A Doggone Adventure (2018) - full transcript

A telepathic dog enlists a group of fun loving kids to help him solve a mystery. The K-9 detective leads the children down a road filled with action and adventure.

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[crickets chirping]

[owl hooting]

[suspenseful music]

[engine roaring]

[dog whining]

- It's okay, Pal.

They haven't spotted us yet.

I'm not going to let 'em
get you again either.

[dog whining]
I like that.

Nice resounding vote
of confidence.

[alien sounds]

- They're here.

They're here!

There's a turnoff ahead,

plenty of overhanging branches.

Hold on, Pal, we're going to
loose 'em in the woods

right now!

[tires squealing]


[alien noises]

[tires squealing]

[engine turns off]

[dog whines]

[crickets chirping]

- Well, that put the
brakes on 'em, didn't it?

The only thing is though,

they'll just keep comin'.

I'm going to have to
leave you, Pal.

There are plenty of good
people out there.

You just got to make sure you
choose the ones

you can trust.

All right, come on.

It's all right.

You'll be okay.

It's okay.

All right, now listen to me.

Listen to me, all right?

You're a very special
dog, you know that?

One of a kind in
the whole universe.

And you and me,

we're pals, aren't we?
[dog whining]

We got a bond that
nobody can break.

But, I gotta let you
go, you understand?

Otherwise, they'll catch you.

They can find me if they want,

but you,

you can hide, Baby,
all right?

One more thing,

your mind is as vast
as all of space.

It is.

It's a great gift.

The world's just not ready
for it yet, that's all.

No more time for goodbyes,

you gotta go, all right?

All right, you listen
to me, you run.

You run! You Run like the wind!

You understand? Go!


[dog barking]

[dog barking]

- That's it.


That's it.

[alien space noises]

[suspenseful music]

[dog barking]

- Get you a cool drink of water,
little fella.

[dog whining]

- I don't know where
you came from,

but I'm keeping you.

I don't know why but

I get the feeling

you want me to call you, Murphy.

Okay. Okay.

Murphy. Murphy it is then.

You don't ever have to be
afraid again, Murphy.


[suspenseful music]

[alien noises]

[suspenseful music]

- Let's do this

[film reel spinning]

- Blah!

- Real funny.

- Come on, this house
isn't haunted.

- Says you.

- Says my dad.

No such thing as ghosts.
- Yeah?

Well, there's been a
bunch of strange noises

coming from that
house for years.

- It's a real mystery. Really.

- We've been here
a half hour now

and nothing!

- Jeremy, develop some patience!


- Guys, stop bickering.

Let's go inside.

- I'm not going in.

- Don't worry, Ricky, that's
what the drone's for.

- I've been practicing
a lot at home.

I've gotten pretty good at it.

- Yeah, he's only broken
two windows

and freaked out the cat.

Wouldn't come out of the attic
for a week.

- Can you please stop?

- Well, he didn't.

[alien noises]

- What was that?

- I don't know, but
it sounded bad.

- Maybe we should just get
out of here.

- I'm with Ricky.
- Me too.

- Davy, can we do this
another time?

- We came here to
solve a mystery.

Like Dad on TV,


Everyone with me?

Mega views on our
YouTube channel,

money, fame.

- All right, I guess. I'm in.

- Jenny?
- You're hosting again?

- Yeah.
- Why?

- Well, I mean I can't help it
if I'm just right for the part.

- Why don't I host this time?

- But you're a girl.
- Ricky, that's not--

- Girls don't host TV shows.

- Oh, why don't you call
Kelly Ripper

and tell her that.

- Daytime.
- Samantha Bee.

- Cable

- We're talking YouTube here,

- Okay, fine. You got me.

Next time, I promise

Everybody set?

- Ready.
- Ready.

- Wait, my coat.

- You look just like dad.

- He kind of does.

- Now.

- Slate it.

- Unresolved
mysteries, take one.

- The supernatural,

the mysterious,

the unexplained.

Do ghostly spirits still

inhabit the most darkest
and despairing houses?

And most for-boarding houses.

Do ghostly spirits still inhabit

our darkest and most bu--

- [Jeremy] Foreboding.

- and most for-boarding--

Do ghostly spirits
still inhabit

our darkest and most
foreboding houses?

- This is going to be awesome!

- We are in front of the
old Cannejo Mansion.

Abandoned for nearly 80 years

it is said to be haunted by the
demented soul

of its former owner,
Ralph Cannejo.

- Ralph, Rabbit?

- Let's get that drone
in the air.

- And cut.

[propeller humming]

- It's so cool,
it can go almost anywhere.

- How are you going in?

- It's kind of puny to

ram it through the front door,

don't you think?

- Second floor, broken window.

[propellers hum]

[suspenseful music]

- We're in.

Let's check downstairs.

Good picture too.

- I know, right?

Looks scary, even from out here.

- Glad I didn't have to
go in there for real.

[piano playing]
- What's that?

Who's playing the piano?

- I can't watch this.

- Dave, turn the drone back,

- Still don't believe in ghost,

- Maybe this wasn't such
a good idea.

- We're committed.

- You should be committed.

- Stop. Stop.

Let's go upstairs, take a look.

[door banging]

- Over there!
- I see it! I see it!

[door banging]
[suspenseful music]

[cat meowing]
[children screaming]

- Classic cat scare.


[alien noises]

[children screaming]

- Run! Run!

- [Jeremy] Go. Go. Go.

- [Jenny] Let's get out of here.

- Dang it!
- Come on guys.

- [Jenny] Forget that,
let's head for the bushes!

- Come on!
- Go!

- [Ricky] Wait for me.


- Look at 'em go, why don't ya.

- We scared 'em but good.

Hey, how'd you come up with

alien lobster scream?


- Years of watching science
fiction movies.

- Oh.

Think they'll be back?

- Would you if you were a kid?

- These masks, all I've got
to say is,

good thinking.

- Mm-hm, we had 'em,
we used 'em.

And, we scored a neat-o

mini-drone in the process.

- Oh, yeah!


So, what now?

- Well, back to business.


- Aliens!
- Aliens!

- Aliens!
- Isn't it great?

- They can't have been aliens.

- Can't have been.

- No such thing, right?

- They were aliens,

just like on Dad's show.

- But that's a TV show, Ricky.
- What are you saying?

- Why don't you tell him about
the tooth fairy

while you're at it, Brainiac.

- Huh?
- Never mind.

- So, what now?

- We go home and check out
today's footage.

- I think we got some
really good stuff.

- I think Dad's going to
love it.

It's just like his program.

- Do you think they'll
catch on?

- Who, the shoe company?
They don't care.

- They care if they're
being bootlegged.

- Whoa, we're not bootleggers,

we're entrepreneurs/

Buy cheap shoes,

add a free logo,

sell it online for a
hundred bucks.

We make money;
the people who make the

fake logos make money.

It's a win-win.
Nobody gets hurt.


Come on, let's speed this up.

- What do you think this is,

I Love Lucy? [laughs]

- Oh right, with the--

Come on.

- The supernatural,

the mysterious,

the unexplained,

I'm Steven Hill, and this is

Unresolved Mysteries.

The time, 5:15 PM.

The date, October 7th.

The place, a dusty road
in New Mexico

nearly six years ago.

Doctor Roland Masters,

speeds along a desert road

something unknown.

Something witnesses claim

was not of this earth.

Masters, a former employee

at the Galactatek Research

left his job early that day,

but was not missed

for over an hour.

- It's okay little guy,
they're not going to get ya.

They may get me, but not you.

I'll see to that.

- According to a former
Galactatek employee

who was willing to speak to

Unresolved Mysteries under
the guise of anonymity,

Doctor Masters took with him

the super secret project he had
been working on.

One local farmer
was an eye witness

to what transpired next.

- I was putting my goats back
in the barn and all of a sudden

these two wild saucers

come blaring by in the sky.

This guy, he was in a
car trying to escape,

but he finally gave up,

and pulled off to the
side of the road.

This is when it got really

These saucers were
just floating there.

Just floating.

They're making this noise.


Very irritating noise.



And then,

he goes up.

This little puppy was there
just staring at the whole thing.

This was very overwhelming.

I, I, I still don't believe
my eyes.

It's aliens!


- Just exactly what happened
on that ominous day

may never be known for sure.

Why did Doctor Masters

suddenly plan his escape?

What is the intriguing
secret he was so anxious

to keep from the world?

Goodbye, and keep watching

the sky.


- There it is, just like before.

- I don't understand,
we all saw the aliens

now they're not there.

- It's just static.

Did you do something weird,

- I dropped the monitor
when we were running away.

But wait, maybe I can
still get

a clear frame or two.

There, that's the
best I've got.

- It's kind of there,

but not really.

- I see it, David, clear as day.

- You might see it, but no one's
going to believe us on that.

- My dad will.

He's solved cases with much
less evidence than this.

- Yeah, you're right, Rick.

And, he's going to be home
a lot more now.

Maybe this is our silver lining.

- Silver lining?

- Yeah, we haven't
told you guys this yet,

but Unsolved Mysteries
was canceled.

- Oh man, I'm sorry.

- He'll find another show to do.

- I hope so.

[garbled sounds]

- So, what was the source of the

five-tone signal?

Will we ever know,

or will it remain,


As many of you know,
this is our last show,

and we wanted to thank you for

three years of dedication.

From the cast, the crew,


and keep watching the skies.

- [Director] And cut.

- Thank you everybody,
it's been mysterious.

Thanks everybody. Thank you.

- Patrick!
- Thank you, Steven.

- Oh, thank you very much,

Nice work, as always.

- Hey, Steve, where would you
like me to put this stuff

from your trailer?

- Uh, just put it in the back
of my car,

it's open, Billy.

- You got it.
- Cool. Thank you.

Thank you guys. Everybody.

You've been--
I like you a lot!



Billy, was born in a barn.

[engine starting]

[dramatic music]

- [Computer] Incoming message.


Incoming message.

- Sorry to interrupt, sir,
but I think

we may have gotten a hit

- On what?
- The dog, sir.

- Was the satellite imaging

- It's here, in New
Mexico, right here.

- Get our best operative
on it now.

The chip has been react--

[dramatic music]

- [Radio] Galactatek
security mission,Team A1.

Jack Bowser is in pursuit
of female operative.

Descending for a closer look
and additional surveillance

and possible backup.

[dramatic music]

[train chugging]





- Surprise.

- Darn it!

- Hi, Jack.

- Come on, Jack, how many times
do I have to tell you,

don't lose sight of the quarry.

Technology isn't enough.

Thank you Miss McGillicuddy
you can leave now.

- Thank you dear.
- Let me help you.

- Jack!


Turn it off.

[train noise dies away]


I think I may have
dislocated my shoulder,

or worse.

- I could put that back in.

- Get away from me.


- Natasha, drop everything,
Crowder wants you.

I think we may have a problem
here, Zoey.

Jack, you klutz.

if you broke my arm...

- What do you mean
she broke her arm?

- Yes, sir.
- And I get Jack Bowser?

Cheese and crackers,

Williams, can you do
nothing right?


- Are you all right?

- I liked it when Dad was on
his show

- Yeah, but at least you get
to see him more.

- But I liked seeing him on TV.

Do you think he'll really help
us with our case?

- Yeah, sure.


It's Dad.

- Dad! Dad's home!

Come on!
- Ricky, wait up.

- Hi, honey.

- How's it going?

- Daddy.
- Hey, buddy.

- Did you have a good day?

- I did.

How you doing?

- Wonderful.
- Yeah? Good. Good. good.

Ricky, can you grab
something out of there?

- Yeah.
- I got a bag.

You got it, bud?
- Yeah.

- [Steven] Good.

- Go, go, go, go.

- Here we are boys.

And this is okay to eat
with your hands.

- Ah, ah, wait until your
mother sits.


- Honey, it will be good for you

to spend the summer with
the kids,

and then you'll just walk into
another shown next season.

- Yeah, I don't know about that.

It's just that these shows,
I think their days are done,

you know?

- Honey.

- No, no, we are
going to be fine.

We are going to have a
great summer

- We sure are, Dad.

- Oh, check this out.

- What have they been up to?

- I have no idea.

- What is this?
Look at that.

- Don't push the button,

you're as bad as they are.

- It's on now.


- There it was, Dad.

Did you see it?

- I don't know, I saw

- It's just like your show, Dad,

but like real life.

- Well, if I learned anything
doing my show it's that,

extraordinary claims--

- [family] Require
extraordinary proof.

- Yeah, well you did say
you dropped it

when you ran away.

Maybe some sci-fi footage
bled in or something.

- Come on, dad.

- Ghost in the machine, son.

Ghosts in the machine.

- There's a ghost
in the machine?

- No, no, no, it's just an
expression, Ricky.

It's okay.

Listen, I'm really, really happy
that you guys are

figuring things out,

that you're looking into things.

In fact, I'm proud of you.

It shows great instincts.

How about this, I'll make you
a deal.

If you guys give me a day

I promise to go with you

to the old Cannejo house,

and we'll figure this out

Yeah, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

- All right guys, ribs aren't
going to eat themselves.

- Hey, get some food, guys.


[dramatic trumpet music]

- The dog is back.

- The dog's back?

Dog's back?

Dog is back.

The dog is back.

Dog's back.

- It's not code, Jack.

He mean's Murphy.
- Oh.

- Which means, he can lead us
to Masters.

- Professor Masters?

- Well done, Jack.

- But we have him in custody.
- What?

- No, no, Jack.

- Uh, yeah.

I saw it on
Unresolved Mysteries.

- No, Jack. No.

That's reality TV.

It's not real. Not real, Jack.

But we did have him
close, hands up

ready to give up.

- But?

- The dog was Galactatek

and Masters stole him.

Now, the GPS chip went off
when they left the facility.

We dispatched a reacquisition
team on a pair of

prototype anti-gravity
sky sleds.

When they finally cornered him

Masters set the dog free.

Vanished, not seen for
six years.

- Sky sleds.

- That seems like an awful
lot of trouble

for a runaway
Jack Russel.

- That's no ordinary
Jack Russel.

Masters altered the dog's brain

giving him human-like thought,

even telepathy.

- That's nonsense.

- Well, believe what you want,
just get me

Masters and get me that dog.

- On my way.

- Why'd you break your arm?

- He broke my arm, sir.

- Get after him.

Try to keep him alive.

We need his father's money.

- Got it.

Anti-gravity sleds?

- Let's just say they were
reverse engineered.

- From what?

- I'll let you figure that out.

- Dad's right, maybe those space
creatures we saw

weren't really there.

- But we saw them.

- We saw something,

but it might be what Dad said.

- [Murphy] mind if I
take a look?

- You've seen it
a million times, bro.

- I didn't say that.

- Well, who did?

- [Murphy] It was me,

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
easy kids, easy.

- Where are you?

- Show yourself before I call
my dad.

- Yeah, come on out,

slow and easy.

- [Murphy] Well, that's good,
because that's the way

I always roll, kids.

Now, here I come.

No swinging or throwing.

- No promises.

- [Murphy] Okay, I'll trust you.

- Whoa!
- Whoa!

- Double whoa.

- Make that a triple.

- [Murphy] What's the matter?

You guys never met a dog before?

- Not a talking one.

- [Murphy] Well, technically
I think at you, kid,

but I understand the confusion.

- But how do you think at us?

- [Murphy] Uh, now that's a

even I haven't solved yet.

I figure we could swap cases.

I help you with
your crazy aliens,

and you can help me find out

why I'm the only dog who can
do this trick.

- But dogs do lots of tricks.

- [Murphy] I don't see Benji,
or Beethoven doing this one.

- How'd you get here, Murph?

- [Murphy] I hitched a ride home
with your dad.

- Are you an alien?

- Really?

- [Murphy] Funny you should ask.

All I know is one day I was
puppy doing puppy stuff,

and the next day I could read

in the original
Greek, thank you.

Oh, that feels good.

Hey, mind if I take a look
at that video?

- Yeah, sure.

- [Murphy] Mmm,
very interesting.

- What do you think, Murph?

- Is it a real mystery or
just bad video?

- [Murphy] Well,
it's hard to tell.

Back at Galactatek they got
some nerd

who could freeze the frame and
enhance the image,

but I'm not going back there,

even for you guys.

If only I knew someone like that
out here.

- Why didn't I think
of this sooner?

- You're right, he'll figure
this out in seconds.

- [Murphy] Who will figure
this out?

- The brain!
- The brain.

- Yeah, he's a genius when

it comes to electronic
stuff like this.

- [Murphy] Well, get him
over here.

- It's too late,
it's almost dark,

but we'll take you to the

first thing in the morning.

- Yeah, that's where all of
his cool stuff is.

- [Murphy] Okay.

Hey, if we're not, you know,

any chance I could snag a few

from tonight's leftovers?

- Sure, no problem.

- Yeah, just wait right here.

- Should we tell Dad?

- No, wait.

This is our mystery, we don't
need an adult to help us.

- Okay, okay.

- [Murphy] Are there any
ribs left?

- Plenty.

- [Murphy] I love these kids!


[rain falling]

[spaceship sound]

- [Robot] Sir? Sir?
Wake up, sir.

- Wilson, is that you?

- [Wilson] I fail to see who
else it could possibly be, sir.

- What time is it?

- [Wilson] Some ungodly hour
as usual.

There's a perfectly good bed

in your perfectly good
bedroom, sir.

- Has there been a breach?

- [Wilson] Uh, no sir,
no breach.

We remain secure.

- Then why did you wake
me up?

- [Wilson] I thought it would
be funny,

also, they found your dog.

- Murph?

- [Wilson] New Mexico, sir.

at the residence of a man
named, Steven Hill.


- Oh now, they'll be waiting
for me

to come and get him,
won't they?

- [Wilson] The
probability is they

are more interested in the dog

than you, sir.

- Well, I'm going to go get
him anyway.

arrange my transportation.

Use the standard
misdirection protocol.

Pack me a small valise, and, oh,

remember to get my umbrella.

- [Wilson] Whatever you wish,

- Oh, Wilson, where
would I be without you?

- [Wilson] You'd be a
complete wreck, sir.

- Most likely that's true.

- [Wilson] I'll fetch the car,

- Oh, and don't try to engage
it in conversation, Wilson.

It's just a car.

- [Wilson] That car has a lot
to say if you care to listen.


[muffled speaking]


- What are you listening to?

- Yeah, that's odd.
- Creep-o-man.

- Yeah, Shelton, what gives?

- Well, I'm trying to get the
telemetry from the ISS,

but this is what I got.

- [children] Weird!

- So let me get this straight,

last night you two found
a talking dog under your bed?

- Correct.

- And he agreed to help us with
our mystery

if we help him with his?

Does that about sum it up?

- That's the deal.

- Some deal! Go fish!

- No, really.
- No, really.

- Then where's the talking dog?

- Come on guys, extraordinary
claims require--

- [children] Extraordinary

- [Murphy] How's this for
extraordinary proof?

Hey kids, what's the plan?

I love a good plan.

- This seems highly unlikely.

- Unlikely?

You're making this
seem possible.

- [Murphy] Hey, nothing's
impossible, kids.

- He's a dog and he's

And he's a dog, and he's

- Technically he's thinking,

but we understand your
confusion, right Murph?

- [Murphy] That's right, Rick.

- This fits no mode of
terrestrial reality.

I need to under--

- Shut it down, Shelton.

You're drowning
us in your words.

- [Murphy] Don't let her get
to your, bro,

it's good to be smart.

- So, what's the deal, pooch?

- [Murphy] I wish I knew,

That's why I need you guys to
help me solve the mystery

of why I can do what I can do.

And in return I'll get the
alien puzzle unraveled

before the sun goes down.

What do you say?

- I'm down.
- Me too.

- I guess we can't say, no.

And after all, you are talking.

- [children] Thinking.

- And besides, you're cute.

- [Murphy] Aw, shucks,
thanks, Jen.

I haven't had this much love
and affection

in a dog's age.

Hey Brain, were you able to
enhance that image?

- Best I can do in short notice.

- What do you think, Murph?

- [Murphy] Frankly, I think
someone's got to

go in that house and find
exactly what's going on.

- My parents will ground me

if they find out I went inside!

- Never mind my parents,

I'm not going in because
I'm sane.

- [Murphy] Okay, here's the

You guys can wait outside,

and I'll go in!

- Are you sure, Murph?

- Yeah, it could be dangerous.

- [Murphy] Danger is
my middle name.

Actually, it's my dad's
middle name.

Cautious is my middle name.

What have I gotten myself

- Fascinating.

- Well,

how we looking?

- We're fine.

- For a month?

- No, for the summer at least.

- I just--

People, they think you're on TV

and you got it made for life.

- Sweety, I really don't
want you getting depressed.

- It's not about the money.

I mean I know we need the money
and everything,

but I just--

I like TV, you know?

- And TV likes you.

- Yeah, for three years.

- Oh, should I get you a tissue?

- No. Okay. Okay. I'm sorry.

It's just I like telling stories
and solving mysteries,

entertaining people.

- Yeah.
- And the boys were proud of me.

- Baby, the boys will always
be proud of you.

- Thanks, Hon.



- Yeah, can I help?

You're Roland Masters!

I did a show about you.

- I'm a fan of your show.

Of course it wasn't really
accurate, was it?

And those crop formations,

is not what you think.

- Well, it's TV, so-

- Yeah, all right.

You mind if I come in?

- Yeah. No, please. Yes. Yes.

- Here.

- Uh, nope.


- Yeah, me neither, but I
think the kids might have.

- What?

- Well, last night's
rib leftovers

were under Ricky's bed.

There was a water dish under
there too.

- And when were you going to
tell me this, Hon?

- Well, you know how we
had been talking

about getting the kids
a dog.

I was just waiting
for the right moment

to tell you that maybe
they'd already adopted one.

- I'm confused though,

why is it your dog?

I mean why is Murphy here?

- Well I know he was here.

His recently
reactivated GPS chip

told me he was here.

It actually told Galactatek
he was here,

and then Wilson my robot
told me.

- Wilson, his robot.

I'm going to go fetch
the kids.

- Would you like a cup
of coffee?

[suspenseful music]

- I'm on the freeway now.

- I know you're on the freeway,

Our eye in the sky is
following you.

- Yeah, I'm headed west

- Towards Exit 24. Jack,
and the school.

I know!

Okay, we're going to need to

about what you're going
to do there.

- What I'm going to do?

- You're gathering Intel.

- Right.
- About?

- About the children, Jack.

- Children?
What about children?

I thought I was after a dog,
specifically a Jack Russel.

- Terrier! Yes, Jack, I know.

Please just listen to me.

Try to stay on point, okay?

- You know, you mentioned
something about children,

what if I go check out
the elementary school?

- You're on your way to the
school now.

Exit 24!

- Can't talk right now,

I'm exiting Exit 24
right now.

[phone ringing]

- Principle Callahan's office.

- [Maurice] This is Maurice
in maintenance,

put him on, put him on!

- I'm sorry, you'll have to
call back.

He's on the other line and he
has someone from

Galactatek Security waiting.

- All right, all right, but you
tell him

the evac pipes are clogging
up again

and it's getting bad down here.

- Will do.

- Listen, sonny, don't be so
cavalier about this,

if they blow it's not going to
be pretty let me tell ya.

- I'll tell him. I'll tell him.

- You do that.

- Okay, you did
two things wrong.

- What?
- One, is you asked a question,

and two, you asked
another question.

- [Student] But what if,
what if I--

- Listen son, you better get
that term paper in,

or you won't believe what
happens next,

even while it's happening.

- [Student] Okay, I'll get it
done I promise, I promise.

- I'll see you at school
next week.


So, let me get this straight,

you're from the
Galatek people,

and you expect me to fall
in line

and answer your questions?

- It's Galactatek, one word.

- Are you messing
with me now?

- Don't get drawn in, Jack.

- Let's reset, sir.

I'm just here to ask about
the Hill boys.

- Well, they're exemplary

not trouble makers.

What's your interest in the
Hill family?

- What's my interest in the
Hill family?

- Mom's a real American

She makes chocolate chip
cookies for the PTA meeting.

- Really?
- No, not really.

I make the cookies.

And I use shortening and not

and semi-sweet chocolate

How's that for your gender

- Tasha?
- What?

You got a tick?

What you got in there?

You running a scam on me, you
glass-jawed punk?

- No, sir.

- You ever met one of those guys
you shouldn't have messed with?

Well, I'm that guy.

Listen, you ever
come back here,

giving me the third degree
about my kids,

it's going to get real ugly,
real fast.

- I think we're done here,

[phone ringing]

- Principle Callahan's office.

- [Harry] Get my brother
on the phone.

- [Secretary] Principle Callahan
I have your brother Harry

from Frisco on line three.

- Tell him, make my day.

- Hello inspector,

he is unavailable,

but his message was to
make his--

- [Harry] I know, I know,

make my day.

Our mother always said that
when we were in deep

straights with her.

- You still here?

- Boy, he seemed hostile.
- You think?

Listen, I just got a new
reading from the chip,

Murphy's about two miles
from the school.

- I'll need an exact fix.

- Just get in the car, Jack.

I'll get you there.
- Copy that.

[alien noises]

- It's our pipes, they're old
and they need replacing.

- Your boss, he's
tough, real tough.

- You should meet his brother,

- Harry Callahan of Frisco?

Got to love it.

[boards creaking]

- [Murphy] I don't know
about this.

I don't know.

- Well, there it is.

- Yup, there it is.

- [Murphy] Yes indeed,
there it most certainly is.

- So, you going in, Murph?

- [Murphy] Now that I see
it in person

it looks kind of scary.

- I thought danger was
your middle name.

Chickening out?

- Murphy doesn't chicken out.

- [Murphy] I'm no

but I'm occasionally an
apprehensive dog.

- But you said you'd--

- [Murphy] All right, all right,
I'll do it.

But remember the plan,

if you hear me start to scream
who you gonna call?

- We know who to call, Murph.

- [Murphy] Okay, this is me
heading over

to the haunted house,

which I know in my mind
isn't really haunted,

at least I hope not.

Besides, it's me Murphy the
Wonder Dog,

and I ain't afraid of no ghosts.

[phone ringing]

- Are you going to answer it?

- It's Dad.
- Don't answer it.

- [Murphy] Well, it doesn't look
like there's any way

into the spooky place,
too bad.

Oh, except for that hole,
in the wall.

Darn it!

Got to stick to the plan,
let's go.

- I hope he'll be all right.

- He'll be fine.

- Don't worry, Ricky,

dogs run faster than ghosts.

- How do you know?
- Never watched Scooby-Doo?

- Well, I watched your
husband's show.

You know, he's pretty good.

- How is it that a real-life

winds up being the host
on a TV show?

- Well, he was
involved in solving

an alien abduction hoax.

And it was actually
pretty high profile,

do he did a bunch of
TV interviews

and some high mucky-muck
in Hollywood

saw them and thought

that he was going to be a good
fit, you know?

- Just one question though,

how sure are you that it
was a hoax?


- I mean, what?

[phone ringing] - Excuse me,

phone call.

Ah, [laughs] it's Wilson
my robot.

Yeah, Wilson.

- [Wilson] Sir, I have
an update.

the dog is less than a
quarter mile

from your current position.

- All right, just send me
the directions.

- [Wilson] All ready done.

- You do know that your attitude
is literally adjustable,

don't you?

- [Wilson] If you're going to
talk to me that way,

goodbye, sir.

- Well, I have to go and get
my dog.

- Uh, huh.

Are you in trouble?

Are my kids going to be safe?

- Look,

Murphy is a very smart dog, Mrs.

and if he's with your kids
they're going to be

perfectly safe.

Thanks for the coffee.


- [Murphy] These kids are
going to get me

in big trouble,

but big trouble is my
mom's middle name.

What's that?
Oh, it's just a noise.

A noise from down there,
from the basement.

From the creepy, crawly,

bat-infested basement!

No fear! No fear!

No fear!

- David, Ricky, you guys
up there?

- They're not here, Mr. Hill.

- Oh, hey Shelton, I figured

that they would've been here.

Do you know where they are?

- Ummmm.

- Come on, that's a pretty easy

for a smart kid like you.

- They didn't want me to say.

- Let me take a wild guess,

are they at the old
Connejo house?

I appreciate your candor.
- Yes, sir.

- Oh, hey, Shelton, let me
ask you another question,

how the heck do you get Wi-Fi
all the way out here

in the middle of nowhere?

- Who, me?

- That's what I thought.

Tell Ricky and David I'm
looking for them

if you see them.

- Yes, Mr. Hill.

Man, they're going to get it.

- [Murphy] Man, what's all
that racket?

Hey, wait a minute,
ghosts don't

operate machinery.

Maybe I should wait until
their lunch break.

Wait just a cotton-pickin',
ghost-pickin', minute.

That doesn't reek of

that smells like Robeks.

- Been a while now, hasn't it?

- Yeah, I hope he'll
be all right.

- Should we go in and
check on him?

- Give him a few more minutes
and then we'll

all go and take a look.

- Can't wait!

Creepy aliens, talking dog.

[phone ringing]

- [Murphy] Ah, no evil spirits
in this dump,

- Hey, thanks for picking
up the drinks, buddy,

came in handy.

- [Murphy] It's just a couple
of clowns.

- Better than coffee, pal.

And I really feel like it's
given me

the extra energy boost
we needed.

- Why you talking like that?

- I don't know.

It just felt right.

- So does this tasty beverage.

- [Murphy] Wait a minute,

they're putting on an act,

scaring everybody away.


- Hey, that mangy mutt
got in here.

- Let's get him before his
owner comes looking for him.



- Go, go, get him!


- [Murphy] This will
fix 'em!

- What's he doing?

Oh no, no, no!

No, no, no, no!

- [Murphy] There's a shoe!



- [Murphy] I'm out of here.

- It hurts, it hurts!


- [Murphy] Now here's some good
slapstick potential. [laughs]

I can't watch!

- Go get him!

[men panting]


- Is that a ghost?
- Get a grip.

I know it's a haunted house

but we're looking for
aliens here.


- [Murphy] Adios, suckers.


- Oh, that wasn't so bad.

- Says you, you jerk!

- Let's get him!

Come on, come on,
let's get him!

- Someone's coming.



- Gotcha.

- Who are you?

- Jack Bowser, private security

- That sounds ludicrous.

- [Natasha] It does, Jack.

- Could you once let me do this
without yacking in my ear?

- Who's in your ear?

- The most annoying person
in the world.

Now, I'm taking this dog,
any problem with that?

- You're not here for us?

- You?


- So then, we're...

- Free to go?

- Well, you could stay here
if you want,

but I wouldn't.

- Hey, he's taking Murphy!

- What are we going to do?

- What the what?

Suddenly it's Grand Central
over there.

- Come on, let's go down there,

maybe they can tell us
what happened.

- I look forward to our
Amber Alerts.

- Don't worry buddy, I'm not
going to hurt you.

You're a tough little guy
to get a hold of,

they've been looking for you
for six years.

Hey, you hungry?

- He's talking to the dog?

- Should have brought some

You know what, there's a
strip mall

a couple of miles up,

what do you say I stop and get
you some water, huh?

- [Murphy] Some big spender
you are!

How about a mochaccino,

extra syrup, Latte?

- You're thinking at me,
that's cool.

- [Murphy] Wow, you're the first
one to get that right.

- And now he thinks
it's answering.

Oh boy.


- [Murphy] Hey, you must
be really smart.

I like you!

- Like you too, buddy.

- So, you're the owner
of Murphy?

- That I am, and I'm afraid

he's in the clutches of
the Galactatek corporation now.

- I mean he's cute and all,

but what would a multinational

research and technology

want with a dog, cute
or not?

- You getting this?

- Not a word.

- They don't want Murphy,
they want his brain.


- Uh-oh.
- I think you'd better explain.

- Well, you've heard stories of
downed UFOs,

and flying saucers that crashed
and wound up in Area 51, right?

Well, none of that's true.

- I thought so.

- See the Galactatek Corporation

had a contract on all that
alien stuff decades ago.

Area 51, that was just a

- Oh.

- We worked the Roswell remains,

reverse engineering everything

alien micro-technology to

complex chemical and biological

The aliens had created living

- I knew it.

- Shh, he's flashbacking.

- And we knew that amazing

the secrets of the universe,

of life itself,

were all locked

inside this bizarre
biotech computer.

But all we had were rudimentary
means to communicate.

But then I found an inert
gene from an alien DNA matrix,

- So what'd you do
with it?

- Well, I did what anyone
would do,

I implanted it into a puppy.

- [Children] Eww.

- Say what now?

- Sounds a bit Frankensteiny
doesn't it,

and maybe just a
little bit nuts,

but it worked!

And this little dog was
suddenly blessed with these

supernatural intelligence
that well, even exceeded

my expectations.

- It took a smart dog to outfox

- But when the CEO, Crowder,

got wind of what I did,

he smelled money.

I couldn't bear to think of
what they might do to

Murphy inside those
labs of his,

so I took him.

- Well, that is quite a story,

- Dad, how long have
you been here?

- Long enough.

David, Ricky, what did I tell
you about coming out here alone?

Run along home.
- Okay, Dad.

Okay, when we walk by the
old guy, make a diversion.

- What?

- Distract him or do something

- Why?
- Just do it.

- I liked your story, mister.

- Well thanks, pal, that
means a lot.

- Jeremy, Jenny, you too.

- Yes, Mr. Hill.

- And who are you two?

- We're realtors.

- Yeah, yeah, we're thinking

fixing the place up and
flipping it.

- Well, I wish you luck.

And as for you, Doctor...

- Whoa, where'd he go?

- Whoa, he was right there.

Hey, you look familiar,

I've seen you somewhere before.

- Detective Steven Hill.

- Detective?

- Hey, you're that guy on TV,

The guy with all those crazy

- That's me.

- Hey, do you think anything
the Doc said was legit?

- I don't know, that's why
we call them, unresolved.

- Because it's unresolved!

Oh, oh!

- What do you think he means,

- He means it's not resolved,

- Not resolved, right.

Good luck, guys.

- Yeah, hey, nice meeting you.

Wow, the guy's on TV.


[alien noises]

- [Murphy] And that's how it
all went down, I swear.

It was the scariest night
of my life.

And that includes that
hamburger incident in Barstow.

But I digress.

Anyway, this old man found me
as soon as Doctor Masters left,

I was so lucky!

- Gotcha.

Oh yeah, I know,

those flying machines
buzzing around all the time.

Fella, you're shaking
like a leaf.

- [Murphy] He took me
to his cabin in the woods,

not far from here.

And I was under their noses
the whole time.

But the old man knew
his stuff,

maybe he'd even worked for

Galactatek at one time,
or something.

Anyway, he knew how to block
my GPS signal,

and then one day he just
stopped coming home

and I was all alone.

You're going to lock me up,
aren't you?

- Look, it's not me,

I was assigned to find a dog,

I didn't realize the dog was
going to turn out

to be such a great guy.

- [Murphy] Well,
thanks for that.

- Jack's here with the dog, sir.

I think he may need a
vacation, sir.

He's talking to the dog,

And he thinks the dog
is talking back to him.

- I need the dog
back in the lab,

don't let anything go wrong.

- Was the talking dog not
news to you?

- What you looking for?

- I'll tell you when I find it.

- Can I help?

- I know exactly where it is.

- Where what is?

- This!

- What's that?

- Well, it's an old telephone
called a land line.

- Why?

- Who knows, but if you plug
it into the wall

it works just like your cell.

- How do you know that?

- I saw it in an old movie.

- Why don't you just
use your cell?

- Because I dropped it in
the doctor's pocket

right before Dad sent us
home today.

- Dad's not going to like this.

- Trust me, it will work.

[phone ringing]

- Hello?
- Hello Doctor,

this is David Hill.

- David, you know this isn't
my phone.

- Yeah, I hid it in your

- What would make you
do something like that?

- Because the gang and I
are going to help you

get your dog back.

- No, no, hold on, David,

that would be very unwise.

- Yeah, that's why
we called you.

Because you worked for

for such a long time, maybe you
could help us

get on the base without setting
off any of the alarms.

- Hold on, let me think.

Why not?

- All right, all right,

I think I have a plan.

- Great, we start tomorrow.

- What a day!

- Do you think we have to
worry about those kids?

- Na, they'd never sell us out.

- No, but I might.

- What are you doing here?

- Well, I was hoping to ask a
small favor

of you two gentlemen.

- What do you mean by, favor?

- It's the kind of favor that
will allow you

to keep your licit business

as well as helping me
get back my dog.

- Do we have a choice?

- Not if you want to keep
selling these silly sneakers.

- Hey, what do you mean by--

What do we have to do?

- Well, I need a couple
of aliens,

and, uh,

I'd say you boys fit that bill.

- How come Masters is sitting
safe and sound

back at the clubhouse

while we're out here
risking our necks.

- I don't know.

[phone ringing]

Oh, shh, be quiet,
that's him.


- Status?

- Status?

[laughing] Check this guy out,
he thinks

he thinks he's on an episode
of 24.

- We like more like we're from
the Outer Limits.


- Status...



- Well, how are the kids?
- Oh, oh, the kids?

Yeah, they're fine.

Not a peep out of them.

- Remember what I told you
to say

when you get to that gate.

- Yeah, I remember.

Hey, what do you think
you're dealing with,

a couple idiots here?

[phone hanging up]
[busy signal]

- Hello?


- Got 'em!

Just southwest of
Rock Ditch

heading towards Chainsaw.

- I think we're slowing down.

- Yeah, this could be it.

- Everyone ready?

- I'm like lunch meat,
I'm always ready.

- Lunch meat's gross.
- You're gross.

- Stop bickering!

- Hey, that's my line!

- And I didn't understand it
then either.

- Shh, we're stopping.

- What have we got here?

- Rosswell's about 100 miles
that way.


- Funny.

- We're here for Doctor
Suberon's birthday.

- You don't seem to be on
our list.

- You don't have a list.

- Well, call him up,
they've been

planning this thing for weeks.

- Joe, call Lab 7, see if

throwing a party today.

- You got an X143 going on
up there?

We got a pair of rental crabs
here at the gate.

They say they're here for
Suberon's party.

[garbled speech]

- Watch this!

[garbled speech]

- [Man] Confirmation, party on
schedule at 14:30.

- It's okay, Suberon's party
starts in 15 minutes.

- Well it looks like you guys
are clear to go.

You know where you're going?

- Lab 7.

- Lab 7.


- Hey, and no sightseeing.

Tell birthday boy to
bring down some cake.

- Will do.

- I'm watching you.

- [whispers] Go.

- [whispers] Go.

- Mmm.

Alien clowns.

- I don't like crabs.

- All ashore who's
coming to ashore.

- Okay Doc, we're over by Lab 7.
What now?

- Well now, it's an
educated guess...

- Educated guess?

- A highly educated guess.

They're going to have Murphy
in quarantine

in a small room on the
other side of the lab.

Now, you're not going to have
access to that,

so you're going to have to
walk through

Lab 7 to Ge there.

- So, how do we get in there?

- Once you find the access door
just punch in the code

that I gave you last night,

- Oh, yeah, just like that,

Four kids and a couple of
nut job aliens just saunter in.

Real easy.

- Look, look, people are
used to seeing

weird things around that place,

Just stay calm and walk

- You mean run?

- No! No! No!

Do not run!

Just don't stop to
gawk at anything, okay?

- All right, got it.

- Okay, stick together,
keep your eyes forward,

and no talking.

- Right.
- This is kind of cool.

- It's just like one of
Dad's shows.

- Whatever.

- Do all of you have to
have the last word?

- Wait, does anybody need
to go to the bathroom?

Not you!

All right, follow us and
try not to look like kids.

Come on.

How are we going to do that?

- Attitude, Ricky, attitude.

- I bet ya she's real fun
on a camping trip.

- No kidding!

- [Murphy] Hey, my canine

tells me there's a rescue
attempt in the making.


- All I can say is, whoa!

- Double whoa!

- Make it a triple.

- No one's ever going to
believe us.

- This is like the room
I always wanted.

- [Murphy] It's the kids,
I know it.

Come on guys, you can do it.

- Do you hear talking?

Do you think they're
talking about us?

- Wouldn't you?

- Yeah, because to them
we're the aliens.

- I don't care what they're
saying about us.

Come on, we have to
find that dog.

- Right, because I'm boiling
in this costume.

- [Murphy] I think they're
getting close.


[latch opening]

[door banging]


- He's over there.

- Hey, did you see
a giant crab man just now?


- There's a couple of guards
between us and the lab.

They don't look as dumb
as the ones up at the gate.

- That was some plan your pal
the Doc had, kids.

- We should bale.
- Yeah.

- We can't get Murphy?

- You ready to do something
good for a change, pal?

- All right, Freddy and I are
going to distract the guards

and get them away from
their posts.

- And if the guards
take the bait

you kids run in there
as fast as you can

and get the mutt and
get out of there.

- How do we get away?

We can't drive.

- Oh yeah, uh...

make your way to the truck,
we'll meet you there.

- Why should we trust you?

- Give us a chance, kid.

All right,

on three.


Take us to your leader!

- We're here to subdue
your world.

- Yes, earth shall ours.

[alien noises]

- Hey, what's the gag?

What are you guys doing here?

This is a secured area.

- We don't care,
we are invaders from Mars.

- Okay, wait a minute,
let's see your badges.

- Uh, our badges?

We must have left those in our
other alien costumes,

the ones with the pockets.

- All right, that's it wiseguy,

here, now!

- Uh, run!

- Hey, they're getting away,

hit the alarm button now!

Get them!

[alarm bell]

- Murphy!

- [Computer] All security doors
will be closed in 60 seconds.

- Go!

Come on. Come on.

- [Computer] All personnel
report to your designated posts.

- [Murphy] I knew you
guys were coming.

Is the Doc with you?

- No, but we're taking you
to him as soon as possible.

I need something to hide you in.

- What's he doing?
- I get it.

- Great!

- This will have to do.

- [Murphy] A backpack,
are we going to college?

- Oh no, a security alarm
just went off at Galactatek.

- How do you know this?

- Because I hacked
their system.

- I think the NSA is going to

wanna have a talk with you, son.

- I can find out.

- No, no, not needed, kid.

- [Computer] All security doors
are now closed.

- They're not here.

- Nice plan, minus the

- Don't worry, I know how
to get out of here.

- Care to share, smart guy?

- [Murphy] What do you got
lined up?

Tell me you got a limo.

- Not really.

- [Murphy] Taxi?
- Nope.

- [Murphy] Look, I'll settle
for a rickshaw,

but that's as low as I go.

- None of the above,
we're going sky surfing.

- [Children] Sky surfing?

- [Murphy] You mean like
surfing on nothing?

- Yeah, it's the only way
to get you out of here, Murph.

Come on, follow me.

- [Murphy] I don't think
I'm down for surfing on nothing.

Guys, wait, let's
talk about this.


- All right, come on,
get in there!

Get in there both of you!

Look at you two crabs [laughs].

Want some sushi?

I'm just joking with them,

they got to move their
claws like that.

Hey, something smells fishy,

don't you think?

It smells fishy!

Okay, we'll leave these two guys
the octopuses.

All right,

don't clam up.

You hear what I did there?

I said, clam.

I said, clam up.

- Looks like the kids
swiped the dog.

- Yeah, but how are they going
to get out of this

dystopian nightmare?

- Dystopian nightmare?

Don't over sell it, buddy.

- That's our way out.

- Do you think we can fly them?

- We're going to have to.

- [Murphy] Is that the
only option?

How about a plan B?

- We don't have time Murph,

do you want to see
Doc Masters again?

- [Murphy] Uh, is that a trick

And do we have flight

- [Computer] Galactatek is now
in lockdown.

- What's going on?
- They got the dog!

- What? How?

Forget it, just get it back!

- [Computer] Sled activated,
ready for command.

- I just need this thing to fly.

- [Computer] Affirmative,
prepare for liftoff.

- Oh boy, oh boy, it's working.

- [Computer] Ready for motion

- Forward!

- [Computer] Forward, manual

- [Murphy] I guess we're
doing this.


- Come on guys, it's easy.

- [Murphy] Easy, that's easy
for you,

you're not looking down.

- [Computer] Prepare
for liftoff.

- Whoa!

- Whoa!


- Whoa, this thing has
a mind of its own.


- Do you think our parents
will let us keep these?

- Sure, they'll let us fly them
to school.

What was he thinking?

- [Computer] Warning,

closed skydoor from the

- [Murphy] Uh-oh.

- [Computer] It is now
quite close.

- [Murphy] Who's got the
garage opener?

- Watch out David, watch
the wall!

- Well, what do I do?
What do I do?

- [Murphy] Why are you
asking me, I'm dog.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!

- [Computer] Warning. Warning.

- Do something!

- [Computer] Warning.

- David, do something.

- [Computer] Collision alert.

- Open door.

- [Computer] Affirmative,
opening sky door.

- [Murphy] Dogs have nine
lives, right?


- [Murphy] I'm going to
pretend I like this.

- This is amazing!

- I'm alive! I'm alive!
I'm alive!

- You good back there?

- [Murphy] I'm a dog,
I love wind in my face.


- I love sky sledding.

- They got away!

- A sky sled.
- Sky sled?

- Sky sled.

- I've got to rethink this
whole boy genius

stay behind thing.


- I'll fly after them, I'll get
them to land.

- You? No, we, and I'll drive.
- I'll drive!

- You can barely drive a car!

- Look at your arm,
you can't drive.

- Just don't kill us.
- Us?

- Just go!

- Watch this, guys.

- Show off!

- Knock it off, Ricky.


- [Murphy] Will that kid ever
stop screaming?

- Where did you learn
how to drive this thing?

- I took an online tutorial,
what did you think?

- Come on, go faster!

- I'm going faster.

Stop backseat driving.

This thing was only built
for one person.

- We've got company.

- They're coming!

- Do something! Do something!

- They're coming from
behind us.

- This is getting real,
real fast.

- They're catching up.

- What do I do?

- Ask the flying doohickey.

- [Computer] Activating
extreme capture in 10, 9

- [Computer] Warning, capture
being locked on,

suggesting tactic defense
number one, and hurry.

- Um, distraction tactic
number one.

- [Computer] 5, 4, 3, 2-

Malfunction, malfunction,


- Good shot, David!


- Yeah!

- Get the other one,
get the other one!

- There's still one more,

no time to rest on your
laurels, hot shot.


- Now what?


- Anytime, fly boy.

- Okay, diversion two.

[engines roaring]

- Yeah!

- Good shot, David, way to go.

- [Murphy] Nice work kid,
nice work.

Thank you.

- Full speed ahead.

- Speed up, Jenny,
come on!

- Beat you there!

- Those kids are pretty smart,

I'm going to hang back.

We'll catch up with them
on the ground.

- I think I hear something.

- It's them!

- [Murphy] Doc, Doc,
it's you!

Doc, I knew you'd come back
for me.

Doc, I've missed you, Doc.

- Oh Murph.

I missed you, baby.
- [Murphy] I missed you too.

I missed you, remember this?

- [Murphy] Oh, I loved that.
I loved that.

Can we go home now?

- Neither of you
are going anywhere.

- [Murphy] Well, why not?

- I can hear him

in my head?

- [Murphy] Your girlfriend's a
little late

to the party, Jack.

- What do you mean,

- Professor, you both have
to come back with us,

I'm sorry.
- Not so fast.

- Steven Hill?

I love your show.

- Thanks, but it's been

However I know a lot of people
in the media

who would still pay attention
to me,

especially if I deliver them
a good story about

about how a great big
corporation treats

people and dogs poorly.

Masters and Murphy
are like family

and Galactatek is tearing
them apart.

- I don't make company policy,
I'm sorry.

- And I don't tear families

- But we have to write a report,

- We would, if we had
found the dog.

- It's too bad.

It's a shame we didn't
find the dog.

- [Murphy] She's kind of a

underneath that tough
spy chick look, Jack.

- Oh no, she's really tough

It's not just a look.

But, but I like it.

I like it.

- Don't go spreading
this around, but uh,

I like you too, Jack.

- Take it easy, Murph.

See you later professor.

- [Murphy] Goodbye Jack,
you've been a good guy.

- Come on boy.

Well, all right, it's time
to say goodbye, guys.

Say goodbye to him.

- Bye Murph, wish you could've
stayed longer.

- It's like we just met you
and now

you have to leave again.

- [Murphy] Oh kids, I'm going
to miss you too.

- So long, you're the greatest.

Wish I could have a dog
just like you.

- I can't think of a single

I'm going to miss you,

- [Murphy] You kids will always
be my heroes.

I'll keep you in my
heart forever.

- Bye, guys.

- Goodbye Murphy.

- [Murphy] I know goodbyes
are a little bitter sweet,

but David and Ricky are clever
boys and they wrote

a better ending.

And here it is.

- Unresolved
mysteries take one.

- [Murphy] Those little loveable
tikes pressed on

with their show.

They got Dad to host it,

even got Mom involved.

And you know, somehow
it all actually worked.

Their show started getting

in the hundreds,
in the thousands,

in the millions.

It went viral and suddenly
the Hill family,

and their internet show,

were the talk of the town.

It could have been the
haunted houses,

the aliens, or the
crop circles,

but you know what
I think it was?

I think it was love.

With the family working together
the show blossomed

into something beautiful.

They'd always had the mysteries,
but now they had the magic.

- Now I know it's true, no
good dead goes unpunished.

- Yeah, well, I'm still glad
we did it.

- All right you two,
you're free to go.

- But I thought--

- Yeah, well all the
charges were dropped.

If you could believe this,

there was a million dollar

You guys can pick it up
at the cashiers.

Now come on, let's get
out of here.

This is my office, and you're
stinking it up to high heaven.

Let's go, come on,
move it, move it.

Let's get out of here, come on.

Crab people.

I hate crab people.

* I'm ready for adventure

* Ready to meet the
world I'd like to know

* Nature and its treasures

* Doggone adventure,
here I come

* Find somewhere to go
to see the sunshine glow

* Maybe I will find what
I need to know

* I'm ready for adventure

* I'm ready to meet the world
I'd like to know

* Nature and its treasures.

* Doggone adventure here I come

* Find somewhere to go
to see the sunshine glow

* Maybe I will find what
I need to know

* I'm ready for adventure

* Ready to meet the world
I'd like to know

* Nature and its treasures.

* Doggone adventure