A Cup of Coffee with Marilyn (2019) - full transcript

An audacious Italian journalist who has interviewed the most powerful people on Earth is sent to Hollywood to chase her most evasive subject yet, Marilyn Monroe.

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Can you take another route please?

I’m in a hurry.

Are you going to a premiere or something?

Relax, public can’t see nothing anyway.

I’m not public, I’m press.

Were you not supposed to get there earlier then?

Not that this is your business

but I’ve learned ten minutes ago that Marilyn Monroe is pregnant

and I have to catch her before she enters

Please don’t tell anyone I told you this.

I don’t care about that, but we ain’t moving from here.

Yes I see.

Thank you.

Thank you.
Thank you!

So, did you really come here just to bring me the shirts then?

Not at all, in fact I wanted to ask you a few questions.

It's always work with you.

Sure, I'd be honored to be included
in that Hollywood reportage that you're writing

It came time to reveal the ugly truth.

So, what type of person is Marilyn Monroe?

She's a nice girl,
I think she's about your age

but she's shy,
and full of fears of being stupid.

Once a reporter came on set and asked her
what her favorite color was

and she came to me and asked:
Jean, what's your favorite color?

And I said: Have you never asked yourself before?

And she said: Well, I don't know,
you tell me, you're a painter!

So I said “Red” and “why red?”

“Because it’s striking, like you”.

She replied with the exact same words to that journalist.

So, basically, you might as well interview me.

But I don’t feel the need not to truthful Jean

I’d just like you to help me find her

She’s not here.

She moved back to New York after she broke with Fox
and she only listens to Milton Greene now so...

I know all about that,

but you can help me I’m sure

I’m afraid, there is nothing
I can do or anybody else can do, I’m sorry.

But there must be a way!

Come on, I met just recently the Queen of Iran.

How hard can it be to get an appointment with this “actress”?

Miss Fallaci,

America is a free country,

but there are two people you can’t talk to face to face:

Eisenhower and Marilyn Monroe

Newspaper! Newspaper! Newspaper!

How did it go at the Times?

A disaster.

First thing they mistook me for a student

and then they told me it would have been easier
to invite Rockefeller out for breakfast.

There's nothing left to do other
than looking for her at her favorite spots.

And you hope to meet her by chance?

Oriana, we are not at the bar in the piazza,
we're in America.

Here is a jungle and everyone wants
to put their hands on Marilyn.

It's a source of gold, that girl.

Did I say to my boss I will write the piece?

Then I must write a piece about Marilyn
with the words from Marilyn herself in it.

Do you think he will ever appoint me with something more
substantial if I can't even interview an actress?

Where are you going?

Irving, I'm so glad you made it

Oriana, this is my last attempt to help you.

Talk to him - don't bother he's blind as a bat!

Nice to meet you miss Fallaci,
my name is Irving Hoffman.

Irving Hoffman, I know who you are.

I remember Jean told me that you personally took
the Queen to try a New York hot dog

you must be a big man if you look after Princes and Princesses.

I know a few things about you

Thank you

You're sharp pen

but most importantly, you can't sleep until
you get an interview with Marilyn Monroe.

You laugh but it's true.
I may be visually impaired but I can see that it haunts you.


You know, I always wanted to visit America,
since I was a little girl.

This job gave me the chance to come here

and look at me, here I am, taken to ransom by an American woman
who doesn't even know what her favorite color is

You seem tough,

but you're wrong to think that Marilyn
isn't a tough one as well.

She moved to New York because she spoke up against the Studios!

Yes but just because Milton Greene washed her brain you know?

Anyway, that's not the point.

The point is I do know the personal address
of a bunch of stars,

including my friend Marilyn

and of course I wanna help out a friend of my friend Jean.

You could have said it straight away

this is the first good news
I've heard in the last 48 hours mr Hoffman,

shall we go now?

Forget it - we're not going anywhere tonight.

First of all we will send her a telegram.

The only thing you can do now is have a nice sleep Miss Fallaci.


Ok, ok!

Did you have a nice sleep Miss Fallaci?

Unfortunately the address I had was wrong,

In fact I forgot to mention last night
she changes address every month,

this time it just happened faster
than usual and I was not informed.

But you said she was your friend.

Did I use the word: Friend?


Anyway, no panic. I have a couple of people in mind
who will definitely help us.

Who's the first one?

No darling, I need to do this.


Actually, would you mind going to get us
some coffee, darling?

I'd rather stay here and listen.

Hi, Hi, it's Irving Hoffman, ok just quickly...
Do you have the current address of, of Marilyn?

Everyone said they ignored the address

a bunch of snobbish and powerful men
who cold have known where their dear friend was

but didn't know

perhaps after all I was not bothered not to meet her,

but at this point never could I have
confessed it and abandoned my research

Oh my god thank you, thank you so much. Perfect.
Thanks Lois, Good bye. Bye.

We got the address, same building as Milton Greene!

Lois Weber press agent close to her will talk to her
about you and get back to us as soon as she can,

just stay close to a telephone and wait for more news.

Let's go, let's go!


You convinced me to send you to New York full
of expectations to interview Marilyn

and you end up on the newspaper while you're stalking her.

Do you understand you're playing with your name in America?
Even here your colleagues are laughing at you!

You never liked Hollywood! And now it looks like
a matter of life and death to you.

Send me 150 words on Eddie Fisher who cheats
on his wife with Elizabeth Taylor,

by tonight!

What kind of Hollywood piece would it be without Marilyn in it?

It's a source of gold, that girl.

Precious... like an orchid

That call never arrived,

so I decided to buy a return ticket to Milan.

I hated New York, I hated Marilyn

with all her curves, her golden curls, her fears.

I was happy to leave. Goodbye New York.

Marilyn said she'd love to meet Miss Fallaci,
perhaps tomorrow morning?

Two tickets for New York

I fixed you an appointment with Arthur Miller
to discuss the Hollywood Ten trial.

There will be Marilyn too, I was told.

Probably she will make you coffee,
so you'll finally meet her.

Don't even mention that name,

my doctor said it's very bad for my health

Hello! Hello!

Come in!

Thank you

Oh, it's true what they say, you really look like him

I used to get annoyed by this notion

I have too much respect for Lincoln
and didn't want to believe it

but one day my daughter found a coin
with Lincoln's image on it

and started screaming that they printed
daddy's face on the coin.

I guess we're similar,
especially on the left side of the face.

Oh yes. But can I ask you why on the door though?

Oh, when I met her Marilyn used to have it
in her bedroom above the head board

but it made me look uncomfortable at the severe look
of him so when we got married I begged her to move it

and now it's more of encouragement before leaving the house

We took this apartment a long time ago,

but a lot has happened last year.

First there was the film in England,
then the trial, then the miscarriage,

so we've only just started to decorate it just now.

Marilyn truly cares about our home,
because we spend most of our days here.

She makes good pasta and bread.

We don't have many friends, we go out very rarely,

you know, she just blocks the traffic in the street,

everyone recognizes her, even under plenty of clothes.

It still irritates me in a way.

They say she wears wigs in order to be in disguise.

And did the pasta manage to distract you from the trial then?

I think they would have left me alone if I didn't marry her,

They just needed visible names.

He talked extensively about the trial

but I kept getting distracted by one thing only:

when was Marilyn going to serve me this coffee?

You don't wait two hours for coffee!

Would you like a glass of milk or anything?

I would love a cup of coffee, thank you.

Coffee will be out in just a moment.

And... I was very upset when, you know,

I couldn't get the passport to see my wife in London.

Marilyn... Marilyn was very helpful,

I'm a new man since we're together.
I feel more indignation for things.

She's shy and full of fears of being stupid

In fact theres something that I need to tell you right now,

I didn't want to tell you up till now
in order not to ruin the atmosphere.

Well, yesterday Marilyn cut her finger
with a new kitchen knife that she bought,

she's in the hospital right now.

I was hoping she could make it but
apparently she's got very high fever

due to infection I guess, she needs to rest now.

I am deeply sorry about this.

She heard the stories about you
and she was very curious to meet you

and also kind

because she even agreed to have a chat
with you to apologize for what happened two years ago.

We were in Connecticut together at that time,

it had to be a secret so nobody could inform you.

It's ironic, isn't it?

Oh yes...

So, thank you.

Miss Fallaci!

Mr Miller,

are you really sure your wife exists?