A Christmas Surprise (2020) - full transcript

A mother gets a Christmas surprise when her daughter announces she's engaged. Now the holiday is thrown into chaos as she deals with her less-than-impressive and soon-to-be son-in law, his overbearing mother and an impending wedding.

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[instrumental music]

[woman vocalizing]

Merry Christmas, everybody!

♪ The snow is fallin'
stars twinkling so bright ♪

♪ It's gonna be
a white Christmas... ♪

[horn blaring]



♪ But I promise you
just one thing ♪

♪ That when the jolly man
comes flying ♪

♪ There'll be presents
under the Christmas tree ♪

♪ It's gonna be
a very merry Christmas ♪

[horn blaring]


Okay, why are you sitting
so tight, Jaylin?

I told you that I was coming.

Right, about 30 minutes ago.

Well, I'm sorry, but the queen
needs her time to prep, darling.

Oh, I apologize, Your Majesty.

You know what,
I'm just so happy I get to spend

a little bit of quality time
with my BFF.

Mm... Can you not call me that?
It sounds, I don't know...

Will you stop acting weird?

Oh. Hey!

-It's me and Brittney's song!

♪ It's gonna be
a very merry... ♪

Don't you think
Brit's getting a little too old

for the annual
Christmas performance?

But the key word is annual.
And, no, I don't.

Ah! You know Brittany loves it
just as much as I do.

[chuckles] Hm.

-Oh, boy, I know that look.
-What look?

[sighs] All I'm saying is
just take it easy, okay?

It's her last Christmas break
before graduation,

and I'm sure
she wants to keep it simple.

Oh, please, you're acting like
I'm extra or something.

[laughs] You? No.

As your friend and accountant,
just less is more.

Mm, please,
simple is my middle name.

Well, you got the loudest basket
in the whole place.

Oh. Wait, wait, wait.


Oh? Hey, little princess.

Well, looks like somebody
has the last B stockin', huh?


Well, and my daughter's name
is Brittney

and I'm gonna need
that stocking.

Well, my name is Belinda,

so not happening.

Oh. She a B all right.

-What? Oh.

How about this.
How about I pay you for it?

-What do you say?
-How much?


-Fifty what? Fifty cents?
-Fifty dollars.

I don't think
Santa would approve of you

trying to seal my stocking.

You know what? Now, girl.

You're gonna give me that
stocking. Give me the stocking.


Man, she's strong. Give me
the stocking, little g...

Oh! Oh, oh, God.

-Help! This woman attacked me!
-Oh, girl, please, get up.

Oh. Hi.

What... Belinda, what...

I-I'm sorry,
what's your name, ma'am?

-Aisha. Come on.
-Hi, Aisha.

-Belinda, come on, get up.
-Look, I'm-I'm sorry, okay?

-Why are you on the floor?
-I told you.

She pushed me
and took away my stocking.

Okay, I know what this
probably looks like, okay?

But I most certainly
did not push her

and did not take away
your stocking!

She was on the floor!

Okay, look, all right.

The last thing
that they need to see us

up in here doing
is fighting and acting a fool.

All right? I didn't take away
your stocking.

-Why you gonna tell a tale?
-We're not gonna be up in here.

Fighting. I'm just gonna
let your ass out.

-Over a stocking?
-It's not over a stocking!

My baby was on the floor!

She slipped
and fell on the floor.

You know you fell on the floor,
I'mma tell Santa about you.

-'Cause you being naughty and...
-Stop talking to my daughter.

I'm sorry, okay? But does she
even spell her name with a B?

What? You know how creative
you guys are.

How do you spell your name,

Who is you guys?
What are you talking about?

Okay, l-l-ladies, ladies,
ladies, it's Christmas.

Huh. Let's all
just take a deep breath.

-[Tanya] Ow!
-[instrumental music]

[indistinct chatter]

What the hell is he doing here?

Well, look it here, it's
the ghost of Christmas past.

Your mother.
Craig, what are you doing here?

You're supposed to be
at the airport.

-Uh, what happened to your eye?
-Uh, allergies.

Okay, and never mind
all of that.

Why aren't you at the airport
getting Brittney?

Tanya, this is, uh, Vicky.
I mean, Victoria.

-Victoria's my, uh...
-Nurse? Assistant? Secretary?

This is my girlfriend.

-It's nice to meet you.

I've heard so many
pleasant things about you.

Oh, I'm sure.

-Does he need help?
-You know what?

That's a really good question.
Why don't you go help him?

That's good.

-Please don't, don't do this.
-Don't, don't, don't do what?

Look, I am not thinking
about honey boo-boo.

Okay, I'm more concerned
about why are not

at the airport
pickin' up our daughter.

I'm headed to the airport now,
but I'm on my way out.

-What do you mean?
-I have to go away for work.


-Yes, I'm her.
-Excuse me?

Victoria, the lingerie model.

You were about to ask me
if I was.

I have no idea
what you're talking about,

but I'm Jaylin.

Oh, Jaylin! Craig told me
Bianca speaks so highly of you.

[chuckles] Her name is Brittney.
But thanks.

That's what I meant.

[Tanya] Away to work? What do...

Do they always argue like that?

-You mean booty calls?
-[indistinct chatter]

I'm just gonna have to go
and pick her up.

That's already been handled, I
called a ride from the airport.

Oh, that is so tacky.

Does she even know that you're
not gonna be here for Christmas?

I was hoping that
you would be able to tell her.

Why would I wanna tell her

that you're gonna ruin
Christmas yet again?

[car door shuts]


Oh! There's our baby!

-[Tanya squeals]


-Look at you. Look at you.
-The best for last.

Oh, but of course.
All right, thighs.

Mom, what happened to your eye?

Uh.. Allergies.

Oh, God, and it's contagious,
too, so be careful. All right.

Well, you know, I was gonna say
how tacky to call me a ride

from the airport,
but now I get it.

You two wanted to surprise me
and meet me together.

-How sweet!

Ooh, Jaylin got a girl,
and she's a baddie.

-She's your daddy.

-Not exactly. Victoria.

Baby girl,
this is my girlfriend Victoria.

-Your who?
-Hi, Bian... Brittney.

I've heard so much about you.

-I'm sure.

Hey there, almost college grad.

-Hi, Jaylin.

Yeah. What happened to your eye?

Your mother, we was...

Gave him the same allergy
that I had.

I'm telling you, baby,
it's contagious.

-Okay? So...

Uh, Craig, why don't you
tell her about the good news?

-Oh, baby girl...
-Actually, you guys.

I have some news
to share myself.

-You're pregnant?

-Oh, thank God.
-But I am in love.


Ooh. Ooh. Okay.

Oh, okay, tell us all about him.

-Well, his name's Amiri.
-Oh, Amiri. Mm. I like that.

-Sounds distinguished.

When do we get a chance
to meet him?

-Oh, he'll be here tomorrow.

I know I should have
told you sooner.

You think?

Craig, don't you have
something to say?

Yeah, your mother's right.

We definitely need
to meet the guy...

Making your daughter happy.

[Craig chuckles]


Why are you smiling
like a Cheshire cat?

I'm so happy
that everybody's gonna be able

to meet him this weekend.

Baby girl, about that, I, uh...

You didn't tell her, Pookie?

"Pookie?" Tell me what?

Uh, Jaylin, why don't we take
those bags on the inside, okay?

You gettin' a little comfortable
with them, okay?

-Oh, uh, Merry Christmas, Craig.
-Merry Christmas.

-You guys, let's take a selfie.
-[Craig] Yeah.

-Come on, come close, please.

[camera clicks]

[blows whistle]

[laughs] Rise and shine, baby!

It's eight o'clock
in the morning,

and the day is almost over,

Come on, baby,
we got a lot of work to do.


[blows whistle]


Come on, baby,
we got a lot of stuff to do.

Mommy's got a full agenda.


Oh, come on, baby, look.

I know how disappointed you are
that your father's not gonna

be here for the holiday, okay?
And trust me.

He would've been here
if he didn't have to work.

I mean, I know takin'
a work trip during Christmas

is not only tacky and messy,

but I think it's disrespectful
and it has no...

Okay, okay, mom.

All right, but, look,
the silver lining is guess what,

you got me!

And do you know
what I was thinking?

I was thinking maybe

we could
put on some matching PJs,

watch some Christmas movies,

We could get some of that
old-fashioned spiked eggnog.

Huh, and we could put in
some real quality time

before Amiri gets here.


-What time is he comin'?
-[doorbell rings]


-He's here.

What? Brittney?

[scoffs] You did not tell me
he was coming this early.

Baby! Oh, my God!

I know I wasn't due to get in
until tonight,

but I just missed my baby
so much!

Come, come, come, come!

[door shuts]

-[Tanya clears throat]
-Oh. I'm sorry, mom.

We just...
We missed each other.

You know how that is.
I mean, used to.

I mean, mom, this is Amiri.




Amiri, this is my mother
Tanya Hamilton.

My champion, my she-ro,

owner of her own
successful hair-care line.

But most importantly,
my best friend.

Uh, I thought
I was your best friend.

-[chuckles] I apologize.

It's a pleasure to meet you,
Ms. Hamilton.

Amiri, I am her best friend.

[laughs] I told you.
I told you she's silly.

[laughs] You almost
had me there, Ms. H.

I, you... Why don't I show you
to your room? Come.

Who the hell is Ms. H?

Prince wannabe.

[sighs] Oh, shoot

Oh, there you are.

I thought you got lost
showing Amiri to his room.

Stop, I was just
giving him a tour.


-You okay?
-Who, me? Oh, pssh, I'm good.

I mean, it's not like
some random stranger

just got sprung on me
during the only time

I get to spend
with my little princess, but...

Oh, wait, that did happen.

I know. I, I could have done
a better job with that.

Yeah, you think?

But just, please play nice.

Look, he really is a great guy.

Okay, Brittney,
I'm sure he is a great guy,

but I don't know anything
about him, okay,

and I don't know what he does, I
don't know what his parents do.

Did you meet him at school,
you meet him in class?

I, I just...
Girl, I am clueless.

I know, I know.

Look, just please...

give him a chance, mommy.

I hate when you make that face.


-One chance. One.

That's it. Okay?

And make sure he tries some
of my product for that hair.

No, seriously,
he needs some shape.

Wow! This spread is amazing.
Ms. H, did you cook all this?

It's Ms. Hamilton. And, no,
actually it was catered.

Well, 'cause it seems like
so much.

-Were you expecting company?
-Nope. No company at all.

It's our tradition.

We have a mommy-daughter feast

the morning
after I come home from school.

-Yup, mommy-daughter.

Well, I hope me being here
isn't too much.

No, not at all. Right, mom?

Oh. No, well, of course not.

There's plenty of food. Eat.

Psst. Okay.

Oh. That's some
college appetite.

[laughs] Yeah,
minus the college.

I'm sorry, excuse me?

Oh, yeah,
I'm-I'm not in college.

Oh, so you finished early?


[Brittney] Mom...



Amiri is an amazing artist.

Aww, thanks, babe.

Amiri, look, I'm sorry.

I do not want to come across
as rude, but, honey,

I have heard
literally nothing about you.

Totally understand.
And I must take the blame.

Look, I told Brittney that
I didn't want her to give you

my resume, you know?

I just wanted it to be organic.
Wanted you to feel my energy.

Oh, feel your energy?
Ooh, that's artsy.

Well, can you feel my mine?

You know, these strawberries
are really good.

-[door shuts]
-Ah, Jaylin!

Yeah. What's the emergency?
I got here as soon as I could.

You are right on time to meet
Brittney's new boyfriend Amiri.

He's an artist.

-That's the emergency?

Ah, nice to meet you, Amiri.

So what type of art do you do?

Well, definitely not the kind
that gets a grade.

-What's that?
-She's trying to make sure...

You're aware
that Amiri's not in college.

Oh. I see.

college isn't for everybody.

-Uh, exactly.
-[Tanya] Look, I'm sorry.

I gotta disagree, okay?

Education is the key
to opportunity.

Agreed. But who says that school
is the only pathway to wisdom?

You know, I am so sorry,
Lenny Kravitz, okay,

forgive me, I don't know
what the hell I'm talking about.

I'm only
a successful entrepreneur

that has a masters
in both business and marketing.

-So unnecessary.
-Oh, impressive.

I know it is.

These warm exchanges
are really great,

but, Tanya, don't you have
a party to plan for?

-Oh, shoot!
-Mom, that's tonight?

Yes, Brittney,
it is every year the day

after you come home from school

regardless as to
what the weather brings in.

-Should I come?
-You really don't have to.

-[Tanya] What?

Okay, look,
of course he can come, okay?

Well, maybe he should
show his art.

-I don't know.
-Sounds like a good idea.

-I don't know.
-Yeah, no.

I mean, we could we be sitting
in front of the next Rembrandt.

-Hm? Hm?

Okay, fine. Fine.

You know what, I will make sure
that he has a spot

so he can display
his little art.

Thank you, Ms. H,
but again, that...

It's Hamilton. Mrs. Hamilton.
Like the musical. Thank you.

-Tanya, can I speak with you?

In the kitchen.


You need to apologize.
I think you insulted him.

Insulted him? Oh, no, no, no,
no, no, he insulted me.

Look, I just offered that nobody
a chance to be somebody

in front of everybody!

And you're supposed to be
on my side.

Sides? Why are we taking sides?

Oh, we started taking sides
when I realized

my daughter is dating a loser.

That's a bit harsh,
don't you think?

Oh, he hasn't seen harsh.

You know, I really think
you should share your work.

What? Uh,

What? Uh, it's clear
your mom doesn't respect me.

But that's why you should
show her your work

'cause then she'll see.

No, I'm not trying
to buy her approval.

Approval? Approval for what?

Hm? Approval for what,

Huh, Boo-Boo? what does
Amiri need my approval for?

-Well, I...
-No, no, I can, I can speak.

No, you... I don't think
that's a good idea.

Well, I'm sorry, but will
someone please enlighten me

before I politely lose it?


Okay, so the approval...

Well, you know, it's Christmas
and he needs to show his work

because, uh, we're gonna be
leaving for...

Brittney, honey, I'm sorry,
you're not making any sense.

Okay, w-what are you talking
about leave? Spit it out.

Well, Amiri
has an upcoming art exhibit

in Basel, Switzerland
over New Year's Eve.

His promo tour starts
for the Art Basel this summer.

Wow. I heard of that,
Basel in Basel.

-Why do you have to leave?
-I want to support him.

And we wanna celebrate,

um, our honeymoon.

[scoffs] What,
a honeymoon to dating?

No, not dating.

Okay, wait, now you two
aren't married, are you?

No, we're not married.

Okay, well, will somebody
please tell me what's going on?

We're-we're getting married
on Christmas.

Wait, you didn't,
you didn't know any of this?

I thought she just didn't know
that we had to leave.

[Tanya chuckles]

[Tanya] Hm..

[Tanya laughing]

You know what?
You got me. Y'all got me!

[laughs] Okay, who was recording
this? Was it you, Jaylin?

Is this one of your
online jokey-jokes?

-I don't think they're joking.
-Oh, they joking, all right.

You best be joking, Brittney.

We're not joking.

You jokin'.

You mean to tell me
that you're gonna marry a guy

that I haven't even met,
doesn't go to college

and I'm assuming that you
haven't met his family either?

Not today, Satan. Not today.

Look, mom, please,
can you just for a second...

-Y'all not getting married.
-But we are.

"But we are."
You know what, that's cute.

That's real cute.

Okay, so who's gonna plan
this Christmas wedding?

In a week at that! Huh?

Well, that's the good news, mom.

You know, we've been planning
for a couple of months.

So it's about done
for the most part.

You've been planning this
for the last couple of months?


How thoughtful of you.


[Brittney] Mom...

You know, I just,
I really thought

you'd be relieved.

Look, it's just, I know you've
been really busy with work,

and I didn't want you

Look, I just have
a few loose ends.

Oh, you got that right.

No, but we just want something
small, a little party,

nothing too extravagant.

Yeah, nothing
too, too extravagant.

Oh, please! The Hamiltons
don't do anything small.

Everything we do
is a production.

And that's the problem.

A smaller wedding
actually doesn't sound bad.

Jaylin, no, thank you.
No, thank you.

Brittney, let me talk to you
for a minute.

Real talk. Are you pregnant?

-Okay then, follow-up question.

-Are you on drugs?
-Mom! Really?

That is not too far-fetched
to ask, okay?

Who's gonna pay
for this wedding?

Dad is.

So your father knows?



-But, mom...

He hasn't met Amiri yet,
you'll be the first!

Oh, okay, but your father
gave you a blessing

for a guy
that he hasn't even met yet

and you couldn't
even introduce me?

Ma, it's not like that.
It's just...

You know, I knew you would react
like this, and dad is just...

-He's just easier.

Easier to what, Brittney?

-Easier to talk to.

I'm glad you found someone
that you can confide in.

-Brittney, this is a lot.

That's all I'm gonna say
right now, okay?

Let me go talk to your mother.

Oh! Mm-mm!

A Christmas wedding! Mm-mm!

Not on my watch, not today.

-I hear you.

Do you know what, Jaylin? I
really don't think you heard me.

I really don't think you did,

My daughter is about
to throw her life away

and marry some tagger
that she barely even knows!

-Well, he did get into Basel.
-Basel-schmasel, razzle-dazzle.

I don't give a damn
about his art.

Do you honestly feel like
telling her no

is gonna stop her?
She's just as stubborn as you.

How can you be so calm
about this?

We don't know that guy. We don't
know where he comes from.

He might even be
from the ghetto.

[scoffs] You're from the ghetto.

I was. I was from the ghetto.

Ain't about where you come from,
about where you at.

You trying to control things
is only gonna have her run

further into his arms.


So what's your plan?

There is no plan.

-Hey. Hey!

I know it's tough,

but you've got to trust
the woman you raised.

And if there is a plan,
that's it.

Support her.

Try to get to know
your possible future son-in-law

and help plan this wedding.

[whispers] Okay.



All right.

You're a good friend.

Your BFF, right?


-God, thank you!
-You got it.



My pretty, pretty Brit-Brat.


Oh, my little princess, my baby.


And Walter.

Hm... How you doin'?


[indistinct chatter]

Amiri is definitely a hit.

Did you see his work?
He's pretty talented.

Uh, whatever, I guess.

But I still got my eye on him,
I don't like those artsy types.

-How's that now?
-Freaky deebs.

I'm telling you,
they're like playboys.

He's gonna slip up
and I'mma be right there

and I'mma catch him.
be like, "Bam!"

-Bam, huh?
-Yes, bam.

-Bam! Oh, Jesus!


I'm sorry.

What, it's too easy.

You know what, you've been doing
a whole lot of surprising

around here lately.

On that note,
I'mma go refill my drink.

[Tanya] Mm-hmm.
[Jaylin] Sorry.

-I really am sorry, mom.

You didn't deserve that.
It wasn't cool.

No, not at all.

Do you love him?

-I do. [chuckles]

Look, mom, I know
I'm asking for a lot,

but... just look over there.

When he looks at me,
he makes me feel like

I'm the only woman in the room.

That's 'cause you are savage!

-What? Mom...

No, I'm just sayin',
Brittney, I wanted us

to spend more time together,
that's all.

I know, mom, and I promise,
we're gonna get our time.

Mm-hmm, and I cannot believe

you planned an entire wedding
without me.

Do you know how long I've been
planning that day for you?

I know, I know, but I just
wanted to keep things simple.

You know? But we still need
a cake and we need a DJ.

Oh, wow, hooray,
I get to be on cake duty

and I get to find
the next DJ Nice. Wow!

Mom, we could use
your pastry chef.

-Chef, um...
-Chef Mindy?

-Yes! Chef Mindy!

What if we got 12 doves
and released them at midnight?

-Twelve o'clock midnight?
-Mom, small.


But I am happy
that we have you onboard.

Oh, well, I'm getting there.

Well, how about
we get you there on the stage

where we can do
our little number?

-And show the peeps.
-What we got. Yeah!

You got it?
Oh, let's do it, girl!

Let's do it! Let's do it!
Let's do it! Let's do it!

[Tanya vocalizing]

Ooh, whoa.
Merry Christmas, everybody!

All right!

♪ Snow is falling ♪

♪ Stars twinkling so bright ♪

♪ It's gonna be
a white Christmas ♪

♪ May have been
a little naughty ♪

♪ But I'm feelin' oh so nice ♪

♪ And I know nobody's perfect ♪

♪ But I promise you
just one thing that ♪

♪ When the jolly man ♪
♪ Comes flying ♪

♪ There'll be presents
under the Christmas tree ♪

♪ Christmas oh Christmas ♪

♪ Time with you ♪

♪ Let's hang stockings ♪
♪ Stockings ♪

♪ Cookies ♪
♪ Cookies I'll bake 'em ♪

♪ All the presents too ♪

Excuse me.

♪ It's gonna be
a very merry Christmas ♪

♪ Yes it is y'all ♪
♪ It's gonna be ♪

♪ A very merry Christmas ♪


Yes, it is!

And it's gonna be a happier
New Year, isn't it?

Show some love
to your neighbors. Whoo!

[laughs] If you're havin'
a good time, say "Yeah!"

All right, give it up
for my daughter Brittney

all the way from college!

[crowd cheering]

[Amiri] Ah!

-[Brittney] Hey, mom.

-Wanna do some shots with us?

Ooh, no. I have not done shots
since college.

But, well, maybe that's not
even a college thing anymore,

right, Amiri?

That performance you guys put on
earlier was really beautiful.

Oh, thank you!

Not you. I'm talking to them.

Weren't you the woman
they tried to take the mic from?


Ooh, they smell old.
Like, old old.

Is that...

-Amiri, I'll be right back.
-Oh! Hey!

-Is that her ex?

Oh, you dirty little...

I thought you didn't
like surprises

and now you're doing
the same thing.

Look, I said I don't like
receiving surprises.

Now, giving them,
that's a whole other thing.

[indistinct chatter]

-Something looks different.

It's way too many patterns
for one person.

Walt, this is my fiance Amiri.

Amiri, this is Walt.

Hey, it's nice to meet you, bro.

Hey. Hey, Ms. Hamilton.


You know, Walt, this is
so random seeing you here.

Well, yes and no.

-Oops. Oh.
-[Brittney] I see.

[laughs] You know, mom,
I actually ran into Walt

a little bit ago
and we reconnected.

I'm so happy that you're living
in your truth now.

His truth?

It was such a heavy weight off

my shoulders,
but Britt is the best.

I mean,
I thought it would be awkward,

the whole
my-ex-is-now-gay thing.


Thank you, sister.

You know, Walt is actually
a big-time DJ now.

-Oh, stop. But go on.

Oh, wow, that's so cool, man.

Wait, wait,
would you be interested

in DJ'ing our wedding?

-I would love to.
-[Brittney] It's a good idea.

-Yo, Ms. H, did you plan this?

Well, that's my mom, you know,
she always has a little trick

up her sleeve.

-Look at 'em.


Yeah, you like 'em.

-Uh, oh, okay.

-Damn, Walter.
-Slow down.

Oh! Hey, sleepyhead.

You know, the caterers
did an amazing job.

You can't even tell we had
a party here last night.

Oh, the caterers might have done
a great job with cleanin' up,

but my poor head, Whoo,
it is definitely telling me

we had a party,
I guess I had one too many

of those Santa shots.

They got me feeling
like a ho-ho-ho!

[Tanya laughing]

-Uh, you're okay, baby?
-Oh, yeah.

-Where's Amiri?
-Um, I don't know.

-He left earlier this morning.
-Wait, you didn't call him?

No, you know,
he rarely has his phone on.

[squeals] I'm sorry, timeout.

[laughs] Okay, wait, wait, wait,
let me see what you're sayin',

that there are some times
that he doesn't have his phone.

So that means you can't always
get in contact with him?

Mom, he's an artist.

Sometimes he has to fall
off the grid.

-It's not a big deal.
-Okay. Okay.

I'm just saying, it's just
kinda hard to trust a man

when he gives you a reason
not to really.

You just gotta trust your gut.

[grunts] Not this gut.


[Tanya] But if you say so, baby.

-Ah, good morning, ladies.

I hope you're hungry.
I brought some treats.

Oh, Ms. Hamilton, I know
we started off a tad bit rocky,

but I wanted to thank you
for your hospitality.

Aw! See, mom, isn't he sweet?

Mm. He's so sweet,
my tooth hurts.


Oh, well, you know,
your grandmother always said

"Be leery of men that are full
of compliments and gifts.

It usually means that
they're full of other stuff."

Well, you know, mema also said
to be slow to judge

and quick to observe.

-Sounds like a wise woman.

-I can't wait to meet her.
-Oh. You'll get to meet her.

On this weekend,
she'll be at the wedding.

I know
she can't wait to meet you.

Okay, look, I'm sorry, Brittney,
wait a minute.

So mema knows,
your father knows.

What, who else knows,
the mailman?

-[whispers] Not right now.
-Okay, I'm sorry. Amiri.

What do your parents think
about this engagement?

Um, well, my mom knows.

And my father passed away
when I was younger.

[Tanya] Oh. I'm sorry, okay?

But what does your mother think
about this entanglement?

[car honking]

Um, she's here early.

-Oh, I forgot she was comin'.
-[Tanya] Who's she?

-My mother.

Ah. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

You ain't told me nothing
about his mother.

I know, I forgot.
Come on. Come on.


The house is a mess!

[dramatic music]

Brittney! Are you serious?

This is not only
the second unexpected guest,

but unexpected surprise.
What is going on with you?

I'm sorry, I was just so nervous
about how to tell you

about the wedding, I completely
forgot she was coming.

But, look, I invited her to
stay with us because I figured

you two would hit it off
and we could all bond.

Okay, you know what,
you invited her,

so you're gonna host her.
Get your own agenda.

-Hi, mom.
-Mwah. Hello, baby.

Wilson, can you GPS
the nearest Four Seasons?

That won't be necessary, Wilson,
you can just grab our bags

from the trunk, please. Mom?

-Please don't start.

I just wasn't sure this cottage

had enough room for me.

There's more than
enough room, mom.

I guess. I just don't see
why you made such a fuss

of me staying here
with your future in-laws,

and for a whole week,
it's absurd.

Our future in-laws, mom.

I just thought we could speed up
the process of getting to know

one another by spending
some extended time.

Hm. Okay.

-What's the deal with the queen?
-I don't know.

I haven't heard much about her,
just that she's travels a lot.

-Oh. For work?
-Oh, no, she doesn't work.

I think she has her own
private jet or something.

Oh, come on, ma,
let's go meet her.

A jet?

-And this is Brittney.

Hi, it's so nice to meet you.

Mom, this is Ms. Hamilton.

Oh, uh, you can call me Tanya.

Nice to meet you, Tanya.
I'm Ms. Lawrence.

[Amiri] Mom.

Demetria is fine, I guess.

[sighs] Cute place.
Is it a rental?


-Okay, okay, okay.

[Tanya sighs]

So, uh, although
we weren't expecting company,

which seems to be
the recurring theme around here,

um, I think
you'll be very comfortable

in our maid's quarters.


Brittney, she prefers
to call it the West Wing.

[Tanya and Demetria chuckling]

Well, Tanya, your home,

well, it's, it's very cute.

-Thank you.
-Yes, it's very pleasant.

Is it, um, like a fixer-upper?

Mom, you remember I told you

that Ms. Hamilton
owns her own company.

A very successful line
of hair-care products.

[Demetria] Mm-hmm. Good for you.

This administration
is definitely working

with a lot minorities,
get their businesses started.

You know what, why don't
I show you to your chamber?

Walk this way.

Oh. Here's my wall of fame.

Just a few of my awards.

You know,
God gives the real reward.

-Oh. I'm allergic to dust.

What? Uh, listen,
I don't meant to be mean.

I'm just a big germaphobe.

-Mom, look at the time.

We've to go to our cake tasting.

Ooh, yes!

Well, it takes about a year
to get an appointment

with Pastry Chef Mindy,

but thank goodness
she's a dear friend of mine.

Oh? Well,
I've never heard of her.

But then again,
I'm not big on sweets.

You gotta stay fit, you know?

Come on, mom.

[Tanya grunts]

You know, mom, I'm really
excited to be doing this.

Ooh, me too,
ooh, you saw those two cakes

that were right in the front,
they look delicious!

They look so dry to me.

About as dry
as their closure.

-Excuse me?
-You heard me.

You know, mom is actually
moving her business

out into Asia, so she's been
studying the culture

for the past few years.

-Oh, nice.
-Thank you.

Where did you say Chef Mindy
is based out of in Korea?

The south side.


-[gasps] Ah! Chef Mindy!

Oh, thank you so much for taking
time out of your busy schedule

to squeeze us in, you remember
my beautiful daughter

Brittney, the bride-to-be.

Congratulations! And my,
look how much you've grown!

Thank you.
I'm so excited to see you.

It's great to see you, too.

Tanya, it's so good to see you,
and anything for an old friend.

Chef Mi Young?

Chef Mindy. I am so sorry.

You know, you can't bring
everybody with you and you...

Oh, no, no, no, no.
I'm impressed.

Not too many Americans
know me by that name.

I know, when she just kept
going on and on

about this Chef Mindy, I had
no idea she was talking about

the world-renowned pastry chef
Chef Mi Young!

[speaking in foreign language]

Yeah. Me. Excuse me. Okay.

Could you, uh, please
go get the cake?

Oh, yes, of course.

Here they are. It's right here.

-[Mindy] Here they are.
-[Brittney gasps]

Oh, look at the...

-They're gorgeous!

I really like the one
on the left.


-Hmph, what?

You... I really didn't mean
anything by it, honestly.

Everybody has
their own preferences.

I prefer the one on the right,
it's simple and rich,

confident in who it is.

It doesn't need to scream
"Here I am."

[Mindy] Your taste
is exceptional.

Most Westerners,
when they come in,

their eyes go to the bigger,
more decorative cake.

But, Brittney, you can't
go wrong with either one.

Well, which one
do you choose, honey?

-I think...
-Choose wisely.

Brittney, look, simple.

You like simple,
you said you do.

nothing simple about you, baby.

Look at your hair
and all that product, honey.

Come on,
choose the one that fits you.

Your mother did that.
Simple, rich and confident.

Mm! Shiny,
classic and everything.

[indistinct chatter]

-I-I don't know.

You don't have to decide
right now.

Oh, why don't I give you
some time? And I'll be back.

-[Tanya] Mm-hmm.
-Mm-hmm. Oh.

[speaking in foreign language]

You know what,
you put a sock in it!

[Demetria screams]

-Why did you do that?
-What? Please!

-[coughs] It's peanuts!
-Are you okay?

You know, luckily,
the medic said that her throat

should clear up soon and maybe
she'll even have her voice

by morning.

Okay, look,
how was I supposed to know

that she was allergic to nuts?

Okay, you weren't,
but how about it's not cool

to force-feed a person?

Ah. That's fair.

-Oh, you wanna watch a movie?
-Are you serious right now?

You know, Ms. Lawrence's throat
is swollen

like a tennis ball,
you don't even like Amiri,

and you're laying here
like everything is fine.

Okay, Brittney,
it is not that bad, okay?

Shh, bring it down.

Now, I admit things
haven't been the smoothest.

You know, mom,
I appreciate the fact

that you're encouraged.
I really do.

You know, I'm gonna go upstairs
and get some rest.



Mom, i-it's really not that bad.

I know we hit a rough patch,

but I'm sure
tomorrow will be better.


So you just gonna up and leave?


"I'm leaving to keep the peace.

If I stay any longer, I'm going
to snatch off her wig."

Okay, well,
that-that's a bit much.


"She has no soul."

Now you're just being mean.

I understand, she can be
a bit of a handful,

but it's not like you've been
a bucket of sunshine either.



[Demetria mumbling]

"She's a cold,
lonely old woman."

Really, mom?

Look, in all fairness
to Ms. Hamilton,

she's the only one who didn't
even know about the engagement.

So I think we need to be
a bit more understanding of her.


And you know what?

On second thought,
if that's the kind of energy

you're gonna bring
in this house,

then maybe you should leave.

It's best you take it with you.


[door shuts]




-Hey, dad.
-Hey, princess, how's it going?

It's all right. I thought
you were on a work trip.

I am, these clients just like
to play while they work.

Trust me,
I'm working, princess.

I guess. So mom got to meet
Amiri's mother.

-[Craig] Ooh. How was that?
-How do you think?

One thing about your mother,
you know what you're gonna get.

-Yeah, a lot.
-She's definitely a lot.

But so is finding out your
daughter is getting married

in a week
to a person you've never met.

You can close your mouth now.

I miss you, dad.

I miss you, too, princess.

-[Victoria] Pookie!
-But, hey, uh...

I know, I know. You have to go.

I'll, uh, I'll
get with you later.

♪ Sometimes I feel ♪

♪ Like a marvelous child ♪

♪ Sometimes I feel
like a marvelous... ♪

[Brittney] Mom.
What are you goin' through?

-A lot.

Well, you're off
to a late start today.

-What's up with the agenda?
-I decided to scrap it.

I created a new one
for the wedding.


Well, can I see it?

[Brittney chuckles]

This is nice.

But remember,
all we need is the cake

since you, you know,
took care of the DJ.


Okay, it's just a rough draft.

I mean, we could change it
if you want to.

Well, well, no,
you know, actually,

this part I really like.

You know, we definitely have to
get you a dress for the big day.


The only thing that's missing...


Spend time with Brittney.

I'm thinking spa day?

Massages, aromatherapy,
the works!

-And, my treat.

Oh! Brittney,
I would love that, baby. Mwah!

-Hey, mom.

How's your throat?
I see the swelling's went down.

It's better, thank you.

Well, good.

I brought you some of grandpa's
famous Earl Grey tea.

Oh. Aren't you sweet?

-They had some here?
-No, it's mine.

I keep some with me
wherever I go.

Remember you giving me
some of this tea

and telling me
that it would bring me comfort

if ever I was scared
or stressed?

Is that what you call yourself
doing for me now?

-Only if it's working.
-Well, it is.


No words needed.

I've been an ass.

I will try harder to get along
with the Beverly Hillbillies.

I'm sorry.

-I am work in progress here.

Aw, baby.

Mm. Ah, ah. Wow.

Oh. Oh, God, I so needed this.

-No, we needed this.


I'm all ears.

-You know what.

Sell me on him, Brittney.

Mom, it's just...
He's so inspirational.

You know, he's, he's loving,
he's kind, he's creative.

Okay, okay,
so he's a Renaissance man.

All right, I get it.

How well do you know him,

Well, about as well
as the person you've been

getting to know for over a year.


You've been dating him
for a year

and I'm just now finding out
about him, Brittney?

[sighs] You know,
you were always good

at keeping secrets from me.

I'm sorry, mom, it just didn't
make any sense to tell you

if you two
couldn't meet each other.

I know if I told you
about Amiri,

you'd be on the first plane
to USC.

Yes, but...

you wanna marry this guy?

Come on, honey, you're so young.
You only have one semester left.

I know, mom, but I just wanna
create a new Christmas memory.


I really regret
that we divorced on Christmas.

Okay, your father and I both do.

But, honey,
there was a lot going on.

I don't blame you guys for that.

I just think we all need
a fresh Christmas start.


You know what?
I am in a place of Zen.

So I'm going to mind
my business for now.

Well, hallelujah.

You know, we should have started
with the massage.

-Exact.. Ooh.

-Hey. Sorry.

Um, I told the guy at the front

that my fiancee and
her beautiful mother were here

and he told me to come in.
I didn't mean to intrude.

I just assumed you two
would have been done by now.

Amiri, you didn't get
my text message?

I sent you a message saying
we extended another two hours.

We were having a good time.

M-my fault.
I didn't check my phone.


Well, you know what,
I'mma let you two lovebirds

go ahead and catch up.

I've spent enough time
with my baby.

And I'm sure
you're going through withdrawal.

Yeah. All right.

Sorry. I'm sorry,
I wasn't trying to interrupt.

[sighs] It's okay,
we were just having a good time,

but I think
she's finally in a better place.

-What about your mom?
-Uh, yeah, she's coming around.

She's in a good place, too.

Now if we can just get them both
in a good place together.

Right, but how?



I figured we could spend
the evening drinking

and enjoying
Amiri's passion of painting.

Mm. Cool.

Hey, Jaylin,
I'm so happy you could make it.

-Oh, thanks for inviting.
-[Brittney] Of course.

Uh, we haven't been
properly introduced.

Oh, I'm sorry.
This is my mother.

Mrs. Demetria Lawrence.

Nice to meet you, Mrs. Lawrence.

And you can call me Demetria.

All right, you smile any harder,
your lips gonna crack.

Hello, everyone, welcome
to Painting With A Twist,

where we like to sip and paint.

My name is Ted, and I will be
your host for the evening.

Has anyone been here before?

-Definitely not.
-Definitely not.

Oh, great!

-Well, follow me.

So as I previously stated,

here at Painting With A Twist,
you sip, you paint.

Hey! Oh, my God, we get it,
Pee-wee Herman.

Uh, because
it's that time of year,

uh, the object
that we will be painting is...

-Drum roll please...
-[drum roll]

A Christmas tree!

Go, get creative.

You can do
some more festive lights,

some candy canes, ornaments...

-Mm-hmm. We get it, Urkel.

[imitates Urkel]
Did you do that?

And the name's Ted,

and I can come by and assist.

Oh, we won't need that.
My son is a famous painter.

-Mom, it's-it's okay.
-Well, bravo for you.

-Okay, Ted, don't get cute.
-But I wasn't trying...

Well, you did. That's my son.
Close your mouth!

I don't think
this is a good idea. I think...

-We might be losing them.
-No, no, let 'em be.

Oddly enough, they seem
to get along when they're both

being mean, specifically
to this white dude,

but it's, it's fine.

-[Tanya laughing] Oh, God.
-[indistinct chatter]

-How about some wine for you?
-Oh. Thank you, Jaylin.

And some wine for you.

-Well, thank you.
-Don't worry.

Ooh. Is this for communion?

Oh, God, girl, I was thinking
the same damn thing.

Okay, see, that's what we get
at a paint and sip.

Okay, you know they gonna be
trying to give us

a bottle of wine, too, for free.

Uh, Ted!

Can you give me some water,

-I'm a little parched.
-Sure thing.

And we can do
without the attitude, Ted.

-[Tanya] Ugh.
-Did you see that?

Mm-hmm. Just like his tiny tie.

Oh, God. You guys,
leave that poor guy alone.

You know what? Will you hush?

Yes. Chillax, Jaylin.

Let me see what you got going on
over there.

[gasps] Ooh, okay, okay.

I see where your son
gets his talent.

Thank you, love.


You know,
I really like this, too.

It's so simple,
and just, it's classy.

Thank you. Well, it's simple
and sweet just like you.

No need to dress it up with
unnecessary things, you know?

You know, that's what I was
telling mom about the wedding.

I just wanna keep things simple,
you know?

I do, I do, but there's
nothing more disheartening

than an over-the-top,
gaudy wedding.

So self-serving.

It's like,
"Look at me, I'm important!"

[Demetria] I mean, whose wedding
is it anyway, right?


[Tanya laughing]

That's crazy. You know what?
This is true.

It is, it is.
But I do have to say.

You know, there's nothing wrong
with a little decor.

You know,
just to add a little zest.

Just a little bit.
Just that much.

You know what they say?

You know,
sometimes they say less is more!

[Tanya gasps]

Why, you little...
You know what?

Every Christmas tree
needs a couple of balls

dangling from it.
You know what I mean, huh?

Huh? Just like that.
Just like that.

No. No. No, you not.

You know, maybe we do need
a little zest.


There's a mustache
to match your beard.

Wax much?

You know what?
I will after this.

-Oh, oh...

No, don't. No.

That's definitely
going to be extra.

Thank you so much for giving me
a ride home.

I could not stand to ride home
with that woman.

You know, there's some clothes
in the top drawer

in the vanity in there.

[Jaylin] Thank you.
Are these it?

Oh. That's it.

Uh, you know, I, um,

hope you don't feel

some of Craig's old stuff.

No more uncomfortable than
having paint in your underwear.

Hm. Don't mention underwear.

That's a little different.

[Tanya] All right.

You're big. I mean, strong.

Uh, bigger and stronger
than Craig looked

when he ever... Never mind.

Um, Jaylin,
look, I am so sorry, okay?

I never meant to get paint
all over you.

That's the thing, Tanya,
you keep plotting and scheming

and end up hitting
the wrong target.

-What about her?
-What about you, Tanya?

She was having a moment
with Brittney,

and you couldn't handle it.

[knocking on door]

Hey, Brit.

Goodnight, Tanya.

Hey, princess.

Okay, look, I know
tonight was horrible, all right?

But tomorrow's gonna be
so much better. I promise, okay?

And your wedding's gonna be

That's actually what I came
to talk to you about, mom.

It seems like
planning this wedding

is driving you a little crazy.

And I think you need to focus
on just being my mom.

So no planning with the cake
and the decorations.

I think I just...

I wanna leave it up
to Mrs. Lawrence.

Should handle the logistics

because she and I
have similar tastes.


I see.

I mean, mom, you still can plan.
There's a few...

It's fine.

I get it.

-Okay, well, thanks, mom.

[knocking on door]

-Come in.
-[door opens]

[door shuts]


-I'm sorry to interrupt.

No interruption at all.

I was thinking about the plans
that you had for the wedding,

and I was wondering
if you would wanna help.

[laughs] Darling,

I thought you would never ask.
I would love to!

And I need to apologize.

I misjudged you
when I first met you.

And, honestly,
you're the daughter I never had.

Thank you.

-Oh, you're so sweet.

No, like,
I really appreciate that.

So I was thinking
that tomorrow

we could go out
and get some wedding stuff.

-Oh. No, no, no.
-Is it really...

No. We're not going anywhere.

See, I don't go to places.

Places come to me.

1920. Oh. Oh, there.

[instrumental music]

-Let it rest.

Another one.

[disc scratching]

[mouthing] Thank you.

[music continues]

Oh, you didn't have to.

These are beautiful.
Thank you so much.

Oh, honey.
Anything for you, Brit-Brit.

-I wanted you to have them.

-Thank you.

Maybe I'll wear 'em
on wedding day.

Brit-Brit? Really?

Ain't your daughter.

Nobody won't take my baby
away from me.

"Brit-Brit, this is just for you
and your wedding.

Really, I could get you another
gift better than your mama."

Of course.

With my luck,
I Google the nearest bar

and happen to run into the woman
that despises me.

Oh, you know what,
you can save all that drama

for your mama, all right?

Go on, sit down.

Oh, and for the record...

-I don't despise you.

I'm just not sure
if I like you or not yet.

-Well, that-that's honest.
-That's it?

-That's all you got?
-What do you mean?

It's like,
every time I shoot you down,

you just come back
with that smile.

[chuckles] Really?
I need you to go low.

Every time I, uh...
Go low with me. Come on.

Meet me halfway there.
Give me something. Come on.


Believe it or not,
I actually like you.


-You know what, Amiri?

I owe you an apology.

-An apology?

Wow. Okay, I-I gotta hear this.

Hey, can I get a whiskey ginger?

Ooh. You know what?
Make that two.

Oh, put it on me.


So, confession session.

I know I'm a lot, okay?

But... truth of the matter is,

I really think you're talented.

And I know
I give you a lot of stuff,

but, uh, it's not about you.

So I know
your mama gotta be proud

of everything you're doing.



Uh, my mom
was raised as royalty.

I'm talking servants, guards,
you name it.

So impressing her
isn't an easy task.



Yeah. Thank you.

Her parents were part of

one of the wealthiest tribes
in South Africa, so...

That's why she had that feather.

Yeah. The feather, the robe,
all. Yeah.

No. Hm. Don't remind me.

The thought of her
doing anything for herself

was actually frowned upon.

And when she met my father,

he was already a world-renowned
orthopedic surgeon.


So the plan was for me
to follow in his footsteps.


But, you know,
it just wasn't me.

You know, I had,
I had to find my own path.

I fell in love
with the paint brush.


And she was devastated

when I decided
not to go to medical school.

-She even tried to pay me.

-She did?

-How much?
-A lot.

-[laughs] A lot, like what?

A lot like Money Mayweather

-A lot.

Wow. Damn.

Well, you know what, young man?
That is commendable.

I like that.

I guess.

I think after my dad was gone,

the only thing
she was holding on to was

me following his legacy.


So, yeah, on-on the surface,

she loves to talk
about her son, the artist.

But I know she would prefer
her son, the doctor.

I'm telling you, that is sad.

Man, that's like your mama
can't see your greatness.

You know, just like Brittney
can't see how much I care.

Can you believe she's planned
a whole wedding without me?

I mean, a whole wedding.
Not a reception, okay?

Not a sit-down dinner.
I mean, a damn wedding.

I'm sorry. She...
That was my fault, too.


As a single mother
who had to raise her child...

it's hard.

And I mean, we just trying.

You know, that's all we doing.
We just trying.

It's all trial and error,
and error and trial and...

You know, if we could just

help our children not to suffer
any heartache,

if we could spare them that,
and just give 'em the option

that they can go down
another road in a different path

that's just a little higher
than what we had to go down...

-You know what, Ms. Hamilton?

You're not that bad.

-That's all you got?
-You're pretty good.

-Okay. Thank you.
-You're pretty good.

And you know what?
You go on call me Ms. H.

Ms. H? I can call you Ms. H now?


-No, these ain't bad.


[instrumental music]

[line ringing]

♪ Down sip it up ♪

♪ Comin' up comin' up
comin' up ♪

-All right.
-[indistinct chatter]

What we ain't gonna do.

♪ Comin' up comin' up
comin' up ♪

-All right.

[instrumental music]

[clock ticking]


Not bad for a cold, ugly,
old lonely woman, huh?

-What is... Oh, no way.

-What's that?
-Oh. Oh!

I heard you and your mama
that night.

-Let's go play it.
-No. I wouldn't..

I would never,
no, those comments came

courtesy of my mother.

Oh, your mother.

Oh, Lord,
I wish Brittney could see this.

She would not believe this.
She would never believe this.

-[Tanya] Oh, my God.

-Oh, I can't breathe.

-Oh, I can't breathe.

-The-the rehearsal dinner.
-What dinner?

The rehearsal dinner
for our wedding.

Oh, God!

[indistinct chatter]

-Oh, my God.
-Go grab my bag, baby.

Oh, my feet won't move.
Wait, I gotta pee.

[door opens]

-Have you seen Tanya?

She's talking to the driver.

[footsteps approaching]

Babe, I got some good news.

Where have you been? I've been
calling you for over an hour.

I know, I just saw my phone.

But here's the thing.
Guess what.

Oh, okay, maybe not.

Me and your mom
are best friends.

-Amiri, please.
-Again with the missed calls.

Are you being serious right now?

Did you not hear
what I just said?

Are you being serious right now?

I'm supposed to believe
you were with my mother?

You know, I can't get
in touch with you

and you can't see
why that's a problem.

Babe, please. Just hear me out.

How am I supposed to trust a man
that gives me reason not to?

Isn't that what you said, mom?

What, cat's got your tongue?

Why don't you tell your little
drinking buddy what you said?

Okay, princess, look,
that was way before

I actually had a chance
to even get to know him.

Okay, so now you've had a
few drinks, you can actually...

-See the good in people?

Don't talk to your mother
like that.

You know what, don't you tell

my daughter
how she should speak.

[Demetria] Like you know how to

speak to her all of a sudden.

Okay, you know what,
you need to worry about

getting to know your own child.

What's that supposed to mean?

You so worried
about your damn legacy,

you won't give him a chance
to create his.

Amiri, is that how you feel?


I see.

You did that.

I'm sorry, Brittney.

-I'm sorry.

You got what you wanted, right?

And I've always respected that
about you.

Your by-any-means-necessary
approach to get what you want.

I just didn't know
that it applied to me.

-I'm not your baby.

Wow. I'm sorry.

You're not gonna go
after your mother?

I'm trying to be here for you
right now.

Right now was when
I was calling you earlier.

God, it's like
you are so freaking impulsive.

You know,
it seems romantic and exciting,

but really, it's inconsiderate.

You'd have some accountability,

I love that you're spontaneous,

that you're not married
to time...

but there really has to be

that you care about.

Maybe we are rushing
into things.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]


Look, if you're here to make up,
you better grab an apron.

Oh, but I forgot. You probably
have a wait staff, right?

[laughs] I do.

But I also watch
a lot of Chef Mi Young.

[laughs] You know, I don't know
what I hate more.

The fact that you speak
fluent Korean

or the fact that Chef Mi Young

likes you
more than she likes me.

-Wow, I'm impressed.

I know sharing that had to hurt.

Ugh. More than you know.

Well, it's only fair
that I return the favor.

Uh, you don't have to.

-Yes, you do.
-I figured.

Okay. Here goes.

[clears throat]

I am... somewhat

intimidated by you.

Oh... Really?

Okay, you know what, you are
pouring it on way too thick now.

No, I'm serious.

Amiri is so impressed

that you own your own business.

He's always like,
"She's a self-starter.

Nobody ever gave her anything."

I can't compete with that.

That's not true.

Amiri adores you. He does.

Okay, I just think that

you need to care a little bit
more about what he does.

-I do care.
-Oh. Pfft.

I don't.

But I'm just so...
I mean, I do. I do.

-I just, I just don't get it.

He's not asking you to get it.

All he wants you to do is just

accept the path
that he's chosen.

That's it.

Okay. My turn.

Brittney doesn't like me either,
does she?

Nah, not really.

-Oh. Damn.

-Girl, we gotta fix this. Yeah.
-Pretty much.

[knocking on door]

Where's your drinking buddy?

-I've been avoiding her all day.


She's downstairs in the kitchen
with my mother.

I actually think
I overheard them making up.

Are we ready for this?

I mean, really ready?

Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Are you?


But you have to answer
your phone.

-Oh, done.
-No, I'm serious.

You know, sometimes
you just have to be present

and have a plan.

Am I turning into my mother?

Like, planning a wedding
is hard.

I wasn't prepared to do this
by myself.

Well, I thought
that's what you wanted to do.

It's bigger than the wedding,

I'm talking about our future.

You know, I love that you march
to the beat of your own drum,

but you have to make sure that
I'm there marching with you.

You know, this whole time I've
been trying not to be my mother

and be this carefree spirit,
but it's not me.

But that's what I love
about our love.

Our differences give us
the balance we need

to grow into whatever we want.

That was,
that was really beautiful.

But you sound
like a fortune cookie.


I'm just playing.

-I love you.
-I love you, too.

-So we're gonna do it.
-Hell, yeah, we're gonna do it.


[instrumental music]

[knocking on door]

-Hey there.

I feel like an old fool.

-I should've never...

Mom, I'm really sorry.

-You're sorry?

You know,
I've just been so worried

about you over-crowding me

that I guess I never stopped

to ask myself why that is.

Planning a wedding is hard.

And it's dumb
to do it by myself,

especially when I have
the greatest coach in my corner

rooting for me to win.

Wow. Brittney...

I'm speechless. I am.

Thank you.

Mom, there's so much
that I love about you.

You're a smart, intelligent,

nurturing woman.


No, mom,
I really, I love our talks.

And I love the way
that you love on me.

It's just..

Mom, you have to trust me

to grow up a little bit.

Hey. I get it.

My butterfly
needs to spread her wings.

-Just a little bit.
-All right.

Now, if I do that,
you promise me that you will...

[inhales] you gotta communicate
with me more.


And consult with me

when you make
these big decisions.

Okay. Agreed.

And promise me I will always be
your girl BFF.

I wouldn't have it
any other way.


-I love you.

I love you, baby.


My little princess
getting married.

[instrumental music]

♪ Christmas ♪

♪ Merry Christmas sugar ♪

♪ We're feeling naive ♪

♪ Christmas with you girl ♪

♪ Merry Christmas ♪

♪ Happy happy new year sugar ♪

♪ Merry merry merry merry
Christmas ♪

How are you feelin'?


-But more excited than ever.

[clears throat]
You look handsome.



Oh. I have something for you.


[door shuts]

[instrumental music]

It's beautiful.


[sighs] Read it.

And don't you ever forget it.

And I'm not only proud of you,
I am so impressed.

-I am.

You know, Jean-Michel Basquiat,

he came from money and he
denounced his entire inheritance

to follow his dream.

You read that on the Internet,
didn't you?

I did.

But I'm serious.

You don't have to live
for me and your father.

You've earned your right
to walk into your own legacy.

And your father,

he would be so proud of you.

-I love you, mom.

I love you, too, honey.

I love you.

[instrumental music]


Mom, you're gonna mess up
your makeup.


You're gonna make me
mess up mine.


I just can't believe
this is happening, baby.

Oh, you look so beautiful.

Thank you.


You remind me so much of me
on my day,

it's... kinda scary.

Oh. Were you nervous?

Uh, I was fine.

Now, your father,
hm, he was a wreck.

You know, I know he really
wanted to be here, Brit.

-But I...
-[door opens]

Baby girl!

-Daddy's here.

You look beautiful.

I didn't think
you were gonna make it.

Oh, come on now.
You know better than that.

Plus, I need to make sure
the prince

that's marrying my princess
isn't a fraud.


You look beautiful.
This is your day.

[instrumental music]

[crowd cheering]


Oh. Well, thank you.


[glass clinking]


Um, Walt, can we turn that up?

Put some reverb on that.

[laughs] Thank you.

So, Amiri.

[sighs] I can still remember
when you were a little boy

and you would get so frustrated
with puzzles,

that you would just
force the pieces together.

Well, Brittney, you are

the perfect piece
to his puzzle.

He no longer
has to force things to fit.

-To the bride and groom.
-To the bride and groom.



Yes! Lovely.

I didn't know we were doing
shout-outs. Hey-hey!

[laughs] You know, Brittney,

you are the apple of my eye,

my cherry pumpkin piece of pie.

And, uh, Amiri,
well, I now have the pleasure

of watching you
be the fruit of her loom.

'Cause he's a groom.

And here's
to your storybook of a journey.

-To the bride and groom!
-[all] To the bride and groom!

-[indistinct chatter]
-Thank you.

[Demetria] Yup.
[Tanya] What are you doing?

You can sit, you can sit down.
Sit down right there.

-You can sit...
-I know where my seat is.

Well, she's so funny.
Oh, yeah, sit down.

Okay, so I wanna add a quote
to that storybook

from my good friend,

Toni Morrison.

-May she rest...
-Personal, personal space.

-Yeah. Personal friend. Yeah.
-Oh, good.

Yeah. Yes.
You know, God rest her soul.

"Love is divine only,

difficult always.

And if you believe it is easy,
you are a fool.

If you think it is natural,
you are blind."

Amiri, Brittney...

uh, you know, I-I think
you should and-and you would

turn each page of your storybook
with intention.

-[indistinct chatter]

Yes. All right. Yes.

Ooh, you got it bad.

-Excuse me, lady.
-Oh. All right.

Okay, now you can find
your seat

and you can sit in it.


Go, girl. All right.

You know what, speaking of Toni,
Toni Morrison,

you know,
right before she passed,

we were actually
supposed to go horseback riding.


-She hated horses.

But she loved to ride 'em. Okay.

[laughs] But before she passed,
she said...

Oh, I got this. Thank you.

[laughs] She said,
"The function of freedom

is to free someone else."

If you free your mind,
the rest will follow.

-All right, mom.
-Yes, okay.

Don't be color-blind.

-You talk about being black...
-Let me... Can I...

Uh, no, you can't, you can't.
No, you can't.

Uh, if you ladies would please
go back to your seats?

[indistinct chatter]

-Um, your seats.

Ms. Hamilton, mom?

-Love you.

Love you, baby.

Everybody, please give it up
for my mom

and my beautiful mother-in-law.

Thank you.

I would like to share
a few words about my wife,

the bride at this wedding,
if that's okay.



I could study under Basquiat,

Picasso and Van Gogh

and still never create
a work of art

as beautiful as you.

[woman] Oh...

You're my sun, my moon.

And I love you
like the fat kid loves cake.


[instrumental music]

You wanna go out there?

Uh, maybe later.

Looks like
mema got the spotlight now.

I don't wanna steal her shine.



-You okay?

I just cannot believe
they actually got married.

I mean, after all the mess
I put them through.

I'm a lot, huh?

-[chuckles] Yeah, you are.

Okay, so then
why do you put up with me?

-That is a good question.

I don't know,
maybe it's the passion

you put in your family,
you know?

The drive
you putting in your work.

Or maybe it's those damn lips
I've been waiting to kiss

ever since
you got back on the market.

Oh, look at that.

Well, it's about time!

Ah. What are you talking about?

I'm just saying.

We are grown, Mrs. Lawrence.

Mm-hmm. Well, just don't hit me
with any surprises.

Okay, just don't hit me
with that fan.

-We good.
-Love y'all.

I love you, babe.


Come here.

[instrumental "Jingle Bells"]