A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby (2019) - full transcript

It's Christmastime in Aldovia, and a royal baby is on the way. Amber and Richard host royals from a distant kingdom to renew a sacred truce, but when the treaty vanishes, peace is jeopardized and an ancient curse threatens their family.

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Loyal readers,

my favorite holiday
is just around the corner.

Christmas means joy,

excitement, family, love and lights.

It also means my first year
as Queen of Aldovia

is nearly under my belt.

And just... Wow!

What a year.

Royal life has a way
of transforming everything.

As the year began,

Richard and I enjoyed a magical honeymoon.

Once home,

our revised new Aldovia initiative
continued to grow.

And that's how we'll fund the tech center.

And the new hospital.

And quickly began paying dividends.

As did my efforts to learn
about Aldovia's history and families.

That knowledge is very helpful

at functions like Royal State dinners.

And the people of Aldovia
are fully embracing

their Queen Amber of New York.

This year has been super busy,

but next year is gonna be...

even busier.

Richard, this way!

Congratulations on the baby!

Over here!


Have you chosen the baby's name?


Are you expecting a boy or a girl?

- We haven't found out yet.
- We're waiting to be surprised.

You've updated Aldovia's line
of succession to include females.

Does that mean it's a girl?

It means that we are hoping
to bring Aldovia

into the 21st Century culturally,
just as the new Aldovia initiative

has done economically.

Will you at least tell us
the baby's due date?

January the 11th.

Will you be taking time off?

- Yes.
- Starting in two days time,

following the centennial treaty signing
with the Kingdom of Penglia.

Our last official duty of the year.

Now are there any policy questions,
economic queries, foreign affairs?


About the baby.
Do you have any names to share?


Have you truly not chosen the name?

You won't give up, will you?

Well, I'd be delighted to finally know
what names you're considering.

We're not telling anyone, Mother.

We're all family here.

What Richard said.

- For a girl, I say Khaleesi.
- Hermione is lovely as well.

Claudette is a family name
I'm very fond of

or Claude for a boy.

Well, if it is a boy, I won't be offended
if you decided to name him Simon,

or Simone for a girl, obviously.

All lovely names,
we will take them under advisement.

Your Majesty, in a few weeks' time
when the baby arrives,

the surprise will be all the sweeter.

You always put things in perspective.

I just hope I'm half as beautiful
as Amber is when I become pregnant.

That's an unsettling thought
to put into your mother's head.

Not nearly as unsettling
as your continued presence.

Your Majesties,

you have a guest.

I wonder who on Earth that could be.



Oh, you look fantastic!

I feel like a watermelon.

But it's so great that you could
surprise me early for the baby shower.

I am early,
but that's not actually the surprise.

Simon's invited me
to stay through Christmas.

A fabulous idea, if I may say so.

Wow, great!

It's so good to see you.

You too. So, are you daddy ready?

Getting there, I think.

Staying with someone's family
over Christmas is a big deal.

- She should've told us.
- She wanted to surprise you.

She knows how you feel about Simon.

- Well, I don't trust him.
- No, neither do I.

He has behaved all year.

In the hope
that we'll give him an official position.

Which we haven't.

I just don't want
Melissa to get hurt.

Let them be.

We have more important issues
to attend to.

Like my birth plan.

And the baby's musical enrichment.

I'm pretty sure research debunked the myth

that classical music
makes your baby smarter.

Classical music makes everybody smarter,

which I need to be to build this crib.

Instruction manual's more complicated
than differential calculus.



Hey, Pop.

Hey Peanut. I'm almost packed.

What's cracking in Aldovania?

You still can't say it right.

Pack warmly, it's cold here.

Now why couldn't you marry
the king of some tropical paradise?

She sunburns too easily.

Did you figure out
how long you can stay yet?

Gus is gonna cover the diner,

so I can stay from the baby shower
all the way until little Rudy's birth.

- Pardon me?
- Oops! Sorry.

Prince Rudy's birth.

- Pop!
- Hey, I'm just saying.

Amber, what are you doing out here?
It's so cold.

- Just getting some air.
- You should've woken me up.

You need your sleep.

You know, when the baby comes.

What do you have there?


Don't judge my cravings.


What do they call it?
Sympathetic weight gain syndrome?

Don't tattle to Dr. Magoro.
I'm supposed to watch my sugars.

You have my word.


Fetal heart rate excellent.

Amniotic fluid levels superb.

Your baby is beautiful.

Going forward,
anything special we should do?

Avoid special as much as possible.

Queen Amber needs her rest and relaxation,

nothing more.

That sounds ideal.

Hello, can we get a peek?

I'd love to see my little grandchild.

Can you print a copy for auntie Mel?

If you want to know if it's a boy
or a girl, you'll be disappointed.

Foiled again.

Try harder next time.

Just what the doctor ordered.

Nothing is more important right now

than time to ourselves.


To quote your sister,
I'm not a china doll.

No, you're far more valuable.

I want you both to have the best
of everything, including sleigh rides.

I've been thinking,

and I want this baby
to have a normal life,

as normal as possible.

Our child will be heir to the Kingdom.

Still, I went to public school,
I played with neighborhood kids.

I went to boarding school and played polo.

I was riding a subway by myself
when I was ten, and I ate diner food.

I had nannies
to make sure I ate my vegetables.

- I turned out all right.
- So did I.

We'll find a new definition
of normal together.

- No boarding school.
- No boarding school.

But no subway riding, either.

Well, luckily for you,
Aldovia doesn't have a subway.

Your Majesties,

with an eye to the Penglians'
official visit and treaty signing

proceeding as smoothly as possible,

we feel a review is prudent.

Thank you for making the time.

Well, this is the last of the time
you will get of our Queen,

for the rest of the year
will be dedicated exclusively

to the preparations for the birth
of the royal baby.

Of course.

Mr. Little.

The centennial treaty

renews an ancient truce
between Aldovia and Penglia

that dates back to a war 600 years ago.

That was the war
over Silk Road trading routes, right?

You've studied your history, Queen Amber.

It was a fearsome
and brutal war with no end in sight.

Finally, on Christmas Eve 1419,

Prince Claude of Aldovia
and Prince Jun of Penglia,

inspired by the season of peace
and goodwill,

found a way to end the conflict.

Just before midnight,

on that fateful Christmas Eve 1419,

the truce was declared
and the treaty signed.

The treaty, your Majesties.

To honor the peace and friendship
between our nations,

the treaty has been ceremonially renewed

every 100 years since, without fail.

The artistry is incredible.

It's a treasured artifact.

It's been under our protection since 1919.

And after the signing,
it goes back to Penglia

for the next hundred years.

It's beautiful,
with the signatures of every king.

I'll be the first queen
to sign it.

You will, indeed.

As long as the royals from Penglia agree.

Whilst Aldovia boldly plunges
into the 21st Century,

this treaty dates back
to the 15th Century.

We'll have to proceed
very carefully, Amber.

The Penglians are our closest allies but,

in many respects,
they are quite traditional.

An attitude personified

by the Queen of Penglia, Queen Ming.

Compared to Queen Ming,

even Mrs. Averill
comes off as rather carefree.

I have my carefree moments.

I had one last Sunday.

I love a challenge.
I can't wait to meet Queen Ming.

They shall be here momentarily.

Now come on, everybody.
Move into place, quickly.

Once they exit, meet them in the center.
King Richard will give a formal greeting.

Welcome to Aldovia.

A most hearty welcome.

We're here to celebrate a hand clasp
on a battlefield 600 years ago.

That changed the fate of both our nations.

King Richard,

so glad to finally meet you in person.

Good to see you too, King Tai.

May I introduce my wife, Queen Amber.

An honor.
You're as lovely and charming as they say.

My wife, Queen Ming of Penglia.

- Queen Ming.
- I'm most pleased to be here.

And to finally lay eyes
on the famous Queen Amber of New York.

Wonderful to meet you, Queen Ming.

And you.

I'm Amber, hi.

Lynn is our attaché.





No one does Christmas
like the Aldovians.

Thank you. We do our best.

If Emily had her way,
we'd have a tree in every room.

Actually, I believe you do.

Indeed, Tom.

We have quite a bit of mistletoe too.

That's spectacular.

So, how do you two know each other?

We studied together, Oxford.

I studied. Simon... caroused.

I may have enjoyed
the occasional night out,

but I'm not the one whose picture...

- Hey, hey, hey!
- ...is hanging in the King's Arms Pub.

Red for you, your Highness.

And sparkling water for you, Your Majesty.

Thank you, Mr Zabala.

It appears you've adapted comfortably
to your new role.

I like to think so.

Not to say
there haven't been growing pains.

What with the Belgravians here,
in Aldovia, as well,

it seems royals
marrying outside of noble classes

has become quite fashionable.

And now your first child

on the way. Congratulations.

Providing your kingdom with an heir

is historically a Queen's utmost duty.

Oh, I don't see it
as a duty at all.

Richard and I are simply excited
to start our family.

You have three children of your own?

Yes. Harry is 13.
Vivian and Amanda are ten.

Twins? I can't even imagine.

I have to admit, I was excited
to finally meet the playboy prince.

I enjoyed living vicariously

through your exploits in the press.

It's all greatly exaggerated.

I was actually hoping to talk
some business with you.

Business? Quite honestly,

I prefer to leave that tedium to Lynn.

Congratulations on your new position,
very impressive.

It's a start,
but I soon hope to be accomplishing more.

Ambitious as ever.

What's your role at the palace?

Cousin to the King,
but you know me, working the angles.

Oh, you always do.

Pardon me, got to take this.
Angles of my own.


She's a live wire.

Enjoying yourself?

Of course, yeah.

Are you familiar
with Aldovia's modernization efforts?

I'm familiar
with all aspects of Aldovia's policy.

Given its success,
I spoke with Richard and

we feel that you and I
should add our signatures to the treaty.

You wish to modernize
our 600 year old tradition?

We, the Queens,
could bring the tradition up to date.

History isn't made
by those who follow rules.

Your Majesties.

May I announce the arrival of the CEO

and the Chief Designer
from S & A Events International.

- Your Majesties.
- It's a pleasure to be here.

Andy, hi!


Wow, look at you.

You've never looked more beautiful.

So this is what you've been doing?
Your secret project?

Consider Andrew and myself
early Christmas gifts.

Weddings were too small a niche
for such a big talent.

We rebranded
and expanded Sahil's business.

I was happy
to give Andrew the opportunity.

Design genius meets management expertise.

Mrs. Averill engaged us
to make sure that you had

the most spectacular
royal baby shower of all time.

- You deserve it.
- Thanks.

May I also offer our service,
free of charge,

to the elevation
of tomorrow's treaty signing?


I have seen the artifact.
It's a bit tacky, no?

It's a priceless work of art.

We will be standing by if you need us.


Next question.

During labor I would like
to spend the first stage

lying down, standing up, walking around,
in the shower or in the tub?

Lying down.

Walking around. New York, born and raised.

Never realized labour
came in multiple choice.

Testing. Testing. Can you hear me?

I can hear you.

Let's test it for real.


- Are you seeing this?
- Yeah.


Can you still see me?

Amber, hello?

This is unbelievable.

You're right. This is amazing.

Should we try from the nursery?

Now transmitting from the nursery.

Can you hear me?

Amber, hello? Are you there?

I need a little help.

Is that crying? Amber?

What is it?

I can't even reach my own slippers.

Allow me.

Perfect fit.

Cinderella was a bit more graceful.

But nowhere near as beautiful.

This storm could spell disaster.

Where's Lynn?
I asked for an update four minutes ago.

Apologies, Queen Ming.
I was speaking to the pilot.


The storm brought the country
to a standstill.

All flights have been canceled.

How would this affect the treaty signing?

The Aldovians wish to proceed
the ceremony as scheduled.

I agree.

Very well.

Find us a way home directly afterwards.

Our children expect us back.


Such a shame
there are so few guests

to witness this beautiful event.

Yes, I'm afraid no one's been able
to travel anywhere today, Your Majesty.

Your Majesties.

As expected, the Penglians
have officially rejected

either queen signing the treaty.

I'm sorry.

In a few minutes, this will all be over

and then we can focus
on what's most important.

You and the baby.

There's a little too much red.

I think they can do
with a little bit more blue,

- to be honest.
- Yeah.

I'm thinking royal blue.

Mm... Yeah. Could work.

In honor of the sacred treaty,

signed on the battlefield
on Christmas Eve in the year 1419,

the monarchy of Aldovia

welcomes King Tai
and Queen Ming of Penglia.

No. No, no, no.

It is my great honor and privilege

to preside over the seventh signing
of the sacred truce between our realms.

The entire Kingdom of Aldovia

heartily embraces our alliance
with Penglia.

What began as a handshake on Christmas Eve

has evolved into an ever-growing bond

represented by our invaluable,

precious treaty.

Mr. Little, let the signing begin.

How is this possible?

Where's the treaty?
It's supposed to be there.

We do apologize.

I'm sure we can get this little mix-up
straightened out right away.

Well this is certainly embarrassing.

If we don't sort this out,
we'll all end up in the dungeon.


Perhaps now it can be replaced
with something more palatable.

There must be an explanation.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on?

The treaty was there last night
when we checked.

- I can confirm.
- And now it's vanished.

I've been saying that we should update
the security protocols ever since...

well, you infiltrated the palace.

But no one has come or gone
since the blizzard.

So the treaty must still be in the palace.

Along with whoever took it.

- What do we do now?
- I don't know...


We need your help.

You're kidding.

Well, I'd be delighted.
What can I do for my king and queen?

Find a way to occupy our guests
while we locate the treaty.

It's okay, we'll make sure...
I'll make sure everything's sorted.

And how am I to do that?

You're friends with Lynn.
Keep them entertained.

Lynn's easy to entertain.

Not so sure about the others.

One thing is for certain.

Just stick with Simon and make sure
he doesn't do anything Simon-like.

I'll be your eyes and ears.

I know what might be a bit of fun.

Is this some kind of game?

Top of the tree,
a classic Aldovian Christmas game.

Wow, I haven't played this
since I was a kid.

Shockingly good idea, Simon.

Two teams compete,

the goal being
to decorate your side of the tree first.

The team that places the star
on top of the tree wins.

You want us to play a children's game
in the midst of this scandal?

Well, it's an unfortunate delay,
it's not really a scandal, yet.

Simon has a great talent for games.

He's definitely talented at many things.

Ornaments are awarded
for answering questions

about famous royal traditions and legends.

Count me in.

Our children would enjoy this.

I'll go and inform them about the delay.

Of course.

It's a pity though,
we should have even teams.

Well, I'm happy to sit out if it helps.

I'm not exactly a whiz
at royal traditions yet.

I'll join King Tai.
I embrace any opportunity to beat Simon.

I like your spirit, Princess.

Well, guess that makes it...

you and me.

- Would you like to start?
- Yes, please.

Any luck?

Not yet.

We know the treaty was here last night.

We know that nobody's entered
or left the palace.

Are you proposing
we make a list of suspects?

Investigative journalism 101.

The treaty didn't fly away on its own.

Did you notice the look
that Simon and Lynn exchanged

when the treaty went missing?

And Sahil called it tacky.
I wouldn't put it past him.

Who in this palace had the means,
the opportunity, the motive?

- Did you take it?
- No.

Neither did I. That's two down.

Very funny.


This is an easy one.

In the legend "Princess Froon,"

Grendel's pet is what animal?

Even I know this one,
from your Christmas pageant.

- Don't you dare say.
- Turtle!

Yes, well played. One more and we win.

Tweet, tweet, tweet.

That is beautiful.

Do you see that, Melissa, what she made?
It's amazing.

I can make you one.

Actually, I need to get some air.

Melissa! Melissa...


We should probably check on Ming.

A pity, Princess Emily, we would have won.


This game was a favorite
in my family, too.

Final question.

Who was Aldovia's greatest king
and father?

That isn't a real question.

But you know the answer.

My father.

The star.

You win.

Will you do the honors?

As you wish.


Where are you going?

Simon and I need some alone time.

Melissa suggested a walk in the snow.

What about the Penglians?

Well Emily's more than capable
and my priority is Melissa.

Mel, can we talk a sec?

Yeah, sure.

I'll see about clearing a path.

My hero!

What's up?

Well, you and Simon, for one thing.

I never realized you were so close.

We talk for hours every night.

He's really smart,

funny, super cute
and really misunderstood.


Mel, all your bad boys
have left you heartbroken.

He's more than just a bad boy.

He cares about me.

It's starting to feel real, you know?

We are just worried about his intentions.

Have you seen the way he looks at Lynn?

He swears Lynn is just a friend.

I don't know,
sometimes I get a little insecure,

out of my depth with royals, you get that.

Yeah, but you don't know Simon like we do.

And you don't know Simon like I do.

I appreciate you looking out for me,

but Simon and I...

we're in love.


Not just like a lot or heavily infatuated?

I want it to work.

I hear you.

Has the treaty been found?

It pains me to say no, Your Majesty.

After our initial survey,

we can assume it's nowhere obvious.

Your Majesty, please, be assured

no one will rest until it's located.

Thank you.

Because, according to the treaty's terms,

if it's not renewed by midnight
on Christmas Eve,

Aldovia and Penglia
technically return to a state of war.

Should be interesting,
as neither country has a standing army.

Emily, I thought you were with our guests.

Simon had to end the game abruptly.
They've returned to their rooms.

This situation is just so inelegant.

Please, continue to search.

Your Majesty.

Is this about the treaty?

Mother, did you read this?

"If there comes a day
the sacred truce is broken,

the Kingdom disrupting the peace
shall suffer a dreadful fate:

upon the firstborn a beshrew."

What's a beshrew?

It's a curse.

People believed in things like that
back then.

How did it work?

A sorceress would conjure a spell

to ensure
that the two kingdoms upheld the treaty.

So, if we don't sign the treaty
by Christmas Eve,

there'll be a curse
on the firstborn child?

That's Amber and Richard's baby.

Sorcery fell out of favor centuries ago.

Emily, we're not going to bother anyone
with this nonsense.

But what if it isn't nonsense?


What is it?

Baby's kicking a lot.


Little striker in there.

More likely upset
about my chat with Melissa.

Does Simon have an alibi?

No idea, but she thinks
he's a great guy, says they're in love.

Love is blind.

Perhaps sleuthing while pregnant
isn't the best idea.

I may be expecting and Queen,

but I'm still a journalist.

And right now,
my investigation needs your help.

Not now, Andrew.
I'm in the zone, designing.




Your Majesty.

Please, come... come in.

Sorry to disturb you, Sahil.

I have a design question
about the nursery.

Do you have a moment?

Now? Of course, Your Majesty.

I appreciate this.

It's about the best location
for the crib, given the layout.

Spatial flow is absolutely crucial.

I have studied the Aztecs, Mongols
and Zulus to arrive at my own theories.

- I should get my tape measure.
- No, no, no, no!

I mean I have
a royal tape measure waiting for us.


I am envisioning monochrome
with geometric prints.


Hi, Eddie. Andrew.


Is Sahil here?

- No, I was just...
- Just...

Helping with the search.

Sahil called the treaty tacky.

I went too far. Don't be mad at me.


Look, I work with the guy daily.

I get it. He's opinionated.

It was a lead. We follow leads, remember?

I do, it's just we have
a multi-million dollar business now

and Sahil would never risk it.

Multi-million dollars, really?

Yeah. So if you wanna write a story,
write about us.

- Like a puff piece?
- Exactly.

- After the baby, of course.
- Of course.

Tell me you had success.

Thanks to your little ruse,
the last hour's felt like a month.

- Once Sahil gets in the zone...
- He didn't take it.

You're right,

I don't need to focus
on this missing treaty.

No, you absolutely don't.

Actually, you do.


I'm not meant to tell you this
because it's probably rubbish.


a curse will befall the King and Queen
responsible for breaking the treaty.

Seriously? A curse?

Concocted by a sorceress
to ensure the treaty wasn't broken.

Sorcery. Hardly a cause for concern.

If the treaty isn't signed in time,
by midnight Christmas Eve,

it takes effect.

Why are you putting stock
in this nonsense?

It's a curse on your firstborn.

On this baby?

Our baby.

According to the history book.

The chance of this being real
is infinitesimal.

I don't care if it's one in a billion,
I'm not risking it.

We need to find this treaty.

Attention, flight 1225

to Aldovia is still canceled.

Eh, no clue
when they'll start letting flights in,

but I'll be on the first one
as soon as they do.

How about you guys, how you doing?

Honestly, disaster on all fronts.

Melissa is in love with Simon.

We have to cancel tomorrow's baby shower,
the treaty is missing

and if we don't find it
by midnight on Christmas Eve,

our baby is cursed.

Hold on,
you're gonna have to explain that one.

- It's a long story.
- Emphasis on story,

and we have until Christmas Eve
to sort it out.

Tomorrow's only the 23rd.

Well, I don't know much
about this supernatural stuff,

but go easy on Melissa, huh?

Love makes people do funny things.

You gave up New York slices and bagels
for meat jelly.

Oh! Could you please bring me some bagels?

You got it.

Now, why'd you cancel your baby shower?

No one can get here. The storm.

There's plenty of people in the palace.
Have it anyway.

It just doesn't feel like the right time.

From what you're saying,
sounds like a little hope and joy

is just what the palace needs.

Have the shower.

A curse upon the firstborn,

upon the firstborn...


The Royal Scandal
of the Fathers of the Silk Road Treaty.

Royal scandal?

Did you know there was a love triangle

between Prince Claude and Prince Jun
over Claude's newlywed, Princess Jocelyn?

I believe they taught us that
at boarding school.

Oh my gosh!

Soon after the royal treaty was signed,

Prince Claude was poisoned.
Many believed Prince Jun did it.

The house of Devon, Claude's family,
fell out of power

and Claude's descendants swore vengeance.


Why does that name sound familiar?

You're up early, my dear.

Oh, I couldn't sleep.

Baby had a restless night.

One day, you'll look back
on all the sleepless nights

and you'll realize

they're amongst your sweetest memories.

It's a big change, isn't it?

It's the greatest adventure,

but your life
will never be the same again.

There are so many things
that I wish I could ask my mom.

Amber, never forget that she's right here.

Her spirit's in you and your baby.

She gave you good instincts

and, through your baby, she'll guide you,


I'm so grateful I have you.

I'm here.

For anything.

When you were expecting Emily,
did you try hypnobirthing?


What on earth is hypnobirthing?

Fear causes the body to tense up

and pain in childbirth
becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So you're saying
no pain is really an option?

Language is powerful

and we want to have
a positive view of birth.

For instance, instead of contractions,

we'll call them surges.

- Surges?
- Like a surge of energy?

Exactly. Your body is powerful.

And during labor, every surge you feel

is a wave of relaxation,

pleasure and love.


Lucky you, men don't get those.

I want you both to lie back
and close your eyes.

I'm going to lead you
into a guided imagery meditation.

Imagine a surge,

relaxation, pleasure, love.

Feel its pulse.

We thought we'd be home by now, too.

No, you may not peek at your presents.

We'll be home
as soon as we're able.

Love you!

Bye, now.

This predicament must be resolved.

If only the children were stuck here
with us, wouldn't be so bad.

No place is more Christmassy.

Leave it to you to find light
in any situation.

I assume that's why you keep me around.

Still, I'd like to find a way home.

If we don't stay to sign the truce treaty,

our kingdoms technically return
to a state of war.

Of course, a war
that would be fought by lawyers.

Just a thought.

What if the Aldovians orchestrated this
on purpose?

They want the treaty signed
just as much as we do.

Unless it's a way for them to force
an unfair renegotiation of terms.

Renegotiation under duress?


Good day, Your Majesties.

Forgive me, am I interrupting?

Not at all.

May I present,
with the compliments and best wishes

of Queen Amber of Aldovia.

Thank you and good day.

Hm. An invitation to attend
Queen Amber's royal baby shower.




Oh my goodness.

It's amazing!


Your Majesty, our gift
from S&A Events International.

Sahil, you have really outdone yourself.

And you, Andy.

We're here to celebrate new life

and strong bonds.

Thank you.

Baby guessing game. I love it!

Ladies and gentlemen, please, our Queen.

That's me.

There I am, there.

And who is this little cutie?

Yeah, that's... that's me.


Never would have guessed.

Oh my goodness, look at this!

It's so cute!

Thank you so much, guys.

Will you look at this little bear.

Oh, that is... Look at the little ears.

So cute!

For you.

Did you make this?


Thank you so much.

That's so sweet.

Queen Amber, King Richard.
My gift is a song.

♪ Hark the herald angels sing ♪

♪ Glory to the new born king ♪

♪ Peace on earth and mercy mild ♪

♪ God and sinners reconcile ♪

Thank you.

King Tai played beautifully.

Everyone adores King Tai.

He is the only leader Penglia needs.

But he's not the only leader Penglia has.

You and King Richard
are truly a team.

I do admire that.

I think you deserve more credit.

Credit is not something I seek.

Looks like our queens
are getting along nicely.

Happy wife, happy life.

Speaking of which,
mind if we slip out for a moment?


Excuse me.

Please, could you tell me the status
on the search of the treaty?

Well, we remain certain
it's still in the palace.

King Richard has called
for a specially trained police dog

to sniff out the artifact.

The dog arrives tomorrow morning.

Okay. Thank you.

I promised I'd build the crib on my own
but I found the instructions impenetrable.

I remember building
our baby's crib.

Took me a month.

We each rule a kingdom.
This can't be beyond us.

We'll build like we lead, by instinct.

I never knew how complicated
preparing for a baby would be.

Did it take you a long time
to feel comfortable with fatherhood?

Only until the birth,
then it was automatic.

I never experienced
feeling that type of love before.

When the most dire problem in the kingdom
pales to a scuffed knee,

you know you are a parent.

I read more of that history book today

and you know what?

This isn't the first time
the treaty's disappeared.

It's not?

Two hundred years ago,
there was another incident,

here in Aldovia.

The thief made off with the treaty,
but was caught red-handed.

Spent the rest of his years
locked in a dungeon.

Princess Emily, please don't fret,
I have never heard of such a legend.

And nor have I.

I have.

I started working for your grandparents
when I was just a lad.

They told me that the ghost
of that wretched thief

still roamed
the darkest depths of the dungeon,

searching for his coveted prize.

- I've never heard such nonsense.
- Neither have I, Your Majesty.

I was of the same mind, Your Majesty.

Then, one Christmas Eve,

despite all the warnings,

I snuck into the dungeon.


I heard a tortured moaning.

Then I felt a chilling breeze...

and then...

I ran.

Okay, so this is my favorite.

- Aw! He's so cute!
- I know.

Queen Helena said that it was
Richard's favorite childhood toy.

Mr. Paddy Claw Paws.

Oh... I hope you have veto rights
on your baby's name.

Oh, okay, very good.

I can't believe you made this for me.

- I hope you like it.
- I love it.

It's a special Penglian pattern
my grandmother taught me.

She must've been very talented.

- She was.
- Thank you. I appreciate it.

Have you guys seen this part?

They're such fun.

I think we're almost done here.

Looks like it.

I'm sorry for all the strife
the treaty has caused.

Well it's not your doing
the treaty disappeared, right?

Well, it's not that.

I know that Ming was uneasy about the idea
of her and Amber signing it.

I'm happy for Ming to sign,

but she's worried what our people
will think if she seeks credit,

despite all she does for Penglia.

Aldovia has embraced Queen Amber.

Penglia adores Ming.

She deserves her due.

Not bad for a couple of kings
on their own.

- Look at that.
- Huh.

- Uh-oh...
- What?

Pretty sure this is meant to be
on the outside.

Is it?

Do you think it matters?

I think it might.

You really haven't missed a beat.


are not so bad yourself.

I think we deserve everything
that's coming to us.

There's something I want to show you.
Come with me.

- Simon!
- Melissa, I...

I was...

How about some tea?

What's that you're hiding?


What's really going on with you and Lynn?

What's going on?

I told you, she's just an old friend.


We dated, briefly, at school.

Two dates, three at the most.

We quickly realized
we're better suited as friends.

Now, about that tea.

Amber was right about you.

An early Christmas gift.

You two can match.


It's Simon and Lynn together.

What's going on? What's wrong?

You were right about Simon's intentions.
He's hiding things.

Look at this.

This is private financial information
about the trade agreement.

Is this an assessment
of Aldovia's debt to Penglia,

a billion euros?

That sounds correct.

But a year ago it was five billion,

and with our economy,
it should be gone by spring.

Unless the treaty is broken.

In which case it's due immediately.

Simon's helping Lynn
for a piece of the action.

Selling out his own kingdom.

I say we make a formal accusation.

I'll help you make it.

I'm so sorry, Melissa.
I never wanted to be right about him.

I didn't want you to be, either.

We have a Malinois,
a police dog arriving first thing.

Once it sniffs out the treaty,
we'll make a move.

- Why wait?
- We have to have proof.

Can't offend the Penglians.

As long as this treaty is signed
by midnight tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I want you
to keep an eye on Simon.

- I'd rather not look at him right now.
- Please.

It's important he doesn't suspect a thing.

Our baby's future depends on it.

On the treaty? How?

Sit down.


You of all people
know me better than that.

No, it's too pathetic.


you just don't understand
how things work in a palace.

No, too arrogant.


if you could only trust...

You came back?

I grew up with this breed,

Your Majesties.

Their sense of smell is unsurpassed.

The treaty will be sniffed out imminently.

Can you please tell me
the status on Aldovia's roadways?

Fully plowed by the end of day.

And the airport?

Rescheduled to open this evening.

I've already spoken to our pilot.
We depart at first clearing.

Have faith. The dog will find it.

Mr. Little has advised
that we remain outside the palace

so the dog can work without distraction.

Where are we to go?

Aldovia's Christmas market
is just a short walk down the hill.

It's absolutely magical on Christmas Eve.

♪ It came upon the midnight clear ♪

♪ That glorious song of old ♪

♪ From angels bending near the earth ♪

♪ To touch their harps... ♪

Perfect place
to hope for a Christmas miracle.

A Christmas Eve miracle.

- We only have till midnight.
- ♪...goodwill to men ♪

♪ From heavens all gracious King! ♪

- ♪ The world in solemn stillness lay... ♪
- Oh! It's Queen Amber!

It's Queen Amber!

- Merry Christmas, Queen Amber!
- Oh!

So lovely to see you both.

Thank you very much.

Hi, Merry Christmas.

- Hello, merry Christmas.
- You look amazing.

Thank you so much.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Merry Christmas, Queen Amber.

Merry Christmas, Queen Amber.

Happy Christmas, King Richard.

- Thank you.
- Are you enjoying the market?

Loving the market.
Thank you so much.

The people adore their Queen Amber.

I'd say they're both beloved.

You deserve the same.

You should accept the credit
for all you do for Penglia.

Hi, everyone.

Queen Ming, King Tai, do come and join us.

♪ Dashing through the snow ♪

♪ In a one-horse open sleigh ♪

♪ Over the fields we go ♪

♪ Laughing all the way ♪

♪ Bells on bob-tail ring ♪

- That looks fun.
- ♪ Making spirits bright ♪

♪ What fun it is to ride and sing ♪

- ♪ A sleighing song tonight ♪
- Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

- I wish.
- ♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells ♪

- ♪ O' what fun it is to ride ♪
- Say no more.

♪ In a one-horse open sleigh ♪

I can't believe they let us do this.

Sometimes it's very useful to be king.

Or a princess.

Faster, faster!

You asked for it!

We will turn you
into an extreme winter sports athlete yet.

- I'd like to try snow kiting.
- Oh!

Perhaps next year.

You're my witness, Tom.
You heard my brother.

I did.

This looks so fun.

I'll see you on the ice, all right?


Come on, keep up!

You're such a show-off.

- Keep up.
- And can't promise anything.

Don't fall behind. What?

Are you hurt?

He's a lot tougher than he looks.

I'm really not, actually.

I feel like a ballerina!

Look at them.

That was amazing.

For a moment,
I almost forgot about everything.

It's going to be fine.

With us and the baby.

I hope so.

King Tai.

Come on, Ming.

It's been too long not skating.

Anything else?


That's something I can do.

- I challenge anyone to archery.
- You may regret it.

We have a champion archer in the fold.

Champion archer? Me?

According to Queen Helena.

I've seen her stop an embezzler
with her bow.

Sounds like a bit of fun.

Visiting kingdom shoots first.


Nicely done, my dear.

Excellent shot, my Queen.

Clear your mind
and focus on what's most important.

You got this.

Excuse me, Your Majesties, a message
from the palace regarding the treaty.

The dog failed, the treaty remains lost.

Whoa. Bullseye!


She's fainted.

Let's just make it to the chaise.

Really, Richard, I'm okay.

I just want to make sure.

Doctor Magoro. Sir, it's Dr. Magoro.

Thank you.

- I understand the Queen's fainted?
- Yes.

Yes, she fainted, but she's awake now.

- She has been overdoing it.
- I thought so.

You've overdone it.

She needs rest.

Rest, yes. I'll tell her.

Why don't I drive to the palace?

We'd be very grateful. Thank you.

She's on her way.

I told you, I'm fine.

Still, you must rest
until she gets here.

That's doctor's and king's orders.

Princess' orders as well.


How can I
when we only have until midnight?

How long?

Great, thank you.

The airport is opening shortly.

Will you please arrange transport?

I will see to it, Miss Lynn.

There you are.

Sorry, I have some news.

The airport is open.

The Penglians are leaving.

Oh my goodness.

Shall I speak to them?

- Please, Mother.
- Mr. Zabala

Yes, of course, Your Majesty.
Excuse me.

What do we do now?

We have to expose Simon and Lynn.

It's our last hope to find the treaty.



He and Lynn have been conspiring
since she arrived.

- That's disgraceful.
- But not unexpected.

Listen, something is nagging at me.

Call it instinct.

If we are correct, and Simon and Lynn
took the treaty and hid it,

why didn't the police dog find it?

- We'll have to ask Simon.
- But there's more.

The old scandal
between Prince Claude and Prince Jun.

The family swore they would get revenge.

Maybe that's why the treaty
was nearly stolen 200 years ago.

The treaty was stolen before?

What, what's wrong?

I don't know, cramping.
Cramping bad.

Oh my gosh.

Does that mean...

- I think so.
- What is it?

I'm going into labor.


Hello? King Richard?

Doctor, Amber's gone into labor.

Labor? Now?

No, no, no, she's not due
until January, Your Majesty.

Her back hurts and she has cramping.

Could be forced labor
due to over activity.

She has been very active.

Tell the Queen,
deep breaths and remain calm.

All right. Thank you, Doctor.

See you very soon. Bye.


- Is it true? Have you gone into labor?
- It appears so.

- How far apart are the contractions?
- Close. Getting stronger.

We call them surges as per the doctor

who's on her way.

This is her.

King Richard...

I found myself in a bit of a situation.

Where are you?

North road. Stay in your car.

What is it?

She's stuck in a snow bank.

But the baby's coming.

I used to volunteer at a maternity ward.
I will help you through this.

Tai, cancel our flight.

Of course. Lynn!

Thank you, Queen Ming.

- I'll get Dr. Magoro.
- Richard!

I'll be back with her as soon as I can.

You can do this, birth plan or not.

I love you.

I love you.

Take care of her, please.

Richard, we heard about Amber.
Is there...

- I'll deal with you later.
- Wh...

Good boy, let's go.

I too had the baby come early.

- You did?
- My son.

He's okay?

He's intelligent, capable

and has the energy of three boys.

Your baby will be perfectly fine.

Your child is strong, Amber.
Like you and Richard.

But I can't help but worry
that it's going to be midnight soon.

If that treaty isn't signed,

my baby is cursed.


I told you not to worry Amber
with that nonsense.

But what if it's true?

Sorcery was discredited a long time ago,

for good reason.

Many old treaties
involved punitive superstitions.

It's not unusual.

Tell me about this one.

Well, what I read
was about a sorceress that cast a spell.

Not tonight.

Come on!

The curse affects the firstborn child

of whichever kingdom
causes the truce to break.

Typical for its time,
but that time is not our time.


You don't want to risk it, I understand,

as small a chance as it may be.

A mother's love for her child
is greater than anything.

Someone in this palace
sabotaged the signing of the treaty. Why?

Your Majesty!
I've spoken to the doctor

and she said it's acceptable
to administer pain medication for your...


Thank you, Mrs. Averill,
but I need to keep my mind sharp.


We all want what's best for your baby
and for you.

Please try not to worry needlessly.

Maybe it isn't needless.

It could be real.
After all, our dungeon is haunted.

- Haunted?
- Yes.

Mr. Little even encountered it,

the ghost of the thief
who stole the treaty 200 years ago.

Emily, listen to me.

I need you to do something
for me right now.

Why on earth
did Amber want us to come down here?

She insists we search the furthest corner.

Pray we avoid the ghost
that haunts this dungeon.

You're not scared
of the made-up ghost, are you?

What was that?

Just... Just our imaginations.

Working in unison.

Come along.

Leopold was here.

Now we are.

Oh, no!


Oh, dear.

Help! Help us!


Please help!

Dr. Magoro?

- Are you all right?
- I am now, thank you.

I trust you know how to ride.

I do, indeed.

You're doing good.

Poor thing.

This is not the time, Simon.


You look like you could use these.

Squeeze these
when you're feeling overwhelmed.

Works for me.

Thank you, Simon.

The hot water you requested, Your Majesty.

I need a heating pad
and a paint roller with a good handle.

Of course, straight away.

I have a heating pad
and good luck with the roller.

Is there anything we can do to help?

I am charged
with finding a paint roller in a palace.

I possess such an item.

- Really?
- You do?

With a good handle?

A very excellent handle, yes.

And may I ask why?

No, you may not, Andrew.

Come, Mr. Z.

- We will get it.
- Thank you.

Help! Please help us!


It's no use, darling, no one can hear us.

Look, a key!

It's too far.

That's really helping.

How long did you volunteer
at the hospital?

- Many years.
- You certainly learned a lot.

I learned no job is more demanding
or rewarding than motherhood.

Penglia now has services in place

to assist and support all of our mothers
in any way they might need.

I heard about that program,
it's fantastic.

I'm trying to implement
something similar here,

with a few updates.

You're so close.

That's it, almost.

You have it, you've got it.

You got it!

There you are. Good girl.

Almost there.

Lift it up.



Emily, are you all right?

- Yes, I'm fine.
- The stone didn't hurt you?

Look, in there.

- I can't believe it.
- The missing treaty.

What was that?

The ghost, coming to get the treaty.

No, listen.

It's the wind blowing through the stones.

So, no ghost?


But we have the treaty.

But we're still locked in.

- Amber.
- Richard.

- How are you?
- No baby yet.

Everything's going to be fine,
Your Majesty.

How far apart are the surges?

Five minutes, progressing steadily.

Ah. Thank you for being so attentive.

It's useless.

It's nearly midnight.

It's over.

We mustn't give up.

But what can we do?


Brilliant, Mother.

The linens, doctor.

What time is it?

Ten minutes to midnight.

Where are they?

The treaty, we found the treaty.

What? Where?

In the dungeon.

How did you know?

Amber solved the mystery.

I did.

Come in, everyone.
You all need to hear this.

Someone right here,
in this very room, stole the treaty.

Tell us everything you know.

The scandal that followed the signing
of the treaty

resulted in the alleged poisoning
of Prince Claude.

His family swore vengeance

and a member of that family
is in this room.

Go on.

Prince Claude's family name,
Devon, was familiar to me

and tonight I remembered why.

I read it in this book.

Your mother's maiden name was Devin.

Wasn't it, Mr. Little?

I know it was you, Mr. Little.

You were the last one
to lock up the treaty,

you kept the dog out of the dungeon

and you tried to keep Emily
out of the dungeon

with some made-up ghost story.

If you're guilty, Mr. Little,

confess here and now.

I did do it.

To break the truce

and sever our ties with Penglia.

But why?

I was bound by a solemn blood oath,

a sworn duty
to avenge the crime against my family

by the Penglian Prince Jun.

Mr. Little,
Prince Jun's guilt was never proven.

Our historians believe
that the real culprit

was a covetous feudal lord.

I had a duty. I fulfilled it.

You nearly started a war.

And could have cursed an innocent baby.

I didn't know about the curse
until tonight.

And I would never bring harm
to your baby.

- Mr. Zabala.
- Ma'am?

Take Mr. Little to the Leopold Suite.

At once.


I apologize for my behavior earlier.

Did you think...

We had our suspicions.

Not you, too!

Lynn and I have been working diligently

on economic amendments to the treaty
which should benefit both kingdoms.

And we've found a very promising solution.

That's all it was, I promise.

What is it?

When I came to your room last night
after Lynn left, you hid something.

How can that relate
to the treaty?

It didn't.

Lynn was helping to make sure
I chose well

when picking out the most important gift
I'll offer you.

I wanted to wait until tomorrow, but...

Melissa, my love...

Although I'm undeserving of such an honor,

will you marry me?

Yes! Yes.



Congratulations, Simon.

Congratulations, Melissa.

You could have done worse.

Oh, that's a ringing endorsement.

Don't let it get to your head.

I see a royal title in your future, Simon.

Perhaps Duke?

I accept.

This is such wonderful news.
I'm so happy for you.

But we're running out of time.
It's nearly midnight

and there's a treaty to sign.

- Quickly.
- Yes.

We must allow the time
for the Queens to sign as well.

There's always time to make history.

But not too much time.

Your Majesty, King Tai.

The visiting monarch signs first.

After you, my Queen.

You have made me
and all of Penglia very proud.

At the hour of 11:59,
on December the 24th in the year 2019,

I declare the truce and treaty

between the kingdoms
of Aldovia and Penglia


ratified and renewed
for the next 100 years.

We made it.

Merry Christmas.

Happy anniversary.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Averill.

I think it's time.

Everyone except the father, out.

The royal baby
is ready to make its entrance.


- Yes.
- Thank you.



A healthy, beautiful baby.

Thank goodness.

Well done, Amber.

Queen Amber, King Richard,

may I present to you
the future monarch of Aldovia,

your daughter.



She's beautiful.

She's incredible.

Just like her mother.

Thank you.

Amber and I

are the proud parents...

of a new...

baby girl.

I knew it was a girl.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Your father would be overjoyed
if he were here.

Mr. Zabala, champagne for the baby girl!

Girl? Did I just hear
I have a granddaughter?

Merry Christmas, everyone.

I fought my way onto the first flight.

You're just in time to meet her.
Mother, Rudy.

Pop, you made it.

How's my little peanut?

Never better.

Meet your granddaughter, Elleri.

You named her after mom.


You're perfect.

- Here.
- Ooh!

Come to grandpa.

She likes you.



Such a beautiful name.

Beautiful baby. Congratulations.

The plane is standing by.

We can be back in Penglia by sunrise
to enjoy Christmas with your children.

Go home, be with your family.

And Ming...

thank you for everything.

Thank you.

Call me anytime.

Even better,
bring your little one for a visit.

We can discuss
our programs for mothers in person.

I'd love to.

King Richard,
it's been an adventure.

A Penglian symbol
of mother's nurturing strength.

It's yours now.

Are you sure?

Queen Amber of Aldovia,

you are going to be a wonderful mother.

Thank you.

Today, her Royal Highness,
Queen Amber of Aldovia,

safely delivered a daughter,

Princess Elleri Claire Charlton.

Merry Christmas!


Come on, Princess!



I love our princess.

So do I.

I love you.

I want to thank you all,
my loyal readers,

for sharing this amazing journey with me.

I couldn't be more grateful.

On behalf of Richard, myself, Elleri
and the Royal family of Aldovia,

we wish you all a very Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year.

♪ It only happens once a year ♪

♪ When we can spread
Some Christmas cheer ♪

♪ Been waiting for the season ♪

♪ To celebrate that feeling
Of holiday magic in the air ♪

♪ 'Cause ooh, ooh, I get happy ♪

♪ And ooh, ooh, I spread some joy ♪

♪ And everywhere we go
We share the love we know ♪

♪ It is a feeling you can't compare
Of the magic in the air ♪

♪ We can see the Northern Lights
Sparkling across the sky ♪

♪ Sleigh bells in the snow,
Kiss underneath the mistletoe ♪

♪ If I only had one wish ♪

♪ It would be the gift
Of spreading love, love, love, love ♪

♪ At Christmas ♪

♪ 'Cause ooh, ooh, I get happy ♪

♪ And ooh, ooh, I spread some joy ♪

♪ And everywhere we go
We share the love we know ♪

♪ It is a feeling you can't compare
Of the magic in the air ♪

♪ If I only had one wish ♪

♪ It would be the gift
Of spreading love, love, love, love ♪

♪ At Christmas ♪