A Crooked Somebody (2017) - full transcript

An attention-seeking psychic is kidnapped and tries to use the situation to boost his popularity.

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♪ Ah yeah ah yeah

♪ Can't stop doing
what you want to ♪

♪ Turn back
We're taking it solo ♪

And now, for an evening
of psychic entertainment...

bring your hands together,
and open your hearts.

Please welcome...
Michael Vaughn.

Brian is asking me to take
your hand. May I?

Your son loved animals,
didn't he?

Oh, yes, he rode horses
his entire life...

right up until the end.

And I'm seeing-- he's showing me
one horse in particular.

It's a shiny, dark coat,
brown or black, maybe.

When he was a kid, we had
a brown mare named Indy.

Gorgeous animal.

You're seeing Indy?

Well, it's pretty tough
to miss her.

Brian's only riding her 24-7.

And you know what else?

You've never seen a smile
like the one on his face.

There's no more pain,
there's only joy...

but with the joy, I am
seeing a stone wall.

And when I'm shown a wall or a
fence, it usually means...

it was a guarded relationship,
maybe some things left unsaid.

Plenty of love there... but it
was rarely expressed.

Wasn't your idea to come
tonight, was it, Earl?

No, it sure wasn't.

Cynthia.It's okay.

It's in your nature
to be skeptical.

You're a practical man who
doesn't like the idea...

of some fast-talking

digging into his personal

But the fact that you let
Cynthia drag you here tonight...

that tells me that you've
got a big heart, Earl...

that you'd do anything
for your family.

Brian knows that, too...

and it means a heck of a lot
to him that you're here.

Now that you've got him here...

is there anything you want
to say to your son?

I love him.

Tell him directly.

I love you, Brian.

Tell him like you really
mean it, Earl.

Tell him like you wish you had
before he crossed over.

I love you, boy,
and I miss you so much.

Brian loves you, too.

But you gotta chip away
at that stone wall.

Not just for Brian's sake,
for the sake of your children...

that haven't crossed over yet.

You do have other children,
don't you?

Yes, two girls.

You gotta do it for your
daughters, Earl.

Yeah, yeah.

And for that grandson...

who's gonna be joining
your family soon.

You see a grandson on the way?

I may have said too much.

Thank you both for coming

I've got a strong male spirit
coming in...

for someone in this section.

The first name starts
with a "juh" sound.

So, either a J or a G. Maybe a
John, a Jeffrey, a Jim.

Sir, is this connecting
with you?

Are you sure?

This is a father or a father-
type figure. Jacob. George.

Definitely for someone
in this section.

I've got a lot of images
coming through.

Okay, I'm gonna leave
that one then.

I've got a feeling he'll
be back.

This guy's got a lot to say.

Folks, I want to help connect
you with your loved ones...

but I can't do that if you're
not making yourselves available.

So please remain open and ready
to accept connections.

All right?

Um, I have an older female
spirit coming in...

for someone in this section.

They want me to talk
to a Debbie or Darlene.

Does anyone in this section
have a name like that?

My name's Debra.

Debra, why is this spirit
showing me an album cover...

for the Mamas and the Papas?

Oh my god, my grandmother's
name is Cassy.

We always called her
'Mama Cass.'

Well, say hello to your Mama
Cass, she's in the room with us.

Uh, do you have a copy
of my book?

Printer says they're having
trouble keeping up with demand.

Is there a place online where
I could maybe get it cheaper?

Hey, I'll tell you what,
that one is on me.

Are you serious?

Only if you promise to bring
that husband...

the next time I come
through town.

I absolutely will.

Thank you so much.You're welcome.


How you doing?

Oh, can't complain.

Where's Mom?

She's at home, getting ready
for tomorrow.

We've got two services
in the morning.

No rest for the pastor's family.

Well, she missed a good one.

Plenty of, uh... strong

Want to take her a souvenir?

A calendar with my face on it?

Publisher said they were
gonna send you...

a couple copies of that,
did you get them?

I believe we did, yeah.


Have you heard from your

He said he left a couple

Yeah, I owe him a call.

Been pretty busy, the tour,
and the book--

He and the family were out
over Easter.

Sounds like he's got more than
he can handle at work right now.

He said he might be able to use
someone with your talents.


Is he selling townhouses
to dead people now?

I believe it's your power
of persuasion he had in mind.

Nice of him to think of me,
but my hands are pretty full.

I got a lot of cities
to go to...

a lot of people counting
on my help.

Mike, when you were a birthday
party magician...

at least those folks knew they
were being bullshitted.

Don't forget this one.

I'll give Mom your best.

Hey, double scotch
on the rocks, please.

Uh, what's your brand?


Oh, hello, Mr. Vaughn, your show
tonight was something else.

Stay in my room tonight.

Well, that's very forward
of you, but I'm afraid I--

Cut the shit, Chelsea, please.

What are you doing?


Could we do this somewhere else?

But we filled 39 whole seats

That's cause for celebration.

The turnout was bound to be
light, it's our first time here.

And our last time here.

Go to bed, Michael.

Let's just admit this
is not working.

We have a calendar full of
shows... we have a book out.

That nobody's buying.

By this point, John Edward was
on TV every night of the week.

He that compares is he that

And she that speaks in annoying
rhymes is... you.

Where's the waitress?

Look, you're gonna get
what you want...

as long as we stay the course.

And that means following
the rules.

Like, you don't drag me into a
reading unless you're sunk.

I'm sunk.

I've put the same amount
of years into this as you.

You don't get to hang it up...

because Daddy didn't say he was
proud of you tonight.

How are we doing here?

Another white wine for you,

No, we're good here.

No, we are not good here.
I'm still drinking.

I'd like a double scotch
on the rocks, please.

Got it.

I'm sorry... I'm sorry
I said it like that.

Stay with me tonight.

We're not starting that
up again.

Come on, it'll be our final
farewell, our big closer.

Please don't be hungover
in the morning.

It's a long drive to Tucson.

I'm not going to Tucson.

8:00 a.m., down in the lobby.

It's been an absolute pleasure,
Miss Mills.

Thank you kindly, Debra...

for attending my evening
of psychic entertainment!

Son of a bitch!

Sorry, man, did I hit
your car?


What is this?

You okay?

What is this? What's happening?

Remember tonight? Jim?

Oh, look, right-- I'm sorry,
there is no Jim.

He showed you what happened,
I can tell.

Here's the deal, I didn't see

because I can't connect
with dead people.

Naw, naw...

All right, it's a show I do--
or used to do, I'm done with it.

People aren't just done
being psychic.

No, I'm telling you that
I'm not psychic.

I came to your work tonight.

I know the real deal
when I see it.

All right, you want to know how
I pulled the name "Jim"?


Because nearly everyone knows
a male with a J name.

It's a statistical fact!

That's enough from you.

I play the odds...

until someone in the audience
fills in the blanks.

Stop fucking with me!

Are you done fucking with me?

Sorry... I'm sorry.

I'm just a little overwhelmed
with this.

But um, you know...

I am starting to remember some
impressions that Jim gave me.

What impressions?

He said some conflict...

maybe things didn't end very
peacefully between you two.

And that-- and that you're
carrying around...

a heavy amount of guilt.

I need you to tell him
something from me.

You can tell him yourself.
He's here with us.

I want you to know
how sorry I am.

I was out of my mind.

If I could do it again...

I would have never left you
without a dad.

There's no way in hell.

He, um, he knows that,
and he forgives you.

He's not upset with me?

No, no, 'cause-- 'cause the
people that cross over...

they don't experience those
petty emotions like anger...

and resentment, they don't even
exist where he is.

But he's making it clear that
it's really important to him...

that you let me out of here,

So, how about we cut me loose?

Where are you going?
Hey, come on, come back!

Why don't you let me go?

Let me go!

Please! Someone... help!


Michael? It's me.

I'm sorry you had a rough night.

You'll be back on top tomorrow.

Hey, listen...

it would really help if I could
just know your name, you know?

Okay, well, either way,
it means a lot to me...

that you're a fan of my work,
and I want to give you...

something that I rarely offer to
other fans... private reading.

Just the two of us.

You let me out of here, we can
sit down, we can go over all...

this Jim stuff, or anything else
you want to explore.

And if you're worried about me
going to the police...

just forget it.

If I've learned one thing
from the spirit world...

it's that you gotta let things
go, you know what I mean?

It was stupid of me
to come tonight.

What is this stuff,
what are you doing?

I'm really sorry, Michael.
Nobody else can know.

But I don't know!
I didn't see what you did!

Hey! Wait, wait, wait.

No, no, wait, wait, wait.
Let's talk, let's talk.

We can talk about it, please!
Let's talk.

We can talk about it! Please!
Please don't do this!

Please don't do this!
Please don't do this!


I-I didn't see anything!
I don't know anything!

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Jim needs me! Jim needs me!

For what? What's he need
you for?

He-- he needs to talk to his
daughter again.

Stacy? Stacy, yes, Stacy!

She's the whole reason that he
put us together tonight...

because she's still in pain,
he needs me to help her.

So I can help, I can help! Ican
make it right, she can move on!

You can both move on, but I
can't help you if you kill me!

Fuck, man, I gotta think.

Try to get some sleep.

My name's Nathan.

Wait, Nathan, hang on!


Damn it, Michael!

How did you sleep?

I didn't.

Yeah, me, too.

How do you like your eggs?

You all right back there?

Uh, yeah, it's all good.

Sorry about the mess,
I wasn't expecting any visitors.

Hey, you don't have
to make me breakfast.

I can just eat at the hotel.

The hotel's too far
out of the way.

We're already falling behind
as it is.

For what?


That map over there, I got the
route all figured out.


Did you know that they call
that The Silver State?

I have two shows in Tucson
tonight. I can't go to Nevada.

So you decided to not quit.

I guess so.That's great.

This shit-hole world
needs your gift.

Which is exactly why I can't
just drop everything...

and head off to... Lone Valley.

It's been 20 years.

He needs to talk to his

But, listen, I've got a couple
shows in Reno next month.

I'll shoot over and talk
to Stacy then.

He needs it done...
we go today.

Your huevos.

Okay, bud, we're all gassed up.


And I hate having to do this...

but we're gonna need a few

Keep it to the speed limit
at all times.

We only stop when I say
it's okay.

And no calling or communicating
with anybody at any time.

Seat belt.

Why are you back there?

Just in case.

In case of what?

In case you break any
of the rules.

I checked all the local
hospitals, nothing.

The rental place said he hadn't
returned the car.

And how was he acting the last
time you saw him?

He'd been drinking...
we got into it a little.

An altercation?

A disagreement, nothing serious.

Do you know a reason why anyone
would want to harm Mr. Vaughn?

Not that I can think of.

He helps people for a living.



I'm seeing money, that's what
it's about, right?

What are you talking about?

Jim is showing me a dispute
over money...

or something of value.

Slow down.

You don't have to tell me,
I just feel like...

as your partner in this thing,
it's something I should know.

But, I'm sure Jim will fill
in the rest eventually.

He's showing you it was an
accident, right?

I'm seeing that, yeah.

I've been clean for what,
12 years now.

Not even so much as a beer.

But back then, man, I was
on some hard shit.

And you needed money to get
more of it.

Yeah, but this was just
a stop for gas.

NATHAN I was passing
through nowhere Nevada...

staying off the main highways,
and here's this gas station...

only one guy working there.

As I'm walking away...

I get the idea that maybe
I'll knock the place over.

As I'm building up the nerve,
the guy comes out...

and I decide I'm just
gonna grab...

what's in his wallet and split.

Dumb bastard had to fight back. Whoa, whoa, all right, relax!

It was an accident...

a total goddamn fluke.

But of course I'm shitting
bricks now...

so I get rid of his body
and get the hell out of there.

I stay fucked up for
probably ten days straight.

And when I come out of it...

I figure the whole thing had
just been a bad dream.

None of it happened.

STACY So if anybody
out there has seen my daddy...

or knows where he is...

NATHAN But there she
was, man...

STACY ...please say
something to the police.

...on the fucking TV.

I miss him and I'm scared.

The victim was last seen...

on the night of the 8th.

NATHAN Her face was on every screen...

and every newspaper,
it was everywhere.

Wait, your-- your Jim
is Jim Bishop?

What do you know about that?
You were a kid.

Stacy Bishop, dead mom,
missing dad?

She was like America's orphan

I'm sorry, Nathan.

You didn't deserve what happened
to you that night.

But think about the opportunity
you're sitting on here.

You have a chance to turn
everything around.

It's good you found me.


What is it? Why are we stopped?

I don't want to worry you...

but I think we might have
a problem.

What? It's Jim.

I lost my connection to him.

Well, get him back.

I have an idea, but you're not
going to like it.


I need you to show me
where you put his body.

No way.

It's a tool in the medium world.

I can connect more deeply
to a spirit...

if I have access to its
final resting place.

I don't know.

Nathan, without a connection
to Jim...

there's no talking to Stacy.

Where are we?


Are you sure?

Yeah, I think so.

Well, I need you to be sure.

Yeah, that's it.

All right, let's get
out of here.

Most of Mike's old friends
have left town...

but these folks are still
in the area.

Oh, this is great, thank you.

More tea?

No, no, I should start making
these calls.

I really appreciate your help.

I'm curious about your
grandmother Cassy.

How did she pass?

Or is she just part
of the script?

Sam, let's not go into this.

Please... let me know
if he reaches out?

I'm trying not to worry.

Of course, without him, you
don't have much of a grift...

do you?

He's my best friend, I want
to make sure he's okay.

And so do we...

but this disappearing and
getting everybody...

all riled up, well, it's just--

I'm not trying to bad-mouth him,
but he's a willful boy.

He always has been.

When his father was in the
middle of a sermon once...

Mike faked that the Holy Spirit
took him over.

Now imagine a seven-year-old
dancing around a church...

pretending to speak in tongues?

It was very embarrassing for us.

It sounds like he was just
trying to get your attention.

Are you a parent?


In a family of six, you can not
baby all your children.

That is just the reality.

And Mike always wanted more
than was possible to give him.

You seem like a smart
and decent gal.

Why not use those qualities
for something...

that you can be proud of,
something honorable.

You know, you and Michael aren't
as different as you think.

How's that?

You both comfort people with the
promise that this isn't it.

That there's something big
and beautiful...

at the end of the line.

Miss, I will thank you not
to come into my house...

and compare my ministry to that
con you're running with my son.

I think it's time
we wrap this up.

Unlike him, I believe
what I'm saying.

I think it bothers you that
he's gonna reach more people...

than you ever did.

Let him have his fame.

Like I've told him...

it's better to be an honest
nobody than a crooked somebody.


I'll let you know if I hear
from your son.


I'll just walk her out.

I don't like it either,
but we cannot be seen together.

What-- what if there's some
evidence out there...

that links you back to Jim?

I'm sure there's not, but why
would we take that chance...

when we're this close
to the finish line?

So what's your idea?

You lay low here. I check
into a room in town.

And then I'll reach out
to Stacy and do what I do.

Why don't you just call her
from that phone?

Except that, that call could be
traced back to this motel...

which puts you in danger.

No, I won't do that to you.

What are you afraid of, Nathan?

That I'm gonna walk out
of here and turn you in?

You were asleep in the car.

I could have driven you to the
nearest police station...

and been done with you, right?

I guess.

I know you're not used
to trusting people...

but you have to trust me.

I can't do my job, if I'm
worried you're not safe.

But it's your decision, okay?
You're the boss.

We'll do what you decide.

I-I mean, I suppose
you should go.

I think it's the smart idea.

Nathan, buddy, this is a
beautiful thing.

The next time you see me,
this is all gonna be over.

Hold on.

Thank you.

I'm uh-- I'm really glad
that I didn't kill you.

Um, me, too.

Over there.

Hi, Monica Lewis, Senior news

Michael Vaughn, psychic medium.

What can I do for you,
Mr. Vaughn?

I'm in psychic communication
with a man who went missing...

from this area back in '96,
Jim Bishop.

That sounds fascinating
and I can't wait to hear more.

Do you have a business card
I can use to contact you?

I can lead you to his remains.

Excuse me?

Jim's spirit has directed me
to the location of his remains.

Now if you think that sounds

I can lead you and your camera
crew to the spot.

Is this something that you've
discussed with the police?

The police would dismiss me
as a crackpot.

Like you have.

I'm certainly not dismissing--It's fine.

When you tell people you talk
to the dead for a living...

you get used to that
raised-eyebrow look.

Let me make it easy
for you, cover the story.

If I'm full of shit, then you
can report on the wackjob...

who's digging around the

for a body that isn't there.

But if it is there,
and I know it is, well...

seems like the kind of story
you'd wanna be on the scene for.

Hey, Stace? Yeah.

You need to see this.

REPORTER After nearly two decades, search teams...

are combing the West Mountains
searching for clues...

in the Jim Bishop
disappearance case.

But what makes this search so
unusual is that it's being...

led by Michael Vaughn, a
psychic medium who claims...

Mr. Bishop's spirit has been in contact with him for days.

He began sharing images with me late Saturday night.

And the more he revealed...

the more it became clear to me
that Jim is ready to be found.

I've been shown that he was
killed by a blow to the head.

His attacker then brought him
here and disposed of the body.

It's probably cold comfort at a time like this...

but Jim has assured me that his death was sudden and painless.

He experienced no suffering.

managed to persuade a team...

of forensic archaeologists
from the University...

to help in the search.

And while they have yet to turn
up anything substantial...

the optimistic medium is not
giving up hope.

A young, single father was
taken from his little girl...

and this community,
years before his time.

I just hope that the

I've been given can bring
a little peace...

to everyone who loved
Jim Bishop.

Live from West Lone Valley...

I'm Lisa Reynolds, KLMB News,
Channel 6.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, uh,
breaking for dinner?

It's gonna be getting dark soon,
we thought we'd call it a day.

Okay, well, first thing
tomorrow morning...

I'll bring the coffee and
the doughnuts.

I can't, I have a class
to teach.

The rest of you guys
are good, right?

Michael, I'll be honest,
we just haven't seen anything...

that suggests a gravesite.

Jim's made it clear to me
that he's in this ground...

and he's counting on you
to find him.

And if you don't find him,
he may never be found.

I don't think any of us
are ready to accept that.

So go get some sleep, okay?

Okay, you guys worked
your tails off today...

Jim appreciates the effort.

And I'll-- I'll see you first
thing in the morning.

I think that'll look
really good.

Uh, what-- what are you

I'm just getting footage for
tomorrow's follow-up story.

The "wackjob digging in the
mountains" one.

He's up here.Good...

because folks around here are
protective of Stacy Bishop...

and if they feel like you're
jerking her around...

you're gonna get a pretty
pissed-off town on your hands.

All right, Ed, you're good,
let's pack it in.

So you had to go
on the 5:00 o'clock news?

Nathan, I don't want publicity
from this.

All right, I'm just following
Jim's orders.

Nathan, for this to work,
I have to know something.

That spot that you showed me...

is that where you put his body?

It has to be.

I mean, you felt him right
there, right?

Yes, but there may have been
some other psychic factors...

in play that I don't have time
to explain to you right now.

It was 20 years ago...

it was the middle of the night,
I was fucked up.

As far as I can remember, yeah,
that's where I buried him.

Why are there noodles
all on the wall?

So now what? When are you
gonna see Stacy?

I don't know, can't imagine
she's gonna want to talk...

to me, if her father's body
hasn't turned up.

Oh, great--

I'm-- I'm stuck in a place that
I never planned to come back to!

All right, just calm down.

So you're gonna do what
Jim sent us here for!

Don't you think I'm trying
to do that?

I'm so confused, I don't even
know any more!

Just what in the hell
is going on in here?

What the fuck is it to you,

I will not be spoken to like
that on my property.

Ma'am, he didn't mean that.

I go to church with the

and you can be sure that
he's gonna have someone...

down here to deal with you.

Fucking goddamn it!

Be ready to run.

I am so sorry, ma'am,
that was unacceptable.

Don't slam my door.

You guys already owe me
for a broken lamp.

You know what, will this
cover it?

The damn thing didn't cost $200.

I know, but you deserve
something extra...

for the um, inconvenience
we've caused tonight.

I don't know what kind of flop
houses you're used to...

but we have rules around here.


Now there may be nicer places
down in town...

but I have regular customers...

who insist on staying here
because I run a tight ship.

I do not put up with noise.
I do not put up with fighting.

And I do not put up with
general foolishness.

And you shouldn't.

You work too hard to have guests
acting like hooligans.

Wait, aren't you that psychic
from the news?

Do you really think that
Jimmy's body is up there...

on that mountain?

I do.

Unless he's trying to make
a fool out of me.

Do you really talk to--?

Those who have crossed over?
Yes, ma'am.

But it's less of a conversation
and more like I'm shown...

images, little snapshots
that I have to interpret.

Like now, I'm seeing an older

Someone who spent a lot
of time in this office.

First name begins with a K
or a C?

Ken was my husband.

But he's been gone
for two years now.

You miss him, don't you? Oh, I do.

Well, Ken doesn't miss you.

Because to miss someone implies
that you're no longer with them.

Ken doesn't need to miss you,
because Ken is always with you.

I have felt that.

What's your name?

Phyllis.May I take your hand, Phyllis?


Ken is so proud of the work
you've done...

keeping the motel running.

And I'm not sure what
this means...

but he says that you were right
about making that change.

He always thought that it
was a waste of money...

to re-carpet the rooms.

It was the first thing I did
when he passed.

Well, Ken loves the color
you chose.

You know, I uh-- I shouldn't
be saying this.

That man in Room 3 is a client
of mine.

I'm helping him through
a difficult loss.

He's pretty fragile right now.


So I would just appreciate you
not mentioning anything...

to anyone about my client
or the work I do with him.

No, of course not, I won't
breathe a word.

Thank you, Phyllis.

Are we all right?

Are we done acting crazy?


Then, yeah, we're all right.


Michael, it's Monica...

holy shit, you're amazing,
they found him.


One of those nerds started
poking around 10 yards...

to the south and they found
human remains.

MONICA What's left of the clothes is identical...

to what Jim was wearing.

I'm so sorry I doubted you,

Please don't apologize.

What's important now is that
the healing can finally begin.

Mr. Vaughn, any comment
on this morning's discovery?

Well, I'm just very proud and
very humbled to have been...

a small part in bringing some
closure to this terrible ordeal.

Thanks for calling back.

MIKE Obviously I can
only take partial credit.

So, Michael hasn't reached
out to you?

Uh-huh. Okay, well,
if you do hear from him...

would you just get him to call
me on this number?

Jim Bishop, who broke his
silence and led me here.

And have you had any contact
with Jim's daughter, Stacy?

Unfortunately, I have not yet met with Miss Bishop...

but I do know a reunion
with her father...

would mean a great deal to him.

Has Mr. Bishop shown you

to help identify his killer?

I don't have a clear picture of his identity, but I do know...

that the man responsible
is no longer with us.

I've been shown that he took
his own life...

not long after Jim's death.

Michael Vaughn?

Detective Bill Banning.

I hate to bug a guy who's
in the middle of his dinner...

but I just needed to come over
here and thank you personally...

for everything you did to help
crack this Bishop case.

Happy to be of service,

Can I introduce you to my
partner? Just take a second.

Zim! Yeah.

Zim! Coming.

Michael Vaughn.

The uh... the guy? Yeah!

This is Detective Ron Zimmer.Wow.

Now Zim, who was first assigned
to the Bishop disappearance...

way back in the day,
when it first broke.

Yeah, I could have used you
in '96. Where the hell were you?

Well, in '96, I was 14, soI was
probably pretty busy...

failing to lose my virginity.

Wow.Have a seat.

Well... to finding Jim.

To finding Jim.

And finding Michael.

We're closing cases
left and right.

Are we now?

You didn't hear?
You're a missing person, pal.

They filed a report on you
back in Albuquerque...

on Sunday, I think it was.

Yeah, it was filed
by Miss Mills, I believe.


Chelsea Mills, that's right.

Just because a guy leaves town
without saying goodbye...

doesn't mean he's gone missing.

Christ, let's hope not.

I was in a pretty big hurry.

When you have a spirit like Jim
who has a job...

they want you to do, they want
you to do it now.

How you liking Lone Valley?

I'm loving it. Folks here
couldn't be more welcoming.

They're a good breed,
aren't they? Ah--

Nice people.

So you must have rolled
into town Monday...

I would imagine, right?

Bright and early, saw the sun
coming up over the mountains.

Beautiful drive, yeah.

When the kids were little, we
used to make that drive...

Beautiful, yeah, it was like 18,
19 hours straight...

if you go straight through.

'Course, I had the wife with me,
so we'd-- we'd switch off.

You did that whole drive alone?

Yeah... well, not entirely by
myself. I had Jim with me.

You know, in my line of work,
you're never really by yourself.

So--Wow, I can't imagine.

It's amazing.

We should let you finish
your steak.

Thank you for stopping by.

It's a pleasure meeting
the guys who do the real work.

Likewise, and in terms
of this whole Jim thing...

obviously your discovery's
opened up a murder...

investigation, so we're gonna
need you to stay in town...

for a couple days in case we
have to tap that insight.


Although, as I've said, the--
the murderer is, or was--

he's not alive.

Yeah, we get that, but doing
the real work...

means exhausting all


By the way, you're okay,
aren't you, you feel okay?

I'm great.

You sure? Because the report
in Albuquerque...

said there were traces of blood
found near your phone.

Oh, you know what? I had a few
drinks that night.

I took a tumble in the parking
lot, it wasn't my finest moment.

That's like a Tuesday for Zim.

Good to meet you.


That's the guy.


Nathan, it's Michael.

Nathan? There you are.

Turn it off.

What are you doing? Turn it off!

Everything okay in here?

You should hear these fucking

He's nothing but a piece
of goddamn meat to them.

I know, it's disgusting.

But-- but I have some good news.

I'm gonna get you out
of here tonight.

So it's done?

It's-- it's going to be done.

In the meantime, there's
a 9:30 bus...

leaving the Greyhound terminal
tonight, okay?

Take this, go home, I will come
to you when this is all over.

I'm not leaving until
the job's done.

Nathan, there are cops
all over me.

That means that you're not safe.
You need to leave.

Before you came, I imagined
going outside and sitting...

with those pricks, and telling
'em everything...

the whole story.

Can you imagine the look
on their faces.

I don't-- uh, that--

Jim would not want you
to do that.

Does he know how-- how tired
I am...

all these years of hiding
and looking over my shoulder?

Nathan, are we friends?


How would you like to see me,
your friend, go to prison?

That's what would happen if you
did something like that.

I'd be considered an accessory
to murder.

Is that what you want?

I just want you to hurry up
and talk to her already.

Mr. Vaughn, can we talk to you?

It's not a good time.Please! We need your help.

What do you do for a living,

I'm a waitress.

What if I came up to you
on the street...

and I demanded that you
serve me an omelet?

Be a little rude, wouldn't it?
I'm off the clock.

Our son was kidnapped, we just
need to know if he's alive.

We came all the way up here
from Florida to see you.

Please, just a few
minutes of your time.

Arturo was taken
from his preschool...

almost a year ago and the police
can't tell us anything.

We drove up here hoping that you
could-- I don't know--

We need to know if you feel
any connection to him.

I'm uh, not getting anything
from Arturo.

So... he's still alive?

It could mean a number
of things...

but yeah, I think he's
still alive.

Thank you, oh...

may God bless you.

So how does this end?

It ends when I give a reading
to Stacy Bishop.

And this Nathan will just go
off on his merry way?


He's dumb and desperate to
believe. Trust me, he's hooked.

One issue is that he's
a little restless.

I could use another set of eyes,
just to let me know...

if he goes anywhere or does
anything erratic.

Oh, you need my help?

I always need your help,
we're partners.

Chelsea and Michael.

I had to watch CNN to find out
where you were.

I know, sorry about that.

You didn't call me,
because you knew...

I'd try to talk you
out of this.


The rule is we don't make
any big decisions...

without consulting each other.

You broke that rule and now you
need me to shadow a murderer.

To be fair, we're not talking
about the Zodiac Killer here.

Talking about a guy who,
20 years ago, tried to mug...

someone and accidentally broke
his neck.

And he taped you to a chair
and almost cut your throat.

It was a lot less dramatic
than it sounds.

Michael, we were doing
just fine without this.

Watching you eat alone in shitty
hotel bars every night...

is not my idea of just fine,
you deserve better than that.

We deserve better than that.

I mean, my phone is full of TV
and book offers.

We've earned those!

Michael, none of that matters,
if you end up in jail or dead.

I can't look at those feet

Just wait, please! I fucked up.
I fucked up.

I'm sorry.

You are the best person I know,
and I let you down...

but if you just stay, I swear
I will never make...

another move without your

Just please don't go...
I need you.

I visited your parents.


Because I was looking for you.

Did they seem worried?

I'm glad you're okay.

Hi, you must be Ben.

I am, hi. I'm sorry, you are?

Michael Vaughn, the psychic
medium who's been talking--

It was a joke, I know who
you are. Nice to meet you.

Okay, um, I'm sorry to just drop
by like this, but--

You know, can we talk inside?
The cameras are--

We're gettin' used to them.

Okay, well, I'm actually here
to speak with Stacy.

Is she available?

Uh... now's not a great time.

Is there a better time?
Maybe later today, this evening.

It's been a tough week, Michael.

She's not really ready to talk
to anyone just yet.


It's just that her dad
is very excited...

to talk to his little girl

And in my experience, a reunion
like that...

can provide some real comfort.

I'll tell her.

Good... all right.Okay.

Well, uh, this is my card.

Just give me a call
when she's ready.

Uh, sooner than later,

As I said, her dad is just very
excited to talk to her.

Oh, and these are for her.
Those are from me.

Gosh, that's really thoughtful.

Thanks for stopping by.
Take care.

You-- you got it.Yeah, I got it, thanks.

There you go.Thanks.

We're outside Stacy Bishop's

where Michael Vaughn arrived
moments ago.

What's being discussed in the
house, we're not quite--

He's here!

Excuse me, what brings you
here, Mr. Vaughn?

Are you and Stacy planning
to talk?

Do you have any reaction
to the coroner's report?

What's that? The coroner's report...

do you have any comment? I'm sorry, I haven't read it.

It was just released...

it says the likely cause
of Mr. Bishop's death...

was not a blow to the head, but rather multiple stab wounds.

Do you have any comment?

Um, as I've said...

I can only interpret images
that are shown to me...

so, sometimes there are going
to be some inaccuracies...

maybe some facts left out
for unknown reasons...

but the important thing is that Jim Bishop gave me...

the necessary information
to help uncover his body.

So, if you'll excuse me.

Michael Vaughn responding...

to the latest development
in the Jim Bishop case.

That son of a bitch
is gonna ruin everything.

Then let's get ahead of it.

Go to the police,
tell them about Nathan.

Tell them you felt your life was
in danger, so you kept lying.

MIKE No, there are still moves to make here.

I just have to finish this...

before Dipshit ruins my


Jim's memorial is tomorrow.

Stacy will be there,
I'll make her talk to me...

and then we are out.

I'm scared to be here, Michael.

You're fine...

just keep your doors locked.

Unless you'd feel better staying
with me tonight.

I'm being serious.

Can we just stick to the

And how are you gonna make her
talk, Michael?

Thank you so much
for coming out today.

I guess these things usually
happen in a church...

but anybody who knew my dad,
knows that this was his church.

He loved painting this place.

In fact, the first time I picked
up a paint brush was here.

He held me up to his canvas
and let me ruin...

one of his landscapes,
by painting a giant...

yellow, smiling sun
in the corner of it.

My dad is gone, we know
that now.

But somehow I managed to gain
countless dads and moms...

and brothers and sisters,
because of it.

You guys are all my family...

and I'm just so grateful,
so, thank you.

Come on, come on, come on.



I want you to tell me
what the fuck is going on.

I'm sorry, sir, do we know
each other?

There you go, fucking with me

You seem distraught.

Is everything okay? Who is she?

Who is that woman that's
watching me at the motel?

I don't know who you're
talking about...

but it seems like maybe
you've had a few drinks.

Fuck you.

Excuse me, there are children

Okay, maybe we should go find
a nice, quiet place to talk...

just you and me, okay?

Look at Stacy right now.
You're upsetting her.

And Jim is furious with you
for it.

Let's go. Let's go!

Sorry, it's-- it's an emotional
day for everyone.

Where are we going?

Jim wants me to take you home.

Unh-unh, we're not done.

Please don't raise your voice.

It's scary enough being alone
with you as it is.

I'm sorry, I didn't tell you.

The truth about Jim's
little accident?

Yeah, didn't exactly help me
to earn Stacy's trust, did it?

I've been completely truthful
with you from the beginning.

I just assumed you were being
the same with me.

It's not just the lies, it's the
fact that you're drinking again.

Paranoid that some woman
is watching you.

You said he was furious at me.
Is that true?


I always thought they couldn't
feel those kind of emotions.

Why don't we just have a little
quiet time, please?



Oh, sorry, guys, my rooms are
all booked up.

Oh, we're not looking
for a room today.

I'm Detective Banning,
this is Detective Zimmer.

We were hoping you could take
a look at a picture for us.

I suppose so.


Well, this guy right here
with uh, Michael Vaughn...

wondering if you recognize him.

Hm... Has he been through here?


Can you hurry up?

Christ, look at that sky.

I get some great skies
in the desert...

but nothing like these
mountain sunsets.

Take a look... before it's gone.


Where are you?

I'm about three hours out
of town.

Is he with you?

Yeah, we're out.

Thank god.

Have you been getting calls?

Yeah, but I've been ignoring

Good. Keep doing that.


Stacy's people released...

a statement to the media.

They're interested in doing
a sit-down with you.

MIKE Well, it's
too late. She had her chance.

Exactly, a live reading
would be crazy.

A live reading, like on camera?

Does it matter?

Why would she do that?

know, somebody probably...

offered her big bucks,
but you're not doing it.

MIKE So, I guess
the decision's been made then.

There's nothing to decide.

Something like that's
never been done.

Which is a pretty compelling
reason to consider it.

It hasn't been done...

because it can't be controlled.

If you sink, I won't be there
to pull you out.

But if I don't sink?


It could be legendary.

Michael, I'm begging you.

For the sake of everything
we've built...

please just keep driving.

Stop being dramatic,
we're just talking.

I-I gotta go.

Michael, please, don't come
back here!

It's gone.

If Jim gave you one more chance,
could he trust you?


Phyllis... hi.

You know, all my rooms come
with doors, right?

I take client confidentiality
very seriously.

I've been waiting for you
to stop by again.

It would be so nice to hear
from Ken.

I thought of a few things
I'd like to ask him.

Good, good, good.

When I have a moment, I promise
I'll come find you.

You know, a couple of detectives
came by earlier.

They showed me a picture
of you and--

And they wanted to know
if I recognized him.

What did you tell them?

That I'd never seen him
before in my life.

Okay, you did good,
thank you.

Of course, I don't feel so hot
lying to them like that.

You didn't lie to them.

You protected some information
to help a person in pain.

There's no crime in that.

I know, but it's got me
all tied up in knots.



Talking with Ken always seemed
to have a way...

of calming me down.

Well, then maybe we should see
if Ken is available.

Stacy, we found this in your

and I'd love for it in the
background of your shot.

You're fine with that, right?

Yeah-- yeah, sure.Great.


until tonight's Inside America,
when Stacy Bishop...

and Michael Vaughn meet
for the live conversation...

we've all been waiting for.


The usual sleepy town
of Lone Valley, Nevada...

is buzzing with anticipation
over tonight's live TV event.


will be sitting down
for their first ever...

face-to-face discussion...

on a special, live edition
of Inside America.


Stacy reconnect with her


about what will be revealed


this Michael Vaughn, he comes
out of basic obscurity...

and all of a sudden all the
lights are on this gentleman.

What's your take on what's
gonna happen?


Michael Vaughn and Stacy Bishop will have a sit-down...

and hopefully it will give


has been overwhelming.


that still remains is...

who was responsible for her
father's death.

Mr. Vaughn, I'm Ron Cassidy...

I'll be producing your segment

All right, everyone, we're live
in ten seconds, all right.

And five, four, three--

Hello and welcome to this...

very special edition
of Inside America.

I'm Pauline Williams.

We're coming to you live
from Lone Valley, Nevada...

and the home of Stacy Bishop.

I know that this has been a
very emotional week for you...

so thank you for inviting us
here tonight.

We're also joined by Michael
Vaughn, the psychic medium...

who helped police uncover
the remains...

of Stacy's missing father,
Jim Bishop.

Thank you, Pauline.

I'll start with a very obvious

is Jim here with Stacy
right now?

A better question might be
when is he not with her?

I'm asked all the time whether
people's loved ones...

are physically present,
and I always say...

that it's like a sunset,
you know?

Try to remember the most
beautiful sunset you ever saw.

Hey, man, you gotta see this.

Except that it was gone.

It's from the old gas station

We couldn't I.D. this guy
back in '96.

He stops in about three hours
before Bishop

disappears from the tape, right?

Look at this.

Hm? That's our guy.

That's our guy!

Let's go get him.

Your father's body, that disposable shell, that is gone.

But his spirit, your actual

that's always with you.

He's-- he's actually showing
me something.

I'm seeing a time that
you got hurt...

maybe you broke a bone,
ten, eleven years old?

I broke my ankle at a softball
game when I was eleven.

MIKE That's right,
and do you remember...

lying there on that field with tears streaming down your face?

Yes, yeah.

So does your dad...

because he was right there
holding you the entire time.

Jim just showed you that?

Yes, he did.

Wow, that is powerful stuff.

Stacy, is there anything you'd
like to say to your father?

Maybe some questions
that you want to ask?

Um, there's-- there's so much.

Um... Michael, I'm actually--

I'm wondering if he's shown
you someone...

um, a woman named Miss Angeline.

Miss Angeline?

Deny, Michael.

Yes, uh, I am getting
a response to that name.


I'm seeing that she had quite
an impact on you.

She did, yeah.

What else are you seeing
about this Miss Angeline?

Well, there's a lot of powerful,
positive energy around her.

I feel like she may have
been a teacher...

or someone in a teacher-type

a caretaker of some kind.

Maybe not in a literal sense...

but that's the way that Jim
viewed her role in your life.


Stacy, who is Miss Angeline?

STACY A couple months after my dad went missing...

I did a talk show...

the 'very special episode'
like this one...

and they brought in a psychic,
Miss Angeline.

And she sat right where
you're sitting, Michael...

and she smiled at me and she
told me that my dad...

was gonna come back before
I turned 13...

and I was-- I was ecstatic.

I mean, I would run home from
school every day just hoping...

that, that would be the day
that, you know...

he would-- he would finally
show up.

And... the night that
I turned 13...

I sat on the front step...

of my house and I had this
little flashlight...

that I just shined up and down
the street, just waiting--

just waiting to see him...
and then midnight hit...

and my grandmother had to
wrestle me into the house--


I just-- I fell apart,
you know, it was like...

my dad went missing all
over again.

So, it's strange to me
that you would see...

all this positive energy
around her.

I agree, um, but I can say that
we don't always know...

the reasons for everything.

So, maybe your father feels
there was a lesson...

to be learned in this.

I tried killing myself
three weeks later.

Stacy, may I take your hand?

I'd rather you didn't.

It often helps to improve
the psychic connection.

I'd rather you didn't.


Um, I obviously can't speak
for this Miss Angeline...

but it's possible that she
wasn't fully in tune...

with your father's spirit.

Or maybe she had no psychic

and was lying to take advantage
of my story.

It would be heartbreaking...

if that were the case.

Have you been lying...

to take advantage of my story?

Unlike Miss Angeline, I have
a legitimate connection...

to your father and it's
important to him...

that you trust that.

Stacy, you do believe
that Mr. Vaughn...

was led to your father's
remains, right?

Yeah... but not by my dad.

Then by whom?

Maybe by the man who put him

That's obviously impossible...

as I've said, that man--

STACY Is no longer
alive. Yeah, I know.

Of course, you also said
that my dad died...

from a painless blow
to the head.

You're asserting that Mr. Vaughn
got his information...

from another source? May I say something?

I'm asserting that Mr. Vaughn
is not psychic.

Which means, yes, he got his
information from another source.

Pauline, I see this a lot.

MIKE Many people are so entrenched in their grief...

that they will push back
when I offer any ray of hope.

It's an understandable
emotional defense.

I didn't break my ankle.

I've never broken a bone.

Many times when I'm shown
an injury...

it can represent an emotional
or psychological trauma.

You're a thief, Michael...

you and Miss Angeline.

Grieving people come to you and you steal their loved ones.

I help people.

And then you sell their loved
ones back to them.

But you've changed them,
your lies have twisted them...

into something else, something
deformed, well, not this time.

You don't get my dad.

PAULINE Well, I am
sorry that this sit-down...

isn't providing the kind
of closure...

that we all hoped it would.

Is there anything that
Mr. Vaughn could say or do...

to bring you comfort
at this time?

My dad was murdered and he's
not coming back.

So, no.

On that sobering thought,
we'll send it back...

to our studio in New York.

Thank you, Stacy.

Thank you, Michael.

And thank you for tuning in to
this fascinating discussion.

From Lone Valley, Nevada,
I'm Pauline Williams, goodnight.

And we're clear.

Get out of my house.

How do you respond to Ms.
Bishop's accusations, Michael?


I need you to come get me.

I can't.

MIKE Chelsea,
goddamn it, I'm sorry, okay?

You were right! I need
your help!

Is he with you?


Where are you?

Oh, fuck--

Nathan, what are you doing,

That didn't go the way
that you promised.

To be fair, I didn't make
any promises.

Nothing has gone the way
that you promised.

And I think we should
talk it through, okay?

This lady, how important
is she to you?

MIKE Nathan, this
is not about her, okay?

This is about you and me.

All right, listen, I'm gonna
come to you, okay?

But you have to promise
not to hurt her.

Nathan! Shit.

C'mon, c'mon.

Nathan, I'm outside.

Okay, I need to know that
she's okay.

Okay, we-- we can't stay here,
there are police looking...

for both of us, so take
Chelsea's car and follow me.


Excuse me, you can't park here!

Michael, what are you doing
in here?

It's a long a story.

I saw you on the show earlier.

I started wondering if you've
been completely honest with me.

Can you go the fuck back
to bed, please?

I gave you good news.

You got to feel closer
to your husband.

Can you be happy with that
and go back to bed, please?

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon--




SAM Mom and I just watched you on the TV.

In the million times I imagined
hearing you say that...

this was not the scenario
I had in mind.

MIKE Listen,
I can't really handle...

a sermon right now.

We're calling to see if there's
anything we could do.

I'm not sure what's gonna
happen right now...

but I may need to crawl
into a hole for a while...

so maybe I could come stay
with you and Mom for a bit?

That'd be fine.

Whatever you need, Mike.

Okay, I, uh-- I gotta go.

Mom and I are praying for you.

I know that's not something
you believe in...

but it's a thing you say
to... make people feel better.

Thank you.


He may come see us, stay with
us for a little while.

He lied about all of it,
didn't he?

Didn't he?

Michael tells people what
they're desperate to hear.

And then they do the lying
to themselves.

It's Chelsea, right?


I killed a man up here, Chelsea.

'Course, he was supposed to
already been dead.

It was the luckiest break
of my life, he was still alive.

I could have just let him walk,
driven away.

We could have both been living
our lives right now.


I'm sorry if I scared you.

Michael--Let-- let me talk, Nathan.

All right, there's--
there's been a lot...

of crazy accusations tossed
around tonight.

All right, there's a lot
of confusion, a lot of anger.

But before you do anything,
Jim wants you to hear him out.

It's time to be done
with the lying.

Jim needs to explain, so that
you understand clearly--

I need you to stop talking.

Fine. Chelsea, lock the doors!

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Bullshit, then what's that for?

So what happens now?

I walk away, like I wish
to Christ...

I'd done that night with Jim.

Well, that's good, Nathan,
that, uh-- that shows--

That shows real growth,
I'm proud of you.

I'm trying.

I told you... this was
a beautiful thing, right?

So let's go, let's get you home.

You go on ahead.

You can't stay here,
they're looking for you.

That's what they're supposed to
do, that's-- that's their job.

What are you doing? I'm trying
to help you.

You've already helped me, you
had me convinced that I was...

a-- a good person for a little

I really liked the way
that felt.

But you are a good person.

Like I said, we're done
with the lying, all of it.

You're not turning yourself

we talked about why
that's a bad idea.

I thought about it, I think
you're gonna be all right.

You did what you did, because
you were helping people.

I really think they're gonna
take that into consideration.

That's not how it works, Nathan.

I need to borrow your car.

Hold on, wait! Just wait,

Nathan, there are other moves
to make here, okay?

I have book deals, I have TV

I can make you very comfortable!

That's really generous of you
to offer.

I can't let you do this to me,

Step aside.

Not if you're going to the

It doesn't work out.

It does for me.


That was a warning!

Okay, I didn't want to have to
do that, but you forced me.

So just-- let's talk about
a solution...

that could work for everyone,

Stop! Nathan! Let it go!

Don't! Stop!

No! Stop! Stop!

Oh, my god!

I warned him. You heard me!

We're okay, it's not a problem.

We are okay, all right?
It's not a problem.

I'm gonna take care of it.

It's all taken care of,
we're good.

It had to happen.

You heard him, he was gonna
ruin everything.

And honestly, he deserved it.
What he did to Jim?

He's a fucking monster.

You okay?

What are you thinking?

I'm thinking you were right.

I do deserve better than eating
alone in hotel bars every night.

And now you don't have to.

Because of those book
and TV deals?


And I know, the Stacy
reading tonight wasn't ideal...

but trust me, people are gonna
forget about that in a month.

There's still gonna be plenty
of heat around Michael Vaughn.

So what's your big plan?

The plan is whatever
you say it is.

You're the boss.

I don't make any moves
without your blessing.

The last time you promised

I ended up with a knife
to my throat.

I am gonna regret that
for the rest of my life.

But think about this...

you've got something now
that can sink me for good.

You own me, Chels, you call
the shots.

You have to deal with that

Right, uh, look, I'll dump it
somewhere on the edge of town.

Then you can pick me up and
we'll get out of here.

All right.

Get out.

Chelsea and Michael... it's the
way it's supposed to be.


Chelsea! You told them?

What am I gonna do?
What's gonna happen to me?

You're Michael Vaughn.
You'll think of something.

Oh, my god! Oh, my god!

Oh, god, thank god you're here!
Michael killed that guy!

I'll stay with her!
Go after him, Danny!

I thought he was gonna
kill me, too!

Did he hurt you? No, no, I'm okay.

All right, I want to know
as soon as you hear anything!

You got him? I see him,
he's right there!

Right there! Right over there!

Uh, remind me...
what's your card again?

Three of Clubs.

Yo, how do you do that?

I'm serious, bro, show me
how you do that.

I'd love to, but I can't.Quit bullshittin' me, bro.

Teach me the fuckin' trick!

Well, I can't teach you how
to have magic, it's a gift.

It's the thing that makes me

Special? You feelin' special?

If you're so fucking special...

why don't you magic your ass
out of this fuckin' place?

Fuck boy.

Honestly, it was a nightmare.

The outpouring of support
I received from people...

was incredible, and that really helped the healing process.

Hey, can you turn that back?

Fuck you.

Could you-- can you turn it back
for one minute, please?

I'm a kind of a professional
skeptic, so just...

after all of those years,
you had no idea, not a clue...

that Michael Vaughn
was a fraud?

I know it sounds crazy...

but I truly thought he could
talk to the spirit world.

And if someone's convinced
you of that...

they can convince you
of a lot of things.

But for all the pain
Michael's lies caused me...

I have to believe it was all
for a purpose.

Crazy or not, it is a
fascinating story, I must say.

Now, folks, if you haven't picked up her New York Times...

best-selling book, you have
to read this.

It is called "In League with
- My Years Under...

"a Psychic's Spell and How
I Helped Uncover the Truth...

"of Jim Bishop's Murder."

Chelsea Mills, everybody.

Your minute's up.

♪ Come on in sit right down
Mr. Lonely ♪

♪ You're too late
Miss Heartache has gone ♪

♪ Mr. Sadness will move in
tomorrow ♪

♪ I don't know but I guess
he'll stay on ♪

♪ Seems you're always dropping
by to stay awhile ♪

♪ And I can't even offer
you a smile ♪

♪ Did Miss Heartache tell you
she was leavin' today ♪

♪ Or was it you who planned
things this way ♪

♪ No offense but you know
I'm still looking ♪

♪ For another to take the place of you ♪

♪ But 'til then come on in
Mr. Lonely ♪

♪ For the moment I guess
you're welcome too ♪

♪ For the moment I guess
you're welcome too ♪