A Country Wedding (2015) - full transcript

A country music star who's about to get married to an actress returns home to sell the house he grew up in. He reconnects with an old friend he proposed to when they were just kids. Soon, some old feelings between them begin to resurface.

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I love that song.

How did it feel to win "album
of the year" at the Grammys?

Well, not too long ago,

I was playing in bars and clubs
around Nashville,

so winning a Grammy's
been quite a change.

Catherine Mann.

It is a real thrill to have
you in the studio today.

Thank you, Stan.
It's a pleasure to be here.

You discovered Bradley,
didn't you?

I mean, he was already
well-known in Nashville,

but you brought him to Los Angeles
and got him a recording deal.

I introduced him to a few people,
but he's a pretty talented guy.

He got himself a recording deal.

And the two of you have been
inseparable ever since?

I think the first time
I heard Bradley sing...

I fell in love with him.

Are you saying the two of you
might have some news for us one day?

We like to keep
our private life private...

We're engaged to be married!

Now, I know we agreed
not to share this publicly,

but I just want the world
to know how happy I am.

You heard it here first.

Catherine Mann and Bradley Suttons
are engaged to be married!

Well, congratulations, Bradbird.

On the outside, he's shocked
that I shared it publicly,

but on the inside...

Morning, James.


What brings you out here
so early?


I had to come out here
to see you,

since you won't answer any
of my phone calls or emails.

Well, I don't got time
for phone calls and emails.

I got a ranch to run.
How's your mama?

She's real good.

She get those garden roses
I sent over?

- She did, and I...
- She is such a sweet lady.

- Yeah, yeah, she is.
- James, do you want some coffee?

I'd love a half a cup of coffee,

but you need to stop changing the subject
cause we need to talk about your finances.

Now, my mama told me

never to talk about politics
or money in mixed company.

There's no getting around
this, Sarah.

I'm gonna have to foreclose on you
and sell off this ranch,

if you can't find a way to
make the mortgage payments.

If it were up to me...

It is up to you, Jimmy. You're
the president of Milltown bank.

I don't own the bank, Sarah!

I'm just waiting to hear
if I got this grant

from the Equine
Rehabilitation Fund.

I've given you six months more
than I have any right to,

and now I have no choice.

One month.
That's all I'm asking.

One month, Sarah.
That takes us to June first.

I will tell you what.

If I don't have the money
by June 1st,

I will walk into your office,
I will shake your hand,

and I will sign this ranch
over to you.

Well, that's...
That's fair.

- You need me to sign something?
- You just did.

That guy grew up here.

Bradley Suttons.
He used to live next door.

Moved away when he was about 13,

but I believe he still
owns the house.

I remember.

His parents were killed in that
car accident, over in Greenbrier.

Must be about the most famous
resident to come out of Milltown.

I guess you knew
him pretty well?

Knew him?
I was married to him.

It's okay to cry, Bradbird.
I won't tell anyone.

I can't believe I have
to move away from here.

You'll be fine.

You're so smart and everything.

I guess
I'm sort of an orphan now.

I don't really have
a family anymore.

Hey. Everyone's looking
for you guys.

- Let's get married.
- What?

We should get married,
then we'll be each other's family.

We're only 13.
We can't get married.

Yes, we can. This is my barn,
so I make the rules.

You're my best friend and I say
we can do anything we want.

Well, how are we supposed
to get married?

I can marry you.

My dad's a pastor.

I've seen him do it,
like, a hundred times.

It's not that hard.

"Dear Bradbird...

"I saw you on TV,

"and I couldn't help but
remember all those years ago

when we were friends".

I am getting calls from
people, from vanity fair.

They all want to
photograph your wedding,

and they are willing
to pay huge!

Not gonna happen.
We want a private wedding.

Yes, we want something
intimate and personal.


A wedding should be shared
with those who love you most.

Your fans.

By the way...

- This came for you.
- What is it?

Well, I have no idea.

But I bet it's a fan writing
you a letter for an autograph,

because they love you

and they want to be
a part of your life,

and that is why you need to
share the happy day with them.

Fine. I'll give it
to the PR department.

There's something in here.

It's from a fan, all right, a fan
who's clearly in love with you.

She sent you a diamond ring.

I'm sure it's not real.

This is a Tiffany cut one half-a-carat
diamond in a white gold setting,


It comes with a love letter.

Of course it does!

"Dear Bradbird... "

"I saw you on TV,

"and I couldn't help
but remember

"all those years ago,
when we were friends.

I've thought about you often
over the years".


No one's called me that in ages.
Let me see that.

First love?

We were 13.

She was your girlfriend?

No. She was my wife.

It was the day
of my parents' funeral.

I was so sad and lost.

Felt alone in the world.

Sarah, she...

She offered to marry me,
so I'd have a family.

That's so nice.

She was a great girl.

And this ring...
This is my mother's ring.

I think I'm jealous.

No, the girl I remember,

she was real skinny,
with freckles,

and she preferred
horses to people.

You know, I still own
my parents' house.

I've never been back there
since that day.

I should probably
deal with that.

You know, you should come
with me, see where I grew up.

I'd love to.

It's impossible.

She's doing a movie.
You're under contract.

Well, why don't you go back?

Take care of things, sell the
house, have some down-time,

and after we get married,

I'll go back with you,
and see where you grew up.

I'd love to know
that part of you.

I'd like that.

I'll see you tonight.

A small wedding?
In Italy?

In a way.

I've rented an Italian villa

Only invited my closest friends.

I should have known
you had a plan.

I'm just here for a day or so,
to sell the house.

Figure there's no point
in holding on to it.

Well, it looks like you paid off
the mortgage years ago,

and the maintenance staff that takes
care of the house is on retainer,

so all you need to do
is put it on the market.


I, uh...

I remember
what happened to your folks.

It was, uh, was a huge shock
for this community,

one of the toughest...

So, I guess that's all the business
we need to take care of?

Right, right, right.

I will put you in touch
with Sally Hartford.

She's the local real estate broker
we use here at the bank.

She can put your house on the
market, take care of everything.

I appreciate that, sir.
Thank you.

Yeah, I'm gonna be here in Texas
for the next day or so,

and then I'll head to
my studio in Nashville,

and try to write some more music
before I head out on tour.

Hank, I'm... I'm gonna
have to call you back.

Yeah. All right.

I didn't give you
my address, did I?

Everybody knows
where your house is.

You're pretty famous
here in Milltown.

They got a sandwich named
after you down at the diner.


Oh, yeah.

I'm sorry, but do I know you?

Yeah! We went to school together.

- Sam Hartford.
- "Sammy" Hartford?

I do remember you.

Hey, I play lead guitar
in a band in town.

We play all of your hits.

That's great.

- Here you go.
- Oh, yeah.

- Don't you want your change?
- You keep it.

Excuse me, sir?

I was looking for the family
who used to live in this house?

There was a skinny little girl
with brown hair and freckles?

I saw an interview you did once,

where you said you'd come home
to Milltown when pigs fly.

Sky seems clear of swine.

- Sarah Standor?
- Bradley Suttons.

You look so different!

Well, you seem to have outgrown
your awkward phase, too.

But I don't know if that's true.

You never had an awkward phase.
You're just handsome as ever.

What brings you to town?

I'm selling my parents' house.

I should have
dealt with it years ago,

but I never found the time
to get back here.

Well, time does fly when
you're busy winning Grammys,

becoming a superstar.

- We're all real proud of you.
- Thanks.

You know, I've been keeping up
your mother's flower garden.

That's real nice of you.
She would've appreciated that.

Felt like it was the least
I could do for her.

She's the one who taught me
how to plant and grow flowers,

and now I have
a big garden out back.

I supply the flowers
for most of the local florists.

Your family still
raising race horses?

My parents moved to Florida.

This place is a horse-rescue ranch now.

People give me their old horses
and sick horses,

and I take care of them.

- So you stayed in Milltown?
- I stayed in Milltown.


Why not?

- You married? Kids?
- No.

No, not yet.

I went to veterinary school,
and got busy with the ranch,

and guess I just forgot to get
married and have children.

Well, Dr. Sarah Standor,

I'm glad I had the good sense
to marry you when I did.

It was a no-brainer.

It was clear I was gonna
be very successful.

You know,
Adam's still in town, too.

"Three musketeers",
back together again.

How about your fiancee?
She in town?

I'm... I'm a big fan.
Love to meet her.


I just wanted to slip into
town to handle some business,

slip out without any fuss.

I don't think
that's going to happen.

And why's that?


Didn't know they had
paparazzi in Milltown.

They don't.
Those are just fans.

Come on. I'll help you.
Come on.

Do you remember
how to ride a horse?

Well, it's been a while,
but I think so. Why?

All right, come on, now.

No, no, no.
Over here.

Hey, hey!

It's like riding a bicycle.

You never forget!

- Whoa, now.
- Hang on.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

It's our old fort!


I'd forgotten all
about this place.

Me, you, and Adam built this
when we were, like, 11?

It's been a dollhouse,
it's been a playhouse,

girls-only club, boys-only fort...

Simpler times.

You know, you asked me why
I stayed here in Milltown.

That's why I stayed.

Stayed for the "simpler times".


I was thinking maybe
we could do lunch, catch up.

"Do" lunch?

It's just an expression.

Well, right now, lunch for me

is a sandwich in one hand
and a hammer in the other.

I've got about a mile of
this fence that needs mending.

Well, you've got fences to mend

and I'm months late
delivering a new album,

but I think we can spare
an hour to catch up.

- What do you say?
- Okay.

Meet me here
tomorrow, 10:00 A.M.,

we'll go get Adam,
and we will "do" lunch.

Sounds great.

See you then.


Welcome home, Bradbird.

It's not my home anymore...

But thanks.

We are late.

Come on.

- Nice shoes.
- They're Italian.

- They got cowboys in Italy?
- I wasn't sure what to wear.

You look real good.


And when we say,

"do unto others as we
would have them do unto us,"

we mean more than just
"follow the commandments".

We need to treat others
with kindness...

And with generosity of spirit.

Just ask yourself
for one moment...

"How would I like to be treated?"

"What must it be like to be
in that other person's situation?"

- Thank you for comin'.
- Thank you.

- You have a good Sunday now.
- That's good.


I never thought
I'd see you back here.

- I liked what you said in there.
- Thanks.

But I should tell you, I got it out
of a book, so it's not totally original.

So... lunch?
You know, I'm really craving Sushi.

'Cause where we're going,

it's about the only thing
they got on the menu.

This is real nice.

You don't remember coming here

after church on Sundays
when we were kids?

There's a lot about those
years I blocked out.

Some wounds just don't heal.

You know, this feels
like mindful awareness.


That's something Catherine and I do
back in L.A.

Pay to go to this place
that does yoga and meditation.

They teach you how to be aware
of what's in front of you,

and let go of the past
and the future...

Stay quiet, in the moment.

You payin' money for that?

What's so funny?

You're paying money
to sit still and be quiet!

You hear that?


That's silence.

It's not yesterday's silence,
not tomorrow's silence.

You're in it right now,
and it is free of charge.

I get it.

- So tell me about Catherine.
- She's beautiful.

And smart.

She's very talented.

Well, I know that much from reading
People Magazine at the dentist.

Come on!
What's she really like?

Well, she's funny,
and she's got a huge heart.

She's been famous
since she was a kid,

so she's used to it, you know?

- She's taught me a lot.
- You are a lucky guy.

I know.

No one for you?

There was someone once,
but not anymore.


Well, we wanted
different things.

I wanted a real commitment
and he wanted...

...the opposite.


Yeah, well, didn't matter.
He wasn't the one.

- What's wrong?
- Ohh, it's not... I'm just...

Waiting on a letter
that hasn't arrived yet.

Well, thanks again
for everything.

It was really great
to see you and Adam.

I'll probably leave town soon,
so I'm glad we got to catch up.

And thanks
for sending that ring.

I'm happy you're finally
gonna use it on a real bride.

It was great to see you,

You too.

- Take care.
- All right.

Don't worry.

My funding's gonna
come through any day.

I'll actually be able
to pay all these bills.

And the kitchen has two ovens.

Not many of these older
houses have two ovens.

And three bedrooms!

- Hey! What's going on?
- You're still here?

I'm sorry.
I thought you left days ago!

I'm Sally Hartford,
the real estate broker.

Mr. Fargo from
the bank sent me.

I decided to stay a while.

Would you mind
if we just took a little...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...
Maybe we should...

...let Mr. Suttons
wake up a bit, and...

That'd be nice.

...put some clothes on.

I don't mind!

We'll come back later.

- Yeah.
- Come on, now.

- There we go.
- All right.

- Sorry.
- Bye, now.

I love your music.
You're my favorite singer.

You probably don't remember me,
but we went to school together.

I used to be Sally Brunswick?

Yeah, no...
I'm sorry.

I don't...

- I'm gonna go now. Okay.
- All right.

Hey, Sarah!

- Hey!
- Hey.

I thought you were leaving?

I decided to stick around here
for a few more days, write some music.

Well, great.
Guess I'll see you around, then.

Yeah! Yeah.

I'll see you around.



Those are beautiful.

Thank you.

Just driving 'em into town
to some of the florists.

We got three weddings
this weekend.

I really think it's the
flowers that make a wedding.


You know, tomorrow morning, I'm gonna
"do fishin'", if you want to come.

- You're gonna "do" fishing?
- That's just an expression.

Is it, now?

- You wanna come?
- Yeah, sure.

You know, I haven't felt
this relaxed in a long time.

I'm usually running to catch
a plane or play a concert.

Well, that sounds exciting.

Was, at first.
Gets old fast.

Waking up in a different
hotel suite every morning,

not knowing what city you're in

until you open the door
and look at the newspaper.

Cincinnati Post.

The Oregonian.

New York Times.
The L.A. Times.

Yeah, all those
first-class flights,

and fancy hotel suites,
and big bank accounts...

Being rich and famous
sounds rough!

- You're making fun of me again.
- Am I?

I thought we were
just catching up.

Yeah, I don't know what it
is about being back here

in the house I grew up in, but I'm
writing music like I did years ago.

I mean,
it's just flowing out of me.

That's great.
I'm so happy for you.

I'm not going to Nashville. I'm
gonna stay here and write.

I miss you.

Yeah. You know,
I wish you were here,

and I could take you out
on a long hike before dawn,

then fishing in the creek.

That sounds lovely.

I'm so excited to see you
in Italy for our wedding.

Now turn?

Now, just you, me, and the
Italian countryside, right?

Of course.

I mean, there are some
minor details to consider.

Oh, precious!

It isn't a wedding
without flowers and a cake.

I've been so busy working,

I've hired someone
to take care of all of that.

Well, I just want to get married
in a place that reminds us

that being together
is all that matters.

Another turn?

Some place where the
world can't find us.

Just you...

Me, where the world can't find us.
That sounds... wonderful.

Good. I'll see you soon.

And because
you're best friends...

And because you want
to be family forever,

I ask you, Bradley,
will you take Sarah

to be your wedded wife forever?

Do you promise to care
for her and obey her...

That's in there?

I think so.

I guess I do.

And I promise, too.

Do you have a ring?

It's really pretty.

It's my mom's.

Now, repeat after me...

"With this ring... "

With this ring...

"I thee wed... "

I thee wed.

I now pronounce you married.

You may kiss the bride.



Well, it hasn't
changed much, has it?

Not a bit.

So how's your songwriting going?



I just made a decision.
This is where I want to get married.

- You can't get married here.
- Why?

Well, it was fine for a pretend
wedding, when we were kids,

but Catherine Mann will not
want to get married here.

You don't know her like I do.

She wants to live a normal life,
but she just doesn't know how.

Academy award-winner
Catherine Mann

will not want to get married
in an old barn!

I think having a wedding
out of the spotlight,

away from the media,
is just what she needs.


Tell you what.

I'll help you mend your fence,
if you help me plan my wedding.

Let me see your hands.

When was the last time
you worked with your hands?

I tour 200 days out of the year!

I'm not talking about strumming
a guitar, I need a cowboy for this job!

I am perfectly capable
of mending a fence.

Well, we'll see.

All right.

I am not getting married
in a barn.

He doesn't literally mean
an actual barn, does he?

Yes! He's trying to protect
me from the media,

offering me a chance to be...

- Ordinary?
- Normal.

Why would you want to be normal?

Everyone wants to be special!
Everyone wants to be you.

I love that he's trying to
help me have a normal life.

Oh, yeah, that's fun.
Oh, that's fun, yes.

He is the most thoughtful
man I have ever known.

He's planning
everything himself.

He's ordering
flowers and a cake,

his childhood best friend
is going to marry us.

How lucky am I?

So what are you going to do?

Well, I need to finish
shooting this movie,

and he's writing music for
the first time in months,

so everything will be fine.

Give it to me.

- How?
- Beautiful. Beautiful.

I'll go to Texas after we wrap.
We'll get married in the barn.

It will be a perfect,
sweet moment,

filled with wonderful memories
that we'll cherish forever,

and then we'll go to Italy

for our one-of-a-kind...
Amazing wedding.

Are you sure you
don't want to change?

I'm fine.

You know, I wasn't
gonna be here long,

so this is all that I brought.

Well, you're gonna ruin
your Italian cowboy loafers.

Can I at least
get you work gloves?

- Work gloves? No, I'm good.
- Okay. Suit yourself.

You want me to make you dinner?

No, I was gonna head on home
and call it a day.


See you tomorrow?

Yes, you will.

I bet you he is booking
a first-class flight

back to Hollywood right soon?

Nice boots.

They were my dad's.

All right!

Let's get to work!

He was a good man.
You fill his boots well.


They'd be real proud of you.

Okay, this might sting a bit.


I'm just kidding.
It's fine, go ahead.

You know, you did
real good today.


Guess you celebrities have "people"
who do all your heavy-lifting for you?

Oh, yeah.

I mean, I usually have my
butlers do my fence-mending.

Well, I gave my staff
the night off,

you know, otherwise they'd be
here cooking and cleaning...

- Right.
- ... Brushing my hair for me.

You know, you're
pretty good at this.

Well, I paid enough
to learn how to do it.

You're wearing good
gloves tomorrow, okay?

Yes, ma'am.

- All better.
- Back in business.

I'm gonna make you some dinner.

Hi there.
What can I get for you folks?

Well, we will have two "Bradley
Suttons" sandwiches and two cokes.

You know, he used to live here.

I heard he used to be married
to a local gal.

No way.

I know everything there is to
know about Bradley Suttons,

and he never married.

Now, he is engaged
to miss Catherine Mann.


He loves
a grilled cheese sandwich.

- She's gonna kick herself later.
- Yeah.

Okay, so you're taking care
of the flowers,

- now we need a cake and some music...
- What is Catherine's favorite flower?

I don't... I don't know.

You don't know your
fiancee's favorite flower?

I've sent her flowers
plenty of times,

but usually, my manager
handles sending them, and...

Her manager usually
receives them for her.

Well, how romantic.


So, which one do you like?

I really like when they got
flowers all over them,

and that way, everybody
gets a little flower

with their piece of cake.

What's Catherine's
favorite flavor?

I don't really know.
She never orders dessert.

Well, no, no,
of course, she doesn't.

What's her favorite color?

I'm not exactly sure.

She wears a lot of black.

Wait. You don't know
your fiancee's favorite flower,

her favorite flavor,
or favorite color?

Well, you'd better.

Hey, Monica. We're gonna need
a cake for a weddin'.

You finally decided
to settle down?

Well, who's the lucky...


Yep! Cake! 'Cause that's whatcha
do here, right, Monica?

Yes, of course.
We do cakes!

Good, 'cause Bradley is gonna
need a cake for his wedding.

I am so happy
for you and Catherine.

I think y'all are perfect
for each other.

I always knew you'd be famous.

When is the big day?

June 1st.

That's only a couple of weeks away.
But, for you, I'll make it work.

Thank you, Monica.

- I'll take the coconut.
- You can't have that one!

Catherine Mann
is allergic to coconut.

She is?

She said so,
on the Tonight Show.

Two years ago.

Okay. No coconut.

How many layers do we want?

- I don't know, two?
- Two.

Just two?

It's perfect.

She is so right.

Do you think it could be taller?

Of course.

But how will you get it there?

All the way to Italy?
It will fall over.

I will fly you on a private jet,
and you can bake it there.

- Is that necessary?
- You only get married once.

She's right.

Back up.

There you go, buddy.

Yeah. Yeah.

Let's go. Yeah.

There you go.

No, I don't want to
leave another message.

I just...

Okay, fine.

Please tell them
Sarah Standor called again.

I'm still waiting to hear
if I got the equine rescue Grant.

The bank's gonna foreclose on
my property in about two weeks.

I got 18 horses who won't
have anywhere to go...

Okay. Yeah.
Okay. Thank you.

You like living on
a ranch all alone?

I'm not alone.

I got my horses and my dogs
and my flowers.

Is that enough?

No. But I want
what my parents have,

and that doesn't
come along every day.

True love?

Oh, come on! You don't
believe in true love?

I think you find
someone you care about.

Someone whose company you enjoy,

who likes the same
things you like,

wants the same things you want.

After that,
it's hard work and compromise.

I want someone who's gonna love
me forever no matter what,

who wants to walk through
life leaning up against me

so neither one of us falls.

Well, that sounds real romantic...

But not very realistic.

I agree, it is rare.

Plus, you only get
one shot at it,

and even then, you got to be
in the right place

to recognize it and choose
it and fight for it.

So this, magical relationship,
it only happens once in a lifetime?


And you got to be in the right place
at the right time, or you miss it?


I think you've read
too many romance novels.

Maybe, but I'm not
gonna settle for less.

Well, I hope you get
your happily-ever-after.

You deserve it.

So you're really
gonna get married here?


We're gonna have to do
some serious cleaning up.


You got that?

Come on.

Come here.

- Hey, hey!
- Come here.


I win.


Are you kidding me?

How do you like it?

Take that!

Now, why did you bring me
all the way out here?

Well, you've been
working so hard,

I thought we'd take a night off
and go to the movies.

- The movies?
- Cowboy style.

Lie back.

All right.

This is one of my favorites.

It stars the big and little Dipper
in one of their best adventures.

I love this movie.

I remember watching
it when I was a kid.

This is the sequel.

You know, I've been listening to you
play your new songs at night.

They sound real good.

They remind me a lot
of the ones you wrote

when you were
first starting out.

You know, that take you on a journey,
make you feel something.

You really think so?

Well, why would I say it
if it wasn't true?

The world I live in
is full of people

who tell me what
they think I want to hear.

I'll never do that.


So, can I tell you something


- That hat.
- What about it?

Well, you think it makes you
look like a cowboy, but...

I love this hat, okay?

It's new.

My manager, Hank,
sent it to me for my tour.

Okay, well, that's the problem.

A real cowboy would
never wear a new hat.


What are you doing?

That's better.

Oh, man.

You know, this was
a good place to grow up.

Well, I'm glad
you remember that.

You and Catherine talked about
where you want to settle down,

raise your children?

I don't know if Catherine
wants to have children.

Do you?



You're getting married,

but you haven't discussed
whether you want a family?

Well, celebrities
are an odd breed.

- I am not a celebrity.
- Yes, clearly.

- I love this place.
- Mint chip, right?

- Very good.
- Come on.

Excuse me, sir?
Sir, can I get your autograph?

How many guests
are you thinking of having?

I hadn't thought about it.

I work with a lot of people, but
I don't have a lot of time to socialize.

I bet she's got some fancy
designer making her a gown.

You're probably right.

- Come on, let's get you a tuxedo.
- All right.

Well, you are going to make
a very fancy groom.

Yeah, I don't know.
Something doesn't feel right.

You know, you're right.
Something is missing.

Hold on.



- Now you're all set.
- Oh, yeah.

Now I feel good.

Looks good.

Do you have your dress yet?

Oh, no. No, I'm...

Don't say another word.
I have the perfect dress for you.


Thank you.

She's right, it's perfect.

If I ever do get married,
this is the dress I'm gonna wear.

You look like a Princess.

You make a lovely
bride and groom.

- No, no, we're not getting married.
- Not again anyway.

We got married years ago.


I see.

Yup, I'm marrying a new bride.

You bring your old bride to the store
to try on a dress for your new bride?

- That's right.
- Well, well, well.

Now, God says
to love your enemies.

Now, that has to be one of the
hardest commandments on the list...

...these days, what with the
news and Internet full of...

Well, I think what's
most important in life

is that we all
paint our houses purple.

I believe we'll be better people
if we paint our houses purple,

Pink polka dots, too.

Excuse me.

Can I... can I have
your attention, y'all?

So sorry, pastor Adam, I just
have an announcement to make.

Bradley Suttons, homegrown
country music star,

would like to invite you all
to attend his wedding

to movie star Catherine Mann.

It's gonna be held on June 1st
in my barn.

So until then, let's give
Bradley some privacy

and let's get back to pastor Adam,
and his beautiful sermon, okay?

Thank you, Sarah.

You just invited
50 strangers to my wedding.

They aren't strangers.

Most of them have known you
since you were a kid,

and they all loved you
before you were a big star.

It was real nice of you to
invite the town to your wedding.

It just seemed like
the right thing to do.

I think being home
has been healing for you.

Opening your heart will
lead to a peaceful life.

I think you're right.

How are the wedding
plans coming?

Well... we're done.

I'm sure looking forward
to meeting Catherine.

You must love her very much.

I do.

I do.

Hey, now!


Here she is!

Come on, baby.

That's a big one! Yes!

You did it!

Nice work!

You learn fast.

I think that whole country star
persona is a put-on.

You're really just a cowboy
deep down.

Well, my dad was.

I think that's where
my life was headed before...

He and my mom died.

I guess we never know what life's
going to throw at us, do we?

You know,
when I moved to Nashville,

living in the city
was such a change,

I don't think I ever really
got used to it.

Your roots are
always your roots.

You know, I think I forgot what
being home was supposed to feel like.

You know, I spent so much time
trying to forget this place, but...

Being here back here,

with you,

it's bringing it all back.

This is home.

I don't know why
I told you all that.

I mean, I never... I never
really talk about this stuff.

Thank you.

For helping me find my way
back to who I was.

You're going to need music
for your wedding.


There's a great band in town,
and they're playing tomorrow night

if you want to go see 'em.

That'd be great.

- Evening.
- Hi.

You all set?

You clean up real good
for a cowgirl.

Well, thank you, kind sir.

These are my Saturday
go-to-town boots.

Well, let's get.

Hi. How are ya?

How you doing, Adam?

Go for a tour around the floor?

Maybe after a few.

- Let me take that.
- Thank you.

Thank you very much!

Thank you!

They're good.

You're gonna need, you know,
romantic dancing music, too.

- You want to dance?
- Yeah, okay.

- Do you dance?
- I try.

Are you ready? Because
I'm gonna spin you.

You have moves?


Oh, yeah.

That was a surprise.

Thank you!

Now, we've got a very special
treat for y'all tonight.

We have country superstar
and Milltown's own

Bradley Suttons in the house!

I'd like to invite him up
to join the band for a song.

Come on up!

Okay, boys.

"Love don't die easy"?

Howdy, y'all.


It's good to be home.

What are you doing, Sarah?

What are you talking about?

Come on, I've
known you a long time.

You're falling in love
with him, aren't you?

He's helping me on my ranch,
I'm helping him plan his wedding.

His wedding.

He's marrying somebody else,
he's leaving this town.

I know.

I care about you, Sarah.

I just don't want
to see you get hurt.


What happened to you last night?
I waited...

Good morning.

Mr. Fargo,
I wasn't expecting you.

Well, I came by to deliver
some good news.

We got a solid offer
on your house.

They want to move in right away.
It's an all-cash offer.

I'm not sure I want to sell.

I was thinking
I might just keep the house.

Well, that's good news.

Yeah, I'm beginning to see how
important it is to hold on to your roots.

Well, maybe you can talk some
sense into your neighbor.

She's going to
lose her ranch soon

if she doesn't figure out a way
to pay her mortgage.

What do you mean?

Well, she's waiting for
some funding to come in,

but she's way behind
on her payments.

The people leave her their sick
or old horses to take care of,

they don't pay their bills,
and she gets stuck.

And her flower business isn't
enough to carry the ranch.

Is that right?


Last night was fun.

I tried to find you
when I was leaving, but...

Oh, yeah, sorry,
I had to duck out.

I... I was exhausted,

and I got so much work
to get done.

Well, I'll go get my tools
and get to work on the fences.

No, you take the day off.

Is everything okay?

Everything's fine.
I just... got to get this done.

You know, I wanted to thank you

for looking after my yard and
my flowers all these years.

It's not a problem.

You and your family
were great neighbors to us.

Well, I wanted to pay you
for the work that you did.

I feel like it's only fair...

No, no,
I know what you're up to.

You've been talking
to James Fargo?

You don't have to
worry about me.

I got my letter,
and my funding came through,

so I'm going to be just fine.

Well... that's good news.

Okay, well, gotta
get back to this.

All right, then.

I'll see you later.

Allen, grace...



Are you still planning on
going to Texas this weekend?

I am.

I'm actually really excited
to see where Bradley came from.

Someone sent me this
early this morning.

Who is this?

According to the article,
Sarah Standor, a childhood friend.

The girl who sent
the letter and the ring?

The nerdy girl with braids?

She aged well.
You need to go to Texas. Now.


Are you avoiding me?

No, I've just been real busy.

The fences look good.

I gotta get going.
I've got a flower delivery.

- I'll come with you.
- No, I got it.

I decided to keep the house.

I'm not selling it.


I think you helped me
remember that.

Do you think Catherine
will like it here?

Well, I don't see why not.

You know, it's beautiful and calm,
people are friendly, the air is clean.


What's going on with you?

You want the truth?

'Cause like you said,
you've got a lot people in your life

who tell you what they think
you want to hear,

- ... so maybe you like it that way.
- I'd rather hear the truth.

Okay, well, you're about to marry
a woman you barely know.

You don't know her favorite color,
you don't know her favorite flower.

You don't even know
if she wants to have a family.

I mean, it seems to me you
know nothing about her at all.

No, I know everything
I need to know.

Why are you here planning
your wedding without her?

Why am I here making all
decisions she should be making?

Where is she?

I told you,
she's... she's busy filming.

Okay, look,

you and I have been friends
a long time,

so I'm gonna shoot you straight.

All right.


You can't marry Catherine Mann.

You don't love her.

I do.
I do love her.

Why did you kiss me?

I shouldn't have done that.
All right?

I'm sorry, I just... I just got
caught up in the music and the...

And the moment.

So, that's all that was?

You got caught up in the moment?


Look, I get
that you're scared, okay?

You got your heart broken as a kid,

and you are afraid to love
too much ever again...

Well, you know what,
love is scary!

It is terrifying to put your heart
out there, but you do it anyway.

You do it in spite of the fear,

because a life without love,
that's just half a life.

And you don't get married 'cause
you like the same things,

and 'cause you live
similar lifestyles.

You get married

because you can't stand the
thought of not being together.

You get married because you love the
other person with your whole heart!

No, that's...
That's just a fantasy.

Maybe it is.

But I don't think
you should settle for less.

You know, just 'cause you
knew me when I was a kid,

it doesn't mean you know me now.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

Look, you and me had a deal.

You'd help me mend my fences, and
I'd help you plan your wedding, so...

I guess we're done.

This is me. Who are you?

Hey, Catherine,
it's, it's me.

Call me when you get this.
We need to talk.


You're here!

Well, we're getting married
in a couple of days.

I thought it was time
I reclaim my cowboy.

Let me get your bags.

All right.

I thought you were
selling this place.

Wasn't that whole reason
of coming here?

Well, I was, but then I got here, and
realized maybe I should hold onto it.


Well, I grew up here.
This is my home.

Listen, I'm so glad you're here.

I've learned so much about myself
over the last couple of weeks.

What are you wearing?

- Just some old clothes. Work clothes.
- Work?

Look, I thought we could keep
this house as a home base

for when we're not working.

Then we could spend time
here with our children.

Teach them how to fish
and ride horses.

Give them something real,
something out of the spotlight.

Our... our children?

You want to have children,
don't you?

I mean, I know we never
discussed it, but...

We love each other
and we're getting married.

We have a lifetime to learn everything
we need to know about each other.

I want what you want.

So, why don't I get changed,

and you can make
reservations someplace nice,

and we'll go out
on the town and celebrate.

Well, there's a diner in town,

but there aren't any fancy
restaurants close by.

- Where do people eat?
- At home. They cook.


It's gonna be great, all right?

We're gonna get up early
tomorrow morning,

I'm gonna take you on that hike,
then we can go fishin'.

You're gonna love it, I promise.

As long as we're together,
everything is perfect.

Have you, seen your neighbor,
the one who sent you the ring?


Yeah, she... she has a horse
rescue ranch next door.


She depends on funding
to keep it running.

I'm not sure she got it.

I offered to help, but
she's too stubborn to let me.

You're such a good man.

The bank is threatening
to sell her ranch

if she doesn't come up with
the money soon.

What a shame.

She's a great girl.

She helped us plan
our whole wedding.


Yes, the Sun Ranch.

No, next door.
The yellow house, red barn.

Rural route 8, Milltown.

Thank you.

What was that all about?

I just ordered a few things

to make our wedding
a little more comfortable.

I told you I'd take care of it.

You know, I ordered
a cake and flowers...

And I'm sure you did
a great job.

But we'll have
our rehearsal dinner,

then we'll get to Italy,
and back to our real lives.

All right.

You know, I love this place.

I can see that.


How long do we actually
need to stay out here for?

You'll know when you're done.

Okay, I'm done.



Get me outta here!


Get me outta here!

You all right?

I suppose.

I got you.

Sit down here.

I can't believe
you made me do that.

Let's take these off of you.

Cooper, we got it.

Let's see...

Oh, no.

We're gonna get you better
in no time.

Good morning!



It's so nice to meet you.
I'm a huge fan.

Oh, sorry.


Bradley told me what you're
doing here, rescuing horses.

I'm... very impressed.

I love the work.

It's beautiful here. I can see
why Bradley likes it so much.

He romanticizes what it would be like
to settle down and raise a family here,

- ... but that will never happen.
- No?

Well, once he's back on tour,
jet-setting around the world,

like he did before,
and never look back.

He has a gift, something he needs
to share with the world.

You understand that, right?

I do.

He is extraordinary.

He's very concerned about you.

He told me about
your financial troubles,

and I have a friend in the
business, wonderful man.

There's his name and address.

He takes in horses
and other animals

that have retired from
working in TV and films.

I called him, thinking maybe
he could help, and he can.

He has room to take your horses
if you need a place to put them.

In fact, he'd like to talk to you

about working on his ranch in
California, if you might be interested.

- That's amazing.
- It's serendipitous.

I think you should grab the
opportunity and talk to him right away.

- Okay.
- I know you'd like him.


I hope you'll accept this
as a gift from Bradley and me.

We want to thank you for working
so hard to put our wedding together.

I had my assistant book you
on a flight for tomorrow morning.

This is very sweet of you.

You'll have to miss the wedding,

but that's not as important
as saving your horses, is it?

No, of course not.

Thank you very much
for doing this.

A friend of Bradley's
is a friend of mine.


- What's your favorite flower?
- Yellow roses.


No reason.

- Thanks for meeting me here.
- Glad you called.

You okay?


How do people look
when they're... in love?

And how do they know
they've chosen the right person,

the one they're supposed to
be with forever?

Well, the bride gets
this look in her eyes

when she knows she's doing
the right thing.

She walks into the church,

and she looks across
the room at her groom,

and she's got
these tears in her eyes,

like she can't see anybody else,
she's lost in the moment.

And that's it?

Bradley, the question really is...

Do you love her?

Of course.

I mean, she's done so much
for me, for my career.

But do you love her?


You know, I... I love her.

You sure this is
what you want to do?

I am, yeah.

So, I guess I'll see you
at the wedding rehearsal.




Yeah, you bet.

Okay, let's get started.

Bradley, hup-two.

All right, you'll stand
here next to me, faced this way,

and, Catherine,
when the music starts,

cross that bridge,
down that row,

and then you'll walk down
the aisle towards Bradley.

Got it.

let's try this.

- Hi, James.
- Hi, Sarah.

- I'm real sorry about this.
- Yeah. Me too.

Thank you.



I need to talk to you!

Hello there!

Aren't you be supposed to be
getting ready for your wedding?

Where's Sarah?

She's gone.

I don't understand.
What do you mean?

Well, she no longer
owns this ranch.


She would never sell her ranch.

She didn't have a choice.

She simply didn't have enough
money to make the mortgage.

The bank had to sell it.
They didn't have a choice.

I'm taking care of the dogs, but
the horses are getting picked up.

Well, I'll talk to the people who
bought it, and I'll get it back.

Who bought the ranch?

You did.

Excuse me.

That's very good.
That's perfect.


You can't come in here.

I need to speak to you.

You can't see the bride before
the wedding, it's bad luck!

Did you buy Sarah's ranch?


Everybody out.

The groom needs to speak
to the bride.


I know how much this place
means to you,

and I know you want to keep it.

What's that have to do with
you buying Sarah's ranch?

We can expand the property,

build a new house here,
a real house,

...a house we can come back to.
A house worthy of people like us.

- People like us?
- You know what I mean.

Who the heck is that?

Do you mind?

- He's with People Magazine.
- Are you kidding me?

I know you didn't want
the media at our wedding...

We discussed this!

He promised he'd be discreet.
You won't even notice him.


I love all the flowers
for the wedding.

How did you know that yellow
roses were my favorite?

I didn't.

Sarah must have known.

You know, that ranch is her home.

She's lived there her entire life.

I think it's so sweet that
you still care about her.

It's one of the reasons
I love you so much.

I can't marry you.


I can't marry you.

Of course you can.

Do you love me?

- Of course I do.
- Why?

Because we're perfect
for each other.

We understand each other.
We want the same things.

I'm not going to tour
for a while.

I'm going to live here, play locally,
build a studio, and write music.

That's so silly.

Your career is on fire,
you're gaining momentum...


I care about you,
I do.

But it's just not enough.

I'm sorry.

Hey, welcome home, Sarah.

Well, thanks, Sam,
but it's not home anymore.

I'm just here to pack up.

Oh, I see.

Where will you go?

I don't know.

Hey, I'm...

I'm sorry.

Thanks, Sam.
See you around.


Hi, guys!


It's so good to see you!

I missed you so much!

Kelly, what are you barking at?
What's going on?

What's going on, you guys?

Where are you guys going?

What got into you?


Kelly, whatcha got there?

What's in there?


What is going on?

Did you decide
to have the wedding today?

Where's Catherine?

I'm not sure.

I don't understand.


I was thinking
we could renew our vows.

We got married
when we were kids.

I think that was
our one chance at true love.

True love, huh?

Well, I don't know.

That's romantic, not realistic.

I agree...

It's rare,

but I don't want to settle
for less.

You don't?

Mint chip,


Horses and dogs...

White lilies...

This ranch...

And these people.

Those are
all my favorite things.

I love you with all of my heart,

and I want to walk through
life leaning against you

so that neither one of us falls.


Are my true love.

Sarah Standor...

Will you marry me...


And do you, Sarah, promise to love
Bradley in sickness and in health,

forever and ever?

I do.

I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.