A Diamond in the Rough (2019) - full transcript

A condemned criminal promises his mother he will come back a greater person, but he realizes how miserable he has made his mother.

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Pastor, I've heard a lot about you.

You're the most wanted lecturer

when it comes to
correctional education.

I feel that your message

is something our inmates need to hear.

That's why I reached out to you

despite your busy schedule.

Oh, it's fine.

Nice to meet you.

My name is Kim Ki-kang.

I'm your lecturer for today.

Who's this joker?

He's got a Bible in his hand

he must be one of those crazy priests.

I've killed a man

and lived life as a convict.

As a red label inmate on death row

in solitary confinement.

Thanks to that

I was infamous among
the prison wardens.

I thought my life would
end inside a prison.

I never once imagined I'd be up here

talking before all of you.

Today, I'd like to share about my life.

A Diamond in the Rough

You wet-behind-the-ears
bunch of cowards!

How dare you come at me?

I'll kill you all.

You too. Fight back or something.

Don't go around getting beaten up.

Wipe your nose.


Summer, 1988. An-jwa Island

When are you going to
bring me my rice wine?

Sun-oak, what are you doing?

Just leave it to boil.

Come over here and
have a drink with us.

Finish this and leave.

This is a place for eating.

So eat and leave.

What are you doing over there?

What? What did you say?

I'm going out with friends.

What was that?

She lets her boy run wild

and that punk goes around kicking cans.

What's going on here?

Let's just drink.

Darn, these flies.

It's how it is.

Ki-kang, is there anything fun to do?

Not a thing.

The world is filled
with fun things to do

but there's nothing for us.

Even if we were to head out to Mokpo

the girls there would only snub us.

We can't go out dressed like this.

Dude, have some confidence.

I'd like a girl, even if she snubs me.

Grow a spine, punk!

Hey, there are girls everywhere.

I just got to know
this chick from Mokpo

through phone dating.

She can't wait to meet me.

She's crazy about me.

Tell her to come over
and party with us.

What are you waiting for?

I promised to take her

to that new night club in Mokpo.

But I'd need money to buy new clothes.

To wine and dine her.

And to bone her.

Man-bok is so determined
to lose his virginity.

My heart is already on a boat

sailing to Mokpo.

Get off. Get off right now.

Honestly, I should at least

lose my virginity before
I graduate high school.

But I'm completely broke.

I'm not even getting any meat to eat

until my mother harvests the garlic.

Garlic isn't even worth much.


Hey, Ki-kang.

Isn't garlic as good as money then?

Hey, not our garlic.

You aren't the only
one with a garlic farm.


Let's go.

Hey, keep it down.

Someone might recognise my face.

They'll recognise you
by your body shape!

Hey, someone's coming!

Hell, that wasn't funny.

Hey, someone's really coming!

I hate you, you crazy twerp.

You guys sure move fast.

Hey, I mean it for real! Hurry!


Let's get going.

Are you guys even pushing?

Let's drink!


Come on, what's this?

My gosh, wow!

Hey, are you all right?

Ki-kang sure can hold his liquor.

Drinking isn't the
only thing he's good at.

What else is he good at?

He's strong and good at fighting too.

And what else?

He's good at everything
that uses his body.

Never mind that. He drank for you

so you have to grant him one request.

Hey, that's not why I drank for her.

Let me hear it.

Do I even need to say it?

Oh my, you guys sure are having fun.

You're from An-jwa Island, aren't you?


I'm asking you for one last time.

Kim Ki-kang, you're
the leader, aren't you?

We're not going to let up

until we know who the mastermind is.

So how do you want to do this?

What is it going to be?

You want to hold out

until you're tied upside down or what?


So if I were to say I did it

they'd be free to go?

Now you're getting it.

I want to go home too. Here.

It's only a page. Put
your thumbprint there.


Detective Park. He has confessed

so bring me the victim's statement

and the damage report.

And prepare the papers for court. OK?

Yes, sir.

So? Where's Ki-kang?

Sun-oak, you need to
take your son in hand!

You rotten brat!

Jin-sik, you guys went in together

so why isn't Ki-kang out yet?

- I'm sorry.
- Hey...

We're cracking down
on farm produce theft

so it's going to be tough.

Negotiate a settlement with the farmer

then I'll see what I can do.

Thank you so much, sir.

But it'll still take a few days.

Take your son in hand, OK?

Keep him on the straight and narrow

or he'll end up

spending the rest of his life in jail.

I can tell just by the looks of him.

I'll make sure this
doesn't happen again.

He's still young.

Please don't send him to jail.

Stop this.

I won't settle until you
pay me for the garlic.

That's my final word.

I can barely make ends meet

with the small eatery I run.

How do I come up
with that kind of money?

Yoon, cut her a bit of slack.

Even if she wants to

she doesn't have anything to give you.

Well, what about
that small plot of land

behind your eatery?

It's not too far from my land.

Oh my, come on.

You know this as well as I do.

After Ki-kang's father died

that land is all the family has left.

You shouldn't be so greedy.


you'll let him off the hook

if I give you the land?

What else can I do?

I don't want to send a
young man to jail either.




We were going to
sell that land anyway...

Do whatever you want.

If something like this happens again,

I'll disown you.

They're back.

Sun-oak has done so much for her son.

She's so busy running her eatery

and serving drinks to the seamen

she didn't bother to
discipline that boy.

That's why he goes around stealing!

My Man-bok used to be such a good boy.

And he's not anymore?

He's still a good boy!


Come over here.

What great sin have you committed

that got you looking so glum?

The Mokpo police

came down real hard on the kids

that's why he decided
to take the rap for it.


He's all grown-up now.
He sure looks clever.

Ki-kang will be a big shot one day.

Just wait and see.

He'll do better than those kids

who went to Seoul to attend university.

You need to have that kind of guts

to make it big in the city.

Walk with confidence, son.

Hey, stick out your chest too.


Come on, more!

Oh, that lad.

Brats, be thankful the school

has only suspended you for a week.

You flinched?

Get up, you punk!

How dare you flinch?

Look down!

Look down!

You miserable twerp!

Are you so proud

that you grew up an orphan?

Friggin' hell!

Kim Ki-kang.

What did you just say?

Is it Jin-sik's fault

that his parents are dead?

You cocky son-of-a-gun!

Are you asking to get expelled?

Yes, I am.


You bloody punk, I'll get you for this.


Mum, I need money.

For what?

I told you I needed to
buy a reference book!

Can't you borrow it from a classmate?

I'll buy one for you later.

You have bribe money for Ki-kang

but no money for my reference book?

He's always getting into trouble.

Watch what you say!

Don't you bring up the
bribe in front of him.

I don't believe this.

I'm going to Seoul.

Dude, you think Seoul's
right next to Mokpo?

I'll catch the first boat
out tomorrow morning.

Are you really going?

I don't want to be under
that kind of teacher.

There's no point in
graduating high school

that's in the middle of nowhere.

I'd rather go to my uncle's

and make tons of money.

Should I join you?

What kind of work does your uncle do?

He's a distributor of some sort.

You know, receiving
and delivering goods.

If his projects on hand work out

he said he'll open a new branch.

Good. Sounds good.

But what about your grandma?

She'll be better off without me.

Ki-kang, take care.

Say bye to Man-bok for me.

I don't worry about you.

Like the village chief said

you'll be a big shot one day.

Let's meet again in style

after we become successful.

How do I become a big shot

on a tiny island like this?

Savings Account

- Wasn't that cool?
- What's up?

- What?
- I said what's up?

- Let's go.
- Where?

To Seoul.

Hey, hold on to this.

- Let's go!
- Hey!

That's crazy!

Bloody hell.

Mum, just wait and see

how I'll turn out.

I'm going to make it big out there.

President Roh Tae-woo declared war

on crime and violence.

By arming every police
officer with a weapon

we'll confront crime
and violence head on.

1990, Seoul

Did you guys come to
Seoul to go to prison?


Didn't I tell you

you can't accept goods
from just anyone?

They said they would
give me a good price.

How could you be eating right now?

Who are they? Thugs?

Not thugs.

Just folks I met at the market.

They found the goods somewhere.

You can't trust what
those thugs tell you.

Take it back first
thing in the morning!

- Understand?
- OK.

If something like this
ever happens again

pack up and go back to your island.

I don't want to see
you guys going to jail!

Ki-kang! Is that understood?

Yes, Mr Ko.

Hey, give them a break.

As someone who has
been in and out of jail,

I'm a bit offended.

Mr Kim, if you're done here, get going.

Mr Ko, Rolex watches
are rare these days.

Why? Is someone looking for it?

The guys in Gwangju
are looking for some.

Have a good day, sir!

Your back is going to break, moron.

Hell, is he the president or something?

What do you say?

Want to grab a glass of soju somewhere?

Why? You have something to celebrate?


What is it? What did Mr Kim say?

He said he would take
care of the goods.

What do you mean?

So I'm saying

let's sell him the goods
behind my uncle's back.

It's a bargain for him

and we get to earn some spare cash.

Isn't that nice?

So how much would we get?

That depends on how we want to do it.

What are we going to eat?

What are we going to eat?

Seriously, I'm sick of
blood sausage soup.

Hey, let's eat something different.

Yeah, let's have intestine
soup next time.

Hey, what kind of car
was Mr Kim driving?

A Benz.

Benz, what's that?

- Is it a brand?
- Oh, you ignorant twerp.

It's a luxury car brand.

Really? We need to get a car like that.

Hey, Jin-sik.

Do we have bigger deals in the works?

Hey, just wait.

If you want to do something big

you need to learn to wait.

- Hey!
- What?

- Hell.
- I peed on myself.

- The wall's going to break.
- What the hell?

You're breaking the wall, you bozos!

Come here... bring the bat.

Bring the bat! I'm confiscating it.

Mister, who are you?

I should rip your wiener off...

I live here. I own this place.

- I can't stand the stench.
- I'm sorry, sir.

My wife left me!

She plugged her nose and left me!

Yes, sir... we're sorry.

I think you've had too much to drink.

- Yes, please go home.
- Wait a minute.

I'm getting out of here.
You handle him.

Why does your pee reek so bad?

I don't think you're very healthy.

My, the stench.

I... went for a check-up myself.

I had three polyps removed.

They removed three polyps...

- OK, sir.
- But the stench...

OK, I said I'm sorry.

- But the stench...
- I said, go home.

I said the stench is...

Friggin' hell!

You pushed it too far.


Man, the stench.

Hey, take this.

- Hey, what's this?
- Keep it down.

Hey, you crazy son-of-a-gun!

Hell, let's go for another
round of drinks.

Bloody hell...

You're so cute.

Drink it for me.

- Let's drink.
- Cheers!

- Drink up.
- I have something for you.

- What is it?
- Here.

Hey, what's that?

Wow, this is mine!

Give us some too.

Take this.

Goal! Goal!

What? He scored!

You crazy son-of-a-gun.

Good. You deserve the money.

- Here.
- Thank you, sir.

Hand over everything.

What's that?

- Got more?
- Sit!


Hey, sit down! Amazing!


- Bottoms up!
- Finish it!

What? Are you thinking
about Ki-kang again?

You don't know how much he loves

newly made kimchi.

I don't even know if
he's eating properly.

Why would you worry for someone

who ran away and abandoned you?

Stop saying things like that

and get me some sugar.

Sheesh, Ki-kang is
all you can talk about.

Mum! Where's the sugar?

Mum! Where did you put the sugar?


What's wrong?


Wake up! Mum!



So you're still alive.

Who's this?

You've forgotten your sister's voice?

What? Is this Ki-soon?

How did you get this number?

I got it from Man-bok.

Dang, I told him not to tell.

What? What's going on?

Mum's at Mokpo Hospital.

What happened to her?

So you know to worry about Mum now?

Well, I've just been busy...

How could you do this to your mother?

You're a beast.

Do you have any idea
what that money was for?

You're talking to me about money too?

Hey, I'll pay it back.
I'll pay it all back!

Hey, what's up?

I need some money.

What's this out of the blue?

My mum is in hospital.

Hey, is she sick?

I don't know the details.

I just need some money.

Dang, what do I do?

I'm a little short this month.

Make it happen.

Hey, you know how it is. Mr Kim...

- You bloody weasel.
- Why are you...

You friggin' schmuck.

After everything I've done for you.

You call yourself a friend?

Friggin' schmuck.


Have a friggin' good life,
you friggin' scumbag.


- Hey.
- Jin-sik.

Yes, sir.

Ki-kang, I'm here.

I bought fried chicken.


Why? Is that too little for you?

You crazy fool.

Dude, do you even hear yourself?

It's not the bank's money.

It's underground money.

The mob's dirty money.

Are you serious?

Are you serious about this?

The mighty Kim Ki-kang chickens out

over $100,000.

How long are we
going to live like this?

We'll end up in jail one day.

I don't want to spend my life

doing these penny-ante stuff.

Then what?

You think the two of
us can pull this off?

Now you have your thinking cap on.

Don't worry. I've got us helpers.

Let's toast.

Let's do it.

Let's go big this once
and live the high life.

What's this?

What the hell?

Who the hell are you?

Friggin' schmucks.

You get over here.

You friggin' schmuck!

You work at Ko's Pawn Shop, don't you?

That crazy schmuck.

Get up. I said, get up!

The money... the money!

Get in the car...

Get in the car! Hurry!

It's $2,000 per person.
How do you like Japan?

You'll need to pay
the boat operator too.


All right.

Give me the money.

I told you to get the money.

I didn't ask you to kill anyone.

Friggin' schmuck.

Get them!


Got him!

You friggin' son-of-a-gun!

Get him!

Get over here!

That lowlife rat...

Drop your knife!

Stay still.

- Get off me!
- Take him down.

Hold him down!

Come here!

We shall proceed with the sentencing

for special robbery-murder case

number 1990-7865.

Considering the crime was premeditated

the execution, vicious

and that the accused
show no signs of remorse

in the interest of upholding

the laws of the land
to maintain public order

the Department of Justice

has come to the following verdict.

The defendant Ko
Jin-sik is found guilty

and hereby sentenced to death.

The defendant Kim
Ki-kang is found guilty

and hereby sentenced to death.


What's wrong?

What is it?

Ki-kang got the death sentence!

What are you saying?

Are you talking about Ki-kang?

Ki-soon, say something.

What happened to Ki-kang?

Eyes forward.

From this moment on,
forget who you once were.

Here, we have our own laws and rules.

Go against my orders

and you'll experience
pain like never before.

You have no right to look at the sky.

This greenhorn thinks he's a big shot?


I got my eyes on you.

Watch out.

Oh my...

He's new.

Give him a warm welcome

and teach him the rules here.

Shoes go in the shoe rack.

We've got ourselves a rockhead here.

Good. I've been bored.

Good grief.


What's your name?

Where are you from?

Are you dumb? Are your lips glued shut?

Hey, bozo!

He's acting so cool.

Cigarettes? Cigarettes!

You punk!

Where are your manners?

Who are you glaring at?

You didn't even bring us gifts.

I don't usually talk this fast

but you're making my blood boil.

You don't get a pass
because you're on death row.

You son-of-a-gun.

This is a maximum security prison.

You might want to check that attitude.

Look at you, glaring at me.

Ooh, I'm so scared.

What are you looking at?

I should gouge your
eyes out and play...

Friggin' hell!

- What are you doing? Cover him!
- OK!

You startled me.

At least give me some warning

before you come at me!

You startled the crap out of me!

You coward!

The newbie's a little dirty.

They're beating his
blanket to get the dust out.

Go easy. Don't get the place all dusty.

You heard him. Continue.

- Without kicking up the dust.
- Yes, sir.

Go on.

Friggin' twerp!

What the hell are you doing?

Let go!

- Get the hell over here.
- What's this?

What's going on?

Let go!


Having fun right from day one?

I didn't start it.


Why am I the only one being punished?

You want to know why?

Think about that in there.

I'll give you lots of
time to think it over.

Oh, right. You don't
have much time left.

- Let go!
- You bloody schmuck!


It's going to take at least three days.

Even if it takes 30 days, I have to go.

Did you pack your medicine?

Visit Request

- Is this your first time visiting?
- Yes.

I see.

They don't allow homemade food here.

It's just a few side dishes.

They won't allow it?


I'm terribly sorry to trouble you

but I can't read or write...

- What's your relationship to him?
- Yes.

I'm his mother.


Have you learnt to keep your eyes down?

What do you wish for
the most right now?

I want to wash up.

Of course you'd want to wash up.

But you know what?

This is a place where
you learn to endure.

As expected.

You still have a long way to go.

- Mrs Yeo Sun-oak.
- That's me!

Kim Ki-kang is not
allowed visitors today.

W-W-What are you talking about?

Please check one more time.

What do you mean he's
not allowed visitors?

I've already checked.

Please go back.

It took me three days to get here.

Is something wrong?

Please tell me if he's alive at least.

We have regulations here.

We cannot tell you anything.




Lawyer: Kim Min-suk

You went all the way there
and got turned away.

You must be very upset.


I wish I were in prison with him.

I wouldn't have to worry so.

Mr Kim.

Please save my son Ki-kang.

We're from the same hometown

and I did say I would help you

after seeing how you
struggled on your own

but these days

after the death sentencing is dealt

it's usually carried out within...

You mean Ki-kang is going to die?

No, not exactly.

Ma'am, do you know what a petition is?

- A petition?
- Yes.

It's a plea for leniency.

A letter of sorts.

So, you mean to say

I can save my son with that letter?

Well, it's more of a plea

for the judge to reconsider

the extenuating circumstances.

Instead of using the law

you'll be appealing to
the judge's compassion.

So, get everyone who knows Ki-kang

to write a letter explaining that

he is actually a kind
and diligent person

who happened to have made a mistake.

A letter asking to spare his life.

I'll do anything I can

to save my son's life.

But it isn't an easy thing to do.


every bit as guilty as Ki-kang is.

If he lives, I live.

If he dies, I'll die with him.


Hey! Come, quick!

Loosen the noose!

Hang in there, just a bit more!



won't you say a word?

You're doing OK, aren't you?

Don't worry.

I'll do whatever it takes...

to save you.

Take care of yourself.


Don't do anything stupid again.

I'm only saying this

because you remind me of my brother.

It's best if you just

keep your head down in here.

Good one.

Leave me alone.

Leave me...

You broke the rules.

You're not supposed to mess with

someone who's eating or sleeping.

Do you have a death wish?

Don't you know?

I'm a dead man walking.

Right. Let me give you a taste

of what death is like.


Let go!

Do you really have a death wish?

What do you want?

Let's stop this.

He's going to die any day now.

Are you taking his side

because you're on death row too?

I'm asking this as a favour.



Two death-row inmates in my cell!

Are you all right?

Let's go inside.

What's your name?

Ki-kang. Kim Ki-kang.


I'm Jin-young. Lee Jin-young.

So, are we allowed to smoke in here?

It's my first time too.

This belongs to Hammer.

Here. Thanks.

Thank you so much.

Please take this.

Her son is on death row.

She's asking us to write a letter.

What should I write?

Let's go ask the village chief.

Write what?

A petition.

What's that?

A plea of mercy for my son.

I don't know. I don't
know what that is.

- I'm busy.
- Wait...

You're in no condition
to be travelling.

So rest at home and
don't overexert yourself.

I have a lot to do.

I can't be sitting
around at home all day.

This is all that loser's fault.

What did you just say?

The earlier they execute that loser

the sooner you can
start to get over him.

It's better for your health this way.

Don't you think so?

No matter what Ki-kang has done

even if he has killed a man

he's my baby and your older brother!

Ki-kang ended up in jail...

because of me.

It's all my fault.


How is that going to change anything?

You'll forever have a killer for a son.

And I'll be branded the sister of...

And what if you die, Mum?

What about me?

Have you ever thought about that?

That's why

we need to save your brother, right?



Let's save your brother, OK?

- So, Jin-young.
- Yeah?

May I ask you something?


How can you be so calm?


An inmate on death row can't laugh

or be happy?

No, Jin-young, that's not what I meant.

It's all right.

Maybe I've read the
Bible too many times.

My screws are a bit loose.

I killed six people with six bullets.

I was transferred here
from a military prison.

It's over for me.

You've given up on appealing?

Can the law forgive me for my crimes?

Hey, don't you have
anyone to visit you?

- No.
- Your family?

I do have a mum and a younger sister.

Mothers would usually visit.

She has probably disowned me.

It's been so long since
I last talked to her.

- Have you tried writing to her?
- No.

I don't have anything to say.

I don't think she would like

getting a letter from me.

I grew up getting beaten by my old man.

He'd turn mean every time he drinks

and he would whale on me and my mum.

Once he even burnt down
our thatched roof.

I swore to myself

that I'm never going to

end up like him.

But now, I'm even worse than him.

It's all right.

Your mother will forgive you

no matter what you've done.


That's a mother's love for you.

It's unconditional.

A mother's love?

I understand where you're coming from

but I can't do this.

I may not have been
a master calligrapher

but I'm still the chief
of this village.

There's no way I can write to a judge

to plead leniency for a killer.

You're a man of great repute.

That's precisely why I came to you.

If you would speak
to our fellow villagers

you could save Ki-kang's life.

I'm an uneducated woman

who doesn't even know
what a petition is,

but if it can save Ki-kang's life

I'd do everything I can to get it.

Please, I'm begging you to help me.

As an educated person,
I'm telling you...

just forget it.


Village Chief, aren't
you the one who said

Ki-kang will be a big shot one day?

Well, he sure is a big shot now.

He's a murderer.

Come on, why would you say that?

Listen to me now.

You need to stop this.

Just take it that he's dead.

Just the mention of his name

brings shame to all
of us on the island.

Look at what he has done

to our peaceful village.

My goodness.

Any mother who thinks saving her son

is something to be ashamed of

is not fit to be a mother.



Ma'am, have a seat here.

What brings you here at this hour?

Are you feeling unwell?

No, that's not it.

Could... you...

teach me to write?

You mean Korean?


I won't be a bother to you.

I'm fine even with just an hour

after the consultation hours.

If I ask Ki-soon to teach me

she'll probably just get angry at me.

I doubt she'll agree to help.

And it's embarrassing to ask her...

All right but you have
to promise me one thing.

What is it?

That you'll take care of yourself

and you'll only visit your son again

when you're in better health.

Oh my...

Thank you.

Thank you so much!

- It's all right.
- Thank you.

Enjoy your meal.

Those going for labour duty, get ready!

Hammer, we're having
spicy beef soup today.

I wonder why we're
getting such a treat.

- Is it the warden's birthday?
- No.

It's not like the warden
is Kim Il-sung.

Why would he serve
meat on his birthday?

To the Honourable Judge

Jin-young, is this fun?

This used to be my mother's.

She wasn't a religious woman.

She started going to
church because of me.

You see these underlined
and highlighted lines?


I wondered why she underlined them.

That's why I began reading it.

When I read what she has underlined

it feels like I'm talking to her.

What's your mum saying?

3385. You have a visitor.

Jin-young, you've got a visitor.

I see.

Let me tidy up. You go ahead.

Ki-kang, do you want to read this?


I'm not much of a reader.

If you get some money

buy me some snacks, Jin-young.

What would you like to eat?

3385! Let's go.


Jin-young, I want a choco pie.

See you.

Thank you.

I'm sorry...

There have been executions

carried out nationwide

across three prisons today.

According to the Ministry of Justice

a total of seven executions

were carried out.

More executions will follow

to demonstrate

the strictness of law enforcement.

I need to go to the mainland.

Sun-oak, we can't go now.

The waves will swallow up the boat!

I don't care!

- Ki-kang might be dead!
- Come on!

We can't set sail in this weather!

- Mum!
- Out of my way.

Mum, are you crazy?

Where are you trying
to go in this weather?

I have to go. I have to!

- Mum!
- I have to...

- I have to...
- Mum...

I have to go see Ki-kang.

Man, I'm bushed.

Hey, Rockhead.

Where's Jin-young?

He had a visitor.

A visitor?

Hell, I have a bad feeling about this.


Was that why we were given beef today?


We have a cellmate who isn't back yet.


Our cellmate isn't back yet!


Our cellmate isn't back yet!


Our cellmate had a visitor.

He isn't back yet.

He put on his tie
and went to a funeral.

You said he had a visitor.

You said it was a visit.

If it were a visit

shouldn't he be back by now?

Shouldn't he?

Shouldn't he?

Isn't he supposed to be back?

You friggin' schmuck...

Bring him out!

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry...



Mum, what's wrong?

It's all right.

It's all right. Lie down.

It's all right, Mum.

It's all right.


She has a touch of pneumonia too.

It's worrying.

And... here.

She asked me to keep it from you

because she was embarrassed.

This is none of my business...

but can't you help your mother?

Nobody can stop a mother

from loving her son.


I'm not supposed to
tell the inmates this

but 3385 left peacefully.

I'm not sure if you'll believe me

but he wasn't scared at all.

He was smiling till the end.

I'm sorry. I am a bad mother

who gave birth to a sinner.

They say you can go home tomorrow.

Just lying here all day

makes my body ache even more.

I want to go home.

I forget to bring water.

Mum, I'm going to get you some water.

Take your time to eat, OK?




Just a minute of your time!

The boat is here. What do you want?


You have a visitor.

Here. Take this.

What is this?

Petitions for Ki-kang.


And so many of them...

Ki-soon followed me around every day

hounding me about it.

Her persistence is tougher than

a whale's tendon.

I'm not sure how helpful this will be

but I hope we can save him.

Oh, thank you so much.

Thank you, Village Chief.

I hope you get to
see Ki-kang this time.






Why did you come here?

Go home.

Don't come here again.

I don't want you to see me like this.


My boy! Ki-kang.


No matter how people may curse you,

I'm your mother and
I'm always on your side.

So don't do anything
foolish to hurt yourself.

Even if you had committed a crime

it is all my fault.

Even if the heavens should fall,


I will never let you die before me.

I'll do whatever it takes to save you

so while you're in there

just atone for what you've done.

Do you hear me?

Just go home!

My son!

Please let me hold his hand just once!

My poor boy.

Please let me hold my poor boy's hand

even if it's just for a second.

I can't let him go just like that...

Let me hold my boy's hand just once!

Please, officers!

Please let me hold my poor boy's hand!

You don't know this

because you were
in solitary confinement

but this is your mum's third visit here

to try to see you.

She almost didn't get to see you today.

She barged into the warden's office

and refused to go home

until she got to see you.

That's how this visit happened.

Hammer, doesn't he seem different?

He does look a little pale, doesn't he?

The Bible

I kept it, just in case.

Hubby, here's your favourite liquor.

Please keep Ki-kang safe.

If you're going to take poor Ki-kang

take this old woman instead.

My heart aches so much...

that I can't breathe, hubby.



Gee, if only I were smarter

I'd get to hold my wife's hand in here.

What are you talking about, Hammer?

The new warden is
celebrating his post here.

He's holding a hanja
(Chinese character) test

and choosing the top three scorers

to have a meal together.

They'll even get to have visitors.

It's going to be a special occasion.


You have no chance.

Come on, Hammer,

it might happen if I study my butt off.

Do you even know

how to write your own name in hanja?

Of course!

My surname is Baek, which means white.

Bong... bong-boro-bong-bong. I give up.

You sure have a big mouth

for someone with such a tiny brain.


Is what you just said true?

You have the hearing of a bat.

I don't know. I just heard it

from one of the officers.

They won't be on the
other side of the glass.

You'll really get to
hold hands and stuff?

If the warden says so, then it is so.

That's right.

Why? You've got some
girl you want to see?


Not a girl, my mum.

Thank you, Hammer.

I'm 100% sure that's a lie.

If it were you

would you want to see
your mum or your girl?

My girl, of course.

Oh, how about your name?

Write your name in hanja.

It's Kang Nam-gu, right?

How do you write Kang?

Show me.

I can't believe your
name is Kang Nam-gu.

Do you live in Seoul?

Assume the position, punk.

Put in money and win some money.

There are just two cigarettes left.

Hell, pipe down. He's studying!


Zone Two, start the evening roll call!

Six people in total, all present, sir.

- Hey, Rockhead.
- Yes?

- You sure you got full marks?
- Yes.

W-Well, I'm not sure.

Hell, why am I feeling nervous for?


Five people in total, all present.


Oh, no...

Oh yes, 6842.

You're getting a special
visit next week.

Tell your family to come.

Didn't you hear me?

Tell your mother to come
visit you next week.

Yes, sir!

Thank you!

You did it!

I have something you've
been waiting for.

Oh my...

Is it from Ki-kang?

Post... office... box 6?

That's the address they use.

- Should I read it to you?
- It's OK.

I know how to read a little now.

Anyway, it must be tiring

carrying that heavy bag around.

Sit down and have a meal before you go.

No, it's all right.

Oh, come on. Stay for a meal.

I have a favour to ask of you.

A favour?

If that's the case, I'll stay and eat.


Please do me this favour.

What are these?

The Attorney General.

The Blue House.

National Assembly Secretariat.

Please get these letters
delivered for me.

Don't worry.

I'll be sure to get them delivered.


These peppers are really spicy.

- Really?
- Yes.

"It's your unfilial son..."


There will be a special visitation day

on the 10th of this month
at the prison yard

where we can meet face to face.

They say simple meals are allowed.

I'd love to have the red bean soup

you make, Mum.

It starts at one in the afternoon.

So please don't be late.

I miss you.

I should go with you.

It wasn't easy for you to get your job.

You can't take three days off.

Don't worry about me

and don't be late for work.

Remember to greet your
superiors, all right?

Mum, don't push yourself too hard.

Take it easy, OK?


Don't hate your brother too much.

I don't hate him or love him.

Come on, I'll walk you to the dock.


I save this for special occasions

but since your mother is coming

you should look good for her.

Don't be such a Scrooge.

Slather it on him.

No need to worry about

being called for a "visit" today.

- Here... take a look.
- Yeah.

Wow, it's very moisturising.

Hey, put more on him.

Let's make him look radiant.

Who's coming to visit today?

My son is coming.

You must be thrilled.

Have you thought about

what you're going to
say to your mother?

Well, just...

I'm sorry and I feel bad, you know?

Come on. That's all?

Well, I think that's enough.

You should at least give her a big hug.

I think holding hands is enough.


- Haw-ran!
- Hubby!

Hey, how was the trip?

You look lovely.

For you.

You're all grown up.

It must have been so difficult for you.

It's delicious.

I need to check your ticket, please.




Visiting time is over.

Let's return to your cell.

What's this?

Why am I going into
solitary confinement?

Just for today

don't say anything and just go in.

Did something happen?

Did something happen to my mother?

She passed away on the train

on her way here.


They said it was a heart attack.

I need to go out for a moment.


What the hell are you
doing? Open the door!

I'm sorry.

I'll be right back.

It won't take long.


6842, don't do this!


I was...

just given some strange news.

That my mother...

had passed away.

I need to go out for a while.

Just for a while.

Do you hear me?

Move aside.

Move aside...



Move, darn you! Move!


This is all my fault.

I'm the one!

I'm the one on death row!

Why is my mum the one who died?

I need to go out for a while.

Just a short while...

Please let me go out, sir.

I didn't get a chance
to say sorry to her.

She can't leave just like that.

If you let me go now

you can hang me once I get back!

So, please let me go to my mum.

I was wrong...


I'm so sorry, Mum.

I'm so sorry...

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry, Mum...

I was supposed to hold her hand.

That was my mum's wish.

I couldn't even do that for her.


In the end...

I wasn't able

to do anything for my mother.

Why didn't I...

Why didn't I...

understand what it was
she wanted earlier?

What caused the rift

between my mother and me?


did I make such a mess of my life?

For the first time,

I took a long, hard look

at my life.

Let me hold my boy's hand just once!

Just go home!

The defendant Kim
Ki-kang is found guilty

and hereby sentenced to death.

Get in the car!

Let's go big this once
and live the high life.

Savings account

Like the village chief said

you'll be a big shot one day.

Are you asking to get expelled?

Yes, I am.

Ki-kang will be a big shot one day.

"Ki-kang will be a big shot one day."

Those words were imprinted in my mind.

In reality, I was just a country boy

who didn't even graduate high school

but in my mind...

I was already someone important

and I looked down on everyone else.

"I'll be a big shot one day."

That thinking is what ruined my life.

This is the final hearing

for special robbery-murder

case number 1991-23.

Your mother learnt
how to read and write

just to petition to save your life.

Therefore, I, the prosecutor...

She wrote hundreds of letters

pleading with the authorities

to spare you the death penalty.

We plead for leniency...

She was in poor health

but she pushed herself
to her very limits.

Considering that the defendant

did not directly take
part in the murder

the appeals court

has come to the following verdict.

The court reverses the original verdict

and sentences the
defendant to life in prison.



My dearest Ki-kang.

How difficult, lonely and painful

life must be in there.

I've never once blamed you

or hated you for what you did.

No matter how everyone
might condemn you.

I love you.


I'm your mother.

If I were to leave before you do,

I will be the wind that's by your side.

You must be strong and live well.

He should have eaten
his fill. Let's go.

Why did you prepare
so much food for him?

It's too much work for you.

Don't do that next time.

You shouldn't talk
to your dad that way.

He wasn't much of a father.

Anyway, I'm going to make lots of money

so you can live the high life.

Just wait a little, all right?

- What about me?
- What about you?

That depends on your performance.

Just don't get yourself into trouble.

Why are you always selling me short?

I'm not selling you short.

I'm just saying you don't have to be

big or successful.

Whatever you do, life is good for me

as long as I get to see you.


Just wait and see

whether your son makes it.

I'll definitely make it big.


All right.