A Dangerous Woman (1993) - full transcript

Martha Horgan, a naive woman with an intellectual impairment who lives with her aunt Frances in a small town, is known for always telling the truth. She works at a dry cleaner, where her compulsive truth-telling leads her to report to the boss that another employee has been stealing from the cash register. The thief, in turn, accuses Martha, and she loses her job. In the mean time, a mysterious stranger named Mackey appears at Martha's residence after learning that Aunt Frances needs her porch repaired. Mackey is hired and becomes intimately involved with Martha... which only leads to tragedy.

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By the night Anita Bell came...

I'd given up hope
that anything good

would ever happen
to Martha and me.

But sometimes, the best things
come disguised...

And you can't recognize them
till a long time later.

- What is going on?
- Christ!


Anita, what the fuck
are you doing?

Anita? Anita, is that you?

Anita, I am here working!

Now go on home.

- Oh my God!
- Get out of the way!

Anita! Stop!

Is she all right?


You wanted to, didn't it, Steve?

Didn't it?

Got what you
wanted to, didn't it?

Dammit, Anita!

Put the goddamn gun down!


Don't you like being
here with my husband?

Huh? You like spending
time with my husband?

I didn't think she'd be
so good in bed, Steve!

Looks like a real
tight-ass to me!

Now me, I'm fun!

I'm a hell of a lot of fun!

going on here, sweetheart.

I told you yesterday...

Don't give me that shit!
We're working!

Anita, no!
Anita, Anita, please!

Martha, no!

It's not funny!

No, it's not.

Are you all right?

Look, I, I don't
know what you think...

Was going on here,
but we were working.

I bet you were.

These are voter
registration lists...

You know he's in
the middle of a campaign...

What're you doing?
Holding his dick?

That's enough, Anita.


What'd she do?

Why don't you
ask him what he did...

I said, that's enough!

All she had was a beer
tonight. She was fine.

Well, she's loaded now.

Stay away from me.
I mean it!

She was going to shoot, Frances.

She's drunk.

She drinks too much.

I'm sorry, Dad.

I suppose she's not very happy.

I don't wanna go home!

David called
and said she was drunk.

He thought she was
coming over here.

Just go to bed now.
It's all over.
You gotta go to work tomorrow.

Oh, watch your feet.
There's glass.

I don't wanna go home!

I'll be home
in a little while.
Look after your mom.


I'm so sorry.

You ought to go home.

But I want to be here with you.

Come on.

You should go home.

Go home.

I was 15 when I came
to Horace Beecham's house,

to take care of Martha
for my brother Floyd.

Martha was nine and
her mother had just died.

She'd always been odd.

My brother dragged
her around to doctors
trying to put a name on it.

But there was nothing about it
they could count or label,

or even less they
could do to change it.

So they gave up,
and Martha became mine.

Rock, paper, scissors.


Oh, Martha!

Good morning, Martha.

Good morning.

Oh, she has
something in her hands.

Oh, it's a box!
What do you have
in your box, Martha?

Fig bars.

Oh, Martha has
fig bars in her box!

They taste so good now,
don't they Martha?

Let me taste those fig bars.
Let me get some fig bars.

just stop it now, you boys.

Can I have a taste, Martha,
from your pretty
little pink box?

Hey, Martha!

Go on, Martha!
Get outta here!

Come on, Martha!

Go on, get outta here!

Edward Lynch! Paul Gilcrest!
What did I tell you?

You're too big to be
acting like little jerks!

Carry that box, Martha!

You okay? Huh?

Why do you let them
see they bother you?

You should start to ignore 'em.


I have fig bars.

I'm on a diet.
I told you not to bring 'em.
I'm gettin' fat.

You know what Getso says?

No one's ever gonna get hurt
gettin' too close to me.

You like them.

I'm not doing this.

Oh, Birdy!

They're so good though.

Save it.

There's money gone again,
15, 20 bucks.

I know that.
I didn't tell ya,
but I'll figure it out.

Well, I didn't take it.

I didn't say that.

It must be
a check or something...

Better not yell at her.
Don't yell at her.

She wouldn't do that!

Why would anybody steal here?
We make so much money.

Get outta here.

What's he
yammering about now?
Just bullshit.

And yet again.

Just get through the day
and we'll party tonight.

You comin'?


The party at my sister's.

I put the card in your locker.


My hands are really dried out.

Oh, don't miss the party.

Oh, Birdy.

Martha was happy for me
when I married Horace Beecham.

She was the only one
who didn't seem to care

that I was 16
and Beech was 50...

Or think that all I wanted
from him was his money.

She cried with me
when he died...

The way she did
when they buried her father.

But she'd never come
live in the big house.

She wanted to stay
in her own bed
where she'd always slept.

The rest didn't
mean anything to her.

How ya doin'?

My name is, uh, Mac.


You, uh, Mrs. Beecham?

She's not here right now.

Oh. Maybe you can, uh...

Tell me about this,
about this job.

Well, you shouldn't
have taken that notice down.

That's for someone to fix
the mess that Anita made.

So, uh, when will she be back?

I don't know.

Okay, thanks. I'll wait.

She wouldn't like that.

What would she like?

Ah, you should
come back in daylight.

And you should get cleaned up.

But you should put
that notice back,

where everybody
else can see it too.

It's not just for you.
It was for a lot
of people to see it.

Uh, thanks.

Good night.

Well, thank you so much,

I've had such a wonderful time.

Thank you for inviting me,
I've had such a wonderful...

I thank you for inviting me,
I've had such a fine time.

it's been a really fun thing.

Fine time.

"Wear bright,
friendly colors."

Got that!

"Make and maintain
eye contact."

Goes with every decor,
ladies! That's right!

And for $179.99,
this demonstration set,

is yours to take home
to your family!

The kids can't break it,
the dogs can't eat it,

the old man can't
say it costs too much.

This set will
change your life, ladies,

and there isn't
a thing it can't do.

Well, there are one or
two things it can't do.

Oh, sure.

But, the lucky lady who buys
this deluxe set, here tonight,

as a special bonus
will be receiving...

The cheese keeper,
the grater/slicer,

and you've never
seen a greater
slicer than this,

and best of all this,
our classic
plastic pickle holder.

Isn't that nice?
With the special
plastic pickle picker-upper.

Ladies, I'm all yours.
The store is now open.

descend on me, if you will.

I'm gonna take it.

What are you doing?

I'll take the deluxe set.

Martha, don't be ridiculous.

Birdy does not expect you to
buy the most
expensive thing here.

I know, but I want it.

Ah, no,
there is only one deluxe set

and this lady has,
uh, spoken up for it.

You don't need all this stuff.

I mean, look at it.
It's a lot of stuff.

I mean,
she lives in this little
guest house apartment.

You don't need it.
You just don't need it.


I'm not, I'm not always
gonna live in that apartment.

- Martha.
- Yes, of course...

Come on, Martha.

Mercy, why...

Now it's...


Excuse me. Excuse me!

- Good night!
- Bye, Martha.

Good mornin', beautiful!

Hit the wall, why don't you?

Hey, nice parkin' job.

It's the brakes.
Why don't you fix the brakes?

What's the matter
with the brakes?

It's like stepping on s'mores.

I like to keep 'em
soft like this.

Like that?

Hey, Martha.
How ya doin', sweet cakes?

Have a hot weekend?

Wanna recycle this?

I went to the bakery
early this morning,

because the fig squares
have been selling out.

That's good. Great.
Yeah, they sell out.


I'm sorry about what
happened at your sister's.

Martha, don't worry about it.

I really am!

No, I really am because...

It's no big deal.

No, but whenever I mess up,
you're the one that...

You make it seem like
nothing happened
at all and that...

You are my friend and I...

It's no big deal.

But I'm ashamed!

I'm sorry.
You'll forgive me,
won't you?

Enough! Martha! Stop!

Hey, hey, whatever
comes natural, you know.

Oh, you're sick.

Hello? Cleaners...

Still sick?




She down at the loading dock?





Uh, wasn't that quite a concert

on the commons last night?

I wasn't there.

Neither was I.

I, I heard it on my porch.

Heavy starch folded, right?


I'm in a hurry here.




Uh, Andy, I wanted to...

It should be right here...

But it's not.

It's not here.

I'll be right back.

This is your slip.
You wrote it and
it's out of sequence,

and the man is in a hurry.

Oh shit, I forgot!
I promised him this
morning and I forgot!

uh, they're coffee stains.
Go to a pre-spot, then bag it.

He'll know.

He's not gonna know.

Jesus Christ,
don't just stand there.

That's Gately,
the fuckin' president

of the fucking bank I'm trying
to get on the board of.

Now, go! Go.

You hit it.
I'll steam it.

Don't work too hard.

She's hand pressing it.

It might be a bit damp,
but it's better that way.
Hand pressed.

Here she is.

And there you are.

John, I really appreciate this.

Next chamber breakfast,
I'll wear a bib.

What do I owe you?

Ah, the girl has the slip.

Five dollars.

Five dollars.
Thank you, John.

No, excuse me! Excuse me, sir?

This jacket has
not been dry-cleaned.

He's lying to you
and it's not right,
not at all, not one bit.

See, you're paying
for work that wasn't done,

because they only spotted it.

Martha, you're losin' it...

Look, the jacket's clean.

There's nothing on it.
Birdy, tell him.
The jacket's clean.

The jacket's clean.

I'm sure it is. Great job.

No problem.

I think you should leave it
and let him clean it properly.

It's all right.

I think maybe just you should...

Oh, Jesus Christ!

I'm sorry, Andy.

I don't have
time for screwballs.

Ah, just a minute, Andy,
I think I've got
something you can wear.

Uh, let's see.

I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to break your jacket.

That's not what I wanted to do.

John, give her a chance
as a favor for me, poor thing.

So look what I end up with,
Martha Horgan.

Here, take this and come back
for yours this afternoon,
and, uh...

Thanks for understanding.

It's all right.


That's it, I've had it.
She's finished.

You're fired!


She asks why. Unbelievable!
After this, she asks why.

Because you told
a customer that I was lying!

You were lying.

I let the missing money go.

But I can't deal with this.
I don't care who your aunt is.

You think I took money?

It wasn't me that took money!

Getso did.

I saw him. He took it
out of the cash drawer.

Before you got here
this morning, I saw him.

I did! I was gonna tell Birdy.

She should know
because she counted it.
How much was gone, Birdy?

How much did he take, Birdy?

I saw him! So, so count it.

Count it, count it. Here.

Talk to her. Do something.

Count it! Count it, Birdy!

I saw Getso, he took it
right from the drawer.

Martha, shut up.

Don't you even care?

That's why money's
missing all the time.

I saw him take it. Count it!

He took two bills
out just like this,

and then he put it
down his pants like that!

Call Getso up here.
Get him up here now.

Good then.

He won't take advantage of her.

He won't make her sad.

He hurts her feelings.

Tell her.
Tell her to her face.

I saw you take two tens
out of the drawer.

No, no...

And he saw you last week too.

Thursday you took $15.
Friday you're off,
nothing's gone.

Then Saturday $20 short,
and today, bingo!



Hey! Hey!

I know you like me,
but not here, girl, huh?

Martha, stop it!

Goddamn screwball
gives me the creeps.

Why'd you keep her so long for?

Frances was paying her salary.

What, you got her for free,
you cheap bastard?

Cleaners. Mercy speaking.


Is Birdy Dusser there, please?

Um, she's not here right now.

No, I know she's there.

Tell her it's really important.

Tell her it's an emergency.

She stepped out.

I can hear her, Mercy.

No, she went to the bank.

She doesn't go to the bank
on Mondays, Mercy!

Martha, she went today, okay?


Tell her that I'm at home.
She can call me here.

Yeah, yeah, I'll tell her.

You take it easy now,
okay, Mart?

Keep your chin up.

Mrs. Beecham,
my name is Colin Mackey.

I've come about
the carpentry job.

I figured you'd be an old lady.

Have any references?

Um, no, just,
uh, been working
out of state

last couple of years.
Washington, Oregon.

Odd jobs, you know,
whatever I could get.

Dish washing.

My last job was
with a fencing company
digging postholes.

I dig a mean hole.

I'm sorry, but we're looking
for someone to do carpentry.

I'm a carpenter as well.

Well, why don't you
give me your number?

I'll call you and let you know.

Uh, I don't have a phone.

You call me then.

Ah, Wednesday.

What's gonna change
between now and Wednesday?

You're not gonna
like me any better.

It's nice meeting you,
Mr. Mackey.

Mrs. Beecham?

I'm a respectable person.
I want you to know that.

Good. Call me Wednesday.
I'll let you know.

I bet you will.

Half smashed.
You should have
smelled his breath.

And he's got
the nerve to ask for work.

I don't know.

I don't know if I'll ever
get the house
fixed before the party.

Remember to put the milk back.

What do you care if it spoils?
You don't buy it.


Here's money.

Oh, for God's sake.

I'll buy milk.

Okay, look, I'm sorry.
The house is a wreck.

My life is a wreck.

I mean,
the pipe broke, I come back,

there's this drunk man
in the driveway.

Just give me a break, okay?

No, I'll get my own food.

Oh, come on.

I'm not gonna eat here anymore.

look, I said I was sorry.

Just quit being ridiculous,

Cookie dough,
the one with
the chocolate stripe

that looked like flowers.

And some fig newtons.
I love fig newtons!

So, there,
you never buy fig newtons...

Hey, how you doin'?
Your advice was no good.


I cleaned myself up,
I came back in daylight.

Where ya going?

Oh, into town.

Oh, yeah,
that's where I'm goin'.
Jump in, I'll give you a lift.

No, thanks.

Come on, jump in.
I'm not gonna eat ya.

Does your sister have
someone else in mind
for this job?

She's not my sister.
She's my aunt.

Oh, I see, I see.
You could have fooled me.

That's what everybody says.


Well, the place looks
as if somebody's taking care
of it, that's for sure.

My father used to.

Why'd he stop?

He died.


I'm sorry.

Why is she looking
for somebody now?

Well, she's been looking
for a handyman
for a long time.

The thing is, now...

Steve's wife wrecked the porch
and she doesn't
want anyone to see it.

Because if you run
for state assembly,
you cannot have a drunk wife.

And she has to get it
fixed before his birthday

'cause she's giving him a party.

But she can't ask Steve
to fix it because
it's a surprise.

You're welcome.

Thank you.

You want me to wait?

For what?

Get the quarter.
Get the quarter.

Paper or plastic?

Hey, how ya doin'?

Ah, Martha, listen.

Hey, wait up.

Martha, look out!

Look what you did.
You're such a fool.
Come on, let me help you up.

Don't! No!

No! Don't touch me!
What's the matter with you?

You are such a screwball.

Get away from me!

Hey, hey!

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Don't you lay another
finger on her. Okay?


Hey, hey. Don't worry.
I'm just trying to
help her out here.

Oh, yeah?

She sure as hell
doesn't think so.

What, you think
I'm attackin' her
or somethin'?

Come on, are you fuckin' nuts?

Just get the fuck outta here.

Beat it.

Yeah, okay...

Next time I'll just
step right over
the fuckin' screwball.

What did you say?

Tell me I didn't hear ya right.

Tell me I didn't
hear ya say that.

What the...

Hey, Lancelot, go fuck yourself.

Hey, while you're at it,
do her too, huh?

Why, you son-of-a...


It's okay, Martha!

Yeah, run, ya chicken-shit!

Jesus Christ! What...



What do you think you're doing?

Ah, just doin' some work.

Where's Martha?

She's in there.

Martha! Martha!

What were you thinking?

You let a perfect
stranger just come here
and just start working?

He drove me home.

Oh, oh, that's great.
He drove you home.

That's wonderful.

You just get in a car
with a man you
don't even know,

and then you just
let him stay here.

I'm sorry, it was my fault.

I just figured
that she wanted
a lift and I was...

Don't just figure, Mr. Mackey.
Not here, not on my property.


Why don't you just call me Mac?

There's no need to
call you anything.

You don't seem to understand.
I want you out of here.

And don't come back.

I'll be honest.

I did what I could over there
because I thought that maybe,

you might be desperate
enough for a carpenter
to hire me.

Desperation is not
how I do business.

Of course it isn't.

That was presumptuous of me.

I'll just get my crowbar,
rip this outta here, okay?


Why aren't you using footings?

Because you don't need 'em.

The posts are pressure treated,

guaranteed to last for 40 years.

Are you gonna hold onto that?

Of course.

Why, you think you're gonna
be around in 40 years time?

Martha, open the door.

Open up.

Martha, can I use your phone?

I gotta make a phone call.

I'm gettin' too old
for this shit.

I get hangovers now before I...

Before I finish drinkin'.

You ever been drunk, Martha?

Hi, this is Julie,
leave me
a message at the tone.

I don't feel so good.

Oh God.

Come here.

Sit down. Sit down over there.

Go on, sit on the chair.


Put your hand like this.
Like this.

Close your eyes.

Are you a Catholic, Martha?

Doesn't matter,
'cause you don't know

what the fuck I'm
talking about anyway.


Bless me, Martha,
for I have sinned.

I've cheated.
I've stolen things.

I have fornicated.

I've been slothful.

Sweet Jesus,
I've never even voted.

Give me absolution.

Give me absolution, Martha.

Give me absolution.

Oh, Martha...

You're a wonder.

You're like...

You're like a primitive thing...

That's never been spoiled.

You might as well
live in a glass cocoon.

I want you to
tell me things, okay?


I want you to stay up
all night and talk to me.

No, I can't do that.

What do ya mean ya can't?

Of course ya can.

Oh God.

I need a fuckin' drink!


Mmm, yeah.

I can feel all
the hard seedpods...



You know what I mean?

What is this?

Real Tupperware.


It's real Tupperware.
I got it at Birdy Dusser's.
Everybody got one.

I wanted to get the deluxe set,

but Mercy said my place
wasn't big enough.

But it's real.


You know somebody
called Birdy Dusser?


No, you don't.

Do you know her?

You're only makin'
that up, aren't you?

There's nobody
called Birdy Dusser.

Birdy Dusser! She works
at the dry cleaners.

What are you doing?

Mr. Mackey?

Hey, come on!

Come on!

Get your hands off me!


Go on.

Go on, now, then.

Go on. Please.

Hello? Cleaners.

Birdy, don't hang up,
please, don't hang up.
It's about Getso.

I know you don't
want to believe me,

but I saw him, Birdy.
I saw him.

He took the two bills
out of the cash drawer

and he put it down
the front of his pants.

It wasn't me.

I swear to you it wasn't me.

Birdy, please believe me.
Believe me, Birdy.

See, Birdy, in my whole life,

nobody's ever been as nice
to me as you have.


I don't know how to say this.
Wait, don't hang up.

I love you so much.

Birdy? Birdy!


Martha, nothing has
been taken since you left.

No! He's waiting.
See? That's it. That's it!

He's waiting!
That's how bad he is.

Birdy, he's just...

He's waiting.

I wouldn't lie to you,
'cause I'm your best friend!

I wouldn't lie to you!
you've gotta believe me.

- Oh!
- Martha!


Try these on
so we can pick one.
Hey, your glasses are crooked.

Oh. What are they?

Dresses for Steve's party.

I don't want you to buy
dresses for Steve's party!

Oh, come on.

I don't want you to!

I'm just trying to
make things easier on you.

But I can shop for myself!

Fine! Fine!

I, uh, I need you
to check some, uh...

Some paint colors.

Can I help you?

I was just looking.

I'm trying to get your flair.




Come here, come here,
I want to show you something.

"The intro woman
is serious and quiet-minded.

"But her heart's all razzmatazz.

"She's at home in cool greens
and vibrant blues.

"Her scents are
woodsy and clean
like rain in a pine forest."

Why don't you keep this?

This has all of your colors

and all of your scents
for your particular flair,

which as I said is...

Intro, exactly.

We have an entire beauty line
for your personal flair.

Do you know what I
would love to do?

I would love to make you over,
if you have the time.

Wouldn't that be fun?

That way, you can get
the kit at regular price...

And as a special bonus,
we are offering

our wonderful intro cologne
at half price.

This is some lovely stuff.
You're gonna like it.


Okay, come on over.

Here, here, here, sit, sit!

We're gonna have some fun.

Yes, yes, yes! You
look beautiful, don't you?

I tell you what, though,
we've got to do
something about the hair.

You have beautiful bones.
We want to see them, okay?

I'm thinking
something young,
something fun,

something feathered,
something layered.

Carmella. You'll love her.
She's fabulous.


We could just take an inch off.

Yellow bird.

So, don't be mad at me, Birdy.

No, I wanna go!

Come on! Come on!

No, no, no, no!

Come on, let's go back inside.

Why not?

I'm sore, I gotta get home.

Come on, let's go back inside.

It's dark in there.

Oh, yeah!

I'm sore too. So what?

What's wrong?

Jesus Christ!
What the fuck are you...

What the fuck are you...

Hey! Hey!

What did you do to yourself?

I cut my hair.

How could you let
someone do this to you?

This is my flair.

This is just like you.

Oh, geez.

That was lousy.

You're never gonna get
what you want
talkin' to her like that.

Did it ever occur to you
that what she needs...

Is maybe a little, uh, kindness?

Did it ever occur to you that
you don't know what
you're talking about?

Occurs to me
just about all the time.

Martha? Martha?




Your door was open.

I got you something.

Open it.

Go on, open it, open it.



The deluxe set.

Thank you.

Thank you.
It's, it's wonderful.

And I like green so much.

Like your eyes.

My eyes are blue.

But I like this.

No, they're not.

Well, yeah, they are.

I think I should know.
They're blue.

All this time you thought
your eyes were blue.

Here, let me show ya.


They're green. You know...

I been thinkin'
about you all night.

You been thinkin' about me?

Hmm? No, you haven't.


You been thinkin'
about Birdy and Getso.

Getso is so hateful.

He lies, and I...

I need to tell Birdy the truth.

Oh, the truth.

The... The truth.

The truth is, she doesn't want
to know anything
about the fucking truth.

Don't be frightened of me.

Here. I just...

I just came to tell ya
how nice you look.

You do.

Oh, you look so nice.

Thank you.

And I like your haircut.

I do. It's different. It is.


A terrific cut for the party.

I don't like parties, really.

Huh. Don't ya like to dance?

Don't know how to dance.

You don...

You don't know...

Come here.

Colin Mackey's one easy lesson
in fake dancing.


Jump up on my shoes.

Up on my shoes. That's it.

Relax. Don't be frightened.

Don't be... Don't be afraid
to be touchin', Martha.

Perfect strangers
touch when they're dancin'.

I like you.

You like me, don't ya?


You're so soft and warm.

So soft.

Oh, God,
I'm a professional asshole.

I gotta find a new line of work.

This is takin' its toll.

Don't be frightened, Martha.

Don't be afraid.

Good girl.


Put your tongue out, like this.

That's it. That's it.


That's it.


This is yours?

Where did you get that?

That man, Getso.

He's here?

No, no, no, he left
them down by the mailbox.

He said you were
in his, uh, car.

What were you doing in his car?

No. That was Birdy's car.

Yeah, but you were with him.

No. I was waiting for Birdy
and then he came out.

Oh, you were...
You were waiting for Birdy
and then he came out.

Now it's making total sense.

This is one of your crushes,
isn't it?

Has he done anything to you?

He has, hasn't he?

You don't know
what you're
talking about, Frances.

You think you know
everything about me,
but you don't know anything.

I know one thing,
I know you pester people.

You pursue them
and you haunt them and you...

You've gotta stop before
something terrible happens.

Get out of here.

No. Not until I'm finished,
and I have...

Something else to say.

I want you to move
into the house with me.


Yeah, how unexpected.

Look, I just...
I can't...

I can't do it alone anymore.
I need...

I need full-time help.

I wanna offer
Mr. Mackey the apartment...

And I want you
in the house with me.


What's so funny?

All right.



Anybody home?

Happy birthday!

Jesus Christ.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

♪ For he's a jolly good fellow

♪ For he's a jolly good fellow

♪ For he's a jolly good fellow

♪ Which nobody can deny

Enough! Enough! Enough!
That's it! That's it!

Oh, no, oh.


What are you doing
here anyway, huh?

It's your birthday!

Happy Birthday!
Thank you,
thank you very much.

I don't believe this.
This is, um...

I'm the luckiest guy I know.
And the happiest.

You should be!

I wanna thank you all
very much for all
your kindness...

And your loyalty over the years.

You've been great.
I appreciate it. Thanks.

Excuse me.
Thank you very much.


Happy birthday.

All right, everybody.

I wanna see you
all out here dancing.

Come on, don't be shy.


Would you like to dance with me?

No, thank you, I...
I don't wanna dance with you.

Okay, well, uh, how about
get a drink or somethin'?

I don't drink.


Okay. No problem.

I must say, we've got a lot of
wonderful dancers
here tonight.

Honey, you look so beautiful!

When did you cut your hair?
It looks great.

And you have
makeup on, don't you?

It looks very nice.

It brings out all
your pretty features.

And this dress.

Did you pick it out yourself...

Or did Frances get it for you?

No, I...
I picked this one out.

- Martha.
- It's beautiful.

Would you like to dance with me?

Sorry. Excuse me.


That's good.

♪ I love you

You look really
pretty tonight, Martha.
You do.

♪ For sentimental reasons

♪ I hope you do believe me

♪ I'll give you my heart

My, uh... My job's
nearly finished here.

So, uh...

♪ I love you

I'm gonna be leavin'.

♪ And you alone
were meant for me

♪ Please give your
loving heart to me


I'll send you postcards.

From all the best places.
I promise.

♪ I think of you every morning

♪ I dream of you every night

♪ Darling, I'm never lonely

♪ Whenever you're in sight

♪ I love you

♪ For sentimental reasons

Oh, my...

♪ I hope you do believe me

I don't believe
she's doing this.

♪ I'm giving you my heart

She must be awful drunk.

Poor Steve.

I'm so glad
you were he... Oh.

I think we should go.

Yeah, let's just go.

Oh, this is awful.
Oh, my God.

Thanks a lot.

We have a request for you
tonight, and, uh...
Is this it?

It's for your next
assemblyman, Steve.

And it's from your
best friend, Frances.

Here it is.

♪ Someday

♪ When I'm awfully low

♪ When the world is cold

♪ I will feel a glow

♪ Just thinking of you

♪ And the way you look tonight

I can't
believe this is happening.

Shut up, Heidi.

♪ Oh, but you're lovely

♪ With your smile so warm

♪ And your cheeks so soft

♪ There is nothing for me

♪ But to love you

♪ Just the way
you look tonight ♪


I am here.



What are you doing here?
Go away.

We're almost through,
Mrs. Beecham.

I said go away! Just go away!

Where's the gin?

Look, um, we'll come back
tomorrow and finish this up.

Let's go.

Oh, God!

Are you okay?

I'm, uh... I'm...

I'm so drunk.

Are you mad?

Why don't you get mad?

You never get mad!

It stings.

I looked everywhere for you.

I couldn't find you.

Oh, God. I'm so scared.


My Beech. My...

Your red shirt,
you know the one? I put it...

I put it on your bed.

You can wear it tonight.

Oh, Beech.




What'd you call me?


Would you prefer me to
call you Mrs. Beecham?

Yeah. I would.

Well, I, um...

I prefer Mac to Beech myself.

What do you want me
to do with these?

Burn 'em.

Look, Mr. Mackey...
Why don't we forget...

Why don't we forget
this Mr. Mackey stuff.

I don't know
where you come from.

I thought we had dispensed
with the formalities.

I was drunk.

That's a pity.

You were pretty
wonderful like that.

I mistook you.

Don't ever do it again.

And my name isn't
Steve Bell either.

So, whatever you have got
saved for him,
don't lay it on me.


I was wondering about my pay.

Why, are you leaving?

I was thinking
about getting drunk.

Who is it?

- Um, have you eaten yet?
- There's some sauce left.

Um, I... It's okay. Thanks.

I could put some
spaghetti under it for you.

I'm not hungry, Martha.
Thanks anyway.

You writing?


My, uh, bill.

So, why are you mad?

Uh, I'm not,
I'm not mad, Martha.

Then look at me.

Why won't you talk to me?

Come on, you can tell me
what's wrong with me.

There's nothing
wrong with you. You...

You... You're just fine.

It's... It's just
what's goin' on here.

It's gotta stop.

You gotta forget about
what happened
the other night...

It was a mistake,
it should never have happened.

You understand me?

I don't want to
hurt you, Martha.

You don't hurt me.

I... I was drunk.

But that's all right.

No, it's not all right,

and it's not
going to be all right.

Look, Martha,


I... I can't be
what you want me to be.

I can't be there for you.

You just...
You can't depend on me.

I could love you.

Don't even say that. Don't...

Don't think that.

Do you... Do you understand?

I want to be with you,
so that's what I want.

You just want the same
fucking thing we all want.


What the hell is
wrong with that?

You just want this?


And this?


Oh, Martha.

Get out.


Get... Get out.

Just... Just get, get out!

What? What?
Just get out. Get out.

Get the fuck outta here!


Birdy Dusser, please.

She's not in today.

She's home sick.


Birdy, finally.

Ha-ha! Good one!

Here I am. Throw it to me.

Come on!

Yeah! Sorry.

Come on, get it!

Yeah! Yeah!
Hey! Hey!


Here you go!





Birdy... Oh! Oh!

Jesus Christ.

What the hell
are you doing here?

Birdy, I need to talk to Birdy.

Well, she's not here.
She's at work,
so you'd better leave.

Go on, get outta here.

Don't lie to me.

I called there and
they said she was here.

Yeah, that's what they're
supposed to say, Martha.

Don't you get it yet?

She doesn't want you
botherin' her anymore.

Now go on,
get the hell outta here.

Bothering her?

Yeah, bothering her.

Like this. Like,
you just walk in here...

Like it's your own house.

I need to tell her something,
'cause she can help me.

She doesn't want
to help you, Martha.
She's tired of helping you.

There's no percentage in it.
Don't you get it?

You're a pain in the ass.

Now come on,
get the hell outta here!

No! No!

That's because you lied to her!

I'm gonna tell her the truth
about the money, Getso,

'cause I saw you take it
and I saw you with Mercy.

Nothing that you can do to me
is gonna stop me from
telling her the truth.

you already told her, Martha,

and she doesn't
seem really interested,
does she?

Let go!

Jesus Christ,
will you just get out of here
and stop bothering people.

I'm not bothering people!

Bothering people!

Getso, I'm not bothering people!

Cut it out! Will you just...

I am not bothering people!

Will you just stop...

I'm not bothering people!

I'm not bothering people!

I'm not bothering people!


What are you...

Ah, Jesus Christ.

What the fuck did you do to me?


Will you just
give me a hand here.

For what?

Oh, God.

Martha, give me a hand here.


You have my glasses?

Oh, what the fuck
is goin' on here?

My glasses.


What did you do to me?


Don't be scared.

Don't be frightened.

Okay, Getso?

It's okay.





Are you still here?

It's okay, Getso.

Getso, it's okay now.

Don't be frightened, okay.

Help me, Martha.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Dad, that's okay.

How is she?

They're bringing her down now.

You okay?
No, I'm not okay.

You know Mr. Mackey.
Are they gonna grant bail?


She didn't do it.
She couldn't have done this.


there's something else.

She was examined
by a prison doctor,

and she's pregnant.

She doesn't know yet,
and I thought maybe
you'd wanna tell her.

Where are your glasses?

Where are her glasses?
She can't see
without her glasses.

Will you go get
her fucking glasses!

It's okay.

It's not okay.

What I did is really bad.

It's really bad, Frances...

Very bad.

It's bad. I did bad.

You're right. You're right.

But we think we understand
why it happened.

No, I don't think so.

It's very bad.


I'm disgusting.

I've done terrible things.

The doctor that
examined you told us...

You're going to have a baby.

You're going to have a baby.

This is the time
for absolute honesty.

You can't protect
anyone's reputation.

What matters now
is you, Martha.
Do you understand?

No, what matters is the baby.

Yes, the baby matters.

you've got to listen to me.

You've got to concentrate,
Martha. Please!

It may be hard for
you to tell us what happened,

but you've got to do it.

If Getso raped you,
you have
a chance of getting off.

If that happened,
you have to tell us.

Are you hearing what I'm saying?

Did he force you that day
you left your clothes
in his car?


If you did this
because you were in danger,

because he was hurting you,
you can get off.

Martha, look at me.
Look at me.

A man forcing a woman
to have sex with him
against her will...

Is a way of hurting her.

Nobody forced me.


Do you understand
that you could go to prison

for the rest of
your life for this?

Do you understand that?

But if you... If you
agree to have an abortion,

I think I can convince a judge
or a jury that it
was self-defense.

There doesn't even
have to be a trial.
All you have to do...

Is say he raped you once before

and he was
trying to do it again.

He didn't rape me.
That never happened.

Well, made love to you then.

Look, somebody did.
You're going to have a baby.

You don't have to lie, Martha.

I don't lie.

I know you don't.
I know you...

Oh, God.


Hey, Frances.

Right this way.

Here you go.

How you doin', kid?

If there's a God up there,
he's gotta be laughin'.

We are out here,

and you're in there.

I should have left
when I said I was gonna leave.

None of this
would have happened.

For what it's worth, I'm sorry.

And I just came to
tell ya that I'm leavin',

because that's what I always do.

No, you can't go.

Martha, don't...

No, you have to
take care of the baby.


Didn't you hear
what Steve Bell said?

They want to put you away
for the rest of
your fucking life!

You have to stay and
take care of the baby.

You and Frances
can do it together.

Don't you get it?
Don't you understand?

This isn't a fairy t...

This isn't a fairy tale, Martha.

We don't all get to
live happily ever after.

You can't have this baby!

You have to say
that Getso raped you,

or they're gonna think
you killed him for
no reason at all.

But I did.

Okay, now listen to me.

You have to say that Getso...

Attacked you in the car

the day you left your packages.


He was drunk,
he took off your glasses,

you couldn't see anything.

And after the whole thing,
you were just...

You were so ashamed
that you couldn't
tell anybody, right?

So this morning
you went to Birdy.
She wasn't there.

And he tried again.
He came at ya.

He... He was naked,
and you
couldn't take any more.

Why do you want me to
say all these things?

So that you can
go home to Frances.

I know, but they're all lies.

What difference
does it make, Martha?

Sometimes we have to tell lies
just to get to the truth.

Look at me.

What am I?

I'm a liar. I'm a...
I'm a coward. I'm a bully.

I'm just
a fucking drunk, Martha.

I'm no different from Getso.

No, you are.

You have to stay
and take care
of the baby, Mac.

I won't ever tell them
that it's yours. Okay?

No matter what they do to me,

I will never tell anybody.


Yeah, yeah. I don't care.

Yeah, look, one of them
has to be the best
criminal lawyer in the state.

Look, tell him
I need this, will you?

I mean, does he understand
the situation here?

Well, good, then call me.
I'm gonna be here all night.

Okay. Bye.

Oh, God.

What is it?
What's wrong?

It's funny how you have to
keep losin' things...

Just to learn that
you really wanted them.


It's me.

She's protectin' me.

It's my baby.

I was drunk and...



It's all... True.

There was no trial.

Martha had done it.
It was that simple.

No, that goes there.
I can see.

When the doctors and lawyers
and judges were through,

she ended up in
a nice-enough place.

She has friends.

They seem to take
good care of her.

Where is the yellow bird piece?

Mar... Martha's got it.

I don't have it.

You're the one that
is hiding pieces, EJ.

Honey, I don't have nothin'.

Oh, get real.

Martha, are you ready?

Thank goodness.

Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.

Don't finish it all without me.

Yeah, we will, we will.

Thank you.

Hey, Martha.

Wanna get somethin' to eat?

we'll get something to eat.
Stay together.

Okay, okay.

Daniel said we could play...

Hi, Martha.

Go ahead.

Mackey left town for a while,

but six months later
he'd rented a small
place near the lake.

He wanted to come
with me to visit Martha.

He comes all the time now.

It's your daddy.

Look! Who's that?


I'm coming at you!

Here you are! Hi!


Hey, you!

Look what I found.
Look! I found it.

Yeah! It's a rock.

Oh, no, no, no, no.
Don't put it in your mouth.

Don't cry. It's okay.

Stop... Stop her.


It's okay.
It's okay.

It's all right.

You want your bottle?

Don't cry.

Aw, pumpkin, come on.

We'll get the bottle.
What's in the bag?

Oh, look at this!

Look. Look. There.


Shake it.

Shake it.

Shake it like that.

Yeah. Wanna go with me?

There are those who say...

Mackey raped her,
that he took advantage of her.

But Martha wouldn't say that.

Oh, you dropped.

She'd call it love.

And maybe it was.