A Curtição do Avacalho (2006) - full transcript

Sinners of a rural community having his flesh melted as an atonement for his Christian offenses. A revolutionary army of two people feuding with hordes of rotting zombies, and a mad scientist philosopher that builds a mummy of Christ to control the world.

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A primitive scream by Piotr Bucetorf (Piotr Pussytorf)

The worker was enslaved

It was called slave, servant,

commoner, ploretarian

The capitalist was the explorator, named patrician

or owner, or bourgeois.

The talented man was a parasite,

an agent of corruption and servitude

In the beginning,it was the priest,

later the cleric,

now a civil servant

any kind of capacity and monopoly

The destruction of art just begins when starts

destructive beginning that destroys the beginning

of destructive enjoyment of the artistic art.

Cannibals in 21th century?


also starring

and the canibals

make up


story, photography, production and director

Oh fuck!

You aren't my mother's Tortillas!

You are porridge! Podrridge is for Miguelitos!

Tortilla is for Juanito!

Fucking shit!

Damn you fucking voices!
Don't to let me sleep!

I will kill you all! Fucking voices!

Fucking voices!

I'll kill you all!

Good afternoon, my kid!
God be with you!

Good afternoon, Priest!
Your blessing!

God bless you, Juan

People call me Santeria

Your name is Juan.
It's a sacrade name.

Another one is your mission.

by the way...

It's time.

My mission

Priest! listen to me.

If I complete my mission
Can I go to heaven?

No. If you complete your mission,
the heaven came to you.

-For me?

Ah, Bela... what's the matter?
You know I love you.

I don't know... I'm afraid

You know the world is ending
and this is a healthy food

here is the perfect place,
no one will see us

Right! Hunger is hunger.

Santeria, stop it!

Priest, she is a sinner!

Right, Juanito.
She is a sinner bitch!

but remember what is our holy mission

the time for the peasants pray the Holy Mary is back

You will go beyond the absolute happiness!

Priest she didn't has a pure meat

Look, how she became!


Look Juanito.
His flesh have high quality!

Load juanito!

That meat is good!

Social chaos
Functional illiterates in Brazil

Holy fuck, Priest!

Almost hit him!

Don't talk like that, son!

Sardu runs out!

Holy shit! We'll have to catch him

but first, you take a sample of this meat here

for prove the magnificence of our machine

I miss so much the feminine touch

So holding our flag

we can gather our revolutionary army

in favor of atheists
who do not believe God

so will be the great ones
the mighty ones!

who do everything for our Law!

the same way I am drinking this coffee

We will seize power

That's right, Cortez!

Let'go army!

Let's go!

Doc, why is life that way?

Why? Don't ask me why!

The important is I'm here
and life is cool

no matter Greek philosophy

what matters is Portuguese philosophy

we are here producing, fucking,
even with ourselves

but what matters is the pleasure of Greekness

and the fuckulture, and fucking

but Doc, why do
I have a head but no body?

That's your business!

But Doc have a body and no head!

It happened 'cause millions spermatozoa

didn't make my whole body

I did not fully a head

They did a full body

even a stupid one!

but I'm here for philosophizing

and I'm here for everything!

I'm not just a human head
or a fertilized head full of faggots!

I can be stupid but I'm here, you dumb!

but these matters are relevant

The human beings are the stupidy ones!

and believe in false gods!

why is that?

Enough! This topic has nothing
to do with the current topic of fags

Faggots choose if they wanna be fag!

and revelatory matters are
for who want to fucked up!

So watch out for what you say, man!

Use the similar greek word

cause you don't even know where are you!

Don't even try blink!

You never studied, you dumb!

It has nothing to do!

The real man must study

then make the philosophy, okay?

You already tired me!

Rotten human being!

But it serves for Christ's body!

Sequence 18, take 39! Action!

Joane, throw it there!


More, more!

That hurts, Schutz!

That's burning you!

It's burning from inside to outside!

That's worse than being fucked in
the asshole and don't enjoy at all!

You are suffering a lot!

Helio, you are watching and having fun of it!


Laughings for world's domination

burn! burn! burn!


Fuck off ! Thats is true

who make low-budget movies deserves fucked up!

Suffer! Suffer! You Bastard!

My life...

My life is a farce!

My life is a lie!

Like a crap movie by the Canibals

My life is...

like had been burned!

my life is like a magnetic tape of crap productions!

I'm not real, I'm an invention

an invention of productions

I'm an invention, I don't exist

Cabr?n! Motherfucker!

sequence 19, take 3


Yes! Yes! Yes!


This is perfect, Priest Carcass!

With his flesh 100% psychotronic

We are going mix Jesus Christ's DNA with psiculture's DNA


Through this little thing, we can discover the future

The future through science

Just a piece, a small piece from here

a piece of the neck here, anything

You pick up a piece here, and you find the science!

This piece has a science!

Here has another science, biology, here's the math

Then you find the future, the future!

The future is the science! The science!

Calm down, calm down!

I just want one thing

I want Jesus. I want Jesus here.

Bring Jesus back to life!


This creature is perfect!

Priest Carcass, this is the DNA

of the damned perfect human life!

That may exist!

You can summarize what it is

What have you combined?

The Christ's DNA and the meat I brought?

This is anything combined with anything

-That's the results!

A mummy!

It's not Christ!
It's not Christ!

When Christ return to Christianity

We will have the power!

We will conquer all peoples of the world!

All of them!

But it depends on your collaboration

Since you don't allow certain things...

Nothing happens!

But If you...

The God! The Everything! The Nothing!

Maybe nothing happens.

If it is the will of God...

May His will be done!

Every government is undesirable and unnecessary!

There's no services provided by the State

that the community can't provide!

Capitalism thrives cause of the misery of a group of people

Capitalism is cannibalism

Anarchy is only possible if

the people act responsibly!


If you steal a TV instead food

It shows you already been convinced

that a better life is having money and more goods

Take off the masks


He escaped!

Let me solve it.

No, it's not possible to solve it.

There's nothing else, he escaped!

I have the power!

Oh really?

I also have it , but it's not
possible cause he escaped!

Let me solve it

No, you can't!
I wanna solve it too!

Silence! Action!

I'm going to relax!

It makes me think

Why all that violence?

The right question is another one

Why I make movies?

No, still wrong question

Why do I always fell in these traps?

No budget and zero sallary!

We don't know about that

Only when pigs fly to outer space!

Sequence 5c take 1, Action!

Since these don't satisfy my hunger for culture

Then satisfy my hunger for food!

2005 was another bad year

Masturbating with a virginal innocence

Ejaculating and thinking in experimental art

in broken promises by the craft industry

Turned into gushing of industrial shits!

Spiting words to the wind

only for the pleasure of spit them.

Promises of love to the art

told without the importance of sincerity!

They banned creativity and annihilated audacity

Don't think for consume more!

Hail! Hail to disposable products!

Hail! Hail to disposable products!

Hail! Hail to disposable products!

And the curtain bring down.

Cannibals in the 21th Century?

we are abandoning this movie!

I'm really leaving this movie!

I'm really leaving this movie

Where there is authority, there is no freedom!

For humanity be truly free

we have to break all the clocks!

and burn every calendars!

Turn off this fucking crap!

I stopped filming, I quite!

Drop it!

Stick this microphone up your ass!

I told you to stop record!
I don't wanna anymore!

Stay in the movie! There's no reason for fight!

It's remaining just a few scenes for the end!

I don't wanna anymore! This is so tiring and boring!

Turn off this fucking shit!

So you don't wanna shoot anymore?
Then go to the fucking hell!

I'll go there but won't back to the shoot with you anymore!

Fucking director!

And turn of this shit!

"No conditions" to do what you want

is not a excuse for don't do what you want!

All your life is a farce!

Leave the fantasies and live your own life!

My name is Ivan, dammit!

I'm unemployed!

I've directed O raiva, O carni?a coz I am Brazilian!

I'm here 'cause like women

I like drinking and messing up!

My name is Schutz

Unemployment is my last name

I drink until fall! And I do macho movie!

I am legendary Seberoth. I drink until fall!

I drink from dawn to evening
and I wake up to drink

I pick the girls and...

Sequence 32, take 1. Action!

Bastards we are! We demand bread and water!

Bread and water for those who are hungry!


Everyone, stand still!

Takes this shit here!

Come on!

Pretend we are recording! Recording like crazy!

You are crazy! Like crazy!


Go! Go! Go!

Action! Go!

Now the poster guy come here!

Everyone go!

The Enjoyment of Chaos!

Sequence 34! Action!



and I thought that never would reach to the end.

Canibal filmes is...

This is the story dude

Jesus is Holy Mary Aparecida's son

She is the real mother

She fed him

She did raise and educate him

So, since Jesus is Holy Mary Aparecida's son

Jesus is BLACK!