A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado (2020) - full transcript

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oh, another candle.


Here you go, dad.

Ah. Well, there you go, baby.

All right.
Great secret Santa, everybody.

Now, time to get back
to town business.

Why don't we hear

from our director
of community development,

Erin chambers?

Thank you, dad.
I mean, "mr. Mayor."

so, as everyone knows,

last year,

two of our biggest factories
closed down,

which meant we had to reassess
our entire economic model.

During this process,

one thing became
perfectly clear to me.

Brooklynites love Christmas

and, each year,
we go all out to celebrate.

So I believe

that if we promote Brooklyn
as a top holiday destination,

we will be able
to attract visitors

who want to share

in what we all know
makes our town so special.

And those visitors
will become customers

and participants
in our many themed activities.

As usual, we'll be hosting

our favorite events...

gingerbread contests,

caroling, decorating,

and visits with Santa.

As the pièce de résistance,

this year's celebration
will culminate

in a massive tree lighting
in the town square

on the 23rd.

And with
the right press coverage,

we can cement Brooklyn

as the place for Christmas
in all of Colorado.

So I hope you'll all join me
in spreading the word

to ensure that we have
the best attendance ever.


Oh! And one last thing.

I wanted to make sure
you've met our new treasurer...

Neil Stephens.

Ah, hey, everyone.

Um, I just want to say

I look forward
to working with you all.

And for what it's worth,
based on the numbers,

a viable tourism industry

is going to be vital

to this the town's
future and long-term success.

Also, I am also happy to report

that Steven,
our dedicated intern,

has already sourced
a 40-foot tree for...

nope. It's no good.

Oh, no. What's wrong with it?

Root disease.

Which, frankly, is all
the better for me, my dear.

I mean, how was I supposed
to decorate that giant thing

all on my own?

I'm so sorry, mayor chambers.

I had no idea.

Well, that's okay, Steven.

I'm sure you can find
a suitable replacement in time.

all right, then.

We'll reconvene next week

and go over
our remaining task list.

Oh, I'll be dreaming about it
all weekend, Raymond.

Yes, I know, Maggie.

That's it, everybody.

Right back at ya, baby.

That's it.

The 23rd
is almost three weeks away.

Please make sure
whatever tree he finds

is both impressive
and formidable.

Don't worry, I promise,

we'll find a tree
that'll dazzle even you.

Hey, you want to join me
and your mom for dinner?

Oh, I'd love to,

but I have phoebe's
housewarming-slash-holiday party


Hey, why don't you
invite Neil to join you?

He's new to Brooklyn.

-Maggie even thinks he's single.


You always do this.

Do what?

Every time you meet
a new eligible bachelor,

you try to fix me up.

Can you blame me

for wanting my only daughter
to be happy?

Besides, if you're gonna be
mayor one day,

you'll need the right partner
by your side,

like I have with your mother.

Yeah, well, fortunately,

I don't see you
retiring anytime soon,

so I think I'll have plenty of
time to rustle up a man by then.

I tried.

I love you, dad.

See you Monday.

I love you, too.


Yeah, you nailed it,
as usual.

I try.

I am so glad you're home.



Some hot cocoa
to go with your gossip.

Thank you.

extra marshmallows?
Nice touch, tom.

I think he's a keeper.

That's what
I keep telling her.

you two are
disgustingly cute together.

I know, right?

It's true.

Married life seems
to be treating you well.

It is.

You should try it sometime.


Thanks for coming over early
to help us out.

You know me.

I live for themed decorating.


One sprig.

you've got to be kidding me!


What, Erin? What?

isn't it beautiful?

I had no idea
you were so into trees.

Huh? Oh, sorry.

It's just we're looking
for a Norway spruce

exactly like this

for the town-square lighting.


Well, that's a relief.

I thought
that you had suddenly

become super-into arboriculture
for some reason.


Winter fashion
is still my obsession.

Oh, yeah, that's right.

Hats and scarves
bring you light.

Okay, so that there
is Kevin Snyder

and his daughter, Claire.

I think he said
he's a firefighter.

And single.

Take it easy, cupid.

I'm just doing my job.


That is not okay.

I'll be right back.


I'm going inside.


Excuse me.

Who does this
poor snowcreature belong to?

Me, I suppose,

but do snowmen ever
truly "belong" to anyone?

Fair point.

But, in any case,

the one living on your lawn
could use a little attention.

Why, what's wrong with him?

Well, for one thing,
his head is about to roll off.

He's structurally unsound.

Dad, I told you,
he's funny-looking.

Finally, a voice of reason.

Whose side are you on?

Hi. I like your hat.

Thanks. I like your hat, too.

Do you think it would be
okay with your dad

if we made your snowman
a new friend?

Are you part of some new
neighborhood-watch program

or something?

Nope, just a concerned citizen.


Sorry. I'm Erin,

and I was across the street
with my friend

when I spotted
your snowman crisis.

Oh, wow. That's not weird
to admit at all,

but your honesty
is certainly refreshing.

I'm Kevin.
This is my daughter, Claire.

-What do you think, kiddo?


There are a few cherries
and a carrot left.

Okay. First things first.

Come on. Let's pack some snow
into a solid ball.

Come on, dad.

I'm gonna show you how to make
the snowman the right way!

morning. Good weekend?

I thought I asked you

to pick out
something manageable.

You should have told me
you found our new tree.

I did what now?

I gotta hand it to you, Erin.

It was truly an inspired idea,

sourcing a tree from
our original town square.

It's beautiful.

It would've been nice if
you'd consulted with me first.

I spoke to the gazette
this morning.

They've already got
a follow-up story in the works.

Our social-media page

is getting hundreds
of positive comments,

and not just
about the nostalgia.

Whoever this guy is,

he's what we used to call
a real dreamboat.

Maggie. Stay focused.

Sorry, boss.

I thought I posted it
to my personal account,

not the city's page.

I was so tired,
I didn't realize.

No matter.
It's perfect.

Neil already added it
to our homepage.

Ray, you should get your picture

taken under the tree
for the next article.

You know something?

That's a good idea.
What do you think?

Whoa, no. Hold on.
You can't do that.

I haven't
finalized anything yet.

Then make it official.

City council won't settle
for anything less.

You know, we should

talk to a photographer
about that photo.

I'll set it up.

What would I do
without ya, Maggie?

That's a good idea.

Yeah, definitely.

Okay, chief, listen,

if this is about
the missing ladder,

okay, yeah, that was me.

I had to hang
my Hanukkah decorations,

and I'm bringing it right back,
I promise.

What's going on, chief?

Well, word just came down
from the mayor's office.

They've tightened the budget,

and there's no easy way
to say it,

but we're gonna have to make
some reduction

on your hours as well.

Aw, come on!

we were counting on those funds
to buy new equipment.

I know.

There was nothing I could do.

Look, I'm sorry.

-What are we gonna do?
-Can you believe that?

Okay, okay. Take it easy.
Take it easy.

We'll be fine.

We'll just manage
with whatever we have,

like we always do, right?

Or you could use
your new found celebrity

to get us the funds we need.

My what?


Oh, look who it is.

Hi. I'm so sorry
to bother you at work,

but I was hoping you could
help me with something.

Sure, yeah.
Yeah, come on upstairs.

Just down this way.

Well, why would my tree and I
be newsworthy?

More importantly,
how did they get my photo?

I don't keep up
on the social-media stuff.

Well, I'll admit,

the photo going public
was my handiwork,

but the bigger news

is that your spruce was chosen

for our soon-to-be-renowned
town-square display.

So, wait.
They want my tree?

We sure do.

You won't believe

how much positive feedback
we've been getting.

Don't worry.
We'll arrange everything.

Okay? From cutting it down,

to the transport
to town square...

you won't have
to lift a finger.

We'll even remove the stump
and fill it in with...

I, uh, I'm not interested.

I'm sorry?

I think you heard me.

But why not?

It is basically
a Brooklyn honor.

Well, it's funny,

'cause I'm not really
feeling honored.

Do you know you live

where the first town square
used to be?

This is synergy.


That's clever, yeah.

But I'm afraid my tree
will be RSVP-ing a firm "no."


I'm gonna level with you.

This event is really important
for all of us at city hall,

and the mayor thinks
your tree is perfect.

Um, I'm not too concerned
about pleasing the mayor.

He should be prioritizing
what the town actually needs.

Let me guess.

I bet he thinks this will make
for some great pr.

Am I right?

Let me tell you something
about the mayor.

-my dad.

E-excuse me?

The mayor. He's my dad.

Oh. Wow. Um...

-I see.

Uh, I-I didn't mean to offend,
but it's true.

Did I mention
there's compensation?

Ho, ho. Okay.

Uh, let me see
if I got this correct.

Your dad cuts our funding
and our hours,

but he has no problem

wasting money
on a Christmas tree?

Okay, maybe I'm not
explaining this right.

It's not just a tree,

it's a significant event
for our town.

Let me start over, okay?

There's no need,

'cause there's no chance

that I'll let the mayor have
anything from my property.

duty calls.

Good luck with everything.

and thanks so much
for stopping by.

Merry Christmas.

yeah. Merry Christmas.

-oh. Hey, Neil.

Good morning.


do you have any idea
what's going on

with the additional
fire-department funding?

Oh, yeah, I've been crunching
the numbers for the new budget.

Unfortunately, doesn't look

like the city
can afford it right now.

Sounds like you two are
talking about the cutbacks?

Yeah, I was
at the firehouse yesterday

and I heard
about all about it.

I had no idea
things were so tight.

Which is exactly why we need
to bring in those tourists.

We need that revenue.

well, excuse me.
I've got a meeting.

See you for dinner tonight?


Question for you.

What should I get Claire
for Christmas?

Oh, my gosh.
I wish I knew.

I feels like she changes
her hobby every day.

Well, she's a tween.
Isn't that what they do?

Yeah, I guess so,

but I just wish I had someone
I could bounce ideas off of

about these kind of things,
you know?

What do you call me?

listen, one thing
I know for sure,

she's lucky to have you
as a father.

Well, you know what?
I'm the lucky one.

In other news...

...Who was that woman
who came to see you yesterday?

She is
colluding with the enemy.

That's who she is.

What are we, a spy movie?

She works
at the mayor's office.

She's actually his daughter.

Oh! So she was here
to talk to you about the tree.

Yeah, she was,

but I'm not gonna be a part
of her dog-and-pony show.

Tsk. That's too bad.

She's pretty cute.

I didn't notice.

Oh, no? You didn't?

I didn't notice.

I'll be on my way.

before I forget,

did you make the deal
on the tree?

Please say you did.

It's all I've been hearing
about since he got home.

We are still negotiating.

But Steven actually showed me

some other options
I think are much better.

They're, um... Leafier.

That's not the point.

It's a symbol
of brooklyn's history.

Besides, people want the tree

they saw in that picture
that you posted.

They're expecting it
to be there now.

don't look at me.

This's what you get for not
using your teaching degree.

Politics is in her blood.

My father was the mayor.

It's her...


Yes, dad,
we've heard this before.

It's the truth.

And on that note,
dinner is served.

Yes, indeed!

All right.

I should warn you,

your new neighbor
is shockingly stubborn.

Are you saying

that I shouldn't ask him
to borrow a cup of sugar?

It's about the tree lighting.

According to Steven,

families were
practically begging him

to select their tree.

Mm, it's just a tree.

I don't get all the fuss.

It's not "just a tree."

it's a significant event.

I just wish he could

see how important
the celebration is to our town.

Well, maybe you need
to spend more time with him

to convince him?

Maybe. But... How?


Please, come in.

So, I hope
you're here to tell me

you've had a change of heart.

I just came by to return this.

Oh! I was wondering
where this went.

Thank you.

Hey, you're welcome.


It's, uh, a mock-up
for the Christmas display.

We're building bleachers
for the elderly,

because some of them
prefer to be seated.


And it hasn't been
publicly announced yet,

but it's gonna be televised,

so we are gonna build a platform

for the cameras
and the news crews, yeah.

It's gonna be
a huge deal for Brooklyn.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I'll bet.

You see,
the lighting is gonna go...

well, that might not
happen at all.

I'm sorry?

Well, I mean,
judging from the specs,

I can identify at least
ten safety violations.

are you serious?

I had the parks and rec
department review it,

and they didn't notice anything.

Well, for one thing,

uh, your bleachers
don't have railings,

which your elderly citizens
likely need,

and the location of your tree

to the cables
and the floodlighting

breaks about
a half-dozen fire codes.

Yeah, not as dire
as an unsound snowman...

...But, uh,

your designs are what
we would call, uh...



But you got two weeks,
you know?

So I suggest you find yourself
a qualified safety consultant.



Do you know of anyone?

Uh, give my chief a call
at the station.

She should be able
to recommend one of the guys...

Seeing as how they're about
to lose all their overtime.


Good luck...

And happy holidays.

you're hired!

I'm what?

I'd like you
to be my consultant.

If you're available.

Um, I don't think
that's a good idea.

You know, I got Claire at home,

and I'm not exactly a fan

of your little
holiday extravaganza.

Maybe not,

but I'm guessing
after the chief,

you must be the most qualified,
aren't you?

And I know you care about
the safety of this town,

even if you don't care
for my father.

There's plenty of
other qualified...

oh, come on!
That's no way to negotiate.

Present a counter-offer.



If I come on board,

I want you to guarantee me
two things.

I'm listening.

Once we're done,

the chief and I get
a meeting with the mayor

about the fire department's

Not a problem.

And the second thing?

No more talk about my tree.

Can you start tomorrow?

You got yourself a deal.


Christmas-tree cookie.
It's cute.

I thought you'd appreciate it.


So, the first thing
I want to change

is the layout of the space,

so should we go
check out the square?

Field research.
Yes! Good idea.

so we should move
the tv news crew,

so they don't need
as many power sources.

But from that angle,

we can't see the tree
in its full splendor.

We could just shift it a bit.

Okay, great. Done.

-What's next?
-Oh, hold on.

We got to go over
the specific guidelines first.

Municipal code 43.1 mandates

that all wires
on outdoor public property

be covered properly.

Can we use festive ribbon?

Those are not regulation.

Come on. Aren't some rules
meant to be broken?

That sounds strange
coming from someone in politics

to say out loud.

don't be so serious.

It's not like I'm asking you
to commit a crime.

Well, aren't you?

If it snows,
then it could be a fire hazard.

And I assume that would not
look good on camera.

Of course not.

And, uh, of course, I want
everything to be up to code.

So why are you
televising this event?

Is it some kind
of vanity project?

No, not at all.

We want to boost the number
of tourists this year,

and for future seasons.

I want Brooklyn to be viewed
as a holiday mecca.


Well, I hope you're satisfied
with how everything turns out.

You'll just have to see
for yourself.

Well, it's not really
my usual thing, so.

Merriment is everyone's thing.

How do you usually celebrate?

I'm still trying to find
my holiday sea legs.

For Claire.

You know, we host loads
of festive activities

leading up to the lighting.

Might be worth checking out,
for claire's sake.

hey, Claire!

Well, it's nice
to see you again.

Are you earning your keep

as your dad's assistant
for today?

Yep. He said I'm his deputy.

well, congratulations
on the promotion.

Do you go
to west Brooklyn elementary?

I do. Did you go there, too?

I sure did.

In fact, my mom
is the principal there now.


Principal chambers is so nice.

She came to my class

to talk about the school musical

Are you gonna sign up?

I can't really sing.

Well, that never stopped me.

Having fun

was way more important
than carrying a tune.

Right, Kevin?

Yeah, honey, you should
definitely participate

if you think
you'll enjoy it, okay?

Okay. I'll think about it.

all right.

Do you know you live

where the first town square
used to be?

We do?

I have to tell
grandma and grandpa

when they get to town.

I have those permits for y...



Who do we have here?

Guys, this is Maggie,
the mayor's right-hand woman.

Maggie, meet Kevin
and his deputy, Claire.

Nice to meet you, Claire.

You know, I just saw
some kids your age

making snow angels
out front.

Can we go see, dad?

Yeah, why not?

so what's on
the agenda for today?

Well, I'm actually meeting

with your parks and rec
people shortly.

Claire's probably not gonna
be too excited about that.

Well, how about I take her?

The cafe across the street

is having
a gingerbread contest today.

Well, okay, thanks.

Yeah, I think
she'd love that.

Hey, guys.
I'm Claire.

Claire is such a sweet girl.

She must've been
such a cute baby.

Actually, I didn't meet her
till she was five.

That's when I decided
to adopt her.

I think it's wonderful

when families adopt
older children.

Yeah, it wasn't too much
of a hard decision for me.

I was actually adopted myself
when I was eight years old.

I was living
in a children's home

on the edge of town

until my parents adopted me.

Then, about four years ago,

I was volunteering.

That's when I met Claire
for the first time.

It's like you guys
were meant to meet.

Yeah, exactly.

The day I brought her home
was the best day of my life.

That is really beautiful.

I can tell she loves you.

I should get back.

The mayor is probably
looking for me.


Erin is single, too.

oh, don't mind her.

She's obsessed with
reality-dating shows.

Right, right. Yeah.


I think I need to show them
a thing or two

about the proper
snow-angel protocol.

Where have I heard that before?

Hey, guys.

I regret to inform you,

but your technique
needs a little work.

It does?
Can you teach us?

I thought you'd never ask.

Okay, first...

You plant your feet
hip distance apart.


Let me just show you.


dad, it's your turn.

Come on!

-Me? Oh.

You can do it!

Let's go!

all right.



you should've warned me
it was so cold down here.

It is a little cold.

It's cold.

So, this is
what you've been up to?


Oh. Hi.

Mayor chambers.

And you are?

Kevin Snyder.

Lieutenant Kevin Snyder.

One of our town's bravest.

Ah, yes! The firefighter
with the terrific tree.

-Thanks for your service.

Yeah, we do what we can,

with the limited resources
that we have.

Kevin is helping
with the safety compliance.

Only 12 days to go
till the big event.

Yeah, you wouldn't want
all that effort to go to waste

on a party that results
in an injury now, would we?

I should hope not.

Sir, the reporter
from the gazette

is ready for you in your office.

Oh, if you'll excuse me,
my interview awaits.

-Break a leg.
-Thanks, sweetie.

Good meeting you.

Good to meet you.

That's my dad.


The mayor.

hey, mom.

Everything okay?

We just wanted to give you
our flight information.

And what's this
about a new job?

Believe it or not,

I'm working part-time
at the mayor's office.

How? All you ever do
is complain

that he's more concerned
about his reputation

than he is about the city.

Raymond's a good guy.

We go way back
to our high-school days.

If you say so.

Email me your flight details
and I'll see you next week.

Claire can't wait.

Love you.

Love you, too!


welcome, brooklynites,

to the annual
gingerbread contest.

The winner...
judged by yours truly...

will be rewarded with a prize
of the highest honor...

this glorious trophy!


Good luck!

Okay, now, first,
let's start with the frame.

Oh, hi, honey.


I didn't realize
you knew Claire.

I do. Claire is my new friend.

Hi, principal chambers.

Hi, Claire.

Try not to get too carried away,
now, dear.

I won't. Thanks, mom.

Hi, dad!


We're making
gingerbread houses.

Isn't it cool?

It is the coolest house
I've ever seen.

Claire is
an excellent student.

I bet your all of teachers love
having you in their classroom.

Thanks for bringing her.

Mind if I help get this
to the finish line?

The more, the merrier.

Don't worry.

We don't have any municipal
codes for you to obey.


Dad, can Erin come tomorrow?

Yeah, it's the, uh,
station holiday party.

And yeah, please stop in
if you're... if you have time.

Okay. Thanks, I'll try.


Be careful.

I'm sorry.

Don't worry.

It's not his fault.
He's a Christmas novice.

Well, then tell me
what to do, coach.

Okay, first, you need icing
for the windowpanes.

And candy.
Lots and lots of candy.

Lots of candy.

here you go.

hey, Neil.

Hey, Erin! Didn't see you.

I didn't know you were
a gingerbread connoisseur.

Well, I heard they needed
volunteers to help the kids,

so here I am.

Well, well.

I guess it's game on.

Oh, really?
Uh, loser buys dinner?


Yeah, sure. You got it.


I think we overdid it
on the snack purchases.

Oh, disagree.

Those kids are gonna go crazy
for all this candy.

Okay, fine.
Well, if there are leftovers,

you're eating 'em all.

No way.
It's not my cheat day.

Who are you trying to impress?

Hey, man. It could happen
at any moment, right?

I could meet the right person.

Same goes for you.

No, I don't see any dates
in my near future.

I got Claire and the department
to worry about.

Okay, but for how long?

Because, pretty soon,

she's gonna want
nothing to do with you.

Are you trying to give me
a panic attack?

It's the circle of life!

Better get used to it.

Remind me again

how you ended up
being my best friend?

Yeah, luck! For you.

oh! Neil.

Well, here I thought

I was the only one
coming in to work today.

Yeah, uh, dedicated minds
think alike, or something?

"or something" is right.

Oh, can you ask Steven

to send me that invoice
for the tree?

Uh-huh. Will do.
Just firming up a few details...

-...With him first.

How are you settling in?

Have you been able
to get out much?

Not really, you know.

Uh, kinda hoping a local
might show me around.

In that case,

I might be the right person
for the job.

I've recently acquired
a vast amount

of very detailed information
about Brooklyn.

well, you can give me
the cliff notes over dinner?

Well, what about Monday night?
After work?

Yeah. Yeah, perfect.

I, uh, I look forward to it.

Me too.


All right.


hey, Erin, you made it.


Well, Claire will be thrilled.

Um, Erin chambers,
meet Mitch Cohen...


And this is Linda jamieson,
our fire chief.

Oh, you must be
raymond's daughter.

Yes, ma'am.
It's a pleasure to meet you.

You too.

I hear big things are afoot
for your celebration.

It's important
to spread the word

that Brooklyn is the place to be
for the holidays.

Plus, I'm hoping
all of the locals will enjoy it.

Well, my husband and I
are very excited about it.

Oh, terrific.

Hey, do all of the kids
have parents on the squad?

Well, most of them are actually
from the local children's home.

Kev here's the one who made sure
they got invited.

Yeah, I just remember,
you know,

how it felt like, you know,

missing out on all these moments
before I was adopted.

That is really thoughtful.

Thank you.

And it looks like
they are having a great time.

Well, listen,
enjoy the party, everyone.

-I'll see you later.
-All right, chief.

You know, I'm also hoping
to enlist some more volunteers.

You know, there's lots of
different mentorship programs.

Consider me enlisted.
If you'll have me.

Of course, of course.
You'd be perfect.

Uh, Erin,
it was a pleasure to meet you.

Nice meeting you.

And we do have a donation bowl,
if you are so inclined.

Yeah, we were hoping to use
the funding from your office

to buy some new equipment
this year.

Oh, I didn't realize...

thank you.
Thank you.

You must really love
being a firefighter, huh?

Yeah, it's the best job
in the world.

Did you always know
this is what you wanted to do?

Well, the cliche
is that, you know,

all boys want to be firefighters
and cowboys, you know.

I'm tragically allergic
to horses,

so firefighter it was.

no, but in all seriousness,

nothing better
than serving the community.

It's extremely rewarding.

What about you?

My dad has been grooming me
to follow in his footsteps

since... Forever.

I actually graduated
from college

with a teaching degree.


I even had a job
lined up in Denver,

but he offered me
a job at his office,

so I came back

and started working
at city hall.

Well, as long as
you're passionate about it,

right, that's all that counts?

whatever that may be.

Oh, you know,
I have to take this call.

I'll be back in a minute.

Yeah, sure.





Hello. Is this Gayle mcintyre?

Thank you so much
for calling me back.

My name is Erin chambers

and I work
for the mayor's office.

You sent in a picture
of your farm, right?

Well, I was hoping I could
schedule a time to visit.

We're only 11 days out
and we're still looking

for the perfect tree
for the display.


Thank you so much.
See you then. Bye.


There you are!

Are you having fun?

Yeah. I used to live
with some of the other kids.

I miss them a lot,

but my dad takes me
to see them all the time.

Oh, that's wonderful.
You know what?

I just signed up to be
a mentor there myself.


We're doing a three-legged race
around the station.

Do you want to be my partner?

Do I ever!

Come on.

Are you competing?

No, that's for the kids.

Dad, you have to.

Oh, my gosh. Okay.

All right, all right.

I ran track in high school.

You're gonna eat my dust.

Oh? All right.

Well, I was running back
on my football team,

so the only dust
that's gonna be eaten

is by you.

And that goes
for you, too, kiddo.

okay, now,
before we get started,

there are a couple rules.

Each pairing
is their own sleigh,

and the first sleigh
to make it through the course,

to the north pole,

Now, I will not
have any cheating.

Claire, I'm looking at you.

Now, once you're all tied up,
we'll get ready to go!

Yes, I did get a nose job.
Thanks for noticing.

On your marks...

Get set... Go!

step. Step. Step. Step.

Step. Step.

Look at her face.

Step. Step. Step. Step. Step.

-Step. Step.
-No, this way. This way.

you were saying?

The soles on my shoes,
you know, they're terrible.

That must've been it.

yeah, yeah.

I'm sticking with that one.
I'm sticking with that one.

Oh, my goodness.

-Let me see what you got for me.
-I've got something for you.


Consolation candy?

Ah, thank you. Thank you.

You're welcome.

See this?

You mind if I post these today?

Anything for
those "likes," huh?

Okay, just try not to get Claire
in the paper again.

All right.

Be honest with me.

You want to get in
that driver's seat, don't you?

very, very much.

Okay! All right.

I can make that happen for you.

Oh, my goodness.



okay, so you do know you can't
be sitting in this seat

without a helmet?

Are you serious?

Yes, I am.

I'm serious.
There's a helmet right there.



Yeah, now just press
that black button, right there.

Right here?

Yep. That's it.

Are you sure
we're allowed to do this?

I am sure.

Nice. There's just
one last thing, though.

oh, my.

You okay?

yes. That was loud.

Well, yeah, that's the point.


Well, well!

Glad to see you don't scorn
all Christmas trees.

If you're here to critique
my tree decorations,

you're a little early.

If I stay quiet,

will you let me have
that big spruce over there?

Here I thought bribery
in politics was frowned upon.

Oh, come on.

Even you have to admit

it would look glorious
all decked out

in the center of town square.

You don't give up, do you?

Is it just me,
or does that...

Look like a heart?

Yeah, that's what
Claire always says.

It's actually just

a knot that formed
after a branch fell off.

Come on, how about we decorate
this tree instead?


Aw, Claire,
you look so cute here.

Dad took that when I was six.

That's right.
Our first Christmas together.

And my life has been wonderful
ever since.

Oh! I almost forgot.

I got you guys something...

Oh, my gosh!
I love them so much!

-You do? Well, good.
-Thank you!

How about you help me pick out
the perfect spot to hang them?

Thank you.

Are those your grandparents?


They moved to Florida
a few years ago.

How often
do you get to see them?

Not as often as we'd like.

But they'll be here
on the 22nd.

So tell me, Claire,
outside of school,

what are some other things
you're interested in?


I have been wanting
to do some magic tricks

ever since a magician

got to perform at our school
last month.

Oh, I love my magic, too.

Maybe I can teach you
some of my tricks sometime.


Thanks, Erin.

But first, how about

I take you and your dad
into town

to meet someone very special?

Here's a hint...

he rides in a magical sleigh.

I know who it is!
I know who it is!

you think she's excited?

Oh, yeah.

welcome to tate's toys.

Are you here to see Santa?

Well, just go on back, then.

Go ahead. Yeah.

everything okay there?

I feel like my jaw
is gonna lock into place

because I'm smiling so much.

It's really hard work
being an elf all day.

But I'd better
get back to my spot,

because tom's still really new
at this whole "Santa" thing.

I'm surprised
you're not lining up.

Oh, I sent Santa my list
weeks ago.


shall we go and see
if claire's on deck?

Yeah, sure.

You're really good with her.

Well, she's easy to talk to.

When I first met Claire,

she had her little face
buried in a book.

She was so serious and quiet.

Was it hard for her,
living in the children's home?

You know, the staff
does an amazing job,

but you never know when or if

you're gonna find
that forever home, you know?

I remember, for me,
sometimes, it was just better

to just stick to myself
and not get my hopes up.

Having that in common
must be partly why

you were drawn to her.

I'm so glad
you guys found each other.

Yeah, yeah, me too.

I just want Claire to know
that she can always count on me.

-Oh, I'm sure she does.

I can tell
you're a really good dad.

Thank you, thank you.

I'm not always confident.

Is it hard?
Being on your own?

It can be.

I have my parents and friends,
and the squad, of course, but...

but it's not the same

as having a partner
on the front lines.


Dad! I'm up next.


okay, here we go. Smile!

I am so grateful
for all your help, mom.

I don't know where you get
all your great ideas,

but an exhibit featuring
all of brooklyn's milestones...

...It's another winner.

Well, I guess
I had a good teacher.

Is everything
falling into place?

Well, between us,

it's less than ten days away

and I'm still having
trouble with the tree.

I feel like
I'm gonna disappoint dad.


Even if you tried your best,

you could never disappoint
your father,

or me,
for that matter.

Oh, thanks, mom.

I'm gonna give it one more shot

with the owner
of the tree tomorrow,

and if that doesn't work,

we'll just have to go
with our second-best option.

Is everything okay?

I'm fine,
I'm just stressed.

But, tonight...


I am gonna be working
on my presentation

for your 6th-graders,

so no more time
for any tree worries.

no time!

wanna hit the gym
after work?

Oh, I can't today, man.
I'm meeting Erin.

Oh... Mixing business
with pleasure, I see?

Relax. It's called
a business meeting.

We're going over

any electrical concerns
that may arise.

Oh, okay.

So I guess you could say
"sparks" may fly.

Aw, come on, don't give me that.
That was funny.

Oh, hey, check this out.

Look who's featured on
the Brooklyn social-media page.

I can't believe her.

What? I mean, maybe
it's not your best side,

but I think you look
pretty good, man.

I'll talk to you later.

Where are you go...

oh, I'll just finish up
for you, I guess.

You posted pictures
of me and Claire

from the fire-station party

to the city's
social-media page?

Yes, I did.

You gave me permission,

I assumed you meant
for your own personal page.

I didn't think
you'd use my daughter

to promote
your precious little party.

Are you serious?

I would never use Claire
like that, or you.

The first photo of us

ended up on the front page
of the gazette.

Is this your way of forcing me
to give you my tree?

Come into my office.

You've got it all wrong.

Brooklyn is struggling

and I am trying
to revive our economy

by building our tourism, okay?

The attention
from this "little party"

will hopefully
put us on the map,

where we desperately need to be.

Then why didn't
you tell me that?

How? You never let me
fully explain the situation.

Then what is the point
of the posts?

The point is,

I am trying to use my platform

to bring attention
to the children's home

and additional resources
to your department.

And why would you do that?

They're both vital to the city!

I just volunteered as a mentor
myself, if you recall.

Okay, so is this just about

you generating good pr
for your office?

What kind of a person
do you think I am, huh?

You know what, Kevin?
You have got to be

one of the most stubborn people
I have ever met in my life!

Me? Look who's talking!

hey, Erin.
Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to...

no, not at all.

Neil, you met Kevin... Snyder?

Hi. Neil Stephens.

I just wanted to make sure

we're still on
for dinner tonight.

I booked us a table at fulton's.

Great. Nice to meet ya.

I'm gonna go, uh,
evaluate your, um...

Electrical grid.

Enjoy your dinner.

thank you.

Well, this looks great.

I'm glad we finally
got around to doing this.

What? Oh!

Yeah, me too.

I'm excited
to explore the town.

You know, see what this place
is all about.

Well, Brooklyn will
grow on you like that.

It's like pineapple on pizza.


I don't...

oh, sorry. I'm sorry.

I am just a little nervous.

I haven't done this in awhile.

What, like go out for dinner?

Been on a date.

Oh, no.

Wait, you didn't...

But I thought...

Okay, now I'm confused.

No, no, please, don't be.

This is my fault.

clearly, I wasn't clear.

No, no, this is all on me.

I must have misread
the situation,

and my dad and Maggie,
they were pushing me to...

maybe that's it?

Maybe you just don't
date people at work?

-Or maybe...
-Erin. Erin, Erin, Erin.

I'm... Gay.




I think you're awesome.


I'm not your type.

I'm sorry!

I thought everyone knew.

Obviously not.

Obviously not. Well...

Can we still be friends?

Of course!

Next time, I'll even invite

my best friend, phoebe,
and her husband, tom.

You would love them.

That would be terrific.



To the start
of a beautiful friendship.

a little birdie tells me

that you and Neil had
a date last night.

Well, you truly are the eyes
and ears of Brooklyn, Maggie,

but you can tell the bird

that Neil and I
are just friends.

Well, for now.

Trust me, dad.
It's not happening.


Have you looked at
the city's website lately?

We are getting so many comments
about the tree

and about
that handsome devil, Kevin.

Erin, you're on pretty friendly
terms with him by now, right?

Do you think he'd be willing

to say a few words
before we switch the lights on?

It'd be great
for the news report.

Definitely not.

Okay, well,

if he's not comfortable
with public speaking,

how about if he just stands
next to you on the podium?

I have a confession to make.

I don't think
it's gonna work out

with kevin's tree after all.

Since when?

Is he trying
to renegotiate terms with you?

The tree lighting's only
eight days away, sweetheart.

I know,
and it's my fault

that we haven't
finalized the arrangements.

I should have been
honest with you sooner.

I'm really sorry, dad.

This is disappointing,
to say the least.


what's wrong?

You're not
your festive self tonight.

Ah, I've been just
thinking about dad.

I don't know
how he deals with

all of the competing
town interests.

You're so lucky you don't have
to deal with all this drama.

Well, true.

Don't forget, I still have
parents, the school board,

not to mention all the students,
to manage.

But you still love it,
right, mom?

I have to admit,

there is nothing better
than the look on a child's face

when they learn something new.

That's how I felt

when I was teaching
Claire new skills.

Oh, speaking of...

Hi, Erin!
Principal chambers.

Hi! This must be your dad.

mom, meet, uh, Kevin Snyder.

-Lovely to meet you.
-You too.

You're raising
a very wonderful girl.

Oh, thank you so much,
mrs. Chambers.

I should get on stage.

The choir is waiting
to kick it off. Mm!

I didn't realize
you were coming.

Yeah, well,
you're the one who told me

I should check out all
the Christmas festivities.

So I did.

Um, are you available
tomorrow afternoon

to take a ride?
Claire can come, too.

Any place in particular?

Well, a farm nearby
has a bunch of tree options,

and I want to make sure

I choose one
that's safety compliant.

Ahh. Well, good to know
you found some other options.

Uh, should we pick you up?

I have a few things
to do beforehand

so I'll just meet you there.

I'll text you the address.


Hey, guys!
We were looking for you.

You ready to get your song on?

We've been practicing
our harmonies for days.

You two are hardcore.

Erin says the point of singing

is to have fun
and not just carrying a tune.

And the student
becomes the master.

I'm sure you two will do
a terrific duet.

From your mouth
to god's ears.

Oh, Neil, you made it.

These are my friends
I was telling you about.

Phoebe, tom, this is Neil.


And you've already met Kevin.

And that's his daughter, Claire.



Thanks for letting me
join your crew.

It's no fun singing solo.

Oh, you're gonna
fit right in.

Well, good. Good.

I'm just gonna
take Claire closer

so we can get a better view.

See you tomorrow.



♪ deck the halls
with boughs of holly ♪

♪ fa-la-la-la
la, la, la, la ♪

♪ 'tis the season
to be jolly ♪

♪ fa-la-la-la
la, la, la, la ♪

♪ don we now our gay apparel ♪

♪ fa-la-la-la
la, la, la, la ♪

♪ troll the ancient
yuletide carol ♪

♪ fa-la-la-la
la, la, la, la ♪

we have plenty
of trees to choose from.

We're just thrilled that
you're considering one of ours.

Well, Brooklyn certainly
appreciates your help.

And as I explained
over the phone,

once the display comes down,

the tree will be donated
to habitat for humanity

so they can use the wood

to build a home
for a family in need.

Wow! Really?

That's so cool.

Yeah, I got the idea

while reading about
the Rockefeller center tree.

They do the same thing,

so I thought we could
follow their lead.

Why don't you
take a walk around,

come find me if you see one
that catches your eye.

-Great. Thanks again.
-Thank you.

Dad! Look. It's a donkey.

Oh, yeah!

Look, I'm sorry I couldn't
come through for you, you know,

but my opinions
on how the city's run

and everything that happened
with the station's funding,

it just wouldn't feel right,

it's fine.

I shouldn't have put
so much pressure on you.

I explained everything
to my dad,

and we'll find another option
that works for us.

Okay. Great, great.

And, uh, the other day,
you know...

When we kissed...

Oh, I remember.

Yeah, I just have to apologize
for that.

You know, I shouldn't have
let it happen.

Well, we were in
the heat of the moment.

It's no big deal.

Yeah, yeah. Definitely.

Um, you know,
a one-time mistake.

Exactly. A mistake.

Yeah, I don't even have
time to date anyway, you know?

I mean, not that I'm saying

you'd even want
to go on a date with me...

I get it. I get it.

You're busy with other parts
of your life.

I am, too.

Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

You know, I'm not on the market,

and I know
you're not either, so.

Glad we cleared that up.

yes, write that down.

Mr. Mayor. Maggie.
Nice to see you.

oh, hey there.

I didn't know you were
bringing a helper.

Well, I do all the work,
he takes all the credit.

Mitch used to work
in construction

and I wanted his advice.

Yeah, you know what?

I wouldn't mind getting my hands
dirty out here today

if you could
use an extra man?

Yeah, sure, that'd...
that'd be great.

Why don't I show you
where we've mapped things out?

I'm Neil, by the way.

Oh, hey, nice to meet you.


Let's go check out
the vendor with the doughnuts.

What's that?

Oh, I wrote a report

about your safety concerns
here in the square.

Erin convinced me
we should overhaul the space,

so we're going to redesign
the town square

and put in some elevated seating

for people to enjoy
all year round.

Well, I'm glad
my notes came in useful.

Very much so... so much so

that we're actually
going to establish a row

of permanent vendor stalls.

Oh, that makes a lot of sense
for the community.

It'll be a whole new source
of revenue for the town.

Your plans look promising,
but you do realize

you'll have to make
a number of changes

to bring them up to code?

Told you he was thorough.

This is just
a first pass, Kevin.

It's still
a work in progress.

Okay, well, I'd be glad
to offer any suggestions.

How about you two
continue this discussion

while I go see mom?

Try to play nice.

Of course, dear.

Best behavior. Swear.

...And that's how
we came to be.

And that's why brooklynites
love Christmas so much.

That's right, Claire.

And since you've all been
such excellent listeners,

now comes the fun part.

We are each going to decorate
one of these ornaments,

then they will get placed
on the tree in town square

for everyone in Brooklyn
to see.

Okay, let's start
with this half first.

Come line up,

get your art supplies.

You are a natural with them.

Seeing these kids get excited
about learning

is just... So rewarding.

It's why I do what I do.

♪ it's Christmas time
it's Christmas time ♪

♪ santa's coming ♪

♪ oh, it's Christmas time ♪

♪ yeah, it's Christmas time ♪

♪ candles glowing ♪

♪ the best part of the year... ♪

you're saying

if we built them
as two-storey duplexes,

we'd actually save money
on materials?

That's exactly right,
and that way, it's more eff...

efficient, yes!
Of course.

wow, did I enter
an alternate universe?

You guys
are actually getting along?

As a matter of fact,

Kevin has proven to possess
a lot of constructive wisdom.

And I can see how much
Brooklyn means to the mayor.

Using his approach,

we'll be able to save a lot
on the renovation.

Well, that's great.

Then you can use those savings
for city programs and employees.

something to consider.

Uh, so, is there more
to do outside?

No, uh, Neil and Mitch...

seems like
they have it well in hand.

Then can I buy you a drink,

to thank you
for going the extra mile?

Claire's at a friend's house
after school today, so...



I used to hang out here
all the time after work

with the other firefighters.

We used to have
a weekly trivia team.

No way.

What, you don't think
someone like me knows anything

about pop culture?

No, it's just I can't picture
someone like you...

...Cutting loose.

Well, you know,

I guess I don't go out
as much as I used to,

and, well, life basically
revolves around Claire and work,

but back in the day,

I used to go see bands play
at the red rocks all the time.

Me too!

All the time!

I bet we've been
at the same show

and didn't even realize.

Funny we never met until now.

To be fair,

I didn't start
building lousy snowmen

until quite recently, so.

speaking of,

I was thinking of starting
a softball league in town.

Ah, well, consider me
your first teammate.

Assuming I'd be welcome?

how's your baking?

We're gonna need some sustenance
at our practices.

Okay. I-I can bake
like nobody's business.

Well, I'm gonna need
proof of taste,

so consider yourself
on probation.

Realistically, though,

if I keep taking on
more responsibilities at work,

I probably won't have
a lot of free time

for hobbies anyway.

But more responsibility

is a positive thing, though,
isn't it?

It's all a part of the plan
to rise up the political ladder.

My dad expects me
to run for mayor eventually.

But what do you want do?

I don't know.

My dad loves politics so much.

You know, he thrives off
of the pressure

and being in charge.

I just don't know
if I have the same temperament.

Mm-hmm, well, you know,

you don't have
to follow his lead.

I know.

I would just hate
to disappoint him.

As a father,
I can assure you,

that he'd be more disappointed

to discover
that you weren't happy.

And as a daughter,

I think Claire

should see you going out
and having more fun.

I wouldn't want her
to feel abandoned,

not even for one evening.

No, I understand your concern,
but every parent needs a break.

Think about it.


You have to see this.

"can chambers come through?"

I just thought they were
doing a simple profile

on me and my attempts
to boost tourism.

It's about brooklyn's
financial struggles

and your leadership.


It's okay, just read it.

It says,

"if he can't fulfill

even a simple promise
about a tree,

maybe it's time
for a new mayor."

my entire political career...

...Reduced to a tree?

Meanwhile, all we're trying
to do is help this town.

It might still be okay, right?

It could be.

Bloggers in Denver have
been posting about the event,

and I've sent invitations
to all the local businesses.

And I've already organized
for charter buses

to bring in seniors
from the surrounding towns.

We could still get
significant media coverage.

I just wish there had been
another way to get kevin's tree.

So do I.

thank you.

Well, well. Look at this.

I'm surprised someone
so task-oriented

still has shopping left to do,

especially with
six days till Christmas.

Very funny, very funny.

Don't worry, with only four days
left till the tree-lighting,

you'll be rid of me
and my task lists in no time.

So, what? You don't think
we'll hang out after this?

With Claire, I mean.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, no,
I'm sure she'd love that.

Actually, she's the only one
I have left on my list.

I have no idea
what to get her.

Are you serious?

The perfect gift is so obvious.

Come with me.

hello, hello.

What are you doing back here?

You practically bought
one of everything this morning.

This time around,
I'm here to help Kevin.

He's the hopeless shopper.

Guilty as charged.

Not a problem.
What are we in the market for?

Please direct him

to your finest
magician's equipment.

Oh, well, we have a few
different options for that.

You can just go to the back.
Right over to your left.


Select wisely, Kevin.

You don't want to help me
pick the right one?

Teach a man to shop,

and he has presents
for a lifetime.

I'm sure you've heard
that saying, it's very famous.

I promise,
I won't let you down.

I thought you said
he didn't laugh at your jokes.

Well, he didn't, until now.


To be honest,

I am just glad
we can still hang out...

Especially after
our accidental kiss.


when? Why am I
just hearing about this now?

Shh! Because.
It doesn't mean anything, okay?

Besides, he made it very clear
he regretted it.



she said "perfect"?

So it's perfect.

Thank you.

oh, may I?


I don't where my head is.

I'm usually not so forgetful.

Well, maybe it has something
to do with yesterday's article?

Oh, you saw that, huh?

I did, I did.

And I gotta tell ya,

I can't help
but feel responsible.

Is there something I can...

nope. I mean, I am gonna stop
trying to change your mind.

I'm gonna respect your wishes.

Thank you.

I appreciate that.


We can always find another tree.

As long as the tourists show up,
I'll be happy.

I think
you'd also be happy to know

that I'm following your advice.

Which of
my sage recommendations

are you referring to?

Uh, the one about
paying more attention

to my personal life.

Or having more fun,
as you put it.

Okay. What kind of fun
do you have in mind?

Well, for starters,

I'm joining
Mitch and the guys

for a night out at the pub
tomorrow night.

There you go!

I approve this message.

Yeah, just gotta find
a baby-sitter for Claire.

I'll do it.

No, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to suggest...

no, it's okay,
I'd love to do it.

I could use the distraction.

Okay, if you're sure.


an ice patch!



Ha, ha!

That was amazing.

Come on, your turn.

No, no. Ice is not my friend.

Oh, come on, what happened
to having fun?

just go for it!





Are you okay?

laugh it up, yeah.

Don't worry, lieutenant.

I'll get that ice patch
taken up for you right away.

Right. Okay. All right.

I'll never live this down,
will I?



I signed up
for the school musical today.

You did?
That's awesome.

Do you think my dad would
like to see me on stage?

Trust me.

It will be his favorite
performance of all time.

Mine too.

You'll come
and watch the show?

Are you kidding?

I'll be the one
cheering the loudest

when you finish.

okay, come on, come over here
and help me, okay?

♪ ...Share this Christmas
with you ♪

♪ Christmas... ♪

♪ it's Christmas ♪

♪ I want to share
this moment with you ♪

♪ Christmas... ♪

♪ it's Christmas ♪

♪ and I want to share... ♪

♪ this moment... ♪

♪ with you ♪

oh, good, you're home.
Perfect timing.

You can help us
frost the next batch.

Oh, prepare to be dazzled.

All right.

Looking good.

Careful. Hot, hot!

-Smells good.
-Smells perfect.

What's wrong?

My tree is being taken
for official town use

in two days.

A crew is coming on the 22nd
to cut it down.


Claire, can you go upstairs
and get ready for bed?

But, dad,
we're not finished...

now, please.

I thought you stopped
pursuing my tree.

I did! I'm as surprised by this
as you are.

That makes no sense.

You work for the mayor
and this is your event.

There's a local
"eminent domain" law

that allows the city
to requisition private property

for public use,

but I've never heard it
being used for a tree.

I should've seen this coming.

Okay, let me
just figure out a way

to just straighten
this whole thing out.

No, thanks.
The chambers family

has done more than enough

Kevin, I know that you're mad,
but you have to believe me...

I would never, ever go
behind your back like this.

I think you know me
better than that.

I thought I did.

I think
I should probably be going.

Say goodnight to Claire for me.

how could you?

Eminent domain? Really?

What are you talking about?

Kevin and claire's tree is gonna
be cut down tomorrow.

I thought it was a good idea.

This was your idea?

I secretly arranged it
with the city council.

I wanted to surprise the mayor.

You invoked "eminent domain"
without telling me?

I thought it showed...


We let the press know
that kevin's tree would be

on display after all,

and the projected attendance
is way up.

Everybody give us
a minute, please?

Thank you.

I can't believe him.

You should've
seen kevin's reaction.

Maybe this is a good thing.

The tree lighting's
supposed to save Brooklyn.

Our job is to look out

for the entire population's

I wasn't expecting you.

Your father's
left for work already.

Good. I'm not in the mood
to see him anyway.

I'm just here to drop off
your presents.


Won't you be here on Christmas?

I don't know.

I'm not feeling very festive
right now.

I heard
what happened with Kevin.

Then you know why I'm so upset.

Dad says he can't do anything
to stop the plans.

Don't be so hard on him, Erin.

Your father cares very deeply
for this town.

He is only doing what he feels
will benefit Brooklyn the most.

mom! Dad!
What are you doing here?

Well, the flight came in
early this morning

and we wanted
to surprise you.

Merry early Christmas,

Merry early Christmas!

Where's my little angel?

Uh, she should be right down.

I'm getting up there now.

Holy mackerel, dad.
What do you got in here?

Don't look at me.
Ask your mother.


so how
is school going, Claire?

Good, poppy.

I got all "a"s and one "b"
this semester.

you did?
Wow! Good for you.

I think santa's gonna be
extra good to you this year.

I hope so.

Why don't you tell
Nana and poppy

what we're doing tomorrow?

Yes! I almost forgot.

There's a tree lighting

down at the town square
tomorrow night,

and I can't wait.

I'm glad someone's excited.

Too bad the tree
that's gonna be lit

is the spruce
in our front yard.

Are you serious?

Oh, what a wonderful honor.

So they keep telling me.

You and Claire are gonna be

a part of helping Brooklyn
get back on its feet.

That's something
she'll never forget.

I'm proud of you, son.



you too!

what's up, Maggie?

Everything on track
for tomorrow?

Oh, indeed.
The tree will be arriving soon.

All the decorations
are ready to go,

not that I'll have
much time, but...

never mind.

This is a permit for re-zoning
you need to review.



Now, that's a beautiful angel.

Just like you.
That's gorgeous!

that's lovely.

Nana, my hands are cold.

Let's just get you inside
and get some hot chocolate.


Hot chocolate? Lucky!

come on in,
we'll get you some.

- you coming, son?
- I'll be in in a second.


Hi there.

Mind if we get started?

We'll get out of your way.


So we're gonna need
a wedge cut

coming in right at the base,

so we have to...

anything else?

This document
isn't about zoning.

Nope. It's an article
on heritage protection laws.

I just thought
it might interest you.

come on.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.





Everybody, listen up!

stop what you're doing.

Is there a problem?

So, the mayor's office
just called.

Apparently, they just learned

this land is eligible
for heritage protection.

So what happens now?

I suppose that's up to you.

Make sure you loop it
between the branches,

not just...
yes! Yes, like that.

That's really nice
when it's looped. Yes.

oh, no.

Why is this tree here?

What do you mean?

I mean, why isn't it
from the mcintyres' farm?

This was delivered last night.

That's all I know.

look, make sure you put some
in the middle there.

Yeah, that's looking
a little bare.

greetings from
idyllic Brooklyn, Colorado.

We are on location here,

covering what should be quite
the Christmas celebration.

hundreds of people

are expected here tonight,

and some are saying
this could be

the most spectacular
Christmas-tree lighting

in the state's history.

Now, Brooklyn

has not really been known
as a Christmas dest...

lunch is ready!

Well, I think
it's safe to say,

these numbers are
exceeding expectations.

Since Kevin couldn't make it,

I'm just gonna go check
on the electrical...

Uh, for the, um, electricity.

We really pulled it off, huh?

No thanks to me.

I tried to call off
the tree removal.

Kevin could've applied

to qualify his tree
as a heritage site,

but evidently,

I didn't get in touch
with the foreman in time.

I'm sorry I let it go this far.

One day, you'll understand.

I quit.

Excuse me?

Politics is simply not for me.

I'm resigning
after the new year.

I thought you wanted to follow
in the family footsteps?

I do.

Mom's footsteps.

I'm gonna finally use
my teaching degree.

I think that's always
been my true passion,

and it's how I can
best serve Brooklyn.

Are you sure?

I am.

My time with Claire
the past few weeks

has really opened my eyes to it.

Kevin too.

You know I just want you
to be happy, right?

I know. Thanks, dad.

You wish he were here
right now, don't you?

I do...

But that ship has sailed.

well, if it isn't the mayor
of Brooklyn, Colorado.

Shouldn't you be at the square
for your big day?

Believe it, or not,

I'm actually here
on official city business.

Since I'm currently off-duty,

maybe this should wait
till Monday morning.

Kevin, please.

Just give me a minute.

I came here to tell you

that Erin was in the dark
about the city council's plans,

and I know for a fact

she would never have
gone along with it.

Well, I appreciate
you telling me that, sir.

I haven't told your chief yet,

but Neil and I
are taking a new look

at next year's budget,

and we're gonna make sure

that the fire department's
additional funding

is fully reinstituted.

Thank you.

It'll mean a lot to the guys.

After all, a town's only as good
as its fire department.

couldn't agree more, son.

Mayor chambers?

Can I ask one last thing?


Who was it that suggested
the heritage-protection idea?

Who do you think?

see? That's how
it's supposed to look.

How did you beat me?

It's supposed
to look like that.

Hello? Anybody home?


Oh, happy Hanukkah, dear!

Aw, well, thank you,
mrs. Snyder.

That's very kind of you.

So, buddy,
thanks for swinging by.

Yeah, man. No worries.
What's going on?

What's with all
the cloak-and-dagger secrecy?

Can you drive Claire
and my parents

to the town square?

Yeah. Sure.

Wait. Hang on.
I'm confused. What for?

Look, it's erin's big day.

She's probably not gonna
want to see me around.

It's better
if I just steer clear.


When are you gonna admit
you have feelings for this girl?

That is irrelevant
at this point.

She's dating Neil now.


How do I put this?

I can tell you for sure,

she's definitely not
dating Neil.

How do you know?

Trust me.

Hey, uncle Mitch!

Are you taking us

to the tree-lighting festival

You better believe it!

Should we grab the coats
and rock'n'roll?

-All right!

boom. Boom! Boom!


-Thanks, man.
-Yeah. No worries. Any time.


residents and visitors.

We are so excited

to share a Brooklyn Christmas
with you.

Since our founding,

this season
has been an integral part

of our history and our culture.

We'll be lighting the tree
in just a moment,

but first,
a few more words.

the holidays aren't just about

the right gifts

or the best decorations.

It's about spending the time

with the people
you cherish the most...

...Which is why
we are so thrilled

that you chose to celebrate
with your loved ones

right here

in Brooklyn, Colorado.

♪ have yourself ♪

♪ a merry little Christmas ♪

♪ let your heart be light ♪

♪ from now on ♪

♪ our troubles will be ♪

♪ out of sight ♪

♪ through the years ♪

♪ we all will be together ♪

♪ if the fates allow ♪

♪ hang a shining star ♪

♪ upon the highest bough ♪

♪ and ♪

♪ have yourself ♪

♪ a merry little Christmas ♪

♪ now ♪

♪ a merry little Christmas ♪



Hi! I'm so happy to see you.

Where's your dad?

He said he had to do
some stuff at home.


come on, Claire!

I found a great spot
for the ornament.

Look at that.
What do you think?

Guess he really doesn't
want to see me.

yes, he does.

I'm sorry.

I-I know you must
still be mad at me.

No, you have no reason
to be sorry.

I'm the one
who needs to apologize,

but I know you did everything
to fix the situation.

I tried.

The crew
got your message in time.

-They did?

Then why is your tree here?

Because you were right,

I was just...
I was being stubborn.

And at the end of the day,
I want this town to thrive.

If my tree will be a part
of making that happen,

then giving up our tree's
the least I can do.

Then I'm glad you came to see
the tree in its full glory.

I didn't come to see the tree.

I saw your speech on tv.

You said

that this season is the time

to be with the people
who matter most.

Does that mean you're finally

to my Christmas spirit?

I think so.

Look, Erin, I know I said
that our kiss

was a mistake,

but we both know it wasn't.

I can't stop thinking about you
since it happened.


Yeah, it's true.

I can't think
of being with anyone else

but you.

okay, everybody!
It is time for the countdown!

the moment
we've all been waiting for!




do you promise to let me
build all of the snowmen

from this point on?

Always negotiating,
aren't you?

Get used to it.