A Crime (2006) - full transcript

While returning home after fixing the lights of a billboard, the worker Vincent Harris passes by a taxi with a damage door panel. When Vincent arrives home, he finds his wife murdered on the floor of the living room. He claims that the driver was wearing a red jacket and a ring with a large stone. Three years later, he lives in Brooklyn but is still chasing the killer of his wife. His dysfunctional neighbor Alice Parker has a crush on him, but Vincent is haunted by the ghosts of his past. When Alice meets the cab driver Roger Culkin out of the blue, she seduces him, damages his taxi and gives a red jacked and a ring to him. Then she forces him to meet Vincent, inventing a culprit to release Vincent from his past and stay with her.

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Hi I am especially... Please the

hi, is I you at?

Make a phone call to me!


Star: The is especially the

star: The is especially

name of movie: Crime

hurry, the is strange!

Hurry, waiter!

Still have 50 dollars

why do you run in the third place?

Then a little bit diligent!

Should train again for you once?

The Sir of?

Your girl friend have an accident past

who are you?

I am especially the thunder police
officer. I am in the row jinx

have no detection what

she will say and do not hang
with you

I excuse me very much it is" girl
friend" that I did not say.

He does not believe

you get drunk. How are you?

I wanted to break the door

so I get drunk

just drank a little Scotch wine

I what also can't help you

you have to claim pawned article me



put on your shoes

strange yesterday do what?
Did it win?

It ran in the third place

in the third place? Quite good,
we should celebrate the victory

don't ask for again to bother

go! You really need to be relax!

Do you think so?

Your past, your circumferential

the really fine smile!


we meet

even all don't understand who we are

I want to get you live

that is worthwhile


I put some things in your kitchen

I let that has been open

house for rent

How are you, virtuous Sir of.


do you sleep good?

I will drink coffee


I want to drink some coffee

go to that window flank of

can let me look after the strange?

Good of this is the key

then see the.

My lunch ate for him

want to eat on Saturday a little
bit and little

otherwise he will vomit of

the local chemisette was
killed cruelly

I came right away!

Please seek Bill for me. WEN NUO4's
police officer, city center s

which is yours?

I take I wrap

How are you, I am a.

You are a strange! Howdy, treasure

he is certainly very worth money

the premeditated murder is really

he can find out the suspect

I take he go home

I want to clear up some affairs

can you speak your legal case

especially wears the jacket

take the thing in his left hand

left the thing in the door of the
for-rent car

it is cutthroat that he pass by?

Yes, he just killed the.

Especially will still encore

have already taken place actually

I am to say that he is a suspect

he is the backstage plan

can't suffer his life

the was strange to grow up especially
perhaps will do the same

does that is it the rice that pull?

The first. The second, the
mulberry is virtuous.

I at in the sandy beach of sees you

we sawed the strange on the

my person is a photograph have the
interest of words to my tele

go to the new island, Broadway No.14

city in the tonight wanted
the madness


the here is a beautiful at call
now in the downtown

new island, in that place neighborhood

is a young lady to leave a
pleased not far

I say that finish

sorry can't smoke cigarette

they just want to keep warm

that affair how?

You have no matter?


That affair

have no matter

you have no another person in
this time

have no at home, lover have no child

the have nothing at all onlies
have time

so your this place, the double
is pleased

have many near?

Drink some chicken tail wine

they says that this can't harm
the body

for the sake of me, bottoms up!

I like your voice

you are similar to me, very

you are also not frightened, that
is good very

you can walk how far?

Your meeting?

How quick you are!

Tell me the truthful story, are
you not is prostitute's woman?

You have to give me money

thus, one night 400 how?

Is the US$ still another?


I think 1200,USD 1300

this is Lesson 1

use another, how much does
Lesson 1 want?

The princess' bottom

your important point can card
because of?

How do I dare not?

You do like this how long?

Take miss is?

You are never

not, the rent car

open the for-rent car?

10 years

so 3 year agos are you drive?

I did not stop the bottom from
the beginning, did not take place

change a topic you still think
to be free how?

There is all the dust everywhere

but conduct and actions the first
day, still have a little roman

you do not feel is?

Just is all a dust everywhere better

you are a very strange girl


this is"guy".

I need it

I will go to a special place now

close to order

you think I can from arrive
Manhattan here?

Use that?

What is that?

This be what I fling out to go
to, and then come back

be frightened to death I

I wanted to go home

- I look after you- Not, don't
go tonight

give me your address

I will want to work tomorrow,
central park, zoo

6:00 P.M.

I owe you what?


I do not know where you are

I do not want to be put pigeon son


The at go to bed you fight her awake

is I


Did the strange hello of lead?

I tell that I fed according to you

he now at call

I chase to leave all to him

I can believe you what!


I am a. Gram of, have a
little the thing

welcome, I take for you to fight
down once

I did not need the thanks

good of


an a person

do not have another a

sometimes they want to come back
you can seek a police help

and still very interesting

will someone check me?

Yes, meeting of

120 hour!

So I want to tell you the affair
that you do

this is the.

See everyone

- I wrap and can put where? - Put
the here

good of we come

this will like very much to you

I am right back good

I am very sorry


Very good, thanks but I have not
yet finish

we can 7 o'clocks see

I will connect yours

I did not think that you do this
work from the beginning

such a beautiful miss!

I am very happy you to see me

see after a while

very cold

complete us to your shoes to
is right away

the temperature 0 degrees of outside

that work do how long?

I record your words

3 years, I do not know for a long time

you should move the No.7,

21 years old provides the soup here!



Do not say so

take a look

you shouldn't be thus

you do not believe to teach, is?

They have some performance can
you make a living

see to me

everyday, I connect the new customer

do you really punish everyone?

That how, that is my life

in addition to that, do you have
no another interest?

You are to say that be like you?

Not only only is that

I like to requite in the
Thanks-giving Day

that is my repay

what name do you call?

You should let me be fond of to pour

your surname what?

I give you a name

this usually will bring the bird

pass their nest

you say that you have in New
York a pleased?

That is in Manhattan

that mansion was ruined

make a lot of troublesome the u
pstairs are all the miscellaneous

it is called the especially. Gram of

this week, it returns to the our
hand in

kill them?

Make love

I like your crime

someone is on my floor make love
of freedom!

You why in the south street?

I see your time

I am loiter about

you also is

your house is very cold

previous yield 15000 of year of
small factory is still on the wh

only the tax gold lets local
government eat a satisfied

why cut now?

Also is not mainly is to simplify
the personnel

the work preface attains here

just completed 60%

40% of the behind embarrassed
can't show you

know that is especially

is he your male friend?


his dead is still a riddle

three weeks take the result

his face of lo

on seeing and then know to is
not a good man

the eye pupil son keeps turn


. The card pulls the gram, the
rent car driver

come from Hollywood, he is not a star

know to steep the girl all day


Have a little

go to the retiring room to
sleep once

give yours

do not throw away?

This is the gift that I give you

- thank you! - I am drive


I still remember 8 year agos

because of follow a girl's
flirtation on the car

cause a traffic accident take
place her to therefore die

I am all very guilty to now

however is the sensual desire that
she provokes me let I not lik

feeling men and women of

change to do is my words I also
will do so

just that her luck is not good

- I did not feel to you- why?

I want to examine oneself the
oneself, I can't have an extramarit

know after that affairs

I dided not go to the guest house
to open the building any furth

I do not believe

remember me to drive the period
in the of

like at the same time up 3 women

know that how I am goes back and
forth them?

One talent for early in night to

they be I win the night early

be like the work on duty by turn to
pour similar

my energy was very abundant at that
time which be like now thus


I really want to return to the day
of the past

that is the natural and unrestrained
and carefree time

the regrettable beauty also
sometimesed late in the day

handsome no longer have the age
a major pair of

how does my ability do?

Go to to come right away

like me for the gift that
you prepare?

What is the row?

Do not like the gasoline flavor

your true interesting

know I played of woman win

didn't be an are allergic to the

you drive the to have how many years?

2 years

drive to bump to die the person?

I calculated once the oneself
wants to take place a traffic acci

however unusually lucky is to have
no personnel's death

slowly open

- Give me the iron piping-
stem what?

Do you want to be dry?

I will chase the car lock good
can thanks

I am right back

- what matter? - I do not know

- Do you want to walk? - Have no

I seem to see someone assault
my car

true enough unlucky

does the key give me?

Do you like me? Yes

quickly get on the car


I give you money next time

have no matter



Can teach me?

Have no necessary study

can I want to learn

see what inside is

I owe your money have to buy
some clothes to give you

do not mind to receive

do you not like?

Very good


very big not yes

you try and then knew

I to help you...

why buy this for me?

How to have this?

I do not know

do you want to pull my leg?

Not why say so?

I why to fool you have to me
what advantage

lo lo

very handsome

feel here how?

Very comfortable I like

under etc. Want that you are
more comfortable

I guarantee that I would work hard of

I quickly washed to like etc.
Can not compare with

etc. Can not compare with what?

You like me at you does the in front
say the ambiguous words?

If you like me not to mind

do we drink the wine?

I like your amiability

you are very sexy and charming
not is?

Looking at me

I good frightened

I will not hurt your your look
in the eyes

first time

let me feel the blush with shame

however I still have a kind of worry

worry that you would leave me

I swear not to leave you during
a lifetime

do you need a rites?

Yes this is very important

you have no matter?

What time is it?

Quick noon you slept for a
long time

I drank too many last night

should be a reason of intense

do I am how can here?

Is this my car?

Is the car that you open?

Your person go in good?

I wait here you remember the
careful point

I do not think that you occupy

you have to hold a fair show

the rent car driver?

- What is stem? - Run a place

do not has no small change for
big QIAN2 WO3

what do you want to know?

Want to hear you spin a yarn

what good story can I have

still go home to hug the wife
to go to

do you have no wife?

Have no

why don't seek a women?

Have no fit

you certain big heap

a similar to you bachelor

go to an avenue of can?

Do you work where?

5 minutes

suit the action to the word and
do not worry

hello is I

I meet a robber today

he is previous that person
whom you say

do you have to come a trip


Or you can report to the police
to let police to handle

- did he make the thief now? -
Temporarily have no

however he went to the casino
now don't know what circumstance

the inside foul air

do not take care of


Let him go to

I am to say that you quickly come
back how about it

do not take care of

tube what?

Do not worry about I I can look
after the good oneself

he is not that person who I say

I am to say his real body...

etc. Descends to make a phone
call for you

hello... You came

return change to hurry to me

10 piece in of

the rent car driver?


the surgical operation fee 7 piece

where is this?


Did not kill him

receive and did not invite the
message of reply. Exceed the

receive. You.

Just on the car


Is I

extremely good

right is so

can come in once?

Know what is the row?

He wants to change the small change

any drivers all want to change
the small change

who let him go to that kind of place

that is not the place that the
ordinary people go to

where do you go?

Go to your mama of to your mama of!


Go to your mama of


Have no matter be just the head
have a little dizzy

unconscious 3 years

I am all quick 30

you are many big?

Compare you big

like to seek what kind of does
the man BE the husband?

Still not clear

I thought to want before 40 years old

can have a place in New York

can I did not attain

think how of life?

I like to be living to have the
accident in everywhere

certainly I want to be in New York

have a stable occupation

this is to fantasize the impractical

still remember me when young

want after having ever thought
to grow up

go to the foreign country to earn
money then marry a foreign wif

think of now how laughably I
am to say

you stand on my in front to let
me feel

although I have no to big money

but I met your beautiful girl

you also have to admit you also
at pay attention to me

still remember in a station of that

you is to wait me

that is the most beautiful matter
that would like to do


You how can anyone know I like eat
the grape sandwich

I have been pay attention to you

don't go and don't kiss!

Do not kiss me

still won't do not want

what is the row?

Let's go home

I do not like to smell the
gasoline flavor

I am very sorry

to you I am very sorry

I am not a girl who is with single
mind with the feeling

- you can? - What is stem?

Close the door good?


see to have what detection?

Lo lo

can report an of paper

and is a week

this car is very enduring for
60 years at least

see launch the machine understand

you feel it is very overbearing!

Still have the car owner name
Luo. Database wood


or did not die

do you know this car

even can open last 60 yearses

I am to say that get hold of
the used-car market

still launch the machine

make the person surprised lately?

In fine does this car is very good

is what is the row exactly?

Do you say?

I am not clear

see you me am very happy again

you see my face

understand I am so how year is
lead of

are you not die?

Is God...

saved to come out from the jaws
of death me

is God

let keep still the original appearance

thankful God

thankful God

thankful God

let I again see you my quick-fried

these year you how to lead

change a place say good?

Do I miss that you also have the
words to say with me that I wai

why run to hear I say that hear
me say

quick take out the key to come

- key? Key

your wild man?

Know treasure? So many year

am I how to come over?

I am a men to also have the
indignant time

but to you I can't get angry know why?

Know that why I are not angry to you?

Because I care you I love you

you concerned I have no

does the life and death that
concerns me have no?

Ascend the notice in a missing
person column to have no on the n

I everyday at read the report

can you did not do so

I am think...

I want to say with you that see again

your this leveret son, want to
play the pattern

your this broad keep of

quickly say, give you 4 minutes

you this guy that damn


Is what mean exactly?

Is not other people

I am dry of

I really like

I give thing she wife

they have always been and did
not discover

is the trap that I establish

is my wrong

is what you come to my extrication?

It is for-rent car driver that
I still think

really and very sorry


You why sorry?

Is a manner?


You how to compensate me

you will thought of

I do not believe

I will come of

is today a No.20?

Is a No.20 that day?



do you want?

I know that you need this very

should seek to order the happy son

do you still want to drink?

Do not think those deads
person's business

you can come again afresh

new life


Come, happy once

do you thought of the matter
take place?

This have no so simple

I do not think that the affair
become very complex

more simple more good

thus best

I thoughted of this idea

I thinks that this is unique way

lead with me together


I do not like you

I think that you didn't choose

I can give up the oneself

for the sake of the premeditated

Enter the jail for the sake of
that of?

Discover that you became this

you follow me, will even be like
a queen

I need you to make money for me

the nobody leaves you

I need the time...


you have time

I really do not want to go to

your his mama of to where go to?

Damn of

you can't go to New York

must leave the here

this is not that possible

you know, you are not sportful

I can't end my work, I like it

so, what can't rescue your soul?

Do not worry, we will arrive
another nation

is a very big nation

this is give you, thanks

do you not want?

You are really very beautiful

be fond of for you got drunk

I really like you very much

I see you very nervous

I need our love

more affection


I love you

come, come over

come, I love you

hero, will still take a risk

the text works today

but, he would be first-class in
the sea beach you

I know that you understood

guarantee that you would be careful
toward me of

which do we go to?

The saint of Ohio reaches the

the weather is feat

have a little the aridity

I can't go to

I can't leave the here

take off the clothes

you are here

do not blame me

a little bit happy

you can recognize the

today how to grew crazy

come out it to no longer obey

I know him, is John

etc. I

today news, someone is kill on the
car, the murderer is escape

I picked up some tools of picnic

are you O.K.?

I will see again you, I have
to walk

I wait you here