A Christmas to Treasure (2022) - full transcript

The passing of a beloved old neighbor reunites six friends for a hometown holiday treasure hunt, where sparks fly once again between brand strategist Austin and his former best friend Everett.

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♪ There's a jingle
in the air ♪

♪ A fa la la feeling
everywhere ♪

♪ It's the best time
of the year ♪

♪ Whenever you're here ♪

♪ So let it snow
snow snow ♪

♪ So we can stay home
home home ♪

♪ I've got the tree
you string the lights ♪

♪ You bring the naughty
I've got the nice ♪

♪ I'll hang the mistletoe
you bring the kisses ♪

♪ Baby you're the merry
in every Christmas ♪

♪ At the top of my wish list
hey hey hey ♪

♪ You're the happy
in my holiday ♪

♪ So let it snow
snow snow ♪

♪ So we can stay home
home home ♪

♪ I've got the tree
you string the lights ♪

♪ You bring the naughty
I've got the nice ♪

♪ I'll hang the mistletoe
you bring the kisses ♪

♪ Baby you're the merry
in every Christmas ♪

♪ At the top of my wish list
hey hey hey ♪

♪ You're the happy
in my holiday... ♪

And what better
way to build your

sponsorship portfolio

than with a brand cocktail party

come New Year's Eve.

Okay, we're listening.

But a brand cocktail party?

- What brand?
- All the brands.

You just leave that part to us.

You bring us your best
influencer clients.

- And we bring the brands to you.
- Such as?

How about we start
with wardrobe?

Boots, heels, cocktail attire,

everything anyone in attendance
is wearing. Branded.

And then the champagne.
The wine.

- Even our colorful cupcakes...
- All brand.

And don't forget to tell them
what's in our swag bags, Tipper.

Purses. Watches.
Beauty products.

Even dog treats!
All of it brand.

But let's not stop there.

What better way to flaunt
all these new brands

than with our very own
interactive photo shoot

where you and your influencers
can take fun photos

with each of your brands.

With your own new camera,

sponsored by one of our brands.

I think you have something here.

Let us discuss with our clients

and come back with
an answer soon?

Look, I'm gonna be real
with you guys for a second.

If this works the way it could,

our clients are gonna wanna do
a lot more of these.

Great. One for every holiday.

Saint Patty's Public
Figure Soiree!

In theory that sounds lovely,

but you two don't have
the infrastructure alone

to handle such a feat.

You're gonna need a lot
more help than just

the two of you, and more space.

But that's why
we got this space.

We have renters,
but we left room for growth.

- So if...
- When...

When we can pull this off,
which we will,

we will take up
the entire space,

hire a full-time staff,

get you and your clients
exactly what you need.

Hm, so if what you're saying is,

you wanna start a real partnership

direct from client to brand,
I'm open to that.

But you'll need
an infrastructure to do that.

And money.

Our influencers are
the best in the business.

I'm the best in the business.

And I expect you
to deliver the same.

Anyway, I look forward to
seeing more of what you can do.

- Thank you!
- Thank you!

- Bye.
- Bye.

Wow. You really cleaned up
out here, huh?

You know, somebody had to.
The place was a mess.

No signs of a buried treasure?

And the Christmas lights?

I'm doing it for Mrs. Marley.

Ev. Mrs. Marley is gone.

No, come on, where's your
Christmas spirit, huh, Ricky?

Because I still feel
Mrs. Marley's right here,

everywhere I go.

Uh-huh? Huh.

Did she mention
you're trespassing?

Well, I wouldn't be
if you gave me the keys

and the deed already.

The city is selling
the place, Ev.


I-I held out as long
as I could with them.

They're putting a realtor on the
property to sell by New Year's.

What? Well, there's nothing
that we can do?

I mean, can I make like
a down payment or something?

Unless you can pay
all the property taxes

from the last year, plus
a down payment of 200K, then no.

Why the shift?
I thought the Mayor...

They wanna put in
a high-end hideaway

for tourists away from
the slopes. I don't know.

I mean, it's still
speculation right now.

They have to find a buyer
first, but, yeah.

No, no way. This...

This place is practically
a historical landmark.

The entire town of Belleville
knows that.

No one will stand for this.

The board already approved it.

Look, the property is
way too big to not develop

without some sort of
real return. I'm sorry, Ev.

Okay, so we, I-I don't know, we,

we start up the Christmas
Treasure Hunt again,

like Mrs. Marley used to.

And how are we gonna do that?

Look, even if we did manage

to get the property
up and running,

it-it wouldn't make enough
the year alone

to stop the inevitable.

You said there's no buyer yet, though?

Not that I know of.

But they're putting
Rochelle on it next week

to try to get a listing up
before the holiday.

Good. So it means
we have some time.

You're so stubborn.

A little help here, maybe?

- What? With this?
- Yeah, come on.

- We're doing all this? Ev!
- Yeah. All the way up.

- Ricky?
- Come in.

You received a rather
strange piece of mail.

I think you should have a look.

That's pretty.

- No way.
- You think it's legit?

Yeah, this is Ms. Marley's

I'd know it anywhere
from the hunts

we used to go on
when we were kids.

Yeah, but do you really think

there's buried treasure
on her property?

I thought that was just
town folklore.

Well, that was the idea.

But the only treasure
we ever found

were golden eggs
full of candy, so...

- This came in today's mail?
- Yup.

Right, put in a call
to the paralegal

over at Dawson's Law Firm,
will you?

See if she sent these out today.

Maybe she knows something more
about it.

- Who got 'em, so on.
- You got it.

Okay, thanks.

And so it begins.

You got one, too.

I think we know
who all got these.

You think the whole gang
got one?

I mean, it sounds like something
Ms. Marley would do, right?

Yeah, they won't come.

Michelle and Clay
always fly their parents

to Chicago for the holidays,
and Tipper's family

doesn't even live here anymore.

Well, maybe they will.
I texted Michelle.

She said she's working on Clay.

I mean, she even she would
text Tipper too, so...

And Austin?

Doesn't Austin always come home
for the holidays?

Yeah, just because
he comes home, doesn't mean

he's gonna play this game.

Hey, well, if Tipper plays,
Austin will, too.

We haven't seen them
in ages, Ev.

You really think they're gonna
be into this as you are?

I think you need a little more
holiday spirit.

You just wanna
find this treasure

so you can buy out the property.

So what if I do?

Look, if there was
really treasure there,

you don't think we would know?

Hey, you've never
seen Santa before

and you still believe in him, right?

Such a bad example.
Come on.

Pam at Dawson's confirmed

it was all detailed
in Ms. Marley's will

that those letters were supposed
to be mailed out

two weeks before Christmas.

- She say anything else?
- Nope.

She just giggled,
and said, "Merry Christmas

and Happy Hunting."

It's cute.
I like the sound of that.


- Did you get one of these?
- You got one of those, too?

But Ms. Marley,

I thought you said she passed,
earlier in the spring?

Yes, she did. These must
have been sent posthumously

by a lawyer, maybe?

I mean, she didn't have
any family there.

- She and Chuck never had kids.
- So what?

She just left
some buried treasure behind

for us to come find like
some silly kid's treasure hunt?

- That is the way this reads.
- Wow.

Completely insane and absurd.

Okay, but maybe not that absurd.

My dad always said he thought

that she was hiding something
over there.

Yeah, and your dad also said

that if we stared
at the stars long enough,

we'd see UFO's behind them.

He did admit that
that was a ploy

to keep us busy during
summer campouts.

Right, like this letter
is a ploy

to get us back
to a place neither of us

particularly cares to go.

Okay, okay, what if
there really is, like,

a buried treasure out there?

No, no, no.
Just go-go with me.

If there is, and if by chance

we did find it,
it could potentially be

enough money to really start
this partnership properly.

Austin, you can't
really believe that.

That's just some
silly idea we used to

toy around with
when we were kids.

No one is gonna believe that.

- Who was that?
- Um, it's Michelle.

Mm. So maybe I'm not
the only one who believes, huh?

Why don't you answer it?


But if Michelle believes

and is planning to go home
for the holidays,

don't you think that, uh,
Everett will, too?

No. Everett left
that town years ago.

And he's not going back.

And neither should we!

We have a huge New Year's
bash to plan

at least a dozen brands for now, remember?

Not to mention, I'm the one
who has to design it.

Okay, you can design it from
the road and I will drive,

and I promise I will have us
back with plenty of time

to plan everything
before New Year's.

- Austin.
- Tipper.

Morning, Rochelle.
How are you?

Oh, amazing.

Just getting ready for
my greatest sale yet. And you?

Just getting ready to be
your greatest buyer yet.

- You think?
- I do. Yeah, and-and in fact...

Just a little taste of
what's coming.

Big butterscotch candy cane?

Well, to the untrained eye.

But to those who believe in
Christmas miracles,

that's pure gold.

Mm, okay.



You remember when we used to do
those treasure hunts out here?

I mean, we weren't even
together back then.

I'm not even sure
you even liked me.

I still don't like you.

I know.

Oh, it is really strange
to be back here.

But, we are doing this
for Everett, right?

He needs some closure. He was
really close to Ms. Marley.

- Yeah.
- It must be really hard for him.

That, and the buried treasure.

Okay. Like we need the money.

I mean, we will
if you keep spending

all that money on those shoes.

Uh-uh! You promised.

And you promised that we'd get
something to eat back there,

but that was a lie.

A what?

I just don't
want us running into

our parents yet.

We have business to attend to.

So are we meeting up
with everyone tonight?

Yup. In town at the tavern.

Does Austin know that
Everett is back in town?

I don't know.

But the joy of the prospect

is not lost on my holiday cheer.

So the cupcake company wants to

push with the
peppermint special,

but that feels too Christmassy

for a New Year's Eve Party.

What do you think of these?

Chocolate cupcakes

with glittery New Year's hats?

But do they make those?

No, but once they see my design

and our influencer line-up,
they will.

Look. There it is.

Wow. This really
brings back memories.

Do you really think
it could be there?

This so-called buried treasure?

Who knows? Maybe.

But if not, it'll be a fun trip
down memory lane, huh?

Did you know
this was up for sale?

Nope. Sure didn't.

- Mm.
- Mm.

Ah, there they are!

Hi, mom. Hi, dad.

Merry Christmas, son!

And, Tipper!
Ah, what has it been, like,

four years since we visited LA?

Merry Christmas, you guys.

- So good to see you, son.
- You too.

Ah, so, if you're
my little Tipper...

- Then you must be Chipper.
- Oh, my God.

All these years later, dear,
and it's still not funny.

So, we hear
you are home for a hunt!

Ah, news travels fast.
How'd you know?

You know I didn't tell you
on purpose.

Aww. What'd you think we'd do?
Spoil the fun?

No, I just thought
you might kinda make fun.

Make fun?
We would never, son!

You did when we were kids.

Oh, we were just having fun
with you kids.

If the treasure is there,
then it's real.

Not to mention,
you're adults now,

so this will be a mature...

You know what, I'm not gonna
do this with you guys right now.

Why don't you help with our bags
so we can get settled in.

- Of course.
- Thank you so much.

So, Tipper,
are you seeing anyone?

I am as free as a bird.

And what about our son?
Is he?

Wow. Just like that,
I need a drink.

You wanna text Michelle, see if
the gang's willing to meet up?


I'm guessing
this is Sans parents.

You nailed it.

And that was all your fault, honey.

Aw, I missed you guys.

And by the way,
he's single, Chip.

- Tipper!
- Sorry.

Oh, look! They're here.

Everett's here. Mm-hmm.

You knew about this, didn't you?

Michelle told you
when you talked to her.


And that's why
you agreed to come.

- Because of him.
- Absolutely.

- I hate you.
- Hi!

Hi! Oh, my goodness!
I'm so happy to see you guys!

- It's just been forever!
- Forever.

And you two, just what,
you don't age? That's not fair.

Yeah, well, these legs aren't
what they used to be.

Well, you are still a star!

We love watching your games
every season.

Ah, thank you. You guys should
really come to Chicago.

We'll get you guys center seats.

- Best seats on the court.
- Yes!

And how's our publicist doing?

Well, I rep half the guys
on his team now.

So, now you know
why we don't have any children.

I have so many.

And wow, Everett, you're here!

Yeah. I've been back for
a year or so now.

- You didn't know?
- No. No.

That's news to me.

All right. Okay, then.

Everett has apparently
been fixing up

Ms. Marley's place
the past year.

he hasn't already found

our hidden treasure,
unless he has,

and all of this is just a ploy
to get us home for Christmas.

How much are our
parents really paying?

No, no, no, no,
I mean, Ricky and I were

just as surprised
as the rest of you.

Wait. Ricky Trevino?
Is he here, too?

No, actually. Ricky's not really
buying this whole thing, so...

But wait, the letter said that

we all had to be here for this.

Yeah, well, try
telling Ricky that.

You know, he-he works for
city planning now,

and they're trying to sell
the property.

He's in a bit of pickle,
I guess.

Yeah, I know,
we saw the "For Sale" sign.

It's-it's too bad, really.

Yeah, well, they won't have the
chance to sell

if I have anything to say about.

And what do you
have to say about it?

Well, when we find the treasure,

I'm, I'm buying the place.

I'm gonna, I'm gonna fix it up,

turn it into a bed and breakfast
or something.

Maybe even revive the Hunt.

Do-do my parents happen to know
about some of this?

Yeah. Yeah, of course.
I see 'em all the time.

Okay! Ah, hey,
who wants a drink?

- I do!
- I do. You know what?

I got yours.
I owe you for driving.

I will get us a couple of cabs.

Oh, my God.

So how are things?
How are you?

Great! Thanks. Never better.
Fantastic, actually.

Tipper and I, we-we started
our own business.

Social media
branding and strategies.

Um, so it's going quite well.

Booming, actually.
I'm very happy.

You didn't know
I was gonna be here.

No, no one disclosed that to me.

Well, now that you know, can we
at least just talk, be civil?

You know, I mean,
I tried to call you,

like, quite a few times
if I recall.

- Ah, when was that?
- Like forever ago.

You know, like,
the summer after I left?

And then a bunch of times
after that.

I mean, I finally gave up

because you never
called me back.

Oh, but that's it, isn't it?

That is what I remember best.

You gave up.

Ouch, Austin.

You don't have to be like that.
You know I didn't wanna leave.

It's not that you left, Everett.

- It's how you left.
- Okay.

Um. You know wine's
not meant to be chugged, right?

All right, so the treasure hunt?

Start tomorrow?
Get it over with and off we go?

Yeah, well, it's gonna be
hard to locate the map

Ms. Marley claims
is hidden in the house

'cause we don't have the keys.

- Who has the keys?
- Ricky has 'em.

- Down at City Hall.
- Oh.

Well, then, maybe somebody
should go pay him a visit.

Somebody who maybe still has
a way with him?

Okay, then. Yeah, no, I can,
I can definitely do that.

Great! Cheers, then.

To the last Treasure Hunt.
One to remember!

- Remember.
- Cheers.

So, how was catching up
with the gang?

You didn't tell me
that Everett moved home.

Would you have come home
to do this if I had?


It was surreal to say the least,
having the entire gang

back in the same place
after all these years.

I bet, but you'll all fall back
into it again, I'm sure.

Either way, honey, I'm just
so glad you're home.

It's good to be home, mom.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Miss, you can't go in there...
- Ricky, hi!

Merry Christmas.
It's so good to see you.

- Tipper?
- I tried to stop her...

It's fine, Jeannie.
She's an old friend.


So, how are things with you?

Um, I'm good, I guess.

- I'm surprised you're here.
- Why is that?

Well, as I recall, at graduation

you said you'd never step
foot in this town again

unless you were in a casket.

Ah, yes.

Then you proceeded to inform me

that if I were in a casket,

I wouldn't be stepping
foot anywhere.

- Mm-hmm.
- You were always so funny.

- You think so?
- Not really.

- Oh.
- But you look good!

I mean, you filled out some.

Thanks. Yeah, no, I go to
the gym a few times a week now.

- Do you? Well good! Good.
- Yeah.

Because we're gonna need
those muscles to dig up

this undiscovered treasure.

Yeah, I thought
you might say that.

Um, look, sadly, uh,
I can't participate, so...

And, uh, that's what I heard.

That's really too bad, you know,
because apparently all of us

need to be there
to make this thing happen

and, you know,
it's just gonna be

that much harder
to find this thing now.

- Yeah.
- It's a little selfish, Ricky.

I-I-I don't mean to be.
You know, it's, it's my job.

Mm. Can I ask you a question,

Do you love your job?

Uh. I don't know. Sometimes?


Ricky, do you still have trouble

seeing without
those reading glasses?

- Ah, yeah.
- Okay.

Well, I'm gonna need you
to take them off

in the event
you're gonna wanna pretend

you didn't see this.

Now, you can't take that.
Those are my...

Tipper! Those are the keys
that I...

Tipper, don't.

Okay, that's cool.

You said she was your friend.

Thank you, Jeannie.
That's awesome.

- You got them!
- I got them.

I knew you would.

Some things never change.

Hope you didn't leave Ricky
high and dry

in a pool of his own tears.

You know, he actually
looked really good.

He finally grew
into his head, you know?

- Oh, Tipper.
- Sorry.

So are we doing this thing
or what?

- Stop!
- Come on.

- Stop!
- Go! Go, go, go.

No. Do-do not go in there.

I'm a city official, okay?

You can't be in there.

No, guys, come on.
Come on. Guys! Okay.

Okay, just don't go through the,
don't go through the door!

Guys, okay. No, guys,
you-you cannot be in here.

- This is trespassing.
- You're with the city, right?

And the city owns the property
for the time being?

So, no, not really.

- No...
- Oh, come on, Ricky.

Aren't you even
just a little curious

to see what this is all about?

At the very least,
spend time with old friends?


Fine. We find the map.
Then out. Okay?

Man, this place
hasn't changed a bit, has it?

It really hasn't. Who put up
the Christmas decorations?

- I did, a while ago.
- You-you did?

How did you get in here?
You didn't even have the key?

Well, had a set of keys
before the City took them.

I was here with Ms. Marley
the last few months

before she passed.

- You were?
- Yeah.

Wait, and she never
said anything to you

about her little treasure?

- No.
- Mm.

Okay, so, where do we start?

You know, maybe there's a clue
in the letter.

- Oh, right.
- Right.


"Six young children
once changed my life.

Kept my house a home
when my husband died."

"Now it is with you six kids
I leave what we owned.

And six keys you must find,
now that you're grown."

"Listen to one another's
hearts again,

and follow me
in merry measure."

"As you bundle up like
the snow-covered bison,

and let my map lead you
to a buried treasure."

Cryptic. I got nothing. You?

Maybe we start in the sunroom?

That's where we used to hang out

whenever we were over here, usually.

- Okay, Ricky.
- No, not okay, Ricky.

- Let's just go home.
- No.

Find this thing and let's go.

This is incredible.

I can't believe
these are even still here!

Do you guys remember
when old Mr. Marley

used to read us Peter Pan
right here?

Yes, and then we'd go outside
and reenact it.

You, you were,
you were always Tinkerbell.

Mm-hmm, and Tipper was
always Wendy,

and Austin and Clay took turns
being Peter and the Lost Boy,

and Ricky, you were always
Captain Hooks' best pirate.

Well, honestly sometimes
I wanted to play Hook,

but Everett was just so
good at being the villain.

Everett, villain. That tracks.

Wow. I forgot about
this very green kitchen.

Was it always this green?

We called it the Emerald City

and we used to pretended that
we were visiting Oz.

You called it that.
And I called you nutty.

I think you called me imaginative.


So where might this map be?

This house is-is huge.
Where do we start?

How about we split up?

A few of us take the upstairs,
a few of us stay down?

Yeah, okay.
Ricky and I can try upstairs.

In which case, we'll stay here.

And we'll check around out back.

You are unbelievable

Okay. Where to?

Just one shot.

Come on, this was the court
that made me.


Are you gonna act
like a child with him

the entire time we're here?

Oh, because it was
so adult of you

to not even tell me
that he was gonna be here.

Austin, at some point
you need to talk to him.

I mean, he clearly feels bad

about the way you two
left things.

Things weren't left any way.

Everett and I were
never together.

We kissed once, like,
junior year. Then he moved home.

- So there was nothing to leave.
- He broke your heart.

We both know that.
And now he knows it, too.

I mean, maybe he's just
trying to make things right.

- And maybe I just wanna move on.
- Great.

Maybe talking to him
will finally help you do that.

Oh. Wait, what was that?

Oh, look at that, I've moved on.

Please! You check his social
media at least once a week.

We share a social
business account, remember?

The names of the profiles
you viewed, they pop right up.

You know, if I had
some red heels right now,

I'd click them
and I'd send you home.

Mm, well, don't stop there.

Why not just drop
an entire house on me?

Don't tempt me.

Nothing in the bedrooms.

Let's try the old play room.


Snow-covered bison.

No way.

Guys, we found it.


Hurry up!

Clay. Clay, run!

We're up
in the old play room. Come on.

Come on.

Where was it?

It was behind the bison painting.

Okay, but the X looks like it's
here on the property already,

so what are these
other X points?

Maybe the six key locations?

- Six keys to what?
- Who knows?

But maybe the final key will
tell us where the treasure is.

And maybe the first key is,
I don't know, here?

So it's a key map.
Not a treasure map.

Look, for all we know,

the actual treasure
might be at the bank.

Maybe the keys are to
safety deposit box.

No, that doesn't really
sound like Mrs. Marley.

He's right. She was all about
Christmas magic.

If there's a real treasure here,

it is definitely buried
on the property.

Well, maybe it's buried
behind the house,

maybe that's what
this X here is.

Maybe it's the start
and the finish of the hunt?

What do you guys
think about this?

Maybe the helicopter wings

aren't just wings, but what if
this is the first X?

Mm. Clay.

- Yeah, that could work.
- Okay.


The helicopter
doesn't have any wings.

And I thought you were the one
with the imagination.

Aw, man, Clay, I remember
when you used to

pretend to fly us everywhere.

- So where are we going? Bali?
- Mm-hmm.

I don't see anything
on this side, guys.

Wait, does this thing
open up back here?

Who knows? Let's find out.

- What?
- Whoo. Oh, my gosh.

You guys, there's a key in here!

There's one in here, too.

- There's keys in all of them.
- What?

Do any of these
mean anything to anyone?


Hey, that's my jersey number

from high school.

And in our high school colors.

- What?
- Fitting, right?

I mean, you always did
wanna fly.

Thank you, Ms. Marley.

One down. Five more to go.

- Yay!
- Wow.

So if Clay's key was here,

then it looks like the next
closest key

would be due north-east,
somewhere around here.

Okay, but that is definitely
past the fence line.

- Right. So...
- That's the old wine cellar.

The one that my dad helped
the Marley's build.

But it's gonna be dark
by the time we get out there.

Well, then we better
get a move on.

You're way too into this.


Um, who put up Christmas lights?

I did, last week.

I wanted to give
the Marley place

some of its old Christmas spirit
one more time

just in case
it was the last time.

Aww, it's so cute.

It looks just like it used to

when we'd come here as kids.

Yeah, but speaking of, how did
Ms. Marley get around here

to hide all these keys?

She-she couldn't have done it
all on her own in her condition.

Well, I've got
a sneaking suspicion.

Hey, don't look at me.
I had no clue.

And I-if I had, I would've
already unearthed

this so-called treasure
and made a down payment

on this property, so...

I'm can't go in.

You know, spiders.

is a very real thing.

Oh, we'll help you.
Right, guys?

Uh, I'm technically
not supposed to be here,

so I'm just gonna... stay here.

Let's do this thing.

It's just a bunch
of bottles of old wine.

Maybe some of 'em
have value now.

It's doubtful.

My dad used to stock this
for them.

And you know how cheap
he can be.

Speaking of,
don't we have dinner

with your parents tonight?

We do.
Someone send help.

And wine.

Whoo, it's getting chilly.

Could really go for
some hot cider right about now.

Oh, well.

Oh. There's keys in these.
There's no ribbons on them.

So how do we know
which one is mine?

- Um...
- Um, wait, the corks.

They're different wine brands.
Okay, so, hold on.

Maybe you should, um,
come to dinner tonight.

My dad makes a piping hot cider.

Oh, yeah?

Oh! It's this one!

This is the wine
from our wedding.

She kept it.

This is it. We sent a thank you
bottle to Ms. Marley.

A bottle of Cameron Hughes!

- This is incredible.
- Aw, our wedding.

Hey, so speaking of,
I'm, I-I've been wanting to say

that I'm so sorry for missing
your wedding.

I just, uh...

Yeah, I-I wasn't ready
to come to terms

with some things back then.

Look, we totally understood.

You were going through a lot
during that time.

Thank you.

Plus, what truly matters is that

you still sent
a really great gift.

- We found it!
- What? Really? Where?

There were all
these bottles with keys in them.

But we knew it was mine

because this is the wine
from our wedding.

- Aww. That's cute.
- Aww.

Okay, well, can we go now?
It's getting dark.

And we should call it a night
on this hunt.

Yeah. Let's get back
before we all freeze.

We'll try again tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, Ev,
I know Michelle and Clay

are gonna meet up with
Michelle's parents later,

but Ricky is actually coming
to the house,

so I don't know
if you have dinner plans yet.

- But...
- Yeah, that'd be great.

- Oh, yay! Come on.
- It's great.


So you say, you kids
have already found

two of these mystery keys

that Ms. Marley left behind
for you to find?

Yes. And hopefully tomorrow
morning, we can find the rest.

Oh, ho, ho, no.

No, you're coming downtown
with me tomorrow, Austin.

What? Why?

We're doing the
Jackets for Juniors.

We do it every year.
Did you forget?

Yes, no, that's right.

Well, then, maybe we can take
the afternoon

and look for the rest of 'em.

Honey! It's our annual
holiday game night.

I've already ordered the pizzas
and the pies and...

Oh, gosh, I was really hoping
everybody could come.

Ooh, you had me
at pizza and pies.

What? I gotta eat
tons of calories.

I work out now, you know.

He does. I see him
and Everett there all the time.

We even spot each other.
Right, guys?

- Yeah.
- Oh, well, um...

Okay, well, maybe we can make it
to the game night,

and if you guys
can find the time tomorrow,

we find the rest of the keys.

Well, actually, I already
told your dad

that I would help him
for the coat drive.

I mean,
I hope that's still okay?

- Of course, son!
- This, uh, ahem.

Son? No! No, no.
You can't call him that.

'Cause he's not your son.
I'm your son.

We practically raised him.

He was here almost every day
after school.

You kids had sleepovers
almost every weekend growing up.

That's right!

You kids, man, you really had it
made out here.

Between the basketball court
and the clubhouse,

I'm surprised any of you
ever even went any place else.

It is great, you know,
this-this treasure hunt,

the more I think about it.

Kinda feels like
old times all over again.

You know, Ms. Marley,
her-her holiday treasure hunts

were literally
our, our favorite thing

to do at Christmas time.

Yeah, and the six of you
were better than

any of those other kids
whose parents

brought them
out from town to play.

Yeah, that's because
we knew the property

backwards and forwards.
I mean, it was a wash.

Well, if it's such a wash,
what's taking you so long now?

Oh, Chip.
Come on, honey.

They're gonna
find this treasure.

I just know they are.

Mind if I join you?


Hey, I just,
I wanna clear the air

about what happened
between us back then.

All right. So you're not gonna
let this go, are you?

Let's hear it.

Look, I just wasn't
ready to come out, Austin.

You know, my parents,

they weren't as easy
as yours are, you know that.

They're so much older,
so traditional,

and I was always just terrified
of-of disappointing them.

Whether it be getting
bad grades,

or-or not going
to business school.


The very last thing
I wanted to do was admit to them

that I was gay,

and least of all,
admit that I...

you know,
fallen in love with you.


You had fallen in love with me?
Come on.

That I find very hard to believe

considering I told you

I loved you
three days after we kissed.

And you just,
you just said nothing back.

In fact, you just left.

I know now that was a mistake.

I wish I'd never
done that to you.

Just left like that.

You deserve better,

especially from
your best friend.

Well, I guess I can understand

where you were coming from,
in a way.

It must've been challenging.
I don't know. I don't know.

We're really different people, Everett.

I was so ready to shout my
coming out

from the rooftops,
like, "This is me!

I'm amazing! Deal with it!"

Yeah, I was always jealous
of that about you.

Just how you,
just know yourself.

Well, it is a blessing
and a curse.

I did finally tell them though,
before they passed.

I mean, they actually took it

better than
I thought they would.

I guess when you're that sick,

the small things
that make us different

just matter a little bit less.

That they do.
Unless you're Ms. Marley, huh?

Some people just go 100 percent
to the very end.

Yeah, that she did.

She was sound up there,
all the way until the very end.

And then, then she went...

you know, just as peaceful.

You-you just come back
to take care of her?

Yeah, I did.

You know she was the one
who took care of my parents

before we had to
move to Arizona.

In fact, she was the one
who, who ordered them to move

to a more arid climate
for their health.

So I just,
I felt like I owed it to her

for the time that she gave us
after Mr. Marley passed.

Well, that was very
nice of you, Everett.

All right, maybe I don't
need to be so upset

about you being back here.

And all in with my parents.

Okay. We're getting somewhere.

But I do not know
how I feel about

you spotting my dad at the gym.

- Morning.
- Morning.

- Already ready for you.
- Perfect.

Thank you.
Ooh, this looks good.

All right, don't touch.
It's not set yet.

Okay, fine, fine.

So, um, I couldn't help
but see Everett

left with a smile last night.

I think that's just
because he escaped

you and dad unscathed, mom.

Okay, fine. Yes.
We had a nice talk.

He got to explain
his side of the story.

But what? It only took him
forever to do so.

Well, it's awfully hard
to make an apology

when the person that
you're trying to apologize to

won't listen.

You weren't ready to hear it, sweetheart.

And that's okay. We're not
always on the same page.

And Everett, he needed to
respect that, too.

But hey, look, um,
your dad and I,

we're really sorry
that we didn't tell you

that he was back here sooner.

It just didn't feel like
one of those things

we could mention over the phone.

Look, I get it, mom,
but he has literally been

working next door
for a while now.

He told me he's been helping
Mrs. Marley with that property

on and off for over a year,

so I would imagine
that you had to

run into him sometimes, right?

Of course, I mean, we fed him
lunch a time or two,

since I was taking Mrs. Marley
food all the time, anyway.

But we never talked
about the two of you, though.

We just wanted to
stay out of your business.

That would be a first.

Well, I do appreciate it.

I guess it was good that we
finally got to clear the air.

So does that mean
that maybe you and Ever...

Mother? Don't.

- This is just great.
- Good morning to you, too.

What's wrong, dear?

Michelle and Clay can't get away

from going Christmas shopping
with Michelle's parents.

They said they'll just
have to meet up with us later.

Well, does this mean that
you and Ricky

will be treasure hunting
on your own?

Okay, you know what, if we
get lost out there tonight,

I'm will find my way back
just so I can kill you.

- Ah, coffee?
- Yes, please.

Thank you so much.

Wow, this must be
why your business

runs so smoothly.

There's so much love there.

- So much.
- Yeah.

This is ready.



And she still scares easily.

I wasn't even
trying to scare you.

I was just trying to keep warm.

Yeah, well, the adrenaline rush
works, too.

Well, let's go find more keys to
this buried treasure, shall we?

Yeah. Let's do it.

- Um, this way?
- Yeah, I'll...

- Okay. Let's do it.
- Yeah.

You guys looks great!

I think you're ready
for some now, huh?

Oh. Here, take some bark to go!

- Bye.
- Hey.

More jackets just
got dropped off!

Can you sort these into sizes?

- Yes, you got it, pops.
- All right.

Thank you.

Do you happen to have
any winter coats in a large?

- Um, yeah. One second.
- Oh, awesome.

Are you really here for a jacket

or you're just here to gloat
about your listing?

Everett, of course,
I'm not here to gloat

about the listing,
I'm not like that.

I'm here to buy a jacket,
like I said.

Since my prospective buyer

for the Marley property
is flying in tomorrow

and he just doesn't have
a proper winter coat of his own.

Hi, how are you?
I'm Austin.

Rochelle Romero.
Romero Realty.

Oh, my goodness.
It's so nice to meet you.

I'm Austin Craig, so my parents
live in the Craig chalet

that's adjacent
to the Marley property.

- Oh. Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.

We just have two
little issues with your request.

First and foremost, this is
called "Jackets For Juniors,"

so unless your buyer
is still in elementary school

and can't afford his own coat,
I think our little pile

here is going to be
a no-go for you.

Secondly, I'd worry less about
giving your buyer a new coat

and more about getting him
a new listing because

the Marley property
is not going to be available

for very much longer.

And here's a little bag
of peppermint bark to go

'cause we are awfully busy
giving these kids

a very merry Christmas.

Hm. No thanks.

Wow. You're my hero.

A cute Santa hero.

I think this just might
be my key.

What makes you think that?

Where do you think half the old
bears in here came from?

Oh, yeah. That's right.
Your collection.

Yup. I turned ten
and the bear phase was done.

But Ms. Marley was great.
I mean, she just made

great use of them at the
carnival every year,

letting kids who weren't old
enough to do the treasure hunt

just come here and play
with them.

- Well, after you then.
- Thanks.

Wow! Ah!

It looks exactly the same
in here. Ah!

Wow, you had a lot of bears.

I know.

Okay. Where do you think
it could be?

Mmm, maybe the holiday section?

Okay, um, I'm gonna look
over here.


- Mm. You see anything?
- Mm.

I, I just see
fake flowers over here

and knickknacks.

Okay, it has to be here somewhere.

Let me just...
let me just think. Okay.

It has to be something
that I identify with.

Half these things were yours.

What don't you identify with?


Alice in Wonderland.

Fifth grade, remember?

You know, we put on
Alice in Wonderland,

they wanted me to be Alice
and I wanted to be...

The narrator. Yeah,
you wanted to be the narrator

and dress up as a Dodo bird.

I remember.

Well, this wasn't here last time
we were here.

She had to have put it here.

Okay, but there's no key underneath.

- My key! I found it!
- Oh, yes!

- Okay, awesome. Um, so...
- Okay.

So then...

All right. Based on the
trajectory of the map,

the next key isn't too far
from here.

Well, didn't you used to
sell lemonade

at Ms. Marley's old stand?

They were Arnold Palmers,
thank you very much.

Whatever. The point is,
lemonade stand is still here.

I guess my key is next.

Let's do this.

Do you remember when we were
like twelve and your mom

put the bark out before bed,
and we snuck down

not realizing it hadn't set yet?

Oh, yeah, I certainly do.

You were going in
for crunch candy.

You left literal fingerprints
in the peppermint bark.


Only thing is, next morning
when your mother found out

you took the blame
so I wouldn't get in trouble.

Yeah, well,
I was a very naughty boy.

And I was always in situations
I shouldn't be,

so no one was surprised
it was me.

Well, what about now?

What kinda situations are you
getting yourself

into in the City of Angels?

Ah! Tipper and I still like to
go out and party little bit.

You know, happy hour on Friday,
but our version of a rager

now is getting in bed at 8:00 pm
after fighting over

the last piece of crispy
rice tuna.

Because they always only
give you five.

Exactly. It's the worst.

Why, at least you have someone
to fight over it with.

Unfortunately, I have to eat all
five pieces by myself.

This means harder cardio
the next day.

What about you?

How does it feel
after being back here?

You miss San Fran living?

Yeah, I do.
I love San Fran.

I mean, I don't miss the rain,
and I don't miss writing that

rent check, but I miss
the culture, and the people.


So, uh, did you ever...

I don't know, have anyone
special at any point there?

What, like a boyfriend?

Not a boyfriend.
Betta fish... parrot?

Yeah, well,
sadly, I had neither.

You know, I think once
I, I finished my MBA

and my parents were gone,
I just...

I just wanted to make money
and travel.

You know?

Did you travel?

Ah... You know, not really.

I-I just kept making money
working as a consultant.

You know, travel's still kind of
idling on the list.

- Hm.
- You know?

- What about you?
- Me?

Uh, I, on the other hand,
had a lot of relationships.

One year it was Chad,
the next year it was Brad.

It was all kind of amusing
at some point

until it wasn't.

That's when I threw myself
into my career

and things really started
to take off for Tipper and I.

So, I guess it all
works out, huh?

Yeah, depending on how you
feel about things.

Are you happy?

Yeah, I am, mostly.

I-I do feel it these days
myself, like getting older.


might be kinda nice
to have someone.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

Oh, you take it.
It's your favorite.

Thank you.

All right. You wanna go inside,
I'll check around outside.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Okay. Cool.

Let me check over here.


What can I get for you?

Besides this flawless holiday

lighting scheme I just conjured,
of course.

Ricky, stop playing, okay.
We need to find this key.


Come on, seriously.
I mean it. Stop playing.



We come back here and you revert
to being a child all over again?

Ah, there's a, uh,
there's an animal there.

You mean the fake owl that you
look exactly like right now?

Now move. Okay?

- Okay.
- Till you find this key.

Hey, did you check the freezer?

- No, not yet.
- Okay.

What're these doing here?

Here, let's check them.

Maybe they have...

- What is that?
- Mm-hm.

Four down, two to go.
We are on a roll.


I had no idea you can spend

that much time shoppin'
in Belleville.

I mean, Michelle and her mom,

they sniffed every scent
in the candle store.

I'm not joking.
I'm not joking, guys.

Okay. My mom's taste in scents
gets tainted after a while

and becomes questionable.

Somebody needed to help.

Clay, how's your family doin'?

We're stayin' there tonight.

And I'm lookin' forward
to stayin' in tomorrow.

Mm-hm. Where you gets to play
videogames with his father

all day, while I have to help
your mother in the kitchen

so she doesn't have another
holiday meltdown.

Look, I didn't ask my
parents to have three kids.

And I didn't ask my siblings
to have three kids of their own.

Okay? And if you think,
would you just order food

and let me pay for it,
like I suggested.

Then it'd save 'em
so much grief.

Okay, well, I don't
feel bad for either for you.

My parents are in Cabo
waiting for me

and resort food is zero fun when
all you want is some tradition.

Well, you're getting some
tradition here.

Yeah. You know, surprisingly,

this trip is exactly
what I needed.

We're all very lucky
to have our families,

but especially this little
family right here.

- Mm-hmm.
- Aw!

I will cheers to that.

- Mm-mm.
- Salut.


Looks like we might actually
find this treasure, huh?

Yes. It's crazy, right?

I mean, what if there's
a lot of money in there?

Well, we're gonna need it,
because it just so happens

that our prospective new partner
is expecting some real equity

from us in the new year,
if we hope to manage

his client roster at capacity.

That's great news.

- Congrats!
- Thank you.

Thank you.

But what if there's not a lot?

You know?

Like, what then?

I mean, I... I-I don't want to
be a Debbie Downer,

but it just seems like

you guys have a lot riding
on this so-called treasure.

I mean, Ev, you want to put
a down payment on this place,

and you guys are hopin'
for a lump sum investment too.

I just...

I, I really don't think

the Marley's
were made of money, guys.

Well, Clay and I

definitely don't need
a treasure, okay?

So, whatever it is,
you guys can split it equally.

We're just here for the cocoa.

Well, that's very sweet,
but let's cross that bridge

when we get there.

Who knows? There may be plenty
to go around.

But first things first...

We've got two keys to
find tomorrow.

So, according to this map,
the last two keys are,

are somewhere around here.

And if this was Clay's,
then one of ours is here.

And that would mean that
the other one

is on the Kreggs property.

Maybe my key is hidden
under my parents' house?


But if these two are your keys,

this X is Clay's, then where the
heck is our actual treasure?

Wow. Quaint.

Did you put up all the, uh,
adorable Christmas stuff?

- Mm.
- No.

No. Rochelle is here
with a buyer.

- Who's Rochelle?
- The ruthless realtor.

You know what?

You guys go look for the key.

We'll handle these two.
Right, Ricky?

- What?
- Follow my lead.

Uh, Tipper,
that's not a great idea.

Well, hello there.


- Hi!
- You are?

I'm Tipper Tisdale.
CEO of Dark Dodo Entertainment.

- And you are?
- Rochelle Raimo.

I have the listing
on this property.


Yeah. Uh, sorry, uh...

Ms. Tisdale's company called

and, um...

I figured the city board
would really

want them to see this place.

Apparently, they're producing
a movie with these influencers

and they thought this property
would be a great fit.

So, we just, um, b-buy.

I've never heard of Dark Dodo.

And I've never heard of Raimo
Realty, yet here we are.

But just so you know, we manage
some of thehottest

influencers in Hollywood.

Do you know Courtney Hollister?

Oh, of course.
Uh, she one of yours?

No, but we represent many
like her. And you are?

Kal Groff. I'm in development
consulting for some

pretty big time investors.

Love to have a chat some time.
Always looking for new ventures.

As am I. But I have yet to find
any here.

I mean, this property just...
won't do.

Oh, no. Really?
I, I thought you said...

I said it looked picturesque
from the outside,

the inside is a mess.

From the poor sewage drainage
to the severely eroded flooring

underneath the beautiful wood,
I just can't.

I can't.

And the water table, you know,

in winter it must be
a nightmare.

What water table?

Well, w-would it matter if were
knocking it down any way?

- I mean, wouldn't that help?
- You know, you'd think.

But unless you're planning
on building a ski-lodge

on some really big ski-poles,
I don't think so.

I mean, the sub-surface water
coming from the snow-runoff

in the soil just screams
insurance nightmare.

Not to mention, if we shot here,

we would be shooting
in a hazard lane.

I mean, ugh!


Um, I mean, I think
that sounds like something

my people definitely
aren't gonna want to risk.

Right? But you know what?
You and I should have a chat.

You know? We should go into town
talk about your investors.

Oh, I, I know a great
coffee spot.

- Uh, do you like cappuccinos?
- Sure.

They make the best cappuccinos.

- It's-it's really close by.
- Let's do it.

It's-it's super close.

- Rochelle? Are you...
- Kal? Kal, is it?

- You coming?
- Yeah. They have whiskey, right?

She actually got them to leave.


That's what she does.

Let's go.

Wonder if she left it
in my old mug.


Did you really stay over here
that often?

Yeah, the last couple of months.

Every night.

I practically lived here.

I slept on the couch in the den

so I could be closer
to her room, and,

you know, hear her if she called
out and needed anything.

That's sweet. You know, we used
to have to do that for Tipper

after bad break-ups.

Wait, the den.

She used to call it my room.

Come on.

I sure wish I would've had the
chance to put up her tree.

Mrs. Marley always loved it.

They were really cute, huh?

I remember once she told my mom
that she was grateful,

even though she couldn't have
kids, she had us.

What do you think Mrs. Marley
would've thought

about us being gay?

- Oh, she knew.
- She what?

Yeah, I told her when came back,
but she said she already knew.

Said she always knew.

Said she called it when we were
both about twelve.

How did she know?

Well, I asked her
the same thing.

All she said was,
"I'm old, not blind."

You know, I told her about us,
too, in high school.

How things ended.

And how I wished things
would've ended.

Well, I guess everything goes
the way it does

for a reason, yeah?


We spent a lot of nights
sitting there by the fire,

her telling life stories...

You know, she had the most
amazing life

always without regret.

I-I loved that about her.

Wait, the fire place.

The fire place?

My gosh. You found it.

We found it.

All right. Where to next?

I mean, unlike everybody else,
I have zero clue

where mine might be, so I guess
we've got a little bit of time.

Maybe in the spirit of Christmas
we can, uh...

do what you suggested, and put
up the Marley's Christmas tree

for old time's sake.

Let's do it.

- Christmas tree.
- Here you go.

It looks so good.

I always loved the attention
to detail Mr. Marley

would put into his
Christmas decorations.

Oh, and when they would dress up
as Mr. and Mrs. Claus

at the Candy Cane Carnival
every year.

Oh, yeah.

Remember how they used to
always make us

dress up as their
Candy Cane Kids?

They sure brought this place
a lot of joy.

I guess, in a way,
they still are.

This Christmas is turning
out to be one of the best

I've had in a long time.

You know, I always wished
I had siblings.

So when Tipper's parents
moved out of town,

and she wasn't coming back
for the holidays...

Michelle and Clay,
their schedules are so tight,

never saw them.

It just hasn't been the same.


every Christmas
since I left this place.

Everyone I spent away from you,
just hasn't felt the same.

Okay, but you did learn
how to kiss.

- What?
- Just playin'.

The kiss on the playscape
when we were young,

it was great too, but, uh...

this one came without
any hesitation.

Wait, the playscape.

Your key.


But why would Mrs. Marley
hide my key over here?

'Cause she knew about our kiss.
I told her.

- You did?
- Yeah.

She said she always knew
we were perfect for each other.

- She did?
- Yup.

Well, she's not wrong, but...

it still doesn't make
a lot of sense.

All of the other keys
are hidden on her property.

There's no way she could've
hidden my key here

without my parents knowing.

Would you ever stop to think
that maybe your parents do know?

Okay, now I'm really gonna
kill them.



Wow! This is incredible.

My key.

It was here this whole time.

Ms. Marley always did have such
a sense of humor, doesn't she?

You two knew about this,
didn't you?

Let's just say, we gave
Ms. Marley a little help

when she came to use
with the idea.

So you knew where our
keys where this whole time?

Wait, do you know
where the treasure is?

Actually, no. That's the one
thing we don't know.

Only you kids can answer that.

And the answer's hidden somewhere...

We can't say.

What? Why not?

What does that wall tell you?

This is the key to the
clubhouse, isn't it?

Okay. All right, fine.

We'll do it without you
tomorrow with the whole gang.

All right. Sounds like a plan.

This is insane.

We're in!

We're in!




- Wow.
- Wait, wait, wait.

This, this must be it.

Yeah, but where are the locks?

Maybe there's a safe inside,
I don't know.

- What is all that?
- Oh!

Are those costumes for us?

Looks like it.

- But, why?
- Thank you.

Crazy Ms. Marley got us
Candy Cane costumes.

She did. Guess she wanted us
to put on

one last carnival
for Belleville.

One last carnival?

Tomorrow's Christmas Eve.
It's a little too late for that.

She probably didn't think we'd
be finishing it this late

in the game...

but, hey, maybe not all is lost.

Maybe we can come up
with something.

You're always comin' up
with something.

What about the treasure?

I think we might be
standing on it.


- Good work, Tipper.
- Thank you.

Guys, I think I hit something.


- What?
- What? Is it heavy?

Could it be gold?

No, it's definitely not gold.

It's-it's not heavy.

- Uh, keys?
- Keys.

Let's do this.

It's color-coded, you fools.

Um... okay

All right, I get it.


"To my friends, the
Craig's. Love, the Marley's."


Oh, my gosh.
I can't believe

she left this to my parents.

There's no way
they know about this.

It's her old pearl necklace
from the South Seas.

I mean, I remember it so well.

Eighteen carat gold
with a diamond clasp.

I mean, this is at least
$50,000, if not more!

Oh! That is so sweet!

"To my six rascals."

"Thanks for keeping us young
all those years,

and coming back for
one last adventure."


- It is gold.
- What?

About $250,000 worth
of, of old mining stock.


I don't believe it.
He's right.

Austin! That's exactly what we
need to partner with Theo.

I mean, it's 60K between
each of us,

if Michelle and Clay
don't want their cuts.

- Oh. Hm.
- Hey...

You can have my portion, Ev.

I don't really need it.
I'm fine.

Wait, what's wrong?

Ev needs at least 250K
to save the Marley place.

You know, with back taxes
and a down payment.

Well, that's okay. We, we can
figure out something.

Yeah, maybe you can use your
portion to, you know,

buy some more time.

No. No, there is no more time.

It's fine. Doesn't matter
anyway now.


Hey, Everett.

Don't you think maybe it's time
to let this place go?

I mean, what were you going
to do with it anyway?

I don't know.

Fix it up. I...

Make it a place
people want to come to again.

Everett, don't you think
you might be living

in the past a little bit?

No. I still think there's
something here

that's worth fighting for.

I was hoping that
you would come to L.A.

You can stay with Tipper and I
while you look for your own

place, or,
you could just... stay.

Austin, you know how I feel
about you.

I just...

I don't know if me moving off

is the best solution
to my problems.

I mean, I've spent half my life
moving for other people.

First my parents and then coming
back here for Ms. Marley.

I just...

I need some roots.

We could be each other's roots.

I need some time.

You need some time?

Don't you think you've had
enough time to think?

- I...
- You know what?

Maybe it's time that I think
about finally moving on

from you as well.


- Tipper.
- Thank you.

Hey, buddy.
It's your favorite popcorn.

Special seasoning,
just like you like it.

No, thanks, mom.
I'm not hungry.


Would it help for you to know
that Ms. Marley planned

this whole thing not only to get
everyone back together again,

but even more specifically,
to get you and Everett

back together.

- Why would she do that?
- Because...

She knew how upset Everett was

for the way he left things
back then.

Apparently, they talked
about it a lot.

And she also knew that the two
of you would never talk again

on your own volition, so she
asked me and your dad and I

if we would help to
make it happen.

Yeah. And we agreed.

So long as it we could stand
at arm's length.

We didn't want to force anything
on you kids,

so... we let it be
everyone's choice.

Wait. So you guys did this
back in the spring?

- Before Ms. Marley passed?
- Yeah.

And we kept it from Everett too.

Well, that was very sweet
of her, but...

The truth is, ol' Mrs. Marley
can't conjure up a new future

from the grave through a,
a silly kid's treasure hunt

any more than she can change
what's happened in the past,

no matter how great
her gift was...

I love Everett.

I have always loved Everett.

But he wasn't ready then, and he
certainly isn't ready now.

And all the twinkling romantic
lights, and reminiscing,

and the reliving of how great
our childhood was,

is never gonna change that.


I was texting with
Tipper last night.

How ya doin'?

All right, I guess.

Just all right?

You're in love. Ev,
you shouldn't just be all right.

I just, I don't know
what's next.

I keep trying to figure out
my life and it just never

pans out the way I hoped.

You know, I thought if I could
get this place,

I could start over.

But what were you really hoping
to start over?

You can't go back, Ev.

Not to when we were kids,
not to high school.

And I know how much you loved
them, but you can't bring

the Marley's back
no matter how much you try to

keep this place afloat.

It's up to us to remember them,

and to help keep their
memories alive.

You're right.

I need to let this place go.

I don't know,
maybe Belleville, too.

And maybe, maybe part of me
did come back here

hoping I could go back in
time, but you're right.

I can't.

Oh, I don't know. Maybe
I'll head back to San Fran.

Now there's nothing really
left for me here.

You so sure about that?

Hey, Tipper. What's goin' on?

Well, we got a call this morning
from the financial consultant

who came to see this place
the other day.

And, uh, his people
want to invest

half of what this gold stock is
worth in our company,


it's all yours.

We can figure out the rest.

Tipper, thank you,
but I-I, I can't take this.

This was left for all of us.

Look, at the end of the day,
you're the one

who took care of Ms. Marley
until the end.

I mean, we loved the Marley's
dearly, but, uh,

she was like family to you.

So if you want to bring this
place back to life,

you have every right to.

Okay, and one more thing.

You know, it took Austin
a lot of courage

to come back here
in the off chance

that you'd be here for the hunt.

Even though I know he secretly
wanted to see you

after all these years.

But there's a part of me
that really wants Austin

to leave here and never
speak to you again,

because I don't want you to hurt
him like you did in the past.

Last night, the Craig's told us
that the reason Ms. Marley

brought this hunt back to life

is because she wanted to bring
you two back together.

I just thought you should know.

And Austin made his parents
promise not to say anything,

but he didn't make me promise
not to say anything.

So I, I wanted to tell you
because, in my opinion,

the only thing you should be
worried about bringing back

to life is what you have
with Austin...

before it's gone.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Morning. Good morning.


we figured out a way
to get people

here for a carnival tonight.

What? How?
It's already Christmas Eve.

'Cause you're talking
to a PR genius.

Well, being married to a famous
basketball player

definitely helps.

Well, we passed these out
all over town.

Drove around all morning,
out them in mail boxes. So...

So, I think we have a
party to prepare for.

Oh, but wait. We don't even
have any stuff to make for...

Yeah. You do, don't you?

Of course you do.

- Nice.
- Nice job!


All right, let me help.

- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Ricky.

What are we doin'?

Just getting ready for a little

Christmas Eve party.

Are you and Everett ready
to do this thing?

Uh, Ev took his stuff
and went back to town.

Honestly, I...

I-I don't know
if he's coming back.

You know what? It's okay.

It's okay. We're gonna
do this thing without him.

And we're gonna do it right...

for the Marley's.

- Come on. Come on inside.
- Could I help with any bags?

♪ Every weather ♪

♪ Season shining... ♪

- Hi!
- Hi!

♪ But all this ♪

♪ Red and green just ♪

♪ Leaves me feelin' blue ♪

♪ The only wish list ♪

♪ That I make ♪

♪ Begins and ends ♪

♪ With your name ♪

♪ Come on and merry me up
don't let me down ♪

♪ Spin me around while the
snowflakes kiss the ground ♪

♪ I need you
to bring up a cheer ♪

♪ Bring your howdy-dowdy
self right over here ♪

♪ My Christmas spirit
sure could use your touch... ♪

This is beautiful!

♪ And merry me up ♪

♪ Why should we keep ♪

♪ Rocking around the truth? ♪

♪ I just want to
put a bow on you ♪

♪ This year the yuletide's ♪

♪ Been hard to find ♪

♪ But you could bring
the magic back tonight ♪

♪ If you merry me up
don't let me down ♪

♪ Spin me around while the
snowflakes kiss the ground ♪

♪ I need you to
bring up a cheer ♪

♪ Bring your howdy-dowdy
self right over here ♪

♪ My Christmas spirit
sure could use your touch ♪

♪ So wrap me in your
warm December love ♪


I don't know about y'all, but I
feel pretty fly in this suit.

Clay, you look fly in any suit.

Where are the ladies?

Oh, ladies.

Are you ready?

Oh! Ai!

Man! And I thought I just hid
all the candy canes

for the treasure hunt.

Oh, jeez, dad.

Well, all righty.

I think that we should probably
go get changed into some

tacky sweaters at least,
what do you say, honey?


If anybody's gonna show up,
it's going to be soon.

Oh, um, honey.
Tipper mentioned that you're

a little short on what you
needed to get started.


- Merry Christmas!
- Oh, my! Mom!

No! Mrs. Marley gave this
to you. I can't take...

That's right. And we want to
invest it in the best investment

we ever made.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Thank you.

Have fun.

I guess we're just missing
one thing, huh?

Aww. Come here.

You all right?

Y-yes. Yes.

I'm fine. I'm always fine.

- We're proud of you, you know?
- Why?

In high school, you were always

a bit go-with-the-flow.

You never really
asserted yourself.

Never much spoke out of turn...

I think you always knew
who you were,

but now you make sure that
everyone knows it too.

She's right, Austin.

Yeah, we're really proud of what
you two have accomplished.

We just want to be there
for you guys.

- You do? Okay.
- Mm-hmm.

Well, then...

what if you guys came
to our big influencer's

New Year's Eve party, huh?

It's going to be an amazing
party, I promise.

And tons of swag.

Yes, you guys have a big
following, which would only

help our cause,
but it'd also be really fun.

Well, I don't have anything
until the 4th,

so I'm sure we could manage.

You bet.

- We are in.
- Yay!

Wait, so I think
that just leaves

one more invite for old Ricky.

Oh! Mmm!

I'm so happy you're coming.

- Oh, hey.
- Hey.

- Let me just fix this.
- Thanks.


Um, so do you have
any new year's plans?

Ah, no. Not really.

Uh, maybe just game
with my folks.

What would you say if I told you
we were hosting

an influencer party in LA
and you were invited?

- Are you gonna be there?
- Of course.


Yeah, I'll go to your party.

But, only as your date.

You, Mr. Trevino,
have become quite the charmer.

♪ Wa-ah-ah-oo ♪

♪ Wa-ah-ah-oo ♪

♪ Snow has fallen
like fairy dust ♪

♪ Says December moved us ♪

♪ It's a beautiful night
if there... ♪

- I can't believe you did that.
- Welcome. Good to see you.

One, two, three.

- You want another one?
- I would love another one.

Okay, let's get one.

- Hey.
- Hey. Arnold Palmer?

No, thank you. I'll have
something stronger I think.

- Okay. They're really good. I...
- I'm sure.

- That's, uh...
- Merry Christmas.

Happy holidays!

- Hey.
- Everett.

Oh! Merry Christmas!

- Merry Christmas, son.
- Thank you.

I just want to say, I mean,

I'm really sorry with how
everything went down last night.

Oh, you hush. You do not need to
apologize to us.

You're family, and we just
want you to be happy...

whatever that is.

Only, we think you'd be
a lot happier

if it was with our son.

Yeah, well, that is
if you'll still have me.

- Oh.
- "Will?"

There's only one way to
find out.

- Everett! Oh, you made it.
- Oh, look at this.


Ah, we really thought you
Irish Goodbye-d us

after you found that
pot o' gold.

Actually, I do have
some good news.

I just, I gotta talk
to Austin first.

Have any of you seen
where he went?

I haven't, but wherever
you're going,

you are gonna need this.


Wish me luck.

Good luck.

Doesn't need luck, he needs
a Christmas miracle.

Lookin' all cut in that bow tie
and suspenders?

He's ready to slay bells.

Oh, my God! Oh, for the record,
I just want to say

that regardless of what
happens between them,

this has been the most
epic Christmas.

It certainly has.

And I have a feeling it's about
to get a bit more epic.

This is the best Candy Cane
Carnival ever.

To the Marley's.
I'll toast to that!

- To the Marley's.
- Yes. To the Marley's.

- Salut.
- Salut.

So, w-when I'm finished you can,
you can totally send me away.

I just...

I just really would like
to say something.

Fine. I'm listening.

So I told you that I told my
parents that I was gay,

but what I didn't tell you
is how they,

they actually took the news.

We didn't speak much for...

quite a long bit there.

But then in their last year,
they just... changed.

They said they realized
how short life is.

They even apologized for waiting
so long to come around.

And, and for all the time
that we missed out on.

They said their only hope
for was that

I found happiness.

And I found it with someone who,

who made me as happy as you did.

I am sorry that you lost out
on time at all

with them or for yourself.

Yeah, well, I'm just... I'm glad
we got a few good moments

there in the end.

My only regret is that

I just didn't tell them sooner.

You know, 'cause

maybe if I had, then,

then I wouldn't have
let my fear get in the way

of me telling you
that I love you.

I mean, the truth is, I...

I didn't know what love
felt like until I had gone.

Until we were apart.

I mean, we were,
we were best friends.

All I can remember is that

at some point we were
looking at each other and...

both of us knew
it was more than that.


And ever since I left, I just...

that's what I've been
wanting to say.

So, that's it.

Um, I guess I never did pick up
the phone to hear you say it,

did I?

So I guess we each have
one big regret.

Who knows...


Just maybe we could
call it even now, huh?

I just got one question
about this Marley situation.

Um, so, what... where does that
leave things with us?

You know? Because I can't really
do long distance.

All right, fine.

You don't have to.

This afternoon, I, uh,
spent time with Ricky's boss

down at the city
planning office.

I'm donating the, the gold stock
certificate to the town.

Well, if and only if they turn
this place into a public park,

and-and keep the house
as a historical landmark.

You know, for snow-shoeing
and carnivals or whatever.

Ricky can oversee, so...

So, yeah, I can go.

And if Ricky and Tipper
work out?

Well... Well, then
I'm sure your parents

would, would love to have
some fun with this place

now that they're retired.

Okay, okay.

But does this also mean
that I have a date

to my company's
big New Year's Eve bash?

Because the whole gang is comin'

and I do not want to be
a fifth wheel.

Are you kiddin'?

I'll be your kiss
this new year's...

and every one after.

♪ Baby you and me ♪

♪ We're makin' some magic ♪

♪ In this snow filled dream ♪

♪ We're makin' some magic ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Baby you and me ♪

♪ We're makin' some magic ♪

♪ In this snow filled dream ♪

♪ We're makin' some magic ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Snow has fallen
like fairy dust ♪

♪ Says December moved us ♪

♪ It's a beautiful night
if there ever was ♪

♪ For makin' some magic ♪

♪ Every weather ♪

♪ Season shining through
but all this ♪

♪ Red and green just ♪

♪ Leaves me feelin' blue ♪

♪ The only wish list ♪

♪ That I make ♪

♪ Begins and ends ♪

♪ With your name ♪

♪ Come on and merry me up
don't let me down ♪

♪ Spin me around while the
snowflakes kiss the ground ♪

♪ I need you
to bring up a cheer ♪

♪ Bring your howdy-dowdy
self right over here ♪

♪ My Christmas spirit
sure could use your touch ♪

♪ So wrap me in your
warm December love ♪

♪ Merry me up
don't let me down ♪

♪ Spin me around while the
snowflakes kiss the ground ♪

♪ I need you
to bring up a cheer ♪

♪ Bring your howdy-dowdy
self right over here ♪

♪ My Christmas spirit
sure could use your touch ♪

♪ So wrap me in your
warm December love ♪

♪ Merry me up ♪

♪ Merry me up ♪