A Dangerous Game (2014) - full transcript

This sequel to You've Been Trumped (2011) investigates how land developers like Donald Trump use golf as an excuse to build huge luxurious resorts at the expense of the locals and their ecosystem, and abuse natural resources.

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This is a letter
that I've just received

"Though I do not know you

I wanted to send a note
to let you know

the vast majority of Americans

would agree with
your opposition.

I wish you the best of luck in your struggle against Trump,

and trust you will find a way
to overcome what I see

as one of America's
worst exports:

Arrogant ill-informed
billionaires who think

they can buy their way
into anything."

That's the best letter
I've had yet.

You just wonder if
it's all going to end.

Donald Trump has officially
opened his new golf course

in Aberdeenshire.
The U.S. tycoon has...

One. Well done.

Oh, me. Look at the hair.

Look at the fat stomach now.

He's fairly put on the beef.

I expected good but this
has surpassed expectation.

Does he get
paid for that?

I think this is great for golf,

and what's good for golf
is good for Scotland,

because Scotland is
the home front for golf.

This here used to be all
full of wildlife, you know?

There's no wildlife now,

And I remember way back,
Trump says,

"Oh, but the wildlife
will come back."

How can it come back?

There's nothing here for 'em
to come back to.

We don't see any animals
here now.

We don't see foxes,
we don't see deer.

The course has turned out almost as badly

as I expected.
It's golf course number 72,

or thereby in Aberdeenshire,

not something we were really
needing another one of.

But when you look at what
we've lost here,

the protected special
scientific interests,

unique in the U.K.

I've never seen it,

but I do see it on TV,
you know, from the air,

and it just looks like
square patches of grass

with holes in the middle of it.

Boats have always been
part of my life.

Me and Kim have lived
on boats 25 years.

We've done everything.
We gutted it,

and completely redid
the front cabin.

Took the map table out,
put the benches in.

This resort Trump is building,

it's worn the people down.

They're completely
fed up with it.

Oh, me, me, me.

How greedy is Mr. Trump,
you know?

He lives in a different world.

He lives in a totally
different world.

Another beautiful shot.

You didn't need
Jack Nicklaus

to design these links.

Oh, look at that, Anthony.

The wildflower, the grass, the sand were all on site.

They didn't need to be brought
in by bulldozers

and dumper trucks.

Anthony, this couldn't
be better.

We've got this
all to ourselves,

and the one that you like
with the steeple

is over there.

There is written evidence
that golf has been played here

for 450 years.


Oh, gosh.

She can play,
she can play.

They come out
either golfing,

or looking for golf balls
every day,

and what I admire about it
is it's so natural.

Some people have a gadget
for this.

No. Shit.

The earliest photo of me

is playing at the age of four.

All of us at that stage had to
learn the game instinctively.

There were no professionals
to give us lessons.

So one of the clubs,
for example,

was funded as a Wednesday
afternoon club,

when the shopkeepers
had their holiday,

their half holiday.

This is a tatty old ball.

This is the one I picked
out of the ditch.

Nowadays, it's a game
of the moneyed,

and so many private clubs,

which are quite beyond the meansof the ordinary golfer.

You see my nephew here
behind me.

Did you see the Trump film
by any chance?

- Yes.
- He made it.

- Oh, yours?
- That's Anthony.

It's the documentary that's proven

almost as controversial
as its subject.

You've Been Trumped premiered
in Sheffield this afternoon...

in his criticism

of an independent film
which accused him

of bully-boy tactics
against local residents,

Donald Trump said
he hadn't watched it.

From what I understand,
it was boring.

Maybe going back, I have
nothing to do on my airplane,

I'll watch it on the airplane.

Now nobody knew Trump
could do that, right?

From watching the
news and reading the papers

of what was going on up there.

It's been amazing

how popular this whole
endeavor's been.

I thought I was
relatively well-informed

about what had happened.

And then when I saw
You've Been Trumped

with 300 other people
in a cinema,

there was a visceral
sense of shock in the room,

the stuff that we hadn't
been told about,

just didn't know about.

...down to the beach,

you won't get down there,
not with security.

Anthony Baxter
was filming

on Susan Munro's property
when this happened.

Don't you do that to me!

Right, son.

That's disgraceful.

Will you stop doing that to me!

You've Been Trumped
is a true story.

You will not be seeing
this gentleman

on The Apprentice
any time soon.

What's the movie about?

It's about Donald Trump
building a golf course resort

consisting of two golf courses, 1,500 houses,

and a skyscraper hotel on an area of wild natural beauty.

It's an abuse of power, and I think if this documentary

is about one thing,
it's that.

It's such
a universal notion.

To see that movie
and to see the struggle,

immediately we felt sympathyand solidarity with the people.

And of course we had to do
something about it.

Tonight we brought
the Illuminator,

that's the Occupy Bat signal,

over to the Trump Tower
so that we could project

the You've Been Trumped

that details the story
of how Donald Trump

is bulldozing over the land
of the 99 % in Scotland.

For a golf course?

So that you can jet-set
for five hours

across the ocean,
play a round of golf

and head home? I mean,
it's just absurd.

And so, viewing that hypocrisy,

that absurdity, it just made itso clear cut for people.

There is a sadness
running through your film,

a sense of disconsolation,
even melancholy

that something
is slipping away,

something is being taken away
that you can't bring back.

In a sense,
the sadness I have felt

in doing this film is the loss
of something so precious,

you know, something
that money can't buy.

And your film is resonating

in many countries
around the world.

The reason we chose
You've Been Trumped

almost two years ago
to open our Human Rights

Film Festival in Zagreb;

For people it was
immediately obvious

that this is something which
really connects with them.

As if they were watching
their own future.

It's the film featuring
Donald Trump.

He has the toupee.

Can you compare the project
in Scotland

with this one on Srd?

I was very struck
by the similarities.

In Scotland what we had was a wilderness area,

a sand dune system. In Dubrovnik

there is Mount Srd,
which is a wilderness area

and the last part of the city
that could be developed.

This is a very arid area.

Golf was not invented
in the Mediterranean,

it was invented in Scotland.

In other words, you need
lots of water

to facilitate something
like golf.

And we do not have
much water around here.

We have to bring
an enormous supply of water.

What do you think
it would look like,

coming in and seeing all that
infrastructure up there?

I just don't agree
with that golf course.

I actually started to see
the thing when you came

with the...
with this program here.

I look at Mr. Forbes
and his disgusting conditions

in which he lives.

Why the Scottish police
were so partial

on the part of Donald Trump,

and not on the part
of their own people?

After that, I said, "Come on."

If somebody from outside
is getting interested

for my city,
then probably I should.

I hope it isn't gonna
bring you to some sort of jail

or anything like that,
like it happened in England.

Ten years ago,
you could not imagine.

We've experienced so many
ugly things in this village.

I'm afraid for the nature,

for me myself,
for all inhabitants.

And this is where it happened.

This is where I was attacked.

Here he parked his motorcycle.

He ran to me, he hit me,

and put pepper spray
into my eye, and, uh, run off.

That's another
police document.

That's medical document
about injury of my daughter.

A few months later,
a phone call arrived.

It was directed to my father,

saying that he either
leaves the land on Srd,

or he... they will
kill his daughter.

They will kill me.

Srd is ours!

My profession deals
with the history of the city

with incredible importance.

So I'm always trying
to send this message

about the importance
of our history

and the tradition.

To speak about it
to my school kids.

And you know, it's not
only important to speak,

it's also very important
to act.

Srd is ours!

Our second demand isabout another of your promises.

That you reveal the complete
list of ownership

of housing plots on Srd.

It is a cultural,

educational and creative center.

This is the only place
in Dubrovnik

where you can learn how to sew
and make your own clothes.

This is a place where you start building your dignity.

Today in these
consumeristic times,

it's very important to use
resources that are from

your local community.

We like to call it
Dubrovnik in a jar.

People can gather
and learn

that can help them learn
some valuable skills

get out of job centers
and start working

and start making money
for themselves.

Dubrovnik is protected

as a World Heritage site,
so with the city walls

and the lovely harbor,

but also with the whole
environment around it.

Dubrovnik citizens
are saying

"Ah, well, what can we do?"

I believe we need to
make them angry.

We need to wake up
this fighting spirit in them

for their own city.

It seems the Mayor

doesn't understand
what he signs.

For the second time
he has broken his promise

about holding a Referendum

as he pushes the Srd
development on the people.

My father was
on the mountain Srd.

It was the last defense
for the city,

and after the war my father isnot the same person, of course.

With some traumas you can't
just deal with it.

We are here in the atomic
shelter underground, you know,

calling all day long
on the cell phones.

We are coordinating
all the volunteers.

We dispatch them,
is that the word?

- Yes.
- Around places.

This here is basically a
transcript of a radio jingle.

"Dear citizens, in order
for the referendum to happen

we need your signatures.

Your signature means
I want to freely decide

on the future of my city."

We are going to
park here.

As you can see,
holes on the wall.

It's from the grenades.

I don't know
whose smart idea was it

to give this fort in concessionto the golf developers.

They put signs.
"Danger: Golf development."

So, yes. Yes, I believe
you are quite dangerous.

This is one of the places
where the soldiers were

during the war,

and my father
was one of them.

So this is the boats.


They took us from
Dubrovnik to Rijeka,

then from Rijeka we took
a train to Germany.

My aunt lives there.

That day I thought
I wouldn't have a place

to come back home.

I mean,
they defended themselves.

It was a miracle,
you know?

It's like David and Goliath.

It's just like
what we are doing.

Dubrovnik is just a
small group of people,

and in spite of everything
they are doing it, you know,

with the best will, with...

I mean,
it's really inspiring.

We are heading to a suburb
of Dubrovnik.

Your signatures
are required

for the referendum on Srd.

Hey Vlaho, what's up?

I am driving to Mokoica
to collect signatures.

- What happened inside?
- We filed a motion.

This is unprecedented.
I have never heard of this,

let alone seen it in real life,

and never thought
that on the verge

of Croatia entering
the European Union,

you can see censorship in
the publicly owned media.

We didn't write
on the leaflet

the date from which we are
collecting the signatures,

and until what date.

15,000 of these
that we have to correct.

Today, the second day
of collecting the signatures,

we also started at seven a.m.

Our team was here at
the green market in Gruz

and we got a few
dozen signatures,

so we are happy so far.

Too many resorts,
too many hotels.

Devastating for this area.

And we're gonna have
one person responsible

for the lists,
and there is 100 of them.

So any ideas on how to make it
simple are really welcome.

Do you want to give
your signature?

Oh, you did already!

Most of the people
who are passing by

already signed,
and I believe we are now

a pain in the ass
for those people.

Sorry for the language.

Oh, my God! Please don't
say that to me!

This is making of history.

Completed 6,100.

Just want to
compare how much

we collected today in
comparison with yesterday.

There is news about us.

And they say despite
the media blockade,

we gathered over 5,000
signatures so far.

Seventy-five hundred
finished sheets,

and a few more
which we started,

but will be finished soon.

Dubrovnik presented us
with an opportunity

to work in an emerging market
with a great partner.

We hope to accentuate
the natural environment

in the design scheme and improve

the existing wildlife habitats.

The goal is to create nature,

green space for enjoyment
for golfers,

and the creatures
that inhabit the land.

A long time ago,
there was a man

from this village...

and he was very skinny.

And he would go inside to cleanthe small rocks and sand.

- He'd go in the hole?
- Yes, he would go inside.

And, uh, to pick up
all the sand.

And he said that it
goes straight,

and then it goes right.

This is where my family stays
for eight generations.

I grow everything, like olives, you know, everything I produce.

We could lose
the water completely,

you know what I mean?
You don't know.

It's so dangerous,
you know.

Because somebody has a full
bag of money some place.

I don't know
anyone that plays golf,

and I don't like the idea,

I don't feel comfortable
with it.

I don't want to live in a place

that is going to
force this upon me.

This is going to demand
continuous care,

an enormous amount of water,

and it will look as something

out of some other part
of the world.

For example, in America they have developed

some of these golf fields
in desert areas.

We're driving through
what's called

a master planned community.

The residents that live here
live behind gated communities.

In addition, there are
at least three golf courses

and a series of hotels
and condominiums

as well as the private homes

for the people
that can afford them.

We get a little bit hotter here

'cause we're lower
than Las Vegas,

so our temperatures are three
to five degrees hotter.

Probably 105, that's
what it usually is

every day out here.

This was developed
and built,

it's a man made lake,

and it's filled with over three billion gallons of water.

And where does
that water come from?

It's important to know
that that water

is all drinking water.

It comes from the city
of Henderson.

The developer has
purchased that amount of water

to fill Lake Las Vegas.

Every year, the lake
has to be refilled.

Most of these homes

go for well over
a million dollars.

Over two million,
like in this area,

and then for the lots alone
when you get down on the lake

those are going for like,
four million.

And then Celine Dion
lives on this hole,

on the right hand side.

Joining me now
is one of the world's

leading environmentalists,
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,

who's founder and president
of the Water Keeper Alliance.

Communities like Las Vegas

are continuing to encourage
sprawl development,

build golf courses
in the desert,

and these are huge,
these are becoming

greater and greater issues.
The Colorado River

no longer even reaches
the sea.

It dries up in
the Sonoran Desert.

It's your passion, it's your future.

It's the BGA Worldwide
Golf Exhibition

set against the backdrop of
Fashion Week in Las Vegas.

There's lots of Donald Trumps
out there.

There's people like him
in every country,

and in every community.

The most important

golf events of the year.

Golf is a multi-billion
dollar business

that actually touches a number
of different components

including real estate,
golf course development,

rounds played, merchandise
such as apparel

and equipment that you'll see
on the show floor here.

They're made with a CNC
computerized milling machine.

A CNC computerized
milling machine.

- It's a milling machine, yeah.
- What's that?

Um... it's
a computerized CNC.

I don't even know
what CNC stands for.

We all golf and so she already
has her own putter.

- She has her putter?
- Yes.

- How big is that?
- Oh, it's just little.

It would load our app in about
.four seconds onto your phone.

So then you would go
and get your cart,

go out on the course,
and let's say you're

out on the course
and you want something.

It could be food,
it could be beer,

it could be
I ran out of balls,

I ran out of tees.
It's a hot day,

I need a cool cloth
on my neck.

And then if you go and install
one of those machines

- how much would it cost?
- Uh, ballpark.

Ten grand.

This unit measures
24 inches of flight.

It takes the issue
of decompression out.

Well, some of them
we call mailbox cars,

just run down to the mailbox
to check the mail.

You go to the middle school
or the high school

and there'll be a bunch of
golf carts lined up out front.

Starts around $55,000
to 75, 80,

depending on the custom job.

You know, some people
want to put all turf down

so it's a full golf room.

And here today to talk
about better technology

and how to sell it
to your customers.

We've been able to do that
by looking at

the whole club holistically.

So not just the head design.

But how the shaft
and the mass properties

and the whole club really
behave together as a unit.

Now is the time
to put the hand up.

This is my first time
at the PGA Expo.

My mother was a keen golfer,
I don't actually golf.

But I'm just struck looking
around the room here

how it's 98 % male.

All right, who wants
to tackle that?

I'm not touching that one.

With the technology increasing
every month and every year

say within ten years
are we going to see

all our golf courses
too short?

It used to be
like, $200,000 to join,

but once kind of
the foreclosure happened,

the hotel shut down,

a lot of the businesses
went out of business,

and then when
they didn't sell it

that's when they laid off
all the guys,

and they just kept two guys,
one that's a mechanic

and an irrigator, and they
just do the bare minimum.

The greens
are all dead,

so they'll all
have to be regrown.

Everything started going down,
it just crumbled out here.

This is a parking garage

that would service the
restaurants and the casino.

- And it's empty.
- And it's empty.

It's just now recovering
from bankruptcy.

Often, a golf course
is built,

and it's supposed to attract
a lot of jobs and investment.


But it doesn't always
happen that way?

No. Well, that's kind of...

You can kind of see
from across the thing.

The casino shut down,

and if you go around the shops, a lot of the shops

are still vacant down there
in the village.

It's kind of sad, I don't even
like walking down there.

You hear this repeated again and again and again,

that we have to choose
between economic prosperity

on the one hand and
environmental protection

on the other, and that's
a false choice.

In 100 percent of the situations

good environmental policy
is identical

to good economic policy.

The site has good terrain
that you are looking for

in a golf course site,
and it offers dramatic views

of the prevailing
mountain ranges

and the Adriatic Sea.

Some are saying
that it is not good

for people to get rich
in Dubrovnik.

But Aaron Frenkel
is already rich.

And with this golf project
he will make residents richer.

It will be beautiful, because rich people

will come to live
in these villas.

They will need people
to work for them.

They will come
with their yachts.

Now we are coming
to our marina.

It's a good opportunity
to mix golf and sailing.

It's always empty.
It was just for the peasants.

For the animals.
For nothing.

It is
an investor's development,

denying the needs
of the town.

This is natural frame
of the historic town.

And this is in all theories andall practice of conservation.

The price of this housing
is astronomic.

It's priceless,
because you are overlooking

the historic town and sea.

Rich people who
can afford to play golf,

guaranteed money.

All classy like Paris Hilton
sisters - they come.

All our villas
will be overlooking

the Dubrovnik Park Golf Course.

In the summer,
this is all grey.

Because nobody puts on water.

A big water system there
all year round,

especially in June,
July and August

all this will be greener
than it is now.

This water is, first of all,
going to be used

for something that is not
of principal interest

to the city.

But also, it's going
to be seeping,

as part of the process
of fertilization,

into this forest landscape,

with totally
unpredictable consequences.

To despoil it,
in one major thrust,

at this point,
I think would be

a serious disservice
to the future generations.

They need to have an airport
which Dubrovnik has.

You need an old city,
something like Monte Carlo.

We have marina - third.

And the fourth thing which
is most important is golf.

For Dubrovnik to be
a world destination

they need number four thing
which is golf.

This building lobby
has the idea

of making money now,
and after they build

something that nobody
will use in the end,

they reach some kind
of calculation.

They, I don't know,
buy cheap land,

build giant houses,
and, uh...

...everything goes corrupt
after that.

With golf,
a businessman

from Zagreb called me
and asked have I any land

where they can
make a discotheque.

So, yes, I have here!

There's plenty of wood
on public land. Go!

Then I do all this work
for nothing.

If they make
these gated communities,

yeah, it will feel horrible.

It would feel like someone
robbed the cradle.

The feeling, you know, itdoesn't bring you profit, right?

The main issue
with the gates

is that they're locked,
permanently locked.

When my husband was ill,

we used to push him
down the road

in his wheelchair,
and same with my mother

when she was ill,
and we certainly

wouldn't be able
to do that anymore.

By Scots law, you are entitled

to access any land,
even golf courses.

There's another bit
of new fencing here, see?

Trump, he put up a fence
where I used to go down.

That's where I've been
doing my summer fishing.

The police were there
when he put it up.

And they said
if I touch that fence,

I will be charged.

With damaging the fence
and damaging his property

if I go through
his golf course.

This is not fair because
we can't get anywhere.

That shouldn't be on there.

There are locked gates
all over the place,

galvanized steel gates.

Trump's a bad man to
fall out with, but...

You know, he shouldn't be
allowed to get away with it.

Well, see, I happen to be
a very truthful person.

His property
is terribly maintained,

it's slum-like,
it's disgusting.

He's got stuff thrown
all over the place.

He lives like a pig.

Good evening and
welcome to the annual

Glenfiddich Spirit of
Scotland Awards.

This really is
a national institution.

And we are gathered here tonight

to recognize and pay tribute

to all those who
in the last 12 months

who surpassed themselves
in their chosen fields,

and have flown the flag
for Scotland.

As always, there were
many strong contenders

for the Top Scot title
this year,

including Olympic heroes
Sir Chris Hoy...

Chris Hoy,
he's driving to the line,

and he's won it!

He's won the keirin
Olympic title.

...Andy Murray...

Match point
in the Gold Medal match

at the Olympic Games.

And it was three aces to win it!

...and Billy Connolly.

You see that nice,
white building?

And then Trump stuck that
thing in the middle.

He wants to be the president.

And the man who's known
more for his actions

than by his name.

His story and
the unfolding battle

attracted international coverage

in the recent
You've Been Trumpedfilm.

I look at Mr. Forbes

and his disgusting conditions
in which he lives.

Then you get all these people
that's supporting you,

it's really good, yeah.

Some things will always
be worth more than money.

The winner of the 2012
Top Scot Award is...

...Michael Forbes.

I've never stood up
in front of people before.

Cameras are not a problem.

Speaking to reporters
is not a problem.

But going up on that stage
was a problem!

I'm speechless.

Thank you very much everybody.
Thank you very much.

I am speechless.

That's all I can say.

Everybody in the place
was coming up to me,

and congratulating me.
High-class people, you know.

Celebrities, big stars.
They were all coming up.

And they says I deserved it.

Right, can everybody
gather round Michael?

The fact that he was
being personally vilified

and picked out
for scorn and abuse

by this multi-billion

I think the tides
of public opinion

is very much
turned against that.

Everybody was saying
I was the best

that they could have chosen.

What have I done
to deserve it?

I don't know.

It's two years
since I finished filming

You've Been Trumped, and now
the Trump Organization

have offered me a chance
to come and meet them

completely out of the blue.

I think, you know,
perhaps we should have

spoken a lot sooner,
the past is the past.

But are you available
on Thursday?

I'm just hoping
I'm not arrested.

Our goal for the meeting
is to clarify

what we can for you. It's not
to make your next movie.

Do we really believe
that Michael Forbes

is more accomplished in
the minds of the average Scot

than Andy Murray?
He's not this simple crofter

than, you know, he's tried
to... been made into.

It's just nonsense--

But do you
understand why--

He's created a junkyard
in his backyard.

He is seen as the face
of the 99 %.

- That is why it resonated.
- Ninety-nine percent of what?

- The ordinary person.
- It's absurd.

He's stood in the way ofprogress, that's what he's done.

And that seems to be
the sentiment

of all the people that
we've spoken to,

whether it be a dinner
last night in town,

when we ask a couple people
or they recognize us.

We'll strike up a conversation, we'll say,

"So what are your thoughts
on that?",

so we can hear the voice
of what would be the people.

When I was at the Queen's Hall
last time in November,

it was the night of
the Top Scot Award.

He's called Michael Forbes.

Between his farm
and the coast,

is the Trump International
Golf Links.

Donald Trump and
the Trump Corporation

banned sales of Glenfiddich
at all their hotels.

And lo and behold, there was
the largest weekend sales

of Glenfiddich in its history.

And so now you can think
of drinking whiskey

as an act of
political subversion.

Michael Forbes,
he represents everybody.

He's an ordinary man,

trying to just live his life

and maintain his own dignity
and his own space.

Karine Polwart.

Karine Polwart's record,
when I first heard it,

I nearly cried.

I'm gonna dedicate
this first song

to a farmer and a former
salmon fisherman

from Aberdeenshire,
and he cannot fish anymore

because between his house
and the sea

is the Trump International
Golf Links.

I had to walk
out of the room.

I couldn't hear it.

It was so... so close to, um...


It was very moving.

♪ And the tide
still ebbs and flows ♪

♪ Where the Ythan
meets the ocean ♪

♪ Not even God himself ♪

♪ Could stop the northerlies
from blowing ♪

♪ You can tear
these dunes asunder ♪

♪ Pound this wonder into dust ♪

♪ With your cruel hands
and crooked hearts ♪

♪ Laden with lust
and expensive lies ♪

♪ But the haar will stumble
in to cover your eyes ♪

♪ The haar will stumble in ♪

Look at the height of
it. Look, it's still going up.

It was supposed to come down
to 1.5 meters,

that's what the council said.

I think Findlay
has the letter.

Well, if you read,
there's three pages.

This is in the car park,
and, uh...

...reduction height of
the building, 1.5 meters.

Removal of three lighting
columns immediately adjacent

to the boundary
with Leighton Cottage.

If he wants to do it,
he does it,

and nobody
seems to say boo-hoo.

I don't think anybody else

would get away with that,
would they?

It's more than doubled,
it's now four meters.

The plan says a meter
and a half down.

When's it ever going to end?
It's like being in a prison.

It really is just awful.
Look at the mess.

The behavior of
the current estate owner,

towards those who are owning
houses on the estate,

or at least towards
some of them,

has been deplorable,

and has been
repeatedly deplorable.

He carted...

Oh, it must have been
thousands and thousands

of the dumper loads
to build the mounds

in front of the Munros'.

And it's very,
very difficult to interpret

some of the actions
as anything other than

a deliberate campaign of
intimidation and bullying

to make lives as difficult
as possible for the neighbors.

Hear the water?
Just drip, drip, drip.

That's all I get. Still taking
water from the bottom.

Even have to wash myself
with water from the bottom.

I've tried the Council,
I've tried the Water Board,

I've tried everybody.

When Trump built that road
up there

for the lorries and things,
they crushed my pipe.

There's a line of dead trees.
That's where my well is.

That's the pipes
that they crushed.

Never no problems
'till Trump came here.

Hi, I'm Anthony,
Anthony, filmmaker.

- Oh, yes.-This is Richard, my colleague.

We were just filming with
Michael Forbes this morning,

and he was saying that he hasn't had any water for a week.

That's right. There was
a problem with the well.

We'll have to
investigate it first,

to re-instate the man's water.

So it'll be a jewel
of a system

and sustain itself.

It'll be the best system
he's ever had

for supplying water
to his house.

How's that?

It's not nice. She used to
shower every day, you know?

It caused me
a lot more work

pushing my wheelbarrow
up from the stream.

You're having
to take water?

- Yes.
- Is that what's happened?

That's from the stream.

Well, I think all these
disturbances about the water

and lack of water has
an effect on Molly.

Give any person a situation
where the water

doesn't come out of the tap,

and their lives will be
turned upside down.

That's it in this little bucket.

I just heat it up in there,
and then wash my dishes.

I don't waste that.

I use it to flush the toilet.

I'm sure I don't
remember it looking that tidy.

It's an open space.
It's got useable things

scattered all over it.
Trailers and diggers

and tractors are things you use.

- Sheila.
- Hey.

- How you doing?
- Not bad, yourself?

Not bad. Is Mickey in?

- He's just coming.
- Is he?

- He was up looking at the well.-Ah.

And they were kicking upabout my stuff down there.

And what did they do
with theirs?

They buried it.

When equivalent things

were on his neighbors' property,

Mr. Trump was using it
as justification

for getting his neighbor
removed from their property.

Councilors and Salmond,

they ought to grow
a backbone, you know?

And start fighting Trump
'cause this is no good,

what's happening down here.

The independence is not at
its heart about this party,

or this administration,
or this First Minister,

but about fundamental democratic choice for Scotland.

He's the First Minister for Scotland,

but because he's
the local constituency,

MSP and the area where the
Trump International Golf Links

is sited, a lot of people
are disappointed.

And until I think we have
a proper explanation

of why it occurred and what
the thinking on it is now,

then there's always
the possibility

that that could
happen again.

I would have come
through that gate

and have come across here.
That's another thing

that nobody else
would have got off with,

is building a paved road
in the links.

Every other golf course has gota dust path, you know?

And it's only so they can
get to the greens quicker

with their chemicals.

Donald Trump's proposal
to build two golf courses

and a housing development on
the Aberdeenshire coastline

at Menie has been
controversial for years.

And today, MSP's heard a call

for a full public inquiry
into the whole process.

It's about the protections the planning system

is meant to provide
communities like ours,

and to environments
like the now destroyed

Triple SI at Menie.

The behavior of the police
in relation to bias

and inappropriate activity
also requires review

and investigation.

Like you, I'm struggling
to find out exactly

what this petition
wants to do

'cause it seems to be
all over the place.

What would this inquiry
actually do?

Is this just a few
disgruntled individuals?

You don't get a 19,000
signature petition

on the basis of a few
disgruntled individuals.

The responses that came
back after a number of weeks

were of the order, "No,
we've done nothing wrong,

so there's no need
to ask any further."

At least Scotland
denied that they had been part

of some major conspiracy,
which I think was what

was being suggested to us
when we took evidence,

that they had been cooperating
with Mr. Trump's organization.

For those reasons,
I'm actually in favor

of closing this petition.
Members agreeable?

I agree we should
shut the thing.

They've taken about
two and a half minutes

to effectively ignore
the opinion of the best part

of 20,000 U.K. voters.

At the end of the day,

Salmond's supposed to be
in charge, isn't he?

So I would say the buck
stops with him.

If he can't sort it out,
nobody can.

Mr. Salmond, why don't you
take a visit here

and see what it's like
living here.

Bet he wouldn't have put up
with this around his house.

A standing ovation
for the SNP Alex Salmond

from the delegates...

Alex Salmond knows
what's going on,

but he's never
taken the time

to go and see
his constituents.

And I think that's
a disgrace, you know.

He owes them
a duty of care,

to address the issues

that they're having
difficulties with.

And Michael's
been in communication,

I've seen the letters.

You know, they're all
very worthy letters

but nothing happens.

Alex Salmond
wrote me a letter

congratulating me
on my Top Scot Award.

So I phoned him up
to see if I could get

my access opened again,
for my right of way,

and the public right of way.
I got a letter back.

"A letter is
currently being drafted

that can be sent
from you to Trump."

And I haven't heard
anymore about it.

If he was to help me,
he would come down here

and see what's going on.

It goes back
to the Magna Carta.

It's a recognition that this
is one of the fundaments

of democracy.

Which is the government's role

in allocating the commons,
the publicly owned resource

to make sure that they
can be used by everybody,

and that they're not just
a plaything of the wealthy.

It's an aspiration.

So for the new rich in China,
to move next to a golf course

says that they've reached some
sort of status in their life.

Just huge, huge golf complexes,

bigger than anywhere else
in the world.

They're illegal,
the golf courses.

Technically illegal, yes.

You're dealing with
a lot of corruption.

We're about
to enter the grounds

of the most anticipated
course design project

ever conceived.
The Tiger Woods Dubai

pairs the world's most
recognizable athletes

with one of
the United Arab Emirates

most experienced
business conglomerates,

and the results
are sure to be spectacular.

The idea is that
we wanted to create

a benchmark in
the golfing industry,

the most sought after
destination worldwide.

And the most important aspect
is that we've moved

twenty-five million cubic
meters of sand,

which is a phenomenal number
for anywhere in the desert.

And our grass has been
flown in from Georgia,

which is the same type of grass that Augusta actually uses.

We have seven and a half
million square feet of lakes.

Just like anywhere
else in the world,

there are water supply concerns,

and there are pesticide concerns

when it comes to
golf courses in China.

Even if there's
a regulation in place,

you can't be sure that
it was enforced properly.

And that's usually
a recipe for disaster.

Our concern is
that fertilizers

are getting into the aquifer,

that it's going to enter
the little tributaries

and streams and end up
in the water supply.

Any propertydevelopment has to be measured,

I think,
or should be measured

in terms of what's
the overall impact,

and who's gonna pay ifsomething catastrophic happens?


and herbicides are all essential

to some degree to maintain
a beautiful golf course.

This is actually
a private club.

You can't take
any pictures of it.

Think of it
like this.

We have in a sort of
metaphorical sense,

an underground lake.

And if this lake was visible
at the surface

it'd be very easy to point
at it and say,

"See all of this water?

We're going to call it
a reservoir."

What we have here

is the top of
a water supply system

that nature created.

All we have to do
is not mess it up.

We share the water with
spotted wintergreen,

and the American beech.

In the case of the trees,

they stand sentinel
over the water supply

and prevent adverse land uses
unless you cut them down.

The question arises is what is the role

of people in the community?

And thank goodness that
we have Alec Baldwin,

and other concerned citizens
who take the time

to read the voluminous reports
that caution about land uses,

such as golf courses,

inside of special groundwater
protection areas.

So the real worry here
was that the chemicals

that were gonna be put
on the golf course

could end up
in the water supply.

Right. Golf courses
just pound water on them.

They just water them
all the time,

and that drives the chemicals
into the root zone,

and then down beyond
the root zone,

while they're still active.

We can see
the leaves are changing,

and yet the golf course
is as green as if it was

the middle of summer.

That's done with
application of chemicals.

These chemicals are designed
to break down

and become "inert"
in the root zone

before they hit
the water table.

And very often,
that does not happen

with golf courses, so we
argued all these things

and we lost,
the town board

granted him his permit,

he did indeed
build the golf course.

And the monitoring wells
that were put in

for this golf course
avoided many of the greens.

Can I ask what
you're doing out here?

We're looking at your
beautiful golf course.

Okay, why is he filming?

Because it's a beautiful
golf course.

- What's your name?
- My name is Steve.

- Steve?
- Englebright.

- Englebright? Okay.
- What's your name?

Patrick Bistrian,
I'm an owner out here.

- Oh, you're a Bistrian.
- Yeah, yeah.

- Of the sandpit fame.
- Uh, golf course fame too.

The Bistrians are long-time
residents of East Hampton.

Will you stop filming?

Stop filming.

We're just doing
some filming

about the golf course
and aquifer.

Okay, all right, get off
the property right now.

Let's go,
get out of here.

Hey, stop filming.

Whoa. He's on
public property now.

There, you want me
to call the cops?

No, not particularly.

Yeah, I wouldn't think
you would.

But if you're
going to, you're going to.

I will.

As you can see,
it's very difficult

to monitor what chemicals
are being used,

whether there is contamination

as a result of activities
that have taken place here

in the last decade.

We have
to be hyper vigilant

because as soon as you
take the eye off the ball

people like Donald Trump
are going to move in there

and corrupt that democracy
and to twist it

so that it serves his private
economic interests

rather than serving
the public interest,

and the interests
of future generations.

Welcome to the 14th hole ofTrump International Golf Links.

I have just found out
a moment ago

that Mr. Joseph Cinque,
who is the president

for the American Academy
of Hospitality Sciences

is here with us today topresent us with a special award.


Good morning.

This golf course,
and only one,

is the best in the world.

And for me to be here
to bestow this award

is very important, 'cause
we could not give another.

Only one.

And we selected,
members of the Academy,

together we selected
this property.

And you're very lucky,
the people of Scotland,

to have a Trump property
like this.

I'd never thought I'd give
the best in the world today,

but here it is.

I want everybody
to be aware of it.

Can you turn
this way, please?

That's nice.

- Oh, yes, yes, sure.
- Drop it down.

See the course,
you see it?

You want to
bring it down more?

I find it rather laughable
to say the least.

Thank you, everybody,
very much.

I just want to thank
Mr. Cinque.

This is really an honor.
This was unexpected, totally.

I mean, you've got
three trustees right there

at the top of the page
and the man in the middle,

whom they describe as"an ambassador extraordinaire",

is Donald Trump himself.

That's a great honor.
Thank you, wow.

As you could read, it'sthe best golf course worldwide,

and no one will ever
have an award like this.

If you're gonna receive an awardfrom your own organization

it kind of devalues it
a little bit.

When are people
gonna stop preaching

the Trump rubbish, you know?

Look at the situation
as it is really,

and what is happening
to local people, really.

And then
he's got the cheek

to complain about the windmills?



I cannot build a very, very,
very expensive hotel

that's looking into
an industrial wind farm.

Donald Trump claims
it's going to ruin the view.

You can see the lighthouse.
It's around about

the same height
as they will be.

I don't think they're
going to affect the view

from here at all. After all,

the immediate foreground's
already been trashed.

In classic
Donald Trump style,

the business tycoon swept into
the Scottish Parliament,

shot from the hip and left.

He's tried to meddle
in the whole issue

of whether or not we
should have wind farms

in that part of the world,
so he's deliberately

stuck his nose into
Scottish political affairs

and expected his voice
because he's influential

to trump others.

The 230 million
pound development

will see 11 turbines in the sea off Aberdeen's shores.

They'll generate
enough electricity

to power half
of the city's homes,

but crucially supporters say

the project will be
a major test center

for turbine technology.

Your wind program
will take down Scotland.

You have to be very careful.

Where is
the clinical evidence?

Not an opinion,
an empirical assessment.

Where is
your clinical evidence?

Who has produced it?

Will you share it
with the committee?

Well, first of all,
I am the evidence.

I think I'm more
of an expert...

You know what?

I think I'm a lot more
of an expert

than the people that
you'd like me to hire

who are doing it
to make a paycheck.

But I am an expert
in tourism.

I am considered
a world-class expert

in tourism, so when you say
where is the expert,

and where is the evidence,
I'm the evidence.

Mr. Trump, you say wind farms

are destroying
Scotland's environment--

I am chairing
this meeting...

He's got
a failed documentary, so...

Trump out, Trump out!

Trump out! Trump out!

I'm angry because he's
come here with his billions,

used his money to exert
huge amounts of influence

and disguise government,

whereby Alex Salmond
overrides the decision

of Aberdeen Council
and allows him to build

what is effectively a small townon the Menie Estate,

on the pretense that it's
a couple of golf courses.

The man is a bully
and a liar.

He's a fine example of one
percent of the population

controlling 99 % of the power
and influence.

Donald Trump says he
intends to submit plans

for a second golf course
at the Menie Estates

in Aberdeenshire.

That'd be the second course
over there.

See where that security,
that white truck is?

That's the security,

see that nobody transgresses
Trump's property.

So effectively,

about a six, seven mile
stretch of the coast

is inaccessible.

The entire area
to the north

comprises golf course
number two,

which involves quite spectacularsand dune systems as well.

And so it was really
quite beyond belief,

the planning authorities
and the Scottish government

have given outlying
planning consent

for a golf course to extend
all the way down

without a shred of plan,

without any environmental impact statement being produced.

We've heard your question.

Donald Trump
came face to face

with filmmaker Anthony Baxter.

Mr. Trump, will you
be carrying out

an environmental
assessment plan

- for the second golf course?
- Yes, we will.

We're very, very careful
in the environment.

I actually consider myself to be

a great environmentalist,

and we are doing a very,
very strong plan.

Because Scotland's
leading expert

on coastal erosion, I've got
a quote from him here,

he says the golf course
number two

is going ahead without
a shred of plan,

without any environmental impact statement being produced

for the northern part
of the Balmedie sand dunes.

He's not an expert
because he doesn't know

what he's talking about.
Here is my expert.

Martin, come over here. This is the great Martin Hawtree.

How much sand will
have to be moved, Martin,

during the construction phase?

Um... it depends on
how much we,

uh, want to try and replicate
links features

on the other spit of ground.

Why do you want to do
another one?

Because I think the first one
is a success.

I think you move forward
with the rest of the media.

Yeah, I'm just speaking
to Martin.

- We've done the media bit.
- No, I'm walking with him.

Please, just move.
We have to get to a meeting.

So what would you
think if I told you

the area over there
is gonna be developed

into a golf course
for wealthy people?

I think it would be
a bit sad

unless it was available to
all the public, I guess.

Yeah, it's a shame
to destroy it

if it's only just gonna be
for a couple of people

- to get to it.
- I'm all for Donald Trump.

I think pumping money
into the local economy

is very good, so he's got
my backing, basically, yeah.

Do you have quite a few heated discussions in the pub?

Yeah, we do, yeah.
Like I said,

the majority of people
are against it,

but I try to explain to them
the oil won't be here forever.

No one is benefiting
other than a small...

How much are people
getting paid

at the golf course,
the bartender,

the guy that's
handing you a towel,

and the caddies, and the guy
that's parking your car.

These people aren't making
six figures.

You know, no one's
making a lot of money,

maybe the management is.
Certainly the owners are.

Eleven thousand.

For me, the highest point was with the volunteers.

I feel like their energy
is so positive.

They were huge believers
that we will succeed.

The election committee
has six persons

overseen by a President.

We, the volunteers,
we made everything

so the referendum happens and
the mayor didn't do anything.

Even yesterday,
Penguin from the Batman

invited people to actively
stay at home.

What kind of person
does that?

What do you think
of the mayor of Dubrovnik

at the moment?
He's called on people

to boycott the referendum. Do you think that's a good idea?

Yes, it's good.

It's a rich man's sport,
you know.

You need proper equipment
for playing golf.

Is there a golf ball around?

It's not my kind of sport.

Full bus.

Who are the villains here?
All of them, you know.

It's the Mayor.
It's also the Prime Minister.

It's the former Prime Minister
that really enabled this.

Also the former President.

Every project will destroy
something to a certain extent.

But I think you can
choose good projects

and just, you know,
leave something

for future generations.

Four years ago
the coalition

that now runs the city

promised the citizens
of Dubrovnik

a referendum
on the golf resort.

It must be stopped
if we want to preserve

the spirit of the city.

If we want to protect
the culture and heritage

that our ancestors
passed down to us.

Dubrovnik is Croatian and world heritage site.

And we are responsible to it.

We have to act.

This is our duty.

We need three volunteers
who will go tomorrow

and be the whole day
on those three islands

near Dubrovnik.

Anya and me,
we are going to an island.

We suffered so much to be independent and I'm proud

how much respect and democracy
in the act we experience

by volunteering,
by organizing things.

Srd is ours!

I'm so happy,
that they'll have a chance

to say what they think.

We hope that huge majority
of the people will say no

to the project.

Here will be
a golf course.

This is where
the golf course comes.

All of this - restaurants.
Everything will be raised up!

Golf course.

100 % privacy.

Nobody can overlook you. Never.

I vote against golf.

I just think it's too much
for this little place

to have that much houses
and everything.

I'm just doing
what I think is right.

Tell me how you
voted in there today.

Uh, against.

According to our data,
eighty percent of people

were against the project,

while 20 percent of people
were for the project.

For the first time
in 20 years,

I see people of Dubrovnik
walking proudly,

and with their smiles
on their faces.


It's... it's very exciting.



I'm happy.

These are tears
of happiness.

We picked up a copy
of the national newspaper.

The wife of an investor
saying that

regardless of the outcome
of the referendum

golf will be built.

The National Government
shouldn't be bothered

with the Referendum

because this golf project
is of national benefit.

It is good for the people
of Dubrovnik.

It is good for Croatia.

In spite of the fact

that people
are against the project,

this still doesn't
mean anything.

We celebrated together with

of the Golf Park.

Lamb, music -
it was nice.

The Mayor and Maja Frenkel

said that next year
we are building.

It's now certain that
we'll start Phase One.

I think they are gloating because the Mayor

did everything that he could

just to obstruct
the Referendum.

They decided that they
don't want the Referendum

to succeed in a way that it'sobligatory to the city council.

85 % voted against

the Srd golf course

That sounds
a pretty clear signal

from the democratic process,
does it not?

Yes, that is one kind of
democratic process, you know.

So from that result then,
the project is there?

85 % of the people
who go to the referendum

say we don't want
any houses on Srd.

We don't need any houses
or any villas

any hotels, any apartments.

So the project
is not gonna go ahead

because of that result?

- No, no.
- Why not?

Because that sounds
a pretty clear message

that's been sent out
by the people.

For what?

- To not build.
- No.

In Croatia we have a stupid lawabout a Referendum.

I'm sorry, 85 % of people
who voted yesterday

said they do not want
this resort to go ahead.

No, no. Okay.

Wherever you see

large-scale environmental injury

you'll also see
the subversion of democracy.

The two things
go hand in hand.

They always do.

Democracy has to be
local ultimately.

So that a local community
can say no

to a golf course, and they're
not gonna be overruled

by some "higher authority"
that has been corrupted

by corporations, or individuals,

or just crooks,
to steal something

that belongs to
that local community

and that has been set aside
for local use.

How much water will be used
on the golf course?

One million cubic meters
per year.

The environmentalists
say that a third

of the available water supply

You know that is
a stupid question.

You can ask me...
if you have a few questions

If you don't have we can
finish this conversation.

- Okay, let's talk about--
- Not your opinion.

I don't care about your opinion.

Who are you?

You're not a candidate
for Mayor.

Why not answer the question?

Our reserves of pure
clean water is incredible.

Enough for half of Italy.

But you'll be aware that
the people who opposed

the development say
this is not a good use

of a precious resource,
to pour water onto a rocky--

- You know, this is--
- ...onto a rocky plain.

And to produce a golf course
which isn't native

to this environment.

That is so stupid
an ecological question.

- So stupid.
- Why?

- Because.
- How many tons

of chemicals will be used
on the golf course?

Do you know that?

Um, very few.

How do you know that?

We've got ecological studies.

We've got all approvals from

independent ecological
activities, including

the former
Minister for Ecological--

You'll be aware
the two associations,

- Green Action and--
- I know, Green Action.

...have filed a lawsuit
as I understand it

against the Environment
Protection Ministry

over the Ministry's assessment.

Thank you very much
for your time.

We couldn't speak
on that level,

because I am Mayor
and a medical doctor.

And you couldn't
ask me something

about ecological question
which I didn't know.

Mr. Vlahusic,
why didn't you resign

when you were indicted
on corruption charges?

Crooks! Party of crooks!

As I said before,
I consider myself

to be a great environmentalist.I've won many awards,

I've done jobs in Bedminster,
New Jersey and other places

that have gotten awards
and accolades.

It's about
drinking water supplies.

New Jersey is the nation's
most densely populated state.

We don't get the rainfall.

This is our most
valuable resource.

The future, I mean,
it's a global concern.

It's just irresponsible

to be giving it
to Donald Trump,

to make sure that his greens
are, um, green

for golf.
It's crazy.

If you have
a golf course

that's using public water

you need to pass the full cost

of the public water onto Trump.

Whatever he takes out, whatever he has permission for,

and whatever he ultimately
takes out,

he should pay
the market value.

What's everybody else?
What's the delicatessen

down the street
that's making sandwiches

for the guys
that cut the grass?

What's he paying?

Look at those greens.
I mean, they're very lush.

How many chemicals
does it take to do that?

The least amount possible.

We have an integrated
pest management plan,

and the worst thing you can do
is over-fertilize it.

But either way, we make sure
we have settling ponds

and we have
filtration mechanisms.

So environmentally you'd say you're very conscious?

I am. I'm much less
of a golfer

than I am an outdoorsman.

But you understand
how some people might say

having seen the photographs
of you in Africa

on a hunting trip.

You understand the problem
in today's Internet age,

you see a picture of you with an elephant's tail in your hand,

then you're talking about
environmental concern.

Anything can be spun a certain way.

A lot of money was raised
for conserving those lands

for anti-poaching leagues,
for the game rangers

and the people
who protect them,

we always donate
shoes and boots

and everything like that becausethese are parts of the world

where, as sad as it sounds,
owning one shoe is a luxury.

Two is almost unheard of.

Say, for example,
this course here.

Three hundred thousand dollars
roughly to join the club?

- No, no.
- For the life membership?

No, no, no.

No? How much is it?

Uh, right now I believeit's $150,000 to join the club.

And then you have
your dues as well on top?

Yeah, the dues.
Right, right, right.

If 300 people...
Say, for example,

in Scotland, in town where I am,

it's 300 pounds
to join the club

and it's open,
it's free for children

under the age of seven,
anybody can play the course.

We have those courses too.

It's just in this market,
what people want here

is security,
they want legitimacy

they want quality.

When you have to enter
the wens as I do,

you need to be well-armed.

And so I've got two pairs
of trousers,

three layers on top,
welder's gloves.

See that bramble, I mean, that would tear you to pieces.

The reason I started
looking for golf balls,

there are two reasons.
One, during the war,

if you didn't find golf balls,
you didn't play

because they weren't
making them.

And secondly, I'm not
a very good golfer,

so I know where they go.

See if it catches
the top, Anthony.

I've got one.

It's great what you're
doing in there, Denis.

Trying to get out,

That looks like a class one
once it's been washed.

That probably will go to Oxfam.

Yes, it's too good for
the junior practicing.

I started recording
them in a very sort of

compulsive, neurotic way,

and discovered that
in some years

I was getting over 5,000
in a year.

That was year 2009.

If I give them
on the course and they say,

"Can I pay you for them?"
And I just say,

"No, the next time
you're passing Oxfam",

and I trust them to drop
a pound in or something.

That's another five dozen.

Mr. Trump, could I justask you about Bedminster?

- You mentioned it there.
- I don't want to talk about--

'Cause you mentioned about
the environmental accolades.

I spoke to the Raritan
Rainwater's Association.

They were talking about the
amount of water that it uses.

In New Jersey, by law,

before water can be sold for
large, depletive uses

it has to be a public use
and necessity.

Now, by definition,
a private golf course

is not a public use,

and certainly an exclusive
golf course

like Trump National
is not a public use.

I wasn't an English major
in school,

but I haven't seen
a dictionary yet

where "necessity"
and "luxury"

are synonyms.

What you're doing
is important because

what I think the impact
of your work will do

is get people
to think about it,

think about, "Hey, there may bea better way of doing it",

there may be a better way
of using less chemicals

and less water, and provide

certain environmental

Don't worry about that, Ed.
He'll edit all that stuff out.

Well, your video
can make a difference

if you get people to think
about how to do it better.

To get to the truth of what
actually happens.

What's the truth, Anthony?
I mean, that's...

There's truth as you see it,
there's truth as we see it.

Hi, Anthony.
How are you?

That's Anthony over there.

- Oh, there's Anthony.
- Richard here.

I think we just need
to pop a radio mic on.

Yeah. Want to do this?

Could I have those documents?

Yeah, that'd be fine.
Just so I can reference 'em.

These are some of the great
reviews we've had

on the course.
Thank you.

This bother you, Anthony,
that it sticks out so far?

You know, normally
it's even with the...

...you don't even see it.

Is this your primary camera
for me?

Mr. Trump, thanks very much
for doing this interview.

- Thank you.
- I've been arrested.

I've been put in jail.

We tried to get an interview
with people

from your organization
at the time.

It just seems extraordinary.

I can't do interviews
with everybody,

I wouldn't have enough time.
You asked me to do it,

and I just didn't have
the time to do it.

Now, your show,
or your documentary

got carried by BBC and others,

so you've become a much
more important person

in terms of doing
an interview.

Now, are you going
to do anything

about all of these stories,
this is just a small sampling,

that rate it one of the greatestgolf courses in the world,

that rate it... look.

The world's two best courses.

They're predicting
the second course.

It's a tremendous success.

So successful that we're going
to build a second course

about five years earlier
than we had anticipated.

Mr. Trump, you've made legal
threats against the BBC

when they showed the filmand you said it was defamatory.

Well, I thought it was,
and I thought that your...

...the tone of it
was so one-sided,

and one of the reasons I've
agreed to do the interview

was that there was nobody
to speak up for our side.

You only asked negative
questions, and you only speak

to the two or three people
that were opposed to it.

You wouldn't let us
speak to you.

- The police wouldn't let us--
- Only, only...

Well, the police
you'll have to deal with.

The police obviously had
a good reason for doing to you

- what they did.
- You've been accused

- of using the force--
- I never spoke to the police.

The Grampian force, your own
private security force.

I never spoke to the police
about you.

Nobody from our side
was asked for

an opinion
or gave an opinion.

They were, Mr. Trump.

But I'm sure it wouldn't
have been put in.

And I'm sure
even my answers

will be cut short and will be
highly inaccurate.

That's why I have
a camera watching us,

because I want that for,

you know,
for certain reasons.

You've been accused
of bullying

the local people
of the Menie Estate,

- the local residents.
- Really?

I thought, "God, who...
Trump people?"

This is a little bit like
your documentary, Anthony.

You show scenes like that,

and it's very hard to counteract

a statement
from such a woman.

She actually reminds me
a little bit of my mother,

if you want to know the truth.
She looks like a lovely woman.

You pursued her for legal costs

when she took out
court action against you.

You pursued an 86 year old
pensioner for legal costs.

How do you think that
comes across, Mr. Trump,

to people in Scotland?

Let's put it
a little bit differently.

We pursued Michael Forbes,

and Michael Forbes
was not fair to us,

was not nice to us.

We see a scene
of David Milne

with this big bank of earth
built next to his house.

Yeah? It's very simple.

Are you ready?
It's very simple.

And I'm sure you won't put on
much of what I say,

but that's okay.

David Milne has a house
that's not at all attractive.

We're building
a tremendously expensive,

tremendously expensive

- But it's his home.
- I'm not touching his land.

I'm touching my land, and
this is one of the few times

I've ever seen
where putting up trees...

As an example,
we're putting up trees

around Mr. Milne's house.

Usually when you put up trees
you get medals.

I'm putting up trees
and he criticizes it.

With Milne, every time he speaks

he speaks negatively
about the project.

So why should I be
in love with him?

His property
is terribly maintained.

It's slum-like, it's disgusting.

He's got stuff thrown
all over the place.

He lives like a pig.

I just wonder whether you
regret those words at all.

Well, I think the tone
is harsh.

I don't regret it, I think
the tone is harsh.

I think that he should
fix up his property.

Had that farm,
or whatever it is,

looked good, I would have
a much different attitude

toward beaming, or treeing,

or doing all the other things,
which frankly,

- cost me a lot of money.
- You've called Mr. Forbes

an embarrassment
for Scotland,

yet he was voted
Scotsman of the Year.

Know how that happened?
Because a group of people

rang up the thing...
I mean, give me a break,

over Andy Murray,
who won the U.S. Open.

Tens of thousands of people
voted, Mr. Trump.

Excuse me, that was done.
They had phone banks.

That was done by people
that tried to get him

as an embarrassment.
I think it's a joke.

So you would dispute the
tens of thousands of people

who voted for Mr. Forbes?

I don't think it's tens
of thousands of people.

I would dispute it.
That was a campaign.

That's what we've been
told by the organizers.

I'm sure the organizers say
whatever they have to say,

but that was a campaign to
try and get him in there

because they wanted to try
and embarrass Trump.

I'm sure the organizers
say whatever they have to say,

but that was a campaign to
try and get him in there

because they wanted to try
and embarrass Trump.

But that's just Trump,
isn't it?

You wouldn't expect anything
else from him.

I was really
proud of him

when he was voted Top Scot.

I was a very proud woman.

Yeah, really was.

I said, "Well, I never
thought my son

would get Top Scot."

The Trump organization
has confirmed

it's putting it's plans
here on hold.

His legal challenge
to stop an offshore wind farm

he branded ugly,
has now been bunkered.

There's even talk of the
For Sale signs being put up.

What we've lost
was important to us.

It was part of
our natural heritage,

it was an amazing
natural wonder.

And for what?

Instead he will focus
his energy and money

on the newly acquired Doonbeg
golf complex in Ireland.

I'm gonna spend
tremendous amounts of money.

Everybody in the world
must know

what like he is now.

So, poor Ireland.

I hope they've been
listening to all this.

The fact that
Donald Trump would visit

with his family and
endorse the investment

and say he intends
investing more.

That's great news.

There's an old ballad
in Scotland

called The Two Brothers,
and the idea that they're

playing innocently in
the scrubland, which to me

is both the dunes
at Balmedie,

and the mountain
in Dubrovnik.

And I think
the whole idea of playing

been misappropriated grossly
by the Trump Corporation.

Talk about playing golf.

Playing is not having tens
of thousands of pounds

to spend on expensive equipment,

to cosset yourself off
from the rest of the world.

That's not play,
that's power.

That's why we call it
the commons,

it's community
and the commonwealth.

Landscapes that connect us
to our past, to our history,

that provide context
to our communities

and that are the source
ultimately of our values,

and our virtues,
and our character

as a people.

I've wasted eight years of my life.

But it's been worth it.

We knew he'd take off.

Because that's what he does.

And I'm very pleased
that he's taking off now.