A Christmas Mystery (2014) - full transcript

When a reporter discovers that her late mother had been receiving Christmas cards from a secret admirer, she decides to track him down. In the process, she'll discover a family secret more dangerous than she could have ever imagined.

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Heading out?



- Goodbye, Becky.
- Bye, Daddy.

I love you, honey.

I'll see you soon.



Rebecca, what's this I hear

about you working
until 11:00 last night?

11:30. And before you
give me another lecture,

you should know I still got
a good night's sleep

and ate a balanced breakfast.

A granola bar is
not a balanced breakfast.

Harvey's looking for you,
by the way.

- Sounds pretty urgent.
- It's not even 9:00.

I wonder whose feathers
I ruffled this time.

You? Might be easier to ask
whose you didn't.


- That's preposterous.
- No, that's libel.

The man was guilty.

Not according to the jury!

That's because the judge
threw out half the evidence.

It doesn't change the fact
that the man was exonerated!

He had expensive lawyers.

Yeah, and now those same
expensive lawyers

are after your head.

And I'm inclined
to give it to them.

- You're not gonna fire me.
- Oh, really? Why is that?

Because you enjoy
yelling me at me too much.

Don't oversell yourself.

Fine. Issue a retraction,

and I'll write an apology
for tomorrow's edition.


They want your sources.

Over my dead body.

Oh, I suggested that.

You think the board
has forgotten

what happened last year?

That wouldn't happen to be
the same board

that asked me
to write an article

on which supermodel
a Giants quarterback is dating?

People like
human interest stories!

I'm not giving them
my sources, Harvey.

Fine. I'm suspending you.
One month.

You wouldn't last one week
without me.

You wanna make it two?


Merry Christmas!

[phone rings]

Rebecca Clark.

Then I saw a new heaven
and a new earth,

for the first heaven and the
first earth had passed away.

And I heard a loud voice
from the throne saying,

"Behold, the dwelling place
of God is with man.

He will dwell with them,
and they will be His people."

25 years after her husband James

was taken from us
in a boat accident,

Catherine now stands
at the gates of heaven.

And as the Bible says,

"He will wipe away every tear
from their eyes,

and death shall be no more,

neither shall there be mourning
nor crying

nor pain anymore,

for the old things
have passed away."

So let us take this time
not to mourn Catherine,

but to celebrate her life

as she is welcomed into
the kingdom of God.


Your mother was a dear friend.

A heart attack at her age?

It was too soon.

Thank you for coming.

Excuse me.

Who's that?

I don't know.

I know you two
had your differences,

but if you need anything,

someone to talk to while
you're here, anything.

You're part of the family,
so you don't have to feel alone.

Thanks, you guys.

There's still so much to do,

and I really need
to get back to the city.

So soon, huh?

I promise
I'll call before I leave.

Come here.

Hang in there, okay?


Take care, Rebecca.

I'll see you later,
Mr. Walker.

Ah, call me Logan, huh?

Thanks, Logan.

I love you, Mommy.

I love you too, sweetheart.


When's Daddy coming home?

I know you miss
your father, honey,

but as long as you have that,
you'll never be alone.



Okay. Let's do this.



Twelve years, twelve cards.

They finally stopped
year before last.

Never heard of it.

Apparently, it's a small town
up the coast.

And you don't know anyone
who lives there?

Distant friends? Relatives?

No one.

Is it possible your mom
had a special friend?

You mean a boyfriend?

Well, I mean,
your father died 25 years ago.

You spent most of that time
in a boarding school.

That's a long time to be alone.

I guess.

When was the last time
you talked to her?

I called her about
a month ago on her birthday.

I'd just broken up with Quinn.

I guess I wanted
someone to talk to.

And of course we ended up
arguing about that.

She wanted me to settle down.

House, a white picket fence,

snuggling up
by the Christmas tree.

You know, that's just not me.

It was a stupid argument.

I should never have
let it get to me.

I just never knew that
that would be the end.

No. This is not your fault.

To think she had this whole

and I never knew
anything about it.

If I hadn't pushed her away
or been so stubborn,

maybe she would've
told me about him.

Whoever sent these, he might not
even know that she's died.

Can you imagine that?

Not knowing that the woman
you love has passed away?

That's sad.

I don't even know who he is.


- What?
- Don't "what" me.

I know that look.

- What look?
- That look.

The one in your eyes right now.

Is your dad still doing
the P.I. thing?

More like the golf
and water aerobics thing.

But if you're serious,

he actually has this friend
from the military.

He's been helping him out
on a couple of cases.

Oh, sure. Call your dad's
old army buddy

to ask him to help find
my mom's secret lover?

That's not creepy.

Do you wanna find the guy
or not?

All right, I'll tell you what.

I will text you Andrew's number

just in case
you change your mind.




Have it your way.

[line ringing]

♪♪ [country]

Miss Clark.

How'd you know?

Well, you're wearing
a winter jacket in Los Angeles,

your shoes are more functional
than stylish,

and you're holding
your cell phone

like you're expecting a call
from somebody you're meeting.

I always hold my phone
like this.

Do you know there's a link
between cell phone dependency

and anxiety?

Thanks for meeting me
on such short notice.

No worries. I'm actually
in the middle of a case.

A case? Here?

Yeah. Step into my office.
I'll show you.

All right. Check it out.

You see that tall guy
standing over there?

The one that's looking around

like he doesn't wanna
see anybody he knows here?

- Uh-huh.
- That's Paul.

Turns out Paul's bride-to-be
is having reservations.

She thinks he might have a dark
side she doesn't know about.

Well, does he?

Well, as a matter of fact,
he does.

Her name's Vanessa.

She's a spinning instructor
at Paul's gym.

What neither of them know is I
installed a GPS tracking system

on the right rear bumper
of Paul's car.

They've been "spinning"
twice a week for a month.

When are you gonna break
the news to his fiancée?

Seven minutes ago.

Which means any minute
we ought to be seeing...

Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?

What is the matter with you?!

We're getting married
in three days!

I love my job.

Can I get you anything?

Um, I'll have
a pinot grigio, please.

And I'll have another beer.
Thank you.

By the way, um, I'm sorry
to hear about your mom.

Logan gave you the 411.

Well, he didn't have to.
It's my job to know people.

So you're nosy.

When you spend as much time
on the frontlines as I have,

you learn to read people
pretty quickly.

Okay, Sherlock,
what else do you know about me?

Well, I know that you were
born in the United States,

but judging by your accent,

I bet you spent
a little time overseas.

I'm thinking boarding school
in England.


And you're a reporter
for the New York Ledger,

and you're currently
on suspension,

which is BS, by the way, because
that guy's definitely guilty.

How do you know
Mary's father again?

He and my dad served together
back in the day.

He talked a lot about
your father, by the way.


That last case
that they worked on,

the case against
the billionaire guy?

Charles Peterson.

Yeah, I mean,
to have Logan and your dad

do all that work just to
have the case dismissed

because of some
evidential technicality,

it's a tough break.

Well, that was a long time ago.

Thank you.


what can I do for you,
Ms. Clark?

Well, I want to know...

who sent this.

A Christmas mystery, huh?

No name, no return address.
It's not gonna be easy.

There's twelve in all.

Whoever sent it
sent one like it every year.

No name, no address,
just a single heart.

Any suspects?

No, but I think she meant a lot
to whoever sent it.

He deserves to know
what happened.

Are you sure
that's what this is about?

It has nothing to do with
finding out more information

about the secret man
in her life?

I get it. I do. I know what
it's like to lose parents.

My dad was a fireman.
He died when I was young.

My mom passed away
when I was deployed.

I'm sorry.

If there was information
I could find out about them,

something I didn't know,
I'd feel exactly the same way.

So you'll do it?

I'll try.

There's not a lot to go on,
but I can give it shot.

The least I can do is
run the card for prints.

Can I borrow those?


Oh, no, please.
Drink's on me.

Well, it was a pleasure
meeting you, Ms. Clark.

I'll call you
when I have something.


[line ringing]

Yeah, it's me.

Yeah, she just left.

♪ Promises, promises ♪

♪ Hope's gonna find me ♪

♪ When it feels like
the opposite ♪

♪ You're there to remind me ♪

♪ Promises, promises ♪

♪ When I'm filled with worry ♪

♪ You say no matter
how tough it is ♪

♪ Keep faith in the journey ♪

[doorbell rings]

- [ringing continues]
- I'm coming!

- [ringing continues]
- Hold on.


Hey. I brought breakfast.

I don't remember telling you
where I live.

I'm a P.I., remember?

Ah. That's creepy.

And Logan told me.


Mind if I come in?

Which way is the kitchen?

Please. Help yourself.

Sorry. The place is
a bit of a mess.

I wasn't expecting company.

Don't worry. Just relax.
I'll take care of everything.

Do you have a percolator?

A what?

How about a kettle?

You know, a big metal object
you boil water with?

I don't know.

Do you ever cook?

Of course you don't.

So I was able to run those cards
you gave me for fingerprints.

Did you find one?

I found too many, actually.

Your mom, the mailman,
the mail sorter.

It'd be impossible
to match them all.

But I was able to find out
where they were sent from.

- Oh?
- Yeah, I used the...

the postmark on the envelope.

I traced it to this place called
the Hadleyville Postal Place.

It's like one of these
private PO box-type places.

And guess what.

There happens to be a card store
right next door.

You have coffee?

Oh, just up there.

And so I checked,

and it turns out that they're
the only one in the area

that sells that brand of card.

Oh, really.

Of course they don't remember
anything specifically

about the customers,

but when I mentioned
the calligraphy,

they say there's this woman
at the postal place

who's known for doing
address labels.

Wow. So now what?

I think we should go up there.

Show her the cards and see
if she remembers any of them.

You mean go to Hadleyville?
It's four hours away.

You want to solve
the mystery, right?

Wanna find out
who sent the cards?

I was hoping for
an address or an email

so I could let them know
what happened to my mom.

Maybe even a photo.

You're an investigative

You should live
for a good mystery.

It's almost Christmas.

I'm still trying to deal
with my mom's estate.

I'm cleaning this place
so I can sell it,

and I can't just leave.

Look, I promise.
I'll have you back by the 25th.

You wanna find this guy,
wanna tell him what happened,

you're gonna have to go
to Hadleyville.

And maybe you can get some
answers while you're there too.

I better go get dressed then.

All right, great.
Why don't you pack,

and I'll get the coffees to go.

Okay, just one night.

Yeah, of course.

Oh, Rebecca, one more thing.


How do you feel about dogs?

Oh, boy.

Knew it.


What do you think?

To be honest,
when you said "dog,"

I was imagining something...

What, manlier?

I was gonna say bigger.

I found him digging in
the dumpster a couple years ago

behind my apartment building.

No one claimed him,
so I took him in.

Guess I have a soft spot
for orphans.

He doesn't look like much, but
Murray's got it where it counts.

Don't you, buddy?

Look at this face.
He's a vicious tough guy.

He's a real beast.

You can pet him.
He loves the attention.

I'll take your word for it.

All right.

Don't worry, Murray.
You're gonna be in the backseat.

I'll drive.

Let's rock and roll, baby.

Here you go, buddy.

Here we are.

What do you think?

REBECCA: It's not really
my scene.

Of course it isn't.


WOMAN: Be right out!

You should have left him
in the car.

Can't leave them in the car.
That's cruel.

Crack a window.

Maybe I should leave you
in the car.

How can I help you folks?

Hi. I'm actually
looking for someone.

I was hoping you might
be able to help.

I traced the postmark here.

But as you can see,
there's no names.

The only thing on the card
is a heart.

The woman next door said
that you do calligraphy

for address labels.

Not too much anymore.

Everyone's doing
too much email these days.

What about these?

Do you have any recollection
who might have sent that?

If you could tell us anything,
anything at all,

it'd be a really big help.

Even I could remember,

our customer information
is private.

I know, but...

Look, it's almost Christmas,

and this poor girl
just lost her mother recently.

Her dad died
when she was very young.

I'm asking as a retired marine

if there's anything you can do
to help her out...



- 114?
- That was his box number.

I remember box numbers
better than I remember names.

You know, he was kind of
a peculiar fella.

Paid every year upfront in cash.

You said it was his box number.

Haven't seen him in a while.
I just assumed he moved.

Let me check.

Yup. 114's vacant.


Is there a name in there?

My records only go back
18 months.

Would you remember
anything about him?

What he looked like?

Thick gray hair,
nice smile, kinda quiet.

Did he ever mention anything
about who he sent the cards to?

Like I said, he was quiet.

But now that you bring it up,

he did mention his sweetheart
a couple of times.

Tell you what.

I've got some unclaimed mail
in the back.

Maybe there's something in there
with his name on it.

Just don't tell anyone.

Oh, it'll be our little secret.

Help yourself.

So now I know what
one of your skills is.

Oh, yeah? What's that?

Charming information
out of elderly ladies.

Maybe she'll even bake you
an apple pie.


Any luck?

No, not yet.

This stuff must go back
ten years, at least.

I am curious.

How do you go from the military
to private detective?

I don't know.

Like I said, I guess I'm just
good at reading people.

Like Alma?

What do you want to know?

What can you tell me?

Well, I can tell you
she's a widower,

and that she took over the
business after her husband died.

I know she has a son and
a grandson in the military

and that the grandson is
still stationed overseas.

I know she recently
had a heart attack,

and that's planning
on retiring,

probably 'cause of
doctor's orders.

How can you possibly
know all that?

A magician never
reveals his secrets.



Okay, uh...

She had a tan line where
her wedding ring used to be,

Now she wears it on her neck,

which means she wants
to keep him close,

yet she's open
to something new.

There were old cards on the wall

that were sent to Donald
and Alma at this address,

which implies
he used to work here.

And the military?

There was an armed forces
sticker on the window,

which means somebody very close
to them was in the military,

but it was at least
twenty years old.

The postcard on the counter was
from Kabul. It's more recent.

So somebody that's been
in the military for 20 years,

they're not likely stationed
on the frontlines anymore,

so I went with the grandson.

And what about the heart?

I saw four medicine bottles
on her desk,

next to a catalog
for a retirement community.

Lotensin, Toprol,
Lipitor and aspirin.

That's a combination of
medications usually for...

After a heart attack.


You learned all that
in the military?

No. I had a thing
with a medic.

A thing?

A thing. Like a thing.

Don't they frown upon that?

You gotta find something
to occupy your time

in between getting shot at.

Was she cute?

No, not really.

Hey, I found something.


PO box 114.

- Nothing.
- What do you mean?

He has to be in there somewhere.

You know you're not supposed to
have dogs in here, don't you?

I'm sorry. We didn't want
to leave him in the car.

We already know Mr. Semral
had a box at the post office

for several years.

He must have lived
around here somewhere.

All I can tell you is that
he didn't pay property taxes,

and he wasn't
registered to vote.

[stifled sneeze]

What about
the social security system?

This guy has to be
in some system somewhere.

That would be confidential.

All right.
Well, thank you for your time.

Wait, that's it?
You just can't give up.

You heard the man.
He's not in the system.

He has to be in there.

Sorry. My girlfriend, sometimes
she gets a little worked up.


Come on. Let's go.

Not until we get some answers.

Rebecca, come on.


Thank you for your time.

Just go, just go.
Thank you.

Thank you.

What was that all about?

We could've gotten
more information.

For an investigative reporter,

you'd think you'd be a little
bit better at reading people.

What's that supposed to mean?

- He told us everything he knew.
- Which was nothing.

We have to get into
that other database.

Well, unfortunately
he was telling the truth.

Those records are confidential.

So we're back to square one.


I wouldn't say that.

Hey, it's lunch.

We're gonna go across the street
and grab a burger.

I'm coming right now.

Hurry up. We don't know what
time they'll be back from lunch.


No entry found.

Someone's coming.

I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying.

Quick. This way.

I don't know what I did
with my card.

I must have left it
in here somewhere.

I left mine in the cafeteria
two weeks ago.

You know they charged me
40 bucks for it?

- [stifled sneeze]
- Are you getting sick?

I'm allergic to dogs.

- [sneeze]
- Bless you.

Oh, my goodness.
Excuse me.

Oh, here's my card right here.

Oh, good.

- Thanks, man.
- Yeah. I told you not to worry.

[line ringing]

[ringing continues]


Hey, she's coming back.
I gotta go.

Who was that?

Just a client checking in.
How'd you make out?

No answer.

It's getting pretty late.

We should probably think about
where we're gonna stay tonight.

I think we passed that bed and
breakfast on the way into town.

A bed-and-breakfast?

Come on, it'll be great.

When in Rome, right?


♪ I wanna wish you
Merry Christmas ♪

♪ From the top
of every mountain ♪

♪ From the middle
of the ocean ♪

Where is everybody?

I don't know.

♪ And the bottom of my heart ♪

♪ You can I can take
a sleigh ride ♪

♪ Bundle up
and build a snowman ♪

♪ And if the lake is frozen ♪

♪ Take my hand
Let's skate away ♪

♪ Though the cold wind
is blowing ♪


I think I saw some places
out on Route 1. Let's go.

Good idea.

- Can I help you?
- You scared us.

I'm sorry. I was out back.
I didn't hear you.

Can I help you with something?

We were wondering
if you had any vacancies.

And if you allow dogs.

Ooh, uh...

How many rooms you looking for?


I only got one.

Really? You're booked?

Yeah, but...

You can try the Seaview
out on Route 1.

They usually book up quicker
than I do though.

You know what? Murray and I
can sleep out in the car.

No, you can't do that.

- It's fine.
- It's cold.

You know how many stakeouts
I've camped out in that thing?

It's fine, really.

Well, I guess we'll take it.

That'll be $85.

Thank you.

Rebecca Clark.

You know what? Maybe you can
help us with something.

We're looking for somebody.

Jack Semral?

Does that name ring a bell?


No, sorry.

Here you go.
It's upstairs.

First room on your left.

Thank you very much.

Enjoy your stay.

Murray, come on.
Come on, buddy.

Do you mind if I take
a quick shower before we go?

Of course.

Tell you what.

You take your time.

- I'll take Murray for a walk.
- Great.

Come on, Murray.

Come on.
Let's go get some exercise.

Okay, buddy.

See you in a bit.


[line ringing]

So, Murray, now we're alone,

what can you tell me
about Andrew?

I mean, you're probably closer
to him than anyone else.

Is there anything I should know?

Is he seeing anyone?

What kind of food does he like?

What kind of music
does he listen to?

Does he snore?

You're not helping.

Come on.

We're back!

ANDREW: I'm almost done.

I was getting worried there.

Are you hungry?

I thought maybe we could
go get something to eat.

Uh, yeah, that sounds good.

You know, um, why don't you
finish getting ready,

and I can meet you in the lobby
in like 20 minutes?


And keep an eye on Murray
for me.

All right.
I'll see you in a bit.

Grownup clothes. I didn't think
you had it in you.

Me? Look at you.
You look absolutely stunning.

Should I remind you that
technically I'm your boss?

- You hungry?
- Starving.

REBECCA: I even left
my cell phone in my room.

ANDREW: Good idea.

So how long did you serve?

Eight years.

I saw the scars.
Are those war wounds?

Uh, yeah, a few of them.

I can't imagine the pain
you must have gone through.

Or still going through.

Yeah, well,
it comes with the job.

I made it.

Some of my buddies didn't.

I'm sorry.

You know, I can't help but
think about their families,

especially this time of year,

being without the ones
they loved.

What about you?
Any special Christmas memories?

No, no. It was always
pretty low key 'cause of my dad.

With the work and everything.

Ah, fireman. Right.

You know, my mom, she used to...

she used to write
these little notes,

and she'd put them
in his lunches,

and then around Christmas,

she'd cut out like pictures
from magazines, newspapers,

anything that reminded her
of the holiday,

and she'd make
a little collage for him.

That's such a romantic thing
to do.

Even after he died,

every single day she continued
to write him a note.

She never wanted
to break the habit.

You know,
they're gone now and...

I don't know.
It's funny.

It doesn't really feel like

unless you have someone
to buy gifts for.

My mom and I were a mess
after my dad's accident.

Is that why
you went away to school?

She thought it would
be good for me.

You don't agree.

I don't know.
Just kinda felt like...

Like she was trying
to get rid of you.

Anyway, if it wasn't
for Mary and Logan,

I don't think
we would've made it.

I shouldn't have left things
the way that I did.

- What happened?
- It was a fight.

Over a guy, of course.

She didn't think
I should've ended things.

I thought it was...

It was none of her business?

It was silly.

After, it felt easier to
avoid her than to talk about it.

I never got a chance
to say I'm sorry.

I never got to tell her
how much I loved her.

Kids grow up.

They move on, and they
start lives of their own.

Sometimes parents
forget about that.

You had no idea what was gonna
happen. You couldn't have.

You can't beat yourself up
over it.

She used to have
this expression:

"Ships that pass
in the night."

I always thought she was
talking about my father,

but she might as well have
been talking about us.

"Ships that pass in the night
and speak each other in passing.

Only a signal shown and
a distant voice in the darkness.

So on this ocean of life,
we pass and speak one another.

A look and a voice,

and then darkness again
and the silence."



So you think finding Jack
will mean...

that your mom wasn't
as lonely as you thought.

She might even have been happy.

You know what? Come on.

Oh, no.

I don't dance.

Good, 'cause neither do I.

Come on.


♪♪ ["O Little Town
of Bethlehem"]



I'd ask you in, but I'm
not sure I trust myself.

Well, it's probably best.

I mean, technically
you're my boss.

So what's the plan
for tomorrow then?

Uh, well,
keep trying the number.

I'll see what I can pull off the
social security number I got.

So the trail's not cold?

ANDREW: No. Not even close.

Well, good night.

Good night.



[running footsteps]

- [screams]
- Hey, hey, it's me.

What's going on?
What are you doing down here?

There was someone in my room.

Are you sure?
Did you see him?

I don't know.
I heard something.

Okay, okay.

Look, let's get you back.
We'll call the police.

- What time d'you get back here?
- 9:30.

That's when you noticed
the door was open?


How many room keys do you have?

Just the one.

What about the owner?
I'm sure he has one.

- I've already spoken to Dennis.
- And?

He said it hasn't left
his possession all night.

Or he used it himself.

Is it possible you just
forgot to lock the door?

- I didn't forget to the lock...
- But it is possible?


As far as you can tell,
anything missing?


And you didn't actually
see anyone.



I know who you are,

and I'm familiar with your views
on law enforcement.

So here's how this
is going to work.

Gonna take this statement,
gonna file a report.

If at a later point you realize
there is something missing,

the incident will be on file.

Other than that, there's really
nothing more I can do.

Are we finished here?

Actually I'm looking for
an old friend of my mother's.

You might have heard of him.
Jack Semral?

Never heard of him, Sorry.

Have a nice evening.

All right. He's all set.

What's this?

Your new roommate.

No, no.

Don't worry. He doesn't snore,
he won't hog the bed,

and best of all,
he cooks his own meals.

Andrew, I'm not taking your dog.

Rebecca, you've had
a very long night.

I'd feel much better if Murray
was here to look after you.


Come on. One night.

All right, buddy.
Here you go.


All right, buddy.

You be a good boy
for Ms. Rebecca, okay?

Here's his food.

All right, big guy,
you have a good night.

- Night.
- All right, good night.

So cute.

Okay, Murray, you can stay.

But one thing first,
while we eat,

the most important rule,

under no circumstances
can you sleep...

on the bed.


Sorry, boy.

Bad dream.


They checked for prints,
but they didn't find anything.

That's right.

Really? Okay, great.
Thank you.

Hey. Little fuel?

- We got a busy day.
- Really?

That social security number?

Turns out somebody
ran a background check

on an employee a while back.

It's some shop
a few miles down the road.

- Should we check it out?
- Yeah.

MAN: Jack hasn't
worked here since...

I guess it'll be two years
in February.

REBECCA: But he did work here.

MAN: Yeah, sure.
Great employee, hard worker.

I never understood
what happened.

What do you mean?
What happened?

He started getting paranoid
all of a sudden.

Said he thought
somebody was following him.

Then one day he didn't show up.
He just took off.

Did he ever happen to mention
a woman named Catherine?

No, but he never really talked
about his personal life.

Really private that way.
Are you two relatives of his?

Not exactly.

Hey, you wouldn't happen to have
a home address

or anything like that,
would you?

I might have something.
Hold on

Well, if he left, that would
explain why the cards stopped.

Yeah, but what happened?
Why'd he leave?

The guy lives here for 12 years,
and no one knows him?

It just doesn't make sense.
How did he know my mother?

Sounds like
someone's on the case.

There's a lot of questions
that need answering,
wouldn't you say?

It's a good thing that we're
here then, wouldn't you say?

Fine. You're right.
Is that what you want to hear?

Here you go.

For what it's worth,
I hope you guys find him.

Thank you so much.
This is really helpful

- Thank you.
- No problem.

REBECCA: Are you sure
this is it?

Jack Semral lived here?

ANDREW: It is the address
he gave me.

What is it?

The mat.

Someone's been here recently.

[door opens]

- Whoa, whoa, easy.
- Who are you?

- What are you doing here?
- Ellen sent me.

Back up. Stand back.

I'm not doing anything, man.

- Who's Ellen?
- Ellen Larson.

- The woman who owns the house.
- Why'd she send you?

Neighbor said he heard
some noise, so he called her,

and then she asked if I could
come over and check it out.

What are you doing here?

- We're looking for Jack Semral.
- You're a little late.

He's been gone
for a couple years now.

Place has been empty ever since.

Then who did this?

I thought you did.

Any idea where
Jack might have gone?

One day he just left.
No notice or anything.

I told Ellen not to rent to
anyone without a credit check.

Are you friends of his?

Something like that.

Look, if you didn't do this,
then who did?

No idea.

I was about to call
the sheriff myself.

Why don't you let us look around
for a few minutes,

then you can call the sheriff.

Why? What are you
looking for?

Ellen's not the only one
Mr. Semral left hanging.

I don't know.

I know you're trying
to do the right thing,

but think about your wife
and little baby at home.

All the hours you're
putting in at the hospital

to take care of them.

Do the right thing.

Is 15 minutes enough time?


I don't even want to ask.

Wedding ring, little orange spot
of baby spit up on his shoulder.


Nursing clogs.

You're a fast learner.

And no more guns, okay?

I'd like to live through
Christmas. Thanks very much.


So who did this?

I'm beginning to think
we're not the only ones

looking for
your mother's friend.

So that's why they
broke into my room.

The question is for what.

Maybe he left something behind.

ANDREW: A clue as to
where he might be.

REBECCA: Assuming whoever
did this can find it.



The beach.

Look at it.

Yeah, it's like a photograph.


She was here. Look.

This was taken right here.
My mother was here.

She looks so happy.


She was in love.

There has to be
something in there

that'll tell us
where Jack went.

Wait a minute.

How'd you know to look there?

It's exactly where
I would've hid something.


What is it?

Looks like Jack
wasn't just paranoid.

He was being watched.

Why would he leave these behind?

He must have been
in some kind hurry.

[distant sirens]

Like us. Come on.

Let's go.

I can't believe she was there.

With him.

Maybe they were
closer than you thought.

She never said anything.

She was living this whole
secret life all this time,

and I had no idea.

Yeah, well, maybe she thought
you wouldn't understand.

Maybe she was trying
to protect you.

Yeah. Maybe.

What is it?

I think we're being followed.


What do we do?

Hold on.

It's still coming.

I see it.


Hold on.

Hold on.


My arm.

Are you okay?

I think so.

Come on.
Let's get out of here.

[engine starts]

Look, Rebecca,
maybe we should stop all this.

What? Why?

Whatever Jack Semral was into,

I mean, clearly he's in
some kind of trouble.

I can't help but think that
we're in over our heads here.

We're getting so close.
I can feel it.

Yeah, but I don't want you
to get hurt.

I told Logan
that I'd look after you.

I owe it to him to bring you
back in one piece.

I'm going to find him,

and I'm gonna do it
with or without you,

although with would be better.



Just thinking.


Whether a big-city reporter and
an ex-military grunt could...

you know.

You think too much.

Do I?

ANDREW: I don't know.
She's determined.

No, no, look that is not
part of the deal.

I'm just supposed to watch her.

No, no, we haven't
found him yet.

Yes, of course,
you'll be the first to know.

Look, there's something
I've gotta take care of.

I'll talk to you later, okay?

All right.

Is everything okay?

I'm not sure.

[phone ringing]


Metro desk.

Hi. It's me.

You must want the funnies.

- I'll transfer you.
- Very cute.

So how's vacation? Tell me
you're lounging by the pool,

while the rest or your
colleagues are here in New York

freezing our knishes off.

No. I need your help
with something.

Do I even wanna ask?

I'm emailing you some photos.

I found these
hidden in a drawer.

Can you check the database
for a match?

Wait. Are you working a story?

I just need to know
who this guy is.

Harvey's gonna kill me.

Which is why you're
not gonna tell him.

Okay, let's see.

Remember the days
before computers

when we used to go through
mug shots by hand?

Those were the good ol' days.

Says the man who spend $500

on a sword for a video game?

Okay, first of all,
it was only $400,

and secondly
it was for elfin steel.

I'd like to see you cross
the fjords of Balthazar

without elfin steel.

Is that Clark?


Give it.

You're a brilliant writer.

Do I really need to define
the term "suspended" for you?

- I miss you too.
- Rebecca...

It's not a story.
He's just helping me out.

Oh, so he's using
business resources

for your personal matter.

Fine. I'll owe you a puff piece
when I get back.

Make it two.

Deal. Can you please
give me back to Edward?

Thank you for that, by the way.

Okay, I got it.

Your mystery man
is Frank Johnson.

Great. Do you have
a last known address?

Even better. I can tell you
where he is right this second.

- Great.
- [coughs]

Oh! You startled me.

Where'd you go this morning?

You left so early.

Oh, I, uh,
just had to run an errand.

That's all.

So did you find anything out
about the guy?

Actually, no.
He wasn't able to help.

That's too bad.

Look, do you mind if I have
a couple of hours

to myself this morning?

You know, with everything
that happened yesterday.

Of course. Take the morning off.
We'll meet up for lunch.

Dennis says there's a great
pizza place in town.

Sounds good.

I'm here to see Frank Johnson.

[gate buzzing]

[door buzzing]


Tell me about Jack Semral.

♪ When the snow
lay round about ♪

♪ Crisp and deep and... ♪

I know you were watching him.


I know you were watching him.

I've watched a lot of people.


Worked in a fish market.

Rented a house off Hera Drive.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You mean the older guy.

Why were you watching him?

I think the real question is

why would a reporter
from the New York Ledger

travel 3,000 miles
across the country

to ask questions about him.

Who hired you?

Now you're asking
expensive questions.

How much?



a friend of the family.

So there is no story.

You know it's a crime to lie,

to lie to the warden, reporter?

But you're in luck.

I've got an opening
for a new roommate.

Just give me a name.

Give me a reason.

You lost someone too.

Who was it?



All I need is a name.


Fine. I see this was
a complete waste of time.

Cayman Savings Bank.

CD 937-648-N.

That's account number
the wire transfers came from.

That's all I know.


Come on.


Whoever you are, someone
should really talk to you

about your internet security.

"Charles Peterson"?

That last case
that they worked on,

the case against
the billionaire guy?

Charles Peterson.

To have Logan and your dad
do all that work

just to have the case dismissed

because of some
evidential technicality...

Evidential technicality.

According to these wires,

Charles Peterson paid Logan off.

Then why were they interested
in Jack Semral?



What are you doing?

Stay away from me!

What? Rebecca.


Help! Somebody!


Rebecca, just...

Rebecca, wait up.

- What are you doing?
- Let go of me!

- Why are you acting like this?
- I know!

Know what?

About Charles Peterson
and Jack Semral.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

You've been working for him
all along, haven't you?

- Who?
- Logan.

That's where you went
this morning,

to tell him what was going on.

Yes. He asked me
to look after you.

But that's it, I swear.

Where were you?

Tell me or I'm walking
right now.

Are you serious?


I was buying you
a Christmas present.


It's beautiful.

Rebecca, what's going on?

You really have no idea.

No idea about what?

Jack Semral is my father.

I don't believe it.
Logan was being paid off?

He must have tampered
with the evidence.

That's how Peterson
got the case dismissed.

And if my father
figured it out...

He would've been a loose end.

He knew they were
coming after him.

That's why he disappeared.

So he faked his death.

Look, Rebecca, I swear to you,

Logan, he asked me to help you.

He asked me to keep him
informed. That's it.

I had no idea that
he was being paid off.

I would never hurt you.

I was just doing my job.

REBECCA: Sure. I get it.

Well, look,
what do you wanna do now?

I want to go back to his house.

Miss Clark, Miss Clark!

I'm kinda in a hurry.

Yeah, yeah, um...
can you sign this?

- Please?
- What?

My wife and I,

we moved from New York
a couple years ago.

She insisted on keeping
a subscription.

She's a real big fan.

All this time we thought
you were stalking me.


Oh, no, no, no!

We just don't get a lot of
famous people around here.

Yeah. What's your wife's name?


What are we looking for?

I don't know.
There has to be something.

You knew the man.
Does anything stand out?

No. Nothing looks familiar.

Wait a minute.

A boat?

Look at the sweater.

I thought it was my name,

but what if it isn't?

A boat.

A boat.

I have an idea.
Come on.


I'm running a search for his
boat through AIS right now.

What's that?

AIS is a tracking system
for boats.

Class A is commercial ships,

freighters, tugboats,
that sort of thing.

But class B is
recreational boats.

All we have to do is put in
the name of the vessel,

and it should tell us
exactly where he's at.


That's interesting.

Did it work?


Where is he?

Right here in Hadleyville.


Come on.
Let's go check it out.

So I think we wanna go this way.


- Jack Semral?
- Here. Hold on a second.

♪♪ [radio]



[music stops]


Is it him?


MAN: Turn around slowly.



I can't believe
it's really you.

What are you doing here?

It's Mom.

She passed away.

I know, I know.

I'm so sorry.

How on earth did you find me?

It's the cards you sent Mom.

I found them when I was
going though the house.

I thought she had
a secret admirer,

so I hired Andrew here
to track you down.

The postmark led us
to where you mailed them,

and we followed the trail
from there.

Come on.

Dad, where you going?

Rebecca, there's so much
I want to say,

there's so much
I need to tell you,

but it's not safe for you here.

Dad, I know about Logan.

I know that Charles Peterson
paid him off.

Then you know why I left,
and you know why you can't stay.

I took a big chance
going to the funeral.

The funeral?

Who's that?

When I heard about Catherine,
I knew I had to come.

I knew I had to pay my respects
no matter what the risk.

A man doesn't miss
his own wife's funeral.

And then I saw you
standing there.

I am so sorry, Becky,
for what I did.

I missed your childhood.
I missed you growing up.

My marriage.

One of my biggest regrets

is that I couldn't
tell you the truth.

But I did what I had to do
to protect you.

Your mother understood this.

That's why you had to go away.

You mean boarding school?

You should know...

your mother hated
having you that far away.

It killed her.

But she did what she had
to do to keep you safe.

I can't believe it.

All that time, I thought...

LOGAN: James Clark!


This doesn't surprise me.

I was always suspicious though,
you know?

Especially when my guy returned
empty-handed from your boat

all those years ago.

But one thing still
bothers me though, Jim.

How could abandon
your family, huh?

I did it to protect them
from you.


Take his gun, Andrew.


Put the gun down, Logan.
I'm not...

You know, I really don't
wanna do this.

I really don't.

What do you say
we all just cooperate?

You drop it.

Put it down!

That's a good boy.

REBECCA: How could you?

All those years I trusted you!

You lied to me!

Tell me, did Mary know?

Well, Mary's naive
in her own little way.

Frankly, I never wanted
to go through with this.

But you know, Jimmy, I did offer
to make you a part of it all.

But no, no.
You had to have justice.

What'd that cost you,
that justice?

How's that working out for you?

It was me that took care
of your family, not you!


You know, I had a nice little
retirement going.

Yeah. I was fine.

- This is all your fault.
- No!





It's okay.

You know, I never thought
I'd be able to come back.

That makes two of us, Dad.

Boy, those smell delicious.

It's Mom's old recipe.

I didn't know you cooked.

Well, she doesn't,
but she's a quick learner.

So don't everyone
all jump in at once.

Boy, these are delicious.

I mean, you did a great job,
both of you.

Murray, no, no, no.

It's okay. I think Murray and I
are gonna become best buds.

So what happens now?

I guess you head back
to New York, huh?

Well, I've requested a transfer
to the Los Angeles bureau.

Are you sure Harvey's
gonna be okay with that?

Actually, he jumped at it.

Says he can't wait for me
to be someone else's problem.

So do you think
a big-city reporter

and an ex-military grunt

Oh, I don't know.

But I'd like to find out.

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas, darling.

Hey, hey! I'm still
your father, you know.

He took a bullet for me, Dad.

I know, I know,
but there are rules.

That's all I'm saying.


what are your intentions
for my daughter?

Um, well, I-I intend
to take care of her

to the best of my ability,

keep her safe.

Who's gonna keep you
safe from her?

Cute. Very cute.

- What about grandkids?
- Dad!

JAMES: I gotta make up
for lost time here.

REBECCA: How about we start
with turkey dinner?

- Merry Christmas, kiddo.
- Merry Christmas, Dad.

[dog whines]

Merry Christmas, Murray.