A Christmas Princess (2019) - full transcript

Jessica is a struggling chef living in a trendy New York borough. Prince Jack, who's in the city for his family's annual Christmas charity dinner, finds himself in need of a last-minute chef for a royal event when he meets Jessica.

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Morning, Al.


Looks like someone'’s
in the Christmas spirit.

'’Tis the season.

Hey, how about I come down
to the restaurant

and get one of those special
Christmas hot cocoas you make?

You can be one of the first to
try out my new holiday cookies.

Ooh! How can I refuse
one of those special cookies?

Yeah, everyone else
seems to find a way.

Business still slow?

People are just too busy
this time of year

to give a hoot
about my little restaurant.

It'’s not grand enough,
I guess.

Don'’t you worry.
People will find you soon.

You just need to find a way
to get noticed.

Well, if you come up with
an idea, let me know.

See ya.

I will.


Well, I think
we can do better.

- What?
- Yeah. Mr. Oliver,

the Christmas Eve Banquet
is the most important event

for the kingdom of Edgemont.

Your Highness, I'’m well aware
of what'’s important

to your kingdom.

Your guests deserve the
very best cuisine in the city.

True, but, uh, this...

What is this again?

This is my famous
deconstructed caprese.

Deconstructed caprese. Hmm.

Wonderful name, mediocre taste.

Perhaps my guests would prefer
something a bit more...


[door chimes ring]

JESSICA: Morning, Hailee.

It'’s beginning to look
a lot like Christmas.

It'’s not too much, is it?

When it comes
to Christmas decorations,

there'’s no such thing
as too much.

Morning, ladies.

Morning, Ernie.
What do you think?

Are the decorations too much?

No, not at all.

Unless it'’s not about
the decorations at all.

It'’s just I thought
it would be different by now.

Do you know how hard it is
to get noticed these days?

Do you know there'’s
a food truck on Seventh,

specializing in
50 different types of bacon?

I rest my case.

Jess, it'’s been six months.

You got to give it a chance.

Miracles don'’t happen overnight.

Tell that to Mr. Elliott.

Tell him yourself.

[door chimes ring]

Mr. Elliott! Cup of coffee?

No, thanks.
I can'’t stay long.

- Hey, Mr. Elliott. I'’m--
- Jessica, listen.

I really appreciate
what you'’re doing here,

trying to keep the place
going and all.

There'’s just so much competition
in this neighborhood now.

Did you know there'’s a new
food truck over on Seventh?

Yes, with 50 types of bacon.
I know.

Yeah, it'’s amazing, right?

Look, I can give you
another month,

but after that, I'’m going to
have to look for another tenant.

We'’ll figure it out.

Sincerely hope so.

I would hate to see this place
close down.

A month?

How are you supposed to turn
this place around in a month?

I don'’t know.
Christmas miracle?

Yeah, I think you'’re missing
the target here, Mr. Oliver.

You'’ll have to do
better than this

if you want to cater
my event this year.

I'’ll have to do better?

Prince John, I'’m already
the best there is.

You can'’t do any better than me.

Sadly, I beg to differ.

Now go back
to the drawing board

and come up with something
a bit more appealing.

Something that says Christmas
more than deconstructed caprese.

Prince, this appetizer has been
awarded five stars three times.

We can do better.

It'’d be ill-advised
to serve this.

Now if you'’ll excuse me,
I must be heading back now.

I can'’t believe this.

My menu is perfect.

You'’re making a huge mistake.

but it'’s my mistake to make.

Now, if you come up
with anything else,

please let me know.

But the queen
specifically requested me.

You can'’t just leave me
hanging like this.

Good day, Mr. Oliver.

RUPERT: Bobby Flay
not available.

Wolfgang Puck not available.

Thomas Keller...
not available.

What about that fellow
from the television show?

The one about the diners
and the driving.

Also not available.

Sir, perhaps if we work
a little closer with Mr. Oliver,

we'’ll achieve
the desired result.

That egotistical
loudmouth braggart?

No, Rupert, absolutely not.

You know, I'’ve had it up to here
with his elitist culinary fare.

We need something new.

Prince John, the banquet
is Christmas Eve.

Today is the 14th.
That gives you...

Ten days.

To secure a celebrity chef

and plan a menu for one of
the biggest events of the year.

Plenty of time.

Perhaps it'’s not too late
to cancel.

Rupert, did anyone ever tell you
that you worry too much?

Yes. In fact, your mother.

Which is precisely the reason
I was hired to this position

in the first place.

Besides, I couldn'’t exactly
say no.

"No, Your Royal Majesticness,
I shan'’t work for the boy."

No one ever says no to her.

Maybe they should though.

Hey, can you pull over here?

I want to pick myself up
a newspaper.

Keep the motor running.

I'’m gonna grab a quick bite
as well.

No, no, sir, I can have
something prepared for us

at the hotel, Your Highness.

I think I prefer
something more native.


Do you smell that?

Smells like
it'’s coming from there.

RUPERT: You can'’t
be serious, sir.

I'’ll give you a call
if I need you.

Now, if you'’ll excuse me.

No, no, I must protest.

[door chimes ring]

♪ My holiday

♪ Is a blue holiday

♪♪ [continues]

Good day, sir.

Good day to you, sir.

Tell me, what is that
you'’re cooking?

What, the meatloaf
or the cinnamon rolls?

I'’ve never smelled
anything like that before.

Excuse me.

Can I help you?

Is this your recipe?

Look, mister,
I'’m not sure how things work

back in wherever it is
you'’re from,

but in this country,

food is mostly enjoyed
in the restaurant.

Out there.

I'’m imposing.

My apologies.

Excuse me.

Hi. I should like to order
your, um, loaf of meat.

- All right, one meatloaf?
- Correct.

Anything to drink?

Uh, coffee would be great.

Cinnamon, nutmeg,
or peppermint?


Have a cookie.

Here you go, Ernie.

Some nerve, huh?

Don'’t you know who that is?

Told you she wouldn'’t know
who he is.

Know what? Who is he?

Prince John... of Edgemont.

His picture'’s in all the papers.

Seriously? You'’re telling me
thatguy is a prince?

He'’s theprince.

Well, apparently, theprince
wants some meatloaf.

All right.

Well, His Highness
can have meatloaf.


How could she not know?

Doesn'’t own a TV, I guess.

Here you go.

Ah! Just what I was hoping for.

Do I taste... venison?

Just a touch.

I like to offer something
a little different,

without straying too far away

from the traditional foods
I grew up with.

Well, it'’s absolutely

I'’d like to get another one
to go, if you don'’t mind.

I have someone at the hotel,
who would really enjoy this.


My traveling companion.

He'’s kind of like
my social secretary.

Hailee, would you get that to-go
order working, please?

Sure thing.

The trick is to use
chicken stock instead of milk.


So what'’s your story, uh...


Jessica. What'’s your story?

What do you mean?

Well, you just seem so young to
be running your own restaurant.

Oh, well, I always wanted
my own place.

And then when I went to culinary
school up in New Rochelle--

Culinary school!

Well, that explains it.
You'’re classically trained.

Sort of.
I figured I could bring

everything I learned in school
back here

and create a blend
of fine cuisine

mixed with my favorite
childhood foods.

And may I say you have
succeeded admirably.

You know, I may be
in the market for a chef.

As in private executive chef?

Not quite.

You know, my family hosts
a Christmas Eve banquet

every year
at the midtown museum.

It'’s a charitable event
and very well attended.

How about it?

How about what?

Would you like to cater
the banquet?

Wait. What?

I love your enthusiasm,
and you'’re obviously talented.

And I just need someone new.

Something fresh that turns
the apple cart on its head.

All you'’ve had is our meatloaf.

Everything else
could be terrible.

Wouldn'’t hurt to talk about it.

Okay, um, I'’m very flattered,
but have you looked around?

I mean, I don'’t have
the staff or the facilities

to cater something that size.

I think you'’re underestimating
yourself just a little bit.

Don'’t get me wrong,
Your Highness.

Oh, please, my name'’s Jack.

Excuse me?

My name'’s actually John,

but my friends call me Jack.

I wasn'’t sure you knew
who I was.

They told me.

Look, um, your prince-ship,

there is literally an entire
city out there

full of chefs who would jump
at the opportunity to cater--

Could you just excuse us
for one moment?

Whoa! What'’s going on?

Are you even hearing yourself
out there?

This prince is the answer
to all of our problems.

You need a Christmas miracle,
and there he is.

- Hailee, please.
- No, she'’s right.

This gig could
turn it all around.

You gotta take it.

And have you thought about just
how we'’re gonna pull this off?

Where there'’s a will,
there'’s a way.

You gotta do this.

Thank you.


Okay, we can talk about it.

Excellent. When?

Tomorrow morning, but it has
to be a menu that works for me.


Until tomorrow.


A prince walks into
our restaurant,

tries the meatloaf,

offers you a big contract,

and then kisses your hand?

What a way to start the day.

Sweetheart, is that you?

JESSICA: Hey, Ma, it'’s me.

Brought you some leftovers.

Mmm! It smells good in here.

Just like Grandma'’s kitchen.

Who do you think I got it from?

I brought you some
stuffed Cornish hens

with a brown butter sauce.

You always bring
the most interesting things.

How do you manage it all?

Well, it was another slow day.

They just didn'’t sell
very well.

I'’m sorry to hear that,

People don'’t know
what they'’re missing.

LINDA: But we'’re so glad
you'’re here.

It'’s been a long time since you
came home for the holidays.

I know. I just didn'’t feel like
spending another week alone

in New Jersey.

The commute alone is killing me.

Well, you'’re always
welcome here, Jessie.

Take a load off.
Tell us about your day.

Well, for starters, the landlord
stopped in first thing.

He'’s really nice, but he wants
his rent and his back rent.

I'’m sorry, honey.
We know how hard you'’ve tried.

And you know we'’d help you out
if we could.

No. My problems
are not your problems.

Or at least
they shouldn'’t be anyway.

Oh, and we got our first
celebrity customer today,

so that'’s something, right?

GARY: Celebrities are
your mother'’s department.

She'’s always watching that TMP.


Who was it?

Uh, a real-life prince.


Yeah, John or Jake...


JESSICA: Yeah, that'’s the one.

Prince John of Edgemont
was in your restaurant?

And get this.

He wants me to cater
some fancy event he'’s hosting.

The annual
Edgemont Christmas Eve Banquet?

Yeah. How does everyone know
about this except me?

'’Cause you don't watch TMP.


Oh, my goodness.

How exciting!

We'’re gonna have to get you
a new dress, something classy.

Maybe you'’ll get
your picture on TV.

Mom, relax.

A real prince.

And he'’s single.


Was he wearing a ring?

No ring.


Sorry, Pop.

So without even consulting with
your mother,

you asked this young lady
to cater the affair.

Yeah, yeah, I did, Rupert.

A bold move.

And whom did you say
this woman was again?

That'’s just it.
She'’s a culinary artist

who owns her own little
restaurant in Brooklyn.

At least I think she does.


I'’m so glad you researched
your decision carefully

before making her an offer,

although this really is
rather quite good.

Yeah, it'’s a pity
she hasn'’t committed yet.

Never fear, Your Highness.
As I'’ve told you,

I'’ve been working on
a replacement.

Yeah, I know.

So then why her?

She didn'’t even know who I was.

Do you have any idea
how refreshing that is

to meet someone that actually
says no once in a while?

Well, it sounds like it may be
a moot point anyway,

which is too bad because
this meatloaf really is

rather quite indulging.

She uses chicken stock
instead of milk.


Don'’t worry, Jessie.

I'’ll figure something out.

Have to.

Oh, my goodness.

Isn'’t that the most adorable
thing you'’ve ever seen?

LINDA: Oh, look at this one.

GARY: I took that with the new
camera I got that Christmas.

Did you? That'’s amazing.

Quality'’s exceptional.

There she is.
Takes after her mother.

There'’s the sleepyhead.

What are you doing here?

Your mother was showing me
the most adorable photos.

You were a snowman
in your school'’s Christmas play?

Snow woman, thank you very much.

What are you doing here?

Oh, and look at this one.
She'’s a princess.

I think she'’s been waiting
for a prince ever since.

No, no, no, no,
she certainly has not.

How did you even know
I was here?

Well, I might be a prince,

but it'’s not exactly
the Middle Ages.

Edgemont has a top-notch
intelligence service.

Actually, your online
business registration

listed this
as your primary residence.

But I don'’t even
live here anymore. I'’m--

I'’m just visiting.

Lucky me.

Okay, that does not
give you the right

to track me down,
prince or no prince.

Are you bugging my phones too?

Not yet. Should I?

Look, I told you,
I don'’t take no for an answer.

So are you ready
to talk about this?

Did you track me down
so that we could talk

about me catering your banquet?


You said you wanted
to talk in the morning,

and time is of the essence.

- She'’d love to.
- Mom!

Can she bring a guest?
Is there a dress code?

I mean, does everyone have
to wear a designer dress,

or is that more of a suggestion?

Can I have a word with you
in the kitchen, please?

But George Clooney
will be there, right?

Mommy, please?

Excuse me, Your Honor.

Your Highness.

Please, my friends call me Jack.

Mom! We'’re going.


He'’s so handsome.

I only told him
I would think about it.

And he'’s single!

Mom, how long were you guys

talking about me
before I came downstairs?

The point is, Jessie,

maybe you have a chance
to become a princess.

Wouldn'’t that be grand?
You could be the next Megan.

Mom, he wants to hire me
as a caterer.

That is not a marriage proposal.

Not yet anyway.

Mom, please!

He showed up at our doorstep
at 6:30.

Okay, well, he really likes
my meatloaf.

And I love the bagels
down at Bourbon'’s,

but I'’m not exactly
showing up at their house.

I just don'’t think he can stand
not getting what he wants.

No one ever says no to him.

All I'’m asking is for you
to think about it

and what it could mean for you
and the restaurant.

The notoriety alone could
pump new life into the place.

That'’s what everyone
keeps telling me.

Goodness knows it needs it.


I can see that I'’m imposing,

and I realize I can be
a little pushy at times,

so thank you for
the trip down Memory Lane.

Your house is wonderful.

Thank you for the coffee.

Thank you.


I'’m not sure how
I'’m gonna pull this off,

but I do need the gig
to pay this week'’s payroll

and next month'’s rent, so...

So you'’ll do it?

You might be sorry,
but yeah, okay.

We have no time to waste.

The banquet is
just around the corner,

and we are starting
from scratch.

Please, come to the Park Terrace
this afternoon,

and we'’ll get started.

Park Terrace. Got it.

Here. Something
to get you started.

This is a lot of money.

It'’s okay. I trust you.

Good day.

But do I trust me?

HAILEE: Jessica,
you missed the morning rush.

Yeah, we had
three whole customers.

I thought we were gonna have
to brew a second pot of coffee.

Okay, guys, listen up.

I just wanted to let you know
that I have decided.

We are going to be catering

the annual
Edgemont Christmas Eve Banquet.

You said yes?

And by cater, you mean...

how many guests exactly?

You know, more than a few.

Looks like we might need that
second pot of coffee after all.

Believe me, it'’ll work out.

We'’ll make the best of it.

I was skeptical at first.
Very skeptical.

But then I started
thinking that--

What will happen when word
gets out that we'’re catering

theRoyal Christmas Banquet?

Everyone will rush in to get a
taste of that royal experience.

This could save
the restaurant, okay?

We'’ll be good for
at least a little while.

But we'’ll probably have
to close up shop for a bit

to handle everything.

Right, so, Ernie,
I need a list of equipment.

Hailee, we'’re gonna need
more help in kitchen.

Can you assemble a list?

I will handle the waitstaff.

We need to crush it.

We'’ve got to crush it.

Let'’s get to it.

Miss Burns.


I'’m Rupert, His Highness'
personal assistant.

Nice to meet you.

Uh, welcome. Please come.

This way, ma'’am.


I'’m glad you could make it.

What do you think?

Um, nice digs.

This is nice.

It suffices.

Your coat, ma'’am.


Um, guest list?

Yes, yes.
It'’s a work in progress.


I am curious
about one thing though.

How did you guys get so far into
this without hiring a caterer?

Let'’s just say your predecessor
and I had a disagreement.

Must have been
some disagreement.

Replace someone with
only one week left to go?

Well, as your predecessor
might have said,

he'’d made a proper dog's dinner
out of things.

Wait, are you talking about
Gideon Oliver?

You fired Gideon Oliver?

Whatever you'’ve heard,

he completely lives up to
his reputation.

Please, come sit.

RUPERT: I'’ll take care
of your coat, ma'’am.

Tea, sir?

Coffee, Rupert.


So these are
our previous menus.

Let me know what you think.

This is your fifth year, huh?

As you see, there is a tradition
that will need to be upheld.


I'’m sure a woman
of your talents

would have no trouble capturing
the dishes on these menus.

Assuming that'’s what we'd want.

I beg your pardon?

It'’s just all so pretentious.

Remember, my menu, my way.

Of course,
but this is a royal banquet.

You know, pretentiousness
is built into the invitation.

I'’m not saying
it can'’t be classy.

I'’m just saying I'm not sure
if people would really enjoy...

"Poached farm-raised halibut

resting upon a dried aubergine
with torn mint crème fraîche."

I see what you mean,

but it is actually quite popular
with the Duke of Shrewsbury.

Perhaps, but do you really think
the Duke of Shrewsbury

is sitting in his limousine,

slowly making his way
up Fifth Avenue

and saying to his wife,

"I do hope they'’re serving
torn mint tonight."


What would you suggest?

I don'’t know yet,
but we do need a menu.

You know, something you can
walk around with,

something that'’ll tie
this whole experience together.

Okay, I was thinking of some
kind of greatest hits menu.

Um, that'’s something you do
when you run out of fresh ideas.

Are you sure you'’re not
overthinking this

just a little bit?

When you asked me to do this,

it'’s because you wanted
something different, right?

Yes, of course.

Then that'’s what we're gonna do.

Cooking for people
at Christmastime

is the reason why I got into
this business.

It'’s what I'm good at.
It'’s what I do.

Trust me, and we are
gonna make this

a Christmas dinner
that no one will ever forget.

Not even the Duke of Shrewsbury.

You'’re a fascinating woman,
Jessica Burns.

I'’ve been called many things,

but fascinating
isn'’t one of them.

However, I do promise you
if you stick with me,

we'’ll make this
an event to remember.

Then stick with you I shall.

- There he is. Go.
- I see him.

That'’s my cue.

I'’ll see you tomorrow.

- See you tomorrow.
- Yeah.

I am pleased to announce
that we have hired

a fantastic new caterer
for the event,

and everything is
proceeding wonderfully.

Thank you.

This thing is $500.

It'’s his money.

So let me get this straight.

He just gave you the cash?

He said he didn'’t
want me to worry.

Oh, he'’s got it bad for you.

Shut up and get back to work.

So the banquet
is nearly upon us.

You don'’t think I have that
countdown seared into my brain?

Are you sure it'’s wise to put
so much faith in this woman?

This woman has a name.
It'’s Jessica.

And is it
that much more riskier

than trusting that snobby
egomaniac Gideon Oliver?

That snobby egomaniac

has a restaurant empire
known around the world.

This woman--


owns a small, failing diner
in Brooklyn.

As if any other diner
on the Upper West Side

would be any different.

Have you thought about what'’ll
happen if this doesn'’t work out?

No, I have not.
What can go wrong?


Wow. Thank you for
the vote of confidence, Hailee.

I just have to think of a few
amazing ideas, that'’s all.

All eyes are going to be
on this banquet.

Rupert, banquet is just
a fancy word for dinner.

And she is a chef.

A great one.

I hope.

HAILEE: I don'’t get it.

Two days ago,
you were dead set against it.

And you were dead set for it.

A girl can change her mind,
can'’t she?

She might, if she had
the proper motivation.

You like her.

Why don'’t you just admit it?

As it so happens,
I do find her very...

talented, yes.

And attractive.

Yes, and attractive.

Oh, come on, you can'’t tell me
you didn'’t happen to notice

he'’s a devastatingly
handsome prince.

He'’s... He's all right.

And I'’m pretty sure he has
his fair share of girlfriends

back home, too, so...

Jessica is completely different
than any of the women back home.

I get it, I get it.

You'’re bored
of all the socialites,

so you'’d gone and set
your sights on an American.

An American?

Now who'’s snobby?

Listen, I worked my butt off,

trying to keep this restaurant
afloat and my friends employed.

This is my chance to give us
a fresh start.

I'’m not gonna blow it.

Business first.

Of course.

Business first.

You know, all day I'’m surrounded
by people

who are literally-- literally--
hired to make me happy.

- No offense.
- None taken.

Is it so wrong of me
to be interested in someone

who'’s actually not afraid
to speak their mind,

even if they don'’t
agree with you?

Seems like it is,
most of the time.


Isn'’t that great?

I'’ll be on my cell
if you need anything.

- Okay.
- [knocking]

That'’s him. I'm not ready.

You'’re fine.

I smell like fried chicken.

I thought you didn'’t care.

Hey, Prince Jack.

I was just headed
over to the hotel.

Oh, we'’re not working
at the hotel.

Maybe later.

I have a surprise for you.

- A surprise? For me?
- Mm-hmm.

Sure, sounds great. Um...

Lead the way.


Are you comfortable?

Oh, yeah, perfect.
I'’m fine.

It'’s just, I don't normally
tool around New York City

in a car like this.

It'’s very cool though.

When I started primary school,

my mother insisted on our driver
taking me every morning.

My mom was just the opposite.

She let us walk to school
every day.

She said the fresh air
would do us some good.

Only time she ever drove us
to school was when it rained.

My mother wouldn'’t dream of
letting me out of her sight.

Then one day
I decided I was tired

of what people
were saying about me,

saying that I was lucky.

So one morning,
I got up early,

made my own breakfast
and took my bike.

I pedaled so fast downhill,
all the way,

wind ripping through my hair.

She must have gotten
a heart attack.

She had the entire Kingsguard
out looking for me.

How was it?

Compared to riding
in a limousine?

It was--
It was glorious.

You know, every now and then,
I'’d sneak out and go for a ride.

Just go wherever the day
would take me.

Oh, you can pull over here.

- I can'’t see anything.
- Who'’s in there?

I can'’t see nobody.

What'’s this all about?
Who are these photographers?

JACK: It'’s nothing, really.
Same old routine.

Someone must'’ve leaked
my itinerary.

It happens.

Follow my lead.
It'’s gonna be fine. Come on.

He'’s opening the door. Prince!
Right here! Here, here!

Prince, let me get a shot.
Who'’s the girl?

Who'’s the woman? Prince, hey!
Turn around!

Miss lady! Miss lady!

Come on, Prince!
Hey, look at the camera!

Miss lady! Prince! Come on!
This way! Prince,
Come on, man! Prince!

Sorry about that.

Does that always happen to you?

Yeah, I'’m afraid so.

What is this?

Well, the thought
did occur to me

that it might be challenging,
preparing for our guests

in the back of your cozy
little restaurant.

Is that what you think?

I just thought a larger space
might help.

So all this is mine?

If you want it.

It'’s too much.

It'’s just an assortment of
chrome, porcelain, tiny motors.

But the real magic...
happens here.

Thank you,
but it'’s very important to me

that my restaurant
does all the work.

Your menu, your way.

That was our deal.

You certainly drive a hard
bargain for such a young lady.

That depends on how badly
you want me.


So would you like to continue
with the tour?

There'’s more?

You would like to see the venue,
wouldn'’t you?

Yeah, that would be helpful.

Okay, this way.

Last year, we had servers
floating throughout this hall.


Creating a veritable
moving feast.

Everything came to you.

Are you familiar
with this museum?

Of course.

Fourth grade field trip.


That'’s where I first saw this.

You like this one?

Took an art class
in high school,

and I fell in love with it
ever since.

Tell me about it.

It'’s called
"Woman Against the World,"

one of Parker Logan'’s
last pieces.

He was an impressionistic

in the early days
of the Great Depression.


You know, I used to spend hours
just staring at this woman,

all alone, ready to take on
an entire city.

And yet she still stands there.

Defiant, independent.

Maybe what you really see
is yourself.

You think so?

Yeah, I do.

Your palace awaits, milady.

Thank you, Your Highness.

See you tomorrow?

I'’ll be there with bells on.

Bells on?
Is that a Christmas thing?

It'’s just an expression.




Thank you, Ferdinand.



Where is the king?

I believe he'’s in the middle
of his tennis lesson, ma'’am.

Fetch him immediately.

He asked not to be disturbed.

Have you watched him
play tennis?

I'’ve seen a better swing
on a playground.

Chop chop.

Gideon Oliver
is here to see you, ma'’am.

I don'’t suppose this morning
could get any worse.

Oh, Mr. Oliver,
to what do we owe this pleasure?

Do you any idea
what your son'’s been up to?

Well, at this point,
I'’m fairly certain

that the entire
Western world knows

- what my son has been up to.
- No, that he sacked me.

He did what?

Replaced me with that
no-talent hack from Brooklyn.

Mr. Oliver,

I am certain that if my son
sought to replace your services,

it was for good reason.

I told Ferdinand
I didn'’t want to be disturbed.

I mean, what'’s the purpose of
having an indoor tennis court

if you can'’t at least play one
match without being interrupted?

It'’s not like you were winning.

It'’s not whether you win
or lose, my dear.

It'’s how you play the game,
you see.

Well, then you were
definitely losing.

What exactly
is the urgency here?

Your son fired me.

Oh. Sorry to hear that.

And who are you?

Oh, Connor,
this is Gideon Oliver,

the caterer for this year'’s
annual Christmas Eve banquet.

Former caterer.

- Ferdinand.
- Ma'’am?

Please have Mr. Oliver
wait outside.

But the situation
hasn'’t been rectified.

Good day, sir.

Now please tell me that that
self-important celebrity chef

was not the reason
you interrupted my game.

Unfortunately not.



Well... she'’s lovely.

She'’s a commoner.

So what?
She'’s just a caterer.

It'’s not like Oliver out there's
the Duke of Essex.

True, but the news media
isn'’t treating Gideon Oliver

like a member
of the royal family.

The press loves a good rumor,
and that'’s all this is.

I'’m sure there's nothing going
on between the two of them.

Why should there be?

Because she'’s pretty,
and he'’s single.

That'’s why.

Well, she is very pretty,
don'’t you think?

She'’s an American commoner.
It'’s insulting.

Insulting? To whom, you?

Insulting to hundreds of years
of tradition, that'’s who.


What in the world
am I gonna tell the press?

That we wish our son
nothing but happiness,

and we support him in whatever
decisions he might make.

So we lie.

- Precisely.
- Oh.

Now if you'’ll excuse me,
the score was thirty to nil,

but I think I can catch up.

In tennis, it'’s called love.


Perhaps that'’s what they
call it in America too.

- Morning.
- Morning.

- Good morning.
- Morning.

Hey, Al.

Hey! Looks like someone
made a new friend.


Seriously, good for you.

I'’m not sure what you mean.

Come on.



Where you going?

- Okay, so potatoes are--
- Hailee!


- Your Highness.
- Look at this.

"Prince John'’s
new mystery woman?"

"The Princess of Brooklyn?"

Well, you finally done it.

You put the restaurant
on the map.

But I'’m thinking maybe
you should change the name

to something
a little more grand,

like the Royal Princess Cafe.


Seriously, I'’m just a caterer!

How could they say
something like that?

People love to gossip.

You'’re the new mystery woman
seen out and about

with the handsome, dare I say,
available Prince Charming?

I gotta go.

So you'’re saying it's not true.

Just can it, will you?

My, my, my.


- Are you serious?
- Just one, ma'’am.

- No, no, no, no.
- Just one, just one.

How long have you known
the prince?

Hey, ho-hold it!

Oh. Hi.

What'’s the matter?
You look surprised.

I was expecting Rupert.

I gave him the morning off.
Come in.

I thought we could
finalize the menu.

Been thinking about
some of your ideas.

Have you seen this?

Yes. I'’m terribly sorry.

These reporters will jump at
anything to sell a magazine.

But the "Princess of Brooklyn?"

Has a nice ring to it,
don'’t you think?

Is that all you can say,
that it has a nice ring to it?

What-- What do you
want me to say?

You know, people see me with
a new woman they don'’t know,

and suddenly
the guessing games begin.

People are following me.

Isn'’t that what you wanted?

Okay, you'’ve got it.

Yes, I wanted to put
my restaurant on the map,

but not like this.

Okay, don'’t worry.

This will all blow over
in a few days.

I am afraid to show my face
on the street.

Okay, then let'’s
get out of here,

and we can go somewhere and work
on the menu somewhere else.

All right,
but where would we even go?

Ladies'’ choice.

As long as we sneak out
the back, my SUV'’s outside.

Okay. I know just the place.


All right, all clear,
let'’s go.

This is gorgeous.

This is my first time in the
American countryside, you know.

There'’s more to America
than New York City.

You'’re not gonna tell me
where we'’re going, are you?

I'’m gonna take you to see
a small-town Christmas.

Well, that might be a good idea,

but we still do have a lot
of work left to accomplish.

Trust me. It'’ll be worth it.

Take this right up here.

So where are we?



This is where my family goes

when they want to get away
for a few days.

Hasn'’t changed a bit.

It'’s very charming.

Are you ready
for a real Christmas menu?


This way.

[door chime rings]

It'’s absolutely amazing.

I don'’t believe it.

Prince John of Edgemont
in my diner.

Hello there.

I gotta go get my camera.

So much for
getting away from it all.

You wouldn'’t mind a photo,
would you?

I'’d be delighted.

Say cheese or, you know,

whatever they say
in your country.


- Smile!
- [click]

Oh, my God.
They are never gonna believe me.

Well, this is my friend Jessica.


Are you--
You'’re the Princess of Brooklyn.

No, I--

Jessica is actually catering
our royal Christmas banquet.

She is? You are?

Yes, I am.
Now, if you don'’t mind,

would you please get us
two cups of hot cocoa?

Coming right up.


So is Merryvale
your go-to place

to escape their chaos
of the big city?

Yeah, I guess
you could say that.

It'’s a simpler,
saner kind of a place.

- Hmm.
- Take Christmas, for example.

You have your
gingerbread-house baking,

eggnog, candy canes,
hot chocolate,

honey glazed ham,
yams, cranberry sauce...

Okay, okay.
It all sounds very fattening.

I know,
but what a way to go, right?


How about you?

Are there any special Christmas
foods where you'’re from?

My family would always
have the kitchen

prepare a whole feast
every year, wherever we were.

Had mince pies, mulled wine,

spiced beef with
Yorkshire pudding.

Brings back memories, huh?

It seemed like they'’d be
cooking for days.

The whole palace would smell
like that for a week.

See what I mean?

Those Christmas comfort foods.

Look at how those memories
just came rushing back

when you thought about
those delights.

Yeah, I see what you mean.

That'’s what we're
gonna be serving.

If we'’re gonna celebrate
Christmas properly,

let'’s transport them
back in time.

And not just visually,
but with all of their senses.

And without all of that

Pretentiousness? You know,
you actually might enjoy

living the life of royalty.

I don'’t know. That might be
some girl'’s dream, but not mine.


I guess I just never identified
with that woman

who just waits around
for her Prince Charming,

for him to sweep her
off her feet.

No offense.

None taken.

Yeah, I believe that
I'’m in charge of my own destiny.

That'’s just the way I like it.

As you say.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Your Highness.

You know, I never thought
I'’d be here,

celebrating Christmas
in a small American town,

yet here we are.

Wow. This is good.

You haven'’t seen anything yet.

Just wait until it snows.

What do you mean, snow?

Oh, come on.

You played in the snow before.
Even as a kid?

Of course.

You'’ve been skiing?

Some. I'’ve had a life
of royal obligations

and services, you know.

Mm. Sledding?

Toboggan team.

How about ice skating?

European Junior Olympics.

Yeah, you'’ve been around.

When you represent the crown,

there are certain standards
you must meet.

There'’s no room for slacking off
or for not being the best.

And there'’s no room for--
for any fun either.

Everything'’s a job.

I almost feel sorry for you,
except not really.

Okay, let'’s go.

We'’re leaving?

Yeah. Going for a walk.


So let'’s talk about Christmas.

What about it?

How did you incorporate it
into your banquet?

Well, we put a big tree
in the center of the room.

It was pretty.

Is that it?

Yeah. I think by Christmas Eve,

people are wishing
the holidays were over.

Well, not me.

Not now, not ever.

Do you remember
what it was like

to experience Christmas
as a kid?

I do indeed.
It was wonderful, if fleeting.

My parents would always move
quickly into the New Year.

They never let Christmas
linger in our home.

Oh, gosh, that'’s funny.
My folks were just the opposite.

Christmas lasted
well into January.

That tree didn'’t come down
until it had to.

You know what?
Let me show you something.


♪ Oh, we wish you
a merry Christmas ♪

- I could spend all day here.
- Yeah?

JESSICA: Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.


- Let'’s look over here.
- Yeah.

Isn'’t this Christmas shop

I'’ve always loved visiting this
place, Christmas Year-Round.

Christmas in Merryvale
certainly is a sight to see.

You know, this place
feels more like home to me.

We didn'’t move to the city
until I was in high school,

when my dad got transferred.

I grew up in Hudson Valley.

I see. And did you enjoy an
old-fashioned Christmas there?

Oh, of course I did,

but what I mostly remember
is my grandma'’s kitchen

and the wonderful smells.

All the Christmas treats baking,

all the smells blending into one
unmistakable sensory experience.

That'’s what's gonna work for us
this year.

Uh, yeah.

I do like the concept.

I just think my mother
would be quite horrified.


Sounds like your mother doesn'’t
really understand Christmas.

There'’s a lot of things
she doesn'’t understand,

including me.

How about your father?

My father is
the king of Edgemont.

He has the bloodline,

but as the American phrase goes,

my mother wears the slacks
in the family.

Close enough.

Everything is just so with her.

The monarchy, the tradition,
the banquet.


Even her own son'’s social life.


Two years ago,
she conspired that I be married

to Lady Eliza of Devon.

It was to be the social event
of the season.

So are you?

Married? Heavens no.

That woman is a dreadful shrew.

Talk about entitled.

She'’s pretty to look at,
but she doesn'’t mean well.

And while I know it would have
made my mother happy,

it didn'’t even come close
to resembling love.

That'’s assuming you know
what love is when you see it.

Perhaps so, but I certainly know
when I don'’t see it.

I bet you do.

All right, shall we?

[phone rings]

Oh, it'’s Rupert.

Probably wondering where I am.

- Well, we'’ll let him wonder.
- [giggles]


Uh, nothing. It'’s just...

You don'’t really act
like a prince sometimes.

And how do I act?

I don'’t know.

Peter Pan, maybe?

Peter Pan?

Okay, well, I don'’t know whether
to be flattered or insulted.

- Oh, oh!
- [glass shatters]

Easy, easy, lad.
Are you okay?

There you are.
Now I caught ya!

Excuse me, what'’s going on?

This boy here stole something
from my store.

Oh, no.

I'’m afraid it's broken.

[sighs] You know what?
His mother'’s inside.

- She'’ll have to pay for it.
- Please don'’t tell her.

Perhaps I could be of some help,
if we all just go inside.

All right, let'’s go.

So what is this all about?

The boy--
His father'’s in the military.

Been deployed for two years.

Money'’s tight.
He stole the mirror

to give to his mother
as a Christmas gift.

She'’s very upset,

but with no father
around the house,

I mean, what can you do?

Well, I'’m assuming
this should be more than enough

to cover the loss
of your mirror.

That'’s more than enough.

Then there'’s no need for
any of this to go any further.

No, there isn'’t.

- Good.
- Thank you.

You'’re welcome.

Here you are, Tommy.
Everything'’s been taken care of.

I hope you'’ve learned something
from all of this.

I'’m Mrs. Carter,

and I want to thank you
for what you'’ve just done.

If only his father was here.

I heard he'’s overseas.

So long now, I don'’t even know
if Tommy will recognize him.

We have each other,
and that will have to be enough.

Come on, Tommy,
say thank you.

Thank you.

You'’re welcome.

That was very kind of you.

It'’s the least I could do.

You didn'’t have to do anything.

A wise man once said,

"Doing nothing is
the undoing of ourselves."

Plus, it'’s Christmas.

- That it is.
- Come on.

You constantly amaze me.

I thought I had you
all figured out,

but there'’s a lot more
going on here.

Jessica, I was born lucky.

You know, I want to share
my gratitude with everybody.

And I mean everybody,
not just--

Your subjects?

Please. I detest that word.

It'’s-- It's dehumanizing.

Regardless, you have a very kind
and generous soul.

If only I could do more though.

If our guests can pay $1,000
to attend our silly banquet,

then they should be able
to do the same.

Come on.

♪ Silent night

♪ Holy night

♪ All is calm

♪ All is bright

♪ Round yon virgin

♪ Mother and child

♪ Holy infant

- So nice.
- Right.

♪ So tender and mild

♪ Sleep in heavenly peace

Well, here we are.

Yup, here we are.

Thank you for sharing
that experience with me today.

You'’re welcome.

And now back to the hotel
for me

to face the music.

See you tomorrow?

I will wear bells.

Close enough.

You keep doing that,
I just might get used to it.

Is that an encouragement?

Farewell, sweet prince.

No, no, we'’ve checked there.

The subway?
You can'’t be serious! No--


Never mind. We'’ve found him.

Just what do you think
you'’re doing?


Do you have any idea

how many people I have out there
looking for you?

Rupert, I'’m a big boy.
I can take care of myself.

This isn'’t about whether or not
you can tie your shoes

or read a clock.

You were out there alone
in the city without security.

I wasn'’t alone.

Oh, of course not.

Tell me, if an incident
had happened,

would she have been able
to help you?

I think you'’d be surprised
to find out

exactly how capable Jessica is.

So you are
in love with her.

Why don'’t you just admit it?

No, no, no, don'’t,
don'’t say it.

I'’ve never met
anyone like her before.

That'’s because
you'’ve never dated anyone

outside of your mother'’s
ivory dollhouse.

She'’s a breath of fresh air,

Finally, a woman
who'’s independent,

who fights for what she wants,
who knows her own mind.

A woman you have to chase,
but it'’s so worth it.

And what happens
when the banquet is over,

and you return to Edgemont

I don'’t know,
but what I do know is...

that this year'’s
gonna be different,

and that is because of Jessica.

I see.


Your parents arrive tomorrow.

You don'’t need to remind me.

I only hope your new girlfriend
is ready.

I don'’t understand why we can't
just let the boy individuate.

It'’s not about his independence.

How about we just think about
what'’s best for him, huh?

I want you to consider
what is best for your kingdom,

for your monarchy.

How about a prince
who is happy?

He will learn to be happy.
I know I did.

Yes, but he'’s hardly a child.

Wait. Does that mean there was
a time when you were not happy?

Your Majesty?

Lady Eliza has arrived.

Just in time.

Alice, what have you done?

Ensure that the great
monarchy of Edgemont

would continue on course
for generations to come.

Your Majesty.

Lady Eliza,
lovely to see you again.

I must admit, I was surprised
to hear from you.

I had read a rumor

that the prince had taken
a new lady friend

without so much as
even a word to me.

Oh, fake news.

Ferdinand, please help
Lady Eliza with her bags.

Alice, what is she doing here?

Would it not be appropriate

to invite the only daughter
of Lord Willoughby

to attend the annual Christmas
Eve banquet in New York?

No, actually, it would not.

Oh, you worry too much.

Ah, come.
We have a plane to catch.

I'’ve written out
the final menu.


We'’re gonna make this
a Christmas to remember.

- The prince is okay with this?
- Of course.

Hailee, I was just
looking for you.

I think we'’re gonna need a few
more things from the store.

A package just arrived for you.
It'’s up front.

For me?

It'’s from you-know-who.


Um, yeah. Where is it?

"To the most defiant
and independent woman I know.

Sincerely, Jack."


I can'’t believe it.

He actually got it.

Is that the original?

I can'’t accept this.

What are you doing?

I'’m telling him
I can'’t accept it.

You obviously mean
a lot to him

for him to give you
a gift like that.

It doesn'’t matter.

Yeah, of course it does.

I think the question is,
what does he mean to you?

[phone ringing]

It'’s him.

Uh, what should I say?

You could start with
"Thank you."


Hello, Jack.

Good morning.

Hi. I got your present.

I can'’t believe you did that.

Well, it'’s not the one
from the museum,

but it'’s a numbered edition
from the original negative.

Hope you like it.

Yes. Thank you.
It means a lot.

Actually, the real reason I was
calling was that my parents

are flying in this afternoon
for the banquet.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I would very much like them
to meet you.

I know you have
a lot of prep work going on,

but are you available
for dinner tonight?


With your parents?

Um, you know, Jack, I--

Isn'’t it--
I don'’t think that's too wise.

Don'’t we still have like
a whole bunch of stuff to do?

It'’ll be fine.

And your parents
are invited as well.

Okay, um, I will see
what I can do about that.

Perfect. I'’ll send a car,
say like half-past five?

Okay, it'’s a date.

No, that'’s not
what I meant to say.

Yeah, it'’s a date.

Okay, see you then. Bye.

I'’m having dinner with
the king and queen tonight.

He invited you to dinner
with his parents.

You know what that means,
don'’t you?

It means
I'’m absolutely terrified.

GARY: I love this hotel.

It'’s so beautiful
around Christmastime.

- Wow.
- Look at the decorations.



You look incredible.

Thank you.

It'’s okay.
There'’s nothing to worry about.

It'’s just I've never had dinner
before with a king and queen.

That'’s okay.
I'’ve never had dinner

with Mr. And Mrs. Burns either.


Come, this way.

They'’re waiting
in the dining room.


Oh, yes, I'’ve become--


Thank you.


Oh, son.

Mother, Father,
I would like you to meet--

The Princess of Brooklyn,
I believe they call you.


Lovely to finally meet you.

We'’ve been reading
all about you.

- Really?
- Yes.

Mm. Word gets around.

These are my parents,
Linda and Gary.

Very nice to meet you,
Your Highnesses.

Please have a seat.

We brought a dinner guest
of our own.


I believe you know
Lady Eliza of Devon.


Is that theLady Eliza?

Lady in name only.

What are you doing here?

Don'’t be silly.

I heard that you were hosting
the biggest banquet of the year,

so I had to see it for myself.

Oh, you had to
or somebody asked you?

I'’ve missed you, darling.


Jack, what'’s going on?

That'’s precisely
what I would like to know.

I'’ve read all about
your Christmas comfort menu.

Jack, surely this is another one
of your clever jokes.

He'’s always leading people on
with his humorous antics.

Eliza, please.

I thought you said it was off.

It was never on.

I don'’t know about you,
but I'’m simply famished.

I agree, Your Majesty.

Maybe they got some spinach dip.

Gideon Oliver came to see us.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

Yes, he told us
what had happened.

You could'’ve just
asked me directly.

Perhaps I should have, son,
but I'’ve trusted your judgment.

You must have
great talent, dear,

to replace a chef like that.

Yes, she does.

I presume she can
speak for herself.

What are you doing?

I'’m simply asking the
Princess of Brooklyn a question.

Are you talented, dear?

I do trust your son'’s judgment
in that department,

Your Majesty.

That makes one of us.


You have entrusted

the most important event
of the year to this woman.

Don'’t you think
it'’s my right

to find out as much as I can
about her?

Are you sure this is
about the event?

Why? Should it be about
something else?

You'’re incredible.

Why, thank you.

May I speak, Your Highness?

It'’s a free country.

It is a free country, isn'’t it?


I realize you don'’t think that
I'’m good enough for your son,

and I don'’t know,
maybe I'’m not.

But the truth is,
Jack is a wonderful person

with a good heart
and a humble soul.

Our time last week has been
nothing short of amazing,

and I want you to know I will
always cherish those memories.


Please take care of him.

He deserves the absolute best,

and I'’m sure you can
provide that for him.

Eliza is not part of my life.

Neither am I.

- Please sit, son.
- I am ashamed.

I can'’t believe you'd behave
in such an uncivilized manner.

I'’m actually lost for words.


Jessica, wait.

Don'’t. Just... just don't.

That'’s what she does.
That'’s what she always does.

But she'’s right. I'm not good
enough for you. I'’m a joke.

You'’re no joke. Can't you see
what they'’re trying to do?

You know, I thought for a

just a moment,
that maybe you and me had--

There was something between us

that maybe we weren'’t ready
to admit to, but...

I can see now
that I was being stupid.

That'’s not true.

No one knows how I feel but me.

You'’re a prince.

I run a diner in Brooklyn,

and I'’m having trouble
doing that.

I should have just listened
to myself in the beginning.

I don'’t belong here,
and I never did.

Jessica, please.

Don'’t worry, Your Highness.

I will not walk out
on the job.

We made a deal,
and it was bought and paid for.

I will see to it that Hailee and
Ernie give you their very best.

Jessica, please don'’t
talk like that.

I realize that this was all
just a business.

I just didn'’t realize that it
was such a cutthroat business.

Goodbye, Your Highness.


♪ You can'’t imagine ♪

♪ How good it feels
to hold you ♪

♪ Right here in my arms

♪ At this holiday season

♪ I'’d like to make a wish
upon a shooting star ♪

♪ And ask for

♪ Just one dance

♪ When I have you near me

♪ I never want to let you go

♪ Just one dance

♪ I'’m living
a dream come true ♪

♪ As long as I am
here with you ♪

[phone ringing]

♪ Here with you

♪ Here with you

♪ Just one dance with you


Good morning.

What are you all doing here?

I let them in, dear.


We had to help.

No one knew where
you went last night.

Where did you go?

I spent the night
in a coffee shop.

Well, after you left,

I gave everyone
a piece of my mind

and walked out
with your parents.

We were concerned about you

and thought we would all
pitch in to do what we could.

Ernie and I know your recipes,

so we just got started
without you.

You'’re unbelievable, Mom.

Thank you.

Am I forgiven?

Let'’s just get cooking,
all right?



RUPERT: So nice to see you.
Thank you so much for coming.

Royal Stewart.
Plaid. So bold.

Mr. Duboux-Harnee Romanovski.

Enchante. Very nice to see you.
Hello, ma'’am. You look stunning.

Thank you for coming.
Nice to see--

Your Highness...



You look great.

Thank you.

You definitely are
dressed to impress.

If you don'’t mind,

I think I'’ll let my food
do the talking for me.

And everyone'’s gonna love it,
even my mother.

I shouldn'’t even be saying this,
but I don'’t even care anymore.

This is America.

She can'’t make me eat cake.

I didn'’t do this
to impress your mother.

I did it because
I thought you believed in me.

I do believe in you.

And now hopefully
you believe in me.

- Welcome.
- Thank you.

Thank you so much for coming.

- Thank you for inviting us.
- Thank you, sir.

Ladies and gentlemen,
it gives me great pleasure

to announce our very special
guests for the evening,

Their Majesty
the King and Queen of Edgemont.


Mother, Father.

Excellent job, son.

Yes. I must say, someone
certainly outdid themselves.

Could this be the work of--

Your Majesty, it is wonderful
to see you both.

Well, um, you did all this?

Well, I felt the true attraction
of your Christmas Eve banquet

is Christmas itself.

All of the fine traditional
comfort foods we grew up loving.

It was all her idea.

I haven'’t had one of these
since I was 10 years old.

And we love it,
don'’t we, dear?

Well, it'’s certainly
very merry.

Dig in.

I shall.

Thank you.

I actually have
some ideas of my own

in decorating the palace for
a more traditional Christmas.


Yes, I'’m thinking
Christmas trees,

some wreaths, bows.

Definitely bows.

Mm. How original of you.

Oh, I see my special guest
has arrived.

Gideon Oliver?

You invited him?

Why not?

Now we truly can get
a professional opinion

on just how well the Princess
of Brooklyn really did.


Your Majesty.

Is this turkey?

It'’s turkey
with stuffing crostini.

Tradition with a twist.

- Oh.
- Ah.

Now if you'’ll excuse me,

I would like
to welcome our guests.

Shall we go sit, my dear?


- Mmm!
- Good?

Not bad.

Please be seated
for His Royal Highness.

Thank you, Rupert.

Thank you, everybody,
for coming.

This is our fifth anniversary
of this banquet,

but as you may have noticed,

this year we decided to do
something a little different.

And that'’s all thanks
to one extraordinary woman,

who contributed some
pretty extraordinary ideas.

As you might have read,

I recently went
on a small road trip

to a wonderful little town
called Merryvale.

And while I was there,

I happened to meet
a particular young man,

who told me his father
was serving overseas

during this holiday.

So I thought I'’d invite
a few special guests of my own.

Unable to have a proper
Christmas dinner of their own,

I would like them
to share in ours.

Please welcome Tommy Carter and
his lovely mother, Jacqueline.

[cheers and applause]

Merry Christmas, mate.

For your mom.

For me?

It'’s beautiful.


You made it! You made it!

PRINCE JACK: Let'’s all
welcome home for Christmas

Jacqueline'’s heroic husband
and Tommy'’s dad,

Lieutenant Andrew Carter.

[cheers and applause]

Daddy'’s home for Christmas!

It'’s the best gift ever!

One more thing. I would like
to formally introduce you

to the woman who made
this banquet possible.

From the very first moment
I wandered into her...

little cozy restaurant
in Brooklyn,

I knew I had met
someone special.

I just had no idea how special

or how much she would
make an impression

not only on these banquets,

but my heart.

Please welcome...

none other than the
Princess of Brooklyn herself,

Jessica Burns.


Thank you, everyone.

He just made the biggest mistake
of his life.


Mm-mm. Hang on.

I can'’t believe
you'’re actually eating that.

Oh it'’s adequate,
if you like this sort of thing.

I mean, I would'’ve whipped it up
if they'’d asked me.

Are you serious?

Try one.

Oh. Mm-mm.

This is awful!

Oh, get lost, would you?

Thank you for everything.

You'’ve changed the way
I look at things forever.

Thank you, Jack.

I mean... Your Highness.

If I could have it my way,
I would cook for you every day.

Well, you can,
if you really wanted to.

But first, you'’ll--
you'’ll have to forgive me.

Can you... forgive me?

I'’ve been an absolute fool.

Hmm. Forgive you.

Well, since you asked
so nicely...


Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.