A Christmas Mission (2020) - full transcript

Emma is a talented designer who curates handcrafted goods for her shop. The holiday season is especially busy for her and her business partner Liz, as they plan a Christmas Eve event for ...

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[Instrumental music]

[Instrumental music]

♪ I don't want
nothing melancholy ♪

♪ just a little
eggnog and Holly ♪

♪ on this holiday with you ♪

♪ so hurry up
don't keep me waitin' ♪

♪ I'm in the mood
for celebrating ♪

♪ just want a holiday for two ♪

♪ as long as I'm with you
I don't care what we do ♪

♪ a cozy fire
or snowflakes under the moon ♪

♪ grab some candy canes
we go ice fishin' ♪

♪ as long as we're together
we can only win ♪

♪ when you're around
it's Christmas ♪

♪ the whole year through ♪

♪ oh I don't want
nothin' melancholy ♪

♪ just a little eggnog
and Holly ♪

♪ on this holiday with you ♪

♪ so hurry up
don't keep me waitin' ♪

♪ I'm in the mood
for celebrating ♪

♪ just want a holiday for two ♪

♪ let's get away ♪

♪ nothing too cliche ♪

♪ a trip to Rome for some
drinks at a small cafe ♪

♪ we could sink our feet in
some Hawaiian sand or drink ♪

Sir, you're lookin'
real handsome.

Ah. What are you doing here?

This is not where you belong.

And a merry Christmas to you.

♪ Eggnog and Holly ♪

♪ on this holiday with you ♪

♪ so hurry up
don't keep me waitin' ♪

♪ I'm in the mood
for celebrating ♪

♪ just want a holiday for two ♪

♪ take me now ♪

[Music continues]


[Liz sighs]

How is it that
even when I'm exactly on time,

I still feel like I'm late?

You can blame the general
for that.

-Coffee's on the counter.

Mm. Thank you.
How is the old general?

I am sure my dad is fine.

He's keeping busy
with his autobiography.

-[Cell phone vibrating]

The guy's gotta have
a bug in my phone.

Every time I mention his name,
he calls.

I will call you back in a bit.

[Gasps] Bad daughter.

-What? I will call him back.
-Hm, you better.

Will you help me with these?
I don't know where to put them.


Which wall?

The east wall, with great sun.

Kate will want to take pictures
to showcase on her website.


Kate margulies
is a design goddess.

I mean, if she did
a little blurb on her show,

that kind of exposure, that
could really make a difference

for our artisans and get
the shop properly launched.

Em, her whole brand is
her love for things handcrafted

and off the beaten path,
and that's us.

And, hopefully,
she can create a little buzz

for our Christmas Eve

because last I checked, we had

a grand total of six RSVPs.

-And that's including us.
-Don't worry.

Everybody loves
a Christmas Eve party.

But you're gonna miss your dad.

Can we please
not talk about this?

Honestly, after Thanksgiving,
I don't know if I have it in me.

"Are you earning enough money?
Are you putting some away?

Are you dating?
Are you getting out there?

Are you having fun? Are you
thinking about your own family?"

Liz, I might have to have kids

just to give my dad
something to do.

Plus, it's just not Christmas
without my mom.

I know, em. I'm sorry.

Anyway, I plan
to work through Christmas

and maybe I'll go see my dad
for new year's.

But don't you think your dad w...

Silver or gold?

The greatest debate of our time.

I've been putting
a lot of thought into this.

You putting in a lot of thought
into something? No.

[Chuckles] Okay.

Silver people are silver people,

They have it in their homes,
their jewelry.

They have silver tinsel,
silver garland, picture frames.

And gold people,
gold people are exactly the same

with their gold, you'll never
see silver on gold people

because they love their gold.

So the question is,
what is Kate?

Silver or gold?

You really did over-think this.

Wait, what if she's
a silver and a gold person?

I actually think
she's a platinum person.

What does that even mean?

It means
we don't take any chances

and we go with hand-blown glass.

Because you cannot go wrong
with hand-blown glass.


[Instrumental music]

That doesn't look any good.

[Cell phone vibrating]

It's the general.
He's texting me.

"Do we usually put the garland
or the lights on first?"

Okay, in what world
do you start with garland?

Yeah, no world I'd want
to live in, that's for sure.

Am I right? Okay.

I better call this man back
before he hurts himself.


[Line ringing]

[Cell phone ringing]

And stay.

There she is!

[Chuckles] Hi, dad.
Let me get you set up.

Good morning. I got your text.

I see you're putting up
the Christmas decorations.

Well, trying. I'm not very good
at the, uh, inside stuff.

Don't you remember
mom's jingle anagram thing?

♪ Let's go on adventures ♪

♪ lights garland
ornaments angel ♪

Ugh, I skipped a step.

I better write this down.
A-And don't worry, Emma.

I'm saving the angel
for when you're home.

I know how you love
to put it up just right.

-Uh, dad, s...
-First the lights...

Dad, I have to tell you
that, um...

Then the garland. I don't have
garland, but I have this ribbon.

Dad, I'm not gonna be able
to make it home for Christmas

this year, we're having
an event at the store,

and it kinda has to be
on the 24th, so...

What kind of an event
has to be on Christmas Eve?

Well, a very,
very important one.

This store really needs the publicity,

and it's gonna be
for a good cause, so..


I know you're disappointed.
I'm sorry.

-But you get it, right?
-Oh, yeah.

It's not e day
you get to promote local arts

and charity on Christmas Eve.

-It's artisa,
-oh, right.

, I-I know is our
first year without mom and...

-[Liz] Em?

Dad, I'm so sorry,
but I, uh, I have to go.

I have to go.
Can we talk later? Please?

Um, we have an important visitor

But listen, I promise
I will be there for new year's.

? Love you.

New year's would be wonderful,

Love you, too. Bye.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


[Engine revving]

[Car door opens and shuts]

[Tom] Are my eyes going
or is that

staff sergeant Aaron Parker
I see?

Sir, yes, sir, general. Ma just
picked me up from the station.

At ease, sergeant. At ease.

It's actually
master sergeant now.

Well done, parks.

-It's good to see you, general.
-You, too, Aaron.

-How long's your leave?

-I'd love a coffee.
-How do you take it?

Master sergeant?

So you got a job lined up yet?

[Chuckles] No, no job yet.

How about a girlfriend?

-No, girlfriend.
-Well, what are your plans now?

I'm not exactly sure yet. You
know how it is in the service.

You get your sense of purpose.
I just wanna stay busy.

I don't know, maybe I'll start
my autobiography like you.

Oh. You heard about that, huh?

My mom sent me the gazette.
Any tips?

-Hire a ghost writer.

And live a little more life
on the other side first.

I don't know, I think
the first thing I wanna do

is help you
get this tree decorated.

You don't have to worry
about that.

I'll get it done by Christmas.

I-I have a book draft due
by then...

No, no, no,
I'm gonna grab these lights,

you get these ornaments,
and we'll get workin' on it.

[Aaron chuckles]

I remember this year.

Oh, yeah.
Who could forget that one?

Emma and I thought we would
cook Christmas dinner that year,

we put the ham in the oven,
decided to go ice-skating.

But you never took the ham
out of the oven.

-Hams-plosion! Yeah.

That oven's never been
quite the same.

-Yeah, sorry about that.
-Eh, you were kids.

So, uh, your first Christmas
home in quite a while, huh?

Yeah, first one
since I enlisted, I think.

I've been counting down the days

to the king family
Christmas traditions.

Hey, you wanna get
a kick start on the season

and start caroling?

No. No one wants
to hear me sing.

-That was always Annie and Emma.

And now without Annie...

Very sorry for your loss,

I know this Christmas is gonna
be different without Mrs. King.

Hey, maybe you and I can build
a gingerbread house together.

I'm giving it a good try,
but, uh, I'm not much

in the Christmas spirit
this year,

especially since
Emma's not coming home and...

What, Emma's not coming home
for Christmas this year?

I was assuming she'd be here.

She has a big work event

in the city she's running and...

We've had a tough go
without Annie.

You know, she, she really
kept us all together and...

-Is there anything I can do?
-I appreciate that, son.

But there's really
nothing to be done.

So Emma's in the city now, huh?

What, did she go corporate
or something?

Emma? No. She opened
her own artsy home-goods shop.

You haven't been in touch
with her?

No, it must be amazing,
her shop.

[Tom] It sounds like it, i-i
actually haven't had a chance

to get there,
and Emma hasn't e-exactly

extended an invitation, so...

All the more reason why she
should come home for Christmas.

I'd give anything for her
to be here for Christmas.

But it's not in the cards
this year.

Well, maybe I'll make it
my mission.

-What now?
-I'll go to the city.

I'll get Emma and I'll bring
her home for Christmas.

Oh, really?
Have you met the will of Emma?

That's a good point.
Have you met me?

It's okay.
There'll be other Christmases.

Hey, listen, you shouldn't be
alone for Christmas,

and neither should Emma.
I'll go to the city.

I'll get Emma and I'll bring
her back for Christmas.

That's a promise.

Good luck with that, son.

[Liz] Oh, so excited!
[Emma] I hope she likes it.

[Liz] She's gonna love it.
Oh! Here she comes. Oh.

Hello, ladies!

Kate Margulies.

Hi. I am so excited to meet you.

-Emma king. Emma the great.

Emma the magnificent,
Emma the artiste.

And I'm her business partner,

Ah, yes, Liz! A true pleasure.

Your store
is absolutely perfect.

I love everything
about this space.

And every piece is created by

an independent artisan
and designer?

-Ah. I love it. Hm.

Look at this!

Ah! A true revelation.

And this one is just... ah...

-Ooh! Are you okay?
-What's wrong?

That painting,
the way the light hits,

it's, it's perfect.

Oh. Thank you.

-Emma made it.

I mean, yes, a-a while ago now.

Emma king, the artiste!

[Camera clicking]

Okay, now get in.

Oh, okay.

-[Camera clicking]

Now, Emma king, tell me,

what other magnificence of yours
is on display here?

-Oh. Uh, none, actually.

Uh, well, uh, being the owner,
I'm mostly curating.

Emma's had a bit
of a creative hiatus.

Oh, I see.


Okay, that one
for the big promo night.

Wait, does that mean
that you'll be attending

our Christmas Eve event?


I'm going to be hosting it!
If that's okay with you.

Oh, yes, this has Kate Margulies
written all over it.


It'll be all about you
and these four walls.

But you want people to attend,

So it'll be a little bit
about me.

-Of course.
-[Both] Of course.

And you're still
thinking you want

an altruistic element to it?

-That was our plan.
-Good, giving! Ah.

Now, we need to come up
with, uh, an official kick-off.

-[Gasps] A pop-up!
-A pop-up?

Yes! Tomorrow afternoon!
We'll keep it simple, you know?

Wine, cheese
and these four walls.

And Kate!

Invite all your favorite
artisan friends

to participate
on Christmas Eve.

And, Emma,
creative hiatus is over!

-You have to share your work.
-Oh, I don't really think...

Now here's my plan,
the Christmas Eve extravaganza

will be a showcase, mm,

a challenge, mm,

a philanthropic enterprise! Ooh!

And, of course, a celebration
of designers, inspirations,

and the true meaning
of Christmas!

-And tomorrow is...
-Tomorrow we promo!

We announce the charity
and what the challenge will be.

Emma, what should they create?

Oh. Um, well, what if everyone
created the same thing?


Everyone presents
their own interpretation

of the spirit of Christmas.

Perfect! I love it!

Everyone creates
based on the same idea.

And tomorrow
we'll let the community choose

what the artisans will make. Hm?

-Phone, please. Thank you.

Now, I am posting to my site
and my socials now!

Expect a crowd! And, Emma...

I'm expecting
an outstanding entry from you.

It might secure
a segment on my show.

But let's not top the gun.

[Indistinct chatter]

Hm. Now, ladies, until tomorrow.


-[Liz] Ooh.
-What just happened?

-She said tomorrow.
-Yeah. Okay.

We have work to do, that's fine,
we're fine. We can do it.

[Liz] Wine and cheese.

♪ It's Christmas time
in the city ♪

♪ the streets are plagued
with gold ♪

♪ I look around
it's so pretty ♪

♪ but I still feel alone ♪

♪ if I could make it home... ♪

Hi. Need a hand?

Well, that's really sweet of you
to offer, Cuz,

but we both know
you don't mean it.

-How you doin'? All right.
-Good. Come in.

So you got to explain
this mission of yours.

You were being so cagey
on the phone.

I'm here to bring Emma king
home for Christmas.

Emma? The girl you've never
gotten over since high school.

What are you talking about?
Who said that?

-Ah. Oh.

Yeah. There it is.

"E plus a equals heart."

Yeah, you are totally over her.
My bad.

Mm. Will you stop it?
I like the craftsmanship.

Emma is my neighbor, her
father's a five-star general

who wants to see his daughter
for Christmas.

-And I'm gonna make it happen.
-How is my auntie?

She's onboard with you
spending time on this mission?

She's good and she knows
it's the season of giving.

And if my giving happens
to translate

into reliving some childhood
Christmas memories,

then so be it, call it a bonus.

And seeing Emma.
You're such a giver.

So why doesn't Emma wanna visit

this magical
Christmas wonderland?

It's complicated.

Her mother passed away
earlier this year.

But wouldn't she wanna be with
her dad? Or is she avoiding?

I think there's more to it
than that.

Emma and her father have
an interesting relationship.

They're kinda like
two sides of the same coin,

fused together, but can
never see the other side.

See, when Emma was a little
girl, she used to get so excited

when her father would come home
on leave, she would organize

everything and present him
with everything that he missed.

And it was cool when we were
kids, but as she got older,

you know, things shifted.

Ah, yeah,
a dad that can't handle

their child turning into adult?
I understand that.

Well, you know, it can be tough
being in the military.

Every time you come home,
you gotta get reacquainted.

It can be lonely.

I don't think
Mr. King ever figured out

how to reconnect with Emma.

And you getting involved
is a good idea because...

Because I can bridge the gap.

Be like
a Christmas miracle-worker.

Yeah, because you're just
so charmingly disarming.

-Hey, you said it, not me.
-So what's your plan?

You have a, you have a plan.

-I got somethin'.

[Instrumental music]

Hey, you know, Sarah, I got
a bad, I got a bad feeling about

this, this was a bad idea, we
should get outta here. Well...

-We shouldn't be here. We need...

-Well, you come with me...
-Stop it.

You dragged me here, and I'm not
leaving until I get some brie

in my belly. So go,
go find your Mark or whatever.

[Emma] Aaron Parker?

[Instrumental music]

Emma king? Wow. Wow!

Uh, what are you...
How, how are you doing?

Uh, I, uh...
I'm, uh, I'm well. I'm good.

Um, what...

Hey, em, love the spread.

Sarah? Hi.
It's so good to see you.

Wow! Um...

Okay, what are you doing here?

Well, I finished in the service,
I came off my last tour

and I wanted to spend time
with my favorite cousin

before Christmas.

Okay. Sure.

I meant more like, um,
why are you here

right now in my store.

Oh, here? Oh, well, uh...

Sarah got a post about it
and thought it'd be fun.

I didn't even know this was your
shop. I'm as shocked as you are.

Did you know
that this was Emma's place?

Is this another one
of your crazy jokes?

S-See that, she's always joking.

That's me. The comedian.

Uh... I, um...

-[Chuckles] I have to go.

-Smooth. Real smooth.
-Hi, Emma king!

[Aaron] Yeah. Who's that?

-Kate Margulies.

Kate Margulies,
the queen of divine design.

Hi. Hi. Kate Margulies.

She's an entrepreneur
and interior designer.

Ooh, on her show they do
those home-decor makeovers.

You know, you really need
to get with this century.

You're 30, not 70.

-Hm, is that...

-Why is he?
-Don't know.


Hey, not to sound too cheesy,
but that plate looks so Gouda.

[Chuckles] Ba-ram-pum-chee...

That was the worst joke
I've ever heard.

-I Camembert it.

These puns are so bad,
I'm feeling blue.

-Blue cheese.
-N-No, we got it.

-Cheddar luck next time.
-Nicely done.

Are you a featured artist here?

Oh, if you think
doing math is art, then, yes.

Um, but I'm Liz,
I'm Emma's business partner.

-Okay. We own the shop together.

Sarah. Expert cheese-stacker.

And you run
the community kitchen?

Yeah. Yeah, I thought
you looked familiar.

I stopped by last month to drop
off a few pieces on loan,

but I didn't have the pleasure
of meeting you.

I really love
what you are doing over there.

Thank you.

You know, we're always looking
for extra help.

And it's a great way
of fostering community.


Hi, I'm Aaron.

-Oh, this is my cousin.
-Oh, your cousin?

I've heard all about you, Aaron.

I'm the business partner
and best friend.

So whatever you're here for,
play nice.

-Oh, yeah, of course...
-Hi! Hello!

Thank you so much
for being here. I am Emma king.

And I am the co-owner
of these four walls.

-[Emma] Thank you.

Thank you all so much for being
here and being at our pop-up.

My business partner Liz and I
are so thrilled that you're here

and we hope that
you'll come back Christmas Eve

and maybe bring a friend
or five.

Um, I know that so many of you
heard about

our Christmas Eve extravaganza
on social media.

So without further ado,
please welcome

the queen of divine design,
Kate Margulies!

-Whoo-Hoo! Kate!

Thank you, Emma.
Hello, everyone!

Oh, what an incredibly creative

The love and magic here
on display at these four walls

is simply perfection.

Now, let's get down to business.
Where are my creators?

Ah, are you ready to hear
what this whole

Christmas Eve extravaganza
is all about?


[Kate] My five artists will take
on the challenge of capturing

the spirit of Christmas
in one single piece of design.

They will all have
the same prompt.

The question is,
what shall it be?

Y-You... I'm asking you
what should it be.

[Gasps] What should they create?

-Okay. I don't love it.

-What else?

Hm, don't hate it.

Oh. Hello, handsome.

No, it's you...

-Oh. Uh, hello.

What do you think
the artists should create?

Um, what about a wreath?

That I love!

A wreath symbolizes
the Christmas season

without being too obvious
or too commercial like Santa.

No offense. Okay, creators, you
have your wreath assignments.

Design it. Construct it.
Sell it.

But because Christmas
wouldn't be Christmas

without philanthropy,
where should we donate?

-The community kitchen.
-The community kitchen.

Wow! Two votes.
Okay, the community kitchen!

Any objections? Perfect!
Creators, create.

Everyone else,
come back Christmas Eve

ready to open up those wallets
at the silent auction

and take home what,
I am certain,

will be unique and stunning
Christmas wreaths.

-Let's clap for me!

[Instrumental music]

So this was pretty crazy, huh?

Uh, yeah,
that's the word for it.

You know, I wanted to tell you,
your family was the inspiration

for my, uh, wreath suggestion.


[Aaron] When I was little,
every year Thanksgiving night

I would look out my bedroom
window at the front door,

there'd be
this big beautiful wreath

with all these decorations,
and I knew it was Christmas.

Are you mad at me?

Uh, I'm confused.

Okay, well, I was just visiting
town to see my cousin and, uh...

Actually, actually, I am mad.

I haven't heard from you
in years,

and now you just drop in,
acting like nothing's happened.

You broke my heart, Aaron.

Did you think reminiscing
about my family's wreath

was gonna fix all that?

-No. I was...

Don't do that. It's too late.

It took me years
to get over losing you.

And I am not about to reopen
those wounds.

[Emma sighs]

Happy holidays.

[Ms. Stewart] I cried during
the chapter in the bunker.

It felt like I was there.

I was scared, I was lonely.
It was great.

But the chapters
with your family

felt quite thin in comparison.

Really? I...

I tried to give equal space

to my military
and civilian life.

Taking three pages to explain
that you played

pin the tail on the donkey at
your daughter's sixth birthday

wasn't exactly riveting.

I can trim it.

Trim the fat, yes,
but add more meat.

Give me that same emotion
you gave

in the chapter
where you enlisted.

I know more about the private on
the bus that you never saw again

than I do
about your own daughter.

-I don't know her at all.

I see.

You don't hate him.

No. I don't hate him.

But I don't wanna see him.
I don't know him anymore.

Maybe Aaron's trying
to make amends.

It's not like he was on vacation
this entire time.

I mean,
he did serve in Honolulu.

-Really? Really?
-[Emma chuckles]

No, he was not on vacation.

Listen, I know.

I know it's all history,
long ago and far away,

but... but it still stings.

And I wish
I wasn't so angry at someone

for doing something selfless
like serving their country.

But I cannot get him
out of my mind.

And I need to focus,
I need to concentrate.

[Aaron] I've got to concentrate
on how to get on her good side.

She's clearly not happy
about my unannounced visit.

Why don't you just tell her
why you're here?

Oh, yeah, "hey, em,

I'm here to bring you home
so that your father

won't be lonely and we can
celebrate the holidays

like we always did as kids."

-It just sounds...

If you saw
the look of disappointment

on her father's face,
you wouldn't say it was selfish.

Just got to lay some groundwork.

I'll invite her
to my soup kitchen.

She'll say no
to anything you suggest.

Who can say no
to helping people in need?

-That's perfect!
-I'll text Liz.

-Who's Liz?
-Emma's business partner.

The cheese-pun queen.

-You got her number?
-That I did.

[Emma] Lots of fun,
a splash of color.

Nobody wants a sad wreath.

Okay, giggles. Share. Share.
What's so funny?

Did you get another outlandish
quote from a caterer?

No. A text from Sarah.

Sarah? Aaron's cousin Sarah?

She wants us to go
to the community kitchen.

Us? No. Why?
Is Aaron gonna be there?

Um, I don't think so.

If Aaron truly
is not gonna be there, I'm in.

[Upbeat music]

-[Emma] What is he doing here?
-I don't know.

-[Sarah] Liz?

Meats and vegetables with me.

I feel like I can't escape
people barking orders at me.

Remember, smiles till the door
closes. These are our guests.

-[Woman] Oh.
-Hi, guys.

Welcome to community kitchen.
Come on in.

When I serve the potatoes,
you want me to put a little well

in it so you can
pour your gravy into it?

Well or mound,
either way I'll adapt.

-You want gravy today?

Of course you do.

-[Indistinct chatter]
-I love that coat.

-I'm really glad you came.
-Thanks. I'm happy to be here.

[Indistinct chatter]

-Hey. Am I too late?
-[Liz] Oh.

Not at all. Like some ham?

-Yes, please.
-[Sarah] Enjoy.

-You serve?
-Did you serve?

-Yeah. With honor.
-Oh, good. You're serving now.

-I-I forgot his coffee, so...
-Okay. She, she's new.

Looks like
we're running low on ham.

Oh, we should probably
get some more.

Oh, I can take over.

This here is my good friend
Leroy the Christmas rabbit.

Say "merry Christmas."

Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.

All right,
we gotta get back to work.

♪ It's Christmas yeah yeah ♪

♪ oh yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪
♪ it's Christmas ♪

Uh, he gave you latrine duty,
four nights in a row?

You bet I never argued with
the drill instructor after that.


So how have you been doing?

Oh, you know, just adjusting.

-Friend of yours?
-Yeah, well, yeah...

Yeah, something like that.
It's complicated.

Can I get you anything else,

Uh, no, thank you.

Charlie, this is my friend Emma.

Emma, this is my friend Charlie,
sergeant first-class.

Oh? It's a pleasure to meet you.

And thank you so much
for your service.

Now don't let this one get away.

Okay, I'll be sure
to remember that.

-Hey, you're welcome.

I got it.

Okay. Thanks.

-Take that, too.
-[Chuckles] Okay.

[Instrumental music]

[Emma] I'm so glad
that they at least have this.

And you were great with him.

It was nice to see
you guys laughing.

Well, you know,
everybody deserves respect

and good conversation.

Nobody should be alone
for the holidays.

You know what I mean?

I know it's hard to come home
after serving for so long.

You doing okay?

[Sighs] Yeah,
I’m, I'm all right,

just aside from the fact
that I don't know what I'm doing

with the rest of my life.
Other than that, I'm good.

Do you, um, you still design,
you work with metal still?

[Scoffs] No.

I mean, I did a few drawings
while I was on tour,

but that's about it.

That's too bad. You were great.

Well, I don't know
if I'd say all that.

I was okay
for a high-school student.

But you, you,

you were amazing. I mean,
you, you were incredible.

-[Chuckles] I wouldn't say that.
-I would.

You were always the best
at everything.

And look at you now,
you own a shop.

You're hosting a fundraiser
that's gonna help

more guys like Charlie,
you're creating a unique piece

for the showcase.

-What? That look.
-What? What look?

-I know that look. Yeah.
-I don't have a look.

my-assignment-done-in-time look.

What? No. No.

You about to give up?

No. What? No. It's just, um...

There's a lot to get done.

-Well, I'll help you.
-No, thank you.

Yeah, me and, me and Sarah
will both help you

so that you can concentrate
on creating your masterpiece.

[Chuckles] Masterpiece?
Okay. Wow. No pressure.

Well, it's not gonna be
a masterpiece if we don't help.

Look, I know what you said
the other day, and, you know,

I've thought about it,

but for while I'm here,
I wanna be able to help.

You know, even if it's
just the grunt work,

you know,
move heavy furniture or...

Take out the trash
or clean the toilets,

whatever you need,
I'll, I'll-I'll do that.


-Clean the toilets?

That's, um, an offer
a girl can't refuse.

Look, Aaron,
I know that you're trying,

and I get it,
but it's just not that simple.

You can't just offer to help
and have everything

be magically fixed.

"When did you break your arm?"

Dad. Ah. I'll just call him.

[Line ringing]

Emmy-bean! So-so how old
were you when you broke it?

Well, I broke my arm twice, so...

-You did?
-[Emma] I did.

Oh, right. S-So, d-did you
break it playing baseball?

-I didn't. No.
-[Tom] You didn't?

I broke my arm once when I was
eight, falling off my bike,

and then I broke it again
when I was 12, skiing.

-You weren't playing baseball?
-I never played baseball.

No? Well,
I could have sworn th...

I mean, I played softball
for one year.

Okay, so you were eight
and it was your right arm?

It was the left arm.

I guess I shouldn't write about
it if I don't remember it, huh?

Well, you weren't home for
either hospital visits, so...

-Thank goodness for mom.
-Thank goodness for mom.

Uh, so h-how did your, uh,
event thing go yesterday?

[Sighs] Yeah. Fine, fine.

Actually, you will never believe
who showed up there.

Oh, e-Emmy, uh,
i-I've gotta, I've gotta go.

It's my publisher.
Uh, tell me later, okay?

-Uh, yeah, we'll talk later.


♪ Feel the love
surrounding me ♪

♪ snow-capped mountains
Christmas trees ♪

Wreath, wreath, wreath...

Wreath Witherspoon.

Reese wreath? That's something.
What is that?

No, Emma, that's nothing.
Okay, what are words? What...

Show unconventional wreaths.

[Automated message]
Show incompatible rings.

What? No.
Show unconventional wreaths.

[Automated message]
Showing unconventional wraiths.

Show unconventional wreaths!

[Automated message]
Showing unconventional wreaths.

Hah? See? Was that so hard? No.
Very good.

Okay. Oh, uh,
are those dolls' heads? How?

Stop. I'm not ever gonna
sleep again, so that's great.

Sleep. Sleep.
Bed. Pillows. Pillows.

Pillow wreath. Wreath pillow...

What? No.

[Line ringing]

[Cell phone vibrating]

-Yes, my dear?

Is there any coffee left?

-It's coming in to you.
-Thank you.

Coffee delivery.

Oh, it's you.

Your whole body can come in.

I wasn't sure
if you still didn't like people

seeing your work
while it was in progress.

Well, there is no progress,
so there is nothing to see.

Hm, yet. Inspiration
will come to you soon.

Listen, I, I have not created
something new

in a very long time,
and I, um...

-I don't know if I can do this.
-Well, I know you can do it.

I mean, take a look around
everything you've created so far

the shop is amazing, you're
co-hosting a Christmas Eve event

with Kate Margulies.
The Kate Margulies.

You got a guy
bringing you coffee.

I mean, that's something, right?

-You're making it happen.
-Sure, yeah.

I should really be mad at you
for showing up here today.

Why would you be mad at me?

Because I asked you not
to come here and you did anyway.


-But I'm kinda glad you did.
-Okay, good.

-This is perfect.
-It's good, right?


You remembered.

Uh, thank you.

Yeah, there's a lot,
a lot I remember.

-Hey, em? Ahem.

I was wondering,
if you ever get those...

[Liz] Aaron,
stop distracting the artist!

The garbage isn't gonna
take itself out.

-Oh, that's funny?

Garbage duty's funny? Okay.
I'm glad you enjoy this.

-What, it's better than toilets.
-Anything I can do to help.

-You know? Yeah.
-Uh-huh. Yeah.

Okay, well, I'm gonna,
I'm gonna do that.

You got this.

[Exhaling sharply] Okay.


You're still here.
Where are the girls?

Uh, Sarah's locking up
the kitchen, Liz went with her.

You wanna get something to eat?

I can't take a break
from accomplishing

absolutely nothing.

Well, you know, fulfilling
your body's basic need

for nourishment
is never a break.

You know we ate in the army,

Are you trying to say
that creating a wreath

for your local showcase
is not as important

as serving your country?

Yes. That's exactly
what I'm saying.

[Chuckles] Well,
then we are in agreement.

Okay, good.

-Fine. A quick bite.

Do you wanna change first or...

No, you know what, you look,
you look great. In fact...

[Laughs] Why would you do that?


You know I'm gonna change,

-Oh, you are gonna change?

Okay, well, maybe I should get

cleaned up then, too. We'll go?

♪ Well Santa
don't you take too long ♪

-I thought we were getting food.
-Yeah, but this is fun, right?

A little physical exercise so
you could help clear your mind?

You know, feel the cold breeze
on your face.

-It's inspirational!
-Uh-huh. I'm inspired.

I'm inspired to eat
because I'm starving.

Okay, well, I hear they got
great hot dogs here.


Well, I hear they got
hot dogs here.

Come on, I'll get you
some hot chocolate.

Okay, but if they don't have
the mini marshmallows, I'm out.

They better have
some mini marshmallows.


I cannot believe you don't
remember the first time

we went ice-skating,
hey, I fell so many times,

I could've swore
that'd be etched in your memory.

You're absolutely sure
that it wasn't

Tara roper's birthday party?

-Before that.
-Before that?

We just started dating
right before her party.

I didn't say we were dating.

I said the first time
we went skating.

Boo! It's a trick question.

Um, okay, ah, I know.

It was sixth grade trip
to the common pond.

Before that.

Your mom took us skating
when we were like six or seven.

Yeah, we were decorating
the Christmas tree.

I broke one of her
hand-painted ornaments.

I felt so bad about it,

I picked up the pieces,
stuffed 'em in my pocket,

I look up, and your mom's
looking right at me.

She walks over to me, gives me
a big hug and says, "it's okay."

I didn't know you broke
one of her ornaments.

Yeah, she took us skating
so I wouldn't worry about it.

Got us hot chocolate.

She always knew
how to make everything better.

Yeah. Everything
but my skating.

So do you still go skating
at the indoor rink

at the mall every season?

Not after my mom got sick.

Whenever she took me there,
they'd play her holiday album.

I didn't wanna go without her.

I'm sorry
if bringing you here was...

No, it's, uh, it's okay.

She loved Christmas so much...

At this time of year,
she's, uh...

She's everywhere.

I'm really sorry, Emma.

Your mother was a great woman.

You know, when my dad left
when I was a kid,

I had a handful of photos
to remember him by,

but, I mean, that's it.

It's not the same thing.

I can't imagine
what you're going through.

I'm really sorry.

Thanks, parks.

So you're really not gonna
go home for Christmas?

I can't. I can't.

Be there without my mom?

And the general,
he's watching my every move.

And I love my dad, I love my dad
so, so much, but...

He just doesn't get me. I am...

I mean, I'm a designer.

I'm an artist. And when I’m
creating, there's no set rules.

No set hierarchy,
no set schedule.

And I don't, I don't think
he can understand that.

Well, he's working
on his autobiography, right?

I mean,
that's, that's pretty creative.

Yeah, I guess so. Yeah.

But when it's just
the two of us,

I immediately
turn into that 14-year-old girl.

I am slamming bedroom doors
and rolling my eyes.

And neither of us
needs a Christmas like that.

-I kinda liked 14.
-Oh, yeah?


Kissed you
for the first time at 14.

Fall festival. It was really
awkward, you remember that?


Yeah, you do. You remember that.


Why don't we go for one last lap
before we leave?

-Okay, but only one.
-All right.

[Emma chuckles]

[Instrumental music]

-Ooh! I got you.


It's, um, it's getting late.

I should, um, go lock myself
back in my studio.

Okay, sure.

But thank you
for a much-needed break.

Pleasure's all mine.

Um, are you up for coming by
the studio tomorrow afternoon?

I mean, you've been a big help.

-I'd love to.

Most parents
list the birth of their child

as the most significant event
of their life.

And the day my Emmy-bean came
into the world was no different.

But I wasn't in the delivery
room wearing a hospital gown.

I was wearing my fatigues in
the middle of a Kuwait army base

when I got the call
announcing her birth.

Too often, my wife
had to do life's hard work

without me beside her.

I wish I could have seen
the strength in Annie's eyes.

I wish I could have held Emma
that very day.

I wish I could have been
the first one to say her name.

Instead, I received photos

and only met my Emmy-bean
months later.

When I met her, she was
a completely different baby

than the infant whose pictures
I had looked at every day.

She made eye contact,
she smiled and cooed...

And cried
the first time she saw me.

I was a stranger.

[Instrumental music]

[Tom on recorder] Most parents
list the birth of their child

as the most significant event
of their life.

And the day my Emmy-bean
came into this world

was no different.

Well, what do you want?

That's the thing.
I don't know what I want.

I don't know how to feel
about any of it.

-Do you like that he's here?
-I didn't, but now...

-So it's not that easy.

When we were together before,
a long time ago...

It was amazing, it was so great.

He was practically
part of my family.

But then
he basically disappeared

until the other day.

Have you asked him why he left
without saying anything?

Well, no,
it hasn't really come up.

Well, maybe it should.

All right,
I see you, smarty-pants.

-How's it going with Sarah?
-Hm, great.

Like, really great.

Yeah, she's smart and kind.

Oh, funny. Just hilarious.

She's so talented

and she's a really good person.

Maybe she's too good for me.

What? No. No!

Nobody is too good for you.

I'm sure she snores
or has a weird toe nail,

or doesn't like pizza
or something.

But at least we know
that she has really good taste.

-Thank you.

She better like pizza.
I eat a lot of pizza.

Ah. What are you making?

I didn't know
you knew how to knit.

Well, clearly, I don't.

It was supposed to be like
an ugly Christmas hat-wreath.

-Ugly, yes. Wreath, no.

-That's rude! That was rude!
-Just trying to be honest.

-That was rude!

-[Emma gasps]

How about snow-angel wreath?

-[Liz] Oh.
-Snow-angel wreath?

Yeah, I was wondering
what all of this was.

These are all
my failed attempts.

Oh, I thought the stationery
sort of threw up.

-[Woman] Hello!
-I'll be right with you.

Saved by the customer.

"Carol of the bells"]

[Instrumental music]

[Humming "silent night"]

[Kate] Okay, a tiny bit higher.

A, a tiny bit higher. Higher.

A little higher.

And... oh.
Don't move a muscle.

All right, how's it lookin'
back there, Ms. Kate?

Oh, it's looking real good.

[Clears throat]

Great, thank you.

So, is he single?

Uh, yeah, as far as I know,
he is single.

Really? What's wrong with him?

Nothing. He's great.

-Oh, a-a-are you two...
-Oh. No, no, nope.

-[Sarah clears throat]

And you?

Yeah, he's my cousin.

It's usually frowned upon.

For him
I might make an exception.

-[Kate chuckles]
-And Liz?

Yeah. He's not exactly her type.

Interesting. Very interesting.

Okay! It's time
for the big reveal!

[Aaron] All right.
[Emma] All right.



Be honest. Isn't it great?

Yeah, it's, uh,
it's eye-catching.

[Aaron] I can't look away.

Yeah. Me neither.


-You all right?
-Mm. Mm.

Got to go. Ahem.

[Chuckles] Looks like
someone has an admirer.

-Is that what that was?
-Yeah. Yeah.

Okay, that's good to know.

Come in!

-I come...

Christmas-themed distractions.

Please tell me that
you do not travel with these

on you at all times.

I might. I might.

No, I just grabbed these
at the grocery store.

This is all they had.

So, uh, you're not going out
with Kate?

Are you kidding me?
That woman, she terrifies me.

Not in a powerful-women-
intimidate-me kind of way,

but more of a tighten-your-belt-

kind of way,
you know what I mean?


So, which is it gonna be?

I mean, I feel like
we can't go wrong

with romance and reindeer,

I'm with that.

[Sighs] I'm gonna go, uh,
get the popcorn.

I-I will hang my coat.


[Instrumental music on TV]

You know, I’m-I'm no expert

on magical Christmas reindeer.


I don't think that's supposed
to be falling out of the sky...

No! I don't think so either.

[Both laughing]

You want to wait and watch
the blooper reel?

Mm-hmm, yeah, I always wait

till the end of the credits.


I feel like this entire movie
was a, a big blooper reel.

-No! Really?

Reindeer bloop
after reindeer bloop.


[Aaron laughs]

-You okay?
-Uh, yeah.

Yeah, I'm fine.
Everything's fine.

Doesn't seem like
everything's fine.

Uh, well, um...

What is this?

Yeah, I know,
it-it was a bad movie.


Not the movie.

-What is this?

We're ice-skating,
we're watching romantic movies.

It's like no time has passed.

But it has.
A lot of time has passed.

Do you wanna talk about it?


All right, let's talk about it.

Let's finally talk about

what happened 12 years ago.

-Why did you disappear?
-I didn't disappear. I enlisted.

Right, my dad drove you
to the recruitment office,

neither of you told me about it,

and then two weeks later
you disappeared.

Okay, you're right, I...

I wish I did some things

That's true.

One day we were going to design
school and then the next...

No, you were going
to design school.

I didn't get in.

Wait. What?

Yeah, I didn't get in.

The only reason why I wanted to
go to school was to be with you.

It was the only place I applied.

So once I didn't get in,
that was it.

Why didn't you just tell me?

I don't know.
I was young and dumb.

I was afraid of losing you.

Then it became quite evident
that I was.

So, I... I froze.

I was scared.

And joining the army
seemed like a less scary choice?

[Scoffs] Actually, yeah.
Yeah, it was.

After we graduated,
I had nowhere to go,

so I enlisted.

Yeah, I bet my dad
was super excited about that.

No. He didn't encourage it.

He said
he didn't want me in danger.

-He did?

I was afraid to go alone,
so he drove me

to the recruitment office,
I wanted to tell you,

but I didn't want you to get
angry and we'd start fighting

and ruin
our last moments together.

I just wanted to enjoy...
Being us.

Okay, um,

so why haven't you told me
about any of this?

I did. I mean, I tried to.

When I told you I was leaving,
you-you were so angry,

you didn't talk to me
or your father.

And I called you from the base,
you didn't come to the phone.

All the letters I wrote you, you
never responded to any of them.

Letters? I got one letter.
I got one letter.

And when I got it, I wasn't
ready, I couldn't look at it.

And-and then I never heard
another word.

For a year.

I wrote to you every day.

No, no, no,
I got one letter, maybe two.

But, but when I got
the first letter,

I completely freaked out,
I-I threw it in the trash,

my mom fished it out, she wanted
me to read it, I couldn't

open it. I told her she could
Bury it for all I cared.

My parents
must have kept them all from me.

Why would they do that?

I don't know.

I was hurt
and I was, I was angry.

I guess they were just
trying to protect me.


They were protecting
their soldier.

Yeah, I want to be angry,
but I guess

it's coming from a good place.

Yeah, I'm just relieved
to finally know the truth.

-Aren't you?
-Uh, yes, yes, of course.

Yeah. I mean, um, it's a lot.

-You still lied to me.

You led me to believe
in something that was fiction.

I never wanted to lie to you.


I'm sorry.

I, um...

I need to sufficiently
over-think this

before I do or say
anything else.

I understand.

Maybe I'll, uh, I'll leave.

I want you to know
I’m-I'm here for you. I promise.

Um, maybe I'll see you tomorrow?

Yeah, okay.

Okay, yeah, tomorrow, uh...

[Instrumental music]

[Music continues]

[Cell phone ringing]


How are you? What's going on?

Hi, dad. I'm well.
I was wondering if...

-Hey, you finished the tree!

-Everything except the angel.
-Wow. That's really good, dad.

Oh, and I never found
your mom's special ornaments.

You didn't? That's odd. I'm sure
they're where they usually are.

-Well, I couldn't find them.

So, dad, there is a chance

I may be home for Christmas Eve.

It'll be the middle of
the night, but I wanted to see

if your offer still stands.
Breakfast Christmas morning?

Of course it does, sweetie!

All the more reason
for me to finish my draft

and get it to the publisher.

Okay, good.

Well, I should go. I still need
to finish my wreath design.

And you need to finish
your draft.

Sounds like a plan.

I know you'll knock the socks
off that wreath.

-[Tom] I love you.
-Thanks, dad. I love you, too.

[Instrumental "jingle bells"]

Okay, who wants hot chocolate?

Ooh. Thanks. You're like
the little Christmas elf.

Yeah. Where's Emma?

Uh, she's downstairs with Liz,
grabbing supplies.

Ooh. Okay.

I just found the coolest spot
with the best hot chocolate

and her favorite little
mini marshmallows.

-She's gonna love it.
-Hm. Oh.

So I take it
things are going well?

You came home pretty late.

Well, yeah, yeah, it was fun,
it was amazing.

I just have no idea
how Emma feels right now.

Hm. How do you feel?

Uh, I feel great.

I feel a little nervous,
a little excited.

I don't know, I mean,
I-I just... i-I’m-I'm happy.

You know, it's crazy, I didn't
expect to be coming back here

and falling in love again.
I gotta tell her why I came.

I mean, I thought I would just
bring her home for Christmas

and we would relive some of
our memories from our childhood,

but... this is something else.

So would you say
mission accomplished?

Is she coming back home
for Christmas or what?

All right, listen, I know that
was the plan all along, but...

"The plan all along?"

I don't understand.

What was planned?

Well, maybe we should talk
about it.

But you said you didn't even

know I was in the city.

Okay, right, I did say that,

and I knew you were here,
I knew about the shop.

So why are you trying
to get me home?

Well, I just thought, you know,

you and your father,
you know...

I don't know. I...
He's lonely.

It's the first Christmas since...

Did he put you up to this?

No, no, no, nothing like that.

So, why, why are you
so concerned

with my relationship
with my father?

-I just...
-You just...

-I'm sorry, this was bef...
-You just what, Aaron?

I thought if I could convince
you to come home for Christmas,

we could all celebrate it
together like we used to do.

-That doesn't even...

I mean, I tried to tell you...

-I don't...

That's, that's why
you came here?

That's why you came to find me,

to relive
your Christmas memories?

No, t-that's not
the only reason.

I mean, it's about family
and the general

and then, you know,
Christmas, everything.

You've been lying
the whole time?

Look, I didn't know that this...

-I didn't think...
-No. You didn't think.

You didn't think about
how complicated things are

for me and my dad,
you didn't think about

how hard this year would be
without my mom.

You didn't think about
how interrupting my life

might affect me.

Did you even for a second

think about anyone
other than yourself?


But, hey,
you wanted your Christmas,

so, that's all that matters,

I'm sorry.

Are you about
to lie to me again?

-No, no.
-That story about enlisting...

Was that true? And the letters?

Yes, i-it was true. It is true.

Or did you orchestrate that,

I care about you a lot,
and last night I realized...

It doesn't matter.
I can't trust you.

Aaron, how am I supposed
to believe anything you say?


[Mellow music]

[Door opens]

[Car engine starts]


[Sarah] Aaron? Aaron...


Did you know?

-Why didn't you tell me?

I'm sorry. Truly...
I'm-I'm sorry.

It was supposed to be this small
thing, and then Aaron and Emma

connected, and I,
and I started falling for you...

-I'm sorry.
-You know...

For a few days
I thought you were perfect,

too perfect, but...

I'm glad that that's not true.

[Liz chuckles]

[Instrumental music]


[Instrumental "silent night"]

[Door opens]

-Emma! Hi. I didn't expect you.

Dad. I know, I know.
I'm not, um...

I'm only here
to get mom's ornaments.

Oh, you found them. Where?

They were in the hall closet,
right where she left them.

I thought I looked there.

A-Are you gonna put them
on your own tree?

No. I have this idea
about, um...

Never mind.

Did you send parks
to come get me for Christmas?

-I did not.
-Well, he's in the city.

It was all his idea.
I never encouraged him.

-Just like the last time.
-The last time?

-When he enlisted.
-Emmy, I...

And the letters? Parks said
he wrote me for a year.

-That's true. Your mother and...

Kept a huge secret from me
for over a decade!

Emmy, you are our daughter!
Y-You were so upset!

-Some things haven't changed.
-I-I-I'm-I’m-I'm sorry.

I can't do this.
I can't do this right now.

I have to go. If I don't go now,
I'll never finish.

-Ok-okay, so later?

Always later.

[Door shuts]

♪ Silent night ♪

♪ holy night ♪

♪ all is calm ♪

♪ all is bright ♪

♪ 'round yon virgin ♪

♪ mother and child ♪

♪ holy infant ♪

♪ so tender and mild ♪

♪ sleep ♪

♪ in heavenly ♪

♪ peace ♪

[Knocking on door]

♪ Sleep in heavenly... ♪

Aaron. Everything okay?

-I messed up.
-So did I.

Come on in.

Thank you.

Hello, creation station.

-Where's my Emma?

Ooh. The anticipation
of a tight deadline.

-Can I take a sneak peek?

Uh, probably safer if you don't.


[Clears throat]

Check. Check. Check. Check.
Check. Check. Check.

Kate. Kate. Kate.
Kate. Kate. Hm.

Margulies. Margulies. Margulies.

Everything sound good
back there?

[Inhales sharply] Right.

All right, well, I have to get
changed for tonight, so...

-This isn't for tonight?
-Oh, no.

-Tonight is formal.
-And this is...

What I wore to brunch earlier.


So? Where's my boyfriend?

I know he's not my boyfriend.
But is he here?

Yeah, um, he's not gonna be able
to make the festivities.

Aw. Sad face.

Hm. Thank you.

All right, well, I will see
you ladies later, then.

-Send Emma my love.
-[Liz] Will do.


[Instrumental music]

[Knocking on door]

Em, I'm heading home
to get changed.

I'll be back before the caterer
arrives. Emma? Em...

[Gasps] Oh! Oh.

-Are you all right?

Okay. Is it done?

Not yet, but I'm pushing,

and it's just...

It's been a really long time.
What if nobody bids on it?

What if Kate hates it and I’m
a complete failure and the...

Just look at everything
you've accomplished.

You, my dear,
are not a failure.

You're so far from that.

-Thank you.
-Stay focused.

[Sniffs] And think about...

-That shower.

I think we should put it
on this side or that side...

Oh. And this looks delicious,
by the way.

Thank you so much.

[Whispers] You got to try this,
it's so good!

-I don't know if I should.
-Just try it.

I've already had two.

Um, shouldn't you go
check on Emma?

-[Liz] Mm. Mm-hmm.

Good job.
Keep up the good work.

-Liz! Kisses!

Don't you look precious?

-You're early.
-Is Emma around?

I only have a few moments
to fill her in on the flow

of the night
before I have to leave.

-Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

Sweetie, I-I have to make
my grand entrance.

-Oh, yes, of course you do.
-So, where is Emma?

You know what, why don't you
give me the rundown

and I'll pass it along to Emma?

[Instrumental music]

[Upbeat music]

♪ So hurry up
don't keep me waitin' ♪

Well, no birds were injured
in the making of this wreath.

I sure hope not.

-Ah, and Paul's.

And Emma's
still missing in action.

[Knocking on door]

Just a second, Liz!

Dad? What are...
What are you doing here?

I-I know
you didn't want me to come.

-I never said that.
-Well, I-I just assumed...

-Point taken.

[Sighs] Well, come in. I'm just
finishing getting ready.


Emma, I need to say something.

I'm deeply sorry...

For not being around much,
not investing enough time

to, to listen to you,
to be with you...

To-to understand you.

Thank you.

[Chuckles] I appreciate that.


I'm glad you're here.

Parks convinced me
I should come.

He did?

He reminded me
that being together

is what makes Christmas special.

And it doesn't matter if it's on
Lakewood drive or in the city.

And I'm here now to support you
and everything you do.

I'm sorry, too.

I'm sorry for carrying grudges

and holding on to past mistakes

and cutting you out.

I should have never stopped
inviting you.

Christmas will never be the same
without your mom,

so we shouldn't pretend
that it is.

So let's make new traditions,

Christmas Eve extravaganzas.

[Laughs] Okay. Yeah.

-Wait for it.

[Emma chuckles]

You've completely captured
your mother's essence.

Well, dad, not just hers.

[Both laughing]

It's perfect.

Ah, I'm so proud of you.

And I know mom's watching
and she's proud, too.

Thanks, dad.

And Aaron...

He's really impressed with
everything you've been doing.

He said this was one
of the best weeks of his life.

He said that?

What is this?

Something I should have
given you a long time ago.

-[Upbeat music]
-[Indistinct chatter]

Hello! Hi!

-Oh, hello! Hi!
-[Camera clicking]

So nice to see you! I can't wait
to see your piece. Thank you.

[Gasps] Hello! Hello! Oh,
I can't wait to see your piece.

Thank you.


So where's Emma?

[Instrumental music]


-I can't do this right now.
-Then I will.


We tried not reading these,
and you saw how that went.

Just one.

"Dear Emma,
you're probably off at college,

but I didn't have
the address there.

Bet you're creating
masterpieces already.

Even though our routine
is the same every day here,

it's all so different.

Hopefully you'll get this

when you're home
for Christmas break."

"I feel so far away from you.

I'm not sure
if you're getting my letters.

I'll have them put
an extra stamp on this one

just to be safe.

Please write back.

Even with 20 roommates,
it gets really lonely.

I'm so, so sorry...

For how we said goodbye.

I miss you every day.

Give my love to your mom.

And in case you are seeing this
in December,

merry Christmas.

I love you. Aaron."

[Liz] Aww.


Oh, it's okay. You can "Aww."

Kate's here,
we have to get going.

But speaking of awws, Aaron
left this after your fight.

he's never taken it off.

Never took it off? But I made
this for him in high school.

Is he, is he here?

He dropped me off and went

to park the truck.

I-I'll bring the wreath out.
You go find him.


Emma, sweetheart, finally.

I need to go over
a couple of things.

I'm so sorry. Can we talk later?

-Oh. Yeah, sure.
-Thank you.

Liz, where do you want me
to put this?

-Right here.
-Here's good?

-This corner, yeah.

Em, have you tried these
cake bites? They're delicious.

No, I haven't,
but I'm so glad that they are.

Um, have you seen Aaron

I'm not sure.
I-I think he was outside.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

-[Indistinct chatter]
-[Kate] Merry Christmas.


[Kate] Thank you all
for being here tonight.

This is truly
one of the most inspirational

Kate margulies event to date.

And none of this
could be possible

without the brilliant
Emma king.

Emma, come up
and say a few words.

-[All cheering]
-[Kate] Come.

-[Indistinct chatter]
-[Man] Good job!

-[Woman 1] Good job, Emma!
-[Woman 2] Hey, Emma.

-[Woman 3] Good job, Emma!
-Hi. Thank you.

Ah, thank you so much for that
kind introduction, Kate.

-Kate margulies, everyone!


Hey, there, am I too late?

Oh, no, sir,
you're not too late.

Well, what are you doing
out here in the snow?

Eh, it's complicated.


I'm sure it's nothin' a little
holiday magic can't fix.

Come on.

Thank you all for being here
on Christmas Eve.

And, Kate, thank you.

Thank you for asking me
to take part in this challenge.

Um, initially, I wasn't sure
I was gonna be up for it.

I lost someone very important
to me not too long ago,

and I was afraid that I'd lost

my inspiration to create.

But... over the last week,

I've been reminded that those
we love live on in our memories,

and the greatest gift
that we can give

is to honor
and Cherish their memories

through our artwork.

To my fellow designers
who participated,

thank you, thank you for sharing
your gift with the world.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


[Kate] Oh, I say brilliant,

Now, there's only a few minutes
until the silent auction closes,

so open up those wallets
and let's make some bids!

-Go ahead.

-[Woman] Thanks, ladies!
-You were amazing, honey.

-Thanks, dad.
-Emma! Emma!

Oh, that speech,
and your wreath!

You know what, I don't care
who wins the bidding tonight,

I need you on my show!

Wait, really?
Wow, Kate, I, uh...

-I don't know what to say.
-Say yes.

Abigail, can you please
get this all set up

with her people, please?

I'm sorry. Would you mind
handling this with Liz?

-Oh. Of course.
-Thank you.

[Indistinct chatter]

Beautiful speech, my dear.


I'm so glad that you made it!
Thank you.

I wouldn't miss it!

What an incredible showcase,

and a wonderful celebration
of love and community.

I told you
not to let that man go.

-Go on now.
-Thank you, Charlie.

-And merry Christmas.
-Merry Christmas.

[Instrumental music]

[Indistinct chatter]

At ease, soldier.

What's that?

Oh, uh, well, seeing as
you're not able to make it

to Lakewood drive this
Christmas, your father and I

thought we'd bring
a little Lakewood to you.

Oh, that year...

-Remember that? Hams-plosion!


-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

-Aaron, I think...
-Emma, hold on.

Let me get this out. I...

I need to tell you
how sorry I am.

I should have been upfront
with you about that

whole convoluted plan.

Yes, I came here with

the selfish intention
of bringing you home.

I thought I was thinking about
you and about the general,

but I didn't think about
how hard it might be.

I just wanted something so bad,
I was willing to do

just about anything
to make it happen.

It was selfish
and inconsiderate.

And I'm glad I did it.

-Well, now hear me out.

If I hadn't set out
on this mission,

I'd have never been able to
spend the last week with you.

I never would've been able
to see

what an incredible life
you've created for yourself.

And I would have
never known for certain

what I've always suspected...

I still love you, Emma.

I don't think I ever stopped.

And I know, I know
me saying this right now

is me being selfish,
but if I don't get to see you

for another 12 years, or worse,
if I never see you again,

I need you to hear this from me.

I love you, Emma king.

You are my Christmas.

You are my every day.

I never thought I could
forgive you for how you left.

It completely shook me.

I lost my best friend
and I didn't know

if I was ever gonna
have that again.

But now I know that my best
friend didn't go anywhere,

and the only reason I lost him

is because
I shut him out of my life.

But now that he's back,

I am never, ever letting him go.

I love you, Aaron Parker.

E plus a, now and always.

You make my Christmas
very, very merry.

[Instrumental music]

[Liz] Em! Em!

Sorry to interrupt.

Uh, but the totals are in,

and your wreath
had the highest bid.

-[Liz] Congratulations!

That's amazing!

Ah! Congratulations!

Okay, uh, we have to take
a picture to commemorate.

All right.
I knew you were gonna win.

-Oh, the wreath!
-I already thought of that!

Okay. Say, "merry Christmas
Eve extravaganza!"

[All] Merry Christmas Eve

[Camera clicks]

[Instrumental music]

[Instrumental music]