A Dot and a Line (2004) - full transcript

Cheito, a street-wise Venezuelan conscript, is thrown together with Pedro, a straight-arrow volunteer in the Colombian army, when one deserts his company and the other lives through an ambush. They must survive guerrillas, drug producers, corrupt narcotics officers, and each other as they bungle through the jungle: first they are enemies, then allies, then friends, until women and politics test their loyalties. Can pawns survive when powers clash?

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Lutecia's here.


-Hi there, friend.

-Hi Cheito.

How are you?

-How are you, Cheito?
-How are you pal?

What's up?

Hey there babe, what's going on?

What are you talking about?

-Hi, dear.
-Hi, dear.

-What's up, Cheito?

-Cool, look what I brought you.
-Let's see.

I brought you a couple of CD players

with a removable CD
changer and everything!

Good bye, my dear. How are you?

Great! Oh, my God!

Hey, give me 60 thousand
for everything, OK?

Hell no, 30 and that's enough, man. Shit!

Hey, Yosmar.
What happened? What's up, kid?

Go home, go home now!

But, what's up? I'm only talking to him.

Move, man.

Get the hell out of here
because if you don't

I'm going to break your
face you bastard. Move!

If I see you on the street
in those shorts again

you'll be sorry, do you hear?
Go home now!

Hey man, calm down, Cheito.

Yosmar Coromoto is a big girl now, man.

And not bad at all.

-What happened, my man?
-Chill, man. Forget it.

Give me 40 bucks and
the coke, that's separate.

30 Wilson, I'm going to
give you 30, my friend.


Goddamn you! Home!

Come on, man!

Didn't you see me playing basketball?

Wait, wait!
Time, time out!

Follow it, follow it!

How goes it?

So what's up?
What do you have there?

Quality, man.

Look, here's a sample
for you to try, here.

So what do you think?

-It's good.
-Hell yeah.

Look pal, I have a couple of
CD players too, hear?

It's removable, look.

No, no, none of that.

Give me three "bubble gums".

Three "bubble gums"? OK.

That's 15.

So long, baby.

And what happened with these, then?

Stop, hold it right there, stop!

Against the wall. Come on!

Calm down, pal. Calm down.

Raise your hands.

Turn around.

Identification now!

Hold on, I wasn't doing anything wrong.

I'm an athlete, my man.

Exactly, that's why
I'm going to arrest you.

Me? Why?

Hold out your hands, now!
What the hell is that there?

I don't know, that crap isn't mine.

It isn't yours...

how come that isn't yours
if I saw you putting it down there?

Bring that shit, Garcia!

So it isn't yours.

So it isn't yours!

Come on, boy.
Walk towards the squad car!

Walk calmly to the squad car.

Come on, come on!


Good morning.

I'm lieutenant Maria
Cristina Fuenmayor Aguilar,

head of the 15th Enlistment Office.

I've been here for about two years

and my mission is to
do a good job in selecting

those who in the future
will serve the country.

-Hey, my dear, look...
-What do you mean, 'my dear'?

It's Sergeant!

Hey, Sergeant, look...

come on, look,
I'm the bread winner of the family,

I'm an only son.

My girl is pregnant, man.

I'm trying to get my high-school diploma

at night school and everything.

And here between just you and me,

don't tell anyone but
I'm screwed my friend.

I have a rare disease.

Look, friend, let me go, come on.

If you're that screwed up here,
what are you going to do at home?

Stay here, man.

Come on, man. Let's talk about business.

I'll slip you a little something, OK?

To thank you and you let me go.
What do you think?

Look, go back to your place,
because what you want can't happen.

Now you won't get out of
here even without money.

There's a crisis on the border
and no exceptions are being made.


-Shit, but...

We're going to choose right now.

So those I point must go where I indicate.

You, to the right.

You, in the yellow shirt, move!


You in the red cap, let's go.

You two...

To the right!

Lieutenant, my commander in the courtyard!

Request permission to speak with you.

Permission to continue with
the personnel in the courtyard.

-Permission granted.
-Permission to withdraw.

-Hello, son, God bless you!

Look, man. Why are they
going to let him go and not me?

You're Jane Doe's son.

That means a dumb ass.

What's more, you only
have one surname, right?

-Cheito! There he is!

There he is!



-It's my mom...
-Hey, don't break ranks!

Hey, and that little
beauty is your sister, yeah?

You can't pull strings

but you sure have a real
tasty looking little sister there.

If you play your cards right,
we'll make an exception.


Lieutenant, here we have
a volunteer for the border!

I'm not going to take revenge in this one.

You will pay for this
one to the guerrilla,

the drug traffickers and the Colombians.

To the border post, now!

One, two...


Volunteers to defend
border posts, front and center!





Good morning, I'm first
sergeant, Carrasco Velásquez,

second in command of
the Border Protection Base

of the Southern Command.

Across from us is the
Morón River Colombian post.

That's the enemy.

I don't want any exchanges

no friendships with those
Colombians, understood?

Understood, sergeant!

We're on yellow alert...

And there might be problems.



At ease!

You're at my captain's orders.

Down there below, there's a
point that's kind of an invisible line.

But that line exists and says:
Venezuelans don’t cross here!

The point is here and it's this.

From now,
that is the symbol of the country.

And the country is here,
the country is in your hands!

I'm ready, go.

Thirty-one, my friend.

Thirty-one, I won.

But come here, man, we'll keep playing.

I won, kid, give me my shit.

But come here.

You're going to leave us losing here?

The cigarettes are mine
and I'm taking them.

-How much for me?
-Give me twenty.

And the watch?

Give me ten then.
Man, you are a crying baby.

A little tobacco.

Where are the cans?

Bye, bye.

Bye, bye.

The force it has...


The southern command!

Five and I don't see you!

You're really blind, brother.

You can't even hit the ground.

You had to be a stupid and a peasant.

Good afternoon, Sergeant.

Permission to give a
letter to Pedro Peinado

from the Páramo Los Rosarios.

Thank you.

Sergeant, permission to withdraw.

Aren't you going to read it or what?

No, sir.

Peinado, you want to go back
to your moorland, isn't that right?

You want to make that very
short trip and it'll be really cheap.

One thousand pesos there
and back. Do you want it?

Lieutenant, permission to speak.

Go ahead.

There's drug trafficking in the camp.

Sergeant Requena just
offered me some drugs.

All right, Peinado, go
back to your target practice.

But lieutenant,
aren't you going to arrest him?

I told you to get back to
your target practice! Damn!


OK, I don't want any problems later.

Bye, man. Thanks for everything.

Let's go, quickly. I have to go.

OK, I'm bid three thousand.

Who'll give me more than three thousand?


-How much, how much?

-Ten here.

-Fifteen over there.

-What? How?

-What's your name?

OK, Mr. Vicente offers 30.
Who'll give me more than 30?

Let's see. Who'll give me more than 30?

Sold to Mr. Vicente for 30.
Go there, my love, quickly.

He won her, man.

Hey, what's up my friend?

What's up, man?

How are things?

Have you been waiting long?

-A bit.
-Here's yours, look.

Let's see what you brought.

-How nice?
-Hey, man, they're exquisite.

-You see?
-They are really cool.

Let's see how they fit.

Put them on so that we
can see how they look.

All right, see? Quality.
They fit on you, my friend.

Let's see how they look on me.

Wow, man!


They look fabulous on you, hear?

Now check this out.
Hey, do they look good?

Damn yeah!
Look, booze, my friend!

-This is from there, no?
-Try that thing.

How is it? It's super, isn't it?

It's kind of good.

Now, come here.

This is the main course for lonely nights.

What do you think?

Wow, you've outdone yourself, man.

Pure tits, ass and other things.

-Outdone yourself, brother.
-Check this.

Oh, those girls! Gorgeous!

Cute ass.


OK, give me my stuff
because I have to leave.

Here you are,
that's also from the good batch.

-Yes, or what?
-Yes, it's great.

Yeah man, quality stuff.

OK, and the map?

The map.

Who would have the guts to
leave this mess too, Cheito.

But someone has to stay and
fight this damn war, brother.

So, always by the river, right?

And then in three days,
I'll be in Las Minas?

And the boat?

Look for it in El Sapo,
near some dry poles there.

Be careful, brother.

Because if the guerrilla,
the drug traffickers

and paramilitary forces don’t get you,

either your army will get you for deserter

or we will get you.

See ya and don't worry,
you won't even see the dust.

I need six volunteers for a
reconnaissance patrol in the jungle.

Step forward!

I repeat, step forward!

You didn't want this trip today.

But I'm still going to give it to you

and it might not be round trip.


Come on, move it!

Come here, forward!

Come here, forward!

Understood, Sergeant.

Move, move, let's go!


Look, look!

Look that chick.

Hi, honey, why don't you come here?

I got something for you here.

Don't kill me, man, don't kill me!

You're not from the Southern
Command, are you?

Shit man, that's good...

No, no, my man. Take it easy.

All I want is water, take it easy!

Lead is what's I'm going
to give you, motherfucker.


Because I'm going to make you pay

for the five men you gunned
down at the river, do you hear me?

What five men, man? Are you crazy?

Don't play stupid with me, you bastard.

Don't play stupid! I was there.

I was there but I managed to
make it through, understand?

I didn't die so that I could get revenge.


Look, man. I'm not a guerrilla fighter.

Look, I'm a Venezuelan soldier.
Do you understand?

Let's see.

Southern Command, Southern Command...

do you see any sign of that?

Do you see insignias here?

I don't see badges, I don't see a flag.

I don't see a damn thing.

Look, brother, I swear it.

Believe me, it's just that
I'm a deserter, you see?

I fled the army, man.

That's why I don't have
any badges or insignias.


You're a deserter.

Yeah, man. Let me get
a bit closer, I'm freezing.

What's that, my man?

No, no, you're not
going to put that on me.

No way, no.

No, man, no.

Here you have...

Here you have your guerrilla badges, look.

Look, look.

Your guerrilla badges.

Hey, look man, a farm. We're saved. Look!

There have to be people here.

What the hell is this, friend?

Hey man, this thing is plastic.

Do you see?

What happened? What happened?

Can't you see it is camouflage
so that you can't see

that it has something to do with drugs?

It's a drug trafficker's camp.

They must have food.

Keep going, keep going.

Hey man, come here and
help me roll a "joint", friend!

It's the pants, it's because of the pants?

It's the pants, it's because of the pants?

Ready. Where are my pants?

Here they are.

Pants and a shirt, keep that.



Keep it hidden and don't say anything.

What are you doing there, brother?
Don't be a bastard.

Can't you see she's a child
who doesn't even have tits.

Get to work, that's what
you're being paid for!

Stop or you're done for!

Over there! Come on spread
those legs, spread 'em!

A marihuana plant, no?

Easy, Luisito, he is a
goddamn guerrilla fighter.

Listen, let's see what the hell
are you doing here in the camp?

Why are you so worse for the wear?

Well, because...

well, we exchanged fire with some
Colombian command soldiers

and killed five of those bastards.

Yes, we heard.
You really gave it to them, right?

Yes, no, no... we broke them.

Great. Listen, come on.

Your people have probably
given you up for dead.

The radio is shot to hell,
but they'll fix it tomorrow.

Come on.

Look, brother,
not only the Colombian army,

no, wait a minute,
we have the Venezuelans scared too.

They're scared shitless, my man.

Listen, very scared
and everything else you want

but that accent of yours
is a bit strange there.

Where are you from?


What, what, what do you
mean where am I from?


No, no, that accent isn't
even remotely Colombian.

Don't be stupid, Luisito,

can't you see that the
commander is from the coast?

Right, commander?

Listen, the commander is
from the coast of Barranquilla.

You're right, you're good
when it comes to accent, right?

Of course I am.
From Barranquilla, the coast.

Commander Cheito, form the coast.

Let's drink to that, man! Cheers, shit!

Don't invent stupidities, Colombian!

I'm going to escape.

I'm getting out of here.

I don't even know why
you haven't betrayed me?

But I can't stay here any longer.

Come here.

What's the beef?
You have work here, my man,

a job and food, so what's the problem?



Are you nuts?

You know what they have me doing here?

Do you or don't you?

-They have me planting coke!
-Shut up, damn you!

Let me go!

They have me planting
that goddamned plant.

That's what I'm doing. You call that work?

Look, you son of a bitch,

you guerrillas say that
you're going to do away with the rich

so that we'll all be equal, right?

I'm going to tell you one thing:
if there is something I don't want

it's to be like you murderers
and criminals. You understand?

Because that's what guerrillas are...

damned assassins.

So if you want to finish
me off, do it! But I'm leaving.

You motherfucker aren't going anywhere.

Come here, come back here.

You're going to pay

for the beating you gave
me at the river, do you hear?

-Let me go!
-I’m gonna tell you something.

I screwed all of your friends,
I shot them all.

I riddled all your pals
with bullets. You cocksucker!

What's up?

Damn, Cheito...

and you, what?

It seems you're sort of AC-DC,
you swing both ways, right?

Don't you see that what
they are is a pair of fags.

Why don't you go play somewhere else?

Good, isn't it?


Bon appetit.

Look, you shit motherfucker,

either you kill me
or I kill you, understand?

Look, man, if you plan to escape
again, you Colombian bastard,

everyone here will know
you're a Colombian soldier.

So, behave my friend,
because if you don't,

I'll have you shot myself, do you hear?

Now go to your barracks, right now!

Go to your barracks, right now!

Go, now, goddamn you, move!

Hey, there. How are you this morning.

Bad mood, no?

But a good roll in the hay, no?

Listen, I should understand
that you like the guerrillas.

Let me tell you I was
with them for six years.

But, I went into drug
running because it pays more.

So that if you like guerrillas,
here's one that can please you.

Look, you bastard, I told you that
I'm no faggot, you understand?

If you keep fucking
with me, I'll kill you.


I won't bullshit you any more.

But, if you change your mind...

Man, don't waste time.

Come, find me.



Good morning.

I'm Cheito, Commander Cheito.


They might call again from
your command at any time.

Wait here.

You know I had a girlfriend
who had hair like yours.





You know, when she let down her hair...

she looked beautiful...


Tucán three, to major "L", over.
Tucán three, to major "L", over.

Tucán three, to major "L", over.

Those are your people, answer.

Tucán three, to major "L", over.
Tucán three, to major "L", over.

Tucán three, to major "L", over.

Commander Cheito Da Silva, 11232835, over.



Your radio is screwed.

Where did you get this?

And these boots?

Who gave them to you?

Talk, damn you! Where
did you get those boots?

Come on, talk!

Where did you get those boots?

And this?

Did he come with on of you or what?


Get up and come here.

Where did you come from?

Who hired you?

Talk or I'll beat it
out of you right here.

You're a soldier, right?

Talk, you son of a bitch!


I'm a Colombian soldier.

Soldier from the Colombian
Northern Command.

I'm not a drug runner,
not garbage like you.


I fixed it, coast man.

Do you want it?

Tell me something.

Did your girlfriend's hair look like this?

Yours is better.

Let me go.

Tucán three, to major "L", over.
Tucán three, to major "L", over.

We have to answer the radio,
that's your people.

No, it's better if you
leave those people alone.

Give me more. Come on, give me more.

Tucán three, to major "L", over.
Tucán three, to major "L", over.

Tucán three, to major "L", over.
Tucán three, to major "L", over.

Commander Cheito does
not exist, he is not one of us.

Commander Cheito does not
exist, he is not one of us, over.

So you're police, damn you!

Wait, Anita, I'll explain it to you, babe.

Wait, baby, I'll explain it to you.

You're going to explain it to St. Peter.

Careful, careful with that!

Careful with that flame,
that flame, careful!

Bring water quickly,
Ana Maria is burning. Go!

Hot Ana Maria, isn't she?

Shit, Colombian,
thank God it's you, my friend.

Hey man, someone hit me over
the head and tied me up here.

Release me, Colombian, please, quickly.

I don't kill you
because I want you to suffer.

You're going to pay for massacring
my companions and for the narcs.

You betrayed your country

and your country will make you pay for it.

What country, what the hell!

You think the country cares
about two assholes like us?

They'll give you a medal
for this shit, you idiot.

You and I are cannon fodder, pal!

The government owns this.
They're one and the same.

Don't be stupid!


I'm not with the guerrilla.

I invented all that about commander Cheito

so that they wouldn't discover us,
but I'm not with the guerrilla.

Let me go, pal.

You and I are on the same boat.

I don't care whether
you are a drug trafficker,

a guerrilla or a deserter.


you're a piece of shit
without any shred of honor.

I'm garbage and what are you?

You're a poor asshole.

They took you out of the moors

to have you lick the boots
of a few generals

who are all into contraband
and you still celebrate that!

I wasn't recruited.

I signed up to serve my country.

You volunteered?

You asked to be in the army and all that?

Shit, my friend,
you sure as hell are stupid.

What happened, man?

That isn't a military helicopter.

My guess is
that it's the drug traffickers.

Keep going.

What happened?

These boots are mine, man, what happened?

Take it easy, take them then, take them!

What the hell happened here?

It was a fire, boss,
almost everything burned.

Of course, asshole, I can see that,
but why did it burn?

We thought it was one
of the guerrillas, commander Cheito,

a coast man, who was with Ana Maria
when the conflagration began.

Who? What's this commander Cheito like?

A guerrilla fighter who took
part in the Morón River fight.

Ana Maria, where is she?

She burned to death in the lab fire.

And that commander
you spoke of, do you have him?

He escaped, boss.

We had an agreement
with the guerrilla movement.

Now they're going to pay.
Rebuild the camp, immediately!

And what's going to happen
to the guerrillas, boss?

I'll take care of that!

OK, everybody get to work.
Get with it, get with it!

-What happened, man?
-Shush, shush.

It's too quiet here.

That's unusual.

Not even the birds are signing.
There's no sound, nothing.

Motherfucker, that's for
the kick in the face, understand?

And that's for being a patriot.

And I'm not with the guerrilla movement.

They're a bunch of assholes!

Don't move, pal.

Because we assholes are really good shots.

Over there, idiot, over there!

Permission, commander.


And who are these?

Well, commander, I don't know,
but we caught them in the jungle.

What were you doing
in the jungle. Talk, now!


So you're deaf and dumb.

A pair of deaf and dumb fags.


I have a feeling that you're
either CIA or DEA, which?

No, no, look, commander...

take it easy, take it easy.

Look, we're just a pair of poor suckers.

This guy is a Colombian soldier

and I'm a deserter
from the Venezuelan army.

So this is the Liberation Army.

Does this look like
the Gran Colombia to you or what?

Do you know what I think?

I think you two are part
of that joint operation

by the Colombian-Venezuelan
armed forces. What it's for?

To annihilate
the Rebel Liberation Movement.

I'm a soldier from
the Colombian Northern Command

and this one's a guerrilla!

I'm no guerrilla!

Commander, I'm a deserter
from the Venezuelan army.

Miranda State, capital?






Wrong, wrong.

Either you're stupid or
you're not a Venezuelan.

Or all cops are stupid?

No, no, look, I am a Venezuelan, listen:

all right, enough, enough.

Don't torment me any more.
That anthem won't help you any.

When in doubt,
get to the bottom of things.

To my way of thinking
you're either CIA or DEA.

Put them on ice, pals.
We'll shoot them tomorrow.

No, commander, hold on, it's true!

We're DEA, we're DEA, but don't kill us.

Look, why don't you exchange us
for guerrilla prisoners?

Just a second.

We're perfect for a trade
and worth a shitload of money.

Do you get my point?

Shut the fuck up already
you asshole and stop inventing!

The dead are business...

the dead are business so that
they learn once and for all

that they shouldn't send
babies into this area.

Take them away.

Wait, hold on, so what's the problem, man?

It's true, we're from intelligence...

Get over there.

It's obvious, it's obvious!

Why couldn't you keep
your big mouth shut? Why?

Why did you have to say
that we are with the CIA?

Why are you so stupid, you son of a bitch!

Someone had to do something, man.

But you just stood there
like without saying a word

and because you didn't back me up,
they're going to kill us.

Now do you realize that
I'm not with the guerrilla?

Now do you understand
that I didn't snitch on you

in the drug runners' camp?

Go on, answer me!

-Now I understand, asshole.
-That's no use to me now.

They're going to kill us anyway,
you miserable bastard.

-What are you saying?
-I’m praying, stupid.

What for, do you think that God
will come to save you, you asshole?

Stop cursing!

Look, come here dumb
Colombian, listen to me!

Listen to me!

That cretin didn't even take
the trouble to come here

to save his Son, you idiot.
Christ was his son, wasn't he?

And yet you believe that he'll
come to save an idiot like you

and an asshole like me.

Listen, idiot.

Christ died on the cross for the
sins of the world. Understand?

To save people like you, cretin!

So shut up and stop blaspheming already.

Why me? What sin did I commit?

Why are they going to kill me?
Why are they going to kill you?

You're nothing but an old fart,
tell me why?

What's going on here?

Commander, commander...

Look, commander...

I want to be a guerrilla fighter.

I was a communist, a rebel,

one of those masked
troublemakers at the university.

Come on, man.

No, no!

By the power vested in me by the country,

we are going to execute
these two infiltrators.

On your mark, steady...

it's your fault, Colombian.

And yours, too.

Take aim!

The war is over, my friend.

In hell we will be friends, won't we?

Yes, but I hope in heaven?

And these goddamned
drug-traffickers what are they doing?

Take cover!

I didn't feel nothing. Are we dead?

Run, fag, run!

We're saved, Pedrito!
We're saved, friend!

Look, it was a miracle!

It was God who gave us
a hand and saved us.

It was because of your prayers,
I owe you one!

You're going to be my friend,
my pal, do you hear?

Listen to something I have to say,

if we get out of this, if we escape,
you'll be my friend. Did you hear me?

And truly, man, please,

forgive me for everything bad I've done.

For hitting you, for the opossum,

for the boots, and everything else.

Go on.

-No, wait, look.

Those boots are mine
so give them here, now!

No, my feet are really hurt,
those boots aren't yours.

-Let go!
-Give me back my boots.

Stop, halt!
Who goes there?

Hey, Sergeant Carrasco!

-Soldier, secure the perimeter.
-It's me, Cheito.

What the fuck are you doing here Da Silva.

And who's this?

Check him out!

No, Sergeant, I was at the river, you see,

and I was going to return
to the command post

and then suddenly
I came across this guerrilla,

so I killed five of them

and brought this bastard
back to you as a prisoner.

That's a lie. I'm not a guerrilla fighter.

I think we should get rid of
this dog right here and now.

No, Sergeant, don't kill him.
Beat him, but don't kill him.

That fag doesn't have mourners, kid.

No, sergeant, wait, come here
and let me tell you the truth.

Look, this guy is a Colombian soldier.

I told you he was with the guerrilla
movement because he beat me a lot

but he isn't with them.
Don't kill him, just let him go.

Better like that.

Things are bad with Colombia
and I think there's going to be a war.

So we can take care of this one first.

Shit, don't kill him I said, damn!

Don't push my gun away, Da Silva.

You're a deserter and you can't fool me.

I can bury you.

If you rat on me I'll get back
at you by planting drugs on you.

So let him go, Carrasco.

If you screw me with drugs,

you know that both of us will go down.

Because you'll be marked
as the one who sold it to me.

And you buy it from me,

I don't have anything to lose my friend.

If you kill him, you're fucked, Carrasco!

Forward march, soldiers!

Then, I set fire to the drug
traffickers' camp, Captain.

That was the lab that was being
patrolled by six armed guards,

then, what did I do? I fired at them.

Afterward, I grabbed a
can of gasoline that was there

and poured all over the packs
of cocaine that were there.

And captain, I didn't
leave any of that poison

that is rotting the
brains of young people.

Your name is bond, isn't it?

What do you mean, Captain?

Hell! You should be Cheito
Da Silva Bond... James Bond.

More dangerous than agent 007.

What do you think, carrasco?
Our own homegrown James Bond.

So it seems, Captain.

Prepare a report.
Add what the Colombian did!


Look, look!

Yes, baby, hello!

That is divine, my little one. Come!

Come for me, I'm all yours
little one, that's it, come here!

Look, daddy! For you!

Oh, baby, I want your tits. That's good!

Look how they show their tits.
Look, look how nice.

Oh, look, baby. Oh, fabulous.

You fool, let's go there!

This is yours, you lovely babe.
Come here, love!

Attention soldiers, we have a visit!

Hey, what's up, what happened?

Hey pal, come with is because
with us there's more work.

What crap is this? First,
they come to the Colombian camp.

-What for, pal? What for?
-Because I damned feel like it.

You get in there and leave this shit.

-Why? I don't feel like it.
-Because this is Colombia!

-So you leave this shit.
-I don't want to!

-Throw me out then, throw me out!
-Leave this shit right now!

I saw her first, I saw her first.

-What's happening here?
-Nothing Captain, nothing.

We saw them first. So first,
for the Venezuelan army.

Take them away!

That's why, so what?

You leave this shit!
Are you leaving or what?

Then it's like we said, Captain.

The team that plays best and
wins keeps the girls. Yes or no?

All right.

Heads or tails?

Heads, Captain.

Tails. Venezuela starts.

Ready, Captain.

Let the best team win.

Let the best team win.

Come on, come on!



Goal, motherfucker!
Goal, motherfucker!

Off side, off side!
Come here, come here.

Say off side
or I'm going to beat your ass.

Off side, say it!

Off side, off side!
It isn't valid, it isn't valid!

-Off side? What off side?
-It isn't valid, it isn't valid!

Stop, stop!

That was a goal.

That was my first goal,
you damn son of a bitch.

-Off side, off side!
-That was a goal.

Penalty, you bastard!

No, it wasn't anything!

Easy, men!

Easy, it's OK.


Cheito, get lost!

-Come on, Captain, let me play!
-Leave Cheito, get out!

Easy, men!

Let the game continue!

Great, man.

-What happened?

Look, here.

What? Let's see...

-But is that pretty?
-Of course.

How great it is all perspired.
How rich it looks all perspired.

It looks too...


You lost because you're sissies.



The fucking around ends here.
Zero benefits!

And shit from now on.

-Understood, Captain.

Where's Da Silva?

Cheito Da Silva!

OK, then girls, where's the other one?

The pretty one?

What happened, pal? Who won?

Easy, easy, Pedrito,

you don't even wear out
that soap my friend.

Besides, we were just talking,
right, dear?

Yes, he didn't touch me.


You go back to the Colombian camp, now!

Pedrito, I swear to you,
I didn't touch her.

If you want you can take her
wherever you want.

I swear, I really do.

I'm not interested in her.

I never had anything
to do with prostitutes.

I promised my girlfriend
that I'd marry her

and come pure yo out marriage.

Because I'm a man of my word.


What's up man?
Then you're not going to fuck her?

Don't tell me you're a virgin, Pedrito?

You can make fun of me.
But I made a promise.

I'm not making fun of you, Pedro.

Shit, what I mean is...

that's really weird.

Damn, but I kind of think
it's nice and everything.

Pedro, come here, boy.

You and I said we'd be friends
if we get out of this jungle alive.

Easy, Peinado.


When I finish my stint in
the army I'm going to marry her.

-She's very pretty.
-Divine, no?

It's a pity I can't write
to her to find out how she is.

And why not?

Because I don't know
how to read and write.


Not even the comics?

I can't even read
the letters she writes to me.

Give them to me, Pedro, I'm the man.

I'll read the letters to you, pal.

I'll read this one.

Páramo de los Rosarios.

From Lutecia to Pedro.

Dear Pedro...




Is that OK?

Look, pal, you really are dumb.

Look, it isn't papa...

like the potato you
eat, it's papá or father.

Like mother or father. Do
you understand? Here, take it.

No, I don't understand.

And I'm going to forget about this

because I'll never
learn to read and write.

And I'll never be able

to write a letter to my mother,
or Lutecia or anyone.

Hey, take it easy, wait.


I'll write the letter to you

and then you learn to read and write,
you can write to them yourself, OK?

-Are you sure?
-Of course.

-OK, then write this.
-Go ahead.

For Lutecia, now let's see.

-Dear Lutecia...
-Dear Lutecia...

I always remember you and respect you.

I want you to know
that I imagine you stark naked.

I dream of you every night and
day when I will see you again.

And I hope I will be able
to fuck you six times a day.

When I return to the
Páramo de los Rosarios...

-Páramo? Right?

I promise you that as soon
as I get to the moorland...

I'm going to take you to the altar...

because I, Pedro Peinado,
will make you my wife.

I'm going to put you on all fours.

The politicians decided to send
you to Caracas and Bogota

as a way of talking
about the alleged unity

between neighboring countries.

And that's because of the drug's
lab and the guerrilla camp.

So prepare yourself tomorrow.

You and the Colombian
will travel together.

You'll be decorated.

And will visit your homes.

Is that clear?


But why, Captain?

To my way of thinking,

something the two governments invented

to give themselves
time to prepare for war.

They need symbolic heroes.
And you are the chosen ones.

Save a little bit for me.

God bless you, my dear,
I'm so proud of you.

What's up man, congratulations!


You were shitting your pants
and don't tell me you weren't.

What do you mean?

Nothing, we grabbed him
and took away the weapons

of all those bastards
and then we started shooting.

And you are spitting at me
here and everything, what's up?

Hey mom, an umbrella for Wilson!

Hey, pal, the cocaine is over.
Listen to me!

-What happened?
-The cocaine is over.

Shit, man, but what happened?

You're like an electric vacuum cleaner.

Let's do like we did the last time.

OK, let's go then.

-We're coming, hear?
-I’m coming, careful there.

No, no, where are you going?
I'm going with you.

What's up, man?

We're going to control the drugs.
Are you coming with us?

You’re not. You’re still scared.

Look at him, that's how he was that day.

-Scared shitless asshole!
-Stop it, stop it!

Careful, yosmar.

Hey, mom, I'll be right back!

-Hey, mom!

I'll be right back.

Let me change this beer
because this is colder.

As cold as a seal's ass, man!

Hey, Pedro, do you have a girlfriend?

No, I was kidding.

Wait, wait.

Wait a minute, so...

Don't laugh.

Let me ask you a question,
your first time was with me?

Don't laugh.

Yes, with you.

What happened?

Well, I have to tell you
something, Yosmar.

You see...

I told you that I don't have a girlfriend.

But I lied.

I do have a girlfriend.

Her name is Lutecia and
she lives there in the Páramo.

What are you laughing at?

-What's her name?

No, I gave her my promise
and everything but...

I like you so much.

I'd like to reciprocate but...


Cheito, Cheito.

Get out, get out,
Cheito's coming. Cheito's here.

Get dressed!

If he catches you here,
he'll kill me. Hurry, hurry.

Hurry, your shoes.

Good, good. Bye, bye, bye!

What's up?

What happened, man,
what are you doing up at this hour?

It's the heat brother, I can't take it.

I can't take it anymore.

And since tomorrow we leave to Colombia,

well, I thought that...

I'd get up and prepare
all this and be ready.

And you? Are you all right?


Yes, well.

I'm going to the bathroom.

And listen, you get ready.

I don't want you to be late tomorrow.




I'm sorry, but it's been such
a long time since I saw you last.

Don't worry. There's a lot of people.


-What's up?
-Come on!

It's my friend Cheito,

the one who helped me write the letters.

-Hello, pleased to meet you.
-Pleased to meet you.

-Come here for the photo.
-Go for the photo!

Did you get the letters?

Pedro didn't say those thing, right?

You wrote that filth, didn't you?

Pedrito, would you like a little more?

Well, yes, thank you.

Hey, it's really late,
I'm going home, it's really late.

-Let's go, grandpa.
-No, let me accompany you.

If you want to, I'll go with you man.

No, anyway, I live nearby.

In that house with the shingle roof.

And you stay here with your guests.

-Are you sure?
-Sure, I'll take my grandfather.

All right, Don Felix. See you later.


Pedro, is that you?

And you, what are you doing here?

I came for you.

-Be really careful.
-Take it easy, OK.

Well, my love...

it was wonderful to see you.

Keep going.

What's up, Luis?
How's the team?


Shoulder, arms!

Rest, arms!

At ease!


While the politicians go
about their symbolic posturing,

we have to prepare ourselves
here to shoot at the enemy

that wants to take away our territory.

I want to tell you that the party is over.

None of you can have any type
of connection with enemy soldiers.


Understood, Captain!

And you?

Did you understand me?

Understood, Captain.

-I didn't hear you.
-Understood, captain!


Don't you want a drink?
A drink, please.

Lets see what my baby
needs, a little bit of loving?

Do I remind you of your mom or what?

No, no, way.

And then? Are we going or what?

-To do a few little things.

No, no, no, Miss.
Forgive me but I don’t...

You don’t what...

Go, go to sleep. You’re going to sleep.

-Don’t be an asshole!
-Sleep, sleep, just a little.

I wont do anything that
you don't want to. Be still.

-Go, go!
-Just to sleep, OK?

Just to sleep.

-I don’t sleep with whores.
-Come on!

Shit, don’t call them whores!

-Be careful of what you say.
-Don’t be disrespectful, kid.

-Go to sleep, go to sleep!
-Come on.

Stop your bitching, come on already.

Get up, you Romeo. What happened?

-Come on, man, quick!

Come on, Pedro, move that ass, move it!

I'm coming!

You managed to get me to sleep
with that girl, didn't you?

Stop, you son of a bitch!

Stop there, you bastard. Stop!

You son of a bitch!

You are going to
pay me for this, motherfucker!

-Thanks, friend.
-Bye then.

-Bye, Rigoberto.
-Bye, bye.

Come on, pedrito, come on.

Let's see.

Whats this?

No, I found that.

What are doing with Lutecia's chain?

-No, I found it, asshole.
-Oh, yes? You found it?

I saw how you were looking
at Lutecia in my house.

You fucked her, you bastard!

Hell, I didn't do anything!

Shit, OK!
I slept with her, I slept with her!

And what's more, I wrote her in
a letter that you wanted to fuck her.

But because you’re so stupid,
she knew I had written it and not you.

You, stupid moorlander!

Oh, really?

Stupid moorlander?

Well, for your information,
I fucked your sister, asshole!

Yosmar Coromoto?

As if you have more sisters, you fag!

You fucked Yosmar Coromoto, you bastard?


You bastard! Motherfucker!

Shit, motherfucker! You goddamned dog!

Get up, you fag!


My pal, get up!

Look, you sissy,
I didn’t want to kill you.

Get up, pedrito, I didn't want
to kill you, pal, hear that?

-Now I'm going to kill you!
-No, pedrito, no!

Yosmar wasn’t a virgin.

What the fuck!

Well, I wasn't the first one
she had sex with.

Goddamned whore,
just wait until I see her, damn!

Don't call her that, Cheito.

Don't call her that, she's your sister.

And besides, I want to marry her.


What a mess, no?

We're going to end up as family.

-I don’t know.
-Come on, brother-in-law.


What are you doing with a Venezuelan?

Don't you know hes the enemy?

Easy, Sergeant, we're not at war.

We're on the verge of one
and it starts right now.

You bastard!

Easy, Sergeant.

Easy, Cheito, easy!

-Easy, Sergeant.

Go, bastard,
before I regret what I'm doing, go!

Easy, easy, good.

Go, you idiot, go!

Keep going!

Platoon, right face!

Pick up equipment!
All to the truck, lets go!

Let's go!



Steel eagle, Head eagle, over.
Steel eagle, Head eagle, do you copy?

We are facing superior forces.

I have ten men down, I need air support.

It's urgent!

Peinado! Shoot that shit, Peinado!

Shoot that shit, Peinado!

Shoot, Da Silva!

Shoot, goddamn you!

Fire that thing!

Fire that thing, Peinado!

I owe you one, pal.

You're going to be my friend,
my pal, do you hear?

Listen to me,
if we manage to get out of this,

you'll be my friend, did you hear me?

And truly, man, please.

Forgive me for everything bad I've done.

For hitting you, for the opossum,

for the boots, and everything else.

Go on.

-No, wait, look.

Those boots are mine
so give them here, now!

-No, no, those boots aren’t yours.
-Let go!

Pedro, this shit is mine, give them to me!

Hand over those boots, Pedro.
Give them to me!

Let go, they're not your boots!