A Dog's Journey (2019) - full transcript

A dog finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he meets.

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On days like this,

I feel like the luckiest dog
in the world.

I got the sun on my back.

I got the wind in my face.

I get to ride in this car

where the windows are
always rolled down.

My name is Bailey.

You enjoying the breeze, boy?

- I love my boy Ethan.
- Boss Dog.

And I love my girl Hannah, too.

Boss Dog. Boss Man.

I've lived a lot of lives,

and I've peed
on a lot of stuff.

There is one thing

I've never been able
to figure out, though:

Why does it always itch
right here?

Baby can come up.

Baby can come up here.

That's my cue.

I'll meet you in the kitchen
after I do the chores.

You as creaky as me, Boss Dog?

Let's go.

- Come on.
- Mornings had the best smells.

Sure, we had to do
our chores...

Come on, Bailey.

...but it always ended
with an egg.



Hey, buddy.

Still think you got one in you,
Boss Dog?


You ready?

Born ready.



Three. Go!

Way to go, Boss Dog.

Ugh, that isn't
getting any easier.

That isn't getting any easier.


You still got it, Boss Dog.

Yeah. Yeah.

Good boy.

Come on, let's go to the house.

Come on, buddy. Come on.

Come on.

Come on, bacon. Come on, bacon.

Eh, it's not bacon,
but I'll take it.

- Morning.
- Morning.

- Hi, Mommy.
- Hi.

Morning, Gloria.

What time did she wake up,

Oh, wasn't looking
at the clock.

Doesn't matter, though.

We're having fun
with our granddaughter.

Hannah used to have
a boy named Henry.

He brought Gloria
into our pack.

We keep feeding her pancakes,
she's gonna get chubby.

Maybe this time
she'll give me a treat.

No? No treat? Okay.

I thought little babies
were supposed to be chubby.

Ethan, shh.

Hannah made that
"shh" sound a lot lately.

- Who's that?
- Daddy.

Daddy. You know, I think
she has Henry's eyes.

Henry went away
and never came back.

Hannah cried a lot.

I licked her face a lot.

I wish my son was alive

to see his adorable daughter.



She drops it, I eat it.

- That's our deal.
- Oh, it fell.

Orange. Purple.

Gloria liked
to wear food on her face.

- But not good food.
- Hello?

A... a gross dog
just licked my face.

No, no,
that's-that's how it goes

when you're stuck on a farm.

CJ, where are you going?

We're supposed to play here.

What's happening in Chicago?

Tell me everything.
Go away.

Are you guys going out?

I see the horsey.

No, don't go in there.

CJ, stop.

He's scary.

Whoa, boy. Whoa.

From the way he was breathing,

I knew Ethan was scared.


I don't know. I feel like...

What are you doing?

Hey, let me call you back.

CJ just got in with Linus.

Hey, come here.

She could have been hurt,

Bailey saved her.

Let me get this straight.

It's one of those hero dogs
you see on TV?

Its name is Bailey.

I love when my boy Ethan says my name.

Go inside.

I know what you did, Boss Dog.

Come on.

I don't know where
Gloria found this baby,

but it is a great addition.

CJ is smart and curious.

We just have to keep
an eye on her.

Well, I turned my back
for two seconds.

More like two years.


- Come on, CJ.
- No.

- Clarity. Clarity June.
- Nana, Nana.

Hey, Mama's here now.
Can you say "Mama"?

Nana, Nana.

All right.

Oh, Clarity June,
that is not funny.

It's kind of funny.

Why doesn't anyone
ever wipe food on my face?

After all
the excitement of the day,

I had to cool off
in the big water bowl.

- Hey.
- You know what that is.

You having fun yet?

Oh! Grand...

Oh... oh, my goodness.

I-I leave her with you
for a couple hours,

and you have Clarity bathing
with a filthy dog?

Finally, Gloria wants to play.

Well, they're just playing.

All right, get-get out.
Get out, dog.

Oh, come on.

They're just having fun.

You know what?

Don't worry, honey.
Mommy's here.

Come on. It's okay.

Oh, I get what
you want me to do.


This is why I don't like dogs.

Maybe you wanted
to stick your nose in my butt?

Gloria is just
so young to be a widow.

Eight months pregnant when
Henry was in that car accident.

I know, honey. I know.

But, Hannah,
where's her maternal instinct?

Gloria's just trying
to figure out

how she's gonna make a life
for herself and CJ.

But she's got Henry's
insurance settlement.

Well, that money's been set
aside for CJ's college fund.

You're the one that raised
two kids, not me.

So, if you're not worried
about it,

I'm not worried about it.

I'd be worried
if they weren't here.

- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Up, up, up. There we go.

Yeah, right in the middle.

Now slide it down.
Slide it down. Yeah.

Between the three of us,
I think we can

give that little girl
the love that she needs.


- What is that?
- What?

It's a lump.

Big lump.

Oh, please stop poking
that spot on my belly.

I'm gonna take him to the vet.

- Yeah.
- What's going on?

Hey, buddy. Hi, Bailey.

Somehow, Ethan always knows

when I want to take a car ride.

Hey, Boss Dog.

I want you to stay put,
okay, buddy?

Dr. Deb said we should just
keep you comfortable.

I can handle all the chores.

I had bad days,
and I had good days.

- Today was a good day.
- Well, me, too.

Well, I finally got a call from
the, um... the cruise line.

Gloria spent a lot
of time talking to her hand.

And they needed a singer
for their Stagecoach Lounge.

- Doggy, doggy, doggy.
- I know.

there's nothing in that cup.

Oh, did you make me a cup?

- Here, Nana.
- Thank you.

Well, it's perfect
for me, right?


- Delicious.
- That delicious?

Wait, there was
something in that cup?

Yeah, they went with
a singer who, uh,

does not have a toddler.

I don't know.

Maybe I should come back
to Chicago.

- More?
- Yeah, but I don't

really know what more I can do.


- Hey.
- Hi.

Getting her to go down
for her nap took forever.

- You know, Gloria...
- Mm-hmm?

Um, if-if you want
to pursue your career,

you could leave Clarity
here with us.

You think I'm a bad mother?


Gloria... no, that's not
what I'm saying.

Are you trying to take
my-my baby from me?

'Cause my baby is all I have.

Gloria, she's making you
an incredible offer.

I know what this is about.

You want Henry's settlement.

I-I-I knew you wanted
that money

so you can fix
this crumbling farm.

This farm is not crumbling.

Ethan was mad.

I hadn't heard him talk
like that in a long time.

It has nothing to do
with the money.

It has to do with providing
a loving home for CJ.

Well, Hannah, I am her mother.

So, wherever I am,
that is her home.

And okay, wow, obviously,
I'm not welcome here.

You are always welcome here.

So you can keep telling me
all the things

I'm doing wrong
every single day?

No, thank you. It's actually
not what I need right now.

Well, what about CJ?
What about what she needs?

Do you ever think about that?

Does anyone ever think
about what I need?!

There was trouble in the pack.

Somebody must have eaten
Gloria's food.

Gloria, please don't leave.

Let's talk about this.
We can work it out.

Whatever it takes.
Please, we can work this out.

You don't seem to understand.
She's my baby, not yours.

Ethan, what are we gonna do?


Hey, Gloria.

Such sadness from Hannah.

- Nana.
- Love you.

Sad like she was after
her boy stopped coming around.

Listen, we want you
to have some money.

No, thanks.

It's for CJ.
Would you just take it?

And let us know
where you wind up.

It's the least you could do.


Bye-bye, CJ!

Love you!

I wanted to chase the car

for Hannah and Ethan, but...

but I just didn't have
the energy.

I know.

I wanted to eat
to make Ethan happy,

but I wasn't hungry anymore.

It was really quiet
after CJ left.

She'll get in touch with us.


It's a little cool
out there here in Michigan,

so you might want
to dress warm today.

I love this song.

I do, too.

Let's not waste this song.

Come here.

Come here. Come on, come on.

You always make me feel better.

Okay. Okay.

I'm tired, but I'll do it.

- Oh!
- Ooh.

Hey. Look at you.

- You still got it.
- Aw.

- Bailey.
- Bailey!

That's me. Okay.

All right, buddy, she's taken.

Hey, Dr. Deb.


I came out here
and found him laying here.

He's in a lot of pain.

I think it's time.

You've done everything
you could for him.

Do you want a moment?


Bailey, Bailey, Bailey.

You're my good boy.

We had such good times
together, didn't we?

Mm, mm.

You've done so much for me.

You think maybe
next time you... you come back,

you can come back for CJ,
you think?

She needs you
like I needed you.

You can protect her.

And you make her feel happy
like you made me feel happy.

I didn't understand
all the words,

but somehow,
I knew what Ethan meant.

- Are you ready, Ethan?
- Yeah.

- All right, champ. Here we go.
- Yeah.

- Good boy.
- You're not gonna hurt anymore.

I remember this from before.

A tiny sting...

and then my pain melted away.

Yeah, Boss Dog. Yeah, bud.

Who's the Boss Dog, hmm?

You the Boss Dog?

I love you, Bailey.

Bailey, Bailey,
Bailey, Bailey, Bailey.

All my pain was gone.

I was in this place,
and it was wonderful.

Ethan gave me a new purpose.

I was going to protect CJ.

And I would never stop looking
until I found her.

I was a puppy again.

I had a mother
and brothers and sisters.

Ugh, why are there always
seven puppies and six nipples?

Don't you worry, mama dog.

I'm finding good homes for

every single one
of your cuties.

But it felt like something

was missing this time.

Let's see.

I have ears, pretty long ones.

I have a tail.
I have a snout.

I wonder if I have a...

I'm a girl this time.

It was so great
being a puppy again.

I got to play and play
and-and play.

There was an old dog
named Mr. Churchill.

He was a lot of fun.

They're a real handful,
eh, Mr. Churchill?

One by one, people took
my brothers and sisters away.

All that was left
was my favorite brother.

I was called Molly,
and he was called Rocky.

Then, one day,
the worst thing happened.

Rocky was going away.

Who was I gonna play with?

- Aw.
- You look perfect together.


That girl.

There's something
about that girl.

I smell something familiar.

It smells like...


I remember my purpose!
CJ is my purpose!

I can't let her get away.

I'm coming, CJ!

I can't let Ethan down.

Got to get to CJ.

I got this.

I got this.
I got this. I got this.

Oh, I don't got this.

I'm so happy you and Rocky
are a good match.

He's already my best friend.

I'm coming, CJ!

Ugh, this house has
too many fences.

CJ, it's me!

I-I'm here to protect you.

Whoa, psycho puppy.

CJ was a gigantic baby now.

This puppy is insane.

That's Molly.

She and her brother
are inseparable.

Would your family consider
adopting both of them?

I got this.

Think I better get out of here

before they change their minds
about getting one dog.

Mm, salt, milk.

- Oh, hamburger. Mm.
- How about you?

Do you think your parents
would let you have a puppy?

My mom does love dogs.

She does?

I'm gonna stop talking.

I know what to do.
I'll take Molly home,

my mom will go crazy for her,
and then she can call you.

- Well...
- Well...

- Shh.
- Ah, that's the same

"shh" sound Hannah always made.

I never know what it means.

Clarity, is that you?

Uh, hey, Mom.

That voice. It was Gloria.

Hey, did you, um...
did you move that box

that had my demos in it?

- Didn't touch it.
- So, I met a, um...

this, like... a producer that
really wants to hear my music.

Got to do homework!

- Your new home.
- Okay, CJ,

you've got nothing to fear.

I'm here to protect you.
Oh, cat!

Molly, no!

Molly! Molly!

No, no! No!

- Great. You love playing chase, too.
- No!


Not my homework!

No, Molly!

Molly, no. Molly!


No, Molly, no!

Slow down, Molly!

Please. Molly.

There's so much
to chew on under here.

Oh, yeah!

That was fun.

- What's the next game?
- Molly.

You're Destructo-Dog.
Yes, you are.

Oh, I love my new bed.

- Where do you sleep?
- Here you go, Molly.

Hilda said you were
mostly house-trained,

so for now,
I'll just put a towel

down here, just in case.

When you got to go,
you got to go.

No, Molly, no.

CJ, I need to talk to you.


Hello? Why's this door locked?


Hey, come on.

Just a minute.

Yeah, don't know this game.

I will give it a try.

What's... what is with
all this noise?

Uh, CJ, it looks like a bomb
went off in here.

Um, I've been doing
a little rearranging.

It smells terrible. Will you
at least open a window?

I love your outfit.
Is it new?

Do you love, love, love it?

Mm, I have a date tonight.

You're going out!

Ow... How is he?

Is he nice?

Well, CJ, they always
start out nice.

Um, so can you figure out
your-your dinner tonight?



I think hiding you might be

a little more difficult
than I thought.

Hey, babe. You ready?

- Whoo!
- Let's go.



- Are you ready?
- What do I say?

Ask a question
and keep calling back.

Don't laugh.
I need to get into character.

- Uh, where did CJ go?
- Wish me luck.

Oh, hi, CJ.


Hello? Is this Hilda?

This is Gloria Mitchell.

I've been expecting your call.

Wonderful, wonderful.

My daughter, Clarity, brought
home that sweet dog today.

We just adore her to pieces.

Clarity, honey,
I'm telling Hilda

how much we love Molly.

Oh, uh, can you hold on for a sec?

Right on time, Trent.

Hello? This is Trent.

How much kibble
should I feed Rocky?

Half a cup.
Uh, I got to go.

As I was saying, we'd love
to be her forever home.

Oh, uh, can you hold on for a sec?

Good work, Trent.

Is that half a cup U.S.
or half a cup imperial?

It's just half a cup.

Maybe I should do it by weight.

Y-You can do it
however you want.

Uh, I got to go.

- I'm sorry for all of these...
- And right now,

I'm looking out
at our ginormously huge,

grassy backyard,
and Molly and Clarity

are rolling all around.

Oh, dear.
Um, can you excuse me?

I forgot to tell you,

I gave Rocky a middle name.

I'm really busy at the moment.

Cliff. Get it?

Rocky Cliff.
Pretty funny, right?

Can I call you later
about this?

Don't call me too late,
because I have school tomorrow

and I need to go to bed early.

Sounds like
a wonderful situation.

I'm so glad it worked out.

Well, then I'll leave you
alone, and thank you.

- Well?
- We did it!

That was amazing.

I've never done
anything bad before.

Thank you, thank you,
thank you!

I can make noise, too!

Whoo! Let's go.
Come on, Rocky.

High five.

I love you, girl.

Whoo! We did it!

I knew my purpose
was to protect CJ,

but since she was safe,

I thought it was okay
to play with Rocky.

Rocky destroyed
all the slippers in the house.

My dad's doing a lot
of swearing in Mandarin.

I had to take Molly out twice
last night.

She still peed on my bed.

I can't believe you managed
to hide a crazy puppy

for even one day.

We should train them together.

You guys are going
to puppy school.

- Rocky, come on! No!
- No, Molly, no!

Oh, why are they
walking so slow?

Rocky, slow down!

Sit. Sit.


Okay, then stand.

Good dog.

No, you have to be
the authority.

Watch and learn.

Lie down. Lie down.

- Lie down.
- I'll wait till you come up

with a better game.

You see? Good girl.

Stay. Wait.

Wait. No, Rocky. Stop! Rocky!

Paw. Paw. Come on, girl.

Let's go, girl.

- Mm, what is a paw?
- Paw. Come on.

Paw. Come on.

- Let's go.
- Maybe this is a paw?

Good girl. Good, good girl!

I can do paw!
I-I-I can do paw!

It's a deal. You have graduated
puppy school right now.

- Rocky, come back!
- Good, good girl.

- Rocky! Rocky!
- Good girl. Mwah.

You can stay here
while I'm at school.

No barking, okay?

Don't really
understand what's happening.

Can't wait to show this to CJ.

Uh, is that
supposed to be food?

Maybe if I wasn't
going commando...

Where'd that great smell
come from?

I love it.


Clarity, did you hear that?

I think it came
from the basement. I'll check.

I, uh... I'm here, CJ!

You-you remembered!


Molly, shh.


Again with the "shh."
What does "shh" mean?

Nothing here, Mom.
I think it was next door.

Belly rub, please.

Gonna have to tell her
about you, Molly.

Mom, there's something
I want to tell you.

Hey, so if you, uh,
order a pizza for dinner,

do not eat the whole thing,

Life is harder
when you're chubby.

Plus, you claim you want
to be a singer.

Got to look good.

It felt like CJ got hit,

but I didn't see what hit her.

Mm, what'd you want to tell me?

Just wanted to know
what time you'll be home.

Not too late.


Mommy, I'm scared!

Wait for me, CJ!

CJ was afraid.

Uh, I was afraid.

Maybe if I protect her,
she'll protect me.

I used to hate it
when my mom stayed out late.

And now I have you.

I don't have to be scared

I know you'll protect me.

Make that noise stop.

I'm really, really scared.

Knock, knock.

Hey, morning, sweetie.

Good morning.

Um, so I thought
it might be nice

if I cooked you some breakfast.

What? Do you even know
how to do that?

You silly. Of course I do.

I need to get outside.
I need to go.

Wh-What... what is that?

This is, um... this is...


You must be Clarity.
I'm Paul.

And who's that little fella?

Little gal.

- Her name's Molly.
- Are we getting up?

I seriously need to go.

Oh, what a sweetie.

- I love dogs.
- Oh, yeah?

Me and my mom do, too.

I have to take Molly out
for a walk,

but we'll be back
for breakfast.


Um, I'll go start
those mimosas.


We're in trouble, Molly.
Yes, we are.

You went behind my back
and you got a dog?

You're not allowed
to have a dog.

You understand me?

Gloria sounded angry.

Smelled pretty strong, too.

Hey, babe,
you want another mimosa?

Oh, yeah, that'd be lovely.

I'm keeping her.

Maybe if she plays,
she will feel happy.

I'm keeping Molly.

I am your mother,
and I am the boss.

And you're not supposed
to leave your 11-year-old

alone at night,
almost every night,

during terrifying

I'm sure my teacher
would be very interested

in a mother who did that.

Are you threatening me?

I get scared.

Molly protects me.

You can't make me
get rid of her.


She's my best friend.

And I'll do everything for her.

You didn't even know
she was here.

That dog needs a bath.

You're staying with me.

You get to stay with me.

Good girl, CJ.
You're a good girl.

Yep, you do need a bath.

Yep. You do.

Look, Molly, my charm bracelet.

It has my two favorite things
in the whole world:

you and my guitar.

Thank you for
showing me whatever that is.

Uh, I will be going back
to sleep now.


Good old Trent, always on time.

Good old Rocky,
always on time.



I'm gonna pull the stick,

then you pull the stick,
then I'll pull the stick.

Look at our babies.

Yep. All grown-up.

Hey, should we start
saving for college?

Molly and I aren't exactly
on the college track, Trent.

I'm actually thinking about
dropping out of school.

If I told my parents I was
dropping out of high school,

they would
spontaneously combust.

Yeah, well, as soon as I can,
I'm getting out of here.

I'm gonna move
to New York City.

And how are you gonna do that?

There was this insurance
settlement when my dad died.

I finally get the money
when I'm 18, so...

I'm gonna use it to move
to New York,

make a demo and get my career
started as a musician.

You hardly ever talk
about your dad.

I-I can tell when CJ needs me.

Uh, hold on, Rocky.
I'll be right back.

Hey, Molly.

Want to sit? Come on.


Yeah, well...

died right before
I was born, so...

I don't really know
anything about him.

Well, except Gloria said
his parents tried to steal

that money from me
when I was a baby.

So... I don't know.

Maybe she's drunk
half the time, but...

she did do
one good thing for me.

CJ squeezed me so tight,

I could barely breathe.

I loved it.

Hey. Uh, are you gonna
buy something?

'Cause if you are,
I got to go back in.

Oh. Guess I was.

I'm not, like, in a hurry
or anything, though.

Let me guess.

A bag of pretzels and a Sprite.

Okay, I guess I'm
pretty predictable.



Um, that's Molly.

I'm getting a bad
feeling about this person.

What's it doing?

Getting ready to pee on me?

Cool it, Molly.


- So, you like motorcycles?
- Kind of.

- Yeah?
- Cool it, Molly.

You're supposed
to throw the ball.

You pick it up and throw it.

And then I get it
and you throw it again.

No, thanks, doggy.

He doesn't understand.

Mm, he's not too smart.

You want this, Molly?

You want to go get it?

Go get it.

Rocky! Trent!

Ooh, a quick sniff
of Rocky's butt

told me everything
was going great for Rocky.

Come on, let's go.

Hey, Trent.

- Oh, thanks.
- Yeah.

This is Shane.

Oh, hey.


Hmm. Both of them
want to be in CJ's pack.

Hey, what's up?
Uh, you didn't return my call.

Oh, right. Sorry.
I've... been kind of busy.

Who is this, your mother?

They weren't
growling at each other

on the outside,
but they were still growling.

Check it out.

Talent show, next week.

This is a chance for you

to actually perform
in front of an audience.


I bet you'd be great.

Oh, come on. You haven't
heard me sing in years.

I know, but you have to perform
in front of people someday.

Plus, the winner gets $500.

Yeah, do it, CJ.
I mean, you can sing a song

between the magician
and the mime.

Does look kind of lame, Trent.

Thanks, though.

Let's hit it.

Maybe I'll see you later?

Wh-What about Rocky?

We were gonna roll
in some stuff together.

Molly, come on.

You want something
that tastes good,

you should try these socks.

Hey. We should stop
by my buddy's place.

He's having
a couple people over.

Well, I...
I should probably get home.

I've got school tomorrow.

Ah, come on, CJ.
Don't kill the fun.



I did not want to be here.

Neither did CJ.

- Mwah!
- Ooh.

I thought you said
only a couple of people

- were gonna be here.
- Mm...

Did I say that?

Shane, I'm really not
into this.

- Can you take me home?
- In a sec.

Relax. Have some beer.

Come on, come on!

- Put the drink down.
- Go, go, go!

This is not a good place.

I do not like it here.
We need to leave.

- Let's go.
- Let's move it!

Other people are leaving.

I think we should go, too.

What's gonna happen to my dog?

Wait, you can't make me
leave my do...

- Come.
- You can't make me leave my dog.


CJ, wh-why are you
getting in that car?

If you leave, I can't protect you.


I didn't want to be here.

I-I... I wanted to be with CJ.

Where was she?

- Trent!
- Hey, girl.

I need to find CJ.

I don't smell her.

Uh, keep going.
I'll bark if I smell her.

Uh, th-there she is!

S-Stop! I said stop!


CJ, I'm back!

- I found you.
- Hey.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Trent got that
other guy out of the pack.

I'm guessing
he finally bit him.

I was such an idiot.

Hey, it happens.

You never make bad choices.

I'm too afraid of my parents.

At least you don't have to do

a hundred hours
of community service.

Wait, so you're gonna be
one of those people

picking up trash
on the side of the highway?

No, actually,
I got assigned to this program

that trains dogs
to sniff cancer.

- Cancer?
- Yeah.

Sounds pretty wacky, but...

at least I get
to take Molly with me.

So, we're a pilot program,
which is very exciting

because we've been getting
amazing results.

Wait, so you're telling me

these dogs know people
have cancer before doctors do?

We see the world.
Dogs smell it.

Their sense of smell is
100,000 times as acute as ours.

So, we're working on trying
to get the dogs to recognize

the difference between cancer
samples and benign samples.

If we successfully
scent-train a dog,

it can make the difference
between life and death.

Wait, so I get
to scent-train a dog?

That's so cool.

I love the enthusiasm,
but first...

I hope this isn't CJ's purpose.

We went every day.

CJ was happy,
and that made me happy.

Why is he getting treats?

I want treats, too.

- Good dog, Bode.
- Okay.

If Bode gets one more treat
and I get nothing,

I'm gonna go nuts.

Good boy. Good boy, Bode.

Mm, that smell.

Is that why Bode gets treats?

Maybe if I...

- Did you see that?
- Yeah.

Good girl.

That's it.

If you smell the smell,
you get a treat.

CJ, do you mind if I start
training Molly, too?

Good girl, Molly.


I know that smell.

Hi, Gloria.

It's good to see you.

Ethan and Hannah! Finally!

Why, hello.

Who is this? Hello.

- Ethan! It's me, Bailey!
- Hey. Who are you?

I'm a girl now.

- This is a surprise.
- Gloria.

We sent a note saying
we're going to be in the area

and we hoped it'd be okay
to stop by.

Did you? Okay.

Must have missed that.

Look, Ethan, look!

We were cleaning out the barn,
and we found a...

a-a lot of Henry's things.

- We thought that...
- Yes.

We thought that you and CJ
might like to see it.

Is anyone seeing
what I'm doing here?

Yeah, you could have sent
whatever that is.

Well, we wanted to see you.

We want to see CJ.

Well, we don't want
to see you, which is why...

Ethan, it's me, Bailey!

Can't you tell it's me?

Is that you, Boss Dog?

It's me, it's me, it's me!


Gloria, we just want to see CJ.

What makes you think
you can just show up like this?

Okay, I-I-I'm not
a little kid anymore,

so you can't...
you can't push me around.

We want to see
our granddaughter,

just to see how she's doing.

Ooh, I'll go
tell CJ you're here.

Well, she doesn't want
to see you.

- Is she home?
- That is none of your business!

You're not gonna believe it.

Ethan and Hannah are here,

and they smell
better than ever.

- Come! Come now!
- Hey. What you doing?

Let's go. Follow me.

We have a whole life without you.

- I really don't appreciate this ambush.
- "Ambush"?

Oh, oh, Gloria, we're family.


Can't we just start again?

- Let's just start over.
- Glo...

Gloria, Gloria, please.

Y-You forgot
Ethan and Hannah.

Don't look at me like that.

All these years later, they
still want to take her from me.


L-Let them in.
It's Ethan and Hannah.

I'll just leave it here.

I know that's you, Boss Dog.

I love it when he
calls me "Boss Dog."

You just keep looking after CJ.


No, don't leave!

CJ's here.

Come on, Molly. Come on.


Good job, Molly.

Andi says you've really taken
to scent training.

Food, please.


Leave us alone.

What are you doing here?

You don't answer my calls.

Yeah, because I don't want
to talk to you, Shane.

Come on, CJ. You're not still
mad about the party?

Don't walk away from me.

Whoa, get off. Shane!

What are you doing?

- I thought you were cooler than this.
- Shane!

Aah! It bit me!

Go away. CJ doesn't like you.

I'm gonna kill that stupid dog!

I don't like you, either.

Richard, if that's you,

why don't you come get
your junk?

Oh, it's you.

Richard left.

Shane just attacked me.

Gloria smelled
stronger than usual.


looks like today's not
a good day for us and men.


You're drunk.


Adults are allowed to get drunk

when they get dumped
by their boyfriend

who borrowed money
they will never see again.

I just told you that some guy
attacked me, Mom.

It was really scary.
Do you even care?

Well, what did you do?
Did you... did you lead him on?

Did you provoke him
or something?

I cannot believe
you just said that.

You are literally
the worst mother in the world.

No, that was my mother.

I'm leaving.

I don't want to be here

I'm taking my money,
and I'm moving out.

- Ooh, what money?
- The money from Dad's settlement.

Oh, Clarity, that money's gone.


How do you think
we have a house?

And a car?

But... but that money
was for me.

Well, it's been for you, CJ!

I am alone.

How do you expect me to do...
to do this on my own?


So, all of the...

all of the travel, Mom,

the-the closet
full of designer clothes,

the cases of wine...

that... that's all been
my inheritance?

I deserve nice things, too.

Mom, that money
was the only thing

I ever got from my dad.

That was the only thing
that made me feel like,

somewhere in the world,
there might actually be

someone looking out for me.

But I guess that was
really stupid, wasn't it?

You cannot take the car.

Why not? I paid for it.

I never knew there could be

such a thing as a sad car ride.



Ugh, leave me alone.

What are you doing?

All I wanted to do was stay

on my seat, but the car
kept pushing me off.

Sorry, Molly.

Oh, God.


The car's gone crazy.


The car finally stopped.

Are you okay, CJ?

Molly? Molly?

Oh, I love that sound.

It means CJ's nearby.

Molly. Molly?


But now I know I'm leaving her.

- I don't want to.
- Molly.

But I have no choice.



- No, Molly.
- I remembered baby CJ on the farm

and how much I wanted
to protect her.

How much she needed me.

Her journey...

is not over.

Come on.

CJ was so sad.

She still needs me.

CJ, wherever you are,
I promise...

I'll find you.

But first, I need to get
a few things out of the way.

I need to play.
I need to wrestle.

I need to bite a few faces.

I need to bark.

I need to play with a blanket.

I need to bite some ears.

And, unfortunately,
I still have to take baths.

I knew my journey
was with CJ, but...

I couldn't find her scent

Come on, Big Dog.

- Yeah.
- Now I lived with Joe.

- Ready for another day?
- He was good to me.

He lived in a house
made out of snacks.

Just for you.

Okay, bon appétit.

Ah, these are my favorite.

- Enjoy it.
- I forgot about these.

No, these are definitely
my favorite.

Oh, no ice cream for you.

How about a Slim Jim? Huh?

- That's the one.
- Yeah.

We have a winner.

My favorite.

Then, one day,

I heard something
that reminded me of...


That sound.




Could it be?

Maybe one more sniff,
just to be sure.

How's your day going?

Um, pretty good, thanks.

That'll be $4.50.

I don't believe it.

It's my CJ. I found you!

Big Dog.

He never gets up for anything.

"Big Dog"? How'd you ever
come up with that name?

Just sort of came to me.

Hey there, Big Dog. Hey.

- Now I can go with you.
- How you doing?

Where are we going?

Must smell a dog on you.

Oh, I don't have a dog.

Used to, though.

Her name was Molly.
She was the best.

Oh, she knows it's me.
We're finally back together.

- Oh.
- Oh, paw.

That is so sweet.

I, um...
I trained my dog to shake.

He's never done that before.

Really? Huh.

Well, it's very nice
to meet you, Big Dog.

Um, oh, can I also get
a lottery scratch card?


So, where you headed?

Uh, New York City.

I hope Joe tells her about

how much I love meat sticks.

Oh, you got a job or something?

Well, I'm a singer-songwriter.

Trying to be
a singer-songwriter, so...

- Oh, no way. 50 bucks.
- Ah.

- Congratulations.
- Wow.

Never won anything before
in my life.

You must be a lucky dog.

And I hope Joe tells her about

the crunchy, salty things, too.
Oh, they're so good.

Thank you.

Okay. See ya.

- Travel safe.
- I wished I could thank Joe for taking

such good care of me
all this time.

I hoped he knew
how grateful I was.

Oh, no, no.
You have to stay here, Big Dog.

CJ, no. I'm supposed to come with you.

CJ, wait. What are you doing?

No! No, you can't leave me.

I told Ethan I would protect you.

Big Dog.

CJ, come back.

I need to help you.

Big Dog!

Please, take me with you.

No! No!
I can't lose you.

I will never stop.
I will never stop.

Slow... slow down.

I'm sorry, I...
I just can't run any faster.

Come on, Big Dog.

Big Dog.

Come on. Come on.

I will never stop.

I will never stop
looking for you.

Day after day passed,
but no CJ.

I don't know why
she left me behind.

I waited so long.

I got older and older.

And when it was time, I knew.

I guess I wasn't gonna be
with CJ in this life.

I had a good life with Joe.

But it was really hard knowing
CJ was out there without me.

I knew our journey wasn't over.

I came back small,

but I was not gonna
let that stop me.

I've been born
enough times now to know

that when you're hungry,
you have got to fight for it.

So, apparently,
my growing phase was over.

I was gonna remain small.


If I was gonna find CJ,

I was gonna need
a new strategy.

Look at you.
You are so cute.

Hey! I already belong to somebody.

We're really looking
for an older dog.

I have the perfect dog for you.


Sorry about that.
Nothing personal.

Aw, how sweet.

This little cutie
would fit in my purse.


Keep moving.

Good going, old guy.

Oh, she's gonna be tricky.

Wait. Wait.

I know that sound.

Could it be?

I think it might be.

What if it is?

I'm sorry, Max, but I'm gonna

have to take you back
to the shelter.

I have to find out.

I don't want to have
to do this, but...

- Ow! Oh, oh! Max!
- Sorry. You've been great.

- Thanks for all the food and water.
- Max, Max!

Whoa. This place is huge.

Out of my way.
Dog coming through.

Sorry about that.

Being small does have
some advantages.

Wow, that smells good.
Maybe just one lick.

No, forget that.

I cannot let her get away this time.

I can't see a thing.

I need to get to higher ground.

Park is a 9.7-acre park...

Oh, yeah! There she is!


My legs are short but fast.

I'm not gonna lose you
this time.


CJ. My CJ.

I found you.

Oh, hello.

What you doing?

Oh, no, no, no, no.
Come here.

Ugh, how do you get
this thing off?

Here I am.

Here to protect you.

Still delicious.

Where did you come from?

Ah, thank you.

- Hey.
- Oh. -

Think there was a jailbreak.

Is that Max?

Oh, Max.

You are such a love dog, Max.

You're the only person
in the world

he hasn't tried to bite.

It's like he chose you.

I can't.
I-I live with my boyfriend,

and he already has a dog.

I really can't bring home
another one.

That's too bad.

He's scheduled
to be put down tomorrow.

Wait, are you serious?

W-We do our best to foster out

to no-kill shelters,
but they're full.

We're full.

Max is taking a place
that could go to another dog.

- Oh, but you can't...
- Rescue's like a river.

It has to keep flowing,
or it backs up.


Ah-ah-ah-ah. Sit.


Sit, Max.

You sit, and you stay that way.

Get me?

This is Max.

You two are gonna be
very good friends.

Like she said,

I'm the boss now.

♪ There's a high and a low...

CJ was always
making sounds for us.

♪ I promise I'll

I liked them.

♪ Always be...

Hello, CJ?

I'm back.

Oh, hi, Duke.

Who is this man, and why is he

- in our house, CJ?
- Be nice.

I know, I know.
I missed you, too.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- How was your trip?
- Yeah.

- You're crushing me.
- It was good. How are you?

Good. Yeah.

So, that's the dog
you told me about.


Keep your distance.

I'm protecting CJ now.

Great personality.

He just needs a minute
to warm up.

And Duke loves
having a playmate.

And I guess playing your music
for two dogs is

better than one dog, right?

They're a good audience.

Too bad dogs don't buy records.

Look, I'm gonna play for people
when I'm ready. All right?

Every day,
CJ walked a huge group of dogs.

They knew I was in charge.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Whoa.
- Uh, so Ringo had a great time.

- He, um, peed twice.
- Oh, great.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- See ya.
- Bye.

This box has smells like, uh...

Max, where are you going?



- Uh, this way!
- Max!

Max, come back.




- CJ?
- Trent?

Where's Rocky?

- Wow. What are you...?
- What are you...? I...

This is so weird.

My dog just dragged me here.

But I don't know...

Um, do you live here?

Yeah, I just moved in. Uh...

Who's this little guy?

Oh, um, that's Max.
Be careful.

He's not very friendly.

Oh, Trent,
I'm so glad to see you.

Where's Rocky?

He seems pretty friendly to me.

I can't believe
you're in New York.

I never saw you
as a big-city guy.

Well, I was in London
for a while.

And when the opportunity
came up here,

I thought to myself,
"Why not give it a try?"

My nose told me Rocky was gone.

Poor Trent.

A person can't be happy
without a dog.

Well, it's a pretty nice place.

You must be doing okay.

I wonder what the snack
situation is here.


You know me.
I follow the rules.

I always admired how you
didn't care about the rules.

Mm. Yeah, well,
Gloria didn't exactly

teach me to follow rules.

How is your mom?

Oh, I don't know.

I haven't spoken to her
in years.


How's the music career?

Good. Yeah.

I mean, it's hard.

Plus, I'm walking
all these dogs now

just to pay the bills.

So it's...

That's a relief.

Uh, for a second,
I thought you'd become

one of those
out-of-control dog ladies.

CJ was happy,
and it made her laugh.

She never laughs with Barry.

All right, well,
I should probably get going.


Hey, uh, my girlfriend
is coming in next weekend.

Uh, maybe we could do
a double date

with you and your boyfriend?

Yeah, sure, we'd love that.



CJ seemed sad
after we left Trent.

I could tell she wanted Trent
in our pack.

So did I.

Which meant...

Barry had to go.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey! CJ!



I've been
holding this in all day,

and it's go time.



Just saying,
if I have to bite this guy

to get rid of him,
I absolutely will.

Adopting a dog
was such a stupid decision.

Why are you saying that?

Look at you, CJ.

Your career is nowhere.

Okay, thanks, Barry.

I don't need any help
feeling bad about myself.

Yeah, well, I just don't think
you have what it takes.

I don't want to be here

Where are you gonna go?

You gave up your apartment.
You have no money.

Yeah, well,
I will figure something out.

- Don't walk away from me.
- Don't touch me.

We... don't... like... you.




Amanda comes back next Tuesday.

She said it would be okay.

We're not allowed dogs here,
so keep him on the down-low.

Okay. Thanks.

So I got rid of Barry,
but Trent didn't join our pack.

It didn't make any sense.

It was just me and CJ,
and we moved around a lot.

We went on a lot of walks.

Every couple of days,
we were sleeping somewhere new.

But we never saw Trent,
even when we knew where he was.

I stayed close to CJ, but...

she still seemed sad.

Can you go get a cab?

- Yeah, there's a few coming.
- Max, come on. Max.

- - Come on.
- Trent!


CJ, what's wrong with you?

- Don't you smell Trent?
- Thank you.

Okay, make sure you get that cab over there.

I don't want to be late.

- Max, shh, shh.
- I got it, I got it.

- Please, shh.
- I finally get it.

- Max, come here.
- "Shh" means "bark louder."

- Max, shh, shh.
- Okay. Will do, CJ.


Trent, we're
right here! Here I come.

Open your arms and catch me.


I said catch me.

You know this dog?

Hey. Why don't you put

that fancy cat down
and pick me up?


Oh. Hey, CJ.

- Sorry.
- Hi.

This is the old friend
I was telling you about.

- Oh.
- Uh, Liesl, CJ.

- CJ, Liesl.
- Hi.

Hi. Nice to meet you.

Um, hey, so I left you
a bunch of messages.

You didn't get back.

- Is everything okay?
- Oh, yeah.

Yeah, sorry.
Um, everything's great.

Really great, actually.

I, um... I-I was gonna, um...

I was...

Uh, C-CJ?


- Oh.
- This smells way better

than the place we slept
last night.

- Yeah.
- Oh, wow.

Place looks great.


Ah. You can stay right here

in the guest bedroom
until you find your own place.

I'm sorry.
I don't mean to be such a pain.

You're not being a pain.

I just need a little time
to get back on my feet.

Um, Trent?

Can I speak with you
for a second?



I guess that dog
doesn't know how to walk.

Feel like maybe
I'm getting you into trouble.

It's fine.

Liesl can be a little jealous.

Hey, is it okay if we sit down?

I'm exhausted.

Yeah, sure.

You okay?

Yeah. Yeah, just, uh...

think I'm working too much.

- Oh.
- Excuse me.

So, Trent tells me that you're
a professional dog walker.

What happened to you?

Oh, yeah.

Uh, just on the side.

Um, music is what
I really care about.

Oh, so you have a band?

Nope. No band.

Just me and my guitar.

- Oh, where do you play?
- Uh, well,

I haven't exactly
booked a gig yet.

Kind of just been working
on my songs.

I wanted to have a whole set

before I started playing
in public.

Oh. So, I mean,
music is on the side,

and dog walking is
your real job, then, right?

Liesl didn't pee on anything,

but she was definitely
marking her territory.

Ready for food here.

Let's go. Put the bowl down.

Okay, okay.

Ah. Sit.

Good boy.

Oh, this is delicious.
Best meal ever.

Whoa. Slow down, Max.

I'm done.


Tough day?

Not too bad.

Think I just need some sleep.

- Yeah, I bet.
- Oh, hey, little guy.

I literally just had
the best meal of my life.

Good to have Trent back
in the pack.

Can I say something
you may not want to hear?


I think you have stage fright.

Wait, that smell.


Okay, fine.

Maybe I have
a little stage fright.

But... well, I don't know.

Maybe my songs
just aren't ready yet.

Hmm. Well...

I remember that smell
from when I was Molly.

How will you know
whether they're ready

if you don't play them?



That's a cute little trick.

I smelled the smell.
Now I get a treat.

You see that?


Trent, how long have you
been wiped out like this?

"Wiped out"?



since I moved back from London.

I guess I'm...
I'm just jet-lagged.

You... do you think maybe
you should see a doctor?

Just to make sure
everything's okay?

You're changing the subject
from your musical career.

I am gonna think
about that, okay?

Will you just please
go see a doctor?

- Okay.
- Excuse me.

You owe me a treat.

Gloria, stop calling me.

♪ There's a girl...

Come in.

Hey, uh, Liesl's here.

Could you come out?

I want to tell you both


And they're sure it's cancer?

They're sure.

What did they tell you
about treatment options?

Well, the good news is, uh,
they caught it early.

But I'll have to do chemo.

Do you have to go
to the hospital?

I hate hospitals.
They terrify me.

You know that.

Then definitely
don't get cancer.

Why are you laughing?

Hey, hey, it was...
it was just a joke.

Do you really think that this
is the time to joke?

I... I need some air.

It'll be okay.


And what did she say?

She said she's not up
for being a nurse.


That is pretty cold.

Ugh. Sorry.

Maybe it's for the better.

She'd probably find some way of
making it about herself anyway.


You know you're gonna
beat this.



I-I think.

I-I still can't believe this.

Well, I'm not going anywhere.

Thanks, CJ.

Everything's gonna be fine.


They remind me of Ethan and
Hannah when they were young.

Ooh, do they want
to lick each other?

Hey, I got to go
to the hospital, Max.

When I get back,
we'll go on a long walk, okay?

Trent went away,
and then CJ was gone a lot.

Ah. Stay, Max.

Why say "walk"
if you don't mean "walk"?

Trent came home,
and he slept a lot.

He slept even more than me.

Thank you.

And I'd been biting
at this itch for a long time.

Boy, you're really chewing
that spot, aren't you?

Maybe I should take you
to the vet.



It's really good.


No, it's horrible.

- Here, I'm gonna try it.
- Uh...

Oh, it's really bad.

Trent wore clothes for outside

even though he always
stayed inside.

- It's healthy. Tastes healthy.
- He looked ridiculous.

Aw, I'm sorry, Max.

As soon as your leg heals,
we'll take it off, okay?

I don't know, Max.

Every time I think about
playing in public,

my heart just starts racing.

I don't know.

Maybe I don't have
what it takes.

I wish this bed
was made out of bacon.

You accidentally
gave someone your key?

Does life get
any better than this?

It's the doctor.

Hi, Dr. Robbins.


Okay, so what does that mean?


Thank you. Will do.

What did she say?

Sh-Sh-She said my...
my scans were clean.

I'm cancer-free.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Oh, my God.

I don't know why we're happy,

but it makes me happy.

Come here. Come here.

Right, right.

Trent came on our walks again.

It was so great
having him back.

Gloria keeps texting me.

She's coming to New York.

You're gonna go see her?

Ugh, I don't know.

It's been years, you know?

Plus, she makes me feel
terrible about myself.

She still has too much power
over you.

If you see her up close,

you'll just realize
she's just another person.

Yeah, maybe you're right.

You just got me through cancer.

You can face Gloria.

Hey, now I can be here for you.

Come on, lick faces.


Do it. You both want to.

You're a really good friend.

Are they ever going to...

I smell fresh poop!

Right this way.

I didn't understand

- why CJ was trembling.
- Thank you.

It wasn't windy or cold.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Please, sit down.

I'm sorry I had
to bring him with me.

Oh, of course. That's okay.

Oh, you're so beautiful.

- Some water.
- Thank you.

So, you've...
you've been living with Trent?

Is that...
Are you two... are you dating?


Well, he always had
such a thing for you.

No, we're, um...
we're just friends.

And what is going on
with your music?

Uh, just writing songs and...

you know, thinking about
maybe making a demo.

It's gonna be...

scary to get up
in front of an audience.

Yeah. Kind of wondering
if I'm cut out for it.

Well, if you don't try,
you'll never know.

So, what are you doing here,

Just so you know,
I don't have any money.

No, I don't want money
from you.

I felt a different
feeling from Gloria.

Not angry. Sad.

- Max, she hates dogs.
- Oh, God.

Can I... can I hold him?


Ah. Hey.
Want to come s-sit with me?

If anybody ever needed a dog,

- it was Gloria.
- Oh. Ah!

She needed love.

It must be nice to have...

something that loves you
like this, without conditions.

Because you probably
really needed that.

Yeah, I did.

So, Clarity, I...

I have been sober for, um,

nine months and 13 days.


I was not a good mother.

And I am s-so sorry, Clarity.


if you'd let me, I'd...

really like to be
a part of your life.

I really want to trust you,

I just don't know if I can.

So, it's your father's birthday
next week.

I don't know if you knew that.

Um, and you are about
to turn the age

that he was when he died.

Which is so crazy.


I have some, uh,
letters from him

that he wrote to me
when I was pregnant...

with you.


and your grandparents
gave them to me.

And I...
I think you should have them.

I was so angry when he died.

And... scared.

And I was just... lost.

But, um, I realize now

it is so important
that you know who he was.

Because he was...

I don't want to read these,

Oh, yes, you do.


Just trust me
on that one thing.

And, um...

I know it-it may take time.

I do hope that someday
you can forgive me.

Turns out Gloria's a
pretty good ear scratcher, too.

Maybe there is hope for her,
after all.

The papers smelled
like Hannah's boy.

They made me think of Ethan
and Hannah and the farm.

Gloria, I miss you.

I think I'm gonna get
the Motorola job.

I saw an apartment
next to a park

that would be perfect
for the baby.

I know we're both scared,

but I finally have
some clarity.

We're so young, and we don't
know what we're doing.

But we have each other,

and we will figure it out

We can spend the summer
with my mom and Ethan

at the farm in Michigan.

I know my mom will be
super helpful to us.

She is so excited
to be a grandmother.

I cannot wait to meet
our little girl.

How do you raise a child
to be strong and bold?

To believe in herself?

She'll have a good start
with you as her mom.

I have so many dreams for her and for us.

Can't believe I'm taking
my mother's advice, but...

...if I don't try it,
I'll never know, will I, Max?

- Will I?
- Sometimes the best thing you can do

is just be there.

Even if your ribs get

a little bit crushed
and it makes you want to go.

♪ All the times

♪ I doubted myself

♪ All these stories

♪ That I couldn't tell

♪ Wouldn't stand

♪ In front of a crowd

♪ Or say my thoughts too loud

♪ But there's a fire
I'm feeling ♪

♪ That burns me up

♪ For once in my life

♪ I'm ready to jump

♪ I'm falling, fearless

♪ No other way to do this

♪ 'Cause even when
I'm crashing down ♪

♪ There is higher ground

♪ I'm falling, fearless

♪ No other way to do this

♪ 'Cause even if
I'm crashing down ♪

♪ I'm in this moment now

♪ I'm falling, fearless.

You're so great.

- My God. Hey.
- Hey.


You did it.

I'm so proud of you.

Hey, don't you feel good?

I, uh... I feel relieved.

That song about
your grandparents' farm

really got to me.

Uh, have you even been there?

Just when I was a baby, but...

I don't know.
Reading my dad's letters,

I kind of felt like
I remembered it.

I've been trying to think
of a way to repay you and Max.

Tonight just gave me
this crazy idea.

Would you be up
for a road trip?

I love car rides,
but why am I tied down?

I really would like to put
my head out the window.

He loves car rides.

These smells.

Could it be?

Can't believe I said yes
to this.

I think it's best to say yes
whenever possible.

Don't you think?


Well, I wonder what
a city dog's

gonna make of this place.

The farm! I'm back!

Should we check it out?


I smell horse-dogs!

I smell Hannah!
I smell my boy!


Where'd you come from?

Ethan, it's me!

It's Bailey, Bailey,
Bailey, Bailey.

Ethan, wh-what's
going on out here?

- What...?
- Look at this.

Aren't you a cutie pie?

Who is your owner?


I think...

you might be my Grandma Hannah?

I am.


- Hi.
- Hi.

God, I feel like
I know this place.

Of course you do.

It's home.


Y-You grew up.

I-Is that... is that your dog?

- Oh, yeah, that's, um... this is Max.
- Good.

Oh, be careful.
He's not very friendly.

Oh, yeah, you're a killer.

- Oh. Wow. Okay.
- Oh... oh, yeah, yeah.


I did what you told me, Ethan.

It was not easy. It took
a long time, but I did it.

I brought CJ home.


- Aw.
- Hello.

Oh. Hi.

Nice to meet you.

- Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, that's beautiful.

Look at that.

Look at this one.

Oh, wow.

So, how long have you two
known each other?

- Oh, um...
- Uh...

Best friends
since we were ten years old.


- Oh.
- So, you're not, uh...

Oh, no. No.

We're, um...
we're just friends.


Gosh, I look so happy.

Why did my mother
keep me away from you?


When your father died,
Gloria was so young,

and I think she thought
that the world was against her.

And she couldn't see
that we were on her side.


I'm gonna get
some more photo albums.

- Here. Take Bailey.
- Oh.

- His-his name's Max.
- Oh.

Okay... Max.

You know,
his real name is Bailey.

Ain't that right, Boss Dog?

That's right.

I love when he
calls me "Boss Dog."

The only thing I can't figure

is how Boss Dog can be
such a little guy.


Wait, so, my dog
is actually your dog?

He's on permanent loan.

To you.


Bailey was Ethan's dog
when he was a kid,

and he always said that Bailey
came back as a different dog

and brought us back together
after many years apart.

And now he thinks
that Max is Bailey

and Bailey's brought you to us.

She thinks I lost my marbles.

Oh, well...

Yeah, you do.

- I know what I'm talking about on this one.
- Mm-hmm. Sure.

You don't believe me,
either, CJ, do you?

There's a lot you don't know
about that dog.

I could show you.

- Come on, Bailey.
- Coming.


Yeah, it's been
a while since I've done this.

I used to do it standing up.

All right, you...

Okay, you ready?

Let's do it
just like we used to.

Huh? Okay.



Three. Go!

When did this thing get so big?

Pr-Pretty great, right?


Only... only now the...

The football
weighs more than he does.


How did...

I don't know how or what.

When Bailey died,

I told him to take care of you.

To protect you.

And I believe
that's what he did.

Ain't that right, Boss Dog?

It's kind of weird
when you finally get it, right?



He's over there.

Uh, uh, I got to go, Ethan.

You told me to protect her.

Trent. Trent!

Wh-What is it? What's wrong?


Nothing's wrong.

Max was Molly, Trent.

That's how he knew
you were sick.

- What?
- Max was Molly.

And before Molly,
he was Ethan's dog, Bailey.

And I think he was also
Big Dog,

who gave me its paw
and helped me win 50 dollars.

Uh, okay.

Max brought us together, Trent.

He found me,
and then he found you,

and then he saved your life.

All so we could be together.

Oh, come on.

Would you just
lick faces already?

Is it possible?


No, it's utterly impossible.

But I guess it's true.

I love you, Trent.

I've always loved you.

I've loved you forever.



Thank you, Max.

And Molly.

And Bailey, and Big Dog.

Those are all me.


I did what Ethan asked.

I watched after CJ so that
she would have a good life,

- with a good pack.
- Wow.

It looks great.

Hey, you want to hear a song
I wrote about you, Max?

I never got tired
of hearing CJ say my name.

I had a lot of lives.

All different.

Sometimes I was big,

and sometimes I was small.

Oh. Oh, here's Mama.

- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, hey. How you doing?

- How you doing?
- Come here.

- Kiss.
- Hey, there.

Let's go see the dog.

So many ups and downs.

- Even Gloria came around once in a while.
- Yes.

I trained her to play.

Yeah. That's the puppy.


So many good-byes.

He'd been with me so many times
when I had to leave.

Now I got to be with him.

We release Ethan
Montgomery into your care.

May the Lord bless you
and keep you.

May the Lord's face shine
upon you and give you peace...

So many people.

Through it all,
I let the people I loved

know just how much
I loved them.

Hey. How's he doing?

He's just been lying there
all day.

You're a good boy, Max.

The best.

Where would we be without you?

You're a good dog, Molly Max.

You're such a good dog.

Lying there
with my girl holding me,

I can feel it happening again.

I knew I was saying good-bye,

but I wasn't sad.

♪ Near or far

♪ The end or the start

♪ I'll be here

♪ With you

♪ I'll be here

♪ With you.

I knew this to be true.

My name was Bailey.

And Molly,
and Big Dog, and Max.

I was a good dog, a Boss Dog.

I knew that loving people
was my ultimate purpose.

And that being here now,

loving them forever
was my reward.

Hello, Boss Dog.

Come on, boy.

Come on.
Come on, buddy.


All right. Ready?

Ready? Go!

Way to go, Boss Dog!