A Diary of Letters to God (2017) - full transcript

A heart wrenching story about the lives of 2 orphan siblings, Anton and Angel. The two were trapped by a syndicate that works abandoned children as street beggars. In their tender age, they were enslaved as cash cows nonstop. They never experienced the wonders of childhood. And one day, Angel had a street accident. When she woke up, she was alone in a hospital. That marked her separation with Anton, and ever since, she never found his whereabout. 15 years had passed, in Sydney, Australia. Thanks to the kindness of her foster family, Angel grew to be a beautiful and intelligent woman. She fulfilled her dream of becoming a lawyer. There, Angel met Martin, a young medical doctor from Indonesia who she fell in love with. Her life is now filled with happiness. Still, her past haunted her, she never stopped thinking about Anton. In the middle of her happy life and decision to marry Martin, she decided to go back to Jakarta to resolve her past, and find her brother. Will Angel and Anton see each other again after being apart for 15 years?

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Are you trying to fool me again?

- Where did you keep the money?
- There's no money left.

Why is this empty?

Stop lying, you ungrateful woman!


What is this?

Why is this empty?

Where's the money?

We've run out of money.

Where are you hiding it?

I need the money now!

- Did you give it to your nephew and niece?
- Angel, don't be afraid.

- I'm here for you. Don't worry.
- I gave it to you already!


Leave them out of this. I'm begging you!

Don't tell me what to do!



is the money Auntie gave you?

Where is it?

Where's the money?

Answer me!

Where's the money?

- It's not here!
- You're lying!

Where is it?

Give me the money!

Where's the money?

Uncle, it's not here!

You dare defy me?

You bastards!

Trying to be a hero? You dare defy me?

- Please don't!
- You're all liars!

Tell me where the money is!

Hurry up before he notices.

- Anton!
- What's wrong?

I left my hairpin on the pillow!

Forget about it.

Mommy gave it to me as a present.

Wait here. Remember, don't go anywhere.

Did you get it?

Let's go.

Anton, where is heaven?

Far up in the sky.

Does that mean
Mommy and Daddy are up there?


Can they see us from above?

I have no idea.

What do they do when they get hungry?

People say
that there's a lot of food in heaven.

All for free.

You shouldn't ask that again.
You know I've never been to heaven.


What are you looking at?


I'm hungry.

Let's get something to eat.

You're not eating?

I'll eat after you're full.

Run! Angel, run!

- Anton!
- What is it?

I'm tired.


be strong.

Don't cry.

You can't be weak.

We must be strong, okay?

Here, let's get some rest.


What are you two doing here?

Where are your parents?

Mommy and Daddy died.

Are you hungry?

Want to come to my house?

You can rest up and eat there.

There's no need, sir. Thanks.

Are you sure?
Look at your sister. She's starving.

Thanks, but we'd rather stay here.

All right then.


I'm scared!

We can get through this, okay?


why aren't you asleep yet?

What are you writing?

- Did you draw this?
- Yes.

This is me and this is you.

What were you writing?

A letter.

- Who were you writing to?
- To God.

To God?

Read it for me.

"Dear God, I miss Mommy and Daddy."

"I only have my brother now."

"He always looks out for me."

Just do what the rules say.

Obey the rules until someone adopts us.

"Dear God, please don't separate us."

"I still want to be with my brother."

"My brother and I
want to live a happy life."

"Dear God, I hope this letter
reaches heaven."

"Dear God,
please make our wishes come true."

"From Angel and Anton."

Wipe your tears, okay?

God will listen to your prayers.

Now go to sleep.

- This one's for you.
- Thanks.

And here's yours.

- Thanks, sir.
- My pleasure.

- It's good!
- I know.

Let's go.

Angel, let's play for a while.

Come on, Angel.

We won't be long.

- Let's go.
- Okay.




Angel! Mirna!

I've been looking for you!

Who told you to play?
They're going to punish us!



- You're supposed to make money!
- I'm sorry!

- You don't have time to play!
- I'm sorry!

If you want to stay,
you have to obey the rules!

I'm sorry!

You think you can sleep
and eat as you wish here?

Angel, you must work harder!

Make more money for me!

And you messed around instead!

- Should I hit you more?
- Stop, sir!

- They didn't do anything!
- What?

- I told them to play in the park!
- What?

Don't be a hero!

We better go away from here.

We're just making your lives harder!

You dare defy me?

You dare defy me?

You'll pay for this!


Come here.

- What are you doing?
- Stop struggling!


Look at your brother!

I'm sorry!

- Asep!
- I'm sorry!


Come here!


Do you think you're safe for now?

You think you can mess with me?

You must...

This is what you get for disobeying me!

- You don't get to slack off here!
- Stop, sir!


What are you doing?

I told you to stay put.

No, I don't want Mr. Rudi
to punish us again!


Excuse me.

Please spare us some money for dinner.

Please, we need to eat.


- Thank you so much!
- Thank you so much, sir!






you have a fever.

- You can take this.
- No.

I don't mind. You have to get better.

I've got something for you.

Wow, thanks!

Thanks. You're so nice.

You look so pale.

She's sick.

If she's sick,
why doesn't she rest at home?

Or see a doctor?

We can't. We have to make money.

Hello, are you my son's new friends?

He talked about you all day.

What are your names?

- Anton.
- Angel.

Let's take a picture together.

Okay, stay there.

Okay. One, two, three.


I'm going back home.

Until we meet again.


Guys, I brought these cakes.

Help yourselves.

I'm going to take one.

This is for you.

Wow. Thanks, Angel.

Where are you going?


- Mr. Rudi said I'm getting adopted.
- Really?

Yes! I'm meeting them tomorrow.

This is for you. To remember me by.

Wow. Are you sure, Angel?


Thanks, Angel.

I'm sad.

I won't see Mirna anymore.

Don't be sad.

She will be happy
now that she has parents, right?

- Here you go.
- Thanks, sir.

You're welcome.

Excuse me.


Wake up, Angel.

Wake up, Angel! Sir, please help!

Please help her!

Please help us!

Angel, wake up. Wake up, Angel!

Wake up!

Please help her!

Wake up, Angel!

Please help us!

Wake up, Angel.

- Sir, I need help!
- Angel, please forgive me!

Over here!

Sir, help us out here!


Please help us.

Get her in the car over there.

Come on! Move it.

Here. This car right here!

Angel, wake up. Angel!

Wake up, Angel!

Please wake up.

Angel, wake up!

Wake up, Angel!

Please wake up, Angel.

Please forgive me, Angel!


I'm afraid I'll lose her, ma'am.

You won't.

You won't!

She's all I have.

You should pray to God.

Ask for Angel to get well soon.

She'll definitely get better.


Angel will get better.

I'm sure of it.


If you want to cry, just let it out.

Don't hold back your tears.

I'm worried about Angel.


I don't want to lose her.



you're lucky someone helped you.

So now you have the guts to bargain.

Is that what you want?
Do you want to see Angel die?

No, sir.

Then just do as I tell you.

Angel will get better.

She will come back to you. You hear me?


Mr. Rudi said we're getting adopted.

I'll have to meet them first.

And then once you get better...

you'll come join me, okay?

Please get well soon.

We'll be together again.

I have to leave you here.

Wake up, Angel.


Angel, wake up! Your brother's here!

Angel, don't keep yourself so busy.

We barely even see you anymore.

I feel like we don't have
a daughter at home.

Angel, I think it's time you start working
at a bona fide law firm.

I have connections.

I can introduce you to them.

I'm happy with the place
I'm working at now.

She's enjoying her time now.

There are many fraudulent
labor supply agencies from Indonesia

that send hundreds of workers abroad
without any provision or protection.

It's just horrible.

They traffic humans worse than animals.

Angel, Aminah doesn't have
any corroborating witnesses.

The employer can easily twist the facts

and say that she ran away
after she abused their children.

Her employer tortured her.

They treated her inhumanely.
They even tortured her children.

Yet they blame all that on Aminah.

We've heard enough
of these fabricated facts.

Am I right?

You wrote your address inside.

I'm Martin.


Angie, have you ever thought

This may sound naive,

but I didn't choose this job
for the money.

I feel...

a sense of joy I can't explain.

Every day, I get to help...

people who are in need,
oppressed, powerless.

Why did you choose
to become a cardiologist?

When I was little,

I had heart disease.

I couldn't live or play
like the other kids.

If it weren't for my cardiologist,
I would've ceased to exist.

I thank God every day
for the life I'm living.

And that's what drove me
to dedicate myself to be a cardiologist.

It's to give people
another chance to live.

It's for those with health issues like me.

Now I appreciate
what it means to be alive.

Every minute of it.

He's ten years old.

He's in critical condition.

He's waiting for a heart donor.

Keep being you, okay?

Don't ever change.


Angel, our client, Indah, has arrived.

I've prepared everything.

We've gathered all the files
from the doctor, witnesses, teachers,

and everyone who knows
about the violence her husband committed

against Indah and her children.

- Okay.
- Let's go.

Let's go.

What my husband did
was way out of line, miss.

I want to go back home to Indonesia.

I can't stand it anymore.

My poor children.

They're too young for this.

I can't take it anymore.

Where's the money?

Uncle, it's not here!

You dare defy me?

How could he hit his own children?

I'm begging you.

This is what you get for disobeying me!

Only you can help me
in these trying times.

Thank you, Angel.

Anton, where is heaven?

Far up in the sky.

Angel, are you okay?

Hey, I need to talk to you.

What's going on?

I want to marry you, Angie.

Is this for real or is this a joke?

It's for real.

Your whole world is here.

Your struggle. Your idealism.

You've helped countless people here.

This place is special to you.

"Dear God, I miss Mommy and Daddy."

"I only have my brother now."

"He always looks out for me."

"Dear God, please don't separate us."

"I still want to be with my brother."

"My brother and I
want to live a happy life."

"Dear God, I hope this letter
reaches heaven."

"Dear God,
please make our wishes come true."

"From Angel and Anton."

Wipe your tears, okay?

God will listen to your prayers.

Have you thought this through, Angel?

Does your family know about your plans?


Actually, I've had this planned
for a long time.

But I haven't told them yet.
I don't want them to worry about me.

I need to know where he is.

Otherwise, it will haunt me
for the rest of my life.

So I will tell them...

that I'm going to work in Indonesia
because that's the country I was born in.


I've been dreaming about my brother
every single night.

And after all the suffering
we've been through together,

I need to see it for myself...

that he's doing well.

I will always support your decisions.


I love your hairpin.

Mommy gave it to me as a present.

Thanks, miss.

Miss, you shouldn't have given them money.

They're lazy bums.

- Do you think they're lazy?
- Obviously.

We work hard for a living.

Meanwhile they take the easy way out.

As kids, they're already like that.
What will become of them?

He's recovering at the moment.

The operation was a success.

- Thanks, sir.
- Hey, kids.

For you.

Do any of you know Mr. Rudi?

- The one with the cane and the beard.
- No idea.





Lieutenant Joko is here.


So? Any updates?

We found one person who's suspected
of being Rudi's former worker.

We're not certain.

Perhaps you recognize her.

Just focus on obeying the rules here!

Stop meddling.

Mind your own business.

Where can I find her?



I'm Angel.

We used to work under Mr. Rudi.



Ningsih, please.

I just want to ask about Anton.

My brother.

I don't want any trouble.

And I want nothing to do with Rudi.

I just want to know about Anton.

I was hospitalized 15 years ago.

I haven't heard anything about him since.

- He just vanished.
- You know better.

You never know where these kids end up.

I know, but you could at least tell me

about his final moments in that house.

That was a long time ago.

Fifteen years is quite a long time.


he's my brother.

I will find him
even if it takes me 100 years.



Ningsih, if Angel gets better,

please tell her...

I'll come pick her up
and bring her to our new parents' house.

Please tell her that.

I will.

I will tell her that.

You take care of yourself.

Keep your chin up.

Angel will get better.

You'll see each other again.

That was the last time I saw him.

When you were hospitalized...

the police searched Rudi's house.

No one could afford your medical bill.


My adoptive mother called the police...

because Rudi
never showed up at the hospital.

That left him in a panic.

Then he ran off with the kids.

They didn't notice me running away.

Do you know where Rudi is now?

Ningsih, please.

I don't know for sure.

I heard rumors
that he's somewhere in the city.

Thank you.


please don't get me involved.

I want to live in peace.

Where is Merpati Street?

Where could it be?

I can't find it.


Take it.

You're so pale.

Are you sick?

Do you live around here?

Where are your parents?

I don't have any. They passed away.

So, who do you live with?

With my uncle.

What's his name?


You're sick. I'll take you home.

Go inside.

Go inside.

Hurry. Go inside.

Excuse me. Good evening.

Yes, what is it?

I want to ask where Mr. Wirya lives.

I don't know.

I said I don't know.
What are you waiting for?

Sorry. Excuse me.

I found the man!

Yes, I'm sure!

I never forgot his face.

You have to take care of this soon
before he runs again.

Proof? What more proof do you need?

Many street kids are working under him.
That's enough to arrest him!

It's ridiculous!

I did nothing wrong!

You can explain at the station.

I'll explain everything!
I'm absolutely innocent.

Are you ready?

Do you remember me?

I came to your house last night.

Do you know why you're detained?

I did nothing wrong. Why am I detained?

You're a suspect
of underage child trafficking.

I've never done such a thing.

Miss, we're poor people.

Our lives are miserable.

I'm helping those kids out,

so they can live in a better place.

Is that wrong?

By making them beg on the streets...

perform on the streets...

and giving the money to you!

I never forced them to.

They did it willingly.

But, if they don't help me,
how can I get the money

to feed them?

To buy medicine if they get sick?


nothing is free in this world.

- So you never force them?
- No.

You don't torment them
if the money isn't enough?


And if they fell sick,
you'd pay for their treatment?

- That's what you're saying?
- Yes.

You can ask them.

I don't need to ask them.

Fifteen years ago,

I was in their position.

Do you remember, Mr. Rudi?

There were two children who were siblings.

They lived in your house.

Two kids who dreamed
of having a better life.

Their names were Anton and Angel.

Anton is my brother.

I'm Angel.

Do you remember?

I never had kids named Anton and Angel.

You abandoned me
at the hospital after an accident!


- You have the wrong person.
- Impossible!

I'll never forget the person
who separated me and my brother

for 15 years!

Where's Anton?

Where is he? Don't lie to me!

Where's my brother?

Where did you take him? Answer me!

I don't know him.

Liar! Liar!

He's lying!

He knows where Anton is!

He's lying!

He knows where Anton is!

He knows where Anton is!

He's lying!

He knows where Anton is!

- Hello?
- Hey.

I'm sorry for only contacting you now.

You must be really busy.

I couldn't reach you.


He had an attack this morning.

His immune system rejected
the transplanted heart.

Why did you let him go?

- Why did you release him?
- Angel, calm down.

Please sit down.

How can I stay calm
when that predator is free?

We don't have enough proof to detain him.

Proof? What about those children?

Are they not proof?

Not one of them say that they're being
treated poorly by him.

They claimed that they did it willingly

without any torment or threats.

You believe that?

We should let things run
according to the law.

We'll keep on investigating this.

We'll keep watch of Mr. Rudi.

And the missing children? Where are they?

Who will be responsible for them?

At this second, there's no proof
that Mr. Rudi took them.

As for those who went missing,
they ran away by themselves.

That's a lie!

How about my brother?

He wouldn't leave me unconscious
in the hospital alone! Impossible!

Angel, this case is very personal to you.

But you can't take action
outside of the law.

Have you ever looked into their eyes?

Eyes that are filled with fear.

Eyes that are threatened.

Eyes that are screaming for help.

But they don't know what to say.

There are other ways, Angel. Have faith.

You've helped many people.

It's time for us to help you.

We'll sue Mr. Rudi, first,

with Tort law.

Allegedly, he committed an unlawful act
that caused your brother to go missing.

If you can prove to the judges in court

that there is evidence of an unlawful act,

the court can decide to arrest him.

But, to reach that point,

and in order to capture him,
you'll need to have strong evidence.


Why are you here?

How did you know I live here?

We need to talk about something important.

Listen to me first!

I've said I refuse to get involved!

Please listen to me first!
I'll stay here until you listen to me!

I don't want any trouble.

I left my past behind.
I don't want to deal with that bastard.

I need a witness.

You experienced it yourself.
So, why do you need me?

It's not enough.

I need a witness.

I need a witness to back me up

so that Rudi will be imprisoned
for a long time!

We need to save those children!

Do you want them to feel
what we felt back then?

And become victims like us?

Do you want to save them
or look for Anton?

Anton is gone.
Let him go and live your life!

What do you mean?

What do you mean?

- You better leave.
- Why?

- You should leave!
- What did you mean by that?

- Tell me!
- I don't want any trouble.

You should leave!


Am I right?

You're Asep, right?

I remember you.

Asep and I escaped from his place.

He helped me escape.

He also had enough of him.

The police is currently investigating.

So, sooner or later, you will be arrested.

Before that happens,
you should turn yourself in.

You can be a witness

to expose Rudi's crimes.

If you do that,
you'll get a lighter sentence.

And you'll be protected.

Please, Angel.

Don't involve us in this.

If they arrest him,
he'll be punished even more severely!

Do you want

to live the rest of your life
as a fugitive?

This is my number.

You can reach me here.


Consider what I've said.


Please don't report him to the police.

Please don't make our lives harder...

for our unborn child, Angel.

Angel, someone named Asep
is looking for you.

Can I...

hold you to your word?



This is my old phone.

You can take this.

There are pictures of Rudi
that you can use as evidence.

Ningsih told me...

you were the last person
who was with Anton.

Where is he?


Where is he?

You need proof.
That phone is all you need.

Everything's in there.

I'll get going.


Asep, please.

Fifteen years!

Fifteen years.

Every day, I'm haunted
by the question of where he might be.

I need an answer!

You were the last person who was with him!

Only you can help me.


Is this the place?

Don't ask questions!

Go inside!

Your parents are waiting inside.


if Angel cries,

please come and find me.

Please don't hit her.

Please, Asep.

It's okay.

I still remember vividly
how he looked at me.

What kind of place was it?

I never knew, Angel.
My job was to take the kids there.

Their adoptive parents?

There was never any adoptive parent.

What do you mean?

- So, they...
- My job was only to take them there.

I didn't know what the place was.

But, that day, his eyes were full of fear.

I remember vividly.

He was different from kids who were
excited to meet their adoptive parents.

It compelled me to go inside.

What are you doing? Where are my parents?

What are you doing?

I'm not sick, Doctor!

Where are my parents?

I'm not sick.
Why am I getting the injection?

Don't be afraid.
I'm just doing an examination.

It's okay.

It won't take long.

See? It doesn't hurt, right?

Where are my parents?







He called out your name, Angel...

until he completely lost consciousness.





What did they do to Anton, Asep?

Asep, what did they do to him?

What did they do to him, Asep?

Don't make me say it, Angel.

Asep, please!

Asep, please!

Please don't make me.

- What did they do to him...
- Okay!

They cut his chest open.

They took his heart.

You're lying!

No, you're lying!

You're lying!

I brought too many children there.

Too many.





Do you know of any other location?

I only know of this place.

Only this place?

Sorry, ma'am. You're not allowed to enter.

This is for you. To remember me by.

Thank you, Angel.

The police have found corpses
of children in an abandoned warehouse.

The police are looking into this.

They haven't released an official
statement about this discovery.

However, it appears that this case

is related to human organ trafficking.

I know where Anton is.


That's a picture of kids
who worked for Rudi.

That's his old house.

What kind of punishment did he give them?

All kinds.

He caned them.

He whipped them.

He burned them
with a hot metal rod and an iron.

He dunked their heads into water.


Please settle down.

Please carry on.

Thank you, Judge.

Did any of them ever get adopted?

Please explain.

When I was there,

I never met any adoptive parent.

I was just told to take
those children to a warehouse.

I saw it with my own eyes.

There were too many children
who were sent there.

I don't know if they all ended up
like Anton or not.

One thing is for sure...

that warehouse...

is a slaughterhouse.

- That's a lie!
- I testify in the name of God.

Judge, I swear!

They must've paid you!


Wait a minute, Mom, Dad.

I'll testify.

He needs to be severely punished.

Maybe it's the only way...

to keep my promise to Anton.

Thank you.

I'm almost done packing, sweetie.

I can't wait to introduce you
to my parents.

I can't wait to see you.

Does Martin know about this?

I'll tell him when he gets here.

I was the oldest there.

I was 13 years old.

I had lived there since I was ten.

We were made to beg on the streets
until we collected enough money.

Then, we could go home.

If not, we would be severely punished.

Were you ever punished?


Why were you punished?

Because I didn't get enough money.

Even if we were off by bit,
we were still punished.

Your Honor,

we have evidence of violence
on the witness' body.

Does the witness object?

No, Your Honor.

Plaintiffs, please carry on.

Will the defendant
and his attorney please come forward.

Return to your seats.

Thank you.

- Please carry on.
- Thank you, Your Honor.

Other than that, is there anything
the defendant did to you?

He often raped me.

She's lying.

I'd like to ask for everyone
to settle down.

When did he start raping you?

Ever since I was 12.

Objection, Your Honor!

The witness is making up stories.

This event happened more than 15 years ago

when the witness was a child.

So, this is merely a made-up story.

We know how hard life must be
for street children.

If what she said can't be proven,

all of her testimony is invalid!

I can prove that I was raped, Your Honor.

The first time he raped me...

I resisted.

I took a scissor and cut his thigh.

Then, I was hit until I fainted.

I'm sure the scar is still there.

You can check, Your Honor.

Will the defendant please rise.

The verdict, in the name of justice,

based on the belief
in the one and only God,

and considering the overwhelming evidence,

the Court found

the defendant, Rudianto Kurniawan, guilty

in the death of 15 children.

We hereby sentenced Rudianto Kurniawan
to life in prison.

I'm innocent, Your Honor!

I'm innocent, Your Honor!

Your Honor, I'm innocent!

I'm innocent!

How many lives were saved because of me?

How many street children who lived well,

who didn't die in vain
and got to go to heaven?

It's all because of me!

You don't know anything!

You've never lived in poverty!
You never had to struggle!

No one knows anything!

All of you!

You're all stupid! I paid you!



You, Angel!

You think you can get away with this?

Just you wait and see!

Take care of yourself.

Take care of our child.

Angel, please take care of Ningsih.

You don't have to worry.

Thank you.

Among the bodies that we found,

the youngest one is Anton.

There wasn't anyone after him.

We also have the names of people
who were associated with Rudi.

But, we're still in the process
of looking into that.

Excuse me, sir. Everyone's ready.


- Excuse me for awhile.
- Yes.

A few days ago,

the police came over.

They asked the same thing.

We told them the truth.

We're deeply sorry
for what happened to your brother.

However, it all happened
without us knowing.

There was someone in the hospital
who offered his help.

It didn't cross our minds
that they'd commit such a crime.

At that time, all we wanted to do was...

As parents,

we'd do anything
for our child who was dying.

May I use the restroom?

Yes. Just go over there.
It's to the right.

Hello, you're my son's new friends, right?

He talked about you all day.

Let's take a picture together.

Okay, stay there.

One, two, three.


This is your son?


That's him as an adult.

He has my brother's heart?


Please forgive him, Angel.

It's not his fault.
He doesn't know anything.


he came to see you again.

Tell him I'm not here.

I told him that yesterday.
How can I say that again?

Tell him I no longer work here.


The number you've reached is not active...

Well, miss?

She's not here.

Did she tell you where she went?

No, I'm sorry.

- Can I ask you a favor?
- Sure.

Please tell her that I came to see her.

- I have something important to say.
- Okay.

- Please.
- Yes.

- Excuse me.
- Okay.

If you receive my message,

please let me know when I can see you.

Give me a chance to talk to you.

Give me a chance.

I'm going back home. Until we meet again.

- What is four plus one?
- Five!

How about this?



Anton wouldn't want
to see you like this, Angel.

He would want you to be happy.

You deserve to be happy.

I'm the one who doesn't deserve
to live on your suffering.

Please tell me.

What should I do?

Anything to make you happy.

To lessen your misery.

Anything that I can do to erase my sin.

My parents' sin.

If you want this heart back,

I will give it to you.

If it's the only way

to make you happy,

to heal the wound in your heart,

I will do it.

I can't do that to you.

You're a good person. I know that.

It's not your fault.

I'm sorry, Angel.

Anton, promise me you won't leave me.

Angel, you don't need to be scared.

I will never leave you.

We'll always be together.

I promise.