A Christmas Movie Christmas (2019) - full transcript

Two cute sisters live together. One loves Christmas movies and the other calls them predictable. They meet. They fall in love. It snows. The end. This time's different. They magically wake up in a Christmas movie.

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Leaving the city and coming here
to Christmas Cove

has really opened my eyes.

Gave me the confidence
to go for what I want.

And what I really want is you.

You know
that I've always loved you.

Merry Christmas.

Hi, sis. What an endless day.

I had back-to-back meetings
till 4:00, and then...

- Are you crying?
- What? No. You are.

Christmas In Christmas Cove.

It's my favorite. Huh.

Well, this and every other
Christmas movie.

Isn't it the same guy
from A Very Christmas Wedding?

Chad Matthew Monroe.

It should be a crime
to be that handsome.

- What are you working on?
- I thought...

I'd get started
on our next big project.

Spring Fling.

Actually, we haven't even
started working on it yet.

I just had a few ideas

and I wanted to get them
on the page.

So you did all this work
for fun?

Well, I'm hoping
Mr. Peterson loves it so much,

he lets me lead the project.

Mr. Peterson.

Mr. Peterson who thinks
your name is Elle?

He does not.

It's a nickname.

I don't see
why you put up with him.

If I were you,
I'd walk right up to him,

look him in the eye and say...

- Mr. Peterson!
- Right, but then...

Mr. Peterson,
you remember my sister, Lacy?

- No.
- Oh.

Have you finished proofing the
end-of-the-year press release?

Actually, I've been working
on something else.

I need the revised
draft press release, ASAP.

- I want to get it out today.
- Yup.

Yes. I'm sorry. Yes.

And you should get that fixed.

Thank you, Sir.

Merry Christmas!

Does he even know
you do design work?

Of course.
I mean, I'm sure he remembers.

Probably. I...

Maybe I should remind him.

Come on, let's go.

I've got to get ready
for a date.

- On Christmas Eve?
- Yeah.

- He's in finance.
- Oh.

We're so lucky
to live in Christmas Cove.

It's like a warm cup of cocoa.

Holly, please,
a warm cup of cocoa

isn't nearly as sweet as you...


Oh, come on.

Hey! How was it?

It wasn't.

He didn't show up,
didn't answer my texts.

- I was totally ghosted.
- What?

Lacy, why do you
keep wasting your time

on these losers
who stand you up?

Oh, by now
it's a warm, familiar feeling.

Which is more than I can say
for our apartment.

Did they say
when the heat would be fixed?

Sometime next week.

If we haven't frozen to death
by then.

How many times are you planning
to watch this movie?

- Shh.
- And what I really want is you.

Can I ask why it looks
like a pack of toddlers

tried to make Christmas cookies
in here?

Because I tried to bake
Christmas cookies in there.


Oh. I don't get it.

Design is so easy on the page,

but in real life...

Join the club.

I'm used to men
who don't turn out

like the package promised.

Ah! What are you doing?

I wanna watch some true crime.
That will make me feel better.

Wait. Return To Christmas Cove
is starting.

Return To Christmas Cove?

The one where they return
to Christmas Cove.

Spoiler alert.

- Fine. I'll watch upstairs.
- Ah!

You can't. I'm DVR-ing
the 12 Cats Of Christmas.

It's a Yuletide classic!

Eve, you can't spend
the entire month of December

in front of the TV.

I have years of experience
that say I can.

I have an idea.

Why don't we go get
some hot chocolate?

We can look at the lights.

What are you talking about?
We have lights right here.


Let me get my purse.

I honestly don't know if I can
take one more Christmas movie.

What are you talking about?
Everyone loves Christmas movies!

They're heartwarming and sweet...

And predictable.

They meet, they fall in love.
It snows.

- The end.
- Don't be such a scrinch.

- A scrinch?
- Scrooge plus Grinch. Scrinch.

- Life isn't a Christmas movie.
- But why can't it be?

I'd be so good
in a Christmas movie.

I'm quirky, yet lovable...

Hopeless, yet adorable.

You know, you could use
a Christmas movie.

Warm that cold, cold heart.

It's not a cold heart, Eve.

- It's just a worried one.
- What do you mean?

It's almost like,

like you're hiding away
from real life.

Well, maybe I am.
I mean, look at us, Lacy.

We're both single,
we live in an apartment

we can barely afford where we
have to go outside to get warm.

My boss doesn't know my name
or what I do.

My cookies are burnt.

- And you...
- What about me?

Your love life, for starters,

pretty sure you've dated
every jerk in this city.


But new ones move in every day.

I just wish we could have
a perfect Christmas, you know?

Like, like,
in a Christmas movie.

With beautiful decorations,
and a grandma who cooks,

a handsome beau...

Is that what you really want?

More than anything.

Can you handle that, Santa?


And how about you, young lady?

Me? I don't want anything.

Oh, everyone wants something
for Christmas.

What'd you wish for?

He's Santa. He'll figure it out.

Doesn't need me to spell it out.

Merry Christmas, Santa.

Merry Christmas!


I think we've burnt
this thing out.

Leaving the city
and returning to Christmas Cove

has really opened my eyes...


Hm? Hm.

What's going on? Where are we?

I don't know.

Wait, did you go to bed
with your hair and makeup done?

Did you go to bed
with your hair and makeup done?


Did someone kidnap us?
Are we trapped here?

# We wish you
a Merry Christmas #

# We wish you
a Merry Christmas... #

Lacy, I'm scared.

# We wish you
a Merry Christmas #

# We wish you
a Merry Christmas #

# Wish you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year ##

Good morning, you sleepy-heads.

I made your favorite,
cinnamon waffles.

What have you got there?
Oh, fun!

Who is this person?

You want cinnamon waffles?

You gotta get through
your ol' Gram Gram first.


Gram Gram?

Sit, sit, sit!

You're gonna love this.

Hurry up and eat
before they get cold.

- Oh, my gosh.
- What? Are they poisoned?

They're fluffy pillows
from heaven.

Eve, what are you doing?
They could be arsenic waffles!

- Don't care, worth it.
- Eve!

Lacy, we're not in danger.
Look around!

That tree, the lights, the snow,
it's so cozy.

And this Gram Gram,
she's so happy!

Do you ever remember
seeing our grandma smile?

Once, when she hit a kid
on his bike.

There has to be
some other explanation.

Oh, it's so nice
to have you girls

come on back to your hometown

from the big city
for the holidays.

Maybe you can help me plan
our annual Christmas bake-off

while we decorate the tree

and figure out who is sending
Millie all those gifts

from the 12 Days of Christmas.

So many birds!

This is everything
I ever wanted.

- This is impossible.
- So are these waffles.

Who wants seconds?

This place is amazing!
It's almost like...

- No.
- Yes!

My wish!

- We're in a Christmas movie.
- We're in a Christmas movie!


Mm, yay!


Holiday Falls.

Oh, it's like a Christmas dream.

Or a Christmas nightmare.

Quick, slap me so I can wake up.

I mean, how do we know
this is a Christmas movie?

Have you ever seen a town
like this?

Smiling shoppers.

Children throwing snowballs.

Christmas carolers!

#...wish you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy... #

Okay, but that doesn't mean...

Extra! Extra!

# Good tidings for Christmas
and a Happy New Year #


Now how do we get home?

What are you talking about?

Lacy, look around!

We're finally gonna have
the Christmas we deserve!

Eve, I don't like

Christmas-movie Christmases
on TV.

- I don't want to live in one.
- Come on!

This is a dream come true!

Your dream. Your wish.

Why am I here?

To accompany me
on my Christmas journey! Ah...

But can't I just do that
in spirit?

In every Christmas movie you
have your best friend with you.

Look! A Christmas tree
and poinsettia farm!

On Main Street?

It sure was nice of them
to give us free poinsettias.

Sure, but it's not exactly
a great business model.

Hey, isn't that the same Santa
from last night?

There's only one Santa.

Of course there is,
cutest child in the world.

- What's your name?
- I'm London. Who are you?

I'm Eve.
And this is my sister, Lacy.

Nice to meet you.

We're here visiting
from the city for Christmas.

What are you gonna
ask Santa for?

I'm gonna ask him
for some answers.


I'm gonna ask Santa

to bring my daddy back.

I miss him so much.

I know for a fact
that Christmas is the day

that Santa grants wishes.

All right,
I'm heading to the front.

What? Lacy, get back in line.

Hey, Santa. Hey!

- Lacy, stop it!
- Hey!

You'll have to wait your turn.

What's going on?
Is this a dream?

I'm not with her.

Santa brought you here

because you made a wish.

You'll go home
when you see that wish through.

When will that be?
I've got a meeting on Monday.

And my boss doesn't give
excused absences

for magical Christmas journeys!

Lacy, stop arguing with Santa.

He'll put you
on the naughty list.

Sorry, Santa. Love your work!

No... Eve!

Eve, what are you doing?

We have to get home.
We both have jobs!

Lacy, when we left home, it was
Christmas Eve, but here...

we're on Christmas movie time.

- Relax.
- A week?

I can't stay here another week.

"See the wish through."
How do we see the wish through?

Well, I wished
my life was a Christmas movie.

Maybe I need to live out
a Christmas movie?

- How do you do that?
- I don't know.

Uh, I guess I need to find
my storyline. But where?

Oh, girls! Girls!

Oh! I've been looking
everywhere for you.

- Did you hear?
- Hear what?

Our Christmas festival
is in trouble.

That was convenient.

Gram Gram, what happened?

- You know Jack?
- Not really.

- Shh, go on.
- He's a Christmas party planner.

And he was going to plan
the festival.

But he has to go spend Christmas
with his Great-aunt Agnes...

- Of course. Really?
- In Frosty Fjord.

And now we have no one to plan
the Christmas festival.

- Yes, you do.
- Who?

Yes, who?

Lacy and I
would love to save Christmas.

Wouldn't we, Lacy?

- Um...
- Wonderful!

Come on, Lacy.

Tell me again why you got gifts?

It's Christmas, we can't just

not give our Gram Gram
a present.

Our Gram Gram
is a fictional character.

Lacy, focus,
we have exactly one week

to pull the whole festival

We'll just put up a few lights,
get someone to sing a song.

I don't see
what the big deal is.

Eve, I thought we were focusing.

Sorry. I just...

I have my storyline,
but what about my beau?

Your beau?

My handsome prince,
my high-school sweetheart

whose romantic potential
I've long overlooked

even as it stared me right
in the face. Where's my beau?

Let me help you with that.

Actually, um,
maybe you guys can help me.

I'm looking for Eve Bell.
Do you know her?

Eve Bell? Eve Bell is me.

I, I hear you're-you're gonna
save Christmas.

Um, my name is Dustin.

Your grandmother told me
what happened.

Uh, I own the local inn.
I'm here to help.

How amazing was that?

The cute small-town innkeeper
who wants to save Christmas.

Ah. This is the best.

And I'm glad
you're having a good time.

But what am I supposed to do?

- What do you mean?
- Well, this is your wish.

Your movie.
What am I, the sidekick?

Don't be such a scrinch.

Why are all the good things
happening to you here?

Why doesn't something good
happen to me here?

- Chad Matthew Monroe.
- Chad Matthew Monroe.

There she is.

Touche, magical Christmas land.

Hello, Eve, darling.

Touche, magical Christmas land.

Hi... darling.

And who are you this time?

Russell Clark...

the boyfriend.

Maybe we just never go home.

What are you up to, my love?

Saving Christmas?

Why don't I walk you home
and you tell me all about it?

Do you wanna come in?

I'm off to the inn
for the night.

Thank you. Oh.


Thanks for walking us home,


Russell! Sorry, sweetie.

Chad Matthew Monroe!

Lucky you, you have
two cute guys chasing after you.

I know! This has never
happened to me before.

Not since those security guards
mistook me for a shoplifter.

But who will I choose?

The handsome
small-town innkeeper

or the gorgeous,
international pop star?

I can't wait to stand around
and find out.

Girls, come inside
before you catch a cold.

I baked cookies!

Do you think
calories count here?

- I think we should go with no.
- Agreed.

I thought you girls might enjoy
some treats

while we decorate the tree.

And if we finish these,
I always have more.

What's in the box?

Only my favorite things ever
to exist ever.

Our Christmas ornaments.

Ooh, fun!

Let's get you changed first.


Eve, you made this one

when you were
just a little girl.

It's my favorite.

And, Lacy,

this is from your dance recital.

It's also my favorite.

Is it just me
or are these hideous?

We were not talented children.

You were always the best
at decorating the tree.

- Can you do the honors?
- Oh...

Yeah, Eve is not great
at decorating.

Nonsense. Go ahead, sweetie.


Ooh. Ah!


Is it that bad?

It's... beautiful!

I'm amazing.

I was thinking, because we don't
have the biggest budget,

maybe we could get
some of the local businesses

to donate decorations.

I love that idea. I was thinking
the exact same thing.

All right, so after this,
you know, we can go around,

see if we can recruit
some more help.

Perfect, oh, and then I thought

we could put something fun
over there.

- Like a...
- Hot-chocolate stand.

I was seriously gonna say
hot-chocolate stand.

Great minds think alike.

They sure do.

And every great party
needs a good theme.

So I was thinking
something along the lines of...

- Winter Wonderland?
- Winter Wonderland.


Did you steal my binder?

No, I did not.
Did you steal mine?

- Wait, twelve?
- Yeah.

Well, yeah, you know,
I'm efficient.

You sure are.

Eve Bell, there's just somethin'
about you.


Yeah, you're just so talented
and sweet

and, obviously, organized.

- You think so?
- I do. I really do.

I'm really glad
we're doin' this together.

Me, too.

So did you guys need my help?


Oh, Lacy, right.
Um, why don't you...

Okay, you clearly
don't need me here

and this is getting
a little weird.

So I just, I think I'm gonna go
explore a bit

and let you guys do your thing.


Hey, sorry. I think
I got a little caught up.

I get it, I just don't really
wanna spend

my day third-wheeling.

Get out of my way!

Sorry, dude.

- Was that...
- Mr. Peterson.

Did he follow you here
to ruin your movie?

Look, just you watch,
he might seem grumpy now,

but he'll have the most
heartwarming Christmas of all.


- Hi.
- Hi.

- It was me.
- Yeah.

- That was good, you got me.
- Thank you.

Nice, very nice.

Well, if calories
don't count here...

Come to mama.


Oh-oh! Oh-oh!


So nice of you to drop in.

No. Moment's over.
You can stand me up now.

Thanks for that.

Don't mention it.

So what brings you in today?

Cookies, mostly.

Me, too.

Thank you.

Okay, you can stop staring.

I'm Paul.


What do I owe you
for the cookie?

Oh, it's on the house.

Is the entire economy
of this town

based on giving things away?

It's great, isn't it?

Yeah. Great.

So, Paul, you look like a...

normal person.

What is it that you do
around here for fun?

Oh, we know
how to have a good time.

Yesterday I got into
a snowball fight with some kids.

Well, great as that sounds,

I think I'm probably just gonna
figure out my own thing.

- Mm-hmm.
- But thank you for the cookie.

It was nice to meet you, Paul.

Bye, Lacy.

So, how are you liking
Christmas time in Holiday Falls?

Well, it's everything
I hoped it would be.

The town is beautiful,
people are kind,

the men are so... chivalrous.

You know, I had a, a great time
with you today.

- Me, too.
- Uh...

I don't know
if you got any plans tonight,

but I'm gonna go caroling
by the big tree.

I mean,
maybe you'd like to join?


- What?
- I'd love to.


Great. All right,
I'll see you there at 8:00.

- Perfect. See you then.
- Okay. Bye.

Don't judge me.

I wouldn't dream of it.

Why did you come here
and suddenly

you're the Christmas queen,
while I'm still...

Well, if you stay a scrinch,

nothing magical
will ever happen.

You have to believe,
dear sister.


Ooh. Heh-heh.

- Mrs. Bell.
- Ooh.

Such a pleasure
to finally meet you.

I'm Russell Clark.

Ooh, I heard you saying
your special friend was in town,

so I invited him to dinner.

Hello, Evey.

Um, I-I might
already have plans tonight.

But I suppose they can wait.



The magazines absolutely loved
that I found myself a commoner.


They compared me
to the Prince of Norgravia.

Sure is nice to have been
chosen from the common people.

It truly is, isn't it?

You're welcome.

It's like what Eve told me
when we first met in the city,

"Russell, you have a gift,

and the world needs to hear it."

- You said that?
- Mm-mm.

Wait! This is perfect!

- Our love?
- No.

Well, maybe. Uh, no.

This is perfect timing! You can
play at the Christmas festival!


A small-town Christmas festival.

I'm a world-famous superstar.

And this would be...
splendid PR.

- I'm in.
- He's in!

A little
early Christmas present.

Russell, you didn't have to.

I know.


It's the colors of Christmas.

Oh. I can get used to this.

See you tomorrow, darling.


Wait, you're leaving again?

What am I supposed to do?
I'm so bored.

I'm going caroling with Dustin.

- You wanna come?
- Not that bored.

How are you bored in
a magical Christmas wonderland?

There's so much to see.
Why don't you go for a walk?

Right. I'm gonna go for a walk.

You can help me make cookies!

Right. I'm gonna go for a walk.

# Cookies baking #

# Laughter in the kitchen #

# Children making... #


# Angels in the snow #

# Hanging the stockings #

# Trees topped with an angel #

# Santa's comin' #

# All the children know #

# Caring sharing #

# Lovely Christmas time #

Oh, it's you.

I was just on my way home
from volunteering

at the local animal shelter.

Of course you were.

And I saw you sitting here,

so I thought
I'd drop you a card.

A hand-drawn, personalized card?

You just happened to have one
on you?

- Lucky, right?
- Well...

That's not even
a little bit creepy.

You know, we always need

some more help at the shelter.

Maybe you wanna drop by
the bakery tomorrow?

I'm baking some treats
for the pups.

- I don't really...
- Come on!

Unless you have something
more important to do.

Okay, fine, but only for
the adorable puppies and kittens

who undoubtedly need
to find homes before Christmas.

Then it's a date.

Uh, date? It's not a date.

Uh, Paul? It's not a date!

# Caring sharing #

# Lovely #

# Christmas time... #

- Oh. Hi.
- Hey.

Are we early?

Uh, no.
No, you're right on time.

- Oh. Where is everybody?
- What do you mean?

You said
you were going caroling.

And I am.

- By yourself?
- No. With you.

Um, I'm not exactly
a great singer.

Well, it's not about
being a great singer. Okay?

It's about having fun together.

- We'll start slow.
- All right.

# Deck the halls
with boughs of holly #

# Fa-la la-la-la
la-la la-la #

# 'Tis the season to be jolly #

# Fa-la la-la-la
la-la la-la #

Wow! I sound amazing here!

Yes, you do.

# Don we now our gay apparel #

# Fa-la-la la-la-la la-la-la #

# Troll
the ancient Yuletide carol #

# Fa-la la-la-la
la-la la-la #

Keep it down!


Hey, you wanna go for a ride?


Yeah. Trust me.

- Okay.
- Come on.

It's so beautiful here.

Have you always lived
in Holiday Falls?

Uh, no, no, actually,
I moved here from the city

a few years ago.

Huh? I wouldn't have
pictured you as the city type.

Well, I had a dream

of saving a historical building

and renovating it into a hotel.

That's so cool. What happened?

I don't know. Everything in
the city just kinda felt, mm...


Yeah. Ah...

I know what you mean.

I mean, I still think about it.

I mean, isn't it worth it,
you know, follow your dream?

But you have the perfect life
here in Holiday Falls.

I love this town,
but sometimes I wonder

if this is the life I chose

or just the one I escaped to.

You have got to be kidding me.

How did he...

No, this is too much.

No, creepy stalker dude. No.

What's going on?

- Who's that from?
- This guy I met.

He makes these handmade cards.

Oh, that's adorable.

Not adorable.

The free cookie was nice,
but this is too much.

I have to put a stop to this
right now.

Speaking of
putting a stop to things,

I'm having dinner
with Russell tonight,

and I think
I need to break up with him.

I feel guilty hanging out
with two guys at once.

You're not exclusive
with Dustin.

You haven't even kissed Dustin.

And supposedly
you're dating Russell,

but you weren't present
for that conversation.

So, I don't think you're doing
anything wrong.

I've done way worse things.

For example, I'm about to go
break this man's heart.

And it's going to be quick
and it's going to be painless

for me.


Maybe you should give this guy
a chance.

I don't think so.

I just think
it might be good for you

to spend time
with someone different.

He's not different.

He's unbalanced.

See you later!

# Don we now our gay apparel #

# Fa-la-la la-la-la la-la-la #

# Troll
the ancient Yuletide carol #

# Fa-la la-la-la #

# La-la la-la #

I thought I'd find you here.

Uh, what are you doing here?

I'm here to save your festival,
of course.

Noelle Saint Vanderkloot
of the Solen Vanderkloots.

Eve Bell. Like a bell. Ding!

So nice to meet you, Eve.

I'm sure Dusty's told you
all about me.


Or maybe he hasn't.

Yeah, well, Noelle and I, w-we
used to date, back in the city.

But that was a long time ago.

Oh. Well, it's nice to meet you.

So are you, are you in town
for the holidays or...

Funny story,
I was actually going to stay

in the city this year,
but when I heard

that the Holiday Falls Christmas
Festival was in danger...

I couldn't sit still.

I love this town.

But you've never been here

Yes, but the way
you described it, Dusty,

I had to come help.

I felt it was my duty.

Uh, well, you know, Eve and I,

we've been handling,
uh, most of the planning

and we're already
getting things back on track.

Mm-hmm. If all goes to plan, we
should be able to pull it off.

- Oh, we will.
- Totally.

I can't wait to see
what you've come up with.

But I have attended
many VIP events in the city

and I know what it takes
to make one successful.

I even attended
the royal wedding in Norgravia.

- Wow!
- Eve.

Don't you think you could use
all the help you can get?

The festival
is just a few days away.

I don't see why
you can't help out.

Really? That's fantastic.

Holiday Falls
will thank you for it.

Oh. Oh.

I'm gonna go grab us
some peppermint mochas.

When I get back, we'll get
started on saving the festival.

we've already gotten started.

You didn't tell me about Noelle.

Well, I-I had no idea
she'd be here.

I haven't talked to her
since I left the city.

Uh-huh. Perfect timing.

She seems sweet.

Yeah, well,
you don't know Noelle like I do.

Oh, I know
that she suddenly appeared

because she is supposed to be
the obstacle between me and you.


I think it'll be fine.

She has a lot of experience,

Well done!

Nice work, London! How did you
get so good at this?

My dad and me used to bake
with my grandma

before he had to go away.

I'm happy you're here to help.

You made it!

Here, grab some frosting.

Actually, I need to talk to you
about your cards.

I hand-painted them myself.

They're very nice, Paul.
They're just...

They're stalker-y and weird
and it's too much.

And when were you at my window?

Okay, I can take a hint.
No more cards.

I mean, it's not a hint.

I am explicitly telling you
to stop.

Lacy, you are looking beautiful
this morning.

Here's a little something
from Paul.

Uh, actually, London,
that's very nice.

- But Lacy doesn't like cards.
- She doesn't like cards?

But you make the best cards
in the world, Paul.

Well, not everyone likes
everything, and that's okay.

I don't like candy canes.
Some people think I'm crazy.

You know what?

I would love that card
from Paul.

Sometimes I can be grumpy
and I forget to be grateful.

I understand.

Thank you, token adorable child,

and, um, thank you, Paul.

Paul said you came
to help us decorate cookies.


- I would love to help you.
- Yay!

- You can sit right next to me!
- Yes.


Don't you ever draw me sleeping
through my window again.

It's creepy, Paul.


Put the icing
right on the cookie

and make fudges, right?

Let me help you with that.

Hey, guys.


So I was just
going over the plan with Dusty,

and I have to say
you guys have done

some really great work here.

Thank you.

But I have some ideas that might
help take it up a notch.

If there's one thing
I've learned, it's that

no one remembers
what they did at the party.

What they remember
is how you made them feel.

What feeling do we want to leave
these people with?

What is the essence
of this event?




Bye, guys!

- Thanks for your help!
- Bye, London.

What's wrong?
Was it the cookies?

I knew I used too much ginger.

No, no, it's not that, it was...

It was actually the most fun
I've had in a while, I just...

This place is so different
from where I'm from.

You miss the city?

Holiday Falls is great.
I just...

I'm not very good
at staying in places for long.

Maybe I could help you.

Not unless you can bring me
to Santa.


Wait, really?

Yeah. Let's go.

That was easy.

Nice. Okay, pick a bow, any bow.


Hey, you're pretty good at this.

you're not so bad yourself.

They're so pretty. I almost wish
they could stay wrapped forever.

Well, it's not the point
of a present, right?

I mean, the wrapping's
just temporary.

Meant to be enjoyed
while it's here.


But that's kind of the beauty,

You know,
the mystery of what it could be

and the sense of anticipation.

- Dang it!
- What? What's wrong?

No, nothing. This is perfect.

There's just...

something I have to do.

But thank you for a fun night.

Yeah. Yeah, anytime.

Goodnight, Dustin.


Here we are!

Uh, Paul, Santa's not here.

Oh. He's usually...


There he is!

- Hi, Santa.
- Paul!

And hello to you, Lacy.

It's good to see the two of you
getting along so well.

Now, what can Santa do for you?

Lacy here has a question.

I have a lot of questions.

But for starters, I know you
brought us here for Eve's wish.

But when can we get back home?

Is it that you want
to go home, Lacy,

or is it that you want to leave?

This is what Eve wanted.
I'm not sure why I'm here, too.

Well, don't forget,
you made a wish as well.

I know.

So do you think you've gotten
what you wished for?

No. Not yet.

Wonderful things can happen

if you give a place...

or a person a chance.

Why do people
in these movies

always speak in metaphors?

What does that mean?

Can't you just
answer my question?

It's better
if you answer it yourself.


You're not helping.


What? Wher...
Where did he go?

Obviously, the North Pole, Lacy.

- I, but I...
- Come on, it's getting late.

Let's get you home. Come on.

So you can just talk to Santa
whenever you want to?

Of course. He's Santa.

Can't you?

I can't break up with Chad.
He's my dream guy.


- Evey!
- Hi!

You look beautiful.

Thank you. So do you.

N-no, I didn't mean that.
I mean...

Sorry. I'm a little nervous.


I need to talk to you.

Of course, dear. What is it?

I wanted
to give this back to you.

Don't be silly.

This is a gift.

Here. Huh...

Now, I picked this out
especially for you.

You're the only person
in the world

I can truly be myself with.

You are so very special, Evey.

Actually, um,
I wanted to talk to you...

And I wanted to talk to you.

To apologize.

I feel as if I may have come off
a bit arrogant

with your family at dinner.

And I hope
I didn't embarrass you.

Sometimes I just,
I put a wall up

when I meet new people.

I a-actually relate to that.

I don't usually do so well
in high-pressure situations.

I'm sorry to hear that.

It must be difficult.

You know, Russell,
you should really

let people see this side of you
more often.

You're actually pretty sweet
when you let your guard down.

Hm, I'm just so grateful
to have someone like you

who understands me.

Of course.

Thank you, Evey,

for seeing through
my insecurities,

for accepting me,
accepting all of me.

You seem a bit quiet.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. It's just...

Have you ever had to do
something you thought

would be easy, but when
the moment finally arrived,

you choked?

Honestly... no.

I haven't.

But is there anything I can do
to help you?


You chickened out?

I just couldn't
break his heart, Lacy.

Not on Christmas Eve-Eve.

If not now, when?
You're running out of time.

After the show.

Once I save Christmas,
I will tell Russell the truth.

And then we can go home.

Right. About that...

What? You've been dying
to go home since we got here.

And now that you've broken up
with that Paul guy...

- Yeah. So I didn't do that.
- What?

I decided to maybe kinda
like him instead.

Lacy, what? Yay!

It's-it's not a big deal.
Don't make it a big deal!

- Okay.
- I'm just...

- Trying something different.
- Mm-hmm.


This means we can double-date.

You can't double-date
with five people.

What are you gonna tell Dustin?

I haven't figured that out yet.

All right, ladies and gentlemen,

we got a big assignment
ahead of us today.

The whole town
is counting on us.

I need everyone...

to be on top of their games.

I'm talking sweet.
I'm talking chewy! I'm talking...

Am I interrupting something?

Lacy! Ahem!

No. They are donations to help
save the local dance studio.

So I, um...

I made you this.

I drew one
where I was chewing on your leg,

but somehow that seemed to lack
the Christmas spirit.

It's very you.

I adore it. Thank you.

Happy Christmas Eve, by the way.

Happy Christmas Eve, Lacy.

So I was wondering
if you wanted to come with me.

I'm headed to the town square

to do some
last-minute festival prep

with my sister and Dustin.

I would love that.

You heard
from any of the vendors?

No, not today.

They should be here
setting up by now.

And where are the decorations?

Well, I'm sure
they'll be here soon.

I just want everything
to be perfect.

Oh, I know exactly
what you mean.

- Need some extra hands?
- Oh, hey!

Are you volunteering?

'Tis the season.
But don't get used to it.

I'm surprised no one's come to
me about the Christmas festival.

I usually provide the Christmas
cookies every year.

Wait, N-Noelle
hasn't talked to you?

Yeah, we definitely talked
about ordering cookies.

- I haven't heard from her.
- I asked her yesterday.

She said it was taken care of.

Okay, I'm sure
there is an explanation.

See, we put up a sign...

Oh, look, here.

Here she is now.

Hello, everyone!

Hey, uh,
where have you been?

And, you know,
where are all the vendors

and-and decorations
and-and the cookies?

You're so adorable
when you get stressed.

I told you, don't worry
about it. I've got it handled.

First, I'd like to introduce
our headliner for tomorrow,

Russell Clark.


Hello, Evey.


It is a pleasure to meet you,
Mr. Clark.

I have all your songs,

even the one
you released in Japan

and tried to erase
off the Internet.

It's not my favorite.

Mine either. Thanks.

Eve, of course, you need no
introduction to your boyfriend.


Yes, boyfriend.

So you've been seeing someone
this entire time, Eve?


And no.

You didn't know?
Oh, dear!

I hope I haven't caused
too much trouble.

Well, now that all this ugliness
is behind us,

we can get back on track and
focus on the Christmas festival.

So what were you gonna do?
You were just gonna lead me on?

No! No, I was gonna break up
with Russell.

You were gonna break up with me?

- Russell...
- Don't you know who me is?

Russell, I'm sorry.
You're great.

I didn't want it to happen
this way.

But you did want it to happen.

I'm sorry.

Well, I'm sick
of this small town, anyway.

- I'm going back to the city.
- Wait, Russell, please.

You can't go back to the city.
The festival is tomorrow.

You can all forget
about Russell Clark

your little Christmas festival.

Goodbye, Evey.

- Dustin...
- It's fine.

I don't think
there's anything left to say.

We'll just finish planning this

and then
we can go our separate ways.

- Eve...
- I'm okay.

I have a festival to plan.

Let us help you.

I'll just see you
at Gram Gram's, okay?

I can't wait for you
to see the new direction

I've taken the festival
this year.

New direction? We didn't talk
about a new direction.

I had a moment of inspiration.

Where's the tree?

Noelle, this is not
what we planned.

I elevated the plan.

I made it an experience.

The new theme is City Lights.

But it's not Christmas...

without a Christmas tree.

It's a minimalist motif.

No tree needed.

But where are all
the decorations and the lights?

And the presents for the kids?
They were right there.

So, I had to make a few cuts.

I know
it doesn't look like much now,

but just wait
for the hot chocolate

I've imported from Chantelle's.

You cut the gifts for the kids
for hot chocolate?

Kids like chocolate. Don't they?

I wanted to give Holiday Falls

an experience
it wouldn't forget.

But this has nothing to do
with Christmas.

People are expecting
a Christmas festival.

They're gonna be
so disappointed.

Okay, how much of the budget
do we have left?

Maybe we can salvage this.

Salvage? I thought
you would love all this.

How much, Noelle?

Well... nothing, okay?

Chantelle's hot chocolate
does not come cheap.

So we have no decorations,
no gifts,

no Christmas tree
and no budget left?

But, yay, hot chocolate, though,

We cannot bring
the entire town out on Christmas

for overpriced hot chocolate.

What are you saying?

We gotta cancel the festival.

Wait, no,
we can find a way to fix this.

It's too late, Eve. The-the...
Christmas is tomorrow.

And this...
this is not Christmas.


Goodbye, Eve.

Poor Eve. Do you think there's
anything we can do to help?

I don't see how.

You'll think of something.

You're Lacy Bell.

Being Lacy Bell hasn't seemed
to help much so far.

What are you talking about?

You're kind, you're sweet,
you're hard-working.

You make people smile
when you walk into a room.

Paul, I'm not all those things.

I'm not who you think I am.

I think you're the most
unique person I've ever met.

Like a snowflake.

But you don't melt easily.

You're not like the other girls,
and that's why I like you.

You don't know the real me.

I'm the girl who hasn't had
a real relationship

in ten years.

I'm the girl who quits
when it gets hard.

I'm the girl
who only dates jerks

because they can't
get close enough to hurt me.

- But...
- No.

You make things beautiful, Paul.

I destroy them.

That's who I am.

I don't deserve you.

Yes, you do.
Lacy, you deserve good things.

I'm not sure I do.

Eve, are you ready
for Christmas tomorrow?

I don't know if I'm gonna be
celebrating Christmas

this year, London.

What? Why?

I thought in Holiday Falls

everything would be different.

But I think my problems
just followed me here.

Maybe... I'm what's wrong
with my life.

But, Eve, tomorrow is Christmas.

It's the day
that wishes come true.

You told me, remember?

I don't know anymore.

Don't say that, Eve!

If your wish doesn't come true,
what about mine?

Was your day as bad as mine?

Pushed away the best man
I've ever met.


Ruined the festival.

Ruined Dustin,
ruined Chad Matthew Monroe.

Ruined Christmas for London.

So much for everything
always turning out all right

in Holiday Falls.

You wanna talk about it?

No. You?



Lacy, I want to go home.

Me, too.

Maybe if we find Santa,
we can explain everything

and he'll send us back.

I don't think
Santa's going to help us.

It's Christmas.
He's probably busy.

I don't think Paul is gonna
help me track him down again.

I kind of burned that bridge.

Of course you did.

What does that mean?


No, what does that mean,
of course I did?


I just mean
that you're not exactly great

at keeping things around.
Jobs. Guys.

Well, at least
I go after jobs and guys.

If I had your talent, I wouldn't

let people pass over me
the way that you do.

I don't let people pass me over!

You know what?
It's Christmas morning.

I don't want to fight.

Where are you going?

I don't know.
I'll talk to you later.

Merry Christmas, girls!

No, it's not.

It's the worst Christmas ever.

Oh, dear.

Eve, I-I try to be supportive
of everything you do.

I don't get to see you
very often these days

with you both
being away in the city.

And we just get a few days
to be together

at the most magical time
of the year,

and I want that time
to be happy.

So I'm telling you right now,

knock it off.

I will not tolerate
this attitude in my house.

not Christmas morning.

Now, I don't know
what's going on,

but I'm here if you want
to talk about it.

I ruined the Christmas festival.

I'm sorry to hear that.

What are you gonna do about it?

Oh, I know
things are hard right now.

But you're Eve Bell.

You went off
and made it in the city.

You can do anything
you set your mind to.

You've just gotta
give it a shot, see it through.

You're right, Gram Gram.

Thank you.

Oh, cookie?


Lacy, you're right.

I do let people pass me over.

I didn't pitch my idea
for the Spring Fling.

I let Noelle
take over the festival

and she drove it
into the ground.

You're right, too.

I'm tired of running.

Tired of quitting everything
and starting over.

But what do we do?

We're gonna take a risk

and we're gonna save Christmas.

But how? The festival is today.

Don't worry. I have a plan.


Ooh, sorry, buddy.

Lacy! What are you doing here?

I was so worried I was gonna
mess things up with you,

that I went ahead
and messed things up on purpose.

You deserve better than that.

And I can be better than that.

I know that now, because of you.

You never saw me as a screw-up.

You believed I was a good person

and because of that,
I believe it, too.

And now I need your help.

To do what?

To save Christmas!

What's the plan?

- Montage!
- Montage!

Let's do this.

Excuse me.

Lady with the lights.


Oh, my goodness!

I can't believe
we got that all done so quickly.

There's only one thing missing,
the entertainment.

Now that Russell isn't playing,
I don't know

what we're gonna do.

I know what'll work
on that dude.

Pardon me, little girl.

Look, you're absolutely
adorable, but you're in my way.

I have a plane to catch.

Russell, listen, you need
to sing at the festival.

I'm afraid
that's out of the question.

But you promised! The whole town
is waiting for you.

I'm sorry, little girl, but
there's nothing anyone can do

to convince me
to go to the festival tonight.

Russell, you don't wanna make
a little girl cry.

I think
we might actually pull this off.

I just hope people show up.

Eve, look.

Hello, Holiday Falls!

Somebody told me recently
I need to let

my guard down more often.

So I'm here to give it a try.

Merry Christmas!

I can't believe it.

I can.

# Hey-ho here comes the snow #

# The trees are white
the lights are glowing #

# A winter day working away
it's Christmas time... #

You did an amazing job.

I'm sorry
I messed everything up.

# Winter white is everywhere #

# It's good to be alive... #

This is the best hot chocolate
I've ever tasted.

Really makes
the whole experience.

You didn't mess everything up.

You ladies did
such a lovely job tonight.

Thanks, Gram Gram. We couldn't
have done it without you.

That's true.

Thank you for making this

the best Christmas ever.


# A happy day working away #

# It's Christmas time #

# Everyone's excited for #

# Christmas to arrive #

# Crispiness is in the air #

# It's good to be alive #

# Hey-ho here comes the snow
hey-ho here comes the snow #

# Hey-ho here comes the snow #

# It's Christmas time #

# It's Christmas time... #

Can you do me a favor?

Give this to Russell.

Tell him I said thank you.

# It's Christmas time... #

I mean,
if it would help you out.

# It's Christmas time #

That was nice.

Well, if I know
my Christmas movies,

there's a perfect match
for everyone.

# Hey-ho here comes the cheer
the gifts... #

Look, it's Mr. Peterson.

Oh, my goodness.

It's finally happening.

Everyone got
their Christmas wish.

Wait. There's still one more.



Ah, I missed you so much.

Merry Christmas, London.

- Honey!
- Hey...


You made it.

I, uh, I got your note.

This is incredible.

Maybe the best Christmas
festival I've ever seen.


I'm sorry that I bailed.

I'm sorry that I lied to you.

- It's okay.
- It's okay.

So you're...

stuck on going back to the city?

I realized something today,

I thought my perfect life

was something
I had to leave home to find.

I was wrong.

Life is whatever I make it.

I wished
for a perfect Christmas,

but my perfect Christmas
needs to be back home.

It's too bad, though.

There aren't many men like you
in the city.

And there aren't many women
like you in Holiday Falls.

That was it.

That's it.

My Christmas journey.

You know, I made a wish, too.

I wished to be a better person

and you helped me see
that I could.

Thank you.


Is it...

Christmas morning!

I think
I just had the weirdest dream.

Me, too!

I dreamt that Santa sent us

into a Christmas movie.

And there was this
beautiful little town.

- And this innkeeper.
- And this baker.

- And Chad Matthew Monroe.
- And Chad Matthew Monroe.

Do you smell that?

Cinnamon waffles.


You told me not to watch you
sleep ever again,

so I thought
I'd serve breakfast.


How are you here?

Well, when you disappeared,

I told Santa
that I had a Christmas wish.

What's that?

Merry Christmas.

It's perfect.

Who wants cinnamon waffles?

Gram Gram's recipe.

There's something
I have to do first.

Elle, what are you doing here?
It's Christmas.

And I'm sorry to bother you,

but there are some things
I need to say,

and they can't wait.

First of all, I am a designer.
A good one.

And you're wasting my talent.

Elle, this is absolutely
the wrong time to be doing this.

Second of all,
my name is not Elle. It's Eve.

And third of all,

I just need to say that

I deserve the layout
for Spring Fling.

I know that under
that gruff exterior is a man

who just wants to see
something beautiful.

You don't have to make
any decisions now.

I just needed to take a risk
and take my shot.


come by my office on Monday.

And, um, bring some ideas
for the summer issue, too.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Peterson.

Merry Christmas... Eve.

So how'd it go?


- It's just...
- What's wrong?

I miss Dustin.
I'm happy to be home.

- And I got the Spring Fling!
- Yay!

I just wish
Dustin were here to see it.

I wonder what he is doing
right now.

Merry Christmas, Eve.


I, um...

I thought I'd give city living
one more try.

- Hey, guys. Great!
- Hey!

You know, I was thinking,
the city sure is great,

but maybe we could spend
next Christmas back home.

- Return to Holiday Falls?
- Mm-hmm.

I don't know.
What do you think, Eve?

Well, you know me.

I love a sequel.

# Snowflakes falling #

# Gently past the window #

# They'll be calling #

# Just to say they came #

# Candles glowing #

# Warmly on the table #

# Carols floating #

# Toughly through the air #

# Caring sharing #

# Lovely #

# Christmas time #

# Caring sharing #

# Lovely #

# Christmas time #