A Christmas Switch (2018) - full transcript

Two women magically switch bodies during the holidays and learn valuable lessons about family, love and Christmas cheer.

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Audrey! Audrey!


Audrey! Any day, Aud.


You got a new costumer.

Get your head
out of the clouds, Aud.

I need you on stage in five.

Be ready to spread some dazzling
Christmas cheer, you hear?

Got it. Right. I'm sorry. Sorry.

What is on her mind?

Hi! Welcome to Cantante's.
How are you?

I'll have a cappuccino.

Okay. And, do you wanna hear
the specials?

No, just the coffee.

I thought that there was
supposed to be

singing happening.

Yes. There is. Sorry.
We're about to go on.

I will put your order in and
bring it out to you in a bit.

-Can't wait.

-Hi, my little Christmas elf.
-Hi, mommy.


Do you have time to sit with us
for a minute?

Um, you know, maybe in a few.

If it slows down
I can take my break, maybe.

Mommy, you're wearing
the pin I made.

I love it so much.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I'd like to welcome you all

to Cantante Eatery.

The only place in town
where we serve delicious food

and Christmas music.

Now, let's Christmas
this place up

with a duet from one of
our newcomers, Colton Young

and our house favorite,
Audrey Turner!

-Time to go.
-Knock 'em dead.

- Give 'em a big hand.
- Wish me luck.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Yay! Mommy!



Come on.





Hey. Can I get you
anything else?

-Just the check.
-You got it.

No problem-o.

My God!
I am so sorry.

-Yeah, napkins.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Gotcha. I'm coming.

Listen, you are wasting
your time in this place.

With your voice and that face,
you could actually be somebody.

I am somebody. I'm a mom.

I hope you
have a great rest of your day.

And Merry Christmas.

Must be nice.

So, Aud.

I'm gonna need you to work
a double tomorrow.

Stan, it's two weeks
till Christmas.

I've so much to do. Come on.

Leslie called out again,
and I need you to take her spot.

It's not so bad
that she called out.

She's pitchy.

Why is it always me?

Listen, I got plenty of ladies
lined up to take your spot

if you don't want this shift.

Yeah? How's their pitch?

Come on, Aud.

Fine. I'll do it.

That's the Audrey Christmas
spirit I needed to hear.

You're always coming through
for me, Aud.

And I appreciate it.

All right.
I'm taking my break though.

Go ahead.

Call Alex.

You've reached Alex Samson,

attorney at law.

Please leave your name
and number,

and I'll call you back.

Call Laurel.

Hey, it's Laurel.

Leave a message.

- Hey!
- Hey.

Hi, mommy.

Hi, baby. Hi. Hi.

Must be nice.

All right. So... I have to pull
some doubles this week.

When are we going
to bake cookies?

We'll find time, sweetie,
I promise.

All right, listen, I have to go
Christmas shopping.

So, I have to go tonight.

- Boy.
- What? No, no.

The shelter needs me
to write a grant tonight,

so I have to work a little late.


Kelly, how'd you like to go
to Karen's?

With their new puppy?
I'm good with it.

That's my girl!

There we go.

-You know, I love you so much.
-I love you, too.

-I love you more.
-I love you more.

-More, more, more...
-More, more, more...

I love you, infinity.


So here's what's gonna happen,

You are going to track down
Mr. McDade.

He's the one that thought
it'd be a great idea for me

to trot off to some greasy spoon

and watch some
mediocre kids sing

in front of a bunch of people

slurping on spaghetti.

-Yes, Mrs. Samson.

The only good thing about
the day was this waitress.

God! She was a hot mess,
but she could sing.

I mean, really sing.

Do you want me to set up
a meeting with her, too?

No, I wasn't talking to you.

Yes, Mrs. Samson,
I'm, I'm so sorry.

And you're still sitting here

It won't happen again.
I'm so sorry, Mrs. Samson.


Hey, babe.

I have to take our clients
from Japan out tonight.


And one of us has to go

to the Christmas market tonight

to pick up that one-of-a-kind
painting of Paris

that Laurel has been
incessantly talking about.

She has?


That's fabulous. Me, a small
store, and a large crowd.

You have fun shopping, okay?

- Love you, too.
- Bye.

-Merry Christmas.

Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas.

-Hello there, young lady.

I know, right?



Ain't gonna happen, Audrey.

Can I help you
find anything, dear?

Maybe some extra money.

Take your time, Audrey.

Hopefully, something will spark
that Christmas spirit.

You know,
I have Christmas spirit.

I do and I work really,
really hard

to spread it to anyone
who wants some,

and I just feel like...

How did you know my name?

The bear told me.



I'm just having
a really hard day.

This will be perfect.

You know, there's no need
to apologize.

It's hard to do for others

when there is no gas left
in the sleigh.

I think I might have something
to make your life sweeter.

That is so thoughtful.
Thank you...

Mrs. Nick.

Thank you, Mrs. Nick.

All right.
Pull it together, Audrey.

-Here you go. Enjoy.
-Thank you.

Okay, next.

I have a painting
waiting for me.

I'm so sorry, dear.

But we've got a bit of a line
behind you.

If I felt like waiting
in line

I wouldn't have pre-ordered.

I'm not moving.

So, you either help me now

or figure out a way
to work around me.

You know, this store has been in
our family for many generations.

We keep it
because it makes people happy.

Just like Christmas does.

You know, if this makes you

then I have your painting.

We keep it right here,
Mrs. Samson.

How did you know my name?

Not many people
pre-order from us.

When they come,
they like to take their time,

slow down, and appreciate
everything that's around them.

- Ma'am?
- Right. Be right with you.

Wait, wait, wait.

Here. Have this
little candy-cane.

It's amazing what one little
candy-cane can do for you.

- Next. How nice.
- Hi

- Merry Christmas.
- Paul.

-Everything is so expensive.

The cheap stuff
is just so cheap.

Ho, ho, ho.

Alex. Yeah, I got it. I know
she's not gonna appreciate it.

I mean, what have I taught her?

Do you know that she lets me
go to voicemail?

How is she supposed to believe
in the magic of Christmas

if she can't dive into a tree
full of Christmas presents?

I just, I want her to feel like
she deserves it, you know?

Yeah, I know that
we can afford it.

I, I just want her to have
a normal Christmas, you know?

I, I want her to want to answer
when I call.

I want her to see her mom
as successful.

She's my daughter and she barely
speaks to me, Alex.

Sometimes, I wish we could just
have a do-over.

I want her to see her mom shine.

Something that makes us sparkle.

-I wish things were different.
-I wish things were different.

Hey! I know you.
You're that singing waitress.

You're that lady
from the restaurant.



Don't be alarmed.
I'm up before you.

Well, good morning.

How are you feeling?

What do you want?

To check on you.

You hit your head
pretty hard last night.

You, you, you stay away from me!


So, babe, listen.

Last night you were so tired

and, well, you were acting weird

that I called the office
and I told them

that you weren't
coming in today.

They thought I was joking.

You better leave.

Okay, but listen, I can stay
home if you want.

Maybe you hit your head harder
than you thought?

Okay, well, this is fun.

But just a reminder
that I am out of town tonight

for a big deposition.

So, I will see you tomorrow.

Call me
if you want me to cancel.

Love you.

"Love you?"

- 911.
- Help!

Yes, help! I've been kidnapped.
I don't know where I am.

Ma'am, is there anyone there?-Yeah, there's one man.

He was...
Actually, he was really nice.

I don't know. Are kidnappers
supposed to be nice?

- I don't even...
- Ma'am?

Ma'am, are you all right?


What? Yeah. I'm, I'm gonna
have to call you back.




Whoever you are,
you better come out now.

I know crazy self-defense!

Hey, honey. Did you call me?

How did you get me here?

I picked you up at the mall.

Of course.

You found me, you... weirdo!

Hey, easy, honey.

You took a pretty hard fall.

When we got home, I wanted you
to see the doctor, but...

You, stop talking!

Okay. Honey.

-Maybe you should lay back down.
-Will you stop calling me that?

I don't know what kind of
criminal you are,

but I can assure you, you have
messed with the wrong woman!


I really need to read up
on head injuries.

Not one more step.

Okay. I told Stan that you
weren't gonna make it into work.

He wasn't happy,
but what's new, right?

Here's what's gonna happen.

You are gonna turn around
and leave.

Yeah, I have to get Kelly
to school.

You sure you're okay?

You never yell.

-You should get some rest.
-Get out!


Pants. My pants. Pants.



My God!

This can't be.


You've gotta be kidding me.
Come on.

-Who are you here to see, ma'am?
-It's me. Open the gate.

What resident
are you here to see?

I'm Julia Samson.

I don't have anybody on
the Samsons' list for today.

No, I'm Julia Samson.

Yeah. Okay.

Um, you know what you can do is

you can pull right up there

do a U-turn and,

and just head right out.

Okay, listen,

I know I don't look like myself
right now but I swear...

Brian, just open the gate!

Look, lady, okay? I don't wanna
call the police. I don't.

You don't want me to call
the police.

So you have exactly zero minutes

to head straight up there,
do a U-turn, get outta here.

First of all,
zero minutes is not a thing.

Second of all, if you don't
let me in right now,

you are going to lose this job.

I gotta tell you
you do sound like her, you do.

But you're not her.

So, straight up, U-turn.

You are gonna regret this.

Have a great day.

Paul said you hit your head
and weren't gonna be here.

You gotta be careful, Aud, okay?

Put on your uniform
and take section one.

You think I'm her.


Listen, you're gonna sing
in ten.

People have been asking for you.

Okay, yeah, I can't sing or work
and I'm sick.

I have laryngitis.

I thought you hit your head.

Yeah. That's what I meant. See?
Head injury.

Listen, I'm looking
for my friend.

She is very, very beautiful,

and tall,
and elegant, and stylish...

Aud, I don't know
what's up with you.

But you got to get it together.

And, I think your friend
just walked in.

I don't believe it.

I don't understand.

No. No, no, no, no, no. How?

This can't be real. I...

How can this be real?

It can't be. It can't.

If this is real,
I look very tired.

Tell me about it.

Never used to look that tired.

What are you doing?

I am so beautiful. It's amazing.


This doesn't just
happen to people.

I know, obviously.

But it's happening to us.

Maybe we're dreaming.

Well, that's not it.

What's the last thing
you remember?

Okay, I was shopping

and I was on the phone
with my husband.

Me too.
I was at that Christmas store.

And I came upon a tree...

It was you.

You wouldn't let go
of that ornament.

What? You wouldn't let go.

I remember. It broke.
And it must have fallen.

And then nothing,
until this morning.


We have to go back right now
to the Christmas store.


Words I never thought I'd say.

Let's leave before Stan sees me.
I mean, you.

Too late. I already told him
I'm not working tonight.

Words I've never said.

All right, come on, let's go.

You're killin' me, Aud.
You're killin' me.

Just a quick reminder

that when we close
on Christmas Eve

we won't be back
until next year.

I hope you get everything
you want before then.

Yeah, you and me both, Claus.


I'm sorry.
You know, you could be nicer.

-"You know, you could be nicer."
-What are you doing?

Just seeing if your words feel
as ridiculous as they sound.

It's not here.

How can there be this many
ornaments and no candy-cane?

What? What's...

What are we gonna do now?

Well, w-we get hotel rooms
and wait it out.

Research it, fix it.

And disappear at Christmas?

No way. My family will be
so worried.

I mean, wouldn't yours?

Well, if you won't let us
disappear for a while,

there's only one thing to do.


We have to be each other.

What? I...

I have to pretend to be you?

I mean, for how long?

Christmas is less than
two weeks away.

Just until I come up
with something.

Unless you have a better idea.

Or any idea at all.

Right. Okay,
there's a lot to go over.

I run a record label.

There's a rumor going around

that we're gonna be taken over

by a music streaming company.

You ever heard of Gavin Vaughn?

The singer? Of course.

That's my client.
I need to keep him.

And his contract's up soon.

Gavin Vaughn?

Okay, I'm gonna route
my work notifications,

so I can see anything important

because we are going to have to
switch phones.

There's a weekly department
meeting you have to run, too.


Listen, the most important thing

is that Gavin
stays with our label.

That is all you have to do.

This could not be happening
at a worse time.

Tell me about it. I mean,
we're very short on money.

I'm trying to pick up
as many shifts as possible.

And there's a lot of activities

at the school
that I committed to.

And my daughter, Kelly...
My sweet baby angel.

She's having a hard time
reading lately,

so I'm really trying to...

And Karen.
She's the sitter. I have to...

Please. Kids love me.

Your life
is gonna be a cakewalk.

I'll just pad your account.

No! You, you can't pad
my account.

How would you explain that
to Paul?

I guess you're right.

I should tell you, I have
a 16-year-old daughter, Laurel.

That's great.

I-I just, I didn't, you know,
see you as the motherly type.

If you know what I mean?

Yes, we're very close.

Well, we used to be.

What are we gonna do
about sleeping arrangements?

For me, that's easy.

When I work late,

Alex sleeps in the guest room.

That can't be too often, can it?

It'll be fine for quite a while.
What about you?

We sleep in the same bed.

But not
when my back is out.

When my back is out,
I sleep on the couch

'cause it's better for it.

So maybe, my back,
I mean, your back,

it hurts
because you hit your head.

The couch? Great.

This just keeps getting better
and better.

It's like fertilizer.

Not my body,

so, technically,
these calories don't count.

-Hi, it's Tyler.

-Who? Tyler?
-Tyler, you're...

- My assistant.
- There's an important meeting.

-That you need to be at...
-A meeting? Do I have to?

You're the one
who have it on schedule, so...

-Okay. Yeah, I'll see you soon.

"Bake." Bake?

-Heard that artist...

-Good morning.
-Hi. How is it going?



That's fun.

Wow. "President."

Good morning, Mrs. Sampson.

I am so, so sorry about that.

Is everything okay,
Mrs. Sampson?

Yeah, just call me Audrey.


Julia. Julia, call me Julia.

I just came to get you
for the morning meeting.


Tyler. Okay. So...

Here are the expense reports
for you to approve.

The expense reports? Of course.

And the meeting...

Um... why don't you give me

a rundown of the minutes
on the last meeting?

The minutes?

Um... What do you mean?

Just, you know, catch me up
on the last meeting.

Right. You decided to take
established artists

from other labels
and make them your own.

Well, how would new people
get noticed?

Well, they don't.

I suggested that we hire three
new artists per quarter,

but that was shot down.

By who?

By you.

All the people with hopes
and dreams are just...

Will never get a shot?


They're probably waiting
for you.


I'm so nervous.

You're nervous?

Yeah. You probably heard.

I hit my head last night, so I'm
gonna need you to come with me.

-What? No. No, I can't...
-Yes. Yeah. It'll be fun.

No. I don't come into
the meeting with you.

Yes. You know so much.

What's happening?

Come on.

Sit down. Sit down.

What's happening?

I think you're supposed
to start.



So, we are here
to talk about, um...

new talent.

Can we just agree to go after
Shooting Star Records?

We have to avoid this merger and
draft Gavin Vaughn's contract.

I mean, he's gonna try to get

everything out of us
that he can.


Excuse me.

Hi. It's just that,

Tyler here, um,

he has some really good ideas,

so, um, I'm gonna let him
tell you

about a new...

-Strategy. Yeah. See?

He's so smart.

This is lovely.

I am so glad
you're here.

You will not believe
who copped out

on the bake sale.

Helen, of course.

So, please, just make sure
everyone's in their place today

and then collect the money
from them at the end.

-What are those?

Those aren't your cookies.

Well, I bought them,
so they're mine.

And I'm giving them to you,
so they're yours.

Are you feeling okay?

I hit my head.
Listen, I have a job.

I seem to do everything at home

and I'm involved
in all these activities?

When was the last time
I said no?

You never say no.

-Driven herself into the ground.
-She who?

Okay, here's what we're gonna
do, these cookies

are all I'm doing
for this bake sale.

Anything else, you'll have
to delegate as well.


Okay. I guess I can do that.

Great. Keep up the good work.

Audrey. Audrey!


Don't forget Kelly.

Kelly. Right. Of course. Kelly.



getting a running start.

Okay, I need a Kelly.


Kelly. Hi. What's that?

We had to draw a picture
for what we're thankful for,

and I drew you.


That's really thoughtful.

Thank you. Where to now?

Mommy, you're funny.
Let's go home.

Yes. Home. Perfect.

-It's popcorn night!
-What's popcorn night?

It's when you make popcorn
and brownies and grill cheese,

and put it all around the tree.

It's popcorn night!

Sounds like we're gonna be busy.

What's that other
piece of paper?

It's my reading homework.
I got a silver star.

A silver.

Well, don't worry. I'm sure
next time you'll get a gold.


March. Hup, two. Let's go!

Hi. You okay down there?



Say, "Cheese."

Nice one, mom.

That should be
our Christmas card.

Wait, we don't do those.

Laurel. How was school?

Good. Why are you home?

It's really late.

Not for you, it isn't.

Well, I thought that

we could decorate the house
for Christmas.

I mean, it really needs it.
What do you think?

Sorry, I just, I have so much
school work to do.

I can't just drop everything
and have a Christmas revival.

Well, I, um...
Well, I can make us dinner.

Mom, seriously?
It's sushi night.

Once it gets here,
I'm just gonna go upstairs

and eat it in my room.

Are you sure you're okay?

Yeah. I-I'm fine.
I'm just tired.

I'll be in my room
working on my history project.

I'm not gonna give up on that

Christmas decorating idea,


Jeez. Teenagers are tough.

Kelly! Popcorn night!


Come on, sleepyhead.

Juice, juice, juice.


Hey, how is my sleepyhead?
Is your back out?

What? Yeah.

I'll probably be on the couch
for a while.

Hey, good morning.

Good morning. Ooh.

There it is.

Hey, mommy, is this my sandwich?

Yes, it is.

Mommy, I don't want crust.

No note.

There's no note in there.

Nobody said anything
about a note.

Kelly, you're gonna have to take
the crust off yourself, okay?

Here you go, sweetie.

I'll meet you at the front door,
okay? Okay.

You usually put a little
Christmas note in her lunch bag.

-She really looks forward to it.
-Couldn't you have done it?

Well, I guess it never crossed
my mind.

Yeah, well,
can't think of everything.


-I'll see you tonight.
-See ya.


Hey, how's it going?

It's been busy.

Um, meetings,
expense reports, contracts.

Listen, I need you to remind
Tyler that someone in legal

has to go over the Gavin Vaughn
contract, okay?

This is the most important thing
to me right now.

Yeah, contract to legal.

Okay. Hey, how's Kelly?

She's good.

I guess I missed some sort of
note in her lunch bag.

No. The note.

I totally forgot to tell you.

She must've been
so disappointed.

My poor little girl.

She'll be fine.

Okay, I gotta go put on that
uniform and get to work.

Try not to mess anything up.

Wait. Julia, don't you wanna
hear about Laurel?

I'm not worried about her.

She's a teenager,
she's practically an adult.

That's when daughters need
their moms the most, you know?

Well, it's a good thing
I raised her

to be independent then,
isn't it?

Now, I gotta go to work
or you are gonna be late.

- Watch it.
- Relax. Trust me.

That fabric isn't
holding on to anything.

Just hose it off
when you get home.

Aud, you're getting complaints.

People are getting the wrong
food or no food at all.

Yeah, I have never seen

a needier group of people
in my life.

Well, can you at least
get on stage?

My head, it's just...
I can't.

My God!

How was your day?


Thanks, yours?

Really? Wow.

I like that
glitter. Why don't you keep...

Put a thing in
that green icing...

I think maybe I'll...
I'm going to...

It's spilling on to...

It's spilling? Okay.

Let's put it on a cookie then.

Yeah, use your fingers. Why not?

That's a bold choice.

Look how good are you at this.

I mean,
you could be a professional.

I wish I was good reading
stories like I am at cookies.

Well, I bet
you're a better reader

than you think you are.

I can help you with that,
you know?

- You can?
. Sure.

I'll just make a schedule
to fit in reading every day.


Because you know,
all your success in life

begins with being
a good communicator,

and that begins with reading.

It's very important
you do the work.

What is it, honey?

Right back at ya.


- Take that.
- Yeah. And just put it...

There you go. Yes.

Whoa! What happened in here?

Mom is bringing Christmas back.


Wow, I, I haven't seen
some of this stuff in forever.

Yeah, it's just, you know,

Christmas is really important

and decorating is such a fun
part of it.

It's too fun to miss.

Well, your grandma would be
so proud of you.

So what are we doing here?

We are threading popcorn
for garland.

Her head injury really spiced
things up around here.

That reminds me,
we need to get a tree.

Wait, really?

All right! We'll get a tree.


time to hit the road.

Coming, daddy.

Ooh! Tie's crooked.

-How's work?
-Which one, here or at home?

How are Laurel and Alex?

When they're home,
they're good.

We decorated the house.

You decorated the house
using my grandmother's stuff?

I'm sorry. Is that not okay?

Well, I just haven't
seen that stuff

since she died ten years ago.

She raised me
and she always made

such a big deal about Christmas.

Did Laurel like it?

She really seemed to.

Actually, it tore her away
from her homework.

Alex said he was
really proud of you.

Proud of you.

Not me. You.

How's Kelly and Paul?

I've never been away from them
for this long.

Do you think you can send me
a picture?

I just miss their faces.

Yeah, sure.
Kelly is really sweet.

She does lack structure.

So, I'm having her help out
with things around the house,

and we are concentrating more
on school work.

She's four. She's, she's not
supposed to have structure.

Not like the minute-to-minute
work schedule

that Laurel's created
for herself.

I mean, why does everybody
in your house

have to work all the time?

Whoa! I love my job, okay?

And you work all the time, too,

just not doing anything
you love.

You need to say "No" more.

Wow, it seems like you really
figured out my life for me.


I'm trying to figure how to get
us out of this mess, okay?

There's nothing online.
It's not a medical condition.

Look at this.

It says that the store closes
on Christmas Eve,

and it doesn't reopen
for a year from now.

What if we don't change back
before Christmas?

Ladies and gentlemen,

it's been too long

since Audrey has hit the stage,

No, no, no. What is he doing?


Get her up here.

What do I do?

Just sing. You have the voice,
right? I think.

- What song am I even gonna do?
- Joy To The World.

-Joy To The...
-Everybody knows that one.

Yay! Audrey!

You're gonna get it.

Stan. Please.

It's like riding a bike, kiddo.

I don't ride bikes.

Hit it.

Aud, you gotta
get that head checked out.

People are counting on you.

That wasn't good?

Wasn't good? It wasn't you.

Finish your break.
Get some water or...

some wine.

A glass of wine. Or two.

Head injuries.
What are you gonna do?

That was terrifying.

Why can't I sing like you?

I think
it's like an instrument.

You know, you have it, but you
don't know how to use it.

I taught myself how to sing.

I even used to write my own
music when I had the time.

I can't
believe you do that every day.

I feel really calm on the stage.

I wish I'd pursued it.

Why didn't you?

Life happened.

Listen, I'm sorry about before.

I am too.

I think that we were just both
stressed out.

Well, you know what calms me?

Spa day.

Let me set up
a few appointments for you

and you can get
a taste of my "Me" time.

Besides, I can't let my body
get overrun with stress.

It ages you.

Well, by all means,
let's keep you young.

That's for the both of us.

Besides, maybe something will
come to you while you relax.

One of us needs to.

And it ain't gonna be me.


Hi. Yeah.

So, I get this regularly?

Are you kidding me?

Hey. Come on in.

They look so nice.
So shiny.

It's just what I needed.

I'm excited.
How's yours going?

So good.
Do you like the color?

- I do. Look.
- I love yours.

- Thank you.
- It's so Christmassy.

- Hey, Tyler.
- Hey, Julia.

So, you've got a shareholders'
meeting at 3:00.

A conference call at 5:00
and a talent dinner at 8:00.

-What? But...

No. No, and no.

-But it's just that you've...
-I know.

But listen, Tyler,
there's more to life than work.

And... it's the Christmas season
for crying out loud.

I'm gonna go. Just, you know,
cancel 'em. Okay?

It's just that you have
a lot to do.

"Hey, Gavin, Julia had to
cancel 'cause she had to

go Christmas shopping
with her husband.

Yes, someone did marry her."

What's with you? What...

What'd you just say
a minute ago?

What'd you wanna say to me?

Come on, come on.
Answer, answer.

Hello. You've
reached Julia Sampson.

Leave me a message,
and I will get back to you

as soon as I can. Thank you.

Um, okay.

- ... Um...
... okay, here we, okay.

Um, I can use this and then,
I-I need that.

-Okay, she needs two pillows.
-Yes, yes. Thank you.

Hang on. Um, okay.
Wait, wait, okay.

-Ready? Here we go.

Okay, you're,
you're-you're Santa Clause.

- You have your, your gifts.
- She's taking a nap.

-You're tired, right?
-I just...

There's, there's pillows,
you're sleepy.

It's been, Now, you're,
Statue Of Liberty.

Are you sure
this is a Christmas movie?

I mean,
is it from this century?

No. Okay. It's okay. Um...

Let's just...

Come on.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.

you've reached Julia Sampson.

Leave me a message...

Audrey, pick up!

Good evening, miss.
How can I help you?

I need to see a Julia Sampson,

Let's take a look here.
What's your name?

-Audrey Turner.

I don't see your name here.

Could you just do me
this one favor, please?

Please, it's an emergency.

I can check it twice.


Yes. Yes, here you are.

Really? Thank you so much.

It really helps
when someone is being nice.

You know,
you look really familiar.

I get that a lot, dear.

Have a nice night... Julia.

Goodnight. Thanks.



F-four words.

-Okay, it's a movie. Yup.
-A film. Yeah.

Sounds like. You, me...

- R-ring.
- She's your wife.

- Okay
-Wife. Sounds like wife.

-Fourth word sounds...

-It's A Wonderful Life.Bam!

Whoo-hoo! Yeah!

There we go! Bam!

Nice! You've seen that, right?

-No, I don't think so.

Hey, mom, thanks so much
for doing this.

This has been
the best Christmas ever.

So sweet.

Excuse me.
Someone is performing up here.

Sorry, dad.

Um, okay. Um...

-One word.




That was good.

You do that every time.

Jeez. Tyler will not stop
calling me.

-What's he want?
-I don't know.

Something about a new meeting.

But I already told him no.


W-who goes there?


- Mom?
- I mean, Audrey?

What was that voice, dad?

I don't know.

What are you doing here?

I've been calling
and texting you all night.

I'm sorry,
we have a strict no phone

policy at night.

-You do?

Okay. You have to go
to the office.

The Gavin Vaughn meeting has
been moved to tonight.

What? That wasn't supposed to
happen for another few days.

I know. Famous singers
tend to change their minds.

Here, I got us this.

This is a earpiece, I can listen
to you and talk to you.

I will get you through
the meeting.

But it's just...

It's so late
and I promised Laurel

that we would play.
Sorry, hang.

S-she asked you to hang?


Really? Okay.

Look, I know there are lot of
work things I can delegate.

I-I, I understand, but this is
not one of them, okay?

I need you
to do this for me, please.

Okay, yes, of course, of course.
Okay, come on.

-No, we have to go.
-Come in, it's your family.

We have to go.

Hey, guys. Um, this is my friend
Audrey. Audrey, this is...

Laurel and Alex.

Wow. I've missed you.


Missed you the last time
that she came to see me.

So finally,
you guys get to meet.

-Yes. Right. Right.


Laurel, it turns out
that I actually do have to

go to the office tonight.

Of course you do.


She said she's gonna stay home
and it lasted like ten minutes.

Just like the old mom.

I'll go.

Don't worry,
they're gonna be fine.

They're gonna be fine.
Listen to me, Julia.

You work so hard, and your
family loves you so much,

they just wanna
spend more time with you.

And they will, okay?

But right now, all of that hard
work will have been for nothing

if we don't save your business.

You're right.
You're right, okay.

Okay, I'll talk you through it.
We can do this.

-We can do this.
-We can do this.

Yeah. Let me grab my jacket.

Yeah, and then we got to go.


We can do this.

Okay, can you hear me?

I can hear you.

Okay. Gavin's entering
the building.

Keep it cool,
you cannot be star-struck.

Hey, Gavin Vaughn.

Just Gavin.

When do you ever say hello using
a first and last name?

Gavin, hello.

Hey, Julia. Look, I-I'm kind of
in a hurry, so can we,

you know,
knock this out?

it should run smoothly.

Yeah, so we're... And it's all
gonna be fine.

A-are you okay?

Yes, yep. You?

Calm down.

Get the contract out
of the top drawer,

tell him you think it'll be
beneficial for both you and him.

Here it is. It's...

So we think it's really good,
and it's gonna be

beneficial for everybody.

Okay, let's
get to the good stuff.

He's going to the money page.

we cannot go more than

three million
above the offer, okay?

Not one penny, not one cent...

Whoo! We're about to
sign a contract tonight.


Wait, I can't... Audrey?

Wait, you're braking up.

Yeah, so,
the money isn't right.


Audrey, Audrey, come in,

Come on! All right,
I'll be there in five minutes.

You know,
i-if we don't come up by four,

then, we don't have a deal.


Julia, I-I know

you're a shark, but come on.

Okay, you know what? This is,
this is a waste of time.

I mean, Stargaze
will give me four over this

and they're willing
to sign tonight. So...

Wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait.

Wait, wait, wait. Wait.


Money is important.

Of course, it is.

But think about this,

you are one of the biggest stars
on the planet.

And I have believed in you
every step of the way.

People are ready for whatever
you're gonna do next.

And they're gonna eat it up.
Simply because it's you.

Yeah, I've done all right.
Go on.

You represent

everyone with a dream.

Look at what you've

I can give you three million

and I'm asking that you value
our relationship

for the one million
that I can't.

All right,
w-we have a deal.

You know, I-I d-didn't know
that you cared so much, Julia.

Send this contract
to my agents...

And, um, thank you.

Heh! Merry Christmas, Gavin.

Merry Christmas.

Thank you.


I can't believe it! You did it,
I can't believe you did it!

Thank you.

Listen, I've been thinking,

let's get our families together
tomorrow, okay?

Maybe having everyone together
will spark

something to switch us back.

Yeah, I'm willing to do

Christmas Eve is the day after
tomorrow and...

we have to fix this.

In the meantime,
thanks for saving my company.

It was nothing.



Sweet Kelly.

You guys look great.

Hi, Julia.

Hi. Come on in.

Let's go.


Hey, guys. This is my husband
Alex and daughter Laurel.

-This is Kelly and Paul.

Hi. This is for you.

Thanks, man.

Wine all the way around?


No thanks.

-That's cute.
-Shall we?


Laurel, why don't you show Kelly

some of the games
that we got out for her?


They're your favorites.

- Thank you!
- I love your hair.


Ooh! I mean...

Let me show you something.

This tree is so beautiful.

I remember this.

I love this.

Thank you.

-Thanks for coming over, guys.
-Thank you.

You know, it's really good
to have people

over for Christmas again.

-Cheers to that.



Anyone want a cookie?

Um, I'm okay.

-Paul, take a cookie.
-Cool. Thank you.

Yeah. They're really good.

No phones
please, Laurel.

No, I know. It'll just be a
second. It's about school.

Hey! Um, did you finish
the project?


-Yeah, okay.
-Will you excuse me?


Well, now what? No, we're not
gonna get an A.

I can't believe you.

What... No, I'm not being


Thanks a lot, Nelly.

Hey, Laurel.

Sorry. I couldn't help but
overhear. What happened?

My friend just
totally spaced on her

part of the project that I have
to turn in when school starts

again and she's leaving,
like now,

for a vacation.

Couldn't you just
turn in your part?

You think that's okay?

No, my mom is gonna be so

I mean, if my grades aren't good
enough for valedictorian,

then what? I'm never gonna be
good enough.

I'll just be a failure.

A failure?

She would never think that.

No matter what, she could never
be disappointed.

She is so proud of you.

Yeah, okay.

No, listen. It's true. Okay?

She doesn't want you
to be perfect,

she wants you to be happy.

There's no such thing
as perfect.

She knows that now and she wants
you to know it too.

How do you know this?

She... told me.

She said that you and your dad
are what matter most to her.

She loves you more than anything
in this world,

do you understand?

Just give her a chance
to show you that.

And give yourself a break.

You must be a really good mom.

I feel a lot better.

And she'll hug you more, too.

I just know she will.

Okay. Yeah. Thanks a lot,

You bet.

Can I build one right here?

Let's do one this
way, too.

-How's school going?


I'm getting gold stars now.

Wow! You're so smart!

I can read all by myself.

Aw! Really?

How did you manage all that?

My mom helped me
prioritize my time.

What does that mean?

She gave me a chore chart

and we read a story at bed time.

Chore chart?

-Do you like to help your mom?
-I love helping my mom.

She gets to do stuff
that she really likes.

Plus, mommy is happy too.

Julia decorated the house
for the first time in years.

- Something's up and I love it.
- Same here.

Now finally we have some order
in the house.

So, Audrey has some time
to herself.

And in typical fashion
I do realize

I was part of the problem.

Yeah, that happens to me
all the time.

I'm gonna see you
in the other room.


Keep building.

What's wrong?

I'm worried about
what happens when,

if, I go back to my life!

Wait, what? What?

I just think
that Kelly and Paul

are better off now!

Come on. You are the best you
there is.

They love and need you.

You, not me.


Yes, really. Of course, really.

Thank you.

You're really good at making
people feel better.

I don't remember the last time
I heard that.

Pretty sure Laurel
just told you that.

We're running out of time.
Tomorrow's Christmas Eve.

I know.

Look, I have an idea,
but it's not great.

Any idea is a good idea
at this point.

What if we wish really, really
hard to change back?

You're right. Not great.
But worth a shot.


All right.




I just connected with Laurel.
I have to come back.

And we will.

But until then chin up, okay?

You are the strongest person
I have ever met.

We've got this.

I know, we just...

I think that we should go back
to the Christmas store

after work.

I think what we're looking
for is there.

I think you're right. Okay.

It's a good idea.
I'm impressed with you, Audrey.

Pick me up around 5:00.

I'll be there.


Ladies and gentlemen, the Christmas market

will be closing in ten minutes.

Please make your way
to the exits,

and have a very
Merry Christmas.

This is the tree.

It's not here.

Now what?

I don't know.

God, I'm so sorry
that I was ever not

grateful for my life.

Me, too. Do we just t-tell
our families the truth?

"Merry Christmas! I'm
trapped in someone's body!

Who's ready for presents?"
I mean...

No, I...

I am so grateful for my family.

I am so grateful for my life.

I'm grateful for you too,

Me, too.

The Christmas market is now
closed until next year.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

-What's happening?
-I don't know.

What's, what's going on?

- Are you seeing these lights?
- Yes!

Julia, look.

-Are you seeing this?

We need to
make a wish. Together.

Let's try this again.

I wish for my beautiful,
messy life back.

I wish for my perfectly
imperfect life back.

We wish...

We wish
for our lives back!

What? Okay.

All right, I'm up. What's...


Paul! My sweet Paul,

I have missed you.
I have missed you so much.

-You-you missed me?
-I did.

When did you miss me?

- Mommy!
- I...

Kelly, my little princess,
come here.

That's it.

Kelly, come here.

My baby.

You're so silly, momma.

I know,
but I just, I just...

I love you so much. So much.

I love you, too, but guess what?

-Santa came last night!

He sure did. And he brought
the best Christmas ever.

Like, ever.

Let's go see.
Let's go.

-Okay, okay.
-Hurry, go.

We'll see you
at the tree.

Hey, I'm happy you're excited.

I got worried about you
for a minute.

You weren't acting like

I wasn't myself.

You ready for today?

Honey, I couldn't be more ready
for Christmas.

I love you, Paul.
I love our life.

I love you, too.

All right.

You coming? I-I can hear Kelly
losing her mind right now.

I'll just... Give me one sec.

Hey, you want me to hang this?

No! T-that one's for me.


Merry Christmas, Julia.


Please, please, please.

Please, please, please...


Thank you! Thank you.
Aww! Aww!


What's goin' on?

Alex, my husband!

My husband.

My thoughtful,
smart, hunky husband.

Well, Merry Christmas to me.

Can we not ruin

Christmas before it begins?

Come here.

I am so lucky
I get to be your mom.

Did you hit your head again?

I did. I actually did.

-It's nothing.

I love you, so, so, so, so

I love you, too, mom.

Hey, let's go make your mom
some breakfast.

- And then we'll open presents.
- Breakfast.

Well, I wanted
to give you some time to pack.

Because I am taking you,
my hardworking woman,

on a much needed little getaway
with me, to Sedona.

just like our honeymoon.

All right, I'll see
you kids downstairs.

You know, I can't remember
the last time

I saw you this excited.

I can't remember the last time
I was this happy.

I love you.
I don't say that enough.

I love you, too.

Mwah! Breakfast.

Well, I can pack later.

Just give me a few minutes.

What is this?


Sorry, I just,

I wanna leave this one
up here with me.

Okay. I'll see you downstairs.

Merry Christmas,

I love you.

Mommy! You're a superstar!

Thank you. Hey.

Honey, that was fantastic.

Looks like we've got
a celebrity in the house.

-You made it!
-Of course I made it.

I had to watch
from the audience.

I'm so happy. Hi, guys!

-Congratulations, Audrey.

-You're amazing.
-Thank you so much.

You look beautiful.

Your A and R rep,
Tyler just emailed.

Your album is officially
our label's number one

selling Christmas record.

-Are you serious?
-I am serious.

- Yes, yes.
- That's, that's so crazy!


My gosh, Julia.

Thank you so much for
everything. This is amazing.

This is only the beginning.

So, is everybody ready for
Christmas Eve at our house?


We have a lot to celebrate
this year.

Yeah, Christmas!

Come on.


-I don't even know what to say.

Just thank you for everything.
This is amazing.

We did this together.

- We did.
- We did.

Sounds like an occasion worthy
of a toast.


Thank you.

Was that...


No way, right?

Okay, what're we toasting to?

To family.

And to friendship.

And a lifetime full of wishes.


Your mom is such
a good singer, Kelly.

I wish my mom could sing
like that.

It must be so cool
to watch her on stage.

Yeah, that's pretty great.

But I wish we could have
a record company like you,

that'll be so cool.

What's that?