A Christmas Recipe for Romance (2019) - full transcript

The owner of a historic inn decides to enter a prestigious cooking contest to win funds for renovations and get free publicity, but she is a horrible cook. She recruits a renowned chef to ...

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I see you're in
your happy place.

I hope you don't mind
I let myself in again.

I know you don't open
for another hour.

You know you're
welcome anytime.

You always work so hard,

especially around
the holidays.

Half the time I don't know
if I'm coming or going

but this place, it
makes me so relaxed.

Even if it is just
for a few minutes.

That's how I feel
about the greenhouse.

I just shut out the world.

Speaking of which...


I picked them from the
greenhouse this morning.

Thank you.

Are you sure there nothing
else I can help you with?

Hey do you want to cook?

The Inn is without a chef
for the next few days.

Oh, I thought
you got somebody

to replace Matilda
while she's away?

So I did, but he just
canceled on me last minute.

I wish I could help,

but I'm prepping for the
Festival next week.

And my sisters
are coming over.

We're making
Christmas chocolates.

You better get me the mint
ones again this year.

No, I think I'll
be able to manage

the guests without Matilda.

But maybe I'll start by serving
some fresh raspberry scones.

You're not baking
the scones, are you?

How hard can it be?

I'll add a little
extra sugar

for some extra
Christmas sparkle.

These are so good.

We look forward
to hosting you.

Thank you.
We'll see you Friday.

Word just in.

The National Cooking Network
crew is staying with us

for the By the Bay
Christmas Food Festival!

The Brook's Point Inn is
going to be fully booked!

Well, Merry Christmas to us.

Fully booked! I haven't
said those words in years.

You have a date?

Very funny, Brad.

Aren't you supposed to be
fixing a toilet somewhere?

Happy to report that the
toilet in room seven

is no longer running.

However we do need to
replace the ceiling fan.

Okay. Let's go room to room
and make a list of repairs.

I want everything in full
working order for the Festival.

Way ahead of you.

There's been a repair
list for a while.

Well look at you.

Okay, why is this so long?

Chipped paint on
the stairwell.

That's charming.
That's fine.

Ah, there's a fine line between
'charming' and 'run down'.

Well the building's
a hundred years old.

It's allowed to show
its age a little bit.

Well, the Brook's Point Inn
is not about swank.

We are about
history, community

and that little
personal touch.

The NCN crew will
love their stay here.

Everybody always does.
[dripping sounds]

[dripping sounds]But that,
however, needs fixing.

I'm on it. I'm on it.

Thank you. I'll talk to Gran
about hiring some extra hands.

But in the meantime I think
we're all going to need

to step up and do a
few extra chores. Okay?

Thanks guys.

Abby, wait.
Ah, where are you going?

I'm going to make some scones
for our continental breakfast.

I got these fresh
raspberries from Cheryl's.

I'm going to put some white
chocolate on top a little sugar.

Ah, they're going to be
so yummy and Christmasy.

Why don't I call the Diner.

I can get some vouchers
for the guests.

No. That's not necessary.

Plus it's not in the budget.

It's my job to make sure
everything runs smoothly here.

So we don't have a chef,
our guests are hungry,

I'm going to fix it.

I'll call the
fire department,

give them a
fair warning.

Thanks Brad.

There's no one here.
The streets are empty.

Yeah, that's exactly
why you're there.

It's not New York.

Brooks Point Harbour is the
perfect place to lay low.

Your reservation's
under Gosling.

Jason, just relax.
Get some sleep.

Try to enjoy it
while you can.

We're going to have you
back at Corwin Brothers

before you know it.

How many times have
I got to say it?

I'm done with it.

Or it's done with me.

Either way, my
career is over.

This is all going
to blow over.

People are going to forget
about some stupid mistake

the minute the next
celebrity scandal breaks.

That mistake was
on national TV.

Live. In prime time.

They're not just
going to forget.

Yeah, and you
shouldn't have been in

that competition in
the first place.

Especially after what
happened to your brother.

I'm going to
smooth things over

with the Board at
Corwin Brothers.

We are going to
salvage the book deal,

and it's not like they
canceled your contract at TNCN.

Suspended, sure, but
there's always hope.

Don't waste your time.

I don't want to go
anywhere near a kitchen.

[suitcase bumping
up the stairs]

Hi. I'm Laura.

Welcome to the
Brook's Point Inn.

How can I help you?

You don't have an elevator?

All right then, Mr...


No relation.

Let's get you checked in.

So are you in town
for the Festival?

[smoke alarm beeping]
What festival?

Is there always smoke
billowing out of your kitchen?

That's just
"Five Alarm Dennings"

doing what she does best.

Okay, what she does best

is going to send us
all up in flames.

[smoke alarm beeping]

[phone rings]
[smoke alarm beeping]

Thank you for calling Brook's
Point Inn. [smoke alarm beeping]

This is Laura speaking.

[smoke alarm beeping]
[Abby struggling]

[smoke alarm beeping]

Stupid hunk of junk!

Okay that hunk of junk is
actually doing its job.

[smoke alarm beeping]

[beeping stops,
smashes to floor]

Are you trying to
burn the place down?

[Abby] Ah, no actually.
I'm not.

Everything's under control.

I'm just doing a little
bit of baking here.

Whoops! There we go.

And, uh...

Some scones.
All under control.

I see why they call you
Five Alarm Dennings.

Hi. I'm so sorry.

I don't normally greet
guests this way.

I'm Abby.
I run Brook's Point Inn.

I didn't realize
smoke inhalation

was part of the
complimentary service.

Next show starts at five.

Umm. And you are?


[loud coughing]

[Alice laughing]

I knew if I
followed the smoke,

I'd find my

Gran? Are you all right?
Is everything okay?

I was going to ask
you the same thing.


Oh, hello dear.
I'm Alice.

I see you've already
met my granddaughter.

I'm hoping that our home
will suffice for your

temporary home
away from home.

Well, I won't
be staying long.

Oh, I hope you reconsider.

The smoke will clear,
dear. It always does.

If you'd like to follow me,
I can get you settled in.

Into one of our
non-smoking rooms.

How are you?


Are you good?


So. What's up?

Weren't you supposed to out with
the Cocoon Club this morning?

I didn't feel up to it.

No? Is everything okay?

I'm fine.

Eloise's sister
had Parkinson's.

I'm sure she'd be a wonderful
support, if you let her.

I'm not ready
to tell her yet.

I don't want her treating
me any differently.

You have to stop
worrying about me.

Now, I've got
presents to wrap.

And you've got a very
handsome gentleman

paying attention to you.


He barged in here and
barked orders at me.

Well, it was evident that
you needed a little help.

And he above all should know
his way around a kitchen.

And why on earth is that?

That was Jason Corwin.
Of the Corwin Brothers.

A handsome pair they were.

You know, they had that
fancy restaurant in New York.

Well that explains
the bloated ego.

More like a broken heart.

It was a tragedy
about his brother.

Oh, was he the
chef whose brother

died in that plane crash?

Well, Gran, I don't know
if it's such a good idea

that I take over
for Matilda as chef.

I think that you can do
anything you set your mind to.

But, perhaps this
is not your battle.

But, perhaps this
is not your battle.

[laughing] Your Mother
was a terrible cook.

I mean really awful!

And don't even get me
started about your Dad.

I know they would
be so proud of you.

You work so hard to make
everyone around you happy.

But you deserve
to be happy too.

What? I am happy, Gran.

I've got everything I need right
in front of me, right here.

Right back at you.

What are your thoughts on
hiring an extra set of hands

just one person
to help Brad out?

Because I know he's run off
his feet. He's so busy.

He doesn't have enough
time to fix everything.

Gran, is everything okay?

Oh yes. Well...

Gran, what is it?
Do you need an ambulance?

No, it's not that.

The Inn's out of money.

I've used my personal
savings to balance the books

for over a year.

And I've neglected paying the
property taxes for a few years.

I wanted to tell you
but I really thought

I had everything
under control.

It's okay. It's okay.

I'm sure it's not that bad.

Oh, it's worse.

This is my home.

And I can't even imagine
living anywhere else.

Oh Abby.
I am so sorry.

I've let us all down.

Gran, it's okay. I know.
I know this is your home.

I... Let me take a
look at the books.

I'm sure I can shuffle
some numbers around.

Forty-three thousand dollars is
an awful lot of shuffling.

Leave it with me.

I'll think of something.
I promise.

Okay? It's okay.

[voice message] You have one
saved voice message. [beep]

Hey! Just about to board.

I wanted you to know the
meeting went great.

They loved our ideas.

Man, there's the craziest
sunset at the airport.

Makes me excited
for tomorrow.

I'll call you when we land.

Oh, great.

Nice to see you too.

Sorry, I was just hoping
to do some thinking

on my love
seat for a bit.

Your love seat?

I didn't see
your name on it.

No not my name
but my parents.

They used to hang out
here quite a bit.

This was kind of their spot.

Anyway, I don't
want to interrupt

your cell phone time. So.

Plenty of room for two.

I'm sorry about
your parents.

Oh, it happened
a long time ago.

I wear their wedding rings
so I feel closer to them.

It's funny the things
you hold on to.

I always feel so calm here.

I bet your lungs do.
Five Alarm.

[chuckles] I guess I'll
never live that one down.

Listen, about earlier,

I'm sorry for the way
things were handled.

I know you were
just trying to help.

I shouldn't have
been so rude.

I've... Just on edge.
It was a long trip.


So where did
you travel from?

New York.

And what brings you here?

Free will.
Just somebody else's.

Well lucky you.

You're about to fall in love
and you don't even know it.

Brooks Point Harbour is
a really special place.

We're a really tight
knit community

and everybody looks
out for everyone here.

I don't really get the
appeal of small towns.

I love big cities.
They're alive and busy.


Well, silence can
be just as loud.

I suppose.

Oh by the way. I actually
wanted to mention to you,

next week there is a...

I'm really not interested
in tourist attractions.


Before you leave, though,
you have to do yourself

a favor and try
our diner's BLT.

It's so so good.
It's to die for.

'Diner' and 'dying'.

I can see how
they go together.

Oh, come on.
You live in New York.

You're telling me you
don't like diners?

New York has some of the finest
restaurants in the world.

Why would I eat at a diner?

Because they're
not just a fad.

Diners have withstood the
test of time for a reason.

They're steadfast
and sturdy.

Predictable, uninventive.


Does it make you feel
good being such a snob?

Snob? I just have a
difference of opinion.

I've never eaten at
a diner, never will.

You have never...?

You have to go to a diner.

You have to go to ours and
try the BLT. It's the best.

No, I don't.

And how do you know
it's the best BLT?

I mean, how many diner
BLT's have you tried?

Okay, easy Mr. Corwin.


Gosling didn't last long.

I guess my days of being
undercover are over.

You should tilt your nose
down once in a while.

Otherwise, you'll miss
what's going on around you.

Or where you're at.

Okay, that's not fair.

Whatever you've read about
me, you have no clue.

I'm not assuming anything.

You've made quite an impression
here on your own already.

I'm sorry, I really didn't
mean to offend you.

Well, you did.

Brooks Point Harbour means a lot
to the people of this town.

You don't get to come here
and hide out from whatever

terrible things you've done
and then judge anything

you're not willing to
experience yourself.

Anyway, I have
somewhere I have to be.

Take away will be ready
in about five. Coffee?

Ah, no thanks.

I'm running on natural
jitters today.

The camera adds ten pounds.
Even to a mayor.

Too bad they didn't come off
after the picture. [laughs]

I heard you've run into a
bit of trouble at the Inn.

Matilda's replacement
bailing on you?

That can't be
good for business.

It's all under control,
Mayor Joan. Thanks.

This town's lucky
I was able to snag

such a prestigious
national festival.

Yeah, it's wonderful that all
the proceeds are going to fund

the local after-school
programs and the library.

A portion of the
proceeds, yes.

This festival is
really going to put

Brooks Point Harbour
on the map.

Tourism is going
to skyrocket.

Uh, you're telling me.

We're hosting the entire
TNCN crew at the Inn.

Well, you be sure and tell
them, if they want an

interview with the Mayor,
they can have one.


Order's up, Abby.

Hey Joan.
Have you seen this?

Christmas Chef Showdown.

Grand prize of fifty
thousand dollars.

Nothing to sniff at, huh?

They want a mystery competitor,
a local amateur cook,

to compete against
their big name chefs.

As in no talent required?

It is a televised event.

Ah, earth to Abby?

I could do this.

[scoffs and laughs]

Five Alarm Dennings...
in a cooking contest? [laughs]

What, Scorched
Sardines again?

That fish was flambéed.

I don't think so.

But if you did participate,
having one of our oldest

businesses would be
great in my advertising.

Yes, it would be amazing
advertising for the Inn.

Plus fifty thousand dollars!

You have to win to get that.

Thank you.

You know what?

I'll take two strawberry
milkshakes to go, please.


Do you have to keep
playing with that thing?

I don't have to, but
if I don't fix it,

this whole place
will burn down.

I'll try to be faster.

Thank you.

Strawberry milkshakes!

Uh oh. What's going on?

Oh, you know. It's Christmas

and you two have been doing
amazing work lately.


And I'm hoping
you're willing to do

a little extra hard
work this coming week.

So we're not
hiring more help?

What does extra mean?

Just a couple
of hours a day.

I'm planning on entering

the cooking competition
in the Festival.

[Laura laughs]
What? More Charred Cheesecake?

No more burnt scones?

Very funny.
So take a look at this.

They're looking for
a local contestant.

If I'm selected, there will
be two other competitors,

which means I have really good
odds at winning this thing.

You know the other
two competitors

are actual chefs right?

I know that but they specify
that they want local talent.

Which means they probably
just want some charm and fun,

which I will bring.

How exactly are you going
to learn to cook in a week?

Online tutorials,
Matilda's cookbooks.

I have a kitchen
at my disposal.

Okay, I know I'm not the
best chef in the world.

I get a little distracted.

But if I have
something to focus on,

I'll be able to
move mountains.

Okay, you know I'm all
about self-improvement

and you becoming less
of a fire hazard,

but why on earth do
you want to do this?

We need this fifty
thousand dollars.

The Inn's in a little
bit of trouble.

I was speaking
with my Grandma

who's been trying to
balance the books.

But it's bad.

It's really bad, but if
I win this prize money

this will at least bring
us out of the red.

The Inn could
actually close?

Not if I win this

I guess I could help Laura
out with the guest services.

Seems easy enough.

[scoffs] I could help
Brad with repairs.

Have you ever held a
hammer in your life?

A hammer?
What's a hammer?

What's a girl to do?

I know, I know.

This is a really big ask but
I can't do this without you.


First up. Name.

Abby Dennings.


That's a lot of fine print.

"Are you a
professional chef?"

I'm going to go ahead and
click the "no" box on that one.

"Are any of your employees
or family members employed

by The National
Cooking Network?"

No. No. None of
this applies to me.

I'm as amateur as they get.

What's next?

"Application not processed
until full payment

of entrance fee received."

Five hundred dollars?

What? Who has five hundred
dollars lying around?

We could have a bake sale.

Sell five hundred
burnt scones.

No. No. The application deadline
is tonight at midnight.

I don't have time to
burn that many scones.

Abby! No!

Well, you'd better
get to cooking.

[knocking on door]

I need you to teach
me how to cook.

I'm not a chef anymore.

Are, were, whatever.
You still know how to cook.

And apparently,
I'm also a snob.

I know I'm being a
little pushy right now.

And I'm sorry for the way
I spoke to you earlier.

Are you actually?

A little bit.

Look, I'm not asking
you to be my friend.

I know I really
irritate you.

But what I am asking
for is a teacher.

I'm really hoping to enter a
cooking competition in the

By the Bay Christmas Food
Festival next week and...

Food Festival?


Oh, come on. You're already
bored out of your mind.

You've been here
for less than a day.

You've got to find
something to do.

It's not going to be you
cooking, it's going to be me.

And it's not like I need to
cook for the president.

I just need to learn how
to not set things on fire.

And not poison anybody.

Sorry. It's a steep
learning curve.


Yeah, it's your
favorite client here.

Just wondering why his
overpaid lawyer dropped him off

in the one place that's hosting
a Christmas Food Festival!

Call me back.

So that's it?

Look, it's within your best
interest not to be

associated with
me right now.

Is it true?

Did you cheat on that
cooking competition?

It's not a tough question.

No one's actually ever
asked me that before.

My brother's memory
was on the line.

And I barely even remember
making the decision.

Do you regret it?

Every day.

So you made a mistake.

People make mistakes
all the time.

People are allowed
to make mistakes.

Celebrities are not.

Scandals like
mine kill careers.

I've completely
undone everything

that David worked so hard for.

Wasn't it the
'Corwin Brothers'?

David was the
charismatic one.

I mean, he was
the peacemaker.

Everybody loved him.

He was the teacher, not me.

I'm so sorry you lost him.

And I know me saying that
doesn't make things any easier.

Thank you.

You know. I've never
watched you on TV

or been to your restaurant.

But I've lost loved ones.

You just want to
shut down and hide.

But that doesn't make
things any easier.

You can't bring your
brother back but you can do

everything in your power
to continue his legacy.

I've been ousted
by my own company.

I'm completely toxic
within the industry.

Nobody wants me.

I want you.

And I'm sure you want another
chance to redeem yourself.

So you want to hire me?

Not exactly hire.

Um. I'm not totally flush
for cash at the moment,

but what I can offer you
is undying gratitude

and a little chance
at some redemption.

If I agree to this,
you got to know

it's going to
be long hours.

Yes! Yes.
I'll do anything.

It'll be demanding
and stressful.

And you'll probably going
to hate me even more

by the end of this.

You mean I'll get an even
closer look at the arrogant,

egotistical Jason Corwin?

He's also a class-A jerk
with anti-social tendencies.

But as you already
know this going in...

Yes! Yes!

Thank you.

This is going to be a
lot of hard work. Okay?

With no cutting corners.

We need to follow
the rules absolutely.

Is that understood?

Yes, Chef.

And we also need to
find another kitchen.

Away from the Inn.
You are far too distracted.

If I'm going
to teach you,

I need your
undivided attention.

I know just the places.

Behind the cafe,
across the street.

Okay, we start first
thing in the morning.

Seven a.m. sharp.

Do not be late.

I will not be late.

You're late.

No, I'm two minutes early.

You're not even
dressed for work.

Go and change into
something less flirty.

I'm wearing a blouse!

I have to look half
decent to run the Inn.

It's not suitable
for a kitchen.

Go and change into
something else.

And tie your hair up!

Or you'll really going to be
late by the time you get back.

Rude, egotistical...

Hey Chef.

So, do I pass the
inspection now?


Okay, first things first.

What do you have to prep
for the competition?

There are three
different challenges.

There are three
different challenges.

The appetizer, the main
course with a side dish,

and a dessert.

Okay. Are they surprising you
with any secret ingredients?

No. But the food will revolve
around a central theme.

But they're not telling us
that until we're on stage.

Got it. Okay. Let's start
with how to prep a plate.

Mixing different ingredients,
flavors, colors...



Number one is going
to be knife skills.


is a Chef's knife.

Ohh! I like this one.

Put that down!

Safety. Always safety

Got it.

Hold the knife handle in
the palm of your hand.

Ease it up a little bit.

And you want to keep your thumb
pressed against the blade.

You want to keep the knife
on the chopping board.

Smooth motions.



Chef, do you ever think I'll be
able to chop air like you do?


Slow and easy.

No rushing.

With the curved side down,
this hand,

you're going to want
back here on the celery

away from the blade.

And then just slow
easy movements.

Smaller. More uniform pieces.

Right right.
So it looks nice.

No. So it cooks evenly.

Chef. Does celery bleed?

No. Celery does not bleed.

Number two. No short cuts.

All these distractions, they
can get you really hurt.

But cuts do happen.

So, number three.
Get used to blood.

I'm going to get
a first aid kit.

[breathing heavily]

Hey Chef. I think we may
have another problem.

What now?

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!


It doesn't look deep.

No, it's not that deep.

You won't need stitches.

The antibiotic ointment should
help it heal pretty quickly.

Just keep it clean and dry.

Take care of that finger.

You're going to need
it in the future.

You're the best.
Thank you, Cheryl.

If you're not going
to listen to me,

there is no point
in me teaching you.

I am going to listen.
I promise.

Whoa! No.
Lesson is done for today.

We were just
getting started.

Your head is
not in the game.

And I need to
reevaluate my plan.

Study this tonight.

The pictures will help
you with your technique.

Do you have one with
Dummies in the title?

Dummies? Really?

I wouldn't have agreed to
help you if I thought that.

Aw. Now you got me feeling
all warm and fuzzy inside.

Or maybe I'm still
feeling light-headed.

There is a test
in the morning.

Okay. Well.
Fingers crossed...

Finger crossed that I don't
amputate something tomorrow.

That's not funny.

[imitates Jason]
Rule number four.

No laughing in the kitchen.

Preparing food for
people is not a joke.

It's an honor.

Why did you become
a chef anyway?

Be more occupied
with yourself, Abby.

It takes years of
work to be any good

under the best of

If you want a chance at
winning this competition,

you need to find
your purpose.

Where's your focus at?

Why do you need to win?

[indistinct TV sounds as he
flips through channels]

[TV sounds stop]

[jazzy Christmas music
playing in background]

[Eloise] And that my
friends is Euchre.


[Oscar] That win
needs an asterisk.

Ladies, enough with the
table talk, please.

[Eloise] Alice is
my oldest friend.

We don't table talk, we
read each other's minds.

That's still cheating.


I was just going to get
some fresh air when I heard

the snap of cards
at the table.

You have good hearing.

I hear professionals.

People who'll do
anything to win.

Yes. Fueled by
tea and cookies.

You had me at tea.

Really? You're a tea connoisseur
like the rest of us?

I peg you as an Earl
Grey kind of guy.

Caffeine anything.

I respect that.

You were right.

I need to focus on
what's important.


This right here is why I
need to win the competition.

The Inn isn't just my home.

It's a cornerstone
in our community.

And winning that prize money
is going to keep it that way.

Remember that for
tomorrow's lesson.

Jason. Join us for a round.

You should take my place.
I have to make more tea.

Can she make tea, Alice?
Is that safe?

Ha ha ha.

Jason would love to play.

Have you played much Euchre?

Not much.

[banging noise]

Hmmm. That's not straight.

Sure it is.

Hey! You two are still here?

I figured I'd help Brad
out with a few projects

before heading home.

She's actually pretty
decent with a hammer.

How was card night?

It was really fun. Oscar lost.
As per usual.

And Jason Corwin graced
us with his presence.

That actually
doesn't surprise me.

I was watching a video.

He wasn't always
a curmudgeon.

[indistinct chatter from video]

I feel weird watching this.

He doesn't even seem
like the same guy.

So sad.

Well, okay, well.

You guys can head home.

You've done more than enough
work today. Thank you.

You got it, boss.

You want a lift?

Yeah. It beats the bus.

[kettle whistling]


Knuckles tucked from in...

My grand kids are not
going to believe

I played cards
with Jason Corwin.

[Oscar] You lost at
cards to Jason Corwin.


Would you be a dear
and sign your cookbook

for my granddaughter?

Alice mentioned you
were staying here.

Perhaps now is
not the best time.

Thank you, dear.

Well, it's been an absolute
pleasure to meet you all.

Thank you very
much for the game.

It's okay to let
yourself grieve.

It's better to
feel the emotion

than to try to
sweep it away.

Once you've felt the loss,
you can begin to heal.

Once you've felt the loss,
you can begin to heal.

Thank you, Alice.

I just wish I knew how.

Lean on your friends.

You have more support
than you know.

So. Is he better than me?

Good. Very good.

Hey, it was really nice
that you played cards

with the Cocoon
Club last night.


I don't want people knowing
I might be a nice guy.

Let's just say I'm a card shark
who was looking for a win.

Sure thing, Mr Card Shark.

Smaller slices.
Remember, uniform slices.

Right. Right.

So why did you sneak
away so early last night?

Okay, the kitchen needs
discipline and restraint,

not gossip.

It's not gossip. I saw you
having fun last night.

It was nice to see you let
your hair down a little bit.

Just focus on the work.

I'm trying to focus.
Would you lighten up?

I feel like I'm walking
on eggshells here.

Sorry, but this isn't the
place to get personal.

I'm just saying we don't
have to spend the day

chopping in
brooding silence.

You know, you can have some
conversation with somebody

who's trying to
be your friend.

You said you wanted a
teacher, not a friend.


You played cards with
my Grandma last night.

I'm sorry, we're
friends now.


You're helping me, maybe I
can help you a little bit.

Abby, enough!

[eggs splat]

[Abby laughs]

Okay, now we are literally
both walking on eggshells.

Okay, come on.
That's so funny

You're being all serious,
and then you drop a carton.

Jason, why are you
so hard on yourself?

Let's just clean
up and move on.

[egg splats]

What are you doing?

You are wound way too tight.

You need to let
loose a little bit.

Stop it!

Not until you drop
one. On purpose.

That is not going to happen.

You can't just shut
down all the time.

It's okay to laugh a little
bit when life gets messy.

I'm not going to laugh.
I'm ticked off.

Well that's a lot of anger
over some broken eggs.

You are the most...

It's okay to be
angry for a while.

Grief is a process,
but you can't just...

Save it.
I know all about grief.

Why do you think I'm here
when everything that ever

meant anything to
me is in New York?

Because you haven't decided to
fight for what you have left.

How can I fight for it when
signing a cookbook,

just seeing a photo
of my brother

sends me into
a tailspin?

That makes sense. It brings
back memories for you Jason.

Yesterday you asked
me why I became a chef.

It was David's dream.

We did everything together.
Same schools, same job.

I didn't want to do anything
else because I knew whatever

we did together,
we'd be greater.

I didn't just lose David,
I lost half of myself.

Well, if that's true then you
still half of yourself left.

We can't chose what
happens in our lives

but we can chose what
happens moving forward.

Maybe it's time that
you find a new path.

I don't know who
I am without him.

You're Jason Corwin.

And that's enough.

You don't need to figure
out everything today.

But you can start
by being yourself.

An imperfect human being
like the rest of us.

So stew on that.

[egg splats]

Okay. How did that feel?

Better than anger.


Does anyone ever
say 'no' to you?

A few people have tried. They
really don't get too far.

All right. What's next?

I suppose...

Scrambled eggs.


Sounds egg-cellent.

That's a terrible pun.

But I appreciate
the egg-ffort.

[Abby laughs]


What are you doing in
Brooks Point Harbour?


Hey! You're the last person
I thought I'd see here.

A little higher on the left.



I work for TNCN now.

They're the
festival sponsor.

Roger sent me down to do set
up and to ensure the town

was 'acceptable'
for his stay.

You know how
demanding he is.

Oh that's generous.

I call it 'difficult'
or 'belligerent'

or 'ego without the
talent to back it up'.

Well, off the record.

He's even worse
after his promotion.

He got another promotion?

Well, after the competition
ratings went through the roof,

TNCN hired him as their full
time inhouse Executive Producer.

Ego or not, I don't
know how he does it.

He's so busy with the
Corwin Brothers too.

Yeah. Poor Roger.

Right. Well. I got a lot of
Roger's details to take care of.

It was nice seeing you.

[phone rings]

How's my favorite client?

Did you set me up?

Putting me in the
same town as Roger?

Jason, look, I knew
about the Festival,

but I didn't know that
he was running it.

Although, this could be a
good opportunity for you.

Do you hear what
you just said?

He's no longer my rival.

He's just moved
straight on into enemy.

I'm getting the first
flight out of here.

I'm not even sure what I
would do if I bumped into him.

Jason you're going
to run into him

at some point
in your career.

You might as well
deal with it now.

Listen. The Board
of Directors called.

They are warming to the idea of
you returning to the company.

They're not happy
with Roger's decision

to move into
frozen produce.

Of course they're not.

He doesn't know
the first thing

about how to run a
culinary company.

All he cares about
is the bottom line.

[Alice] I'm not going to sell
to some big chain that has

no understanding of the
concept of personal service.

Besides, I'm not going
to have to sell at all.

Abby is going to win the
money and pay off our debts.

Abby can barely boil water.

She only has a chance
of getting chosen

because she's a pretty local
with a historical cause.

Plus she'll be
against top chefs.

I believe in her!

You need to think about
what's best for the future.

If I get you a
substantial offer,

you could live comfortably
the rest of your life.

[Alice laughs]

You're impossible.

So are you.


Mayor Joan.

I hope to get that water
boiling technique on lock down.

I'm sure you will.

Gran, I'm sorry you had to
listen to that nonsense.

I'm afraid she has a point.

The bank is not going to wait
forever before they foreclose.

No no no no.

Gran, Gran, please
don't sell just yet.

The ads at the Festival are
going to bring in more guests.

Plus my practicing has
been going really well.

Look at these cookies.

They're not burnt.
Not even one of them.

I believe you can win.

But the fact is,
if you don't,

I'll have no other
choice but to sell.

[knocking at door]

Come in.

Abby, I, um...

[Abby sniffling]

Is everything okay?

Oh yeah. Yeah.

I'm just practicing outside
of school hours, Chef.

Cutting onions.

Burning onions,
more like it.

The pan is way too hot.

You might as well just throw
it out and start again.

Right. I forgot.

Medium low heat for
carmelization, right?


Hey, do you want a glass?

I think I have something
other than Chardonnay.

Is that code for me
being a wine snob?

No, it's actually code for

"I'm going to finish
this bottle myself,

so let me get you another."

I may not know the difference
between my kale and my collards,

but I take my wine
very seriously.



Come on in.

I see you have all the
big names out tonight.

It's good that you're
doing the research.

[Abby sighs]

Abby you're not cutting
onions anymore. What's up?

I told you finances
were tight.

They're not.

They're dire.

If I don't win
this competition

my Grandma's going to
have to sell the Inn

to one of those big
chain motels in town.

That's a lot of pressure
to put on yourself.

And that's just
the half of it.

You know, if she has to
sell I'll lose my job.

We won't have this
place anymore.

My Grandma's in the early
stages of Parkinson's.

And this is her last
connection to my parents.

And my Grandpa too.

So, it's just really important
for her mental health

that she stay
in the Inn.

Why do you...

You keep doing that.

Where's your necklace?

I used the rings to
raise the entrance fee

for the competition.

So if I lose, the
rings are gone too.

I'm so sorry.

You don't need to, you don't
need to hear any of this.

I'm just blubbering
all over you.

How about that.

Dinner and a show.

[Abby chuckles]

Listen to you, working
on that sense of humor.

Let's give dinner
another try.

Okay, it will be great for
distraction management.

The key is to breathe.

Quiet the mind.

The competition is going
to be chaotic and noisy.

So you might as
well get used to it.

Should I get some wooden
spoons and pots and pans

for your enjoyment?

I'll be hands off.
I swear.

Okay. Not bad.

I'm sorry.

It definitely could've
used a lot more cheese.

No apologies, no excuses.

Whatever you put in front of
someone is your masterpiece.

Be proud of it.

Don't give them a
reason to criticize it.

If they come up with
their own, then fine.

Okay Chef, honest opinion.

What did you think
of this masterpiece?

The pasta could have
used two more minutes

but other than that,
it was pretty good.

You mean it?

Yeah. I do.

I have a question for you,
about your competition.

How did you get

Was it store-bought
chicken broth?

It's a little more
complex than that.

My popovers didn't rise

two minutes before
the buzzer went off.

And my sous chef offered
his rosemary potatoes.

Marcus later denied that he
offered them to me

and that he played
any part in it.

I was publicly shamed, and
he got his own TV show.

That doesn't seem right.

I shouldn't have been in
the competition anyway.

I was not in a good place
after my brother died,

but Roger persuaded me to do
it to honor David's memory.

Were you and Roger close?

Not ever.

He likes to get
under my skin.

At the funeral, he said
it's a shame, and I quote

'the more talented
brother died'.

Well I never had the
pleasure of knowing David,

but I think Jason
Corwin's pretty great.

Well, I should get going.

Seven a.m. sharp tomorrow.

Crash course on
main courses.

I feel like I've been
doing a lot more crash

than course lately.

A lot less crash every day.

I'm here to make
sure of that.

You need to make sure
you save the Inn.

Keep tomorrow night open.
For a field trip.

I think you and I could use
some fresh air after all

this smoke inhalation
that's been going on.

Good. We can talk
about any surprises

TNCN might throw at you
during the competition.

Actually, I was hoping to maybe
have a few hours where we

just don't talk about
the competition.

Field trip it is.

Great. I'll pick
you up at eight.

[owl hoots]

♪ [lovely music]

[male singer]
♪ Snow's building tall

♪ Let's let it fall

I am going to regret this.

♪ I've got my excuse
to stay with you ♪

♪ The power just went out

It's beautiful.

♪ We're fine without it Another excuse to stay with you

It's my favorite place to
see the town at night.

It's so calm and quiet.

I've never seen anything
like it in the city.

There's so many stars.

It's a hidden gem.

This is magical.

Thank you.

[song continues]
Let's pretend me and you ♪

♪ That Christmas
was made for two ♪

All right. I'll get you
back to the Inn now.

[Jason chuckles]

[song ends]
[car engine starts]

♪ [happy jazzy Christmas
music starts] ♪

[door opens]

[Abby] Hey there.
How are you?

Do I see cookbook admirers?

More like fanatics.

I haven't seen
this book in years.

I learned to cook
omelettes from this book.

We came by the shop today
because we wanted a little

inspiration for
my cooking lesson.

Help yourselves to anything.

You know your way around.

Okay. I was also wondering
if we could...

Take some vegetables off my
hands from the greenhouse?


Let me see what's ready and
I'll bring it right in.

She's the best.

Here, let me show
you this over here.

[female singing jazzy] Christmas
is my favorite time of year ♪

♪ [jazzy]
Jingle bells Jingle bells ♪

♪ Jingle all the way

♪ [jazzy]
Jingle bells Jingle bells ♪

♪ Jingle all the way

[song and music ends]

Wow. This is beautiful.

I would have killed to have
produce like this as a chef.

I tried to do my own
little rooftop garden

after my brother died.
But all I grew was weeds.

That can happen when
you lose your light.

I lost mine when
my Mom died.

So you stopped cooking?

For a while.

Now and then I have
friends over for dinner.

Your heart needs to
be in the garden

to make it

You know, Abby has
a beautiful light.


I just want carrots.


[clomping on stairs,
indistinct chattering]

Looks like the TNCN
crew has arrived.

I'm going to let
Laura check them in

so I can keep

Want to join?

I've actually got
some errands to run.


But I'll catch you later?

Yeah. Sure.

I need you out there.

The rooms are ready to go,

but I'm not sure
they're checking in.


[Abby] Whatever the
guests want, they get.

We have to make sure
everybody's happy.

Matilda's RV broke down and she
won't be back for a few days.

Matilda's RV broke down and she
won't be back for a few days.

Okay, we'll need to order
us some meal vouchers

for everybody until
she gets back.


Meal vouchers.
For that Diner?

Is this some kind of joke?

Merry Christmas!
My name's Abby Dennings.

I'm the Manager here
at Brook's Point Inn.

You are the mystery cook on
our Christmas Chef Showdown.

Did I get selected?

-You haven't heard?

Somebody from my team was
supposed to contact Joan

and then Joan was
supposed to contact you.

And somewhere it must have
fallen through the cracks.

But congratulations,
you have been selected.

Thank you!
Thank you so much!

I'm Roger Evans, VP
of Communications

and Executive Producer at The
National Cooking Network.

Well it's so lovely to
meet you, Mr Evans.

We're so excited
to have you here.

I'm sure you are now.

I only agreed to these
accommodations because I was

told they include breakfast and
dinner here at the Inn.

Now, I'm having a
very important client

to wine and dine
with, tonight.

And if that kitchen
is not running,

I will be more than happy to
find somewhere else to stay.

And I'm taking the
entire crew with me.

You know what? That
won't be necessary.

Our Chef has just
had a slight delay

outside of town
but she'll be...

Abby has hired
an even better Chef.


Problem solved.

Mr Evans, wait.

I've been waiting for
too long, Ms Dennings.

Now are you able to
provide dinner or not?

Yes. Yes.

We'll have dinner ready for you
at seven o'clock tonight.

Well then.

It looks as if I'm
checking in after all.


Is there anyone to
pick up my luggage?

Oh! Absolutely.

Laura, why did you say that?

I panicked. We couldn't
let them leave

All right. Stay here and check
in the rest of our guests.

And I have to go
prep dinner service.

Do you want me
to call Jason?

No. No.
I got this.

Welcome to the
Brook's Point Inn.



It's gotten a lot
quieter up here.

Yeah. Ever since the TNCN
crew got settled in,

things really
settled down.

Where's Abby?

[smashing sound]

I'll give you one guess.

Abby! What's going on?

Sorry, but I tried to...

Abby. No buts.

It's like everything I
taught you over the week

has just disappeared
into thin air.

Jason, that's not true.
I'm just trying to...

Jason! Jason.
Put me down.

I have to cook dinner.

Take a breath.
What's going on?

Matilda isn't back.

But Roger Evans is here, and
he's here with his entire crew.

And he's threatening to
leave if I don't have dinner

ready for them tonight.

Take a breath!

The festival's
a few days away.

And I thought I had this whole
cooking thing in the bag.

But then I got here
and I panicked.

And there's no way I'm
going to win that Festival.

And my Grandma's going to
have to sell this Inn,

and it's...

[deep breaths]

I needed to breathe.

[Jason chuckles]

Why didn't you just call me?

Because you don't work here.

And honestly, I didn't
know if you'd come.

After everything we've
been through this week,

you think I'd
abandon you now?

Abby, you're the only
reason I'm still here.

Jason, I wanted
your help, but I...

You don't think I'm
ready for the kitchen?

I don't think that.

But I don't know
if you think that.

Ever since Cheryl's produce,
my brain has not been able

to stop creating new dishes.

David and I always wanted
to cook farm to table.

I'm finally excited about being
back in the kitchen again.


Do you have any new ideas?


And especially
since I met you.

Take this.

Every chef needs one.

It's amazing.

It's official.


[they both laugh]

Jason, I don't
know what to say.

Well, that is a first.

How long do you cook
Chicken Supreme?

Until it's done?

There she is.

Go get changed.

And grab some
disposable gloves.

I'm going to teach you
the rules of poultry.

It's going to get messy.

Thank you.

[happy fun Christmas music,
song starts]

[female singing] ♪ Grandma's in
the kitchen ♪

♪ Talking about the year

♪ Gonna be strange without daddy
being here ♪

♪ This Christmas ♪

♪ This Christmas ♪

♪ All the years of traveling With my lover through the snow ♪

♪ Winter has changed
and has a brand new glow ♪

Friends have turned to angels ♪

♪ Hope they're looking down

♪ Memories shine through
Lighting up this town ♪

[indistinct talking]

[song and music end]

That was... That was good.
Thank you.

Their plates are empty.

They're practically
licked clean.

Oh! What a rush!

Nothing like it.

Ah! Jason, I can't
thank you enough.

You held your own in there.

You should be
proud of yourself.

Wow. This is a
little weird.

I kind of miss
you yelling at me.

[chuckles] I never
yelled at you.

Okay, but you
wanted to, though.

Wanting to is
very different.

You've done wonders
for my patience.

You were right.

I didn't think I was ready to
step back into dinner service.

But I actually
had a lot of fun.

It wasn't just
David's dream.

I wanted this.

If it wasn't for you,

I never would have found my
way back to the kitchen.

I can fill in for Matilda
until she comes back.

That way we can
carry on doing this

and you can keep
on training.


No. No. I'm so grateful for
everything you've done,

but I can't afford to hire
a Michelin star chef.

[coins jingle]

Now you've paid me.

We're even.

It was worth every penny.

[Roger clears his throat]
Pardon me.

I didn't mean to interrupt.

-Hello, Roger.

You're working here?
What a... surprise.

No, Jason doesn't work here.

Everyone's wondering
where you've been.

And here you are.

Well. Thank you both for
a delightful dinner.

Abby, I'll have
Chanelle drop off

your signed contract
at the front desk.

Although I'm not entirely
certain I'll be proceeding

with the competition.

What? I need this.

Steve Arnesen has pneumonia

which leaves me with
Clara Tasker and you.

Now I need a professional
second chef for my audience.

I need 'Wow'.

You're local color.

And I know you hate every
single project I do.

But you are back in the
kitchen, aren't you.

Jason would love to step in.

Done. Tomorrow.
Two o'clock.

Okay, I know I shouldn't
have jumped in,

but this will give you a
chance to clear your name.

Abby, I don't want to
compete against you.

You need to win
this prize money.

Jason, you are
at your happiest

when you are cooking
in a kitchen.

You belong on that stage.

Do this for you.

Keep going straight.

Okay and turn right.


Keep going.

-We almost there?

Okay, now sit to your left.

-No peeking.
-I'm not.

And... open your eyes.

So, what can I get
for you guys today?

Two BLT's on rye,
please Gayle.



'The' Jason Corwin in a diner?

Well, I hear the BLT's
are 'to die for'.

I also hear Gayle got some of
your famous Christmas Pudding.

Easy. You're not
getting that recipe.

It's a family secret.

[Jason's phone buzzes]

It's Gary.
It's not important.

It's seems important.

It's seems important.

I need to focus.

So we got two BLT's on rye,
and two strawberry shakes.

On the house.

And the famous pudding.

The one dish you
always make perfectly.

Come on, Gayle.

You know you're not getting
that recipe either.

It's a family secret.

Well, I will
not stop trying.

New York.

You miss it.

Less now.

I don't have the same
drive that I used to.

Oh, I don't believe that.

You come alive when
you're in the kitchen.

For right now, I want
to be here with you.

And trying this
world-renowned BLT.


[they both laugh]


Gran, what happened?

I tripped on the
area rug in my room.

And I knocked my head on
the table by the door.

Were you feeling
dizzy again?

No, Abby.
I just tripped.

It's nothing to fuss about.

We don't know that!
We don't know.


Gran, I need you to be okay.

And I am okay.
Abby, really.

Dr Murray insisted I get
rid of that loose area rug.

And he made me promise
to reduce my stress.

But there is one thing I would
like to get off my chest.

I've been diagnosed
with Parkinson's.

My symptoms aren't
severe at the moment,

but I haven't felt comfortable
leaving the Inn for a few weeks.

I didn't tell you because
I didn't want you

treating me any

And Oscar, I'm still going
to beat you at Euchre.


I know you will, Alice.
I know you will.

We'll face whatever's
coming together.

As we always have.

Uh huh. Absolutely.

[Abby] I think he still
really struggles.

But you should see
him in the kitchen.

He's so confident.

He knows exactly
what he's doing.

He's so passionate.

Honestly, it's hard to
focus on the chicken.


You like him.

No. He's just...

He'll have to go back
to his life eventually.

Falafel for my lady!


There you go.

Oh, let me get you a napkin
for the tahini sauce.

You and Brad, though.

I know.

Our resident handyman is
actually quite the gentleman.

[Abby laughs]

Well, as unofficial

I need a bite of
this falafel.

Last week you
wanted me to stay,

now you want me
to come home.

What's changed?

Roger's frozen line
is hurting the brand.

The Board wants you
back on as Chairman.

What if I don't want it?

You said you were
cooking again.

Yeah, and enjoying it for
the first time in forever.

I mean, yesterday I
made a Beef Wellington

and enjoyed every
moment of it.

Why would I want to
go back to everything

that made me
so miserable?

Roger is hocking
discounted frozen foods,

made with the cheapest
ingredients he can find,

from who knows what
sources, under your name.

That can't sit right
with you, Jason.

Of course it doesn't.

Well then you need to
head up your own company.

Email me their proposal.

I bumped into Roger.

Long story short, I'm
in the TNCN Competition.


Arnesen pulled out.
They needed a replacement.

I'm here.
It was last minute.

I mean, it seems legit.

Just be careful.

I know.

Abby Dennings.
Table for one?

Well look who it is.

What are you
doing by yourself?

The two lovebirds are over
there by the pie table.

Laura and Brad? Nice!

How about a date at
the crepe table with a

moody ex-chef?

I'm okay with
scandal-ridden and moody.

But what kind of crepes
are we talking about?

Lady's choice.

Whipped cream.

-That's your choice?
-Uh huh.

Okay. Forget it. Date's off.

What? Why?

You could have fresh
berries, cured ham, jams,

and you choose whipped cream?

You have the palate
of a six year old.

Six year olds
know what's up.

Shall we?

[indistinct chattering]


There are so many
people here right now!

The whole town
is behind you.

A very charming,
Michelin Star chef

is also rooting for you.

Okay. I'm ready
when you are.



Are you sure
you're up for this?

You've had such a
long day already.


Either you want me to get
out more, or you don't.

But don't go changing
your mind on me.

I get confused enough
these days as it is.

I'm sorry.

-We love you!
-I love you!

Thank you.

Go get 'em!

Thank you.

We're going to
go get our seats.

Okay. Okay.
Bye. Bye.

Hi! I'm, I'm Abby Dennings.

I'm the mystery

I'm, just, I'm a
huge fan of yours.

It's nice
to meet you.

So how long have
you been cooking for?

Oh you know...
couple weeks.

Good luck.

I don't know if
I can do this.

Yes you can.

Win or lose, you're going
to do it spectacularly.

There is no shame in that.

Remember, when
you're out there,

it is just you and
the ingredients.

Nothing else matters.


No short cuts.

You're going to be great.

Thank you.
Thank you.

All right everyone.

All right everyone.
Cameras roll in just a moment.

I need enthusiasm.
I need applause.

I need smiles.



[clapping, cheering]

Welcome to A Christmas
Chef Showdown.

I would like to
introduce you to

our Emcee for this competition.
Marcus Aiken. Come here.

[clapping, cheering]

Thank you! Thank you!

Welcome to the TNCN
Christmas Chef Showdown,

where two of the best
chefs in the country

and one mystery cook...

Marcus was my sous chef.

You mean the one who
forgot to have your back?

Yeah, but if it wasn't for
him, I'd still be in New York.

Lonely and miserable.

If anything, I owe him.

You'll be making
an appetizer,

a main dish with a
side and a dessert.

Each dish will receive a
maximum of ten points.

After the third course,

the chef with the highest
point tally will win $50,000!

[clapping, cheering]

Now please give a warm
welcome to our contestants.

Clara Tasker, Head Chef
at Bisou in Chicago.

[clapping, cheering]

Jason Corwin of Corwin
Brothers in Manhattan.

Welcome Jason!

[clapping, cheering]

And now.

It's time to meet
our mystery cook.

Brooks Point
Harbour's very own...

Abby Dennings!

[clapping, cheering]

Ms Dennings manages
the Brook's Point Inn

right here in town.

Chefs, you must be dying to know
this competition's theme?

Whether it's around a big table
or leftovers the next day,

this food is delicious
and irresistible.

hearty, delicious.

Your theme is
'Family Christmas'.

Ho ho ho!

[clapping, cheering]

Contestants, you have
sixty minutes to create

a festive appetizer that
your family would love.

Good luck to each of you.

Your sixty minutes starts...


[bell rings]

I am focused.


I feel ill.

Shortcuts - no.

management - yes.

Come on Abby. Come on Abby.


♪ [jangly happy music]

[female singing] Dear December I see your smile ♪

♪ Your kiss and kindness
were gone awhile ♪

♪ Let us love one another ♪

♪ It's Christmas time ♪

♪ Christmas ♪

♪ Our hearts can be
amazed again ♪

♪ At Christmas ♪

♪ Let the whole world
hold its breath ♪

♪ Christmas
Counting down the days... ♪

And... Time!

[buzzer goes off]

[clapping and cheering]

♪ Our hearts can
be amazed again ♪

♪ At Christmas ♪

♪ Let the whole world
hold its breath ♪

[end of song]

Welcome back.

All of the appetizers
were delicious.

In first place with
nine points...

Corwin's Chestnut Soup
with Fried Parsley.

[clapping and cheering]

In second place with
a score of seven...

Tasker's Butternut
Squash-Spinach Tart.

Which leaves Abby's

Bacon-Covered Water Chestnuts
with Crunchy Cranberry Slaw

in last place
with six points.

Chef Corwin, I had the
pleasure of tasting your soup.

What did you call it?

Cream of Career Comeback?


Are you ready for round two?

For your next Family
Christmas Challenge...

A main dish and side.

Please spend
your time wisely.


♪ [jazzy Christmas music] ♪

And time!

Chef Corwin.

Trolled by the clock.

Just a few more seconds
and his spectacular

pork tenderloin would have
made it to the judges.

But it did not.

The judges award
you four points.

Ms Dennings, your roasted
brussel sprouts

was refreshing.
Eight points.

Chef Tasker, your
perfectly seasoned turkey

gave you the edge.

You win this round
with nine points.

[clapping and cheering]

Chef Corwin. I'm sorry.

Your Family Christmas is done.

Thank you for having me in
your kitchen, Chef Aiken.

An executive chef versus
an aspiring cook.

Who will win?
It's anyone's guess.

[clapping and cheering]

And... Cut!

Let's take a break.
Thank you very much.

[Eloise] Eat some of the
gingerbread cookies.

They're snowmen!

Wave to my grand kids.


I'm filming all
this so they see...


Great work out there.


Jason was instrumental
in helping me prepare

for the competition.

I bet. He's a master
of flavor and texture.

I miss working with him.

You should speak with him.

I know.


Would you excuse us?

Nice chatting with you.

You're doing wonderfully
in this competition.

Actually, far beyond
my expectations.

Thank you?

There's one little detail

that's kind of
bothering me though.

When you signed the
contract, you stated that

you never hired
anyone from TNCN.

And yet, that's not
entirely true, right?

Yes it is.

You paid Jason to
cook for your guests.

I saw it with my own eyes.

Are you talking about
that pocket change thing?

Because that was
a total joke.

And besides, Jason doesn't
work for TNCN anymore.

You canceled his show.

On air or not, he's
still under contract.

Which, for you my dear,

constitutes a
violation of contract.


I have to compete
in this competition.

Oh, no no.

I'm not kicking you
out of the competition.

However, I need
Clara to win.

You see, we need
new on-air talent.

And she's a star.

But if she doesn't win,

I cannot give her
a show now, can I?

So let me get this straight.

You want me to lose
on purpose? Or what?

You'll expose me on national
TV due to some clerical error?

Do you really
think that Jason

can withstand
another scandal?

Because that is exactly
what's going to happen

if his involvement
came to light.

Jason had nothing
to do with this.

I was the one who
signed that contract.

It doesn't matter.

I will make the
public believe

what I want them
to believe.

that Jason never sets food in
a professional kitchen again.

And you'd stay CEO
of Corwin Brothers.

This is disgusting.

This is business Abby.

I am looking forward to seeing
your dessert, Ms Dennings.

Welcome back.

It's time for our
final challenge.

The sweetest part of
any meal. Dessert!

Contestants, sixty minutes...

Starting now.
[bell dings]

♪ [fun snappy Christmas music] ♪

[male singing]
♪ Yuletide's coming

♪ So you made amends ♪

♪ You think that this year ♪

♪ You'll get your
Christmas wish ♪

♪ Looking through the window ♪

♪ At the falling snow ♪

♪ I just wrote on
a Christmas card ♪

♪ Hoping that he shows ♪

♪ It makes my heart
skip a beat ♪

♪ Getting closer day by day ♪

♪ Because Santa's
going to visit you ♪

♪ With reindeer and his sleigh ♪

♪ Can you hear the ringing? ♪

♪ In the distance
choirs are singing ♪

♪ Santa's coming with
your presents ♪

[buzzer sounds]

♪ And the Christmas
joy he's bringing ♪

♪ Yeah yeah yeah ♪

♪ Yeah yeah yeah ♪

♪ Coming home for Christmas ♪

[end of song]
[clapping and cheering]


It smells like
Christmas on this stage.

And the winner of The
Christmas Chef Showdown,

brought to you by The
National Cooking Network.

With a perfect
score for dessert...

Abby Dennings!

[cheering and clapping]

I won.

I won! I won!

Thank you!
Thank you so much.

I won!

Wow. Our home cook
beats two top chefs.


Tell us about your
winning dessert.

I can't believe this. Um...

Thank you.
Thank you so much. Um...

To be honest, I lucked out
with the Christmas theme

and I made my Grandma's
Christmas Mini Puddings.

My family has enjoyed this
recipe for generations.

I never fail at making
this recipe because I always

take the time to make it
exactly the way my Grandma does.

Because we always
make it together.

I love you Gran.
[laughing and clapping]

Any plans for the $50,000?


I plan to save our home.

The historic Brooks Point Inn.

[clapping and cheering]

Okay. Cut!

Abby. Backstage.
Right now.

Sure. Yeah. Um.

Here Marcus. Thanks.


Did you really think
I wasn't serious?

That I wouldn't destroy him?

I'm sending that
press release.

Oh, Roger.


Well that's a myth.

My friend Eloise just
bought a new SD card.

She likes to take
a lot of videos.

And she just sent me this.

Of you threatening me.

"Look, I know it's bogus,
you know it's bogus.

But do you think Jason can
withstand another scandal?

Because that is exactly
what's going to happen

if his involvement
came to light."

[indistinct chattering
from video on phone]

[Abby crunching]



Wish I had pudding.

[Jason] Roger really
is a piece of work.

I'm sorry he
did that to you.

[Jason's cell phone buzzes]


Hey Jason.

It was good to see you
back in the kitchen.

It was good to see you too.

Jason. I'm sorry.

I never had the guts
to tell you the truth.

Your popovers didn't rise

because I replaced the all
purpose flour with pastry flour.

You what?

I sabotaged you, then I
suggested you use what I cooked.

I appreciate you
telling me that.

You're a good man and
a great chef, Jason.

I've never met anyone with
more integrity than you.

Everyone knew your head
wasn't in the game.

That only made it
easier for Roger.

It was Roger's idea?

He can read people.

He saw I was ambitious and
he promised me my own show

if I did what he wanted.

It was me who
forgot the rules.

I appreciate you telling
me but I have to take

for my own plate.

I'm so sorry, Jason.

I have no right to
expect your forgiveness.

Thank you.

Pass it back.

There you go.

Thank you.

[smoke alarm goes off]

You've got to be kidding me.

This is a cruel
Christmas joke.

[smoke alarm beeping loudly]

Jason? Really?

Well I thought I'd make it
like the first time we met.

Yeah except there was a
lot more smoke in here.

Hi, I am Jason Corwin,
your new head chef.

You're moving here?

Well, I don't know.

We have very high standards
here at Corwin Brothers.

Well, I promise to work
towards one more star.


Best Christmas ever.

You got your
parents' rings back.

I did.

Just in time for Christmas.

I know we still
have one more day,

but I ran into Santa and he
told me to give you this.

So does this mean that
Santa likes to cook?

Of course.

How else would he get
Mrs Claus to say 'yes'?

This book has inspired
many great cooks.

Many great cooks is right.

Thank you.

So we don't normally
exchange gifts

until Christmas morning.

But, Gran wanted me
to give you these.


I've been practicing
with Oscar.

I love you.

I love you too.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.