A Christmas in Tennessee (2018) - full transcript

A baker unites the people of her small mountain town to stop a real estate developer.

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Hey there.

Morning Mama.

Morning baby, kisses.

Those look pretty.

Morning Grammy.

Good morning Livi.

You all set for school?

- You got your lunch?
- Yeah.

Where's your jacket?

Knock, knock!

Good morning,
Mayor Paul.

Morning Allison, Martha.

Good morning.

Something smells great.

What are you baking back there,
a little slice of heaven?

You say that
every morning.

- The usual?
- Sounds good.

- Anything for me?
- Yes, ma'am.


You know, Paul, you don't have
to bring us our mail every day.

I'm sure that you have more
important mayoral duties

than passing out our mail.

Well don't go telling
this to everyone,

but I don't hand
deliver to most people.

Of course, y'all
aren't most people.

Always with the
bills, Paul.

What am I gonna
do with you?

Mm, if I could have
kept them from coming,

I would have,
trust me.

Morning Mayor Paul.

Olivia, you are looking
bigger and bigger every day.

You too.

Okay, we got 30 minutes to
get to school, let's go.

Bye Grammy.

You have a wonderful
day at school, honey.


Oh, and be nice
to the Keller boy.

I will.


- Yummy?
- Mm-hmm.

You want to know what Miss
Lindsey told me yesterday?

Remember, even though
she's mommy's friend,

we have to call her Mrs.
McMillan at school.

Oh yeah, I know that.

Want to know
- what she said?
- What?

She said that this year's
Christmas pageant is gonna be

the best one in the history of
White Pine's Elementary School.

She said that?

- Uh-ha.
- Well, it's only 4 days
away, are you ready?


You want to know
- what else she said?
- What?

She said that I have the loudest
partridge in a pear tree

she's ever had.

I believe that, baby.

[school bell ringing]

And you have
- wonderful day, okay.
- Good morning, Olivia.

Good morning Miss, I
mean Miss McMillan.

- All right, bye.
- Bye.

Hey, Al, can I talk to
you for a quick sec?

Of course, what's up?

You know the kids wrote about
what they want for Christmas for

the school newsletter, I wanted
to show you this first to see if

maybe you'd like Olivia
to write something else.

For Christmas this year, I wish
Mommy wouldn't have to worry

about money
all the time?

I wish more people
would buy her cookies.

They are the best cookies
in the whole world.

If everyone came to eat her
cookies, we wouldn't need money.

Oh, Lins.

Just thought maybe you'd want to
change it, you know, before it

gets published and
everyone sees it.

I didn't know I even talked
about money in front of her.

I don't want her
worried about this.

You know how much they
listen at that age.

Okay, I will talk to her
tonight and I'll have her

write something else.

Thank you again,
I owe you.

Don't mention it.

Oh, expect a dozen macaroons
on your desk tomorrow.

Like the ones you
made for my wedding?

- You got it.
- Mmm.

[wind blowing]


[paper rustling]


One, nine, six, eight.

Hey darling,
you need a break?

Oh, no, I can't take
a break right now.

Anything I
can help with?

I'm just not good at this
stuff like daddy was.

Well, he wasn't good
at it either at first.

Kept this place
running for 30 years,

I'd say he did a
pretty good job.

I just don't have
his business sense.

I'm more like you,
Mom, I'm a baker.

No, you are a French
trained pastry chef.

Merci Mama, C'est Chez.

C'est très gentil.

C'est très gentil, see,
I'm already forgetting it.

But I'm not sure dropping
out of pastry school when

I got pregnant
really counts.

Of course, it counts.

There's no telling where
you'd be if your father

- hadn't gotten sick.
- Mom.

Making desserts for
the Queen of England.

For the last time,
I love it here.

I loved growing
up here,

and I love that Olivia
is growing up here.

The best thing I ever did was
move home when Daddy got sick.

The only thing I
would do differently

is to move back
here sooner.

Okay, all right, as
long as you're happy.

I will be very happy when I can
pay all these overdue bills.

It's gonna take a
miracle at this point.

Well, you remember what
your Dad used to always say;

No point in
wishing on a star

that don't do
- nothing but shine.
- That don't nothing
but shine, I know.


Good morning.

- Martha.
- Sarah Grace, Rose.

- What did you bring?
- Croissants.


I'm just gonna take
a little corner.

Oh, hi Martha,
how are ya?

Oh, thank you, Bill.

Oh, no, you
have candy.

Bill, I started one,
you finish that one.

I'm gonna have
one of these.

Oh, oh, that's heaven.

Thank you.


Now who is that?

Oh, nice car.

Were you
expecting someone?

No, we were not.

Do you think
they're together?

That girl looks
rather young.

She's quite
beautiful though.

Him too.


She's very preoccupied
with her phone.

We'll take any customer
we can get these days.

They look like
trouble to me, Bill.


[doorbell ringing]

I can't believe you pack
all this luggage.

Oh, this is pretty nice.

Welcome to
White Pines.

Hello, thank you.

Thank you very much.

I'm Matthew Gilbert, and this
is my assistant, Rebecca.

Rebecca, Assistant
Account Manager.

Assistant Account Manager.

I'm Sarah Grace, this
is my husband Bill.

- How do you do?
- Those are my friends,
Martha, Rose.

- Hello.
- Hello.


Well, I reckon you two
would like a room now.

Two rooms, please.

Well, you're in luck, I happen
to have two rooms available.

Matthew: Oh great.

May I ask what y'all are doing
here in White Pines, Matthew?

Yeah, of course.

We are on business.

And if you don't mind, I'm
gonna head up to my room.

Rebecca here
will check us in.

Oh, of course.


Would you like a cookie
to take to your room?

They're from the best
bakery in the area.

Oh, no thank you, Sarah Grace,
watching my weight, no sugar.

After you, Bill.

Top of the stairs,
straight ahead.

Would like a cookie?

No, thank you,
I'm gluten free.



[cell phone ringing]

Pete, just get me
those numbers, okay.

Matthew, it's Jeff.

Oh hey, Mr. Mulligan.

Have you arrived
into town yet?

Made any appointments?

Yes sir, just arrived,
and no sir, not yet.

Listen, you know I need you
to move quickly on this one.

I selected you over Carol,
it's because I believe you can

get this done given
the tight timeline.

We have to get that paperwork
through before the Board

leaves for their holiday.

Yes sir, I'll have this deal all
wrapped up before my mother can

finish making her famous honey
baked ham on Christmas Eve.

Good, good,
listen, Matthew,

I need you to hit a
home run on this one.

That VP slot is still open for
a reason and you got to give me

something to
bring back to Mike.

Yeah, yeah, you bet,
sir, absolutely.

You know, County Records office
can only give us so much over

the phone, so we're
gonna do a little digging

and see who's got the
deed to the property.

Yeah, that's fine,
that's fine, Matthew.

Do whatever it takes
to close this deal.

I want to start
construction in February.

Yeah, you bet, sir.


Hey, how's that
swing coming along?

Mr. Mulligan?

[cell phone beep]


[doorbell jingling]


Oh, hello.

Welcome to the
Rocky Top Bakery.

I'm Allison.

Oh, Allison, how
wonderful to meet you.

Are you just visiting
for the holidays?

I'm just passing through,
but when I heard about your

little bakery, I had
to give it a try.

Oh, of course, how
can I help you?

Do you have
any cookies?

My husband has quite a sweet
tooth when it comes to cookies.

Cookies, yes.

We have chocolate chip
and sugar cookies,

but we often have a lot
more kinds of cookies.





May I try it?

Of course.

How many do you
have of these?

Um, I believe we have
three dozen in total.

I will take all
of them to go.

Sure, but, well, just
make yourself at home.

Thank you.


I remember when you were
just a little 6-year-old.


Oh, never
mind me, dear.


Well, here you go.

Oh, this should
cover it.

Thank you.

Thank you.


It's just exactly
as I pictured it.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


[doorbell ding dong]

Hi Rose, I have those
petit fours you wanted.

Oh gees!



I-I'm, I'm so sorry about this,
my, my jacket got caught on this

table and I knocked over
this garden gnome thingy.

Oh, I don't, I
don't work here.

I'm just looking for
the owner, Rose,

but, um, let me help
you clean it all up.

Oh, thank you.

So, you're not from
around here, are you?

Ha-ha, no, I'm staying
at the B&B next door.

One second I'm asking
for the WiFi password,

the next I'm being convinced
to buy all my Christmas gifts

at this antique shop.

That really doesn't
surprise me.

Well, maybe if you have a minute
you could help me find a gift.

Sure, what are
you looking for?

Well, she likes, um,
cooking, gardening, sewing.

- So, it's for your wife?
- Not my wife.

- Your girlfriend?
- No girlfriend, no.

It's, that's embarrassing,
it's for my Mom.

Oh, I think that's
really sweet.

I know Rose just
got in this.

It's actually an
antique sewing machine.


You think she'd like it?

Yes, this is perfect.

She's gonna love this.

Thank you.

I'm Matthew, by the way.

- I'm Allison.
- Hi Allison, nice
to meet you.

How long are
you in town?

[doorbell ding dong]
Oh, um, hi Rose.

Hi Allison.

Treats for the
Book Club.

Oh, thanks dear.

Oh, what did you find?

It's great, isn't it?

Yeah, this is great.

She's gonna love it.

- For your wife?
- No wife.

- Girlfriend?
- No girlfriend, no.

My mom.

Well, maybe I, um,
I'll see you around.



So, how about for this
assignment you write about what

you want for Christmas, what
you want Santa to bring you?

But that is what I
want for Christmas.

I want everybody to love your
cookies, and I want you

and Grammy to sell lots.

And that is so

but maybe you can write
about what toy you want.

Like that unicorn
doll that I wanted?


Can you write
about that, for me?


And no more talking about
money, okay, we are fine,

we are more than fine.

You don't have to
worry about that.




That's beautiful, Mom.

Is that for the
Christmas pageant?

No, this is for the
Christmas Eve service.

I'm trying to decide whether
to do it as a solo,

or have the choir sing it
like we did last year,

or, or just do another
song completely.

Why don't you sing it?

Honey, I'm, I'm the
Musical Director.

You can still
sing a solo.

You haven't done
that in a long time.


And, and this
is a soprano song.

I've gotten older now and
I'm kind of like a bass.

Mom, you have an
amazing voice.

Oh, look at the time.

I'm supposed to meet Rose
and Sarah Grace for tea.

Okay, well don't
gossip too much.


[cell phone ringing]

It's Mulligan.

So, you get it.

[cell phone ringing]


Hi Mr. Mulligan.

It's Rebecca.

Yes, Matthew is
occupied at the moment.

Okay, all
right, okay.

Mr. Mulligan, hi.

Yeah, it's me.

Yes, yes sir, yeah, we went by
the County Records office today

and find that ordinance
you've been looking for.

Well, it's just like we thought,
the deed to the Town Square

belongs to the direct
descendants of the founders

of White Pines.

And I sent it to Legal.

And we sent it to Legal,
and good news,

they said we just
need one signature,

and then we can start sending
out relocation packages.

Yeah, thank you, sir.

Yeah, well I
appreciate that.

All right, we'll
speak soon.

Yeah, bye-bye.

That's nice.

Do you always have to
be carving that thing?

It helps me think.

Your shavings are
getting on my iPad.

[doorbell jingling]

Knock, knock.

Hi Paul.

- Hello Paul.
- Allison, Martha.

Got some mail.

Oh great, just leave
it right there.


Oh, thank you.

I'll see you later at the
rehearsal for pageant, right?

Yes sir, and please bring your
toolbox, the kids built the set,

and we're gonna
need your help.


Well, tell Olivia
I said hi.

Will do.

Bye Paul.

[doorbell jingling]

Huh, this is weird.

- What is it?
- There's no post mark.



Dear Allison, I want to thank
you for the delicious cookies

the other day, they were such a
hit with my husband we simply

must come again.

We would love to taste test
all of your glorious recipes.

After which, we will place a
large order for our party.

We will be able to stop by
your bakery this Sunday,

December 18th at two o'clock
in the afternoon.

See you then.

How wonderful!

Who is this from?

It must be from that sweet
woman who stopped by yesterday.

Well, how many do you
think we should prepare?

I think as many
as possible.

Do you want to grab
your old notebook?

Um, I've got to pick up Olivia,
but I'll start making a list.



Allison, hi.

Hello again.

Hi, I'm Allison.

I don't think
- I've met you.
- Rebecca.

I have flour all over
- my hands, I'm so sorry.
- Not a problem.

Do you have a minute to
discuss your business

and financial options?

My business in?

Are you guys
from the bank?

No, no, we're not
from the bank.

I probably should have
told you this before,

but we're consultants for a
real estate development firm,

and we just wanted to go
over a few things with you.

Oh, White Pines,
- Tennessee.
- White Pines, Tennessee.

- That's here.
- Yes.

These are beautiful.

Aren't they?


What is this?

Wait a minute,
this is my bakery.

All-inclusive resort and spa,
5 star restaurant,

celebrity chef - TBD?

Yes, that's, that's what we
- wanted to talk to you about.
- It's very exciting.

You want to buy
- my bakery?
- Yes.

Well, there's a little, it's a
little more to it than that.

Um, we'd like to
discuss your options.

My options are that I'm
not interested in selling.

I live here.

- I live upstairs.
- We know that, yeah.

- This is my home.
- It's actually a great
opportunity for you

if you want to look
a little closer.

I have to actually
- pick up my daughter.
- Why don't you, just
for the weekend?

I don't need that,

but I'm picking up my
daughter from school.

She's in a Christmas pageant,
- so I've got to go pick her up.
- Okay, yeah, we
should probably go.

I hope you're enjoying
- your time in White Pines.
- Pageant?

- Thank you.
- We'll talk soon.

Okay, all
- right, goodbye.
- See you again soon.

All right.


[♪ Instrumental ♪]



What, what are you?

It's festive in here.

Um, I want to apologize
for my assistant.

She's new.

And I, I don't feel like we
got off to a great start.

Oh, is that because you're
trying to turn my whole town

into a ski resort?

Pretty much, yeah.


Why don't we go
for dinner?

Wait, what?

But you eat
dinner, right?

Yeah, I do, technically
I eat dinner.

Okay, well great, I'll take
you through the deal and we'll

chitchat about how my Mom is
gonna love her Christmas gift,

thanks to you, and I'll tell
you some numbers, some plans,

I'll show you
some perks.


You are hilarious.

It'll be fun, right?

Honestly, I feel like there's
a pretty amazing opportunity

for you here.

Oh, you do, do you?

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, all of these
high-class resorts are gonna

have restaurants, and they're
gonna need pastry chefs, dessert

chefs, and if they find out that
one local baker happens to be

classically trained in French
pastry, you don't think they'd

want to hire that person?

I really don't know.

Well, especially if
it's in the contract.


Here's my card.

If you flip it over, it's the
estimate how much we'll purchase

your property for.

And you'll notice my name
and my number is there.

- Yeah, no, I see that.
- So, call me.

That's, that's
great to have.

Did you see me,
did you see me?

Hi, yes, I did, baby,
you were so good!


You FBI?

Ha-ha, no, I'm,
I'm a businessman.

A businessman, my Mom owns
a business, she could never

wear that to work, she
gets flour everywhere.

Okay, come on, kiddo.

Bye Mr., um?


Bye Mr. Matthew.

You're coming to
my pageant, right?

Um, maybe.

Do you like him?

I think he might
be handsome.

He looks like the
prince from my book.

Did you like
his outfit?

What were you just
talking about?

What you doing?

Just thinking.

You know, Lindsey asked me
again if you were singing

at the pageant.

Oh, stop, I'm just playing
piano, I don't want to sing.

Well, I remember how much
Dad used to love your voice.


I know he would
want you to.

You know, Olivia told me that
you were with some nice man

at the rehearsal?

Mom, that's the developer I told
you about, he's trying to

shut down our business.

Besides, I'm not interested
in dating, you know that.

What a pair we
are, we don't date.

All right, I'll sing.

[wind blowing]

How are you doing,
Mr. Harris?

Just call me Clive.

You familiar with why we
scheduled this meeting?

No, I can't
say I am.

Our company represents... Our company represents...

...a large resort chain that's
interested in purchasing some

property here
in White Pines.

And we've come across this
interesting ordinance that

dictates only the descendants of
the founders of White Pines

have the authority to sign the
deed to the Town Square over.

As I'm sure you're aware,
you, you are that descendant.

The Brentley's as
well, just next door.

Oh yes, yeah, yeah, Allison
Brentley, we, we met with her

yesterday at the bakery.

She's very sweet.

And she's also a descendant
of the second founder

of White Pines.

But the ordinance does not
dictate that both signatures

are needed, just one.

So, we'd like to present to you
some of our company's plans and

give you an idea of what the
offer might look like once

the deed is signed over.

This is very exciting.

Ski chalets, condominiums,

an entire redevelopment
of the main street.

As you can see, Clive, our
company is willing to offer

several different
relocation packages.

Very generous.

They want me to move?

Well that's just one
of the packages.

It depends on what
you want to do.

You know, if you want to
continue to live in your house

behind the store, then you'd
have to rent from them,

just because they'd be
purchasing this entire property.


But most
importantly, Clive,

here's the offer to
purchase your property.



Lindsey, I brought
the eclairs.

Lindsey: I'm up here
in the storage closet!


Hey, worker bee, oh!
Watch out for
that snowman,

that will lock you out
from the inside.

- Noted.
- Did I hear you
say eclairs?

- You did.
- You're the best,
I need a break.

Mmm, these are amazing.

I'm so glad you
love these,

they're the same
as always though.

I'm just trying
to butter you up.

You want to hear
something funny?


So, you know how Andrew and I
weren't sure whether or not

we'd be in town this
year for Christmas,

well we decided to
host this year.

The kids are excited because
that means their Uncle Andrew's

brother, Ryan, will
be coming to town.

- Oh.
- He just moved
to Knoxville.

It's been two years since his
divorce, so I was wondering if

I could set
you guys up?

- Lindsey.
- Please don't say no,
you've never even met him.

I swear you'd
hit it off.

But I, mmm.

You don't have the whole
distance excuse anymore.

I can't, I have Olivia.

Listen, I know when Liv's father
left the picture it broke

your heart, but that
was five years ago,

you deserve to
be happy, Al.

He didn't just break my
heart, when he left,

he broke Olivia's
heart, too.

I, I can't do that
to her again.

Not everyone's
gonna leave.

Just think
about it, okay?

Don't we have a Christmas
Pageant to decorate for?

As soon as I finish
this last éclair.

Can I have one
- more bite?
- No!

- Yes!
- No, these are mine.


Momma? What baby?

I can't find
the angel.

Well don't worry, I'll
look for it, we'll find it.

This is
looking great.

Oh look, I
found the angel!

I've got her!


[footsteps on stairs]

[door bell jingling]

Come darling. Allison: Hi.

Hello. Welcome back!

Hello Allison.

This is my husband, Chris,
he is the cookie connoisseur.

Hi, I'm Allison.

Delighted to meet
you, Allison. I'm Martha.

- Lovely to meet you.
- Everyone calls
me Mrs. C.

Mrs. C.

Mrs. C., and look at these
gorgeous cookies!

Oh, these are
so beautiful!

Well, we have so many
for you to sample today.

We made chocolate chip, and then
we also made sugar cookies,

and we have snowmen
and we have... Martha: Snicker doodles.

...snicker doodles.

I really want to try
a snicker doodle.

I told him not unless
it's Friday night.


Oh, and look at
the snowflakes.

We love all of these, and we'd
like to order all of them.

Martha: Oh Great!

Allison: Wow, what a fun
party you must be having.

Mrs. C: Can we buy
them by the pound?

We're going to need
a lot of cookies,

I mean a lot, hundreds.


Oh, can you believe it?

I never expected the
order to be this large.

Must be some party, huh?

And this shipping label, I have
never seen anything like this.

There's no
discernable location.

What language is that?

- Who knows.
- It's very fascinating.

Look, she left her
handkerchief behind.

Oh, we'll have to add it to
the cookies when we ship them

overnight on the 23rd.

Oh, I think somebody deserves
some celebratory hot chocolate.

Let's go, let's go,
let's go!

What do you think?

We've got a lot of
cookies to bake.


Wow, that was
an exciting day.


I think it's time
to get to sleep.

Okay, good night.

I love you.

- Love you, too.
- Sleep well.


[school bell ringing]

[children chatting]


Oh, hey Olivia.

Hi Mrs. Bucklin.

You're the teacher in charge
of the newsletter, right?


Mrs. Mullin sent me and
she wants this to be in it.

You're in luck, I was just about
to start printing everything.

Okay, thank you!


[doorbell jingling]


Well, look, you're
still in town.

Well, I had to come see
what everyone is saying

is the best bakery in
the Smoky Mountains.

Wow, choices, hmm.

I'll have a
croissant, please.


Oh, no, no,
it's to stay.

Lucky me.


What's that?

- It's a Madeleine.
- Is it a cookie?

It's more like a cake.


What's this?

- Tuile.
- Twill?


It's like a
potato chip?

No, it's not a potato chip,
it's more like a wafer.

I guess that's where the whole
French pastry training comes in.

I guess it does.

You're really
passionate about this?

Yeah, I really am.

I can still make a mean brownie,
but I wanted to bring a part

of me to this place
when I took over.


I know what you're
doing, by the way.

What's that?

This whole I'm a nice
good-looking guy, you should

trust me 'cause I'm
here to help you game.

You buy that croissant, then
you ask me questions like you

somehow care about my bakery
because you buy the croissant,

it's a guilt croissant,
you know what you're doing.

You think I'm

Seriously, that's what
you get from that?

What's a guilt

Forget it.

Extra calories?


Rose, hey, why is everyone
looking at me like that?

You haven't seen the school's
Christmas newsletter yet?

Have a look.



Santa and Mrs. Claus came all
the way from the North Pole to

our bakery because my Mom's
cookies are his favorite.

They came to try all of our
cookie recipes and ordered

a bunch for a party
on Christmas Eve.

After he brings all the presents
to all the kids in the world,

he will be eating our Rocky
Top Bakery cookies.

Mrs. Claus even left
her hanky behind,

so I have proof
they were here.

Everyone should try to come
to our bakery and buy Santa's

favorite cookies, so that we can
have enough money to pay the

bills and make more cookies
for Santa and all the kids

of the world.

Oh, my gosh, Mom!

Definitely not
proof read.

What am I gonna do?

The whole town is gonna think
I asked my kid to write this

commercial basically
begging for money.

I don't think everyone's
gonna think that.

This is so embarrassing!

Well, Livi was
just excited.

But surely she doesn't
think that was really

Santa Claus, right?

I mean she has to know
that was just a nice man

with a white beard.

I don't want people to think she
just made up this whole story.

Livi believes
it was true.

Do you want to take
that away from her?

It is pretty cute.

Very cute.

Look at that elf.


Oh, sweet girl, what
have you done?



I know that I mentioned
this at the Town Hall meeting,

but I didn't get into specifics,
'cause I wanted to speak with

you two, being the most
involved with all this.

But, what is it?

Well, they represent a large
construction company,

but they've been doing a lot
of work in nearby counties,

replacing small residential
towns with corporate

ski resorts, that
sort of thing.

They got approval from the
County of Hartford to purchase

our land, but thanks to an old
town ordinance, they cannot do

so without the property deeds
that belong to the descendants

of the founders,
and that's you two.

They can't buy our Town Square
without your signatures.

Well that's a, a good thing,
right, 'cause I'll never sign.

Well, they only
need one signature.

How is that legal?

I spoke to their lawyers today,
and the ordinance is vague,

it doesn't specify
it has to be two.

So, basically one of us signs
and the whole Town Square

is forced to sell?

Basically yeah.


You're not actually
considering this, right?

I am.

I met with the two of
them the other day,

and they showed
me their offer.

I'm inclined
to say yes.

I'm old.

It's been time to retire
for a long while now.

I'm sorry.


There must be something
we can do.

They can't, they can't buy the
Town Square just like that.

Legally, yeah,
legally they can.



Come on, Clive, White
Pines is your home,

you raised your
family here,

you can't just sell
it off like this.

I've worked every day of my life
since I was 15 in this shop,

and I'd like to spend the rest
of my time with my grandkids

over in Nashville.

Well, Nashville
isn't that far.

Time is precious
- these days.
- Clive.

No, it's true, I haven't got
much time left on this earth,

and I'd like to
be with my family.

Now, I haven't had the money to
just abandon this place and get

up and move, so if someone wants
to buy it, I have to sell.

But this decision
- affects the whole town.
- I know.

White Pines as we know
it will no longer exist.

I can't spend my last years
shuffling snowboards around

this shop alone.

So, what can I do?

What can I do so you
don't sign this deal?

Buy my shop, I guess.

Okay, how much?

If you can pay me half what
they're offering, it's yours.

And you won't sign?

I won't.

How about a 10% deposit
before Christmas,

and you can pay the rest
in your own time.

Ten percent, huh?

Now, it's not
a easy feat.

I'll do it.


[cell phone ringing]

Hey Mom.


Yeah, I was
just working.

What's going on?

Yes, Mom, I'll be home for
Christmas Eve dinner this year.

I promise.

All right, Mom, you
can count on me.



[♪ The Twelve Days of
Christmas Instrumental ♪]

And don't forget, spread
the wings out and say...

♪ And a partridge
in a pear tree. ♪ ...and a partridge
in a pear tree. ♪

Perfect, you go
get 'em, girl.

- Yeah.
- All right.

[♪ Jingle Bells Instrumental ]

Ah, there's my
little partridge!

You look adorable!

These wings are fitting
- great, too, aren't they?
- Yeah.

Okay, can you
fly for me?

All right, go get
with your class.

Have fun!

Hey there.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Um, what, what are
you doing here?

Olivia told me to
come back here.

I heard you're trying to bribe
Clive into not signing over

the deed, and I'm working
on a timeline here.

Yeah, and I don't really
think this is the time.

Allison, could
- you help me out?
- Sure.

One of the stars on my
Christmas tree costume broke.

Can you go up and get
- me the other one?
- Sure.

- It's one of the boxes.
- Okay, I'm on it.


You know that wasn't
really Santa, right?

She just wants attention
because she's poor.


Only babies still
believe in Santa, baby.

- I'm not a baby!
- Yeah, right,
you baby.

My Dad dresses up as Santa
every year at my house,

that's how I know
Santa's not real.

Right, but she doesn't have
a dad, and my mom told me.

- I do have a dad!
- Na-ah, that's why
your mom is so poor.

He just lives far away!

If she had a dad, he'd at
least tell her Santa's

not real by now.

He is real, I saw him.

What a baby.


Hey, Olivia, you okay?

I saw him, I did.

He likes Mommy's cookies, and I
didn't make it up and I know

they won't believe me, but
I saw him, he was there.

Okay, you don't have to
listen to them, you know why?

'Cause I believe you.

You do?

Yeah, yeah, I
believe you.

And you know what?

Those kids, they're
on the naughty list.

- They are?
- Yeah, and anyone who's mean to
others is on the naughty list.


All right, now
go get 'em!

Hello, star, star!

Yes, I'm, I'm on it.


Ah, found it, great.

Oh hey.

Don't let the door...
[door creaking shut]



All right, now we're
locked in here.

Oh, we're locked
in here?


Can anyone hear me?

My kid is performing.


- Ow!
- Why don't we
just call her?

- Who?
- Lindsey.

What's her number?

Can somebody hear me?

Oh, no service.


- Nice work.
- Sorry.


- That's holly.
- It's mistletoe.

- No.
- It's red.

Holly is red,
mistletoe is white.

Mistletoe is white?

I feel like I've been
lied to my entire life.

I've been kissing girls
under holly for years.

Oh, I'm sure you have.


[♪ Instrumental ♪]

Whoa, I can't believe I'm
missing Olivia's pageant.

She's gonna be
so mad at me.

She'll understand.

She does a solo.

You clearly
don't get it.

Okay, then why
don't you tell me.

Oh fun, you want to
have a conversation?

Do you forget you're trying
to shut down my business?

Well, did you know that my
boss is breathing down my neck

because of this pesky baker who
won't let me close this deal?

Ou, pesky baker,
I like that,

I'm adding it to
my business cards.

Can you just tell me why, why
you're trying so hard to sell

off my Town Square
piece by piece?

Okay, I'm not trying to sell
it piece by piece, it's a

development deal, and that's
what happens, it's my job.

But do you understand
that I grew up here?

That bakery has been in
my family for 30 years.

My parents, they poured
their heart and soul

into that business.

And that's not
gonna change.

It's not like we're trying
to bulldoze the place

and turn it into a
department store.

My dad though, he made all those
tables and chairs by hand.

I mean can't you imagine how
hard that would be just to have

it all thrown away?

Then why not
honor him?

Okay, you're selling it to a
resort chain that's gonna turn

it into a restaurant, it's not
so bad, and you're gonna walk

away with a chunk of change
to set your daughter up for

the future, there's
nothing wrong with that.

You are just trying
to make a sale.

You know, I saw you earlier
with Olivia, by the way.

She was so sad, I
didn't know what to say.

Yeah, well, that is the
power of a child's tears.

Oh, she comes to
me with that face,

how can you not give
her the world?

I don't know how you, you
don't spoil her rotten.




No, nothing, just seems like
you might have a heart in there

after all, Mr. Matthew.

Oh, ho-ho, high praise
from the pesky baker.

Maybe if I stick around here
long enough you'll give me

a real compliment,
or maybe that dinner.

Wow, you just cannot turn
this charm off, can you?

Oh, Lindsey, hi!

Oh, my gosh, I've been
looking for you everywhere.

Is the pageant
still going on?

Big finale left,
go, go, go, go!

Bring the star,
bring the star!

- Okay, yeah.
- Yeah, we need the
star, oh, got it, okay.

Here you go,
all right.

♪ ...Eight maids a milking

♪ Seven Swans a Swimming

♪ Six Geese a Laying

♪ Five Golden Rings

♪ Four Calling Birds

♪ Three French Hens

♪ Two Turtle Doves

♪ And a Partridge
in a Pear Tree ♪

[applause & cheering]

Thank you all so
much for coming.

Please join us for dancing and
refreshments and congratulate

all our amazing performers.



♪ Ring the bell, blow the
horn, let the music play. ♪

♪ School is out and you will
shout, know it's a holiday. ♪

♪ Decorating the
big pine tree... ♪

Livi, you were
so wonderful!

I was so proud of you.

Thank you, I did it
just like we practiced.

You were great,
too, mom.

- Wasn't she great?
- Yeah.

You were amazing.

You really think so?

Oh yeah, you
kicked butt.

You really
showed those guys.

High five, down low, too
slow, in space, in your face!

Okay, let's go get
- you some snacks.
- Okay.

Ah, good idea.


You know Paul can't nail
a board to the floor.

He only volunteered
because of you.

- What?
- Yeah.

Oh no, Rose, I'm
not ready for that.

He's coming over,
act natural.

Rose, Martha, what would
this town do without ya?

- Oh, thank you, Paul.
- Oh, thank you, Paul.

Oh, you played

Oh, I didn't do very much,
it was Martha really.

And that little Olivia,
what a firecracker.

She's very talented.

Um, would, would
you care to dance?

It's one of
my favorites.

Just one?

Of course, Paul.


Don't you think it was
really funny when the elves

did those things?


Yeah, when they bumped into
each other and the reindeer

had to help them up.

- The reindeer.
- Oh, that was
really funny, yeah.

I love a reindeer.

What else did you all
like about the play?

Uh, I mean I'm personally
gonna say the ending of it... The ending, yeah.

...it was great.

You were fantastic, as
we knew you would be.

♪ When I look into your eyes,

I realize that my love for
you, more than true. ♪

♪ Christmas time with you,
more than enough for me. ♪


♪ Christmas time
with you... ♪

I'm sorry, Paul, I
just, I just can't.



Oh, I got to go.

You were so great, Olivia.

Best Partridge in a pear
tree I've ever seen.

Bye guys.


Lindsey's my
Mommy's best friend.

She's also your
- teacher, too, right?
- Yeah.

Well that's pretty cool.

Pretty cool.

Mommy, can Mr. Matthew
come to dinner?

Oh, I don't think... Dinner, huh?

...that he has
time for dinner.

Oh yeah, I got lots
of time for dinner.

please, please.



All right.


So, you're coming
to dinner now.

What's on the menu?

Have you seen this dance
that all the kids

are doing these days?

That's my deal
closing dance.



♪ Have yourself a holiday, a
happy day, merry Christmas. ♪

♪ Oh, am I a good
kid at Christmas? ♪

♪ How I love the
scent of pine ♪

♪ And snowy Christmas
postcards... ♪

[cell phone ringing]


Matthew, how's it going?

It's going great.

I'm looking at the
contract right now.

Looks like we're gonna get
the signature and everything

finalized by December 23rd.


Because I had an interesting
conversation with your junior

manager today.


Yes, she seems to think you
could have closed the deal

by now, but that
you're sitting on it.

I'm not sitting on
the deal, sir.

I'm just making sure
everyone's onboard

and that we're clear what
we're offering them.

I'm just being thorough.

Listen, Matthew, if you can't
close this deal by the 23rd.

What, you're gonna give this
account to my assistant?

I didn't say that.

Just close the deal.

I got a meeting with Mike
on the 23rd at four o'clock.

Now you give me something good
to bring back to him or...

Or what?

Just get it done.

Yes sir.


So, Matthew,
where you from?

I'm from Vermont.

That's lovely.

Is your family
still there?

Yes, yeah, my Mom is a
nurse and my brother owns

a custom furniture shop.

Do you make furniture
with your brother?

Not anymore, I
live in Miami now.

What do you
do in Miami?

I am a consultant for a real
estate development firm.

What the heck is
a consultant?

I help property owners sell
to businesses that want

to buy their properties.

What do you make?

Not everyone makes
things, Livs.

Actually, I do
make some things.

Here, I'm
working on this.

What is it?

I don't know yet.

I figure it
out as I go.

My Dad taught my brother and
I to carve when we were

about your age.

So, it's gonna be like
a toy or something?

Yeah, whatever
you want it to be.

You just slowly carve
away at it until it

becomes something great.

Patience is key, that's
what my Dad used to say,

it's all in the
quality of the work.

Back then, my brother and I, we
got asked by all kinds of people

to make furniture.

Oh, like tables and chairs
and things like that?

Oh yeah, tables
and chairs.

We could use some new
tables and chairs.

Could you now?

You're still doing
that down in Miami?

No, no, I haven't made
anything in a long time.

Why not?

I've just been too busy.

Do you have a wife?



No, I don't
- have a wife.
- Why not?

It's kind of a
sad story, Olivia.

I was gonna get married four
years ago, and my fiancée

passed away in
an accident.

Oh, Matthew, I'm so
sorry for your loss.

Thanks Martha.

How did she die?

Allison: Okay, let's eat.


[water running]

Here you go.

Thank you.

You wash, I dry?


Hey, sorry about Olivia
and all of those questions.

It's not a problem, she's a
kid, it's what they do, right?

She is a curious one.

I can't believe that you guys
know Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Shut up.

And I can't believe that
they're fans of your cookies.

Rudolph is a huge fan.

If they're anything
your guilt croissant,

then it would make
me a believer.

I mean I'd make the trip
from the North Pole.

You know, Prancer is a huge
fan of the guilt croissant.

I wonder what
Cupid eats.

Cupid never
flies here.

Cupid, yeah, a different
holiday, right?

Isn't that a reindeer?

Dasher and Cupid
and Blitzen.

Blitzen, Donner, Cupid
and Blitz, yeah, Cupid,

yeah, yeah, yeah.

I thought there
- was a Cupid.
- It's, that's you're
my phone a friend.

[♪ Instrumental ♪]

[♪ Silent Night Instrumental ]
[Martha humming]

[♪ Silent Night Instrumental ]

[doorbell jingling]

[♪ Silent Night Instrumental ]


Yeah, we'll just set up
right over here, I think.

Can I help you?

Yes, are you the owner,
Allison Brentley?

I am.

Are you willing to do
an interview on camera?

Um, right now?

Yeah, just come
on over this way.

Right, we'll film this and
we'll do the intro later.

Is, where are you from?

Just look right
- into the camera.
- Just the camera?

Just right at the
- camera, there you go.
- Okay.

I'm here with Allison Brentley,
owner of the Rocky Top Bakery

in White Pines, Tennessee,
who claims to have

Santa's favorite cookies.

Tell us about the
experience, Allison.

Were Santa's cheeks as rosy
as they're famed to be?

Your daughter, Olivia, made a
statement that you were visited

by Santa and Mrs.
Claus not too long ago.

They sampled all sorts of
cookies, is this correct?

Um, yes, my daughter saw a very
sweet couple that came here, um,

to sample some cookies
for a Christmas party.

A party?

Yes, a party they're
having on Christmas Day.

At the North Pole,
I assume.

I don't think it's
at the North Pole.

Tell me how did Santa come
to stumble upon this small

and charming town?

His wife came in first
and bought some cookies.

Oh, Mrs. Claus
found it, of course.

Now tell me, how did you come
to run this establishment

that makes Santa's
favorite cookies?

Well, my father grew up here,
and then when my grandfather

passed away, he turned
it into this bakery.

And why a bakery?

My Mom, who is back there,
is an amazing baker,

so he did it for her.

Fascinating stuff here
at the Rocky Top Bakery.

You may come for Santa's
favorite cookies,

but you'll leave with just about
everything in the display case.

I'm Josie Andelman wishing
you all a very happy holiday.

That should work.

Can you get a few
establishers outside

and we'll be good to wrap?

Um, can I ask how you knew
about Olivia's letter?

Buzz News posted an article
about it yesterday, it already

has about three million
impressions on social media.

Wait, what?

Yeah, you know how these viral
things go, people watch a cute

uplifting story about a little
girl who thinks her Mommy makes

Santa's favorite cookies, and
people just keep sharing it.

I expect business
will pick up.

[doorbell jingling]

Santa's favorite

Three million.



News: White Pines is
going crazy for Rocky Top

Bakery's cookies.

They're the talk of Tennessee.

Better get some
while they last.

Thank you so much!


Kentucky, sure
we could do that.



Merry Christmas!




Well, hello, what's
going on in here?

Just reminding Clive
of his options.

His options, right.

Well, here's half the deposit,
and I'll have the rest for you

on Christmas Day.

Sounds good to me.

Thanks Allison.

Of course.

Don't you need that money to
pay for your overdue bills

or something?

With all the
business coming in,

I am actually all
caught up on my bills.

Thank you so
much for asking.

Have a wonderful day.

Bye Clive!



Thank you again.

- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!

I hope you love your cookies
and have a great holiday!




Hey there, everybody.


Hi Mr. Matthew.


Um, I just wanted to see if
I could get your autograph.

Did you know that we got
an order today from Japan?

Well it doesn't
surprise me.

Can I help you
with something?

I want to know if I can get
one of those famous cookies.

We are actually
all sold out.


Momma, listen, listen.

News: That's right, folks, the
tiny town of White Pines is now

being dubbed White Pines, home
of Santa's favorite cookies.

Internet sensational started
with a little girl named

Olivia, spotting Santa and
- Mrs. Claus in their bakery.
- That's you!

Did you know that
Santa's favorite cookie

is chocolate chip?

No kidding now.

Up next, we got a foot tapping
holiday song and some more of

your favorite
Christmas classics.

Did you hear them
say my name?


Come on, come
on, come on.

I'm not really
a dancer.

You're gonna
have to now.

Okay, okay, fine.

All right, all right,
all right, all right.


I think that's
pretty good.

Momma, come on.


[♪ Jingle Bells Instrumental ]

Did you ever dance with
- a little lamb before?
- Never.

[♪ Jingle Bells Instrumental ]

Okay, my little lamb,

I think we've got to
get you ready for bed.

Ah, Momma, can't you read me The
Night Before Christmas again?

I told you, Grammy's gonna
tuck you in bed tonight,

so Momma can make all
those cookies, okay.

- Go ask her.
- Okay.

- Good night.
- Good night.


Momma, did you
ever find the angel?

Oh, our angel, I'm so sorry,
baby, but I think our angel

may be just lost or
in a different box.

But Granddad
- bought me that.
- I know.

It goes right there.

He said that the angel was the
one who told the shepherds

where to go, and how are they
supposed to find their way

without an angel?

I tell you what, I'm gonna
keep looking for it, okay.

Good night.

Okay, good night.

I love you.

- Love you, too.
- Good night.

He said good night.

I said good night.

Good night.



Maybe I should go.
[clears throat]


Thank you.

Um, unless... I don't know, um,
you want to stay and help me

bake these cookies.

We have a huge order
that just came in.



I don't really know
what I'm doing.

Well, I'll get
- you an apron.
- Okay.

- Come on in.
- All right.



So, we're gonna
add some baking soda.

- Okay, okay.
- And a pinch of salt.

- Yeah.
- What is that?

Oh, my gosh.

In band camp.

No, that's good.

- It's good?
- That's good,
that's good.

There you go.


We got a pin.


We're just gonna roll it
into a little ball, very nice.




No, ba-ba-ba-ba, no
eating the cookie dough.

Why not?

People buy this
and they eat it.

They sell cookie
dough ice cream.

That's a
gingerbread man.


High five!



Good evening,

Good evening, Bill.

Well, have a
good night.

You too.


They still need
five more minutes.

Uh, oh, my gosh, this first
batch is unbelievable.


Mm, you know what would
make it better though?

Oh-oh, what's that?

A glass of milk.

Are you saying my cookies aren't
good enough on their own?

No, I'm not saying that, come
on, it's an unbelievable cookie.

But, you know, you add a
glass of milk and some things

are just better together.

Well, okay then.

Here you go.

Thank you very much.

I can't believe I helped
you make cookies for Santa.


Don't make fun
of my kid.

I'm not, I'm not, it's amazing,
it's the best marketing ploy

I've ever seen.

No town have ever sold and has
ever thought to claim Santa

as a way to bring
in business.




You just confuse
me, I think.

How's that?

One minute you're trying to
evict me and then the next

you're dancing with my kid and
you're looking at me like that.

Well, I keep this up and I won't
be getting that promotion.

A promotion, huh?

Oh yeah, if I don't make this
sale, then I'm getting fired.

It's a gut feeling.

How can you care so much about a
job when they clearly don't care

anything about you?

Well, it's a little more
complicated than that.

How is that?

Well, I moved to Miami about
four years ago, and I kind of

became obsessed with work, every
sale was a challenge, you know,

how to, how to sell the fastest,
how to earn the most money,

how to attract the best
clients, just helped.

It helped?

Yeah, it helped move
forward from the accident.


I think work's
my girlfriend.

I got to break
up with work.

So, what are you
gonna tell it?

I think I might go with the
classic it's not you, it's me.

It's solid.

Yeah, or maybe I'll try, I need
to focus on my career right now.

But won't that confuse work if
you use work as the excuse

to break up with work?


- Oh!
- Oh!

Are you okay?

You're okay.
I'm okay.

You're fine.

Wow, that's embarrassing.

It just broke.

This is one of the
chairs your Dad built?

Well, it was, yes.


You know, what you've done
here is pretty impressive,

it's inspiring.

I bet you say that
to all the bakers.

Just the pesky ones.

Seriously though, you
travel around all the time,

you're so handsome, you must
have all kinds of girls.

There's no girls,
not since Laura.

You know, I used to think that,
um, I had my one true love,

had my shot, I'll never
get that again.

Yeah, I understand that.

When Olivia's Dad left,

I kind of decided I was
done with love, too.

Olivia is my life now, so
she gets all my heart,

and if I don't let anyone
else in, no one can leave us.

How could anyone
leave you two?

I haven't talked
about this.

In a long time.



You just, ah.

Thank you.




Round two.

I'll just, I'll
go get them, yeah.


News: A white
Christmas indeed.

If you're just tuning in,
it looks like the snowfall...

Good morning, it's
a white Christmas.


The storm is estimated to
begin around 10:00 a.m.,

and the torrential snow, ice
and wind will not stop until

into tomorrow afternoon,
Christmas Eve.

So, what's going on?

They're canceling flights,
closing down the airports.


The order.

We need to get to
the post office.

[car horn honking]

Hey, do you know what
that honking is?

Isn't it for you?

Matthew Gilbert?

- Yeah.
- Dude, where's
your stuff?

What are you
- talking about?
- Your flight leaves in one
hour and we have to drive

to Knoxville first.

- My flight?
- Just go get your stuff,
I'll be out here.

The airport is about to shut
down, we have to leave now,

just go get your stuff.

Hey, do you know
where Rebecca is?

She checked out this
morning, don't you know?

What, she checked out?

She said she was going to the
airport to try and get a flight

back to Miami.

[phone ringing]

Answering machine: Hi,
you've reached Rebecca Roe.

Leave a message.


[phone ringing]

Matthew, I'm glad you called,
I was just about to.

Why didn't you tell me that
Rebecca was leaving early?

It's done, Matthew.

Rebecca closed the
deal this morning.


She did what you didn't
have the courage to do.

The car should be there by now,
I booked you on the last flight

out of Knoxville.

Why didn't you
tell me about this?

Haven't you been
checking your email?

My assistant booked everything
last night after we heard

about the storm.

I, I can't leave right
now, there's still,

there's still a lot
left I have to do.

Matthew, go home to Vermont,
think about some things.

We'll discuss this mess after
the New Year, and maybe then you

can tell me if you're really
dedicated to this position.


Mr. Mulligan, I mean
I am dedicated.

We, Mr. Mulligan?

You keep hanging up on me.

[car horn honking]

I have to go find
someone, okay.

No, no, no, the highway
is about to close.

Unless you want to spend
Christmas in White Pines,

we got to go.

Okay, wait, give
- me my jacket.
- You won't need
your jacket.

No, I need my jacket.
Just a second, okay.

What's going on?

Just tell Allison I'll
fix everything, okay.

- Fix what?
- Just tell her
I'll fix it.

Tell her, please!

Okay, okay.


Last box, let's get
to the post office.


[doorbell jingling]

Paul, hey, we were
just coming to you,

we've got to get
these boxes out today.

I'm sorry,

Oh no.

They're not doing pick ups
today 'cause of the storm.

Well, can't we just drive
somewhere and drop them off?

Well, no, all the courier
flights have been grounded.

Paul, we have, like, a
hundred pounds of cookies.

The Governor is about to
shut down the highways.

It's too dangerous
to go anywhere.

There's no deliveries coming
in or out of White Pines,

and on Christmas Day
there's no post.

I'm sorry.

Well, we were counting
on that money

to get the deposit
to Clive.

All right, well if you need
me, I will be upstairs,

eating my feelings.


Martha, there's more.

[cell phone buzzing]

Pick up, pick
up, pick up.

[cell phone ringing]


[cell phone ringing]



[cell phone ringing]

Hi Mom.

Yeah, I'm on my way to
the airport right now.

Yeah, it looks
like I'll make it,

coming home for
Christmas this year.

Well, I made a promise,
Mom, and I won't break it.

I'm excited, too.

Yeah, I'll, I'll
see ya soon.

All right, I love you.

I love you, too, Mom.

All right, bye-bye.

Yeah, we can talk about
it then, Mom, okay.






[cell phone ringing]

[cell phone buzzing]

Mommy, why are you
eating Santa's cookies?

Well, you know how it's
snowing really hard?


[cell phone ringing]

Hey Mom, have you
seen my phone?

No, honey.

There it is.

- Allison?
- Yeah.

Can I speak to
you for a minute?

I need to tell
you something.

You okay?

Sometime late last
night, Clive signed.

They filed the papers and they
left a copy in the post office.

Paul saw it
when he got in.

Signed, like?

It's done.

They are sending out a sales
contract for our property.

We have two
months to get out.

No, no, no, no,
no, that can't.

I, I've got to go
talk to Matthew.

No, no, no, no, honey,
honey, they are gone.

A car came and, and then
picked them up this morning.

Sarah Grace saw them
leaving the B&B.

They must have gotten one
of the last flights out

before the storm
shut everything down.


Wait, so he just left?

Are you sure?

I'm so sorry.


Okay, we're gonna
figure this out.



Are you asleep?

[♪ Dance of the Sugar Plum
Fairy instrumental ♪]

[cell phone buzzing]

I don't want to talk
about it, Mom.

He could be calling
to explain himself.

It doesn't matter.

He got what he wanted
and then he left.

Trust me, I've been here before,
he's feeling guilty now

and he's just trying to
make himself feel better.

He'll stop calling

It's best not
to answer.


Mom, Mom, I'm home!

Matthew, oh,
you made it!

Of course, I made it, I told
you I was gonna make it.

You knew I would, Mom.

Come on, dinner's
gonna get cold.

All right.



I like that song.

O Holy Night, it's
my favorite, too.

I can't wait to hear
Alicia sing it tonight.

Merry Christmas
Eve morning, Momma!

Merry Christmas
Eve morning.

It's always so, so cold.[cell phone ringing]


Oh, hi Alicia.


Oh no.

No, no, no, no, that's
okay, don't worry.

We're fine, don't
worry about it.

No, no, no,
Merry Christmas.

Oh no, I just
lost my soloist.

Alicia is snowed in, apparently
their car is covered,

there's no way they're
gonna make it in for

the Christmas
Eve service tonight.

Well, why don't
you sing it?

Oh, it's O Holy Night,
I can't sing that high.

Then sing
something else.

Honey, I haven't sung in
years, I can't do that.

Mom, I know.

Mom, I need you
to sing, please.



Grandma's gonna sing!

Grandma's gonna sing,
Grandma's gonna sing,

No more sugar for you.

Grandma's gonna sing,
Grandma's gonna sing,

Grandma's gonna sing.


Martha, there is
nothing I can do.

Paul, White Pines has been my
home for over 40 years,

you are the Mayor, you can't
let them do this to us.

They got the
signature they need.

There must be
something you can do!

If you can't find
a way, I will!

You want to read all the
fine print in a hundred

and thirty-page document?

I've read it, I've
read it twice.

Martha, look, I'm sorry, I'm
sorry, um, I'll read it again.

I will figure it out.

I'll find a way!

No, no, Paul, I'm not sorry, but
I, I'm just not ready to.

I'm sorry, I'm just, I'm not
ready to let go of this place!

I'm not ready
to let go.


But I, I would like...

...I would like to try if
you can be patient with me,

I would like to
try with you.

I can be patient.



♪ Come on weatherman, give
us a forecast snowy white. ♪

♪ Can't you hear the
prayers of every childlike

heart tonight? ♪

♪ Rockies are calling,
Denver snow falling,

somebody said it's
four feet deep. ♪

♪ But it doesn't matter,
give me the laughter,

I'm gonna choose to keep another
tender Tennessee Christmas. ♪

♪ The only Christmas for me.

♪ Where the love
circles around us,

like the gifts
around our tree. ♪

♪ Well, I know there's
no snow up in Colorado,

the might of we'll ever see. ♪

♪ But a tender
Tennessee Christmas

is the only
Christmas for me. ♪

♪ A tender Tennessee Christmas
is the only Christmas for me. ♪



Unicorn slippers,
thank you!

Knock, knock, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Paul!

I got unicorn


And Olivia,
this is for you.

Thank you.

I got you all a
little something.

You didn't have
to do that.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Oh my.


What is that?

Know what it is?

Backpack bunny!


Thank you.

Oh, sweetie,
Merry Christmas.

[doorbell jingling]

Who could that be?

I don't know.


Merry Christmas,


How, how did you?

When we got wind
of the storm,

we knew we had to
come in person.

I am so sorry we couldn't get
the boxes out in this storm.

Oh, don't be sorry, we knew that
you couldn't ship the order

out to us, so
we came to you.

And we did run
across the nicest man

who was also coming
to White Pines.

He said he had to
take care of something,

but he wanted me to give
this to you, Allison.

What is it?


I think it's
from Matthew.


It's an angel.

It's an angel.

Now the shepherds
know where to go!


What, what is that?

Um, it's an option to
terminate a contract.

And where did this
beautiful chair come from?


This will look
great in here.

Would you like some help
taking these boxes of cookies

to your car?

Mr. Claus: Oh, we didn't drive,

not in these snowy
road conditions.


[horse neighing]


[horse neighing]


- Best of luck.
- Thanks so much, Clive.


Thank you, Matthew.

Hey, Allison.



Let me explain

Rebecca, she convinced
Clive to sign.

She told him that you signed
off, I mean she even forged your

signature on the copy to
make him believe that you

were giving up.

Wait, what?

He thought he might as well
sell to us for more money

if you had given up.

Rebecca's trick almost worked,
but she spelt your name wrong.

I knew that you
would never sign.


It's not everything.

I know you promised Clive
you'd buy his shop,

but that, that
can't happen anymore.

Well, why not?

Well, because...
I bought it.

Gilbert and Sons Custom
Furniture just got a new branch.

Did you like
the chair?


Olivia, thank you.

When I first came here, I
couldn't remember what was

really important in my
life until I met you.

Your passion for, for your
family, for what you do, for

this town and the legacy of
this place, it's inspired me,

it's inspired me to want
to build something.

I don't mean
just furniture,

I mean I want to build
something with you.

You do?

Oh yeah, I do.

Stack 'em up
good, ho-ho-ho-ho.

I drove all night to get here,
and the roads were closed

a couple of miles back and
this couple picked me up

in their sleigh.

I swear they
look just like...


I want to build
something with you, too.

Mrs. Claus: Hey love birds!


Thanks for the lift!

Merry Christmas!

- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!


Allison: Merry Christmas!

Matthew: Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

Enjoy your

All: Merry Christmas!


Here comes
a reindeer.

Well look at you,
you're flying.

Yeah, you're
flying, too.


My little