A Darker Reality (2008) - full transcript

A group of women wake up in a cold cement basement. Cold and terrified they find themselves captive to a depraved psychopath whose blood-lust and insanity knows no bounds. Police Detective Balasco and psychiatrist Dr. Metcalfe team up in a desperate attempt to locate the girls and their soon to be murderer - a serial killer known as Ghost. But time is running out as Ghost's sick experiments begin to leave the girls tortured beyond recognition. To survive, the girls must band together in a last attempt to save themselves from a fate far worse than death.

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♪ [Brandy Beans]
♪Come gather around
I got a little song for ya. ♪

♪ Called brandy beans

♪ ooey gooey brandy beans

♪ make me feel funny

♪ what did you do last night
hunny ♪

♪ we ate some brandy beans

♪ I didn't have no brandy beans

♪ let me tell ya, there good
for the yummy ♪

♪ but not so good for the tummy

♪ well I had me a whole tray

♪ of brandy beans

♪ whoa is me

♪ I had me some brandy beans

♪ I was playing with scully

[dramatic music]

[in distress ]

[woman in pain]

oh, ooooh, ooooh.

[punching sound]

[intense dark music]

Huh, huh, ohhhhh!


Huh, huh, ohhhhh

[heavy breathing]

[labored breathing]


[knife slashing flesh]

It's funny...

As I write these words down
for my amusement

and your confusion.

How every sentence
leads you closer to me!

But then again...

In your confusion
it blinds you even more.

As I could stand right beside

and you would be none the wiser.

I am everyone you know

or met or didn't pay attention

in this mundane existence
you treasure so much

only when it is in peril.

I can tell you this.

I'm getting better at focusing
my hate for the women
of this world.

So as the weeks go by
after my little gift
arrives on your door step.

I ask you this Alex.

Can you count?

[birds chirping]
[kids playing]

Hey Dad!

yeah !

There is a bag over here!

Don't touch it, it's probably
full of trash!


Alex Belasco
Los Angeles police department.


[panic scream]

[background voices]

So Quail did you miss me?

[southern accent]
I missed you Alex.

-You did huh?
- I like seeing your face.

-It's a good face isn't it?
- It's a very nice face.

Yeah, I'd call more often,
but you don't have a
phone in here do you?

Nah, I ain't got a
phone in here.

You don't come
and see me anymore.

I have other inmates who are
little sweeter to me anymore.


Oh, tease me, tease me.


Why am I here?

Why your here?

Why I might know
who you looking for?

Who am I looking for?

The Ghost!

Isn't that all
what your calling him?

I still read everything I can
about you, Alex.

Okay, then tell me
about the Ghost.


What can I tell you
about the Ghost? He's um...

Talked him about how he...

paid a bunch male hookers
to cum into a plastic bag.

Then he dumped in some body
that left on the side of the

How the fuck do you know that?

I'm in a club Alex.

Special club.

They all thought it was ah...
gang rape gone bad, but...

-you knew!
-I said how do you know that?


Hmmm. So--

I give you something,
you give me something.

What do you want?

Change of scenery.

A new playmate.

There's um...

New meat that interests me,
across the hallway from my cell.

That's not gonna happen.

Ah, come on Alex.

You can do that,
you can arrange it for me.

You can make it happen.
Can't you?


Fuck this.

You want to play games. Fine.

You know how this works,
you want something,
you give me something.

I-I-I-I will, I will.

Well, you gonna give it to me?

Tell you what?

When your ready to talk to me.

-You know how to find me--
-I had online relations with

What does that mean?

On the computer,
you know computers.

The internet?

-Your dead baby fucker.
-You know what
scrotum tastes like?

It's a new friend of yours?

-I got lots of friends in here.
-I can see that.


Give me a name.

Have I got a name? Hmmmm.

I don't know.
I got a new playmate?

No. You give me something.

I give you something.

That's the way it goes.

I want a name.

You'll arrange it for me.

Kiss my ass.

When you're ready,

You give me a call.

[background voices]


Hey Tommy.

What you doing here? You lost?

Working on the Lincoln case.
What are you doing here?

Talking to Quail.
He's a fucking nut job.

We received a package,
it was addressed to you.

-Really, where is it?

So far they're coming up with

No prints, no hair, undescript.

So, you think it might be our

Look there's an issue.

Alright, you know
the mayor's been involved,

Upcoming reelection...

You given this serial murder
a face in the press.

He's uh, using this as a tent

Oh, he's a politician
that's what they do.

-You heard of Dr. Jessy Metcalf.
-No, who is?


Lead forensic profiler
for the FBI, CIA.

Done some television.

Smart mind, and a hot body.
Takes you places,
you the play cards right.

Don't even start.

Don't even fucking tell me

Mayor has put her in charge
of Forensic evidence.

She's part of the case,
you are going to be
working with her on this.

I'm working with her? I'm...

Alex, I got something
else for you.

Patrol, found a girl
in a bag this morning.

We think it's one of his.

She alive?

She was attached
to your package.

No shit. Where is she?

She's down at Mannis.

You look good
by the way Tommy?

Um, excuse me.

[male voice]


Look, I'm looking for a
Dr. Chase.

A Dr. Evan Chase.

[male voice]
Evan Chase. Right there.

Okay. Thank you very much.

Would you excuse me
for a second.

-Are you Dr. Chase?
-Yes, I am.

Alright. I am...
Detective Belasco. LAPD!

Now, I understand
a couple weeks ago--

you admitted a
caucasian female, late twenties,

red hair, named Carey Andrews.

Yes we did.

She's part of
a criminal investigation.

I need to talk to her. Is she
conscience, can she communicate?

-Yeah, but you don't want to.
-That's, it doesn't
work that way. I'm sorry.

It doesn't? And who are you?

I'm Dr. Jessy Metcalf, agent.
I'll be working with you on
this case?

You're Metcalf!

Yeah, I didn't recognize you
without the TV cameras around.

-Doc, that's room two fifteen,

-Downstairs, good luck.

-I'll be in my office.
-Okay, I'll be right there,
Dr. Chase.

Excuse me Agent Belasco.

Um, I don't want to start off
on the wrong foot.

Really? Then why did you
steal my case?

[calm voice]
Okay, I didn't steal your case.

I want to catch this guy
just as much as you do.

But, she's very fragile
right now and it could

take weeks before I get
any information from her.

[growing angry]
We don't have weeks.

-Well, you'll have to trust me
that she...
-Trust you? Trust you?

You keep a witness locked up
for two weeks,

without notifying my office,

and you take my evidence
and lock it up in your lab?

-Wow, I'm not going to audition
my credentials for you--
-Well you have to!

Cause why would I trust you?

You know what?

She is fragile, she has
been held captive by a man--

and been raped
and tortured for years!

Imagine the walls that she's
erected just to survive!

You go in there
the way you are now

she's going to shut down and
never open up again!

[calming down]
Look, I want to help you!

Just tell me what I can do!

I need details!

I need to know,
sights, sounds, smells!

I need to know everything
she felt, what she thought!

What the room looked like!
Details! I need details!

-Get them on tape!

I'll do what I can!

And um...I heard that there was
a package delivered to you.
His journal.

Call Mayor Abrams.
He's know we are working

together on the case, tell him
to release that evidence
into your custody.

Read over it, and then I'll ring
you when I leave here,

we can go over
what you found out.

Yeah. Thank you. Jeez...

that's-that's really big of you!
Thanks very much!

[to her self]
Nice to meet you Agent.

[dark scary music]

[sinister laughter]

Oh. I'm so silly sometimes.

Oh. Wait a minute.

[sawing flesh]

[woman moaning in pain]

oh. I don't want you
to feel any pain.

Be hurting.

That would be mean.

[whispering softly]
I don't want to be mean to you.

You rest here.

Just rest.

[squeaky door]
[tense music]

Hello, Carey.

Shut the door!

Shut the door!

We agreed that
I would keep it open.

I don't think it's fair, that
you can see me and I can't see

There. Now, it's fair.


Please, just try.

Dr. Chase, said that your
sister Megan came by to see you.

On the 16th.

Today's the 17th.

I know. I count the days.

But, you don't have to
count the days Carey.

You're not there anymore.

In some ways, I still am.

He liked that.

That I could count days.

Keep a mental record of events.

How long they lasted.

When the new
stock would come in.

Only one more day.

Amber M. is added to the list.

She's so young.

She won't last long.

Who's Amber M?

Been watching her for
over a year now.

With the sliver in the closet
where he kept me some nights.

I could see him...

watching the footage
he taped of her.


-Painting her toe nails.
-[heavy breathing ]

Yeah, that's it.
Touching herself.

That's it.Yeah.

He'd fight to keep it hard.

[matter of fact]
Eventually he'd cum!

And pull me out of the closet
to lick it off him.

Yeah. I'm getting close.
I'm close baby.

Yeah! Yeah!

Uh. Uh. Uuuuhhh!

Uhhh. Uhhh.

She's not a whore.

Not like you!

I really care.

[sweet voice]
You're so, so, beautiful baby.

So. Here. No, no. It's okay.

It's like lip, lip gloss.
Make's your lips so shiny.

You look so, so beautiful
right now. You know.

You look beautiful.

You fucking whore!

You fucking whore!

I'm going to deal with you

I'll deal with you later!

Dr. Metcalf:
Carey is there anything you can
remember about her?

That might help us. What does
Amber M. look like?

She looks like any other
missing girl in her 20's.

Average length of hair.

Average height.

Average weight.


The perfect target.

Was there anything on the

that might give us insight into
her location?

Anything he might have said?

I was bound inside of a closet.


So tight, my fingers burned and
felt like they'd fall off.

My insides were raw,

from him shoving whatever was
within reach inside of me.

The hour previous.

And I knew what was coming.

Tasting him.

Praying this time I wouldn't
throw up, so I could get shut
back up

for a little while and not be
beaten until a bone would snap!

Amber M. wasn't the top of my
priority list.

I'm sorry Carey.

You're safe now.

[ laughing ]

Carey, I'm sorry.

What's funny?




I counted...

how long she'd last.

What he'd do to her.

She wouldn't last very long.

I still have your pictures if
you need them back.


12 days.

16 days.

12 days.

16 days.

9 days.

20 days.

4 days. 3 days. 2 days.

18 days. 7 days.

21 days.

4 days.

8 days.

20 days.

3 days.

6 days.

Do you recognize all these


6 days

6 days.


That's how long you'll last.

6 days.

6 days.

6 days.

You're safe now.

Go away 6 days. Go away.

[ crying ]

[ominous tone]



You want him to come back.

Aren't you sore enough.

Shut up Gina.

[whispering loudly]
Hey, hey, hey, hey, shut up.

[whispering loudly]
Shut up. Shut up.

[whispering loudly]
Calm the fuck down.

[whispering loudly]
Calm the fuck down!

Shut up, shut up,
bitch, shut up.

Don't be so rough with her.

Get your fucking hands off of
me right now

You understand me? You got it?

Shhhhhh. Shhhhhh.

There's a good girl.

You know you are
just as bad as he is.

What the fuck did you
just say to me?

You're just as bad as he is.

[very angry]
You stupid fucking bitch,
you don't anything about me!

You know nothing of what
I have been through!

-If I have cut your throat then
I will
-What is this? What?

You bitch! Get the fuck
away from me!

We've been through the same
thing Gina. We're here too.

Useless shit, fucking bitch!

-God damit, I'll kill you!
-Stop it. No!

[ crying ]

I just...I just want to go home.


Help me please.
Please help me.


I don't want to die.
I don't want to die.

[birds chirping]

[door bell]

Dr. Metcalf.


You can call me Jessy.


Look I...I know we got started
off on the wrong foot

So, I want to make amends.
Okay, this is uh...

For you.

How'd you know I love football.

Your website.
I uh, I read your blog.

- Go Buckeyes.
- Go Buckeyes.

Come in.

So, what's your poison?

A little early for Dewars, you

Yeah, I was aiming actually
a little more at coffee.

Coffee. Yes.

Okay, would you like cream,
sweetener or black.

Black is good.

So, I uh, saw your show,
the other night.

-TiVo'd it.
-Oh God.

Yeah, that thing is going to
haunt me forever.

Now, when they play that
over and over again on TV,

do you get paid for that?

Ah, I wish I did.

I wish I got residuals.
Cause they play it all the time.

I'd be sitting pretty,
but no I do not.

You did a good job.

Thank you.

Is that the report?

Ah, yeah.

The thing is the ah--

the journal is going to take a
while to decipher, because it
just rambles on and on.

But, what's really interesting.

The whole package was sanitized.

There's no DNA,
there's no nails, there's no


How about this, you got
a head count yet?

Yeah, um, 85 girls here.

But that was just in the
3 years that Carey
was under his control.

So, there's probably another
list of girls from before then.

Any patterns?

Yeah, you know.

They all look alike.

I mean...
It's like a classroom photo.

Nothing above average
to set them apart,

he just keeps them

And, their ages range.
They're all over the board.

Any recent developments
with her?

No, we're still sifting through
the database from the board of

But, it's a partial play,
I mean,

this one name is like getting a
needle out of a haystack.


You know what, let's check his

Carey said that he
talked a lot about her.

And, if that's true, I bet
she's in here.

-Do you have that on tape.
-Yeah, I do.

Thank you for letting
me borrow that.


I killed a man today.

I caught him listening at my
door, a few too many times.

He should have just minded
his own business.

Left the door open one night.

[head struck with bat]

He took the bait.

She lead him right where I
wanted him.

Did I do, good daddy?

I spent the evening chopping
him to jar able pieces.

Some for food them.

Some for the other ideas
I've recently come up with.

♪ do, do, do, do, do, do, do

[ laughing ]

Shut up! Song was over!

Remember we used to do that
brother when we were little.

♪ do, do, do, do, do, do, do,

That's it.

[voice over]

She knew better than to shed a

tear for the man I killed
before her.

To show any sign emotion,
of every girl I killed.

And had her jar up beside me.

I'm almost bored at how perfect
she's become for me.


[dark music]

♪ And that's how we get
all the skin off ♪

♪ do, do, do, do, do, do-do,
do-do ♪


You put it in honey, you put it
in. You can do it!

Look at that.

Gina, Gina!


Good job come over.

So far away honey. Are you cold?

Are you cold sweetie?

You look cold. Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Just kidding. Ahhhh.

Should we cut some more?


Where do you want to cut it?

Huh, huh, huuuh.

Huh, Huuuuuhhh.

Where fuck is huh, huuuuuhhh?
Where's that?


You wanna cut?

Put the jar down.

[super sweet]
You get a chance to cut.

You want to cut him
on the huuuuhhh?

Wanna cut him there?

You know where huuuhhh is?

But if you fail.

I'm gonna cut your fucking
head, right off.

You like that don't you brother?



Don't take life
so seriously babe.


[intense music]

But since I found my sunshine.

It's quieter in my head now.

I have more time to think.

Sunshine, with the bakery.

Past Saint J's to her house.

Through the alley where I have
my perfect place to attack her.

Soon Sunshine.

Your day is coming.

I pulled young Sharon in
like a guilty dog.

Her eyes and mind averting

my sick new task
she could only imagine.

I watched her close.

She's been here for 3 months.

Carey was teaching them all
quick how to survive.

But no one will train my little
video star.

My Sunshine...

no one but me.

I had her crawl on
to what was left.

To give him a fine send off.

I video taped it, and sent it
to her parents for Christmas.

I always hated Christmas.

Dect. Belasco:
Who do you think this uh...

This Sunshine is?

Ah, that sounds like what
he's calling Amber.

Um, Carey said he's been
watching her for a long time,

and if that's the case,

you know, she must hold some
sort of fascination for him.

He mentions in here, something
about a bakery near Saint J's.

I don't know maybe it's a point
to her possible location.

I mean it's a long shot.

But, perhaps it's a hospital,

Saint, Saint...

Johns? Maybe or...

maybe it's a Saint John's a
church or something?

Well, wait a minute,
let's just--

I mean how many Saint's
names start with J.
Let's just list them.


Um, I used to teach a
class near one

in Echo park,
it was Saint Judes.


It was Saint John's. No wait.

God so many Saints, I don't
know, you know it could be any
of them.

Or you know maybe
it's a street.

Ah J street.
[cell phone rings ]


Hey Tommy, what's up?


Ah, yeah-yeah. Give me about a
half an hour okay?


Anyway, just caught a break.

What is it?

Remember that uh--

remember that wack job Quail

that guy who killed the alter

Oh yeah..

he's the guy who you
got to tell where all the

bodies were after
he was caught.

-How did you do that?

He likes me.


Anyways, he um.

Apparently he knows something
about our guy.

Two of them had some type
of online tryst.

-He wants to enlighten me.
-Hmmm. Nice.

Okay, so well.

I'll just keep going through
the papers to see if I can find
anymore bread crumbs.

They always leave a trail, so.

[dramatic music]

♪ do, do, do, do, do-do-do, do

♪ do, do, do, do, do, dum, dum,
do ♪

♪ do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do

Huh, huuhhhhh!

Okay. Here we go.

It's just meat.

Black Girl:
You have to try to eat it Becca.

Come on. Come on.

Take a bite. Bite it.
Bite it. Bite it.

Take a bite.


Bite down fast.

Just do it fast, do it fast...

Go-go-go, chew it fast.

Chew it. Chew it.

No, chew it.

Don't, don't throw it, don't
throw it up. Just chew.


Come on you can do this.

You can do this.
You can do this.

There you go. There you go.

Easy, easy.

Easy-easy-easy-easy with it.



Can you help me
out her please?

Black Girl:
Just eat it Becca.

There you go.

Did she eat it? Is it down?

I think it's still in her mouth.

Swallow it.

Becca you have to. Just do it.


Doing good. Doing good.


That's good. That's good.
Good, good.


Thanks Johnny.

We gonna be alone?

Charlie take off.

Thank you.

Did you ever realize that...

The quality of one's coffee, is
a reflection of the environment.


Always taste like warmed up
mud, but I remember being in

Moving around from church to

Renting a nearby villa.


Scooping up the young boy after
the sermon.

Having my way with him, till
his eyes went grey.

And then sitting on the
veranda, watching the sunset.

Warming my hands
with an excellent bean.

You know Quail,

I would love to take this walk
down memory lane with you.

But, get to the point.

There is a point to the story.

I must thank you
for my new room mate.

We're getting along famously.

I was thinking about what a
sick pleasure it was, our
correspondence online.

How free we both felt.

How we talked about things that
make the rest of the world buy
guns and locks.

Home security devices.

We even shared video.

What you mean,
what kind of video?

Well when your handsome man
seized all my assets,

including my computer.

You also seized a few
video files he sent me.

See, we said we'd delete
them after we watched them..

But I lied.

Remember those files you keep
on asking me about?

How they didn't fit my profile.

How I said they were from,
my experimenting with women.

When I was trying to be like my
daddy wanted me to.


I lied about that.

Johnny get in here.

Yes sir.

Do me a favor, go down and
grab this assholes computers,
the hard drive, everything

Set it up on my desk.

I'll be there in 15 minutes.

-Right away sir.
-Thank you.

Hmm, mmm, I love to watch
a man at work.

If your yanking my chain
I will fuck you up.



[door opening]

Take Hannibal Dubois here
back down to his hole.

With pleasure!

Thanks for the coffee.

Yeah. I think it went well. It's
called K2E. Key to Eternity.


So trippy to be in a room
with 300 girls who
look exactly like you.

Huh, huh, no you are way hotter
than him honey.



No, I'm good. I just need to
get out of here.

It's creepy.

Oh. Fuck.

Yeah, shut up.
So, you're coming over...

[dramatic sting]
[frantic drums]

[ cell phone ringing ]



He got her.



[dramatic music]

[heavy breathing ]


[ coughing ]

Help me! Help!

Hi baby.

I can't believe you're here.

Help me.

Please. Let me go.


-Can you hear me?
-[ crying ]

Please, just let me go.

You can't hear me.

-Please just let me out.

[breathing hard]
Please. Please. Please. No.

Please what honey?

[ muffled crying ]

[ coughing ]

Crazy in there huh?

[heavy breathing]

Can't breathe.


[ mocking cry ]

Don't, don't, don't,
don't beg me.

Don't beg me.

It, it, makes me insane. I
don't what's it's, it is just

[growing angry]
it enters my head and then
travels down my spinal cord...

finger nails going across a
fucking chalkboard, you know

I mean, I mean it makes me
fucking crazy.

So don't do it!

You know, I butchered my
grandmother in this very tub.



That's what she did.


Now you got my hair wet.

I don't like when
my hair gets wet.

I'm going to move the
bucket over there.

I'm going to show you what I do
with this.

Trust me,
it's not a nipple adjuster.

I don't understand.

I'm going to pull
your teeth out,

through this chicken wire one
at a time.

Hold your head under the water
to you're just about dead.

And then..

Pull you back up.

While I yank your tooth out of
your fucking skull.

Splash that water
one more time in my face!

Go ahead.

-Do it!

I didn't think so.

I want my mom.

You want your mom?

I want my mom!

I know, I know, but don't beg.

Don't beg. Please, cause I hate
begging so much

[growing angry]
it runs right through me,
through my fucking head

and into my spinal cord.

It feels like I'm being
electrocuted when someone
does it.

You don't want to electrocute
me, do you?


Then I'll put Mr. Teefer away.

If you're a good girl.


He's right up there.

Are you thirsty still? Here!

[dramatic music]

He got here didn't he? Amber M.

We didn't get to her in time.

Hmmm. He's got it
down to a science.

Perfect timing.

But we can still save her.

Look you were there,
where he held you.

Tell me what you
remember about it.

There was this girl, Kim.

So young.

She, she lasted longer
than most.

Which isn't long at all.

25 days in all.

She told me about it after
she'd been gone from the

I was sick.

I remember her, cradling me.

While I vomited uncontrollably
on her hand.

Shaking. Then blackness.

He must have taken her then.

She said she didn't go far,

between the basement
and this place.

Maybe a mile.

He struck her!

[ hammer hit ]

To knock her out.

But, she faked
being unconscious.

Just in case she had a chance
to run.

She tried, when he
opened the truck.

But, he struck her...

then she was inside.


I'm Kim.



Shhhhh. Shhhh.

It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay.

Black Girl:
No, it's not.

You didn't see what
he did to her.

In front of me.

I can still smell him in here.

He beat her face.

He wouldn't stop.

Then he took jars of rotten meat

and he stuffed them
inside of her.

He packed her like
a fucking turkey.

Then he took fishing line and
he sewed her up.

And she's still alive.

She's still fucking alive

and he's coming back.

He's coming back.

He's coming back for you.

No, that can't, I've never been
with anybody before.

He can't do this!

God. Please.

He can't take that away from me.

He can't, he can't do that.

It's not supposed
to hurt like that.

And I, and I...

It's supposed to be
somebody special.

It's supposed to be beautiful.

I'm supposed to feel beautiful.

Black Girl:
[ crying ]
I'm sorry.

Oh, no.

I can't, I can't do it.

[woman screaming]

He can't do that to me. He
can't take that away...



Black Girl:
He's gonna come back!


[ screams ]

Ta-da. La-da-da.

[dramatic sting]

She never told me what
he did to her.

I found out afterwards.

[dark music]

See we told you last time.

And we told you,
and we told you, we told,
and we told you.

And you didn't listen.

Pull her arms back tight!

No, no, no!

No, no, no!

No, no, no, don't say no.
Say please!

Please, please.


-Listen, listen, listen, listen.

Say, please.


-I like when you say it really
softly. Shhhhh. Listen, listen,
listen so you get it right.

Please, like a lot of
air out of your mouth.

You can do it. No, look at me

Watch, watch, watch. Please.

Like that, only wider.

No, like wide open with
your mouth.

-Please. That's it.

[ muffled screams ]

Don't, don't. It's okay, it's
okay. Shhhh.

Here you go. Now your starting
to loose consciousness.

Starting to loose
consciousness, and soon you get
to go home.

Up to heaven, where all the
angels go.

All the angels go to heaven.
All the angels go to heaven.

[ faint breathing ]

Gone. She's gone.

She's gone Newt.

I know buddy. I know buddy.

But you know.

Sometimes, we have to send
them home, Newt.

Sometimes, we take them home.

Eventually we send them home.

Well, you know what Newt.

I'm going to give you...

one of your
favorite little treats.

God I love that red light.
So sexy.

Here's what I'm gonna do Newt.

I'm going to give you 5

I don't think it's going to
take you more than 30 seconds.

I don't want to say that to
anybody else but you.

You do have the family
tradition to keep up Newt.

You take your 5 minutes and you
do your thing Newt.

You give to her good. Okay,

Come on bud, come on, come
down, come down, come on.

My red light and everything,
all for the Newt.

[announcer like]
-Big Newt!

[announcer like]
Now batting in the special
education league.

[announcer like]
Number 14. Big Newt!

Alright Newt, you go ride that
kid. Alright.

Yee-haw cowboy, don't take too
long now.

Keep the family name going.

Make us proud Newt.
Don't shoot it yet bud.

Yee-haw cowboy.

Big Newt! That's my guy.


She was strong.

Kept it all inside.

She said..

She saw a partial
street sign

when they pulled her
from the truck.

P-I-C avenue. N-A-N avenue.

Just the ends.


I'm really sorry
about your friend.

I really am.

And I'm going to make
him pay for this.

If it's the last thing I do.

Goodbye Dr.

[dark tone music]


Sick fuck.

-Look at that.

The corner, see that.

See that white square on top of
that machinery.


That is a service record.

See that line right there,
that's for service dates.

There's repairman signatures.

Tom, we blow this,

we blow this frame up we got a
gold mine here.

We take all this information

run it through the
company records

and we'll find out exatcly
where this place is.

Now that logo, what is that,
that's an e.

E? Is it?

Edwards electric, my old man
worked for them for 20 years.

It's now part of Cal-Ed.

Exactly what it is.

Good work.

You know what gonna do.

I'll get technical up here to
blow this up for us.


Tommy, can you handle Edwards

[voice over]
The cunt that bore the cunt,

that was my mother.

Religious hypocrite, and
eventually my first kill.

After my mother died of
who the fuck cares.

My brother and I went
to live with her.

She caught me being curious
with my penis.

You know, playing.

Enjoying to a catalog, just
like all little boys do.


And that's when the cunt
walked in.

I'll cut it off.

She said as she held my
shriveling penis in her claw
like hand.

Sick little things.

The serpent of man.
Spitter of venom.

She said, if I catch you
touching the serpent again,

[dark music]
I'll make you eat
what I cut off!


You taught me well.

You fucking old cunt.

You will find God. 7 fold.

[heavy breathing]

Click, click, click.

Click, click, click.

-Click, click, click.
-Click, click, click.

That's one of
Newt's favorite things.

Click, click, click.

Right Newt?

Click, click, click, click.

Click, click, click

Now, I'm gonna just reach down.
Don't be scared.

That's it.

Cause I'm gonna reach under the

and find a little place
to play click, click, click.

No, no, please.

No, please.

You want to squirm around?
It's okay, it's okay.

-Where else to you want to cut.


What's the name of the game?

-Click, click, click.
-Yes, Newt.

-Click, click, click.
-That's right buddy.

Let's take her in the other
room and play a little fucking
click, click.

Dr. Metcalf:
Are you sure you
don't want any of this?

No, but it smells good.

So, I'll make you plate.

You don't have to eat it.

But, you'll like it,
I'm a really good cook.

Really good.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

So, how far did you get in this?

Oh, another 60 pages.

But, then more mentions
of Sunshine and...

You know. But, I had a really
great session with Carey

She gave me a couple of um...

fragments of street signs from
the second location.

-Second location?
-Yeah, apparently there are two

that he keeps the girls.
One they call the

and another one,
not too far from there.

I think it's an old buidling.

Anyway, she remembered
two bits of street signs.

I wrote them down for you,
there on a paper over there.

Anything else on the footage?

Ah, actually yeah. We huh, we
pulled a still.

And, in the frame, we found
a, there's a sticker

has some signatures, some dates
and some names on it.

So, we're going to try to
enhance that.

Hopefully, when we get the
image, we're gonna

match that up to a log from
Edwards electric.

-Oh, good.
-We'll see.

Well, that's good.

Television has made me such
a meticulous creature.

The education from forensics
shows, books, online analysis.


What not to do to get caught.

My record is clean. I have
barely an existence.

I'm like what you
to call a Ghost.


What I say to give you a
picture of me will lead you

But, don't get me wrong.
I'm not taunting you...

I'm telling you,
telling you I won't stop.

And she made the monster,
you think I am.


Yeah. There's more, it goes on
and on. It's very sad.

[dramatic music]

What's your name?


Amber, it's gonna be okay.



Shut up!


[whispering loudly]
You cannot scream!

-Stop it.
-You scream, we are all going
to die.

Do you understand that!

You need to be quiet.

You're safe as long as you're in

Don't just scream.

Shhhh, shhh, shhh.





Dead quiet, dead quiet.

[car starting]

He's leaving.

[car leaving]

He's gone.

He took the car.

Black Girl:
How do you know?

He's gone.

I know, I've been long enough,
I know.

-Go along with me,
go along with me,
-Gina no.


Hey, Newt.

No, no.

You wanna play click, click?

Newt, we wanna play a game with


We wanna play click, click.


We play a game with you.

Newt! Newt!

We wanna have fun.

Newt, it's, it's Gina!

Do you have, do you have the


Come unlock us, so we can play
the game and have fun.

But you have the
bring the keys, Newt!

So that we can play

We wanna play click-click!

Newt! We wanna have fun!

We wanna have fun Newt!
Let's play!

Let's play! Click-click. Click!


Click-Click. We wanna play

We wanna have fun.

Come on Newt! Come on!

You son of a bitch!

We wanna play click-click.

We wanna have fun!

We're gonna have fun, Newt!

Let's play, let's play.

I'm so ready for you baby!

Let's play. Let's play.


Click! Click-click!



But, for you to play, you're
gonna have to untie me.

You have to get the keys daddy!

Then we can play!

Do you want to snip me?

You want to snip me bad!

Come on!


Click. Click-click.

Click-click on Gina.
Click-click on Gina!

Click-click right off.

Click-click. Click-click.

It's your favorite game.

You remember?

You remember!
Click. Click. Click.

Click. Click. Right off.

But to play,
you wanna play, yes!

Or do you want, do you want me
to put it away?

Do you want me?

Do you want me to be a
bad girl, and put it away?

No. No. You want me
to be a good girl.

Is that right?
Click-click, right off.

You have to take the key from
your pocket, and unlock me.

Yes. Yes-yes-yes. The key, yes!

Yes. Get the key, so we can go
play a game.

We we're gonna go
play a game now.

We're gonna go play a game
isn't that right?

Click-click. Click-click.
That's very good.

Yes. Oh, oh.

And we're gonna go play a game.

And we're gonna have a lot of

and we're gonna do this.

That's right.

That's, yes, yes.

Yes. We're gonna go.

[girls crying]


That's right.

That's right daddy,


Yeah, Paul! What ya got?

You confirm this!
- yes, sir

-It's on the corner
of Oylimpic and Pico.

Yeah, get tactical hooked up.

You guys get a SWAT team
on this right now.

We're on it!

They got em. Olympic and Pico.

[cell phone dialing]

-Yeah Jess! We got em.

Be careful.

Yeah, they're uh--

I'll call you as soon as we
pull them out of there.


Click-click. Yeah.

[Gina squealing]

Does that? Does that hurt!

Does that hurt, you evil
son of a bitch.

I can't hear you yellilng.

Tell me that it hurts!
Tell me to do it more!

You like it?

[screaming mad]
Tell me that you like it?
Tell me you like it!

[shouting]You're dying. You're

You bitch!

Tell me how you're dying.

Tell me you love me!

[screaming intensley]
Die! You evil son of a bitch!

[screaming louder]

You took away my life!

Say it! Say it!


Die you evil son of a bitch!



Keep it together. Keep it
together. Okay.


Find the key.

[girls screams]

Black Girl:
Where's Newt?

Fuckers dead!

Where is he?

He's gonna be back
here really soon!

We need to move our asses now!
Come on go!

Come on move it. Move it, now!

[ whispering ]
Okay, calm down. This way.

Do you wanna die? Or do you
want to go home?

You want to stay here and die?

You need to find your legs,
find your legs right now.

We need to move.

Get her. Get her away from here.

Shhhhh. Shhhh.

Everybody, shut up now!

Shhhh. Come on now,
get her up.

Get her up!

Fucking shhhh.

You want to be dead?

Fucking whore.

[angery] [shouting]
You fucking whore.

You fucking, whore!

Fucking whore.
You're all the same.

Fucking whore!

This way, this way. Come on,
come on!

Come on, come on. Come on.

Come on.

[frantic drum beat]

This way. This way.
Come on! Come on!

Watch out. Stop, stop, stop.

This way, this way.

Hey. Hey. Hey.

Come on. Pull your foot along.

Shhhhhh. Shhhhh.

[whispering] Very, very quiet!

Come on. Come on.

No-no-no, stop, fuck.
Fuck. Fuck.

Not this way, not this way!

Fuck, stop, shit.

Hurry Gina!

Okay, okay, we got,
we got go back.

We got go out, straight down
the other halls.

I got the keys, I've got the
keys. I'm gonna go first!

[girls hysterical]

Guys you run like hell,
you understand.

Grab her take, get her now.

Grab her fucking...
[music sting] [knife slash]


That was for Newt!

You fucking whore!

I can hear him. Oh my God.

Black Girl:
You have to come on. Come on!

Black Girl:
Oh, Becca.

Just leave, leave her!

I can't leave her!

You have to leave her...

[girls crying]


-I can't leave her!
We got to go back!
-Just come.

No, you have to come, just
leave her, just come.

Forgive me.

Oh my God.

No. Look what I have for you.

That's was weak.

[gasping for air]

That's it baby, fight it.

I like it that way!

Fight it!
[ bone snap ]

I'm the stinky cheese man!

[imitating cat]
Meow. Meow!

Meow. Meow.

Meow, little kitty.

Here little kitty, kitty. Meow.

[ whispering ]



Please. Please. Just let me go.


Don't fucking do this!




Come on. Come on!




Please, no!


-[dramatic music hit]
-[flesh ripping]

Black Girl:

Employees only.

Can't you fucking read.

Noooooo! Noooo!



[gagging on gas]

[sounds of gas pouring]

Oh, hey. Thank's boss!

Fires out.

Whole place went up fast.

Should be a couple days before
we can ID any of the bodies.

Have you told her yet?

I'm gonna do it in person.


Is the Warden calmed down yet?

I'll handle that.

Reason, I called you
down here,I...

need you to work with me on

Quail wants to see ya.

Fuck him.

I'll be with you.

He says he can ID
the next victim.

Alright yeah. I'll go.

-Give me a minute will ya?
-Yeah, Alex.


-Enough with the clock.

The only reason
you are not in a hole,

is cause you got something to
tell us. Now what is it?


Time what a fascinating concept.

How fast a minute burns, when
you got your new cell mate from

violating him.

Mr. Quail?

So young and fresh.


And what a minute must feel
like to you

as the time to save those
little girls, slips through
your fingers.


[growing impatient]
Why are we here Mr. Quail?



Tell me Alex, you found your
Ghost yet? Tick-tock.

-Don't push me Quail!

-You got the time Alex?

-Why'd you call us down here Mr.

[loosing it]
I've got the time, yeah, yeah.

Right here. Perfect time for

-Wanna eat the time.
-Alex! Alex, be cool.

[ laughing ]

I like it rough!

Sorry, Alex. Time's up!

You lose?

Say goodbye to Dr. Metcalf.

Run Alex. Run. I hope
you get there in time!

Guards. Get him out of my sight!

[crazy laughter]

[cell phone ring]


Jess! It's Alex!

[door bell]

Alex, he's read my work.

He quotes directly from an
essay I wrote

from a publication
over 5 years ago.

No, she's not Alex.

I'll see you in a few minutes.

Hello, Sunshine.

Life is so good.

Goodbye Dr.


Alex. Let's play!

Did I do good?

Ghost [laughing]

I know you know the answer.

Cause you're so smart.

♪ [Hello Cashmere]
[rock song]

♪ So when you go and break your
lease ♪

♪ and leave us waiting

♪ The lines of gold surround
your ♪

♪ seas of desperation

♪ so how long, now your old

♪ enough the share the pain

♪ release your excuse

♪ still I feel safer in a cage

♪ now I feel safer in a cage

♪ now I feel safer in a cage

♪ you know your home was always

♪ at my place

♪ a room of static

♪ around the edges repeat in
silence ♪

♪ avoid the windows

♪ a little bit of restraint