Where are you going?

We have to report him to the police.

Report the sheep? What do we tell them?

We were "hit and run" by a sheep?

I have to find that sheep!

Did you find it?

He's black and white.

Black and white? Is that him?

That one there?

Let's report it to Baa-baa.


Baa-baa black sheep.

I just want you to laugh.

You're so corny.

No, we have to tell the police.

That the sheep hit us?
He's the reckless one.

Isn't it beautiful?

Everything here is beautiful.

Let's take a picture together .

It's hard not to
fall in love in the Faroes.

If there's a place
for fairytales to happen,

it would be right here.

Maybe KMJS was right after all.

Maybe you can find forever in the Faroes.

This is where
"happily ever after" can be found.

Here in the Faroes,

I finally found where I truly belong.

Do you want to dry off first?

You might get sick.

Okay, I won't take long.

Anyone home? Christmas greetings!

You're so cheeky!

Thank you, thank you!
You're so good to me this Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Nothing for you here.
Isn't it too early for Christmas…

Don't tell me you'll cry again.

Where did you get that?

This was your Grandmother's idea.

Blame her, not me.

I am simply delivering your presents.

Purple yam?

I love this.
Why didn't you give it right away?

I had to wait
until it was fermented like raest.

There's more I want to show you.

This present is from me.

What is it?

Please have a seat.

Hello, Majhoy,
How are you doing over there?

Don't worry about me, I'm okay.

I do as you say,

I always stay at home.

How is the Christmas lantern?
I hope it got there in one piece.

Cover it with plastic
so it won't be damaged.

Oh, and eat the purple yam
before it spoils.

Save some for your colleagues.

Don't eat it all by yourself.

Save some for Sigmund and your friends.

-I don't want to.
-Your grandma knows you well.

I hope this virus disappears,

so I can finally
see my great granddaughter.

I only see Lena in videos.

I have to cut this short.

I don't want Nico to miss his flight.

All right, that's it. Bye-bye!

Nico, thank you. You're a good person.

You hand-carried the lantern here.

And how did you get
the yam through customs?

Anything for you.

What the…

Ouch. That hurts.

You're such a pervert.

Not two minutes ago you said I was
a good person and now I'm a pervert?

Hold on.

What time is it?

Almost 6:00.

I forgot about Lena!
My cellphone? Where is my cellphone?

I don't… It's not with you?

Does this mean
your phone can't be reached?

Maybe the battery is drained. Where is it?

Relax, don't panic.

She's not the only one
who's picked up late.

That's normal.


It's not normal that I forget my child
because I was flirting with another man!

If that's normal for others,
it isn't for me.

Let's just go get Lena. I'll drive.

I did not expect that.

I thought Majhoy was happily married.

You know what they say.

My goodness. I'm confused.

Your phone fell on the car floor.

I knew it!

Are you okay?

No, I'm not. Lena is at Durita's.
Do you know the way?

I do.

I'll drive you home.

No. We'll drop you off at the hotel.
I'll drive myself home.

How about tomorrow?

I don't know yet. I'll text you.

Okay. We can meet up
at the fish factory if you want.

I have a lot to do tomorrow.

Majhoy, wait. Did we do anything wrong?

Nothing. What do you mean?

Are you angry?

I'm just tired.

You might catch a flu or cold. Go inside.

Okay. Thank you.

Grandma, this yam is the culprit.

This is why I forgot to pick up
Lena from the kindergarten.

Don't blame it on the yam.

You were probably very busy again.

I'm always busy.

Partly it's Nico's fault.

Nico the reporter?

Why him?

He was filming me so much
I forgot about the time.

Well then, it's your fault.

My fault?

Yes. Who is Lena's mother?

I am. She's my daughter.

Your child, your responsibility.

Hold on.
Is that the Christmas lantern I sent?

Did you cover it in plastic?

Okay, Grandma, I'll do as you say.

I'm sorry. Please forget
the rude things I said today.

This Filipina told her Faroese husband,

The husband asked,

The Filipina answered,

You're so corny.

Why haven't you replied my texts?

Texts? What do you mean?

This is my cousin Yo.
I got him a job here.

I'm sorry, I thought you were Nico.

Where is Nico, anyway?

Did you two have a fight?

A fight? Why would we?

Is it a lovers' quarrel?

Let's get to work!
The cod fish are waiting.

Looks like I hit a nerve.

I give up.

Cathy, are you okay?

I'm okay. Sorry about this.


Are you sure you're okay?

I can't go back to the Philippines.

My child is here.

Why would you go back to the Philippines?

Larry's visa expired.

He doesn't have a sponsor anymore.

At least you spent some time together.


Why are you wearing a mask and shield?

Have you been tested?

Yes. It's negative.

Are you sure? You don't look so good.

I feel like I have a fever.

It was the rain from yesterday.

I'll take you to the hospital.

No need, I can't pay…


This is too sour.

Just drink it. That's how it should be.

Drink it all.

You can lie down now.


Are you okay now?

Did something happen between us?
Am I still a virgin?


You're okay now for sure.
You're a pervert again.

Did you give me calamansi juice
last night or was it a dream?

I did, why?

The same calamansi
you worked so hard to grow?

You said, "Calamansi is love."

Admit it. You've fallen in love with me.

You have some nerve!

You don't love me?


Yes, you love me?

I have a new favorite.

What is it?

If I see a calamansi,

I will think of you.

Smells sour.

You're crazy.

Once we're in the Philippines,

we should start on those
ten children right away.

Ten? I think I can only do five.


That's fine, it's a basketball team.

Do you think I can set up
my catering business there?

Of course.

I'll refer you to every wedding,

christening and funeral I film.

You really are crazy.

Do you mind
if I do the interviewing this time?

I know absolutely nothing about you.

No comment.

That's not fair!

Fine, as long as it's not personal.

Are you married?

No comment. I said no personal questions!

Come on!

Do you think I can raise a family
on what I earn filming documentaries?

Then why do you do it?

I love meeting people
and I like telling stories.

You seem to be happy doing what you do.

Yeah. I enjoy it.

But there's something missing.

I want to be taken more seriously.

What's the economic recovery plan

Are we winning the war against drugs?

Why are Filipino journalists
still being murdered?

That sounds scary.

What if something bad happens to you?

What happens to me and our ten children?

I thought we were down to five.

No, I'm serious.

Well, that's how it is.

If something does happen to me,
what will you do?

If you need me, I'll be there.

I will shed tears.

Show me. Show me how you'll cry.

Guys, Majhoy will cry.

Don't record that.

She said she'll cry if she loses me.

-Seriously record it.

Erase that recording.

Are you really recording? Erase it.



Is that your phone?

Not my phone.

Where's my phone? I have a call.

Tell him, Majhoy.

What's it called again, Majhoy?

You're so cheeky. Stop it.

Sorry, love.

Thank you, my love.

This one has butter.


When can you follow me home?

Are you serious?

We're making a basketball team, remember?

I'll wait for you tomorrow.


I thought you wouldn't make it.

Nico, people can see us.

What did you think
was going to happen here?

That I was going with you?
That I would leave my family for you?

How could you think that?

Don't you love me?

Love you?

You've been here for six days, right?

And you're in love with me?



You mean why do I love you?

I don't know!

You see? You don't know why you love me
because you don't really know me.

It's not that I don't know.

All I know is that
I love the Majhoy I knew here.

I want to be with the Majhoy I met here.

That won't do, Nico.

That's not enough reason
for me to leave my family.

Sorry. Please tell me
why we can't be together?

You're asking for too much.

I would never do to Lena
what my mother did to me.

As soon as she found another man
she forgot all about me.

Let's bring Lena with us.

Sigmund will never allow it.

Fine, let's say I do go with you.

Everything I've built here will be gone.

If I live in the Philippines,
what will happen to me there?

We can always start fresh.

And what about Sigmund?

I don't want to hurt him.

So it's fine if I get hurt?

No. I don't want to hurt anybody.

So what happened between us here
in the Faroes meant nothing?

It was nothing at all?

Why would I be here if it was nothing?

So you do know!

This thing made us feel special.

Why aren't you fighting for it?

If I go with you, what will happen to us?

I'll marry you.

And we'll break up.

Because I'll call you out and blame you
for everything I've had to leave behind.

That will happen
if you keep thinking that way.

No, that's not it.

You're right. What happened
to us here in the Faroes is special.

But maybe that's all there is.

Let's not ruin things.

So this is what you want?

No. But I have no choice.

My flight is boarding.

Write to me.

Send me a text when you land.

Why should I?

What for?

My husband might as well be a stockholder.

He buys noodles and barbecue for take-out
like it's going to run out.

Majhoy's cooking made her rich.

I'm not rich yet, but I will be soon.


This is delicious.

We should go to the fish factory first.
That's my day job.

I use it to pay for my personal spending.
And it funds the restaurant.


"Dear Majhoy,

I was hurt and told you I'll never write.

I have no idea
when I'll send this to you."

…when I'll send this to you.

Or if I even have the guts
to send it at all.

Actually, I'm writing
just so I can reminisce about

the experience of our time together
in the Faroe Islands.

I fell in love with you
the moment I saw you at the airport.

You were the only one I saw.
It was a love at first sight.

"At the food truck, you asked
whether I was sure I wanted to film you."

…you asked whether
I was sure I wanted to film you.

I was so sure. You were the only one.
I was there for you.

"Was it just my imagination,

or did you really become giddy
every time you saw me?"

Was it just my imagination, or did you
really become giddy every time you saw me?

I was giddy, too.

If people hear our story,
they'll think it's so sad.

But they're wrong.

The truth is, I'm very lucky.
Because I met you.

"I'm very lucky. Because I met you."

I was very happy in the Faroe Islands.

And if we never see each other again,

those moments will be with me
for the rest of my life.

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