A Dragon Adventure (2019) - full transcript

After communicating with devious Emrick the Wizard in a dream, King Bedwyr asks his favorite wee dragons, Boil and Cai, to bury the hatchet with the Wee Kingdoms longstanding enemy, Durwyn the dragon.

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I'm nervous, Tinkertoes!

King Bedwyr has never asked to
see us personally before now...

do you think we did
something wrong?

If we did, I can't imagine what
it would've been, Cai!

Unless he's taken exception
to the hopscotch grid

you drew with chalk outside
the Wee Kingdom castle!

But, it's a chalk
drawing on rock!

The rain will wash it right off!

Even the mountain's morning
dew will cause it to fade!

Besides, no one even
knows I drew it,

they all think it was you!


But, I've never graffitied
anything in my life!

I'm a flying creature!
I don't even play hopscotch!

I wouldn't even know how,
if I wanted to!

Oh, that's regrettable,

How about you let me teach you?


No can do!

Not if it's going to get me in
hot water with the king!

Now, we don't know that that's
what his issue is!

It may be something
else entirely!

Like you sleeping in the
kingdom's only

peach tree during the day!

Your sleeping weight
broke all the branches,

and now the tree
won't grow fruit!

Really? I didn't mean
for that to happen!

I just hang upside down and get

a nice snooze in every morning!

I guess I'm getting bigger...

I'm not the teeny fairy-bat
I once was!

The kingdom may want

King Bedwyr may order
you to plant a new tree!

I can do that!

Oh, I feel terrible if that's
what's happened!

Just terrible!

One thing's for certain -
we won't know

what this is all about, until
we answer King Bedwyr's call

and go to the castle to
hear what he has to say!

Are you sure he
wants to see us both?

That's what Gurgle said!

And Gurgle knows everything that
goes on around here!

Yes, Gurgle knows too much,
if you ask me!

What kinda wee dragon has such
an inside track on the kingdom,

without being an official member
of the King's Wee Court?

He doesn't like to
wake up to an alarm!

Remember what happened when the
king gifted him a rooster?

How could I forget?

He set it free, and that thing
ended up cock-a-doodle-doo'ing

outside everyone's
window except Gurgle's!


I didn't get a full night's
sleep for a week!

And I had to find a tree outside
our Wee Kingdom's walls

if I wanted to
get any rest at all!

It was horrible!


We can't blame King Bedwyr
for not inviting Gurgle

to join the Wee Court!

We wouldn't want him around
full-time either!

That said, he's detail-orientated,
timely, and expedient!

And don't forget a little

Remember when he ate all
the cinnamon powder puffs

from the bakery storefront,

and blamed it on Big Boba?

Aye... sugar craving does strange

things to wee dragons,

You don't have to tell me!

I'd fly loops for a box of
Napoleons right now!


You could never face the king
with that strong a sugar rush!

Maybe one Napoleon...
but a whole box?


Well, c'mon, Cai!

Let's get it over with!

My nerves can't take much more
of this anticipation!

I agree...

here we go.

Welcome once again
to my castle, Wees!

Thank you for coming at once!

I'm happy to see you!

You are?

We're... we're not... in trouble?


Goodness, no!

Far from it!

I called you here to
ask a favor of you!

A favor?


I have a very important
invitation I'd like to extend,

to one of our most
tentative allies

in this land - nay, our most
tentative ally, by far!

Oh? Who is it, King Bedwyr?

Ooh, let me guess!

Marlo the Mongoose!

Ooh, I know!

Badgum the Badger!

No, no!

Shaka the Sugar Glider!


Of course!

Ha ha ha!

Excellent picks, all, you two!

But I'm afraid none are correct!


I can't think of any other
tentative wee friends!

Who could it be?

Yeah, who would we
possibly send an invite to,

who might not accept?

Emrick the Wizard!

You mean Emrick...
the evil wizard?

That's exactly who I mean!

But, he's no ally... he's our
sworn enemy!

Are we inviting him to turn
himself in?


Not at all!

I wish to invite Emrick to
share in our upcoming

Wee Thanksgiving feast!

The Wee Thanksgiving feast?!

And Emrick?!

King Bedwyr,
you can't be serious!

Do you really see our
whole Wee Kingdom

gathered together in
celebration of our land...

Emrick the Evil Wizard?!

Now, now, Cai!

Cavalierly calling that
old man an evil wizard

certainly won't mend fences or
rebuild moat bridges!

How about
Emrick the Psychotic Sage?

Can we call him
a psychotic sage?

No, Tinkertoes!

You may not refer to Emrick
as a psychotic anything!

But, he's totally nuts!


Cuckoo for Dragon's Fire Puffs!

To be sure, he's done despicable
deeds in the past!

But, that's neither
here nor there!

Well, if it's all the same
to you, King Bedwyr,

I'd rather Emrick be
there, and not here!

Me, too!

I can't think of anything
less appealing

than inviting Emrick
to our annual

Wee Thanksgiving celebration!

I'm sorry you feel
this way, wees...

because I plan to extend an
olive branch to that

cantankerous old coot,

welcoming him to join
us in feast and fun,

as an honest peace
offering, from us to him!

Wow... I don't even
know what to say!

Say you'll accept!

And stand with our kingdom,
in letting bygones be bygones!

What say you, wees?!

What'd I tell you, Big Gurt?

The early wee catches the worm!

Yeah, but you didn't
tell me we had to get

up before sunrise
to do it, Boil!

Talk about early!

Look at it this way - that worm
was thrilled with the new garden

we planted for him outside
the kingdom walls

so he won't bore holes
in all the fruit and veggies

in our garden anymore!

Which means more to eat for us!

That's right, big guy!

Uh... Big Gurt...
my name's Big Gurt.

Yes, I know, Gurt.

Big guy's just a figure of
speech... y'know,

like buddy, or pal!

Oh... right! I knew that!

Hey, I see Gurgle up ahead!

If I didn't know better,
I'd say he wants something!

On second thought, it's Gurgle!

He definitely wants something!


He's probably just looking to
spread more gossip!

I swear, no wee flaps their jaws
as much as Gurgle does!

You have a point!

C'mon, let's see what he wants!

Boil! Big Gurt!

I've been looking
everywhere for ya!

How come, Gurgle?

Yeah, what's going on?

Are you spreading a new rumor?

Spreading a rumor?

What do you wee
blokes take me for?

A gossiper?



Hey, I can't help it if
I'm on the front lines

of breaking news round here!

Some wee's got to
sound the trumpet!

You play trumpet?

So do I!

We should get together
sometime and jam!

I think he means
figuratively, Gurt.

Oh... another one of those
figures of speech?



I got to get the hang of those!

Listen, the king's
looking for you two!

King Bedwyr?

Is there another king
I don't know about?

Wait, wait!

This is another figure of
speech, isn't it?!

Not this time, Big Gurt!

King Bedwyr asks that you wees

report to his
castle court at once!

Oh, no!

Only bad wees get called to the
castle in-person!

Not necessarily, Gurt!

Sometimes, the king just wants
to make an announcement,

- or issue an order!
- An order!

What could King Bedwyr
possibly order us to do?

Didn't he order you to do
community service last month?

Keep your voice down, Gurgle!

I don't want every wee
finding out about that!

Like the sight of you picking up
litter in the kingdom streets,

while wearing that bright yellow
vest went unnoticed.


Yeah, that vest
was as big as a tent!

Hey, that's what they gave me!

Besides, the last wee that was
sentenced to community service

and didn't wear an
official kingdom vest

got plucked right out of the

town square by a giant
traptalericon, remember?

Yep! Teemu the Turtle!

It mistook him for a
Wee Widget Wobbler

and snapped him right up!

We never saw Teemu again!

Who knows what became of him!

Oh, I do!

That traptalericon got spooked over
the Waldengreen Woods and dropped him!

He used the tree
cover to get away!

Now, he directs air traffic out
in the Kingdom of Willow Wisps!

He does?!

Why doesn't he come home?

He tried - but he's a turtle!

He walked for a year-and-a-half,
and only made it thirty feet!

He finally said heck with it,
and got himself a job!

He now has ten
little turtles of his own!


Ten children!

I didn't say they
were his children!

He manages a
staff of ten turtles!

Those Willow Wisps fly fast
and furious out there!

Teemu needs all
the help he can get!

Sounds like it!

They pay him well, though!

He drives a new catapult
car and everything!


Now I'm curious, Gurt!

Let's go see what
King Bedwyr wants!


Hopefully, he doesn't have a
yellow vest waiting for me!

If he does, let's at least hope
it's the right size!



Big Gurt!

Thank you both for coming
on such short notice!

Anytime we're summoned to the
castle is an honor, King Bedwyr!

Except that time you put me in a
bright yellow vest and made me

clean up the kingdom!
That was a shame!

Well, it was either that or thirty
days in the wee dungeon, Big Gurt!

Given your age, I thought it best
to mete out constructive punishment!

Lo and behold, you haven't found
yourself in trouble since!

That is true, Gurt!

If I may ask, Big Gurt, what exactly did you
do to deserve kingdom community service?

Oh, uh... I, um...

He put on a fake mustache
made of woolly wombat fur,

told the school cafeteria
chefs he was

from the nutrition
inspector's office,

and that they needed to
prepare all the desserts

on the menu, so he could sample them
for kingdom testing and grading.

Uh... hehe...

Wow! That's pretty
elaborate for a wee dragon!

How'd you get caught?

Uh, well...

He left a trail of cupcake crumbs
leading right back to his den.


A detail that proved
to be his undoing.


I did what I said I was
gonna do, though!

I tasted and graded
everything they gave me!

And you had a
bellyache for a week!

Rigors of the profession, Boil!
Rigors of the profession!

Youthful and foolhardy
schemes aside,

I knew that once Little Gurt -
as he was known back then -

matured and settled down,

he'd make a fine dragon in our
Wee Kingdom one day!

And, dare I say,
that day's arrived!

So... I'm not being
punished for something?

Have you done something wrong?


Go no further!

I don't wish to know!



Big Gurt.

The reason I've brought you here today,
is because our kingdom needs your help!


I still have that woolly wombat
mustache, if you...

Shh! Not a good idea, Gurt.

Oh... right.

At first, I thought this task would
be ideal for Cai and Tinkertoes!

But, after Cai explained her
understandable fears,

we decided to approach
you two wees!

I'm not sure how comfortable I
am with it...

and Tinkertoes has never been
on a grown-up mission!

Sounds good!

We're in!

But, you don't even
know what it is yet!

Psssht! Details, schmetails!

If a thing needs doing, and it needs
doing right, call Big Gurt and Boil!

Wee Dragons extraordinaire!

Do you two remember that ornery,
old Emrick the Wizard?

Do we?!

We'll never forget!

Oh... this is an Emrick thing?

I just remembered I'm going out
of town this week.

Out of town?

You've never ventured out of
eyeshot of the kingdom's gates!

Could you just play along, Boil?

I don't want to fight with that
old wizard again!

Oh, you won't be fighting, wees!

You'll be inviting Emrick to our
Wee Thanksgiving dinner!



Are we talking
about the same wizard?

We are, indeed!

I know you two wees share a
grudging respect with that old

troublemaker... and as one of
my first decrees as king,

I'd like to bury the hatchet
with him once and for all!

But, Emrick's a trickster!

A charlatan!

He's conniving!


I'm aware, Big Gurt,
I'm aware...

I've spoken with Emrick in my
dreams, and he assures

me he also wishes
to forge a truce!

In your dreams?!

But that's his dark magic, king!

He's luring you!


No way we can trust him!


If an enemy says he
wishes to find peace,

it is my duty as Wee King to
make every effort to oblige -

not only for the
good of Wee Dragons,

but for all creatures

It's settled then!

You'll leave on the morrow!

I thank you, wees!

And your kingdom thanks you!

Hiya, Durwyn!

Who goes there?!

Who dares disturb
Durwyn's slumber?!

Blister the Wee!

A wee?!

Any wee fool enough to trespass
in my lair is a wee appetizer!

I-I'm aware of that!

I have news I thought you might
be i-interested to hear, Durwyn!

Unless it's a new recipe for wee
stew, don't bother!

No, i-it's not wee stew!

I thought not!

Unlucky for you!

Little wee, prepare to
meet your maker!

First, let me say my piece!

Then, you may do
with me as you see fit...

unless you're really hungry for
wee stew... I mean,

I'd prefer not to...

Out with it!

King Bedwyr has sent a
wee team to Emrick's castle!

Hmm... Bedwyr is attacking

For no reason?!

N-No, Durwyn, not attacking...

- he's offering a truce!
- A truce?!

He wants peace!


That's what I said!

Interesting, isn't it?

That's one word to describe it!

So, what does this
mean for my exile?

I was cast out!


I've been banished for ages,
through no fault of my own!

I-I know, right?

You're the first dragon I thought
of, as soon as I heard the news!

Yes, I breathed fire in the
kingdom's populated area!

And yes,

I accidentally burned down
Maribel's hut!

But, I could hardly be blamed!

My mind wasn't my own!

I was under a savage spell, cast
by that mad old warlock himself!

Y-You don't have to explain
yourself to me, Durwyn!

I was your biggest champion!

I argued for days over
you being sent away!

What about Durwyn's wee
piggyback rides, I said!

What about the fireworks straight
from his belly on the 4th of Wee-ly!

I proposed a stern warning with
forgiveness... but no wee would listen!

They wanted punishment!

They wanted banishment,
is what they wanted!

And they got it!

All because you fell under the
spell of a powerful wizard

with a chip on his shoulder!

Mmm, yes... powerful, indeed!

I miss the unbridled power that was
bestowed unto me by that old man!

The strength! The speed!

The fire breathing fury!

Believe it or not,
Durwyn... so do I!

What's your deal, wee?

Are you mad?



The wees don't
take me seriously!

They just think I'm a goof!

They may have a point!

What are you getting at?!

Oh... I-I, uh... I want to offer
you vengeance, Durwyn!


I want to help you get
back at King Bedwyr

for casting you out,
when all you did was

get your mind taken
over by a magic spell!

That's true!

I could've reduced the Wee Kingdom
to ash anytime I wanted to!

But, all my life
I was a docile dragon!

Yeah, well... NO MORE!

That's easy for
you to say, runt!

You're not banished
from your kingdom!

I, on the other foot, am prevented
from returning by hybrid magic!

I may not flap a wing inside
the kingdom's walls,

without being shrunk
to wee size!

I'd rather stay here,
forever alone,

than forfeit my dragon might!

All I have left is my fearsome
reputation, you know?!

Well, Durwyn, my friend...
what if I told you

there was a way
around that little detail?

Maybe Cai and Tinkertoes can
talk some sense into

King Bedwyr before we get
to the castle,

and he'll call this
whole thing off!

Yeah, maybe... or maybe this
whole thing is a trap

with a lot of players and
moving parts,

and it's too late
to turn it around!

If that's the case,
Boil... what do we do?

There's nothing we can do until
we know what's going on!

'Til then, we'll keep our
eyes and ears open,

and hope for the best!

Welcome back, girls!

I trust that Boil and Big Gurt
are flying high in the sky,

en route to Emrick's remote
castle in the mountains!

I can't wait to
receive his reply!

Why, I'm practically on
pins and needles!

So are we!

In the meantime,
all we can do is wait!

How are you feeling,
King Bedwyr?

I feel fantastic, Cai!

Thank you for asking!

No problem!

A happy king makes
a happy kingdom!

Yes, indeed!

I like that saying!

May I use it as my slogan,

during our re-election campaign?

If you decide to
run again, sure!

If I decide?

I've already decided, Cai!

And once the Wee Kingdom breaks
bread with our former enemy,

Emrick the Wizard,

I'll be the most popular king
to ever sit upon the wee throne!

The champion of prosperity!

The bringer of joy!

The keeper of peace!

Some wee's letting the
crown go to his head.

Eh? What's that?

Did I miss something?

No, King Bedwyr.

I sneezed, is all.

Seasonal allergies.


Try some garlic!

Natural remedies are
the most effective!

Will do, king!

Thanks for the tip!

Or locally-sourced honey!

Our wee Beatrice sells jars in
town at a fair price!

- Okay!
- Or bone broth!

See Scully in our
soup kitchen for that!


Anything wees need, wees have,

right here
in our own kingdom, girls!

There's no need for any wee to
ever venture forth into the

wild and endanger themselves,

or their loved ones, ever again!

And as soon as we
join forces with Emrick

transforming an old
enemy into a new friend

our Wee Kingdom shall
prosper forever!

That sounds... fun?

So, King Bedwyr...

have you had any more of
those dreams lately?

I can't believe we're doing
this, Big Gurt!

Sometimes, I have to pinch
myself to make sure it's real!

What if it's not?

What if we're in a dream, inside
a spell, in another dimension?

You just blew my mind a little!

Yeah, mine too!

But, what if?

If that's the case,

there's nothing we
can do about it anyway!

We have no choice but to take everything
we see and hear at face value!

And be decisive and
committed in everything we do!

Like inviting Emrick to our
Wee Thanksgiving celebration!

Yeah... like that.

It sounds weird!

I can't get used to it!

I can't wrap my head around it!

What is it, King Bedwyr?

Are Boil and Big Gurt okay?

I've no idea!

But our wee scouts have reported
that the mighty Durwyn

is heading toward our kingdom

at a rate of speed
akin to wartime!


I thought that big mean dragon
was banished forever!

I thought he was dead!

Yes, well, I'm afraid
neither holds true!

Durwyn is very much alive,
and any magic spell

banishment has certain

he's obviously found one!

Are we prepared to face the
mighty Durwyn, king?

Can we assemble wee troops in
time to be ready for him?

No... I'm afraid not, Cai!

He's caught us
short handed, short-winged,

resting on our laurels!

Oh, no!

What will we do, king?!

Don't worry, Tinkertoes!

I'll handle it!

But, Durwyn was banished
in the first place,

so no wee would ever have to
handle it again!

I'm aware of that!

King Bedwyr, we can't just wait
for Durwyn to arrive!

We have to do something!

Whether he comes in peace or
not, we have to be ready!

That's why I'm ordering you two
to vacate my castle at once!


And leave you here?



I have all I need, Tinkertoes!

I know Durwyn well!

But you precious wees
must run far away!

Find the most remote land you
can reach, and hide there!

Run and hide?

But, what about you?
What about the Wee Kingdom?

I took a solemn oath to
honor and defend the

Wee Kingdom to my
last breath, and I shall!

But, kings are overthrown
all the time!

If you're left unguarded and
taken from us...

Enough, Tinkertoes!

I'm the Wee King!

If the throne is to fall,
I will gladly fall with it!


Well, not gladly,
but... you get the idea!

There's no time to delay!

Away with you both!

But... how will we know
when it's safe to return?

Or not?

I suppose if things go
poorly, and our kingdom

falls under siege,
you'll see the black

smoke filling the
sky for miles around!

I never want to see that!

Never, ever!

I don't even want
to think about it!

But we must!

Welcome to my world!

Running a kingdom ain't easy!

Come, I'll send you two out
through the tunnels!

When you reach the
countryside, run, fly,

hitch a ride on a
traptalericon if you have


Just get yourselves
far away and wait!

I'll signal when all is well!

What will the signal be?

I've no clue!

When we get there, all we have
to do is keep it simple!

It's important to listen
very closely to Emrick,

to everything he says,
no matter how offhand it seems!

Even if he's nice to us?

Even if he's a singing, dancing,
jolly old wizard?

Even if he's sweet as pie?

Especially if he's sweet as pie!

Emrick has a knack for running
his mouth too much!

He gives most of his schemes
away with his crazy braggadocio!

Braggadocio... is that a pie?

What? No, it's not a pie!

It means, like, arrogance!

Oh...'cause it
sounds like a pie!

Maybe you're just hungry.

I am! You wanna stop
and have some pie?!


We're in the middle
of nowhere, Gurt!

This is Mubblegunk country!

There is no pie!

They don't eat pie
in Mubblegunk country?


Haven't you heard?

They don't have
anything modern here!

They're like cave wees!

They grunt communication!

Scratch messages on rocks!

Oh, wow!

I had no idea!

Well, now you know!

There's no reason to ever spend
time in these remote parts!

We're just too
sophisticated for them!

We're real lucky to
be born wee dragons!

That we are, Gurt!

That we are!

Hey, if they don't know about
pie, I bet some wee dragon

could make a fortune by
opening a bakery down here!


Let's stay focused on the
mission, Gurt!

Right, right!

You ever think of opening a
bakery, Boil?


No, I haven't!

I'm not big on pastries!

You're not?!

But, they're scrumptious!

Greetings, oh,
powerful Wee King!

Your reputation for ruling with
a fair and balanced claw

precedes you!

Compliments on your
quaint and cozy kingdom!


You've returned!

Oh, you remember me!


It will make this transition
much easier!

Transition? What transition?

If you want my kingdom, Durwyn,

you'll have
to pry it from my cold claws!

I was hoping you'd
say that, Bedwyr!

I've been looking forward to
this day for a long, long time!

Well, I'm sorry
to disappoint you!

I'm afraid it's going to be
quite a letdown!

I'm not going anywhere!


Then prepare to fall
with your castle, wee!

Better listen to him, king!

He's not fooling around!

Nor am I!

Bedwyr, it makes no difference
to me if I assume your crown

peacefully, or reduce this
whole kingdom to ash!

This land will fall under my
rule, one way or another!

Blister, why?!

How could you do
this to your own wees?

Your homeland?

I'm tired of being
overlooked, king!

Me and Gurgle both!

We're worthy of prominent
positions in the king's court!

But, what are we?




No more!

It's time for a change!

And a real monarch
on the throne!

Just how do you intend to win
over the Wee Dragons?

They remember you!

They despise you!

They'll never follow you!

That's no way to
address the new king!

Mind your tongue, wee!

Loyal subjects concern me not!

The Wee Kingdom, as you know it,
is finished, Bedwyr!

It's long been a joke!

Like a cheap dollhouse in the
backyard of a sprawling estate,

relying on leftovers from the
kitchen to survive!

In MY kingdom,
the rules will be rewritten!

In MY kingdom, the wee image
will be overhauled!

In MY kingdom,
only the strong survive!

And the funny!


The funny!

Every wee needs a
good laugh now and then,

and I got lotsa good jokes!

I've always wanted to
entertain in the king's court...

y'know, warm-up the crowds
before the king's address!

Fine, Blister!

Whatever will shut you up... I
mean... make you happy!

Ha! See?

How difficult was that, Bedwyr?

Throw a wee a bone once in a while,
and they could fashion a scepter!

But keep the scraps for yourself,
all you'll receive is scorn!

Stop this madness, Blister!

It's not too late!

On the contrary, king!

It's far too late!

The mighty Durwyn is back!
And I'm back to stay!

There's only room for one king
on the throne, Bedwyr!

And you're looking at him!

That's strange.

This mirror makes me look
like a mighty dragon,

and an ugly one at that!

That's funny.

I mean... button your maw,

Now is your chance to fill
me in on the fine details

and inner workings of
your day, Bedwyr!

Every kingdom marches to the
beat of its own drum, and I do

wish to make this as seamless
a transition as possible!

Many wees won't even
know they have a new ruler,

until the monthly
king's address!

And what if I tell you
everything, Durwyn?

What then?

Then, you can begin serving your
sentence without delay!

My sentence?

Yes, Bedwyr!

You see, where I once was,
you soon shall be!

Well, well!

Look who we have here!

Two Wee Dragons, far from home!

What brings you to me, wees?

What makes you roam?

I'm glad you asked, Emrick!

We have an offer for you!

An offer?

For little old me?

Make me your pitch, wees,
and then we'll see!

Did he always rhyme like this?

I don't think so.

He might be going senile!

He sure looks old!

Emrick, under orders
of our king,

we'd like to officially invite
you to attend our

Wee Kingdom Thanksgiving

Tee-hee! Tee-hee!

You traversed mountain and sea!

All for a personal invite to me?

That's right!

King Bedwyr mentioned that
he communicated with you

in his dreams, and that you'd be
receptive to our visit!

Expected is one thing,
receptive another!

Tell me, who's this wee lad?

Is he your brother?

This is my best
friend, Big Gurt!

Big Gurt, you say!

A name like none else!

Tell me, have you come in
support, all this way to my house?

Uh... I go where my
buddy, Boil, goes!

And our king asked us to deliver
this message to you, in person!

The king asked, so his
orders you followed!

His word is your law, his will
to be followed!

Yeah... something like that.

Do you always talk like this?

Like what, naive wee?

Like a sing-songing sage?

Like a witty wise wordsmith,
in spite of my age?

More like a wizardy rapper
in a big pointy hat!

Playing fancy word games,
while your message falls flat!

- Buh!
- Gurt!


He's talking gibberish!

We invited him
like we were told,

now what do you say we
go scout locations for that

bakery we talked about?

A wee bakery, yes!

Sweet crepes on a dish!

I can make it come true!

I can grant you that wish!

You can?

Don't fall for it, Gurt!

It's a ploy!

It is?


You really think old Emrick
would grant us anything

out of the kindness
of his heart?

I can and I will, wee!

Some dreams you may keep...
or shall I make them real,

behind eyelids as you sleep?


He's working magic on us, Gurt!

Just like he's been doing to
King Bedwyr!

King Bedwyr!


So noble and brave!

One day a ruler,
the next day a slave!


What's that supposed to mean?

It means I have eyes
and ears in the dark!

And my magic intentions
always hit their mark!

Well, we are the wees!

And we don't take no guff!

So stop with your rhyming,
or else we'll get rough!


Is that so, dim-lit wee?

You dare challenge me?!

I have barbs you won't see and
reach you can't flee!

Is that what you've been
practicing on our king, Emrick?

By coming to him
at night, in his dreams?

Convincing him you care about peace,
when we all know you only want war?

Oh, but you've got me all wrong!

I want your land to prosper,
grow steadfast and strong!

I've heard enough of this
wizard's garbage!

Let's go, Boil!

All we're doing is
entertaining him!

But, the real entertainment is
in your king's sanctum!

Where an foe older than I now
rules your Wee Kingdom!

I'm worried, Tinkertoes!

About King Bedwyr?

King Bedwyr,
and everything else!

I wonder how Boil and Big Gurt
are faring at Emrick's castle!

I wonder what will become
of our Wee Kingdom,

if the mighty
Durwyn has returned!

I wonder what to do next!

I wonder how we can help!

I wonder where we can run...
or where we can hide!

In a perfect world, we wouldn't
have to run or hide anywhere!

All this craziness
would blow over,

and we could go back
home... where we belong!

Yes, but it's not a perfect
world, Tink!

It's a big, complicated, convoluted,
messy, tricky world out there!

And we're just two little wees,
trying to make sense of it all!

You make being wee sound
like a bad thing, Cai!

I'm proud of our wee heritage!

Proud to call the
Wee Kingdom my home!

Proud to be a tiny
green hybrid creature

who most folks aren't
sure how to categorize.

I wouldn't change
any of it for the world!

You've always had a good head
on your shoulders, Tink!

I don't have shoulders.

You know what I mean.

Yeah, imagine the internal
conflict I've had to live with.

Sometimes I want to sleep
hanging upside down.

Sometimes I want to curl
into a tight little ball.

Sometimes I want to drink milk.

Sometimes I want to drink...

What, Tinkertoes?

You want to drink what?

Ah, never mind.


Hey, I think I
know a safe place!

And someone who
might be able to help us!



A dear old friend!

We haven't talked in ages,
but he's one of the good ones,

and I don't know
where else to turn!

We need an ally!

He could be our best hope!

If you think we can trust him,
let's give it a shot!

It's a bit of a
trek to get there.

How are your wings holding up?

Tired, but not too tired to save
the Wee Kingdom, if they can.

That's all I needed to hear,
follow me. This way!

Away we go!

To-morrow, and to-morrow,
and to-morrow,

Creeps in this petty
pace from day to day.

To the last syllable
of recorded time.

And all our yesterdays
have lighted fools.

The way to dusty death.

Out, out, brief candle!

Life's but a walking shadow,
a poor player.

That struts and frets his
hour upon the stage.

It is a tale

told by an idiot,
full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.


Who goes there?!
Durwyn, is that you?

Returned to blight me
and revel in my woe?

Not Durwyn!

It's me, king!

Your old foe, Syd!

Remember me?


I'll never forget!

You slimed the castle's drawbridges
in the early morning mist!

Ha ha ha!

That was so much fun!


You sent dozens of Wee Dragons slipping
and sliding into the castle moat!

Some of them couldn't swim!

We're lucky to
have not lost lives!

Yeah, well... you can't
win 'em all!

What in tarnation
do you want, Syd?

Or are you simply here to
wallow in my misfortune?

Here to wallow, mostly!

But you banished
me here, Bedwyr,

so surely you knew I'd slide up
sooner or later, hmm?

Aye... indeed.

Here we are, King... or, should I
say, Prisoner Bedwyr!

Your new home sweet home!

The very spot you banished your
kingdom's wrongdoers to, for so long!

Funny, how things work out, hmm?


That'll be Mister Syd to you!

I always knew we'd
meet again, Bedwyr!

Secrets never stay buried, no matter
how hard to try to keep 'em down!

Now, the mighty Durwyn rules your land,
and you get to see how the other half live!

Durwyn will never succeed!

He already has!

You can't trust him, Syd!

He'll use you, take advantage of your loyalty,
and discard you once he has what he wants!

That's funny!

Sounds familiar!

The more things change,
the more they stay the same, huh?


And that holds true for
Wee Dragons, too!

The wee spirit will never submit
to the mighty Durwyn!

His coup is doomed to fail!

You should know that!

What I know is that an exiled creature
will say anything to not be abandoned!

But, it's too late
for pleas, Bedwyr!

You've made your bed...
now Bed-wyr in it!


You like that?

Clever, hmm?

You made the bed...
now we're in it, Bedwyr!

Ah... very witty.

Will you perform in
the new king's court?

Perform? I never considered it!

Maybe I will!

Doesn't hurt to ask!

I notice Durwyn left you here.

Didn't take you with him.

You think that was an accident?

Of course, it was!

I'm small! It's dark!

Things were hectic!

The rush of freedom!

The crackle of vengeance!

Things happen... get overlooked.

And you think
he'll come back for you?

Absolutely! I have no doubts!

For centuries, I was Durwyn's
sole companion!

We shared stories!

We shared dreams!

We scratched thousands of tic-tac-toe
games on these cave walls!

Who won?

He did, mostly... he has those
big claws, y'know.

It takes me longer to
scratch into things,

since I'm gelatinous and
all... lotsa times,

he'd be asleep by the
time I made my x...

but that's neither
here, nor there!

What matters now is
the claw's on the other foot!

Get comfy, Bedwyr!

You're gonna be here
for a long, long time!

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I'm gnawing
on a head of old lettuce!

Stay on your side of the cave
and don't disturb me.

It's the last of our
food for a while.

Don't worry, Syd.

I'll just pretend
you aren't there.


Don't listen to
this old fool, Boil!

He's talking gibberish!

The Wee Kingdom is forever!

Forever and ever
and ever, and a day?

Alas, your precious Wee Kingdom
has indeed gone away!

Shut up, you big jerk!

Remember what I said, Gurt!

- Let him talk!
- Oh... right!

Go ahead, wizard!

Hit us with another rhyme!

I'll hit you with more than you
ever asked for,

until you're stunned on the
floor, searching for the door!

Emrick, the beef between you and
us wees has been ongoing for so

long, none of us can
even remember how it started!

We don't even have anything
against you, but you attack us

every time we encounter you,
without fail!

Can't we just call a truce?

Like you teased in King Bedwyr's
dreams, but for real!

We can co-exist!

I know we can!


Sharing space with
a wee is no life for me!

Gaining the upper hand
is where I forever stand!

Okay, have it your way.

But please, just tell us...
what's going on back in our kingdom?

Alright, wee!

I'll share my sight, so you see!

My senses, they ring!

Bedwyr's throne has no king!

There he goes, bad-mouthing
Bedwyr again!

What happened to our king,
you mystic freak?!


A dragon of might,
means, and proportion

has toppled your ruler,
through forceful extortion!

A dragon?

You mean a wee dragon?

A wee times a million now
circles your sun!

With the sound of a gurgle,
your king was undone!

The sound of gurgle?


He's talking about
Gurgle the wee!


Did Gurgle betray
our King Bedwyr?!


A sharp-witted wee
before me I see!

While another plays the game,
and Gurgle's his name!

Gurt, we need to
get home right away!

The Wee Kingdom needs us!

Alas, like a bee, the truth
sometimes stings!

While that beast warms your
throne for the king of all kings!

Who's the king of all kings?

Upon me your eyes gaze, you see
old, you see crazy!

But I'll soon rule your land,
just as fresh as a daisy!

Nice rhymes, Emrick!

Keep working on your material -
maybe you can perform

at the Wee
Thanksgiving celebration!

The invitation still stands!

I'll be there, Wee Boil, on that
you can count!

Until then, keep your heads,
for the pressures will mount!

I'm telling you, that Emrick's loonier
than a hundred spotted wee loons!

No, Gurt!

That old wizard acts crazy,
but he knows exactly what he's doing!

He told us a lot of
valuable information!

If not for Emrick, we'd never
know there was trouble back home!

That's what worries me!

If not for Emrick, we wouldn't
be flying home so fast...

who's to say we're not
flying right into a trap?

That's a risk we'll
have to take.

We can't chance leaving the
Wee Kingdom in danger!

What do we do when we get there?

We'll be careful... get the lay of
the land... find out what's going on.

What if there's big trouble?

We'll handle it!

We're Wee Dragons!

We were born for trouble!

I like to think I was
born for dessert!

Speaking of... about that bakery!

Way to make
yourself known, Durwyn!

You sure know how
to make an entrance!

Now that all the wees know
there's a new king in town,

we can start
laying down new rules!

Indeed, Blister!

But first, my eyes are heavy
and my wings are tired!

Well, I guess you did circle the town quite
a bit, letting every wee know what's up!

Yes... and now,
I feel like a nap!

A nap? I didn't take you for the
napping kind, Durwyn.

Mighty dragon Durwyn,
maw like a steel trap!

Lay your head down on your
pillow and nap!

Vivid dreams you shall have,
and sights you shall see!

Let the wees plan,
and come plot with me!

What's that supposed to mean?!

U-Uh, nothing!

I just always pictured you
flying, or raging,

or warring, or breathing fire,
that's all!

Mighty stuff!

Yes, well,
I do all those things!

And I also take mighty naps!

Is that a problem?!

N-No, King Durwyn!
No problem at all!


Watch over my new land
as I slumber!

If any wees behave suspiciously,
wake me at once!

Otherwise, do not disturb my
deep sleep!

I-I won't bother you!

You have my word!

As you were!

Even fearsome rulers
need their rest!

I-I agree!

Rest in peace!

Are you threatening me, wee?!


I-I don't mean to-

You'd better not!

Rest in power!

That's what I mean!
Rest in power!

Hmmm... I plan to!

Now be quiet, while I find a
comfortable bed!

There's no telling what inane remark might
spill out of your miniature maw next!

If I don't lie down at once,
I may drop right here on these bricks!

Yes, Dur...



It's not far now!
We're almost there!

Almost where?

To my old friend's turf!

It's been a while, but I still
remember the way!

You've been here before?

It figures I'd come here now,
while our kingdom's

being overthrown and
our friends are in an

evil wizard's mountain castle.

That's not distracting at all.

Let's just enjoy all this fruit
and make some new friends, right?

Hey, remember we're here to help
save our kingdom and everyone in it.

We need to trust that they'll
stay strong while we're gone.

And don't forget - they're wees.

The strongest dragons around!

Except for Durwyn.

Oh, yeah.

Except for that.

Mmmm... how relaxing... how

and what a stark and
vivid dream this is...

the sights, the smells, the
sounds, the details...

the shining stars in the sky,
the cracks in the stone wall,

the warm glow of the candle...


What mad sorcery is this?!

Not mad, mighty dragon!

Things aren't always
as they seem!

The mind holds chambers inside
chambers, like a dream within a dream!


You crazy old wizard!

I knew I couldn't
possibly be so weary!

You've enveloped me in a spell!

Oh, dear! What a pity!

'Tis a crying shame!

A spell, dark magic,
or witchcraft - what's in a name?

Release me at once, old man!

Or suffer the consequences!

And what consequences
would those be?

What could you do
that I'd not foresee?

You've mistaken me, wizard!

Times have changed!

I'm not the imprisoned beast
with clipped wings you knew,

I'm the King of the Wees!

King of Wees, or bees, or trees
any of these!

Why rule the land when you can
also have the seas?

You riddling old coot!

I don't understand
a thing you say!

Lucky for you,
I'm not really here!

Here, there, no matter where!

The will to power
is in your stare!

Now the wees have fallen,
your flames have fanned!

But immortality's in my hand!



Go back to selling snake oil in
Movember, wizard!

Leave us kings
to our kingly pursuits!

Kingly is right, Durwyn!

To me you'll come round!

I'll control them with magic,
while you wear the crown!

Why would I share my land with
the likes of a madman?!

After I alone clawed tooth and
nail to return from exile and

conquer my conquerors?!

Because, mighty dragon,
your word is now law!

But Bedwyr's dethronement
is not all that I saw!


Explain yourself without the
games, seer!

I've no patience for trickery,
even in sleep!

Very well, I'll lay bare
all the perils I see!

You have might, but you can't
keep wees down without me!

Out with it, Emrick!

Or you'll find out fire burns
just as hot in your dreams!


I like your style, Durwyn!

Those wees, they are cunning!

They speak to our ears!

But their actions prove
otherwise, so exploit their fears!

To stamp out their light,
take all that they own!

Turn their hopeful wee whisper
into a mournful moan!

Give it to me in
layman's terms, Emrick!

The Wee Dragons
will eventually rise up!

They are small, but have strength
in their numbers, wise up!

Close their shops and
burn their crops, is a start!

Join forces with me,
and break their wee hearts!

You have a way with words,
you know that?!

It's the magic mustache - it
converts every thoughts into poetry.

I wish my tendrils
would do that!

Then let's team up!

I'll transform you into a
silver-tendrilled devil!


Where do we begin?!

With a new king in his kingdom,
and a wizard on high!

Wake up, mighty dragon,
for the wee end is nigh!

What a nap!

I needed that, Blister!

What a relief!

You're a bear when you're tired!

A bear?!

I've never resembled such a puny
beast in all my centuries!

Tell me, how is our former king,
Bedwyr, faring?

He's almost
completely lost hope!


Before my reign is over, I'll make that Wee
Dragon beg to return to his old kingdom!

And I may even let him,

just to see the look
on his wee face!

Because, much like
my own experience,

it won't resemble the
place he left at all!


What are your planning,
King Durwyn?

How will you transform this
drab, boring kingdom

into the empire of
excitement and pillar of

pizzazz we know it can be!


Er, um... you. I mean you.

That's right, you did!

And I'll tell you, Pee Wee!

First, I'm going to close the
town's shops!


What will you put in their


Er... nothing?


I'm going to put an
end to wee industry!

No more blacksmithing!

No more woodworking!

No more baked goods!

No more
performances in the park!

In fact, no congregating!

Wee citizens will stay indoors,
unless called upon to appear!

Oh... that sounds...

Amazing, I know!

I was gonna say...

Tremendous, yes!

No need to reiterate what we
already know, Blister!

That only leads to more wee talking,
and heaven knows I've heard enough!

As your new king, I'll create
work farms, hard labor camps,

and sweatshops for you wees
to occupy yourselves in!

Wees will work
from morning to night!

Productivity will rise to
heights never before seen!

What about me, King Durwyn?

What about you, Gurgle?

What's my place
in the king's court?

Will I be your consigliere?

My what?!

You know, your advisor!
Your confidante!

Your right wing man!

You'll be my nothing and you'll
like it, how's that?!

Uhh... t-that's not really
w-what I had in mind.

I don't care what
you had in mind, wee!

Your mind is of little consequence to
me - and littler consequence to you!

It's no longer
your place to think!

You're here to obey!

Um, but... but, I brought you
in... I brought you back!

The least I deserve is a
spot in your king's court!

My king's court?!

Durwyn flies alone, wee!

Always has, always will!

Oh, so we won't be working on
new laws together?

No, you ushered in a mighty
dragon who answers

to no one, especially
not a wee dragon.

And you have the audacity to
think you're in a partnership?


- But... you said...
- Bap!


- What about-
- Bap! Bap!

Doh, left out again!

What do I got to go to get some
respect around here?

Look at it down there, Boil.

Wee Kingdom is practically a
ghost town.

Where'd every wee go?

Hopefully they're just inside
and not... you know.

Know what?

You know, not...

Not outside?

Come on, Gurt. Think.

I'm trying. I'm trying!

I skipped breakfast, lunch, and
now it's almost dinnertime.

I'm delirious.

I need calories.

Well, we'd grab a snack but
all the shops looks closed.

That's crazy.

How's a kingdom supposed to
survive without business?

Without citizens working

Maybe that's the point, Gurt.

Maybe our
Wee Kingdom is no more.

Oh no!

What if getting us to
go to Emrick's castle

was all part of some sinister
trick played to perfection

by forces who want to destroy
our Wee Kingdom?


Down there! It's Blister!

And he's talking to...

The mighty Durwyn!

Oh, this is bad!

This is real bad!

But, I thought Durwyn was
banished forever!

So did I!

Magic works in
mysterious ways, Gurt!

This is the alliance Emrick
talked about!


How could Blister
betray us like this?

His own dragons!

And is Gurgle involved, too?

If they're all in cahoots, what in the
world can any wee do to stop them?!

I don't know, Gurt...
I just don't know.

I can't believe I've found
myself in this predicament!

What a mess!

I just hope my beloved wees are
safe and sound, as I speak.


How could I be so foolish as to
fall for such obvious sorcery?

Such blatant wizardry!

It's practically Dark Magic 101!

I knew I should've finished wee
college, I knew it!

But... I'm a Wee Dragon.

The young ones don't realize it yet, but
we're not without magical powers of our own

I haven't used mine in a
while... in a long while...

I'm rusty, for sure, but...

Hear me, oh, wise Sage... it's
your old friend, Bedwyr...

and my situation is dire...

the Wee Dragon
Kingdom is under attack,

and the Wee Dragons
are in grave danger...

can you hear me, oh, Sage?

Times have grown dark.

Can you light the path for us?

Hello, Bedwyr!


It's good to hear your voice
again, my friend!

The feeling is mutual, compadre!

I am sorry to hear
of your troubles!

Tell me... what is the source of
your problems?

A wayward wee has betrayed us!

An exiled dragon has invaded us!
And an evil wizard maligns us!

My goodness! You've got
your work cut out for you!

Aye! That, I do, Sage!

Hold those thoughts, while I
feel what you feel.

Uh... okay.


Emrick the Wizard!

Yes! Yes, that's him!

Durwyn, the mighty dragon!

Yes! Yes!

And... and... gag... gag...


His name's Gurgle, Sage!

Sorry... I'm having sprouts for dinner...
one went down the wrong way.

Oh, be careful.
Drink some water.

Oh, I am.

My roots guzzle
gallons constantly.


Okay, good.

The key to saving the Wee Kingdom
lies in the Shiitake Islands.

The Shiitake Islands?

In the south Wee Sea?

But I'm imprisoned!

Prison is in the mind, Bedwyr...

or, in dendrology terms,
free your trunk and

your roots will follow.

Oh, I see.

I think...

Your closest companions on the
Shiitake will unlock the

antidote that can dispel
the magic that plagues you!

But... I don't know a wee
soul in the Shiitake Islands!

Howdy, stranger!

Moldspot! Is that you?!

In the fungus!

How are ya, sweetheart?

Well... I've been better, Moldy!

Oh yeah? you having heatstroke
like your little friend here?

Nothing a few of those
pineapples wouldn't fix, pal.

I'll bet.

You're a
strange-looking fruit bat.

I'm Moldspot.

Who might you be?

Fruit bat?

I'm Tinkertoes, but I haven't
got long to live.

Cai, please.

The pineapples.

In a minute, Tink, just breathe.

I need to talk to
my friend real quick.

Shoot, wee.

The Wee Kingdom's been invaded by a mighty
dragon with a grudge against our kind.

Our king's in danger and we
think an evil wizard has his

bony fingers in this mess, too.

Whoah, that's a
gnarly situation, girl.

Tell me about it!

Can you help us?


Sounds like dark magic!

And I have just the
antidote for dark magic!

You do?!

I sure do!

You've come to
the right place, wees!

Welcome to the Shiitake Islands!

Guys! Guys!
I need to talk to you!

Oh, lookey who we have here!

Yeah... if it isn't two-faced
Gurgle himself!


How's Blister?!

And Durwyn?!

Oh... guys, I'm so, so sorry!

I've made a terrible mistake!

I'll say!

You sold us out, Gurgle!

Big time!

You betrayed the best
friends you ever had!

I didn't mean to!

I got confused!

That's easy to say, now that we've
figured out your little scheme!

What's the matter?

Did your friends turn on you,
like you turned on us?

I'm sorry, Boil!

I wish I could take it back!

Only you can't!

It's too late!

You broke the first rule of
Wee Dragonhood!

I did?

Yes, you did!

Us wees are supposed
to stick together!

Through thick or thin!

Sickness or health!

Good times or bad!

Feast or famine!

Hey... is anyone else hungry?

I could eat!

Me, too!

I haven't eaten all day!

I'm starving!

Let's go back to my place!

We're eating in, what with all
the trouble around here!

Mom's got some yummy ramen
noodles on the stove!


Gurt, are we gonna
believe this jerk?

He's betrayed us at every turn!

Helped overthrow our king!

Turned our land
over to a mighty dragon!

And we're just gonna let bygones be
bygones, and eat ramen noodles together?

I'm really hungry, Boil!

And I'd like a
chance to explain!

I just listened to what Blister was
telling me, and... and I can fix things!

I promise!

Yummy ramen noodles, Boil!

I know you must be hungry, too...
not as hungry as me, but probably close!

Okay, fine!

But one wrong move, Gurgle, and
you're in big wee trouble!

If you think the mighty Durwyn's
tough, you ain't seen nothing yet!

That's right!

This isn't over!

Not by a long shot!

We're gonna find our king and
return our Wee Kingdom to normal

no matter how long it takes,
or how tough the going gets!

When the going gets tough,
the wees get going!

That's a figure of speech!

Yes, it is, Gurt!

Yes, it is!

How 'bout this...

when the going gets tough, the
wees get tougher!

I like that, too!

Sure, why not?

I'll tell you guys, we sure are
tough little wees when we have to be.

You got that right, Gurt.

We got quite a great adventure ahead,
wees, if we are to defeat Durwyn!

We're just getting started!
Are you with us, Gurgle?

I'm with you, wees!
I'm with you, wees!

All for wee!

And wee for all!

What fun it is, toying with this
Wee Kingdom!

All of these twerps, like
puppets on a string!

Attached to my formidable claws.

I say jump and they jump!

I say sit, and they sit!

And none dare rise up
against the mighty Durwyn...

Or else!