A Cry in the Night (1956) - full transcript

Owen Marks, parked at Lovers' Loop with girlfriend Liz Taggart, surprises a peeping Tom, who knocks him out and kidnaps Liz. The police leap into action when they learn the victim is a cop's daughter. Kidnapper Harold Loftus, the unhinged product of a smothering mother, makes ineffectual advances toward Liz, who staves him off as the police close in, hindered as much as helped by her overprotective father Capt. Dan Taggart.

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"Well, there it is. The city."

"It could be your town."

"Or my town."

"How well do you know it?"


"What did you expect?"

"We call this Lover's Loop."

"Every town has one."

"Kids always have things to talk over."

"Questions about life."

"About the high school prom."

"Or the latest in rock and roll."

"All sorts of problems."

"Many many things to talk over."


"Sometimes without words. Just .."

"Just music."

"What do they call it?"

"The universal language?"

"A place where they can be alone."

"Away from Mom and Dad who .."

"They think are a little
old-fashioned and square."

"They worry about their kids."

"What is there to worry about?"

Some people.

Remind me not to comeback
here on our anniversary.

I'll remind you.

Did anyone ever tell you
that you are beautiful?



Five times in the last five minutes.

You are beautiful.

Oh, you're are just saying that
because I'm going to marry you.

But when?


How soon?


I'd marry you tonight.

Except ..
- I haven't met your family.

Is that what you mean?

You'll meet them.



That's a favorite word
of yours, isn't it.

Come on Liz, what's wrong?


Why don't we tell them tonight?

Please, Owen.

Let me handle it my way.
- Handle what?

Liz, I love you.
What is all the mystery?

It is no mystery.

I love you too, Owen.

Very much.

You just got to be a little patient.


Maybe your folks are planning
to give you to me for Christmas?

Wouldn't that be a wonderful
time for a wedding?

Merry Christmas.

Owen, what's the matter?
- I'll be right back.

Hey, you.

What do you want?

I said, what do you want?


What's the matter?

Nothing, honey, Just ..


You've killed him.

Help! Help!


Sock her again. They love it.

I thought you were with me, sugar.


[ Radio chatter ]

Only a little after midnight and
my tail bone thinks it is 4am.

Is that what you think with?
I was wondering.

When do we stop for coffee?

What's the matter?
No romance in your soul?

Okay, we'll swing around The Loop.

I wonder where those
kids get their energy.

It's time we made tracks, baby.

Before your old lady
starts throwing a fit.

Ah, she'd sooner throw
a fit than breathe.

Here. Have one for the road.

Stop! We dropped the bottle.


Hey, look at the crazy drunk.

What happened?


He is out like a light.

Suppose he is dead?

Listen. Let's get out of here.

Lovers Loop.

Busy little birds and
busier little bees.

What's wrong with their homes that
they have to hit this kind of a place?

Come on. I can taste the java.

- Yeah, Tony?

Looks like we're in business.

You think he's drunk?

He is too big to be lost.

Oh, brother.

Happy birthday.

There you are.
I have been looking for you.

You sure found us, boy. Come on.

The way you smell sport,
veer a little to the wind.

I got a headache.
- I'll bet.

Hey, look in his eyes.
He might be on the goofballs.

Just loaded.

A two-bottle thirst and
a one-bottle stomach.

I am ..


I want to go home.

You're on your way.

Remember how you go
that cut on your forehead?

A cut?

What cut?

You are okay buddy-buddy.

He doesn't look like tank material.
Why don't we take him home.

Sure. We take him home and
he sets fire to the mattress.

Car 31.
- "Come in 31."

Coming in with a 390.

Roll out the red carpet.
- "Check."

Got room for one more?
- In you go.

What did he do, take
a bath in this stuff?

Put him in the tank.

So long, buddy-buddy.

Next time make it sarsaparilla.

I don't want you to make a sound.

I don't want any trouble.


Picking the pocket of an honest citizen.

Caught you cold this time, Joey.

There's the evidence.
- You can't pin that lousy rap on me.

I'm as clean as a whistle.

You are just wasting
the taxpayers' money.

Yeah. Wasting the money
and catching thieves.

In there, Joey.

Are you the complaining witness?
- I'm not complaining.

I just want to get my wallet back.

Well, I'm sorry. We got to
keep this for evidence.

We need some information
before we release you.

Oh, of course, officer. You can
count on my fullest cooperation.

Good, good.
- Thank you.

Just a moment. In there.

There is a man in the tank that
doesn't belong there, Sergeant.

Did he tell you that, Doc?

No. I examined him.

Sure. As soon as I finish this
booking slip on our friend Joey.

Look, I want him out of there right now.

What's his name?
- Clark.

Owen Clark and he doesn't belong there.

Let me see .. Owen Clark?

There's his booking: "D and D".

I guess I have to talk
to the captain, huh?

Sure, sure. Help yourself.

Do you want to see me, Doc?

Why yes, Captain.

I heard what you were saying out there.
What about this guy Clark?

I'll admit he looks drunk.

To the layman anyway, but ..
- But what?

I think he was slugged. Probably robbed.

Is that your medical opinion?

He sustained a severe blow
on the head. That I know.

A copy of the booking slip.

It shows he had his money
and his wristwatch on.

That blows half of your
theory, doesn't it, Doc.

I am sorry, Captain.

But I think the man is suffering
from concussion and shock.

Any reason he couldn't have tripped in
his drunken stupor and hit his head?

I don't think he tripped. I think he
was hit by some blunt instrument.

All drunks claim they were
hit by some blunt instrument.

Right. What do you want to do with him?

Run a blood test, take an X-Ray.
See the extent of the damage.

I can give you the exact degree in 30
minutes if you still doubt my diagnosis.

It's not your diagnosis, Doc.
It's your guesswork.

Jack, Captain Bates.
- "Yes?"

That drunk and disorderly that
Chavez and Gerrity brought in.

If he can walk let's see if he can talk.

"Want him, Captain?"
- Yeah, bring him in here.


Get out.
- No.

I don't want to hurt you.

It's no use screaming.
No-one will hear you.

Let me go!

I won't go in there.

They'll get you.

You'll never get away.

You killed him.
- No, I didn't.

I saw him move.

I saw him move.

Then you can let me go.

No, I can't.

Yes, you can!

Let go! Help!

Someone is always trying to steal one
of your customers aren't they, Jack.

Don't worry. We'll take care of him.

Come on, fellah. Sit down.

He has probably a slight loss of
memory but he is coming around.

What's the matter?>

You tell us.

What happened tonight?

Try to concentrate. You've been
hurt and we want to help you.

Where am I?

No, no. Don't get frightened.

I'm a doctor. We'll take care of you.

Look, fellah. Remember your name?

My name?

I am Owen Clark.

Where do you live?
- Eleven ..

1109 Fenmore Drive.

What do you do for a living?

I'm an automobile salesman. Why are
you asking me all these questions?

The police picked you up. You were
charged with drunk and disorderly.

I'm not drunk.

You don't smell exactly like a rose.

Look. What were you doing
up on The Lop tonight?

The Loop?

I was there with my girl.

I asked you what you were doing there.

We were talking.

What else?

Come on. That gimmick on your
head. You didn't get that by talking.

Something happened.

There was a man in the
bushes watching us.

What about him?

He must have slugged me.

I'd gotten out of the car and turned the
flash on him to see what he wanted.

He's got Liz.

Liz? Who is Liz?
- Liz. My girl.

He took my girl.
- Take it easy.

Why do you think he took her?

When I came to after he slugged me
I looked for my car. It was gone.

What kind of car?

A blue convertible. I've been
using it as a demonstrator.

Maybe Liz drove it away?

And leave me there like that?

We are engaged to be married.


Alright, alright.

What's your girl's name?

Her name is Elizabeth Taggart.

Her father is a cop too.

Not Captain Taggart's kid?
Is that who your girl is?

Dan Taggart.

He left here less than an hour ago.

And he doesn't even know.

How do you tell a guy that
his kid has been grabbed.

Well, you know I just
got the shock of my life.

I thought the Taggarts were out of beer.

What's the picture tonight?

I don't know. They're still
selling beauty cream.

They can't sell any
beauty in this house.


I'm a little tired.
I think I'll go to bed.

What's the matter, no salami sandwich?

No thanks, Dan.

Goodnight, Helen.
- Goodnight, Madge.

Are you sure you won't have some coffee?

No. No thanks.

I thought her friend Ruth was supposed
to fix her up with a date tonight.

According to Madge, at the last
minute he was called out of town.

Well, she is better off without
those good-time-Charlies. Here.

She looks a little green though.

How do you like that?

Another one of those cop pictures.

Oh no.

Is Madge feeling alright?

She is feeling fine.

Why do you always ask questions?
- Who is asking questions?

I just want to know what
is bothering Madge.

She isn't married is what bothers you.

She is 37 years old and not married.

She is lonely.


Madge, lonely?
She is living here with us.

Did you ever think
maybe that isn't enough?

Don't know what you're saying. Madge
is one of us. She's one of the family.

Well, we are not Madge's family.

Madge hasn't a family.

That's just a lot of nonsense.
I'm her brother.

Yes, Dan. You are her brother.

Her big brother.

You get her to see a doctor.

Give her a little tonic.

Maybe she is run down or something.

Liz asleep?

Liz isn't home yet.

Where is she?
- Out on a date.

A date?

Look, Dan. Liz will be home any minute.
Don't get yourself started again, huh.

Doesn't it bother you
that she isn't home yet?

I don't know any reason I should be
bothered. Other girls go out on dates.

Yeah, but Liz is just a little kid.

She's not a kid, Dan.
She's an 18-year-old girl.

Alright, alright. So she
just turned 18 a month ago.

Who is she out with?

A young man.

What about him?

I don't know. I didn't
ask what about him.

Liz says he is a very nice young man.

Look Dan, don't you understand?
You mustn't ask so many questions.

Why not? Aren't you interested in
who your daughter is going out with?

Of course I'm interested.
I am very interested.

But I don't want to chase him away.

Keeping her out this late,
maybe we ought to chase him away.

Don't you know when to stop?
Don't you ever know when to stop?

I don't stop. Not me.

Not when it is my family.

[ Doorbell ]

Now maybe we'll get
a look at this wise-guy.

That keeps my kid out until
one o'clock in the morning.

Ed. What's the idea?

Dan, can I talk to you for a minute?
- Sure. Come on in.

I need to talk to you out
here if you don't mind.

It's some precinct business.
- We'll just be a minute, hon.

What's the matter, Ed?
Are you in trouble?

We're both in trouble.
- What's up?

Now don't get excited. It's about Liz.

Liz? Has she been hurt?

This isn't going to be easy to take.

Quit stalling. Tell me what
happened to my kid.

She was grabbed.


It seems she was up at
The Loop tonight with some boy.

That kid took her up there? Where is he?

We got him down at headquarters.

The guy that grabbed Liz slugged
him and knocked him cold.

When did this happen?

About an hour ago. Right after midnight.

Any idea where she is?

The whole department
is on it. Every man.

Ed, have you got anything to
go on? Anything at all?

All units have been alerted.

We've got an APB out on the boy's car.

Ogilvy has got communications
lit up like a Christmas tree.

We won't miss a bet on this, Dan.
- Yeah.

Wait here. I'll be back in a minute.


You are not leaving the house.
- What?

Your shift ended at midnight.
You're not on this case.

Your place is home here with Helen now.

I've news for you. I'm going after this
guy and when I find him I will kill him.

That's the reason you
shouldn't be on the case.

For the same reason they don't allow
doctors operate on their own families.

You are personally involved in this.
You would do more harm than good.

I'm not a doctor. I'm a cop.

Nobody keeps me off this case.

Where are you going?

I got to take care of something.
- Liz? It's Liz isn't it?

Yeah. It's Liz.

Dan, tell me. What's happened to her?
- That boy.

That boy you didn't want to ask any
questions in case he was scared away.

What about him?
- He took her up to Lover's Loop.

That's the kind of very nice
young man he turned out to be.

Did he hurt her?

Dan, I want to know.

Dan. Tell her.

She was grabbed.


Take care of her will you.
- Yes, Dan.

We've alerted the shore patrol and
immigration in case he heads for Mexico.

We've got a ..

Couple of men contacting the all-night
service stations and garages.

Keeping them on the alert.

What about the taxi drivers? The outfits
with the radio-controlled cabs?

Checked and double-checked.

Look Dan, I know how you feel but ..

This is a job for the department
and hot a personal vendetta.

I'm on the case until we get the guy.

Will you lay off.

Did you locate Sam Patrick yet?
- Yes, he's on his way over, Captain.

He was babysitting his grandchildren
over on the other side of town.

How you feeling?

A little rocky but I'll live.

You'd better. I'm going to need
you to identify some photographs.

Oh, I forgot. You two
don't know each other.

Captain Taggart - Owen Clark.

You are Liz's father?

I am Liz's father.

What were you doing
up on that hill with Liz?

Dan, take it easy.

What gave you the right to take
her up to a place like that?

Captain. I'm just a doctor, but ..
- Too right you're just the doctor.

Remember that.

Oh, you smart characters,
taking girls up to places like that.

Trying to prove what big-shots you are.

The moment there's
trouble you yell for help.

It isn't true.
- It's not the case ..

Why couldn't you leave her alone?
Who asked you to come near her?

Cut it out, Dan. Now cut it out.

Look. You know like I do that place
is full of kids every night of the week.

Not my kid. She is not that kind.

She knows better.

She has been trained to know better.

Her father.

What a crazy way to meet her father.

Captain, Chavez and I are sorry.
- Thanks.

Did you find anything?
- Just this.


I must have dropped it
when he slugged me.

Can't you handle him? Or are
you only a big man with the girls?


Captain Bates.
- "Captain?"

Get me Ogilvy in communications.

"Right. Communications. Ogilvy."

Vince? Bates.

Need info urgent on that new
convertible. What have you got?

Vince, that guy has got my kid.
Don't let him get away.

We're throwing a block on all the exits
out of the city as far as 101 and 395.

Both north and south.
We can handle those ourselves.

But on US 80 and State 94 the only
good checkpoints are in the county.

"Is the sheriff cooperating?"

A hundred percent.

Don't worry, Dan.
There's no loophole on this one.

Thanks, Vince. Thanks.


Go home.

I'm staying.

This is the only thing rolling tonight.
If anything breaks I'll give you a yell.

If I could only get my
hands on him just once.

Will you go home.

Helen shouldn't be alone.

She isn't alone. She's got Madge.

Dan, maybe Madge isn't enough tonight.

I'm staying.

What is that?

What is it?

It's nothing.

Just a dog.

A little dog.

It's dead.

It was crying.

It wouldn't stop crying.

It cried all last night.

I had to make it stop crying.

You are crying.

Why are you crying?

Stay away from me.

Don't come near me.

I won't hurt you.

You hurt Owen.

I didn't mean ..

I didn't mean to hurt him.
I don't mean to hurt anybody.

What do you call what
you did to that dog?

But it was crying. It was
making all kinds of noise.

I didn't want it to make trouble for me.

Let me go!

Let me go!

Don't scream!

I don't like people who scream.

If I take my hand away.

Will you promise not to scream?

That's better, isn't it?

You are nice.

I'll get rid of the dog.
It won't bother you anymore.


And now.

Now you can let me go.

I can't let you go.

You'll tell the police what I did to
that boy. You'll get me in trouble.


No, I won't.

I promise I won't.

I'll take the dog away.

It won't be so bad if I
take the dog away.

Poor little puppy.

[ Buzzer ]

Captain Bates.

"Ogilvy, Captain. We've found the car."


In a gully at the bottom of the loop.
About a dozen feet off the road.

What about the girl?

"There's another set of tyre tracks."

"The guy must have had a car
stashed away in the bushes."

You know what to tell the boys, Vince.
Hands off until we get there.

This is it.

This is your car?
- Yep.

Pretty thin tracks.


He must have been
driving a pre-war wreck.

Those narrow tyres.

Hey, Dan.

Look at this.
- Yeah.

Looks like one wheel
had an oversized tire.

Yeah. We'll get the lab to work on that.

Get us a plaster impression.

The lab won't be open until
tomorrow morning and by then ..

We'll stick with it, Dan.
We'll find her.

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

I got rid of the dog.

You don't have to cry any more.

They will never find us.

I'm the only one that
knows about this place.


I have something for you.

Something I think you will like.

Now don't you try anything.

Daddy, daddy, daddy.


You can scream but no-one will hear you.


I told you not to try anything.

Stay away from me. Don't come near me.


Look, I brought you something.

A little present.

Don't you even want to see what it is?

No I don't.

I don't care.

All I want is for you to let me go.

You're nice.

So soft.



Look what I brought you.

See what's inside.

See what's inside!

What's the matter? Do you
think it is going to hurt you?

I don't want to have
anything to do with it.

But it's pretty.

It's pretty.
Don't you think it is pretty?

And .. it is just your size.

Maybe it is a little too long.

I always wanted to
give a girl a present.

Just something nice.

Something she'd really like.

My mother.

She mustn't know about this.

Your mother?

She ..

She doesn't like me to
give presents to anyone.

She wants everything for herself.

You're crazy.

You're crazy.

Don't you call me that.

I don't like anyone to call me that.

Look. Wake up will you.

I didn't do anything.

I didn't shoot. Now wake up.

I don't want any trouble.

That boy gave me trouble.

And the little dog.
I don't want any more trouble.

Wake up, will you.

Wake up.

Wake up!

Will you wake up.

Operator. Can you connect me
with the police department.

Jensen. Central precinct.

I am so worried, officer.

I hope I am doing the right thing.

What's your trouble, lady?

My son Harold isn't home yet.

And he is always home at
this hour of the night.

"You think something
has happened to him?"

Well I don't know.

I worry about him all the time.

And I tried very hard to
make a good home for him.

What do you want to do lad,
file a missing persons report?

Well, I am not sure, officer.

It is just that.

There isn't any cake
or pie in the house.

And baby is such a good boy.

The sweetest darling in the world.

You want to give us a physical
description on "Baby"?

A physical description?


I think he is a very handsome boy.

But that is because I am his mother
and I am very devoted to him.

Just his name, height, weight
and the color of his eyes, lady.

Well, baby has brown eyes.

The deepest, softest
eyes you've ever seen.

"Height and weight?"

Well, he is very tall.

He is over six feet.

"And he weighs at least
two hundred pounds."

"Over six feet and two hundred pounds?"

Wait a minute. How old is baby?

He'll be thirty-two on the 19th.


What did you say his name is?
- "Harold."

"Harold Loftus."



Phone number?

Adams 3176.

Officer, it is just that
I can't get to sleep.

Without a piece of that apricot pie.

And Harold is always home by this hour.

Sure, lady. Sure. Now look.

If baby doesn't show up pretty
soon call us again, huh?

He's probably just spending extra
time saying goodbye to his girlfriend.

Not my Harold.

He is not that kind.

Did Sam Patrick get here yet?

Yeah, he's inside Waiting.
Any luck, Captain?

How is the call sheet coming?
- Oh, the usual.

Fathers calling in about
their runaway daughters.

Old ladies getting lost on the
way home from bingo parties.

Same as every night.


Hiya, Vince. Jensen.

Got a new entry for your MP roster.

A real big one.

Over six feet, 200 pounds. Name: Loftus.

Yeah, Vince. Harold Loftus.

This is no schoolboy.
This baby is 32 years old.

No. Not his wife.

His mother.

Dan, I'm sorry.

Thanks for coming down Sam,
but we're in big trouble.

Nothing definite going, huh?
- Not yet, no.

Sam, do you think that this guy could
be one of the boys in your file?

What? Grab a cop's kid?

What would be the percentage?

Maybe he didn't know it was a cop's kid.

My boys would know.

Are you the one that was with her?

Yeah, he is the one. He got slugged.

Sam here has a history on every
hood, thief and psycho in town.

Worked with the vice
squad for twenty years.

Just a job. At nights I run electric
trains for my grandchildren.

Sam, show him the pictures.
Maybe he can spot something.

Dan, not one of my boys.
Not up on the loop.

That's strictly for amateurs.

We haven't got anything to
go on. Show him the pictures.


Here you are, kid. Pick a winner.

Well, it happened so quickly I'm not ..

Not sure what he looked like.

Come on! Haven't you caused enough
trouble for one night? Keep looking.

Captain, I don't know if
this means anything.

But this last missing persons.
Report I can't figure it.


What do you mean?

Well, it was a dame.

And the way she kept going on and
on about not getting her apricot pie.

And the way her sonny-boy always brought
it when he came home from work.

I couldn't tell which she missed most.
Sonny-boy or the pie.

So, so, She's worried about her boy.

Her boy is 32 years old.

Just thought I'd mention it, Captain.

Thanks. Give it to Ogilvy.
- Yeah, I already have.

It might be worth a call.

Why, Sam?

Some dame calls up because her
boy hasn't reported home on time?

We get that kind of a call every night.

Yes. But a 32-year old guy is still
tied to his mother's apron strings.

Maybe this is the night he
has been saving it all up ..

To break loose.

What do you think?

Maybe Sam is right.
Might be worth a call.

Adams 3176.

Harold Loftus.

Hello, is this Mrs Loftus?

This is Captain Bates at
the central police station.

I am just checking on that
report you put in on your son.

What did she do?

She hung up. Wouldn't buy it.

Vince? Bates. Look.

There is a phone listed under
the name of Loftus.

Adams 3176. Get the street
and the address will you.

I'll be in the garage waiting to go.


211 Menlow Street.

That should be due east of here.

You getting ideas?

Forget them.

Look Dan, you're going
at this thing all wrong.

Sure. I'm The one who is wrong. But this
guy has got my kid. He is okay, huh?

You are a cop. Try and act like one.

Wait a minute.

Let's take a look at the garage.

Hold it, Dan.

Get back in the car.
- Captain, she is my girl.

Why do you get the idea she's your girl?

Look, you've been on my back
all night. Will you get off.

I wish somebody would get
the idea this is police work.

Not something for sweethearts
or fathers. Just cops.

What guy would take a girl
up to a place like the loop?

You might not like this, Mr Taggart.
But we were forced up there.


Who forced you?
- You did.

Why, I ought to break you in half.

Why was Liz always making excuses
about not wanting to meet her father?

What was she afraid of?

Don't you talk to me like that.
- Who is going to stop me?

Now, Dan.
- I told you to keep out of it.


If you're thinking of giving orders pal,
don't forget I run the nightshift.

You are just there in a rain-check.

I'm here trying to save my kid's life.

You're not the only one.
- He's right, Dan.

Ed. Look at this.

Here it is.

Three regular. One oversized.


Let's go.

You wait in the car.

Yeah. Go ahead.

Harold, where have you been?

Oh. I thought you were Harold.


We'd like to talk to you about Harold.
- Police?

Can we come in? It is important.

What happened to my son? Where is he?

We don't know where he is.
We're trying to locate him.

You know where he is.

What did you do to him?
- What did we do to him?

What makes you think
we'd do things to him?

My poor boy.

My poor misunderstood baby.

Always blaming him for
things that are not his fault.

Have you fellows got something
with you to chew on?

Like gum drops?

Harold always brings
home something sweet.

Always a surprise.

A sweet surprise to his mother.

He is such a sweet, darling baby.

Now you listen to me. That sweet
baby of yours has got my kid.

My coffee. You made me spill my coffee.

I don't care about your coffee.
You son has kidnapped my child.

That's a dirty filthy lie.

We think it is the truth.

An assault with intent to kill.

Get out!

Get out of here. I won't
hear lies about my son.

Mrs Loftus, we haven't got much
time. You have got to help us.

Why should I help you?
All you want to do is hurt him.

You want to get him in trouble.

What about my daughter?
Do you care what he does to her?

Why can't she leave him alone?

We've got to find him.

Now, what about that car he drives?

I won't tell you.
I won't tell you anything.

You've got to tell us.

It may be the only way
you can save your son.


What did you say?

You can help him, Mrs Loftus.

But it's entirely up to you.

I'm his mother.

But if I can't help him.

Who will?

He'd always come to me
if he was in trouble.

He knew I'd help him.

He is all I've got in the world.

Look. He has a car. What kind of a car?

Just some little old runabout.
- What kind?

A black 4-door '41 sedan.

Wait a minute.

There is no record on it.

Well, it is registered under my name.

"Mrs Mabel Loftus".

When you find him.

Don't be too hard on him.

It's not his fault.

It is not our job to punish your son.

All we've got to do is find him.

I don't know whose fault it is when
something like this happens.

Do you?

We'll need this.
We'll return it in the morning.

Well, does he look familiar?

That's the man.
- Alright.

You're willing to testify he's the one
who slugged you? - You bet.

Now all we got to do is find him.



Vince. Dan Taggart.
We've identified the car.

It belongs to a Mrs Mabel
Loftus 211 Menlow Street.

NVB will give you the licence number.

"Right Captain. We'll check it."


You are pretty.

You are so pretty.

I wouldn't hurt you.

You shouldn't be afraid of me.

You shouldn't be afraid of me.

Why don't you let me go?

I'm not going to make trouble for you.

I promise.

It's late.

You hungry?

You are hungry.

What is it?

Just some pie.

Apricot pie.

Well, open it.

I always have the men at the restaurant
wrap it in wax paper so it stays fresh.


You can have it all.

What's the matter, don't
you like apricot pie?

My mother loves it.

Is that who bought it for?

Every night after work I
always stop at this restaurant.

To try and find something
sweet to take home.

She loves something sweet.

Ever since I can remember
she loved something sweet.

Well, why don't you take it to her?

Why don't you bring it to your mother?

If you don't eat this.

If you don't eat this I am
just going to throw it away.

It's all I ever do.

Bring her things.


She always waits up for me.

Never goes to sleep until I get home.

I ..

I try to stay out late and test her
but she always waits up for me.

What's the matter, don't you like it?

I've had enough.

She'll be mad with me for not bringing
anything home tonight but I don't care.

Oh, I hate her.

Why does she always
have to wait up for me?

Why can't she go to sleep.

Do you have any brothers?


You have a sister?

Me neither.

I never had anyone.

Only her.

You could help me.

You could be my friend.

Your friend.

The one in the car.

The one who came after me.

He was kissing you.

I never kissed a girl.


Not if you want me to be your friend.

Won't you be my friend?

If you want me to be your friend.

Only, you will have to let me go.

If I do that you will ..

You will just tell on me.

You don't understand.

I never meant to hurt that fellow.

I was .. I was only watching.

If you only knew what it was like.

All the ..

The people making
fun of you all the time.

Teasing you.

Never being able to trust anyone.

Well, you can trust me.

Only you ..

You can't force people to like you.

You can't ..

Force them to like you.

Your leg.
- What?

You are hurt. I had better ..

We'd better clean that cut.
I'll go and get some water.

No, it's nothing. I don't
want you to do anything.

But I am your friend.
I am going to help you.

I'll get some water.

Don't you be afraid.

Where do you guys come off?

Three o'clock in the morning.

That's no accident.
That had to be planned.

How do you spell Holzapple,
with an "S" or a "Z"?

"Mrs Marie Holzapple."

"Dependant of Sergeant Frederick
Holzapple United States Army."

With a "Z".

I got guys like you
pegged from way back.

Nothing you like better than
breaking into a lady's bedroom ..

And waking her up out of her sleep.

How old are you, Mrs Holzapple?

"Mrs Marie McGinnis."

"Dependant of Chief Yeoman's mate
Francis ex-McGinnis United States Navy."

I'm twenty-three and I can prove it.

The trouble with you guys is
you're all cut out of the same mold.

You figure you break
into a lady's bedroom ..

You figure she might be
taking a shower or a bath.

What are you, cops or plumbers?

Mrs Holzapple.

What is your occupation?

"Mrs Marie Finklestein."

"Dependent of Private First Class Irving
Finklestein. United States Marines."


Mama-mia, what a woman.

Isn't there a law against
things like that?

What kind of a crack is that?
I'm a housewife.

You are a what?

I'm a housewife.

"Mrs Maria Batchalupe."

"Dependant of Able Seaman
Dominic Anthony Batchalupe."

"United States Coastguard."


Anything wrong with me having
problems with the high cost of living?

In there, lady. In there.

Any break on that Loftus car?

Communications hasn't reported a thing.

What's the matter with them?
They've had half an hour.

They've got everything out
that can roll. It's a big city.

You know some guys stretch their patrols
from coffee joint to coffee joint.

If they'd spend a little less time
trying to impress the waitresses.

Dan, in my office.

Ed, I can't sit around and wait any
longer. How do we find this guy?

Why don't you go home?
- Yeah. Why don't you.

I'd rather stick around.

Not much you can do.
Not much any of us can do.

What about the fleabags on Skid Row? The
buck-eyed rooming houses north of town?

Not a chance, Captain.

Why not? Why can't we give it a try?

It won't work, Dan.

This kind of a monkey avoids
human contact like the plague.

He retreats deeper and deeper
into his own version of security.

Security? How does that
fit into this kind of case?

That's what starts them
out in the first place.

The need for emotional security.

At least that's the explanation
the psychiatrists agree on.

Don't want explanations. Get me a squad.
I'll rouse every joint on main street.

You won't find him there.

Where? That's all I want to know.
Ed, where do we find him?

I don't know.

I can only say that in his own mind the
man has gone back as far as he can go.

Where? Ed, this guy has got my kid.

Where does a guy like this go?

I don't know, Dan.
I'm a cop not a psychiatrist.

You heard what Sam said.
You saw what his mother is like.

This guy can go in any direction.
He has a mother complex a mile wide.

A man's mother?

Is that what you are trying to tell me?

A man's mother is to blame for this?

I'm not blaming anyone, Dan.

I'm just trying to crack the case.

Dan. Where are you going?

Home. It's where I belong.

This was all I could get
to bring water in.

Get out of my way.

I'm only going to fix
the cut on your legging.

If you don't.

I'm going to kill you.

I'm going to kill you.

Go ahead.

It's empty.

I thought I could trust you.

I thought that you were my friend.

But you are not my friend.

You just want to get me
in trouble. That's all.

That's all you want to do.

Where did you get these things?

We had to move.

We moved to a new house .. it was ..

In some old trunk up in the attic.

May I have them?

My, they are pretty, aren't they.

You said before I could have them.

You could have had them.

That's what I was saving
them for, some girl.

I was saving them for my girl.

You are my girl.

Yes you are.

You could be nice to me.


If you yell I'll kill you.

Who was that?

A police car.

This is the car alright.

There is nothing in here.

He is around here somewhere.

Boy, what a place to hide.

We'd better call in.
We're going to need some help.

I'll go out there and tell
them that I am alright.

And then they will let you go.

I know what you will tell them.

You're hurting me.

They think I don't know anything?

I'll show them how much I know.

Come on.

I can't. I can't walk.

Car 73. McEvoy reporting. Car 73.

"Shoot. What have you got?"

On the Taggart case. We found the car.


The old brick yard.
On the east side of town.

Across the railroad viaduct.

Wait a minute.
I'll tell it to the captain.

Captain Bates. Radio, sir.

Okay Vince, I'll talk to Mack.

Mack. Listen to me.

Ogilvy seems to think you
have got this guy pegged.

So lay low and give us a
few minutes to get out there.

Maybe split up.
One of you take the gate.

We don't want to panic this guy
into hurting Taggart's kid but ..

We don't want him to get away.

He won't get away, Captain.

Okay, I'm counting on you and Grant.

Don't let me down.

If he does anything to that girl I'll ..

Sure, kid.

I'll help you.

I'll take the gate.

I thought the brickyard
was east of town.

We're detouring for a
minute in twenty seconds.

To pick up a cop named Taggart.

He couldn't just disappear
without a trace.

Where could he have taken her?

I don't know.

The guy is a nut.

A loony like that could do anything.


Do you think we'll ever
see Liz alive again?

If we don't you know
whose fault it will be?

Whose fault?

You can't mean Helen's?

Why Helen's fault?

Why not yours?

What do you mean by that?
Have you gone crazy?

Maybe. Maybe I went
crazy fifteen years ago.

Now don't bring that up now.

Why not? Don't tell me it hurts.

Don't tell you have learned
anything these last fifteen years.

The only thing on my mind
tonight is Liz. Nothing else.


Not even a sneaking suspicion you may be
the reason for what's happened to Liz?


Please, Madge.
Please don't say any more.

And why not? Hasn't he
done enough damage?

Isn't it time he was told?

Told? Told what?
What are you talking about?

Why do you think Liz and
that boy went up on that hill?

Because Liz was afraid
to bring him home.

Because she was afraid of
what you might do to him.

What? What would I do to him?

Browbeat him. Question him.

The third degree as only you can pour
it on until the kid turned tail and ran.

Alright. Maybe I am a little extra
careful about who goes out with my kid.

But I got good reason to be.
I'm a policeman.

I know what goes on.
I see it every day of my life.

For 20 years I've dealt with nothing
but thieves, with vultures, with dirt.

You think I want my
kid to be part of that?

Isn't that exactly what
she is part of tonight?

And you blame me for that?


You don't believe that do you?

You don't think anything like that?

How many times I've asked if you
could stop being a policeman at home.

And just be a father.

A good father.

I am a good father.

I'd kill anybody who
tried to hurt my kid.

That's it, Dan.

Liz was always a policeman's
daughter. Not just another child.

Other kids on the block steered clear of
her because you were such a good father.

Just the same way you
were such a good brother.

The same way, Dan.

All these years you've held
that against me, eh Madge?

Let me tell you something.

Charlie Collins was a
no-good four-flushing liar.

I did you the greatest favor of your
life the day I booted him out the house.

Do you still think you did me a favor?

You never asked me if I loved him.

[ Doorbell ]


That breakdown yard
across the railroad viaduct.

We think that's where he's got her.


You won't let him hurt Liz?

You'll do everything you can?

We'll do all we can. Every one of us.

Alright. Now come on.

Even if I could walk it
wouldn't do you any good.

They will find you wherever you go.

Where I'm going they
won't find us. Look.

You are my girl now.

They are not going to
take you away from me.

Not while I am alive.

They are still here, Captain.
- 0kay. Get in.

What a place.

Straight ahead, Captain.
- Right.

Any sign of them?
- Not a thing.

There's a thousand places around
here where a rat could burrow.

Where did that boy get to?
- He must have left us back there.

Don't worry. If he sees
anything he'll holler.

Frank, you and Grant see if you
can find an entrance to the plant.

Right, Captain.


There is how your rat got out.

Let's get him out of here.

Watch yourself, Dan. I'll be right back.
- Right.

Daddy, don't!

Daddy, stop! Please stop!

Mother, help me!

Take him away will you, Ed.

Daddy, take me.

Come on home.

You too.