A Dark Path (2020) - full transcript

Two girls in Eastern Europe on their way home from a hen party in a car with no GPS signal headed for a very unusual forest local people will not venture into this forest

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Don't you dare.

Don't you dare!

I think...

Lily, I think you
need some water.



Thanks for that.

You're welcome.

Come on, onto the next
one, it's only 9 o'clock!

Lily, would you get
in the back, please?

Seeing as you asked so nicely.

Yeah, mind the
face, I need that.


Such a graceful creature.

Like a gazelle.

Giving birth.

Seatbelt on, fuck shite!

I'm cold, can we
put the heating on?

You're cold?

Life begins at the end

of your comfort zone, you know?

So that's where I've
been going wrong.

Look at me, heading
into the future.

The unknown, marriage.


I'm ready for it.

Yeah, you look it.

So glad you came.

Lily said you'd
probably be busy but.

Well it was just a once
in a lifetime moment,

I just had to come, but
now I'm feeling a bit...

She's still not coming?

Still not part of
the bride tribe.

What about FOMO?

Not gonna miss out on much now,

I mean we've already
been at it how long?

Not long enough!

Come on!

You kids have fun.

Just get changed, otherwise
you'll be missing out.

On more puke?

Yeah, I'm good thanks.

Well, if you change your
mind, give us a call.


Come on!

Let's get going!

Oh yeah.


Could marry now.

Nah, it's all right.

Not you.

What are you lot doing?

Molotov cocktail.

Here, have some.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

I think my eyes are
bleeding from hay-fever.

- Fuck!
- Fuck!

Try not to burn the
whole place down.

See, this is why we need you.

I'd love to
see you wrecked.

No you wouldn't.

It's not pretty.

Lily, don't do anything
I would, promise?

Love you.

Is she all right?

Yeah, she can get proper
savage sometimes though.

Something in her
brain just flips,

so don't push it.

You push it.

Because I'm her little
sis, and that's my job.

Good night?

I'm never drinking with
your sister ever again.

Please kill me.

Cirrhosis will get
you first, I think.

Got to see another
man's dick last night.

Good for you, quite
the achievement.

It was quite big.

It was, yeah.

Thanks for comin'.


I would but if you squeeze
me, I might shit my pants.

So classy, Claire.


Love a bit of fisting.

Fist bump.

What time is your flight?

9 p.m.

Tell me again why we have to
get a shit o'clock flight?

'Cause you lot don't
know any better.

I hope I don't
throw up in the bus.

Or on the bus.

On my lap.

See ya later.

Safe journey.

Yep, yep.

Where are you goin'?

Get some coffees.

Bit awkward really,
it's like we've said

goodbye but you're still there.

Yeah, deal with it.


I'm ready, I'm ready.

My God, my head.

Serves you right.

It was worth it though.

Was it though?

Stop being a spoil sport.

Did you have three
burgers last night?

Might have done.

Think they all
ended up on my top.

Don't hate me.

It was a bit tight anyway.

You looked hot last night.


For a change.

It's time to get a funk on,

the others are long
gone, so drink up.

This smells like arse.


What the fuck is this?

It's all they had.

Tastes like rimming.

How the fuck would you know?


I hope I don't get
charged for this mess.

It's a hotel room,
what are they gonna do?

Yeah, well you can pay for it.

Just fucking live a little.

Just fucking clean up a little.

Lighten up!

I took one for the team.

I wanted Jess to
have a good hen do.

Stop being a buzz kill.

Yeah, well that was
yesterday, and now

they fucked off and left, so.

So what?

So little sister, we
can get a move on.

Hair of the dog, might help.


Dutch courage.

No thanks.

Did you even speak
to anyone last night?

Suzie a bit.

Forgot about Suzie.

What are you so afraid of?

My friends don't bite, you know.

There's fun in there somewhere.

Let your hair down
once in a while,

release the boost
once in a while.

Yeah, because that
went so well for me

the last time that happened.


You know, I wish
you just wouldn't

bring it up once,
just one fucking time.

Just never seen you
like that before.

Yeah, well it's not pretty.

Bet it's fun to watch though.

Have you seen the
state you're in?


How the fuck are
we even related?

Come on, just go.

Yes capitan.

What the fuck?

I'm not leaving these behind.

they don't give a shit.

This stuff can clean drains.


Pretty much how we found it.

Can we get some
proper coffee, please?

Are you trying to annoy me?

No, just comes naturally.

Oh, smoking more?


You know you'll
get cancer and die.

Everybody dies.


I'll fucking kill you
if you don't hurry up.

There she is.

Hulk smash.

Claire, come on.

Door's open.

Door's open.

Door's open.


Get in the car.


Get in the car, we'll get.

What are you doing?

Prefer to feel like
I'm being chauffeured.

You're such a dick.

Sister, you sound
like our mother.

Yeah, God forbid someone
should parent you.

I'm on fucking holiday.

Drugs and alcohol.

Why don't you ask your new
friend to take your home?

Too old for me.

More your type.

No actually, not uptight enough.

I'm not uptight.

Yeah, of course not.


There she is.

Might need a new kneecap.

It's not funny.

See this?

This is you, then boom.

What are you so afraid of?

Having a little fun?

Being yourself for a change?

You suppress the real
you for long enough,

that shit is gonna give
you a brain aneurism.

These seeds right here, they're
your seeds of greatness.

Or destruction.


Don't suppress the seeds, Abby.

Let them grow.

Are you high?

Sorry I don't always figure out

into your selfish plans.

I'm here, aren't I?


You don't do anything anymore.

That's not true.

When was the last time you
did anything interesting?

You're exhausting.

It was a mistake, sorry.

You should be.

I am.

Definitely deserves me a
coffee though, doesn't it?

Love you.


What are you doing?

Trying to load up the
videos from last night.

Thanks for helping.

Any time.

What's the sat nav say?

Sat nav says no.

Shit on my face.

How did that happen?

Maybe after you puked on me,

we had to drive back
from the bar last night.

I see.

Do not remember that one.


When you were crawling
all over the place.

That was a mistake.

Didn't help though, did it?

You think.

Use your phone.

I mean I would, but there's
no fucking signal anywhere.

Ah, fuck!

It's just one straight road,

from what I can remember.

Well, get on that road then.

I'm losing the
battle for wifi here.

Don't worry, Bear Grylls, mate.

Love you, pumpkin tits.

Love you, donut nips.

Did you film some of this?

Yeah, obviously, until
you were sick on me.

Ah, steady hand.

So you did participate, sort of.

Steady hands.

Where's the night view?

It's in the menu.

The moon's a dead giveaway.

Oh yeah.


You look freaky.

Tell us what's happening.

I'm looking at a map, so we can

get back to the
airport, because someone

broke our fucking sat
nav, and there's no

phone signal anywhere.

Or maybe you're a cheapskate,

and you've run out
of data and credit.

Tell me, why are we even here?

Something about your friend Jess

wanting a cheap hen
do, like dirt cheap.

Love you Jess.

Or maybe your insistence
on a rental car,

instead of public transport.

They're probably home by now.

Yeah probably, assuming
their plane didn't crash.


Time to go.

Are we going to
make this flight?

I hope so.

Still no signal anywhere.

What was that?



Flat tire.

Is it fucked?

Pretty fucked, yeah.

Are we gonna miss the flight?

I don't know, I just wanna get

this sorted so we can get going.

Does your phone have any signal?



Fuck this country and
it's shitty signal.



I just wanted to see if
you needed any help at all.

Not at the moment, thank you.

You ever changed a tire before?

No, you?



Well that tire
looks all right to me.

Tires aren't supposed
to hiss, dick brain.

I'd rather not
fuck my insurance.

Maybe we could flag
down another car.

Yeah, well if you
see one, let me know.


I'll point it this way.

That'll do, that'll do.

- That'll do.
- Yeah?

Yeah, yeah.

Righty tighty, lefty loosey.

This is gonna need some Hulk.

You're good with nuts.

Yes, I've been told.


No, no, no, carry on.

Yeah will do.

There you go.

You can hold the nuts.



Oh fuck.


The spare's fucking
flat as well.

I mean, I can put it on for now,

but we can't drive it anywhere.

Oh fuck off.

Can't we pump it up?

Yeah, have you got
a spare pump on you?


Yeah, well me neither.

Don't get angry.

I'm not.

It's no one's fault.

Yeah, it's just unfortunate.

Is now a bad time to say that

I'm desperate for a piss?

Probably, yeah.

We can't just sit
here all night.

We should go up the
road for 10 minutes

and see if we can find anything.

Anything on the map?

Nothing obvious, but it's better

than just sitting here, we
might find some phone signal.


Let's do it.

You left the lights on.

Don't worry, the
turn themselves off.

Is our car possessed?

Yeah, just like.

What if we don't find
anything, or anyone?

Ask yourself, what
would our mother do?

Or father.

Find someway to blame me.

Yeah, he would actually.

Well, best to think
positive in times like this.

I think we might get raped.

Or murdered.

Or murdered then
raped, then buried,

then exhumed, then raped again.

So much rape.

Hear about stories all the time.

Alien anal, probing.

That is also a very
distinct possibility.

Yeah it is, and it's not
something to joke about.


Not to worry, I have
the Hulk on my side.

Stop calling me
the fucking Hulk.

Watch out.

I think someone's going green.

I think the point
is never really

know who you are,
until you're put

in a situation like this.

High stress.


Possibly dangerous.

Yep, and we all know you're
someone that talks too much.

Someone who lightens the mood,

who laughs in the
face of danger.


It's not the vibe I'm getting.

I'd rather keep
talking actually.

Anything to take my mind
off this fucking scary road.


Go, go on.


There's nothing there.

Well close it, they
could be back any second.

At least we're not
the only car stuck,

I mean if they've
gone to get help then.

Then what?

I can't see anything.

They could have been gone
for hours, days even.

Yeah, we'll never know.

What is it?

I don't know.

Don't touch it.

I wasn't gonna touch it.

Poke it with a
stick or something.

You should be a scientist.


We should get back to the car.

At least it's warm in there.


I'm fucking starving.

Want some?

No thanks.

Oh my God.

That good then?

It tastes like Ebola.

Oh it's fucking horrid.

Wash it down with
some of your Eastern

European moonshine then.

Will do.

It has a fresh taste.

Like communism.



I really need a wee.

I'll hold it.

What now?

I don't know.

Do you think it was one of those

spiky ball things
that got in the tire?

I don't know, maybe.

Maybe those people went
to go find somebody.

Yeah, the car didn't look like

it had been there long.

Short of walking
down a dark road

in the middle of the
night, I'm out of ideas.

I'd rather not.

I'll definitely miss the flight.

I don't mind, as
long as you're okay.

Hey you.




I wanna know.

You wanna know what?

What happened when you.

Lost it.

Was it scary?

It was the most
scared I've ever been.

More than now?

Yeah I'd say so.

Did you just go bat shit?

It didn't come out of nowhere.

It was more than that.

It was like being
taken over by it,

being possessed by it.

I almost had no control.

Almost, but the guy
did provoke you.

Guys, plural.

Dorm room, drunk, class A,
and you can guess the rest.

They were grabbing
at my friend Lynn.

Things got a bit
heated, bit out of hand.

One of them grabbed
me, and pinned me down.

I couldn't breathe.

And Lynn was asking
them to stop,

she kept saying "It's
not funny anymore."

And then one of them
locked the door,

and as soon as I heard that
latch click, I just lost it.


I kicked and
screamed my way out,

I've never been the same since.

Never talked about it.

Haven't seen Lynn, haven't
seen the guys, just all gone.

Just lucky you did what
you did, when you did.

I almost gave up.

I didn't think I had
the stomach for it.

I just felt so powerless.

But then Hulk smash.


Seeds of greatness right there.

I mean, if I hadn't
gotten myself

into that situation,
then I wouldn't have

it etched in my
memory, but I learnt

a few things that night.

My sister is a proper badass.




Lily, where you at?

Fine, be a dick.









Keep talking, keep
talking, I'm near.

What happened to you?


Please help me.


It's okay.

I'm here to help, okay?

Do you speak English?


What's your name?


I'm Abby.

Please, we need to go.

Let me help you, please.

Let me help you.

Here you go.

I have a sister,
have you seen her?

I just...

I don't know, just be quick.

How did this happen?

Just please, just wrap it up,

we need to go, then I'll
explain everything, please.



It's this way.

It's even higher.

Tell me what happened to you.

Give me your phone.

No signal.


Where do you think you're going?

No, no!

You're not going anywhere
until we find my sister.

Please, it isn't safe.

We have to go.

We need to go!

We need to go, we need to go.

We need to go, we need to go.


What happened to you?

Was it an animal?

What did this to you?

Hannah, I can't find my sister,

and now I found you.

I need your help.

Are you alone?



Who's Peter?

Where's Peter?

Back there.

Could he be in trouble?

Could my sister be there?

Show me.


Peter opened the car
door to get some air.

He thought he heard crying.



And then he disappeared
into the darkness,

and all I heard next
were his screams.

I didn't run to help, I
didn't know what to do.

He kept shouting,
I had to find him,

but then I saw something.

I didn't know what it was,
I just turned and ran.

I tripped, this is
as far as I've come.


One second.

Help, somebody help us!




How did you find us?

What is that thing?

I don't know, we
just need to go.

Keep tight to me, all right.

Everything else.

Where are we?

In a cabin.

Hannah, can you move Peter?

He's badly injured.

Please don't leave us in here.

Help me.

Help us.

Hannah, do you have a belt?


Okay Peter, we're gonna need you

to move yourself, okay?

I can't carry you.

None of us can carry you.

I tried to blind it.

The light hurts it.

I know, I saw, you
were really brave,

but the light also
gave away our position.

I'm stupid.

It was me who got us
lost on that road.

Peter, I don't care, let's
just get out of here, please.

Help me up.

Use the wall.

Lily, take my hand.

Hannah, take Lily's.

I'm gonna lead you out of here.

Okay go.

This way.

It's coming back.

Please, Peter!

Just go, please.

I can't, not this
time, I'm sorry.

Please stand up.

We go together.

Peter, we
need to go now, okay?

I can't, I can't.

Any second that thing's
gonna turn back around.

And I'll be here to face it.

No, no, no, no, no, no!


Peter, get up!

I'm sorry.

Not this time, I'm sorry.

Save yourself.

Please, my love, please.

I can't.

Just go, please.

I can't leave you again.

Yes you can, okay?

You can.

You can get help.

These people will
help you, okay?

Go with them.

Be safe.

I can't leave you.

Yes you can, just go, just go!




Hannah, hide!

Peter, no!

Lily, don't look.

It's coming.

No, no, no, no!


Listen to me, you're gonna run

as fast as you can and
not look back, okay?

What about you?

I promised I'd look
after you, didn't I?

Yeah, it's my fault we're here.

It was my mistake.

This isn't your fault, Abby.

None of it is.

If it wasn't for me, you'd
be home already, be safe.

You'd be on a different
plane with your friends,

not stuck out with
your boring sister.

If we do this together,
we'll be okay.

Molotov cocktail?

I knew you were a loony.




We'll make it quick.



This way!

Lily wait.

This way!

Okay go.

Please work.

Fuck, fuck.

Try not to burn the
whole place down.

See, this is why
we need you though.

I'd love to
see you wrecked.

No you wouldn't.

Lily, don't do anything
I would, promise?

Hey, hey.

Come here.

Come on you fuck.

Come on, we have to move.

I'm going as fast I can.

Are you okay?


What's that sound?

We have to go.

What's that sound?


Take these and go.



Where are you going?

Go to the car, lock
yourself inside

and keep the lights off.

Oh my God.

Stop, stop, stop, stop.

They put them there.

What do we do now?

No idea.