A Distant Trumpet (1964) - full transcript

Lt. Hazard, fresh out of West Point, arrives in Arizona Territory at hot, dusty, Fort Delivery. Appalled by the lax discipline of its troops, he restricts their privileges and subjects them to arduous drills. At the same time, he finds himself falling in love with Kitty, the wife of his commanding officer. This romance is complicated when his fiancee from Back East decides to pay a visit. Troubles with the local Indians, however, soon force Hazard to concentrate on his military duties which sometimes conflict with his sympathy for the Indians' cause.

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[ Gunshots ]

[ War cries ]

[ Gunshots ]

[ Speaking apache language ]

[ War cries ]

[ Speaking apache language ]

[ Gunshots ]

Orders from Washington,

We're not to cross the border.

And so he crossed
the little river into Mexico

and escaped me.

"Abiit, excessit, evasit,

which I'm sure you all remember
from your Cicero.

I translate it to mean,

"he has gone, departed,
slunk off,

and gotten clean away."

[ Laughter ]

Most of the Cheyenne, the sioux,

have all been pacified.

Even most of the apaches are
quiet here on the reservations

where I put them.

Indeed, I have even enlisted
some of them

to act as scouts
with our forces.

So there remains
but one Indian enemy --

war eagle.

And here he sits,
below the border,

secure in his fortress,

his naturalfortress
of the Sierra madres,

waiting, gathering strength,

drawing to him
all the hotheads,

the broncos, the renegades.

But one day
he will come out,

again cross
that little river,

and I shall have
a second chance at him.

Perhaps at that time

some of you gentlemen
may be serving with me,

and thus be a part of bringing
the wars, the Indian wars,

to a final conclusion,
once and for all time.

Gentlemen, I thank you
for your kind attention,

and for the pleasure
of this brief visit with you

here at west point.

Good day, gentlemen.

[ Applause ]


Here you got to get out,

Lieutenant hazard?

That's right.

We're your escort
to fort delivery.

Cranshaw, catch up
the lieutenant's bag for him.

How many miles
to fort delivery?

Just a little piece across
the desert, sir.

I said how many miles!

Cranshaw: 90, sir.

Soldier: Hey, Indian!

Where do you think
you're going?

He's on orders
from fort bayard.

He's a scout.

I ain't takin' no Indians
in my wagon.

What's your name?

Kroger, sir.

Sergeant, you pick up his bag
and put it in the wagon.

I ain't got no orders
to take no Indian.

You do now.

All right, put it in.

No -- youput it in.

Yes, sir.

Guess you killed a few settlers
in your day, eh, Indian?

Stole a lot of horses?

We ain't ever seen
no apache scouts before.

I been out here six months,

and he's the first injun
I've laid eyes on.

Well, you're gonna be seeing
a lot more of them.

General quait's recruiting
everyone he can get.

For what?

Ain't no apaches out here --

not since war eagle
jumped the reservation.

[ Gunshot ]


Lt. Hazard: Who's in command
at the fort?

First lieutenant mainwaring.

Just a little bit
under strength, sir --

only got one troop.


Private cranshaw will show you
to the commanding officer.


Lieutenant hazard reporting
to commanding officer.

Yes, sir.

Lieutenant mainwaring?


Lieutenant hazard reporting,

Come in.

My orders.

Throw them on my desk.
Sit down, sit down.

I've been sitting
for the past three days, sir.

No, thank you.

Yeah, it is a trip,
ain't it?

Here, have a drink.

Thank you.

Fresh from the point,

How's the brain factory doin'?

It's still there.

How'd you finish?

Cadet captain.

Top man, huh?

We're honored.

I'm only acting commander here,
you know,

until, uh, the new C.O.,
major Prescott, arrives.

That's what I heard.

What else did you hear?

That it's
the most exposed outpost

in the Arizona territory,

that its function is to keep
surveillance over the apaches,

and that if it's needed,

they'll be apprehended and taken
back to their reservations.

You come to US well briefed,
Mr. Hazard.

Thanks to general quait.

You know quait?

I've read everything
he's ever written

about the Indian campaigns --

There's a few details
the general failed to mention --

army red tape, for instance.

I requisitioned new mounts
for the troops

about two months ago,
so I sit here and wait.

Now they order me to go
to fort bayard for them

in the morning.

Who'll be in command?

Captain gray, the medic.

I'm handing you
the troop command

so he can have his time
for administration.

Yes, sir.

The point --
what I mean, Mr. Hazard,

is all they give you
in those books are glory stuff.

They don't tell you about
the two things in this country

that are practically impossible
to find --

one's promotion...

The other's an apache.

What is he doing here?!

He came with me.

He's from fort bayard.
What'll I do with him?

Do with him?

I could put him up
in the stables.

Why the stable?

What else?
He's an Indian.

Good idea, corporal.
Put him in the stable.

Mr. Hazard,
you'll wanna get cleaned up.


Show the lieutenant
his quarters.

Yes, sir.

This way, sir.

Didn't stop in Kentucky
on the way out here,

did you, lieutenant?

No. Why?

That's where I'm from --
Lancaster, Kentucky.

Me and Daniel Boone.

You must be Mr. Hazard.

Captain gray, sir.
Our medical officer.

Welcome to the fort.

Of course, I, uh,
I use the term loosely.

Yes, I can see that.

No patrols,
no eyes or ears.

We sit like a blind toad
in the desert

waiting to get stepped on.

But welcome.

Que hombre.
Muy macho.

Sure ain't no $2 hotel room
like they got in St. Louis.

It'll do.

Guess I'd better mosey over
to the quartermaster

and get some clean blankets
and a fresh mattress.

Get me some hot water
so I can wash up.

Anything you want, sir...

Except a transfer.

Welcome to fort delivery.

I'm kitty mainwaring,
Mr. Hazard.

Mrs. Mainwaring.

I'm lending you
the only potted geranium

this side of Santa fe.

Just a gentle reminder
that life can exist

in this godforsaken place.

It's very beautiful.

You'll be doing me a favor
by watering it.

Did Teddy tell you
I'm going home for a visit

to Washington, D.C.?

He didn't mention it.

Well, he thought it would be
a convenient time

while he's off at bayard
for the remounts.

Heaven pity the poor post --

officers' quarters
will be womanless.

Are you the only one?

It's one too many,
if you ask me.

You know,
maybe I've gone crazy,

but you know
the first thing I'm gonna do

when I get back
to civilization?

I'm gonna get into
a hot tub

with a bucket of ice
and a big bottle of champagne.

Champagne? Take me with you,
Mrs. Mainwaring.


It's like being marooned
on a dead planet here --

no formalities, huh?

Make it "Matt," then.

I'd almost forgotten
how dismal this room was.

These were our quarters,
Teddy's and mine,

when we first came out here
two years ago...

Or was it 200?

It must be difficult
for a woman out here --

the heat...
The loneliness...

The danger.

Danger? What danger?

A little danger might be
a relief from the boredom.

The days would be long
for a lady.

And the nights.

But then the trumpeter
blows the trumpet

and it starts
all over again.

How is it you didn't bring,
uh, yourlady fair

to share our purgatory?

I had none to bring.



She'll never know
what she missed.

'Bye, Matt.

Have a good trip,

Doggone, I wish I'd brought
along a picture of my Annie.

It sure helps
when you're homesick.

It does and it doesn't.

I wish there was some way
to cut regulation

and bring her out here.

It sure would make things
more tolerable.

She could even sleep
with me...

Just like at home.

You can't bring your wife
until you're a three-striper.

Wife, sir?
I ain't got none.

You can't take your girlfriend
into the barracks, either!

But Annie,
she ain't no humangirl.

She's the best ol' bluetick
coonhound in kentuck.


Excuse me, sir.

I'll get your shaving water.

Uh, don't hurry.
Don't hurry.

There's your first duty,
Mr. Hazard.

Take a detail tomorrow
to pine bluffs

and cut a couple of loads
of logs.

Sergeant, my wife is planning
to leave tomorrow.

You'll have a detail ready
for her?

Yes, sir.

Lt. Hazard:
Good luck at Ford bayard.

All right, let's go.


Hook up those wagons.

Load the rest of that wood,
and make it fast.

I wanna be at the fort
by sunup tomorrow.

Are we driving all night?

That's correct.

All right,
you heard the lieutenant!

Get the horses!
Hitch 'em up!

[ Gasping ]

[ War cries ]

[ Gunshots ]

Let's get out of here!

[ Gunshots ]

[ War cries ]

What happened?

We were ambushed
crossing the river.

The driver and the outrider
were both killed.

One detail returning!

Well, sergeant?

The Indians attacked
while we was chopping wood.

We was mighty nigh unarmed,
but we made a good stand.

Where's lieutenant hazard?

Why, I --
I don't rightly know.

We was fightin' hand-to-hand
toward the last --

outnumbered 100 to one.

You're a damn liar,

War eagle's only sending

a few small bands
across the border.

All right.


[ Thunder crashes ]

This ought to be dry enough.


Oh, I beg your pardon.
I-I'm sorry.

Where are you?


Well, you certainly know how
to take care of a woman.

Well, I haven't had
too much practice lately.

I guess we've both
been pretty much on our own.


Will we get back
to the fort?

"¿Quien sabe?",
as the Mexicans would say.

Who knows?

Does that worry you?


I feel as if i'm...

I'm suspended in time.

Not a part of the fort
or anything, except...


Except you.

It's a strange feeling.

We may never have
another time.

I know.

It's here and it's gone.

And then it's rainey
blowing reveille,

and the ages roll by...

And I'm doing
the breakfast dishes.

We'll get back to the fort,

Because you're too capable
for US not to.

Good night, Matt.

I'm awfully glad
it's not goodbye.

Sergeant fry, do you know
where that pine bluff is?


Search the east side
of the area

and see if you can find
lieutenant hazard

or any of the men.

Yes, sir.

The vehicle was shot up
by Indians.

Mrs. Mainwaring
was the only survivor.

Three men lost at the wagon,


How many at pine bluff?

I counted three --

two died like soldiers,
one was shot in the back.

Nearly everybody panicked.

Yeah, I know.

Sergeant kroger
came back with a story

that out-custered custer.

My report is not going to be
a pleasant one, sir.

Don't spare the whip,
Mr. Hazard.

Let 'em know in Washington
the stripe of recruit

they're sending US.

There's nothing the matter
with the recruits, sir.

The matter is with the training
and the discipline,

and I promise you, sir,
I will correct that!

They won't even understand
your kind of academy talk.

Then I'll translate it
to theirkind.

You get nothing but black marks

for the condition
of those barracks!

Your indifference
to sanitary regulations

is incredible!

[ Laughter ]

Swallow that tobacco, mister.

All right,
maybe you'll sabethis!

You're not soldiers,
you're pigs!

You've forgotten
you're in the army.

Well, I'm gonna make you
know it.

Every man will wash
their barrack -- inside and out.

You'll clean your own blankets,

and that goes for sergeants,

Do you hear me, kroger?

Yes, sir.

Now get this, every man of you.

Any further disregard
for authority...

Will get you double duty.

I advise you don't risk it.

Normal duty's
gonna be tough enough.

We're gonna be starting
from the ground up...

With basic training
to combat conditioning.

Take over, sergeant.

Yes, sir.

Arms upward, reach!

To the toes, bend.

Come on,
touch those toes!

All the way down!

If you can touch your fingers,
touch your palms!

Mount up!

Come on, swing into it!

Swing into it!


Mount up!

Let's go -- swing into it!

Let's go -- swing into it!


Forward, double time,

To the rear...


Fall out and mount up!

All right, on the double!

Come on!

On the gallop, ho!

Left about, ho!

Company, halt!

I saw you today.

You'll kill those men,
driving them like that.

On the contrary, it will
save their lives one day.

[ Clears throat ]

What did you do
to the place?

I feel like I'm back
among the living.

Oh, it's just some calico
dress fabric.

[ Chuckles ]

It's not very military,
but it is pretty.

Besides, it's all I had.

You shouldn't Rob
from your wardrobe.

Oh, I don't care,

as long as youdon't think
I look too dreary.

Old army squaw, huh?

Don't try and spoil me
with flattery.

Is that how you gathered
that bouquet of daisies?

I was doing some dusting.
I couldn't help seeing them.

Gone, but, uh...
Not forgotten.

The general's niece gets
the preferred treatment, huh?

That's right.

But it's as I told you --

no ulterior motives.

Don't touch me, Matt.

Don't touch you?

Don't start any fires.

We're back on our west point
prayer rugs,

where we reverently recite duty,
honor, and country.

Yes, we're back.

Where you're in love
with another girl,

and where I've got a husband.

we're back on schedule.

The trumpet
will blow on time.

Nothing has changed
but the place.

I haven't.

You haven't.

I know.

That's the danger.

All: One, two, three, four!

One, two, three, four!

Look at him.

He's had 'em at it
since sunup.

I wish this was his neck.

I'd wring it and I'd wring it

until his tongue hung out
like a necktie.

Poor, little muchacho.

Yeah. Poor, little muchacho.

You're gonna miss
your tamales tonight, honeybean.

One, two, three, four!

One, two, three, four!

One, two...

Sgt. Fry: Detail, halt!

About face!

Simulate load!



Hey, look!
Seeley Jones!

All right, girls,
let's get ready to go to work.

They get paid today,

we'll take it away
from them tonight.

[ Giggling ]

[ Cheering ]

How are you doing?

Take it easy, you bums!

These girls
are young and tender chickens,

and they ain't never
been plucked.

[ Laughter ]

Women and whiskey.

The men will visit
that hog ranch on wheels

for four nights running.

On the morning
of the fifth day,

seeley will depart
for greener pastures,

taking with him
every last dollar in the troop,

and leaving me
with a sick report

as fat as his bankroll.

How does he manage it
with the apaches around?

A tarantula has eight legs,
and Jones has twice as many.

He's got a foot
in every dirty business

in the territory --

guns, girls, whiskey,
stolen horses...

And even claims for the poor,
put-upon apaches.

How does he get away
with it?

Influence in Washington,
I've been told.

And after all
your hard work.

Are those your wagons?

Yeah, they're mine.

Then get 'em out of here.

just who might you be?

Lieutenant hazard,
and that's an order.

That's an order?
Ha ha ha!

You look like some pukey youngun
fresh out of west point.

Pardon me.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Hi, captain.

Hey, where's my friend

He usually comes out
to meet me.

He's detained at fort bayard,
waiting for remounts.

That's too bad.

I brought him something to cut
the dust out of his throat.

You the actin' C.O.?

I am.

Well, I'll just give it
to you.

It's good stuff.
I drink it myself.

No, thanks.

Sir, I request that you declare
those wagons off-limits.

Son, out there in them wagons

I got anything you need
for body or spirit --

got some girls,
got a little whiskey.

I'll even read you
a little scripture.

What's the matter with you?

You a plaster Saint
or something?

Ain't you never learned
the advantages

of good whiskey
and bad women?

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Easy, Mr. Hazard.

It's a question of legality.

Mr. Jones' wagons
are on the reservation

beyond our control,

and our men have accumulated
more time of leave

than they'll ever be able
to use.

Mr. Jones is free to keep
his wagons outsidethe gate

until he wishes to depart
of his own accord.

Yes, sir.

Good day, Mr. Jones...

And don't you ever come through
that gate again.

This here's the army
they sent out to protect me

from the apaches?

That's a deal!

You keep your brass buttons
inside this gate

and we'll get along.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[ Playing fast-tempo music ]

[ Laughing and cheering ]

♪ Into the center

♪ bow to your partner

♪ Circle to the right

Hey, seeley!

The pupsnappers
have all placed their bets.

I've got $180 in the kit.


All right, all right.

Attention, please!
Quiet, quiet!

Let's get ready
for the prairie sweepstakes!

All right, bring 'em in!

Jockos, get your mounts.
Get 'em along the starting line.


On your Mark...Get set...

Come on!
Spread 'em out there!

Come on!

Burning while Rome fiddles?

Well, congratulations, son!

As captain of the winning team,

you are about to be rewarded
with the grand prize!

What's it gonna be
this time, seeley?

You're gonna get
your fortune told

in the fun wagon!

[ Sarcastically ]
Palm readin' or tea leaves?

You been livin' under a rock,

Did you ever get bad pickin's
from seeley Jones?

Listen, when I tell you
that that one in there

makes Venus de Milo
look like a boiled owl,

I curse my poverty
of description.

Well, that's different!

Ha ha ha ha ha!
Get 'er, soldier!

[ Woman screaming ]

I ain't never been so gypped

since Horace greeley
sent me west!

Hey, seeley!

He wants to know when
the balloons goes up,

and I don't take them insults
layin' down!

Let there be no further violence
where love should be.

Fiddlers! Make merry!

And what does my gallant,
young joy-killer

propose to do about it?

That's not funny.

If I were an enlisted man,
I'd be out there with them.

You know, it's ironic --

an armed fort surrendering
to a single platoon of females.

1,000 Indians couldn't do
that job better.

Why don't you just blow
seeley Jones' head off?

I might...

blow his head off.

Soldier: Some hooker
stole my wallet!

[ Women screaming ]

This is the target.

When I give the signal,
fire at it --

over my head.

Hey, seeley!


Hey, little boy blue
wants to surrender.

Why don't you introduce him
to French Rosie?

Somebody want me?

I guess they're having some kind
of a drill this morning.

Those bums get up pretty early,
don't they?

Get your liquor wagon
out of here.

You're on the gunnery range.

Gunnery range?

Look, mister, I put you
over the barrel yesterday

with my legal rights.

You want me to do it again?

Ha ha ha ha ha!


[ Screaming ]

Why, you miserable,
yellow-legged shavetail,

what do you think
you're doing?!

Come back here!

I'll read the law to you!

Down ten.


Grab your hats
and get out of here!

[ Screaming ]

Get goin'!
Get goin'!



I hope you kept it legal,
Mr. Hazard.

Dismiss the detail.

Sgt. Fry: Detail dismissed!

I did, sir.

As you can see, the wagons
were on the gunnery range,

and Mr. Jones is leaving
of his own accord.

You say you got a bottle
hid around here?

Yes, right here.

Well, well,
look who's here.

Shavetail's favorite Indian,
Joe dummy.

Yeah, Joe,
where you been --

out sniffin' for tracks?

Well, that's your, uh,
medicine bag, ain't it, Joe?

What's the matter,
can't you talk?

You really think
this medicine bag

can save your soul
from hell?

Ha ha ha ha ha!


Damn you, shavetail!

What did you say?

I said,
"damn you, shavetail."

You're busted to a private.

Report to me tomorrow
for company punishment.

I'll see you in hell first!

Take him to the guardhouse!

Yes, sir.

[ Knock on door ]

What happened out there?

I hit
a noncommissioned officer.

Oh, Matt!

I told you, you were driving
those troopers too hard.

Troopers? They don't know
what the word means.

They will by the time
I get through with them.

You're a hard man...

A duty man.

That's your only love,

Is there a better kind?

[ Chuckling ]

Well, speaking as
a normalwoman, yes.

As an army woman, no.


Did I ever tell you
about my father?


He died at gettysburg
when he was about your age.

He was a second lieutenant,

Your father?


He was awarded the medal
of honor posthumously --

one of the first
in its history.

The medal of honor...

I probably want that
more than anything in the world.

They still invite me
to the award ceremonies.

I-I-I always cry a little
because it's army.

Even when I married Teddy,
it was...

Just army,
never really love.

You're my first love,

My only love.

So now you know.

And if you were mine --

reallymine, I mean --

mine for keeps...

I'd take what little love
I could get

and be grateful for it.

Lieutenant hazard!

Lieutenant hazard!

Kroger tunnelled
out of the guardhouse,

and that laundress, florita,
is missing with him.

The captain wants you
to take out a pursuit detail

to get the men
and the horses.

All right, thanks.


Forward, ho!


There are the bodies
of kroger and florita.


Tell captain gray
that we'll pursue the Indians

as long as we have
food and water.

Yes, sir!

All right, now,
take a good look at 'em.

That's gonna make
killing apaches a lot easier.

They were buried alive.

Those ants are eating
their brains out.

Murphy, cranshaw...
Bury 'em.


Dig 'em up and Bury 'em!

Sentry go!

Why aren't you on guard?

Cranshaw was on
second relief, sir.

I swear he didn't wake me.

Well, where is he?

He's gone.

Some of our canteens
are missing, sir.

Our water supply is low.

If we have another forced march,
we're in trouble.

Do you think you can go get him
and bring him back?!

Here they come, sir.

Sir, I know it looks fishy,
me ridin' off like this, but --

why did you run away?

I didn't run away.

I was on guard
and I heard this noise --

and you just went out
to investigate.

Yes, sir.
You see --

you damn lyin' deserter!

I'm filing charges
to that effect.

But what they did
to sarge and florita,

burying 'em in the sand
and those ants --

I couldn't stand thinkin'
about --


I couldn't stand thinkin'
about it.

I don't wanna die like that!

I don't want to die.

Sergeant, take charge
of the prisoner

until we get back
to the fort.

Yes, sir.

Saddle up!

Confine him
to the guardhouse!

Sir, the new C.O. arrived
yesterday -- major Prescott.

He wants you to report
right away.

Lieutenant hazard, sir.

Mr. Hazard, major Prescott.

Did you have
a successful mission?

Sir, I did not apprehend
the killers

of sergeant kroger
or the laundress,

or recapture the horses.

I've confined --

lieutenant, I'd prefer
you make your report in writing.

Oh, Jessica.

Mr. Hazard,
my wife Jessica.

How do you do,
Mrs. Prescott?

I've been looking forward
to meeting you, Mr. Hazard.

Thank you very much.

By your leave, sir,
I'll turn in my report.

Yes, lieutenant.

Why didn't you tell him?

And spoil the surprise?

sometimes you're impossible.

Well, I lose again.

Don't cut yourself.


Well, uh,
w-what a surprise.

Matt, darling.

I hardly recognized you.

You don't keep very tidy
around here.

Well, uh, it wasn't exactly
a tidymission we were on.

I suppose I should have
given you some warning,

but mother was visiting friends
in Philadelphia,

and I just up and left.

You didn't tell her?

I wired her
from Kansas City.

Well, goodness gracious, Matt,
say something!

A girl ought to be complimented
on facing up to hardships!

Well, it, uh, it is difficult
for a woman out here.

My picture.

I guess your mind
didn't stray toofar from me.

Well, it, uh,
it sure brightened up things.

Now that'smy Matt talking.

You know, you're just too ideal
to go to waste, Matt.

Why, there's no commission
in this whole army

too good for Matt hazard.

Now you're trying
to change my career.

Well, it's my right.

Laura, I want you
to forget about that.

You may find that, uh,

you might be getting
into something

that you don't know about.

Why? This old rattletrap camp
won't last forever.

Well, it's, uh,
it's not exactly that.

It's that, uh,
you may find i'm, uh,

I'm not quite the same.

All right, if you want
to put yourself on trial,

I'm sure the prescotts
won't mind the general's niece

staying with them
for a spell.

It's good politics.

I'll go
and let you clean up.

You're expected at headquarters
for dinner tonight.

First I've got to turn in
my report.

Oh, all right,
but don't be late.

Mrs. Prescott wants to
talk over the arrangements.


Mm-hmm. She says there's
a Spanish mission up the valley

with a priest.

Oh. Oh, wonderful,

[ Sighs ] So...

My husband feels we couldn't
possibly go to that mission now.

The apaches would simply love
to attack a wedding party.

Goodness gracious!

I wouldn't want Matt
all shot up

before the honeymoon.

Be patient, my dear.
You'll get him.

Yes, ma'am --
patient as a cat with a mouse.

I don't reckon anyone's going
to try to snatch him away,

excepting that otherkitty.

Not kitty mainwaring?

That's the kitty.

[ Knock on door ]

Oh, that must be
Mrs. Mainwaring now.

Oh, Mrs. Mainwaring,

I believe you and miss Greenleaf
are acquainted.

Why, yes, we are.

Oh, goodness,
I forgot the cookies.

Laura, will you pour
for Mrs. Mainwaring, please?

Yes, ma'am.

I think we first met
at fort Porter, didn't we?


I was just telling Mrs. Prescott
how charming you are.

Thank you, Laura.

You've blossomed into
a lovely young woman yourself.

I'm obliged such a lovely lady
thinking so.

Attention to orders!

I wouldn't watch that
if I were you.

No? You make it sound

Major Prescott:
Special order number 284.

Having been duly tried
and convicted

of violation of article four-six
of the articles of war,

private cranshaw,

for having abandoned his post

while on sentry duty
in the field,

is hereby ordered
to be formally degraded

in public formation

by stripping from his uniform
all marks and insignia,

and ordered to be branded

with the recognized Mark
of a deserter,

and dishonorably discharged
from the United States army,

by order of brigadier general
h.B. Smith, commanding.

Take his coat off.


My Matt...

Nothing will ever stop him.

Does my heartlessness
shock you?


When I married the army,
I married all of it...

The good andthe bad.

Yes, you aremarried,
aren't you?

Wounded man comin' in!

It's Peterson!

He went after the remounts
with lieutenant mainwaring.

What happened to the rest
and the 40 horses?

You find out, lieutenant.

Good afternoon,
Mrs. Mainwaring.

Hello, Laura.

They've been gone for days.

I'd hoped
they'd be back by now.

I guess it doesn't do much good
to watch for him.

It keeps you
from going crazy.

Yes, I see what you mean.

You've been married
a considerable time,

haven't you?

It seems that way.

Kind of a veteran?

There's no need to curtsy.

Of course not.

What I mean is, I have
a lot to learn in a hurry,

and maybe I can learn
from you.

What do you think about
when he's out there?

You hope he'll come back.

That's the terrible part,
isn't it?

You never really know.


What do you think about?

I can even tell you
what hethinks about --

duty, career, ambition.

You name all the proud words
and you've got it.

We're talking about
the same man,

aren't we,
Mrs. Mainwaring?

Matt hazard!

I'm talking about the sum total
of a soldier --

Teddy, Matt, my father.

The whole blessed bunch of them
and the things they die for.

Oh, yes.
I'm sorry.

I've been kind of getting
the idea

that you've had just
onetoo many men on your mind.


Forward, ho!


It's lieutenant mainwaring.

The rest of 'em
are in here, sir --

burned to a crisp.

assign a burial detail.

Yes, sir.
Horton, sweeney, drop out!

Burial detail.

Forward gallop!


[ Apaches chanting ]

[ Chanting continues ]

[ Gunshots ]

[ War cries ]

[ Gunshots continue ]

[ War cries continue ]

Come on!
Keep it going!

Come on!

Hah! Come on!



That's quite a haul --
remounts andindian ponies.

Yeah. Ranch horses, too,

and the brands
are burned off.

How about lieutenant mainwaring
and his outfit?

Lieutenant and all the men.

I was afraid of that.

His poor wife.

What are they waiting for
in Washington --

war eagle to ride down
Pennsylvania Avenue?

This is one report
I'll make sure they read.

I'll send it to general quait
at fort Porter.

You get some rest
before you write it up.

I'll break the news
to Mrs. Mainwaring.

Kitty, I...Should've come
sooner, but I...

I know.

You have a drink?

Teddy would have
offered it to you.

I never thought
I'd see the day

that I'd appreciate
seeley's whiskey.

You need it.

I didn't sleep.

No, neither did I.

Hm. My only legacy
from Teddy.

Where will you...
Go from here?

I'll try not to look back
too much --

shed the false years
and try to be myself.

What about you?



Truth is,
I'd like to rough up

your little miss peachfuzz.

Kitty, don't.

No, I won't.

Mail wagon will be leaving
in two weeks.

When it goes,
I'll be on it.

Don't touch me...


[ Trumpet plays reveille ]

[ Reveille continues ]

Major Prescott: Sentry,
how the devil did that camp

get set up there without
somebody giving the alarm?

I don't know, sir.

It's been up there
all night?

I don't know, sir.

Two stars
on the pennant.

Major general
Alexander upton quait,

or I'll eat my horse.

Don't just stand there!

Rainey, blow reveille!

Into uniform.
We'll have to pay our respects.

There'll be hell to pay
for this.

All right, into uniform!

On the double!

Get going!

Good morning, major.

I'm captain brinker of
the judge advocate's office --

acting adjutant
to general quait.


One of the general's old friends
is inside paying his respects.

He'll be with you
in a moment.

[ Speaking apache language ]

My regards for your alertness,
white cloud.

The only person
in sleepy fort delivery

to use the eyes in his head.

Intelligens Maximus de ominis.

Capt. Brinker: General quait,
sir, this is major...

Prescott, sir.

Captain gray.
Lieutenant hazard.

Anxius et ententus agere,

which you may recall
from your tacitus.

I translate it to mean "always
active, never impulsive."

How do you do, gentlemen?

Captain gray, tell me,
when was the last time

that fort delivery
was attacked

by an unchallenged enemy
at night?

Sir, we've never
been attacked at night.

The opportunities for an enemy
would seem to be enormous.

I should think an army outpost
a hundred miles from nowhere

with no sentries on duty
would be as inviting to an enemy

as it is astonishing to me.

Captain brinker, a copy
of my orders, please.

I shall read only the pertinent
sections, gentlemen.

Please, do listen carefully.

"You will proceed
to fort delivery,

"territory of Arizona.

"There to conduct
an official inquiry

"into illegal and prejudicial
actions and activities

"resulting in abuse of persons

"and destruction and theft
of property

"perpetrated or authorized
by elements of that command.

Signed, the secretary of war."

At least your presence here

saves me the inconvenience
of summoning you to the inquiry.

An inquiry, sir?

Yes. It will proceed
as soon as my guests arrive.

[ Chanting ]

Guests? Chiricahuas?

Guests of the inquiry,

Shall we be seated,

The hearing will come to order.

Major hiram Prescott.

Sir, I have been authorized
by general quait

to waive formalities.

Major Prescott, did you, on
the 24th day of September last,

issue certain orders
to one of your officers

for an operation
in the field?

I did, sir.

Who was that officer?

Second lieutenant
Matthew hazard.

I have here certain papers

which you forwarded
through channels --

your original orders,

his report on his mission
in the field.

Tell me, major, were there
any other orders given verbally

which you have not detailed
in your report?

No, sir.

You did not order
lieutenant hazard

to fire a section of the prairie

and return to this post
with a hundred stolen horses?

No, sir.

I refer to certain Indian ponies

to the chiricahua nation.

Did you, sir, order the theft
of those horses?

Of course not, sir!

When an officer in the field
is faced with --

then I am correct in assuming

that lieutenant hazard operated
beyond the scope of his orders?

No, sir,
you are notcorrect.

Did you order him to fire
a section of the prairie?

Sir, the general
knows perfectly well,

that action was necessary
in order to effect an escape.

Did you give him specific orders
for such an action?

No, sir.

Thank you, major.
That's all.

Captain gray, you were acting
commanding officer on that day.

Did you give any verbal orders
or instructions

to lieutenant hazard
to fire an artillery-round shot?

I did not, sir, but there were
extenuating circumstances, sir.

Thank you, captain.
That will be all.

And now Mr. Seeley Jones,
if you please.

Mr. Jones, would you tell US
your occupation, please?

I'm an honorable
and respected merchant

well-known in these parts.

I got a ranch, and I have taken
upon myself the job

of representative
of that great Indian nation,

the chiricahua apaches.

Did you recently
file a claim

against the government
of the United States of America?

Yes, sir, I did.

I filed one for myself

and I filed one
for my beloved friends

and their great chief,
war eagle,

who, unfortunately, was unable
to attend this meeting,

but he asked me
to come in his place.

The first claim,
in the amount of $6,000,

alleges that lieutenant hazard,
without cause,

did destroy a wagon
and the contents thereof

belonging to one
Mr. Seeley Jones.

You're damn right he did.

The second claim,
in the amount of $14,000,

alleges that part
of your ranch property

was burned off to an extent
of approximately 21 square miles

by troops under the command
of lieutenant hazard.

Well, actually,
it was more like 30 square --

that's a lie!
I burned some brush in a canyon.

That's enough, lieutenant.

The third claim,
in the amount of $15,000,

is made by Mr. Seeley Jones as
agent of the chiricahua Indians

for its loss
of a herd of horses

stolen by troops under the
command of lieutenant hazard.

Mr. Jones, I assume
that you have witnesses

to support these claims?

There they are.

Thank you, Mr. Jones.

I'd just like to say

that my own personal grievances
just come second

to seein' that
my beloved friends get justice.

Gen. Quait: Lieutenant, were you
responsible for the destruction

of Mr. Jones' wagon
and its contents?

I am, sir.

Are you also responsible
for the action of your troops

on September 24th last
for setting fire

to a section of the prairie?

Yes, sir.

And are you also responsible
for their actions in running off

a herd of Indian horses
on that same day?

I am, sir.

Thank you, lieutenant.
That will be all.

Sir, this is an outrage.

The circumstances of these
actions are what count.

In any fairtrial, provision
is made for an adequate defense.

this inquiry is ended.

Yes, but its consequences
are far from ended.

You gentlemen be so kind
as to wait for me in the tent

while I say goodbye
to my friends, the chiricahuas,

for their attendance.

Whose side is he on,
the apaches or ours?

[ Speaking apache ]

[ Singing in apache ]

You all know
what I have here.

That's the record
of the inquiry

in which seeley Jones
perjured himself.


I shall deal appropriately
with seeley Jones

all in good time.

Gentlemen, I was forced
to let you suffer

through a mock trial.

Yes. Otherwise,
my friends, the chiricahuas,

would have detected that you
were merely pretendingdistress.

It is my hope that they will
pass the word on to war eagle

that evil
will not be tolerated here,

neither from my people
nor from his own.

And perhaps
this will cool his ardor,

and he'll change his plan about
coming charging from Mexico

with his entire force.

He hassuch a plan?

Yes. My Indian reconnaissance
has so informed me.

His vanguard has already
crossed over the little river.

Capt. Gray:
Isn't it possible, sir,

that the information
could be a trap?

No. No, contrary to certain
opinions in Washington,

I have never found
an apache scout

to be faithless
of my trust in him.

A prime example
is chief white cloud.

White cloud is a chief?

Yes, and a very greatchief.

Back in the '70s,
when he was my principal enemy,

I learned more
from that one silent apache

than I learned
from all the cavalry experts

since genghis Khan.

he became my captive.

In time,
he learned to trust me.

And now...Now I shall face
war eagle again --

probably the greatest
guerrilla fighter

in the world today.

This, gentlemen, is my plan.

If you please.

I plan to bivouac
in brigade strength

just about here,
at the junction of the sa--

how dare you intrude
on a secret briefing?!

I'm not an Indian spy,
uncle Alex.

By Jupiter,
a whole tribe of Indians

could have come
creeping in here!

Where's my sentry?!
Don't I have a sentry --

well, gentlemen, I guess that
kind of evens the score, huh?

You may return to your post.

You'll hear from me
before the day is out.

Wait outside for me, Matt.

Uncle Alex won't mind.

Ye gods! Now she's
countermanding my orders!

Very well, lieutenant,
you may wait for her.

But while you're waiting,

you might ponder the perils
of civilian entanglements.

I brought you a jar of honey

and some of your favorite
soda biscuits.

Mm-hmm. What do you
want for them, Laura?

Why, nothing, uncle Alex.

This Matthew hazard,

this the one your mother's
been writing me about?

She wrote meshe was getting
in touch with you.

Your dear mother's hints
are about as subtle

as the blow from the tail
of an agitated dinosaur.

All we're asking
is a promotion for Matt,

and, well, maybe a transfer

to some nice post
not too far from home.

When are you leading him
to the scaffold, Laura?

Doesn't that just sound
like a mean, old bachelor?

When, Laura?

The day after tomorrow,
at the mission,

and I'm hoping you'll be around
to give me away.

Well, I'll, uh,
certainly think about it.

You're sweet, uncle Alex.


Goodbye, Matt.


Water the geranium, will you?

It's kind of an old friend.

I'll write to you.

No. You just be
a good soldier.


[ Trumpet plays fanfare ]

What is it, a drill?

Campaign orders.

Sergeant: Mount up!

There will scarcely be
a corporal as guard left here.


I tell you, Laura,

you miss a lot
not getting up for reveille.

They're off for bivouac.

Not Matt.
My wedding's tomorrow!

Laura, in the army,

there's never any certainty
of tomorrow.

I've got to find him.

Don't --


There's going to be
a delay.

How long
will you be gone?

I don't know.

Uncle Alex
did this to me!

As he once said
at the academy,

the army
is a jealous mistress.

And he loves her.
That's why he's an old bachelor,

and mean as sin, to boot!

Sergeant: Forward ho!

[ Apaches chanting ]

General quait,
many more horse soldiers --

bear mesa.

[ Speaking apache ]

War eagle has moved
across the border in strength.

White cloud
is continuing reconnaissance.

So, gentlemen,
that means that we move, too.

Possunt quia posse videntur.

They can conquer
who believe they can.

It's dryden out of Virgil,
I think.


[ Speaking apache ]

[ Speaking apache ]

It's an old apache maneuver.

War eagle's going to break up
his main strength,

deploy different parties
of warriors behind these hills.

Hope to catch US
in a cross-fire

as we come by
in full strength.

Well, we'll just
fight fire with fire.

Trumpeter, ho!


There comes the old fox now...

Trying to get US
to show our hand...

Wants US to believe that
that's his entire force.

[ Speaking apache ]

I won't bore you
with a translation

of war eagle's opinion
of the United States cavalry.

Let's move on
into that draw.

We'll regroup
and run them off.


Mr. Hazard,
you see that bluff?

Deploy to the rear of it
and try to make the Ridge.

Lt. Hazard:
I'll take the river crossing.

Some of them will chase me,
and I'll ambush them.

Fire on the right flank!


[ War cries ]


[ War cries ]

Hah! Hah! Hah!

Yah! Hah! Hah!

Hah! Hah! Hah!


Troop forward!

Carry out!

[ War cries ]

[ War cries ]

All right, mount up!

Let's get the hell out of here!

[ Trumpet plays fanfare ]

Deploy on the right flank!

Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Woo!

Woo! Woo! Woo-hoo!

Woo! Woo-hoo! Woo!

[ Speaking apache ]

Mount up!

Prepare to advance!

Lt. Hazard: We won the battle,
but it's not a victory.

War eagle can hide from US
below the border.

Veni, vidi, onn vinci.

I'll give you the colloquial
translation, gentlemen --

outfoxed again.

[ White cloud speaking apache ]

Major Prescott's.

Yes. Thank you.

A fine soldier
and a gentleman...

But a damned useless

Soon, war eagle
will again be secure

in his stronghold
in the Sierra madres.

We -- we've accomplished

How many more lives
must I expend?

An entire brigade?

In a mountain campaign
that might prove endless?

No. No, I have in mind
a new design.

Sit down, hazard.

There is an instrument
in human affairs

which has not yet been used
with war eagle.

It's called trust.

Yes, trust.

I've seen it work
with white cloud.

We only want one man --
war eagle.

If we can bring him in,

the rest of his people
will follow.

And I propose to bring him in
with only one man.

Only oneman
to parley with him?

Iam that man.

But, sir, you're too --

I'm too old, too old
for the hardships involved?

Sir, yousaid that,
I didn't.

You belong to this new, young
generation of soft living.

Watch this.


All right, you make a spectacle
of yourself if you want to.

No, sir. I'm saving myself
for what's ahead.

Oh. Sic transit juveniles.

Very well, Mr. Hazard.
The job is yours.

And at worst,
you could possibly wind up

with a happier afterlife

than an existence
with Laura and her mother.

If, by any chance,
I run into seeley Jones,

am I permitted to shoot him?

Absolutely not.
This is a peaceful mission.

White cloud
will be your guide,

and somewhere out there,
in the mountains of Mexico,

you'll find war eagle.

When you do,
you'll give him this,

and he will know
that you've come from me,

because this was
his gift to me long ago,

before I put him
on the reservation.

White cloud will need
some sense of power

as well as your own,

so I'm promoting him
to the rank of sergeant.

When we come back,
where will you be?

I'll proceed to the river.

I'll wait there for you
one month, no longer.

You mean
at the littleriver?

Words you once said
at west point.

Oh, yes. You know, Mr. Hazard,
a man is not a man

who would permit his people
to die needlessly.

Would that be
from the Latin, sir?

No. No, that's
from Alexander upton quait.

Mr. Hazard, I have
a certain persuasive approach

you might use
in talking to war eagle.

You'll be my voice.

Come on in,
we'll talk about it.

Yes, sir. I've studied
the apache language.

I'll understand it.

[ Shouting in apache ]


I search for war eagle.

I come from general quait.

And he knows you.

Your surrender.

If I do not return,
general quait will find you,

and you will be dead,
and all your people.

But if you surrender
to general quait,

you will live a long time.

No. You will take your people
to the border

where general quait
awaits you.

You will not be punished.

By his word, you will live
on your own land,

on your own reservation
in Arizona.

And I promise
that I will protect you,

and give you food
and clothing.

You will live in peace,
and you will remain their chief.

Because you must trust me.

Because I'm here.
Because I trusted you.

No. He is not a fool.

A man is not a man who lets his
people die when it is hopeless.

These are your children.

Will you let them die because
of the anger in your heart?

Be like a father
who loves his sons.

Tell them to live.

You must trust my promises
and surrender.

We will camp down the mountain.

By the time the sun comes up,
I want your answer.

You'll never get away with it,

[ Speaking apache ]

Those days are over.

That's right, war eagle...

Let's take your people home.


Yes, sir.

Major Miller.
Is this war eagle?

Yes, sir.
Where's general quait?

He's being replaced.
I'll accept their surrender.

All right, move 'em out!

Now wait a minute! These people
have had a hard trip.

People? Are you
calling them people?

It fits them better
than some whites I've seen.

You better watch out
what you're saying, lieutenant.

I simply was saying
that they need food and rest

or they'll be dropping
on the trail.

And they'll be the good ones --
the ones that are dead.

The others will get
all the rest they need

on their way to Florida.

What do you mean

They've made their last rampage
in Arizona.

Now the chief goes
and so does he.

That's an army scout!

He's an Indian, isn't he?

I've made them promises.
Where's general quait?

At fort delivery.

You know, it seems to me,

that you should show
a lot more respect

for a superior officer
who has come up from the ranks.

With you, it's all academy.

No, sir.
It's strictly the individual.

I was going to commend you
for a job well done.

Well, you sure
changed my mind.

By your leave, sir, I'll be
returning to fort delivery.

You stinking Indian lover.

Maybe we ought to pass the hat
and get enough money

so you can open
a cigar store.

Maybe so, sir.

Hah! Hah!

Where's general quait?

He went east
about a week ago,

taking his niece
and Mrs. Prescott with him.

I've been taking care
of the damned geranium.

What's the matter, lad?
You don't look well.

That's strange.

Nothing aside from
betraying the Indians

and slugging
a superior officer

and losing my girl.


How are you?

I don't know.

I think I'm in real trouble
this time.

Yes, I kind of think so.

I have here
your special orders

to report to the department
in Washington.

You're to be there
by the 15th of this month.

You ought to grab a fresh horse
and keep on going.

Captain, if you hear
of a real good civilian job,

would you let me
know about it?

I will not.
I'd take it myself.

Well, lieutenant.

General. I'd like to tell you
my side of this.

Yes. Yes, I was very unhappy

leaving you in those
unfriendly hands at the border.

Then I got wind
of that shameful Indian policy,

and I rushed back here
to make a fight of it...

With negative results,
I might add.

Sir, I deeply regret
the Miller incident.

As I stated in my report,

the fellow's always falling
off his horse

due to habitual intoxication,
I've no doubt.

I've never hit a drunk
in my life.

Lieutenant, how did you
enjoy your train ride?

All the way from Tucson
to Washington, D.C. in 10 days.

That's amazing.

Mr. Secretary...

I have the pleasure
to bring before you

my most able
subordinate officer,

lieutenant Matthew hazard.

Lieutenant Matthew hazard.

Soon to be captain,
eh, general?

Delighted to have you
with US, lieutenant.

I believe we may now proceed.

"Second lieutenant
Matthew hazard, sixth cavalry,

"having proved his selfless
devotion to duty

"in an extraordinarily
arduous mission

"calling for utter disregard
to personal safety,

"directly leading
to a capitulation

"of the last enemy
among the western tribes

"and the consequence saving
of many lives

"by bringing the Indian wars
to a conclusion,

"is hereby, with the approval of
the president and the congress,

"granted the highest
military award

"within the gift
of this nation,

"the congressional
medal of honor,

"with all the rights
and privileges

thereunto appertaining."

My congratulations,

Mr. Secretary...

I was not alone in Mexico.

The man who made possible
what we did

is an apache scout
in the United States army.

His name
is sergeant white cloud.

He's now a prisoner in Florida.

Mr. Secretary,
he has been betrayed

by the United States army,

and I'm appealing to you
for his immediate release.

Lieutenant, if we differentiated
among these people,

we could never stop.

However, your concern
does you credit.

And now --

you will have my resignation
within the hour.

And here, Mr. Secretary,
is myresignation.

I can only ask
our honored guests

to accept my deepest apologies
for this unfortunate incident.

That will be all.
Thank you.

Not quite all, Mr. Secretary,
if you please.

Will you gentlemen of the press
be kind enough

to wait for a few moments
in the adjoining chamber?

We shall have a further very
important statement to make.

You wouldn't want to go to press
without allthe news, would you?

Thank you.

Lieutenant, you will wait for me
in the anteroom.

Oh, Matt.

Have you lost your mind?

I'm just beginning
to get it back.

All this fuss
over some dirty old Indian.

Mother is expecting you
and uncle Alex.

Maybe we can talk some sense
into both of you.

Wait a minute, Laura.

that took great courage.

Stick to your guns,

May I shake your hand?

And he's so young.

And handsome.

Yes. Yes. It is imperative

that I speak with
president Arthur personally.

[ Buzzes ]

These newfangled knickknacks.

And as for you, general,
this is blackmail.

You're holding those newspaper
people over my head.

I still have two very good
weapons at my command --

the free press
and the American voter.

Speak plainly.

You demand the return
of those Indians to Arizona.

No, no, no.
Not me, Mr. Secretary.

I've had my day.

A newnational hero
demands their return.

The medal of honor.

You know, I've always wanted
one of these.

And another thing, general,

I won't accept either one
of these resignations.

Well, I should certainly
hope not, Mr. Secretary,

with my retirement pension
starting next year.



President Arthur?

Yes, sir. Yes, yes.

Well, sir, there's been a...
A slight hitch

with the medal of honor

Slight hitch.
Allow me, Mr. Secretary.

Hello, Chester.
Yes, Alex here.

Fine, fine. You? Good.

Yes. A, uh, quite a charming
soiree last night, wasn't it?

Yeah. No, I'm glad to see
you getting out more.


Now, listen, Chester.
Listen very carefully.

You're in one hell of a mess
with those Indians.

[ Plays fanfare ]

Soldier: Atten-tion!

Captain hazard,
it's not within my province

to command you
to accept the decoration.

However, I should like once more
to requestthat you do.

My position remains the same
as it was at Washington, sir.

For your information,

the chiricahua apaches
are now on their way

to the reservation.

And as for white cloud
and war eagle...

[ Shouts in apache ]

And now, sir,
would it disrupt

the commanding officer's

if I were to invite myself
to dinner on such short notice?

Not at all, sir.
My wife is an old army squaw.

Beg pardon, sir,

the troop would like
to pay their respects

to the captain and his lady.

Thank you, sergeant.

Present sabers!

Three cheers for the captain
and his lady.


Hooray! Hooray!Hooray! Hooray!


Hooray! Hooray!Hooray! Hooray!


Hooray! Hooray!Hooray! Hooray!