A Christmas Wedding Date (2012) - full transcript

After being fired, Rebecca hours back to her old home town to attend her friends wedding on Christmas Eve and visit her mother. But when she tries to return home she finds she must relive Christmas Eve over and over until she gets it right.

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one hundred.

You look fabulous.

"Gannon-Foley Investment Bank
announces merger with Lincoln."

"Expectations run high."


They most certainly do.


Fired? But it's Christmas.

Not fired.
Just phased out.


you did a fantastic job
with the merger,

but with the consolidation,
your position here just
is no longer required.

But I thought that
I was being promoted to...

senior vice president?

Yes!No. Sorry.

I trusted you.

You said that you were
gonna take care of me.

The company is prepared
to offer you a very generous
severance package.

But I made this deal happen!

Becks, come on.
It's Christmas. All right?

Splurge a little.
Go on an exotic holiday.

Treat your boyfriend
to something special.

You know that I'm single.

Then treat your cat.

How do you know
I have a cat?

Come on. Every single woman
in your age group has a cat.

Becks, now don't
get angry, all right?

Business is business.
You know that.

Here. A token
of our appreciation.


It says, "To Barry."

Whoop! Here we go.
This one.


Merry Christmas!

Send in Barry.
Thank you.



You, too?

Yeah. Me, too.

So, what are you gonna do?


I guess, I'll start
by returning the gifts I bought.

Get my money back.
Sorry, Rebecca.

That's okay.
I didn't buy you anything.

Then I guess I'll drive down to
Florida and spend the holidays
with my folks. How about you?

Well, I'm not gonna let
the dust settle on this one.

I made this merger happen.
I could do it again.

This time with someone
who appreciates me.

This is Rebecca.


I haven't gotten your RSVP.

I'm getting worried.

I'm sorry.

I've been swamped with work.

In that case, I think
you should take some time off

and celebrate by getting
your workaholic butt here
for my wedding.

I don't know. I haven't been
home since my dad passed away.

That was three years ago.

Don't you think
it's been enough time?

No, I don't.

Plus things are still really
strained between my mom and I.

Come on. Live a little.
Get on a plane.

It's 78 degrees
in sunny Santa Mira.

I'll talk to you later.You better.

Mr. Richardson, hi.

Yeah, I'm sure that you
heard about the big deal

that I engineered between
Gannon-Foley and Lincoln.

Yes, you're right.
That merger was very, very big.
Now, here's the deal.

I am prepared to bring that
exact same kind of expertise
to Ketchum & Mitchell.

Yes. Yes, that is right,
but I only want to move up.

Okay? No lateral moves
for Rebecca Wesley.

I mean, that wouldn't make
very much sense now, would it?

Great. Great. Yeah, I would
love to speak with you.

How does, um,
Christmas Day sound?

Oh, you're going to be
with your family? Oh.

Yes, of course. I'm also
very close with my family, so...

I will call you Monday.
Thank you.

Okay, let's see.

Hi, this is Rebecca Wesley.
Is Mr. Madison in?

Oh, not till after Christmas.

Yeah... No, no message.
I'll just call back.
Thank you.

What is with these people
and Christmas?

Doesn't anyone have a life?

What do you think?

Should I go to this thing?

[sighs] If you're giving me
a bum steer, you're getting
coal in your stocking.

Mom? Hey, it's me.

♪ Well, it's
a California Christmas ♪

♪ And it's the best time
of the year ♪

♪ Put away your boots
and your big snowsuits ♪

♪ 'Cause you won't
need 'em here ♪

♪ Pack up all the surfboards
and get ready to go ♪

♪ You can wear
your sandals... ♪

So, home for Christmas, eh?

Oh, just Christmas Eve.

A wedding, actually.

Ah! Christmas weddings
are the best.

Who's the lucky guy?

Oh, no. No, it's not me.

I'm just a guest.

Oh, sorry, Miss.

Don't be.

I mean, honestly, who has time
for relationships these days?

And marriage?
Seems like one big investment.

Big investment?

And like many investments,
a lot of them go bust.

Well, I never figured
marriage that way.

I always thought a marriage
is a gift you give yourself.

Some gift. I like
to be more practical.

Ah, people spend
too much time worrying
about unimportant things.

You said it.

Hey! Look out!What? Whoa!


Sorry. So sorry, Miss.Ow!

Oh!You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Maybe you could be more careful.

Hmm. The course of a mighty
river is changed as it bends.

That's very profound.
Was that your horoscope?

No. Chinese fortune cookie
from lunch.


And here you go, Miss.

Thank you.Yeah.

Oh, before I forget.

Uh, for the pretty lady.
Merry Christmas.

Oh, that's okay.
I left my tree
in my other purse.

Oh, no.
I want you to keep it.

It'll brighten up your day.


Don't mention it, Rebecca.

How did you know my name?

I have magical powers.

Plus, it's written on
your luggage tag here. Yeah.


[clears throat]

keep the change.Wow!

Merry Christmas.

You got that?

Yeah. Thanks.

Home sweet home.



You actually came.
I can't believe it.

I can't either.

Oh, my baby.
Let me help you in.

Okay.I made
your favorite cookies.

Peanut butter.Ah, great!

Carbs. Yum.Oh!

There you go.

Are you sure you're not moving
back for good with all this?

No. I'm leaving
bright and early on the 25th.

Just the way you like them.


Come on. Let's
get you settled, huh?


It's been strange
living here alone.

Um... Hmm.

I never got around
to changing anything.

There was no reason, really.

Yeah, I can see that.


Chad, he was such a nice guy.
And so handsome, too, wasn't he?

Huh. Handsome? Yes.


Looks can be deceiving.

You were all
so young,

and now Allison's
getting married.

Where did the years go?

Oh, they go.

Yeah. Time just keeps
moving on, doesn't it?

It's not like there's
anything you can do to stop it.

Why would you want to?

So, are you going
to the wedding?

I've got to open the diner.

It's pretty dead around
the holidays, but the sign
says open seven days a week.

Well, business
is business, right?

Well, there are people
who depend on me, you know.

Folks with no family.
Where would they go
if I wasn't there for them?

Why do you care?

I don't know, Rebecca.
I just do.

Take some nice pictures
at the ceremony, okay?

Oh, I'm sure they'll post
a bunch online.

Well, I'm not really
good at that stuff,
so thank you.

I will take
some pictures for you then.

You know, couldn't you
possibly take a later flight?

Why would I do that?

I don't know.
I don't know.

It's just that...

I've haven't seen you
in a long, long time.


Your dad died.
You never visited.

You never called.
Is it me?

No, it's not you, Mom.

I just... I'm busy.

Mom, wait.


That's lovely.

I want you to have it.

Thank you.

You know, this is

the first gift you've
given me in a long time.

But it's beautiful.

Thank you.

I'll see you later?

It's good to have you home.

[bell tolls]

[phone ringing]

Hello? Hi, honey.

Are you still asleep?

No. No, I'm up. Good.

Because Allison stopped in
for coffee this morning,

and she said the wedding
starts at one o'clock.

I'm late!

[kids laughing]


Hi! How about
an ice-skating package
for you and the sweetheart?

We got a Christmas Eve
half-day special.I'm actually single.

Maybe you'll meet somebody.I don't know how to skate.

How about a lesson?How about not?

I'll be here all day tomorrow
morning if you change your mind!

Skate to be great! Oh...

Would you like to buy
some Christmas cookies?


No, I don't want
to buy any cookies.

Cookies make you fat, and
especially during the holidays,

there's a lot
of temptation.

So, no, I don't want
to buy your cookies.



It's me, Jenny!


Remember? Big Jenny.


Wow! You look great.


I know! And check
these beauties out.

Well, well, well.

Don't they look real?
Touch 'em.

Yeah, that's okay.
I'm trying to reduce
my carbon footprint.

I'm so surprised
that you're here.

Allison wasn't sure
you were gonna make it at all.

Oh, well, you know,
I had an unexpected opening
in my schedule,

so here I am.


Hello, Molly.


What a wonderful surprise.

I didn't think
that you were coming.

Too big and important
for such trivial occasions

as your
best friend's wedding.

Oh, no,
I was always coming.

I think my RSVP
just got lost in the mail.

Really? Hmm.

Then why aren't you
a bridesmaid?

Come on, Jennifer.
They're calling for us.

See you later?

Sure. Good luck.

Some people never change.

♪ ["Hark!
The Herald Angels Sing" plays]

♪ ["The Wedding March" plays]

♪ Here comes the bride

♪ All dressed in... white

♪ Here she comes Here she comes ♪

♪ So outta sight

Life is a journey.

It takes each of us down
a unique, twisting road.

This is for you, Mom.Then without a map

or a GPS system,
some people might get lost.


But every journey
begins with a plan,

whether we know it
or not.

All we need is to trust
in His wisdom.

There is always a destination
at the end of the road,

no matter how many times
it may double back on us.

This is one of life's
many miracles.

And another miracle...

is that we don't have to embark
on this journey alone.

When Allison and Mark

told me that they met
at a Christmas party
many years ago,

I realized why
this was such a special day.

And here we are
on this magical Christmas Eve

to join them in the beginning
of their journey as one.

The ring is traditionally placed
on the fourth finger

because the ancient Greeks
believed that there was
a vein in that finger

that led directly to the heart.

Always loved that.

May I now have
the rings, please?

Thank you.

Thank you.


I don't...
I'm looking.

I don't have it.
Sorry, I don't have it.

Does anyone have a ring
we could borrow?

[guests murmuring]

Ah. Thank you.

Thank you.

These rings

mark the beginning
of the long journey
you will take together.

Wear them proudly,

for they are the symbol
of the love that you have

for each other.

You may place the ring
on her finger.

Can I have a water,

Thank you.You're welcome.

Oh, Beckster!

God, Becks,
you look so hot.

And you look so... you.

Yeah! I wish you'd keep
my hands to yourself.


Wow. It's been 10 years,
and that's the best
you can come with?

Yeah. Well, if you were drunk,
I'd be way hotter.

Good one, bro.

I just thought of that.

Chad, it's really good
to see you, man.

Good to see you, Coach.It's been a while,
long time.

I remember that
35-yard pass. Brought us
to the state championship.

That was a good one.Yeah, it was
really a good one.

It's really great
to see you, Coach.

Thanks.I'll talk to you soon.


♪ It's funny
how time doesn't fly ♪

♪ Isn't life all about
second chances? ♪

Wow. It's been a long time.

Ten years, four months
and, um, three days.

What you drinking?
My treat.

Oh, it's just water,

and it's an open bar.

That's right, it is.

How's the restaurant business?

Oh, you heard about that?Yeah.

Allison posted
something online.

The guy who burned
macaroni and cheese
in Home Ec is now a chef.

That must be very nice.

And, uh, what else
is going on?

Got a boyfriend?
You secretly married?

Well, my friends say
that I'm married to my job.

How about you?

Well, after college,
I went to Paris,
learned to cook.

I spent seven years there.
I met a girl.

Thought I had
everything figured out,
but I figured wrong.

That fell apart
three years ago.

She was always on the go,
always had someplace else
she needed to be

that was more important.

Our lives didn't mesh.

Too busy to settle down.
Imagine that.

So I came back here a year ago
and opened up my restaurant,
and I'm not sorry I did.

I really love it here.
I missed it.


I'm not interrupting
anything, am I?

I was hoping
to grab a drink...

and a kiss.

Just like old times.

Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

The Pioneers!
A mighty sight!

The Pioneers
will win tonight!

Go, Pioneers,
fight, fight, fight!

You know what they say.

You can take the boys
out of high school.

Last one.


[snorting laugh]

♪ Ain't got no Tannenbaum

♪ With the lights all aglow

♪ And nobody underneath
my mistletoe ♪

Mm, you see Jim?

Oh, my God. Hey.How about another piece?

I don't want any more.

All right, give it here.

And then there was
Mr. Elliman.

Does anyone remember him?

I did not have crush
on Mr. Elliman!

Ooh, Elliman.

More like the Helliman.

She's making it up.
I swear.

Speaking of crushes,
how come you two broke up?

In high school,
you were inseparable.

Study hall, lunch period.

I don't know. Why don't you ask
Miss Hot Pants over there.

Don't look at me.

I know how to keep
my man happy.

Look, Rebecca went to New York,
and I went to Paris.

Well, I wouldn't have
let this one get away.

All right, all right,
if I could get everybody's
attention, please.

I'd like to introduce
you all to a very special
friend of the bride's.

She's your maid of honor,
Molly Townsend!


As I look around the room today,
I can see just how much has
happened since high school.

Some folks
have gained weight.

Some have had babies.

Some folks have let
their hair grow out,

and others have let
their hair fall out.

And many people have found
a soul mate and fallen in love.

All I want to know is,
what took you guys so long?

[snorting laugh]

I thought even Rebecca
would've been married by now!

[snorting laugh]
Who knew?

Thank you.

How was the wedding?


Not now, Mom!

Chad's here.

Thank you, Mrs. Wesley.You're welcome.


Your mom always did make
the best apple pie.

I'm not really in the mood
for small-town chit-chat, Chad.

Can I help you?

I really just wanted
to talk to you.

I'm just not really
in a chatty mood.

Look, what Molly said at
the wedding was inappropriate.

She is just jealous because
you seem to have everything,

and she's still
a cocktail waitress.

A cocktail waitress?

Yeah. Well, um, anyway,
after all these years,

she's still just
a really mean girl.

Yeah, it doesn't
matter anyway, though.

Because, like you said,
I do have everything.

Fair enough.
It's not like you're stuck
in this one-horse town.

I never said this was
a one-horse town.


I just meant
it's not New York.

Do you ever think about it?

Think about what?

What might have happened
if... you hadn't walked away?


I don't waste my time
on unproductive pursuits
such as daydreaming.


Look, I've seen you once
in the past ten years.

What do you expect?

I don't know.
We're both adults.

Let's take a chance.

We were good once.

We were perfect together.

I used to think that, too.


So, have lunch with me tomorrow.

Why don't you ask Molly?

I have something
pretty important I need
to get back to New York for.

is business, right?


So long, Becky.
Safe travels.

I hope you get
everything you wanted.

I already have it.

I meant for Christmas.

See you, Mrs. Wesley.Bye, Chad.

He's still crazy about you.

He had his chance.

It's all water
under the bridge now.

You're still angry.

He betrayed me.

That was in high school.

It doesn't matter
when it was, Mom.

I was so na ve.
I trusted him.

And, honestly, I thought
that I would feel differently,

but you should have
seen them today.

She still wants him.

But he wants you.

People always want
what they can't have.

So I've heard.

What does that feel like?

I'm going home.

♪ The first time
I saw you I knew ♪

♪ A spark
that I couldn't undo ♪

♪ Not even if I wanted to

♪ And in this moment

♪ I saw my life
pass before me ♪

♪ And I knew
that it was love ♪

♪ Oh, love

♪ Come on, let's find a way

♪ I'll paint you...

[bell tolls]



Ooh!Hey, you're up early.

I was just
getting ready to leave.
Are you going somewhere?

Oh, yeah. My taxi's
gonna be here in a minute.

Your taxi?

I know we didn't get much time
to see each other,

but I promise you,
I'm going to be back soon.

You're leaving now?

Time and taxis
wait for no man, Mom.

Please tell Aunt Kay
and Uncle Gene I said hi.

But what about the wedding?Oh, it was lovely.

A real tearjerker.Aren't you going?

I already went.
It was yesterday.

Christmas Eve, remember?

Today is Christmas Day.

See?No, that's tomorrow.

Today is Saturday.

Mom, don't you think
it's a little early
to be spiking the eggnog?

Honey, I may be getting on,
but I know what day it is.

That's impossible.



Are you okay?

This is yesterday's paper.

I don't think so.

Hey, there's a big concert
in the park tonight.

Mom, please, not now.
I got to go.
I'll be right back.

This is crazy.
This is from yesterday.

They must just not
have changed it.

How's the vacation?


I told you
you'd have fun.

What happened to you?
You were supposed to pick me up
at eight o'clock.

Yeah, eight o'clock,
Christmas morning.

That's tomorrow.

Today is not
Christmas Eve.

Yes, it is.

Ok, so when you
picked me up at the airport,
that was yesterday?

Is something wrong?

Yes. Yes.
Yesterday is wrong.

And what happened
to yesterday?

Not yesterday, Friday,
but the other yesterday.


What are you looking at?

Oh, don't cause a scene,
Rebecca. They can't see me.

What do you mean they can't
see you? You're right...

Oh, I get it.

I hit my head on
the taxi window when you
swerved to miss that car.

So, this isn't real.
I'm dreaming, right?

Rebecca, it's Christmastime.
Don't you believe in magic?


All you need to know
is that when a soul like yours
is stuck in a destructive cycle,

fate will step in
and show you the way.

Hey, listen. I am not stuck in
a self-destructive cycle, okay?

I am exactly where I'm supposed
to be, Mister Whoever You Are.

Well, then why
is this happening to you?

Okay. I will play along,
Mr. Destiny.

How will fate show me
the error of my ways?

Oh, I can't tell you that.

Why not?

Because it's fate.

Okay. So, what?
I'm stuck here?

I need to keep
doing the same thing
over and over again?


How many times?

Until you find
the answer to the question.

And what is the question?


Why is the question?



That's deep.

You're back! I was
just writing you a note.

I got to go to work.

It's pretty dead
around the holidays,
but the sign

[Rebecca & Shirley]
says open seven days a week.

I guess I'll just
see you later.

The ring is traditionally placed
on the fourth finger

because the ancient Greeks
believed that there was a vein

in that finger that led
directly to the heart.

Always loved that.

May I now have
the rings, please?

Thank you.Thank you.

Rick!I don't...

I'm looking.
I don't have it.

I don't have it.

[pastor chuckles]

Does anyone have a ring
we could borrow?

Ah. Thank you.


God, Becks,
you look so hot.

Forget about her, man.
Come on!

♪ It's funny
how time doesn't fly ♪

♪ Isn't life all about
second chances? ♪

Hey, Chad.
How are you?

How you been?
It's been awhile.
Yeah, I know, I know.

What you been up to?
I don't know, a little
of this, a little of that.


It's been awhile.
I thought maybe you'd...

I'd forgiven you?

Uh, I was gonna say
I was hoping you'd missed me.

Do you ever get
the feeling

that you've done
something before?

Like déjà vu?

No, like you and I

having this conversation
in this exact same spot.

I'm sorry.
If this is a joke,
I'm not getting it.

Bartender, can I get
another one, please?

Thank you.

Whoa, whoa.

Okay, Molly's gonna be
coming over here soon,

and she is going
to ask if she's
interrupting something.

Then she's gonna say
that she would like to have
a drink and a make-out session.

Then those Neanderthals
over there are going to
start chugging back shots

and reciting
our high school fight song.

I'm not interrupting
anything, am I?

I was hoping we could grab
a drink and a kiss.

Wait, wait, wait. Are you guys
in on this together?

In on what?

Go ahead, Chad.
Don't keep the lady waiting.

[wedding guests]
Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

The Pioneers!
A mighty sight!

The Pioneers
will win tonight!

Go, Pioneers,
fight, fight, fight!

Like they say,

you can take the boys
out of high school...

That's crazy.
That's exactly what
I was about to say.

I know.

What's going on here?

Wish I knew.

Hey, look.

Last one.


[snorting laugh][cheers, applause]

♪ Ain't got no Tannenbaum

♪ With the lights all aglow

And then there was
Mr. Elliman.

Did anyone remember him?

I did not have a crush
on Mr. Elliman.

Ooh, Elliman.

More like Mr. Helliman.

She's making it up.

I swear.

Going somewhere?

Are you leaving?

Yeah, I have to go.

Rebecca, what's going on?

Yeah, you're gonna miss
Molly's toast.

Here, here,
let me walk you out.

No, no, I'm fine.

You guys have fun.


All right, all right!
If I could get everybody's
attention, please.

Carrousel Air.
Can I help you?

Yes, you most
certainly can.

I have a return flight to
New York for tomorrow morning,

but I would like to change that
and leave this evening.

Can you do that?

That could be
a problem, Miss...

Rebecca Wesley.
Yeah, my flight is scheduled
for tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.

Can you look that up?

Is that tomorrow tomorrow
or Christmas Day?

Well, tomorrow
is Christmas Day.

I'm very disappointed, Rebecca.

You're really not embracing
the question that fate
has led you to.

Wait a second.
Who is this?

Your ticket is valid

on Christmas Day
and not a day sooner.

I'm sorry.


[bell tolls]

[bell tolls]


I need to talk to you.

I'm a little busy right now.
Is it important?

During the wedding, you said
that life was a journey,

and even though
the road may double back,

it's all part
of this master plan,
or something like that.

How do you know that?

Oh, please, I just need
to know what it all means.

But I... I just wrote this
this morning, and I haven't
shown it to anyone.

When you say double back,
do you mean literally?

Well, I meant that...

or I will mean that

although there are many
obstacles and unexpected
turns in the road

that we all eventually end up
where we're supposed to be.

So God pushes us?

Think of it more as a nudge.

Huh. And how long
before this, you know,
this little nudge comes along?

Well, that depends.

Could you maybe
ball-park it for me?

I really can't.


Because it's fate.

How did I know you
were going to say that?


[kids laughing]

[Rebecca gasps]

Wow. That looks
so very refreshing.


Hey, hey. Hey! Hey!

I paid for these.

The uglier the better.

Well, this is
pretty hideous. Perfect.



Wow. You recognize me?

Mm-hmm, yeah.
Oh, and by the way,
those new boobs look fabulous.

You can tell they're fake?

Rebecca, what
a wonderful surprise.

I didn't think
that you were coming.

Too big and important
for such trivial occasions

as your best friend's wedding.

Are you kidding?

And pass up the opportunity

to watch you humiliate me in
front of the entire reception?

I don't think so.

What?By the way,

if you want to kiss Chad,
just go right ahead.

If that was fun ten years ago,
think of how much better
it'll be now that you've...



The ring is traditionally placed
on the fourth finger

because the ancient Greeks
believed that there was
a vein in that finger

that led directly to the heart.

Always loved that.

May I now have
the rings, please?

Thank you.



I don't... I don't...
I don't have it.

I'm sorry.
I don't have it.
I'm sorry.


does anybody have a ring
we can borrow?





These rings...

Chug! Chug! Chug!

A mighty sight!

The Pioneers
will win tonight!

Go, Pioneers,
fight, fight, fight!

[shouting, cheering]

what are you doing?

I'm having a good time.

Try not to enjoy
yourself too much.

You might regret it
in the morning.

I wish.

Wanna go again?

Yeah! Hit me!

You want some Chad?

No, thanks.
I had a beer bong
for breakfast.

You're funny!

Tyler Sandowski?

Now, that's a low
even for her desperation.

She's just having fun.

You're a good dancer.


You wanna get out of here?I thought you'd never ask.

Gotta say...
you're smokin' hot today!

And you are smokin' drunk.

How come
we never hooked up?

Oh, I don't know.
Maybe because the thought
of it makes me wanna puke.

No one will notice
in that dress.

Yeah, that's
kind of the idea.

Hmm, yeah.


I'm just gonna...

Gotta go. Bye.

Hey. Where you going?

Excuse me.

what is with you?

What are you
talking about?

You're ignoring
all your friends.

You made a fool of yourself
in front of the whole wedding,

and then you go and make out
with Tyler Sandowski?

Like you're so perfect?


Do you think I don't
remember Gage's party?

You and Molly?
She had her hands
all over you.

Who are you? What...

What happened
to the old Rebecca?

The one that I
fell in love with?

The one you cheated on?

Yeah, she's gone now.

She's been replaced
by a better Rebecca.

The new stronger,
smarter, savvier Rebecca
is in charge now.

Is she?Mm-hmm.

Yeah, I make things go my way,
or they don't go at all.


Just leave me alone.


What you run off
like that for?

It was embarrassing,

and I was just
trying to be nice.

There are a lot of girls here.
Why don't you go be nice
to one of them?

But I thought
we had something going?

We did. And, thankfully,
that's gone now.
I have a headache.

Why don't you let me kiss it
and make it feel all better?

Am I right,
or am I right?

You're right.
I do feel much better.


[dishes shattering][woman screaming]

[man shouting][loud crash]

[screaming, shouting]

I'll be back!

There isn't a jail made
that can hold me!



[bell tolls][shrieks]

I didn't think
you'd be up so early.

I was just getting ready
to go to work.

I couldn't sleep.

Oh, black, no sugar.

Just the way you like it.


Can I ask you a question?

What is it, honey?

Did I come home
alone last night?

I don't think you even
left the house. Why?

I don't know.

I feel like I am stuck
in this bad dream

and I can't wake up.

I feel like
I'm losing my mind.

Under a lot of pressure lately?

I mean, I guess.

I wish I knew what to do.

Well, whenever I'm
feeling stuck,

I... I do something
I've never done before.

Just cut loose, you know?[chuckles]

Yeah, I know.

I actually already did that.


I got arrested.


How'd that go?

Pretty good, actually.

I've got to get
to the diner.

But think about
what I said, you know?
Just keep it simple.

And legal.

Hey, Mom?


You don't have to go
to work today, do you?

I mean...

I thought maybe we could
spend the day together.

That doesn't sound like you.

I know.

Well, it's not the same
since your father passed away,

but I really can't imagine
this town without it.

So many memories.

I know.

All of them good ones.

I should've come home
after Dad died.

I should've helped you.

You wanted a career.

I wanted an excuse.

I was a pretty good
daddy's girl, but...

I'm lousy daughter.

I don't blame you
for being angry with me.


Is that why you
stayed away all these years,

because you thought
I was angry with you?

I mean, you have
every right to be.

Disappointed, yes...

but not angry.

You are my daughter.

Your Dad and I
were always so proud of you.

I'm so sorry, Mom.

Oh...So sorry.

It's all right.

It's always been all right.

You hungry?

I'll fix you something to eat.


You should go easy
with that, you know.

It's a good little hike
to Allison's wedding.

I know.

I'm wearing holes
in my shoes.

You wanna borrow my car?Mm, that's okay.

I can afford a ride
if I need one.

Oh, good.

Besides, hmm...

I have a company
expense account.

How nice. They give you
your own credit card?

Yeah, and they pay
for everything, too.

Wow. They sound
like very nice people.

They really are.

Wait till you see the Christmas
present they're about to buy me.

And Scrooge dressed himself
all in his best

and at last got out
into the streets,

wishing everyone he met a merry Christmas.

Mr. Fred! Come in, come in!

[indistinct audio]

Oh, you're very welcome. You, too, ma'am.

I only hope that our lowly feast is to your liking.

Oh, Rebecca,
pay attention, please.

Merry Christmas, Bob! Mr. Scrooge!

So, how's
your Christmas Eve going?

Oh, it's going great.

I mean, how often do you get
to attend the same wedding
five or six times?


Yeah, you're darn right.

So, I see you're having
a good time.

Is that your Porsche
parked in the driveway?

Mm-hmm. I figure if I have
to keep doing the same day
over and over again,

might as well do it in style.

And isn't that
what credit cards are for?

Rebecca, can I give you
some advice?

Can I stop you?

Christmas is not about
fancy cars or fancy clothes.

Instead of thinking about things
you can hold in your hand,

it's time to think about things
you can hold in your heart.

Have you been reading
your fortune cookie again?

No, not this time.

Well, if you're
talking about Chad,

it's all water
under the bridge.

Is it?

Mr. Scrooge! [laughing]

Merry Christmas,
Mr. Scrooge!

I wonder.



Cheese and bacon rock.

I forgot
how much I miss this.

I thought you city girls
watched your weight.

We do, but even us city girls
can indulge during the holidays.


Well, well,
the bride to be! Hi!

Coffee?Thank you.

Come on. Sit down.
Look who's here.

Hi.Becky, you made it!

Oh, my goodness,
of course.

I wouldn't miss this day
even if I could.

Have a seat.

Oh. Hungry, huh?

You want some?No, thanks.

I don't wanna be fat.Well, I don't either.

I mean, thin is in, and I
will be starting my new diet
on Christmas Day.

Thanks, Mom.You're welcome.

Can I get you
anything to eat?

How about a poached egg
on a dry piece of wheat toast?


I have worked my butt off
to lose 15 pounds
for this wedding.

You know, it's funny.

We live our lives according to
these perfect little schedules.

You know, we get diet tips,
how to stay in shape,
how to land a husband.

And for what?

When is the last time
anyone kind of sat back

and let things happen?

Is that really you talking?

The girl who couldn't
stop working long enough
to come home for Christmas?

She's around here somewhere.

It's really good to see you.

I feel like every time
we talk on the phone,

I just feel like
you're drifting away.

Yeah, maybe I was.

But I think coming home has
really helped me to take stock.

You know? I've been doing
a lot of thinking.

Here you go.


Have you talked to Chad?
He was asking about you at
the rehearsal dinner last night.

I have a question.

How come he and Molly never got
together after I went away?

Why you talking about?

Well, you know,
Molly, remember?

They hooked up at Gage's
party in twelfth grade?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Don't you remember?

He made out with her.

Wait. Is that
what you think?

You think that Molly and Chad
were having some hot romance
behind your back?

That's the truth, isn't it?

Is that really why
you broke up with him?

Well, that and, you know,
we just kind of drifted apart.

Oh, well, last time I checked,
you're here and he's here,

so why don't you drift
back together again?

Well, I think I'm gonna go.

Big day ahead of me.

Yeah. You're not
gonna eat that?No.

Oh, okay. Cool.

Good luck.Thanks.

I'll see you later.

You know it.

♪ It's funny how time
doesn't fly ♪

♪ Isn't life all about
second chances? ♪


After all these years,
you still remember.

Of course. Feels like
it was just yesterday.

Did you get a load
that ceremony?

It tied the knot.

It certainly did.

I'm not interrupting
anything, am I?

No, you're not interrupting.
We're just talking. Right?

Actually, this is an "A"
and "B" conversation.

You could just
"C" your way out of it.

Wow, so high school.

Let me guess. You two
never resolved your issues?

Take a walk with me?

Be scared not to.

Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

Thank you.You're welcome.

Well, that
must be challenging,
running a restaurant.

It has its moments.Hmm.

I just feel like
I would be so worried
about what people thought.

Is the food good enough?
Is the service okay?

And if it isn't,
are people gonna tell me?

Well, sometimes you just
got to trust your instincts.

Well, that's easy
for you to say.

I have trouble
trusting people.

You have problems
trusting yourself?


You know, sometimes we
lie to ourselves, Chad.

That's true.

And I wouldn't be lying
if I told you

that I'm really happy
you're standing here right now.

No lie?

No lie.

I'm really sorry.

For what?

All these years,
I shut you out

because you cheated
on me with Molly,

and I should have
confronted you so you could
explain what happened.

Rebecca, I don't know what
you heard or who told you,
but I never cheated on you.

I was crazy about you.

I guess it's
not important now.

You know, when I heard
you weren't coming,

that you'd gotten all successful
and too busy to be bothered,

I thought to myself, "That's
not the Rebecca I remember."

Not the girl
I fell in love with.

I'm saying I was wrong.
We all were.

We thought you got
all big city on us,

but that's not
the girl who's standing
in front of me right now.

Yes, it is.

The girl who's too busy
for her friends,

who can't be bothered
to comfort her own mother.

That girl is me.

I don't believe it.

You're here, aren't you?

Yeah, I am.

And I bet you're having
a little bit of fun, too.

Well, I did sucker punch
a guy and get arrested.

So, what do you
do for fun?

I don't even know
where to start.

Well, what about
ice skating?

Ice skating?Mm-hmm.

You hated ice skating.

Well, no.
I hated falling down.

But people change.

Do you not remember
falling on your face

and almost breaking
your wrist?

That was then,
and this is now.

Are you scared?No!

I thought you
were in a big hurry
to get out of town.

I'm done with schedules
and regimens.

Hi. I would like
to sign up for some
skating lessons, please.

At your service.

So, you finally want
to learn how to cook?

Well, I want
to impress a friend.


And this special friend

wouldn't happen to be
a chef, would he?

He might be.

Then we better start
with the simple stuff.

Oh, yes.


The most important part
about ice skating is
knowing how to balance.

It's just like
roller skating,
only you're on ice.

Capiche?I think I got it.


Let's give it a try.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.Whoa.

Steady.Whoa, whoa.

Good, good.



Here we go.Oh, my God.

Now, I want you to kick off
with your right foot
and slowly glide out.

Get a little momentum going.
Okay? Nice and easy.

Come on. Go ahead.
Go ahead.

Good. That's it.

Easy. Careful.



Stay down.


Oh, sorry, baby.

How am I doing, Sam?

Never better, tiger!

Look out, world!


There is always a destination
at the end of the road.

No matter how many times
it may double back on us,

And that...

is one of life's
great miracles.[Rebecca snoring]

[snoring continues]And...

another miracle might...

Is she snoring?


[bell tolls]

Thank you.

♪ It's funny
how time doesn't fly ♪

♪ Isn't life
all about second chances? ♪

Wow. Becky, I was hoping
you were gonna make it.

When'd you get in?Yesterday.

My mom had to open the diner,
so I figured why not
come ice skating.

They're having
a Christmas Eve morning special.

You wanna be my partner?

I haven't seen you
in over 10 years,

and the first thing
you do is ask me to go
ice skating with you?

Is this a trick question?

People change.

I've changed.

You hated ice skating.

I'm just, you know,
trying to broaden my horizons.

Plus, I have resolved to do
something different every day.

Seriously?Well, no, actually,

I just keep doing
the same thing over
and over and over again,

but, anyway, the point is
I'm here and you're here.

You wanna skate
with me or not?

Yeah. Let's do it.

Can you do me
a favor real quick?

Sure.Just text Rick

and tell him
to bring the wedding ring.


Just trust me.


Hey, hey.[Rebecca]
Hey, Joe.

Came for my skates.

Can I help you?

Yes. Blue box
under the counter.

Just my size.

Hey, how's the baby?

What?Your wife.

She delivered
last night, right?

Right. How do you know?

Seven pounds,
four ounces.

And won't your father-in-law
be surprised when he finds out
you named him after him.

Hiram. Now there's
a name you can work with.
Have a cigar.

Thanks.You coming?




You okay?

I think I...Oh, God! Are you okay?

I'm okay.

All right.
That was a good one.

[kids laughing]


Very smooth.

Thank you.


How was
your morning skating?

Great. Just great.


Come on!
I got a mortgage!

Would you like to buy
some Christmas cookies?

Yeah. Actually, I would love to.

How many boxes would you like?

I'll take them all.

Merry Christmas.

Thank you.

Merry Christmas.

Oh, thank you.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.Thank you.

Here you go.Thank you.

Merry Christmas.




Oh, I've missed you
so much.

You look great.
You've lost weight, right?

It's so sweet of you
to notice.

I would love
to stay and chat,
but I have to go inside.

Catch up
with you later?Okay.



I just love what you've
done with your hair.

Uh, thanks.

Oh, and one more thing.

If you so much
as look at Chad,

I'll pull every hair
out of your lying head.

See you guys later.

Hey, guys, did you
not get the memo?

You've been replaced.
You're fired.


We'll see you at the reception,
but no more singing.

The ring is traditionally placed
on the fourth finger

because the ancient Greeks
believed that a vein
from that finger

was connected to the heart.

Always loved that.

May I now have the rings?

Thank you.

Thank you.

These rings
mark the beginning

of your long
journey together.

Wear them proudly,

for they represent the love
you have for each other.

You may place the ring
on her finger.

Take and wear this ring
as a symbol of my love.

With it, I wed you and
give you my body, my soul,

and my heart.

You may place the ring
on his finger.

Take and wear this ring
as a symbol of my love.

With it, I wed you and commit
my life to you forever.

I now pronounce man and wife.

You may kiss your bride.


And did you notice
Jennifer's new look?

Well, I think
she looks great.

You know,
like a TV weather girl.


You know, I'm stunned.
I'm absolutely stunned.

How so?

It's you.

Everyone said
you were going to change,

but you're still
the same fun-loving,

warm, generous girl
you were 12 years ago.

You haven't missed a beat.Oh, I've missed a few.

I missed you.

I've missed you, too.

What ever happened to us?

Oh, I could tell you,

but you would just laugh.

It's that silly.

Think we're just
water under the bridge?

Not if we
don't want to be.

Even the course
of a mighty river
is changed as it bends.

Very profound.

Thank you.

You trust me?

Here we go.

We're almost there.

Okay.Sorry about
the long walk.

Yeah.All right, there's
a chair right here.

Go ahead
and have a seat.

Take off your blindfold.


Wow. What's all this?

Well, I wanted
to cook you dinner,
and you have to be honest.

I didn't know you cooked.

And you also didn't know
that I skated.

Dinner is served.

Oh, this looks amazing.
What are we having?

It's a turkey mushroom risotto
with white truffle.


Go ahead.

Is it terrible?


No, no.
It's perfect, actually.

Better than I
can make myself.


I spent the last 10 years

wondering what happened to
that girl I was so crazy about.

That girl couldn't cook
to save her life.

Now, you're like
Wonder Woman.

I mean, the big career,
and ice skating.

And where did you
find a string section
on such short notice?

It is Christmastime.
Don't you believe in magic?

Starting to.

A toast.

To coming home.

To coming home.

Now, I know it's traditional
for the maid of honor to give
a toast at the reception,

but I got a special request
from a very special young lady.

She'd like to say
a few words to you all.

So, without further ado,

let me introduce you to a very
special friend of the bride's.

Rebecca Wesley!

Thank you.

[clears throat]

Good evening.

Allison and Mark,

you two are such
a wonderful, loving couple.

You have the kind
of relationship

that most people
can only dream about.

And I'm just so happy
that I could be here
to share in your special day.

They met over 10 years ago,

and all that time,
they stayed true
to who they were.

They trusted each other.

And they survived
the many cracks in the sidewalk

that so many other people
would have tripped over.

And that kind of love
and devotion...

is why we're all here today.

A wise man once told me,

marriage is a gift
you give yourself,

and I never really knew
what that meant...

until today.

You have the greatest gift
you could ever receive.

You have each other.

Allison and Mark,

this is my gift to you.


♪ The first time
I saw you I knew ♪

♪ A spark
that I couldn't undo ♪

♪ Not even if I wanted to

♪ And in this moment

♪ I saw my life
pass before me ♪

♪ And I knew
that it was love ♪

♪ Oh, love

♪ Come on,
let's find a way ♪

♪ I'll paint you
a sky full of rainbows ♪

♪ Come on,
let's find a way ♪

♪ Find a way home

♪ And now when I look
in your eyes ♪

♪ It's funny
how time doesn't fly ♪

♪ Isn't life all about
second chances? ♪

♪ And in this moment

♪ I see our dreams
coming true ♪

♪ And I know this is love

♪ Oh, this is love

♪ Come on,
let's find a way ♪

♪ I'll paint you
a sky full of rainbows ♪

♪ Come on,
let's find a way ♪

♪ Find your way home

♪ I'll paint you
a sky full of rainbows ♪

♪ Yeah

♪ Come on,
let's find a way ♪

♪ Home

♪ Come on,
let's find a way ♪

♪ Find your way home

Are you gonna kiss
that girl?

♪ Find a way home

♪ Oh-oh

♪ Find a way home

[bell tolls]

I guess it was water
under the bridge after all.

Why are you so shiny
when I'm so blue?

Someone making bacon?

I love bacon.

Good morning.

So... it's tomorrow?

I noticed.

I mean, it's Christmas?

Really Christmas?

All day.

Your mom let me in
on her way to the diner.

That woman
is unstoppable.

I figured you cooked for me,

so I should return the favor.

Smells great.

You can take it with you
if you don't have time
to eat it.

That's right. It's the 25th.

My flight leaves in a few hours.

I wish you
didn't have to go.

[clears throat]

[surprised chuckle]Here.

When did you have time
to buy me something?

This I paid for
a long time ago.

What is it?

It's my heart.



Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

[car horn honking]

It's my ride.

I told you tomorrow would come
when you'd earned it.

You were right all along.

All set?All set.

All right.
Let me get your bags.

I'm actually not leaving.

Yeah, I'm not leaving today.
I'm not leaving ever.

I've been doing
a lot of thinking.

Sorry to make you come out
on Christmas morning.

Ah, it's all right.
Besides I knew you
weren't gonna leave.

I couldn't be happier for you.

You knew? Then what
are you doing here?



There's another lost soul
who needs it badly.

Well, as much
as I hate re-gifting,

I think I can spare it.

Well, my final gift to you
will bring you much happiness.
You won't need this.

There's another gift?

The gift of giving love
and being loved in return.

Thank you.

Any big plans for today?

You could say that.