A Distant Thunder (1978) - full transcript

The second film, A Thief in the Night being the first, A Distant Thunder continues the story of Patty, a young woman living in the "end times" referred to in biblical prophecy. This action suspense thriller finds Patty living as a fugitive, trying to hide from the ever increasing evil around her. Relentlessly pursued and finally captured by the forces of UNITE, she is given a choice: Either receive "the mark" or face death.

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♫ We are one in the spirit,
we are one in the Lord

♫ We are one in the spirit,
we are one in the Lord

- [Narrator] The motion
picture you are about

to experience is fiction,
the prophecy is not.

The producers of this
film are not prophets,

they are drawing to your attention

what God has said in his word,

this film is based upon many references

in the books of Daniel and Revelation

and upon the following
biblical prophecies.

From Thessalonians, "for the
Lord himself shall descend

"from heaven with a shout

"and the dead in Christ shall rise first.

"Then we which are alive and remain

"shall be caught up together
with them in the clouds,

"to meet the Lord in the
air," and from Matthew,

"For then shall be a great tribulation,

"such as was not since
the beginning of the world

"to this time, no, nor ever shall be."

♫ And we pray that our unity
may one day be restored

♫ And you'll know we are
Christians by our love

♫ By our love you shall know
we are Christians by our love


- Oh Patty.

Do it now, please,

before it's too late.

None of us could go
through this without you.

You can do it Patty, please you've got to.

- Is she okay?

- She's just scared.

- Are you her sister?

- No Sandy's my sister, I'm Wenda Johnson,

Patty and I used to live
next door to each other.

- I see.

Hey we're all scared, but try
not to think about it okay?

- I can't.

- Yes you can just put
your thoughts on the Lord.

- The Lord, is he gonna help you tomorrow?

- [Wenda] She doesn't believe.

- [Man] How did you end up here?

- [Patty] 'Cause one
of my so called friends

ratted on me that's how.

- Oh Patty you don't know that.

- [Patty] I do know that.

- Who?

- I don't know who.

It could've been you Wenda.

- Patty if you're not a believer

and it doesn't seem like you want to be,

don't you realize you
don't even have to be here?

Just take the mark.

- She knows what will
happen if she does that.

- Well heaven forbid
anyone would take the mark,

but if you're not a believer.

- She's been trying, desperately.

- Look Patty, let's pray right now.

You can ask God to forgive you.

- I can't.

- Yes you can, you've got to.

- I'm afraid.

- Patty don't you realize
what will happen to you

if you refuse to receive Christ?

- Don't you think I know that?

- Then you've got to do it now.

- Come on, do you expect me to love a God

that has caused all these
hideous things to happen?

If God really loved me,

then why am I having
to go through all this.

- Patty these days of tribulation

are God's way of letting
evil destroy itself.

If you turn your back on
God now you'll be destroyed.

- Paul said in second
Thessalonians 2:11 and 12,

"and for this cause God shall
send them strong delusion,

"that they should believe a lie,

"that they all might be damned
to believe not the truth,

"but in pleasure and righteousness."

- What does that mean?

- It means Patty that some
people will say no to the truth

and refuse to believe it.

Now God will allow that,

but he's going to judge
those people accordingly.

- To choose for Christ Patty

means to spend eternity with him.

- It's your choice.

- You call that a choice?

I'm either going to be executed tomorrow

or if I take the Lord then
something even worse later

and that is God's choice?

- Look why don't you all
just leave her alone.

Maybe she'll feel better in the morning.

- Hey Sandy the time for
putting this off is over.

Patty, do you have any idea

who's responsible for putting you in here?

- What difference does it make?

- Maybe none,

but if you tell us how you got here

it'll take your mind off tomorrow,

and it might change your attitude.

- Talking is gonna change my attitude?

- No listen I'm trying to help you,

would you let me do that?


- Well,

it started,


it started about four years ago,

the night that Jim my husband
received Christ as his savior.

That night I had a horrible dream,

I dreamt that all the
Christians were taken away

and in my dream I woke up

and Jim was gone and I was left behind.

(dramatic militaristic music)

- [Radio Announcer] Radio
News Seven, confusion--

- [Patty] And when I
woke up the next morning

the nightmare had actually
come true and Jim was gone.

- [Radio Announcer] Second only
to perhaps the days of Noah

and the flood, mass hysteria,
confusion, shock, panic,

the only way to describe
how people are acting.

Everybody is speculating as
to this morning's events,

but no one really knows.

Whatever it was its
happened all over the world

and we who are left don't know

if we are the survivors or the victims.

In summary, most people
are shocked, many grieved

and some find the whole thing exciting.

Looters having a field day,

police too busy with rescue operations

to even bother to keep order.

Some think it may be a
mass kidnapping, UFO's,

whatever it was that really happened.

The reality of it all is
too big too comprehend.


(engine starting)

Five people were killed in that mishap.

Many people have taken their own lives

when they discovered
children were missing.

Adding to the problem of
the countless casualties

is the confusion, the missing doctors,

nurses and police officers
and other support people

who could otherwise be
called into service.

We talked earlier to a
pastor of a suburban church,

a Dr. Alan Reed, Dr.
Reed what in your opinion

happened at approximately
9:50 this morning,

what caused this holocaust?

I've heard the word rapture mentioned

by some religious leaders while
some, most in fact disagree,

many say the word is not
even found in the Bible.

Doctor if in fact it was a
rapture what does this mean

and is it mentioned in the Bible?

- [Reed] Well yes and no,

you see the word rapture
is not found in the Bible,

rapture means to be quickly
removed or caught up.

First Thessalonians 4:17 reads,

"then we which are alive and remain

"shall be caught up together
with them in the clouds

"to meet the Lord in the air,

"and so shall we ever be with the Lord."

You see Christ promised
to return in the clouds

and quickly receive up to himself the dead

and the living in Christ.

- [Radio Announcer] If
those who believe in Christ

were taken why sir are you still here?

- [Reed] You see until it
happened I believed that Jesus

was only a great teacher
but not actually the savior.

- [Radio Announcer] Whatever
the cause it has happened,

there is nothing anyone
can do now to change--

- [Patty] I guess you
turn to your best friend

when you're in trouble
so I went to Jenny's

telling myself this whole thing

was just some sort of crazy nightmare.


- [Radio Announcer]
Somewhere there is an answer,

but where?

According to government officials

the problem is to restore order.

Several top positions in Washington

as well as other great
world nations are missing,

severely damaging the chains of command.

Reports filtering in from China--

(gospel music)

♫ Know that Jesus will come again someday

- "Therefor be also ready,

"for in such an hour as you think not

"the son of man cometh,"

it'll happen just that quick Patty,

the Bible says, "like
a thief in the night."

- Jenny I believe that God is love

and it really upsets me
when people go around

scaring everybody with all
this Jesus coming in the clouds

and tribulation stuff, that's
what I hate about religion,

God makes all these elaborate
plans to send us all to hell.

- Patty, God made a perfect
plan that none should perish,

he sacrificed his own son
to keep you from hell.

- Well I'm glad it works for you Jenny.

I don't know, it just
seems like, what's that?

- [Jenny] Oh this is a tribulation map.

- What's it for?

- It tells you about all the things

that can happen after the rapture.

- Can I keep this?

- Sure.

- I'd kinda like to send this to my granny

and see what she thinks about it.

- Oh listen, when I'm
finished with this book

you've just gotta read it.

There's a really neat paragraph in here.

Here it is,

"other's will gather around
them a great number of teachers

"to say what their
itching ears want to hear.

"People will be lovers of
themselves, lovers of money,

"boastful, proud, abusive and
whole list of other things."

- That's sure happening today.

- Well the Bible also says
that when these things happen

the believer can look for the blessed hope

and redemption for the
Christian draws nigh.

(suspenseful music)

(disconnected phone signal buzzing)

(suspenseful music)

- Granny!


(suspenseful music)



Granny, are you up there?


(disconnected phone signal buzzing)

(suspenseful music)


(disconnected phone signal buzzing)

No no no!

I hate you,

I hate you!

I hate you.


(suspenseful music)

I found the tribulation
map I had sent to Granny.

I remember the day Jenny
had given it to me.

I had read parts of it

but at that time I thought it
was just all science fiction.

That day in Granny's
bedroom I read every word.

Only this time it was like
reading the daily news.

The map reminded me of the
night Granny came to our church

to hear an evangelist speak on prophecy.

- The day is coming when the
believers in Jesus Christ

will disappear.

After this mysterious disappearance,

better known as the rapture,

the great tribulation will begin

and the people who receive Jesus Christ

during this tribulation period will find--

- [Patty Narrating] I didn't
believe him then either.

- The things that take for granted today,

such as buying food and clothing,

having a job, having a family life,

all of these things will be very difficult

during the tribulation period.

Don't put off receiving Jesus Christ

as your Lord and savior.

You could wake up some morning

and find out that the
rapture has taken place.

The Bible teaches a great deal
about the tribulation period,

it talks about the seven seals

and the seven great judgements of God

that will be poured out upon this world.

Let's look for a few
moments at these seven seals

that will be opened during
the tribulation period.

The first seal was opened
and a white horse came out

and the rider of the white horse

had a bow and a crown on his head,

this represents the Antichrist
coming into the world.

The second seal was opened
and a red horse came out.

The rider of the red horse

was given power to take
peace from the Earth.

The third seal was opened
a black horse came out

and the rider of the black horse

had a pair of balances in his hand.

He represents a widespread
famine caused by a great drought.

Even today we can see signs
of our planet drying up,

water levels getting lower and lower

in many parts of our country.

The fourth seal was opened
and a pale horse came out

and the rider of the pale horse was death

and he was given power to destroy
a fourth part of the Earth

by hunger and by sword and by beast.

The fifth seal was opened

and John wrote, "I saw the
souls of the Christian believers

"that were killed during
the tribulation period.

"These people were killed
for keeping God's word,"

and when the sixth seal was opened

there was a great earthquake,
the sun turned black,

the Bible said, "that the
moon became like blood,"

and when the seventh seal was opened

the Bible says that there was a silence

for the period of about 30 minutes.

This was probably the
calm before the storm

because after this silence was over

the seven great judgements of God

were poured out upon this world.

Well these are terrible
things and the Bible teaches

that these things are
actually going to happen

and if you find yourself going through

the tribulation period
it's your fault not God's,

"for God so loved the world
he gave his only begotten son.

"That whosoever believith
in him should not perish

"but have everlasting life."

The wages of sin is death,

but the gift of God is eternal
life through Jesus Christ.

(suspenseful music)

- [Patty Narrating] Oh,

how I used to love going to Granny's,

I couldn't believe that she was just gone.

- [Granny] Well you understand don't you

that Jesus will come and take
his own in the rapture and--

- [Patty] Yeah, you told me all that.

- Well after the rapture
a world leader will emerge

as a hero, he will be most
convincing yet deceiving,

but people will love him.

- Will he be the beast?

- For the first three and a half years

he will appear to be a savior, a hero,

miraculously solving world problems,

but in the middle of the
seven years tribulation

the evil becomes apparent in him.

- Well what about the mark?

- Open my Bible honey

and to Revelation chapter 13 verse 16.

- 'Kay, 13:16.

"And he causes all, both small
and great, rich and poor,

"free and bond, to receive
a mark in their right hand,

"or in their foreheads and
that no man might buy or sell

"save he that had the mark
or the name of the beast

"or the number of his name."

Does that mean people will
have to wear the mark?

- Oh my yes, people can't buy
food or clothes or anything,


- Well that sounds like Dad's credit card.

- Well now to a lot of people

it will seem like a
new type of credit card

and people will welcome it.

- Well what about the people

who don't want to take the mark?

- The only people who won't want the mark

are those who become believers

and a lot of those will
be killed by the beast

or the Antichrist.

- You mean that a person
can become a Christian

after the rapture?

- The 144,000 sealed
missionaries from Israel

will be responsible for leading multitudes

to receive Christ as their messiah.

- Well what happens to the
people who take the mark?

- Oh look up Revelation,

I believe it's chapter 14, verse 10 or 11.

- 'Kay.

"The same shall drink,"
that's not it, okay 11 says,

"and the smoke of their
torment ascendeth up

"for ever and ever and they
have no rest day nor night,

"who worship the beast and his image,

"and whosoever receiveth
the mark of his name."

- So the time to receive
Jesus Christ is now, not then.

- Granny whatever happened to God is love

that you and grandpa always taught us?

- God is love honey, but he is also holy

and he hates sin

and he cannot allow sin in his
presence or in his kingdom.

- [Patty] but we all sin.

- That's right, and we deserve judgement,

but God loves us so much
he sent his son Jesus

to die for our sin as full payment

and offers life eternal for
anyone who believes Christ

and wants him as their savior.

- [Patty Narrating] Well I don't know,

maybe someday all this Revelation,

tribulation stuff will make sense.

I couldn't afford to keep
up the mortgage payment

so I decided to move to Granny's.

Wenda and Sandy didn't want to stay alone

so they decided to stay with me

until Wenda's husband Johnny
came home from the service.

It was awful, when it
happened Jim was taken

and so was Wenda's 18
month old daughter Deana.

The mail hadn't been delivered
since that dreadful day

and so not hearing from Johnny

made Wenda's hell worse than mine.


About a week after the rapture
we had all but given up.


- Patty where have you been?

- We've called.

- [Diane] We come over,
no one's ever home,

why didn't you call us?

- I'm sorry Diane.

- Patty did we do something?

- You might think that this is silly,

but I had a terrible dream, I was running,

I was running on top of
the dam and going nowhere.

- Well what were you doing at the dam?

- Meeting you and Diane,
you were going to help me,

but you had the mark of the beast.

- The mark of the beast?

- You remember at the picnic

Jenny's boyfriend told us about--

- Oh yeah.

- At the end of my
dream you pushed me off.

- But Patty it was only a stupid dream.

- This is funny, you getting
angry at us over a dream.

- Yeah well that stupid dream came true.

- I know but the part

where I pushed her off
the damn didn't happen.

I mean can you imagine me
pushing Patty off Red Rock Dam,

that's ridiculous.

- Yeah, but I dreamt that Jim

and millions of other
Christians just disappeared

and when I woke up the next morning

everything that I had
dreamt had come true.

- Patty.

- Are you telling us that Jim?

Gee I'm sorry Patty,
but I want you to know

that we're the last people in the world,

who'd do anything to hurt you.

- Please we have to go.

- But Patty where are you going?

- We don't know where.

- Will you at least call?

- Yes I promise I'll call.

- Is there anything we can do?

- No thank you.

- Can you believe that?

- This whole thing is unreal.

- Are you alright Patty?

- Yeah I'm okay.

Look the mailman.

- Get mine too.

- Okay I will.

Thank you.

Look, a letter from
Johnny, can you believe?


- Hurry and read it before you leave me.


Well Wenda aren't you going
to read us your letter?

- No because I always
save the best for last,

let's see what else there is here.

Oh look an electric bill.

Here's a letter from mom and
dad, two from mom and dad.

- What are we stopping here for?

- Come on I want to show you
what happened in my nightmare.

See that railing right there.

That's where Jerry pushed me off.

- Well it was only a dream Patty,

try not to think about it anymore.

(suspenseful music)

- Let's just get out of here.

- Wenda are you ready to
read Johnny's letter now?

- She hasn't read the electric bill yet.

- Well you know I won't have
anything to look forward to,

but I think I'll skip the electric bill

and read that one last.

(calm music)

"Dearest Wendy," he always calls me Wendy.

- I don't know Wenda it's
getting pretty personal already,

are you sure you want to continue

with this torrid love letter?

- Well if it gets any
worse I'll stop okay?

"Dearest Wendy, October 22nd
is only five weeks away,

"but it seems like forever,

"I'll be coming home to
Travis Air Force Base

"in San Francisco about
the 21st for processing

"so I'll send you the plane
fair to California next pay day,

"for you and Deana to fly out.

"I can't wait to see you both,

"I also have some fantastic news,

"me and one of the guys I work with

"have been going to these
meetings on the base

"and last night I received Jesus Christ

"as my personal savior," oh no, no!

- Good morning, today
you will be executed,

but this need not be,
according to the law,

those of you here should
never see another sun rise,

however I have good news for you,

our great brother Christopher

is so concerned with your
welfare and your future

that he has provided a way for you

to avoid going to your death.

All you have to do is get
up from where you are seated

and come forward and receive
your ID, it's painless,

much like the credit cards
you've used for many many years.

We don't want you to die,

brother Christopher
doesn't want you to die.

All you have to do is
get up and come forward

and receive your ID.

You will be given a mark
either on your forehead

or on your right hand.

Is there anyone here

who would like to go back to a loved one

who at this very moment may
be grieving over your fate?

Raise your hand.

Anyone, don't be
concerned with that person

sitting next to you and
what they might think,

this could be the most important
decision you'll ever make.

Do it now before it's too late.

For those of you who do
not wish to take advantage

of brother Christopher's generosity

your names will be
called throughout the day

in groups of four, at that
time you will be blindfolded

and you will be escorted
to the rear of the building

where your blindfold will be removed

and you'll be given one last opportunity

to receive the mark and
be returned to society.

Garth, William D.,

Baxter, Ethel,

Shaffer, William,

Graft, Donald F.

- Why would they take off the blindfold?

- Maybe for shock value.

It might make some change their mind.

- Patty don't let them talk
you into taking the mark,

no matter what, they
don't want you to die,

they want your soul,
and if you take the mark

all it will buy you is a couple of months

and then there'll come a time

when you're gonna want to die

and you're not going to be able to.

- Don't you think I want to?

- [Wenda] Then do it.

- Patty what happened next

as far as Jerry and Diane were concerned?

- I didn't trust them,

I kept telling myself
that it was only a dream,

but several parts of it
had already come true.

I didn't sever our ties completely though

because Diane worked for
the food ration board

and one day when I called her

she told me she could get extra food bars.

- Do you realize Diane

that this is the first fire
we've had since last March?

Hey, looky here folks, it says,
"men prophesy in Jerusalem."

I thought I heard a guy on TV say

that all the Christians were gone.

- Can I see that?

- Probably just a bunch of loonies.

- "Seemingly with supernatural powers

"two witnesses are busy preaching
repent, Jesus is coming."

- Jesus is coming?

I thought he was just
here a few months ago?

- They're talking about the second coming

when Christ comes back to
Earth after the tribulation

to reign for a thousand years.

- Oh, yeah of course.

- Listen to this, this is interesting.

It says, "the character
of their ministry"--

- Sounds like they're both characters.

- Would you be quiet and let her read?

- "The character of their
ministry is described

"as similar to that of Moses
and Elijah in that," wait,

"in that they have incredible power,

"although admittedly conjecture

"according to Rabi Rubin," somebody,

"I'm inclined to believe

"since it was prophesied in
Malachi four, five and six

"that Elijah would return

"before that great and
dreadful day of the Lord."

- Wow.

- Jerry how can you make fun of this?

- Moses and Elijah walking out
of the Bible into Jerusalem,

oh come on.

- It's almost as silly
as millions of Christians

just disappearing right off
of the face of the Earth.

- [Jerry] There's an explanation for that.

- That's right I believe
it's found in Matthew.

- I believe it's found
in yesterday's newspaper,


- Patty did you finish the whole article?

- No it didn't seem
like it was too popular

a subject at the time.

- Let's see, prophecy, Malachi,

day of Earth, okay it goes on,

"these two men have actually
had spectacular conversions

"of many thousands of Jewish young men

"in a brief period of time.

"These Jewish disciples are being trained

"for a world wide evangelistic effort

"according to Dr. Mark Collins
another theological authority

"Revelation seven speaks
of the 144,000 Israelites."

- If those theological
authorities are such authorities

how come they didn't go up with the rest?

That's what blows holes in this theory

that only the Christians went.

How come there's so many
religious people still here?

- Maybe they didn't believe
in UFO's. (laughing)

- Well just because you have
an understanding of the Bible

in your head doesn't necessarily mean

that you have Jesus in your heart.

- Ooh.

- Look at this, "July 16th,

"almost two months ago brother Christopher

"signed a pact with Israel
and the 10 nations."

- What does that mean?

- Well remember Patty when
the evangelist told us

that when that happened

it was the beginning of
the seven year tribulation?

- That's right.

- Hey come on girls this
isn't the end of the world.

- Maybe not, but I have feeling
we're gonna wish it was.

(tremendous exploding)

- [News Broadcaster] Pictures such as

this nuclear detonation
in Uganda three days ago

prove that world war is now sophisticated.

Religious leaders have
stated that today's events

were foretold in the Bible
thousands of years ago.

One religious leader quoted

Revelation chapter six verse four,

"and there went out
another horse that was red

"and the power was given
to him that sat thereon

"to take peace from the Earth

"and that they should kill one another

"and there was given
onto him a great sword,"

again the Bible haunts us with passages

that used to sit on dusty shelves,

now becoming screaming headlines.

- "And when he opened the third
seal I heard the beast say

"lo a black horse and he that sat upon him

"had a pair of balances in his
hand and I heard a voice say

"a measure of wheat for a penny

"and three measures of
barely for a penny,"

in other words a loaf of
bread for a day's wages.

My dear friends you are so few

because so many have preferred

to hear the Godless humanism
of the great world church.

It is a haunting agony to me

that some who sat under my preaching died

and entered eternal torment

because they had not
heard of the saving power

of the blood of the resurrected Christ.

Jesus said of one who leads
his little ones astray,

"it is better for him to hang
a millstone around his neck

"and drown him in the depths of the sea."

I tell you the scripture is true.

Paul declared that those who have heard

and neglected the Gospel

will be ensnared by a strong delusion.

If you continue to deny
the word of God as proof

your future holds terror,

but if you believe in Jesus Christ

and receive him as your savior

then your future will be
a spiritual inheritance,

eternity with Christ.

My friends,

the first seal,

the white horse and the pact
with Israel has come to pass.

The red horse has brought
us into world war,

the black horse has brought famine,

the next is death.

(suspenseful music)

Can you afford to wait any longer?

- You know what bugs me?

You have waited until now
to scare us out of our wits.

Why didn't you tell us all
this before it was too late?

- Patty do you have a Bible?

- Well yes.

- What does it say?

- What?

- Does it say that Christ
died for your sins,

does it say that if
you ask for forgiveness

and receive him into your
heart that you'll be saved?

- Yes.

- Then why are you blaming me?

- Because you could've preached it,

you never even talked about prophecy

and you even criticized the evangelist

for using scare tactics.

I would rather have
been scared into heaven

than have to go through this.

- You could have received Christ

the night the evangelist was
here, he gave an invitation.

- Well I might have if
I would have heard it

more than just once.

- Didn't you often say to me

that your grandmother
spoke to you about Jesus?

You're right in a way Patty I,

I am partly to blame.

I preached my own philosophy.

I love the security here.

People didn't want to be
threatened with the word of God

so I went along, but let me
say that if you had a Bible

and it conflicted with what I
as your preacher had to say,

then you should have challenged me

since I refused to preach the
word of God it was your duty

to find a church where
the Gospel was preached.

- Oh boy I just love horses.

- Who takes care of these horses?

- My uncle, they're his horses.

(horse whinnying)

- Oh look isn't he beautiful?

- [Patty] Sandy stay away
from that horse he's mean.

- He doesn't look mean, he's beautiful.

- Yeah well don't let him fool you,

he'll get your confidence and
then he'll try and kill you.

- [Wenda] Whose bridle is this?

- Okay that's Tony's,

why don't you just go ahead and take Tony?

- Okay.

- And why don't you take
Becky and I'll take Rhubarb.

(horse whinnying)

Okay ready? Let's go.
- Let's go.

- You know these are good,
but three times a day

and seven days a week?

- We're lucky we're eating
three times a day you guys

don't knock it.

- You know what I'd really like?

- Corn on the cob?

- More than that.

- What is more than corn on the cob?

- A nice big red juicy watermelon.

- Do you know what I would like?

- Half Patty's big red juicy watermelon?

- No I'd like a tiny
little green juicy grape.

- Just one?

- Next to a whole vineyard

of tiny green juicy little grapes.



(gospel music)

- Suddenly I feel a very strange peace.

- [Patty] Well all of the sudden I feel

like I want to get out of here.

- No wait Patty please, it's okay.

(gospel music)

♫ Your redemption's right now

Who are you?

- I come in the name of the father

and the son and the holy
ghost to minister onto those

who've not yet heard the
Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus said, "verily verily I say onto you

"except a man be born again

"he cannot see the kingdom of God."

In his word in John 3:16 Jesus said,

"for God so loved the world

"that he gave his only begotten son,

"that whosoever believeth
in him should not perish,

"but have everlasting life."

- I do believe.

What must I do to be born again?

- Admit you're a sinner,

that Christ shed his blood
and died for your sins,

that he was resurrected and is
truly the living son of God.

(gospel music)

- [Patty Narrating] I wanted
desperately to have the peace

that Wenda received that day,

but our friend never said
anything to me or Sandy.

Since gasoline is so scare

we would go as often as possible

away on the horses and have a Bible study.

(talking over each other)

- Please could I have something to eat?

- [Patty] We don't have any food.

- She's right we don't.


Where do you live?

- Wenda.

- I live in town.

- Is there some place I could meet you?

- I go to the park a lot.

- Wenda we don't have any extra food.

- Well I'll share some of mine.

What's your name?

- Jonathon.

- [Wenda] Johnathan what?

- Jonathon Niles.

- Well Johnathan Niles if
you can wait until tomorrow

I'll meet you in the park with something.

- Wenda.

- Yes?

- Did you ever go to church?

- I went sometimes as a little girl.

- Well why did you ask me
if I ever went to church?

- Well, I wanted to find out

if you believed that
Jesus was the messiah?

- I believe he was a fine teacher, do you?

- I also believe he was the
messiah, the giver of life,

the author of truth, and
the one who loved us so much

he went to the cross so you
and I could live forever

and be forgiven of our sins.

- I wouldn't go blabbing that
all around if I were you.

- Would you like to believe in Jesus

and have everlasting life?

- But I believe in God already you know.

- Well I believed in God
and I got left behind.

The devil believes in God.

Johnathan if I can get my friends to agree

would you like to come
to our house and stay?

- You won't tell anybody about it?

- No I won't.

I'll meet you here tomorrow
and let you know okay?

(thunder cracking)

- God is unfair.

- How do you figure that?

- Well I'm supposed to believe all sorts

of Sunday school fables about Moses

and Elijah walking around Jerusalem

and then Jesus comes back on a cloud

and shazam all the good guys are gone.

- Patty you know it almost seems

as if you're looking for reasons
to turn your back on God.

- I had some friends
whose little baby died

and they were Christians.

Now if God is so good

then why did he turn
against those who trust him?

- Patty, if you didn't already know

what this puzzle was going to look like

could you describe the whole scene

by this single piece or
any other single piece?

- Well if we ever get
this crazy thing together

we have to have all the pieces.

- Okay,

now suppose that this piece
was a trial in your life,

now it makes no sense by itself,

but in the overall plan it has a purpose.

God knows where each piece fits

and he wants each piece to fit perfectly.

Now you can either rely on him

to show you where the pieces fit

or you can follow your
own will and struggle.

- Sandy?
- Hmm?

- [Patty] Are you a believer?

- Why do you ask that?

- Oh that day in the meadow

when that man of God talked to Wenda,

he didn't say anything to me

and I got to thinking that maybe

it was because he knew I would say no,

but Sandy he didn't say
anything to you either.

(thunder cracking)

- You don't need to worry about Sandy

it's you that needs the help.

(thunder booming)

- What is going on out there?

- Surely we should get some
rain with all that racket.

(flames crackling)
(suspenseful music)

- Patty look there's
a barn that's on fire.

- The horses!

(horse whinnying)

(sirens blazing)

- Let's go with that 45.

(talking drown out by flames crackling)

Take her around this side,
take her around this side.

Okay give me water.

(talking drown out by flames crackling)


(wood rumbling)
(suspenseful music)

(horse whinnying)

- Oh no.

- [Sandy] The palomino.

- I thought you said
the stalls were locked?

- They were.

When we saw that horse loose

we couldn't help but think
of the pale horse of death.


it soon became as much a part
of our lives as breathing.

The radio and TV were
constantly reporting deaths

all over the world from
starvation, disease,

lack of water, heat and animal attacks,

and now it had hit wind in Sandy's family.

Their father died from heat exposure

when he got stranded without gasoline,

but life struggled on.

Bad news.

- Oh you can't get anymore food bars?

- I just heard on the radio

that Israeli missionaries
are being murdered.

- What?

Oh Patty.

- That's not even the worst of it.

- Oh no, the mark?

- That's right, they are
setting up clinics in churches

and schools and hospitals,
you guys know what that means?

Pretty soon they're gonna
be killing converts.

Wenda you're gonna have
to stay off the streets.

- Which means I have to quit my job.

- [Patty] That's right.

- [Wenda] What does that mean?

- Well it means we better be
really friendly with Diane

because in the next few weeks or so

we're not going to be
able to buy anything.

No gasoline, no clothes and no food.

Without that mark we're
totally on our own.

- Well did you get ahold of Diane?

- I did, that's the good
news, she has six boxes.


Yep, wait, plus--

- But if we go into
town to get them though

that's 10 miles round trip.

Do we have enough gas?

- Well that's what I wanted to tell you,

Jerry and Diane said that
they would meet me half way.

(dramatic militaristic music)

(tires screeching)

(suspenseful music)

(tires screeching)

(suspenseful music)

Get away from me!

- What's a matter with you are you crazy?

- Get your hands off of me.

- You almost got us both killed,

what is this don't touch me routine?

I used my gas to come out
here and give you food

that Diane practically has to steal

now what's with you huh?

- Let me see your hand.
- What?

- Let me see your hand.

Let me see the other side.

Jerry I'm sorry.

- Patty was is this
with the hands business?

- I told you a story once and
you laughed at me and now--

- You mean about the dam?

The dream where I pushed you off the dam?

No wonder you were frightened.

- Frightened isn't even the word for it.

- [Diane] Is everything okay up there?

- Everything is fine.

- What in the world was all that about?

- [Jerry] Patty thought that
we were trying to kill her.

- Have you lost your mind,
you almost got us killed.

- Do you remember the dream

she told us about a few years ago,

you know the one where you and I are--

- I don't believe it.

- Well you have to admit Diane
that under the circumstances

she had every right to be shook.

- I'm sorry, it's just that so many things

in my dream have already happened.

- We understand Patty but believe me

I'm not about to do anything
to bring harm to you, okay?

- Okay.

- Hargins, Raymond, L.,

Quincy, Alice.

- Patty are you telling me
you don't think it was Jerry

who was responsible for
putting you in here?

- No I don't think so.

(terrifying screaming)

(crying) Oh no.


- If only we knew what was on
the other side of that door.


- Doesn't she realize what she's doing,

how can anybody do that?

- You realize what she just did don't you?

- You know what I think I might make it.

- Oh Patty. (laughing)

- Praise the Lord.


Patty whatever happened
to Reverend Turner?

- That's sad, the last
time I saw Reverend Turner

was the day of that horrible
earthquake and storm.

- Truth.
- He was preaching.

- What is truth?

Now that I find truth you won't listen,

you just sit there.

Don't you want to know the truth?

You shy away from it like
rats in a dark corner.

I am here to tell you
that you must believe.

When one introduces onto a discussion

of the events that have happened

we must use God given common sense.

I come with truth

and I cannot get you to listen.

Hear me,

hear me.

I ask you to forgive me
for keeping this from you.

I'm here to help you, I know the truth.

(unnerving music)

- [Patty Narrating] He just
could not stand the guilt

and his mind couldn't.

Anyway I left to meet Sandy and Wenda.

(mysterious music)

It started to get dark really fast

and it was only in the
middle of the afternoon.

(unnerving music)


(wind howling)

(glass shattering)

(earthquake rumbling)



(rubble crashing)


(suspenseful music)

One night about a month later.

- Let's get out of here Wenda,

I'm gonna go crazy in this house.

- Sandy we can't go anywhere.

- Who's gonna see us in this little town?

- Well where do you want to go?

- Oh I thought we could
walk down to the park.

- I don't know it's going to
be dark in a couple of hours.

- Well then I'll go alone.

- Oh no you're not.

Johnathan where have you been?

I've been here everyday looking for you.

- Oh I've been doing alright.

- Well I wanted to tell you that it's okay

if you want to come stay at our house.

- Oh yes, can I come tomorrow?

- Yeah of course.

- Where do you live?
(cat meowing)

- [Wenda] Well do you know
where the Myer's place is?

- Where the barn burned a while back.

- That's right.
(cat meowing)

- Hey isn't that a cat?

- Be careful Sandy.

I'll be right back.
(cat meowing)

(suspenseful music)

- Here kitty kitty,
(cat meowing)

here kitty kitty kitty.

- Here kitty.
- Come on kitty kitty.

- Here kitty.
- Come on kitty.


Oh no.
- Wenda!

- Let go.


(suspenseful music)

I'm caught, Sandy!


(suspenseful music)

- [Woman] Take this to admissions

down the corridor to your right.

- Thank you.

(baby crying)

- My,

baby hasn't eaten in three
days and I think she's sick.

- Your child won't eat or hasn't eaten?

- I think she's sick, she won't
eat anything at all and I--

- Let me see your ID please.

- Your right hand please.

That trick young woman is
used in here 50 times a day.

Now if you want your child
cared for you must have your ID.

- Please you've gotta help me.

I can't take the mark.

(baby crying)

My baby is dying, oh
please help me, please.

- Look I don't make the
rules, I only obey them.

If you want your child cared
for you must have your ID,

otherwise go.


- Would you come with me please.

- [News Broadcaster]
And so the authorities

want it made clear that
anyone who does not comply

with the new regulations
pertaining to the identification

before October 15th deadline
will pay a severe penalty.

The identification is no longer optional.

- Ow.

What's going to happen to us?

- The state will give
you both an opportunity

to receive your ID's, if you
refuse you could be executed.

- Well why are you treating us
when the lady outside wasn't?

- Well you're under arrest and
now you belong to the state

and you have something they want.

- What?

- You've had contact with the missionary.

- But we don't know where he is,

we haven't seen him for months.

Besides how do you know that?

(telephone buzzing)

- Yes?

I'll be right up.

I'll be back in a minute.

- Who're you calling?
- Patty.

- She can't get us out of here.

- I told Johnathan where we lived.

- Where's your gun?
- It's in the truck.

(suspenseful music)

- Come on operator.

- [News Broadcaster] It
will become mandatory

within the next two weeks,
October 15th is the deadline.

(suspenseful music)

(sirens blazing)

- Wenda you better hand
up what if we get caught?

- We've already been caught.

(sirens blazing)

Oh yes,

operator, no that's okay.

Could I have an outside line please?

(sirens blazing)

(suspenseful music)

(phone ringing)
It's ringing.

It's ringing.

(phone ringing)

(suspenseful music)

I think it's too late.

- Hello?

- Patty, oh Patty run!

(suspenseful music)


(suspenseful music)


(suspenseful music)

- How do you work this thing anyway?

- Hold it!

(suspenseful music)

Drop it.

Drop it!

- I got nothing to lose and you do.

Now you drop it right in front of you.


Get over there.

(suspenseful music)

(door slamming)

(suspenseful music)

(engine revving)

(suspenseful music)

Come on.

Five, seven, nine, zero.

Come on Diane come on.

Come on.

Hello Diane this is Patty I need help.

I almost got caught and
I need a place to hide,

can you please help me?


Why there?

Yeah I know where it is but,

okay goodbye.

Why did I have to come here?

- Patty you know how
much we both like you?

Diane can't keep getting the
ration bars for you kids.

- Are you telling me
that I came here and--

- Patty we feel that for your own physical

and spiritual welfare that
you should take the mark.

- Diane and I had to

because it was the only thing we could do.

- Patty listen, please just
listen to me for a minute,

please Patty.

Patty please.

- Where do you think
you're going young lady?

- Get off me.

Let, how could you do this to me!

Stop it you, let go of me!

- So it looks as though

giving Johnathan your
address Wenda was a mistake.

- Wenda it wasn't your fault it's alright.

- Hodges, James,

Fiero, Joseph,

Onan, Kent,

Stevens, Sandy.

- Patty what happens today
will be over in seconds,

eternity is a long time.

- Come on.
(melancholic music)


(melancholic music)

- Patty.

- I'll be okay Wenda.

It's so ironic, the night the
evangelist was at our church

he asked people to come
forward to receive Christ.

It would've been so simple then

and now we have to go forward

and reject Christ or be killed.

Oh if I would've only done it then.

If I would've only done it then.

- Have everlasting life,

God loves you and wants to
save you but it's up to you.

If you refuse to listen,
the Bible says in Romans 2:5

that you are saving up
a terrible punishment.

In a few moments I'm going
to ask you to come forward

to ask forgiveness of your sins

and to invite Jesus Christ

to come into your heart and your life

and to ask him to be
the Lord of your future.

- [Marked Man] Simmons, John J.,

Johnson, Wenda,

Myer, Patty,

Wilcoxson, Joanne.

- Patty what are you gonna do?

- I don't know.

I just don't know Wenda.

(gospel music)

♫ Since I first heard his call

♫ Know that Jesus will come again someday

♫ How much closer his returning is today

♫ Signs of the times are everywhere

- Come on.

Stay right there.

Come on.

(gospel music)

Line up, line up.

Line up.

Remove your blindfolds.

(suspenseful music)



- I understand you're having
a hard time making a decision.

- How would you know that?

- I know, a medic at the hospital

seemed to know an awful lot about us also.

- Some of your friends

are kind of concerned about your future.

I think maybe you ought to
hear what they have to say.

- Sandy?
- Sandy?

- Sandy, you're a Christian.
- Oh Sandy.

- Oh Patty anybody can
say they are Christian.

- But I thought that Johnathan--

- Johnathan's one of us,

but he had nothing to do with the trap

that Sandy set for you.

- Sandy, why did you stay with us all day?

- She was trying to keep those fanatics

from encouraging you into
making a foolish decision.

- Yes, actually it's simple.

You can lose your head or you
can go free, to work, to buy,

to eat, to live a normal
life just like before.

- No.

- Wenda we want you with us.


- Yeah how logical Satan
makes everything seem.

You're all liars, you're liars!


- No, Wenda, Wenda no, no!

Wenda, please don't!

- Patty they're lying to you.

- [Marked Man] Be quiet,

Wenda Johnson do you wish

to renounce your faith in your God?

- [Wenda] I do believe, what
must I do to be born again?

- [Missionary] Admit you're a sinner,

that Christ shed his blood
and died for your sins,

that he was resurrected and is
truly the living son of God.

"Verily verily I say onto you,

- Open your eyes and look at her.

- [Missionary] "except
a man be born again,

"he cannot see the kingdom of God."

- No!