A Courtesan with Flowered Skin (2014) - full transcript

The New Yoshiwara pleasure district, in the twilight years of the Edo Period. Popular prostitute Asagiri (Yumi Adachi) will soon be freed from her indentured service. One day at a local festival, she meets young artisan Hanjiro (Yasushi Fuchikami) which changes her destiny. Asagiri feels love for the first time in her life, but history involving Hanjiro's client (Kanji Tsuda) leads to tragic circumstances.

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I was born and raised at Yoshi's agenda

I slept with countless men

Even sleeping with men much

But I never felt love

I tried to think

I have lost my direction in life

The road ahead and behind

Nothing Back

The way forward, then nothing

Even the flowers were not in bloom

Fire at Yoshi's agenda in 1837

These geisha was arson burned Yoshi agenda
To elope

Welcome to this

Okay.. Everyone

Finally arrived

This way it's PR Misaki

Is not saying much
Been acting like Yoshi's first term so

It's a long time ago.. Since the last time

Throughout my life, I thought
I'm still not out of Yoshi's agenda

Thanks to the fire at that time

Well Then

I feel really lucky

Yeah, I was hoping for it to happen again

That way

This way everyone

From now on, I have been a customer here, too

Come Come

the Geisha

Yes, their husbands like us

Stop already there inside

Welcome to the new drug Helper

What do you guys

Let me try to see again

And spent the rest of us here

To be alone, so do not be shy

Because here

Cold, rarely have a customer right

Now, let's just have a client who is better

You know .

I took a closer look here

Do not ask me to

I just asked someone to take me away from here

He had gone out to play with a guy
It would be nice

The stupid bitch is caught up in this terrible wrong

Women without men's attention
Knows nothing about love

But did not they?

I do not know love

Or are you still a virgin .
Suspicious really

What's she like

Abu Zaki's customers

I invite you to the second floor yet

Among customers faster access to the second floor

He was a customer
I want to see the flowers bloom on her

If he really wants to see
I was willing to give flowers to my house to him

Here, though, I've heard
The flowers bloom on her

I'll show you more
This would make the flowers bloom, so you like

I enjoy ..


You will come when I will be waiting for me

I met them

Abu Zaki's
I want to be with her for a bit

But now you have to go to it

Then you know Ken

I will come for her again

Oppa Did he say anything to me

Said he was the first to make me happy

Time is on the corridor
We must walk in humility

We must not steal food to eat
We must never bedwetting

We must respect and take care of customers as well

We need light surveillance

We must remember and respect for customers
Is the most precious and important

The dedication of our considered
Valuable family

Okay, very good to eat as well

Thanks to the women who helped teach us

I really hate The customer then
This not only sucked there

Say something like that
I like guys that are already underway


What I would like to see it this way

What is it, Rico general

.. I received a letter from Oshima him

He said he would marry me
When I was out of contract

Look, there he sat confirmed by fingerprints

He would just say,
She is a partner of her

I did not mean it like that

Yassin Tsushima

I do not believe a word of men, is strictly prohibited

Then there's us women who regret

He said that the
It was because I did not feel happy doing so

I do not keep them cold

Life of Pi

I never felt loved man

PR Miyazaki's work product of Hashima with it
Let's walk away

Do not go outside the cold to die

Go here

With its new store Hashima
Sales lot

I do not go

I have a crystal ball that I wanted with it

Let's go

Wow so beautiful

But where do they shop plexiglass

Not that the wait
Like the way it will have a crystal ball

Let's go quickly

The waiting game

She went too fast, then Rico in general

I dodge

I dodge


To come out of Yoshi's agenda then

But no where to go

Everything was the same, nothing changes

It's okay, right? It hurts me too

I lost my clogs beside me

Then I'll go to the other side to Kia
You wait right here, as well

Stand with feet out offline

Thank you

You can also clogs come from me

I have a beautiful gift it right

I am a dyed rope own hands

It's my job

I thought that was a red rope
May not be sold again

But do not imagine that you will be wearing it

Hand injury wait

I would like to see a little wound
one hundred twenty five
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Where had he gone
I went looking for it for a long time

I'm sorry I'm falling

I feel like there is something going on with my brother

no way

- I saw her smile alone
- Are not you?

Barrette's gone

That's gone too

Lost it now falls yet

I wonder .

I do not have anything

- But it is questionable
- Yassin Tsushima

I wish I had a crystal ball here

Your customers do
Choose any that you like it

Our children are all good

She is still a virgin, right

I will give her flowers bloom itself

She like?

very good

She is so cute

Let's do it together

We will go together

found it

What do disappear again? Clogs

What's so funny

You do not wake me

It is not unusual for me to wake up early
I was a craftsman

To go out in the morning every day

and you

Today I have not sought clogs
But I sought hairpin here

Flower's pulse

The pulses are so many flowers you

Flower's pulse
It has broken out into five lobes

Most of us will find a lot of flower field pulses
In this region

You know I'm here

I love you to me


Retake Mana

Pin see that this is very important
You wasted no time sought it out

My hairdresser named Yagi's for me too
I would feel terrible if I lost it

So let me fix it for you

Repair waiting

Repair give it back to the original yet still do not

However, I can repair it back to me


Good luck

Three days later, I found it here

Why do you smile

I'm glad you like stance
So it is candy

Three days ..

What are you waiting

Just listen to her voice Sami Hussein
I would have guessed it

She wanted to do something
She would always play it

You like Kilimanjaro Masato no wrong

But.. Yagi's told me

I Kilimanjaro Sato had some people

I do not really

Her brother had just told me otherwise


So cold that

- Drink tea together?
- Yes

O Brother, it's the loudest I was bought out

Perhaps the most famous son of Mrs. Hall
This time, it may change

If you Oshima Michels
Take me out of here soon, it would be good

I think I was out of contract next year
Do anything to me

That's going to do well

I do not know the external world, Yoshi's agenda

My mother was a geisha same right

Geisha is just low class street her

I do not want to be like that

I do not drink

You Oshima Michels

To eat dumplings Showroom

You do not go too Oshima like

You Oshima Ya Do not leave me

Do not be embarrassed like that

He knows I'm here

Why leave me



Why did you leave me

Why did you flee

Answer me

Why did you go without me

ARDS ago

Shut that bitch crazy

- I can not forgive
- I'll do anything I

That's because the bad man I reached this

It is engaged with the organization

shut up
The idea that the man he will do it with sincerity

- Stop Showroom
- Said it

What will not stop you

Both stop me now

Stop it


Yassin Tsushima

P .

I'm so cold,

Come here to sleep together


The words of my brother

That said, do not believe the words of men

Now I understand it

But I still wanted to believe him

I asked.. But my side until morning anyway

I will not go anywhere

He will do it .

You Han Ji-Zero

I went into it?

I would not have the right .

I came here because of menstruation
I do not feel comfortable

good thing

She sleeps like this I will not say anything
Because that is her time

But if I find out what it is outside
I'm not sure

I think she prostrated on this
I was not pregnant because I love it

She seems to have been dropped against them

If the rice is not working, do not eat it

No shame really

We see him with another girl

That coward

P Kariya

What a story

I had a letter from the general Oshima him
She said she wanted

Mistress tells you?

If you do that, it's stupid

My mistress
I must say that in general she found out anyway

You Oshima I can not get it

Yassin Yassin Tsu Tsu

I'm waiting for her at the tea shop .

What.. You do not come here for me

Shut up bitch crazy

Yassin Tsushima us inside out

- You Oshima me to do it
- Dodge

You should go back to it

You should not come here

I am not coming for her portrayals in general

You bring other women
Walking past the mocking us

Do you intend to make us see

She was a prostitute Will also make asses

We are
It feels like to you

People who do not know the culture
Our tradition was not supposed to come here

This money bought me a side street

Right away, I

Here is where you should come

Away from home

I did not hear Do not come here again

We will not let you anymore

So selfish

- See it?
- See video


Yesterday's Thank you very much

I do .

What I really

They think they can buy us
With money alone Tyrolean

She says I'm really proud of it

- See very brave really
- I'm watching it

He is running contract
But I have not seen yet

It is because we are a Geisha
We had to keep the law strictly

We therefore do not fall in love
And bonded with man


Abu Zaki's what I'm into

Today's feast

Party who wait

You Yoshi Helper's own fabric

Okay, got up and prepare for it

- Yagi's helped me
- Yes, mistress

You Kilimanjaro Sato died barely six months away yet

I never really wanted to do my job


I was referring to
It just makes me happy customers only

Abu Zaki's already here

Abu Zaki was then

I wait to see you for a long time

You Yoshi's too long to wait, I already right

Come on now

You Yoshi Helper

During this time I came here, I know

Sorry, I'm busy now

You Yoshi Helper

This man, who is waiting

I'm Han Ji Roma from Abel's me

You Han Ji-Zero

Nice to meet you I named it Yassin Tsushima

He was a brother to me

My name is Charlene Gill's it

You Han Ji Roma trade here for the first time
Trade talks successfully

He is young and talented, too

You see, I am too

I was just being brought costumes
You are only interested in the offering

I better get back to you this evening
I do not want to fly back to me

You're flattering me

Abu Zaki's

Come near me again


Not like that

Sit here

Yes, right here

Do not do this to me .

To escape it

She did not look like fun

So let's do something fun
We've done it anyway

Do not do it.. Here it .

It's okay


Drink a little

I love to drink .

Abu Zaki's

Do not mess it up

He's the first man I was Misaki's

Man who exposed surface of the Misaki's Ark .

The first is that I

You Han Ji Zero drink another glass of it

Here it is

I'm here to play my mother

Han Ji Madero This woman's

There are flowers on her body

Flowers just wait

Here he is seen pink silk flowers

But we can make it even more beautiful too

Abu Zaki's

Quick look

We will do

Abu Zaki's love

See these flowers


What to do

Do not turn away now

Facing tell you Han Girona see straight

He recently met a woman Edo first

He looked at me

You Yoshi Helper
He just expressed his love with Misaki's

This is where

Abu Zaki's


I like it

Relief T

It's okay, right?


What happens to me

I can not wait

I puke, then blacked out

Then people like that .

You Han Girona .

After knocked out

You Yoshi Helper told him to have sex with me, but .

He said he loved it
If he cheated on her could have killed him

He told me about this
Before he left the party to quit again

I never met you before? Han Ji Roma

I had just met for the first time

Then wait

I was lying before me
I watched because I could hardly sleep at all well

Do not look at me with eyes like that

I was just a geisha

If you want to have nothing to do with me .

You can buy it from me, my son, Mrs. Hall

Pin promised to make

Go away, I There are people waiting, so wait .

If you wait to kill her unfaithful

I went Showroom

I do not

Do not go here

My mother was a geisha as well

Men usually only deceived her

Mothers often abused and hurt me

Do not do it

do not do

I do not

Please, do not do it at all

When I was seven years old

He was sick to death

I was left around Yoshi's agenda

Because I was hurting too much
Scars, so I like that

I like physique If the temperature rises, my skin
To turn red

Roy them look like flowers

That's when I met my Kilimanjaro Masato

This boy was very surprised actually

Flowers are blooming on her

Where is the little girl home to me

Then I Kilimanjaro Masato
I keep it as a pet since then

And I'm here until now

But I think myself lucky it
At least she took care of me very well

If not that, then
I probably would have ended up like my mom

She looks like?

So much different here

She is very pretty and humble

I Kilimanjaro Sato from Kyoto, just as you do it

I really do not feel right about this
But I did teach my own

The tutorial walks gracefully me

It is not really walk

The gait is characteristic of Kyoto
To take a walk in the procession of a Geisha too high

He said it was the only way
Elegant and feminine than walking around

The procession of Kilimanjaro's Masato
Gorgeous too

my dream is Someday I will
Geisha's traditional march higher Kilimanjaro Masato me

She had yet to do so

It is not easy to walk around it
There are very many regulations

She wanted to wait

Of course not

It is a dream
Yoshi agenda of every woman in it

But next year
I will deal with that anyway

It was just a dream

Okay, now

I want to hear your story does not

Similarly to her story

My sister is rejected

My sister was sold to Mrs. Shalom Tower

I wandered around
Until she joined the Abell

I learn
Become a craftsman about dyeing fabric

I was evaluators revaluation
Offering kimono fabric

You might be dyeing kimono pretty sure yet

I will go and live in a place where no one knew me

I grow my own vegetables and cook

I'll start a new life

I.. Love waiting


I just said to me courage
To work until the end of his contract

A good quality fabric

Thank you

- You Han Ji-Zero
- I

I know you came here to trace me

Detectives do not know it yet

I had to trade with you, Yoshi Helper
I own it

I had a lot of competitors in the trade

If you have nothing to hide, covert or not

Of course, nothing like that

If so, I trust

I would like to consult you about it

I have spoken
If I can help, I help

Shino's about you
He helped me to introduce you

You want to marry her?

Not so long ago, I met a woman


I thought you meant you Shino again
She often talked about you to me

I understand that the wait itself

It is like that

If you have someone like that anyway
Why do not you mess with me, Shino

I've never done something like that

But Shino like you

If so, it means that you are using
Shino to your feelings toward me so right

I will not forgive you

Then you misunderstood me

I almost never touched her
Even the nails

You Shino did not say that

He's still young, still tight wit
And tastes good to see a lot of it

He's a good-looking guy

So I agreed to trade with him

He then .

Is married to the daughter of my cousin

I was pleased with

Thank you

No matter who you speak to me .

Is the story of a woman named Charlene Gill's

Abu Zaki's


I wanted to buy her freedom

But that's it .

After I took Kilimanjaro Masato .
I'm sorry for that

Upon the death of Kilimanjaro Masato

I feel really bad

I am sorry

Do not blame yourself too

Kilimanjaro Masato Miyazaki's a babysitter to come to me

The first man was her hair

Maybe it was destiny .

Abu Zaki was deposited with it

Thanks to him, it was Misaki's

Oppa, I'm happy with it. I'm so lucky

I'm really happy with it

Yassin Tsushima

Yoshi Helper you wait so long
Then I met my brother

Yassin Tsushima this softie really wrong

Yagi's why I'm crying

Do not mind me

Today I celebrate the release of Abu Zaki's
Marriage and Han Ji-Zero

Get it here for everyone

Thank you very much

You Yoshi Da Ya drink too

We are delighted

And thank you very much for your help

Abu Zaki's

- Abu Zaki's
- Go here

- Listen to me before
- To me

I'm told to go away

Out now

I was foolish to believe a word of it, you .

I will not let you go with him
You do not have to marry him

You know it's impossible

The secret Yoshi's Helper

This is only one way .

Kilimanjaro's Masato

Is my sister

I heard that

Have you ever bought a geisha from here to me


But then she died of tuberculosis

Most geisha have died from this disease too

Really poor

Pity that so I
She was just a whore, just low class

Out before

get out

Everyone went out before

Han Ji-Zero

what do u mean

Just low-class prostitute
The tuberculosis was only

If I was immediately expelled from it

It was as though I

Women like that Do not be a chore

It's just a woman who was selling the country
Unknown outside it

Once out of Yoshi's agenda was already exhausted benefits
Well, it is just about the only entertain libido

So you bought her to do it

I bought it to use as a tool of the trade

They are the only women to seduce
And giving their men

You just welcome them
With that he slept with her too

Yes, then I

It's convenient
And cheaper access to the Yoshi's agenda

Customers are very satisfied .
If a woman from Yoshi agenda by then

All of them were happy with the trade

I invested a lot to do with the tower of her son

To make sure I do not buy for them

So you Kilimanjaro Masato me

What happened to her

I did what you told me about
He chased her out of the house

I heard that she was a prostitute, the lower classes
And died in the street like a dog

Kilimanjaro Masato wait

Abu Zaki's

Here's what you do with Kilimanjaro Sato is also a ..

It was the end of them are already here

You Yoshi Helper

I will not go with you

She thought she could do that I think

See here?

I have written

More recently, she was to become of me

Men who saw a flower on her
Appreciate it, too

As I sat there,

I hate you

Abu Zaki ring I bought for her and she is mine

I know what to do with her

I do not

What a bitch

No one here really helped me

Away .

Escape to Adventure

You Yoshi Helper

He's dead

Oaxaca's what happened

He was fond of me, did not you

What a shame really

He always told me that
Do not believe the love of men

I would not call that my sister again

"By capturing killer Han Ji Zero"

I looked at her and knew
She was a geisha hardly find my clients

Let's drink a little cold

Oshima remembered it
He came here again with large sums to get

I'm sorry

Forgive me

I want to eat dumplings

I promise you that
You will not find another woman for a second time

He says that love can be
Changing people's feelings we have for a while

But I would still love him absolutely right

So to say that
She's like a fire

tell me

Man burned at Yoshi's agenda, then fled

She is thought to have fled as you wish

To get away But anyway, it seemed

Well Then


It is best to run away again


Here's my sister

"Tonight at midnight, I'll wait for you here."

Abu Zaki's

It's stupid, why do you come back for more

He was caught up You must die
I do not know

I'm glad you're safe

Abu Zaki's

Geisha march higher over there

I do not know

I prepared costumes
Kimono and all already

But I can not do it alone

I'll help you

You come back

To do this, wait


You said.

Name your issue?

The Gonzaga

The Gonzaga

I'll be waiting there for me

The Gonzaga

The Gonzaga

The Gonzaga

The Gonzaga

To continue to enjoy ... my real name

The Gonzaga

The Gonzaga

From now on

You must not

Show these flowers to see me anymore

Do not really

See a lot Dessau

Since being trapped here

I was trapped here

How Long

27 days


I'm sorry

That flattering

I'm just jealous

The two men love you a lot

That person.

How are you

I do not know

This is my Han Girona

He was then beheaded As of noon yesterday

People talk
Over the sense that it comes with age

When older women
I love men, not doubting

If I wanted to love it
Achieve their own desires

I still wake up tired

Today I steal eggs from the kitchen


If the eggs have to make it up here

Yassin Tsushima

She said I was very happy to Palma

The flowers will bloom Palma just a short time
Later that day, they will wilt

Even then I was happy to have my pulse

If flowers are not blooming
There is no joy like that

I did not know it, but

The flowers bloom is pretty even
But flowers are not blooming, it is not here

I think so

Thanks Yassin Tsushima

Anyone come across this
Would commit suicide together


If it will not tolerate another contract

but it

If men who love death

She would feel desperate
And did not want to live next

I do not

Flowers PR Misaki's doors will remain forever

Wow, these are pretty boys

To choose our better .

P .

He's not going anywhere

Stand with feet out music

Thank you