A Dangerous Affair (2022) - full transcript

Pilates instructor Amélie Didot moves to a new city with hopes of starting fresh leaving her painful divorce behind. It's not long before her new studio begins to boom with business, as does a steamy love affair with successful Br...

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- Pierce?


Someone help!

Someone help!

♪ Free yourself, your
body, your mind ♪

♪ open up and pull me inside ♪

♪ everybody's got secrets
they try to hide ♪

♪ but I am revealing
every single one of mine ♪

♪ meet me in the
dark, if you wanna ♪

♪ meet me in the dark,
if you're gonna ♪

♪ take your time ♪

♪ pretty slow reflections ♪

- Letting your core
do all the work.

Feeling that burn
is the indication.

That you are working
what you should be.

Flattening the
small of the back,

Squeezing those ab muscles.

Keep going.

That's it, very nice.

♪ Capture me slowly away ♪

A couple more.

Great job, just a couple more.

Great job.

♪ Meet me in the dark ♪

- Ugh, I think yoga
is just so passe,

But Pilates, I feel like I'm
finally moving the needle.

To burning off
these love handles.

You know what I mean?

- I do.

- ugh, now I
just need to do something.

About all these
lines on my face.

I say, bring me the Botox.

- I'm happy, you're
enjoying class, Barbara.

- Mm, he is like a Greek god.

- Do you know him?

- Mm-hm, that's pierce Dalton.

He owns Handsworth media corp,

The largest online
and print news company.

In the entire state.

- I think I've heard of him.

- Well, I refer to him as the
trifecta because he is smart,

Rich and handsome as hell.

Oh, and rumour has it,

He is an absolute
tiger in the bedroom.

All I have to say is if
I were to have an affair,

Which I never would,
but if I were,

Pierce Dalton is my kryptonite.

Ah, pierce.

- Barb.

- I trust that you got
the invite to my party.

- I did.

- Oh, I didn't get an RSVP.

Oh my gosh, you need
to come to our party.

It is the perfect
place to meet everyone.

- Ah, okay, sure.

- Shoot, this is my daughter.

I've gotta run.

Okay, pierce, what
can I put you down as?

- Um, still thinking on it.

- Mm-hm, and you, I'm gonna
email you your invite, pronto.

- Bye, barb.

- Pierce Dalton.

That was a great class.

- Thanks.

- And nice work on advertising.

It's the, it's the man on
the ad that was the hook.

- Misleading?

- I mean, considering
I was the only guy.

In the class, maybe,

But it got me in here,
so guess it worked.

When did you open?

- Ah, three weeks ago.

- Oh, and already a full class.

That's impressive.

- Thanks.

- So you're new to town?

- I am, I'm from Montreal,

But my dad is originally
from New Orleans,

So I feel like no better
time than the present.

To explore my American roots.

Florida was calling.

- Well, I never met a
Canadian I didn't like.

- I'll try and not
ruin that reputation.

- Um, I think I'd like
to get a membership.

- I think I can help with that.

- Cute dog, like his mum.

Emphasis on the word
cute, not, not dog.

- Trust me, I can be a real
bitch when I need to be.

So I'm not set up for
in-store payment yet,

But I can send you a link and
you can fill it out online.

I just need your email.

- okay.

- It's nice to meet you, pierce.

I'm Amelie, by the way.

Amelie Didot.

- A woman who decides
to change lives.

Of those around
her for the better,

In spite of her own isolation?

- You've seen the movie.

- It's an oldie but goodie,

And yes, three times.

It remains my favourite
foreign film to date.

- Oddly, mine too.

- See you soon.

- Mm-hm, I hope so.

We're closed.

Okay, all right, all right.

Um, one second.

Hi, I'm Amelie.

- Oh, thanks, I'm Fran.

Don't tell me that I
missed the last class.

- Ah, yeah,
unfortunately, you did.

- Oh, my god.

And, and I just saw that tall
hunk walk out of the class.

And I thought to myself,

"that's not a class
that wanna miss."

- Last class is always at four.

- Oh, okay, well, I'll
make it to the next one,

Only if you can promise me.

There'll be some more eye
candy like that in there.

- Ooh, I can make
no such promises.

- damn.

- Is that your car?

- Ah, she is.

- stick shift?

- Mm-hm, always.

I learned on it and then I...

- My mom had an old Volkswagen
that I used to drive,

And wow, that just brings
back some memories.

- All good, I hope.

- Except for the time johnny
Braxton broke up with me.

And spilled orange
soda all over my car.

It was the stickiest
mess I ever had.

I could never fully clean it up.

- Men are like little
children with breakups, right?

It's like they want a
little bit of attention.

And they just don't know
how to ask for it.

Sorry, that was weird.

Pilates, next Monday,
I'll be there,

And I won't be late this time.

- All right, well,
I'll see you there.

- Ciao.
- Bye.

Okay, so I just wanna make sure.

That I'm getting this right.

So there's an exterior
camera here and one here.

And then what?

I just download the app on my
phone and activate it later?

- yes, ma'am.

- okay, thank you so much.

- take care.

- Lived here nearly 10 years,

Never needed security cameras.

Safe neighbourhood.

- It was a free
upgrade with my cable.

And my Internet subscription.

- That's how they get you,
free for the first six months,

And god knows how
much after that.

I'm Margaret, by the way.

- Nice to meet you, Margaret.

I'm Amelie.

- I live alone, but
I love kids and dogs.

- I don't have any kids,
but I do have a dog.

- And a cute one at that.

I saw you walking him yesterday.

Mine died almost two years ago.

And I just never had the
gusto to get another,

So if you ever need anyone
to watch your little fella,

You let me know.

I'm home most of the time.

- I will, thank you, Margaret.

It's really nice to meet you.

Have a good day.

- You too, sweetheart.

- okay.

- gracias.

- Good boy.

- Welcome, how are you?

- Can I please
get a new dog tag?

- Okay, your address?

- Thank you, right, the address.

The whole point, huh?

Okay, all good.

Thank you.



I'll be right back.



This is my number, okay?

I will.

Thank you.

- You're missing something?

- Oh my god, buster, hi, baby!

Oh my goodness.

How did you?



- Yeah, found him
eating an ice cream cone.

Over in the park on west first.

Strawberry, I believe, right?

Yeah, so we stopped and
got something healthy

'cause I figured he was sneaking
dessert in before dinner.

- Thank you.

Seriously, you made my night.

I was getting his
dog tied engraved.

And I guess he was
exploring the neighbourhood.

- Ah, that would be why he
wasn't wearing his collar.

- I'm gonna send you a venmo.

- A reward?

- Yeah, a thousand bucks?

- Look, as much as I think that
buster is worth every penny.

And more, I, I can't.

- Your membership,
a year, on me.

- No, no, no.

I just, I can't accept that.

- We insist.

- Something tells me I'm
not gonna win this argument.

- No, not likely.

- Okay, how about
some private sessions?

Spread-eagling my legs in
front of a room full of women.

Was, dare I say, intimidating.

- Okay, all right, you got it.

As many free privates
as you can handle.

- Deal.

- Text message, someone spotted
buster on west and third.

I guess I should
take the post down.

Wow, it's already 6:30.

- Guessing you skip lunch?

- And breakfast.

- Right, well I'm taking
you for something.

- No, no, no, you
have done enough.

- I'm claiming it as
part of my reward.

Plus, you likely don't
know anywhere to eat.

In this town yet, so...

- Something tells me I'm
not gonna win this argument.

- No, not likely.

Cheese curds, gravy
and French fries.

- Don't forget the
ketchup on top.

- that's what you grew up on?

- Mm-hm, it's my favourite.

It's called poutine.

- Mm, and aside from buster,
I'm assuming no kids?

- Mm-hmm.

- No, never married?

- Divorced.

- Oh, geez, yeah.

See, I can tell by
the look on your face.

That that one didn't end well.

- You ask a lot of questions.

- I'm a journalist.

It comes to the territory.

We don't have to talk about it.

- No, it's, it's fine.

He cheated several times,

So yeah, it did not end well.

- Oh, thank you.

- Let me.
- Oh no, no, my treat.

- Thank you.

So what about you?

- Five kids, three
different moms.

- Seriously?

- Sometimes, sometimes,
seriously, yeah.

But no, definitely not that way.

- Okay.

- Never married, no kids.

Had one serious girlfriend once,

But that ended well
over a decade ago.

- Mm.
- Mm.

Dated someone briefly last year.

That ended with the bang.

- What happened?

- She was intense,
very, very intense.

- How so?

- Well, the first date was fun.

The second date was more fun.

And then the third
date went south.

We were at dinner,

And an old colleague of
mine was there with his wife.

And they wanted to join us
for a drink. They came over.

I thought we had a great time,
but at the end of the night,

She was adamant that my
friend's wife was hitting on me,

And I on her.

- Okay, well, were
you, or was she?

- Dolores is 71 years old.

- Okay.

- Yeah, with a serious
bout of chin hairs.

- mm.

- She feels like any older lady.

Who's been married for 40
years does in compliments,

And I was doing nothing more
than being amused by her.

- She sounds like my mom.

- Yeah, and she's old
enough to be mine, too.

- So what happened?

You broke it off after that?

- Do you really wanna
hear about this?

Come on.
- Only if you wanna tell me.

- Okay.

Well, we met because
we hired her tech firm.

To do some of our
social media stuff.

- Mm-hm, and?

- And she kind of, well,

How do I put this?

Started tracking me online.

Yeah, out of the blue, she
would bring up a tweet I've made.

Where I tagged the journalist.

Whose story would
published through her,

Retail owner who's
shop we have profiled.

In the local business section,

Accusations that I was
flirting with them,

Even though I'd never
met any of them.

The final straw came when
I came back from a run.

To find her standing outside
my house, waiting for me.

She looked like she
hadn't slept in a day,

And she flew into a rage.

About how I changed
my running route.

- She was monitoring
your jogging routine?

- I have no idea,
didn't ask her,

But to make a long story
short, I cut it off.

It had only been three weeks,

And that was really
long enough to realise.

That it was just
never gonna work.



- That's weird.

Barbara, reminder to RSVP.

- Same.

- It's an "eyes
wide shut" theme.

- Yeah, so now you know why
I was hesitating to RSVP.

- God, okay, call
me conservative,

But going to a wild
party in a town.

Where I literally
know two people.

Just sounds too
adventurous for me.

- Well, why don't you
make it more adventurous.

And just come as my date?

- Your date?

- Yeah, promise to
keep my clothes on.

"eyes wide shut" theme.

- Right.

- get it?

- Oh, I get it.

- okay.

Put your number in there.

What's your favourite song?

- My favourite song?

Something from your top ten.

- Um...

- Oh, I got it.

- Got what?

♪ It's a perfect day ♪

What's happening?

- It's your theme
song in my phone.

- That's my ring tone?

- In, in my phone, yeah.

♪ Whatever come, what may ♪

- Okay, yeah, you've
good taste in music.

- Mm, thanks.

- Giving me a ring tone in
your phone gives you props.

- Does it?

- mm-hm.

- Does that mean I'm
picking you up at seven?

- Seven it is.

♪ Makes me feel ♪

♪ this perfect night for me ♪

- Wow.

You look-

- It's too much, I know.

I just didn't have time to-

- gorgeous.

- Really?

- Stunningly so.

These of you.

- They're beautiful, thank you.

- Your chariot awaits, my lady.

- oh, it's a beautiful party,

And you're a beautiful woman.

- Drinks?

- oh, my, oh, my.

- Uh, sorry, I thought
you were someone else.

- I can be anyone you want.

- Uh, that's okay.

Thank you, not tonight.

- oh, it must
have been my gold mask.

- I love what you did,
and we will, absolutely.

- thank you, pierce.

- here you go.

- thanks.

Everything okay?

- Everything's fine.

Just saw man that I thought
was you from behind.

- Hm, did he hit on you?

- He did, actually.

- Va-va-voom!

Look at you two.

- Barbara?

- The one and only.

- wow.

- Hey, bud.

- Frank, thanks so
much for the invite.

- Are my eyes playing faint.

Or did you and pierce
arrive together?

- We did.

- Oof, you lucky, lucky girl.

- Okay, chocolate mint martinis,

How did they warm their
way into the theme?

- Well, dark chocolate is
an aphrodisiac, my dear.

How do you not know that?

- Barbara, I can't
believe you live here.

This place is massive.

- It's way too large for us,
but Barbara refuses to move.

- Mm, what can I say?

I like them big.

- Okay.

Do you mind if I
give her the tour?

- Of course, feel
free to wander.

- cheers.

- That's the theme of the party.

- This place is, it's
like an art gallery.

- appropriate, wouldn't you say,

For the great granddaughter
of Harold Gershwin?

- The minimalist
artist of the 1920s?

- that's the one.

- Oh, wow, okay,

So these are...

- Very expensive.

- hmm.

- Beautiful, isn't it?

- yeah, it is.

- What do you think has
transpired between them?

- Oh, art is about perception.

It's in the eye of the
beholder, isn't it?

- It is.

So what would yours be of this?

- An argument, maybe?

He's asked for forgiveness, and,

And, she's given in, again.

What's yours?

What is your perception?

- Well, he's, he's worried.

She's exhausted.

Maybe he saved her.

He really hurt you, didn't
he, your ex-husband?

- He did.

Cheating, you know, it
just feels like betrayal.

Over and over
again, he would cry.

And pledge he would
never do it again,

And I would forgive him,

Losing a little bit
of myself each time,

My, my self esteem diminishing.

Until I didn't even
recognise myself anymore.

I became numb.

No more desire, no
more lust for him.

I, I just was.

The worst part was
that I became someone.

Who couldn't even...

- Trust anymore?

- Exactly.

- You're beautiful,
Amelie Didot,

Inside and out.

Should we continue the tour?

- Let's.

Is the lady's room that way?

- Yes, it is.

Why don't I grab us
a plate of appetiser.

And meet outside in five?

- Perfect.

- Oh, sorry.

- Pierce?


Oh my god, someone help me!

Someone help!

- Amelie?

- Pierce?

- If you remember anything
else, here's my card.

- Thank you.

- I can be anyone you want.

- Let's get you home.

- Reach those arms up
to the sky on an inhale,

Straight as a board.

Exhale, bring them down to
your side and curl the spine,

Drawing the navel in as tight
as you can to the spine.

And if that's too hard Fran,

You can just bring them right
back down into tabletop.

Nice job.

Good job.

Hold that position.

Belly drawing in
toward the spine.

- I need to talk
to you after class.

- Sure, sure thing.

All right, good job, nice.

Keep those arms straight.

Just 30, more seconds
in this position.

Bye, ladies, good job today.

- Wow, great class.

- You know, I have a
three-for-five promo.

Going on right now.

Maybe you wanna
sign up for that?

- I actually saw that
in the newspaper.

- It's good to know all my
advertising is paying off.

- Sure is.

- Are you doing
some construction?

- Oh no, that's just, that's
the little side thing.

I got a project that I'm doing.

- You know, it looks like
your pen exploded in your bag.

- Oh, shoot!

Damn it.

- I destroyed my favourite
satchel with an exploded pen.

It's the worst.

I never carry pens in
my purse after that.

Hey barb.

- I, I've gotta run.

I got a call from my daughter,
but I will call you later.

- Okay, is everything okay?

- It's fine.

- Bye, barb.

- Uh-huh.

- Well, if you
find a plan online,

Just feel free to
sign up for it.

- Sure.

- Uh, I hate to rush
you out the door,

I just, I have a private
session starting soon.

- Oh, you teach
private lessons now?

- Yeah, it's just the
one client right now,

And it's, it's kind of a
pro Bono type of thing.

- Really?

- Yeah, my dog ran off,

And, and he actually found him.

This is what he
wanted for the reward.

- It's not the hunk I
saw leaving your class.

When I missed it the other day?

- It is, actually.

- I'll think about
that membership.

- Thanks for coming?

Mm, seriously?

- You all right?

- Yeah, yeah, I
just got this client.

Break my picture frame though.

- What do you mean?

- She slammed it down,
breaking the glass.

- That's weird.

- Yeah, just added to
all the other weirdness.

Happening as of late.

- hmm.

- Guess I shouldn't
be surprised.

Speaking of which, any leads?

- No, not really.

Police are still keeping
the case pretty quiet.

I'm waiting on more information.

Before I publish
anything in my paper.

We're working on a pass for now.

- Have you ever covered
a murder before?

- Yes, but not one
in my own backyard.

It's all a little bit bizarre,

Where it was and, you know, you.

- Me?

- Oh.

- You know what?

I have band-aids.

- Yeah, you know, just how
you found him and all that.

- It's like a bad dream.

Not too mention, barb wouldn't
even look at me today.

Maybe she feels weird
seeing me because of it.

- No, I doubt that.

I'm sure she just feels
the same as you about it.

After all, it did
happen in her home.

- Yeah.

- I also learned
that the man, Brian,

Was a university
friend of Frank's,

Probably was quite a good one.

So, you know,

I think everyone's just
feeling little out of sorts.

- Yeah, you're probably right.

- There we are.

Good as new.

- Thanks, doctor.

- Take my advice,
I know it's hard,

Just try and forget about it.

- I'm trying, trust me.

You wanna get started?

- Let's do it.

- Perfect.

- I just wanna make sure your
core is doing all the work.

You shouldn't be feeling
anything in your back.

Old pro, it seems.

- No.

- That's it.

All right.

- Okay, how do I
dismount this thing?

- I believe in you.

- Gratefully.

- Okay, lay down onto your back.

We're gonna do my
favourite, bridges.

Okay, feet pushing the floor,
arms down by your side.

We're gonna inhale, and
one vertebrae at a time,

We're gonna roll up
through our spine, okay?


Mm-hm, and we're just
gonna pulse at the top.

- like this?

- Yeah, just like that.

- I feel ridiculous.


There you go, you got it.

- No, I like this.

- you do, do you?

Okay, it's close,
but can I show you?

- Sure, yeah.

- See how I'm squeezing
my butt muscles?

You wanna make sure you're
not feeling anything.

In your back.


- Oh, yes I, uh,

Yeah, no, that's,
um, that's helpful.

- And to work both the
buttocks, you hold.

Hello, delivery.

- sorry, I
thought I closed that.

- Nothing to apologise for.

- this is so unprofessional.

I feel ridiculous.

- Ridiculous?

Ridiculous like I can't
get you off my mind?

- You can't?

- No.

- Dinner at my
place Friday night?

- All right.

- Looks like our hour is up.

- I think it is.

- Thanks for a great class.

You have an amazing
rest of your day.

- I will, you too.

- Hey, did you see the
draft of the mansion murder?

- Mansion murder, seriously?

- An "eyes wide
shut" theme party.

Where a local
entrepreneur was murdered.

- Yes, I get the angle,

But not for this one, okay?

- Okay.

Brian left behind two kids.

And a lot of grieving
family members and friends,

Many of whom I know personally,

So we're not gonna
sensationalise this one, okay?

Let's just publish information
confirmed by the police.

- Which I did, but I
will change the headline.

In the meantime, can
you take a look at it?

It's in the online
drafts folder.

- Yep.

Yeah, looking now.



- what?

- What the hell is this?

- What do you mean?

- "sources close to
the investigation say.

That Amelie Didot is
thought to have been.

In a romantic relationship
with the deceased.

Didot, a Canadian transplant.

"Is currently under investigation
for running a sex ring."

- Where does it say that?

- "out of her newly-established
Pilates studio."

- I didn't write that, boss.

- What do you mean
you didn't write it?

- I mean that I
didn't write that.

I've never seen
that photo before.

And I don't even
know who she is.

I think our system's
been hacked, pierce.

- Open your account
now and erase it.

We need it off the system
and change the pass-codes.

- I don't know how to
change the pass-code.

- Well, call Brody in tech.

Do it now!

- I mean, are you doing okay?

- Yes and no.

I guess I just, I can't
believe it happened.

It seemed so unreal.

- I can imagine.

- Hey, I, I don't wanna
make you feel uneasy,

But you know that woman
that you were talking to.

After class the other day?

- Ooh, the oddball who
broke my picture frame.

And got ink all over my floor.

- She broke your picture frame?

- Yeah, she slammed it
down and smashed it.

It was so weird.

Maybe she was having a bad day.

- Okay, you cannot let
her back in your studio.

Or anywhere near
you for that matter.

- Why?

- Amelie, that was Pierce's ex.

Does pierce know
that she was there?

- No, she left the studio
before and he came.

- Good.

I am gonna give
you the same advice.

That pierce is gonna give you,

You need to keep
her away from you.

- How do you know her?

- I don't, I only
met her in passing.

She and pierce
were at the movies.

I guess they were on
their second date.

The following day, I get
a text message from her.

Asking if she wanted to meet up.

- Like, like out of the blue?

- Yeah, so I assumed that
pierce gave her my number.

And I felt obligated to
get together with her.

Anyway, we meet for lunch and
she seemed fantastic at first.

You know, she started
even telling me.

How sexually compatible
she and pierce were.

I did find it.

- Of course.

- And then she starts to dig,
like dig up stuff on pierce.

She even went as far as to ask
if he and I had ever dated.

She said, "I couldn't
help but notice.

How you kissed him on the
cheek the first time we met."

Uh-huh, and get this, next
time I run into pierce,

He told me he had
to break up with her.

Because she was becoming
excessively jealous.

To the point of being
obsessed with him.

He also shared with
me he had no idea.

That we got together for lunch.

Or how she even got my number.

I, I tell you what,
this is just crazy.

I, I saw her there that night.

I swear, I saw her.

By the time I got down to
see her, see if it was her,

She'd taken off into the crowd.

You know, I, I wasn't
worried about it at first,

But if that was her,
she noticed you.

- Noticed me?

- Why do you think she
came to your studio?

Listen, you have
got to be careful.

Ever since my party,

I am thinking the
worst of everyone.

Yeah, let's get out of here.

- yes, yes,

I'll see you tonight.

I'll see you at the studio.

- yeah, see you in class.

- hey you.

- Hey, what are you
doing over here?

- I was just driving
by, but you need a lift?

- Uh, no, no, nothing,

Um, but I'm, I'm good.

Thank you.

- Okay.

- Do you live around here?

- No, but my favourite pizza
joint does so, you know.

- Right.

- Why don't you get in? I'll
totally give you a ride.

- I'm, I'm good, thanks.

Actually, that's my car
share, but thank you.

- I'm literally offering
to save you some money,

Give you a ride.

It's not a big deal.

- Thanks, thanks, I'm good.

Another time.

- Whatever.

- Hi, it's Amelie, uh.

- Welcome to my humble abode.

- By humble abode you
mean lavish mansion?

- Tomato, tomato.

Certainly keeps the rain off.

You hungry?

- starving.

- That's good, kind
of went all out.

- thank you.

- My mother's recipe.

- Mm, yum.

- So have a confession.

I miss-gauged the cooking time.

So we have about half
an hour til dinner.

- Okay, well, how about a tour?

- Mm, but of course, madame.

Right this way.

Last, but not least.

- You've got to be kidding me.

- You don't have
pools in Montreal?

- They do, which is usually
a hole in the ground.

- How was your dinner with barb?

- It was nice.

Yeah, you were right,
she's just been rattled.

By the whole murder,
rightfully so.

She did tell me something
that she felt I should know.

- What's that?

- She cautioned
me about your ex.

- My ex?

- Fran.

You remember me telling
you about that woman.

That came into my studio and
smashed my picture of buster?

- She's been to your studio?

- Had a one-time class.

- Okay, there's something I
didn't share with you earlier.

I had to take a restraining
order out on her.

It's a first, trust me.

That's alarming that
she came to your studio.

It's just too much
of a coincidence.

- You know, everyone takes
breakups differently.

This is embarrassing, but
I even Googled the woman.

That my ex-husband
is now seeing.

I looked her up on social media.

It's kind of normal to quasi
stock your ex's new girlfriend.

- This is different.

- All I'm saying is that
maybe she's just having.

A hard time letting go.

Just might take some time.

- I hope you're right.

- Let's change the subject.

- Yes, please, but
you must tell me.

If she comes back in there.

- Promise.

You swim often?

- Every day.

- Every day?

- Every day, every
day but today.

- Oh, you're just,

You're gonna get
in right now, okay.

- No time on the present.

Are you coming?

- How can I resist on
an evening like this?

♪ Now, I dare you to ♪

♪ take me to you ♪

♪ Make my dreams come true ♪

- a swimmer!


- Handstand master.

- Handstand master?

You are, you're the
handstand master.

♪ Make my dreams come true ♪

♪ don't close your eyes ♪

♪ I dare you to ♪

♪ take me to you ♪

♪ come and make my
dreams come true ♪

♪ Take in the song ♪

- That was good.

- Yeah, it wasn't quite as good.

As the chicken I
made you, but close.

- It's a good thing
your fire alarm is loud.

I've never seen anyone jump
out of the pool that fast.

Let me help you clean up.

- Oh no, don't worry.

It's my favourite bit.

Seriously, I put a pod-cast
of Piketon massacre.

And away I go.

- Piketon massacre, what's that?

- It's only the best true-crime
pod-cast there is right now.

- Oh, really, okay.

Looks like your fire
alarm triggered something.

- that's a first.

- Burning a meal?

- Yeah, that too, but never
triggered my fire alarm.

- I just had a security
system put in my place, too.

- yeah?

- Mm-hm, it was a freebie,

But I now feel like I'm
living the life of the elite.

- So that makes me elite?

- Have you seen my purse?

- Maybe over there?

- mm.

Oh my god.

- what's that?

- Well, it looks like a, a
pen exploded in my purse.

That's so weird.

- It's weird that a pen
exploded in your purse?

- No, it's just that,

Oh shoot, that is my ride share.

- You know I could
have given you a ride.

- I know, but that might
have led to something.

That we're not quite
ready for just yet.

- Mm-hm, true, but at the
expense of sounding cliche,

That was sincerely the best
evening I've had in years,

So thank you.

- It really was.

And thank you for
these warm clothes.

I will return them promptly.

- Don't forget my flip flops.

- Those too.

Thanks, have a good night.



Buster, where are you, buddy?


Hi, there you are.


Hi baby.

Why are you sticky?

Did you get into
something, b, hmm?

You want some dinner?

It's just the wind,
baby, just the wind.

There you go.

Poured orange soda
all over my car.

It was the stickiest
mess I ever had.

- 911, what's your emergency?

- Sorry, I didn't, I
didn't mean to call.

Come on buddy, let's go to bed.

Security assistance.

- Yes, hello, this
is pierce Dalton.

Over on eighth avenue.

- how can I help you?

- My security system
seems to be on fritz.

- Let's check,
when did it begin?

- Yeah, it began last night.

- Sure, your system was
deactivated at 9:47 pm.

- What do you mean,
it's deactivated?

- Amelie, I'm on the way. Lock
the doors and wait for me.

Do not open to anyone.

It's about Fran.

See you in a minute.

- Hi.

You mentioned you
had security cameras?

- yes.

- And you can watch the
footage on your phone?

- Yeah.

- Fran?

- It's not activated.

- I forgot to do that.

There's something I
should have told you.

After I met with barb,
I was walking home,

And Fran offered me a ride.

- She was following you?

- I didn't think it was
anything to worry about.

She had pizza.

She said she was in the area.

- She was in my home, Amelie.

I saw her on the
security system today.

- Your security system?

- While you were there.

She had your purse, she
looked dead into camera,

She pulled a pin or
something out of her ear.

- It's a pen.

When she first came to my class,

She had ink leaking
from her bag.

And I told her this story,
I know this sounds stupid,

But how I don't carry
pens in my purse anymore.

And then I also
told her this story.

About how I spilled
orange soda in my car.

She's been here.

Pierce, I, I know
this sounds nuts,

But it's the only thing that makes sense.

- Back door?

- Yeah, I made sure that
was locked last night.

- But the front door, was
that open when you got back?

- Yes, but it slammed.

It was open and then shut,
like the wind, maybe.

There's more.

Barb told me she thinks
she saw Fran at the party.

She's not sure,
but she thinks so.

- She's following you, pierce.

- She's following you, too.

This has got to stop.

- Who are you calling?

- Kip, lead investigator
on the case.

It is out of control.

It's going to voicemail.

Kip, it's pierce Dalton.

I need you to call me as
soon as you can, it's urgent.

You okay?

- I feel like I'm gonna be sick.

- Let's get some fresh air.

You know, I grew up around here.

- Aren't you English?

- What gave that away?

No, my dad's an engineer.

Got hired by a tech
firm here in the us,

Moved when I was 10.

- That must have
been a big change.

- Yeah, but a good one.

I really wasn't a fan
of the cold weather.

Anyway, my brothers and sisters
used to swim in this ocean.

Back in the day it was great.

- In Montreal, it was just,
we lived right downtown,

So it was just
concrete city walks.

Pierce. I'm scared.

- I blame myself for this.

Getting you tangled
up in all this,

It's, you just met
me at a funny time.

Is he okay?

- Come on, buster.

He's just not used to going
to the bathroom on the beach.

- Oh, oh, he needs to pee?

- yeah.

- Yeah, I'll go, take
him to little boys' room.

Come on, come on.

- hey.

- Hey.

- Uh, my head.

- hey, doc, she's up.

- Hello, Amelie, I'm Dr. Neifel.

We're happy to see you awake.

Do you know where you are?

- At the hospital?

- That's right, do you
know how you got here?

- I was hit.

- I'm gonna flash a
light in your eyes.

It's gonna be a little
bit uncomfortable.

Just bear with me, okay?

Can I have you look to the left?

And now to the right.

Great, how do you feel
about talking to the police?

They have some
questions for you.

- What kind of questions?

- Just some things
to jog your memory.

- You can use that button
there if you need me,

Just go ahead and
give it a push.

- Thanks.

- Excuse me.

- Um, listen, if,
I'm sure they can,

If you're not up to it.

- No, it's okay.

- We're interested to recall.

If you remember having a
conversation with the woman.

The evening of your friend
Barbara Gershwin's party.

Wondering if you
remember being approached.

By a woman that you didn't know?

- I don't know,

I, I talked to a lot of
people I didn't know.

I'm new to town.

- Is there anyone or anything
that seemed peculiar?

Anything that you could
think of could help.

- Is that your car?

- I saw Fran running
from that room.

She had a, a fire bolt earring.

She came from the room.

Pierce, the room I found Brian.

Don't hesitate to
call if he's too much.

- And interrupt a weekend away.

With that tall
glass of hunkiness?

Not a chance.

- ready?

- let's do it.

- Oh, could you do me a favor
and toss this in the garbage?

I don't wanna sound the alarm,

But maybe a mouse
has been around.

I found a pile of
it in my bathroom.

And I don't know,

Maybe the little critter
was trying to dig a hole.

The property manager's
gonna send by.

The exterminator, though.

Didn't your house get inspected?

- No.

- But if there's a
mouse in the house,

Buster will find it, right?

- Yes, he will.

I'll throw this way for you.

- Okay, hill up girl, have fun.

Just set it next to the
bin, I'll grab it later.

- Thank you, Margaret.

Call if you need anything, okay?

Anything at all.

- See you Margaret.

- Bye now.

- This place is a
little slice of heaven.

- But if it's heaven,
then you must be an angel.

- That was the cheesiest
thing you've ever said.

- Couldn't resist.

Yeah, my parents
discovered the keys.

Right after we moved to Florida.

Settled in and they
bought this beach house,

So I come here as much as I can.

- It's beautiful.

Hey, can I ask you something?

- Anything?

- Why do you think Fran's
having a hard time letting go?

You said your first
couple dates were fun.

- Yeah, they were fun.

She was, she was fun.

But then she wasn't.

This is obsessive behaviour
and I'm not a psychologist.

I can't begin to understand
how someone becomes this way.

I even felt bad for
her in the beginning,

But now this is, it's
just gone on too long.

I mean our whole relationship,
if we can call that,

Was just three weeks.

Yeah, I knew her for
a year before that.

She'd come and go from the
office, but I don't know,

I guess what I'm
trying to say is.

It's just all a bit
unbelievable, really,

Getting tangled up
with someone like her.

- Yeah.

- How's your head?

- It hurts, but
it's getting better.

- You hungry?

- Getting there.

This is so good.

- It's never a bad time
in season for stone crab.

- Unless you're a crab.

Try that.

- Mm.

- Yeah?

- Even better.

- Does that work?

- Of course.

- hm.

♪ Everybody's got secrets
they try to hide ♪

♪ but I am revealing
every single one of mine ♪

♪ meet me in the
dark, if you wanna ♪

♪ meet me in the dark,
if you're gonna ♪

♪ take your time ♪

♪ meet me in the dark ♪

♪ meet me in the dark ♪

♪ breathing slow, reflections
like sail on sail ♪

♪ undertone, entice
me into my air ♪

♪ all of my body,
my vision, my mind ♪

♪ capture me, show me the way ♪

♪ too divine ♪

♪ meet me in the
dark, if you wanna ♪

♪ meet me in the dark,
if you're gonna ♪

♪ take your time ♪

- Good morning.

- Good morning.

- Oh my god, you're stunning.

- I'm thinking of
going down to the beach.

And collecting some shells.

- Sounds good, maybe we
can go snorkeling later.

I'm sure we'll find
an empty conch shell.

This time of the season.

- Mm, I'd love that.

- God, I love your lips.

- Hey, hey, girl!

Hey, beautiful day, right?

It's a little windy.

Oh, I love seashells,
and dogs, too.

It's a shame so many
people complain about them.

On the beach, am I right?

I always had a cat growing up,

So I never thought too
much about a dog, you know?

It's always this like
love/hate relationship

I have with them.

But since we're all
about love recently,

I figured we'd go with that.

So good to see you.

- Pierce!


She's here!

- Where?

- She went that way.

- where?

- Yes, yes, she was
just right there.

- Pack our things up quick.

Let's go back to the
city as soon possible.

Amelie is texting
the address now.

- Got it, I'll connect with
the local authorities now.

In meantime, you two stay safe.

- Okay, thanks, kip.

- She texted, she locked
herself out of my place.

With buster inside?

- You left her a key, right?

- No, I, I didn't think she
would need to get into my place.

- I am so sorry, sweetheart.

I don't know how on god's sweet
planet I locked myself out.

- How did you even get it in?

- Well, the exterminator.

She said she needed
to check your place.

- Buster!



Fran, outside, said
something about dogs.




- There you go,
baby, there you go.

It's okay, it's okay.

- The thumb drive from
the security cameras.

The night of the party?

How'd you get this?

Barbara said she
turned off the system.

For their people's privacy.

- They did, but they
forgot about this one.

Because it only faces
the back lane way.

I should have brought it to
you right away when I found it.

- So it's the back
lane way's footage?

- And someone is seen running
out the back of the house.

Fits the timeline.

- this will help.

- Well, I bloody well hope so.

Someone must have seen
her, know where she is.

- We think.

- Her computer, did we verify
that she hacked our system?

- Yes, we say it's a
work computer from work,

And her employer has
denied her access.

To all of her accounts.

Unfortunately, we don't
have enough just yet.

To issue a warrant for her home,

But we put eyes out front,
and this should help.

I'm gonna head back
to the precinct now.

She's dangerous, pierce.

And worse, Amelie has
a target on her back.

We're gonna do the best we can,

But you're gonna need
to look out for her.

- Strengthening your core.

Nice, you really wanna
feel this in your abdomen.


Now one more pull.

That's it, one more.

Nice job, ladies.

Thank you for
another great class.

Okay, I'll see you
guys next week.

- ugh.

- bye, have a good one.

Thanks for coming.

- Hey, are you okay?

- I'm fine.

- Did you have to get stitches?

- Uh, just five.

- Just five?

- Yes, I'm taking
precautions, barb.

- Well, I just
have one question,

Is he really that good in bed?

- way to make
light of the situation.

- Well, it's a valid question.

Oh, someone's ears
must have been burning.

- Hey barb.

- Hey, are you doing okay?

- Yeah, I'll be better
when Fran's caught.

- Yeah, won't we all.

Okay, I'm out of here.

You call me if
you need anything.

- I will, let me walk you out.

- yeah, thanks.

- Locking the
door, that's smart.

- I just don't want any
more surprise visits.

- Yeah, do you have a minute?

- I just finished the last
of my class, so yeah, sure.

Did something else happen?

- No.

I don't think we should
see each other anymore.

- Excuse me?

- It's not, everything
I've said stands.

- But?

- But this isn't healthy.

- For you or for me?

- Look at you, Amelie.

This isn't safe anymore.

- No.

- No?

- I'm not letting
her win, pierce.

- This isn't about winning.

- No, it's about control,

And I refuse to let
Fran control me,

Or you for that matter.

I'm not even scared
anymore, pierce, I'm angry.

Pierce, I can't help but believe.

That we came into each
other's lives for a reason.

You've opened me up
in ways that I just,

I never thought possible.

And if we break up,

We're just giving her
exactly what she wants,

And when will that end?

Pierce, it won't.

I'm not gonna lose you.

- Are you sure?

- Kiss me.

It's not coming off.

- Here, let me
have a go at that.

- I'll check the
security camera.

Okay, it's just Margaret.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I hope I'm not disturbing.

- Of course not.

- I made a lasagna
and I had extra.

Thought you might enjoy it.

- That's so thoughtful
of you, thank you.

Wanna come in,
join us for dinner?

- I'd love to, but my
show starts in 10 minutes.

And it's the finale.

- Mm, you can't miss the finale.

- I do this remote viewing
party with my sister.

On the computer.

It's just kind our thing.

- I'm gonna make a salad,
and we'll bring you a bowl.

I'll text you.

- No rush, sweetheart.

Bye bye.
- Bye.

I'm so excited.

It's gonna be good.

- different priorities,
different priorities.

From the us.

- There you are.

Got your dinner ready?

- mm-hm, yes,
ma'am, warming it up now.

- I'm doing the same thing.

This is gonna be good.

I can't wait!

- it's gonna
be great. I can't wait.

- Margaret, Margaret!

- There, okay, the
store on the corner.

- You're looking for
something to clean the mirror?

- Yeah, it's just the
vinegar wasn't working.

- Hey, I really think
you should go for a run.

- Yeah, I just don't think it's
a good idea leaving you here.

By yourself right now.

- Hey, hey, I'll be okay, okay?

You'll be quick.

Plus, we need the glass cleaner,
so you can pick some up.

- Are you sure?

- I'm sure.

- Lock the door.

- I will, I will.

- Have you heard anything?

- No, nothing yet, but the
locks have been changed.

And police are
monitoring Fran's house.

- You're not home
alone, are you?

- No, pierce is here.

- Man of the hour.

Now when you say he's
there, he's there, there?

- Technically, no, but
he'll be back soon.

- why are you doing this to me?

- Whoa, Fran!

- You said that you love me.

- Okay, we've been
over this, okay?

- You said that you love
the way that I touched you.

- No, I love nothing about you.

Let me be crystal clear on that.

- She is a whore, pierce,

And I see the way
she touches you,

And she thinks that
no one's watching me,

And guess what?

Guess what?

I've been watching
this whole time.

And everything she
does infuriates me,

And everything you
do infuriates me.

- You need to stop this.

Stop it.

- You make me so angry, pierce.

It's like I see red.

You do this to me!
- You need to calm down.

- You do this to me!
- Calm down!

Calm down, okay?

- I thought it was you.

- Brian?

- He dressed like you,
he, he looked like you,

He even smelled like you.

- Were you...

- He took his hands
down my pants.

- Well, so what,
so you killed him?

- Yes, I killed him.

I didn't have a choice.

Because you weren't
there to protect me.

- Okay, I'm gonna
walk away right now.

Don't you dare follow me.

- Do not walk away
from me, pierce.

- What are you doing?

- If I can't have
you, no one will.

She cannot have you!

- Stop, stop!

- Help!
- Stop!

- hey!

- Help, he's got a knife!

He's got a knife!

- stop!

- Get off of me!

- hold still!

- She's wanted by the police!

- Stop fighting me.

- Yeah, I'm at the park,
at the corner of fifth.

I'm holding down a white
male, approximately six one.

He just attacked a
woman with a knife.

- Fran gibbons, Fran gibbons.

Just tell them the
woman is Fran gibbons.

- Send an officer now, please.

- Tell them!

Hi, this is Margaret.

Please leave a message.

- I really loved.

- Margaret?

- incredibly supportive,

We gotta find somebody.

That's gonna put up
with your stupidity.

- Margaret!

- and really help
you accomplish your dreams.

- Margaret, I have your salad!

- never thought you'd
be able to accomplish.


Where are you?

Are you okay?

- I thought you'd
be able to accomplish,

And even the short time
we've spent together.

- Oh my god, Margaret!

Margaret, oh my
god, what happened?

- She had some stuff
that knocked me out.

So just leave me here.

- Go, go now.

- even the short
time we together.

♪ It's a perfect day ♪

♪ and I'm here to say ♪

♪ whatever may come, what may ♪

- Hello?

- Amelie, I need
you to lock the doors.

And get into a safe location.

- Where would that be?

- I have reason to
believe you are in harms way.

Please, just do what I say.

- Harms way? By who?

- hello? Hello!


- come on, buster,
come here baby, come on.

- I know who you
are, I know what you do.

- You don't know
anything about me.

- You are a stupid whore.

- I'm not.

- Exactly what my father
used to call women like you.

- I'm not.

Fran, I promise you I'm not.

- Did he tell you
how perfect we were,

Did he tell you that?

- Fran, he did.

- He told me and all these
women just kept interfering.

And I know I was
so good to be true.

Everyone just kept telling
him lies and lies about me.

- I don't think
that's what happened.

- Shut up!

That is what happened!

I know what happened!

- This needs to end, Fran.

- You can't keep
living like this, okay?

I'll help you, I promise.

I promise I'll help you.

- You took him from me.

- He's not a possession,
Fran, he's a person.

- person?

- He's an ordinary person.

- He's mine!

He's mine!

He's mine!

- Amelie!

What did you do, Fran, huh?

What did you do?

- She was trying, she
was trying to kill me.

I'm a victim here, not her.

I'm the victim!

Don't you see
everything I did for us?

- Fran, get your hands up
and your knees on the ground.

Hands up, I said!

Get an ambulance, quick!

It's over, Fran, it's over.

- I did this for us.

- Amelie!

- pierce, get her up here!

Help is on the way.

- I did all all of this for us!

- Fran gibbons, you are
arrested for the murder.

Of Brian fletcher.

You have the right
to remain silent.

- You did this to me!

- Whatever you say can and
will be used against you.

In the court of law.

You have the right
to an attorney.

- Pushing those
legs out, very nice.

Make sure the small of your back.

Is really tucked into the mat.

Nice job, two more.

- Oh my god, I'm going to die!

Uh, Pilates-style
speaking, that is.

- Great going, great
job, and that's it.

Nice job today.

Thanks for another
fantastic class.

I will see you guys
next week, okay?

Good job today, bye.

- Ah, you're not gonna
keep that there, are you?

- No, no, just until
we finish moving in.

- Moving in, it's a big step.

- Sure is.

- Oh, look at you, swooshin' in.

And snatchin' up the city's
most eligible bachelor.

- Not without a fight, barb.

- Well, that is true.

- Mm, would it be
highly inappropriate.

If I were to request a
private Pilates class.

With you and him?

- Considering that it's
called a private, maybe.

- Oh, please, pierce,

Don't feel the need to put
a shirt on on my account.

- Putting it on because
that one's dirty.

- Mm, he's cheeky.

- Okay, bye, barb.

- Okay, okay, never know,

I might sign up for my own
lesson some day.

- Bye!
- Bye!

- How did he do?

- Great, stopped every five
seconds to pee on a flower,

But otherwise a runner.

- I think I prefer
you without that.

- Mm, okay.

If you're finished with
your classes for today.

- I just have one more private.

That I'm super excited for.

This really hot client that
I can't stop thinking about.

- Is that so?

- Mm-hm.

♪ Everybody's got
secrets they try hide ♪

You're such a dude.

♪ Hearing every
single word of mine ♪

♪ Meet me in the
dark, if you wanna ♪

♪ meet me in the dark,
if you're gonna ♪

♪ take your time ♪