A Daughter's Plan to Kill (2019) - full transcript

When Katie and Greg Carlyle invited Greg's estranged daughter to live with them, they had no idea that they would be inviting jealousy, violence, and deceit into their home to wreak havoc on their perfect life.

- Hi, handsome.

- Good morning, gorgeous.


- There they are.

- Morning, Dad.

- Hi.

- Morning.
- Good morning, Dad.

- Morning, sweetie.

- Thank you.

- Good morning, Dad.
- Good morning, son.

- Bye, guys, love ya.

- Bye.
- Bye, have a good day.

- Oh, don't forget to come
home right after school today.

We know, you told us,

like, a million

- Did I?

- Yeah.

- Okay, come home
right after school.

- Later.

- You nervous?

- I just can't believe
this is actually happening.

It's all so sudden.

- I know, but it was
the right thing to do.

- I haven't seen
Samantha in years.

Jeez, it's been decades.

She was only a year
old when I left.

- Hey, none of
this is your fault.

- I know, I just feel like
I could've tried harder.

- Samantha's mother cut
you out of her life.

You did the best you could
under the circumstances,

and now you're making it right.

- Yeah.

- You still nervous?

- Of course.

What if she doesn't like me?

- Who wouldn't love you?

- Cats, cats do not love me.

Maybe small birds,

and that guy that works
at the liquor store, he--

- Greg, you're gonna be fine.

Look, this is your
second chance,

you deserve to know Samantha.

You can do this.

We can totally do this.

- How'd I get so lucky?

- Oh.

- Oh, hey, what do you think
Samantha might want for dinner?

- Well, she told me she's
a vegetarian, so, lettuce?

I can work with that.

- You have any clients today?

- No, I took the whole
day off to prepare.

- Well, I only have
two consults, so...

- No surgeries? I
don't believe it.

- Believe it, baby.

I might actually be
home early for once.

- That'll be the day.

- Love you.

- Love you too.

- Samantha, it's
so good to see you.

Hey, Dad.

- Uh, hi, I'm Katie.

Uh, these are your

this is Lauren and Tommy.

- Hey.

- It's so nice to
meet you, Samantha.

Oh, come in,
come in, please.

- Uh, I--

Tommy, will you
help her with her bags?

- Yeah, of course.

Ah, so are you hungry?

Greg said you're a vegetarian?

- Yeah, I'm definitely hungry.

All right,
how was your trip?

- Uh, it was okay,
it was uneventful.


- So how did you guys meet?

- Um...
- Uh, well,

I was working--
- That's going way back.

- Yeah, I was working at this
coffee shop, near campus,

and Greg would come in
every Wednesday morning,

that was my shift.

One day, he finally
asked me out,

and he was so excited

that I had said yes

on the first ask,

that he's walking
away from me all cool

and maintaining eye contact,

and he fell and tripped

and got stuck in the bush

and I had to help him out.

I've never laughed
so hard in my life,

his arms and legs flailing
all over the place,

it was so good.
- Okay,

they weren't flailing,

that's a bit of an exaggeration.

- Well, how long have
you guys been married?

- Uh, it'll be 19
years next month.

- Wow, 19 years.


- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- I guess it didn't take you
long to start a new family

after Mom kicked you out?

- Listen, Sam, I wanted
to be a part of your life,

I always wanted that, but
your Mother, she just refused.

- Don't worry, Dad,
I get how she was.

Um, I'm kinda tired.

- You must be.

Uh, Lauren, Tommy,

do you guys wanna
help Sam get settled

and show her to her room?

- Uh, we can give you a
quick tour if you'd like,

show you around in
case you need anything.

- Okay, sure.

- Right this way.

- Oh, I'll help you with these.

- And this is your room.

Bathroom's right
there, I'm next door,

and Tommy's just
upstairs if you need us.

- Cool, thanks so much for
helping me with my bags,

and it's so nice
to meet you guys.

- You too.

I'm really sorry about your mom,

but I'm really glad
that you're here.

- Thanks.

- So,

uh, do you go by
Sam or Samantha?

Yeah, Sam's fine.

- Cool.

Well, goodnight, Sam.

- Goodnight.
- Night, sweet dreams.

- You too.

- Oh, come in.

- You need anything?

- Uh, no, I'm good,

I think I'm just gonna
unpack a bit before bed.

- Um...

I'm, I'm really happy
that this all worked out.

- Yeah, me too.

- Oh, also, only if
you're feeling up to it,

tomorrow night,
my boss is throwing this little get-together

for my work anniversary.

He lives right next door,
it's just nothing fancy,

some family friends
and colleagues.

- Yeah, um, it sounds great.

- Great.

Great, all right, well,

goodnight, Samantha.

Hey, Dad, um,

thanks so much for having me,

I really missed you.

- Sweet dreams.


- You know, I think
that went really well.

- Yeah.

She seems sweet.

God, what happened to
her mom was so tragic.

You know, I could try to talk
to her, get her to open up.

- Oh, don't do that.

Not yet, I really want her
to feel comfortable here.

- Yeah, I want that too,

I just know that healing
requires letting it out,

and she also seemed
pretty uncomfortable

when we were talking
about our relationship.

- She didn't mean it.

I mean, it's a lot for
anybody to take in.

- You're right,
no, you're right,

I'm sure it's just my therapist
brain working overtime.

- Let's not psychoanalyze her
before getting to know her,


- Deal.

How are you feeling
with all of this?

- I see, psychoanalyzing
me now, Doctor.

- Shut up.

- Uh, I'm excited,

I'm scared,

and I don't know what I'm doing.

- You don't have to, we're
gonna do it together.

- Get in here.

- Thank you for coming
today, it's an honor.

Excuse me for a moment.

- That's, that does help.

It does help.

Hi, oh, hello.

- Plastic surgery?

- Not easy, I know.
- Greg, hi.

- Hi.

- How are you doing?

- Good, tough to
follow in my footsteps,

Dad, I'd love to
be a plastic surgeon.

- I'd, uh, like to
propose a toast.

Dr. Greg Carlisle is the
epitome of everything

that Saint Joseph's
Hospital strives to be.



and committed to
providing our community

with the best possible care.

He is the definition
of grounded,

has raised two beautiful
children, Tommy and Lauren,

and, uh, married a woman
who I must say is, um,

way out of his

Am I right?

Yes, sure.

- Ladies and gentlemen,

Greg Carlisle and
his beautiful family.

Yeah, come on, don't be shy.

- Well, thank you, Richard.

- You're welcome.

- It's an honor to be a part
of the Saint Joseph's team,

and I'm very grateful for
the incredible support staff,

and I'm so happy
that so many of you

were able to be here tonight.

My work is as important to me

as being a father and a husband,

and as my beautiful wife says,

being Superman only takes
the will to try, so...

So thank you for allowing
me the opportunity

to make a difference in the
lives of this community.

Woo! Here-here!

- Samantha?



Samantha, wait.

He didn't mean it.

- He didn't even mention me.

- He didn't know.

Now, look, this is a new
situation for all of us, okay?

We just need a
chance to acclimate.

- It is all about your
perfect-family image,

I just don't fit in.

- Of course you do,
this is your family now.

- No, it's not.

- Samantha--

- Don't.

- Hey.

- Hey.

So, does everyone hate me now?

- What?

No, no one hates you.

Yeah, right.

- You know, I was
just thinking about

my favorite memory of you.

I came to visit, and we all
went out for Italian food,

and I bought you this
big, pink, stuffed bear.

It was bigger than you.

remember that bear.

- Yeah, and you were
wearing these overalls

with these little
balloons on the front.

We tried to keep them clean,

but you kept getting
spaghetti all over them.

And I sat next to you,

and you fed me pasta with
your grubby little hands.

- You mean I wasn't even
using a napkin and a fork yet?

- Nope, you took after your
dad right from the start.

- I wish it had just
been you and me.

- Well, now it can be.

Just give it a
little time, okay?

Katie's great, and the kids.

You'll see once you
get to know them.

And if you feel up to it,

you can go with them to
Tommy's soccer game tomorrow,

it'll be fun.

- All right, I'll go.

- Great, I'll tell Katie.

- Hey, Dad?

- Yeah?

- I'll always be
your favorite, right?

- You're my girl.

- Uh, oh.

Uh, you scared me.

I thought you were
still sleeping.

- No, I, I was just
looking for something.

- Anything in particular?

- Yeah, do you have tape?

- Yeah, uh, it's
right here actually.

- Thanks.

- Mm-hmm.

- Much better.

- All right, come on, Tommy!
- Let's go, let's go.

- Let's go!

Come on, Tommy!

- I'm gonna apply to 12
schools, three Ivy League.

I'd love to go to Brown,
that's where you go, right?

- Yeah, I'm taking
the semester off.

- Oh, what's your major?

- Psyche.

Mom wanted me to major
in business, but...

- Yeah!
- Yeah!


- Nice one!

- Woo!
- Woo!

- Hey, Lauren.

- Hey, Milo.

- Oh,


So, what's the story?

- What story?

- Listen, Miss Innocent,
I can tell you like him.

- It's nothing.

He's a senior anyway, so--

- So?

I mean,
I've never really, like,

been with a guy
or anything, so--

- Like, not even kissed?

I mean, come on.

- Nope, not even kissed.

- Well, we will fix that.

- So, uh,

she cool?

- She seems nice, I haven't
really hung out with her yet.

- Hey, it sucks what
happened to her, man.

Hey, she talk about it yet?

- Nah, man, I think she
wants to forget all that.

- Oh.

- She's hot.

- Samantha looks like

she's getting along
well with everyone.

How's that transition going?

- Yeah, yeah, you know,

I mean, it's only
been a couple of days,

but the way she's getting
along with the kids,

I mean, so far, so good.

- Good.
- Seems promising.

- Good.

- I'm gonna be right back, guys.

- This guy.

- So, can I sit
down with you guys?

- Yeah.

- So you gonna introduce
me to your friend?

- Oh, uh, this is--

- I'm Samantha.

I'm Lauren's sister.

Well, technically, I'm
only her half-sister,

but we are working on being
one big, happy family,

right, sis?

Yeah, totally.

- Cool.

So what are you, like, a junior?

- Yeah, in college.

You look like you could
be a college boy yourself.

- Oh, yeah? Thanks.

I was thinking Notre
Dame, Coach Academy.

Oh, you mean Notre Dame.

- Notre Dame.

- My dad said not to ask
any questions, all right?

Her mom was in the house
when it burned down.

More like exploded.

Like, I looked it up, man.

Look, there was nothing left

by the time the fire
department got there.

- All right, well, I'm sure
the last thing she wants

is everyone feeling bad for her,

so just be cool with her,

don't ask any questions.

- I'm gonna get something to
drink, can I get you something?

- Sure.
- Cool.

I'll be right back.

- What is up with you?

- Nothing.

- Come on, tell me.

- You were flirting with him.

- With who?


- What, that?

No, oh, my gosh, don't be jealous,
I was doing that for you.

It's all a part of my
Lauren and Milo plan,

I promise, trust me.


Who's that?

- Ryan?

He's Tommy's soccer coach.

Him and my mom have known each
other since, like, forever.

- And Dad's cool with it?

- I mean, yeah.

I guess, I don't know, why?

- No reason, I'm just gonna
go over and introduce myself.

- Here you go.

- Thanks.

- Where's she going?

- Oh, she's just gonna
introduce herself to Ryan.

Hey, Katie.

- Oh, hey, Samantha.

You having a good time?

- Yeah, totally.

Um, wait, I'm Samantha.
- Oh, this is, um...

- Ryan,

it's nice to finally meet you.

- So how do you guys
know each other?

- Oh, well, I met Katie
when we were kids,

we grew up together.

- Did you date?

- No.
- No, uh, just friends.

Since, what, eighth grade?

- No, no, it was
seventh, remember?

Because it was Mrs.
Parker's class.

Yeah, friends.

- My son, Trevor, and Tommy,
they're on the team together.

They've been best friends
since, what, elementary school?

- Yeah.
- Oh, where's your wife?

- Samantha.

- Uh, it's okay, uh, my
wife died two years ago.

Um, it was tough being
alone with Trevor,

but Katie was really my
rock during that time,

and I'm as grateful to her
and to your dad as I can be.

- So what else do you
do besides coach soccer?

- I'm a mechanic, I have my
own shop over on Brewer Street.

- That is so cool, I
actually love cars.

- You should stop by sometime.

- Well, maybe
Katie will take me.

- Sure, yeah, we
can figure it out.

- Oh, Sam, pizza.

- Well, pizza calls.

Um, it was so nice
to meet you, Ryan.

- Nice to meet you too.

- No way, no way,
are you kidding?

You guys got me a car? What?

- Passed your
driver's test, right?

- Yeah, with flying colors,

but I mean, I didn't
expect, like, a car.

Did you know about this?

- Well, I couldn't have you
keep asking 'em to drive mine,

now could I?

- We didn't know
about the color, but--

- No, Mom, please, I
love it, I love it.

Can I go see Trevor?

- Uh, yeah, that's fine,
but please be home by 10,

it is a school night.

- Well, I wanna go too.

- Come on, let's
break this bad boy in.

Aww, look at that.

- So sweet.

- So cute.
- Bye.

Don't crash it.

- Where's my car?

- What do you mean
where's my car?

- Tommy has a car, Lauren
has a car, where's mine?

- Well, Tommy worked
really hard for his car,

and Lauren got straight
A's for three years, and--

- I wasn't talking to you.

I thought that you
said I was special?

- You are special.

- Then why am I
being left out again?

- Look, I know I wasn't there
when you got your license,

and I'm really sorry about that,

but, today's about Tommy,

maybe we could just
cool it a little bit

and talk about it...

- So, everybody gets a fancy car

and I get, what, a pink bear?

I really see where I
fit into this family.

Sorry, maybe Ryan can fix that,

I heard he's good
with his hands.

- That was something.

I hate to say it, babe,

but I'm a little
concerned about Sam.

Jealousy's normal in these
types of new family situations,

but her reactions have
been a little extreme.

- We should get her a car too.

- No, no, no, no, this has
nothing to do with a car,

her jealousy stems
from insecurity

and desperation
for your attention.

Maybe this wasn't the best
time to get Tommy a new car,

but it's done,

now we need to focus on

giving her a greater sense
of security and stability.

- Yeah,

I didn't even think about
how it would make her feel.

I mean, I did miss
her entire childhood.

- I understand that,

but she can't go
around breaking things

every time she gets angry.

And we certainly cannot reinforce that behavior with a car.

- You're right.

You're right, I'm sorry.

It's just a lot to take on,

- I know, honey.

- But I have to face it head on.

I'm sorry about your car.

It's fine.

- You want me to
make it up to you?

- You're incorrigible.

- You mean insatiable.

- Oh.

- I'll go talk to her.

- Thank you.

- Maybe I should take
one more day off?

- No, we talked about
this last night.

This will give me and Sam

a better chance to get
to know one another.

Plus, I know you're dying
to get back to the hospital.

- You sure?

- I'm sure.

- All right.

Good morning.

- Hey.
- Morning.

- Morning.

- All right, I gotta go to
work, I'll see you guys.

- Love you.
- Bye.

- I love you.
- Love you.

What's got you so
bouncy this morning?

- Nothing, just happy.

That's good.

- Ah, morning, Sam.

- Morning.
- Morning.

Morning, Sam.

- Hey, uh, Sam,

couple of the guys from the
team are getting together later,

if you wanna join?

- Yeah, that sounds great.


you should come and put in
some time with you know who.

Oh, yeah,

- Who's you know who?

- Mom, it's nothing.

- Milo Venetta.


- Uh, gross.

You like Milo?

- Tommy.


- Whatever floats your boat.

- Bye, Sam.


- Bye.
- Bye, have a good day.

How'd you sleep last night?

Like a rock.

- Good.

Um, Samantha, Lauren is a little
shy when it comes to boys,

so I'd appreciate it if
you didn't pressure her.

- Sorry, I was just
trying to help.

- It's okay.

- So, what's the plan?

- Uh, well, I have a client
coming in a couple of minutes.

- What do you do anyway?

- I'm a psychologist.

- Oh, wow, that's intense.

- Um, it can be,
it's very rewarding.

- Yeah.

Do you wanna psychoanalyze

- No, no,

but I would like to get to
know you a little better.

- Yeah, I'd like to get
to know me better too.

- Well, if you ever
wanna talk, I'm here.

Oh, that's my client.

Are you okay for a little while?

- Yeah, I'm just gonna study.

- Great.

Uh, maybe we can
grab lunch later?

- Yeah, that sounds good.

Heather, how you been?

- Really well.

Good, come on in.

- It's been a good week.

- Good.

Buttons feeling any better?

- Yes, Buttons is
feeling so much better.

- Come on over here,
I'm all set up.

So, Tuesday, same time?

- Yes, I'm putting
it in my calendar.

- Heather?

Is that you?

- Samantha, I--

- It's been so long.

Do you two
know each other?

Well, we
used to be friends,

until she disappeared on me.

- I gotta go.

- Well, it was nice
to see you again.

Heather, wait.

Heather, Heather, talk to me.

Heather, Heather,
what do you need?

Talk to me, what do you need?

- What is she doing here?

Why would you have her here?

- Who, Samantha?

- I can't, I can't be here
anymore, I have to go!

- Wait, that's the Sam?



- You still wanna
grab some lunch?

- Yeah, sure.

- So how do you know Heather?

- Uh, I spent a lot of time
around here a while back.

Did you know she's a
lifeguard at the beach?

- Small world, isn't it?

- I can't wait until
I see Heather again,

we have so much to talk about.

- So I was thinking
Lighthouse Cafe for lunch?

Yeah, I'm easy.

- Great.

So when does the
next semester start?

- Um, in a couple of weeks.

You excited to go back?

- Yeah, I'm excited.

It's always good

to get back into
your old routine,

it makes you feel normal again.

- What, are you
saying I'm not normal?

- No, no, no, I wasn't
saying that, I just--

just messing with you, Katie.

You know, I can help you

with your studies if you want.

- You, you have a PhD, right?

- Yeah, I got it
after I had Tommy.

What the heck?

Oh my.

Oh, god, that cannot be good.


- You have to, yeah.

This can't be good.

Let me call Ryan, hold on, um...

Hey, Ry, yeah, it's me,
do you have a minute?

I think my car is overheating,
I'm with Samantha.

Uh, yeah, we're on Elkmont Road.


Thank you so much.

Okay, yeah, we'll be here, bye.


Um, Ryan's gonna come help.

I am so sorry, I hope
you're not too hungry?

- Oh, no, it's totally fine.

That's so nice of Ryan to just
come running when you call.

- Yeah, well, I'm useless
when it comes to cars.

I leave that to
Ryan and your dad.


- Look, Samantha,

Ryan and I have been
friends since junior high,

I love your father.

- Okay, did I say any different?

- No, I just want you
to be able to trust me

and know that I'm
here for you, okay?

Whatever you need.

- I had a mom, I don't
need another one.


- All right, radiator
hose is busted.

It's not a big fix, but
definitely important.

- Okay.

- Ryan, is that a,

is that a '68?

- You do like cars.

- Yeah, my ex was way into
cars, so, he taught me a lot.

- Thank you so much, Ryan,

this is honestly
above and beyond.

- Oh, anything for you, Katie.

- Hey, are you gonna go
to that thing on Saturday?

- Yeah,

I think we're probably gonna
show up maybe around 5:30,

and, um, maybe I'll see you the
next day at practice, right?


Okay, yeah.

Trevor and I will
meet you over there,

we'll go out for
ice cream after.

Oh, that'd be so great--

Are you guys done yet?

- Uh, I'm gonna need
some time with this.

Uh, maybe I can lend
you my car for the day

while I fix this?

- No, you do not
have to do that.

- No, it's all right,

I'll drive your car back
home when it's done,

and I'll pick up my car there.

- That would actually be
awesome, thank you so much,

I really appreciate it.

- Yeah, have fun at lunch.

We will.

- Thanks.

- Oh, rats, I have a
patient coming in 10,

do you mind if we
rain-check, Sam?

- No worries.

- Okay.

- Oh!
- Oh!

- What'd I say, Tommy?

- Okay, you won.

- All right, Sam
versus Lauren now.

- It's a done deal.

- Woo!

- You wanna go?
- Get in here.

- All right.

Go for it.

- All right, let's go.

- Woo.

- All right, all right.

- Okay, ready?
- Okay, ready?

- Count in, please, boys.


On three.

- One,
- One,

- two,
- two,

- three.
- Three.

- I think Lauren's got it.

- They're down there
for a long time, dude.

- Yeah.

- Damn.

- What was that?

- What was what?

- You were holding my legs
and I couldn't breathe.

- What are you talking about?

- Did you see that?

- Uh, no, you were
under water, so...

- Okay, who's gonna,
who's gonna go against me?

This guy.

- All right.

- Woo!


Everything all right?

- It's fine, Mom.

- Uh, it doesn't
seem fine, what's up?

- It's...

Really, I'm okay,
I'm gonna go wash up.

- Are you sure I can't convince
you to stay for dinner?

- Oh, not tonight, Kitty Kat.

- Oh my, Kitty Kat?

You haven't called me that in...

- It still works.

- No.

- Hey, I got something for you.

- What?

- Check that out.
- What?

Oh, my gosh.

Is this from the
River Run Festival?

Yeah, yeah.


- Hey, you remember
when that drunk guy

spilled his beer all over me?

That was crazy,
- Yes.

- But not as crazy as
when you bought one

and spilled it all over
yourself so I wouldn't be alone.

- Can I be honest with you?

I did not do that on purpose.

- You didn't?


No, I fell and
spilled it all over,

and I was playing it off

like I did it on purpose
to be a good friend,

but in reality,

I, uh, was a total klutz.

- Sorry, am I interrupting?

- Oh, hey, Sam.

Nah, um, I was just
dropping your mom's car off.

See you later.

- Bye, Ry, I owe you, thank you.

- See ya.

That swimming
really killed me today.

- I told you I'd kick your butt.

- Yeah, okay, you may
be good in the water,

but just wait til we
get on, like, a run.

That sounds
like a challenge.

Well, what if it is?

challenge accepted.

- Yes.

Lauren, you down?

- Uh, I don't know,

Student Council's starting
to plan Homecoming,

so, I'm really busy.

- Tommy, you should
invite Milo again,

I'm sure Lauren would love that.

- Lauren likes Milo,
Lauren likes Milo,

- No, I don't!
- Lauren likes Milo.


- Dad.

- Ooh, dinner, sorry I'm late.

- Uh, Mom, can I be excused?

I've got a lot of work to do.

Yeah, sweetie.

- What's going on?

- Oh, nothing, Lauren just has
a crush on a boy at school,

and she won't admit it.

No, I don't!

- Samantha, I would
really appreciate it

if you didn't tease
Lauren like that.

- Wait, seriously?

- Yeah, seriously.

I think you owe her an apology.

- Uh, fine.

Oh, Ryan, you are so boring.

- What were you doing in there?

- Nothing.

Oh, Lauren, um...

- Yeah?

- Goodnight.

Hey, thanks for
backing me up down there.

You're really
upset about that?

- You rolled your
eyes, it's not cool.

- I just think you're making
it out to be more than it is.

- You haven't been
around the last few days,

but that's not the first time

I've had to say something to her

about how she's
speaking to my daughter.

- Your daughter?

You don't mean our daughter?

- That's not what I meant, okay?

Don't twist my words,

I'm just saying that

Samantha has a lot of influence.

Okay, she's older,

she's getting
attention from boys

that Lauren's interested in,

even Tommy seems
to be on her side,

I just don't want everybody
ganging up on Lauren.

- I just think you
need to relax a little

and stop worrying about

preventing problems
before they start.

- Look, I know you're
off saving lives,

but I'm trying to keep
the peace around here,

and, I, I, we just, we need
to have a united front, okay?

So if I say something, I
need you to back me up.

- Okay.

- Say it.

- I'll back you up.

- Damn right you will.

- Ooh, yeah,

I will back you
up, Mrs. Carlisle.

- It's Dr. Carlisle.

Oh, excuse me,

- But, I'm serious.

Oh, I am so serious,
so serious.

- Happy anniversary.
- Happy anniversary.

Happy anniversary.

- Oh, you guys.

Aww, oh, my gosh.
- Pancakes.

- This looks beautiful.

- Tommy helped this time.

- Beautiful, oh.

Oh, come on.

Oh, look.


- You guys.
- I love it.

That's great.

- Thank you.

- All right, well, while
we're handing out surprises...

- No, we said we weren't gonna
give each other anything.

No, you said that.

It's our anniversary, of course
I'm gonna get you something.

- Oh my, how did you do this?

Third row center,

and I got us a
suite at the London.

- Oh, thanks, honey.

- And we got you reservations
at Asterio Romana.

Oh, my goodness.

- I just wanted to say

the past month has
been so special to me.

You guys, you brought
me into your family,

you made me feel so
welcome, so, thank you,

and happy anniversary.

Oh, come here, you guys.

Oh, cuddles.

- All right, get in
here, get in here.

- Where are my pictures?

Hey, Greg?

Katie, are you ready?

- Uh...

Yeah, yeah, coming.

- In case you need anything.

- Thank you.

- We can trust you guys
for one night, right?

- Yes.

- We'll be back tomorrow
afternoon, be good.

Eat, do your homework.

Love you.

- Love you.
- Bye, have fun.

- Bye, we love you.
- Love you, you deserve this,

enjoy it.


I think I'm gonna tell a
few friends to swing by.

You should invite Milo.

- What?

No, that'd be weird,
he'll think I like him.

- But you do like him.

- You don't have to
invite just Milo,

you can invite other people.

- Uh, we can't have a party.

- Who said it was a party?

Tommy, did you call it a party?

- I never called it a party.

- So, should we do it?

- Okay, fine, sure, let's do it.

- Okay, um, Tommy, invite Milo.

- I already texted him.

- Great, sounds good.

Why are you all by yourself?

It's a party.

- I'm tired.

- Well, just so you know,
Milo was just looking for you.

Now you're not so tired.

- What did he say?

- Okay, he told me
that he wants to have

some alone time with you,

you know, to get
to know you better.


Well, I mean, if he
wants to talk to me...

- I mean, you should
go to your bedroom.

- Okay.

Hey, we're having fun, man,
we're having fun.

Ooh, give me that bone.

- Hey, uh, Milo, can I
talk to you for a second?

- Sure.

- Okay, I'm gonna help you out.

- Oh, yeah?

Do I need help?

- Well, you know Lauren,

she kind of has a thing for you.

She actually wants
you to go meet her

in her bedroom right now.

- For real?

- Yeah, so you should
probably go take care of her.

- Oh, um, I don't know,

I'm not into her, I'm into you.

- Oh, okay, well, um, maybe
if you go take care of her,

I'll take care of you.

- Really?

- Yeah, really.

- Okay.

Oh, Milo,
um, between you and me,

Lauren confessed to me

that she's kind of into
some weirder stuff.

- Weird stuff like?

- I don't know, I don't
wanna judge her, but, um,

I think she likes
it pretty rough.

- Okay.


What's up?
- Hey, not much.

- You having fun?

- Yeah.

- Love it, cheers.

- Cheers.

- Hey.

- Hey.

Uh, you're a really
good soccer player,

like, really good.

- I mean, for Saint Francis,
maybe, but, Notre Dame?

- You got in to Notre Dame?

- Yeah.

- Oh, wow.

That's insane.

You'd do great at Notre Dame,
it's a really good school,

and you'd get an amazing
education, and being there...


- What's wrong?

- It's just a little
too fast for me.

Don't worry.

- Milo, stop.

Come on, we're
just having a good time.

- No, please.

Milo, stop.

It's okay, relax.

Please, it's
too fast for me, please.

- Hi, um, I'd like to
file a noise complaint.

Yeah, yeah, it's
at 21 Briar Lane.

- Guys, the cops are here,
the cops are here, come on!

Come on, we gotta go!

- Hey, Greg.

- Hey, Jordan.

- Sorry to give this to you.

See you in church Sunday?

I'll see you,
thanks for coming out.

No problem.

Samantha, we trusted you.

We left you in charge, how
could you let this happen?

- Wait, me?

It wasn't my idea,

Lauren's the one that
wanted to have a party.

- I know Lauren, she would
never do something like this.

- Katie, they're teenagers,
this is what teenagers do,

we can't blame it all on Sam.

- Lauren wanted to
invite Milo over,

but didn't have the
guts to invite just him,

so she wanted a party.

- I wanted him to come over,

but I didn't think it was
gonna get this out of hand.

I'm sorry.

- Are you okay, sweetie?

- I have to go to bed.

Okay, it's been a
long night, we're all tired,

let's, we'll talk about
it in the morning?

Let's go.

- Come on.

- But like a day's training.

- Okay.

You know?
You know what I mean.

- She's coming right now.

Yo, I told you she
had nice legs, bro.

- Hey, you can't let him talk
to your sister like that.

Hey, Lauren,
where you going?


- Yo, what the hell, Milo?

- Hey, what's up, Tommy?

- Why are you talking
to my sister like that?

- It's not my fault
your sister's so easy.

- Why don't you just leave
her alone, all right?

- Security, hey, there's a
fight happening over there,

those two kids.

- Yo, none of us buy that
innocent act anymore.

She's a freak.

She likes it rough.

- Yeah, ha.

- Yo, what the--
Whoa, whoa, whoa,

whoa, relax, relax.

I saw that, I saw
that, I saw that,

- Yeah, he saw it.
- Let's go, Tommy.

- Relax, relax.
- I'm sorry.

Yeah, not so pretty
anymore, are you?

- You guys are home late.

What's up?

- I don't wanna talk about it.

- Are they always this moody?

- No,

they're not.

Lauren, honey, can I come in?


what's going on?

- Nothing.

- It's okay, is it
something at school?

We can talk about it, I
promise we can fix this.

- No, we can't.

Nothing is okay,
it is all my fault.

- Sweetheart, you gotta tell
me what's going on, okay?

That's the only
way I can help you.

- Samantha said
that Milo liked me,

that he wanted to get
to know me better,

and that I should have
him up in my room,

and we started kissing,
and I wasn't ready,

and then things got aggressive.

- Sweetheart, this
is not your fault.

- Yes, it is.

And he's got a picture of me.

I don't know how he took it,

but he sent it to
all of his friends,

and now everyone thinks
I had sex with him.

And the thing is, is
I really liked him.

Oh, honey.

Milo was trying to take
advantage of you, okay?

You didn't do anything wrong.

Come here, sweetheart.


It's gonna be okay, all right?

- Thanks, Mom.

So, what
happened with you?

- Mom, I'm sorry, but,

I got suspended for punching
Milo Venetta in the face.

- Wow.

Well, punching someone
is never a good idea,

but I think I understand
why you did it.

- Yeah?

- Lauren told me what happened.

- He had a picture of her.

He showed it around like,

like it was some
trophy or something.

Lauren's not like that.

Greg Hello, I'm home.

- Well, I am very proud of you

for standing up for your sister.

- Thanks, Mom.

- But you're grounded.


- Hey.

What's going on?

Samantha just told me
that Tommy got suspended.

- Let's go upstairs.

I think there's something
wrong with Samantha.

- What are you talking about?

- You know that party
wasn't Lauren's idea.

said it was her idea,

why are you trying to
make it Sam's fault?

- I'm not trying to make it
Sam's fault, it's the truth.

- It's not like they
threw some rager.

- They did throw a rager,
she bought them alcohol.

- Katie, I think
you're overreacting.

- I'm overreacting?

Did you know that
Lauren almost got raped?

- What?

- Yeah, and guess who set
that up to happen, Samantha.


I mean, can you even
hear yourself right now?

- Greg, I think
you're so wrapped up

in trying to get
Samantha to like you

that you're not
actually parenting her.

- Please don't tell me how
to talk to my daughter.

- What about your
other daughter?

I mean, have you even
spoken to Lauren?

I have to go.

- Of course you do.

- Katie, can we please talk
about this some other time?

I have so much going on
at the hospital right now.

- What choice do I have?

Go, just go.


Good morning,
North Valley residents,

it's the Morning News
with Elaine Paige.

- Lauren hasn't
spoken to me in days,

like, what's her problem?

- I don't know,

I think she's still pretty
upset from the Milo thing.

- I told her inviting
him up to her bedroom

would give him the wrong idea.

- Wait, she invited him up?

Lauren said you did.

- Really?

I don't know why she
would lie to you.

I guess she's embarrassed.

- Yeah, I don't know.

- We gotta keep
sticking together,

I have your back and
you have mine, right?

- Yeah, for sure.

- I mean, we all had fun at
the party, you had fun, right?

- Yeah, a great time.

- Well, we just won't
invite her next time,

it'll be just the
two of us, deal?

- Deal.

- Tommy, don't you
have some chores to do?

- I don't think so.

- Thomas, now.

- Fine.

- Samantha,

I think you should start
thinking about getting a job.

- What?

- If you're not gonna
go back to school,

you need to work,
you're an adult.

- But I'm grieving,
Katie, don't you see that?

Start looking.

Coming up next
on our morning segment,


What you need to
do to your house this summer.

But for now, we transfer over
to our local news broadcast.

- The search for
22-year-old Heather Hewitt

continues today.

Hewitt was reported
missing by her parents

after she failed to
attend a court hearing

for a parking violation.

Authorities have begun

a search-and-rescue
effort in Sactacose Woods,

a local wildlife--

You have reached
the voice mailbox of...

Heather Hewitt.

- Hey, Heather,
it's Katie again.

Um, I'm sorry to leave
you another message, I,

I'm just checking in, wanna
make sure everything's okay.

Uh, give me a call anytime.




- Oh, hey, Kitty, I
wasn't expecting you.

I know, do
you have a minute?

- Yeah, is everything all right?

- I know this is
gonna sound crazy,

but I think there's something
wrong with Samantha.

- Is that the scientific
term for it now, Doc?

- I know, I know, but
just listen, she's, it's,

I'm just getting a really
weird vibe off of her.

- Hello, I'm home.

- Hey, Daddy.

- Oh, hey, where is everybody?

- Um, Tommy's upstairs,
Lauren is at school,

and I think that Katie
went to go see Ryan.

They're pretty
close, aren't they?

- Well, yeah, I mean,
they have a long history.

- Yeah, they hang out a lot.

He just comes over all the
time when you're not around.

- What do you mean?

- He just comes over, not to
drop off Trevor or anything.

They hang out, they hug a lot,

like, when they're
laughing and stuff,

and she actually goes over
to his place a lot too.

I can tell they're super close.

- Yeah.

When did Katie
say she'd be back?

- Uh, she didn't, but I think
she left, like, an hour ago.

I'm gonna go for a run.

- All right.

- Bye, Daddy.

- Bye, sweetie.

- I just feel like she's
manipulating Greg and the kids.

I mean, Tommy's suspended,
Lauren is a mess,

and Greg and I are fighting.

Oh, and this patient of mine,

who apparently knows Samantha,

she saw her at the
house the other day

and she was terrified,

like, ran to her car
to get away terrified.

And now, after three years of
never missing an appointment,

she's a no-show.

- Hey, it's me.

Are you gonna pick up your phone

or just keep ignoring my calls?

I've called you,
like, four times.

All right, well,

I guess just give me a
call when you get this.

Is she kidding me right now?

- I know there's something off,

but Greg
doesn't wanna hear it,

and, I don't know,

I'm just feeling really alone.

- Katie, you are not alone.

I mean, I am there for
you if you need anything.

Thanks, Ry, I appreciate it.

What's going on?

- Nothing.

- Doesn't look like nothing.

- Yeah, I was just
talking to Katie and--

- He was just supporting me,
Greg, that's all he was doing.

- Oh, that's what you call it?

'Cause at least I
don't sneak around

behind your back with a friend.

be ridiculous.

- I'm gonna give you
two some privacy, I...

- Oh, privacy?

That's rich,

coming from some guy

who clearly doesn't
understand boundaries.

- You know, Greg, there's
a lot I wanna say to you,

but I'm not going to.

Katie, if you need me, I'm here.

- Okay.

Uh, thanks.

Greg, you're acting
like a jealous teenager.

- How much time do you spend
with him when I'm not around?

- Don't talk to me like
you're Mr. Perfect.

You're never around,

and when you are, now,
it's all about Samantha.

What about Tommy and Lauren?

I mean, can't you see this
family's falling apart?

- This conversation is not over.

- Looks like it is.

- Extra bacon, please.

A little fog
to start off our day,

we may get some
hints of clouds yet,

but more clouds and sunny skies.

And now, over to our
local news broadcast.

- Tragedy has struck our
small community today,

as the search for
Heather Hewitt concluded.

Authorities recovered her body

from the northeast quadrant
of Sactacose Woods,

and have opened a criminal
investigation of the case.

Hewitt was found with
multiple stab wounds

in her chest and abdomen,

and the county medical
examiner puts her time of death

at approximately one week ago,

which is just a day before

she was reported
missing by her parents.

There will be a memorial
service for Hewitt

at the Community Church of
Hempstead later this week.

She is survived by her parents,

Mark and Barbara,

and her younger brother.
- Oh, my god, Katie,

why are you yelling at me?

It was just an accident!

- What's going on? Are you okay?

- Katie is yelling at me
because I broke the plate,

and now she's saying
I have to leave!

- Seriously?

- No, that is, that
is not what she did,

she held it up in front
of my face and just...

- Sam, are you okay?

I don't wanna talk about it.

Do you just wanna go
for a run or something?

- Yeah, let's go.

- No, no, uh, Tommy,

I need you to stay here
and help me with something.

- I'll help you when I get back.

We're gonna be gone
for, like, an hour?

- No, you can't leave the
house, you're grounded.

- First you take my car,
I can't go out at night,

now I can't even train?

I thought you understood
why I punched Milo?

- For Pete's sakes, Katie,
let him go for a run.

- Unless there's a reason
you don't want him to?

- You guys can go.

Let's go.

If you ask me,

it sounds like you need to
handle your own jealousy issues.

- Yeah, wait, hold on, Sam, I
gotta tie my shoe, one second.

I bet
you can't catch me.

- We'll see about that.





- Sam?

I'm over here.

- Yo, Sam?

Sam, where'd you go?

you're getting warmer.

- Sam?

Sam, where are you?


- Hey, Tommy?


Sam, why'd you do that?

- I didn't do
anything, you tripped.

- You pushed me down the hill!

- No, I didn't.

- I need you to call someone,
my leg, I think it's broken.

- I don't have service.

Um, I'm gonna go, I'm
gonna go get Katie.

- No, don't leave me here.

Sam, please don't, Sam.


- Katie?

- Yeah?
- Katie, are you here?

- Yeah.
- It's Tommy, he fell,

and I think he's
hurt pretty bad.

- Oh, my god, uh, show me.

I got my keys.

- How's he doing?

- He's okay now,
but it's not good.

- So what happened?

- Tommy went running
with Samantha

and she pushed him down a hill.

- What?

- That's what Tommy
said, and I believe him.

Greg, she did it on purpose.

- No, she didn't.

- Greg, Tommy fell down the hill

and she didn't even call me.

She walked all the
way home first.

- Maybe her cell wasn't working,

or people get scared, maybe
she wasn't thinking clearly.

- She wasn't scared, okay?

She just left him there, alone,

what kinda person does that?

- People panic, Katie.

We don't know what was
going through her head.

- You're right, I don't know
what's going through her head,

I just know that from
the minute she got here,

everything's gone wild, and
that's not a coincidence.

- I think that you're trying

to make her out
to be the bad guy

'cause you never wanted her
here in the first place.

- Wow, I never realized what
little you thought of me.

- It's not that I think
little of you, Katie,

it's just that you don't know
what her mother was like.

She's led a rough life,

and this is the first time
she's ever had any real family.

- Greg, she's dangerous,

to herself and to others,

and until you're willing to
let me get her a psyche eval,

I can't have my children
in the same house as her.

- And what if you're wrong?

I've already lost Sam once,

I can't lose her again
based on paranoia.

I need proof.

- What happened? Are you okay?

- Here, come on in, you got it?

Lauren, where's Samantha?

- I don't know, I haven't
seen her since she got home.

- Okay, why don't you go grab
a seat on the couch, okay?

Will you help him?

I'll be right back.
- What's going on?

- Tommy?


- Mom?

- We're leaving.

Help Tommy pack a bag, just one,

and I'm gonna bring
the car around, okay?

Hey, I was right,
and I have proof.

Don't come home, it's not safe.

I'm gonna take the kids and
go to the Sheffield Hotel,

just meet us there, bye.

You looking for these?

- Yeah.

Uh, I'm just gonna

take the kids outta town
for a couple days and,

uh, just let Tommy recuperate,

and you can have some
one-on-one time with your Dad.

- How stupid do you
think that I am?

Ryan, hey.

- Oh, hey there, Sam.

I heard Tommy broke his
leg, is he all right?

- Oh, yeah, yeah, he's fine,

I think he just needs some rest.

- And, uh, how's
Katie holding up?

Is she inside?

- Um, no, actually,

she just went to the store to
get a few things for Tommy.

- At this hour?

- Yeah, I'm pretty sure she
knows where she's going.

- Kids alone inside?

- Alone? I mean, I'm here.

- Right.

Well, if you need me...

- Yeah, I'll have Katie,
um, give you a call.

- Sam, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

- Oh, my god.



- I forgot about
Tweedledee and Tweedledum.


- What?

Tommy, are you up here?

- Yeah.

She killed him.

- Who?

- Samantha killed Ryan.

- What?
- I don't know where Mom is,

but we gotta get outta here.

- All right, let's get out--
- Shh.

Bathroom, we can
lock ourselves in.

- Go.


- What do we do?

- Did you call the police?

- Yeah, I called the cops,
they're on their way.

- Will they get there in time?

- I hope so,

I mean, it was...

Okay, just stay quiet.

- Come out, come out
wherever you are.

- Shh.

Don't say a word.


- Huh, a door that locks itself.

We can do this the easy
way or the hard way.

I guess the hard way.

- Samantha,

put down the knife.

We can work this out.

- There's nothing to work out.

My mother kept me
from the only person

who ever cared about me,

so you have to be
eliminated just like her.

- I'm sorry she did that to you.

You deserve better than that.

We're not trying to
keep you from Greg,

we want you to be a
part of this family.

- You don't care about me.

I know that I'm messing up
your perfect little world.

And you know, I used to
come here every summer,

and I would watch you.

That should've been my
life, you stole it from me.

- Samantha, listen,
we can fix this.

Greg loves you very much.

- I don't think you understand,

there's no going
forward from here.

How can you, how
can anyone help me?

- I know this seems hard,
but you have options,

and we'll be with
you the whole way.

- Why would you help me after
everything that I've done?

- We're family,

you belong here.

Just put the knife down.

You're family, Samantha.


Just give me the knife.

- Samantha, what are you doing?

- Oh, I'm doing this for you.

- Samantha, no, you
have to stop this.

- You're taking her side?

I'm your daughter.

You called the cops on me?

- Honey...

- Don't honey me.

You betrayed me.

- I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

- It's okay.

- Are you okay?

Are you okay?

- What?

- I'm just thinking
about how lucky I am

to have a wife
that's so wonderful,

and forgiving, and beautiful.

- Go on.

- And smart.

- Mm-hmm.

- And kind.

And the bravest person I know.

And way out of my league.

- Well, that's for sure.