A Cut Above (2022) - full transcript

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Livin' uptown
is no picnic, bro.

You may think you know what to expect,

but uptown is like a vintage car,

you never know if it's gonna work.
It's always by chance.


Here, we have samba circles,
charmin' parties...

Hey, check it. Make it funky.

See you, fam!

Here, we all consider the street
as a part of our home.

Morning! Looking good!

- Hey, better behave, boy.
- Why?

And the best part,
we all take care of each other.


- Good morning, Pastor!
- Good morning, you cherub of glory!

God is good
all the time, Pastor!


There are brothers and sisters of Jesus
alongside atheists here.

We lay offerings on the sidewalks.



Your life
can change in a second uptown.

Everyone is hustling
to create a better life for themselves.

We have faith that things'll work out...
with a little luck.

Right, Mr. Luís?


Oh, man.

The beauty here
lies between the old and new.

What we want to buy
and what we can afford.

It's not something easy to define.

Our lives are fueled by sweat,
struggling, and natural guaraná.

It's called "natural" because
it's water, sugar, and caramel color.

- Mother!
- This ing door won't open!

Come on! What the?

Oh, seriously?

You guys decided
to beep all my cursing now?

Well, that!

Yo, Mr. Luís, can you give me a hand,
please, with the door?

Mom told me to fix it, but I forgot.

If she sees this... she'll scold me.



How many times
have I told you to fix that door, son?

And look at the marquee!
It could fall and hurt someone.


How hard is it to fix it?

Good morning, Mom.

"Good morning, Richardsson, my son."

See? Look. It's open.

Hang on, aren't you
supposed to be in school, mister?

No, Mom. We're just checking our grades.

I even told Raquel.

"Let's leave for school later."
She agreed.

Later when, Richardsson?

Later now, Mom. I was about to go.

You look so beautiful with that...
that bow in your hair, a flower...

Blessings! Bye, Mommy! Love you!

Okay, God bless you.


- Good morning, beloved! You're early!
- Good morning, Greice!

You look so pretty already.
You make my job easier.

Go in, I'll be right with you.

That one
makes a living off of lying to others.

Thank you.

I'll take that one. Mmm-hmm.

Did you pass?


I passed, Quel. Did you?

I passed in chemistry.

You only passed in chemistry, Quel?

I copied from the right person.

Now that school is over,
what are you gonna do?

- Hmm. Law. Law.
- Law is way too boring.

- Look, a Black dude in a three-piece...
- You're some kinda activist?

You're right. Business school, maybe?

Capitalist scum.

There is no winning with you today, huh?

Keep trying. Who knows?

Uh, yeah, I have to think of a career...

What's up, love? Cheese Curd is here!


- Hey, there, Big Head.
- 'Sup?

- Did you pass, bro?
- I passed. How 'bout you?

Only in chemistry.

He copied from the person
who copied from the right person.

It's the circle of life, dude.

- Oh, you two are funny.
- Later, man.

I'm off right now to meet Carol and record
MC Cheese Curd's first track. Wanna come?

- Come with us, Richardsson.
- No can do. I gotta help my mom at Saigon.

Ah, no worries. The struggle is real.

- True that. I gotta go help.
- See you later.

- Chow.
- Yeah, for sure, guys.


What? What are you looking at?

Yeah, right.

Thanks, driver!

Richardsson, tell my why
you look so worried, my son!

Easy now, Pastor. I didn't see you there.
You scared me, man!

Today, I'm a secret agent of Christ.

Really? So you're a spy now, Pastor?

"Don't fear," Richardsson.
So says our merciful Lord.

That's right.

Unless of course you're
hiding some carnality of Jehovah.

- And if that's the case, then do fear.
- No, Pastor. Nothing like that.

I was at school. Guess what?

I passed all my classes
with flying colors!

A huge amen, my son!

Well, son, tell me.
What will you do now? Hmm?

What the... Everybody's asking me that.
Yo, Pastor, I just finished high school.

Yeah, but you have
to climb the ladder, you know?

Uh, first there's college,
graduating from college,

study medicine, tourism...


- There are many firefighters at church.
- I hear you. All from Monte de Christo.

Yeah, and now the church
even has celebrities, huh?

- Is that right?
- And we have some soccer players, too.

Yeah, right! Mmm, did they go pro?

- Well, some day.
- Some day.

The boy is not even eight yet.

- And he's in Olaria's youth league.
- I see. Right.


- Hello, Mother!
- Ahh! Boy, you really scared me!

I was focusing! Out of the way.

Okay, Mom, focusing on what?

We have no clients.

Oh, my baby! You're Mama's little boy,
my cutie pie.

Use those powers of observation
on the college entrance exams.

You'll pass the minute
you enter the exam room.

- I wanted to talk to you about that...
- I don't want to hear it.

Mom, I was just gonna say
that I'm not really sure what career...

Richardsson, I've told you already,
you're going to college

and applying for a public service job,
just like your father.

Yo, Mom, didn't Dad quit his public job

to help you here at Saigon? What if I...

I'm sorry, this is
not something to play with, cutie.

I won't even listen to you,
you're messing with me, all right?

Hello! Saigon. Good morning.

Of course I have a slot for you.
Definitely, dear.

Uh, what treatment do you want? Uh-huh.

Yeah, it's scheduled, darling.
I'll be here.

Oh, thank you, God Almighty.
I have a client.

But she wants to use a curl cauterizer
and I don't have one.

Mom, I'm hungry.

Do I look like a delivery service?

What, Danielle didn't get us some food?

Why is my name comin'
out of your mouth, boy? You little chump.

Nah, Sis, I just said I'm hungry.

- You're being chauvinistic, Richardsson!
- Come on.

Stop it, you two!
Did you bring lunch or not, Danielle?

I got it! Right?

That a girl, Sis! Up top!

You didn't put corn in this, did you?

- Uh, Mom, that corn is transgenic.
- For your sister.


Now that she's in college,
all of a sudden she's got a big head.

- Isn't that right, son?
- The pesticides aren't healthy, Mom.

Oh, yeah, totally.

And that thing you puff on
has pesticides and you inhale it?

- There are hormones in that corn.
- Oh, shut up, you master chef!

A friend from college
is coming later to do homework, okay?

- Huh?
- That explains it, Mom.

Disobedience and activism.

- "A friend."
- Cristina!

Oh, my God.
Father in Heaven, this is terrible.

Hi, Jorge.

I could've sworn you
were coming by later today.


We've discussed this, Cristina.
You need to pay your rent.

But what about our deal?

I told you I'd give you partnership
and 30% of my profits.

What, Mom? You two made a deal?

Mom, this is my inheritance.
I should have been consulted.

Us poor don't inherit anything.

- Shut up, Richardsson. Mind your business.
- Cristina, 30% of zero is zero, right?

You're already three months late.

It's in the contract.

You need to pay me one month's rent,
or you're kicked out.

I need your stuff
out of here by tomorrow, all right?


I have someone who's interested.
I need to rent the space.

You live off other people's hard work.
That's low.

I'm a righteous man, boy.

Get out of here, Jorge,
before I throw this fork at your head.

Tomorrow, Cristina.

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

Richardsson, did you
have to pick a fight with the man?

Now, we're all screwed!

What? Me?

Didn't you just tell the guy that
you were gonna throw a fork at his head?

You should have, Mom.
You have to fight back!

You'll only have power when you
own the means of production.

Otherwise, he'll dilute
your productive power, Mom.

He's screwin' us.
That's exactly what he's up to.

Check out my plan.
I could help you out around here.

- Let me cut people's hair...
- Don't even start, Richardsson.

For God's sake.
Remember when your father wanted to help.

He left the stability of a public job.
And what happened? He had a heart attack.

But that's not why Dad had a heart attack.
It was his hypertension, Mom.

- It's got nothing to do...
- Richardsson.

- Look, you wanna help?
- Yes, Ma'am.

I want you to go to Mother Andinha.

Mother Andinha?

Mother Andinha will have
the proper guidance for you, son.

Enough! I'm so tired
of everyone telling me what to do, Mom.

Richardsson, when you
come back from Mother Andinha's house,

go to Greice Kelly's and borrow
some of her curl cauterizer fo me, okay?

- Okay, Mom. I'll go, Mom.
- Go, Richardsson, please. Go.

Why are you still here?

- All right, I'm goin' now.
- Go, son.

- Love you, Mom.
- I love you too, honey.

- Bless you.
- Bless you.

So, first to Mother Andinha's.

- Then after that...
- What's up, Richardsson?

- What's up, Johnny?
- Tough stuff.

What now? What are you on about?

Besides, don't you have power to steal?

Hey, look, now there's a job for you.

The grid's down, right?

I could fix that, but I'd rather
make you a proposal instead.

Easy money.
You just have to use your talent.

Are you in?

Mind your own business! This is private.

Go back to your gambling.

Yeah, so, Johnny, that easy money thing...

- You're pullin' my leg, man.
- It doesn't exist.

Hold on a sec.

Hi, Raquel. Now?

You're busy working for me, tell her that.

No such thing. By the way,
I have a previous engagement, Raquel.

- Come again?
- You wanna join me?

- Sounds good! Bye!
- We're in the middle of talking business...

I won! 14-12.

First drawing?

- You practice Santeria?
- Me? Santeria?

No, I don't do no Santeria.
And you can't say "Santeria."

Only those who
practice can say "Santeria."

- Otherwise, it's derogatory.
- Ah! So you don't do it?

No, I don't. But my mom does.

She got married here.

- What's your faith?
- Me?

- Yeah.
- I'm a historical materialist!

Shut up! You don't even know what that is!

My son! Where's your mother?

- You're blessing, Mother Andinha.
- May Obatala bless you, my son.

My mom didn't come this time.

- This is Raquel.
- Hi, there.

Hmm. What a beautiful lady.

You want a wedding ceremony?


No, Mother Andinha.
Raquel is just a friend.


I know your mother's life is hectic.

But she needs to come by more often.

Well, Saigon's going bankrupt,
Mother Andinha.

You've got to have faith, my son,
in her and in yourself.

Knowledge without wisdom
is like water poured on sand, my son.

Oshun is replying to us.

Your ancestor is worried about you.

He blames himself
for having left you so early.

He just wanted to see you do well.

Are you talking about my Dad,
Mother Andinha?

- You wanna use the razor?
- The clippers, please. It's safer, Dad.

Hey, are you scared? Damn.

Trust your Daddy, son.

Be brave, Richardsson.

Own up to what you are.

Find your place in the world.

No man strays too far
from where the corn is roasting.

A chicken!

I don't think I get it.
Uh, can you explain, please?

Come on, Richardsson.

Has your mother taught you nothing?

You should do as I say.

Buy a chicken
and it will show you the way.

But, Mother Andinha,
I don't have the money to buy a chicken.

Do not fret, my son.

I have a few chores
you can do for me here,

and you can make a little money.

Remember, child,

a tree which bends itself

is not broken by the wind.


Ah, you scared me, Sardine!
You know I hate being scared.

I can't help it. I hope you're
not scared of my love for you, hon.

Enough small talk, Sardine.
I have work to do, all right?

I heard that you just applied for
a loan over at the bank. Ain't that right?

- Hang on! Are you spying on me, Sardine?
- Not at all, brown sugar.

What I'm saying here
is that over at the bank,

they have a lot of demands
and ask for many guarantees.

While me, I only want
one guarantee, one thing.

- I just want you back, my brown sugar...
- Hey!

Stop with the funny business!
Listen to me closely, okay, Sardine?

Please stop trying to relive our past!

You know it too,
that relationship was a long time ago.

It's history.
We dated, but it was in school.

We were just kids. Enough, already.

Aren't you gonna tell me
what the priestess told you?

It was no big deal, Raquel.

- She told me to buy a chicken, that's all.
- That's all, Richardsson?

- She said more.
- What do you mean?

- Were you eavesdropping?
- No! Of course not!

- Yes, you were!
- All right, I heard a little bit.

That's invasion of privacy, Quel.

What privacy, Richardsson?
That isn't even a thing anymore.

Also, she was speaking in code.
"Corn?" Man, what's that?

I didn't get it either.
But I'm focused on buying a chicken.

That corn thing is interesting.

It's about us
being connected to our origins.


So you're a specialist
in spiritual consultation?

"A tree which
bends itself is not broken by the wind."

I like that one.

Since you find it so interesting,
solve it for me, philosopher.

Ah, she was telling you to be flexible,

not to be stuck to rules
and patterns about anything.

Life choices, relationships.

- Maybe hooking up with other people...
- Hooking up?

I don't remember
Mother Andinha saying that.

Oh, come on.

Check it out! This one likes you!

Don't be a jerk.

Now, what? How do you choose?

How the hell would I know?

- I have past trauma.
- Richardsson, go.

Hurry, Richardsson.

One time, I was playing
in my own world, like kids do.

The next thing I know, I looked at my dad.
He was sharpening a knife.

And I thought, "You know what?
I'm gonna free that chicken."

I said, "Fly chicken!"

Fly away!

And I threw her
over the fence!

That's when I learned
that chickens don't fly.

Since then, taking care
of an animal scares the hell out of me.

I think you made a good choice, Big Head.


What is this?

- Suddenly you're a chicken expert now?
- Yeah.

Artist's block, SOS

Oh, Cheese Curd. He has writer's block.
He's such an artist.

Go help him! It's okay, really.

- No worries.
- No, relax. Don't screw it up.

Shouldn't you be more positive, Raquel?

Say it'll be all right.

Ah, but that's not up to me right now.

Take care, boy.

Your name will be "Feathers."

And your mission is to
show me my place in the world, all right?

Quite the responsibility.

So tell me, where we goin' now?

That way? Let's go then, Feathers!

People, please! Who's working on her hair?

- Who's doing this one?
- I am.

It's time to wash her hair, okay?

Ms. Espir.

Welcome back!

I'll take care of you today.
Okay, Ms. Espir?

We'll lighten these roots.

When I'm done,
it'll be ready for church on Sunday!

Oh, Glory to God! Glory to God!

Hey, sweetie, look here.

For this queen, let's do this sequence.

One product at a time, in that order.

It'll look amazing.


What is it?

All set for us to seal the deal, Greice.
I talked to Cristina.

- She's gone tomorrow.
- Ah, that's fantastic!

We can inspect the place
whenever you want.

Ah, great! For a minute,
I thought you wanted to be her partner.

I'm a businessman, Greice Kelly.
I go where the money is.

As soon as things cool down here,
we'll go look at it.


- Are you lost?
- Uh...

- Okay, then. I have to go, Greice.
- Sounds good.

Uh, the roof is leaking.

What are you doing here?

- Hey!
- Nice chicken.

That is so rude of you, Greice Kelly!

I don't mind it,
but Feathers here has quite a pedigree.

How dare you! I'm completely offended!

I deeply regret having come to this place.
I'm leaving. I'm leaving.

But if you insist, I can stay,

because I need
to borrow a curl cauterizer.

Oh, you need to borrow it.

I bet it's your mom
who wants to borrow it, right?

- What difference does it make, Miss Kelly?
- It's different because...



- You're early for your appointment.
- Greice.

Look at me.
The fact that I got here is impressive.

- I brought Shantara.
- Ah!

Tell me you can fix her.

And it has to be now.

Honey, our schedule is packed right now.

Alexis, hold Shantara.

Offer her some Champagne,
some water, anything.

- Make yourself at home, dear.
- Yes, ma'am.

- Thank you.
- Don't touch anything, okay?

Don't let that chicken
out of that bag near my salon, got it?

She has a pedigree!
She listens to commands! Watch this.

Stay put, Feathers. You behave...

Hey, you didn't watch.

Grandma? Huh?

My crazy grandson.

What are you doing here, Grandma?

I'm only exercising
my power as a consumer.

This is the free market.

Supply and demand.

And I'll patron any salon parlor I want,
no matter what you say.

Yeah, but that won't stop
my mom from getting heartbroken

when she hears
you're here instead of Saigon.

What about you, Grandson?
What are you doing here?

I came to get some product.

Things at Saigon
aren't the best right now.

Look, I've already told your mother.

Any time she needs,
you can all go live with me.

My house has enough room for everyone.

You think my Mom would agree to that?

Of course not! You know her.

There's a chicken!
Get it out of here! Get it! Get it!

- Somebody get it!
- Stop it! Feathers, what are you doing?

This is the craziest
thing I've seen in my life!

- Come on!
- Here! Here's the bag!

Oh, my God, Feathers!

Get in the bag!

Hold on, get it!

Come here, Feathers.

Look! It's smashing all the products!

Richardsson, come here, please.

- Yo! What is it?
- Come here.

What's up?

Will you watch Vitinho, this cutie here,

so I can make his mother
look even prettier?

Wait, a child? I've already got a chicken.
It's too much for me to handle.

You want the product?

- I need it.
- That's the price.

We're ready, this way.

Oh, man. No way. I'm in trouble.

Cristina, I ran over here.

- No worries. Were you able to get it?
- Yeah, here it is.

Do you really think these products
can save the business from bankruptcy?

Of course, my friend!

Take a look at me here. I'm flawless.

I'm just screwin' with you, girl.

This is the face of success, Christie!

You know where I studied?

At the Success Coaching Sales School
for D-Norri products.

With the Beauty Product Kit by D-Norri,
we guarantee temporary happiness.

Have you ever had the feeling you found
something that will change your life?

It's not just a feeling.

It's the Lipo Big Blaster from D-Norri.

The only product with aloe vera eyeballs
and tanager seeds.

Hey, Simone.

"Aloe vera eyeballs"?
Don't you mean "oil"?

No, it's an eyeball, my friend.

Aloe vera's like an exotic beast,
you know, it has a huge tail like this.

- Huge teeth that...
- I won't sell any of that BS here.

- Hello! Saigon, good morning.
- Yes! Thank you!


All right.

Oh, girl, the only client I had...

she thought this was Greice's salon.

She canceled.

Hey, kid! Oh, my God!

Miss Greice is gonna kill me.
No, no, what are you doing, you little...

- My name is Vitinho.
- Vitinho?

That's what I said, bitch.
What do you want, Vitinho?

Let's talk, Vitinho. Vitinho, don't...

I want to have my hair cut!

Well, Greice doesn't cut kids' hair, okay?

Ahh! I wanna have my hair cut!

- I wanna have my hair cut!
- Shh!

Look. Look, I'll cut your hair, Vitinho.
I'll cut your hair. I'll cut your hair.

But have you
ever cut someone's hair before?

Sit down. There you go.

We gotta comb first.

So the clippers don't jam up on us.

Holy shit!

Come on! Where's the beep now?

There's a kid here!

I'll look like a star for the pre-party,
then the night really gets wild!

Simone, I don't have the energy
for that sort of thing anymore.

No, no, no! Hold on, hold on, hold on!

I have a question for you,
but don't take it to heart.

- Will you promise me?
- Uh-huh.

You have to be honest with me.

- Don't you ever get horny? Huh?
- Are you crazy? Of course I do!

It's just that I alternate
between anxiety and horniness.

I remember I'm horny and broke.

And then the anxiety
smacks down my horniness.

Hang on, this thing is vibrating.

- Who is it? Hmm.
- Oh, my God! Yeah!

Hi, gorgeous! It's been too long!

- Who is that?
- I thought I had the wrong number.

- "Wrong number"?
- Yeah!

I'm still hot for you

Explain it to me, I'm lost.
Who replied to you?

Bet you're still hot. Can we meet?

It's PQD, Simone!

His aunt's cousin bumped into
my aunt's sister at the market.

She said that he's separated now.
Can you believe that?

PQD was so handsome.

He's always wanted to hook up with me.

And why didn't he, Christie?

Oh, I was still in school.

I wanted to be a teacher.

I was a good student
and I had my whole life ahead of me.

- And he didn't go to your school?
- No.

He was already working,

starting in the field of logistics.

And I started going to nightclubs.

I was there, feeling myself at the clubs.

But then he joined the army.
That's when he became a paratrooper.

But was he really a paratrooper?

Well, sort of, yeah.

When he quit,
he immediately looked for me.

Okay, then what?

I was already
getting married to Jura.

Timing, Simone...

We can't control it,
but maybe it's time now.

Lift me some skin!

I told you it will be lit!

- You like it, right?
- I like it!

I said it would look cool!

- What's this?
- Look! I call it "compact."

- Look at that! You did it yourself?
- Yeah.

It looks great!

What's that? What happened?

What did you do to my son's hair?

- Yeah, what did you do to her son's hair?
- Holy shit!

I said that was a naughty word!

I can't believe it, Greice Kelly.
My son learned to curse now?

No, ma'am! He learned it online.

- It wasn't me, I swear.
- Yeah, right.

And now this guy even has the nerve

to try and teach me
how to raise my own child?

- I would never do that!
- It's disrespectful, Greice.

Sweetie, when we get home, you and I
are gonna have a long conversation.

Don't you dare!

I won't pay for this horrible treatment,
Greice Kelly.

And I am never,
never coming back here again!

Let's go, baby.

Bye, Egyptian prince!

Calm. Calm.

Miss Greice Kelly,
I did my job.

I won't charge for the haircut.

I took care of the kid, so...
the cauterizer?

What job? I asked you to watch the child,
not give him a haircut.

And now I lost a client.

Uh, in my defense,
he was very difficult to deal with...


Is this normal or what?

Ms. Espir! What have they done to you?

Look at my hair!

- What is this? Oh!
- God! Someone changed the order of these.

Look at me! You have to fix it!

Miss Greice Kelly,
I expected better from you.

Hey, at Saigon,
all of our products are top of the line!

Yeah, right! You came to borrow mine!
Show me some respect.

I had all those products
laid out in the right sequence.

- You did it! You did this on purpose.
- No, I... Come on! No!

No, Grandma, I'd never do that on purpose.

- Help me, Jesus.
- Get that product over here.

At Saigon, Mom will fix it in a minute.

Come on. Grandma, let's go.

- Let's go to Saigon.
- This is my nightmare! Get me out!

We're never coming back to this salon
where it's colorful and nice!

Come on, Grandma! Grandma, we'll fix it.

Oh, Simone, help me. It says here,
"Hi, gorgeous! It's been a while."

What should I reply to that?

You like my comebacks, don't you?


that you want to see him,
then send a baguette.

- A baguette? But I didn't buy a baguette.
- Huh?

An emoji, girl!
Trust me. I know what I'm doing.

"I want to see you soon!"

You wanna? Let's do it!

Say "yes," girlfriend! Do it!




That's crazy! Oh, my God.

I got butterflies in my stomach.

Girl, I said "send a baguette."

- You put hot butter all over it.
- What?


I brought a client.
Check it, Mom, a client.

Espir! What did they do to you?

Stop it, Simone.

Well, I guess I'll leave you to it.

I have to sell my products.
Bye, bye, my friend!

Look, Mom, a client. I got a client.

Since when is my mother-in-law a client?
Go figure.

don't take offense, all right?

But my Jura has left us,
he's in the Lord's arms,

but I am not obligated to help here.

Oh, yes, you are!

I just wanted a day at the salon
to get a haircut, but no,

your son shows up and did this to me.

I was only trying to help, Grandma.

- I didn't mean it.
- I see you have your chicken.

Mother Andinha told you to buy it, right?

"The chicken will show me the way."
Right, Feathers?

Mmm-hmm. And you'll
take that chicken with you everywhere.

Mommy! Gram, what happened?

- Did you get shocked?
- Well, it's your brother's fault.

I was just trying to...

Mommy, this is Julinho.

What is up, fam? You all good?

What is he speaking?
I don't get it, Danielle.

He's trying to use
the vocabulary from uptown.

- Our slang, you know?
- Mmm-hmm.

It's for his anthropological research.

Yeah! The voice of your people moves me.

"Moves." Okay, Danielle.

You're dating this guy
to poke fun at us, right?

- Uh, we're not exactly dating.
- We're not?

You're not?

Julinho's doing his thesis
about uptown anthropology.


If you want egg whites in your salad,
I'm not getting involved.

I don't want to disrupt
this beautiful family of yours.

I'm gonna hit the streets.

- Be good, fam!
- Right.

He's just doing research, all right?
You guys don't get it.

Mom, I have an idea.
Why don't we update the salon?

See, I could use that mirror
as a styling station...

Okay, I know exactly
what you're trying to pull.

You hear me, mister?

You have a chicken
and now you're full of ideas.

That's not what the chicken's about.

- It's gonna reveal my path.
- Your path does not lead here.

- Do me a favor and let me work.
- Mom...

- Go on, beat it!
- Chill out, Mom!

Leave me alone! Let me work!

Hey, Feathers...

Show me the way, please.

Hey, Richardsson.

- What's up, Johnny?
- Tough stuff?

Why do I feel like we've
already had this conversation before?

We tried,
but then your girlfriend interrupted.

She's not my girlfriend, okay?

Look, I don't want to pry,
but I heard Jorge wants the salon back.

So you need cash. I want to help out.

- Help out how, Johnny?
- The guys on the hill.

They cut my cables again. It's not fair.

But aren't those the cables
you connect over there

to steal their internet
and sell it to us over here?

the Green Lantern Militia rules, boy.

"Green Lantern"? That name really sucks.
Why not "Wolverine"?

Marvel blows.

I need you to reconnect those cables.
Sound good?

I'll pay you.

- Uh, well, first I have an errand.
- No, do it now.

- Pay me first.
- I'll pay after.

- You'll pay, right?
- Come on!

What about...

you know, those channels?

- What?
- Those channels...


- What channels, huh?
- The dirty ones.


Connect the cables, you'll get the cash
and the dirty channels.

I'm on it. Deal, man.

I'm good on that. I'm going now.

Trust me. Trust me.


Hold on, hold on.


I can't do it, Feathers.

It's not right.

I won't do it. Let's go.

What do you think you're doing here, kid?

Um, I, uh... I didn't do anything.
I was just curious.

Wanted to check, that's all.

How'd a punk like you
become a cable technician?

Wait a minute, Ant,

I'm pretty sure this kid is
part of that stupid Yellow Light Militia.

Not "Yellow Light Militia,"
it's "Green Lantern."

- I told them it was a sucky name.
- You are with the militia?

If my boss hears about this, you're toast.

No militia allowed in the favela.

- Give me the chicken now! Come on!
- Easy, dude! I'm sorry!

That's my friend!
What's with all the hostility, guys?

I just came to do a friend a favor.

I don't care. You'll have to pay now.

"Pay now"? Come on.

Guys, I didn't touch the cables.
Check it, I don't even understand it.

- I didn't touch the cables.
- It's the thought that counts.

- And now you have to pay a fee.
- "Pay a fee"?


Well, things are really
hard for my family right now.

Hey, your mom's the owner of Saigon.

Bro, I went there
all the time as a kid.

You haven't come by for a while.
Maybe you should come get a haircut.

Hey, you better watch your mouth, kid!

Yo, Ant, for real,

you need to spruce up your look, huh?

But old Saigon's past its prime now.
It's outdated.

You know, I think your beard is outdated.

- What's that, kid? Are you crazy?
- My bad.

I have an idea. What if I
give you guys a haircut for free?

- You've got balls.
- Yeah.

- But I like the idea.
- For real?

Let's go!
I'll tell my mom we have clients.

- No!
- Hey, hey, hey! Where you going?

- We're going up.
- Up where? What's "up" mean?

Okay, easy.

Don't pay too much attention.

Don't get too attached.

Since Razor Joe
only cuts hair for MC Marcinho,

there's nobody left to cut our hair.

If you pull off a dope haircut,

you and the chicken are safe.

Take it easy, Ant!

Don't mess with the chicken, bro.

- She's my buddy.
- I really think we should go to the salon.

- At the salon, I'd feel...
- You better quit stallin' now, kid.

- It's either here or...
- Come on, come on.

I want a tight rainbow dye.

Sides tight. Nothing too complicated.

- Not complicated.
- White to red with a pompadour.

White to red...

You want a white-to-red rainbow pompadour?

That's genius!
A white-to-red rainbow, uh, pompadour!

Great idea.

You're gonna start a new trend.

Focus, Richardsson.

It's all good.

You can do it, son.

What the hell, Richardsson?

Seeing ghosts at a time like this.

A ghost, boy? No.

I want you to understand your history,
my son.

Like some kinda plot device?

Isn't that too cliché?

If you prefer, I can be a ghost for you.

I'll be a ghost, check this out.


All right, Dad, stop!

Stop! Don't do that!

I liked you better as a plot device.
That was good.

My son, pay attention.
I need you to remember who you are.

You've got talent, like your mother.

Do it.

They'll ice me for sure if I mess up, Dad.

Then do it right.

Just do it your way.

Just do it your way, Richardsson.

Got it, Dad.

So, how do you like it?

Fucking awesome, man!

You have the soul of an artist.

Don't do go around doing shit
for that stupid Yellow Light guy.

I'm glad you like it, for real.

Next time I arrive at the party,
I'll be shining!

You'll turn heads for sure, Ant!

The clipper set's yours, brother.

Come again?

- It's mine?
- Yeah.

I appreciate it!

- You did good, fam. You can go now.
- So, do you want a receipt or something?

Yeah, that'd be great.

Yes, please.

"That'd be great."

A fuckin' receipt, kid?

I was joking.

Hold on, wait a minute.

Hey, hey.

Sit down, sit down.
Sit down real quick. Look.

I forgot my signature.

You see that, Feathers?

I did real good, didn't I?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Where are you going in such a hurry, sir?

Hurry? I'm not in a hurry, sir.

I was just
walking fast because my mother's...

Didn't you make a huge mess
at my cousin's salon?

Oh, you must be Greice Kelly's cousin!

I don't know about the salon, sir.

- What's in the bag you got there?
- Which one?

- That one on your shoulder.
- Open it.

Damn! A hen, bro?

What do you have in that case, sir?

Hair-cutting equipment, sir.

Ah! Where'd you get the stuff, huh?
The hair-cutting equipment?

And what about
the receipt for that chicken?

- I...
- Where'd you get all that stuff?

The case was a present.
I got her at the aviary.

"At the aviary," Almeida.

Hey, are there any aviaries in the favela?

Are you mocking my intelligence right now?

No, sir. Far from it.

Never. Never, sir, I promise you, sir.

Check this out.

Big Rat: Check out Ant's new look

Take a look at Ant's new hairstyle!
How cool is that, man?


I did that.

Animal stripes are my trademark.

- It's dope as hell!
- It looks dope, I like it, boy.


But hang on a minute.
How come you guys have Ant's picture?

Oh, it's just our favela text chain
that we use to...

Don't try and change the subject, kid!

Let's go back to the precinct
and clear all this up...

No, no, hold on, soldier.
Hold on, soldier.

All right, here's the deal, kid.

You give me a sick haircut

and we'll let you go, boy.

Hey, don't forget about my hair!

PQD - Don't leave me hanging!
Send me a pic, too, hottie.

Oh, damn...


Simone, I need you here right now.

It's urgent.
Hurry, I need you to help me right now.

- Mommy!
- Danielle, for the love of God, look.

Business is already slow
without you guys here.

- What is he doing?
- It's for his thesis, Mommy.

I love all the hostility!

It's the representation

of the structural divergence
of the division between classes.

I'm gone.

Danielle, you're dating him just
to annoy me, to pester me, aren't you?

I'm not exactly dating him.

Hey, Julinho,
don't take pictures without permission.

- It's not cool, okay?
- But it's anthropological study.

If I warn you,
it drains the truth from the moment.

Excuse me, sorry.

- Girlfriend, what happened? What's wrong?
- Thank you for coming. I need some advice.

I wasn't prepared for that.

You don't even need to zoom in.

God's peace.

- Want to set it as your wallpaper?
- God's peace. I'm looking for Richardsson.

No, no, Richardsson hasn't come back yet.

But there's two lost lambs for you.
Do your thing. Excuse me.

- Hey, Pastor.
- Simone, inside. Inside, quick.

Danielle. Danielle, I'm really worried.
Please, I have to talk to your brother.

Talk? Oh, Pastor,
why not try listening once?

Our minds are full from all these people
telling us what to do.

Hang on.
Did your brother tell you to say this?

My brother's not my boss!

That's so chauvinistic!

Well, perhaps you're right about that.

I need to modernize the service,
that's true.

- I should listen to the youth's language.
- Brilliant!

Pastor, could you repeat it for me?
Act like I'm not here.

All right,
follow these steps.

On the right foot. Come on. To the right.


Hey, hold on! Wait! Wait! Wait for me! Oh!

You guys started without me?

Did you forget how a clock works, bro?

Still with that chicken?

It's "Feathers." She's gonna
show me my path, remember, Quel?

Brother, I'm so sorry I ran late.

A cop stopped me on the way here
and wanted me to cut his hair.

Legit. You have no idea
what to do with your life.

- What's that mean?
- You gave Ant a dope haircut.

We all saw it.

- The color was lit.
- Wait a minute, how do you know?

Are y'all in the cops' text chain, too?

- Can someone add me to it, please?
- What text chain, bro?

Don't you know? It's on TV!

- On TV, Doninho?
- Check it! See?

Talk to us, Ant. Please, Ant.
Wait, damn it! Fuck!

Ant, what did you do?
Could you tell it to the camera?

A pompadour with a rainbow dye!

The stylist was Richardsson for Saigon.

The boy's a real artist, right?

No, Ant, I'm talking about your crime.

Oh, I don't know, man. I'm innocent.

My name's not Ant.
Now my name is Dope Pompadour, baby!

- Wow! I'm on TV, man!
- Told you!

- Cool.
- You get to show off now!

What a cool animal print.
Well done, Big Head.

It's good to know there's finally

a place in the neighborhood
for us to get a haircut now.

You want a haircut, brother?

Yeah, a fresh cut would be good.

Me too!

So, are you working at your mom's salon?

You updating Saigon?

Nah, my mom's
in the dark about all this, man.

If she finds out, bro, it's all over.

I would run.

You'd take off, right?

I don't know why
your mom's being like that.

It's weird.
Everyone deserves a dope haircut.

I hear you. Ms. Cristina is too stubborn.

Yeah, but she'll come around.

It's a matter of time.

Thanks, babe.

- You're talented, kid.
- For real?

Say that to Ms. Cristina for me.

Yo, Cheese Curd.
It's time to shoot the rap video, man.

- For real?
- Yeah, come on, come on.

- You rollin'?
- I'm nervous about tonight's show.

Come on, brother, why be nervous?

You're gonna slay.

But you don't know that for sure,
Big Head.

Yeah, but I can cheer in the stands.

Come along.

Ah, no can do.
I'm taking care of the chicken.

- Right.
- Bye.


Oh, come on, guys!

I didn't do it! Get off my back!

- Wow! What?
- Wow! Awesome, Vitinho!

- Who gave you that haircut, man?
- It was my stylist, Richardsson.

It's all right! Chill out, Feathers.

I like it! Man, that boy is talented.
This is right, huh?

It's nice and straight, huh, man?

Hey, show me yours.

Well, you know, mine is okay.
More or less.

Huh. No, it looks really good, man.


All right. Here, here.

The lighting is just perfect in here.

Come on, you're making me
nervous with that thing, Simone.

Trust me! Remember?

I took an interior lighting workshop.

My certification
took 30 hours to complete.

Oh, now she knows interior lighting too.

The queen of light! All lit up!
Are you sure I need all that?

Tell me,
how else would you take a nude?

"A nude"? Who said "a nude"?

- You did, baby!
- Me?

Aw, Feathers.
You pooped all over the damn bag.

Hello, hundredth lamb of the Lord!

Easy, Pastor, you gotta stop scaring me.

Beloved, I have to ask you,
did you get mad at me or at the church?

You know that I only
want what's best for you.

That's the thing, Pastor.

Everybody means well.

Cool, but no one is interested
in knowing what I want for me.

- You hear me?
- Come by and see tonight's service!

Because it's going to be divine!

We are even gonna have
a special guest appearance!

- Like a feat, Pastor?
- What?

A feat! It's when there's a special
guest appearance, right, Feathers?

Lord have mercy.
Everyone is speaking in tongues now.

Let's get our God on!

Really? I'll be there!

- All right, Greice, here we are.
- "Get our God on!"

I want a complete remodel.
This is like stopping in time.

Where do you think you're going?

Richardsson, stay out of this.

We're dealing with an issue
you're still too young to understand.

My space is too small,

so now this is going to be
an annex of Greice Kelly's Coiffeur.

I got it. Wait, no, no, but... hold this.

An annex would be next to it,
so that doesn't make sense.

And what is it, smart ass?

Um, that is called "a branch."

- A branch, you know?
- Okay, a branch, whatever.

- A branch! I like that. Let's see.
- No, wait!

Mr. Jorge, nobody told my mom.

When she discovers
you're selling to Greice Kelly,

she's totally gonna lose it!
She'll freak out!

Richardsson, get the hell out of my way,
will you?

Wow, Mr. Jorge. Look at that, Feathers!

Guys, don't go in!
Hey, guys, I'll get in trouble!

This floor is terrible.

We need to have it changed.
This rack also...

What the hell?
What are you doing here, Greice?

Who? Who let you in here?

Richardsson, you blew it again!

I told them not to enter,
but they did it anyway!

I'm the one who let her in, Cristina.

This is my building
and Greice Kelly is interested in renting.

I already gave you notice, Cristina.
Your deadline is today.

Tomorrow, this salon has to be empty.
You hear me?

Cristina, thank you
for everything you've taught me.

I do the exact opposite
and it's successful.

See, Jorge? That rat's
all about stabbing people in the back.

You're gonna be next.

- She's not gonna pay you.
- Yeah, all right. All right.

But of course I'll pay.
My business is doing so well.

I'll use this space
to finally open my annex.

It's not an annex,
Ms. Greice, it's a branch.

- That one.
- Shut your mouth, Richardsson.

Why don't I annex my hand
across your lying...

- Christie!
- Whoa!

Hold on, Mom! You're gonna
lose the argument if you hit her!

Argument, shmargument!
I can do whatever I want!

This is my building!

- If I don't get paid, I'll find another...
- Hang on! Feathers, no!

No! Ahh!

I said you have to fix that sign!

Yeah, I'm gonna sage this spot first.

- After you move out.
- The chicken's fine, guys.

Christie, calm down. Christie, calm down.

- We'll figure it out, Mom.
- Figure out what, Richardsson?

Your can't even
perform a proper sacrifice.

I was just trying to help, that's all.

Help? I know how you're trying to help.

You think I don't know you've
been doing jobs for those Militia guys?

No, Mom. That's not what happened.

I was just giving those guys
some cool haircuts.

- That's it.
- Richardsson...

I thought I'd raised you properly,
but I see I couldn't do it.

You wanna be useful?

Start packing. I'm playing my last card.

I'll look for an investor.

I'm my father's daughter.

I'll bend...

but I won't break.

- Wait, are you saying you're going to...
- Sardine!

Oh, Mother of God!


Our love knew we had to wait.

My heart's burning with desire.

Cristina, you're the...

you are the love of my life.

And I swear to you, I'll always...

Good evening, sir.

Is this all for my mom?


- Are you Cristina's son?
- Yes, since I was born.

- Richardsson?
- That's me. And you are?

A pleasure. I'm PQD.


I wanted to surprise your mother, but...

Surprise? Well,
my mom doesn't really like surprises.

She usually gets scared and upset,
then starts yelling at the person.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

Well, tell her I stopped by, okay?

No, no, no! Wait, wait, wait!

You're an old friend of hers, right?
You can wait inside.

She'll be back, you feel me?

Cristina's a hell of a girl, isn't she?

Yeah, she really is.

♪ So many words ♪

♪ So many half-words ♪

I like that glow you get on your face
when you talk about my mother.

♪ You just told me goodbye ♪

♪ With your lipstick ♪

Your mom has always been pretty.
I was in love with her.

She used to wear
this beautiful red lipstick.

One day, we went on a date
and she left the lipstick with me.

She said she'd come back to get it,
but she never did.

And you didn't
give it back to her?

I was too young. What did I know?

I was trying out for Madureira FC.

I was a skilled left-winger.

- Why didn't you go pro?
- Stop! Stop it, guys!

Damn, kid, you really suck.

I loved going out.
I went dancing at clubs.

And I don't mean to brag,
but I was a hit with the ladies.

I was a sweet talker.

It seems your sweet talk
didn't work on my mom, though.

At the time, I was joining the army.

Come on, you bunch of sissies!

The training was brutal.

I want to see that curb

all white!

And your mom was busy studying.

She wanted to be a teacher.

Oh, really?
I didn't know that.

She's worked at Saigon
for as long as I can remember.

No condensed milk for you!

I left the army.

By then, your mother was already married.

The story of you and my mom
sounds like a soap opera, PQD.

And I never gave
that red lipstick back to her.

I know what'll lift your spirits,
a haircut! How about it?

Come, have a seat.
Let me cut your hair for you.

It's gonna look live, bro.

Your mom is an amazing woman.

Sometimes I think
she never really wanted to date me.

There was always something in the way,
you know?

She always came up with an excuse.

Maybe you just
needed to give it some time.

- You know, man?
- Right.

I think I'm...

Well, I'm just getting
in my head right now, you know?

I have a lump in my throat.

Your mother was always
way out of my league.

Gorgeous girl like that...

Here's my two cents.

She fell in love with my father
'cause he was a great man.

Hard working, respectful,
and most of all, he liked her.

I see the same qualities in you.

Right on. Right on.

Here, an ace in the hole.


Give her this lipstick.

Perfect, kid, that's it!

That's genius!

I appreciate the advice.

Here's something for you.

When your time finally comes,
don't snooze like me.

Feel me? Don't miss the opportunity.

- All right?
- All right.

- Oh, and thank you for the haircut.
- Yeah, no worries, man.

- See you.
- Later, PQD.


What's up, Quel? You cool?

- I didn't know you were coming over.
- Am I interrupting? Should I leave?

Nah, it's not you.
I just have to pack up all this stuff.

I'll miss you at school.

Ah, Quel, we'll still
see each other plenty of time.

Especially if you
keep just showin' up out of the blue...

Real talk, I don't feel comfortable...

Yeah, Richardsson. That's it.

- Hi, babe.
- Hi, what's up?

Bring her it in for a hug, bro.
Don't let her convince you.

Convince me of what, bro?

Convince you to give him
a haircut for the show.

Oh. Oh, that right.
Um, I just packed everything up.

Saigon is closed. I'm sorry.

Oh, well, it must be a sign then.

- Let's roll, baby.
- No, babe, it's your big day!

- This is my look. I like my dreads.
- Richardsson!

- What?
- Everybody wants you to cut their hair!

Say something.

Uh, he likes his dreads, Quel!

What can I do?
If you like 'em, keep 'em, my brother.

Don't let anyone...


...tell you it's not time for a change,
change can be good.

Look, I won't cut your dreads, sound good?

- Sit down, sit down.
- Yeah, sit down.

I'll get pictures with my phone.

Yeah, Quel, do it. It's gonna be epic.


Check out Papa's equipment.

Holy shit!

Wow, this is
Saigon's swan song, my brother.

I'm at your mercy, man.

Just trust me, brother.

- Trust.
- Look over here.


Lookin' good!


All done, my friend.

It's badass, dawg!

You nailed it.
No joke. I'm really impressed.

I hate to sound full of it,
but it's a work of art.

You're my masterpiece!

Who is it?

Hey, uh, can I be next, man? Much respect.

What's up, Richardsson?
I want to get a fade!

"A fade" my ass! Excuse me, fam!
Get out, out, out!

- Come on, man! I'm telling you!
- I'm serious! Come on!

I sent it to our text chain.

Yo, I'm the only one
not on that text chain.

It's gotta be personal.

Hey, I can't cut Tandro
and Doninho's hair right now!

I shouldn't have
even touched Cheese Curd's.

- Have my back, bro!
- You're doing really good.

- Everyone likes it, man.
- He's right, you're doing good.

You gotta cut everyone's hair now.

How can I cut...

Feathers! Please guide me.

Tandro and Doninho are outside,
what do I do?

Feathers, where are you going?

shouldn't you have left for work?

It's a surprise.

I arranged a deal for my resignation.

I'm gonna kill you.

Nah, I took a deal for good money.

We can buy some chairs,
install air conditioning,

put a neon sign outside, huh?

Jura, it was a good public job.

No! My love...

I want to invest in our salon.

- "In our salon."
- Yeah.

Yeah, in our...

our salon.

Our salon.

No man...

strays too far
from where the corn is roast.

Be brave, Richardsson.

Own up to what you are.

Find your place in the world.

But have you
ever cut someone's hair before?

You have the soul of an artist.

Hey! Whoa, what the heck, people?

No, it's too many people! Too many people!
No, too much hair! I can't! No!

Relax, Richardsson.
Should I tell them the salon is closed?

I've never cut that much hair, Quel,
but we can't close the salon.

Saigon's my parent's dream.
My dream, Quel...

'Sup, fam? Shh! Chill.

Saigon is back in business!

Yo, my friends
pay half the double price, deal?

Come on in, guys. Get in.

Now, we're talkin', bro!

All that hair, Tandro? No way!

You're paying double, man.

Are you listening, Sardine?

Stop and listen to me.

Let's settle what
I came to discuss with you.

How about we talk tomorrow, baby?

Let's dance. Let's samba.

Sardine, stop! Just stop it.

Listen, I don't want to be with you.

I want your friendship,
but right now, all I need is your money!

Will you please lend it to me or not?




There's nothing I can do. I'm broke.

Broke, Cristina.

Things are tough right now.

You like it?



I want some sugar.

Come on, give me a kiss. It's nothing.

Like this... a kiss.

Oh, Cristina...

A deep fried Sardine sure hurts the heart.




How are you? What's up?

Wow, baby bro!
You're killin' it in here!

Yo! How's it going?

Danielle saying good things about me?
For real? Do you have a fever, Sis?

Give me a minute to warm up.
I'm saving it for later.

So is it true that you
don't want to go to college?

Don't believe everything Mom tells you.
I'll go to college, sure.

But I'll study subjects
that help our business here, Saigon.

Well, maybe you could study economics.

Then you could really break the bank.

- Guys, come on, let's take a picture.
- Do it.

- I'll post it, okay?
- Yeah, post it.

When will you admit you're in love?

She's spoken for, Dani.

I don't want to get in the middle of that.

Stop being a fool, dude.

You're oppressed by the
monogamous patriarchal structure.

I wouldn't know where to begin.

But have you even tried?

I'm digging this search for
African ancestry that's going on here.

- That's where humanity came from...
- Enough, Julinho!

Enough! I've had enough!

You're just another white man
who's tired of your bland culture.

Look, this is real life!

Take a look around!

No, Dani, you don't get it.
I was only trying to...

No! You don't get it, Julinho!

Decolonize yourself, guy.

- Jesus.
- No joke.

Just live life, my friend.

That's what I call reparation.

Look, the only reason she's with that guy
is to annoy our mom.

- Come on, tell me the truth, Sis.
- We're not dating, okay, Richardsson?

Especially not now.

By the way, when Mom finds out about
all this, you're in big trouble, man.

- Wow.
- Watch out!

- Are you upset now, Danielle?
- I just might tell her.

- I'll clean up, okay?
- Uh-huh.

She'll never know about it!
She's a snitch.

I see you, Big Head,
you made a ton of cash!

Everyone wants to
look good for a party, right?

The before party
is already happening here, right?

Excuse me!

Let me through! Out!

Excuse me!

look at Cheese Curd's hair!

Man, it is a masterpiece. A work of art.

What is going on in my salon?

Since when is the party in here?

The party's out in the square! Get out!

Get out of here! Everyone!

- Good luck, Big Head.
- Thanks.

- If you need it, I can help patch you up.
- Okay.

Come on, Auntie!

Out! Keep all that on!

You, too, Mr. Luís!

What are you doing with my salon,

I can explain, Mom.

I was packing everything up
and Cheese Curd and Raquel stopped by.

- Mom, I cut everybody's hair...
- Richardsson, I told you a thousand times.

I don't want you here.

You have to keep on studying.
There's no future for you here.

What are you doing with your life, my son?

What are you doing to yourself?

Honey, look at who
you're hanging out with.

Wait. Wait a minute.

Mom, you shouldn't lose faith in me.

I swear, I never did
anything to betray your trust.

Everyone keeps telling me
what I'm supposed to do,

how to do it, when to do it, Ma.

I can! I'm your mother.

I'm supposed to do that!

I say what, how,
and when you should do something!

And you gotta listen! Okay?

You can't, Mom.

You can't, Mom.

I have the task of finding my own path.

And I have to do this task by myself, Mom.

It has to be on my own.

I just don't want you to give up on your
dreams like your father did, that's all.

But my father didn't
give up on his dreams, Mom.

Don't you remember? He had your dream!
My dream's also your dream!

I always loved this place.

I see you struggling here, Mom.

Working hard and making little.

But I love this place.

I love it here.

I'm just really worried
about your future, my son.

My future is here by your side, Mom.

Cutting hair here at Saigon.

But don't worry. I'll continue to study.

I will even take a course
that will teach me how to give

our salon a total makeover, Ma!

"Our salon"?

It's the same thing all over.

Our salon, Mom.

It'll be fine.

I love you, Mom.

I love you, Mom.

I love you too, my baby boy.

- Excuse me! Excuse me!
- What's this about?

- Excuse me.
- Excuse me.

What's going on here, Cristina?

What's this, Jorge?

Cristina, you can't leave the place
looking like this, come on.

I thought what I said was clear.

You haven't paid
your rent in months, Cristina.

It's my right to find a new tenant.

No, man. Come on, hold on a sec.
Hold your horses.

I was waiting for you.

Here you go.

Here's one month's rent.

Now, you don't need to evict anybody.

- Yup, it's all here.
- Uh...

You're a hit, kid.

Now, come on, Jorge. We had a deal, yeah?

You were gonna
give me the lease to the space.

- And soon after...
- Yes, Greice Kelly, I hear you.

But you know, quite frankly,

I do have a long-standing
commercial relationship with Cristina.

In fact, we're even contemplating
a potential commercial partnership, so...

No, no, no, that deal's
been off the table for a while now.

Oh, also, I have acquired
a new business partner, Jorge.

Oh, yeah? Very well!

Till next month!

- Excuse me!
- Greice?

You look better with curls.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Yo, fam!
Saigon is definitely back in business!

Come on in, I'll cut everyone's hair!








♪ Jesus Christ will be back ♪

♪ Will be back, will be back ♪

♪ Jesus Christ will be back ♪

Oh, glory!

- What's up, people?
- Hi, Carol!

Oh, acclaimed one, you came through!

Yes! A sister has come to the rescue!

I'm not your sister,
we've hooked up plenty of times, Josie.

Uh, who's that?

You gotta be kidding me, right?

Don't tell me you don't know MC Carol!

Who is MC Carol?

It's Josias. Josias.

And now the youth!

Enjoy yourselves, people,

and please listen closely
to the word of the Lord, hallelujah,

which inspires the masses!

Right now it's inspiring
a very small mass, right, Josie?

She's really speaking the truth!

All right, believers.

Where two or more are gathered,

the Lord shall be there as well!

Jesus is everywhere,

at church, at the salon,
at the funky parties.

Jesus loved parties, right, Josie?

The first miracle Jesus did

was transform water into wine.

Come on, people! Enough chit-chat, Josie!

Let's go to the party, man!

Wow, this church is empty!

Come on! Come on, Josie!

Ah, there you go.

She looks really stunning, Mom!

Okay, it's ready, my dear.

Oh, my God, Cristina, I love it!

- It's really good, Mom.
- Gorgeous!

Escort me to the party?

I have something important that I need to
finish up here. I'll meet you there.

I'll finish my manicure
and then we'll meet there.

- Yeah, Big Head?
- All right, see you there. Bye.

I saw that!

- What, uh... What, Mom?
- You have a crush, huh?

What do you mean?
It's not like that.

I'm so, so, so glad
you didn't give up your dreams.

I'd never give up, Mom.

On that note,
isn't it time we made you glow?

What? More than I already am?

Come on, I can do it.

- I just need to make a little effort.
- I'm sitting down. I'm tired.

Just relax
while I cover you all over in glitter.

We're gonna make sure
you shine tonight, Mom.

Look, I already know
what I'm gonna do and how, Mommy.

I trust you.

Let's do this!
You're gonna glow tonight, Mommy.

Okay, Mom.

- What do you think?
- It's wonderful, son.

- Wait, seriously?
- It's amazing.

Just a second.

I'll just clean up the counter real quick.

- Okay, Mom?
- Mmm-hmm.

Our love knew we had to wait.

What is that, Richardsson?

- Our hearts burning with desire...
- What? No idea.

You're gonna have to
go out there and find out.

Just know that it's not my fault, okay?

Maybe a little.

I came to return this.

You're still beautiful.

You're not so bad.

I love your hair. It's beautiful.

It's your son's work.

I learned from the best!

- Shall we?
- I need to close the salon.

No, Mom.
Tonight, why don't you let me do it?

You lovebirds have fun.

- I'll see you at the party.
- Thanks.

Bye, Mom!


- Mother Andinha!
- Oh, my boy!

Your blessing, Mother.

May Obatala bless you, my son.

So I take it that you finally
found your own way, is that right?

I found it. I think I found it.

I did. I did, Mother.

I don't really know
how to explain it

or how to show appreciation, Mother.

We don't ever need
to explain things like that, son.

Just feel it.

Feel it, understand?

Good evening, Richardsson.

'Sup, Pastor?

- Good evening, Mommy.
- What are you doing here, my boy?

I didn't know
the service ended early tonight.

- Well...
- But don't worry, my son.

There's dinner at home, all right?

Mommy, actually right now,
I'm going to find Jesus...

at the party.

Hey, Richardsson,

I decided that I want to be closer
to the community.

But you made me see
that it's important to listen more.

- Mmm.
- To hear more.

We have two ears and one mouth.

That's where it is, Pastor.

Well, how about it, for the time being,

I give you a rad hairdo in the name of JC.

- How about it?
- Ooh!

All right.

Hey! Thank you, sir!

A toast, my friend!
If you don't toast, it's bad luck.


You scared me, Julinho! I'm done with you.

I'm not doing my thesis
on the uptown anymore.

- I realized...
- Okay, then what are you doing here then?

My thesis is on Leblon.
I came here to party.

I won't take advantage
of your culture anymore.

I want to live, to live like you.


- Sounds good in theory.
- Yeah?

- Let's see it in practice, okay?
- Sounds great.

- I'll be observing you!
- We'll observe each other.

Yeah, as long as
you know we're not dating.

No, we're just seeing how it goes, right?

Let's see how it goes.
Let's see how it goes.

Let's see how it goes.

I wanna talk to you.

- What about? Huh?
- What's up with you and Raquel?

You and Raquel, what's your deal?

I just... There's nothing going on, brother.

- What do you mean, "going on"?
- There isn't.

- She kissed me, brother...
- She did and you kissed back.

No! No! It's just that I... no, no.

Well, now she's mad at you.

- Huh?
- Raquel is mad at you now.

Wait, she's mad at...
What about you? You're not mad?

No. Oh, God.
We have an open relationship, man.

- Open what?
- Relationship! She and I.

Are you all right with it?

Yeah, I'm all right.
I just don't understand it.

You and Raquel, Raquel and I...

You and I?

No, no, unless... you're into that.

Anyway, never mind, man.

I'll just tell her you're not into it.
It's fine.

- What do you mean by...
- What's up, guys?

- What's up, Quel?
- Raquel, he's not into it.

- How come?
- How come?

No, no, I didn't say I don't want to,
I just said I don't understand.

Raquel, you're incredible.

And I think you're the most beautiful,
most intelligent girl I've ever known.

- And me?
- You, you're my bro!

You're really handsome
and you're a great singer.

I like you both!

I just don't know how that works.

Richardsson, I already date him.
We're totally game.

What about you?

Me? Uh, I'm game too!

Well, it's official then, brother.

I've gotta get ready for the show now.

- All right? Later.
- Go ahead! All right.

Hold on, I have to take care of something.

Okay, I'll get us some drinks.

Thank you.

What's up, people?

I'd like to welcome to the stage
MC Cheese Curd!

What's up, everybody?
Let's tear this place down!

Because here with me
is none other than Carol de Niterói!

Now, let me say,
that hairdo is the shit, brother!

You got it at Saigon, right?

That's right!
My brother Richardsson did it!

Thanks, bro!

There's the man! There's the man!

Hit it, DJ!

♪ We're captivating
We're dominating ♪

♪ Everyone's getting high
On power and self-esteem ♪

♪ The crowd doesn't get it
How we're always winning ♪

♪ Our skin color
Is a fascinating act of resistance ♪

♪ The offspring of our people
Is a bright light shining the way ♪

♪ They gotta put up with us
As we rise above ♪

♪ We're captivating
We're dominating ♪

♪ Everyone's getting high
On power and self-esteem ♪

♪ It checks out... ♪

Hey, Cheese Curd!

Let's burn the fucking house down!

I'm Carol from Niterói!

♪ We'll keep on coming
They know we got the power ♪

♪ It's the strength of our race ♪

♪ I'm with the resistance
We get around, pound the ground ♪

♪ We're the ones with power now ♪

♪ Let's play forward ♪

♪ Nobody can stop us ♪

♪ Listen up
Dreadlocks, curls, style, and color ♪

♪ Straight, braids
I got my style, my worth ♪

♪ No nonsense, shaved head, dyed hair
It's always been a hit ♪

♪ Beard, hair, and mustache
Put up with us, we're here to stay ♪

♪ We're captivating
We're dominating ♪

♪ Everyone's getting high
On power and self-esteem ♪

♪ We're captivating
We're dominating ♪

♪ Everyone's getting high
On power and self-esteem ♪

♪ We're captivating
We're dominating ♪

♪ Everyone's getting high
On power and self-esteem... ♪

Richardsson, look!
Look what those two are doing!

- Which way? Like this?
- No, let's spin it this way.

- Like this. Yes.
- To the left or to the right?

- Make up your mind.
- I think to the left.

Yeah. Yeah, right there.
There we go, perfect.

- Richardsson Pereira dos Santos.
- Richardsson? That's me.

May I?

Yeah, of course you can.

Don't get too comfy.
The party hasn't started.

You know there's e-mail,
right, baby brother?

This is the kinda stuff
they send through snail mail.

- Let me see.
- What is that, son?

It says here,
"University of Teresa de Benguela."

It's the confirmation letter
for my enrollment in college, Ma.

I'm in.

I can't believe it, son.

Is it true, my son? My son! My son!

I'm so proud!

Everyone, Richardsson got into college!

Ooh, if my Jura were here,
he would be so proud.

He is, Espir. You know he is!

Son. Look, son,
you know I don't like surprises.

But I liked that one.

Before I forget, everyone,
let's take a picture, quick!

Celso! Go get Feathers!
Everybody hurry up!

We're taking a picture! My phone!

- You have one?
- No, use my phone.

Wait! Everyone, just wait a minute!
What's this here, "M-R-S-E-M-R"?

It means, "Mr. and Mrs.," Ma, it's fancy.

- Oh, it's fancy?
- It's fancy, Ma!

- Okay, if you say so.
- It was Julinho's idea.

- I got Feathers!
- Let's take a picture!

To the future, right, Ma?

The salon will be too small
for all the blessings.


That's the subject
for another story, right?