A Christmas Solo (2017) - full transcript

Two single parents stumble into the possibility of love for Christmas, only to discover that their daughters are embroiled in a nasty rivalry at school. When the rivalry gets out of control...

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-[grand orchestral music]
-[projector clicking]

[upbeat seasons music]

[upbeat seasons music]

[main title music]

This isn't working! Uh!

You ridiculous creature!

The universe is
trying to tell you

that thing is embarrassing.


I thought it was
telling you to help me.

Dad's wreath is on the door.

-I'm done.
-No, uh-uh.

No, no, come here.

We have work to do.

Are you trying to get
in good with the neighbors

by being as tacky as they are?

Come on, after years
of being in San Francisco

with no yard,
I just want reindeer.

I want lots
and lots of reindeer.

I'm not the kind
of help you need.

Come help me, please.

I participate under protest.

Okay, here, here.

If you do that here,
like that, a-ha!

Okay, okay!

-So exciting! Drum roll, please!



Okay, okay this'll be great.



[electricity crackling]

[light jingle]

What was that, Universe?

[light orchestral music]

It's so not fair!

I know it's tough. Your mom
was excited about the trip too,

but something came up.

-What's his name?
-It was work.

And I'm sure she'll take you
to New York some other time.

Yeah, but not at Christmas time.

The only time
it's worth being there.

Look, I'll make sure you have
fun here, okay? With your

And you got to see what me
and Uncle Pete have going for
the Christmas concert,

it's going to be awesome.

How could she do this to me?

And how could you let her
leave in the first place?



[cash register clicking]

[Lisa] Thanks, Nate.
Merry Christmas.

You too, Lisa.

Thank you.

Hi. Merry Christmas.

-[Lisa] Have a good afternoon.

-Oh, I'm sorry.
-It's all right.

Sorry, I didn't mean to do that.
I'm in a bit of a rush.

-It is the season.


Um, so I bought
this reindeer here

and I need to exchange it.

Oh, did you want something else?

I want another reindeer,
but one that lights up.
This one doesn't.

And I couldn't fit it
back in the box, so, yeah.

Oh, I am sorry. Um...

Except, I just sold my last two.

-You're kidding me?

Figures. I mean, it's fine.

-It's fine.
-You say it won't light?

-Did you check the fuse?

-It's in the... The hoof.
-The hoof?

Yeah, I checked the fuses,
both fuses in both hooves.

Well, maybe Walter's
got some over at the nursery.

He's not
carrying them this year.

Oh, um well,
thanks for the thought.

-Wait, wait! How committed
to reindeer are you?
-On a scale of one to ten?

Yeah, like a one being,
like, it's a passing thought,

and a ten is like, you know,

the true Christmas spirit
is reindeer on my lawn.


You'd be surprised
how crucial LED animals

are to my family
having a perfect Christmas.

Well, how about on a scale of,

I'll pay you more
than you paid her?

You're going to scalp
my reindeer in front of me?

Maybe we should
take this outside.

Unless you're a lawyer or a cop?

Oh no, she's
the new veterinarian.

He's an excellent cabinetmaker.

Nate, Jennifer.

Jennifer, this is Nate.


Hi, Nate.

Um, this is the first
Christmas in Brookfield
for my daughter and me.

And it's actually our
first Christmas with a lawn.

And, you know, my daughter
is just so excited

about having, you know,
a full display...

-...out front.

We've had kind of a crushing
year and the only thing
that's been giving me hope

is the fact that my daughter
really wants to decorate.

She's the reason I'm
out here trying to buy

all of the reindeer
even though Lisa only had two.

So, I'm really sorry, um, this
is our first one on our own.

Yeah, she'll be so disappointed.
I'm sorry. You know what?

I'm really sorry, I completely
overstepped, I apologize.

No, you were trying
to do right by your daughter
and I respect that.

Yeah, and I respect
what you're doing.

Yeah, Merry Christmas.

Um, should I just
leave this guy here?

Oh yeah, just leave it there
I'll take care of it.

-I'll just get your credit card.
-Um, okay.

-What do you say to one?

-No mark up.

I can't do that, I can't.
I mean,

your daughter is already
settling for less
than she wanted.

Yeah, but you're not
going to have anything
on your brand new lawn.

Well, I'll figure something out.

You sure you checked the fuse?
I'd be happy to take a look.

He's very handy.

Um, no, that's okay.
Merry Christmas.

One's better than nothing.

-Oh yeah, but the guilt. So...

-Yeah, thank you. [laughs]

Merry Christmas,


Leave that there, it's fine.

[upbeat Christmas music]

♪ And an Xbox in a pear tree

♪ On the fourth day
Of Christmas, my true love
Gave to me ♪

♪ Four bath bombs

♪ Three season tickets

♪ Two shopping sprees

♪ And an Xbox in a pear tree

♪ On the fifth day of Christmas, My true love gave to me ♪

♪ Five manicures

Shut up!

Sorry, I panicked.

That was so dope!

Where have
you been hiding that voice?

There's been
nothing to sing about.

Are you kidding?
You should totally be part
of the chorus with us.

-Well that, but you should
so sing my newest song.

-She can do the first song
on your YouTube channel.

-You're on YouTube?
-He is,

because he's
an amazing songwriter

and people need
to hear his stuff.

I'm starting a YouTube channel!

-I don't think I...
-[phone ringing]

Don't... Don't answer.
We're having fun.

[phone ringing]

Hey, MJ.

Yeah, I'm just out on a walk.

[car traffic]

Right okay. Um...

Yeah, I'll be right over then.

Don't keep the queen waiting.

It's not like that, it's just,

I actually do have to go though.
So, um...

We will be talking about
music and stuff. [laughs]


Yeah, she's part
of the chorus with Henry and I.

Like you should be.

I don't think I've met her yet.

Lucky you.

I mean she's a good singer

and he helps her
write some songs, but

she used to be kind of sweet

and now she's
a total ice-cold diva.

So, are her and Henry a thing?

Ew, no!

No, they just collab.

He's way too smart for that.




Whoa, cookies!

What's that?

Oh, this actually is a song
I've been working on
for my YouTube channel.

I was really excited. I was
going to show you, actually.
Um, it's like,


Okay, wait, so you were late

and you're not even
working on my songs?

Um, yeah, I guess so.

Okay well let's
stop wasting time

and start working on my stuff.

Right, okay.

Let's work on your stuff, MJ.


[upbeat pop music]

♪ Yeah, yeah

♪ My skin is
Growing colder, you know ♪

Fifteen minutes late.

Come on.

Maybe Ms. Baxter is going
over special music with her.



Oh, by the way, Charlotte.

Those are our chorus pals.

So um, you should
probably be careful.


Because they're pirates.


They are, they're
terrors on the high C's.


Right? That was okay.

That's not even funny.

Who is that with Audrey?



No, it's Charlotte.

She's in my math class.
Her mom's the new vet.

-[camera shutter clicking]
-My dad took Sadie in for shots
and says her mom seems nice.

Well, Henry better be careful,
or he'll catch fleas.

[door opens]


Danielle? What's wrong?

Thank you all for your patience.

Danielle and I needed some time.

We've had some difficult news.

-Danielle has vocal nodes.

She's on complete vocal rest
for the next six weeks.

And I know, even
without me having to ask,

that she has your full support.

We want her to be in full and
complete voice for Juilliard.


So who's going to sing the solo
at the Christmas Festival?

We're going to have auditions.

[all murmuring]

This is incredible.

I doubt that Danielle thinks so.

I know, that's terrible.

But it means
Charlotte can audition.

-What? No.
-Come on!

I can't, I don't
even have an accompanist.

-Oh, I'll accompany you.

It'll be great,
come on, I'll do it!

Charlotte, you have to audition.

-Oh my God, you have to. She's
going to do it, it's decided.

-[Audrey] Perfect!
-She's gonna... You don't
have a choice. You'll do it.

Freshman, right?


You will slay, MJ.

[light orchestral music]

[Henry] Oh my God,
this is going to be perfect.
You got to do it.

-You sing so well.
-I know, perfect.

-[Henry] Yes, exactly,
oh my God.

[light Christmas music]

[drill whirring]

[light Christmas music]

Hope people don't think
we're overdoing it.

No, making the chair
fancy this year

should distract from
the fact that last year,

Ray broke it
with his Santa Shuffle.



♪ Santa Claus, Santa Claus
Santa all the way, hey ♪


-Hey, get up here.
-It's good.

Um, it's Ray, get up here!



Even Ray can't break this.


So, Melissa excited to have
another year as Santa's helper?

Not this year.
She's so mad at her mom,

I think she might
boycott Christmas.

Oh. Well why don't
you take Melissa somewhere,

you know, just the two of you?

Somewhere sunny and expensive.

It'll just look like
I'm trying to show Vivian up.

Just showing up shows up Vivian.

Come on, Pete.

Sorry, but you know that
I'm right, little brother.

Eh, no, the other way.

No, no the other, other way.

Yeah, here.

-This level
of expertise and focus?

No wonder you need me around.

Well, I can bring in some
help if you want to get away.

I don't, I want
to spend Christmas

with you
and Marcie and the kids.

I want her to want that, too.

But you can't make her want it.

I just got to help
her move past this hurt.

Oh yeah?

How's your moving going?

[upbeat Christmas music]

Who's my favorite fat kitty?

Mrs. Reilly's
concerned that Cleopatra

is not going to be
eating while she's away.

Oh, what does she feed her?

Marc Antony's army?

Oh, welcome to detox,
your majesty.

Oh, you're wonderful,
but I can't let you
work the entire holiday.

You need to have some time off,

enjoy your first
Christmas in Brookfield.

We'll manage to

-have some downtime.
-[bell ringing]


I have a delivery for Dr. Flynn?

Nate Prentiss?

I see endangered species
by appointment only.

This guy's endangered?

Well no, but...

I know that this
is not a reindeer.

You had to come all the way
to the vet to figure that out?

Hey, Cristina.

Hi, Nate, Merry Christmas.

So, if you're Santa's
helper, where's my BMW?

Sorry, just
the one delivery today.

I called everybody
I could think of

and nobody had a reindeer.

This is the man
who stole your reindeer?

I didn't steal it!

Well, I believe I used the term,
you know,

just grabbed it before I did.

Yeah and I felt
really badly about that.

I kept thinking
about your daughter

and the fact that
she wanted a reindeer.

So, you brought me a penguin?


-I wanted to be a good neighbor.

And if you don't accept
this awkward gesture,

this penguin is going
to be homeless for the holidays.

Well, I don't want
that to happen, so um

but I can't accept it.

I made sure it worked before
I bought it and everything.

Well that's very
thoughtful of you,

but I would be taking it
under false pretenses because,


My daughter didn't
want the reindeer.

I did.


Well, that's going
to make me feel even worse.

No, you shouldn't
feel bad at all.

This is probably like the most
bizarre, yet heartfelt gift

that I think I've ever received
from a relative stranger.

Got to find out
what came in second.

When we know each other better.

Okay, so you'll accept Percival?


You're the vet.


Merry Christmas, Jennifer.

-Welcome to Brookfield.
-Thanks, Nate.

Bye, Nate!

-See you.
-Don't be a stranger!

[door bell ringing]


Twenty-five words or less.

His wife left him, cheated on
him, ripped his heart out,

left him with
an angry teenage daughter
and a mountain of debt.


most eligible bachelor in town.
That's 25!

Thanks, but no.

Time to concentrate on
men who actually need me.

So, Mr. Wiggles?

-[dog growling]
-Here he is.

Thank you, hi honey.

I got you.
Okay, I'll be right back.

Come on.

[upbeat rock music]

[upbeat rock music]

[Melissa] Is that vet girl?

Yeah, Charlotte Flynn.

If she sings,
how come she's not in chorus?

Maybe she's getting Henry
to coach her privately.

Very privately.

-Says who?
-Jeez, I'm just
being funny, Melissa.

You want funny?

"Girl, fleas."

Send that to me.

Me too.

Snapped it to all of you.

Don't worry,
you've got this, Melissa.

Henry, I changed our rehearsal
schedule so you can help me

with my audition
for the Christmas solo.

Ah, that's really
generous of you MJ,

but I'm actually kind of working
with somebody else this time.

But you're
always my accompanist.

Um, this time,
I'm working with Charlotte.

-That new girl?

Did you know she had
to move here because she got

in huge trouble
at her old school?

No, she actually moved here
because her dad died.

Not what I heard.

-Okay, stop!
-Stop what?

Whatever it is that you're
doing. Just leave her alone.

[light orchestral music]

You sure this is okay?

The perks of stage managing
the last three shows.


Best acoustics in town.


You need to stop worrying.

Stop thinking so much.

Just sing.

Come here, close your eyes.

I mean it! Close your eyes.

-Just you and the song.

That's it. Like the man
said, "Lose yourself."


We can even just do
something simple like,

[piano chord]

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells

No, no, no, no.


Do you know "Silent Night"?


Yeah, you do.

[clearing throat]


♪ Silent night, holy night

♪ All is calm, all is bright

♪ Round yon virgin
Mother and child ♪

♪ Holy infant
So tender and mild ♪

♪ Sleep in heavenly peace

♪ Sleep in heavenly peace

[light orchestral music]

First of all, let me
just say I'm not following you.

As long as you don't have
another penguin,
I will stay calm.

[laughs] No, I'm out
of the penguin business.


I was just buying
Christmas tree lights,

which I could've sworn
I bought last year.

Well then, it's nice
to see you again.

-Maybe one more penguin comment?

You were doing so well
there for a minute.

The wheels have sort
of come off my holidays,

so I might have been
overcompensating a tiny bit

trying to make sure
that everybody had everything
they needed for theirs.

Well, I'm sorry
about your Christmas.

Just trying to make it
right for my daughter,
not really batting a thousand.

You know
the first one alone is hard.

Well, Cristina told me
that you're newly divorced.



My daughter is a teenager, too.

And, well, my husband
died two years ago.

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know.

Yeah, thank you. Um...

I get the whole perfect
Christmas thing.
Our first one was,

you know, and this is
the first one we've had
since moving from San Francisco,

so there's other
challenges there, too. So...

Well, then I'm
very glad that I stopped.

I was going to walk on by,
but then I did notice

you were maybe trying to make a
decision here between the pies.

Oh, was it that obvious?
I mean...

-Was I drooling?
-No, no drooling.

-You were about
to make a terrible mistake.

Oh, so, wait a minute.

So, with the pecan
over the apple?

No, you need
to walk away from this place,

and go
to the Brown Sugar Bakery.

No, but Cristina told me this
was the best bakery in town.

I've known Cristina since
kindergarten and I love her,

but this indicates
a serious gap in her knowledge.

Why should I trust you over her?

Because I'm trying
to impress you,

and I have something to lose.

There's more
to me than penguins.

Well, there's also pie.

Yeah, all year round.


So, where is this
Brown Sugar Bakery shop?

-It's two blocks south.

Main and Seabrook.

Okay, I think I can find that.

Full disclosure, they do
have an enormous selection,

so you might want
to order a slice, sit down,

take a while to decide,
maybe have a cup of coffee?

Well, it seems like
I might need a guide.

I might know someone.

Tomorrow night?

Well, I don't know about you,
but um...

my teenager is
probably really hungry.

I got to get home
and make her dinner.


Eight o'clock?

I'll see you there.


Okay, bye!

[light Christmas music]

♪ I heard the bells
On Christmas Day ♪

♪ Their old
Familiar carols play ♪

♪ And wild and sweet
The words repeat ♪

♪ Of peace on earth
Good will to men ♪

♪ I thought

Please don't stop.

I'm done.

It's nice
hearing you sing again.

They have this
Christmas Festival here.

Yeah, I've heard of it.

Well, on the first night,

they do a bunch
of special stuff.

Like singing.

And Audrey and Henry
convinced me to audition.

Honey, that's a great idea!

I know I'm not going to get it.

Oh, don't say that,
you have a beautiful voice.

Oh, I've missed
hearing you sing.

You sang so
beautifully with Dad.

You know he'd be really
proud of you for auditioning.

I've got homework.

♪ Carols play

♪ And wild and sweet
The words repeat ♪

♪ Of peace on earth
Good will to men ♪

♪ In despair, I bowed my head

♪ There is no peace
On earth, I said ♪

♪ For hate is strong
And mocks the song ♪

♪ Of peace on earth
Good will to men ♪

[dramatic music]

[upbeat rock music]

Hi, I'm MJ.

For some crazy reason,
we haven't met.

But since we're both
competing for the solo,

I figured we should.

Nice to meet you, I'm Charlotte.

You know, it's pretty weird
we haven't talked before.

Especially since you're hanging
with one of my best friends.

I'm flattered.

-I meant Henry.
-Of course you did.

It's so sweet
Henry's encouraging Charlotte.

He has such a big heart.

Always willing to help
the people who need it the most.

I'm glad you're grateful.
Bye bye, MJ.

So, is it true you moved here
so you wouldn't
have to go to juvie?

[Both] What?

When did you become such a liar?

You know, I remember
when you were nice.


[light acoustic guitar music]

You're right.

This pie is great.

Could be the company.

No, I think it's the crust.

But the company's
really good, too. [laughs]

I'm glad we agree.

So, I got a confession to make.

It wasn't that
my daughter was demanding

that I get the reindeer.

I just thought
it'd make her happy.

And did it?

For 15 minutes.

[laughing] I get it.

I'm wise in the ways
of sulky teenage girls.


I'm going to have
to hit you up for some tips.


You know this,

this is really nice.

You know I'm a little
out of practice, like,

with the whole dating thing.
I mean not that...
Not that this is a dating thing!

Just... I'm just saying
it's been a while and I,

I'm just, it's just nice.

You know there some
other places in this town,
they serve whole meals.


We could give that a try.

I'd be into that.

I mean, as long as we can
come back here afterwards.

Yes, more pie.

[both laughing]

You think it'd be rude
if I just licked my plate?

-No. We could get
another slice though.
-Oh, no, no, no.

-No, I'm going to have
to jog home tonight.
-Are you sure?

We could jog home after.
That's a great idea!

-Yeah, I'm going to have
to jog home for a week! No.
-No, I don't want to jog.

-I don't want to jog home.
-No more pie.

One more piece! [chuckling]

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way ♪

♪ Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh ♪

When were you
planning on telling me
you were going out on a date?

Before I went on one?

You sure about that?

It wasn't a date.

I just... I recommended
Brown Sugar to somebody.

Selena works there, she
was texting me the whole time.

-What did Selena say?
-That it looked like a date.

Well, Selena's wrong.

And even if it was, it would
be my decision, not yours.

Of course not.
Why would anyone ask me about
decisions that ruin my life?

Can we please? Can we agree
to just try to move on,

a little bit?

Fine, I'll just go to Brown
Sugar and have a piece of pie

and then everything will be
okay. I'll grab my jacket.

I'm not saying it would be
easy, but it would be a start.

What's this?

Chocolate caramel cheesecake.

I hate caramel.

-What, since when?
-Since right now!

[door slamming]

Who hates caramel?

[light acoustic guitar music]

♪ Uh, check

♪ I'm a rap man this is fine

♪ 'Cause this is
Like Christmas time ♪

♪ So I'm a just sit
And spit this rhyme ♪

♪ But it's okay cause if
It's not, then I hit rewind ♪

♪ I'm a rapper
I can do no wrong ♪

♪ If you like it
Then peep my YouTube song ♪

♪ If you like it
Take a pic or photo ♪

♪ 'Cause we're going to find out Who sings the Christmas Solo ♪

[all laughing]

Sounding good!

So, I'd like to thank everyone

who came out to the auditions.

I'm impressed and look forward
to seeing more from you,

especially the underclassmen.

It was tough,
but here are the callbacks.




-[girl] Whoo!


And Teresa.

Congratulations to you all.

If you'd like
to see the details,
they'll be outside my door.

If you'd like to discuss
your audition with me,

I'm happy to do that.

Carry on.

-[light acoustic guitar music]
-♪ Uh, uh

♪ Who's gonna
Sing the opening ♪

[door closing]

You can't have what's mine.

Hey, how's
the music stuff going?

What music stuff?

The songs you and Henry
have been writing together.

Yeah, we're taking a break.

Hm, that's too bad.

No, it's not.

I have to work on my callback
for the festival, so...

I thought he
always played for you.

He has some stuff going on.

Did you guys have a falling out?

So what if we did?

Well, that'd be sad,
Henry's good people.

Yeah, well we've kind
of figured out good people

make life-ruining
decisions sometimes, right?

So something did happen?

Life, Dad.

Life happened.

And it sucks.

Forget it, I have
to get ready for school.

[Charlotte] Is this okay?

The outfit? Looks cute.

Great, I'll go change.

-But I said it looks cute.
-I don't want cute.

I don't think you have
an outfit that says
I'm nervous about my callback.

I don't want that, either.

And I'm not nervous.

I'm sorry. I guess
I misread the symptoms.

Fine, I'm nervous.

And laughing at me
isn't helping.

I'm not laughing.

I need to change.

Honey, what's going on?

Nothing, Mom!


-[door slamming]

[school bell ringing]

♪ Deck the halls
With boughs of holly ♪

♪ Fa la la la, la la la la

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way ♪

♪ Oh come all ye faithful

♪ Hark the herald Angels sing

♪ Glory to the newborn king

♪ Sleep in heavenly peace

♪ Sleep in heavenly peace

-Thank you very much.

-Thanks, Ms. Baxter.
-Thanks, Ms. Baxter.

Please send in the next singer.

-[Henry] You were so good.
I was...
-[Audrey] Did you slay?

-No survivors.

Um, MJ, she's ready
for you, so...

Break a leg!

Let's go.

You usually have
someone else accompanying you.

He wasn't available.

Well, I'm happy
to accompany you, MJ.

Thank you, but I've
been practicing acapella.

-As long as that's
all right with you.

Of course.

I mean, you've been listening
to me sing for years now,

so you know what I'm capable of,

and you know I'm
always well-prepared.

Whenever you're ready.


Can you play me an A?


[A note]


♪ The first Noel

♪ The angels did say

♪ Was to certain
Poor shepherds ♪

♪ In fields as they lay

♪ In fields where they

♪ Lay keeping their sheep

♪ On a cold winter's night

♪ That was so deep

♪ Noel, noel

[dramatic Christmas music]

[Nate] Hey.


Thanks for letting me
drag you out here.

See how I'm
kicking and screaming?


Thank you.

I just needed some
advice and I thought

lurking outside the clinic all
day waiting until you're done
might be a little desperate.

Yeah, it probably would've,

but I'm happy
to make house calls.

You have a nice house,
from what I can see.

Yeah, I would invite you inside,

but that's a little tricky.

Oh, okay.

Um, okay, then
we can talk outside.

Yeah, Okay.

I like your reindeer.


Since we've been getting
to know each other,
I've kind of

made a point of not
talking about my daughter.

But I kind of got
to talk about my daughter.


You were the first
person I thought of.

Oh, because I have access
to horse tranquilizers?

I'm not sure they're going to be
strong enough to calm her down.

I mean for you.

Am I that bad?

You'll be okay.

So tell me what's going on.

[gentle music]

Okay, so when her mother left,

um, she didn't just leave.

-She had an affair...

-...and then she left.
-I'm so sorry.


So that's been
a thing, obviously,

and it's going to take her
some time to work through that

and I understand that,
I totally get it.

But in the meantime, there's
literally nothing I can say

that's not some sort of
catastrophic insult or injury.

You know, I thought 16 year old
girls were tricky when I was 16!

Well, I was
a 16 year old girl once

and I don't
understand my daughter.

Well, so much for the advice.

[both laughing]

Oh, right. Um...
No, I just try to...

I just try to remember what
it was like when I was her age.

I remember what I was
like when I was her age

-every time a boy
comes to the door.

Yeah, I'm sure, I'm sure.

I mean, I just...

I just think about all
the changes that are going on,

for me, my friends,
all the hormones!

My parents moved me into
a new high school junior year.

I didn't know anybody, I just...

My dad was in the army.

I was in 16 different schools
by the time I graduated.

Seventeen, I think,
with kindergarten.

Wow, no wonder you're
so good at making friends.

Just not that
experienced at keeping them.

You seem to be doing
pretty good so far with me.

You must have been
pretty smooth in high school.


-Not really smooth.

[gentle music]

-[door slamming]


-I better go.

Here, good luck.


-Sorry, thank you.
-It's okay.


[dramatic music]

-[door slamming]


Get over here.

What was that about?

Total embarrassment.

So then you say excuse me,
and you step back inside.

You don't stomp and slam.

What is this mood all about?

Was she
the Brown Sugar not-date?

Because that sure
looked like a post-date.

How about this? How about for
Christmas you give me the chance

at having an adult relationship
again. And in return,
I'll give you whatever you want.

I want Mom!

I want Mom to want
to spend Christmas with me.

Can you give me that?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

[somber music]

How did your audition go?

Pretty good, actually.

It's nice how supportive
Audrey and Henry have been.

Henry supported,
Audrey demanded.


They've been
really good friends.


You know, I'm really proud
of you for trying something new.

More like
returning to something old.

In a new way.

Even if I don't get the solo,
I feel good about auditioning.

So, do I get to be proud
of you for going on a date?

Oh, it wasn't...

For going out for coffee
with a new friend.

Thank you.

How do you feel
about his audition?


I think he's getting a callback.

[both laughing]

Give me one of those.

[Jennifer] I'll
share, I promise.

[light acoustic guitar music]

[Audrey] We believe in you.

-You so got it.
-You two are the best.

[light acoustic guitar music]


[door clicking]

Good afternoon, music lovers.

I want to thank everyone
who came to the auditions,

especially those
who were called back.

I'm impressed
with your performances,

I'm impressed with your passion
for the Christmas Festival.

I'm thrilled that
you're all invested

in one of our town's
oldest and finest traditions.

The solo will be sung
by Charlotte Flynn.

[Henry] Hey.


I'm looking forward
to working with you, Charlotte.

Yes, ma'am. I mean, thank you.


[all murmuring]

Ms. Baxter?

Yes, MJ?

Can you please explain...

You gave
an excellent audition, MJ.

Then what happened?

Charlotte gave a better one.

But I've been in chorus
all these years.

You know me, I've worked so hard
and she just...

Gave a better audition.

MJ, I'm a fan.

I'd be happy to sit down
and talk with you.

We can discuss techniques to
work on for your next audition.

This is going to be
the worst Christmas ever.

It shouldn't have to be, MJ.

Come see me
in the study hall tomorrow,

we'll talk more.

-[hard knocking]

Let's celebrate!


-Hey no,
you don't have to do this.
-Yes, I do.

-Gosh, Charlotte.
-Charlotte, wait!

-I just wanted to say...
-You think you're so much
better than me, don't you?

-You don't know
the first thing about me.

And you don't care
about anyone but yourself.

-Standing off on the sidelines,
judging the rest of us.
-MJ, stop!

-Shut up, Henry.
-You shut up, MJ.

This was supposed
to be special, Miss San Fran.

Okay, this was important.

And instead some
stranger has to come in

and ruin literally everything.

You and your fleas can
go infest some other town.

[light acoustic guitar music]

You must have been awesome.


[light acoustic guitar music]

What the heck just happened?

[light acoustic guitar music]

♪ I wait for you to come home

♪ But don't you know

Honey, you're going
to be late for school.

Don't care, I'm not going.

Come on, what hurts?

Is this a I'm not ready
for my history test bug?

Or I still have 100 pages left
of Tale of Two Citiesflu?

Or I'm dodging
the paparazzi before

my amazing
Christmas solo stomach ache?

Honey, come on,
tell me what's wrong.

Probably just
an adrenaline crash

from the auditions
and everything.

It's stupid.

It is not stupid, it's exciting.

Come on.

And for the record,
I finished Tale of Two Cities.


Two days early.

Fantastic! In that case,
it is a far, far better shower

you take now than
you have ever taken before.

Oh, by the way, tell Charlotte
I say congrats on the solo.

-How'd you know? I hadn't even
told you about the audition.
-Oh I know, thanks a lot, boss.

Well, I didn't want to brag.

Are you kidding?
You're required to brag.

You could put signs
on your front lawn

and people would stop and cheer.
This is a big deal.

Well, I figured it was important
with all the auditions.

Yeah, and I bet you there's a
lot of buzz at school about it,

in fact, there's probably
some noses out of joint.

I remember my sophomore year,

Didi Bartholemew
barely got offstage

before she threw up all
over the place from nerves.

Probably ate shepherd's pie,
I could tell, but I was really
close to the front.

But it doesn't really matter
because what people remember

is she had
a beautiful songbird voice.

Although there are some people
that do remember the barf.

I don't think Charlotte
will be that nervous.

Well, I hope Charlotte
won't be that nervous.

She probably
won't be that nervous, but...

So, if Nate didn't
explain that to you,

then what did you talk about?


Oooh, Santa's bringing someone
a boyfriend for Christmas!

[light orchestral music]

-I want all the details!
-Nope, you get nothing!

Come on!


So, how long
have you known Henry?

Since pre-school.

You guys seem so great together.

We are now. Fifth grade got
a little ugly,
but we worked it out.


Have you ever...

Don't even.


What are you guys talking about?

-Our favorite Christmas cookies.

Chocolate chip snowballs.

Ah, any luck finding
your mom something?

I found her
the perfect slippers.

-The ones she has are so old.
-[Henry laughs]

-Did you find what
you were looking for?
-Yeah, actually.


Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!

Are you actually insane, MJ?

I just don't know what happened.

We just came
to say hi to you guys

and I guess I must have tripped.

We'll go back to the store
and we'll talk to them.

I'm not usually a klutz.

But you're always a liar!

Excuse you?

I'm sorry, Charlotte.

Accidents happen, Eva.

You ruined
my mother's Christmas present

and you think it's funny?

I'm hurt you'd
say that, Charlotte.

I'm trying to help you.

Better dry off, Charlotte.

Don't want to catch a cold.

True, you need to stay
healthy for the Festival.

I'll be fine.

Sure hope so.

Let's take
you back to the store,

and then we'll
get you home, come on.

[dramatic music]

-[Nate] Close your eyes.
-[Jennifer] Okay.

[chuckles] Keep them closed.

Keep them closed. One second.

[door closing]


Keep them closed.

And voilà!

[light orchestral music]


Santa's throne!

I mean, it's not finished,
so there's going to be a window

behind it and all of the toys
are gonna be surrounding it.
It's you know...

-It's amazing.

Uh-huh. Everyone's
going to love it.

-I hope you do.
-I do.

And I'm kind of fond of
the guy who built it, too.

[Pete screaming]



Hey, what'd you do?

-Oh man, oh man, oh man.
-What'd you do, how bad is it?

No, don't show me, just tell me.

-I don't know, I didn't look.
-Okay, come on let's get
you to the hospital.

Okay, no. May I?



I'm just checking your reflexes.

-They're working.

You know, I can handle this.

Look, I don't want,
you know, to seem difficult,

on top of being bloody,
but aren't you a veterinarian?


It's okay. Yes, I am.

But you know,
we're not that different.
And it's just your paw.

You missed your front
pastern, which is good.

You know, you could have
nicked a ligament.

And well, you know
what we'd have to do to you.

-Put him down.
-[Jennifer] Mmm.

Should've done that years ago.

-Okay, you know what?

You can take care of me,
just don't let him touch me.


-Does he have a first aid kit?


I'm Jennifer, by the way.

-Hi. [chuckling]

[light acoustic guitar music]

Well, that's yet
another member of my family

that appreciates your help.


I was happy to do it.

Consider it my way
of saying thank you.

I have really enjoyed
these last few days.

You know, I knew
it was the right thing

to move here for me,
but I've been wondering
if it was right for Charlotte.

You know, um.

But this past week, I mean,
it has been so special.

There's been all these new
opportunities for both of us.

I just think that, you know if I
had been holding on to the past,

I never would've
said yes to pie.

-Oh, good, then

I don't have to get you
a Christmas present.

Oh, I'm pretty sure
you still do.


Well, if it's a gift
exchange you're after...


[gentle music]



Oh no, no, no.

[dramatic music]


I didn't even want to come here!

Why can't everyone
just leave me alone?

[door slamming]

[dramatic music]

Another late night?

Not the kind you're thinking of.

Did you know that Jennifer's
place got vandalized last night?

Why would I know
anything about that?

I just figured it was
kids from the school.

They spray painted
her garage and driveway.

They broke a bunch
of lawn decorations.

-You don't know
anything about this?

High school kids don't
keep secrets these days,

they put everything
out there on the internet.

Out there on
Snapchat, or whatever.

Not anyone I know.

Do you know Charlotte Flynn?

Is she in any of your classes?


Charlotte Flynn,
Jennifer's daughter.

I guess, sort of.

Are you friends with her?

I don't make friends
as fast as you do, Dad.

Is anyone you know
friends with her?

Why does it matter?

Because if we know
who she's hanging out with,

maybe we'd have idea
who'd want to trash her house.

I know she auditioned for
the Christmas Festival solo.

That's it.

Really? Jennifer didn't
tell me her daughter sang.

She probably
didn't want to spoil things

by telling you her daughter
beat me out for the part.

Why didn't you tell me?

You've been busy.

With Uncle Pete
and Santa's Workshop.

Yeah well, I should've
been paying more attention.
I'm sorry.

I guess there's
always senior year.

She'll be
a senior next year, too.

I'm not going to hold my breath.

I got to get ready for school.

Weill, if you hear anything,
please let me know, ok?

Because this was
way beyond a prank.


Pancakes should
make you feel better.

So, whoever did this,

maybe they pranked you
because you're new?

Mom, please.

I know what this is about.

The Christmas solo.

What, the song for the Festival?

The minute
I decided to audition,

this girl, MJ,
started hassling me.

I guess she thought she deserved
to sing the solo and...

Even after Ms. Baxter
gave it to me,

she's been after me.

What do you mean, after you?

She says nasty things
to me every time I see her,

she's mean to my friends.
She threw a soda on me
and almost ruined your...

She's vicious.

-Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't realize
it was going to get this bad.

-But, did you tell
a teacher or something?

-Why not?
-Just because I thought
she'd just get bored

and move on
to torment someone else.

Honey, you should've told me.

-What were you going to do?
-Well, ah...

I could be supportive!

So what are we going to do now?

I'm just trying to figure that
out! Just give me a minute!

You know you can
always talk to me.

Not really.


You've been so happy,
enjoying your time with Nate.

I didn't want to spoil that.

Charlotte, you come first.


I thought, just for a minute,

this Christmas
was going to be great.

It's still going to be great.

[sighing] I'm going to talk
to this girl's parents.

No, don't, please. It'll just
make it a thousand times worse.

No, I'll be reasonable, okay?
I promise.

And hopefully her parents will
be, too. But this has to stop.

-Alright, what was
her name again?


Everyone calls her MJ.

It stands for Melissa Jane.

It should really
stand for Major Jerk.

Ok, what's her last name?
I'll call the school.


Melissa Jane Prentiss.


-Eat your breakfast, I'll drive
you to school when I get back.
-Mom, you don't have to do this.

Yes sweetheart, I do!

-Well, do you need her address?
-I know it.

[doorbell ringing]

Hey, what a great way to start
the day. Come on in.

How're you doing?

Not good. Not good at all.

-Did something else happen?

Tell me.

I can't see you anymore.

-I thought you deserved
to hear it face-to-face.

I don't understand, what...

-what happened?
-[Melissa] Dad?

Yeah, Melissa, just give
us a second, would you?

No, no it's fine, she should
stay. She should hear this.

Hi, MJ. I'm Jennifer Flynn,
Charlotte Flynn's mom.

-What you did
to my daughter is inexcusable.

And if this is your daughter,
then you are not
the man I thought you were.

That's why
I came to say goodbye.




Tell me what happened.

There's nothing to tell.

Come on sweetie, the longer
you stall, the worse
this is going to get.

We pranked
their house, big deal.

That was you?

What were you thinking?

I didn't do any
of the big stuff!

Some of the guys did that.

And I never...

I was mad and I started
this stupid meme as a joke,
and it spread all over school

and people thought it was funny.

And then people kept adding
on to it, and everyone
thought it was funny,

but I thought
they'd get bored and stop.

But Kayla told Bobby we
were going to prank Charlotte,

and he got the lacrosse team
and all of a sudden,

it was this big whole thing
and I couldn't stop them.

How hard did you try?

I just wanted
to get back at her,

I didn't mean to...

Get back at her for what?

She ruined Christmas!

She stole my song.

Not according to Ms. Baxter.

Yeah, Ms. Baxter decided
I couldn't have the song.

And Mom decided
I couldn't have New York.

And you decided
I couldn't have Mom.

Sweetie, you have
to stop taking out your anger

at your mom on everybody else.

Especially people
that had nothing to do
with that situation.

It's not fair.

No, it is not.

But it's life and we're going
to figure out a way
to get through this

together. But in the meantime,

you got your work
cut out for you, kiddo.

You're going to pay
Jennifer back for the damages.

What? How?

By working for me.

And you're going to give me
the names of everybody else

-that was involved
that can pay their share.
-I'll end up with no friends.

And you're going to apologize
to Jennifer and to Charlotte.

And until I see some significant
change in your behavior,
you're grounded.

Give me your cell phone.


-And you're not
going to the concert.

-I knew you'd take her side.
-It's not about sides,

it's about right
and wrong, and you are wrong!

-So you're not going.

It's not like
anyone's going to miss me.

But I am so not
apologizing to Charlotte.

-Get back here!
-Nobody cares about me!

Not you, or Jennifer,
or Ms. Baxter, or Mom.


I hate everything!

I can't believe you broke up
with him because of me!

This isn't your fault,
Charlotte. I just saw
a different side of him

-and I wasn't comfortable...
-Just because she's awful,
doesn't mean he is.

-Charlotte, stop.
-Stop what?

Letting Melissa
ruin things for you.

So this is my fault now?

No, I'm sorry,
that was a poor thing to say.


I tried to handle this, Mom.

I know and I'm sure this has
been really difficult for you

and I'm sorry that
I didn't see what was going on.

How can I help now?

Well, you can't
follow me in school.

So what are you going to do?
I mean this thing has
escalated way too far.

-How about I go into
the principal's office with you?
-Please don't. Just...

Just give me a day.

Audrey and Henry have my back.

Just... [sighing]

Just let me try
to handle this one more time.

-[Jennifer] Okay, one more day.

At least I understand now.

Thanks, Eva. [sobbing]

-I should've said something...
-It's okay, I get it.

I'm sorry.

Thank you.

[light piano music]

Your dad's not going
to tell my dad, is he?

I don't know what
he's going to do, okay?

Eva, where have you been?

-Away from you guys.
-What's your deal?

My deal?

You're the ones who
went all "Suicide Squad"

on someone we barely even know.

So, you're choosing
Charlotte over us?

Pretty sure I'm
picking the decent thing

over the awful thing.

You're out of control, MJ.

I can't stop you,
but I sure as heck

don't need to be a part of this.


-[door clicking]

[dramatic music]

Go ahead.

Say it.

[dramatic music]

[door closing]


[Pete] Wow.

Yeah, wow.

Man! She's mad at you,
mad at Jennifer.

Mad at the daughter.

Doesn't sound
like the Melissa I know.

No, it doesn't sound
the one I know, either.

And I went two or three rounds
with this one last night.

Really? How'd that go?

She threw the whole
Vivian thing at me. And...

The fact that she wants
her mom around and I don't.

I've just been trying
to protect her from all this,

and somehow,
I ended up being the bad guy.

Or just the first
in the line of fire.

I goes deeper than that.

Maybe she's digging at
a wound that you want to ignore.




Vivian cheated on you.

And that's 100% wrong.

And Melissa needs to know that.

Divorce is hard on everyone,
especially for children.

And you're working so hard
to be strong and good

that you're not
acknowledging the hurt

and the real damage
that Vivian caused.

And if you're not going
to work through that,

then you're never
going to let it go.

[sighing] I just want her
to understand that

we can survive this thing,
the two of us.

Yeah okay, sure.

But you still got to show her

that even
the strongest of us feel pain.

And when you choose
to trust and to love

that's true strength.

Melissa is, [sighing]

she's struggling, Nate.

Yeah I know she is, brother.

So help her let it go.

Because if she comes out
of this thinking that

anger is the only way to be,

then we've lost her.

[light piano music]

-So how was school?

-My Latin quiz was really easy.
-[bell ringing]

-I'm allowed to be concerned.
-Fine, I just

don't want to be thinking
about it every minute.

I mean I am,
but I don't want to be.

That's good.

I've been thinking about
something Dad used to say.

He always said Christmas
means hope and new beginnings.

Yeah he did, didn't he?

So, maybe MJ needs
those things more than I do.

Okay, but what does
that have to do with you?

I want to talk to Ms. Baxter

about giving up the solo.

-And letting Melissa sing it.

What? And let the bully win?
No, honey, that is not
the way to handle this.

-Mom, I don't want to fight.
-Look, I'm not going
to force you, okay?

And I know you don't want to,
but let me fight
this fight for you.

You can't shadow me in school,
Mom. You can't fix this.

I can talk to the principal,
I can talk to Melissa, to Nate...


If you really want to help,
come with me to see Ms. Baxter.


You don't have to do this.

Yes, I do.

Okay then.

Thanks for having my back.


[knocking on door]


Are we interrupting?

We can come back.

Charlotte, why don't
you and your mother stay?

I'm fairly certain we're all
here to discuss the same topic.

[bell ringing]


Are you okay?

Have you talked to Charlotte?

Talked to Charlotte, about what?

[Audrey] The solo.

Why, what happened now?

She texted this morning.

She wants to give it to MJ.

No, no way! She'd...

Way. If she does that,
MJ will be unbearable.

Chorus will be so painful,
we have to stop Charlotte.

Or not.


I'm saying I respect
what Charlotte's saying.

She's saying she doesn't need
the solo as bad as MJ does.

Okay, that's not it.

Charlotte's just done with MJ.

Like we all should have been
a long time ago if someone...

Come on, MJ hasn't
always been like this, right?

You, me, and MJ, we all
used to be friends together.

That was a long time ago.

Like, middle school.

Come on, she was
fun and sweet, remember?


Look, if it wasn't
for her mom and that...

Okay yeah, fine,
she has a difficult life.

But there are plenty
of people in this school

with difficult lives,
and do they run around

making everyone
else more miserable?

No, they don't.

Thank you!

So, MJ has no excuse.

See, when you're surrounded
by people that really get you,

you don't want to focus
on the people that don't.

You know, you...

You almost want to just,

kind of focus in on
the people that do.

You know?


-What's that?
-I'm hoping it's not
a huge mistake.

It can't be a huge mistake,
if it's a tiny box.

Merry Christmas, Audrey.

I don't understand.

Oh, you see during Christmas
time, there's this custom.

-People give gifts
to people who receive gifts...
-Ha ha ha.

I mean we don't exchange gifts
till, like, Christmas Day.

Why are you giving me...

You've been my best
friend most of my life

and I've never really told you
how important that is. So...

No, I'm pretty
sure you have, once.

Third grade.

When I told off Annie Zeleski

for stealing the cookies out of
your lunchbox. [chuckles]

Look, all I'm trying to say is

I'm really lucky
that you're my best friend.


-And it also made me
realize that

maybe we could be a lot more?

If you'd be into that at all,
because I feel stupid.

And if I just
wrecked everything,
I'll take the box back

and we'll pretend
none of this happened

and I'll probably transfer
to Antarctica in senior year.

[laughing] Please don't!

Open it.

-There's actually also
a part two to the gift.

The song that
I've been working on

is actually a song about you.

[playing the guitar]

♪ We sip on cocoa
When it's snowing outside ♪

♪ You keep me warm You make my heart feel on fire ♪

♪ This year for Christmas
I don't need a surprise ♪

♪ Don't want no presents
I got something in mind ♪

♪ Swear I'm losing my mind
When I start thinking of it ♪

♪ Taking too many nights Some thoughts start sinking in ♪

♪ I know, yeah I know
We'll be doing just fine ♪

♪ I'll cross this Christmas list Off one at a time ♪

♪ My Christmas letter
Comes from all that I need ♪

♪ All that is special
Special to me ♪

♪ I pray this Christmas
That I get what I'm due ♪

♪ This Christmas letter
Has one wish, it's you ♪


Henry, I love the song.

And I love the necklace.


-And this guy?


Thank you!

Okay, let's go.


[Henry] I'm late for biology.

I didn't mean for things
to get so out of control.

I just want to understand
why you hate me so much.

I don't hate you!

I hate...

how you seem to have
everything figured out.

You just show up in town
and you get the solo

and all the people
I really care about and...

I used to love Christmas.

And now,
I can't stop being angry.

Yeah, we're going
to work on that.

Together, a lot.

I'm sorry about your house
and decorations, Dr. Flynn.

Thank you, Melissa.

And I'm sorry how I acted
during auditions, Ms. Baxter.

Thank you.

And Charlotte,
I'm sorry about the solo thing

and just for everything.

I've been worried about you, MJ.

That's why I asked you and
your father to come in today.

We appreciate that, Ms. Baxter.

I just wanted to say, Charlotte,

The fact that you're even
offering to give up the solo

at this point,
after what you've been through,

you're quite a young lady.

Charlotte earned the solo,

above and beyond
anything else that's happened.

I'd come hear you sing,
but I'm grounded.

Break a leg.

Well, I'm glad we've
been able to resolve that.

But, we need to have
a separate discussion

about your future
in the chorus, MJ.

What does that mean?

We have rules in chorus.

You'd kick her out? Why?

-It doesn't have anything
to do with us, honey.
-Yes, it does!

She already
convinced half the school
that I'm such a terrible person,

they were happy
to wreck our house.

What's going
to happen when people find out
one of the best voices in school

got kicked out
of chorus because of me?

Charlotte, people will believe
what people want to believe.

Which is how we got into
this mess in the first place!

If I can
forgive her and move on,

why can't everyone else?


[door closing]


[somber music]

♪ This place crumbles

♪ No one screams your name

You were four years old.

[laughing] It was June,

I was washing the car,

and I hear this unbelievable
noise from the garage,

so I come
racing up the driveway,

and there you are,
up to your ears

in tipped over boxes
because you tried to drag

all the Christmas presents
out of here and into the house.

When I asked you why, you said...

I miss Christmas.

You remember!

I don't whether I remember,
or if I've heard that story

enough times that
I think I remember.

I love that story!

I love what it says about you,
how you feel about Christmas.

I know you miss Christmas
this year, sweetie.

It isn't what it
used to be in our house.

I miss a lot of things.

So do I.

But we can't get
back the things we lost

by taking them
away from other people.

That's not what
I was trying to do.

[Nate sighs]

♪ This place crumbles

♪ No one screams

Things are never going
to be the same, sweetie.

But that doesn't mean
they can't be good again.

It's just going
to take some work.

But it's work
that we can do together.

I know I've been a brat,

and I've made some
really stupid choices, but I...

Help me, Dad.

Tell me how to fix this.

I don't want to get
kicked out of chorus.

I hate that I'm not
going to the festival.

I don't want to lose Christmas.

You're not going
to lose Christmas.

Okay? Or me.

We've got to let go
of this anger, okay?

Be thankful for
the things that we do have.

Build on that.


Where do we start?


You really hurt her,
you got to make that right.


Friendship, forgiveness.

Let her get to know
the person you really are.


And you got to pay Jennifer back

for all the damages,
just like we talked about.


Ms. Baxter,
you could ask her about

volunteering or
fundraising for chorus,

let her know you're
serious about coming back.


And you got to talk to me,

the next time
you have a problem.

I will.

I swear, Dad.

Well, if you can do all that,

and you can manage
to find your smile again,

I suppose you could
go to the festival.

I will, I promise!


-See, there it is!

There's that smile!

Come here.

[Nate chuckling]


You know what else you used
to do when you were four?


You used to wipe
your nose on my sleeve.


♪ So you can start

♪ Looking again


-Thanks, that was great.
-I was thinking so.

-I'll see you at the festival.
-I'm looking forward to it!


Just the person I'm looking for.

I can't imagine this morning
was very easy on you.

No, ma'am.

Well, I'm impressed.

You've given me
a lot to think about.

In the spirit of the season,

MJ will stay in the chorus

on probation.

Thank you, Ms. Baxter.

Well, perhaps you'd
care to join us in chorus?

I... I think I'd like that.

But first go home
and work on your solo,

-especially the bridge.
-Yes, ma'am.

I'm looking forward to working
with you more, Charlotte.

[upbeat Christmas music]

[all chattering]

[upbeat Christmas music]

Maybe you just want to leave
your great scarf on,
keep your neck warm.

Well, it's making
my neck sweat, so...

Are you sure
it's not just nerves?

No, I feel
absolutely ready to die.

You're going to be great.

But what if
I get up there and then

I start to think of Dad and I...

No, you're going to be fine.
You're not.

But I just keep thinking, that...

Hey, okay, so if it does
happen while you're singing,

just think about Dad
and how proud he'd be

of you for being up
there trying something new.


And don't forget to breathe.

-Okay? You look beautiful.

You're going to do great.

[background talk]

-Oh, hi.

Hi, I thought you couldn't come?

Dad and I worked out a deal

and I'm going to be
really good about following it,

so he let me.

That's great.

And this wasn't
part of the deal,

but I just wanted to catch you

before you started warming up

and say, again, I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Did they move the time of the
song? Because it's getting...

Oh, I was working so
hard on relaxing that,

I got to go!

Ms. Baxter has...

[Both] No
tolerance for tardiness!


Henry's over there, come on.

-Wish me luck, Mom!
-Break both legs!

[background chatter]


I have a confession to make.

Oh, do you now?

I have been to the Brown
Sugar booth twice already.

Are you trying to get
on Santa's naughty list?

-I figure I'll
be okay if I share?

Nate Prentiss,
are you trying to bribe me?

A little bit.

I am begging for forgiveness

and I'm using
brownies as a bribe.


That just might work.

Well, there's a lot of brownies.

Ah, yeah, I think
that's going to work.

I have a lot to apologize for.

-Oh, you don't really.
-I do, I do.

I didn't know what I was doing.
I didn't know how to help
Melissa with her mom. I just...

I was so busy
trying to convince her
everything was going to be okay

that I lost track
of how hurt she was.

Not that I'm making excuses.

What, that you're just
an imperfect parent, you know.

There's a few of us around town.

-[chuckling] Oh yeah?

You seem to be
doing pretty good.

Oh, I hope so.

But that didn't mean I needed
to come down on you so hard.

No, you were looking out
for your girl, I respect that.

That was good.

If it was me, I might
have punched me in the face.

I have a better idea.

Hold this.

[romantic music]

-That was a great idea!

We have a saying at our house,

that Christmas is
a time of new beginnings.

So how about for this
Christmas, we try this again?

You got a deal.

[Christmas music]

Merry Christmas, Brookfield!

It's my honor as part of the
Christmas Festival committee,

to welcome you
to tonight's celebration.

[crowd cheering]

I hope you're all enjoying

the fabulous food,
crafts, company,

all the things that make
the Christmas Festival special.

And I know that some of you,

especially our
youngest citizens,

are anxious for Santa to arrive.

First, let's thank
Nate and Pete Prentiss

of Prentiss' Woodworking
for Santa's marvelous workshop!

-[audience applauding]
-You've really outdone
yourselves, Nate and Pete.

Thank you!

And now, it's
my special delight

as Brookfield High's
choral director,

to introduce to you
the young lady

who will start our evening

which begins
Christmas in Brookfield.

This year's soloist
is Charlotte Flynn!

-[audience applauding]
-Charlotte Flynn and her
accompanist, Henry Jackson!

[audience applauding
and cheering]

[playing intro]

♪ Joy to the world
The lord is come ♪

♪ Let earth receive her king

♪ Let every heart
Prepare him room ♪

♪ And heaven and angels sing

♪ And heaven and angels sing

♪ And heaven, and heaven
And angels sing ♪

["Joy to the world"

♪ Joy to the world
The savior reigns ♪

♪ Let men their songs employ

♪ While fields and floods
Rocks, hills and plains ♪

♪ Repeat the sounding joy

♪ Repeat the sounding joy

♪ Repeat, repeat
The sounding joy ♪

♪ He rules the world
With truth and grace ♪

♪ And makes the nations prove

♪ The glories of
His righteousness ♪

♪ And wonders of His love

♪ And wonders of His love

♪ And wonders
Wonders of His love ♪

♪ Joy to the world,
The lord is come ♪

♪ Let earth receive her king

♪ Let every heart

♪ Prepare him room

♪ And heaven and angels sing

♪ And heaven and angels sing

♪ And heaven and heaven
And angels sing ♪

[audience applauding
and cheering]

-That was incredible!

Are you ready for
Christmas now, Brookfield?

[audience applauding
and cheering]

[man] All right!

-That was really great.

I'm sorry.

I forgive you.

You were amazing.

Just a second.

[Christmas music]

-That was amazing!
-I'm so glad you liked it.

I've always loved that song.

I wasn't just
talking about the song.

What you did, Charlotte,
that was so lovely.

Well, I just want everyone
to have a wonderful Christmas.

Thank you.

So, to fresh beginnings and

Merry Christmas!

-Merry Christmas.
-Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas!

-Merry Christmas.

[Christmas music]

♪ We sip on cocoa
When it's snowing outside ♪

♪ You keep me warm You make my heart feel on fire ♪

♪ This year, my wishlist
I don't need a surprise ♪

♪ Don't want no presents
I got something in mind ♪

♪ Swear I'm losing my mind
When I start thinking of it ♪

♪ Taking too many nights Some thoughts start sinking in ♪

♪ I know, yeah I know
We'll be doing just fine ♪

♪ I'll cross my Christmas
List off one at a time ♪

♪ I pray this Christmas
That my wish will come true ♪

♪ My Christmas letter
Has one wish, it's you ♪