A Christmas to Remember (2015) - full transcript

Lauren Ford comes home from college for the holidays to find her mother, Mary Ford, in love. The problem is she has fallen for the next door neighbor Mr. Joseph Shepard. For years the Ford's and the Shepard's have hated each other. The wives fought, the husbands fought, and the kids fought. Everyone spent years hating each other except for the babies of each family. Reid Shepard and Lauren were too young to understand the quarrel so it did not effect them. They both are now faced with the challenged to get all of their siblings home for Christmas so that their parents can deliver the news. After they stretch the truth they get everyone home. T Both Mary and Joseph are convinced that there is no way their relationship can work, but Laruen and Reid think otherwise. Making their siblings feel guilty and selfish. They get everyone to buy in to fake it for the sake of the holidays and their parents. The following day while the men are out tree hunting and the women are in the kitchen cooking, the magic starts to happen. The similarities of the families start to bring them closer together. Mary and Joseph educate them on life and love something all the kids in some way are struggling with. Both families come together that night as one for a Holidays karaoke session. and are enjoying the company. But will it last when a family secret is revealed ?

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Christmas is supposed to be a
time when families come together

and celebrate the birth
of Jesus Christ.

But, as we know, through time,

Christmas has evolved to be
something totally different.

Most people spend their time spending all
of their money to buy each other gifts.

Gifts, that for many,
are delivered in the mail,

but lack the true
meaning of Christmas.

In my family,
things are no different.

I'm Lauren, the baby
of the Ford family.

I'm in my second year at the prestigious
Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia.

I thought this Christmas would
be just like all the others.

Me, my mama,
and Christmas music.

See, my family has never
been big on Christmas,

since my father died
five years ago.

My mama's not even
put up one decoration.

All we do is listen to music
on Christmas Eve alone.

Although, things
are changing this year.


What's cooking, good-looking?

Whatever you get in
that kitchen and make.

Well, I guess,
I better get to it then.

I guess you had better.
Make it happen, captain. Hey.

My mother found her a new man,
and she is in love.

Out of all the men in Atlanta,

mama fell in love
with Mr. Shepherd.

The problem is, my family have been
enemies with the Shepherds forever.

All I know is that my four brothers
and sisters can't stand them.

And Mr. Shepherd's kids,
can't stand us.

Well, all except for Reid.

Look at my future baby mama.

That must be
honey bunny dose, right?


Reid and I are both the babies of the
family and we get along just fine.

Mama said we were too young
when everything happened.

Now, my mom is one of the
most loving women I know,

but, even she didn't like
the Shepherds,

at least until a few months ago.

See, Mr. Shepherd's wife
died a year ago,

and Mr. Shepherd
can't cook one bit.

Who are you talking to?

You see, this whole love
here started when Reid

got tired of starving and started to
come over to our house for dinner.

My mom, feeling sorry for him,
started sending plates over.

Now, everybody knows that a way to a
man's heart is through his stomach.

Anyway, to make
a long story short,

Mr. Shepherd
shows up with Reid,

so he could
at least say, "Thank you".

After one dinner together,
the Ford-Shepherd feud was over.

So it's been a few months now and
mama has convinced Mr. Shepherd

that they should get the families
together for the holidays.

See, Mr. Shepherd fell in love with
mama and asked her to marry him.

So she said, only if they can get the
families together and be cordial.

Reid doesn't
think it's possible.

See, when I say that our
families hated one another.

I mean it.

You would've thought that with all the fighting
that somebody would've up and moved.

But Mr. Shepherd
and daddy were a lot alike.

Both way too stubborn
to give in.

I think differently. Like,
I know that my family is a loving family,

and they miss our Ford Christmases,
just as much as I do.

All we gotta do
is get everybody here.


You know you real bold, right?

Stealin' the damn man woman.

Now, you know Mr. Ford turnin'
over his grave right now.

What do you think
Mrs. Shepherd is doing?

I know my Sammy.

All he ever cared about
was my happiness.

As long as I'm happy,
he has a smile on his face.

And Rachael was the same way.

Y'all can believe that
if y'all want to.

But, I know for a fact
that that man ain't smiling.

Any guy that's
kissing on his woman.

You got
another thing coming, Dad.

Matter of fact, you better hope

he don't take one of God's lightning
bolts and start flingin' 'em down on you.

I'll just move out of the way.

You so silly.

You surely will be
on TV one day.


No son of mine will pursue
some comedic dream.

Now, Reid has one semester off
and it's back to school

to become a doctor,
like his brother Joey.

Speaking of Joey,
have you spoken to him about Christmas yet?

No, actually
I haven't yet, sweetheart.

Joseph Jacob Shepherd,
you promised me.

Don't make me slide
this ring back to you.

Mom! Have you talked to your
kids about Christmas yet?

Yeah, what about that?

Honey, would you like some corn?


How about we just do this
right now?

I think between the four of us,
we can get everybody here.

You obviously don't know the Shepherds,
I mean, we never celebrated Christmas.


We just look at Christmas
like a regular old day.

Won't you just stop being so negative?
Just help me call.

I'm just saying.

I'm gonna call Antoinette.

She loves Christmas,
and is dying to come home.

There's some chicken, Lauren.

Lauren! Hi, baby sis,
What's up?

Hey, Antoinette.

Things could be a little better.

Why? What's going on?

Are you pregnant?

No, no, it's not me, it's mom.

Is everything okay?

Mom went to the doctor
the other day

but she won't say what's wrong.

Yes, she's just,

you know,
been really sad lately,

and laying in the bed,
not really doing anything.

All I know is she said that

she wanted all of her
kids here for Christmas.

Oh, my God!
Does anybody else know?

No. Everybody was
just too busy.

Okay, hold on a sec.

Conference the Ford family.




Hey, mama's sick.

I don't know what you have planned
for Christmas but you got to be home.

But I have...

Stacey, is it more important
than your mother's health?

No, I guess not.

Travis, look I know you got your
trip planned but reschedule.

And you can bring that ratty
girlfriend of yours, too.

We talked about this.

But I rather
hoist for Christmas.

First of all,
hop off that tramp?

I can hear her nasty ass
in the background.

As for the boys, bring them.

The last time they saw mama was
when that gold-digger divorced you.

Anyway, I'll see you next week.

And, don't let your mother down.

Thanks, 'Nette, I cannot wait

to see you and the family,
it's been so long.

Yeah, Robert and the kids will
be excited to see everybody.

Anyway, I'll see you next week.
Love you.

Okay, I'll talk to you later.

Dang, Mr. Ford,
you must be putting in some work.

Not too much.
He was only in there for five minutes.

Yo, Principal Robinson,
you need to get with a thug like me.

I can go for hours.

Boy, give me that phone,
Y'all move along to class.

Yo, Principal Robinson,
holla at me.

You know where to find me.

She wants a real man.

You're no real man, Junk.

Get the...

Get up.
Come here.

We have to stop doing this.

We'll get a divorce,
and then we can.

Lauren Ford, what am I supposed to tell
them is wrong with me, when they get here?

I don't know,
tell them you're pregnant.

Very funny.

I don't know what you laughing for.
You the baby daddy.

Get on the phone,
and do what Lauren did.

You guys are on in five.
Thank you.

What are you doing
for the holidays?

I'm taking Alexa on a cruise.

Trying not to be the world's
worst father again this year.

Come on, you're not that bad.

The divorce played
a key role in all of that.

Look, I know that.
I wish someone would tell her that, though.

She just sees me
as a workaholic.


Excuse me, I have to take this.


What's good, little bro?

I'm about to go live,
so make it quick.

Jacob. Oh, man, I got
some terrible news.


Dad needs a new heart,

and... they say he's only
got a week to live.

Yeah, I know.

All he asked for,

is that his family
come home for Christmas

to spend time with him, man.

Be there for him
during his final days.

You know, before he can
join mom in afterlife.

I'll be there.

Just let me rearrange
a few things here first.

Are you okay?

I'll make it through.

I'll just see you next week.

Yeah, see you next week.

What is it?

There goes the cruise.

Alexa is not gonna like spending
Christmas in Atlanta one bit.

Jacob, we're ready for you.

Let's go, everybody,
we're about to go live.

Make it a day.

Are you nuts?

You asked for it.

Just wait till I finish
this one.

Christina Shepherd,
how may I help you?

Yeah, hey, sis.

Reid, I'm getting ready
for a big meeting right now.

How may I help you?

I already told you,
I'm not coming home.

I've a huge merger
that I'm working on.

I hope no one's pregnant.


Dad's got something
growing in his stomach.

It ain't no baby.

Reid, I do not have time
for games right now.

Christina, dad is
over here dying, okay.

He's got a tumor in his stomach,
the size of a ten-year-old baby.

Tumor? What?

Why am I just now
hearing about this?

He's a doctor.
What does he want me to do about it?

All they say, that he
has one more week to live.

And all he wants is for his
family to be there for him

on his final days
for Christmas, so...

Can you just
make sure you're there?


I know you guys say you couldn't
make it home for Christmas,

but dad really needs us
down in his final days.

Final days!

He's caught a staph
infection in his penis,

and it's already moved
through his whole body.

The doctor said
he's got one week to live.

You remember that
big booty nurse, Ms. Jones.

Yeah, he finally gave in,
poor old fellow.

Reid, I don't have
time for this, okay.

I cannot believe that
you guys aren't here.

Dad during his final days.

Okay, I don't even know
the pain that he's in right now.

He screams every five minutes,
for no reason.

Think, you know what.

Just forget it.
All right.

I'll let him know,
that you don't care about him.

And I'll make sure
that he dies in peace.

I just hope this doesn't haunt
you for the rest of your life.

I'll see you at the funeral.

My God...

Calm down, old fellow,
I had to make it believable.

It's just a joke.

Joseph, sit down.
Now, leave that boy alone.

Come on, let me kiss it for you.

Feel better.

Look at her, see.

You like that.

Now you might even
get lucky tonight.

Little sympathy loving.


What you think
they're doing in here?

Son, this ain't Bethlehem?

And she ain't no Virgin Mary.

They ain't got enough to do.

Sounds lame finding
them kissing all day.

That is none of your business,
what me and Mr. Shepherd have going on.

Look, I don't want to know y'all business,
y'all can keep that to y'all selves.

And you just need to watch
out for them lightning bolts.

Excuse me for just
a moment, sweetheart.

It's okay.

I can't. Nope. Nope.

Your father's sick,
you need to be there.

I'm not trying
to hit him in his mouth.

You know how he is.

Merry Christmas.

What is that?

Go and spend sometime
with your family.

I can't take that. No.

I can't do it.

Well, you don't have
much of a choice.

You haven't been home
since your mom passed away.

That will make no sense.

Your father needs you.

Go on.

Thanks, Chris.

Yeah, yeah.

My father hates me.

I'm the last person
he wants to see.

Yes, I'm going
home for Christmas.

Wait. What?

Now, Christina,
you know there is a line...

Yeah, I know, John,
but I have to work from Atlanta.

I know it's not ideal,
but my father's dying.

As soon as he dies,
I'll be back.

Now, I'll tell you what,
I'll just go ahead...

No, I don't need you
to do that. I got this, okay.

Look, I hear what you're saying.

I'm the one who got us this deal.
I'm gonna be the one to close it.

All right, Christina.

Then you're gonna
make me partner.

Well, hey now,
all that fighting is kind of making me hot.

John! Go have sex
with your wife.

Alicia, we're in the library.

Travis, I know.

So quit it.

So you're ready for the trip?

Yeah, about that...

We just have to wait
and do it on New Year's.

My mom's sick, I gotta go home.

Okay, what am I supposed to do?

You're gonna go with me.
It's about time you meet my family anyway.

I want Christmas to be special.

It will be special.
In Atlanta.

Yeah, there she is.

You are beautiful.
Thank you, honey.

Okay, but I gotta
book these tickets.

So did you find out when
your last performance was?

About that, I probably won't be able to
make it home with you this Christmas.

What? Why not?

My sister called,
something about my mom.

I don't know. All I know is that
we've been summoned home.

Well, I mean, can it wait,
I mean, my family made plans.

I know, but it's my mom.

And if I don't go, then my sister gonna
show up at your front door in Michigan.

I mean, is it that serious?

I guess.

Okay. I'll go with you then.

You don't have
to do that, honey.

Yeah, I do.

I mean, it's Christmas, I'm not
going to spend Christmas without you.

I know, but I don't
think it'll be a good idea.

You mean, you may not
have told them yet?


It's been two years.
I know.

So what's the big deal?

I mean are they racist?

No, they are not racist.

Okay, if you love me, then you will
bring me home to meet your family.

Darling, I do love you.

Then when are we leaving?

I hate it when you do that.

But you love it.

Fine, Wednesday.
Wednesday, sounds great.

Now, speaking of great,
some food will be great for me.

You're starving. Did you just
perform Swan Lake? I don't think so.

Have you seen me?
Mine's pretty good...

I've seen you.
I don't think it is.

Look, I hear what you're saying,
but my client's no gonna settle.

Specially for that month.

Look, I gotta go.

Something very important
just walked into my office.

I'll talk to you later.

Hey, baby...

Brought you some lunch.

Right on time.

Look at this dress.
I think I ain't seen this one.

Now you see it...

Let me give you some sugar.

What do you mean what?

You know, you only kiss me like that,
when you want something.

I can't remember,
we've something to eat.

Okay, what's
going on, Antoinette?


Well, I know that we said that we
will stay here for the holidays.

But I need to go home.

And I was thinking that maybe
we could stay at my mother's.

Your mother's?

So you two talked?

Then I'm confused. Why would you
want to go to your mother's house?

She's sick, Robert. Yeah.

I don't know how bad.

But pretty bad.
Based on what my sister said.

I'm sorry to hear that, baby.

You know,
I can't leave until Christmas day though.

You're can't take off
just one day?

Baby, you know I can't.

That's right...

You know what's on my plate now.

You sound a lot like my dad.

You gotta do this
one time for me.

I can't afford
to lose this deal.

No, but we're fine.
We are more than fine.

We don't have any reason to be
money hungry. God has given us plenty.

Let me tell you something.
You can never have enough money.

That's how we pay for our life style,
how take care of our children.

Okay, that's why you and I
are happy the way we are.

You think I'm happy?

You think I'm happy with you
working round the clock,

here, all day, all night,

while I'm the one watching
the kids grow, raising the kids.

Listen, didn't we
make an agreement?

That we would sacrifice
what's important.

No! I'm making sacrifices.

I have sacrificed everything to be
this ideal wife you want me to be.

But no, Robert, I'm not happy.

Baby, You're married
to a millionaire.

Now, who won't
be happy about that?

Who are you talking to?

When has money ever
defined happiness for me?

But you know, you wanted out,
so let me give it to you, you stay.

You be Scrooge.

Sure your kids will figure out, how to
enjoy the holidays without their father.

It is one stupid day.

One stupid day to you!

That's Christmas to everybody
else around the world.

Only the biggest
family holiday of the year.

But hey, you've got money.

Then why don't you just rent
yourself a family while we are gone.

For Sammy, finally seeing his kids again,
was all that he needed for Christmas.

Unfortunately, he has to stand face to
face with the man that filled his shoes

on the field and as a father
in his boys lives.

Here. Here.

Finally get to meet the man
who is wearing my jersey.

Good to meet you too.

I enjoyed watching you play.

I appreciate it.

Here you go.

What's up, little man?


Thank you.
You're welcome.

I'll have him back
by New Year's eve.

All right.

Okay, so my question is,
"What's gonna be for dinner?"

Knowing my mother, everything.



You think they need some help?

Well, I shouldn't have
to tell you like everything...

You just have to be good Samaritan,
don't you?

Yeah, that' why
you love me, right?

That's exactly why I love you.

One of the reasons.

What did I ask you to do?

What did I ask you to do?
Tell me, what did I ask you to do?

- What do you want me to do?
- Get the boys a hair cut.

Go pick up my laundry.

You can't get the fucking laundry.
You can't even do that.

It's your car...
Yeah, whatever, okay.

It's my car,
so it don't fucking work.

You guys need some help?

I don't even know what's wrong.

You want me
to take a look at it?


- Get out!
- Just shut up!

- Steve!
- Always running your mouth.

So what's going on?

I don't know some
of this crap, man.

All right, so it was making
noise or what?

It was like going on with a little noise,
it shook a little bit.

So we pull it over, cut off,
and now won't come back on.

Okay, you guys cut it off
and now...

Yeah, he fucked it up.

Shut up. I keep telling you,
you're running your mouth.

Okay, whatever.
Do you guys have a...


We're not helping these people.

We don't help Shepherds.

Shepherds, she's a shepherd?

Oh, yeah, I am.

Now see, little Ms. Stacey,
Fords really have jungle fever. Again.

Doug, let's go before I have to
scrape this whore off the pavement.

Oh, bitch please, try me.
'Cause... Yeah...

I got you.

Yeah, 'cause today is the day.

You know what?
My Ford, bitch.

Stupid bitch, yeah.

Ignorant bitch.

Tramp bitch, twat bitch.

Bitch with a white man.


I got you, bitch.

Get in.

Did that bitch really just
throw a shoe at me?

Are you, okay?

I'm fine.

Look, I've never seen you act
like that before, I mean...

So aggressive.

I'm black, Doug, there's little
bit of aggression in all of us.

Daddy, I don't want
you to be sick.

Aah, Thank you, baby.

Dad, you are a doctor.
Why can't you just give yourself a shot?

I wish it was that simple.

Dad, how long have
you had this issue?

And why did you
let it get so bad?

Exactly, how does a doctor
let a tumor grow so big.

Wait, tumor?
I thought it was a heart issue.

Reid told us it was a staph infection
from messing with Nurse Jones.

Nurse Jones?

Nurse Jones.

He made me do it.

I'm missing my cruise
for this lying old man.

Couldn't you play sick
for another holiday?

Alexa, watch your mouth.
Okay, that's enough.

No, I'm not sick, but yeah, seem to be the best
way to get you guys home for Christmas.

Really, Dad, you don't
even like Christmas.

Why don't I like Christmas?

It's Christmas. Besides, I have
something important to share with you.

Yeah, what's up, Pops?

Let's just wait till dinner.

I promise you.
Keep an open mind.

Open mind?

Dad are you gay?

Yeah, Daddy, we'll accept you,
no matter what.

Prepare yourself.

Well, I'm not accepting it.

I'm supposed to be aboard a boat,
right now.

And I'm here,
There better be gifts involved.

Okay, stop. That's enough.
All of you. Get out.

Get up, now. Go get dressed.
We are gonna be late.

And Alexa.
You say one more word,

and granddad is going
to take out his horse belt,

and I'm going to whop your tail.

Okay, come on.
'Cause he will do it.

...talking's about I'm gay.

Mom, for how long you've
been going through all this?

You know,
I just kind of let myself go.

You know, with Lauren
away at school, I just

kind of felt like, I didn't have
that much to live for any more.

Mom, why are you
talking like that?

Yeah, Mama, what's really wrong?

Well, it's a long conversation
that we must have.

And I'd like
to do it over dinner.

What you cooking, grandma?

Boy, your grandma
not cooking anything.

She's sick.
Wait, then who...

Who's cooking,
'cause I hope not y'all?

What are you trying to say?
Excuse me.

I'm just saying.
He's trying to say

that you cannot cook, Mama.

Lauren and I, have
made reservations.

We're going out for dinner.

I'm just so glad
that you all are home.

Now, promise me one thing.

What's that G-mom?

Promise me that you will all
enjoy this Christmas.

Enjoy it like we did
when your father was here.

Sorry, Dad and Mama.

All right.
You all ready to eat?

Yeah. Yes.

I'm starving.

Stacey, baby, hold up a minute.

Am I in trouble?

Well, no.

So, Stacey, tell me
something, honey.

What's that?

Who's that white boy
you brung up in my house?

That's Doug.

He is the...

He's the boyfriend
that I was telling you about.

Well, Stacey, I've never
known you to...

I've never seen you with...

Someone who's...


But he sure is fine.

You better hold on to that, 'cause he's
gonna make me some beautiful grand-babies.

I'm so glad you approved, Mama.

Honey, I just want
you to be happy.

And he makes me happy.

Thank you, Mama.

Now, go get dressed.
Yes, on my way.

Love you, Mama.

Welcome home, honey.

It's so good to be home, Mama.

Joy arrived
just in time for dinner.

He even brought a friend
from medical school.

Grandpa, why are we standing outside in
the cold? And who are we waiting for?

We're waiting
for some special guests.

Who's coming?

Just hold on, you'll see, okay.

What's this?

Is this a joke?

It must be. 'Cause I'm not eating
dinner with these monkeys.

You called us monkeys.
I've got your monkey, right here.


Pa, he's calling me a monkey.

Just stop it all right.

Just stop it.

Trained him good.

He deserves a Scooby Snack,
Scooby Dooby Doo.


Act like you have
some home training.

He can't do that.

Because he doesn't have any.

Listen, let's all
just go inside.

We're not eating with them.

No way in hell.


Father, what is this about? I thought we
were supposed to be celebrating Christmas,

not spending time
with the less fortunate.

The only one less fortunate
is your lonely ass.

What's up, Travis?

Do you know each other?
Yes, sir.

We were nine brothers
at Moore House.

I thought your face looked
familiar. It's good to see you.

What you doing here with them?

You're not a Shepherd.

We're standing for our boys.

Some of us do plan
to succeed in life.

Look, enough.

Why are we here?

I'm sure you all will be wondering
why we brought you here.

Now we know that the Shepherds
and the Fords haven't always been

neighbors, but we're
going to be changing that.

Fords are the last thing
on mind. I mean,

we all know that oil and
water just don't mix.

Where is all this coming from?
And why now?

Well, Mr. Shepherd and I
have become friends.

Dang, Daddy,
are you that lonely?

No, I'm not lonely.
Like Mary said, we've become friends.

Close friends.

Real close friends.

Whoa, whoa, whoa...
Wait a minute.

Are you two trying
to say that you are an item?

Mr. Shepherd and I,
have been seeing each other intimately.

And we've fallen in
love with each other.

Oh, what?

Should I tell them?

Yeah, tell them.

We're engaged to be married.

Now, now, now...

Now, we know we can't
move forward with this unless

these families
settle this straight.


Pops, out of all the woman in Atlanta,
you couldn't find anyone else?

Hey, what you trying
to say about my mom?

Exactly what I said.

Probably that my father shouldn't
have to stoop to your level.

I mean, we're Shepherds,
you know.

Say one more thing
about my mother,

and I'd throw enough of...

What you gonna do, bitch?

Hey, let me talk to my sister.

Or what?

Hey, hey, knock it off.

Stop it.
Knock it off.

I said stop it!

You all are acting
like a bunch of animals!

Now, I know you all have
been trained better than this!

This is ridiculous!

Ridiculous indeed.


Don't you see they
just want to be happy?

All they asked you to do is come here
and be cordial with one another.

And you can even do that.

And, y'all, you don't even
come to check on her no more.

Exactly! You got all your lives
and things that make y'all happy.

All they want is the same.

Are you a Shepherd or a Ford?

Fuck you!

How did all this happen?

I just wish he would've
picked somebody else.

I mean a Ford.

I guess this what
happens when you get old.

You get...

I'm sorry. Last time I checked,
you were not a Ford.

Not yet.

All we can do is respect it.
Think about it, it ain't affecting us.

Y'all go live the same lives
when this is done.

Well, look here.

Can y'all at least fake
until Christmas is over?

I mean...

we all are gonna go back to living our regular
lives and not be bothered by any of this.

I'm gonna need plenty of liquor
to get through this Christmas.

The next day, everyone
followed through with the plan.

The women are all set
to be in kitchen with mama.

While all the men are going to get
a Christmas tree with Mr. Shepherd.

where is my son-in-law?

He's not coming, Mama, he had a lot
going on at work, so couldn't step away.

You mean to tell me, he couldn't take a few days
and step away and spend time with his family.

Like I said, Mama,
he has a lot going on.

Well, the holidays are the special time
when families are supposed to be together.

I personally want a man
that works.

Shoot, I'd sacrifice not seeing
him on the holidays,

so my man can actually
take care of his family.

Let's make the woman
do all the work.

I always thought a man's first priority is
supposed to be taking care of his family.

It's definitely
one of them, Lauren.

Megan, when you
find the right man,

he'll have balance and know how
to take care of the family.

You see, a man puts God first.

Then his family,
then his business.

Mama, this is 2014,
that man doesn't exist any more.

God has created the perfect man
for each and everyone of you.

Now, it's up to you to find him.

Now, it may take some time.

You may go through,
you know, three,

four, five, six, seven
something like that.

What? I'm just saying.
Saying the truth.

You know, Ms. Ford,
everything in life nowadays is hard.

Okay, loving a man
is freaking hard.

I mean, I should know,
I've been through it all.

Sometimes you have to settle,

or you end up alone.

They say love is supposed
to feel good.

But love hurts.

It hurts bad.

All right. Ladies,
take a seat.

I'm gonna teach you
a few things about love.

Yes, ma'am.
All right.

Get your asses off, come on.
You're about to get schooled.

Loving a man,
baby, it's different.

It's very different.

But the most important thing
is that you love yourself.

I get the same feeling
that's my problem.

You know, we just
love ourselves way too much.

But you know,
sometimes things seem perfect.

But they are just not meant to be.
You know, being in a relationship

is like having
two puzzle pieces.

You can't force to fit.

But the right pieces
fit together perfectly.

Now what you all need to know,

are the five Ps of love.

Five Ps?
Yes, ma'am.

What are they, Mama?
Tell me.

Well, there is pure,

and there's passionate,
powerful, poisoning,

and priceless.

Mother, those come
from the Psalms.

Not, I didn't get
them from Psalms.

I did not. Let me explain.

Now see, pure.

When I was a young girl,
I met Percy.

Now, we were both
young, inexperienced,

and each others' first.

And our love was pure.

It was untarnished.

Now Percy, he was
a perfect gentleman.

He did everything
his mother asked him to.

And he held my heart,
and guarded it.

As I did his.

What happened?

Well, Percy joined the army.
And he was killed.

He loved planes,
and he dreamed of being a pilot.

See, his grandfather was one of
the first Tuskegee Airmen to die,

and like him, he died in war.

And I still have
his dog tags to this day.


See later, I met Calvin.

Ooh, he was the sexiest man

I had ever seen, and I quickly
fell in love with him.

Now, all the sex...

We had so much sex

I couldn't, what?
So what happened to Calvin?

Passion, you know,
it just can't survive,

without the other
four Ps of love.

It is the kind of love that helps
you get past the milestone.

Maybe a broken heart, and it
helps you fall in love all over again.

But you see, the passion
that Calvin had for me, he shared

with a very little Watson,
Adele Lewis Davis.

Yeah, and Willie May Scott.

Yeah, that was him.

Aw... Okay, powerful.

Now then, there was Henry.

Henry and I
shared a powerful love.

See, Henry,

he was the son of the first
black doctor in our area.

And he wanted to be
just like his father.

Henry, he was going places.

He always knew how to dress.

And when I was with him,
I felt like the First Lady.

And anything he needed,
I gave him.

I mean, I was even willing
to break laws with this man.

What do you mean break laws?

Well that's the kind of control he had
over me, in every way, I loved Henry.

But his father did not love me,
you know, he told him,

"You can't marry
that farm slave".


Yes, that's what he called me.

He said that, my kind
had a slave mentality.

And that I wasn't worthy of being
with one of the talented ten.

But Henry and I defied him,
and we saw each other secretly.

But you know,
Henry idolized his father.

And after a while,
I saw him less and less.

And our powerful love,
it just died.

That's who left.

Yes, poisoning.

You see, this is a kind of love that
you all need to be aware of because

it's something that
gets you addictive.

And if you are not careful,

it can kill you from the inside.

And you will feel you'll
never be able to love again.

Now, the love I had with William,
it was poisoning.

William was a white man.

He was white?

Yes, ma'am, he was.

And back in my day,

a black woman, and a white man,

it was not unseen,
but it was not popular.

And William introduced
me to Cocaine.

and drugs in a relationship can be deadly.

That drug, the feeling of it was
like nothing else, and it made me

feel that I loved William
more and more.

But you know,
they say God looks after babies and fools.

And he surely was
looking after me.

Because... See, William
was a drug dealer.

And he was killed by a supplier,
that he owed money to.

And after that, I woke up.

And I left that place,
and I left that poison,

and moved on with my life.


This is the love
that is delivered by God.

And when God
delivers you a love,

you will do everything
you can to hold on to it.

Because this is a love
that is pure,

making you feel like
a young girl.

It will be passionate,
a passion that goes far beyond the bedroom.

It's powerful, making you
feel like the First Lady,

or the Queen of England.

But you'll be submissive,
as any woman would for the right man.

But it will be also be little poisonous.
But just enough

to keep you addicted to him,

and not some drug
or glamorous life style.

I had a priceless love
with your father.

Samuel Ford.

There is not a day that goes by

that I don't think
about that man

wishing he would walk up and
put his hands on my shoulder

wishing I could touch him again.

He was a father of my children.

And he raised his kids like a
man should raise his family.

When he left

it was like...

That's okay.


You know...

They say that God
made woman for man.

But I think it's the other way around.
I think God made man for woman.

You know he made Adam first,
'cause he needed to school him

and get him ready for his
greatest creation, woman.

Here's the woman.


Well, I dated a guy for three years,
you know, I thought

he was the one,
I thought we'd get married,

have kids, the whole nine.

But he just...

He couldn't do
with my work ethic.

He couldn't support my dreams,
never supported my career.

Well, honey, may be he was
the one right before the one

who is your priceless love.

You know, he is a man, and men are
stubborn and bull-headed at times.

It takes a very special man
to follow behind a woman.

In these changing times, men and women,
they're just don't play the same role.

But a woman is still not supposed
to take care of the man.

Definitely not.

Not at all, if he hasn't,
God will deliver you

the right man at the right time.
I promise.

But just remember something,
don't be a fool for love.

If he doesn't walk like love.

If he doesn't talk like love.

If he doesn't feel like love.

Then, baby, it's not.

Everybody got that?

Cheers to love.

It's okay.

Mom was talking about Santa Claus. There's
no fat man coming down that small chimney.

We ain't even got a chimney.

I know those gifts
are hidden somewhere.

We need to find them.

Let's go.

Merry Christmas. Ho ho.


Excuse me.
Hey I'm...

I'm Santa Claus, I have a bunch of
Christmas gifts for all the children here.

And everybody else here, I mean,
I got something for you.

No, thank you.
I'll be here a while...

So you reneging on your promise?

I'm not ready.

I understand that our
families are different.

There's so much
going on right now.

It is actually peace.

Dorian, I don't understand why
we gotta do this right now.

I mean, we're not married yet.

That's besides the point.

Our plan was before
we started our residency.

To be able to live our lives.

Your mom knows.

She's looking down right now.

You're right.

I'll do it at the Christmas.

Let's just get through
the holiday first.

I'll sit down with my father
one on one.

I'll tell him.

You promise?

I promise.

Let's get out of here before
somebody suspects something.

So paranoid.

Daddy always said,
"Joey was sweet".

Yeah, he's peppermint sweet.

Speaking of peppermints,

I want one.

Come on, let's get back to go
find those gifts.

If you love me,

if you wanna keep me,

you better get here.

I wanted to wait
until Christmas day, but...

If we were never going to your parents,
I had a cabin for us.

Stacey Ford, I love you
with my whole heart.

I even love the crazy
black girl side of you.

I don't want anything else
but you to be my prize.


And by prize I mean, my wife,
a very great prize of God.


Will you marry me?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You did good.
You did good.

Gotta get some beans into them.
No, Mom. I just got engaged!

This is great.

They look like they
are really enjoying themselves.

This is great Yeah.

Looks like the Shepherd-Ford
families are coming together.


Joe sing your
favorite Christmas song.

Come on, Dad,
I was five years old.

Am not gonna sing a song.
I'm sure you can.

Come on, Joey.

Joey, Joey, yeah.


All I want for Christmas
is my two front teeth...


Oh, man, come on.

Come on, Joey.

Do it like you did it
when you were young.

Two front teeth is not all
that joey wants for Christmas.

Whatchu talking about, Zay?

He's sweet to his boyfriend.

Zay, that's not a funny joke.

Who said it was a joke?

Tell them Uncle Joey. Now

is the perfect time.
What's he talking about?

He's right.

I wanted to find the right
time to tell you, but...

Definitely, I think, it's now.

So here I go.

Dorian is not just
a friend from medical school.

He's my boyfriend.


Kids... Why don't you come
to the kitchen with grandma?

We'll get you cooking.

Don't fight.


Dad, I just wanna...

Ain't no son of mine living with a
man still carrying my last name.

You look me in the face,
and you tell me you're gay, like a man.

I'm gay, Dad.


No, I'm okay.
You all right?

No. I'm all right.
I'm all right.

Oh, God.

Get the hell out of my sight.


That's it, Dad?
Just like that?

So you don't
love me anymore, huh?

I'm so tough, 'cause of you.

I used to be your favorite son.
The young you, right?

You want everything
to be so damn perfect.

Well, I'm not perfect.

You want me to change my name.

You want me to erase
25 years of my life.

All right, I'll erase it.

But when you're
on your death bed,

a miserable old man,
don't bother to call me.

I wont be there.

Worth it, Daddy?

It's 2014, okay.
And gay people do exist.

He is still Joey.

Yeah, it's 2014.

And you still dancing on a pole

taking care of a man who could
never know how to love you.

Your children.
They have no discipline.

Your mother's up in heaven
crying her eyes out right now.


Don't do this.

You, you'll never have a man 'cause you're so
power hungry you don't know how to be a wife.

You must be gay too, huh?

No, that's not it.

Your issue is...

You can't keep a man 'cause of all the
bullshit you've hid to keep your career.


You can't have
children, any more.

And what man
wants a sterile woman!

You're going too far.

And you, you had a great family.

But you put everything
else before name.

Your own daughter
doesn't even respect you.

Well, ain't that the pot
calling the kettle black?

Alexa, let's go.

So much for boarding school?

And you think your family is...


Now, I know you're upset.

But being hurtful is not
going to heal anything.

No, Mary, it's not enough.

We created these monsters.

It's up to us to tame them
before we leave this earth.

What are you talking about?

All of you, have drained your
mother off everything.

Your mother's in so much debt

from all of the school,
she's paid for and sent you to.

And you can't even
pass the damn buck.

What is it now?
Four times you've missed it.

Yet you call home
to get money from your mother

to spend on this
gold digging hussy.


Antoinette! You got a degree from Yale,
yet you choose to be a housewife.

And after all them sacrifices they
made to send you to that school.

Stacey, you've been on Broadway
for what, four years?

And not once did you send home
one penny to your mother

to pay for your
Juilliard education.

Not to mention the child support
payment your mother's been paying

for your secret child.


Got your mother paying child support for
a grandchild, she may never even see.

Stacey, is this true?

I can't believe you, Mom.

Stacey, I'm so sorry.



And you're so proud to
carry your father's last name.

Yet, your addiction to heroin

'caused your mother so much pain,
it nearly killed her.

You have no right
to judge my past.

You don't know my pain.

You have no idea
what I had to go through.

I lost my career.
My wife, my kids.

I lost every damn thing.

And a man is supposed
to fight for what he wants.

You cowered down.

Real men don't give in to pain.

Real men let their
struggle be their strength.

Don't you notice why
your wife left you, son.

That ain't worth it.

What kind of an example are
you setting for your own son?

But wait. Don't go nowhere.
Have a seat.

The real climax is coming.

Let me tell you
about your father.

Joseph, what are you doing?

This is enough.

No, Mary, it's not enough.

You need to stop
holding this on him.

They need to know.

You may all have
felt like your father

was a great man.

But all he left you,
when he left,

were bills.
Mama, is that true.


Yes, honey.

I tried to keep it going,
but it just got too hard.

Hope he does not hear.
Does not hear at all.

When your father slipped into coma,
and when he died,

the doctors were looking
for somebody to pull the plug.

Death was not the decision
that your mother made.

You see, the truth is,

your father was
never legally divorced.

Yeah, he had another wife.

By the time, your mother
found out what was going on,

the first wife slipped in like a thief
in the night and pulled the plug.

Lauren, why don't you go ahead and tell
your family why you asked me for $40,000?


The house is in foreclosure.

I was trying to save the house.

She took everything.

She took the money,
she took the insurance,

the pension fund.

Everything. All she
left mama was a house.

You see, life for the Fords
isn't as great as you thought.

No, it isn't.

I trusted you.

I trusted you.

How could you do this to me?

How could you do this to me?

And you...
Look, I already know, Dad.

I'll never make
anything in my life.

Hell, I barely even
graduated high school.

You don't gotta say
what you say every day to me.

But you talk about being a man,

what kinda man does
something like this?

Tear down this whole family,
'cause they don't fit his ideal image?

You never wondered,
why we are how we are.

It's 'cause of how strict you were to us
back then. You never let us do anything.

All you ever told us was
work, work, work.

And that's exactly
what we're doing.

But we're not your
little puppets any more.

We have our own
lives to live now.

Everything you did for us, you're
supposed to, 'cause you're our father.

You brung us in this world.

And from that foreword on, you owed us
everything you could ever do for us.

But that don't mean
we owe you anything.

Man, we don't owe you nothing.

We gonna live our
own damn lives.

Yeah, that's right.
I said damn. And I mean it.

Just because you're a miserable old man,
it don't mean, you have a right

to destroy our hearts
and kill our spirits.

You said you wanna air out
everyone's dirty laundry.

Why don't you tell us
how mom really had a stroke?

Yeah, that's right.

Mom had a stroke because
of this man right here.

Our father,
Joseph Jacob Shepherd.

Couldn't keep the hands
off them damn nurses.

Mom even walked into him and a
nurse in his office one day.

You know, that broke
her poor little heart.

And this is why he's so angry.

'Cause you know you
singlehandedly killed my mother.

Now, it's time for you to lead the rest
of your life wearing that badge of guilt.

And for you to be a man,

I just pray you get hindered.

God, please forgive my father

for he has yet sinned again.

I pray that he
owns up to his faults

and I pray that the guilt
demons in his head

that control his spirits

don't kill him

before he can truly
repent for his sins.

I'll let you say, Amen.

That's what a real
man would do, right?

Just so we're clear,
you're fucking dead to me.

See, I knew it could be
a complete waste of time.

We could be in Paris right now.

Mention not now.
Or can at least be with my

family, we love each other and we'll
have nice, happy, friendly holiday.

Alicia, not right now.

So this is what it's
like to be in families

that have financial problems.
They don't even know

how to get their shits
together at all.


Repeat what you just said.

I just...

I guess, this is what it's like

in families that
just have financial problems.

But listen, I got a secret.

Me and you, we're gonna be well off, baby.
We're not gonna be like your family...

Get out of my mama's house!


My sisters were right,

you're nothing but a gold digging,
high maintenance, psycho.

Get out of my mother's house for
disrespecting my family like this.

Travis, you can't be serious.

What do you mean leave?

Alicia, this is not a joke.

I'm gonna get all of this shit.

And go back to your rich family,
as I'm not taking care of you no more.

That was expensive.

I just have to process that.

What do you mean leave, like...

And how exactly am I supposed
to get to the airport?

Figure it out, Get out.

You're gonna regret,
you said that to me.


I know you're angry,
and I know you're upset.

What you did in there
was wrong. That wasn't love.

That was bitterness.

And resentment.

And your own bruised ego.

That's not the man I love.

The man I love is caring,

and compassionate, and loving.

How could you
betray me like that?


I told you those
things in confidence.

And you used them to hurt me.
Mary, Mary.

You've got to fix this,
and I don't even know if you can.

You made a mess of everything.

Oh, no, what are you doing?

Mary, what are you doing?

I don't think
I can move forward.

No, no, no, Mary. No, baby.

Goodbye, Joseph.


Seems like no matter
how hard you try,

certain things in life
just won't be perfect.

I'm so ready to move to LA
and get away from all of this.

So I could focus
on myself and my career.

You know, Lauren,
you should come with me.

And do what?

And sing, what else?

You're not gonna let them
gift go to waste are you?

You just want me there to support
you through your struggle.

You know why you play along...

We should be the real
Ford-Shepherd couple.

Okay, see, whatever is in that glass,
it's really got you tripping.

Whatchu doing?

Whoa! Calm down.


Are ready for some more of that?


So what did you mean by,
we were the real Ford-Shepherd couple?

Really? That's how you feel.

I mean for the longest.

I just never know how to say it.

You've been keeping this friend
thing so secretive so long.

I don't know what else to say.

Merry Christmas, Lauren Ford.

Merry Christmas, Reid Shepherd.

So what are we gonna do now?

Move down to LA and get married.

No. What about our families?

We can't just let
Christmas be like this.

I don't think there's
nothing else we can do, I mean,

my family's already packing
up their stuff at home.

Okay then, we have to get back.
We have to at least try.

All right. I guess so.

Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm good.

I can handle my liquor.

You sure? Okay.

Besides you drank
more than me anyway.

Lot of stumbling going on there.

So what exactly
did that kiss mean?

What do you mean, everything?

Everything I've been meaning to say
for the past few years now, I didn't know how to say it.

Are you really okay?
Yeah, I'm fine, chill.

We're almost home.

Do you see that?

Reid, watch out. Aah!


Lauren, wake up. Lauren!



Somebody... Somebody, please!

Somebody, please help!


Please, somebody help!

Somebody help me!

Sir... No, no...

She's not moving.

What's her name?
Lauren, Lauren Ford.

Lauren Ford?
Yes, sir.

Go to my truck,
get my phone, call 911, now.

Lauren, wake up, baby...

Somebody, please!
Somebody, please help!

Please, somebody help!

Somebody help me!

There you are. Come here,
I missed you so much.

I was looking for you,
Yes, I missed you so much.

Go to daddy.
Come on.

Oh, honey.


Michael, hey.
Come on. Hey, son.

How you doing?
What are you guys doing here?

Well, I needed to be
around my baby, you know.

And it's Christmas.

I just had no idea,
you're gonna be so far away, like Atlanta.

Veronica, I can explain.
Oh, no.

No need. You've now given me everything I
need to make sure you never see him again.

Hello, Veronica,
it's good to see you.


Sammy, let's go have a seat,

so your parents can talk.
Come on, baby.

Veronica, he's fine,
so don't make a scene.

A scene?

This man was ordered by
the court to keep my children

in the state of Florida.

And what do you do when
I finally give you a chance.

You go and you break the law.

You know, I should
really have you put in jail.

Except it is Christmas, right?

I really had to be
here with my mother.

No, Samuel.
Save it for the court.

You've put my brother
through hell already.

He's just trying to do
the right thing.

We mothers out here want their
fathers to do the right thing.

You, you're harming his ass,
just wants him to suffer.

You've always
been very intriguing

and opinionated.
It's very cute, thank you.

Babe, we didn't come here
to ruin anyone's happiness.

No, I did not.
I absolutely did not.

But I do want you
to understand something, Samuel.

My son has a mother.

And his father takes
very good care of us.

Better than
a drug addict ever could.

You brought this
on yourself, Samuel.

If you hadn't been kicked out of
the league for using steroids,

you would still
have your family.

I never wanted my child
to be around

a sorry excuse for a man.

I didn't, I wanted to him to have a
certain standard of couth and class.

You never fit the bill, Samuel.
I'm sorry, you didn't.

Why am I still standing here?

And reliving my dreadful past.

I'm so happy, that my
last name is no longer Ford.

But you can uphold the legacy of
a Ford woman. You lack class.

Okay please, such a dancer, let's go,
honey, say goodbye, come on.

It's okay.

Come on, hurry, Samuel.

No, wait, this isn't right.

Excuse me.

On the contrary,
fill by my dad, I love him.

I don't give him up.
Michael you are a great father,

you do take good care of me,

but I'm a Ford.

I'm proud of it.

Being here this Christmas has really
taught me the true meaning of...

the whole holiday itself.
And more importantly being a family.

Samuel, we're your family.

But they are too.

I know that you and dad have problems,
but it has nothing to do with me.

He fought three years in court
just to see me.

Three years, and that shows
how much he loves me.

Right now he needs me,
so I'm staying here.

Samuel, this is not an option.

Love, he does have a point.

The anger that you feel for his father
shouldn't stop them from having a relationship.

I love being his step dad, and his mentor,
but I want to see him happy.

So as your husband, I'm
telling you to let him stay.

Now, stop being so disagreeable.

I'm not.

You get in the car, I'll be right there.
I'll be right there.

It's Christmas time, baby.

- Thank you, so much.
- Thank you.

Have a happy holiday.

You too.
Merry Christmas to you.

I better get going. It's gonna
be a long ride home with my wife.

Bye, Michael.


Samuel. Come here.

What happened?

I lost control of the wheel.
Where is Lauren?

She's unconscious
and not responding.

What? Will she be okay?

It's too early to say
anything right now.

I've gotta get back.

I'll update you
as soon as I can.

What did you do, Reid?

What did you do?

Reid, man,
tell me it's not true.

Travis said the officers found a
bottle of alcohol in your car.

Boy, you could go to jail.

I told him that it was my car.

And my own car, sorry.

I don't want him
to get in trouble.

Thank you.

Look, it's not what y'all think.
I promise.

I promise.

Listen, I know the last thing
you want to talk about right now

is more stuff that's going on.

And I understand where your head is,
there's a lot of stuff going on here.

But I didn't exactly wanna
find out what I found out.

I don't know anything
about the situation.

And I'm gonna be honest
with you, when I found out,

I mean, I was pissed.

It doesn't even
bother me so much,

that there is somebody else

that's a part of your past.

It hurt me.

To know that either you felt like
you couldn't tell me something.

Whether you had to hide
something from me.

No, listen.

Listen, let me finish
what I have to say.

Now I have made up my mind,

before we came here today.

But I don't want
to go through with it.

But when I thought about
it could be you in there

I don't know what I'd do
if I lost you.

But if there's anything else.

Weather it's a secret,
or you just love Cheetos, anything.

And you wanna tell me...

It's not the time to joke.

Is there anything else?

Except that I love you.

Baby, you came.

You said you were gonna leave me,
so I didn't have much choice now, did I?

Let me tell you something, you are the
most important thing in the world to me.

I love you.
I know I work hard,

but I just wanna make you happy.

Baby I'm living my life with you,
making memories with you.

It's what makes me happy,
not money.

I'm gonna change.
I promise.

Your mama's right. You definitely need
to do something with that degree.

Okay, make me some money.

I'm gonna make you money.

I don't know about that.

Make you lot of money, okay.

I love you.
I love you.

Come on, let's go
check on your sister.


What happened?

Your brother was
drunk and driving.

That's what happened.

Were you drinking?

I only had a little bit.
I swear.

Mrs. Ford.

Lauren's body is under
lot of stress right now.

She has lot of internal injuries
and her organs are slowing down.

We are gonna have
to go in and repair her liver.

If we wait,

her liver will fail.

And so will the kidney soon,
and so on.

So is she dying?
Yes, ma'am.

Do the surgery.

Can we see her?

I'll see what I can make happen.

We don't have a lot of time.

I can't lose my baby.

Trey, Zay, come on.

Come on.

Why are you pulling me?
We are leaving.

No, we're not.
Yes, we are.

Why are you grabbing me?
We're leaving.

Listen, we're leaving.
All right.

I'm not leaving.

Yes, we are.
Your brother's fine.

My brother's fine.
But his friend is not.

I don't wanna hear that.

Trevor, I'm not coming.
Get off of me.

What's wrong with you?

You keep running your mouth.

Come on.
We're leaving. Let's go.

Daddy, I'm okay.
You sure?

Put that down, that's your
mama's. What is that?


Sir, sir.
I'll kill you.

Calm down.

What is wrong with you people?

Is it too much to ask
to be civilized for once?

My daughter
is fighting for her life.

Where are your priorities?

Mrs. Ford, you can see your daughter,
but you've only got five minutes.

Are you okay?
I'm okay.



Sir, can you hear my voice?

Sir, can you hear me? Hello.

Sir! Sir!

Doc, he knocked out.

I'm out. Don't
get enough for this.

Man, I'm on my lunch break.


Lauren baby.

Mama's here, honey,
can you hear me?

She's been through a lot.

But she's hanging in there.

My prayers are with you
and your family.

I feel like all
of this is my fault.

I'm so sorry, family,
I'm so sorry.

I said some things,
I really should not have said.

I see her laying there, how the fuck
will I live with myself, if she dies?

Yes, baby.

Make sure to pray, grandma.
Pray that she wakes up.

Pray that she gets better.



Our God.

We come to you
in this time of need.

Please, Jesus,
wake my sister up. Please.

We have to see
her beautiful smile.

We have to see it...

The word, and we've
come together,

the number will strengthen her.

Strengthen my baby sister,
dear God. Amen.

Lauren, honey.

Lauren. She's opened her eyes.

Praise God.
We were so worried about you.

What are you doing, Lauren?
No, no.

You can't stand.
No, honey.

Everybody's here.

Anybody there? Come on.

Everybody out.

Give me coupling stack.

I'll promise.
We'll take good care of her.

Wake up.
...before liver fails.

Yeah, we're ready.
Let's go.


Baby, look.

I apologized to everyone.
When all the families moved in there.

The one person
I never apologized to was you.

I'm sorry, baby.

Ms. Ford.

The surgery has started
and things are good so far.


All the signs look good.

I'm gonna be going in and out.

So, I'll come back
and keep you posted.

Thank you. Thank you
both so much.

Thank you, ladies.
Thank you very much.

Baby, I want you to know,

that you and I, we're gonna
have a great future together.

I knew that somehow
the Holiday Spirit

will truly bring the Fords
and the Shepherds together.

I just didn't realize that it would
require me to almost lose my life.

But they say God will use you
to make a miracle happen.

This is how I truly know
that this union is meant to be.

Mr. Shepherd put in a lot
of work mending mama's heart.

He finally got her to agree to
marry him again on Valentine's day.

He surprised her by getting
everyone to come home again.

Well, all except for Joey.

Mr. Shepherd and Joey are better,
but they've got a lot of rebuilding to do.

The weird thing is now the Shepherds
and Fords have gotten too close.

All in all the feud is over.

The Shepherds
and the Fords are happy.

I love my family no matter
how dysfunctional they are.

Stacey and Doug are said
to be married in the summer.

Me and Reid
are weirdly still an item.

But I'm trying to figure out
a way to let him down easy,

so we can just be friends.

He's a great guy, but there is only
room for one Ford-Shepherd couple.

We've really learned
a lot this Christmas.

We've learned how to be happy for each
other and how to love each other.

This was truly
a Christmas to remember.