A Christmas Tale (2008) - full transcript

The Vuillard family gathers: Junon and Abel, a daughter Elizabeth and her son Paul, Henri and a girlfriend, Ivan, his wife Sylvia and their young sons, and cousin Simon. Six years before, Elizabeth paid Henri's debts and demanded he never see her again or visit their parents' home. Paul, at 16, has mental problems and faces a clinical exam. Junon learns she needs a bone marrow transplant if she's to live beyond a few months: thus the détente bringing all together. Two family members have compatible marrow, but the spats, fights, cruel words, drunken toasts, and somewhat civilized bad behavior threaten all; plus Junon may simply refuse treatment. Do we know ourselves?

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My son is dead.

l looked inside myself and realized

that l felt no grief.

Suffering is a painted backdrop.

Tears bring me no nearer to the world.

My son

fell from me

like a leaf from a tree.

and l've lost nothing.

Joseph is now my founder.

This loss is my foundation.

Joseph has made of me his son.

and l feel boundless joy.

ln 1 965. Abel and Junon had a son:

Joseph, the first-born.

Two years later.
his sister was born: Elizabeth.

ln kindergarten. the boy developed

a blood cancer called Burhitt's lymphoma.

Only a bone-marrow transplant
could save Joseph.

Neither his parents nor his sister
were compatible.

Junon conceived a third child.

but amniocentesis showed
his placenta would be of no help.

Abel left for the hospital in Paris

with his son wasting away.

Junon delivered in Roubaix

and Henri was born.

No use.

Joseph died 18 months later.

Tenia seis años.

Henri wasn't taken to the funeral.
He had a bellyache.

Elizabeth became the eldest.

Six years later,
Junon had a last child,


Slowly, the memory of Joseph faded.



Junon. what happened?


lt's silly. l fell.


l'm sterile.

l'm unhappy.


Seething with anger.

l even hate you.

Week after week.
the same sorrow hounds me.

There's no end in sight.

Whose death am l mourning?


lt's not my brother Joseph.

We never stop talking about him.

No one cares about my son,

and he's alive

lt's as if someone died
and l don't know who.

lt's silly.

l haven't mourned anyone recently.

l search for the guilty party.
the one l can't seem to bury.

To No avail.

Of course.

but try again.

That's all.

l guess when l say this
it's a metaphor.

but a metaphor for what?

l'm lacking in nothing.

l'm lacking in nothing at all.

Why do you hate your brother?

Over the years my loathing grew.


Was Henri now vile?
Did l ever love him?

He had bought a theater
and produced my plays.

Being indebted weighed on me.

l represent the former owners
of the theater

a theater that was never paid for--

But my client is not solvent.

I will be.

l never paid for it, but l bought it.

And now I'm selling it.

l was a shitty manager,

but tomorrow I'll double my money.

You are not financially liable
for your children.

You're not bound
to pay your son's debts.

l am. Morally.

and Henri is in a situation
of extreme poverty.

Is what your father says true?

Of course!

Of course he's extremely poor.

My father was guarantor.

so legally you must repossess
his house and business.

ln any event... l won't disown my son...

however foolish he has been.

lf l sell. l can get 700.000 francs.

l don't know who gave you that figure.
but it may be lower.

Cut it out.
It's just some cash-flow trouble.

We won't be selling anything.

l have a solution. Henri.

Can you step outside?

Of course.

Here are three payments.

My client agrees
to reimburse the defendant's debts.

Papa. l have one condition.

l don't want to see my brother again.
He must never speak to me.


No more visits,
no more surprise gifts.

He mustn't see my son either,
or anyone in the family.

What you're asking for
is not done, honey.

You're my children.

Obviously. you can see him
whenever you like.

But l don't ever want
to have to put up with him.

Not at your place, or Ivan's or Simon's.

Not in restaurants or on holiday.


What you're asking of my client...

is unreasonable.

- Your Honor. l'm court-appointed--

My clients just want what they owed.


your private life is not a matter for the court

Wherever l go. Henri won't be there.

Wherever l am.
he won't be part of the family.

Henri had never paid a bill.

He had his hands in the till

waiting to turn a profit
on what wasn't his.

He'd have chosen prison over honesty.

When he was dragged to court.
l decided to save him.

One last time.

Your sister wanted
to testify against you

to deprive you of artistic control.

l pleaded the impossibility
of testifying against family.


Your sister asked
never to see you again .

l think l heard her say

that you were banished

Banished? - Yes

- l'm sorry.
I think that's the word she used.



That's life.

l'll eat with your sister
then take the train at 10.

Want to have a drink at the station?


You're not in jail.

lt's better than nothing.

After six weeks of protective custody,
the iudge dismissed the case.

Henri was acquitted.

He disappeared from my life.

You make him out to be the devil.

He's like the devil.

Ordinary. twisted. He's banal.

To be rejected by your mother
goes against nature.

Why such animosity
between mother and son?

l told you.

Henri is predictable.

Like evil.


lt's me.

So? What's the news?

As of now it's a refractory anemia

with a disastrous short-term prognosis.

l didn't understand them.

but statistically l'm going to die twice.

l have a degenerative cancer

that has a 75 percent chance
of killing me.

The only solution
is a bone-marrow transplant.

but the transplant
is likely to kill me too.


your chances are slim.


l wasn't that great a deal.

We need to up the ante.

Like in poker.

l was always lousy at cards.

A one in four chance of compatibility
with my siblings.

You don't have any left.

Too bad my brother died young.

A 25 percent chance.

Even if the donor is compatible.

the transplant can kill the host.


Yes, kill.

Not the cancer. The transplant itself.

and that's called ...a GVH.

a GVH.

Graft versus host disease.

Thirty-five percent chance.

Do we have to run the risk?

Radiation and chemotherapy can't help.

ln fact, my blood phenotype
is extremely rare.

l never doubted it. sweetie.

PARIS. 1 a.m.

You okay?

Where is he?

Next door.

Hey, honey

What's going on?

l come.




There was no train last night.

lt's my fault.
l should have been here, for you.

Did Elizabeth see me?


l scared her.

Tell me.
What's this about a knife?


Can l come in?

My son had a shock this morning.

He heard about Junon.

Take this.

Get me out of here!

At night they take my blood.


Gotta get the song out

bola de fuego en mi estómago

Acid batteries in my liver

Orifices aren't mine

lt's all stuck

Boca rota, culo desgarrado

Los ojos no son orificios

an absent eye...


- l'm married. Thank you.


We've started inquiring at tissue banks.

but there's a real danger

What about placental blood?

The same.

You have a very rare gene.

What does this mean?

Regular transfusions to offset
your lack of red blood cells.

but the infections will increase.

Chances of survival without treatment

Or else?

For infants, as a last resort,
we inject the parent's marrow--

A haplo-transplant.

But the odds plummet.
It's very violent.

And the other way around?

Children to parents.

- It's not done.

How so?

How so?

It's a desperate solution.

Why shouldn't Elizabeth give me life?

lt's cold. Anesthetic gel.

Are you afraid?

lt's quick and painless.

Just a second.

You're brave.


lvan Vuillard. For Paul Dédalus.

- And you're...?
His uncle.

Your sister is waiting. Room 19.

- How's he doing?

- l can't tell anymore.

but he asked to see you.

l guess he heard
his uncle went bonkers at the same age.




They put mini-antennas in my skull.

To read my thoughts.

Your skull is no more bugged
than your ass.

School got off to a bad start.

So at home l went overboard.

What does your father say?

That l'm lonely.

Because I don't have good friends.

Do you have bad friends?

l know nobody in high-school.

At your age l became...

l was 15.

and my life was reduced
to one square inch.

The pain was nonstop.

But l was too young to know it.

One night. it hit me.

My sister said to me.

''One day you'll see how great it all was.''

She was right.

lt was scary but beautiful.

You'll have precious memories too.

but you can't stay here.
l'll see to it.

A painter

with a feel for tits and ass
is a saved man.

Says who?

Renoir, Auguste.

Who else?

Did you do the blood test?

Not yet.

l'll know Thursday.
But it's a long shot.

For you it's one in 16.

Try harder. My mother's your aunt.

No sense of family.

Shut up.

l saw your nephews on Sunday.

lvan gave me those pictures.

Damn, they're growing fast.

Baz is in 2nd grade?

lt's a great age. You're missing out.

Tell Elizabeth. Afraid of upsetting her?

Have you seen the dragon?

She's no dragon.

She's a paper tiger.

She growls. but doesn't bite.

lt's been a month.

She asked me for lunch
with your parents.

She canceled.
Something about her son.

So l ate with your father.

And Paul?

Any news of him?

Never any news of Paul.

No news of Paul since he turned 6.

She built a wall around him.

He's a lonely kid.

They took his blood.
- That's bullshit.

How could his blood help?

The thyroid?

What morons.

One morning l received

a form from Abel. For Junon's tests.

We all got one.

When l saw the vials of blood.

l wanted his chromosomes checked.

Paul is compatible.

And you?

l'm not.

Paul has to go before the committee

to get permission to be a donor.

What does Claude say?

This morning he was against it.

Paul doesn't know.

l'm waiting for my results.

We'll wait for my kids to do theirs.
Henri too.

Henri's a bastard.

This house is my husband's.

He inherited it
the day we were married.

We've lived in it ever since.

Over the years we've fixed it up.

It's become very comfortable.

Abel and l are elderly now.
and we still live here.

This is the armchair
where Abel reads his paper.

That's the table
where l write my letters.

Our children no longer live here.
They come for holidays.

The grandkids play in the attic
as their parents did.

Five years ago.
Elizabeth banished her brother Henri

and the house became less lively.

Thanks to my disease,
we're being reunited.

Paul is having trouble.
We're preparing for his arrival.

At the hospital, our doctor

has inquired at a tissue bank
in San Francisco.

Abel and l are still looking
for a compatible donor.


We got shots!
We were at the hospital!

lt didn't hurt. l didn't cry.

The needle made me laugh.

Will we have scars?

Hang up your coats.
- You're real men now.

Baptiste made the doctors laugh.

Say it.
- l can't.

Go on.

l can't.

l said: ''Set me free, murderers.''

And you cried, honey?

Good going. Hang up your coats.

Why are you old
when your wife's young?

Because l like my women very young.

When l met Junon, l asked for her hand,

and she married me.

Okay, then.

Out of me and Basile, will l die?

Silly question. You're not sick.

Yes, but not like Junon.

lf a car crashes into Baptiste
and kills him?

lf you walk outside the crossing

and get hit by a car.

the spanking l give you

will be so ferocious
that even death will run away.

Today Basile and Baptiste
did their tests.

We'll have the results on Tuesday.
Want to talk to them?

Stop it.

No, your mother's hitting on me.

l can't do two things at once.

Is that my boy?
Yes, it's Ivan.

No, she's fine.

You know,
there's nothing tragic about this.

lt's degenerative.

With the kids here
we have no more sex.

Not true.

A little less.

Get lost.

So call me with your results.

and don't forget to remind Henri
about his test.

See you and Sylvia on the 22nd.

Mom sends her love.

Poor Ivan.

His wife is lazy. She's a burden.


The mother of a family
with all those kids.

Come on.

She only has two and you had four.

But Sylvia's dreary, isn't she?

l'm very fond of that girl.

True. She helped Ivan. But …

she's no saint. Trust me.

The lot l want...

You have an item,
which seems not bad,

an emerald demi-parure,
starting at 25.000.

Here's a friend.

Sorry, bad time.

Not at all, young man.

l'm your nephew.



You're not at school?

l couldn't care less. l'm thrilled.

lt's strange, seeing you.

Did you know
Junon needs a transplant?

And did you do your test?

Look up. Ivan bawled me out.

l'm guilty and l don't give a fuck.

l'll do their test
and send Junon the results.

Come for Christmas.

l was in the psych ward.
l had a breakdown.

They let me out.

Go home.
Tell your mom you came.

l'll call Claude tonight.

Thank you.




at your son's tacit behest.
l'm coming home for Christmas.

What words can we find
to pave over 5 years of banishment?

None, l fear.

Or else they require
an inner strength you lack.

My same old principle:

Don't act beyond your capacity
to repair.

Junon can get away with anything
because she can repair everything.

Others can do little,
besides be forgiven.

Hence, you and your husband
were both overindulged.

But the excess,
madness and violence

of this new family structure

have reached limits l never imagined.

We're in the midst of a myth
and l don't know what myth it is.

What will happen at Christmas?
Nothing. of course.

But once named,
it's easier to endure the discomfort

and to hide
under a cloak of boredom.

l know few people

despised as much as l.
It never ceases to amaze me.

Yet l imagine on some level
it's what l wish.

As l set down word after word.

l smile, thinking this letter

straight out of a Kafka parody:
a good beginning for a story.

Everything okay?

We're almost there.
Thank you.

All these attempts
at mental and social assassination

by some happy twist
have turned me into a character

and my life into a novel.

Four years of seeing my parents
in cafés in Paris

because my presence stank
and l didn't know why.

Being tolerated
by my aggrieved kid brother.

like a prisoner on the lam.

Hearing that, when my sister
wasn't denying my existence,

she was a driving force

in the wildly indecent attacks
fomenting against me.

All this is badly described.

through the stupid prism of my solitude.

No more words are necessary.

What words of yours

could achieve sweetness
without sentimentality

after such a mess?

The voice can perform more.

''l swear.'' as we say in court.

This last, confused paragraph

is to say
l know this letter calls for no reply.

You won't find the words.
and l don't mind.

lt's just that l see you today
with fraternal pity.

Reckless sister
you have offended your blood.

Like a girl with a broken vase.

you cannot fix it.

lt's not your fault, nor the vase's.

Just a silly game that backfired.



Where's Ivan?



And were you working?


- What's that?

For Abel.

l'm ridiculous.

Here he is.

At last! l've been waiting an hour.

- l don't deserve you.

No. l don't.

You run away.
l do not.

What goes on in your head?

Are you unhappy?
Yes, l am.

Yes. Constantly.

Because of me?

How are you?

On December 22, in the train to Roubaix,
l stared at Ivan

and his cousin Simon. Both asleep.

Junon had called beforehand
with instructions:

Speak softly. Don't play with Paul.

Keep Ivan's friends away.

Not even Spatafora?

Keep our boys
from their schizophrenic cousin.

Fun Christmas ahead.


We go to Spatafora.
Or else, no drugs.

That sucks.
Tell me about it.

You hole up like old folk.

l don't like to go out.
Fear of excursions.

We prefer to hole up.


There was a glowing review
of your latest play

in the Nord Éclair.


Your husband is doing terribly well.

And Paul?

At the house.

Since he got out.
he hasn't found his bearings.

Poor little Paul.

After Christmas.
he'll go back to an institution.

lt's nice he wanted to see his uncles.

The train stopped in Lille.

They smoked a quick cigarette.

You understand.
l need to help the kid.

Paul's lost it. Like l did at his age.

But l wasn't put away.

He's young and locked in that prison.

l had to free him.

At 16. l couldn't help myself.
lt was Henri and you.

So now when l help him.
l'm helping myself.


l haven't spoken to Henri in a while.

l'm worried about your brother.
He's very unstable.

Papa, when l was 20, l tried to help.

lt's a shame.
He showed such promise at school.

Can't you two make peace?

l delight in his decline.

l'm not criticizing, but l'm not blind.

You're distant.

No one dares speak to you.
How typical.

Enough about Henri. Mom's sick.

Don't blame me.
You always wanted a perfect world.

Well, your brother was not perfect.

And your son is wobbly.

Paul found out he's compatible.


What are you doing?


lt's dark in here.

l refuse to be holed up.

- l won't do the play.
The play's great.

The kids love it.

Speak to Henri?
Yesterday on the phone.

Gets in the 24th.

The kids, the kids!

You're heavy.

Look at this bandit.

Let go of him, kids

Let go of him.


Can l hide this?
What is it?


My baby!

My nephew!

Where's Paul?

Waiting in the living room.

You're here.

Sorry, kid.

What room?
The attic.

Go to the office.
No, l'm fine.

Can l help you?
l'm okay.

The kids are downstairs.

Where's Elizabeth sleeping?

In her room, upstairs.

And Henri?
Here or at a hotel?

One thing at a time.

Tonight Elizabeth's in the flower room

and Paul's in the children's room.

not far from his mother.

You'll take the boys with you.

Tomorrow is another day.

Are you okay?

Sorry. l'm taking their room.


l have to sleep alone.
They go in Ivan's room.

Sorry to bother you. l'll be a sec.

l want to get something.

My stash.

This used to be my room,
1000 years ago.

Little drink.

Sorry. My medicine. l take Haldol.

lt's nothing. l know it.

Like vitamin C. May l?

The mattress.

She's asleep.

She always sleeps.

Family trait.


Come on, sister. Get up.

It's 4:OO.

We're here.

Did you see Paul?

Come join us.

No peace and quiet!

What madman is ringing
the bell at this hour?

Pain in the ass!

You could have told us
when you were coming.

- l'd have picked you up.

- l didn't know.

l rented a car

found a girl and brought her.

Can she stay?

Excuse him. Miss.

Abel. Pleased to meet you.


How can a pretty woman like you
be with someone so impossible?

Where's your wife?

Go say hi in the kitchen.

Your mother!

Stop or l'll wash your mouth
out with soap.

My brother. Hello.

This is easy.
Last time l saw you, you were 3.

And you. l saw you at the hospital.

You saw him at the hospital.

So you're Basile.

And you're Bastien.


Forget already?

l'm Henri.

No duh.

l got the names wrong.
but l recognized you.

You keep changing.

What happened to you?

l got held up. For six years.

Abel's wife.


He never calls me his mother.

No one's ever mentioned you.

You neither.

l'm the one with cancer.

That l know.

l wrote a toast for later
but l'm thirsty.

Terribly thirsty. l need to drink.

Be nice. kids.

Some wine for your alcoholic uncle.

Yes. l need wine. l'm back.
l need to drink.

You okay?

Where did you find her?

Not bad, huh?

Growing a beard?
Just exhausted.

Bad week.
And l learned l'm not compatible.

Welcome to Arcadia. friends.

Sorry already?
Lay off.

Cursed wolf.

Paul's too old now,
but for the kids...


How right you are.

Abel and Simon turned up their noses.

Was he there?
l don't know.

He must be hiding.

Must be on holiday.

My cousin Paul. You know him?


Stop plotting in front of me.

Go deal with your tree.

The chandelier.

Hi, beautiful.

Hey, bandit.


My grandmother.

Joseph, my older brother.

Junon's brother.

That's Simon as a kid.

This was his father.

And she was your wife.


What a strange name.

Where was this taken?


We met at a conference.

Got married. It lasted a month.

Then she had the car accident.

She was pretty.

Lousy driver.

lt was nice here, before.

lt's changed.

l'd like to drink to Paul's health.

l loved our vacations.
No one believed you were my grandson.

You took my hand and called me Junon.
l loved that.

Honey, did you get some rest?

l sleep well here.

Women need sleep,
mothers especially.

Some grape juice will do you good.


Easy does it.

No way. Sober for Christmas?

No reading at the table.

- No one's talking. l'm bored.

l have some good news.

l'm finally back on my feet
after my wife's death.

l'm getting remarried.

No, just kidding. It was a joke.

Sorry, it was in bad taste.

When l marry, l don't bring good luck.

l'm not marrying anyone,
but l did my blood tests.

Dear mother
you can count only on me.

Thank you.

What a creep.

l wouldn't take your marrow.

l wouldn't offer it to you.

Can l go to bed?

How can you stand his behavior?

He likes to joke around.
That's how we met.

Well, good night.

l'm grateful.

This is unbearable.
Henri was lying in wait.

You did well.

Get to sleep.

Your prescription is complicated.

When is the committee?
- l'll call tomorrow.

- l'm not going.

Your brother is doing it.

You've been a real trooper.
Braver than him.

lf l were Junon, l'd choose you.

Does Henri annoy you?

Are you okay?

I see.

Thank you.

Still don't love me?

l never did.

Same here.

l wasn't a very good mother?

l loved the others a bit.
Less than Abel did.

Abel loves Elizabeth, period.
The two boys...

l was in love with your sister too.

Maybe l loved Ivan too.

Because he was so damn ugly.

l was an ugly child too.
You? No.

l was.

And me?

When l was born.

You as a baby?
l can't remember.

No memories.
Do you have memories of me?

l remember when your brother died.
What year was that?


l liked you then.

You were on the veranda.
l came out to sit on your lap.

l remember your dress,
beige, like velvet.

l climb up...

Yeah. l think l liked you then.

You were three.

And afterwards?

All out.

But l won.

Not yet, son.
Excuse me.

but you have myelodysplasia
and l'm perfectly healthy.

And you need my bone marrow.

You're so pretentious.

Paul is compatible too.

Paul, the lunatic?
Are you kidding? He's an idiot.

Says you.

l'm compatible with lots of people.

l'm a very easy-going woman.

People enjoy my company.

Even a grandson l barely know
is compatible.

You're all alone
and l'm very popular.

And you may still find other donors.

l don't want that white stuff
shot into me.

From you to boot.

My blood type may even change.

Want to call Dad and run away?



l don't like this stuff.

l would have liked you to be proud of me.

I like that.
I am very proud.

l fail at everything.

My little Jew.

Why do you say that?

- Because you're my little Jew.

Where it hurts.


Here. Where it hurts
when you bang yourself.

The tip of the radius.

Andrée called it the ''little Jew''.

What happened?
My little Christian went all Jewish.

l have no idea.
Keep your lingering anti-Semitism.

My handsome little Jew.

l'm the only Catholic in this house.

You're a little Jewish.

You okay, boy?

My handsome little Jew.

Are you upset?

Who's upset?

Are you bored?


My bag is in the trunk.

l have to change at some point.

You didn't tell us.

His girlfriend is a bombshell.


See that ass?
No, but you did.

You bet.
It's like Angela Basset's.

Not very observant for a painter.

What do you think?

About what?

Everything! Christmas, you,
Junon's transplant, the kids...

You kidding?
l want to leave!

It was hard enough getting you all here.

You're staying put.

Of course.

Too bad we rarely do this.

Family get-togethers.

Are you serious?

With Henri and Elizabeth.

l'm caught amid a tribal war.

We missed your brother a lot.

l thought he annoyed you.

He's my brother. l like him.

What did he do to Elizabeth?

Modesty forbids me from telling you.

He must have been a monster.

No idea.

l know.
He slept with your sister. right?

Sylvia! Please.
It's not uncommon.

All brothers try it.

If it were that, it'd be easier.

Maybe Abel knows something.

When you were 16,
did you sleep with Henri?

l guess it didn't leave
much of a memory.

And my cousin?

Are you sure?

Of course.

Because Abel finds you hot too.

Not at all.

lf you've screwed every man here,
l should know.

A family of weirdos.

The Vuillards are a strange lot.

Not at all.
We're ordinary people.

You claim to be ordinary.

My father has a dye factory
and my mother's a housewife.

Even Grandma wrote schoolbooks.

She was homosexual.

See? Not a leg to stand on.

Elizabeth is ordinary.

Your sister? She got the Fields Medal.

No, her husband did.

She's written five plays.

That's true.

You all read music.
You all play instruments.

Even my kids write plays.

The Vuillards pretend they're normal
and they're not.

That's weird.

l think l'm common.

You have deliciously strange things
in some places.


You're not talking?

Hurry, please.
l can't stand it.

Your brother's a dick,

but my beating him up won't help any.

Paul sees the committee tomorrow.

l'll be there.

There are five of them:
the pediatrician,

the anesthetist, a psychologist. l think...

The head of the committee.

l can't remember.

Are you crying?

lt's so humiliating for him.

Do that again and l'll dump you.

l know.

Stop humoring me.

lt's true.

l was humoring you.

Lyell's Syndrome

Skin inflammation

(bullae, sloughing of shin membranes,
epidermis, death by asphyxiation.).

When the burns worsen,
the patient leaves hospital.

and is entrusted to a burn unit

lt says the host can burn alive.

Let me see.

lt's not in French.

lt is. You read too fast.

It's very clear.

They don't say ''burn alive.''

They talk about evolving inflammation.

l don't want to evolve like Joan of Arc.

l'd rather die of a nice cancer

than combust before you.

Good night.





Come down.
Chill. l'm coming.

Hey, sonny.

Good to see you.

Never better.


Love life?

l stayed here.

Can we go in?
Not really.

Elizabeth's son.

He's not doing well.

And Junon is sick.

l heard that.

So no guests this year.

Give this to Junon.

ls Elizabeth in?

Give her a kiss.

How's Sylvia?

Coming tonight?

Where is it?
At the gym, with Ivan.

Later, sonny.




Stolen goods, no doubt.

It's nice of him!
Yes, he is nice.

Since my son's hospitalization
and Junon's disease.

l've been calculating nonstop.

Risk of mortality linked to transplants:
5 to 20 percent.

Risk of relapse: 15 to 30 percent.

Probability of recovery:
between 40 and 50 percent,

but the risk of acute GVH
reaches 50 percent.

l won't mention anything.

This is Paul. Have a seat.

Are you okay?

Have a seat.

Are you there?

Henri, is Anatole in the cellar?

He's gone out shopping.

How stupid of me.

Who's Anatole?

You're new in the house.

Anatole is the wolf.
He lives in our cellar.

At this time of year he goes skiing.

Who named him Anatole?

Grandpa and Nana

He used to live with Rosaimée.

Now he's here.

Sorry to ask, honey bun...

With the life you like to lead,

is a transplant possible?

l have no idea.

l'm compatible.


What's this?

l can't remember what l wrote.

There's still a tiny chance
that Junon's not sick.

You're pessimistic.

Survival increases life expectancy.

This is what you're scared of:

the doctors kill a healthy woman.

She'd lose 5 years without being sick.

For now, statistics say you'll get worse.

lt's all hypothetical.

You can't keep reasoning in segments.

Counting from one year to another.

Junon is going to die
at a precise moment.

Not on an anniversary.


If you get hurt, or if you die,
those are absolute events.

You don't die a 10- or 12-percent death.

You get the entire event.

The game is on. Like it or not.
You either treat it or you don't.

You die or you don't.

So, you are already playing.

Go from the discrete to the continuous.

The ratio is not one half.

Fifty percent equals one
minus exponential minus lambda.

minus exponential minus lambda.

The survival formula is an integral

from zero to infinity.

1,45 years.

No transplant gets you six more months.

ln the same way

with treatment, this increases

to 3,7.

Now, weigh your living five fewer years
with its low probability

against 2,3 extra years with treatment

weighed with a higher probability.

And you get--
May l?

Be my guest.

Sick or not, if you're treated,

you gain about 2 years.

That's better.

You'd rather pass.

Your only freedom is to bet.

The committee gave their approval.

Paul can be a donor.


Be right back.


You have serious
relationship problems.

lt's a total downer.
Let's be objective:

Never a kind word for my girlfriends.

l was kicked out.
Yes, honey.

You make Junon cry.

And when you were too young,
you stupidly fell

for a man constantly in flight.

Then you have this child.

and l learn from Ivan--

Shut up. l'm here.

l know, but you don't count.

Come on, Claude.
This is stupid.


With Elysian strides
off to the Champs-Elysées.

No, l'm not staying here.

How noble!

We were proud of you, Henri.


Where's Faunia?
Next door.

Keep still.

lt's true. Your son wanted
to jump out the window last week.

Your husband arrives

then abandons you on a whim.

you send everyone running.

Shut up!

But Simon!
l was almost done.

This is unbearable!

Was l disrespectful?

You hurt everyone-- Get lost.

Get lost!

you're throwing your life away.

l'm not so sure.

Yes. l'm fucking up.
Yes. l drank.

Do as you please.

With or without you,
l won't survive.

l'm totally wasted.

Want to know my shortcomings?
They're all over.

Want to see the photo
of my first communion?

My first school fight?

but the holiday is a disaster.

My sister treats me like shit.

Junon's off to the hospital in three days.

You'll come at a happier time.

But please, beat it.
Take my car keys

and get lost.

What was she like?


The one who did this.


What was she like?

The opposite of you, l think.

Did she ever come here?

She never had the time.

l was starving.

Make me a coffee?

Leave me alone.
Are you crying?

No. l'm not crying.

Three weeks ago
there was no treatment.

Solitude and disease.

l break my back to get everyone here.

Even Henri came. He's compatible.

Your son is compatible.

And she acts like a princess.

She's fine with cancer in her liver
but no skin rashes.

lt's infuriating.

l married her
because she was brave.

l don't care.

You're all terrified?


At worst she rejects the transplant.

No, no.
lt can be a lot worse.

Your marrow is going
to take over her system.

replacing it
with a growing hybrid.

Not you. Not your mother.
A chimera.

Head of a lion,
body of a goat, tail of a snake.

That's GVH.

lt's born in the host
and takes control.

lt can be beneficial,

but if it goes mad,
it will hate the organism.

lt will destroy its organs,

its bones, its nerves.


Who taught you all that?
Butt out.

When it wins,
it dies with your cadaver.

Where is she?

How should l know?

At a florist, a yoga class--

Who is she with?

She disappeared. On a whim.

l'll find her.
There's no point.

We fought all night.

She's as stubborn as an ox.

She's decided to go untreated.

Very grim.

l'll be back in an hour.

l'll wait in town.
l'll walk around.

Be careful.

l mean it.

l see something.
Here's a nodule.

You smoke too much,
Mr Vuillard.

Two packs a day
and l can stop whenever l want.

l drink too. A lot.

Yes, it shows.

ls it a problem?

For the transplant it'll do.
It's risky for you.

l'm not addicted.

l'll go cold turkey.
l don't give a shit.

You may get a delirium tremens
during the operation.

You're not in good shape.

Give me the damn form.

l thought l'd go shopping in Lille.

Want to come along?

Just so you know.
l prefer not to speak.

l have limited contact
with my own family.

l'd prefer even less
with those of my lovers.


ls your disease serious?

Yes and no.

The downside is l can die.

Do you have
the organ donor form?

l lost it.

lt has to be filled out
and signed.

Sorry, but with all the girls
Henri brings home.

l get a bit confused.

l have no idea what to give you.

l'm not giving presents.

l'd prefer not to get any
for Christmas

Why not?
l'm Jewish.

You're not giving anyone anything?

Not the kids? Not me?

Not even Henri?

lt's time you told me
what you did …

to make Elizabeth hate you.

What can l say?

No idea.
l never saw it coming.

l was obnoxious from 5 to 17.

But you know,
l was born that way.

Come on.

You surely did something.

There was the thing
with the babysitter.

l was helping her watch Paul.

One thing led to another

and we soon lost
track of the time.

l ended up bare-assed.
screwing the girl in the dining room.

No big deal.

So why cut me out for 6 years?

You don't like Sylvia.

Why not?

She took my baby boy.

But you like me.


You took the one l don't like.

l often wondered
what he was like in bed.


He likes you.

You know him.
He's very enthusiastic.


That's pretty.
Does this make me look old?

l have a fat behind.

You look like Angela Basset.

ln six years you never asked her?
Never curious?

One day…

Elizabeth told Junon
about a letter you'd written .

Since when do l write letters?

l can't say more,
but everyone always said…

''Maybe Henri wrote her a letter.''

Saying what?

l don't know.

Unforgivable things.

Never. That's ridiculous.

Last week l wrote to put her in her place.

It was a first.

Why is this here?

What sin have you
invented for me?

l just wanted everyone to be happy.

Some things are valuable.

Sell them.

When do you leave?

l'm not welcome here.

Having taken refuge upstairs,

l can hear Henri's laughter.

My mother is playing her life
like Russian roulette

a gun pressed against her forehead,

four out of six chambers loaded.

My brother gloats about being
on the verge of killing her.

lt's strange. One day l decided
to break with him

in order to protect myself
and my child.

Then Paul went crazy.

My husband and l blamed ourselves.

l had to see my brother again,
to see him triumph.

to understand, physically,
that he's the disease.

Can l help you?

l was with a woman earlier.

Have you seen her?

She's already left.


Are you there?

By repudiating you,
l knew you'd never forgive me.

l accepted the cost.

To build a more harmonious world
for my son and husband.

l knew that one day

l'd have to go
to my parents' funeral

and you wouldn't shake my hand.

l thought we'd go no further
than hatred sealed over a grave.

but there was worse.

Today l can imagine you
at my mother's grave,

laughing at having killed her,

proud of your stupid heroism.

boasting about the transplant.

Abel will not forbid his son
to attend the ceremony.

l will not blame him for it.

l will not manage
to quell my anger.

l will have to run away.

But the thief was you.

You will have deprived me
of Junon's funeral.

You've stolen my entire life.

For 6 years you've accepted
this incredible thing:

that Elizabeth lays down the law.

How could you accept
something so absurd?

l warned you it was unhealthy...

for her, for you, for everyone.

You said. ''Let her manage things.
she'll calm down.''


These things never calm down!

You and Abel anointed her paterfamilias
pater familias!

and she went crazy.

So deal with it.

Was it before
or after my wife died?


When Elizabeth ousted me.

was it before or
after Madeleine died?

You should know.
l didn't notice, of course.

l figured that's the way she was.

Papa, it was that day in court
when she paid off my debts

so l'd disappear
that l knew she hated my guts.

lt all went bad with Elizabeth.
l never knew what to do.

lt's terribly sad
to see these hatreds.

Stay out of it, as usual.

Everyone else could, but not me.
l'm an interventionist.

You? You're kidding.

You run around all concerned and helpful.

ln the meantime.

Elizabeth and Junon
took care of everything.

No one has a clue.

Cool it, Henri.
They did what they could.

ldiots, the whole lot.

Later, someday,
we'll understand.

Nonsense. ''Someday we'll understand.''

What does he mean?
Poor Henri.

How could l have been so blind?

l got trampled on.
l wasn't paying attention.

The transplant is on January 1st.

Henri will be the donor.


You want me to tell him?

Yes, please.

l went shopping.

At Printemps, with your mother.

She vanished.

Not very talkative.

Don't take Henri's marrow.
He's dangerous.

No, Henri isn't,
transplants are.

You can't refuse me Paul.

While waiting for him
at the hospital l was terrified.

In 6th grade, he could barely read.

He was ashamed
to show me his report card.

Finally a door opens
and he's fit for something.

Your son is fragile.
Don't involve him with my disease.

Don't have the transplant.
You have no symptoms.

ln two months l'll have leukemia.

My bones will start breaking like glass.

Henri comes from my womb.
l'm taking back what's mine.

Man alone.

Don't dream.
You have no family.

l remember as a child
the priests told us about grace.

Henri's despair
has brought only unhappiness.

l've tried to be full of joy.

You were a good daughter.

l needed your admiration too much.

Men have never counted for me.

My son has been a stranger.

l'll come help you.

l don't need your help. kid.

Come on.

Thank you.

For what?

l didn't buy any presents.
l don't know what you like.

l wanted to thank you.

l had to give my marrow.
Now you do.

My parents don't want me to.

That's perfect.

Junon is my mom.
so it's my business.

lf it had been your mother,
you'd have helped, right?

But it's my mother,
so you shouldn't thank me.

l wasn't scared of the pain.

l couldn't care less.

l wasn't scared.

You've failed at nothing.

- Let's go bother Anatole.

- l'm 16.

Sorry. Force of habit.

ls she your mother?

She's Andrée's lady friend.

That's her.


My mama.

Why is she here?
To see you.

Who is she?

Andrée's companion.

Come and give me a kiss.

When your daddy was a little boy.

Rosaimée and Andrée

both adored him.

He was the favorite?

Yes. So Rosaimée likes to see you.

- Good evening. l'm Spatafora.

l know who you are.

For reading in bed.

Thank you.
lt's a flashlight.

Daddy, hurry up.

Don't play with the fireworks.

Daddy. Look.

Remember when you played
the promise game with me?

Sun and moon would have died.

if ever you lost your Sweeney.

Thank you.

l love to see the children.

Look at your husband.
He's always been devoted.

What's Simon doing on the veranda?

Cleaning up.

Why isn't he out here with us?

Over the years he's changed so much.

He was so sharp before.

Before what?

We always figured
you'd end up together.

Me and who?

You and Simon.
Before he gave you to his cousin.

When he was young.
he was so funny.

lvan was the most delicate.

Henri was angry with the world.

Simon was the happiest.

When he gave up on you
he became sad.

Gave up on me?

Look at Ivan, running all over.

He's fulfilled.

So healthy. You always look so healthy.

Henri wasn't right for you either.

The three boys
made the right choice for you.

They never told me.

Class act.



l met all three of them
on the same day.

lvan was pathologically shy.

When he said he loved me, he was shaking all over.
I took him in my arms

l didn't know l could do that.

Or that someone
could find me pretty.

A man loved me to death.

l was a little drab.
Very sensible.

Henri and Simon were cynical.
swamped by girlfriends.

l was shocked. It was delightful.

Henri made a pass at me.
as with every girl.

l thought Simon was indifferent.
He was arrogant.

So much charm
and so many choices.

lvan was ill.

l was able to save his life.

Marriage made a man of him.

Tonight, Rosaimée told me
you passed on me.

What did she say?

When did it happen?

What do you mean?

l want details.
She mentioned a decision you all made.

Tell me where and when.

Was it here?

Easter vacation, 1991

At the community center.
You were next door.

l remember.

ls Ivan aware of this?

- It's history.

Was Ivan with you?

Or did you and Henri
decide our fate behind his back?

lvan was there.

What did you say?

Henri and l were talking about you.
Guys talk.

lvan was quiet, smiling.

Then he said.

'lf l don't get her. l'll never get over it.''

What did you reply?

l can't remember.

- ''She's right for you.''

The exact word.

'Take her. She's yours.''

l'm not to be given.
like a camel or a goat.

l didn't give you.

l was 27. An idiot.

l was hollow. Still am.
Did you love me?

Do you love me?


Do you love me?



You're part of the game.

By choosing for me, you played.

l was right.
Ivan loved you infinitely.

No, it's your love that was infinite.

You played my hand and you cheated.

Now l'll never know my life.
It's not mine.

l wasn't free to prefer Ivan.

Henri was there too.
- It's not the same.

You really love me.

Henri wanted sex and got it.

For 10 years you've had no life.

You're pathetic in your studio.

You don't talk. You're sad.

You spend Sundays
doing the dishes,

stealing glances, avoiding my kids.

You're a failure
clinging to the Vuillards.

You never got over me.



When you were born, l wondered

if you could have saved Joseph.

But you came too late.

Your sister, radiant with health.

and you,
who'll never know who you are.

Some snow here.

Joseph looked like his father. right?
A little.

That's him. in the background.

What can l say?

From his birth to his death,
all he did was die.

At the age of 4,
he was very touching.

Running around the house.
Then we found out he had cancer.

You couldn't tell at first.

Then it was the hospital with his father.

lt was Abel who really knew him.

l was here with two children,

one who was gurgling in my arms,

the other in Paris under a plastic tent

in a sterile room

and pregnant with the third.

Joseph was very abstract.

This is the grave
of Andrée, my mother.

You'll be buried with Joseph?

l'll be over there.

But your son died in February.

Yes, but l don't like anniversaries.

The day before Christmas,
it's empty here.

'l am Defeated all the time,

yet to Victory l am born.''

For 30 years we never knew
who gave Joseph leukemia.

Well, it was my wife.

You said l'd last three hours.
It's been two days.

You're a real saint.

You're leaving?

On the sly.

Be right back.

Safe trip.

Do you have a pen?

Hurry up.

Faunia doesn't like Christians.

She won't take part in any Christmas.

Her family is waiting in Paris,

where they will celebrate
a non-holiday:

pasta, chicken,
no presents or music.

Everyone will read his paper.

Give Isaac a kiss from me.

You'll be drinking human blood?

Often at midnight,
we eat a newborn

or crucify ourselves in the garden.

- So l'm not missing out.
No, not much.

Cheat on me and you die.

My friend...

My friend.

Prince Zorro

This Christmas is really
not a success.

l hate being a bad host.

l love your house.
- It's yours too.

- l'm thrilled to be your guest.

What about my ticket?

l don't pay.
l'm in the show.

lvan. Look!

Did you go downstairs last night?

Are you sleeping well?

l have become a light sleeper.

l wanted a bottle of water.

Do l use too much cologne?

Am l too made up?

You're fine.

Did you learn your lines?

lt's going to be very improvised.

- l'm ready.
- l'm ready.

Anyone there?


Where are you going?

To wrap presents for my nephews.

- The show's about to begin.

- Don't give Paul a gift.

l'd prefer you didn't speak to him.


Aren't l a funny uncle?

You can fool the others. Not me.

l can see you thinking.

l'll go.

- You're very pretty.
Like an old toad.

You smell like Italy.

Just in time.

Elizabeth doesn't know?
Not yet.

You're trying to remember
the trespasses l committed.

and you've forgotten.

That's the catch.

Only one person knows my sins,
and that's me.

And you don't dare ask.

My blood's rotten?
Same as your son's, idiot.

You can't even help your mother.
l can.

Your son can.
You're too scared to use his.

Don't involve Paul.

l've changed my mind.

My marrow has a price. Pay up.

Your turn. l want Abel
to tell his saintly daughter to piss off.

l want to hear it. When it was my turn,

no one cared. Now it's your turn.

The bone marrow is mine, not yours.

Or else l'll keep it.

Then what?
Then it's up to your wacko son.

Go tell that to Junon.

A Christmas play by Basile
and Baptiste Vuillard.

With musical accompaniment
by Ivan and Abel Vuillard.

Once upon a time
there was a brother and sister.

The prince's name was Zorro.

One day his sister the princess said:

Prince, you must leave the castle.

You stole from the peasants.

Wicked knight!
What did you do?

l won't say.
It's so awful, your ears would bleed.

So we'll torture you.

Confess. Prince Zorro.

You won.

l did two months.
No hard feelings.

Prison's underrated.

Good food, good books,
got my teeth fixed...

gave up drugs.
met some really great guys.

Two months isn't a bad price.

You're a basket case.

l confess.

l slept with a nanny goat.

He slept with a nanny goat!

You made your sister
and your family cry.

Don't give a shit.

King, what have you decided?

ln my omnipotence,
l think we must know how to forgive.

Okay, Grand Prince.

Zorro, give me your arm.

They cut off his arm and then
he was nice till his dying day.

Sylvia, this is for you.

l gave the envelopes to your wife.

Dad, for you and your wife.
Some money.

For your family: three wads.

Here. Simon. You're the best.

This is for you.

For your uncle. A gift.

What is it?

From Mom.

How nice.


Poor boy.

Something to drink?
No, thanks.

Early on, Henri broke
the sweet silence of the meal.

His hysterics had sufficed till then.
No need for rudeness.

So as the meal began,

Henri raised his glass.

As the Duke of Orleans

to his general staff in Spain,
evoked without naming

Madames de Maintenon
and des Ursins.

his unrelenting, insane enemies:

''Gentlemen. a toast to the health

''of the cunt-captain
and the cunt-lieutenant.''

The captain was for Junon
and the lieutenant for Elisabeth.

Henri sat back down
and said nothing more.


Good riddance.
Henri wore me out tonight.



Turn on the light.


What is it?

Paul's medicine.
Your grandson's.

He'll be out like a baby till noon.

What the hell?

Why not use the stairs?

Where did you come from?

Where are you going?

Midnight mass.

l'll join you.

lt's almost midnight.

Paul, are you coming to mass?

He's too old to sit staring at TV.
How about it, honey?

Who's coming along?

My coat.

Bastien, Benjamin.

- l'm Baptiste.

l already told you.

See you later.

When is Jesus going to come?

l don't know. Maybe midnight.

Sure of your love
Strengthened by our faith

Lord, we pray to you

ln the name of the Father
the Son and the Holy Ghost'...

Boys, you should go to bed.

We're waiting for Jesus.

But Jesus never existed.
We'll wait anyway.
We want to see him.

lt's been years.
l love this.

A light hath shined.

Unto us a child is born.

Unto us a son is given.

The government shall be
upon his shoulder.

His name shall be

Wonderful Counselor. Mighty God.
Everlasting Father...

Then Joseph brings his son
to be circumcised.

The presentation in the temple?
Not at all.

January 1st is Holy Foreskin Day,

which wipes out original sin.

You were praying before.
A little.

lt's still snowing.

What a beautiful walk.

Simon's not with you?

He went to join you.

Holy shit.

We'll go and check the cafés.

Put the boys to bed.

Where are you going?
Looking for Simon.

Must be in some bar.

What's the problem?

Simon mustn't go out drinking.

He gets into brawls.

Take my keys.

Be careful.

Want a drink?

You've had enough.

That's my problem.

The same thing.

- You'll be sorry.
- It'll be your fault.

Another chaser.

Me too.

l don't have much to say.

l'm a little scared.

What did you do?


When you lost me.

What did l do all these years?

l tried to be part of your world.

You used to be real bad.

How so?
Embarrassingly so.

Don't do that.

l have no regrets.

lt's great you're with Ivan.

You both get by on so little.
You deserve more.

Seeing you from afar l'd think.
''They're lucky.''

Be quiet.

My life is a prison.

What l do has no value.

lt's stupid.

The meaning of what l do
is bound up in you.

Without you it's empty.

Before you, l was a fuckup.

l live for you.

l get dressed for you,
wake up for you,

but l paint for myself.

l can continue.

Continue what?

Shaking when l see you.

Getting snubbed by you.

Things lose their meaning.

l'll go in the back.

At first l felt something was wrong.

l couldn't understand what.

l stopped wondering.

Today l love Ivan.

At one point l didn't.
Then it came back.


As handsome as ever.

- l'm your ugly lover.

- You're not my lover. Technically.

No way will l do It in a car.

Chicken shit.

You found Simon for us.

- Everyone's asleep?
- It's 4 a.m.

Need any help?
l prefer to clean up alone.

So leave me alone.

See you tomorrow.

l wonder where they'll be sleeping.

lt's none of our business.

You were with the model for a while.
- 2 years.

Were you jealous?

l was better than her.

But you loved her?

She was tall.

l was bored.

But l needed a girl
and she needed a protector, money.

lt was sad.



Baptiste. Look. It's snowing.

Daddy, daddy!

lt's snowing.

Everything is covered in snow.

l'm hungry. Where's Mommy?

Mommy came back really late.

She didn't want to wake us.

Where is she?

She's probably in your uncle's room.

Can we make breakfast?
Okay, come on.

- l'll make the tea.

Wait for me, Baptiste

My boys.

l made the tea by myself.

The coffee's for Simon.

- We didn't need Daddy's help.

How sweet.

We woke up Daddy.

lt's snowing.

What's that?


When you think about it, it's funny.
We have the same gene.

You're my nephew,
which tends to prove l'm Junon's son.

Which is pretty strange.

You didn't think you were her son?

She and l aren't too close.

l preferred to imagine

my father sleeping with other women,

or that l was born by cesarean,

or in situ or in vitro.

l'm no specialist in that field.

lt's pretty confusing.

but it seems l came out of Junon.

Did Dad scare you?
No, fights are easy.

Since l'm weak, l know l'll lose.

Have mirrors ever freaked you out?

How so?

My reflection persecutes me.

What do you see?

Behind me. A black dog.

But it wasn't real.
Just the image of a dog.

And once my reflection stared at me

in a vicious way.

Taking your meds?

lt only happened twice,

and l hope that's it.

l understand, Paul,
why you're not well.

You think you're crazy
because of the myelodysplasia.

lt's your mother
who conceived you in grief.

Elizabeth is melancholic.

She's the bored one. Not you.

You're cured, Paul. Rejoice!

What are you thinking?


Remember what you said
that first night?

Here, in the same parking lot.


You said:

- ''lf you want to date me--''
- ''Ask me to dance. idiot.''

And you asked me.

Do something.

You're doing nothing
and l can't work.

Now l forgot where l was.

Take a book and read. Any book.

- l can't.

Go on. It's a mitzvah.

You sound like Henri.

Why keep the dye factory?

Why not find something better?

Dying fabric is just fine.

Why am l always sad?

ls it normal?

As a child, l wasn't always sad.

lt's a real question.
What did l lose?

Your brother.



"We, seekers of knowledge,

remain of necessity strangers to ourselves

because we have never sought ourselves.

How should we someday
find ourselves?

Our treasure is to be found
in the beehives of knowledge.

Bees always searching.

collectors of the honey of the mind.

Our hearts are set on one thing:

bringing something home.

As for the rest, as for life

with its so-called experiences,

who among us takes them seriously?

Who has the time?''

"--who hears the clock striking 12

and, once roused, asks himself:

'What did the cloch iust strike?'

ln this way, we rub our ears
after the fact

and ask ourselves, surprised:

'What have we experienced?'

Then we try, after the fact,

as l just said,

to count back over the 12 strokes

of our experience,
our life, our being.

and lose count in the process.

We remain of necessity strangers to ourselves.

We don't understand ourselves.

Concerning ourselves,

we are not seekers of knowledge.''

You don't know me.

l'm not like that.



Thanks for Paul.


Why is Paul staying here?

l invented Ivan by living with him.

l'll invent you
by not living with you.

Why is Paul staying here?

Because what?
Just because.

You and Simon
will help Abel at work tomorrow.

Henri Misery.

Why do you call me that?
- l don't know.

You always used to complain.

Henri Misery.



About my mother.

Don't come along.
Henri will drop me off.

Did you hear me?

Go to work.

Need a light?

You shouldn't be drinking.

lt's a general anesthetic.

Does it hurt?


Here l go.

Well done.

Keep quiet.

How is he doing?
Out like a light.

His cortex is very thick.
Yeah, really hard.

l keep pushing and twisting--


l'm the nurse
taking care of you today.

l brought your medicine.

What is it?

An immuno-suppressor.

l brought your clothes.
Shall l put them in the closet?

l'll put them on the bed.

See you soon.

Good morning.

Mrs. Vuillard's bone marrow.

Can you open it?

l'll take it.

Sign here, please.

The cell count is 165.
Thank you.

We have it.

You are Mrs. Junon Vuillard?

Very good.


l'll do it.



There's a lot of it.

We'll leave you.

Buzz if you need me.

l'll be back later.

Mr. Vuillard?

You just woke up.

The procedure went well.

What did you do with my marrow?

We filtered it in the lab.
Are you in pain?

No, no, calm down
I'll give you Temgesic.

Help me, babe.

lt's for your health. Here.

My clothes.

What room?

From here
it's a sterile environment.

Hello, Mrs Vuillard.
Here's your son.

How are you doing?

l'll put you here.

Here's a chair.
Thank you, miss

l'll leave you two.

Am l bothering you?
l woke up.

My body can't stand you.

l'm rejecting everything from you.

l hope it doesn't hurt.


l feel like l was punched in the back.

The procedure?

Look at this.

And this.

Hurts like hell.

They stole our stuff.

Want to play?



Go on.

l woke up early,
a hundred memories flooding my mind.

Claude's chest when he was 20
and looked 16.

Paul wearing two feathers.
whispering to me.

"l'm Pegasus"

My father, my brothers

and Simon playing in the garden.

Junon will get better.

The transplant will take effect.

l'm not scared of death.

l now live in the world
made by my son.

lf we have offended the shadows,
think but this:

all you have done is to sleep.

And everything will be mended.