A Different Story (1978) - full transcript

Episodic look at an unlikely couple trying to make it in L.A. during the late 1970s. He's Albert, an illegal alien from Belgium, serving as chauffeur and lover to a string of powerful men. She's Stella, a real estate agent with several women lovers. When he's out of a job, she temporarily takes him in. He becomes her cook and housekeeper, time passes, and they marry so he won't be deported. Later, after a boozy birthday celebration with him, she finds herself pregnant. They try to be a family, love grows, and she puts her career on hold as his career, as a fashion designer, takes off. Can this gay couple stay true to each other, and what happens when their hormones call?

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(airplane roaring)

(dramatic classical music)

(all clapping)

(brakes screech)

- Sorry I'm late.

Hi, Douglas.

Well, sir, you've set
the record this trip.

You're off the plane at
five, you call me by six

and you expect to rent a
castle by noon the next day.

- [Douglas] No, doesn't
do anything for me.

- Hello, Jeffrey.

- I had to let Jeffrey go.

Albert, meet Stella Cooke.

- Albert.

- This one I like.

How much?

- I never would have taken
you for Tudor, Douglas.

(classical music)

- Why don't you clear
up some of this mess

from last night at least?

- Yes, sir.

Immediately, sir.

You ready for your rub?


(glass clinks)

- Do you want some help?

- Sorry, no, no.

(glasses clinking)

Your rub.

(gentle classical music)

Hold that.

(classical music)

- Congratulations on
your house, Douglas.

- Congratulations on your 3250.

- I'm sure you're gonna
have a great season.

- Ah, here!

- It's on its way to gold.
- Oh!


Thank you.


That's a great picture of you.

- Thank you.

- You and Albert, I'm sure,
are going to enjoy your stay.

- Oh, er, Albert's
not with me anymore.

Justin, meet Stella Cooke.

- Hello.

- Hello.



(car door bangs shut)

(motor revs)


With a guest apartment above.

Here we are, your formal entry.

One of the nicest
features of this house

is the hardwood
paneling that runs...

Oh, I guess they
turned off the electricity.

Anyway, the hardwood paneling
runs throughout the house.

There's oak in the living room.

This right here is pine.

It's really a very nice feature.

There's lots of
closet space in here.

And uh, there's the wall
to wall carpeting and...

(water running)

- Someone's living here.

- Oh, no.

No, there really shouldn't be.


It's coming from the bathroom.

- It's stopped.

- Why don't you
just wait right here

and I'll go check this
out, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor.

- Come on, Teddy,
let's get out of here.

I don't like hardwood
paneling anyway.

- Hello?

(knocks on door)

Hello in the bathroom.

I'm an agent with
Bev-Air Properties.

I was, uh, gonna show the house.

I didn't realize that there
was gonna be somebody here.

(knocks on door)


(clears throat)

(door bangs shut)



Wait a minute, who are you?

- What?
- What are you doing?

- It's Albert!

I didn't have any
place else to go.

- Albert.

Oh, my God, what's
the matter with you?

You're foaming at the mouth.

- Nothing, I was
brushing my teeth.

Can you get off me, please?

- Albert, you don't belong here.

(water running)

I really am sorry
you can't stay.

- I'll get by.

- Don't you have
any friends in L.A.?

- I'll get by.


I'm gonna put this
money in your pocket.

Is that all you have?

- Mm-hmm.

- I can't believe that Sills

would just let you go like this.

- Well, I'll report
him to the union.

- Hey, Albert, if you want
to you can spend the night

at my house tonight.

What do you say?

You don't have to worry.

- About what?

- I'm not gonna touch you.

I'm just a nice person.


Well, it's not the Hills.

But then again, I'm
not Sills. (chuckles)

(Stella laughing)


Oh, would you get the door?


Chuck! (laughs)

Meet Albert.

Albert, Chuck.

He's not really mine.

He's an independent.

No, don't close the door.

He's claustrophobic.

He'll show himself
out when he's finished.

(Stella clears throat)

So what's next?

- What do you mean?

- I'm just trying to make
conversation, Albert.

- You sound like
a social worker.

- Well, you know, you're
not much of a talker.

- All right.

Yes, I have.

Several and not particularly.

- What?

- Have you ever
been with a woman?

How many?

And did you like it?

- Do you mind if I ask
my own questions?

- Why, did I skip some?

- No.

I think that about covered it.

Thank you.

- I'll get a job, probably.

- [Stella] What?

- I said I'd get
a job, probably.

Some man who can afford it.


Did you say something?

- I said that I'd get a job.

- Oh.



This is the other bedroom.

Uh, it's a mess.

You could wade through
and sleep on the bed or uh,

you can crash on the couch.

- The sofa's fine.

(Stella speaks foreign language)

- Why do you keep
calling me Albert?

(Stella laughs)

- Because you're French, right?


- Very good.

- Ah.
- Yeah.


- Uh-huh.

- How did you know that?

- 'Cause you sort of speak
through your nose a little bit.

But you don't have
an accent, how come?

- Because I don't want one.

- Right. (Chuck yowling)



Chuck is the Casanova of
this neighborhood. (laughs)


Oh, I forgot.

That's the toilette.

(door thuds shut)

- [TV Announcer] Is Williamson.

There'll be no icing call

because they had a
chance to play the puck.

And it goes to
Nelson, he dumps it in.

Garceau coming out of his...

(dish clatters)

That's young
Mr. Nelson, number 32.

The young man scored four
points in his league debut.


- [TV Announcer] Right
out front Garceau goes to...


- [TV Announcer] As Allen
tried to change he direction...

- 20.

- [TV Announcer] A check
over there thrown on Jones

by Nelson, this puck
picked up behind by Jackson.

Land goes down, held
at the point by Porter.

The shot goes high.

Nearsight has taken over here.

Backhanded into
the zone by Berger.

Alan carries up,
Alan being trailed.

Alan starts.

Alan taken off with a loose puck

and then to be cleared
off the zone by Berger.

Porter comes back to get it.

Porter now challenges.

Almost got it right
on the stick to Jones.

(crowd cheering)

Coming back.

He goes to the
right side to Porter.

Porter, Porter,
his shot goes wide!

Comes all the way
back out to neutral ice.

Nelson waits there...

(radio static buzzing)

(jazzy music)

♪ Hey did you hear about Joe ♪

♪ I lost his love
and he's going low ♪

♪ Somebody better
get in there quick ♪

♪ And show that boy
just where to stick his ♪

♪ Love and affection ♪

♪ His only connection ♪

♪ Love and affection singing ♪

♪ Doo-De-Wop
doo-de-wop doo-de-wah-do ♪

♪ Doo-De-Wop
doo-de-wop doo-de-wah-do ♪

(water running nearby)

(Albert whistling)

♪ Hey did you hear
about Josephine ♪

- Good morning.

- Good morning.

- Gee, you've been busy.

- Yes.

I was just about to wake you up.

- What is this?


- Belgian sausage and eggs.

- Mm!

This is delicious.

What makes it Belgian?

- The chef.

- Mm!

Albert, it's fantastic.

I gotta run.

- Oh.

- Will you be all right?

- I'll be ready to go
in just a little while.

- That's okay, you just
lock up when you leave.

- Lock up when I leave?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, but I'll be,

it'll take me only 10
minutes or so to pack my bag

and I'll be ready
to go with you.

- Bye-Bye.

- Uh, look, can I,

I'll just pack my bag and I'll

- be ready to go in no time.
- Albert.

Albert, I'm late.

I'm late, Albert.

Just lock up, okay.

- But I-

- The eggs were really great.


(door thuds shut)

Dr. Eisenberg, the house
that I want you to see

will be available
in um, let me see.

Hold on a second.

- In two days.
- Stella!

- Hey, Stella...
- It's got a,

it's got a 40 by um, 20 pool.

It's beautifully landscaped.

- Hey, Stella, you and me, we...

- You'll like it, you will.

Yes, sir.

(Stella whistling melody)

- [Albert] Hi.

- Ah.

- I decided to stick
around and clean up a little.

- Yeah.

- I would have thrown
something together for dinner,

but I didn't know
what you wanted

or when you'd be home, so.

- Uh...

Thank you, Albert.

I have a dinner date.

- Oh.

- Thank you anyway.


What do you think, huh?

Should I put the collar down?

You think I should
put the collar down?

What do you...

What's the matter?

I got the wrong color shirt on.

I got a green turtleneck.

I can put on a green turtleneck.

- Can I see your closet?

- Sure, you can see my closet.

What's the matter
with it, Albert?


My shoes match it.

Well, it looked great
on the mannequin.

(water running)


- Oh!

- Uh, I've got one thing
to say about the pants

and the boots, you know, they,

it just feels really strange.

- No, no, it looks terrific.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

- I put my hair down.

- Yeah, it's wonderful.
- You think?

- You just have to
open this one button.

There, and keep your hair back.

- Okay.
- It's great.

- Look, if you don't have
a place to stay tonight,

you're welcome to
stay here another night

and I can drop you off, you
know, wherever tomorrow morning.

- That's okay, you can just,

you can drop me off tonight.

- You sure?

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah?

(doorbell chimes)

That's Chris.


This is all right?

- Oh, really, it
looks great, I think.

- (laughs) Okay.

Sure does feel weird.

- No, it's terrific.
(doorbell chimes)

It really is.

- [Stella] Hiya.

- Hi, Babe.

You look fabulous!

(Stella laughs)

But we're late, we
have reservations.

- Oh, wait a sec.

Chris Edgeworth, this is Albert.

What's your last name?

- Walreavens.

- Hi, Al

- Yeah, we're just
gonna drop him off.

- Oh.

(Stella laughs)

- Yes, I have, several,
and not particularly.

(cars rumbling)

(dramatic music)

(bright music)

- The water in
there's 108 degrees.

It'll take me a few minutes
to get up my courage.

Have you been in?

- I hate hot water.

- Not here for the steam, huh?

- No.

I don't even know why I'm here.

-Uh, you from L.A.?

Ah, I didn't think so. (laughs)

Me either.

Columbus, Ohio.

I produce television

My name's Roger Stock.

- Nice to meet you.

(bright music)

- My uh, hotel isn't far.

Maybe you'd like to come
over and have a drink with me.

We could talk about not
being from L.A. (laughs)

- Maybe you could give
me your phone number

and I could call you.


I don't, my phone's
not hooked up yet, so.

But not tonight.

- Sure, yeah.

I'm at the Sunset Plaza.

I have 10 be in I A. every
other month for work, you know.

Well, maybe we'll
talk again sometime.


Hope the water's
cooled off by now.

(bright music)

- [Stella] What kind
of wine do you want?

- [Chris] Red wine.

- [Stella] You do?

- [Chris] Yeah.

- [Stella] Okay.

I'll get you some red wine.

- [Chris] Okay.

- [Stella] This way.

- [Chris] Oh.

It's dark.

- [Stella] There's
a light by the door.

Front door on the wall.

- All right.

Stella, it's um, your friend.

- [Stella] Albert.

- Uh, well,

things didn't work out and
you said that I could stay.

Never mind, I'll
get out of here.

- (laughs) No, it's all right.

- No, no, no, I'll
get out of here.

- No.
- I'm sorry.

- No, pour Albert a
glass of wine, Chris.

- I'm doing it.

- How did you get into my house?

- Uh...
- Huh?


(Albert chuckles)

You broke in.

- He broke in?

- Yep.
- No, I didn't.

I didn't hurt anything.

(Stella laughs)

Stay and have a
glass of wine with us.

- Oh, no, no, that's okay.

- Come on, stay and have
a glass of wine with us.

- Ah, sure, Albert, have
a glass of wine with us.

- Yeah.

(both laughing)

It's okay.

- Well, okay.

Just a little bit, I'll have.

- Okay.

(knocking at door)

(Albert yawns)

(knocking at door)

- Uh...

Who are you?

- Me?

I'm staying on the sofa.

- Where's Stella?

- She's...


- Oh, my God.

- [Albert] Who are you?

- Oh, my God!

Oh, my God, I knew it!

- [Stella] Phyllis...

- [Phyllis] I knew it!

- [Stella] Phyllis,
wait a minute.

- Oh, my God!

Oh, my...

- [Stella] Phyllis!

Phyll, Phyllis!

(door bangs shut)


- Oh, my God!

- [Stella] Put down the pots!

(crockery clattering)

Goddammit, Phyllis,
not the toaster!

- Would you just
tell Stella that I'll uh,

I'll call her later.

Bye, Al.

- What?


- [Stella] Let's talk, come on.

- I don't want to talk!

Talking doesn't do anything.

Who is he?

- He's nobody.

(Phyllis crying)



We've got to stop
doing this to each other.

How'd you find out?


- Gayle saw you.

- Didn't we decide that we
were gonna see other people

if we wanted to?

- Yes.

- We did.

- Yes.

- We decided that.

- Mm-hmm.

(Phyllis crying)

- Excuse me.

- Who are you calling?

- I'm calling Dr. Saunderheim.

- No, I don't want
to talk to him.

- Phyllis, you're
not talking to me.

- My session's tomorrow,
I'll talk to him then, okay?

- Okay.

(gentle music)

Look at me.

Look at me.

Everything's gonna be all right.

(Phyllis sobs)

You're very important to me.

And it's gonna be okay.

- Oh, Stella, I'm sorry.

- I know.

(Phyllis sobs)

So, who came before Sills, hmm?

- Well, who came before Phyllis?

Herbert Comstock.

Before Sills was
Herbert Comstock.

- The writer?

- Yeah.

I designed two
book jackets for him.

Then Carlo Juan
Francisco Montoya.

- [Stella] Ah!

And who is that?

- The Brazilian tin king.

- Oh.

- Did you know that 30%
of the tin cans in the world

are Carlo's, hmm?

Did you know that?

That's where I
met Sills, actually.

Sills was invited by
Carlo to one of his big

yearly events and
Carlo insisted that I

design this
spectacular centerpiece,

so I made his family crest
with 400 tin cans. (laughs)

Everybody loved it.

When he left, Sills
suggested that I give up

the old tin kingdom and
put a little music in my life.

Sills is actually really
an incredible man

when he opens up and
you get to know him.

- So what are you gonna
do when you grow up?

- Listen, you brought it up.

(Stella laughs)

- Hi.

God, what a day.

Where'd you find that?

- Underneath some
stuff in the spare room.

- (laughs) I forgot
about that old thing.

You know how to fix
sewing machines, too, huh?

Albert, my mother
should have had you.

She always wanted
me to cook and clean

and do all that kind of stuff.


Rooker, Rooker,
Rooker, Rooker, Rooker.

Rooker, Rooker, Rooker.

So I told her, I said, "Mom,"

I said, "Ma, the only
mistake you made"

"was making me a
person instead of a girl."

- Mm-hmm.

- Something smells real good.

I'm hungry.

(dish clatters)

You okay, Albert?

- [Albert] Mm-hmm.

- What's bothering you, huh?

- Nothing.

Just that you could have let
me know that you'd be late.

- I'm sorry.

I was showing a house.

- Well, there's such
a thing as a phone.

- There wasn't a phone.

- Mm-hmm.

- It was an empty house.

I said I'm sorry.

I can't plan my life
around your meals.

I can't.

- Mm-hmm.

- If I hear one more mm-hmm.


- My Swedish meatballs
are all dried up.

My beans are shriveled.

(Stella laughs)

- Well, I'm not gonna
say I'm sorry again.

Nobody asked you to
stay and if you don't like it,

you can always leave.

Who needs this?

(car horn honking outside)


Why doesn't Roger come in?

I wonder why he never comes in.

I mean, you've known
him for three weeks.

He never comes in.

It'd be nice, you know?

Well, maybe he's shy.

(doorbell chimes)

- [Albert] Hi, Rog.

- Oh, um, am I
interrupting something?

- Oh, no, no, no, no.

Stella just wanted to
check you out, that's all.

- Oh.


- Hi.

- Goodbye.

- Oh, well.

- Check it out.

- Huh?

- Check it out.

See if it's like, you know...

- All right, but do
you think it's right?

Do you think salmon...

Albert said the shirt
should be salmon colored

and it looks very pink.

- This is deeply salmon.

- It is?

- Yes.

Can you have dinner tonight?

- Chinese.

- No, Mexican.

Please, just once.

- Oh, but Phyll, I don't...

- Phyllis.
- What?

- I don't think I
should tonight.

- Why not?

- Because Albert didn't
come home last night

and I think he's
probably making up

one of his great big
surprises or something, so...

Let me call you, okay?

- Sounds serious, you two.

- Yeah.

(Phyllis laughs
and clucks tongue)

- Yeah.
- Bye-bye.

- Albert?


(light clicks on)

(telephone ringing)

Hello, Albert?


Hello, Mrs. Franklin.

No, I'm sorry, that
house has been sold.


Yeah, I know.

Look, though, call
me tomorrow at 10.

I've got another house and, uh,

it's in the same price range.

That's right.

I'm sure you're gonna
love it, it's really perfect.

All right, I'll talk to
you tomorrow then.

Yeah, bye-bye.

(rotary phone dialing)

Hello, Roger?

Albert told me that you lived
at the Sunset Plaza and uh...


Oh, excuse me,
this is Stella Cooke.


By any chance is he there?

Oh, I see.

I'm sorry that I bothered you.



- [Man On TV] Jack!


(thrilling music on TV)

(door rattling)

(door thuds shut)

- Hello.

- Hi

Hey, Albert?

You hungry?

- What? No.

I've had dinner, thank you.

- It's really very
good, you know.

You want a bite?

- No.

Thank you, I'm
sure it's terrific.

(dishes clinking)

(funky music)

(telephone ringing)

Hello, Stella Cooke's house.

Can I take a message?

- [Woman] Uh,
this is her mother.

Who's this?

- This is...

Her answering service.

- [Mrs. Cooke] I didn't know
she had an answering service.

- Well, it's new, so
she's trying it out.

- [Mrs. Cooke] Well, tell my
daughter that we're on our way

and we'll be there
in about an hour.

- That's too soon!

- [Mrs. Cooke] Too soon?

- I must be confusing
one of her other messages.

(funky music)

Oh, God.

(rotary phone dialing)

(men speaking foreign language)

(telephone ringing)

- Stella Cooke.

Albert, not now, I'm on a...


Oh my God, Albert,
that's too soon.

(men speaking foreign language)

Albert, let's just forget
about the whole thing.

Let's take them out to dinner.

(men speaking foreign language)

Al right.

All right, I'll buy some.

I'm on my way home.

(men speaking foreign language)


Sam, you handle
this for me, hmm?

(men bickering in
foreign language)

You can do it, Sam.

Handle the whole thing for me.

(men speaking in
foreign language)




Chuck, in, out.

Whatever, I don't have time.


- Here I am.

- Yeah.
- Here I am.

Now, look, I've written
down all the instructions.

- Yeah.

- Here they are.

- Okay.

- Okay? Just follow them.

- Add half an egg
and butter mixture,

you cook the yolks...

(Stella reading quietly)

Albert, I don't
understand any of this.

Albert, this is all French.

Albert, I don't understand
anything of this.

- Okay, look...

- Mix with sweet basil...

- Just pay attention.

Pay attention.

- To a butter mixture.

- I'm turning this two quart
pan to medium heat, right?

- [Stella] Uh-huh, okay.

- [Albert] Now, when
the lid starts to flutter...

- What's a flutter?

- You just turn it to low.

A flutter?

- Yeah.

- Aflutter is a flutter,

- like that.
- Uh-huh.

- And that timer
is for that pot.

This timer is for this pot.
- This timer's for this pot.

- When you hear
them go off, listen.

- Yeah?

- When you hear them go off...

(timer dings)

- Right, I'm setting it back.
- Right, right.

- You just turn it off.

- Okay.

- Okay?

- Yeah, that's okay.

So what's in this pot, hmm?

- Never mind, just
follow the instructions.

- What am I cooking?

- Don't worry about it.
- Albert, what am I cooking?

- Just follow the
instructions, okay?

- Right.

(doorbell chimes)


- Jesus.

- It's them, Albert,
they're here.

- Okay, okay.

- Okay.
- How do I look?

- I have an egg, but...
- Hmm?

How do I look?

- You look cute.

- Okay.

Here. Here, here, here.

Here, here, here, here.

(doorbell chimes)

- I'm coming!

- Here, here.

- Be right there!

- There.
- Okay.

- Give me your coat.

- Coat.



- Geez, this is nice.

I'm gonna wear this.

All right, I'll be
back in 20 minutes.

Good luck. (laughs)


Come on, Chucky.

- [Stella] Mom, come on, Mom,
I know what I'm doing, really.

- What'd you think
of the Dodgers game?

- What game are
you talking about?

Season's been over
for almost a month.

- The last one.

- The last one?

- Messersmith can really
get 'em in there, huh?

- [Mr. Cooke] I don't
think Messersmith pitched

in that last game.

- Yeah, I know.

It's too bad, 'cause he
can really get 'em in there.

- [Stella] No Mom, there's
nothing going out of order.

That timer looks about right.

- [Mrs. Cooke] It's done?

- [Stella] When it dings.

- Excuse me, I'm just,

I'm gonna get a glass of water.

- Go on, sit down, Al


Bring a glass of water for Al.

- No, I can...

- And a beer for me!
- I can get it.

- No, come on,
come on, sit down.

She'll get it.

- Here you are.

- Thank you.

- There you are, dear.

- Thank you.

- I'll take this one back.

- I'll just get another
one, thank you.

Excuse me.

- It's burnt to shit.

- All right.

All right, the rice is gone.

Um, no, Stella, this is
not supposed to boil.

- Oh.
- Wrong.

Let's see there's
no time for noodles.

But that's all right,
there's plenty without it.

So in five minutes
I just want to-

Why did you turn this off?

- [Stella] It dinged.

- What dinged?

- The timer.

- Fuck the timer,
did it flutter?

Look, I've turned
it up to high, right?

- Yeah.

- So when it begins
to flutter, turn it to low.

Low, right?

Okay, you're doing fine.

Really, you're doing very well.

They're going to love it.

(all laughing)

- You know, I
can't believe this.

(Albert laughing)

If I didn't see this
with my own eyes!

You know, she couldn't
boil water a year ago.

(telephone rings)

- It's true.

- Excuse me.

- I'll bet Albert had
something to do with all this.

- Hello.



Just a minute.

It's for you.

- Me?

- Mm-hmm.

Is everything all right?

- Oh, yeah, fine.
- Delicious.

- Can I get you anything else?

- No, no, no, no, no.

- You sure?

- The cake is great.
- Hello?

- I'm glad you like it.

- You make it?

(Stella laughs)


- I can't lie, Pop, I didn't,

but I did defrost it.

(Mrs. Cooke laughs)

- Listen, that's something.

You defrosted it very nicely.

- What do you want, Douglas?

- Oh, please,
don't be unfriendly.

I'm having warm little
thoughts about you this evening.

- [Albert] Listen,
Douglas, I really...

- Let's not talk like this.

I got a new case of your
favorite Cabernet Sauvignon.

Why don't you come over
and share some with me?

- I wouldn't waste
the time or the wine.

- I miss you.

I do.

Can I expect you before 10?

I'll open the Cabernet
so it can breathe.

- [Mr. Cooke] Remember
when you were a little girl?

- Look, Douglas, I'm
not coming over tonight

or ever again.

And you just gotta
get used to that idea.

- Albert, please.


I know you don't
want any trouble.

Neither do I.

So be a good boy and
see that there won't be any.

- Why don't you just go
play with your baton instead?

- By 10, Albie!

(slams receiver)

(line beeping)

- [Stella] Thank you for it.

- [Mr. Cooke] Oh,
you're welcome.

- [Mrs. Cooke] Ooh!

- [Stella] Are you all right?

- Yes, I'm all right. (laughs)

- Watch yourself there.

- You were a pretty
bad cook, honestly.

You've come a long way.

- Oh, it's all been
just delicious.

- [Mr. Cooke] Yeah.

- It really has.

You know, that's the best
beef stew that I have ever had.

- Thank you very much.

(Stella laughing)

- Come on, now, say goodnight.

- Oh, ouch! (laughs)

- [Mr. Cooke] Oh, I'm sorry.

Come on, let's
not take all night.

- Okay, goodnight.

- Bye-bye.
- Goodnight.

Drive carefully.


(both laughing)

- You looked right at
her and said thank you.

(both laughing)

You did it.

You know what she said to me?

- What?

- When you were on
the phone with Toscanini.

- Who?
- My mother.

- What?
- My mother.

- Yeah?

- She looked right
at me and she says,

she says, "Stella,"

she says, "Stella,
your man, what a find."

(both laugh)

So I said, "Mom you
should only know!"

(both laughing)

But she's right. (laughs)

You are a find, Albert.

That you are.

- Well, thank you.

(both laugh)

I'm glad that you found me.

(both laugh)

- Well, thank you.

I'm glad that you cooked dinner.

- Well, thank you.

I'm glad that you're
gonna clean it up.

(both laugh)

- No, I'm not!


Give me a break.


You could not tell the
difference. (laughing)

- Excuse me, miss.

Yes, you.

Do you live in that house?

- Yes.

- Do you know an
Albert Walreavens?

- Why?

- Is he staying here?

- If he's here,
you better tell us.

You're harboring
an illegal alien.

- Oh, you mean a person
not of this planet? (laughs)

(Phyllis laughing)

- Listen, miss, this is
a very serious charge.

- It sounds very serious

and I'm sorry I
can't help you, but I,

I really don't know this person.

- Come on.

- I know, I gotta go to a film.

Excuse me.

(car doors bang shut)

(motor revs)

Albert, I still don't understand

why you're not a legal person.

- Because the bastard
promised that he'd

pay off the
immigration authorities.

- Who's that, Sills?

- No, Harrison.

- Harrison.

- Yeah, let's try and keep
the socks neat on this side.

- Who's Harrison?

- Harrison is, I told you,

he's an American who
smuggled me into the country.

- Oh.

So he's the one that
fouled the whole thing up.

- Yes.

He told me that
he liked my designs

and that he had friends
in the garment industry

who would help me and then

two weeks after I
got to the States,

he didn't even
know that I existed.

- But Albert, that
was years ago.

Why didn't you do something

about getting some
kinda legal papers?

- Well, I didn't
because I didn't.


Wait, wait, wait, wait.

- Well.
- Try to put them...

- You know what I
think you should do?

You know what I
think you should do?

- You have to turn the
picture upside, like this.

- Okay, we'll do it like that.

- Good.

- You know what I think
you should do, Albert?

- Uh, can you zip that?


- Can you zip that now?

- I think you should get
yourself a hotel room some place.

I think you should sit down
and I think that you should...

- Wait! This sweater.

- Think about this for a while!

- This sweater, here.


I don't want to do that.

I've got to leave it.

- So where are you gonna go?


New York, I guess.

I have friends there, you know.

Here, let me pull
and then you can...

Here, let me do that.

- I'll do it.
- I'll do it!

- I'll do it!

(passengers chattering)

Want some soup?

- No.

I don't want any soup.

- You sure?

- It's chicken.
- Mm-hmm.

I don't want any.

- You okay?

- Yeah.

- How come you're not talking?

- I don't know.

- I'll call you
when I get there.

- [PA Announcer]
Attention, please.

Will all passengers please
have your tickets ready

for the Chicago-New York
City bus loading at Door 2.

Door 2, please.

(melancholy music)

- This is it.

- Let me say goodbye to you here

because I don't like to
see people ride away.

- Okay.

- There's your stuff.

(melancholy music)


- Bye.

- Are you sure you've
got enough um...

- Yeah.

- Yeah, I've got plenty.
- Yeah?


- And I'll send it to
you as soon as I can.

- Sure.

You take care.

- Okay.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- I'll write to you, okay?

(melancholy music)

(dramatic music)

- [Man] Or unadvisedly,
but discreetly and soberly.

Now, are all the
witnesses present?

- [Stella] Yes.

- [Albert] Uh-huh.

- All right.

Albert Paul Walreaven.

- Walreavens.

- Walreavens.

Uh, do you take this woman to
be your lawfully wedded wife?

- I do.

- And um, you,
Stella Jean Cooke,

do you take this man to be
your lawfully wedded husband?

- I do.

- Then by the
authority vested in me

by the State of California, I
pronounce you man and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

It's the lady on your left.

(both giggle)

(upbeat music)

- I can't believe they painted
just married on the car.

- Listen to me.

There is an old American custom.


And now that you're legal, sir.

Oh! (Albert laughs)

(both laughing)

- Wait, wait, wait!

Wait, wait, wait!

All right, my turn.

My turn.

I played the bride now
I get to play the groom.

- What?

- Here, here.

- Huh?

Oh! (laughs)

(both laughing)

- [Albert] Do you have the keys?

- [Stella] Yeah,
it's in my pocket.

- [Albert] Okay.

- [Stella] Are you all right?

- [Albert] Yeah, I'm fine.

(both laughing)

Get the door.

- [Stella] (singing)
Get the door!

(door bangs shut)

Albert, you better stop.

(Albert laughs)

- Why?

- Put me down, you're
gonna hurt your back.

Your poor back, Albert!

I'm heavy, I'm heavy.

- I'm fine.

Here, get the light.

(both laughing)

Ah, my back!

- Are you all right?

(both laughing)

- Here, let me take your coat.

- Oh, thank you. (laughs)

(Chuck yowling nearby)


- You go, Chucky boy!

(gentle music)


(gentle music)

(Stella speaks foreign language)

- Goodnight, Stella.

(gentle music)

- I should have
taken my own car.

- Honey, I like to
drive you to school.

- I know.

Listen, I'm sorry, I
know how it sounds.

I know it's ridiculous.

I mean, I know it
sounds paranoid, it is.

I mean, it's
justifiable, all right?

- How's here?

- This is good.

I like to walk, I do.

I mean, it's fine.

- Yeah.

- Listen, those kids, they
pick up on everything.

I mean, they notice any little
thing, do you understand?

- Okay, Miss Pearlman,
you have a good day.


- Don't do that.

(car door bangs shut)

(funky music)

- Oh, good morning.

Are you the lady of the house?

- Why?


He's tied up.

Somebody here to see you!


Have a good day.

- Yes?


I'm sorry, but we have all the
brushes we need, thank you.

(motor revving)

- It's the usual 2.50, how
about the usual three bucks?

(telephone rings)
- Mm.

- Money, yeah.

- You gotta get here
quicker, it's getting cold.

One, two, three.

- I'll try. Thanks a lot.

Take care, Stella.

- Bev-Aire Properties,
Stella Cooke.

(disco music)

♪ Making love in the moonlight ♪

♪ Dancing in the shadows
dreaming on the stars ♪

♪ And making love
in the moonlight ♪

♪ Dancing ♪

♪ Dance dance dance ♪

♪ Dancing ♪

- (laughing) I don't believe it!

♪ Dance dance dance ♪

♪ He's a jolly good fellow ♪

♪ For he's a jolly good fellow ♪

♪ For he's a jolly good fellow ♪

♪ Which nobody can deny ♪

(disco music)

♪ Making love ♪

♪ Making love ♪

♪ Making love in the moonlight ♪

♪ Dance dance baby ♪

♪ Making love in the moonlight ♪

♪ Making love in the moonlight ♪

- [Albert] Stella,
I'm really serious.

- [Stella] I know, Albert.

- [Stella] I actually
really need to piss.

- Well, he's gonna have to
race Wonder Woman to the toilet!

- Ah! No, no!

No, no, wait!

- It's my bathroom!

- No, really, I'm
really in trouble.

I really need
it, I'm in trouble.


- Okay, birthday boy's first.



(striking match)

- Goodnight.

- Happy birthday.

- It's a cake.

- Uh-huh.

- It's a beautiful,
beautiful cake.

Oh, where did you get it?

- I made it.

- Oh!

- No.
- Yeah.

- Oh.

- Got fucked up a
little bit, you know...

- Oh, no, no, no,
no, don't say a word.

Oh, look at that.

Oh, it has frosting
and everything.


I'll make a wish.

- Oh, do.

Make a wish.

(Albert blows)

- Oh, that's wonderful,
I'm gonna get a knife.

- No, no.

- What?

- You know, um,

it didn't really puff up
a whole lot, but let's...

(Albert laughs)

- Oh.

It didn't have to puff up.

It's beautiful.

- It's really good.

- Yes, it's wonderful.


- You know what it is called?

- What?

- This is cream sponge
mocha gratin mocha.

- Oh. (laughing)

I know.

I know.

- Can you taste
that mocha in there?

- Yes, of course it is.

Look at it.

What else could it be?

(Albert laughing)

(both laughing)

- It tastes so good, taste it.

- That is wonderful.

- Open.

- Ah!

(laughing) Wonderful.

(both laughing)

Isn't this terrific?

- Mm!

(both laughing)

Wait, I want cake.

I mean, I want more cake.


- It's so good.

- I want to tell you something.

Do you know what happened?

- It's fallen on the floor.

- My cake fell on the floor.

(both laughing)

Bye, cake.

(Albert laughing)

Wait a minute.

Oh, wait hold on.

(Albert laughing)

- It's still good.
- I'm over dressed.


(Albert laughing)

- I'm gonna fuck you.

(both laughing)

(Stella moaning)

(water running)

(crockery clinking)

(plastic rustling)

- Hi.

- Good morning.

Do you want some coffee?

- Yeah.

(crockery clinking)

(kettle whistling)

Thank you.

How are you feeling?

- Okay.

- I gotta run.

- Stella.


- What do you want for dinner?

- Whatever.

- [Newsreader] New York
Stock Exchange volume was

about 21 million
shares compared with

14 and a half million yesterday.

The late news forecast for
the Los Angeles Civic Center

calls for low cloudiness,
night and morning hours.

(door thuds shut)

(gentle music)

- Hi.

- Hi.

- I thought you were asleep.

- No.

You were gone for so long.

Where were you?

- I had a crazy day.

- It scared me.

- Did it?

I didn't mean
to, I tried to call,

but I didn't think
that you'd be here.

- I didn't know when you
were gonna come back,

whether you...

- And we saw a terrible,
terrible movie, Albert.

- Oh.

I thought you were mad at me.

- No.

- No?

- I'm not mad at you.

- Are you sure?

- Yeah, I am.

(gentle music)

I love you.

- I really love you.
- I love you, too.


(gentle music)

♪ Strangers ♪

♪ I wonder if they know ♪

♪ What it's like to love
somebody like you ♪

♪ To have a friend and a lover ♪

♪ On a cold and lonely night ♪

♪ To overcome the
fear of being strangers ♪

♪ Who touch and then unwind ♪

♪ All the secrets we
can let each other find ♪

♪ Life will be a
different story ♪

♪ We've never
really known before ♪

♪ So sing while
the music plays ♪

♪ Dance while we feel this way ♪

♪ Let tomorrow
be until tomorrow ♪

♪ Laugh while it's in the air ♪

♪ Love while the love is there ♪

♪ Let tomorrow
be until tomorrow ♪

♪ Let tomorrow be ♪

♪ Until tomorrow ♪

- [Stella] Ow! Ah!

- [Albert] Wait, quit moving.

- [Stella] Quit.

- You keep moving.

- That's because
you keep sticking me.

- Because you keep moving!

I'm making this for you.

- Mm-hmm.

I want to open my eyes.

- Hold your arm up.

No, I don't want you
to see it till it's done.

- My back itches.

Who taught you to sew like this?

- My father.

- Oh, your father?

- Close your eyes.

Come on.

- In Belgium?

- Yeah, he was a tailor.

- Oh. (laughs)

You know, you should do this.

You should do this full time.

- Uh-huh?

- Mm-hmm.

Find somebody else to stick.

(Albert laughs)

(telephone rings)

- Oh, saved.
- Keep your eyes closed.

Come on.

Keep your eyes closed.

- Oh, Albert,
this is ridiculous!

- Come on!
- Stand still, please.

- The phone.

(telephone ringing)

- Wait!

Wait, wait.

- Oh! (laughs)

- Let me get the goddamn pin.

- No, come on, help me, Albert.

If I have to keep my
eyes closed, help me.

- All right, if you're gonna
do it, I'll do it with you.

Be careful, but hurry because
you don't want to miss it.

(telephone ringing)

- There.
- Hello?

Hi, Phyll.


- Yeah.
- Oh, Jesus.

- I know, I know I haven't.

I've been really busy.



Oh, yeah, let's do that.



You know, I...

I really can't talk right now.


I've got my eyes
closed, right? (laughs)

Albert's pinning this
dress on me and it's...

Yeah, it's purple.



No, no, no.

No, I'm not trying to avoid you.

I'm not.

I have not seen Chris.


Phyll, listen to me.

No, I'm not...

I don't lie to you.

I've never lied
to you, baby, I...

No, I'm telling you
I haven't seen her.

I really can't talk
right now, huh?

Al right.

We will.

I do.



All right, bye-bye.

- Stella, you've
got to tell her.

- I will.

- You really do.

I know why you're
not, but it's mean not to.

- Albert, I'll tell her.

- It really is
mean not to do it.

- Albert.

I'll tell you something.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, it's all messed up.

Don't, no, no, I wanted to...

- Hold me.

Hold me.

Hold me.

(car door bangs shut)

- Phyll, hi.

What are you doing here?

- Oh, just one of
the ladies who lunch.

- Ah!

- I thought I would treat myself
while I grade some papers

and Stella told me you're
working here, so I thought,

- you know.
- Yeah.

Yeah, well, it's not
exactly creative, but,

you know, the tips are okay.

The food's not bad.

But don't eat the
catch of the day,

'cause they
caught it last month.

(Phyllis sobs)


Are you okay?

What's the matter?

- I'm sorry, I do that
sometimes for no reason.

Dr. Saunderheim told
me not to try and stop it.

Once I did that in
the middle of my uh,

my third period, so I um...

I threw some things
down on the floor

so I'd have to bend
over and pick them up

so my class wouldn't see me.

I think they knew.

I mean, the way they
looked at me afterwards.

Maybe they didn't know.

Maybe I was just imagining.

I think they...

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm
interfering with your parking.

I'm sorry.

- No, no.

It's all right, the
lunch rush is over.

It doesn't matter.

- Well, if I'm bothering you,
please just tell me, okay?

- No, you're not.

Not at all.

Let me just pull you
over to the side, okay?

- Okay.

(car door bangs shut)

(motor revs)

How's Stella?

- What?

- How's Stella?

- Oh.

She's fine.

- I hardly see her anymore.

I think it's good
for us, this period.

I think we need it.

Stella hates it when I cry.

I mean for nothing.

You know, sometimes I feel
like going up to my mother,

going right up to
her and saying,

"Mother, I'm a lesbian."

"Now you can put all
the pieces together"

"that you've been
trying to figure out."

"See how all the
pieces fit now?"

She's still trying to find me
a nice Jewish boy. (laughs)

(Albert laughs)

- Well...
- Yes, sir!

- I think we uh,

I think we can work it out

once I've pulled myself
together, you know?

I think we can uh...

I think we can try it again.

Living together, I mean.

(motor revs)

- You lived together?

- Oh, for about a
week and a half.

I was so paranoid,
so crazed, thinking

everybody knew, everybody
was talking. (chuckles)

Nobody cared.

Nobody was talking.

What do you think, Albert?

- About what?

- Well, do you think we'll
get back together again?

I mean...

I mean sometime.

- I don't know.

- Do you know what I mean?

- Well, not really.

- You're not involved
or anything like that.

I just want to know if
you think it'll work out.

- Well, I can't tell, it's...

It's hard for me to say.

- You think I'm crazy?

- No.

- I am handling it, Albert.

- You're avoiding it.
- I'm not!

- That's how you're handling it!

I spent 10 minutes
parking cars with her

and I can tell that
you're not handling it.

- Lookit, I don't want her
to wrap her car around

some telephone pole.

You don't know
Phyllis, she's gonna start

popping pills like
they're jellybeans.

- (sighs) What
the hell did I do?


Look, it's tight in
the bust and here.

- I think it looks all right.

- I don't believe this.

- I think it looks really neat.

- Here.

Take it off, try this on.

(door creaks open)

What happened?

What happened?

What did he say?

Did he say anything, huh?

- I'm pregnant.

- God.

Just like that?

- Three months, three months.

- Wow, I can't believe this.

I don't believe this.

Are you sure?

Is he sure, huh?

Is he sure?

Want a cup of coffee?

- No, thank you.

- How about a doughnut?

- No.

- How do you feel?

- I don't know how
I feel, I don't know.

I mean, I never...

I never thought
of this, you know?

I mean, I never...

- Me either.

- I never, ever
thought of it, Albert.

- I never really remember
ever thinking about this.

I mean, I never, ever,
ever thought about this.

Ever, I... (Stella laughing)


(both laughing)

- I like it, I think I like it.

- (laughs) Yeah?
- I do, yes.

(both laughing)

- Wow!

(both laughing)

I gotta tell...

I gotta tell somebody, I
want to tell somebody!


- Oh, no, come on!

Oh, Albert!

- I'm pregnant!

I mean, she's pregnant!

She's pregnant, she's pregnant!

(Albert exclaims)

Oh! Cigars!

Cigars is what happens now!

- Cigars!
- What?

Oh, no, no, it's too
soon, it's too early!

- It's too early.
- A baby!

(gentle music)

(vacuum whirring)

- Oh!

- You gotta go all the way down.

-I am.

- Yeah?
- I'm down there.

- Are you all the way down?

- Mm-hmm.

- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.

(Albert whistling tune)

- Albert, do you have to
do that right here, right now?

- Okay, no vacuum.

- Thank you.

- Mm-hmm.

Uh, you hungry?

- Mm-hmm, starving.

- Great! Lobster bisque.

- Oh!
- Coming up.

- I think I'm gonna call
in sick again tomorrow.

- Good.

I told you, you should forget
about working for a while.

Anyway, you know, if we need to

I can always get a real job job.

- Nope.

I can't, I got sales pending

and I got about
eight new listings.

- Oh, you can do
all that by phone.

Don't worry about it.

Listen, we'll cut down.

You know, you're gonna
have to quit pretty soon.

- And who's gonna
do the housework?

Don't even look at me, Albert.

- [Albert] Here.

- Thank you.

- Huh?

- Oh, I don't want this.

- Oh, come on, it's good.

- I don't want it.

- Oh, gee.

- Thanks anyway.

- Okay.

- I think I'm gonna make myself

a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich

on whole wheat
toast with butter.

- Oh, great.

- Mm.

You want one?

- No, thank you. (slurps bisque)

- Albert, don't eat
my lobster soup.

- Ooh, you want it?

- Here.
- No!

No, I don't want it now.

Maybe with my sandwich, though.

- Ugh!

God, now I don't want it.

(car horn honks nearby)

(motorcycle revving)

- Phyllis, now listen.


No, there is no blame.


It's not your fault.

If there is any blame,
Phyllis, it's mine.

- (whispers) Does she know?

- Now, calm down, slow down.

Slow down.

Just take a breath.


Now, listen, good.

Listen to me, okay?


Listen, Phyllis, I want you...

I want you to do
something for me.

I want you to call Dr. Saunderheim
as soon as we're through.

That's right.

Will you do that for me?


Phyllis, will you
do that for me?

That is just,

what are you trying to
prove by talking like that?





- [Albert] Found out?

- Yes, she did.

(rotary dialing)

(knocking on door)


(knocks on door)

Phyllis, open the door.

(pounds door)

Phyllis, open the goddamn door!

- Shh!

- Albert, she's
not gonna open it.

I know she's not
gonna open the door,

I know she's not! (pounds door)

- What are you doing?

- Huh?

Please be here.

- Yes?

- Yes?
- Hello.

Can we use your
apartment, please?

- What for?

- What for?

- To walk through.

- What?
- What?

- Don't you have
adjoining balconies?

- I don't know what the
hell you're talking about.

- Oh!
- Excuse me, sir,

this is an emergency, thank you.

- Stella— - It's an emergency

- in my apartment?
- Stella!

Don't you go out to
that balcony, Stella.

- Hey!

- No, no, it's all
right, I'm with her.

- Oh, what's going on?

- Well, it's just,
it's a suicide.

We'll explain later, okay?

- Oh, my God, stop her.

- Oh, no, no, no, not her!



- Stella!
- Albert, Albert!

- Albert, Albert!
- Let me do it.

Let me do it.

- No, Albert, I know
what I'm doing.

I know what I'm doing!

I'm being careful.

- Turn around, at least.

- Don't do that, please!

Be careful, be careful.

- Careful, careful!
- Shh!

- Oh, my God,
no, please, please.

Ah! Watch it, watch it.

- [Stella] Help me push it.

(door squeaks open)


She's in the bathroom.

- [Albert] Yeah?

- Phyllis, are you okay?

Open the door.

All right, Phyllis.

I'm gonna get on
the phone right now

and I'm gonna call the police.

I mean it.

The police.

The fire department.

And your mother.

(door clicks open)

- Oh, Jesus.

- Where'd you get that?

- Jesus Christ.

- Phyllis.

Please don't play with it.

Is that loaded?

- You brought him here.

- Well, no, not really.

Actually, I came
along by myself.

Listen, you two just want
to be together, I'll just,

I can go.

- It's a toy, Phyllis.

- Is it a toy?

(gun clicks)
- Let's find out.

- [Albert] It's not a toy.

- Yes, it is.

- Phyllis, don't pay
any attention to her.

Come on, Stella.


- It's a toy.

- Shut up.

- Where'd you get it, Phyllis?

Did you get it at school, huh?

- What if it's not a toy?
- Did you?

- Is it a toy?

- It's a toy.

- [Albert] (muffled)
It's not a toy.

- All right.

Believe me, it's a toy.

- But...


Phyllis, we're just gonna
turn around and go.

We're just gonna
get out of here.

Come on, Stella, let's go.

- It's all right, Albert.

- Stella, come on.
- Albert, it's all right.

- Stella, come on!

- It's all right, dear.

- Stella, look,

wait a minute, wait a
minute, I just want to...

(gun clicks)

(Phyllis laughs)

(Phyllis crying)

- I got you, Phyllis.

I got you, I got you.


(gentle music)

(Phyllis crying)

(gentle music)

Hi, there.

- [Albert] Hi.

How is she?

- [Stella] She'll
be fine, Albert.

- [Albert] Ah, okay.

(gentle music)

- All right, boys and girls,

I've got some pattern
changes for some of you.

Who's not real busy?

No, Al, I've got
something special for you.

Uh, Freddie.




- You can handle two, honey.

Okay, Al, here's
Norm's new design.

See if you can
have a pattern for me

by the time you
go home, all right?

- Okay, Ned, but
that's only an hour.

I could stay late,
though, if you want.

- No, that's all right.

You can have it to me
by 10 tomorrow morning.

- Okay.
- All right?

- Yeah.
- Have fun, kids.

(paper rustling)

(bright music)

- Oh, here he comes!

- He's such a fine baby boy.

(gentle music)

- Look at his hands.

- We did it, Albert.

We did it.

(Albert giggles)

(gentle music)

(Albert laughs)

(baby fussing)

(baby crying)


- [Albert] Nom-nom time.

(baby crying)

I'll do it.

(baby crying)

(Stella moans)

- All right, little
Albie, here's Daddy.

Here I am, yeah.

Oh yeah, don't
worry about a thing.

Yes, little thing,
yes, little honey.

(Albert murmuring to baby)

Good morning.

Little Albert's gonna get
some yum-yums from Mummy.

Yes, yes.

There you go.

- Oh, Little Albert
just shit in his diaper.

- Oh.

- Didn't you, baby?

Didn't you?

Don't you worry, though,

your Daddy's gonna
change that for you.

- Oh, give Daddy just 30 seconds

and he'll do that.

- Snuggle up.

- Oh.
- Snuggle up.

- Maybe 60 seconds.

- So sweet.


(telephone rings)

- [Woman] Style
Design of California.

Yes, thank you, hold on, please.

Style Design of California.

Yes, hold on, please.

- Terri, if Harry
calls from Gauvot's,

you can reach me in
the showroom, all right?

- And uh, when
you have a chance,

make me three copies of that.

(sewing machines whirring)

- All right, Armando, let's
see what you have here.

Yeah, I like this size
stitch in the white, all right?

Don't let it get any
bigger than that.

- Yeah, what if we
did that in black?

- Instead of the white?

- I'd just like to see it.

- Yeah, I think
that's a good idea.

Let's see that stitch
in black, all right?

No bigger.

Ah, Peter!

Peter, yeah, give
Armando those things

and he'll do them
in black, all right?

The black was
an interesting idea.

You know, it's going
to settle into gray

and I think...

No, no, no, no.

See how it bunches
up here at the waist?

That's not good.

And these silk buttons, I
thought I'd changed that.

Chastity, are you wearing
number 513 with the changes?

Yeah, come on down, hon.

Thank you, sweetie.

Oh, now, look, this is how
it's supposed to look right here.

And look at the difference
that the Lucite makes.

Isn't that something?
- Yeah, that part's great.

- All right, now I want us
to make sure that we have

the silk buttons changed to
the Lucite in time for the show.

Al right?

Make sure you take care of that.

Yeah, Al, unfortunately
our market is for

suburban cows with big boobs.

Make sure you change
the silk buttons to the Lucite

and can we do something
about those shoes?

- Okay.

- That color just doesn't
work with that dress at all.

All right, next!

Come on, girls.

(baby crying)

- Well, do you think we
have everything, Albert?

Huh? (baby crying)

- [Albert] Yeah!

I don't see anything else!
- I know, I know,

we'll give you
lunch in a minute.

(baby crying)

- No, I think that's it.

We got it all.

- Yeah?

- Yeah. (laughs)

Oh, aren't you excited?

(baby crying) Oh,
Albie, don't you weep.

- It's okay.
- Yeah.

- Let's go.

- Bye, house!


(car door bangs shut)

Albert, where's Chuck?


- Right back here.
- Where?

- Look in the back window.

- Oh. Okay.

- [Albert] I'll see
you there, right?

- [Mover] Okay.

(motor revving)

(car rumbling off)

- You eat bananas, I'll eat you.

Here you go.


What's down there?

Oh, what ho! It's dessert!

No, it's time to eat.

(baby fussing)

(Stella laughs)

Open up.

(telephone rings)


- Hi.

(disco music playing)

- Oh, it's, hold on a
second, talk to Albert.

- [Albert] Okay.

- Here's your Daddy.

- [Albert] Hello, kiddo!

- Who is that?

- [Albert] Hello, kiddo.

- Huh?


How did it go?

- Oh, it went fine,
it went wonderfully.

Yeah, it was terrific.

- Let's you and me go
out alone together tonight

and celebrate, okay?

I've got a babysitter
all lined up.

-I can't.

Look, I really can't
because Ned is having this,

oh, he's having
this little thing here,

you know, a little party.

- Well, why don't
I join you, hmm?

- You could, but it's only
going to last a couple of hours.

By the time you
got here it'd be over.

- You're really in a funny mood

for somebody who's just
had a great triumph, I'll tell ya.

- I'm in a fine mood, dammit,
I'm in a perfectly fine mood.

I was when I called you up.

It's just that it's
a business thing

and I have to stay for it.

- I just miss you, that's all.

I'd like to see you.

- I miss you, too.

- [Ned] Where've you been?

- Look, it won't be more
than a couple of hours, okay?

- Come on.
- I promise you, just...

- Let's go.

- I will, I will.

- Okay?
- They want you out there.

- Lorenzo's here.
- We'll talk in a,

in a little while.

- Okay.

Would you come
home soon, though?

- Come on.

- Oh, okay.

Stella, I gotta go.

- Okay.

See you later.

- Bye-bye.

Wait, wait, wait,
that's my drink there.

My drink. Okay.

- [Ned] Hurry, buddy.

You're a big star.

- Want anymore banana?

- Hiya, kiddo!

Hello, kiddo!

(Albert chuckles)

How are ya?

There we go.


- 'Morning.

- [Albert] Hiya, Chuck!

Oh, I don't have a
lot of time, Stella.

- Yeah.

I didn't hear you
come in last night.

- Yeah.

Well, I didn't make
a lot of noise, did 1?

- Mm-mm.

What time did you
get home, Albert?


I don't know, about 1:30.

One maybe.

- I was up with the
baby at 2:30, Albert.

- Okay, three o'clock.

Why are you making
such a big thing of it?

- I'm not making
a big thing of it.

It's just that it's been
happening awfully frequently

and I was just wondering why.

- Nothing has been happening.

- That's right.

That's right, nothing
has been happening.

You're right.

We haven't been out at
all alone together, Albert.

I mean, not in weeks.

We haven't gone to a film.

We haven't gone to dinner.

We haven't...

- Stella, I'm bringing
out the spring line.

That's a hell of a lot of work.

- But it's not just that.

- [Albert] Well, what?

- It's when you're home.

- Maybe you should go
back to selling, you know?

Full time.

- That's no kind of an answer.

Now, look, I understand, I
understand you don't like it

when I bring things
like this up, but...

- There's nothing to bring up.


We're taking over the
sportswear division.

Now, that's over twice
the line that we have.

Ned and I are supposed to
consolidate it from out here.

Oh, it's the most exciting
thing that ever happened to me.

- Oh.

- Look...

Uh, come by the office
around 12:30, okay?

And we'll have lunch.

Just you and I, okay, baby?

- Mm.
- Hmm?

Okay, now I gotta go.

- Bye.

- Can you get that, Burt,
if she moves that much?

(camera snapping)

That's right, that's right.

Wait a minute.


- [Receptionist]
Design of California.

Oh, yes, Aunt Mary,
hold on I got another call.

- We're gonna
go to a restaurant.

You're gonna sit at the
table in a little high chair,

with a booster seat.

- [Receptionist] Yes,
thank you, I'll ring.

- You excited, aren't you?

What? (baby fussing)

- [Receptionist] Aunt
Mary, I can't talk to you.

I'll call you back soon.

- This is the one
that drove us crazy.

- Well, it was worth
every minute, it's lovely.

- Yeah.

(gentle music)

- It's so lovely.

This is going to
be a great season.

You know, Harry's
gonna love this stuff.

You've done some very good work.

- Ah, thank you.

- It's a wonderful season.

(Albert babbling)

- You know, I felt jealous
when I saw you two together?

- Who?

- You and Ned.

- Ned?

- Yeah.

- (laughing) Stella,
come on, he's my boss.

(Stella laughs)

(both laughing)

Geez, Stella.

Oh, you got a crazy mother.

(melancholy music)

(car door shuts nearby)

(melancholy music)

(door creaks)

What are you doing up?

- Roasting chestnuts.

- God, Stella, it's three
o'clock in the morning.

- It's time for me to turn
over my hourglass, isn't it?

- Oh, God.

- Where are you going?

- I'm going to bed.

It's three o'clock
in the morning

and I'm not in the mood
for one of your chats!

- Well, get in the mood!

- Stella, I asked you
to come along with me!

What do you want?

- "Come along if you want"

is not my idea of
an invitation, Albert,

you know what I mean?

I thought it was
a cocktail party.

- It was a cocktail party.

- Most cocktail parties
that I've ever been to

were over by 10
o'clock at night.

- You're eating junk food again.

I thought you gave that up.

- I thought you gave it up, too.


You and Ned.

You've really become a
Batman and Robin, haven't you?

- Stella.

It wasn't Ned's party.

It was a business party.

- Am I interfering
in your life, sir?

Listen to me carefully,

because if I'm
interfering in your life,

your son and I can go very
easily to the Y and get a room!

- Oh, come on,
you're talking silly

and I'm not in the
mood for an argument.

- Better yet,

why don't you go to the
Y and get a room, huh?

With Ned.

And that way you and
Ned can go down to the gym

any time, night or day,
and you can sit there

and watch each
other's muscles ripple!

- Okay, maybe I will!

(gentle music)





Tomorrow's the buyers collection

and tonight we're having
just a little pre-party thing,

- you know?
- Mm-hmm.

- And I want you to come.

You coming?

- No.

- Okay.


(melancholy music)

(Albert laughing nearby)

- Oh, shit, put that
all over you. (laughs)

Wait, wait, wait!



(Albert laughing)

Wait a minute.

Don't get it in my eye, come on!

It's getting into my eye.

Is it In yours, too? (laughs)


Oh, God.



Stella, wait a minute!

Stell, wait, Stell.

Uh, listen.

Uh, Stella...

- Excuse me, Albert,

- for interrupting you.
- Wait a minute,

wait a minute, let me just
tell you what was happening...

- I'm so sorry.

- Because it wasn't
what it looked like.

- Did I embarrass you, Albert?

- No, no.
- Is that it?

Did I, you're embarrassed.

- No.

- You're embarrassed, Albert?

- Stella, please.
- Is that it?

Are you embarrassed?

- Before you say anything!
- Are you embarrassed?

- Stella, just let me...
- Am I embarrassing you,

- Albert, is that it?
- Wait a minute!

Ow, ow!

- Am I embarrassing you?

- Stella, wait a minute!
- Huh?

- Stella, will you
wait a minute?

- Wait?
- Please?

- For what, Albert?

For me or for you?

For us?

- Forget it!
- Come on, Stella!

Cut it out!

- Forget it, Albert!

I've had it up to
here with waiting!

Well, I've had it with waiting!

- Stella!

I want to talk to
you for a second...

- You want! You want!

You want!

You got what you want! This!

This is what you want, right?

(girl screams)

Well, go get it!

- You want it, take it!
- Stella!

- Wait a minute, please.
- Take it, Albert!

Take it!

- Cut it out, will you?


Ow, come on that hurt!

Stella, listen to me, will you?

Listen to me for a minute!

Stella, goddammit!

Ah, shit!



(bangs door)

(melancholy music)

(telephone rings)


- Oh, my God, you're home.

I thought you had an accident.

Now, that I could understand.

Albert, it's past 10 o'clock

and Bloomingdale's is gonna
be here at any time now.

(line buzzing)


(dramatic music)

(telephone ringing)

(dramatic music)

(doorbell buzzes)

(doorbell buzzes)

- All right.

(doorbell buzzing)

Hi, Malcolm.

I want to talk to Stella.

- She doesn't want
to talk to you, Albert.

(door bangs shut)

- Stella!

(raps on window)


(raps on window) Stella!

(pounding on door)

- She's not gonna...
- Malcolm, I want to see

my wife and my son!

He's my son, too,
I have that right!

- They're not here.

- Damn!

- Oh, that does it.

I'm gonna call the cops.

- Malcolm, you don't
have to call the police!

All I want to do is see
my son and my wife.

- Stella, your father's
going crazy in here.

He's going to call the police.

You come in here now.

- [Albert] Stella!



- You son of a bitch.

- See, they're talking.

Don't dial.

- Operator, get me the police.

- [Stella] I have nothing to
say to you anymore, Albert.

- Stella.

I love you, Stella.

I just want to talk to you.

Please, just listen
to me for a while.

- Don't you have a show today?

- Hello?

Yeah, there's a crazy man
attacking us over here, we...


- Please, just
listen to me now...

- I have nothing to
say to you anymore.

- Look, whatever I did I
have a right to explain it.

- They put me on hold.

This is your last chance
not to get a record.

- Malcolm, it's none
of your business!

- Albert, I'm getting a divorce.

- Not a divorce.

Stella, that's ridiculous!

That's absurd!

- Did you hear that?

They're getting a divorce.

- [Albert] That's
unreasonable, listen...

- Oh, see what you've done!

Give me that.

- I'm seeing a lawyer tomorrow.

Move your foot.

- What?

(door bangs shut)

- Hello?

No, officer.

This was a crank call.

(car rumbling)

- I miss you, but
Grandma's allergic to cats.

- [Albert] Stella!


Stella, look!

Look, Stella, I quit!

I quit!

- Ow!

- Stella!

Stella, wait a minute!

Wait a minute.


Stella, talk to me, come on.

Stella, wait a minute!

Wait, will you talk to me?

Come on, yell at me, hit
me! (music blaring on radio)

(car horn honks)

Do anything you want, but
don't ignore me, Stella, please!

(music blaring on radio)

Stella, come on, I'm
not gonna let you go.

(car horn honking)

Stella, I love you!


Stella, will you, Stella!

Just please, come on...

(tires screeching)

(music blaring on radio)

- You all right?

- Yeah.
- Good.

(tires screeching)

- No, wait!

I'm hurt! I'm hurt!


Wait, I'm hurt, I'm dying!

(motorcycle roaring)

- [Receptionist] Could you
spell that for me, please?

M-Y-♪-H-R-A-L-L Agency.

All right, yes, I'll
have him call you.


- Will you give that
to Stella, please?

- Uh, yeah, but...

- She'll know what it's about.

- [Receptionist] Okay.


- Yeah, yeah?

- There's something
here for you.

(telephone ringing nearby)

(Stella laughs)

What is it?

- (chuckles) It's a
cake in a purple box.

(both laughing)

- Aw.

- It's got jimmies on it, too.

- Yeah. (laughs)

(Stella laughs)

- Didn't really puff up
too good, did it? (laughs)

(telephone ringing)


- Hey, hey, Stella, huh?

- Hi, Sam.

- [Sam] Hey, Stell, you know
that guy from Saudi Arabia?

I just sent him over
to the Maulia mansion.

I told him you'd meet him there.

- (sighs) I can't.

I can't, I just put the
muchacho in for his nap

and there's nobody
here to muchacho-sit.

- Stella, it's a very big deal.

Look, I'd go myself.

All he needs is one more
look at the house, huh?

- It better be worth
a fortune, kiddo.

(toy clatters)

So there's five bedrooms
upstairs and there's four down.

And then, if you
remember, there's the uh...

(motorcycle roaring)

There's the apartment...

- How much are the taxes?

- The taxes, um...

Let's see, the taxes are uh...

- How much?

- $12000, Mr. Hashmoni.

- Oh, thanks.

But I don't know anything
about this neighborhood.

- Oh, it's a very
nice neighborhood.

It's very quiet and stable.

I'm sure you'll like it,

this is very nice.

Look, perhaps
you'd like to see the...

- Stella, wait a minute,
I want to talk to you.

- Albert, I'm working.

Albert, I'm working!

- I don't care if...

- Please, I'm working!

- Stella, I want to talk to you.

- Albert!
- I want to talk to you.

Stella, I'm gonna talk to you,

whether you want to talk or not.

- Excuse me, please.

- Sorry, she's
my wife, it's okay.

Now, come here.

Here. Sit here and listen to me

and after that you can do
anything you want, okay?

First of all, I'm
an idiot, okay?

I admit that.

What I did was stupid.

I never loved that girl, I...

I guess that for
months that I've been

trying to prove
something, you know?

Trying to be
somebody I'm not and,

and you told me that.

And that's over and
that's finished and

I understand that.


I don't know how to
say what I want to say,

but I know,

look, I know that
we can't throw away

everything that we
are to each other.

Stella, you're the most
important thing in my life to me.

You're my best friend.

And I love you.

And I need you.

And that's it.

That's it, that's
all I want to say.

Now, you decide if you never,
ever want to see me again.

If you think that that's what's
best for you and the baby,

okay, that's what I'll do.

Yes or no?

(gentle piano music)

Just give me a nod, you know?

You just need to nod.

If you don't nod
to me, that's it.

I'll never, ever see you again.



(dramatic music)

Was that a nod?

(dramatic music)

- Excuse me,
Mr. Hashmoni, I didn't uh,

mean to keep you waiting.


I'm very sorry to involve
you in my personal life.

Can I walk you to your car?

- Yes, please.

Thank you.

(dramatic music)

(motorcycle crashes)

(Albert screams)

- [Stella] Albert!

Albert, are you hurt?

Albert! Albert!

Albert, are you all right?

Albert, what did you do?

You better be all right.


- Was that a nod?

- You son of a bitch, Albert.

(Albert laughing)

You son of a bitch.

♪ Sing while the music plays ♪

♪ Dance while we feel this way ♪

♪ Let tomorrow
be until tomorrow ♪

♪ Laugh while it's in the air ♪

♪ Love while the love is there ♪

♪ Let tomorrow
be until tomorrow ♪

♪ And if we wonder
where we go from here ♪

♪ Though the road ahead
seems cloudy and unclear ♪

♪ I can look into
your eyes and see ♪

♪ The part of me in
you that sets me free ♪

♪ To sing while
the music plays ♪

♪ And dance while
we feel this way ♪

♪ And let tomorrow
be until tomorrow ♪

♪ Laugh while it's in the air ♪

♪ And love while
the love is there ♪

♪ And let tomorrow
be until tomorrow ♪

♪ Sing while the music plays ♪

♪ Dance while we feel this way ♪

♪ And let tomorrow
be until tomorrow ♪

♪ Laugh while it's in the air ♪

♪ And love while
the love is there ♪

♪ And let tomorrow
be until tomorrow ♪

♪ Sing while the music plays ♪

♪ And dance while
we feel this way ♪

♪ And let tomorrow
be until tomorrow ♪

♪ Laugh while it's in the air ♪

♪ And love while
the love is there ♪

♪ And let tomorrow
be until tomorrow ♪

♪ Sing while the music plays ♪

♪ And dance while
we feel this way ♪