A Christmas in Vermont (2016) - full transcript

Riley Thomas (Abigail Hawk) is a rising star at one of the world's most noted holding companies. With Christmas fast approaching, she is sent to the small town of Chestnut, Vermont to evaluate the assets of one of their companies, an outerwear clothing manufacturer. As she begins making plans for liquidation, she hires the company's founder, Nick (Howard Hesseman)-now retired-as her apprentice to help. Of course, everyone assumes she's there to save the company and she keeps her true motives a secret. In the process, she comes to appreciate what the company means to the small town; and she falls in love with its youthful CEO, Wyatt (David O'Donnell). She slowly comes to embrace the small town's values and even helps create a new product line just in time for Christmas. As her priorities change and her love grows, will Riley be able to stand up to her boss, Preston Bullock (Chevy Chase) and save the company she was supposed to destroy?

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MAN: He'’s coming!


Mr. Bullock is coming!

Uh, excuse me, miss.

Good morning, Mr. Bullock.

Look alive, people!
Look alive!

The rooster'’s in the henhouse!
Yeah? Yeah?

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

What is this?
What are you doing?

I'’m drinking coffee.

No, no, no. There'’s no time.
Mr. Bullock is on his way.

Places, everyone!

Why are these here?
Why isn'’t the tree decorated?

I thought Lottie was supposed
to finish decorating the tree.

Oh, my God, no.

Mr. Bullock hates

This is terrible.

He'’s gonna kill us all.
He'’s gonna murder me.

If I go missing,
you tell my family I love them.

- Merry Christmas.
- Get back to work.

Oh! Good morning,
Mr. Bullock!

Excuse me?

I said good morning,
Mr. Bullock.

I saved this one just for you.

Oh. Well, that'’s--

Oh, no!



Okay. Glad we had
this moment, sir.

♪ Well, the snow outside
keeps a-comin'’ down ♪

♪ It'’s covering the trees ♪

♪ Lately seems like every day ♪

♪ Feels like Christmas Eve ♪

♪ Oh, ho, ho ♪

♪ Meet me underneath
the mistletoe ♪

♪ Oh, ho, ho ♪

♪ Won'’t you spend Christmas
here with me? ♪

♪ Now Frosty'’s got
his magic hat ♪

♪ And Rudolf has
his shiny nose ♪

♪ And I'’ve got you
to keep me warm ♪

♪ While they'’re stuck
in the snow ♪

♪ And I say ho, ho, ho ♪

♪ Won'’t you spend
Christmas here ♪

♪ Spend Christmas
here with me? ♪

WOMAN: At the end of the day,

we were able to intercept
the new shipment

and divert the product
to a wholesale liquidator,

who purchased all of the units
at a windfall price,

allowing us to at least recover
our initial manufacturing costs.

What was the impact
on human resources?

Sadly, we had to lay off
all 150 employees,

including the CEO,

just prior to their Christmas
bonus checks being issued.

You canceled
their Christmas bonus checks?

My investment firm
won'’t like that.

No. I included the bonus checks

into their employee
severance package

as a gesture of goodwill.

The liquidation did, however,

provide Bullock & Barnes
a substantial savings,

which allowed us to recover our
initial investment into Flacco

and realize a small profit
of 2.5 percent.

Thank you, Riley.
Job well done.

Thank you, sir.

Others could benefit
by your example.

Meeting adjourned.

Could I have
my milkshake, please?

Milkshake, yes, sir.
What kind?


T-Tan milkshake.
Yes, sir.

Oh, when you'’re done here,

swing by my office,
will you?

I have something
I want to discuss with you.

Yes, sir. Of course.

Looks like you scored big.

Ms. McCormick.

Please, just call me Dana.

Of course, Dana.
Did you need to see me?

Well, I just wanted to hang back
for a few extra minutes

and talk to you.

Talk to me about what?

Holding firms
like Bullock & Barnes

tend to only look
at the financial side

of companies
under their control.

I know that.

I would be lying
if I said that I approved

of what we just did
to the Flacco Company.

Laying off 150 people
at Christmastime?

It'’s not the kind of business
I enjoy being in.

I know.

You did what
they asked you to do.

I just hope
you don'’t start liking it.

Thank you, Dana.

Well, you don'’t want to keep
Mr. Bullock waiting.

No, I don'’t.
Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, dear.
Good luck.

Thank you.


Hey, beautiful.
How'’d it go?

Pretty well, I think.

I completed the assignment
in record time

and saved the company
a boatload of money,

and we even made a small profit
by the time the smoke cleared.

How'’d the old man take the news?

Good, I think.
He asked me to come see him.

Ah. Oh, speaking of bosses,
mine'’s on the other line.

You want to meet at DeLorie'’s
after work

and fill me in
on all the nitty-gritty?

Maybe we'’ll have something
to celebrate.

Either way,
I'’m buying the drinks.

Love you, sweetheart.

You too.

Ah, Riley.
Come in, sit down.

Mr. Bullock,
you wanted to see me, sir?

Yes, I did.

I think after your performance
in the conference room,

you might know why.

Sir, if this is about the
Christmas bonus, I can explain.

You did great. Handing out
those bonus checks was genius.

You might be executive material.

Executive material?

Normally I wouldn'’t say this,
but you remind me of me.


What do you know about
one of our smaller holdings,

a company called OutWear?

It'’s a boutique
outerwear company,

designed one of the most popular
hiking jackets of the 1970s.

I think my dad had one.

I think we all did.
Fine jackets too.

Did you know my late
business partner Brian Barnes

was from that same town?

No, sir, I didn'’t.
That sounds quaint.

Yeah, of course it'’s quaint.
It'’s Vermont.

Barnes was so moved
by the company'’s designs

that he wanted it to be
the first place we invested in.

That'’s really nice.

Yes, the very definition
of small town success.

But I never liked Barnes.

I want you
to shut the company down.


OutWear has been underselling
for the last five years easily,

and it'’s time
to cut the dead weight.

And you'’re handing this to me?

Riley, what do you think
I'’ve been talking about here?

Yes, I'’m handing it to you.

You came to the right girl, sir.

I will get right down
to the file room

and start pulling
the fiscal reports.

That won'’t cut it, Thomas.
I think you need to go there.

I-I'’m sorry, go there?

To Vermont.

Mr. Bullock, I'’ve never been
north of 78th Street.

Well, me neither, so don'’t
think of it as an assignment.

Think of it as a vacation.

Now, if you pull this off,

you and me will be
just like this, understand?

I understand.
A complete closeout.

Employees, stock, equipment,


Consider it done, sir.

By Christmas, Riley.

I'’ll get right on it, sir.

Oh, and one more thing.

Take a heavy coat with you.

It'’s pretty chilly up in Vermont
this time of year.


Bring me another straw!

- Hey, Wyatt.
- Oh, hey.

Is that the new prototype
for the skiwear line?

Yeah, just picked it up
from the factory.

- What do you think?
- Wow.

Good stitching.

Nice insulation.

Great work, Randy.

Thanks, Wyatt.

[Phone chiming]

OutWear. This is Wyatt.

Hi, Wyatt, this is Cyril
from Preston Bullock'’s office

at Bullock & Barnes.

- Oh, hey.
- Hi.

Mr. Bullock asked me
to give you a call

and just sort of
let you know

that we'’re gonna
send somebody down there

to take a look
at the company.

Look, Cecil--

It'’s Cyril, actually.

My parents were hoping
for a girl,

and they really wanted
to name her Carol, so...

Right, um...

I know the numbers
haven'’t been great.

Tell Mr. Bullock that we'’re
launching several new products,

and I'’m confident
that things will turn around

by the end of the quarter.

Yes, absolutely,
and I actually--

I did tell him that already.

And what'’d he say?

He said to send a consultant
as soon as possible.

Okay. And when is he arriving?

She arrives
first thing tomorrow morning.

We'’ll... We'’ll be ready.

That'’s gonna make
Mr. Bullock very happy.

Talk to you soon.


Yes, sir?

My computer'’s not working!

Is it turned on, sir?

Thank you, Cyril!

Anytime, sir.




Mrs. Faust needed a ride
to do some errands,

so I just thought
I'’d stop by.

Well, thanks, but it'’s not
a very good time.

Oh, when is it ever really
a good time?

You know, you work too hard.
Did you have breakfast?

You look pale.

I had a coffee--
have a coffee.

I'’ll get you something.

No, that'’s not necessary.

How about dinner?
I'’ll make chicken-fried steak.

- Mom--
- Chicken-fried chicken?

I just need to do my job.

Everybody around here'’s trying
to tell me how to do my job.

No offense.

Okay, what'’s wrong?

This company'’s been around
for 50 years.

We have a reputation
for quality and integrity,

and whatever downturn
we might be in,

I can handle it.

All right, well,
you promise me one thing.

What'’s that?

You promise me
that you will also

take care of you.

Yes. Thank you.

All right.


Oh. Dinner tonight, 7:00?

Rain check.

You work too hard.

- Okay.
- [Laughing]

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Oh, boy.

- DAVID: Vermont, huh?
- RILEY: Yep.

Well, so isn'’t that where
the cheese comes from?

No, I think that'’s Wisconsin.

New England produces
maple syrup.

I don'’t know.
But Vermont too.

They invented cheddar
or something.

- Does it matter?
- No.

I'’m not going there
for the cheese.

I'’m gonna liquidate
a failing company.

And if I do a good job,
there'’ll be some nice dividends.

See, that sounds like fun.
I wish I could be there for it.

Why do they have
to fire everybody

right before Christmas?

Why can'’t they just wait
until after the holiday?

Hey, Christmas is just
a commercialized holiday

designed to separate you
from your wallet.

You know that.

Besides, you didn'’t
cause this business to fail.

Companies open and close
all the time.

It'’s just the ying and yang
of commerce.

Yeah. No, you'’re right.

I didn'’t cause
the company to fail.

I just wish I didn'’t
have to go there.

Well, if it were me,

I would not tell them
the bad news

until the very last moment,

use a cover story
to get what I want

and then give them the ax
when I'’m on my way out the door.

Yeah. No, you'’re right.

Of course I am.

Besides, how bad could it be?

Yeah, how bad could it be?

♪ Oh, the countdown'’s on ♪

♪ Just a few more days
till Christmas comes ♪

♪ Gotta get ready '’cause
soon comes Christmas Eve ♪

♪ Sounds of reindeer
from above ♪

♪ We'’re all inside
with folks we love ♪

♪ Here he comes ♪

♪ Here comes Santa Claus ♪

I think you'’ll find me
more than qualified--

Well, boys.

Hey, Nick, how'’s it look?

- It'’s looking good.
- Thanks.

How can one be
more than sat--

Talking to yourself, Nick?

Oh, it'’s just practicing.

- Gotcha.
- Let me ask you something.

Do you think
it'’s possible for someone

to be more than qualified
for something?

Not if you'’re working here.

Ho, ho, ho.

I think you'’ll find me
more than qualified--

Merry Christmas, Mr. Harper!

Merry Christmas to you.
Slow down!




Here, take my hand.

Stop those kids!
They attacked me!

Aw, I think they were
just not paying attention

- to what they were doing.
- Are you kidding me?

They took my bag.

This one?

Well, um, yes.
Thank you.

- New in town?
- What gave it away?

Well, most locals don'’t need
a map to find their way around.


I don'’t suppose you know
where OutWear is located?

Well, I just might.
I was on my way there myself.

- You were?
- Yeah. Gonna apply for a job.

Why would you apply for a job
two weeks before Christmas?

It'’s the time when people
need extra help the most.

That'’s a good point.

I'’m Riley.


Well, mind if I
tag along, Nick?

Not as long as you
watch your step.

That'’s very funny.

- We'’re going this way.
- Yeah, I got it.

- Hey, Nick.
- Steve.

Hey, good to see you.

Can I help you, miss?

Yes, hi.
I'’m Riley Thomas.

I'’m just in from New York,
from Bullock & Barnes.

I believe I'’m expected.

Oh, Bullock & Barnes.

You'’ll be wanting
to talk to Wyatt.

Let me go get him.

Can I get you some coffee?


This is their corporate office?


For a better life out there."

That'’s not bad.

I'’ve grown kind of
fond of it myself.

You like it?

He ought to.
He wrote it.


Oh, here, I'’ll take her.

[Dog whines]

Mr. Harper.

I don'’t understand.

This is Nick Harper,
founder of OutWear.

Founder? You said you were
coming to apply for a job.

I am. I haven'’t worked here
for years.

After I sold the company
to your boss, they retired me.

Nick, you know things
are too slow around here

to bring on anybody new.

I hardly think of myself
as someone new.

You know what I mean.
As for your boss,

I appreciate the fact
that he thinks we need help,

but we'’re doing just fine.

I think this whole trip
was just a waste of time.

Help? What exactly did Bullock
tell you about my coming here?

Well, we only chatted briefly,
but he said you'’d be coming down

to make some adjustments
for profit,

so I assume that meant
helping us

end our holiday quarter
on a high note.

Yes, that is it.

Well, like I said,
we don'’t need the help, so...

I'’m glad you feel that way,

but the holding company
has a controlling interest,

so unfortunately you don'’t get
to make those decisions.

Well, technically,
I have operating authority.

For now.

For now.

Okay, why don'’t we
discuss this in my office?




Right this way.

Hey, where you going?

If there are any major decisions
to be made about the company,

I'’d like to sit in.

Nick, I can handle this.

Okay, I'’d like to stick around
if that'’s okay with you.

Fine, but you can'’t come
into the meeting.

Okay, as you like.
So what do you want me to do?

I don'’t know.

Talk to Edy.


This way.

You like my tinsel?

Look, I apologize if I was
a little short out there,

but I'’m pretty protective
of this company,

and this season
hasn'’t been the kindest.

Fair enough.

OutWear hasn'’t produced
a breakout product in sometime,

and for a company that employees
almost the entire town,

I'’m well aware
that we need a little boost.

Did you say this place
employs the entire town?

Yeah, a good number.

It is a small town after all.

Of course.

And what makes you think
I'’m not the boost you need?

Well, no offense, but I'’ve dealt
with you corporate types before,

and you people look at places
like bugs under a microscope.

So what you'’re saying is
I lack the ability

to see this company
for what it really is.

In so many words, yeah.

Well, as I said before,
you don'’t really have a choice.


- I do agree.
- You do?

Well, you'’re right.
I mean, I don'’t know this place,

and if I'’m going to get
a proper assessment

of what'’s
in front of me,

I'’m gonna need the assistance
of someone who does.

But since you don'’t seem
to want to help me,

I will find
someone who can.

Okay, um...

What? Hold on.

Wait a minute.

You, Nick,
you wanted a job?

- Yeah.
- You'’re hired.

What? You can'’t just
hire anybody.

Actually, I can.

As the appointed representative
of Bullock & Barnes,

you work for me.


That'’s right.

I'’m the boss now,
and I choose to hire him.

- That'’s insane!
- No, actually it'’s perfect.

Who better to teach me
the inner workings of OutWear

than the founder
of the company?

Oh, sure, and we'’re gonna
pay him with what money?

Or did you forget the entire
reason that you'’re here

is because we'’re
in a financial bind?


A what?

An apprentice.

An apprentice.

- Are you in?
- No!

- I am in.
- Nick, crazy though it may be,

welcome to the new OutWear
apprenticeship program.

- Thank you. When do I start?
- Two minutes ago.

I need you to gather all
the information you can dig up,

and I want to know
where every body is buried.

What just happened?

Looks like there'’s
a new sheriff in town.

But I thought
the whole point of this trip

was to close the place down,
not hire new people.

Yeah, I know,
but what can it hurt?

Besides, Mr. Bullock
wants me to look

at the saleable assets
of OutWear,

and I found just the perfect
person to help me do that.

Even if he doesn'’t realize
what he'’s doing?

I didn'’t lie to him.
I didn'’t lie to anybody.

I just left a few things out.

I hear you. I would'’ve done
the exact same thing.


So how'’s the town?

Small, cold.

The people seem nice enough.

There'’s this one guy,
oh, he'’s a handful.

But his days are numbered,


That'’s my girl.

- Talk soon.
- Bye, gorgeous.

I know you won'’t be thrilled

with me going back
to work again,

but it did feel awful nice,

hanging out around
the old offices again.

I guess a part of me
never really left there.

Don'’t figure to put up
a tree this Christmas.

There'’s nobody
to help me decorate it.

Never was very good at much
of anything without you.

Still the same.

I love you.

Morning, Edy, Katie.

- Morning.
- Morning.



Steve, right.

- It'’s a pleasure.
- Likewise.

What is this?

That'’s an invitation
to OutWear'’s party.

Oh! Can you afford to be
throwing a party right now

with the company
doing so poorly?

What are you celebrating?

We'’re celebrating Christmas.

Thank you, Edy,

but I don'’t think I'’ll still
be around on Christmas Eve.

WYATT: Don'’t take off your coat!
You'’re not staying.

As I told you yesterday,
I'’m not going anywhere.

You and I have an appointment
to go to the prototype floor.

Do you want to see the various
parts of OutWear? Well...

you get what you ask for.

I see. I'’d like to wait for Nick
to join us, if that'’s all right.

I'’m way ahead of you.
He'’s already on his way there.

The factory'’s
about six blocks that way,

right past the theater.

Can you tell me again
why we'’re not driving?

Are you kidding me?
This fresh air is amazing.

Excuse me.

- Can I help you?
- Oh, yes, thank you.

- Thank you so much, Wyatt.
- You'’re welcome.

You'’re not cold or anything,
are you?

Of course I'’m cold.

But if you'’re trying to get me
sick, it'’s not gonna work.

I have the constitution
of a horse.

Well, that explains everything.

But seriously,
I walk as much as possible.

I love being out on the streets
of this town. It'’s beautiful.

- Wyatt!
- Hey, Wendy!

Just the person
I was looking for.

I need someone
to try my new flavor.

Yeah, sure.

Mmm, Wendy...

that'’s a winner.

Mmm! Okay.

That'’s amazing.

What is in this?

Wouldn'’t you like to know?

Everybody gets really excited
around Christmas.

I think it'’s just
too much sugar.

Christmas is
a commercialized holiday

designed to separate you
from your wallet.

Whoa! What grouch said that?

Someone who knows
what they'’re talking about.

Oh, well, how about we continue
on with our pleasant day?

Yes, it'’s so pleasant.

- Wyatt!
- Jim!

- How you doing, pal?
- I'’m good, Jim.

I'’m doing, doing great.

How'’s things on the floor?

Have you got any new designs?

We could really use
some new designs.

There'’s not much point
in having a prototype plant

if we don'’t have
any prototypes.

I do. I'’m working on some
pretty important things.

We'’ll have some
new designs soon.

You will?

Yeah, sure, kind of.

Jim, this is Riley.
She'’s from New York.

I heard about you.

Howdy, ma'’am.

Howdy, Jim.

Nick here yet?

Oh, yeah, he'’s out on the floor.
He'’s waiting for you.

Of course he is.

Right this way.

Would you mind
getting rid of that for me?

Oh, sure, no problem.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

That'’s a winner.

- Hey, Wyatt.
- Frank.

How you doing? Nick!

- How you doing?
- Frank.

You must be the New York gal
who'’s come to give us

one of those big,
fancy city makeovers.

I watch your shows on TV
with my wife.

Riley Thomas.
Pleased to meet you.

This is Frank. He oversees
factory management for OutWear.

- Been with us a long time.
- Mm-hmm.

- Since, uh--
- Well, since him.

Well, we were younger then.

That'’s for sure.
Management comes and goes,

but things here on the floor
stay the same.

Still, it'’s good
to have you back, Nick,

even if it is as an intern.

- Apprentice.
- Apprentice?

Well, pay attention, son.

You just might learn something.

I'’m sure you guys don'’t want
to sit here talking all day.

Let'’s show Riley here
the lay of the land. Follow me.

After you.

Check this out.

Thank you so much
for what you'’re doing.

Yes, thank you!

- What was that all about?
- Beats me.

Oh, very nice!

Is there documentation
for all of this equipment?

Serial numbers,
make, model, ID'’s?

Yeah, absolutely.

Great. These are in
excellent condition.

Thank you so much
for showing me around.

- Appreciate it.
- No, ma'’am, thank you.

Everyone here is very grateful
for what you'’re doing.

Don'’t mention it, Frank.

- Bye.
- See ya, Frank.

- Nick.
- Take care, Frank.

You kids want a ride
back to the office?

- No.
- Yes.

NICK: Y-You walked here?

I don'’t want to talk about it.

RILEY: While we were in there,
everyone kept thanking me. Why?

Well, news travels fast
in a small town.

What do you mean?

Look, it'’s no secret

that OutWear has been
in a tough place recently.

A lot of people have been
resigned to the fact

that this could be it.

That Christmas Eve party
you'’ve been hearing about?

People were pretty prepared
for that to be the last hurrah.

What changed?

You, my dear.


Yeah, you.
Like I said, news travels fast.

When people heard somebody was
coming from New York to help,

well, they got pretty excited.

I see.

I think that we could'’ve
pulled it off without you,

but, hey, if people
get pumped up, so be it.

[Intercom buzzes]

SECRETARY: Mr. Bullock,
Miss Thomas on line one.

Put her through.

- RILEY: Mr. Bullock.
- Thomas!

- Did you get my email?
- Of course I got your email.

Are those numbers accurate?

Yes, sir.
I just visited the factory

and got an itemized list
of all the equipment on site.

There is a lot of value
on the property

and a small profit to be made
by liquidating the items there.

Just what I wanted to hear.

Thank you, sir.

You take care of business,
and we'’ll have you out of there

by Christmas.

Of course, sir, thank you.

Mr. Bullock?

Yes, Thomas?

What happens to the people?

- What people?
- The people who work here.

What happens to them
when we close OutWear down?

Thomas, I'’m not
the Ghost of Christmas Future.

I don'’t know where Tiny Tim
will be a year from now.

It'’s not our problem.

I know, sir.

Look, it'’s time to focus
on Christmas present,

not on Christmas past,
got it?

Yes, sir, I do.

Good. Then we agree.

- Yes, sir, we do.
- Excellent.

Now get back to work.

- Thank you, sir.
- Remember, Thomas,

I gave you this job
because you'’re the one person

who wouldn'’t dare
disappoint me.

Oh, and get me a milkshake!

Yes, sir.
Whatever you want, sir.



Be the ball.


Can I help you?

I wanted some coffee,

and the cup
just flew out of my hand.

There'’s so much paperwork
to be done.

I guess I just
got ahead of myself.

Accidents happen.
You'’re probably just tired.

It'’s already been
a long morning.

I just want to help.

Do you really or do you
just not want to be home?

You are smart.

You know what?

Why don'’t we get out of here?

Let somebody else make
the coffee for a change.

You'’re the boss.

I am.

Here we go.

Look at them go.

Don'’t got a care in the world.

Nothing else matters.

You ever try skiing?

Me? No.

It'’s a huge waste of time,
like golf.

Plus it'’s dangerous.
I like to be in complete control

of everything
that is happening to me.

Well, sure you do.
Everybody does.

But fate does have a way
of sticking out its foot

and tripping you
from time to time.

Well, that sounds like you'’re
speaking from experience.

I know a little bit about it.



My wife Miriam.

Christmas was
a very important time for her.

It was the one time of year when
we'’d set everything else aside

and just celebrate what
really mattered in our life.

So what changed?

She passed away
two years ago.

Oh. I'’m sorry.
I wasn'’t thinking.

To see Miriam at Christmas was
like looking at a little kid.

She was so full of anticipation
and excitement.

Everything old was new again.

She must have
really been something.

She was.

Still, I don'’t know
how she'’d feel

about you working
over Christmas.

Miriam believed that
if people needed help,

and you could lend a hand,
you should do it,

especially at Christmas.

Food for thought, Nick.


Looks like
we'’re the last ones here.

Yeah, I guess so,

thanks to your idea
we play hooky.

Well, I really shouldn'’t
have done that.

So much to do, so little time,
but I'’m glad we did.

Me too.

Oh, that'’s mine.

What is this?

These are incredible.
Did you draw these?

Well, I scribbled them.

Some of these designs
are outstanding.

I thought you said you quit?

Well, they'’re pretty old,
like me.

Well, some things
stand the test of time.

Have you shown these to Wyatt?

No, I wouldn'’t waste his time.


Besides, I'’m happily retired.

If you were happily retired,

you wouldn'’t be standing here
right now.

You know what I mean.

I still think you should show
them to Wyatt at some point.

Show me what?

Oh, nothing, Wyatt.

Just some old reports.

I thought you'’d gone.

I wish. I'’m done now.


We were just
about to close up.

Oh, really?

You were about to close up?

Then maybe I should ask,
"May I be excused?"

Or "Do you need
anything else from me?"


You'’re free to go.


Nick? You coming?

Sure, Wyatt, sure.

Say, Riley, you need a ride?

I can'’t believe I'’m saying this,
but I think I'’ll walk.

Well, let'’s face it, Nick.

Ms. Thomas has had enough of us
for the day.

That'’s not fair.
Just because you don'’t like me

doesn'’t mean you need
to involve my apprentice.

It'’s time for you two to just
let things cool out, you know?

Tell you what, Wyatt.
Why don'’t you walk Riley home?

Make sure she doesn'’t get lost.

- No way!
- No, thanks.

No arguments!
You two get on with it.

Where are you staying?

The Jefferson Inn.

Yeah, I know it.
It'’s on my way, so fine.

Don'’t bother.

Try pretending you'’re human.

It might be interesting, hmm?

Be nice to each other.

He'’s gone. You don'’t actually
have to walk me home now.

No, let'’s go.

RILEY: All right.

It'’s a cute little town,
I guess.

Well, it'’s no New York.

That'’s true.

Not that I ever
get to enjoy it.

I'’m always grabbing a cab
or meeting a deadline.

Still, Christmas in New York.

Must be grand. Gosh!

That must be tough,
stuck here all by yourself

without your friends
during the holidays.

Yeah. I dreaded this trip.

Oh, I bet.

That'’d make me angry.

Why would you say that?
I'’m not angry.

Oh, no?


Oh, okay. I'’m sorry.

I guess you'’re not angry.

So, um, what exactly
do you call that face?

Okay, you are really
pushing my buttons.

Now, why would I do
something like that?

I don'’t know,
but I don'’t like it,

so stop it.

That'’s an order!

That'’s an order?

Oh, okay!
You know what?

How about we just call a truce
for the rest of the evening?

You stop giving me orders,

and I'’ll stop pushing
your buttons. How'’s that?




You know, at one time,

I thought about moving
to New York to do what you do.

And why didn'’t you?

I started weighing things out,

started thinking about
what it would really be like

to leave this place.

Yeah, but New York'’s
got everything.

Skyscrapers that kiss the sky.

Watching the ball drop
on New Year'’s Eve.

Rats the size of dogs.

Egos the size of elephants.

Opportunity'’s always knocking.

Maple trees turning gold
in autumn.

Neighbors who actually
know each other.

Smell of fresh pine
and campfires.

Taste of fresh cider.

You know, New York'’s
all still there, if you want it.

See that'’s where
I think you'’re wrong.

I think it'’s all
still right here.

No offense to New York.

Oh, please. You don'’t need
to worry about insulting me.

It'’s not like
I'’m gonna move here

and ruin your perfect
little landscape.

Wow. You are tough.

Yeah, I am.

But I'’m not angry.

Well, here we are.

Yep, here we are.

Thanks for walking me home.

I don'’t think anybody'’s done
that for me since high school.

It was, uh, it was nice.

Seeing everything.

Well, it'’s not New York.

Yeah, you got that right.

But, um...


Oh, nothing. It...
It was nice.

It'’s no trouble, boss.

Don'’t start.

I meant that in the nicest
possible way. Seriously.

What a liar!

Anyway, uh, good night.

Good night.

- [Phone ringing]
- Sorry.



Can you hold on?

Um, thank you so much again.

I'’ll see you tomorrow morning.

Yeah, sure,
bright and early.



Hey, you.
How'’s it going?

It'’s good. Long days,
paperwork in triplicate,

living the midtown life.
How'’s Vermont?

It'’s, uh...


What'’s wrong? You didn'’t
get overly anxious

and already fire everybody,
did you?

No, of course not.

Things are going pretty much
according to Bullock'’s plan.

He seems happy.

That'’s great.
So what'’s the problem?

I don'’t know.
I'’m just starting to feel

like maybe we shouldn'’t
be in such a rush here

to pull the plug,
you know?

Maybe this is a mistake.

What do you mean?

David, this whole community is
based around this one company.

Shutting it down
might kill the entire town.

Don'’t let this Christmas
nonsense get you all fuzzy.

Don'’t make this complicated.

I already made things

Any word from Riley yet?

No, sir. I keep trying,
but there'’s been no answer.

Well, try again,
and when you finally locate her,

don'’t let her get away.

Yes, sir. Yes, I will
keep trying, absolutely,

but I do have to tell you,

something just doesn'’t
smell right.

Well, it'’s Vermont.
It'’s probably just the cheese.

Yes! The cheese.
Good thinking, sir.

Hi, Mom.

Well, I just got of the phone
with Kathleen Fogerty,

and she said that she saw you
walking through town last night

with a very attractive
young woman.

What? Who?

- Oh, uh, Riley.
- Riley.

Riley, Riley.
Do I know a Riley?

She'’s the consultant
I told you about

from the holding company,

So when do I get to meet her?

She'’s only here for a couple
days to help the company, Mom.

You know, Kathleen made it sound
a lot friendlier than that.

Yeah, well Kathleen has been
re-gifting the same present

since 1982.

Good point.

But is she cute?

I don'’t know.


Yeah, okay,
maybe she'’s a little cute.

Ah, well, bring her over.

I'’ll make my pineapple
upside-down cake.

- Mom.
- Pineapple right-side-up cake.

I don'’t care.
Whatever she wants.

It'’s just business.
Besides, she'’s--


Smart, driven?


If she'’s getting
under your skin this much,

she must be doing
something right,

just like what'’s her name,

the one you met skiing
on Ward Hill.


Susan, yes.

You said
you couldn'’t stand her

and two weeks later,
she moved in.

Yeah, and a week later,
she moved out.

Ma, I oughta get back to work.

All right.
I'’ll let you go.

- Thank you.
- But you could send a picture.

- I'’m hanging up now.
- Bye.

- Yep, I'’m hanging up. Bye.
- Picture!

EDY: Steve'’s ready for you.

Okay, I'’ll be right there!

- Morning.
- Morning.

I have a big task.
Up for the challenge?

- Try me.
- I need sales reports.

I want to know exactly where
this company sits financially.

You got it.

- Steve?
- Yes.

I want to see
what you'’ve been working on,

along with your ten best
and most recent sketches.

Sure thing.


Edy, I need all
the information we have

on OutWear'’s
current offerings,

costs of good sold,

products ranked
by profitability,

our best markets,
demographically speaking.

- The works.
- Aye-Aye.

What'’s going on?

We'’re not just gonna
save this company.

We'’re gonna make it a success.


These designs are boring.

Nothing is popping.

A jogging cell phone holster?
Urban hiking trainers?

Why are all of these products
being designed

for a metropolitan market?

The money is in the big cities
these days.

Where are we with the numbers?

This is accurate?

Near as I can tell.

OutWear needs to make $2 million
by the end of the quarter.

If we'’re gonna come out ahead?

Or we close.

That'’s the reality.

How are we gonna make
$2 million by Christmas?

We have to launch
a new product.

Launch a new product?
In weeks?

No, that'’s impossible.

Well, with we currently have,
I'’d agree,

but we have to come up
with something fresh.

The first jacket
that you designed for OutWear

was a groundbreaking success.

What changed?

That was decades ago.

They don'’t make things
the same way today.

The jacket was rugged.
It was built to last a lifetime.

And if it got damaged,
we'’d fix it for free.

It was more than just a jacket.
It was my word of honor.

Fashion changes,
but style doesn'’t.

I just feel like
we'’re missing something.

I need to think.

♪ Promises, promises ♪

♪ Hope'’s gonna find me ♪

♪ When it feels
like the opposite ♪

♪ You'’re there to remind me ♪

♪ Promises, promises ♪

- ♪ When I'’m filled with worry ♪
- [phone ringing]

♪ You say no matter
how tough it is ♪

- ♪ Keep faith in the journey ♪
- [ringing continues]

♪ I keep hoping that tomorrow
brings another way of life ♪

♪ While keeping my feet
on the ground ♪

♪ When it feels like no matter
how high you pick me up ♪

♪ It all keeps crumbling down ♪

♪ I know ♪

♪ Hope will ♪

♪ Find a way ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Promises, promises ♪

♪ Something bigger'’s above me ♪

♪ When it feels
like the opposite ♪

♪ Something always reminds me ♪

♪ So I gotta find the faith
to follow that Northern Star ♪

♪ '’Cause faith
can be found all around ♪

♪ I'’d search earth,
fly through space ♪

♪ For where miracles are ♪

♪ '’Cause when it all comes
crumbling down ♪

♪ Hope will find a way ♪

♪ Hope will ♪

♪ Find a way ♪

♪ Hope will find a way ♪

- Pretty, isn'’t it?
- Excuse me?

The rose, it'’s pretty, huh?

A single white rose blossoming
in the middle of winter.

That bush is over
a hundred years old.

It produces
only one new rose a season.

What did Nick say?

What'’s old is new again.

What'’s old is new again.

That'’s it.

That'’s what?

A rose is a rose is a rose.

RILEY: The answer has been
in front of us all along.

Okay, I'’m listening.

Your products have
all gone astray.

They don'’t represent you

- They don'’t?
- No, they don'’t.

How do you get people
invested in something

if you'’re not invested in it

You have to get back
to what works.

You don'’t export
any old winter jacket.

No, no. You don'’t export
any old winter boots.

You export Vermont.

The shine of an apple.
The sparkle of the night sky.

The amber shade
of maple syrup.

Every thing that you love
about Vermont.

That is what OutWear is.

What'’s old is new again.

I'’m totally intrigued.

Come on. We got a lot
of planning to do.

What exactly
are we planning again?

A Christmas miracle.

Let'’s go!

So today I saw something
absolutely fascinating.

While I was on my walk,
I saw a couple,

and the girl was enjoying
an ice cream cone

in the freezing cold,

while the boy was drinking
hot chocolate.

So what does this all mean?

Well, it means
that people are unique.

No two are alike,

in spite of what some people
would have me believe.

And then I saw
this single white rose

in the middle of winter

from a bush that was over
a hundred years old.

And that'’s when it hit me.

We need to stop looking
at the future

and start looking
at the past.

You used to export
a lifestyle,

and now you'’re just
spinning wool.

So we'’ve gotta
turn back the clock.

You'’ve lost me.

Me too.

Okay, it'’s simple.

I am proud to introduce
the flagship item

of OutWear'’s new holiday line,

and I found it right here
under our noses.

- Riley!
- Please, Nick.

Apprentices will only speak
when spoken to.

Now, we'’re not gonna
reinvent the wheel here.

We'’re just gonna
roll out the old one.

We'’re gonna bust out of here
with the very first item

ever produced by OutWear
fifty years ago.

The 50th Anniversary
Limited Edition holiday sweater.

It'’s the very sweater that
launched the OutWear empire.

We can even use the same ad.

It'’s unique.

It'’s collectible.

It'’s retro.

It'’s Nick'’s.

I like it.

Me too.

It'’s outstanding.

I'’d wear it.


You sure do remind me
of somebody very special.

Is that a yes?

How can I stop you?
I'’m just an apprentice.


This is very true.

Okay, everybody,
let'’s get to work.

We'’ve only got a few weeks
till Christmas.

Let'’s get to work, guys,
all right?


[Dog barks]

Wow. I'’m impressed.

You really mean that?

Yeah, I'’m amazed that
you took everything in,

processed it,
and came up with all that.

Well, it wasn'’t all me.

I mean, Christmas sweaters
have been a novelty craze

for a while now.

I just realized that OutWear
could take a step forward

by taking a step back.

Back to Nick'’s original design
and Vermont in a box.

A single item built
to last a lifetime,

one that evokes warm nights
by the fire and good friends.


Yeah, but still,
I'’m a little embarrassed

that I didn'’t
come up with it myself.

That'’s my job, to figure out
how to save this company.

Maybe I shouldn'’t be in charge.

Don'’t say that.

I just saw the rose,
that'’s all.

Don'’t get me wrong.
It'’s a good idea.

It really is.


We'’re moving the launch up.
Yeah, that'’s right.

We'’ll need full exposure on all
social media sites immediately.

Yeah, we'’re gonna want
10,000 likes for starters.

That'’ll get us on every
social media feed.

Oh, and make sure
we'’re trending.

We have to be trending
by 5:00, okay?

All right, get back
to me with the good word

as soon as you can.

All right, thanks.


We'’ve got all the major
social media outlets covered,

and it'’s getting
massive attention.

It'’s moving fast.

What about Internet sales?

Our business website
has been updated,

and it'’s moving strong.

Pre-sales have been rolling in.


January, February.

But what about here and now?

Well, we'’re still
getting those orders,

but since we'’re so late
in the Christmas buying season,

most of the retailers
are thinking long term.

Long term? I like that.

Well, that'’s great,
but we need immediate sales.

I just placed a huge order
with our off-site manufacturer.

We'’re gonna be
swimming in sweaters.

What about
our buyers database?

We sent a blast out
to all 20,000 buyers.

Online wholesalers,
boutique outlets.

Trust me. It'’s working.

I hear you, but is it
working fast enough?

I think we may
need a miracle.

Well, it is Christmas.
If ever there was a time

that miracles happen,
this is it.

Keep on it.

Yes, sir.

Hey, it'’s Steve from OutWear.

Yeah, I wanted to see
if we could get you

to take some of these
commemorative sweaters.

They'’re the hottest thing
this season.

Christmas sweaters?
Are you crazy?

It'’s just sweaters to start.

I'’m already looking ahead
to non-holiday vintage wear.

I really think that this is
gonna turn OutWear around.

I can'’t believe
what I'’m hearing.

I know, but maybe
it'’s the right thing.

Trust me, it'’s not.

The right thing to do is what
Bullock sent you there to do.

What'’s he gonna say
when he finds out?

I don'’t know.

I guess I'’ll weather that storm
when it arrives.

No, Riley, you won'’t.

You'’ll get your head cut off
along with the rest of them,

and then you'’ll all be

That'’s not the girl
I thought you were.

I'’m sorry that I'’m not living up
to your standards, David.

I'’m sure you can find
someone who will.

Riley, their problems
are not your problems.

But they will be soon
if you don'’t stop this.

This is a stupid move.

Not smart at all.

Stupid? Really?

Well, I guess we'’ll see,
won'’t we?

ANNOUNCER: OutWear'’s classic
Christmas sweater returns

just in time
for the holidays

in a special 50th Anniversary
Lmited Edition.


Enjoy the warmth,
style and durability

that has distinguished OutWear
products for a half a century.

Styles may come and go,
but real quality never fades.

A new twist on an old classic.

OutWear promises
that its holiday line

has something to offer
for everyone.

Whether you'’re
an active customer

or just looking for
holly-jolly comfort,

the original is still
the seasonal sweater for you.

♪♪ ["Deck the Halls"]

- I just saw the sales reports!
- Me too!

- 1.5!
- Million!

I know!


These sweaters are amazing.
Your idea is working!

Only because
your team made it work!

Get a room, you two.

We still have a long way to go.
We'’re not out of the woods yet.

Still, I think we should
celebrate. Dinner?

A-Are you asking me out?

Uh, dinner with us.

With us.

NICK: Good idea.



I'’m sorry.
What is happening?

Oh, he'’s getting the car.

We get to drive somewhere?

Don'’t get too excited.

Get your coat.


It was sheer genius
reviving my original design

as an anniversary special.

I guess I'’d forgotten I founded
this company 50 years ago.

I think we all had, Nick.

We were so busy
worrying about the future,

we'’d forgotten
all about our past.

Till Riley came along.

Yes, Nick,
until Riley came along.

Oh, don'’t sound
so enthusiastic.

I will be leaving soon enough.

What'’s in the bag?

Oh, this is, uh,
this is for you.


For your work.

You earned it.

You guys, this is too much.

Looks great on you.

You really think so?



Look at that.

You want to dance?




Well, that was
an interesting move.

Well, I like to keep things

Besides, he hasn'’t always been
my biggest fan.

Don'’t be too sure.
You might be winning him over.

I think it'’s gonna take
a little more than a good idea

to win him over.

What would it take
to win you over?

- I really don'’t know.
- Mm-hmm.

What about somebody who'’s happy
to see you come home at night

and sad to see you leave
in the morning?

I already have a cat.

Dang, woman.

You remind me of another lady.

Nick, I'’m not worthy
of that comparison,

but thank you.

May I cut in?

Not a moment too soon.

Do you mind?

What took you so long?

You'’re such a mystery.
I just can'’t figure you out.

Well, then just dance, cowboy.

You really like the sweater?

I do.
It looks beautiful on you.

Yes, it does.

I never did get the chance
to say thank you.

Well, we'’re standing here now,
aren'’t we?

We keep getting orders.

- This is amazing.
- We make a good team after all.

Yes, we do.

If we'’re gonna fill
all of these orders,

I don'’t think anybody
is going home anytime soon.

Yeah, it'’s gonna be
a late night.

Yeah. You...

We should think about
ordering food.

Great idea.
What do you want?

Um, sushi takeout?

Sushi takeout?
This is Vermont.


You got it.
Pizza it is.

- So I like pepperoni mushroom.
- [Phone ringing]


Mr. Bullock! Mr. Bullock!

Mr. Bullock,
I have Riley Thomas on line one.


Thomas, what in the world
is going on there?

Have you lost your mind?

Just one minute, sir.

Mr. Bullock, can you please
give me a chance to explain?

Sweaters, Thomas?

You disobeyed
my direct orders,

and you do it
for sweaters?

Yes, sir, I know,

but those sweaters
provided an opportunity

to bring new business
to OutWear.

So what next, fuzzy mittens,
cashmere nose warmers?

That'’s not what
I sent you there for.

I know, but the people here,
they rely on these jobs.

This is a serious problem,

I saw an opportunity to do
something good, and I took it.

All you'’ve done
is create more problems.

I had to try.

What if the sweaters
are a success?

What if they'’re not?

What if they'’re just a hiccup
in a failing company?

Anybody see where Riley went?

That way.

These people have invested
everything in this place.

When I came here,
they looked at me with hope.

How could I tell them that
my sole purpose in coming here

was to fire everyone
and dismantle the company

and sell everything
for scraps?

That'’s going to happen anyway,

Maybe, but at least I tried.

Riley, I want you on the first
plane back to New York.

Clearly you'’ve made
a huge mess of things.

Sir, respectfully, I disagree.

I have to call you back.


- Did she just hang up on me?
- I-I don'’t--

I'’m supposed to hang up on her!

I don'’t think she
would have done that, sir.

She didn'’t hang up--
Yes, she hung up on you.

This younger generation,
I swear, no respect.

No respect whatsoever.

No, I have respect, sir.

I'’m younger, I have respect,
I'’m a respectful guy.

You'’re smaller.

True. That is duly noted.

I hate my job so much.

Wyatt, wait!

What you heard,
I can explain all of that.

You don'’t have
to explain anything.

I think I got the gist of it
just fine.

What'’s going on?

Wanna tell him?

Wyatt, please?

She was never here
to help us.

She was sent here to lay
everybody off,

shut the company down and sell
it for-- What'’d you call it?

WYATT: Scraps.

Is that true?

Yeah. Initially.

But then I came here and met
all of you and saw this place.

Please understand.

Oh, I understand just fine.

The cost reports,
the itemization.

You were just trying to find out
how much you could sell us for!

You never cared
about this place, about us.

We were just a stepping stone
for you to get somewhere.

You know what?

You earned it.

You are being unreasonable
and unfair.

There was always a chance
that this place could close.

You know that. That is how
corporate business works.

Is it corporate business
to lie to everybody?

To exploit people'’s hopes
so that you can get ahead?

It never mattered to you whether
we raised that money or not.

That'’s not your problem, right?

That is not fair.

We created a product together.

Why would I do that
if it didn'’t matter to me?

Well, it'’s like you said.

Things from the city
don'’t work here.

You'’re just another import from
New York that doesn'’t belong.

I'’m sorry.

What? What'’d I do?

Where do you want me to start?

Let'’s give '’em some space.

She lied to us, Nick.

We'’re probably gonna
lose everything.

The company you built
from the ground up.

Doesn'’t that bother you?

Well, nothing lasts forever,

Riley may not have been
totally forthcoming,

but the girl was genuine.

As for this place,

it'’s been more alive
the last couple of days

than it has been
since we opened.

I know what I heard, Nick.

[Thunder rumbling]

♪ The first time I saw you,
I knew ♪

♪ The spark
that I couldn'’t undo ♪

♪ Not even if I wanted to ♪

♪ And in this moment ♪

♪ I saw my life
pass before me ♪

♪ And I knew that it was love ♪

♪ Oh, love ♪

♪ Come on, let'’s find a way ♪

♪ I'’ll paint you a sky
full of rainbows ♪

♪ Come on, let'’s find a way ♪

♪ Find a way home ♪

So, how we doing?

I hate to be the bearer
of more bad news,

but sweater sales
have started to slow down.

I don'’t think it'’s because
of a lack of interest.

It'’s just we didn'’t have
enough time to get the word out.

What should we do?

Well, we all knew this could
possibly be our last hurrah,

but, uh, look...

I just want
to say something.

It'’s been an honor
working with all you guys.

I want to thank you for your
hard work and your dedication,

and I'’m proud of all of you.

We'’re proud of you.

We got one last party
to have under this roof,

so let'’s make it a good one.

Yes, absolutely.

- We'’re with you.
- Yes.

Let'’s do it.

RILEY: Oh, sales have stalled.

Don'’t look so happy
to see me.

I might get used to it.


Earth to Riley!

I'’m sorry.


Are you still thinking about
the Land of Misfit Toys?

Don'’t call it that.

And yes, I am.

I told you not to get
too attached.

Now look what'’s happening.

Lucky for you, your little spike
in sweater sales

will help you find a job
somewhere else.

I don'’t know.
It'’s not really about the job.

Who cares?

I do. I care.

I wanted to help them, David.

I wanted to help them
so much.

But you didn'’t,
so end of story.

I learned so much about myself
while I was there.

Like part of me
that has been missing,

that I didn'’t even know

I'’m sorry.
What are you saying?

I'’m saying that
I am not like you.

I thought maybe I was,
but I'’m not,

and I don'’t ever want to be.

What? Riley...

Those people,
they help each other.

Whatever world this is
that we'’re living in,

where we only look out
for ourselves,

I'’m done.

I don'’t want to be
part of it anymore.

You can'’t be serious.

I should go.

I can'’t believe
you'’re doing this.

What'’s gotten into you,


Christmas has gotten into me.


Riley Thomas!

Dana, hi.

I thought that might be you.
I heard you were out of town.

Yeah, I was.
I just got back.

Beautiful sweater.

Thank you.
My nephew gave it to me.

Keeps me warm on a cold day.

I know the feeling.

Well, you'’re back
just in time.

It'’s nice to be where
the heart is for the holidays.


I was gonna go into Delorie'’s.
Care to join me?

No, thank you.
I actually just left.

All right.
Well, maybe another time.

Yeah, I'’d like that.

Merry Christmas, dear.

Merry Christmas to you too.


There'’s something I'’d like
to talk to you about.

Just not here.
It'’s a little crowded tonight.

All right,
well, lead the way.

I think I see a booth
over there.


So have you met
with Preston yet?

I know he'’s been anxious
to see you.

No. I haven'’t dared
show my face.

Oh? Why?

Well, he'’s gonna fire me
the second he sees me.

Oh, no.

There you go.

Would you ladies like to start
with something to drink?

Oh, just coffee for me,

Me too.

It'’s all right.

I asked for it.

Actually, I begged for it.

But you know what?
I don'’t care.

I made a choice,
and I stuck with it.

Should I ask?
What exactly did you do?

Dana, you and I don'’t know
each other that well.

We'’ve had some business dealings

since your firm decided
to invest in Bullock & Barnes.

We have, and I'’ve enjoyed
watching your progress.

You show a lot of potential.

Thank you.

But that is behind me now.

I took on an assignment,

one that was pretty important
to Mr. Bullock.

He put a lot of faith in me,

and at the time,
it seemed pretty cut and dry.

But it wasn'’t.

No, it wasn'’t.

I didn'’t count
on the human element.

The faces and the smiles.

The very lives of the people.

The lives that I was
about to turn upside-down.

It can be pretty tough.

It was impossible.


Dana, I'’m not
the same person that I was

when I left a few weeks ago.

What'’s changed?

It'’s difficult
to put into words.

I just don'’t feel
the same anymore.

Despite what I had promised
Mr. Bullock, I did the opposite.

I tried to right the ship
and save the company.

I almost did it too.

But that isn'’t why
Bullock sent you there.

I came that close.

A bold move, as they say.

Sorry it didn'’t work out.

Now, Riley,

how can I
help you with this?

♪ Christmas is coming ♪

♪ It'’s that time of year ♪

♪ When family comes calling ♪

♪ From far and near ♪

[phone vibrates]


How is that big
Christmas party going?

Oh, fine.

I was just, uh...

I was just finishing up
some work.

Wyatt, it'’s Christmas Eve.

Believe me, I know.

Honey, you will
get through this.

You always do.

It'’s not that. It'’s just...

everyone was depending on me,
you know?

When Nick hired me
to take over,

he trusted me
with his life'’s work,

with the town'’s work,
and I feel like...

I feel like I let him down.

I feel like
I let everybody down.

Honey, anybody else would have
walked away from this

a long time ago,
but not you.

You did what you always do.

You just hung in there
till the bitter end

because you'’re a fighter,

And they are darn lucky
to have you.

Sure doesn'’t feel like it.

Look, I know it'’s a shame,

and this Riley girl
sounded really special.


I really don'’t know
what to do anymore, Mom.

Riley'’s gone.
I'’m unemployed.

Well, you still have me.


And you are still
coming over tomorrow, right?

I mean, Uncle Gene is making
his famous homemade eggnog.

Sounds delicious.

All right,
I'’ll see you tomorrow then.

- Sure.
- And you know what?

You might still get
that Christmas miracle.

Merry Christmas.

- Merry Christmas.
- I love you, Mom.



Where you been hiding?
Come on.

Oh, you know how it is.

Wow! You look festive.

You like that? I don'’t know
if you noticed or not,

but there'’s a little party
going on downstairs.

I know, I know.

I was just following up
on our Internet stats.

We'’re so close.

Yeah, close.
But enough is enough.

Look, people are
waiting for you.

It'’s getting late.
You need to show your face.

- But I don'’t--
- There is no but.

You gave it your best.

And for what it'’s worth,
I think Riley did too.

We all did.


You too, huh?



Look, all your friends
are asking for you,

and Nick'’s
running out of excuses.

All right.

Might as well go out
with a bang, right?

Or two.

Or two.

Merry Christmas, Wyatt.

I started this company
50 years ago,

and if tonight'’s the night
it all closes down,

I don'’t want it
to be with tears.

I want it to be
with a toast.

I'’ll need another one of these.

Steve, can we get a refill, man?

- Here you go.
- Thanks, Steve

You'’re welcome.

Listen up, everybody.

Most of you have probably
heard this story,

but for those who haven'’t,
it'’s a true story.

Way back in the first winter
of World War I,

soldiers from both sides
ceased fire for a whole day

so that they could come together
to celebrate Christmas.

Kind of reminds me
that wherever we are,

we can always use
a little Christmas spirit.

Took me a while
to remember that.


50 years ago,

I started this company
with a sweater and a coat,

and I never imagined that
one day it would encompass

all of you
and your dedication,

your creative energy
and your wonderful work.

So I say, as we stagger through
the final hour,

let'’s put aside any regrets
we have about what we didn'’t do,

and let'’s celebrate with joy for
what we have achieved together.

Merry Christmas, everybody.

- Merry Christmas!
- Hear, hear!

Bullock wanted this place
shut down by Christmas.

So with the tolling
of the clock,

OutWear is officially...

RILEY: Open for business.



I'’m so sorry.
I should have listened to you.

I should have told you.
I'’m sorry too.

But what are you doing here?

I came back
because we'’re not done.

It'’s not over.

Unfortunately, my dear,
it is done.

You may have come back
for nothing.

Actually, I came back
for everything.

What are you talking about?

When I got back to New York,

I ran into a friend of mine
who runs an investment firm.

And the funny thing
about investment firms

is that they like
to invest in things.

A hint?

I told her all about
this wonderful place,

full of wonderful people

who try to put
the wonder of Christmas

into everything
that they do, and...

like me, she fell in love.

And she was so taken
by all of this

that she has decided
to invest fully

in next year'’s
OutWear classic line.

- You mean...
- Yep.

OutWear is officially
open for business.

[Cheers and applause]

Way to go.

What about you?
What about your boss?

What does he think
about all this?

Why don'’t you ask him

Merry Christmas, everybody!

ALL: Merry Christmas,
Mr. Bullock!

- Nick, Wyatt.
- Mr. Bullock.

I don'’t know how
you did it, Riley,

but you managed
to go around me

and save OutWear
from the scrapheap...

for now.

Thanks to Dana.

Thanks to both of you.

I have no choice
but to allow the company

to remain in business
for the next year.

Thank you, sir.

That being said,

there'’s still the matter
of your job.

You blew it, Thomas.
You directly disobeyed me,

and I can'’t have any
free-thinkers working for me.

It'’s unthinkable.

I wouldn'’t have it
any other way, sir.

That being said,

Wyatt, don'’t be a fool.

You'’ve got quite a girl there.

I wouldn'’t let her get away
if I were you.

I think maybe we have room
for one more apprentice.


MR. BULLOCK: Good luck, Riley.
I sure hope they know

what they'’ve
gotten themselves into.

Somebody bring me a drink!

Here you are, Mr. Bullock.

I thought it would be
a milkshake.

Oh, okay, what kind?

Tan, you idiot!

- Tan, tan milkshake
- Tan, it is.

You know, a little of this,
a little of that. Tan.

There you are.

I just...
was taking everything in.

There was a moment
when I thought

I might never
see this place again.

So you plan on staying?

I'’m thinking about it.

Something holding you back?


There'’s just one tiny little
piece of the puzzle missing.

Which one?




I read somewhere recently

that it only takes three seconds
to fall in love,

and the rest is denial.


I don'’t want to live my life
in denial anymore.

Merry Christmas, Wyatt.



[dog barking]

[dog barks]

I love it when a plan
comes together.

Hey, Gloria,
any mail come in for me?

- Yes, yes, here you go.
- Thanks.

Oh, and there'’s
a package for you.

- A package?
- A present.

- For me?
- From Mr. Bullock.

Mr. Bullock got me a present!

"Cyril." Wow.

"Dear Cyril.

Thank you
for all your hard work.

Here'’s a special something

I know you'’ll get
a lot of use out of

in the years to come.

Your boss and friend,
Preston Bullock."

Wow. Mr. Bullock,
you shouldn'’t have.

Mr. Bullock,
you shouldn'’t have.


Merry Christmas, Mr. Bullock.

Nicest guy
I'’ve ever worked with.

- Merry Christmas, Cereal!
- It'’s Cyril!

♪ Baby, let'’s bundle up ♪

♪ In mittens and winter caps ♪

♪ Stumble around,
feel like a clown ♪

♪ Now, baby, just hold my hand ♪

♪ And let'’s go skating ♪

♪ Let'’s go skating ♪

♪ Round and round
and around again ♪

♪ Side by side
and holding hands ♪

♪ While skating ♪

♪ Pop, pop, pop, pop, whoo ♪

♪ The fire is warm inside ♪

♪ And the snow is falling down ♪

♪ The Christmas lights
are burning bright ♪

♪ Oh, baby,
won'’t you take my hand ♪

♪ And let'’s go skating ♪

♪ Let'’s go skating ♪

♪ Round and round
and around we spin ♪

♪ Life'’s a dream
we'’re living in ♪

♪ While skating ♪

♪ Pop, pop, pop, pop, whoo ♪

♪ Merry, Merry Christmas, baby ♪

♪ Hold my hand
and let'’s go skating ♪

♪ Merry, Merry Christmas, baby ♪

♪ Hold my hand
and let'’s go skating ♪

♪ Merry, Merry Christmas, baby ♪